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    File: 1334863872.jpg-(877 KB, 1280x720, Hot 2D Fighting.jpg)
    877 KB Skullgirls General Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)15:31 No.4033658  
    Movelist and character info:

    Pastebin for newer players

    XBL and PSN IDs:

    10th palette codes. Enter at Local Vesus Controller Side Assignment Screen:
    PS3: Down, R1, Up, L1, Square, X
    360: Down, RB, Up, LB, Y, B

    Scotland is bad at video games
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:32 No.4033778
    Copious T&A was part of the vision, then? Not that I'm complaining.
    >> Noel !iWvubKyoko 04/19/12(Thu)15:33 No.4033790
    >Controller have been disconnected.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:35 No.4033923
    Umbrella and Squiggly when
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:36 No.4033971
    Squigly will be first DLC. All but officially confirmed.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:36 No.4033989
    Where was the thebestgamer's review confirmed?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:37 No.4034005
    fuck them

    I want my Marie
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:37 No.4034029
    on the Fez video
    >stay tuned
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:37 No.4034047
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:39 No.4034108
    >Panzerfaust and Big band when.

    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:39 No.4034125
         File: 1334864372.png-(5 KB, 116x116, 1334797353689 - Copy.png)
    5 KB
    My body is ready.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:40 No.4034174
    Out of curiosity, I know we have a lot of double players of SGG. Who is the best.? I want to pick their brain
    >> Noel !iWvubKyoko 04/19/12(Thu)15:43 No.4034320
    I remember hearing TOL Clover playing Double and I saw him pretty high on the leaderboards last time I checked. My apologies if I missed anyone but on the rankings, I think he's close to the top.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:44 No.4034393
    >> Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)15:48 No.4034626
    Why is Emma Watson playing Skullgirls?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:48 No.4034627
    Here we go. The two best players on this stream.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)15:50 No.4034713
    >Dat fucking fortune loop
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:51 No.4034757
    Now that was good, too bad Fortune lost
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:51 No.4034775
         File: 1334865088.jpg-(135 KB, 1920x1080, 1328734942962.jpg)
    135 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:52 No.4034808
    Ms Fortune is pure bullshit with her corner head combo.

    This game should have a burst you can use strategically because that is bullshit.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:52 No.4034831
    fuck the swag car
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:53 No.4034880
    Shit nigga, dont let him J.HP you all day.

    SRK/Air throw that shit
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:53 No.4034896
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:53 No.4034906
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:53 No.4034907
    Now THAT was a comeback.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:54 No.4034909
    That comeback.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:54 No.4034910
    Fuck yeah
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:55 No.4034967
         File: 1334865304.jpg-(27 KB, 400x396, 1263825081774.jpg)
    27 KB
    Followed up by getting perfected.

    Bad end.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:55 No.4034969
    And then Fortune gets trollied the next round over. Oh well.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:55 No.4034991
    No one is getting thru Dacid Bro
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:56 No.4035034
    The corner shit is a glitch, head is suppose to show up in the opposite side it does now and count for IPS, but knowing Mike Z he might not remove it.
    >> Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)15:56 No.4035061
    >Implying Sako won't pick up Skullgirls and combo everyone into fucking oblivion.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:57 No.4035095
    He could have finished the rounds of those cat heads if he actually finished the combo instead of just mashing jab
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:59 No.4035208
    Yeah. Looks like Bigfool has better fundamentals, so when Heicko fucks up his combos, it's kind of over.
    >> Noel !iWvubKyoko 04/19/12(Thu)15:59 No.4035212
    Also, he could do cHP > HK Buttslam > cat heads instead of cHP > LP Luger > swag wagon and giving Heicko free hits.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)15:59 No.4035260
    Bigfool is yurop as fuck
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)16:02 No.4035372
         File: 1334865725.png-(82 KB, 336x243, casuals.png)
    82 KB
    This word is just staring me in the face
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:02 No.4035376
    >Bigfool switching to Parasoul
    >still winning

    Bet this sommamabitch plays Parasoul/Double with invincible assists all day long when he's serious.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:02 No.4035395
    I just don't like this meter reset between rounds in 1x1
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:02 No.4035403
    i think marie will be real soon

    she was featured in addition to squig for the whiteboard wednesday
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:02 No.4035409
    Why are Nerdjosh and Justin Wong in the credits?
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)16:02 No.4035424
    >> ♥joestar !/IPPO/GFaA 04/19/12(Thu)16:03 No.4035445
         File: 1334865792.png-(75 KB, 500x500, 1334424640244.png)
    75 KB
    What an awful valentine
    >land green poison
    >try to go for command throw
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:03 No.4035482
    Creative input/helped develop?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:04 No.4035534
    Game testing. A lot of people are in there. Even forum monsters that gave suggestions.
    >> XBL: Granberia 04/19/12(Thu)16:07 No.4035662
    Shit, did I miss the Double play?
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)16:07 No.4035680
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:07 No.4035682
    I know, ey. I thought my Cerebella was passable but after watching this stream I'm gonna have to go practice.
    >> XBL: Granberia 04/19/12(Thu)16:08 No.4035759
    Were they any good? Better than me?
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)16:09 No.4035807
    The double was pretty good i think, dunno if better than you.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:09 No.4035810
    >Better than anyone
    >> XBL: Granberia 04/19/12(Thu)16:09 No.4035820
    What the hell is this man doing with his poisons?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:09 No.4035823
         File: 1334866173.jpg-(3 KB, 238x195, 1296609978399.jpg)
    3 KB
    >full screen green poison
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:12 No.4035985
    how do i stop getting bodied by ms fortune?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:12 No.4035993
    Was that a snapback?
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)16:12 No.4035996
    toldcha people do this
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:14 No.4036125
    I'm guessing that bodied means to be perfected/soundly beaten, right? What's the origins of the term?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:15 No.4036139
    So are solo teams the best or something?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:15 No.4036151
         File: 1334866521.jpg-(86 KB, 512x384, suwako.jpg)
    86 KB
    Who's the fat guy with glasses and why does everyone fight him?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:15 No.4036160
         File: 1334866528.jpg-(32 KB, 469x428, 1257892857941.jpg)
    32 KB
    Peacock and Parasoul, oh boy.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:15 No.4036168

    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:15 No.4036170
    don't forget about her head
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:15 No.4036178
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:15 No.4036182
    The arcades where when you won you kept playing for free so beating someone easily was 'free'
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:16 No.4036208
    These are casual matches. The guys are probably just working on their solo play.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:16 No.4036213
    No. They're pretty bad I expect them to fall off sooner then later. Game is new so people are learning one character atm
    >> XBL: Granberia 04/19/12(Thu)16:16 No.4036243
    Bodied isn't a fighting game term. It's just slang for killing someone
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:16 No.4036250
    Any way to know my loses and wins?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:18 No.4036316
    Are you on the top 100 leader board? Then you have more wins than losses.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:18 No.4036327
    Called it.
    >> Noel !iWvubKyoko 04/19/12(Thu)16:20 No.4036436
         File: 1334866813.jpg-(130 KB, 910x619, not even mad.jpg)
    130 KB
    >Bigfool mad.
    >Double buttslam.
    Ha ha oh wow.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:20 No.4036446
    Man I'm laughing my ass off at Blazblue players, Like Lord Sa...Knight, saying the hitstop/shun in SG is weird and the combos are too long.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:22 No.4036545
    Well it takes after Marvel so of course the combos are gonna be long. It's not for everyone.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:22 No.4036587
    I didn't get an answer last thread; Basic tips on how to get past Peacock's minefield?

    Keep in mind, I'm a total scrub.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:22 No.4036601
    What the fuck this Peacock isn't dropping items at all and barely doing any bombs.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:23 No.4036659
    dash block jump dash block dash block
    >> XBL: Granberia 04/19/12(Thu)16:24 No.4036698
    Looks like he doesn't know any Double corner combos
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:24 No.4036731
    >Go in thread
    >Hey those guys have the same name as people I play with what a coincidence
    >Wait so does he
    >Wait what's on that stream
    >Fuck it is them

    The one time I don't show up to the meetup and /v/ watched the stream


    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:24 No.4036741
    Because most people suck at fighters. Most people just got the game.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)16:25 No.4036752
    Why do i want bigfool to get his ass kicked so badly?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:25 No.4036770
    The character select theme is fucking awesome.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:25 No.4036801
    It's always like this, he bodies everyone at most games

    Annoys the hell out of me
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:27 No.4036872
    For the love of god punish that fucking launcher.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:27 No.4036884
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)16:27 No.4036886
    He doesn't seem that good though.
    Not saying im better, but he...just doesn't seem good. Compared to the other two streams
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:27 No.4036889
    >Losing to fat people with glasses
    lol Scotland
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:27 No.4036910
    Because you know he's a better player than you.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:27 No.4036921
    That Peacock must hate her player.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)16:28 No.4036959
    But everyone (Even more so those who stream) are better than me, and I don't...all detest them.
    This one guy man.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:28 No.4036967
    I'm going to abuse this because I'm anonymous but

    From what I've played he just gravitates towards gimmicky hard to beat unless you know exactly how to counter shit rather than being good in general
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:29 No.4037002
         File: 1334867355.png-(Spoiler Image, 55 KB, 953x877, 828752%20-%20Filia%20Noill%20c(...).png)
    Spoiler Image, 55 KB
    Pickle surprise!

    Oh Noill!
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:29 No.4037009
    Are Peacock's block animations random? Sometimes it's like I can't tell if she's blocking or not.

    That's probably something I'll just get used to.
    >> Noel !iWvubKyoko 04/19/12(Thu)16:29 No.4037026
    He's just getting by doing basic stuff but still playing patiently, knowing when to strike really helps.
    But anon, that's how Double plays.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:29 No.4037034

    She's usually holding that stop sign.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)16:29 No.4037035
    >Pickle surprise
    Cerabella's face fits this..phrase
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:30 No.4037045
    Any eurobros up for a game?

    psn: v0ltctrl
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:30 No.4037075
    Can someone please tell those Peacocks that she can airthrow.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:31 No.4037096
    Hah, Vice-Versa's all like "The shit this crazy slut makes me do"
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:31 No.4037112
    What crude drawing. Oh well I'll still spank it to it .
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:31 No.4037116
    I'll tell them what /v/ said next week when I head down
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:31 No.4037123
    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I believe she can't use GARBAGE DAY when she's using the shadow of impending doom that tracks you. Typically if you see that and can get past George you should rush her.
    >> XBL: Granberia 04/19/12(Thu)16:31 No.4037131
    Cmon Bro. HK isn't safe
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:31 No.4037136
    Yeah that stop sign is harder to see than the tetris block or the cinder block.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:32 No.4037169
    on of them is an L-block from Tetris
    >> Noel !iWvubKyoko 04/19/12(Thu)16:32 No.4037186
    I'm more irked at him dropping over half of his throw combos.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:33 No.4037197
    I knew Cerebella had 4 arms but not 3 legs.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:33 No.4037220
    Does anyone have a sort of easy combo I can use for practicing flight cancels with Painwheel?
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)16:33 No.4037229
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:34 No.4037297
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:34 No.4037318
    So when is this game coming out in England? I wanna play it
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:35 No.4037325
         File: 1334867705.png-(348 KB, 900x900, 1334506014909.png)
    348 KB
    >Peacock isn't using HP shadow
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:35 No.4037328
    Zone, man, zone!
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)16:35 No.4037330
    Honestly I love the concept alot, I might have another artist do it again
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:35 No.4037353
    All the faces involved make this unfappable. Especially Samson's. I'm too busy laughing.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:35 No.4037369
    AGHHH should've chiped him
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:35 No.4037372
    never buy it from US market
    >> Noel !iWvubKyoko 04/19/12(Thu)16:36 No.4037384
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:36 No.4037385
    Unconfirmed release date besides "sometime this month." Worst comes to worst you can get it off the US store with a little hassle.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:36 No.4037402
         File: 1334867778.jpg-(804 KB, 1200x991, wolverine__s_best_move_by_esca(...).jpg)
    804 KB
    Why Skullgirls have no divekick?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:36 No.4037426
    Oh well crop it for good reaction faces
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:36 No.4037434

    Because IAD mixups are better than UNACCEPTABLE!
    >> XBL: Granberia 04/19/12(Thu)16:38 No.4037504
    Because Squigly
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:38 No.4037510
    You were the original requester?

    Well, thanks I had a laugh and a fap. I like noill's skullgirl drawings.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:38 No.4037524
    Oh the power of commas and periods. Buy it from US market.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)16:39 No.4037581
    Yep, got like 10 more pictures left for him to do, but he isn't one to keep me updated or talk alot so it's hard to know what the hell he's doing
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:39 No.4037605
    Dive kicks is for scrubs. Expect Squigly to have it.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:43 No.4037816
    Souls, come clean. How much have you blown on porn commissions in your time? A fortune? A king's ransom? Two great bloody handfuls of dosh?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:44 No.4037869
         File: 1334868285.png-(61 KB, 350x350, 733809 - Filia Noill skullgirl(...).png)
    61 KB
    i would give anything to do this ass
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:45 No.4037901
    whats your list look like now
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:46 No.4037986
         File: 1334868399.jpg-(639 KB, 1704x1059, valentine__s_night_by_oh8-d4wg(...).jpg)
    639 KB
    Why is she so perfect?
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)16:46 No.4037992
         File: 1334868401.png-(82 KB, 1319x527, boner.png)
    82 KB
    >>4037816 Or just SG porn?
    Total like alittle over$400ish
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:47 No.4038016
         File: 1334868430.png-(208 KB, 750x750, dotdotdot.png)
    208 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:47 No.4038021
    oh my
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:47 No.4038045
    Because she's not real
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:47 No.4038052
    i would make her hug me while i put my dick in between her thighs and just thrust fuck where's the drawfags when you need em
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:47 No.4038054
    How lewd
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:48 No.4038075
    I laughed so hard at the mental image of 5. You have no idea
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:48 No.4038123
    buddy i don't mind you as a trip fag go buy us some more porn i'll do my part when i get some cash
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:49 No.4038158
         File: 1334868572.png-(206 KB, 572x755, jesuschrist.png)
    206 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:49 No.4038161
    lol way to hyper inflate the amount of Skullgirls rule 34 Souls
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:50 No.4038184
    Just for reference, how much are you paying per pic?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:50 No.4038187
    Because she's some awkward sand nigger's fap fantasy.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:50 No.4038217
    Overall. If it's $400 then that's not so bad. How much does Noil charge anyway? I heard he was stupidly cheap.

    Whatever it is, you've got the thanks of a few dozen people.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)16:50 No.4038235
         File: 1334868655.jpg-(79 KB, 404x500, 1334292052013.jpg)
    79 KB
    I also have an idea for Filia..well two:
    First one is Filia trying to learn to use a computer after losing her memory, Painwheel makes her sit on her lap while she teaches her. Both filia and Painwheel are naked though, and painwheel as a cock.

    Filia needs someone to join her team for an assist, and Valentine makes her deepthroat her in an alley way for her to join
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:51 No.4038273
    >sand nigger
    you mean glorious tan overlord?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:51 No.4038283
    The best part about playing Valentine is bodying Parasouls trying to turtle at the end of the round with the projectile super.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:51 No.4038316
    Can someone explain how to get onto the yank store? I dont see any options for such things. D I have to change where my address is or something?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:52 No.4038330
         File: 1334868734.jpg-(129 KB, 828x965, 1334462201592.jpg)
    129 KB
    Oh hey I requested that first one.

    Cerebella is my waifu.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)16:52 No.4038335
         File: 1334868737.png-(1.99 MB, 1280x2078, 1334784434603.png)
    1.99 MB
    Well these threads seem to be off to a good start.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)16:52 No.4038340

    Currently the artist are between $10-$20 per person colored.
    I had...fucked up in the passed and overpaid for a few images, but live and learn.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:53 No.4038395
    On PSN you just make a US account.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:53 No.4038432
    Oh look, the captain of Bitch Brigade is here.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:54 No.4038454
    Go to PSN website, make US account with bogus address details and a temp email, make a new PS3 account, log into PSN with it, voila. US Store is now accessible.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:54 No.4038460
    huh what
    >> Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)16:54 No.4038490
         File: 1334868892.jpg-(93 KB, 620x436, td178_finks.jpg)
    93 KB
    This might seem weird, but I like Filia's shoes.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)16:55 No.4038495
    And what, pray tell, am I bitching about?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:55 No.4038513
         File: 1334868921.jpg-(143 KB, 420x500, Be Mine.jpg)
    143 KB
    Valentine's c.MP works as an anti-air. c.HP as well in specific spots.
    Her j.HK seems like a better air-air than j.HP.
    Thing's freaking huge and seems to win out in some pretty odd situations.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:55 No.4038514

    I'm playing with an idea involving Parasoul, Filia, and Valentine - so that'd range probably an easy 50 with him you'd say?
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)16:55 No.4038535
    The...tongues are weird (of her shoes, not your image)
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:55 No.4038545
    Well, you're a weird individual. That being said, I like them too.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)16:56 No.4038584
    Probably cheaper.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)16:57 No.4038639
    The only thing you have to worry about with j.HP and j.HK is how slow they are, it's not exactly hard to beat it out of startup. However, if you're at range you can do a lot of work with those because they do have quite a bit of range to them.
    >> Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)16:58 No.4038709
         File: 1334869109.jpg-(105 KB, 640x477, Dread_Return_640.jpg)
    105 KB
    Her j.HK is cool in general. I'm thinking of picking up Val in place of Fortune alongside Cerebella as well (Fortune is kind of ass on assist).

    Her off proportions have an odd charm to them.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)16:58 No.4038714

    Cool. Hopefully he's still taking work by the time I've got the spare cash to spend on random porn. I've jerked off to his Valentine picture so many times I've lost count.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:01 No.4038918
         File: 1334869316.png-(200 KB, 498x631, 6lnvto2_500.png)
    200 KB
    >No Peacock
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)17:02 No.4038942
    I can't bring myself to see Peacock in a sexual way.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:02 No.4038968
         File: 1334869366.jpg-(165 KB, 802x995, Delightful.jpg)
    165 KB
    I swear that attacks have been in me and j.HK traded or straight beat em out.

    Go for the characters you know for assists.
    Personally, I like Fortune's head assist. Usually run slide with it, but I figure you can probably do Noms as well.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:03 No.4038987
    What is valentines pressure combo?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:03 No.4039008
         File: 1334869406.jpg-(184 KB, 499x600, tumblr_m2ih4c1JU61qjlsryo1_500.jpg)
    184 KB

    >he wants porn of Peacock
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:03 No.4039015
    Peacock is too pure for porn.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:04 No.4039108

    Those games are dead.
    >> PSN: Jet-aime 04/19/12(Thu)17:05 No.4039125
    Alright Parasouls. Got a piping hot new combo for you all, with extra sprinkles.

    st.MP st.HP HP bf.LP st.LP st.MK MK bf.LP j.HP f.MP st.HP HP bf.LP cr.LP st.MK MK bf.LP j.MK j.HP cr.MP st.HP HP bf.LP st.LK LK st.MK MK bf.LP j.dMK j.MK j.HP cr.MK st.HP HP bf.LP cr.LK st.MK MK bf.LP f.LP st.MK MK HP HP bf.MP qcf.PP (with OTG afterwards) dash cr.HP j.MP j.HP j.HK high/low/throw reset

    Alternatively you can do j.LK j.dMK j.LP j.MK j.HK against some characters. Definitely works on Cerebella.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)17:05 No.4039168
    >Some random guy tweeting

    Sure told me
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:06 No.4039195
    I'd rather play Guilty Gear
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:06 No.4039214
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:06 No.4039223
    >Salty anime fags
    Well the other 80 percent of the anime fags love this shit.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:06 No.4039237
    My favorite part is the guy saying it's like Hokuto no Ken + Marvel 2, which isn't healthy for the game and means it won't last long. Marvel 2 was play for like 10 years, wasn't it?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:07 No.4039279
    I better stick to fraud friendly Cerebella these anime combos are too much. I can't even remember Wesker shit during the clutch
    >> Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)17:07 No.4039283
         File: 1334869648.jpg-(113 KB, 432x693, 5592391359_2052234f62_b.jpg)
    113 KB
    I started using her Be Headed for staggers but I'm really bad at assist use too.

