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  • File : 1291527079.jpg-(48 KB, 600x369, sra-wide.jpg)
    48 KB Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)00:31 No.13033610  
    Are the rumors that Hitler started WW2 to wipe out supernaturals in europe true? I heard he was using 'jews' as a cover word for supernaturals, but only the highest ranking members of the nazi party knew about it, so they killed alot of jews anyway.

    It's kinda sad to think all those jews died for no reason other than they were just an excuse to kill supernaturals.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)00:32 No.13033623
    >implying jews are not supernatural beings
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)00:33 No.13033641
    >implying not -3/10
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)00:35 No.13033662
    have you seen any of the nazi propaganda? those "jews" barely looked like people. His biggest beef was with trolls man. Big noses, hunched over, wanting money, I'm surprised he never once mentioned their connection to bridges.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)00:37 No.13033694
    I'm a zombie, and I take offense to being lumped in with them.
    >> Alpharius The Ghoul 12/05/10(Sun)00:39 No.13033716
    That era of history is so muddled and argued about it's best to not even discuss it.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)00:40 No.13033724
    Jews come from space to fuck our shit up, why do you think the government(ie the jews) have all this ufo shit classified?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)00:42 No.13033749


    Well fuck you. I'm a Fire Giant. You think you have it hard? Try not being allowed in any building with a smoke detector or emergency sprinkler.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)00:44 No.13033775
    Atleast people respect you! Nobody respects the Brownies anymore.
    >> CommissarGoblin !!mY23Ye1risQ 12/05/10(Sun)00:46 No.13033793
    The hell you all talking about?

    Everyone hates redcaps! I keep getting shit from the police about stealing babies and murdering travelers!
    >> scaredofshadows !!dfImxwWkJxb 12/05/10(Sun)00:47 No.13033806
    this is the kind of shit you've been up to, anon?

    I'm more than a little disappointed
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)00:47 No.13033813
    Hitler was a touch crazy and thought anything that wasn't German was supernatural.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)00:50 No.13033841
    Have you been?
    Don't lie. You know you have.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)00:51 No.13033853

    Asspained Supernatural detected.
    >> Alpharius The Ghoul 12/05/10(Sun)00:51 No.13033859
    try not being allowed to show your face in public in any but certain areas.

    I fucking WISH I was a fire giant. People wouldn't fuck with me.

    No, instead I walk into McDonalds with a friend and suddenly it all goes quiet, like I'm going to contaminate the food with my presence or something.

    Hell, some states don't let us in restaurants or public spaces at all. under penalty if jail time.

    Yeah, you can't go into most building, boo fucking hoo.
    Nobody trying to fucking kill you just because of what you have to do to survive.
    >> Angry angelic 12/05/10(Sun)00:52 No.13033868

    hey. hey. at least you don't get 462 fucking religious nut jobs either trying to appease you or kill you a fucking day.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)00:53 No.13033880
         File1291528390.jpg-(34 KB, 256x387, American_gods.jpg)
    34 KB
    Dear /tg/ This is now an American Gods Thread.
    Go read it if you haven't. How would you run a campaign in this world?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)00:53 No.13033889

    These threads are so full of otherkinfaggotry even the guy who thinks he's a werewolf hates em.


    > animalium tescith
    You suck animal balls
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)00:56 No.13033935
    Unicorn here. Too busy riding rainbows and hanging out with the princess of Monaco to hear your ass-pained blubbering.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)00:58 No.13033955
         File1291528723.gif-(11 KB, 275x288, Angel-dore_2.gif)
    11 KB
    >mfw I'm an angel and everyone loves us
    >> Alpharius the Ghoul 12/05/10(Sun)00:59 No.13033970
         File1291528780.jpg-(22 KB, 336x365, actor_red_face.jpg)
    22 KB
    >mfw nobody but brainwashed sheep love you, and you only listen to them, so you think everyone does.

    fuck off you sociopath.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)01:00 No.13033978
    Gnome here.

    You'd be surprised at all the crazy shit people believe about us. I blame Mr. Welch.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)01:02 No.13034000
    Kobold here.

    Fuck off. Everything they say about you is true.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)01:03 No.13034025

    Your opinion doesn't matter, you scaly rat.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)01:04 No.13034034
    >implying having a direct line to god and slaughtering infidels make me a sociopath
    >> Human and Proud of it 12/05/10(Sun)01:04 No.13034037
    You know that you guys wouldn't have these problems if you just went underground like the world wants you too. Face it mankind is on top and you supernaturals are over and done with.

    Make way for the next ruling species. The Dwarves are already down with our industry and helping out, you guys should too
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)01:05 No.13034043
    Yes. It does.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)01:06 No.13034067
    Dear Otherkin,

    You know, I understand being afraid and trying to make yourself look and feel better. Oh, I have the soul of a fairy! A dragon! An ELF! I understand. You are afraid of humans, and you want to be better than the rest.

    That's natural.

    Soul of a wolf, eagle, bear, or pangolin (fuck yeah, pangolins aer awesome!), be it what you want, I'll tell you something you don't want to hear.

    I've got the soul of a pink, hairless ape that rose to dominance over the entirety of his planet without the aid of magic, fangs, claws, pelt, feathers, or anything but sheer, off the wall ballsiness.

    I've got the soul of this species that looked at a tiger, the majestic creature it was, and said: "Mine's bigger" and used a single claw to make a fucking awesome coat out of the dead beasts fur. It looked at the mighty shark, and said: "I'm faster" and tore down a forest to make a great ship that could do the work for him. It looked at the eagle and flew into the outer darkness around the planet, for no reason but to show that there is nothing greater than a human on this planet.

    So go ahead. Be your pansy elf, or your dying out panda, or whatever else you want to be. Know, you are here because humanity has decided you aren't even a threat to it. You are less than a threat - you are here, because you amuse us.

    So go ahead.

    Pretend your beast soul is better than the soul of a human being.

    When we are tired of you, you'll be our next trophy.

    A Human
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)01:07 No.13034080
    Damn straight. Angels got you're back, so long as you know who's in really in charge
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)01:09 No.13034096

    Dude, seriously, its an RP thread. I realize that newfags don't see them often since we've been in a dry spell of late, but don't go being an ass and shitting up a cool thread.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)01:09 No.13034102
    Vampire here.

    My life's gone to shit these last few years. Ever since Twilight came out, my boss refuses to believe I'll burn up if I go outside during the day. Says I'm just a lazy faggot who won't work day shifts.

    I got fired over that shit last week, but good luck filing a discrimination suit. The courts still treat us like fucking Dracula. No sympathy from the jury.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)01:11 No.13034121

    Humans are a race of fucking sluts. You always see these damn human-whatever hybrids out there, but when's the last time you've seen a half-gnome?
    >> Demonic 12/05/10(Sun)01:12 No.13034144

    Oh shut up you ass licking feather-back. Just because you were too cowardly to help out when you knew that the big boss was getting a bit corrupt with his whole "worship me only" schpeil doesn't mean that you doing everything right.

    I mean our guy's stuck in a field of ice and still manages to make them mortals happy all the time, rather than making them worry about some ridiculous rules about mating.

    Damn law mongering harp-fuckers
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)01:13 No.13034152
    Dude. Gnomes don't even want to fuck gnomes. They're disgusting. Besides, who needs gnomes with all the kobolds around? Kobolds are bros.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)01:13 No.13034153
    Shut your mouth. I'm talking about those otherkin weaboo faggots.

    Think I have a problem with werewolves or vamps? Fuck you.

    I'm sick of those pretend faggots.

    Also, elves.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)01:13 No.13034157
    Santa's "elves".
    >work for a taller gentleman
    >good with producing quality goods on time, under budget, minimal employee deaths, high customer satisfaction rating
    Santa has enslaved gnomes for generations and marketed them as "elves", to reduce the protesting and complaints of mistreatment.

    Its not overworking and unsafe conditions if its a gnome.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)01:15 No.13034174

    Dude nobody in this thread thinks they are what they are claiming they are. Like I said RP

    Calm down bro
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)01:16 No.13034188
    funfact: Big guy doesn't really give a shit about that kind of stuff. Really mellowed out since he had a kid. True, he blew upcities for that kind of stuff (Sodom really had it coming though. New people show up in the city and your first idea is rape?). But no a days he just wants people to be good and gets upset about the stuff people do in his name.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)01:16 No.13034191
    Actually, shouldn't that be a violation of Americans with Diabilities Act? I mean, since Vampirism is considered a disease, and the disease means you can't work daylight hours, your employer is looking at harassment charges.
    >> Mirp 12/05/10(Sun)01:16 No.13034197
    Hey guys. I'm just sittin in the deep, hanging about... Humans can't come down here, and the one time they tried... well, the submersible sank.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)01:17 No.13034211

    > I realize that newfags don't see them often since we've been in a dry spell of late, but don't go being an ass and shitting up a cool thread.