    >VF jocking
    Reminds me of NiGHTS
    I generally enjoy 3D fighters moreso than 2D fighters so whatever.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:08 No.4039314
    >they still play chauvinistic video games
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:08 No.4039360
    Does Valentine have a stagger move?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:09 No.4039381
    Sooo... am I the only one who wants to see a Vega color scheme for Painwheel?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:09 No.4039406
    Christ that's way too long. I don't think I'm gonna stick with this game very long after Guilty Gear XX AC and Persona 4 Arena.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:09 No.4039437
    Well, since we're in the topic of buying art.
    I want to play this game but I don't currently have any money.
    Would a kind soul be interested in buying me a $20 us psn card in exchange for drawn porn?
    I don't have samples in the style of Skullgirls, but I could do it with some reference.

    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:09 No.4039439
    Claw Vega? Yeah, I think it'd be kind of cool
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:10 No.4039478
    >combo too long
    >going to play other combo heavy titles
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:10 No.4039487
    Not really, but her Dead Cross (at least from the air) has a deceptively long hitstun on it.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:11 No.4039512
    Damn you're pretty good. Get on this guy Souls
    >> PSN: Jet-aime 04/19/12(Thu)17:11 No.4039515
    In all fairness, 90% of it is the same thing looped with a different starting normal. The trick is that you're getting two tear explosions together that lets you do a normal jump into air normals.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:11 No.4039516
    Hey Souls!
    This artist does pretty good work for a decent price, she asked me to leave her link here, so I'm sure she's up for it (even if her journal says she's closed.)
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:11 No.4039553
    >Persona 4 Arena
    Persona 4: The Infinite Blockstring in Mayonaka Arena?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:12 No.4039589
    So I made an account and such to get this. If I use a UK prepaid card on this account will it work?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:12 No.4039592
    There's a difference between combo heavy fighers and Marvel combo fighters.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:12 No.4039595
    Poor JetM, you constantly come to these threads looking to actually talk about the game itself and looking for matches, but people just want that Skullgirls porn.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)17:12 No.4039624
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)17:12 No.4039625
    Is..that really your's?
    That's really good, give me your email, and i will throw loadsofmoney at you.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:12 No.4039650
         File: 1334869971.png-(81 KB, 1191x573, All my money.png)
    81 KB
    I prefer non-h Skullgirls stuff, but I'm a sucker for cute. Pic related is my all-my-money Skullgirls fanart. Or just Minette cooking.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:12 No.4039657
    well from those pictures you obviously can draw some good porn, but you need timestamp and a bit more proof
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:12 No.4039659
    I'd probably play him if I thought I had the slightest idea what I was doing.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:12 No.4039663
    I'd bet anything that won't stay around after the balance patch.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:13 No.4039686

    He also posts combos no one on /vg/ is going to bother learning. He's like the hero /vg/ doesn't deserve.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:13 No.4039689
    I thought Jet M was a troll. No one good waste time on 4chan.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:13 No.4039728
    Marvel didn't even have long combos all the damage came from Resets. Combos suckd
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:14 No.4039765
    That's the actual JetM. He's come to 4chan before I think for BlazBlue. A while ago, I think in CT and CS days, but still came none the less.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:14 No.4039767
    >pretty good work
    >shitty stylization
    >awful colours
    >awful shading

    how bout no
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:14 No.4039770
         File: 1334870079.jpg-(14 KB, 250x333, 250px-SSFVega.jpg)
    14 KB
    Could work

    Also maybe a Professor Layton scheme for Peacock.
    >> PSN: Jet-aime 04/19/12(Thu)17:14 No.4039780
    But I thought 4chan was all about wasting time.

    Also it's an easy place to find people to play. I also like to try to help people.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)17:15 No.4039831
         File: 1334870142.png-(141 KB, 600x636, 1334404989876.png)
    141 KB
    Sorry, not a fan.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)17:15 No.4039843
    >I'd be much less critical if the game taught a new player when to look out for throw tech instead of "tech this throw 3 times"
    Did this dude even play the damn tutorial?

    Jet's been on 4chan for a while, man. You should have seen the shitstorm when he got I think 2nd in a BB tournament and everyone was like "ISN'T THAT THE DUDE WE LOBBY WITH ALL THE TIME? THE FUCK?"
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:15 No.4039847

    You want to fight?
    >> PSN: Jet-aime 04/19/12(Thu)17:16 No.4039885
    Sure, I'll give it a go. Can't guarantee a good connection right now, though.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:16 No.4039889
         File: 1334870191.png-(886 KB, 1307x896, Skull-Sleepover.png)
    886 KB
    I want more pictures like this. All the girls, not fighting or fucking each other.
    >> PSN: Jet-aime 04/19/12(Thu)17:17 No.4039925
    It was third, actually. I never stood a chance against Zidane, really. No Hazama experience and tourney nerves.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:17 No.4039963

    You're EC, right? I'm in NYC so it's worth a shot.
    My PSN is McCasual, I'll get on in 2 minutes and invite you unless you want to host.
    >> rittu !!yo1VmJ20yom 04/19/12(Thu)17:17 No.4039967
         File: 1334870274.jpg-(1.37 MB, 1157x1350, 25005515.jpg)
    1.37 MB
    Furaffinity is probably not a good thing to link and expect to be taken seriously around here.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)17:18 No.4039972
    Well still, valiant effort and point being that you've been here forever.
    >> Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)17:18 No.4039993
         File: 1334870296.jpg-(20 KB, 446x262, Sad Dog.jpg)
    20 KB
    I'd care more if:
    --I played on PSN
    --And wasn't so indifferent towards long-ass combos

    I am really not a good or combo-focused player. And seek damage via other, more subdued or hard hitting methods (hence, Cerebella use). Also resets and shit I guess.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:18 No.4039997
    Guy is just mad people didn't play AH3.
    >> PSN: Jet-aime 04/19/12(Thu)17:18 No.4040009
    Yeah, I'm EC. Ohio, to be specific. I'll be waiting.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:19 No.4040036
    Tons of artists set up their porn accounts there, your loss buddy.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:19 No.4040042
    Marvel has way longer combos than Guilty Gear. Otgs, dhcs and anything comboing into anything makes it last for ages. This is just Marvel 3 though. Compare the 2, they're almost nothing alike.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:19 No.4040049
    Can someone stop drooling over comissioning art and answer me pretty please?
    >> Noel !iWvubKyoko 04/19/12(Thu)17:19 No.4040052
    Still, that's pretty impressive. Who did you main at that time? I play Haku but live on the island so I'll never be able to participate in a major, especially after BB got knocked off EVO ;_;.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:19 No.4040057
    Furaffinity has great artists. Furry porn is big money
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:19 No.4040082

    That would be awesome. and yep, that's mine. I'm not asking for money in advance so don't worry. I'll do the lineart first to prove it's mine.
    email in email field.

    Well, I don't see how I could timestamp a drawing, but it shouldn't be a problem since I'mma throw a sketch before any payment is made.
    I would also like to say that I would very much like to fuck these girls.
    Thank you very much.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:20 No.4040089
    Don't believe so. Needs US money.
    >> PSN: Jet-aime 04/19/12(Thu)17:20 No.4040093
    I played Jin. I don't play BB anymore, though. What little scene there was here died a long time ago, and I haven't been able to stomach online play since. Until SG, that is.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:20 No.4040118
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:20 No.4040132
         File: 1334870442.png-(117 KB, 1920x1080, verda.png)
    117 KB
    For whoever wants more Skullgirls fap material... me too.

    The thing is, I can draw well enough, but as a poorfag, I have no fucking scanner to properly make fap material. Sad, I'm VERY into Filia/Cerebella shit. Those fucking thighs... them juicy asses. Ugh. I actually love this game, but I keep getting hot n bothered by this shit.

    Pic related, it's some shit I drew with Paint.Might draw some SG stuff later.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:20 No.4040146
         File: 1334870450.png-(33 KB, 619x386, 4vs1c7.png)
    33 KB
    Not porn. Cute art. I like Noill's style
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:21 No.4040164
    >my reaction upon some swag ass Ms Fortune combos in an actual match

    テテテロテン♪ \(・ω・)/Let's にゃー!
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:21 No.4040207
    I only wanna be able to join the fun, no need to be mean.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:22 No.4040235

    Bro you need a US account at the very least. If you have a UK points card maybe it'll redeem on the US account but I'm not sure.

    If that doesn't work go buy one from and get an online code.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:22 No.4040237

    Sent. I'm pretty new at this game though so you'll probably destroy me.
    >> PSN: Jet-aime 04/19/12(Thu)17:22 No.4040259
    Hmm... Failed to join room. Lemme give it a go.
    >> niafapart !!dMAx/7Da7uM 04/19/12(Thu)17:23 No.4040283

    Making up tripcode just for this just in case.

    By the way, if someone could link me up to Skullgirls art. I'm going to need this for reference...
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)17:24 No.4040340
         File: 1334870656.png-(434 KB, 870x1000, 1334415676940.png)
    434 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:24 No.4040346
    Thankyou, I did not realie you could get online codes as I have never used one. Thanks for the help all.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:24 No.4040348
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:24 No.4040353
         File: 1334870668.jpg-(103 KB, 642x512, Filia Ultros.jpg)
    103 KB
    I give up. Can't get this right.

    So here, take this half-assed thing.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:24 No.4040369

    > long combos arent healthy and games with it dont last long

    And then proceeds to compare it to marvel which lasted a decade. And Guilty Gear x2 lasted years too. The fuck is up with this guy?
    >> rittu !!yo1VmJ20yom 04/19/12(Thu)17:24 No.4040385
         File: 1334870699.jpg-(2.19 MB, 4448x1682, www.dotup.org2879979.jpg)
    2.19 MB
    People like you are my favorite kinds of people.


    If you want sprites then I'll just post this.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:25 No.4040396

    Is... that what I think it is?
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)17:25 No.4040405
    this one

    is all in game stuff, probably the best to go off of. A lot of angles are given in various scenes as well.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:25 No.4040429
    Now, I'm not saying that's wonderful, or anything. But that's fucking wonderful.
    >> niafapart !!dMAx/7Da7uM 04/19/12(Thu)17:25 No.4040430

    Awesome. That should be good enough.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:25 No.4040435

    GG combos weren't that long. And Marvel lasted because no one could be assed to learn anything else for a long time.

    I think Skullgirls will last, though.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)17:25 No.4040438
    >more fucking puns
    It was bound to happen eventually.
    >> Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)17:26 No.4040487
         File: 1334870809.png-(353 KB, 1280x729, 02.dxt1 Intro.png)
    353 KB
    He's an idiot that is jumping on the hatewagon and remain distant from the "plebeian majority"? It happens all of the time regardless of the quality of the product in question.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:27 No.4040520
    Why do people want other games to die? Sorry MB/AH heart didn't take off but SG flopping will only make things worse for niche titles. People are flat out mad people are having fun.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)17:27 No.4040524
         File: 1334870852.jpg-(52 KB, 413x361, 1334553854070.jpg)
    52 KB
    Answer your email!
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:27 No.4040531
         File: 1334870857.png-(369 KB, 407x670, laura-well-36e-32-w-42-hp.png)
    369 KB
    There is no way Valentine is a 36E.

    The creators DO know that the number isn't the size of the boob, its how many inches around the upper body/ribcage area is, right?

    If she is an E-cup, I wouldn't say a 36E then. Maybe a 32E.

    This is what a realistic 36E cup looks like.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:28 No.4040569
    Pick one.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:28 No.4040576
    Marvel lasted because of the culture and creativity the game allowed.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:28 No.4040584

    Is this really so important, titty master?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:28 No.4040585

    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)17:28 No.4040589
    I think besides the obvious ass pain from his games not being as popular as SG right now, it seems like he had some wild misconceptions early on, such as the IPS was supposed to stop long combos. If you had paid attention to thge game pre release at all Mike Z made sure everyone knew the IPS was only supposed to stop infinites, not combos and would regularly demonstrate incredibly long combos.

    Anyone who kept up with the game knew exactly what they were getting and are happy with it. This is like the only game where when I get hit with something and it turns into a heavy hitting combo I'm still having fun because of how varied combos can be and how creative you have to be to keep shit going.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:28 No.4040595
    Could you have picked a worse image to make your point?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:29 No.4040638
    You know you're doing something right when you have your own hatedom.
    >> GeneralIvan !!es8jpwZdntp 04/19/12(Thu)17:29 No.4040651
         File: 1334870996.jpg-(22 KB, 400x400, 1328936495227.jpg)
    22 KB
    Hey there guys! Going to have that Panzerfaust and Luduc fight out soon.

    Anyway, any line requests for Brain Drain? I'll record them once I get back from the gym.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)17:31 No.4040726
    Oh shit, I'm subbed to you on youtube.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:31 No.4040748
         File: 1334871101.gif-(2.73 MB, 244x169, smugswag.gif)
    2.73 MB
    >>That feel when I destroy scrubs online with Parasoul because I have a solid set of fundamentals from being raped in Street Fighter & Marvel all these years.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:31 No.4040751
         File: 1334871107.jpg-(59 KB, 333x308, 1206530619594.jpg)
    59 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:32 No.4040817
    Hnnng perfect body right there.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:33 No.4040826

    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)17:33 No.4040857
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:34 No.4040878
    I thought her hair looked like ultros too.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:34 No.4040905
    Only thing I'm worried about are the TOD DHC shit Ultradavid posted about on SRK.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:34 No.4040906

    Some characters in GG did did deliver long ass combos. Like Millia, Robo Ky and Chip. I made a 100 hit combo with RK myself.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:35 No.4040928
         File: 1334871328.png-(145 KB, 500x600, tumblr_m196je98dK1r8ppic.png)
    145 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:35 No.4040939
    Don't know why Mike Z thought 80% minimum scaling was needed.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:35 No.4040956
    >You will never fight JetM
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:36 No.4040972

    What do you mean by creativity? everyone used the same combos and characters all the time despite having 50 plus characters.
    >> Noel !iWvubKyoko 04/19/12(Thu)17:36 No.4041005
    Would you be nice enough to explain?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:36 No.4041007
    As much as I appreciate your porn drive commission(s) for this game, fuck you. Nothin' wrong with a bit of delicious 3D.
    >> notAnon !Frz2YYuFcA 04/19/12(Thu)17:37 No.4041026
    >Play a few matches online
    >win them
    >feel damn good about myself
    >go against a guy who busts out 100+ strings and i barely get 10 hits on him
    the good feeling is gone now....
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:37 No.4041054

    It's exactly what it says on the tin, 2 characters can kill anyone for 2 meters.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:39 No.4041145
         File: 1334871579.png-(666 KB, 960x540, 1333977664203.png)
    666 KB
    >> rittu !!yo1VmJ20yom 04/19/12(Thu)17:39 No.4041149
         File: 1334871585.jpg-(479 KB, 851x1200, 24445418_p1.jpg)
    479 KB
    I don't have any specific lines but anything TTGL-esque...'who the hell do you think I am' and all that.

    I'd like that.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:39 No.4041154
    >that feel when I don't have the courage to play online

    Help me, I want to break this cycle
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:40 No.4041168
    Man you can really tell who knows who knows what the fuck they're talking about in Marvel 2 when they bring up character selection.
    >> PSN: Jet-aime 04/19/12(Thu)17:40 No.4041184
    Sure, they exist, but a lot of them require nearly four meter in the end to execute. Barring a few exceptions, the most you'll probably see often are 70 - 80% combos from DHC using three meter. Even if it does become a huge problem, we live in an age where things like that can be fixed if deemed necessary, and I'm sure Mike wouldn't hesitate to change something that's going to put off a lot of people.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:40 No.4041202

    I'll fight you if you're on PSN.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:41 No.4041228

    Bro it's just online play, there's no money on the line, hell the guy you're playing with doesn't even know your name unless they go to some effort to look you up.

    The absolute worst that could happen is you get called a faggot by someone you don't know or care about.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:41 No.4041268
    Continues from there.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:42 No.4041278
    "Don't think too hard about it"
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:42 No.4041287
    I love how people are just now losing their shit over something that Reverge never even attempted to hide. It's not like they said "this game won't have long combos," only for us to find out it did. They always said that it would have long combos. The only thing they said it wouldn't have are infinite combos.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:42 No.4041298
    guys how much fucking longer do I have to wait for my delicious SoloBrella
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:42 No.4041302

    Dude its easy. You go online and its 50/50. You either get brutally destroyed in a corner or abosolutely destroy someone who is worst than you. You just gotta practice.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:43 No.4041325
         File: 1334871783.png-(136 KB, 400x400, Maya89.png)
    136 KB
    Anyone on EU 360 wanna play?
    >> Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)17:43 No.4041338
    It's the same thing as people flipping out about the DLC.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:44 No.4041387
    Don't know how people didn't expect long combos when the earliest new freature was restands from air combos
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:44 No.4041394

    Flipping out about SG DLC or SFxT DLC?
    >> :U !nH.FvxUTxc 04/19/12(Thu)17:46 No.4041440
    SG, as in people freaking out when we've known it was going to happen for a long while
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)17:46 No.4041445
         File: 1334871971.jpg-(600 KB, 1024x768, Scrubs.jpg)
    600 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:46 No.4041461
    Skullgirls. You haven't seen the shitstorms about how Reverge wants to keep adding DLC characters and features during the games life? It's like people forget Reverge is a small group, and not a multi-millionbillion? dollar company like Capcom.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:47 No.4041513
         File: 1334872059.png-(37 KB, 142x134, 1334271015951.png)
    37 KB
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)17:47 No.4041517
    Haha I like it.
    >> Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)17:48 No.4041531

    SG DLC, and people even bitch and moan about how some get mad over SFxT DLC but think Skullgirls DLC is okay. DLC isn't even inherently bad, companies are just greedy as shit and continuously gouge people for money.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:48 No.4041541

    Shit who the fuck didn't know about DLC characters with SG? Do these people actively ignore news of games until it hits them in the face?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:48 No.4041557
    >Do these people actively ignore news of games until it hits them in the face?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:48 No.4041558
    Nobody is freaking out about the dlc. I'm just hoping it comes out soon before the hype for this game dies.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:49 No.4041587
    People were, though. Just cause you didn't see it, doesn't mean it didn't happen.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:49 No.4041591

    Lobbies are more important.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:49 No.4041594
         File: 1334872169.jpg-(264 KB, 500x1125, 1334751918060.jpg)
    264 KB
    People are pretty stupid.

    If I read their 2011 annual report correctly, Capcom is nowhere near having billions (or even multimillions) of dollars.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:50 No.4041624
    Heh. Memories.

    Where's Valentine and Double's ass?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:50 No.4041632
    >I'm not gonna keep talking about whether setups I already know work actually work. You can armwheel to ekg where ekg whiffs. The end. I figured there'd be more serious interest on this thread.
    >Back to #Skullgirls on Efnet where people do constructive things, I guess.

    Mad as hell.
    >> Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)17:50 No.4041640
         File: 1334872225.png-(78 KB, 407x564, 14775032_p4.png)
    78 KB
    Go to /v/. Actually don't go to /v/, I honestly care about your health and sanity.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:50 No.4041652
         File: 1334872242.jpg-(9 KB, 245x228, 1317954903674.jpg)
    9 KB

    Nigga, please.