    > implying the "EVERYONE GET IN HERE" threads weren't retardery on a massive level
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)01:18 No.13034228
    That's what I've heard, but the system's broken. I've filed a half-dozen complaints and they all get "lost" in the mail.

    The livin' man is always trying to keep us undead brotha's down...
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)01:21 No.13034267
    Deliver them in person.
    >> Demonic 12/05/10(Sun)01:21 No.13034279

    What about the shit he puts together in our bosses name huh?

    "All evil in the world" what the hell man? He made the world before we did, he had the choice to keep it out. But NOOOO instead leave it in, let the mortals find it and then blame it on the icicle downstairs cause he dared to talk shit about the big guy when he was getting egotistical.

    Man we need us some heavenly ass-kicking the halo-sized assholes are getting pretty swollen
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)01:22 No.13034287
    don't work when the offices are only open during day-time hours
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)01:22 No.13034288
    You do realize a government office is closed after sundown in most jurisdictions, right?
    >> Mirp 12/05/10(Sun)01:25 No.13034320
    Ever hear about this great thing called e-mail? Also, thats when you go meet the person at night.

    Course what do I know. I just sit at the bottom of the ocean, writing warhammer 40k books...
    life is good.
    >> Sandalphon 12/05/10(Sun)01:26 No.13034346
    blame the damn snake, and free will. Human interpritation the snake is your boss, not divine. Find one thing in the book that says specifically it was old scratch that tempted you guys in the first place. As for the free will thing, big guy wanted mortals to choose of their free will. And it's not like he just blows up everyone that doesn't pick him out of jealousy (anymore). Only intereference is when they're ruining shit for the people who do.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)01:27 No.13034352

    CS Goto is that you?
    >> Mirp 12/05/10(Sun)01:29 No.13034394
    course not. Think they would ever publish an inhuman's work? or anything that advances the plot?
    >> Demonic 12/05/10(Sun)01:33 No.13034440

    That anymore thing is getting annoying. Really thing its acceptable for him to go genocide and salt pillars on mortals as long as he "doesn't do it anymore?"

    You guys will believe anything.
    >> Sandalphon 12/05/10(Sun)01:43 No.13034580
    Maybe not with hindsight. But then again, when you make everything, who has any right to tell you what you can and can't do? Buy I digress. It's liek when a mortal goes boozing and does other unintelligent things in college, but grows up after becoming an adult. Was it dumb? Perhaps, but it was a phase that was outgrown.
    >> Demonic 12/05/10(Sun)01:47 No.13034619

    Then why is he so AMAZING and HOLY and MUSTWORSHIP if hes just like a mortal

    Bah we had this argument 6000 years ago. Wanna go grab a beer or something? Freak the mortals out to see us together! Fun times!
    >> Dorf 12/05/10(Sun)01:53 No.13034683
    If the worship-mongers are done arguing I have a point to make

    The other supers should just get together as a race, figure out what you do best and work together as a guild or (as the apes call it) a union. You'll be indispensible in the long run and you'll have better conditions than if you work independently.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)01:56 No.13034707

    Take this shit to /x/.
    >> Sandalphon 12/05/10(Sun)01:57 No.13034724
    Sure. Still pisses my off that Bartleby made it so I can't get drunk anymore.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)01:57 No.13034727
    HAHA Like that could ever happen. Most unnaturals are to stupid to get together without it devolving into mass suicides, or orgies. Fukken unnaturals got no sense.
    >> Demonic 12/05/10(Sun)01:59 No.13034744

    Bahahaha that was a good one! Oh well getting drunk is only half the fun when you have the mortals in an uproar anyway
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)02:01 No.13034764

    Well you have a point for some of the supers. Like the troll union would need some help, or the orcs... okay fine lots of the supers.

    But the gnomes halflings and intelligent undead could probably do something about their situation
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)02:01 No.13034768
    Humanity was here.

    Get back to making us things and working our unsafe/unsanitary jobs.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)02:02 No.13034779

    I like this as an idea for a setting and all but ffs if you all want o talk about this bs like it happened gtfo

    >/tg/ likes to play pretend with their friends once in a while
    >/x/ like to play pretend alone 24/7
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)02:04 No.13034802

    >/tg/ likes to play pretend whenever it feels like its a good time for it, including on this board

    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)02:07 No.13034840
    SRA agent here. Would like to remind everyone to mind their curfews, ant that the SRA is always in need of confident individuals with good diplomatic skills to serve on SRA negation, incident investigation and enforcement teams. The SRA is especially in need of angelic and undead agents, and remember, supernaturals under the employ of the SRA enjoy benefits that cannot be found with any other human employer!
    >> Surly troll 12/05/10(Sun)02:10 No.13034883

    Oi tings wouldn't be dis way iffin ya actually gib us sum roits! Insteada yor "registerin" an yor "corfieus"
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)02:12 No.13034901
    I don't know what that site is viral marketing for, but you faggots have prematurely ruined it for me.

    Also I hope it sucks
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)02:16 No.13034944
    Human here. So, my roommate just found out that the last girl he slept with was a werewolf, and he wanted to know if lycanthropy can be spread through sexual contact. On an unrelated note, my reflection in the mirror this morning pulled a gun on me and ordered me to start killing my coworkers. Am I possessed by some kind of demon or do I just have an undiagnosed mental condition? Anyone out there who can help us?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)02:18 No.13034967
    1) depends on the strain
    2) undiagnosed medical condition
    >> Demonic 12/05/10(Sun)02:20 No.13034990

    Well it ain't any demon I know. We've mostly concerned ourselves with running companies and the like, since the whole "you must follow these rules" thing lends itself to getting around contract law.

    Might be mental condition, probably some spirit messing with you, if it keeps happening get both a medium and a psychiatrist.

    Not sure about the lycanthropy thing though, I suspect that if he was ever bit (you know, love bites and things) it might be risky. Thats me talking out of my ass though. No idea for sure
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)02:25 No.13035039
    There's more than one strain?
    Would consulting a medium be covered by any kind of insurance, or am I going to have to pay for that myself?
    >> Demonic 12/05/10(Sun)02:28 No.13035062

    Depends on how progressive the insurance company. Most don't cover it though. My buddy told me they justified it because "spirits don't cause bodily harm". I asked him about clients killing themselves and he changed the subject.

    Mediums are a dime a dozen these days though so you can shop around
    >> Bill the Lich 12/05/10(Sun)02:37 No.13035176
    This thread returns from the dead. I admit, I find that appealing. I could ramble on about that, but >>13035062 is spot on.

    Back in the really heated years- especially that hostage mess in Iran- mediums were hard to find. We had to hunt down one gypsy man in a thousand, or try and keep one lunatic on retainer. Having incorporeal informants was invaluable, but their handlers were never easy; say what you want, the Special Activities Division is all run by spooks of one kind or another.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)02:39 No.13035198
    Unfortunately, yes. Whats more terrifying is most strains are undocumented. You need to contact your friend's ex, she will be your best chance for reliable information. If your friend does turn out to have contracted the condition, remind him he is required to register with the SRA withing 48 hours, so that we may provide support and help him transition to a new lifestyle.
    >> Arctic Lamia 12/05/10(Sun)02:46 No.13035273

    >Blamng snakes for everything

    Hey, don't bring Sseth into this!
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)02:55 No.13035365

    I doubt that the insurance would really work if one has roughly 200+ ish year lifespan.

    Seriously, there are folks I know that have been around 1760. Yeah,folks that saw the american independence.

    I got this hunch that they only mentioned "All men are created equal" for a reason.
    >> Bill the Lich 12/05/10(Sun)03:01 No.13035422
    True enough- I was speaking to the commonplace nature of mediums, nowadays. Heaven knows my premiums only stay the way they are because of my Army pension (fifty years, hooah), and even then Uncle Sam reviews my pension yearly. After all, I got a lot of time in front of me.

    How's long-term investment looking, friend?
    >> CommissarGoblin !!mY23Ye1risQ 12/05/10(Sun)03:03 No.13035435
    The redcap police profiling is getting pretty ridiculous, too.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)03:08 No.13035470
    >> Bob The Homunculus 12/05/10(Sun)03:09 No.13035471

    Not too well actually, when people start catching on that you are all but human (As such, when I spent quite the fortune of buying bankrupt companies during the great depression) and have the potential of owning most of their assets, they simply refuse to deal with you.