    >not for weaboo faggot anime gaylords who only chose valentine cuz "HURR TITS FAPFAPFAP" and "SHE'S LIKE ONE OF MY JAPANEESE ANIMU"
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:51 No.4041671

    >going to /v/

    Fuck that I haven't gone back since /vg/ was made. Come to think of it I haven't gone to the FGG since the SGGs started.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:51 No.4041708
         File: 1334872311.jpg-(73 KB, 388x411, 1329594003474.jpg)
    73 KB

    >implying people don't pick Parasoul just for the pillar assist
    >> Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)17:51 No.4041709
    >Implying Parasoul isn't just as much a slut as Valentine.
    She has to keep up troop morale somehow.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:52 No.4041719
    What does valentine do after she wins? The quality of the streams i saw was pretty bad and I couldn't make it out.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:52 No.4041747
    I stopped visiting Skullgirls threads on /v/. The ignorance and stupidity makes me facepalm too hard.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:52 No.4041748
    Pulls a thermometer out of her tits, but then the top breaks off.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)17:52 No.4041749
    >Nigga, please.
    She's an incredibly popular choice with scrubs because she has pretty brain dead combos for easy damage, one of the best reversals/anti airs/assists in the game, and doesn't even play like she belongs in the game, she's basically a Street Fighter character.

    Whether or not the character takes skill to play is irrelevant.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:52 No.4041751
    She tries to pull a thermometor out of her cleavage but "accidentally" breaks it
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:52 No.4041753

    She pulls a thermometer out of her cleavage, but her tits are too hot so it explodes.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:52 No.4041754
    UltraDavid is like the last OG to chat on SRK and OGs get mad quick. The rest only talk on IRC
    >> Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)17:53 No.4041775
    She pulls a thermometer out of her tits and it pops from the heat

    Or because she's Street Fighter Mode
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:53 No.4041817
    I"m not even sure what he expected people to say. Did he want panic or what?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:54 No.4041825

    Fuck I was going to post the gif but it's been posted already.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:54 No.4041847
    Can't be bothered reading the entire thread to see if someone already answered this.

    Air block = Tetris block
    Standing block = Stop sign
    Crouch block = Cinder block

    Or at least that's what came up every time I saw peacock block earlier today.

    Hope it helps.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:54 No.4041856
    Can Peacock combo from throw/air throw without an assist? So far I think you can only do it if you throw them onto an LK bomb or drop something on them.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:55 No.4041875
    I like how he acts like it's super easy to do, but then the people in thread trying it say they can't get the timing right. How the fuck did he do it so easily, when he's got fucked up hands, or whatever?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:56 No.4041906

    You can go straight into Argus after a ground throw, you have to super cancel the last stomp.
    >> Noel !iWvubKyoko 04/19/12(Thu)17:57 No.4041964
         File: 1334872646.jpg-(247 KB, 715x715, juice.jpg)
    247 KB
    Is it bad I expected a death combo from the beginning, after getting a glimpse of marvel?
    I think it's something like having a HP item drop ready during an air combo into air throw reset, and then after the item hits you teleport for more combos. For ground throws, it's either Argus or grab super, or throw out a George and go for mixups.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:57 No.4041981

    Because he's an SRK OG so he's just better than regular people even with fucked up hands. Better at figuring out setups and shit in general.

    SRK is a retarded place on both sides. The new players are retarded and either suck up to OG players like crazy or argue with them for no reason. And it's driven OG players mad so now they get mad over every tiny thing. You basically shouldn't do anything but read SRK.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:58 No.4041998
    >Is it bad I expected a death combo from the beginning, after getting a glimpse of marvel?
    No, because only idiots didn't expect this game to have long combos.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:58 No.4042004
    >>Implying I don't use Parasoul on POINT.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:59 No.4042056
    Ever since I found out you can combo Argus from Peacock's st. HK, that's all I do now for punishing. Just to hear her go LACES OUT.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)17:59 No.4042073
         File: 1334872786.jpg-(72 KB, 291x589, 42862758932.jpg)
    72 KB
    i thought peacock's leg were mechanical? they seem normal here
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:00 No.4042083
    I wish meter had more usage in this game. Need EX moves or something
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:00 No.4042089

    If you can do an HP item drop before you hit that HK, because after the Argus Agony you can drop the item and then keep it going.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:00 No.4042096
    >Better at figuring out setups and shit in general
    I can understand him being good at figuring shit out, but as much he goes on about how fucked his hands are, and how it stops him from playing as good as he used to, I don't see how he can do that shit so easy. It seems like he always has to mention his condition before he does ANYTHING in-game on a stream.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:01 No.4042128
    she's wearing boots and thos old timy undergarments oh course you aren't gonna see some mecha skin
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:01 No.4042130

    Well it's a built in excuse as to why he doesn't win. Which is kind of funny, he's a fucking lawyer with his own practice. You'd think he'd be more confident in just, well, being himself.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:01 No.4042132
    Meh old SRK was a circlejerk anyway.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:01 No.4042140

    He's either just that damn good, or insecure.
    >> Noel !iWvubKyoko 04/19/12(Thu)18:01 No.4042158
    >Do her c.HP.
    I love that move though I barely get any usage out of it. I can get a rep with it during a loop of sHK bomb loop but it really kills the combo since it fucks up my spacing most of the time.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:01 No.4042162
    UltraDavid stopped competing. He just plays now.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:02 No.4042169
    >saves picture
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:02 No.4042178
         File: 1334872938.png-(139 KB, 480x270, pfsAN.png)
    139 KB
    Make it happen
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:02 No.4042186

    I thought he kept entering ST side tourneys.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:02 No.4042190
    >people not playing the game 24/7
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:02 No.4042194
    With no lobbies don't expect a lot of SG streaming outside of local events.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:02 No.4042207
         File: 1334872961.jpg-(16 KB, 230x227, 10.jpg)
    16 KB
    I'd been watching streams with Ultradavid since vanilla SF4 and I didn't know about his hands until like 2 months ago.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:03 No.4042238
    He considers himself a casual player still.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:03 No.4042264
         File: 1334873024.png-(193 KB, 500x377, oZa5W.png)
    193 KB
    Go away stream monster
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:03 No.4042269
    Are lobbies a priority for the first patch?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:04 No.4042275
    His condition sometimes does send the message to his hands to work but when they do they work fine.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:04 No.4042282

    Fucking kappa. I was so glad when Spooky moved over to own3d.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:05 No.4042323
    I think it's only been a few years since he found out, and it got really bad. He seems to bring it up a lot more, recently.

    When I first heard him describe it, it sounded like his brain always sent the message, it just arrived late. It's like he's always playing with lag.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:05 No.4042361
    I just died laughing
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:06 No.4042374
    Oh god, that pic made me fucking lol hard
    >> Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)18:06 No.4042406
         File: 1334873219.png-(126 KB, 600x390, 4e9c3981RweVSdj2.png)
    126 KB
    Can someone explain this Kappa shit to me?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:07 No.4042408
    so which one is the best character? I just want to pwn noobz online
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:07 No.4042427

    It's faggot shit.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:07 No.4042430
         File: 1334873246.jpg-(72 KB, 885x725, Untitled.jpg)
    72 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:07 No.4042445
    >Ms. Fortune holding onto her head when being held upside down by Cerebella

    haha, why did I never see this before?
    >> PSN: Jet-aime 04/19/12(Thu)18:07 No.4042447
    Solo Filia.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:08 No.4042461

    Typing kappa in the stream chat makes that fuckers face appear. I don't know who it is or why, it's dumb as fuck.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:09 No.4042515
    It's basically the troll-face of Twitch chat. You see it a lot. So much that I see people type it out on forums, and have #Kappa on Twitter.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:09 No.4042537
         File: 1334873379.jpg-(50 KB, 582x329, 1333019404346.jpg)
    50 KB
    Finally got this game and it is really cool actually.

    Where can I download the OST?

    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:10 No.4042587
         File: 1334873420.jpg-(103 KB, 500x887, 1329984390350.jpg)
    103 KB

    It's the little things.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:10 No.4042606

    If the mob chopped her up into pieces, why didn't they chop up her torso?
    >> An Accurate Representation of Twitch Chat Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:10 No.4042610
    Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa
    Floeface Floeface Floeface Floeface Floeface Floeface Floeface Floeface Floeface Floeface Floeface
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:11 No.4042614
    >> Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)18:11 No.4042627
    I know what it is, I meant the origin of it. Like who is he?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:11 No.4042631
    Cerebella practically plays herself.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:11 No.4042645
    I don't even think anyone knows.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:11 No.4042652

    Maybe they didn't want to ruin her tits? Fuck if I know.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:12 No.4042684
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:12 No.4042686

    >forgetting NaCi
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:12 No.4042692
    Cerebella/Parasoul team.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:12 No.4042705

    this should give you an idea
    >> Maji 04/19/12(Thu)18:12 No.4042727
    A kappa is a monster that lives in a stream.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:13 No.4042748

    Jesus christ that guy never finishes a goddamn thing he starts.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:13 No.4042774
    I never thought of that. Still don't know who's face that is.
    >> Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)18:14 No.4042783
         File: 1334873644.jpg-(30 KB, 500x367, anton.jpg)
    30 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:14 No.4042790
    Spinal Columns are notoriously difficult to hack through.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)18:14 No.4042798
    While that's a clever answer, that's not it. Kappa was an old JTV admin, people just liked that face because of the stupid smirk he does.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:14 No.4042821

    I think there is a reason as to why he hasnt finished the damn comic yet but i forgot. He frequents Gurochan.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:14 No.4042826
    I don't know what that even does. I almost never even have chat open.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:15 No.4042858

    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:16 No.4042901
         File: 1334873764.jpg-(36 KB, 355x228, kappa.jpg)
    36 KB
    partly true really
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:16 No.4042905

    Well not just that. The guy has started like 5 different web comics and then just stops updating forever, then starts a new one.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:16 No.4042907
    Shouldn't it be NaCl? As in L, not i?
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)18:16 No.4042912
    It's NaCl.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:17 No.4042956

    Yeah, but whatever you get the idea.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:17 No.4042975
         File: 1334873839.gif-(205 KB, 340x246, 1310957941019.gif)
    205 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:21 No.4043217
    Why does it take so long to get matches in this game?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:23 No.4043268
         File: 1334874185.png-(17 KB, 141x128, Cat Thing.png)
    17 KB
    >not knowing what Kappa is

    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:24 No.4043336
    Because people die when they are killed
    >> notAnon !Frz2YYuFcA 04/19/12(Thu)18:24 No.4043349
    are their any tips for utilizing Ms Fortunes head?
    I just got killed by a guy who was using it like a pro and i want to get on that.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:25 No.4043427
    >Gregor Sampson
    >yells "Metamorphosis!" when you do the fucking move
    >didn't get the reference until just now

    God damn I can be so dense.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:28 No.4043564

    Are you on PSN or Live?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:28 No.4043578

    what reference?
    >> Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)18:29 No.4043619
    Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:29 No.4043630

    XBox. Is there a difference?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:29 No.4043632

    Kafka, The Metamorphosis.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:29 No.4043639
    To Kafka's "Metamorphosis." It's a bout a man named Gregor Samsa who wakes up as a giant cockroach one day.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)18:29 No.4043642
    The Metamorphosis was a book by Franz Kafka about a man named Gregor Samsa who wakes up to find out he has been turned into a cockroach.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:30 No.4043675

    I think I have heard of him somewhere
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:30 No.4043683
         File: 1334874615.png-(222 KB, 722x826, Dose bodylines.png)
    222 KB
    Dat Umbrella concept art.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:30 No.4043710
    Kafka, not Kefka.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:30 No.4043718

    Yes. The Xbox have loading issues. Takes 30 seconds while the ps3 version take 2.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:31 No.4043742

    Well, yeah if you wanted to play some rounds with people here.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:34 No.4043916
    I just bought the game and taking into consideration a lot of things this is really a great game. I dont get why so many people are hating on it.

    First of fall its a small western indy game made by a fan. The west has never been known for its fighting games because its been always casual MK and KI and then for the first time someone tries to change that and a lot of people go and pit the game with the heavy hitters from multi million dollar veterans. What the hell guys?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:35 No.4043974

    No one's hating on it, shut up.
    Seriously a good 20% of the posts lately have been "I don't get the complaints, guys." Who cares?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:35 No.4043997

    Misguised sense of loyalty.

    After UMvC3 and SFxT I'm amazed at how many people still love that Capcom dick.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:35 No.4044006
    Preaching to the choir, man. That said, I can understand people just not liking the game. I don't understand all the STOP LIKING WHAT I DON'T LIKE stuff, though. Never will, honestly.
    >> Goeniko/DrewTheDude 04/19/12(Thu)18:36 No.4044035
    Get ready to get raped by Peacock and maybe Painwheel I think{I hear some cere's have a tough time with her}.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:36 No.4044056
    Skullgirls usually gets pretty positive receptions.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:36 No.4044074

    I just came from /v/ because its impossible to have a discussion about the game there. I see the retards from THE BEST GAMERS are preparing a video to trash it, i went to SKR and most people are shitting on it too, same in dust loop.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:37 No.4044104
    I'd play online, but I have an irational fear of being stomped into not enjoying the game
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:37 No.4044116
    Nobody does except stream monsters. Just look at fighting game general. They haven't talkes about any games in ages.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:37 No.4044118
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. They wouldn't know a good game if it literally sucked their dicks.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:38 No.4044150

    But those people shit on everything. Who fucking cares? It's not like they're physically coming in and preventing you from playing the game.
    >> notAnon !Frz2YYuFcA 04/19/12(Thu)18:38 No.4044159
    ok im gonna get shit for this but whats wrong with MK?
    I love the shit out of MK9 and i see the series get a lot of hate in these threads.
    Was it the tourney thing, or is it just that it caters to a different type of fighting fan?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:38 No.4044161
    Despite being a budget title made by an extremely small team, it's goal is to be compared to other major titles. So people are looking at it that way, and certainly the lousy training mode and lack of an in-game movelist. Various bugs, etc. Factor into a lot of people's opinions. Plus, a lot of fighting game faggots are weeaboos who can't stand the cartoon influence in the visual style.

    Personally, I think if they patch in movelists, training mode stances and input trackers, this game will be superior to any modern full-price fightan on the market because it has it where it counts. The fighting is fucking FUN. It's balanced, it looks great, and it's fun.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:39 No.4044225
    Way off topic, but I enjoy MK too. Just not competitivley
    >> Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)18:40 No.4044257
         File: 1334875208.png-(21 KB, 700x500, 325796140095734253251822887954(...).png)
    21 KB
    >/v/ doing anything other than complaining about shit they don't understand and hungrily sucking Valve dick
    Yeah whatever man, stop going to /v/.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:40 No.4044258
    >the lousy training mode and lack of an in-game movelist. Various bugs, etc. Factor into a lot of people's opinions
    Still better than a lot of bir releases, even with that.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)18:41 No.4044297
    >I see the retards from THE BEST GAMERS are preparing a video to trash it
    Most of their videos are jokes and not serious in the slightest. Occasionally they do a serious review about how they actually feel about a game (Minecraft), but most of the time they just do videos to say shit about games.

    That being said, none of those people are anyone you should listen to. Tons of people are enjoying the game, you shouldn't let the opinion of a few ruin your perception.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:41 No.4044315

    >/v/ doing anything other than complaining about shit they don't understand and hungrily sucking Valve dick

    Yup, that's the perfect image of /v/
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:41 No.4044321
    I like MK casually, but I think I can tell you why people hate it.

    >random frame advantage
    >1P has more hit priority than 2P
    >a known glitch that wasn't removed, which makes your character stop responding to commands
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:41 No.4044324
    It was the tourney thing.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:42 No.4044351
    > play online
    > raped bu long ass meterless corner combos

    I want to do that so badly. How hard it is? Valentine and Painwheel push me to the wall and i cant do anything. I see no opening.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:42 No.4044368
    what is the tourney thing? something happened?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:42 No.4044390
    It was the tourney thing. And before someone asked:

    ALLEGEDLY some MK guys at PowerUp lied to Spooky about the number of Skullgirls entrants so that MK would get more stream time.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:44 No.4044491
    Mind you everything about this is completely true except the fact that it was a MK player. That's the only speculative part about it.

    But it would make sense if it was just because of the way the streaming was organized. Skullgirls not getting stream ended up giving MK waaaay more streamtime. But again, just speculation.

    Unless we've gotten some manner of confirmation since then.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:45 No.4044554
         File: 1334875549.png-(41 KB, 228x230, 1334519479968.png)
    41 KB
    >THE BEST GAMERS are preparing a video to trash it, i went to SKR and most people are shitting on it too, same in dust loop.

    I anticipate this game will survive on negative criticism alone.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:47 No.4044631
    >> Maji 04/19/12(Thu)18:47 No.4044642
    >people worried about a Best Gamers review
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:47 No.4044668

    Pushblock (P+P in block stun) the last hit of an opponent's string of attacks and get out of the corner as fast as possible. Alpha counters (F+MP+MK in block stun) are also forgotten about very often, but can help keep pressure off.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:49 No.4044721
    Is it just me or the hit sound effects are louder as the combo gets longer?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:50 No.4044814
    Don't forget, for Alpha Counters (Stunt Doubles) it uses one meter.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:51 No.4044837
    i don't see how anyone could be worried, i'm really anticipating it. can't wait to see which aspect of the game they shit on most. actually, do the best gamers know anything about fighting games? like, at a competitive level? i know they use wolverine's MvC theme as their intro music, but...
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)18:51 No.4044865
    >Don't forget, for Alpha Counters
    >Alpha counters (F+MP+MK in block stun) are also forgotten about very often
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:52 No.4044902

    >implying they are not going to base everything on the fanservice
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:53 No.4044917

    >the best gamers

    All I know about them was they did some unfunny as shit bit during the /v/ga thing.

    Like painfully bad.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:53 No.4044942
    So is there even a tentative date on that patch?
    >> Noel !iWvubKyoko 04/19/12(Thu)18:54 No.4044960
    I laughed.
    >> Maji 04/19/12(Thu)18:55 No.4045004
    Nope, don't expect it for a few months at the very least since they want to include at least one dlc character with it.
    >> Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)18:56 No.4045067
         File: 1334876179.jpg-(303 KB, 500x500, 11594170.jpg)
    303 KB
    That whole thing just validates >>4044257
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:56 No.4045091

    Wait, they want to release a DLC character at the same time or they want to bundle the patch with the character?

    That would be a really bad idea.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:57 No.4045131
    That sounds too easy. Not to mention it's been done to death long before the game came out.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:58 No.4045184

    A few months? I think they should want to get lobbies up as soon as they can, not wait to bundle it with a character.
    >> Maji 04/19/12(Thu)18:58 No.4045197
    They want to include the character content in the patch. You know, since console patches cost about 70k in total for both consoles.

    Gotta make it count.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:59 No.4045241

    They need money first. It cost 40k for a patch in each console. They cant make multiple quick patches.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)18:59 No.4045250

    Oh so it'll be like you get the data even if you don't buy the character so you can play online with people who have it.

    Alright that sounds okay then.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)19:00 No.4045305
    Konami said that regardless of sales they would get 1 free patch. They want to make that ONE patch count big time.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:01 No.4045343

    1 free patch? sony and ms are going to let it slide?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:01 No.4045359

    They said they had convinced Konami to put out one patch at least regardless of how well the game did. I heard that the game sold well enough that they can justify that patch. So they can get out at least one patch without a DLC character being bundled with it.

    So they really should because lobbies will help keep this game afloat.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)19:01 No.4045389
    Not free as in no one is paying for it, free as in Konami is paying for it so Reverge doesn't have to.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:02 No.4045402

    Ah okay.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:02 No.4045421
    Free as in Konami will pay for that single patch for them no matter what, no strings attached.