    Its a bitch really and competition gets rather angry for no reason, paranoid humans..
    >> Bill the Lich 12/05/10(Sun)03:14 No.13035513
    Say what you will of humanity, I still consider myself one. I was born a man, taught to be a man, and I am proud to have upheld both my heritage and my honor in all that time. Sure, I need to keep a few spells on hand in case I get a flesh wound, but I knew what I was getting into.

    I came into this world a man, and by god I'm going to leave it like one.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)03:20 No.13035554
    On the contrary, I think hes made the best post so far.
    >> Bob The Homunculus 12/05/10(Sun)03:23 No.13035571

    At least you didn't woke up inside a suspension chamber somewhere in eastern europe. Sure, I may look human enough but I lack certain parts of human anatomy to pass as one and the fact I was created by some smelly, crazy old fart.

    Sure, I appreciated the man as my creator but not as a man. Idiot regarded me nothing but a science experiment, no more or less.

    Golems he fucked around with were not so fortunate, limbs removed at will and constant grafting. One of the flesh golems worked as a organ farm for the love of christ.

    So yeah, I don't have that much love for race of man due to heavy bias, but what you'd expect?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)03:24 No.13035587
    Mph, I was gonna rp in this one too, but then I read the faggotry that's been posting. The one last night was way better.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)03:31 No.13035655

    Disctintion between RP and actual otherkinfaggotry isn't as obvious to some.

    Other than that

    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)03:41 No.13035744

    This, roleplaying is something unknown to /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)03:46 No.13035795
    God, not yet another SRA pity party.

    Blah blah blah. And no. for the record I'm not a Silver Flamer. Those cocksuckers deserve every curb-stomping they get.

    But let's face facts.

    1) Humans run the planet. Outside of ... what two dozen states tops? And how many of them are major powers? Humans are dominant in just about every nation on the planet.

    2) We are scared shitless of you. I understand you face discrimination but you still have your heritage. Consider it a curse or a poor reward or whatever. Now imagine you didn't have even that to protect yourself against speciesist fucks. That's how the vast majority of humans feel ALL the time when we face a supernatural.

    I'm serious. You scare the fuck out of us. You have powers that we are barely beginning to duplicate, and that only with expensive equipment and/or horrific side-effects. Imagine facing a world just as hostile as the one you face now but without your heritage. Right or wrong that's how humans feel ALL THE TIME.

    3) Given 1 and 2 the SRA is about the best we could come up with. Yeah, I'd like to think we could do better but it's not going to happen.

    Not with all the folklore floating around about how a tiny minority of distant ancestors you have no connection with and never heard of fucked over our distant ancestors who we also have no connection with and never heard of.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)03:50 No.13035846
         File1291539029.jpg-(38 KB, 307x557, blitzcrank.jpg)
    38 KB
    >Constructs still unable to register
    >Approximation of my current visage
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)03:55 No.13035886
    My computer doesn't have to register with the SRA. My car doesn't have to register with the SRA.

    Machines. Are. Not. People.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)04:00 No.13035931
         File1291539644.jpg-(3 KB, 120x120, down.jpg)
    3 KB
    ugh, Loyalist of Thule here, WERE FUCKING SORRY ALRIGHT HOW MANY TIMES HAVE WE BEEN THROUGH THIS, it was sort of our bad...
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)04:04 No.13035957

    How the hell they can apply? Jesus christ, they don't even have fingers.
    >> Bob the Homonculus 12/05/10(Sun)04:08 No.13035988

    Oh fuck you, they are sentient and very so intelligent. They can't talk because you can't listen to them as you don't have the capability to.

    They are extremely loyal to those who earn their trust and are hard workers and trust me, coming from a guy that is stuck between two and works as certain kind of "medium", knows this.

    I am construct too yet, just because I look like a person and act like a person from surface people count me as one, but I am nothing but a overly complicated construct.
    >> Bill the Lich 12/05/10(Sun)04:10 No.13036000
    There's always the military life. Just saying.
    >> Raymond The Redcap 12/05/10(Sun)04:13 No.13036030
    Yeah, until you get booted for false accusations of dragging off civilians.
    >> Arctic Lamia 12/05/10(Sun)04:15 No.13036040

    I don't mind, considering that most of us wake something subconsious in human psyche, even though we did help out on certain things in the past but such details tend to be forgotten.