    Everything after that is dependent on the success of the game.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:02 No.4045430
    >Peacock gets an upskirt but Painwheel doesn't

    Wait, what? That's just cray cray.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:03 No.4045454

    Well Peacock's upskirt is really, really silly. Does that really count?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:03 No.4045467
    I am sure SG will do just fine. There is still europe and japan and the japanese are pretty damn hyped for it.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)19:03 No.4045486
    Painwheel actually does have one, but it's subtle I forget what normal it's off of, but I'm pretty sure it's one of her crouching normals.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:04 No.4045493
    There isn't enough Peacock fanservice.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:04 No.4045505

    Sony allows companies to patch infinitely. M$ wants to be paid
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:04 No.4045539
    > you will never see panzerfaust in your lifetime

    How does that make you feel?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:05 No.4045575

    No they both want to get paid. Sony charges companies to cover the bandwidth.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:05 No.4045590
         File: 1334876735.jpg-(17 KB, 219x293, 1244015650002.jpg)
    17 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:05 No.4045596
    The fuck are you on about? Peacock IS fanservice. Just not sexual fanservice.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:05 No.4045610
    If Mike Z is to be believed they both charge for patches.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:06 No.4045657

    >Just not sexual fanservice

    Well, why not?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:06 No.4045658
         File: 1334876806.png-(6 KB, 472x76, 38139048.png)
    6 KB
    fuck, i wanted to do this today
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:07 No.4045678
    Speaking of various things drawn, I would absolutely kill to see Ms. Fortune being ripped apart/crushed/hit/otherwise being beaten. Preferably by Valentine or Parasoul.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:07 No.4045683

    This is why sometimes there's no demos for games on PSN. Sony charges for that too. MS actually requires a demo and doesn't charge devs for that.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:07 No.4045720
    Because Valentine ate it all.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:08 No.4045754

    Well Double eats everyone and Cerebella crushes her. Or you can go to gurochan and request it if you want it more detailed.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:09 No.4045789
    I just want to see the cunty bitch die over and over again.
    Her being beat by Valentine or Parasoul is just a personal preference.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:09 No.4045807
         File: 1334876980.jpg-(31 KB, 322x293, 86162105173.jpg)
    31 KB
    did somebody say fanservice?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:09 No.4045814
    I wish Valentine would ingest something of MINE orally.

    I hope she likes meatloaf.

    That didn't sound sexual in my head.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:09 No.4045817
    Because Filia exists. Hhngh.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:10 No.4045864
         File: 1334877053.jpg-(34 KB, 500x550, tumblr_m2piq1VkCz1ru8qcgo1_r1_(...).jpg)
    34 KB
    G-geez /vg/ y-you are all s-so kind to me
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:11 No.4045876

    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:11 No.4045895
         File: 1334877090.png-(192 KB, 500x690, tumblr_m2piq1VkCz1ru8qcgo2_500.png)
    192 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:11 No.4045908
    No, no, he just wants to cook for her, and his specialty is meatloaf.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)19:12 No.4045972
    >999 hit combo
    >You can stop now
    >> cb 04/19/12(Thu)19:13 No.4046007
         File: 1334877212.png-(26 KB, 611x501, take that back.png)
    26 KB

    also speaking about
    i have seen the same (complete) pic like five times in less than 30 minutes in different blogs.

    why would you enjoy peacock porn.

    >> Maji 04/19/12(Thu)19:13 No.4046010
    How did you get that high?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:14 No.4046036
    Probably an infinite in training mode.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)19:14 No.4046038
    Just do an infinite on a dummy, they don't burst.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:15 No.4046102
    smoke a fat blunt
    >> Tino's White Horse !/D18/CGPKk 04/19/12(Thu)19:15 No.4046104
         File: 1334877308.jpg-(46 KB, 600x450, AmEAfcWCMAA0PNo.jpg)
    46 KB
    >prologue says that if the girl i sof impure heart, the skullgirl will twist her wish
    >all the girls make a wish
    >all of them get their wish twisted or will eventually become skullgirls
    >thus, all the girls are impure
    everyone is a slut, deal with it
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:15 No.4046148
    the ironic thing is that cerebella is the only one confirmed to be pure
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:16 No.4046158
    >smoke a fat blunt

    Right on my duder! xDDD
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:16 No.4046160
    Did you even play story mode? Fortune, Peacock, and Cerebella didn't make wishes.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:16 No.4046168

    Cerebella didnt make a wish. Ironic thing she turned into one after killing Fortune.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:16 No.4046175
    Her face is so cute but the whole image is so wrong.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)19:16 No.4046204
    Neither does Painwheel.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:16 No.4046206
         File: 1334877405.jpg-(16 KB, 245x245, 1271211685690.jpg)
    16 KB
    Gosh, if Peacock aimed her revolver at me while blushing I don't know what I'd do
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:16 No.4046221
    Well, that was before she crushed Ms. Fortune, and turned into Vitale's personal slut-bunny.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:17 No.4046224
    THE BEST GAMERS are a joke review site, nothing they do is serious at all. If they trash a game and people take it seriously and use it in an argument, all credibility they had is gone.
    >> cb 04/19/12(Thu)19:17 No.4046259
         File: 1334877457.png-(137 KB, 800x600, huh.png)
    137 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:17 No.4046261
    She became the Skullgirl in the end of hers, anyway. Somehow.
    >> (゚ 3゚)Onsokumaru !!f6Tejk6TlLT 04/19/12(Thu)19:17 No.4046269
         File: 1334877464.png-(8 KB, 198x156, wocky-twirl(a).png)
    8 KB
    Anyone want to fight?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:18 No.4046297
    >The Skullheart? I have no use for it, after all I'm already the strongest there is!
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:18 No.4046342
    It could be impure thoughts, like an evil deed they want to commit.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)19:18 No.4046348
    No she didn't.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:19 No.4046371
    >turned into Vitale's personal slut-bunny.

    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:19 No.4046385
    Shut the fuck up Onsokumaru
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:19 No.4046402
         File: 1334877585.jpg-(65 KB, 600x450, ruggafacebookpic.jpg)
    65 KB
    Fuck i love valentine.

    Dem combos
    Dem dash
    Dem double jump
    Dem Needles
    Dem tits
    Dat horny voice
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:21 No.4046514

    Am I the only one who would be perfectly fine with Valentine having even A cups? With the way she moves, her voice and that personality, I really don't care if she's flat or not. Tits are tits, but Valentine is much more.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:21 No.4046516
         File: 1334877713.png-(220 KB, 1280x727, 12b.dxt.png)
    220 KB
    Well then, good sir, explain the skull-shaped pupils that she only gained in her ending.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:22 No.4046571

    Thats a bleeding eye. Not a skull.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:22 No.4046585
    but then she couldn't burst a thermometer with her tits
    >> (゚ 3゚)Onsokumaru !!f6Tejk6TlLT 04/19/12(Thu)19:23 No.4046604
    I think those are tears.
    Even so she does have the skull girl blood within her.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:23 No.4046626
         File: 1334877818.jpg-(20 KB, 277x182, 25120958350.jpg)
    20 KB
    not as cute but avery has a good rage face
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:23 No.4046641
    Double didn't make any wishes.

    >My pure monstergirl waifu
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:24 No.4046651
    I looks like Marie's eyes, to me. The Skullgirl has half a skull in each eye.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:24 No.4046652
    She could pull her outfit up a bit and put it in her ass.

    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)19:24 No.4046673
    Probably because she was intent on killing Brain Drain. Skull eyes != you are the Skullgirl.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:24 No.4046675

    /r/ing full image
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:24 No.4046686
    Oh, I'm sure she could find other ways... stroking the thermometer until it heats up and bursts, using her mouth in some seductive way, even running it by her thighs...

    Nah, the way she does it now is fine.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:25 No.4046736

    > whyboner.jpg
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:25 No.4046739
         File: 1334877942.png-(Spoiler Image, 126 KB, 800x600, peacock_porn.png)
    Spoiler Image, 126 KB
    sure thing buddy
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:27 No.4046845
         File: 1334878050.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 41 KB, 396x608, peacock naked.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 41 KB
    Peacock is the sexist character.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:27 No.4046860
         File: 1334878064.png-(Spoiler Image, 496 KB, 1000x1000, 1334434718996.png)
    Spoiler Image, 496 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:29 No.4046979
    Guys i just did guilty gear like burst with Valentine. How the fuck did i do that?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:30 No.4047012
         File: 1334878225.png-(807 KB, 2048x1047, 13.dxt.png)
    807 KB
    Filia's eyes do it in her ending, Umbrella's eyes do it, Marie's eyes do it. All of which are, or are destined to be, the Skullgirl.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:30 No.4047023
    you were in an infinite
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:30 No.4047031
    Man, now I wish I had any amount of artistic talent... Would love to see a picture of this. Valentine looking back, pulling down her mask with one hand and licking the tip of a thermometer seductively with a devilish look in her eyes.
    Or something.
    >> (゚ 3゚)Onsokumaru !!f6Tejk6TlLT 04/19/12(Thu)19:31 No.4047090
         File: 1334878307.png-(57 KB, 185x221, 196.png)
    57 KB
    So anybody want to fight?
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)19:33 No.4047191
         File: 1334878402.png-(2.38 MB, 2200x1384, maskless.png)
    2.38 MB
    And Painwheel's mask doesn't show her eyes, they're robotic. Anything that shows up on the mask is not a reflection of her current state.

    And regardless, she did not make a wish, she attacked the Skull Heart, she did not become a Skullgirl. Literally the only thing you're going off of is her eyes, which means nothing in the context of anything. Nothing else indicates that she is the Skullgirl.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:33 No.4047228
    I'm just here for the porn
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:34 No.4047268
    So has anyone made any custom shirts yet on the store?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:35 No.4047301
    I lol'd.
    Asshole Peacock is the best Peacock.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:36 No.4047368
         File: 1334878581.png-(Spoiler Image, 305 KB, 447x355, peacock_getting_steamy.png)
    Spoiler Image, 305 KB
    You're all doing it wrong
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:36 No.4047401
         File: 1334878609.png-(360 KB, 804x388, 1315885187872.png)
    360 KB
    >That feel when you simply won't get better at this game because finding a match is more difficult than winning the lottery

    And the matches I get are either really laggy or high-level players who dribble me because fuck GGPO frame delay

    How are you guys finding matches? Is there a lot of matchmaking here, or...
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:36 No.4047403
         File: 1334878611.jpg-(349 KB, 768x1024, Squig-li.jpg)
    349 KB

    Does Ms Fortune work at Reverge Labs?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:37 No.4047424
    maybe if you put your gamertag as your name instead of your weeaboo trip, people would play with you
    >> cb 04/19/12(Thu)19:38 No.4047498
         File: 1334878714.png-(25 KB, 800x514, just like my cartoons and comi(...).png)
    25 KB
    >> (゚ 3゚)Onsokumaru !!f6Tejk6TlLT 04/19/12(Thu)19:39 No.4047534
         File: 1334878760.jpg-(38 KB, 498x499, 188.jpg)
    38 KB

    I find matches within seconds anytime I try. Always butter smooth with hardly any lag either.
    People in here too busy fappin to play though.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:39 No.4047549
    What does Squiggly have that you guys want her so much?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:40 No.4047567
         File: 1334878803.jpg-(8 KB, 179x154, 1325566720863.jpg)
    8 KB
    >You can see Peacock's gums
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:41 No.4047608

    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:41 No.4047615
    She's a character. This game desperately needs new characters, and lots of them.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:41 No.4047636
         File: 1334878890.jpg-(116 KB, 666x532, 1308279192845.jpg)
    116 KB

    >I find matches within seconds anytime I try

    >Within seconds

    Fucking how?

    I just spend twenty minutes looking for a match. Fuck the East Coast
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:42 No.4047664
    so cute
    so i'm guessing she's going to be the iron fist of this game
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:42 No.4047684

    A cool design, an interesting story/parasite, an interesting fighting style...
    >> (゚ 3゚)Onsokumaru !!f6Tejk6TlLT 04/19/12(Thu)19:42 No.4047695
    I'm also in the east cost.
    I just hit quick room and I'm good to go within seconds, like I said.

    Joining quick room and making my room rooms yield the same results too.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:42 No.4047704
    >Literally the only thing you're going off of is her eyes, which means nothing in the context of anything. Nothing else indicates that she is the Skullgirl.
    Okay, so we're told that Marie IS the Skullgirl, that Umbrella is destined to become her, and we see Filia make her wish. But the only physical indication any of them is/will be the Skullgirl is their eyes. You're ignoring the fact that in all other cases, it is an indication that the character is becoming the Skullgirl.

    At the very least, it's her Skullgirl blood acting up.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:43 No.4047740
    You play on 360 with its horrendous load times, don't you?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:43 No.4047754
    Her j.MP has her launching her beartrap teeth out of her face with blood and everything.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:43 No.4047765
    She was arguably one of the more prominent characters in the cast, that and while we have no idea what umbrella can do, we have a glimpse of squiggly, and it is glorious.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:44 No.4047821
    Why is there blood, they're fakes. She has no teeth.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:44 No.4047825
    People still fucking play this piece of shit?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:44 No.4047827
    She an interesting design, Leviathan is cool, and she's based around stances. Also, the game needs more characters, especially ones intended to be in the first release but cut because of time constraints.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:45 No.4047830
    Load times are fine bro.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:45 No.4047872
         File: 1334879146.gif-(140 KB, 245x186, ....gif)
    140 KB

    I'mma have to start matchmaking or something because damn, we have different luck, you and I.


    >> (゚ 3゚)Onsokumaru !!f6Tejk6TlLT 04/19/12(Thu)19:46 No.4047905
    Want to fight then?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:47 No.4047939
    I know after one whole week who could even stand to play video games

    at least you were smart enough to not sage a thread on /vg/
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:48 No.4047976
    Crazy, huh?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:48 No.4047998
         File: 1334879325.png-(105 KB, 231x277, 1327529112959.png)
    105 KB


    PSN: StanfieldClaire
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:49 No.4048031
    This game sucks though and I don't play it. Why do people play it when I have stopped?
    >> (゚ 3゚)Onsokumaru !!f6Tejk6TlLT 04/19/12(Thu)19:50 No.4048084
         File: 1334879419.png-(202 KB, 640x721, cerebella_happy.png)
    202 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:50 No.4048085
    Baccano fun, huh? Good taste.

    To spite you. Yes, I know it was a joke.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:51 No.4048129

    Yup, damned good show


    >> (゚ 3゚)Onsokumaru !!f6Tejk6TlLT 04/19/12(Thu)19:53 No.4048218
         File: 1334879587.jpg-(62 KB, 331x293, 187.jpg)
    62 KB
    >Excellent ping
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:54 No.4048265
         File: 1334879642.jpg-(292 KB, 912x1290, skullgirls__filia_by_kouji_min(...).jpg)
    292 KB
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)19:54 No.4048285
    >it's her Skullgirl blood acting up
    She doesn't even HAVE Skullgirl blood, she was designed as an ANTI-Skullgirl weapon.

    I'm ignoring the skull eyes because it makes absolutely no sense in the context of the story for her to become the Skullgirl in any fashion what so ever. YOU'RE ignoring that those other characters that had skull eyes also MADE WISHES with the Skull Heart. Painwheel did not, thus, she cannot become the Skull Girl.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:55 No.4048336
         File: 1334879719.png-(330 KB, 674x1024, Parasoul18.png)
    330 KB
    >> rittu !!yo1VmJ20yom 04/19/12(Thu)19:55 No.4048351
         File: 1334879732.jpg-(907 KB, 1056x1500, 22903794.jpg)
    907 KB
    They put Skullgirl blood inside her, if I recall.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:56 No.4048382
    It says in the story that Painwheel was taking to the Skullgirls blood quite well.

    Pay attention
    >> (゚ 3゚)Onsokumaru !!f6Tejk6TlLT 04/19/12(Thu)19:56 No.4048383
    She does have skull girl blood in her, bro.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:57 No.4048437
    >Once a normal schoolgirl named Carol, Painwheel was kidnapped by Valentine and delivered to the Anti-Skullgirls Labs’ secretive Lab Zero. There she was implanted with the synthetic Buer Drive and Gae Bolga parasites and infused with experimental Skullgirl blood
    >infused with experimental Skullgirl blood
    Yeah, she does have Skullgirl blood. It helps to actually the know the story, bro.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:57 No.4048438
    Painwheel bloodtype is SG.

    >Doesn't even know the bloodtype of his waifu
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:57 No.4048459
    Remember: red eyes = skullgirl/heart relation
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:58 No.4048471
         File: 1334879881.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 281 KB, 700x1200, Valentine.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 281 KB
    I'm sorry /vg/,

    I can't sexy :C
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)19:58 No.4048490
    Yep, missed that part. Still though, it's established in the story that the only way to become the Skullgirl is by making a wish with the Skull Heart. Painwheel didn't make a wish, so she can't be the Skullgirl.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:59 No.4048541
    Dem abs.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:59 No.4048545
    The body is nice. Face needs a bit of work though. It's alright overall.
    >> Noel !iWvubKyoko 04/19/12(Thu)19:59 No.4048546
    >Realize I can cancel Double's dash with a normal for extended pokes.
    Oh god, thank you Slayer for giving me ideas.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:59 No.4048551
    Not bad at all. Where her breasts join her chest do look a little low, though.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)19:59 No.4048565
    ffff it'll take some effort but i will fap to this somehow
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:00 No.4048587
    It's pretty good, but you should've used a different color for her outfit. Shit brown doesn't compliment her very well.

    Rest looks really good!
    >> cb 04/19/12(Thu)20:00 No.4048606
         File: 1334880020.png-(227 KB, 1066x837, goldenbearyears.png)
    227 KB
    you did well.
    you definitely did a better thing than what I'd do if I tried.
    >> rittu !!yo1VmJ20yom 04/19/12(Thu)20:00 No.4048614
         File: 1334880028.jpg-(282 KB, 711x1000, 26134076.jpg)
    282 KB
    It's fine. I like the abs.

    I may be mistaken, but her breasts actually look a bit bigger in-game. One of those rare fanarts with smaller assets than the canon ones.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:01 No.4048645
         File: 1334880063.jpg-(120 KB, 1061x790, 1333404897210.jpg)
    120 KB

    I think I have a slight fever in progress...If you know what I mean
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:02 No.4048708
    All shall be noted and be implemented soon. In whatever I try to scribble next.

    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:02 No.4048729
    Very nice, I like this quite a lot.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:03 No.4048773
    While that is true, you could also speculate how does the Skullheart comeback? Because we know destroying the thing will only delay the inevitable.

    While the only known why for someone to become the skullgirl is to make a wish, who said that its the only way?

    Yeah, its still speculation, however we know that when people make a wish and the transformation starts, their eyes turn skull-like and Painwheel also has SG blood, so that conclusion isn't without merit.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:03 No.4048776
         File: 1334880222.png-(Spoiler Image, 2.23 MB, 660x1833, peacock_painful_surprize_anal.png)
    Spoiler Image, 2.23 MB
    Screw that, anal is the way to go
    >> (゚ 3゚)Onsokumaru !!f6Tejk6TlLT 04/19/12(Thu)20:04 No.4048810
         File: 1334880251.png-(646 KB, 669x554, 141.png)
    646 KB
    Daaaamn that was a crazy match
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:05 No.4048859
         File: 1334880304.png-(57 KB, 250x250, _umblr_m21hgh.png)
    57 KB
    .....still fapping anyway
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:05 No.4048893
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:06 No.4048928
    8 way run is showing skull gals
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:07 No.4048951
    can you still do that?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:07 No.4048961
    Yeah, I don't think I'll be watching after the shit showing they had last time.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)20:08 No.4048985
    Even if the Skullheart comes back, she still didn't make a wish and she never will. The point I'm basically getting at is that the skull eye could have been done for stylistic purposes rather than canon purposes (not that any of these endings are canon anyways) and that shouldn't be an indicator of a Skullgirl.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)20:08 No.4049010
    Of course. The teleport after the initial beam is free.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:08 No.4049017
    What happened last time?
    >> Goeniko/DrewTheDude 04/19/12(Thu)20:09 No.4049052
    Oh hai, WE MEET AGAIN!
    >> rittu !!yo1VmJ20yom 04/19/12(Thu)20:09 No.4049067
         File: 1334880571.gif-(58 KB, 546x718, 1334818249538.gif)
    58 KB
    We need more fanart of cute girls doing cute poses while singing cute songs.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:09 No.4049073
    Button-mashing, scrubby play, and a commentator that acted like he knew the game in and out when he really didn't know shit. Yes, I know it's week one. That doesn't excuse the level of play I saw.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)20:09 No.4049075
    Terrible stream, jittery as fuck, terrible players, commentators talking about a game they know nothing about and admitted to not even owning the game, people "popping off" over Power Up, Jaxel being a faggot, the usual.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:10 No.4049093
    I don't even bother hitting them after the teleport, I just go right into agony.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:10 No.4049094
         File: 1334880610.jpg-(310 KB, 1280x1024, sakura1280.jpg)
    310 KB
    i knew peacock reminded me of someone
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:11 No.4049157
    >the skull eye could have been done for stylistic purposes
    But why would it have been done for stylistic purposes that one time, when it wasn't any of the other 4 or so times? You're reaching hard as fuck just to say your waifu isn't a Skullgirl.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:12 No.4049205
    Every day I follow fighting games I'm reminded more and more about how the communities are a bunch of circle jerking drama whores.

    Is there ever a time when people just shut up and play?
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)20:13 No.4049250
    >You're reaching hard as fuck
    And you're reaching to say she is. Again, the other times the characters MADE WISHES WITH THE SKULL HEART, which is the only known way to become a Skull Girl. No other means have been established. Why would Painwheel become a Skullgirl when she didn't make a wish when in every other case they did? It makes no sense.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:14 No.4049291
         File: 1334880852.png-(483 KB, 640x477, NEW SKULLGIRLS STAGE.png)
    483 KB
    This happen to anyone else?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:14 No.4049308
    Just don't visit any Capcom oriented stream.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:14 No.4049315
    That's every community
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:15 No.4049329
    Why would she? Might have something to do with the blood in her veins, how much time she's spent around the Skull Girl, and any residual affects that we aren't yet aware of that happens after blowing the Skull Heart to hell and back.
    >> cb 04/19/12(Thu)20:15 No.4049330
         File: 1334880900.png-(79 KB, 336x500, i-aint-even-mad.png)
    79 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:15 No.4049352
    I cant play pass 4pm because my ISP is shit. Anyone want to share GTs so i can add you now and maybe play some matches tomorrow if anyone is free from 6am-to-3pm?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:15 No.4049371
    >Why would Painwheel become a Skullgirl when she didn't make a wish when in every other case they did?
    The same way Umbrella got the Skullgirl eyes? By having Skullgirl blood. Umbrella had the eyes BEFORE she made the wish.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:16 No.4049391

    nope but looks like a glitch.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:17 No.4049461
    I get that feeling. It's why I trawl this shithole; most people don't try to build a reputation for themselves, fling it about or single out others based on historical stuff. Tripfags aside.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:18 No.4049531
    >most people don't try to build a reputation for themselves, fling it about or single out others based on historical stuff. Tripfags aside.
    Anon does it, too. In fact, you're doing it now by assuming all tripfags are bad.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)20:19 No.4049591
    If being around the Skullgirl makes you a Skullgirl then everyone would have turned regardless because they were all chasing the bitch down. For all we know the Skullgirl blood just turns your eyes red and nothing else. There's nothing that says Painwheel becomes the Skullgirl.

    Which ending was that?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:20 No.4049607
         File: 1334881218.jpg-(212 KB, 1417x1019, 1334611442310.jpg)
    212 KB
    Who wants to play?

    PSN, Flashgit-Emperor. Shoot me a message. I play a (Non-zoning) Peacock and I'm learning Painwheel.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:21 No.4049681
    >If being around the Skullgirl...

    No, I was saying that because she had the Skull Girl blood already in her, maybe she would be affected. Like Umbrella was.
    >> (゚ 3゚)Onsokumaru !!f6Tejk6TlLT 04/19/12(Thu)20:21 No.4049685
         File: 1334881309.jpg-(79 KB, 450x400, 184.jpg)
    79 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:22 No.4049727
    >Which ending was that?

    Parasoul's, you incompetent donkey.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:23 No.4049756
         File: 1334881380.jpg-(37 KB, 340x300, 1111.jpg)
    37 KB
    Dear Skullgirlsfags and particularly Parasoulfags,

    Imma be making video guides for this game too, of course, and need halp with the text annotations before I start recording crap. Particularly combos and resets, I need more of those.

    Here's the sexy raw text version:

    If there's anything you feel needs to be added, taken out, if you have more tech, suggestions on what the video should be like, etc, lay it on me.

    And if any FGGfags remember waaay back when I did the Lili guide, there was a guy that wanted to do voiceovers for my guides, I'm probably gonna email him and bug him to see if he's interested and I have no goddamn idea how that's going to work out and how to transfer files and actually implement that in the video but ehhh we'll see. I have another friend with an actual legit HD capture card who said he'd help so this is probably going to wind up being a huge awesome clusterfuck collaboration.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:23 No.4049778
    Why aren't there any Madoka colors?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:23 No.4049802
    Someone explain to me how to fucking use Pain wheel.

    >Start story mode
    >Sleep walker
    >Pick pain wheel
    >First fight is miss-fortune
    >holy fuck I thought this was the easiest setting.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)20:24 No.4049807
    You said how much time she spent around the Skullgirl. I also said that for all we know the blood just turns your eyes red and nothing else.

    I played Painwheels story and skipped the cutscenes in everyone else's because I do not really give two shits about their stories.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:26 No.4049964
    Yes, when she was fighting. Umbrella was affected by being around her, I figure Painwheel could've been affected as well.

    >I played Painwheels story and skipped the cutscenes in everyone else's because I do not really give two shits about their stories.

    You goddamn, incompetent, cunty, donkey shit. Then I'm no longer arguing with you.
    >> notAnon !Frz2YYuFcA 04/19/12(Thu)20:27 No.4050027
    how do we know about umbrella story at all?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:28 No.4050049
         File: 1334881693.png-(1.25 MB, 2560x1043, 01.dxt1.png)
    1.25 MB
    >I do not really give two shits about their stories
    >arguing about the story
    >when you don't even care about it
    Goddammit. I'm done. our waifu is a Skullgirl, deal with it.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:28 No.4050057
         File: 1334881700.jpg-(75 KB, 723x290, 1332761898158.jpg)
    75 KB
    >played all kinds of game genres competitively, never really followed the fighting games scene/culture
    >see Skullgirls thread on /vg/
    >bro-tier guys discussing the game
    >mite b cool
    >do little research about it, lurk, and watch some videos...

    Suddenly :

    >dat beautiful eye-sex graphical design, dat ear-sex soundtrack, dem various and unique girl designs and awesome voice-acting, dem purrrrrrrfect Ms.Fortune puns, dat Peacock design/voice/charisma ...

    HOLY SHIT where can I buy this like right the fuck now ?

    >only on PS3 and Xbox360

    Please tell me the devs are considering to make a PC port ? If they put it on Steam they would get nice publicity, hell I didn't really care much about fighting games until I discovered this gem

    If the devs decide to bring it for PC, I guess I need to get prepared reading the pastebin articles since I know zero to nothing about ranked/competitive terminology/strategy

    Also kudos to everyone in this thread, you guys are awesome
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:28 No.4050080
    Usually I don't comment on people's names but... damn man.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:28 No.4050097
         File: 1334881739.jpg-(63 KB, 840x445, swagwagon.jpg)
    63 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:29 No.4050110
    Play Parasoul's story, and don't skip all the dialogue. It outright tells you she is destined to become the Skullgirl because Nancy was pregnant with her when she became Skullgirl.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)20:29 No.4050120
    >incompetent for not playing through irrelevant stories
    Sure thing, pal.

    Painwheel's story is not the same as everyone else's story. I played through Painwheel's story. Painwheel's ending has nothing to do with the ending of anyone else. I don't even see how other endings are relevant.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:29 No.4050158
         File: 1334881796.jpg-(253 KB, 453x679, 1334511184799.jpg)
    253 KB
    Aw. I loved the stories. Especially Fortune's and parasoul's.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:30 No.4050186
         File: 1334881821.png-(367 KB, 1157x818, 1334728044420.png)
    367 KB
    GGs to Onsokumaru

    I learned a lot today
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:30 No.4050205
    >Who should I play next SGG?
    >> XBL: Granberia 04/19/12(Thu)20:30 No.4050218
    >Me and that commentator guy have a back and forth over the stream

    I'M TELLING YOU FUCKER, CAT HEADS AREN'T 100% SAFE. And naturally 1v1 teams are going to seem bad when you're only doing like 3-4k damage per combo

    Anyways, I'm going to put Double down for a bit and try out the rest of the cast. Who should I play next SGG? I leave it up to you.

    Also, what the fuck does "flipping my skirt" mean? One guy sent me a message saying that and I believe that I saw it here before.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:31 No.4050224
         File: 1334881863.jpg-(201 KB, 1095x1300, 1329838894038.jpg)
    201 KB
    Is that a good or bad Damn?

    Back when I made the name I was really into Warhammer 40k as well as Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Flash Gits are the name of a particularly shooty Ork unit and Emperor is the name of Hol Horse's stand.

    It's not something I'd pick again, but eh.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:31 No.4050245
    >irrelevant stories
    >valentine's whole story

    Nigga u dum dum
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:31 No.4050247
    A PC version is almost confirmed. It depends if the game isn't a failure (which I do belive isn't, still selling well in XBLA). But I'm afraid that the game may be released only for Origin, which is shitty, something about Konami forcing Origin, but this is unconfirmed.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:32 No.4050283
    use flight cancels and just pray
    >> (゚ 3゚)Onsokumaru !!f6Tejk6TlLT 04/19/12(Thu)20:32 No.4050298
         File: 1334881933.gif-(9 KB, 124x126, 75.gif)
    9 KB
    Yeah GGs.
    You were fun to fight and I got to practice on my stick.

    You should totally switch out more when running low on health, dude. Sorry about that lag towards the end there. Steam was updating shit and I didn't know.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:32 No.4050306
    Must be nice sitting there with fingers in your ears and eyes.
    >> notAnon !Frz2YYuFcA 04/19/12(Thu)20:32 No.4050315
    I like the stories they just feel very ...bare
    like they were rushed, or maybe i was spoiled by MK9s frankly AMAZING story mode and the equally awesome arcade endings.
    DO you think the infamous "story patch" will bump the story telling at all?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:33 No.4050348
    Bad for the 40k part. Didn't know it was JJBA-related though, I figured you meant DA EMPRAH. I guess that balances it out, JJBA is pretty cool.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:33 No.4050374
         File: 1334882010.jpg-(26 KB, 345x400, astro-boy-04-1024x768.jpg)
    26 KB
    >weeaboos who can't stand the cartoon influence in the visual style

    Honestly, I can't see why weeaboos would hate the style. Yes the the animation itself is cartoony, but the style is totally animu.

    If anything the "anime" influence to me looks like a mix between Osamu Tezuka's style and GAINAX's.

    Personally seeing a fighting game that doesn't have your stereotypical generic animu style is a breath of fresh air. Also the character designs themselves are unique.

    This is coming from a former weeaboo. Well okay, maybe still a weeaboo since I fucking love anime, but I'm not one of those fans that are... retarded about it.
    >> XBL: Granberia 04/19/12(Thu)20:33 No.4050381
         File: 1334882018.jpg-(445 KB, 939x849, 2hpqgj8.jpg)
    445 KB
    Umbrella is a special case. Her mother was turning into a skullgirl WHILE she was pregnant with Umbrella.

    So Umbrella is like the skullgirl chosen one.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:34 No.4050416
    Most fighting games have threadbare stories. It's not generally expected of them to be otherwise and being skimpy with the details does tend to provoke loads of fan analysis, theorising, expanding, etc.
    >> Slurpentine 04/19/12(Thu)20:34 No.4050429
         File: 1334882079.jpg-(227 KB, 661x739, 941883.jpg)
    227 KB

    Yeah, I made quite a few mistakes there. I'm gonna hang around in these threads more often to get some matches going because I need it. Might as well throw on my name...

    What's your PSNID again?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:35 No.4050465
    Holy shit. I'm starting to see why that one guy called you "captain of the Bitch Brigade" earlier.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:35 No.4050483

    >A PC version is almost confirmed


    >But I'm afraid that the game may be released only for Origin

    As shitty as that may seem, better that than nothing I guess

    Thanks for the info
    >> cb 04/19/12(Thu)20:36 No.4050496
         File: 1334882166.png-(845 KB, 796x577, peacock's solid statements.png)
    845 KB
    >osamu tezuka influence
    >gainax influence
    >> notAnon !Frz2YYuFcA 04/19/12(Thu)20:37 No.4050572
    I love this team, i know shit like this matter like ZERO in the long run but i like the little details like this. Its up there with "why do argonians have boobs" and the like and the fact that the question was answered makes me love this team so much
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:37 No.4050581
         File: 1334882240.jpg-(104 KB, 562x810, Cast4.jpg)
    104 KB
    I sorta agree, the stories dont go into massive detail, however what i did get from the storoes is the kind of world the Skullgirls universe is and you get to see each characters purpose.

    I'm very interested in seeing how the story actually plays out, which is a pleasant surprise.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)20:37 No.4050582
    >If anything the "anime" influence to me looks like a mix between Osamu Tezuka's style
    Fun fact, Osamu Tezuka's style was heavily influenced by Disney cartoons, most notably being Scrooge McDuck.
    >> XBL: Granberia 04/19/12(Thu)20:37 No.4050587
         File: 1334882250.jpg-(146 KB, 1665x702, untitled.jpg)
    146 KB
    >That email

    Shit, I remember sending that. It was almost a year ago to this day.
    >> (゚ 3゚)Onsokumaru !!f6Tejk6TlLT 04/19/12(Thu)20:37 No.4050590
         File: 1334882253.png-(132 KB, 466x721, valentine_14_hurt.png)
    132 KB
    Yeah same here.
    Dropped stuff left and right. Just gotta keep practicing.

    PSN is Onso-kumaru
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:38 No.4050610
    >>weeaboos who can't stand the cartoon influence in the visual style

    Hardcore weeaboo here, been with anime and manga since 1994. I undertsand the art style and I fucking love it. I for one know the origin of post-war anime and the influences American comic and cartoons had on the formation of the style so this style is like fanservice for me. I know you won't meet many like me but not all weeaboos are mouth breathing faggots.
    >> gt lesbianxhottie 04/19/12(Thu)20:39 No.4050674
         File: 1334882365.jpg-(82 KB, 800x800, jesus christ how horrifying.jpg)
    82 KB
    >playing granberia on xbl
    >every time he activates catheads ever
    >have to block the cathead pressure
    >can get thrown out pretty much whenever
    >have to stop blocking to tech throw
    >if he doesn't go for throw and I try to tech I get hit by catheads

    this is the only time I'd like crouch teching
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)20:39 No.4050676
         File: 1334882367.png-(8 KB, 275x250, 1334514594046.png)
    8 KB
    That feel when you got your 1st 9th color.
    Miku Filia ~~~
    >> Noel !iWvubKyoko 04/19/12(Thu)20:39 No.4050689
         File: 1334882377.jpg-(13 KB, 270x203, not sure bird.jpg)
    13 KB
    Does the hitboxes change depending on which way you're facing? I know it's not supposed to but every time I try to do my Double's corner combo, I get it perfectly fine facing right but when I'm facing left, the opponent doesn't fall with me and gets stuck in the air because of my jHK's Avery. This is really weird.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:39 No.4050690

    I have a feeling that the japs will love it

    Picture of Ms.Fortunes decapitated head looking at Filias pantyshot
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:40 No.4050746
    Is Fillia a good anchor? I was thinking of using her and Valentine. Team gotta go fast.
    >> (゚ 3゚)Onsokumaru !!f6Tejk6TlLT 04/19/12(Thu)20:41 No.4050765
    The japs already do love SG's art.スカルガールズ
    >> gt lesbianxhottie 04/19/12(Thu)20:41 No.4050778
    she's better as a battery because she builds a lot of meter and doesn't really need it.
    >> Slurpentine 04/19/12(Thu)20:41 No.4050781

    >> PSN: Jet-aime 04/19/12(Thu)20:42 No.4050790
    I prefer Val over Filia on anchor since Val has better movement and easier to confirm combos.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:42 No.4050831
    What tag is used more, that or just 'skullgirls'? Seem the same to me.
    >> (゚ 3゚)Onsokumaru !!f6Tejk6TlLT 04/19/12(Thu)20:43 No.4050865
    スカルガールズ has more.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:45 No.4050948
    That looks like the exact same moonrunes. All you did was change it from "Exact Match" to "Any Match." And it added 3 pictures.
    >> cb 04/19/12(Thu)20:45 No.4050957
         File: 1334882725.png-(71 KB, 427x387, oh it's the bloody bloody kill(...).png)
    71 KB
    >that pic
    i know i'm the first one to cringe when anything relatively sexual is posted about any underage character in the game but this is really interesting reference for her arms/legs.

    so thanks for posting that (strangely enough).

    still you could have used other wording haha
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:45 No.4050969
    Knew that too. Sad that there's so many weeaboos out there that don't realize that.

    What also makes me laugh is that the majority of weeaboos out there also love western cartoons. (Most recently Adventure Time, Flapjack and MLP) so I don't get why they would hate the western influence.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:46 No.4051016
         File: 1334882790.jpg-(1.17 MB, 1380x1080, CerebellaSquigly1.jpg)
    1.17 MB

    Now i want to see if i can fit a third character in there. What is up with those Valentine raw tag in combos?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:46 No.4051029
    See, what I consider a "weeaboo" is someone who is obsessed with Japan to the exclusion of every other country. To me, just liking anime doesn't make someone a weeaboo. But, hell, what do I know?
    >> (゚ 3゚)Onsokumaru !!f6Tejk6TlLT 04/19/12(Thu)20:47 No.4051064
    It is the same, thats why.
    "スカルガールズ" has more than "Skullgirls" is what I'm saying.
    >> cb 04/19/12(Thu)20:47 No.4051074
    >many people call themselves otakus
    >they don't know who's osamu tezuka
    >they haven't watched any osamu tezuka short

    i don't really know much about anime but shouldn't they at least know about the father of anime?
    >> gt lesbianxhottie 04/19/12(Thu)20:47 No.4051082
    because those shows are SO RANDUM XDDDD~ bullshit
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:48 No.4051112
    Oh. My bad.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:49 No.4051143

    Tezuka picked up a lot of things from Disney cartoons anyway.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)20:50 No.4051224
         File: 1334883028.jpg-(40 KB, 1004x757, coop2.jpg)
    40 KB
    >play through Parasoul's story
    >nothing is explicitly said about Umbrella becoming the Skullgirl, only that she will have a stronger bond with the Skull Heart than her mother did
    I fucking hate you people.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:50 No.4051246
    How the hell are you supposed to deal with a team of Peacock spamming projectiles, a Parasoul with a Pillar assist, and a Double with the butt dive assist. When you're playing Valentine solo? Because I have no idea.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)20:51 No.4051262
    What are you saying?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:51 No.4051272
    >I fucking hate you people.
    Good, the feeling is mutual, I can assure you.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:52 No.4051316
    Any good streams happening now that Scotland's done?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:52 No.4051323
    The older otakus are ashamed of the new otakus. They don't feel pride anymore in watching anime and bragging about it, because they don't want to be grouped with that kind of people. Younger otakus are kinda pathetic in that sense, like sheep that only have watched Naruto, Bleach, and moe stuff.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:52 No.4051354
    I'm in the exact same boat. I try to do her air dash to get closer since doing the bypass sets me up for punishment
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)20:53 No.4051375
    I just hate when someone starts an argument with me, then uses something stupid as a counter point that I find out later has nothing to do with anything just like I had originally thought. I swear people start arguments with me just to argue.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:53 No.4051389
    Yeah, well, same to you.
    I get the feeling that you don't read a whole lot, watch a whole lot of shows, or have seen a whole lot of movies.
    What's going on here, between Umbrella, her blood and the Skull Girl? It isn't exactly the deepest thing around. It isn't the most unique plot angle. You'd have to be pretty dense to not pick up on why she, and Painwheel, could very well become the next Skull Girl.