    Humans have difficulty of taking neutral stance on anything, either they want to feel you up, murder the everliving crap out of you or build a cult around you just because you look godly to them.

    Even with their short lifespans and self-destructive behaviour, they've achieved much in this world, which is relatively surprising.

    Trust me, I would be scared shitless too if I was faced with 300 pounder, 7''2 tall reptilian creature coming out of nowhere.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)04:16 No.13036056
         File1291540596.jpg-(24 KB, 325x396, PhillipaLouvois.jpg)
    24 KB
    if u think that why dont u say it 2 judge luvois face
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)04:18 No.13036070

    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)04:20 No.13036084

    When human does the same, IE goes onto a killing spree there is always a terrorist organization or something else behind but never the choice of the individual.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)04:21 No.13036093

    Google Supernatural Registration Authority.

    Be amazed, terrified and somewhat saddened.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)04:22 No.13036098
    WTF are you on? What about that Columbine kid or the eponymous mailman who "went postal"?
    Some people are just nuts.
    >> Exchanged Kid 12/05/10(Sun)04:24 No.13036115
    To be honest, humans kind of default to "rape, kill, or worship" among themselves, too.

    If we "wake something subconscious in the human psyche," it's mostly because they've gotten very good at not addressing the issue consciously.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)04:24 No.13036118
         File1291541098.jpg-(21 KB, 180x245, 11t900.jpg)
    21 KB
    Guys, cant we just get along
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)04:25 No.13036127

    That is is the very point, people don't admit that humans too can go batshit insane, but instead people blame vidya games, violence in media to posession.

    When a monster goes on a killing spree, its not even considered to be a fit of insanity but "Its the part of their very nature"

    Sort of why people blame loss of their boxers or good pants on gnomes, every single damn time.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)04:25 No.13036128
    what is this
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)04:27 No.13036139

    People working together and shedding predjudice that is very staple of humanity?

    We could even if we worked hard to that goal, some prick always fucks it up.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)04:27 No.13036143
    Man I still wonder what these guys are going to do if High Japan ever becomes a Registration signatory. There's, like, a thousand different kinds of youkai running around, not to mention animist spirits. Have fun maintaining a database of every fifth rock in a major nation.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)04:28 No.13036146
    um, I'm not having fun in this thread anymore
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)04:30 No.13036155

    I still think that they are going to pull Eugenics on the SNs.

    Massive exterminations and sterilizations in name of public safety.
    >> Exchanged Kid 12/05/10(Sun)04:33 No.13036173
    Well, kitsune are already on the list. Anyone know what that's about? Are the foxes more likely to emigrate than most of the yokai?
    >> Arctic Lamia 12/05/10(Sun)04:36 No.13036197

    What you'd expect? Most Kitsune love making fun out of anything and anyone for that matter, being highly magical spirits. Never liked the buggers as they tend to be cruel practical jokers and never liked anything half-breeded.

    Oni are nice guys to have around, chill and relaxed folks and hard drinkers. Arm wrasslin' is always fun; perfect party people.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)04:36 No.13036200
    Okay, so who's the shadowy "they" here? "The Gummint"? Some humanist freaks who social-engineered their way into a copy of the list? Sure there's political parties and shit who would be perfectly okay with putting together "supernatural reservations" (and we know how that works out, right?) but if you think the pro-SPN parties would just roll over and let it happen you're either deluded or really disillusioned.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)04:38 No.13036219
    >You have powers that we are barely beginning to duplicate
    Don't make me laugh. This shit doesn't get into the public's hands, but the government has cracked the duplication of most RD powers and states. Don't believe me? Google the Black Dog disappearances in England.

    More than 60 spectral class entities disappeared from their homes in the same 2 week timeframe last June, each disappearance only marked by the sighting of a ghostly black hound. The government made those, and took them for a test drive.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)04:39 No.13036220
    Yeah, they showed up in Korea too, even in the really old days. Although I guess it'd be more politically correct to call them kumiho.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)04:42 No.13036246

    >Implying humanity wouldn't love to get rid of SNs.