    I'm sorry that not everything in life is handed to you, word for word, clear as day, on a silver and golden lined platter.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:53 No.4051398
         File: 1334883227.jpg-(13 KB, 280x200, 1329320285751.jpg)
    13 KB
    >play against solo fillia, knew his shit did good combos and would always land his super off wallbounce
    >win 7/2
    >I dont know any of the "good" combos and just make them up as i go
    I feel bad, he seemed like he had put a lot of practice in on fillia.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:53 No.4051402
    You started the argument
    >> gt lesbianxhottie 04/19/12(Thu)20:55 No.4051486
    is granberia #1 on the leaderboard yet
    if he gets there /vg/ will be #1 on ps3 and 360
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)20:55 No.4051493
    Exactly what I'm talking about.

    No I didn't.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:56 No.4051541

    Just got here. I love this a lot. Billion times better than I can ever start to draw. Very awesome work!
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:58 No.4051648
    Says that guy that was arguing about story modes and character info he willfully ignored.
    >> RiCK 04/19/12(Thu)20:59 No.4051675
         File: 1334883548.png-(13 KB, 426x360, clawful.png)
    13 KB
    So is there a list of all of Ms.Fortune's puns or a recording yet?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)20:59 No.4051713
    A lot of weeaboos I knew growing up, (myself included at one point. Hey we were all stupid teenagers once.) even though they all praised Japan for being some kind of exotic magical wonderland, also loved their western cartoons and media.
    They're the type that would make a horrible AMV set to a Spice Girls song because "lol Spice Girls xDDD; ". Or walk around wearing Invader Zim t-shirts singing "the doom song". Or splice a clip of Mello from Death Note to audio of the chocolate yelling guy from Spongebob.

    Thankfully the most retarded thing I ever did as a weeaboo was yelling out Mu La Flaga (character from Gundam SEED) with my friends because we thought it sounded hilarious. Or yell out "Belgian Waffles" which was from Super Milk Chan.

    We were 14.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)21:00 No.4051730
    That would be a wheeel pain to write down
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:00 No.4051732
         File: 1334883614.gif-(428 KB, 500x322, 1327542664795.gif)
    428 KB
    This was fun.
    Let's do this again sometime.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)21:01 No.4051786
         File: 1334883682.png-(196 KB, 580x617, 1334379797723.png)
    196 KB
    Any drawfriends out there wanna get paid for non-porn pictures?
    Simple stuff, you'll be paid significantly less than the porn guys though.
    >> gt lesbianxhottie 04/19/12(Thu)21:01 No.4051793
    >tfw you've enjoyed watching some anime since you were like 7 years old and you never ended up an awful weeaboo at any point
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:01 No.4051810
    I see. Well, either way, it's possible to enjoy anime without being a weaboo. Also, Mu La Flaga is a ridiculous name. Like, holy shit.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:02 No.4051841
    i will do a shitty free request what do you have in mind bucko
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)21:02 No.4051848
    I didn't ignore anything. I accepted all points as factual events except to the people claiming that you didn't need to make a wish on the Skull Heart to become the Skullgirl, which is the only established way to become the Skullgirl. Even after going through Parasoul's story, which was supposed to be proof that it's possible, there still was no evidence that backed up the claim that you could in fact become the Skullgirl without making a wish.

    Having Skullgirl blood does not mean you will become the Skullgirl. Nothing in the story points to anything of the contrary. The only thing that is established is that any relation to the Skullgirl will either give you red eyes or skull eyes, but this does not mean you will be taken over by the Skull Heart.

    And with that, I'm done talking about this subject.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:02 No.4051852
    something wrong with this picture...
    Oh right, thats far too skinny to be filia
    >> cb 04/19/12(Thu)21:03 No.4051883
         File: 1334883798.png-(36 KB, 400x267, when fortune's head was thrown(...).png)
    36 KB
    >> gt lesbianxhottie 04/19/12(Thu)21:03 No.4051891
    far too skinny to give me a boner
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:03 No.4051895
    >I accepted all points as factual events
    Yeah, sure you did.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:03 No.4051910
    Oh and of course I forgot to mention that they frequent Gaiaonline, deviantART, LiveJournal, use "^_^" emoticons, wear cat ears and a tail or a Naruto headband on a regular basis (I knew a black kid in my school that wore one everyday), and snack on Pocky. And words like "baka" and "kawaii" are in their everyday vocabulary.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:04 No.4051934
    Stop playing solo? Solo is only good till you start finding people that know how to capitalize on all the solo character weakness and the plethora of benefits of a 2 or 3 girls team.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:05 No.4051980
    >snack on Pocky
    To be fair, chocolate-covered pretzel? sticks do taste pretty good.
    >> Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)21:05 No.4051996
         File: 1334883942.png-(84 KB, 378x219, JAY JAY JAY.png)
    84 KB
    >Using Solo Bella against Fortune/Filia
    >Accientally press the reprogram button on the controller, disconnecting me from the game
    >The other guy continuously wails on me
    >Finally get the controller back up, only a super away from death
    >Still win with 3 360s
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:05 No.4052007
    >Also, Mu La Flaga is a ridiculous name. Like, holy shit.

    Hence why we thought it was the most hysterical thing ever at the time.

    It doesn't help that when he was killed, another character yelled out "MUUUUUUUUUUUU!!"
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)21:08 No.4052137
         File: 1334884097.jpg-(278 KB, 660x709, 1334176239013.jpg)
    278 KB
    Can you have Filia looking into a mirror with a blank/content face with the text "I am the thickest"
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:09 No.4052190
    Has generalivan done that new recording with leduc and panzerfaust yet?
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)21:10 No.4052229
    He was in here earlier asking for lines to say, but then left for a while.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:10 No.4052241
    I'm doing some sketch-cards of Skullgirls stuff. I wouldn't be averse to letting you pick what sketch I do next if you want to throw some money my way.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)21:11 No.4052294
    sketch cards?
    Do you have any examples of your work?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:13 No.4052359
    I hate Filia's annoying voice. It reminds me of Noel from Blazblue and I had a enough of that after 3 games.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:14 No.4052419
    >ask people to pay for your art
    >don't give any examples of your work
    You're not the only one. People won't just throw money at you for the hell of it.

    Noel and Cerebella have the same VA
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)21:14 No.4052426
         File: 1334884460.png-(61 KB, 276x265, 1334343407048.png)
    61 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:15 No.4052476
    What's funny is that the voice actress for Noel voices Cerebella.

    And fuck you, Filia sounds cute.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:16 No.4052520
         File: 1334884566.jpg-(110 KB, 1016x718, why-necromancer.jpg)
    110 KB
    >Playing BB with the English dub activated
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:16 No.4052528
         File: 1334884580.jpg-(26 KB, 300x300, 51GFTXZ1ZBL._SL500_AA300_.jpg)
    26 KB
    Speaking of Super Milk Chan, I just realized what else this game's artstyle reminds me of. Or at least Peacock's design.

    Anyone who has never seen Super Milk Chan
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:16 No.4052562
         File: 1334884619.jpg-(60 KB, 340x362, 133.jpg)
    60 KB
    >mfw I do Ringlet Spike with Filia and, "Surprise~"
    >> Slurpentine 04/19/12(Thu)21:17 No.4052580
         File: 1334884640.jpg-(162 KB, 800x963, 1332208769482.jpg)
    162 KB
    Ms Fortune's head is my greatest enemy

    as of right now there seems to be no counter and the loops last forever
    >> The End 04/19/12(Thu)21:17 No.4052582
    >That feeling when absolutely beating one of your friends who's really good at fighters at SG with Double.

    Damn it feels good. So, any news?
    >> cb 04/19/12(Thu)21:19 No.4052712
         File: 1334884772.png-(177 KB, 546x674, sports.png)
    177 KB
    >> RiCK 04/19/12(Thu)21:19 No.4052718
         File: 1334884780.png-(255 KB, 720x480, PurrfectCouple.png)
    255 KB

    This is a clawful combination.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:20 No.4052754
    painwheel was affected strangely by the SG blood. they said it made her MORE independent and self aware around the skull heart, unlike umbrella who was losing herself and seemed lost in some weird mental haze.

    as for the eye at the end, rewatching on youtube, i personally concluded it looks more like her hotblooded tears after scaring her parents away and getting brain drain's "i told you so" speech
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:20 No.4052773
         File: 1334884857.jpg-(55 KB, 320x348, 97.jpg)
    55 KB
    Why is Carlos a superbuff elf?
    >> cb 04/19/12(Thu)21:20 No.4052774
         File: 1334884858.gif-(297 KB, 335x320, look at em go.gif)
    297 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:23 No.4052862
    Rare footage of Nerffie and Onso playing Skullgirls.
    >> Slurpentine 04/19/12(Thu)21:23 No.4052873

    I wish
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)21:24 No.4052924
         File: 1334885047.png-(626 KB, 1280x933, 1334662406538.png)
    626 KB
    Who here is a bad enough dude to draw a picture of Filia hugging Painwheel (With the mask) and the caption "I don't even know this kid"
    >> Noel !iWvubKyoko 04/19/12(Thu)21:24 No.4052928
    Care to test out a combo for me? I want to see if it's just me or if its the game, I can't get this one combo to work facing left on Painwheel but perfectly facing right.

    starter > sHK > jMK(2) > jHK > 214MK > cLP > sMK > sMK > sHK > jLP > jMK(2) > jHK > 214MK > sLP > sMK > sMK > sHK > jLK > jMK(2) > 214MK > cLK > cHP > 623HK > any super

    You need to do the jHK as soon as the second hit for jMK hits, or else you're going to fall a pixel short from catching PW with the tin barrel.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who gave it a shot.
    >> Noel !iWvubKyoko 04/19/12(Thu)21:25 No.4052984
    Also, this is a corner combo though it is still possible to do midscreen though a bit more tricky.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:26 No.4053037
         File: 1334885167.jpg-(137 KB, 700x695, ref.jpg)
    137 KB
    2nd this, one of you bums do it
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)21:26 No.4053043
         File: 1334885177.jpg-(239 KB, 337x1300, 1330701269778.jpg)
    239 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:26 No.4053047
    >Rare footage of
    Is it really you?
    >> The End 04/19/12(Thu)21:26 No.4053063
    Aww I just started playing Dark Souls.

    Alright I'll try it out, kinda seems like a similar combo I've been working on. You want to see if it works when facing left, correct?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:28 No.4053152
    I dare you guys to record your voice in vocaroo saying any female line of the game.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:28 No.4053161
         File: 1334885320.png-(40 KB, 900x900, Filia is the Thickest - for So(...).png)
    40 KB
    Not the dude you were talking to earlier, but I'll attempt to draw that after I'm done with this.
    >> kai !!UGdPuhTwhbV 04/19/12(Thu)21:28 No.4053164
    This actually happened to me once
    >> Noel !iWvubKyoko 04/19/12(Thu)21:29 No.4053191
         File: 1334885357.png-(253 KB, 442x442, diddly doo.png)
    253 KB
    Yes. My problem is that in the link between jHK and j214MK, Avery keeps the opponent airborne while I fall when facing the left corner, but I catch them by the pixel facing the right corner and both of us fall perfectly fine. Feel free to try it out anytime since I found a substitute for it when facing left but deals a bit less damage.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:29 No.4053194
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:30 No.4053237
    >> Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)21:31 No.4053304
         File: 1334885480.png-(169 KB, 448x546, yj__miss_martian_by_muraito-d3(...).png)
    169 KB
    I feel like the scrubbiest Cerebella in the world sometimes.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)21:31 No.4053320
         File: 1334885500.png-(164 KB, 500x682, 1334366912681.png)
    164 KB
    Loving it!
    >Not the guy you were talking to before
    >Multiple people taking my request
    Oh gosh
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:31 No.4053336
    You know my email also gives a clue where to find my other work. Here's a preview of one.

    I'm also more than happy to hear requests, but who's going to say no to someone offering them dosh for stuff they were doing anyways.
    >> Brogeif !!ZMdJZk/jbR7 04/19/12(Thu)21:32 No.4053341
         File: 1334885524.jpg-(119 KB, 900x600, Kamina Alvin.jpg)
    119 KB
    >Only 9 characters

    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:32 No.4053346
    But you're not Nerdjosh.
    >> rittu !!yo1VmJ20yom 04/19/12(Thu)21:33 No.4053385
         File: 1334885583.jpg-(952 KB, 684x1500, 22903676.jpg)
    952 KB
    Miss Martian is adorable.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)21:33 No.4053424
    I think captcha ate your preview.
    >> Brogeif !!ZMdJZk/jbR7 04/19/12(Thu)21:36 No.4053545
         File: 1334885787.jpg-(119 KB, 900x600, Kamina Alvin 2.jpg)
    119 KB

    >Implying I wasn't being generous by adding a number
    >> RiCK 04/19/12(Thu)21:36 No.4053553

    I can do it tomorrow if you don't mind waiting.
    >> GT: TOL Clover 04/19/12(Thu)21:37 No.4053617
         File: 1334885868.jpg-(215 KB, 590x897, 1334733374854.jpg)
    215 KB
    Haven't played rank in like 4 days and I'm still in the 23rd spot. I haven't moved at all....weird. I'm like in some weird Twilight Zone spot on the leaderboards.

    Finally got my Peacock combo to work on the whole cast. Cerebella is the most annoying since she is just heavy enough to make my combo drop if I don't time it awkwardly. Double falls fast enough that I just cut my combo short into the ender.

    Been thinking of picking up Ms.Fortune. Kind of awkward to get used to her. Anyone have some decent Nadia combos?
    >> Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)21:37 No.4053623
         File: 1334885879.jpg-(62 KB, 600x390, 11781827_p24.jpg)
    62 KB
    But I can churn butter like you wouldn't believe.

    She is.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)21:38 No.4053648
         File: 1334885913.jpg-(370 KB, 1300x837, skullgirls__filia_by_lumaga-d4(...).jpg)
    370 KB
    Of course not, looking forward to it ~
    >> Brogeif !!ZMdJZk/jbR7 04/19/12(Thu)21:38 No.4053652
    with all fun aside

    Can you tell me what tools you used make your website, and how did you make it?

    I'd like to make one for my own small community
    >> RiCK 04/19/12(Thu)21:43 No.4053863
         File: 1334886202.jpg-(151 KB, 1424x842, 1334273663956.jpg)
    151 KB

    Basic Coding: Notepad ++ and tons of tutorials from Google
    Graphics: PhotoShop, MS Paint, Graphics Gale

    A majority of the stream page was done by someone else I hired. Misc stuff was between me and members. The front page is your standard word press though.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:44 No.4053902
         File: 1334886259.jpg-(278 KB, 648x605, 1334183437939.jpg)
    278 KB
    If I'm running Forutune/Val what should I be using as assists do you think? I'm just starting to switch over to teams.

    I tried using Mortuary Drop with Val but I don't get how/when to throw it in there and make it work.

    I'm guessing fiber upper for fortune since Val's kinda screwed in the antiair department, right?
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)21:44 No.4053914
    You have a website, can i see?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:44 No.4053916
    >cat in the hat
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:44 No.4053928
    oooh i get it
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:44 No.4053936
         File: 1334886298.png-(127 KB, 500x362, tumblr_m2pm8sH8uR1qdpbyxo1_500.png)
    127 KB
    >> Commanda' Lovely !LoveLYv7Qo 04/19/12(Thu)21:45 No.4053942
         File: 1334886306.jpg-(851 KB, 1920x1080, 1334314927562.jpg)
    851 KB
    Here you go.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)21:45 No.4053943
    >> Brogeif !!ZMdJZk/jbR7 04/19/12(Thu)21:45 No.4053953

    I don't really need a front page, I just need a server, a chat and a video stream

    any Idea how I can contact this guy, and how much his services are?
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)21:45 No.4053973
    >You have a website? Can i See?*

    I think Fortune would fit oddly well in Dr.S stuff
    >> Brogeif !!ZMdJZk/jbR7 04/19/12(Thu)21:46 No.4054004
    Hey Ema, I thought you gave up on FGG

    It's Epic's guy from twitter
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)21:47 No.4054028
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:48 No.4054073
    There's a Head in my Bed! - By Dr. Seuss
    >> RiCK 04/19/12(Thu)21:48 No.4054118
         File: 1334886531.png-(18 KB, 426x360, 1334273916009.png)
    18 KB

    Website for fighting games, not art (although it was suppose to be but the fighting part was more popular).

    It was made for the FGG to get GGPO matches going easier and streaming events but the FGG hates it.
    >> ♥joestar !/IPPO/GFaA 04/19/12(Thu)21:48 No.4054128
         File: 1334886539.jpg-(616 KB, 700x1607, 5c8914ae546d444fa912218b051294(...).jpg)
    616 KB
    How come you never draw me pictures rick

    i thought we were friends
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:49 No.4054156
    >Valentine dislikes candy
    >> gt lesbianxhottie 04/19/12(Thu)21:49 No.4054168
    thanks rick hasn't had this uploaded to fightanvidya since like almost a week ago
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:49 No.4054173
    Oh great, just when I thought SG threads were nice all the bad tripfags from the FGG come over.

    Well I'm outta here. It was nice talking to you all for such a brief time.
    >> Commanda' Lovely !LoveLYv7Qo 04/19/12(Thu)21:50 No.4054239
         File: 1334886641.png-(345 KB, 649x551, 1334280141489.png)
    345 KB
    I did but I decided to come by and drop you guys the OST.
    >> gt lesbianxhottie 04/19/12(Thu)21:51 No.4054267
    they've been coming here since the game came out
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:51 No.4054276
    it was only a matter of time
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:52 No.4054339

    did Japan like it?
    >> Commanda' Lovely !LoveLYv7Qo 04/19/12(Thu)21:52 No.4054356
         File: 1334886779.jpg-(173 KB, 700x838, va3xs.jpg)
    173 KB
    Whatever kid.

    Did he? Oh well then.
    >> Brogeif !!ZMdJZk/jbR7 04/19/12(Thu)21:53 No.4054368

    Damn it man, comeback when YOYO is here

    I like pissing that guy off because of his images of obese African Americans
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)21:53 No.4054371
    Seems so for the most part
    >> PSN: Jet-aime 04/19/12(Thu)21:53 No.4054373
    This just in.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)21:53 No.4054381
    Apparently so. Can't give you figures or anything, but overall response seems to be positive. Haven't seen anything negative coming from them.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:53 No.4054390
    I usually use Pixiv to determine that.

    But there are many western artists in Pixiv now as well. And they cause a majority of the fanart.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)21:54 No.4054436
    I already knew what video it was before I opened it, hah.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:55 No.4054465
    >tear glitches
    Wait, what?
    >> RiCK 04/19/12(Thu)21:55 No.4054497
         File: 1334886940.jpg-(70 KB, 724x777, 1307988096085.jpg)
    70 KB

    I can set you up with a page on my host at no cost.

    Just to be a little more specific, the guy I hired did background work on getting a database for all the stream channels. If you just want a single stream embed with a chat I can easily do that for free.

    e-mail me if you want more info.


    You've never asked.
    >> PSN: Jet-aime 04/19/12(Thu)21:55 No.4054502
    Tear explosion does a set 450 no matter what.
    >> ♥joestar !/IPPO/GFaA 04/19/12(Thu)21:55 No.4054508
         File: 1334886949.png-(453 KB, 640x853, 3b48d9f3282cc41bd9ccb849ae6a5a(...).png)
    453 KB
    Japan is not one person.

    Jiyuna says he didnt hear anything about it in arcades and stuff over there but thats just 1 guys experience, maybe all the japanese neckbeards that dont go to arcades are hype
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:57 No.4054614
    Why are "napalm shots" referred to as tears?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)21:58 No.4054672
    because they appear from kriges tears
    >> Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)21:58 No.4054679
    Because they come out of Krieg's eyes and napalm is a liquid. Or a gel, rather.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)21:58 No.4054689
    Cute name?
    I noticed Parasoul says "Cry!" alot too.

    She originally was gonna have a forest come out of her eye or some shit, so maybe they just gave her the eye theme.
    >> PSN: Jet-aime 04/19/12(Thu)21:58 No.4054691
    Because Parasoul says "Cry, Krieg" whenever she shoots them.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)21:59 No.4054724
    Welp Guess i was wrong...sorta.

    Was it ever said how she and Umbrella got their weapons?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:00 No.4054773
         File: 1334887216.jpg-(111 KB, 500x300, tumblr_m2qsiep7FQ1r1x31qo1_500.jpg)
    111 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:00 No.4054776
    Is her Kreig sentient?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:01 No.4054819
    This shit better come to dreamhack
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:01 No.4054839
    I just realized Parasoul was designed to cater to the emo crowd
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)22:01 No.4054843
    Isn't any reason to think he is
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:02 No.4054854
    They never say, as far as I know. Krieg, Hungern, and Vice-Versa are "living weapons." About as smart as your average animal, I suppose.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)22:02 No.4054868
    >> ♥joestar !/IPPO/GFaA 04/19/12(Thu)22:03 No.4054901
         File: 1334887388.jpg-(269 KB, 800x1150, a5ceeaf682e184d7de510ea83a4c0b(...).jpg)
    269 KB
    Not really, the "emo" fad died out years ago and if anyone was appealing to that it would be painwheel
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:03 No.4054903
    Cause she wears black, has an inverted cross, and red hair in a style that covers her eye, I suppose.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)22:03 No.4054915
    They also clearly don't feel pain.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:03 No.4054920
         File: 1334887407.png-(2.41 MB, 1600x1061, 26472291_p0.png)
    2.41 MB
    Exactly 1 month until it comes back to Toronto. Time to learn how to play the game.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:03 No.4054921
         File: 1334887407.png-(98 KB, 207x257, okay.png)
    98 KB
    No tournaments coming to Florida
    >> rittu !!yo1VmJ20yom 04/19/12(Thu)22:03 No.4054940
    We've talked about the Cross of St. Peter.
    >> PSN: Jet-aime 04/19/12(Thu)22:04 No.4054964
    It says orlando florida on the website.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)22:04 No.4054969
    >Hair covers an eye
    Not very uncommon for girls
    >Red hair
    Just as common (Animu wise)
    >Upside down cross
    St.Peter's cross ~
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:04 No.4054984
    The character was designed years ago. Painwheel is for the grimdark and edgy crowd.
    >> ♥joestar !/IPPO/GFaA 04/19/12(Thu)22:05 No.4055056
         File: 1334887544.jpg-(444 KB, 675x960, c69c94ba78208091ad41a382b29dad(...).jpg)
    444 KB
    CEO announced an official SG tournament a month or two ago

    speaking of which i still need to register for this years

    if you live in florida and arent going you are a faggot, last years was amazing
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:05 No.4055057
    So gaiz.

    Skullgirls is sexist because panties.

    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:06 No.4055105
    No, the WORLD is sexist because panties! The only way to fix this problem and free women from the tyranny of man is to do away with them entirely!
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)22:07 No.4055129
    If you mean sexist towards men, yes definity.

    >Males are shown to be either weak, greedy, or overall douchebags
    >No main male characters
    >SkullHeart only works with GIRLS

    Any male with self respect will boycott this game.
    >> The End 04/19/12(Thu)22:07 No.4055143
    >in a style that covers her eye

    You mean bangs?
    Bangs doesn't really =! emo.
    And about the inverted cross, someone previously explained how it's related to a saint who asked to be crucified upside down.
    I dunno she really doesn't seem to be made to purposely cater to a crowd, aside from her tits.
    >> XBL:SnowMonkey24 04/19/12(Thu)22:07 No.4055162
    What Valentine assists would help with Painwheel's high low bullshit? I tried incorporating but that comes back to fuck your damage scaling
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:08 No.4055178
         File: 1334887680.jpg-(574 KB, 3264x1836, YeTP3.jpg)
    574 KB
    But she's sho cuuute!
    >> RiCK 04/19/12(Thu)22:08 No.4055193

    If the wiki has something outdated, then go ahead and replace it with the new one and the date. I'll get around to uploading it when I get the chance.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:08 No.4055208
    >someone previously explained how it's related to a saint who asked to be crucified upside down.

    Saint Peter you dolt.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)22:08 No.4055209
    >take Painwheel's assists to training mode
    >think of some tech
    >I am actually upset that her flight mode assist is only 2 seconds
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:09 No.4055239
    Valentine doesn't have any good assists except the izuna drop.
    >> Brogeif !!ZMdJZk/jbR7 04/19/12(Thu)22:09 No.4055247
    Just sent the email

    Thank you so much
    >> rittu !!yo1VmJ20yom 04/19/12(Thu)22:09 No.4055248
    It was infinite before, I think that kind of made him angry at it.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:09 No.4055258
    Sounds interesting. What were you planning on doing with the flight mode assist?
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)22:10 No.4055275
    But flight mode isn't infinite time, it's only 10 seconds. That's all I want!
    >> The End 04/19/12(Thu)22:10 No.4055281
    Well EXCCUUUSE me that Saint Peter's name momentarily slipped my mind when I posted.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:10 No.4055290
    The bangs were originally to cover her eye since she had a parasite or something in it.

    The inverted cross is considered either A. To be a reference to a man who asked to crucified upside down for not feeling worthy to jesus or B. A reference to Murdock Nickels from Gorillaz.

    She wears black cause black is fancy.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:11 No.4055324
         File: 1334887875.jpg-(46 KB, 325x442, stair_slide.jpg)
    46 KB
    >yfw you realize squigly will have a lei lei alt

    It's inevitable!
    >> PSN: Jet-aime 04/19/12(Thu)22:11 No.4055336
    Dead cross H, son.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:11 No.4055356
    Absolutely inexcusable.

    No more drawings for you.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)22:12 No.4055369
         File: 1334887922.jpg-(65 KB, 480x640, 1334685020251.jpg)
    65 KB
    Fancy as FUCK
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:12 No.4055374
    >> That Q Guy From the Last Thread 04/19/12(Thu)22:14 No.4055494
         File: 1334888052.gif-(2.5 MB, 262x200, mfw.gif)
    2.5 MB
    >check my submission box on youtube
    >Finally decide to check in on how well mike is getting along without Gooteck
    >Very poorly
    >Clarky D using Hugo
    >Hugo literally teleporting into an air throw to punish a back dash
    >30% right there
    >Very small window to punish his blockstrings
    >Play tag-team against the cats
    >Hugo does even more damage against them
    >1 super wins the game for them

    I no longer think Cerebella is cheap
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)22:14 No.4055513
    If you can sandwich someone between you and Painwheel you can stop some of the push back when you do combos. I think you could potentially get corner specific loops with it, but it's too short to test anything. UltraDavid also had the idea to use Painwheel/Peacock and use Painwheel as a meatshield while Peacock would fill the screen with shit. If someone tries to punish Painwheel they get lit up by Peacock.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:15 No.4055563
         File: 1334888148.jpg-(290 KB, 600x600, 979649.jpg)
    290 KB
    >implying Peacock isn't the edgiest character in SG
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:16 No.4055613
    Anyone got any Ms. Fortune bnbs?
    >> The End 04/19/12(Thu)22:17 No.4055653
         File: 1334888245.jpg-(113 KB, 375x500, HNNNNNNGG.jpg)
    113 KB
    >No more drawings for you.

    W-wait what. Drawings?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:17 No.4055661
    I can't decided between Filia and Ms. Fortune. Filia has the blue sonic color and the sonic spin ball but she has an annoying voice BANSSHHEEEE. Fortune has some pretty decent speed but she doesn't have the blue sonic ball and you have to learn how to manage that head which looks like a pain.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:19 No.4055753
    Just kidding. I am one of the drawfags in this thread.

    You wouldn't want my stuff anyway. There are better ones.
    >> ♥joestar !/IPPO/GFaA 04/19/12(Thu)22:19 No.4055754
         File: 1334888352.jpg-(618 KB, 800x1050, 0c71c7ba5bd03b994d4e7cbc1f50cf(...).jpg)
    618 KB
    Controlling Fortunes head isnt as difficult as controlling, say, Nirvana or Little Eddie, but it will still take a bit of work
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:19 No.4055769
    Then use both?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:20 No.4055824
    Terrible. You should be ashamed of yourself.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:20 No.4055843
    Didn't they stop sucking Valvedick when Gabe outed as a brony?
    >> The End 04/19/12(Thu)22:21 No.4055864
    I bet you're better at drawing compared to me and actually have finished work. I never truly finished any of my shit.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:21 No.4055881
         File: 1334888507.png-(40 KB, 472x446, 1334546234765.png)
    40 KB
    Managing the head is not really that hard, just use her in a team of 2 or more so you can switch out if the head gets in a really dangerous spot.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:22 No.4055894
    Show me your stuff.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:22 No.4055919

    >My kids watch the show so yeah I see it some times

    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:24 No.4056019
    Gabe has children?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:25 No.4056048

    >15 and 16 years old males
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)22:26 No.4056112
         File: 1334888789.jpg-(86 KB, 287x365, Sad Travis Touchdown.jpg)
    86 KB
    >Controlling Fortunes head isnt as difficult as controlling, say, Nirvana or Little Eddie

    >no one will ever know how hard this combo is because no one cares about this game
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:26 No.4056115
    The shot itself is the shot. The mine that stays on screen is the tear.

    IF people call the shot the tear, they're just fucking up.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:27 No.4056162
    is Parasoul a nazi?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:27 No.4056164
    I can't believe people seriously gave a fuck about that
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)22:28 No.4056207
    No. There's no such thing as Nazi's in Skullgirls. Furthermore, she's actually a kind leader that people love and adore and she fights right along side her military.
    >> ♥joestar !/IPPO/GFaA 04/19/12(Thu)22:28 No.4056215
         File: 1334888900.jpg-(41 KB, 264x190, r4.jpg)
    41 KB
    >learning difficult characters in games no one plays
    that is a mistake

    i played the loli
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:28 No.4056223
    I find the MLP hatedom to be just as bad, if not worse, than its fandom. Any slight mention of it turns them into frothing, raging, idiots.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:28 No.4056251
    Uh... just like Hitler?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:29 No.4056274
    >> XBL: Granberia 04/19/12(Thu)22:29 No.4056290
    I've decided on running Solobella for a bit

    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:29 No.4056301
    >fights alongside his military after he became Fuhrer
    Might wanna check a history book, bro.
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)22:29 No.4056314
    Don't be mistaken, I play Burai, I only learned that combo for a combo video that ended up never getting made.

    >fighting along side his military
    >anyone not from Germany loving Hitler
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:31 No.4056378
    You think the kingdom would avoid putting their princess in the middle of combat
    >> The End 04/19/12(Thu)22:31 No.4056380
         File: 1334889071.jpg-(62 KB, 1024x768, squigly sad doodle.jpg)
    62 KB
    I don't actually have anything saved on this computer, aside from this quick doodle.

    I always lose motivation while drawing.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:31 No.4056392
         File: 1334889087.jpg-(1.29 MB, 2592x1944, DSCF0536.jpg)
    1.29 MB
    So, I met a close-range Peacock today.

    Didn't know what the fuck to do.

    Got my shit wrecked.
    >> gt lesbianxhottie 04/19/12(Thu)22:31 No.4056397
         File: 1334889096.jpg-(171 KB, 1000x1241, wait a second solgryn are u tr(...).jpg)
    171 KB
    >cerebella without an assist
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)22:31 No.4056412
    Well she commands them and she wants to fight. It's not like anyone would have the power to tell her no, she rules over them.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:32 No.4056423
    If she wants to fight, who are they to stop her? She's in charge.

    Told you about that close-range Peacock, bro. I told you.
    >> WeAreHarbinger 04/19/12(Thu)22:32 No.4056453
    If it's any solace, I know how hard it is.
    While with Daigo, everything is fluid and smooth
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:32 No.4056458
         File: 1334889178.jpg-(22 KB, 240x311, 1331641731865.jpg)
    22 KB
    Solobella fucking hurts.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:33 No.4056470
    it's okay if she's a Nazi I accept her for what she is
    >> Slurpentine 04/19/12(Thu)22:33 No.4056478
         File: 1334889198.png-(146 KB, 452x403, 1333005335977.png)
    146 KB

    Just ignore the fact that you've never played against one like her before and put the pressure on her

    Trust me it works every fucking time
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:33 No.4056489
    >> gt lesbianxhottie 04/19/12(Thu)22:33 No.4056493
    she hurts but so does being unable to get closer than 75% of the screen's length away from your opponent
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:33 No.4056512
    I made this

    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:33 No.4056513
         File: 1334889238.jpg-(25 KB, 311x378, sbaahj.jpg)
    25 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:33 No.4056514
    How good is a solo Double? I'm well aware of how powerful her assists can be, but I'm wondering if she's any good solo.
    >> Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)22:34 No.4056516
         File: 1334889243.png-(480 KB, 1280x837, 04.dxt1 Intro.png)
    480 KB
    Solo Bella is podracing
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)22:34 No.4056536
    Daigo is pretty baller, yes. Just wish he had better jumping normals and less corner only combos.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:34 No.4056543
         File: 1334889276.jpg-(206 KB, 500x566, S.S. Peacock.jpg)
    206 KB
    Surprisingly effective.

    Can't wait till people unlock her and figure out what she can do up close.
    >> gt lesbianxhottie 04/19/12(Thu)22:35 No.4056576
    random butt into super = like 40% on a 2 character team

    one reset = 75% of 2 character team's health
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:35 No.4056584
         File: 1334889345.jpg-(73 KB, 400x311, 1320826897230.jpg)
    73 KB
    >these boobs rubbing each other
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:36 No.4056640
    What do you do for a jump in move with her? She doesn't really have anything good that hits high.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:37 No.4056696
    Size Comparison has been my fetish since middle school.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:37 No.4056698
         File: 1334889478.jpg-(49 KB, 700x576, 1294782871782.jpg)
    49 KB
    >opponent chooses Peacock
    >rev up those jump buttons
    >match starts
    >she dashes TOWARDS me

    >> WeAreHarbinger 04/19/12(Thu)22:37 No.4056701
    He does have some baller corner carry in the game though.
    You can do hcf+C on the ground and cancel into airB, that covers a lot of ground. Good combo extension as well.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:39 No.4056756
         File: 1334889548.jpg-(396 KB, 1101x1500, Filia.jpg)
    396 KB
    Hey everyone, hows this?

    Pic related: I drew it
    >> Slurpentine 04/19/12(Thu)22:39 No.4056787
         File: 1334889575.png-(259 KB, 872x969, 1334424104964.png)
    259 KB

    That's a natural reaction to tits docking


    Fought two different solo 'bella's today; waxed one good and the other slapped my shit clean
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:40 No.4056817
         File: 1334889612.jpg-(7 KB, 200x200, Dan Shiteatinggrin.jpg)
    7 KB
    >Chris G complains Skullgirls is too slow
    >Someone points out he plays SFxT
    >"Yeah I know Cross Tekken sucks"

    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:40 No.4056818
    Looks good.

    Experiment with some poses. Get Samson in there.
    >> XBL:SnowMonkey24 04/19/12(Thu)22:40 No.4056830
    Anyone have any decent Valentine BnBs?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:40 No.4056831
    Fi' make any picture best picture.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:40 No.4056852
    Oh sweet Down Syndrome girls, the sequel to Skullgirls.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:41 No.4056898
    One is an air dasher game, the other is not.
    I guess he likes Marvel the best?
    Maybe KoF?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:41 No.4056903

    Get a tablet.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:42 No.4056916
         File: 1334889732.jpg-(51 KB, 677x599, 2010072419091603_677pxdowns.jpg)
    51 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:42 No.4056923

    Nah, Painwheel is for the salty crowd; people that need a character just as mega-pissed as they are.

    And for people who like installs.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:43 No.4056980
    Looks really good. But Filia's expression is so "blank", and her body lacks thickness.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:43 No.4056985
    I always thought Painwheel was to fill the unattractive quota.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:43 No.4056997
    She's right up my alley!
    >> The End 04/19/12(Thu)22:43 No.4057003
         File: 1334889835.jpg-(83 KB, 1024x768, sad squiggly.jpg)
    83 KB
    Solo Double is pretty good on her own. She has that really good dash and can close the gap between opponents and can really dish out damage with regular combos and resets. Teacup mixups will really lend into your favor and set it so you may go into whatever situation you want next.
    That's pretty good. Whenever I draw I always go perfectionist and spend numerous hours and days pondering upon every nook and caress upon a picture I fabricated and it drives me to INSANITY to have every detail perfect, IT HAS TO BE. Then something comes up and I'm force to abort the project, which drives me EVEN MORE INSANE.
    Oh look I found a coloring I did.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:44 No.4057016
    He's comparing it to Melty Blood when he's mentioning it.

    Also, he said he's gonna play Ms. Fortune, because, and I quote "I just wanna do the nomnomnomnomnom" move
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:46 No.4057123
         File: 1334889967.png-(166 KB, 472x719, painwheel_10_hurt.png)
    166 KB
    Tell me /v/, is solo Painwheel a good idea?

    I'm going to do it anyway, just want to know how much shit I'm getting myself into.
    >> ♥joestar !/IPPO/GFaA 04/19/12(Thu)22:46 No.4057146
         File: 1334889994.png-(18 KB, 500x500, 18989636_p1.png)
    18 KB
    >Whenever I draw I always go perfectionist
    Then why am i not seeing perfection when i look at that picture
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)22:47 No.4057168
    It's not necessarily a bad idea, but you can get counter picked a lot harder and assists really do make Painwheel bullshit.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:47 No.4057173
         File: 1334890029.jpg-(291 KB, 1920x1080, Parasoulsfw.jpg)
    291 KB

    If you do that it's going to be hard to capture the style.

    I was kind of doing that with this and I think it could have been so much better if I didn't spend as much time on it. The result is incredibly stiff.
    >> ♥joestar !/IPPO/GFaA 04/19/12(Thu)22:47 No.4057196
         File: 1334890070.png-(48 KB, 651x695, d90efab8ed82c36b45e3ff95581c84(...).png)
    48 KB
    solo anyone is bad

    just throw on double or parasoul and mash assist

    you dont even need to know how to play those characters

    parasoul: j.hp
    double: anything xx TTSW
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:48 No.4057215
    That's not funny man.
    >> XBL: Granberia 04/19/12(Thu)22:48 No.4057225


    I want to see if it's really as difficult as it looks.
    >> The End 04/19/12(Thu)22:48 No.4057230
    She hits like a goddamn truck, and those flight cancels into overheads then low then flight cancel then overhead etc is insanely good for pressuring opponents.

    If you put in the work, it'll be worthwhile.
    >> cb 04/19/12(Thu)22:50 No.4057303
         File: 1334890209.png-(144 KB, 263x501, punisher.png)
    144 KB
    what a nice thing to say buddy
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:51 No.4057387

    Basically, if you don't have fun with it and truly express yourself without the fear of making it bad; It's going to be bad.
    >> ♥joestar !/IPPO/GFaA 04/19/12(Thu)22:53 No.4057456
         File: 1334890405.png-(106 KB, 626x654, Cerebella (37).png)
    106 KB
    that was the nicest way i could put it
    >> The End 04/19/12(Thu)22:53 No.4057476
         File: 1334890436.jpg-(135 KB, 1024x768, fuck you buddy.jpg)
    135 KB
    I never said I was good at drawing, well at least I can create something that the human eye can descriptor as a image compared to, creations.

    Also enjoy Umbrella never being in the OP ever again and not being to play as her while I play as Squigly.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:54 No.4057490
    Fiddle around and see what you find. In reality, most people will end up coming to you so you shouldn't have to worry too much about getting in. If you're determined to jump in, j.LK is probably your best bet if you want a follow up. You can also go for j.HK into backdashes but it's rather slow. Can set up into a good throw/fake throw situation.
    >> XBL: Granberia 04/19/12(Thu)22:54 No.4057497
         File: 1334890465.jpg-(388 KB, 816x1191, 2012-01-26-suicide.jpg)
    388 KB
    >unattractive quota

    I'd be all over Painwheel if she didn't look so young. I'm not into undeveloped girls/kids.

    Weird, I know.
    >> GT: TOL Clover 04/19/12(Thu)22:54 No.4057516
         File: 1334890476.jpg-(300 KB, 1157x1125, tumblr_m2r8wvzO1s1qe96vjo1_128(...).jpg)
    300 KB
    One of my favorite artists psudonym just drew this on livestream.

    Freaking love it and the style.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:54 No.4057528

    Nah, you could have put it in a way that wasn't offending.

    You were just lazy.

    And that's the nicest way I can put that.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:55 No.4057561

    Is this implying that there is a nsfw of this pic?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:56 No.4057596
    Well she was cute at one point. That counts for something right?
    >> The End 04/19/12(Thu)22:56 No.4057615
    Bingo: I'm lazy and procrastinate a lot.

    And I hate it.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:56 No.4057625
    Yeah, nah. You're a cunt.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:56 No.4057635

    Why yes, yes there is.

    And it's not hard to find.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)22:57 No.4057645
    Pretty good
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:57 No.4057668
         File: 1334890658.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 669 KB, 1920x1080, 829170 - parasoul skullgirls.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 669 KB
    According to paheal, yep
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:58 No.4057692
    >create unranked room
    >difficulty beginner
    >player 2 joins
    >40 hit combos everywhere
    >play 10 rounds
    >not one win
    seriously? if i wanted to fight a fucking expert, I'd set the difficulty to expert
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)22:58 No.4057697

    Wasn't talking to you, I was talking to joe.

    But you're just too fucking self-conscious about drawing.

    Man the fuck up, if there's something you're not good at, study it and get good at it. And stop giving a fuck about every individual line.

    Start looking at the big picture, literally and figuratively.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)22:59 No.4057750
         File: 1334890767.png-(106 KB, 227x208, 1334331111213.png)
    106 KB
    I would be so much better with Filia if whenever i used s.HP she didn't just stand there 9/10 times.
    The rare times she jumps and i continue the combo into Gregor Samson, it's beautiful
    >> ♥joestar !/IPPO/GFaA 04/19/12(Thu)22:59 No.4057770
         File: 1334890795.png-(16 KB, 500x500, 13289965.png)
    16 KB
    i only wish i could draw master pieces like this

    sadly it is just the work of my favorite pixiv artist
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:00 No.4057829
    That shit isn't hard. I was doing 40 hit combos after a day of practice. You sound like evaxephon and his whiny ass.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:00 No.4057830
         File: 1334890851.jpg-(107 KB, 560x444, hurhurhur.jpg)
    107 KB
    >Be super awesome at Skullgirls already
    >See beginner room
    >Pop in
    >Body the poor fucker over and over again
    >Declare victory when room disbands

    I feel real good about my life.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:01 No.4057871
         File: 1334890900.png-(202 KB, 498x631, _76368186.png)
    202 KB
    People do this all the time even in other fighters
    >> ♥joestar !/IPPO/GFaA 04/19/12(Thu)23:01 No.4057883
         File: 1334890912.png-(11 KB, 500x500, 18989636_p2.png)
    11 KB
    didnt quote that nigga
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)23:02 No.4057901
         File: 1334890933.png-(868 KB, 2048x1055, 1334621746637.png)
    868 KB
    This pisses me off to no end.
    Im sick of 80 hit loop combo pro triple x rated MLG players on practice. Not fucking fair.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:02 No.4057935
    I just realized, Fillia sorta reminds me of the Rayman Origins nymphs.
    >> cb 04/19/12(Thu)23:02 No.4057941
         File: 1334890969.png-(180 KB, 592x719, stillthatpeacockthingieimdrawi(...).png)
    180 KB
    basically! i mean, there's time for introspection of your stuff but if you're not going to enjoy it in the least, it's pretty pointless. I learned this the hard way.

    I did that too but lately i've been loosening my lines (especially while drawing here!) and I think they look better over all.

    I think that trying art tools that don't let you fix up your line helps a lot, since you have to think better what you're doing (pens, brushes, etc.)
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:03 No.4057987

    She reminds me of how much I miss tentacle rape.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:03 No.4057991
         File: 1334891020.jpg-(58 KB, 500x500, tumblr_m2kxxcIHg61rq6ufyo1_500.jpg)
    58 KB
    Does anyone have any good Filla Combos that do more than 5K and doesn't require like 3976328327 meters
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:03 No.4057994
         File: 1334891024.png-(12 KB, 300x300, purcurk.png)
    12 KB
    It must have been a great time designing Peacock.

    >"Alright, what should ____ do?"
    >"Uh...she hits them with a grandfather clock?"
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:04 No.4058013
    just hold up, you dildo
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:04 No.4058016
    How come SG attracts so many drawfags?

    Not complaining.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:04 No.4058019
    Some players love to grief
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:04 No.4058020
         File: 1334891048.jpg-(168 KB, 600x540, qb 26.jpg)
    168 KB
    It was probably me :3
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:04 No.4058059
    The characters. Strong independent hotties that don't need no damn man.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:04 No.4058067
    its got a fun art style and fun characters to play around with.
    >> XBL: Granberia 04/19/12(Thu)23:05 No.4058069
    Holy shit Cerebella does stupid damage. 40 minutes in training and I already have a near 9k corner combo
    >> Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)23:05 No.4058084
         File: 1334891126.png-(879 KB, 1280x1216, 18.dxt1.png)
    879 KB
    Well, all but one, anyway.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)23:05 No.4058087
         File: 1334891127.png-(103 KB, 402x721, 1334376298142.png)
    103 KB
    I'm trying man, honest.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:05 No.4058105

    -Nice character designs that are blatantly for sex appeal but still look nice.

    -Style that is interesting.

    -It's new.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:06 No.4058120
    this is the first fighting game ive ever played so i dont exactly know shit about combos. i just wanted to practice blocking with someone who wasn't a computer. boy did i learn my lesson
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:06 No.4058131
    no, bitch is all about resets. or maybe it's just that no one's cracked her combo code yet.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:06 No.4058149
    you seemed pretty on point earlier today when i went up against you. only seemed to miss that maneuver a couple times. and i was seriously fagging it up with all the grabs
    >> The End 04/19/12(Thu)23:06 No.4058168
    I always hear this, and have been practicing drawing real world objects for...can't remember when, but it helps and I've been fine doing so.
    That little focus on little detail is a subconscious thing that occurs on anything other type of drawing, and is a force of habit.

    Please let's move away from my "drawing" topic, I don't wish to disrupt the thread and be like Joestar who's terrible at both drawings and posting in threads. I'll work on this on my own time.

    Anyways, anyone going to any of the SG tourneys coming up? Seeing as that one in NJ is the closest to NY, I might consider it.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:07 No.4058173
    Well... I wouldn't recommend doing her super form... unless you have 5 heat bars and can chain into two aeriel blockbusters for MAXIMUM DAMAGE!
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:07 No.4058201
         File: 1334891247.png-(121 KB, 275x374, 1291082369623.png)
    121 KB
    >don't need no damn man
    >mwf Filia
    >> cb 04/19/12(Thu)23:07 No.4058212
         File: 1334891257.png-(17 KB, 640x480, chain smoker.png)
    17 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:07 No.4058229
    You wanna play some matches? I play solo Filia as well.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:08 No.4058246
    Well... she is 13
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)23:08 No.4058258
    Well she doesn't exactly have a say in the matter.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:09 No.4058296
    This is the first fighting game I'm trying to actually get good at rather than playing for a few seconds.

    I swear I have arthritis and bad reaction time or some shit.

    I'm trying to work it so I don't feel like my fingers are running marathons all over the controller trying to do a special.
    >> XBL: Granberia 04/19/12(Thu)23:09 No.4058301
    Holy shit Cerebella does stupid damage. 40 minutes in training and I already have a 8k+ corner combo

    >Also hit with lock and load
    >cat pops out

    What is this a reference to?
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)23:09 No.4058303
         File: 1334891379.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 124 KB, 850x649, 1334277540456.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 124 KB
    >Dem grabs
    My only weakness
    Well those and anyone good at the game
    Overall though we had good games, I got the 9th color for Filia too so I was a happy camper.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:10 No.4058339
         File: 1334891425.jpg-(107 KB, 736x745, samson_v_peacock_a.jpg)
    107 KB
    and for some reason drawfags flock to things with all-female casts
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:10 No.4058362

    >cat pops out
    Congratulations, you found Mike Z's attempt at drawing
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:11 No.4058381
    Look closer. A lot of her attacks are herself. She'd probably be able to kick the shit out of me and my extended family even without Samson.

    ...Unless it's actually Samson influencing her body. In which case, I take that back. She's kitchen tier.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)23:11 No.4058387
         File: 1334891476.png-(373 KB, 1280x721, 1334506310164.png)
    373 KB
    Filia is clearly gay for Carol

    Also how the hell do you pronounce Carol?
    I cant help but say Carlo
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:11 No.4058409
    Hi, I used to browse the FGG's back when SFxT came out but I didn't like the online. Felt a bit laggy compared to SF4. So, I've kind of dropped fighting games for a while.

    Is it niche or kind of popular outside of 4chan? It's not that I don't like playing unpopular games but I've been playing Armored Core V and it's sort of dead and very hard to find matches. It's very frustrating that you can't really play at any time that you want.

    So, how is Skullgirls? Does it have a decent player base and is the online good like SF4? Is it deep like KoF level or like a MvC 3 level? I really want to get into another fighter. Thanks if anyone responds to this.
    >> Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)23:11 No.4058410
         File: 1334891507.jpg-(165 KB, 430x443, Azula Venture.jpg)
    165 KB
    >That feel when you don't care about your character's 9th color
    Why the fuck didn't they give Cerebella the Potemkin alt? At least I have Morrigan Fortune.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:11 No.4058415
    doesn't help that i was pretty bullshity about the spam of j.HK. i hadn't played all day when i went up against you so it took me a few games to get my combos back into my head...and i only had one decent one to go on but luckily it worked out.
    >> PSN: Jet-aime 04/19/12(Thu)23:12 No.4058430
    You mean his attempt at animating. Someone else drew it. Or so I've been told.
    >> gt lesbianxhottie 04/19/12(Thu)23:12 No.4058437
    apparently somebody drew that in when they were designing her (just to surprise somebody when they were playtesting) and they decided it was funny and left it in.

    i think that's the story behind it but I can't remember it well
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)23:12 No.4058450
         File: 1334891556.jpg-(90 KB, 608x608, 1334516663162.jpg)
    90 KB
    >...Unless it's actually Samson influencing her body. In which case, I take that back. She's kitchen tier.

    More than likely he is since he replaced her brain I think.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:12 No.4058463

    More like,

    >Okay it's time to design a bullet hell character
    >How about we watch some old-timey cartoons instead?

    And then there was Peacock.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:13 No.4058471
         File: 1334891594.jpg-(172 KB, 1400x1028, Carol smile.jpg)
    172 KB
    It's Care-ul, are you dyslexic?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:13 No.4058473

    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:13 No.4058503
    Yes to all questions. Online is good, it's taking off in the fgc, it's got the depth of the older marvel titles.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:13 No.4058504
    Basically everything except her LKs are Samson.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:13 No.4058508
    Then why call her Filia at all?

    Look at dem hips on Samson.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)23:14 No.4058528
         File: 1334891668.jpg-(539 KB, 1280x720, 1334290439058.jpg)
    539 KB
    Ah, i thought that was spelled totally different.
    And yes I actually am
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:14 No.4058534

    It's like anything else, you get better with practice. Do the tutorials if you haven't.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:14 No.4058541

    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:15 No.4058579
    why does filia have samson out in the open when she's at school? isn't she supposed to be wearing that hat?
    >> cb 04/19/12(Thu)23:15 No.4058590
         File: 1334891754.png-(179 KB, 1024x768, purrfect.png)
    179 KB
    ok but seriously, I like them all.
    all of them.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:16 No.4058596
    It's a dream
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)23:16 No.4058602
         File: 1334891769.jpg-(225 KB, 856x773, 1334719109516.jpg)
    225 KB
    He actually did give her the hips since he over eats and doesnt care about her figure.
    But still, she'll always be Filia to me <3

    Also i know i've asked this before, but does anyone have her Line art? I wanna make a Rin Tohsaka color thing
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:17 No.4058650
    Mike Z probably didn't want te Pot alt because Tager already has it
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:17 No.4058661
         File: 1334891848.jpg-(44 KB, 421x292, GE shou cry.jpg)
    44 KB
    >tfw you love fighting games but suck at them

    I have horrible memorization so I end up being a button smasher. FML.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)23:18 No.4058686
    Join the club, buddy ;_;
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:18 No.4058714

    Me too bro, me too.

    But we'll get through it together man, just believe in yourself.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:18 No.4058723
         File: 1334891923.jpg-(512 KB, 1280x720, Oh well.jpg)
    512 KB
    It's supposed to look like a hairband and clasps when his mouth is closed if I'm remembering right. Could have scrapped that.

    That means Filia is bald now, right?
    >> Hit Box Rep !hDfpmeStUk 04/19/12(Thu)23:18 No.4058730
    At one point there was a Potemkin alt, it's just not in this version of the game. It could be one of the 7 colors not yet released.
    >> cb 04/19/12(Thu)23:19 No.4058742
    I suck too but oh boy I don't care and I can't wait my fucking ps3 maybe next week so let's see if we get our game on bros, then
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:20 No.4058825

    how adorable. You just need to build up muscle memory. It has to come out naturally without thought.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)23:21 No.4058848
         File: 1334892088.png-(Spoiler Image, 395 KB, 848x693, 1334552791042.png)
    Spoiler Image, 395 KB
    Well, the hair on our heads is dead anyway, Samson is alive, if anything she's...less bald than us.

    Also I wonder, does he feel like hair? Or just look like it?
    If i touch him will it be all rubbery or some shit?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:21 No.4058864
    Filia is bald, yeah.
    >> Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)23:21 No.4058865
    That would be a lame ass excuse. What is her 9 supposed to be anyway?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:21 No.4058869
    you just gotta take in a pattern, for example:

    Basic ground combo->Launch->effective aerial hits->Strong finish->Reap the confusion
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:22 No.4058880
    Just make it for every combo you drop you can't jerk off for one day. That's how I learn Dr. Doom in Marvel 3.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:22 No.4058891
         File: 1334892142.jpg-(503 KB, 1360x768, ohgods.jpg)
    503 KB
    >Filia's level 3 blockbuster: Trichobezoar
    >google Trichobezoar
    >> Shinny Asuka !!kB2e7x6aiqM 04/19/12(Thu)23:22 No.4058897
    bad-at-the-game drawfag vs. bad-at-the-game drawfag time next week?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:23 No.4058957
         File: 1334892224.jpg-(61 KB, 1280x720, horror.jpg)
    61 KB
    >> cb 04/19/12(Thu)23:23 No.4058964
         File: 1334892234.png-(19 KB, 602x516, averyday.png)
    19 KB
    i hope i get it then! if i do, YES
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)23:24 No.4058980
         File: 1334892250.png-(233 KB, 900x900, 1334377191119.png)
    233 KB
    >A trichobezoar is a bezoar (a mass found trapped in the gastrointestinal system) formed from the ingestion of hair.

    Looks like fetus.
    >> cb 04/19/12(Thu)23:24 No.4058991
    oooooh boy
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:24 No.4059003

    fuck you, I was better off not knowing
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:25 No.4059053

    well cats for one

    anything that's furry and licks itself clean can get one
    >> gt lesbianxhottie 04/19/12(Thu)23:25 No.4059061
    >implying i could do that
    not keep myself from dropping combos, keep myself from masturbating for a day
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:25 No.4059062
    A drawfag would suck at games. Stop scribbling Umbrella porn and hit the lab.
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)23:26 No.4059104
    They have pictures and videos of HUMANS having this.
    Cats just cough up little gross hairballs
    >> cb 04/19/12(Thu)23:27 No.4059137
         File: 1334892454.png-(22 KB, 226x223, jesus-christ-how-horrifying.png)
    22 KB
    >umbrella porn
    >> Tino's White Horse !/D18/CGPKk 04/19/12(Thu)23:27 No.4059152
         File: 1334892469.gif-(1.1 MB, 320x240, 1332788003491.gif)
    1.1 MB
    yea haha, i actually got one, you get them from constantly ingesting hair (not at once, it stacks up over the years. sometimes you swallow hair and never notice it)

    i was able to vomit mine out instead of getting surgery, lucky for me.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:28 No.4059183
    Hell, what the fuck?
    >> Souls !!ax8JcUTE5uw 04/19/12(Thu)23:28 No.4059186
         File: 1334892518.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 68 KB, 825x613, Parabrellakiss.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 68 KB
    You have no idea what is coming my friend.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:28 No.4059191
    You should check out Painwheel's Buer Drive.
    >> XBL: Granberia 04/19/12(Thu)23:28 No.4059202
    Ok, who wants to play my cerebella?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:28 No.4059213
         File: 1334892539.jpg-(346 KB, 1280x1024, Vagina_Wall4aa6be74.jpg)
    346 KB
    Anyone want to play against someone who's not only bad at Skullgirls, but fighting games in general? I'm your man.

    PSN: ClockShock
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:29 No.4059217
         File: 1334892546.jpg-(35 KB, 720x480, 12.jpg)
    35 KB
    I can get SF style specials and supers, but it's stringing them in combos and combos in general that make me look like an epileptic monkey.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:29 No.4059230

    Yet it makes sense, Filia's hair having a mouth and all that jazz.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:29 No.4059238
    New thread?
    >> gt lesbianxhottie 04/19/12(Thu)23:29 No.4059246
    i would but i use peacock
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:29 No.4059260
    Hope you got them reset gimmicks
    >> New Thread Nerffie !/Aeon.5uQo 04/19/12(Thu)23:30 No.4059269
    >> Tino's White Horse !/D18/CGPKk 04/19/12(Thu)23:31 No.4059343
         File: 1334892692.jpg-(23 KB, 301x272, 1331584855094.jpg)
    23 KB
    geez its not THAT bad...

    or mine wasnt at least. it gave me gut pains and ulcers but thats it rly
    >> The End 04/19/12(Thu)23:31 No.4059358
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)23:34 No.4059483

    What sucks the most is if I do spend a lot of my time mastering and memorizing combos, if I decided to break away and not play that game for a while, I forget everything.

    It happens with all the games I play. In FF12 I had to constantly remind myself what my strategy/gambit settings were.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)00:43 No.4062801
    post in the new thread

    Your ad here

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