    SRA itself, it has world spanning networks and agents everywhere, not only that they have the largest registry known to man.
    >> Exchanged Kid 12/05/10(Sun)04:42 No.13036248
    I guess that of the youkai that are well known outside of Japan, kitsune are probably harder to pigeonhole into a western supernatural identity, too. I knew an oni in highschool... I don't remember what he said he was registered as, but I'm pretty sure he mentioned at some point that as far as the SRA was concerned, he was a troll or a giant or something.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)04:42 No.13036249
    Even if it's the government and not just some jerks acting on their own, couldn't they have just tamed a gurt dog and sicced it on them? From what I'm reading none of the eyewitness reports have anything that makes this look like some breathtaking new application of etheric science.
    >> SRA Clerk 12/05/10(Sun)04:43 No.13036255
    Man, everyone knows that Hitler had the biggest hard-one for the supernatrual during that war. He had necromancers and warlocks rocking the Thule legacy, squads of werewolves, and even Valkyries at his command. He took to killing and vivisecting the allied SNs the Germans captured so that he could find a way to become one of us.
    >> Exchanged Kid 12/05/10(Sun)04:45 No.13036281
    I'm not really sure that "bending existing supernatural phenomena to their uses" is all that much better than "duplicating supernatural phenomena for their own use," though.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)04:46 No.13036284

    Some say that Mengele actually was a lich in diguise or there was lich aiding his morbid experiments, there was evidence of such but no-one knows who he was.

    Elusive bastard. As if Nazis weren't scary enough, try a lich wearing a SS officer uniform.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)04:49 No.13036302

    That must be rather unique dog to begin with considerings that it could kidnap or destroy spectral entities.

    Regular animals hate undead by default or are scared shitless on them and this often applies to most SNs anyway.
    >> Exchanged Kid 12/05/10(Sun)04:52 No.13036321
    Yeah, um, he said "gurt dog." Are you at all familiar with black dogs? The supernatural creatures, not mundane dogs that happen to be black?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)04:53 No.13036331
    It's all about Project: BLACK DOG. They've figured out how to replicate spectrals with specific magnetic frequencies. Now they can create purely ectomorphic autonomous programs. The only problem is in getting the frequencies right. It only happens in one in a million cases. So, the British government decided to speed things up a bit, send out some of their activated programs to bring in spectrals. Then they scrub the personality remnant, and program the remaining ectomorphic frame to do whatever they want, from creating no-space super computers to super soldiers to remote operated 'ghost bodies'.

    I've seen the files, and I think they're just working to perfect the technology before they begin work on the next group of supers. They can already make primarily physical entities, so my best guess would be moving on to extra-dimensional existences.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)04:54 No.13036337
    Yeah, this. Gurt dogs are one of the "protector" variants of the Black Dog spirits you see around the British Isles occasionally. If you could somehow get one convinced that Hapless Ghost X was edging in on the kids under its care... watch out.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)04:55 No.13036344

    Gurt dogs aren't something that regular jackasses could tame them, it would take huge resources lets say something like SRA has. It would take Demonics to get any sort of contact with those black dogs and no self-respecting creature harms another willingly.
    >> I apologised on 4chan !!857o4GkKJgy 12/05/10(Sun)04:59 No.13036382
    Sounds like Churchill's Black Dog. He created it just before the start of WWII as a physical manifestation of his depression.
    Basically he shoved his personal problems into this dog so that he could get on with trying to save Britain and beat the Nazi's.

    During a blitz however it managed to escape from his home and into the countryside, where it's been prowling ever since.

    Uptill now it's been most known to cause road accidents by spooking tired lorry drivers.
    >> Exchanged Kid 12/05/10(Sun)05:00 No.13036392
    Yeah, that's why the possibility that they've "only" tamed existing black dogs isn't really much better than that they've made their own - the benevolent ones are smart enough that it would take one hell of an undertaking to control them enough to make them harm an innocent, and the malevolent ones tend to be unstable enough that it would be similarly difficult to control them enough that they would only go after who you wanted them to target.
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 12/05/10(Sun)05:06 No.13036437
    Those were bizarre days comrade. It seems everyone was out to kill everyone and for no apparent reason.
    >> Arctic Lamia 12/05/10(Sun)05:15 No.13036518

    Welcome to our world, you shoudl've seen medieval times.

    SNs were hunted like animals and others feared or respected, my grandmother for example had entire cult of random humans trying to get something out of her that she wasn't.

    I remember she telling me that she requested a local sculptor to make a image of her that she could take back home, turns out that her very presence made people very secure and saw her as some sort protector and expert huntsman. As such, there is quite alot copies of statues somewhere.

    Tourism wasn't really "in" with the humanity at that time.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)05:28 No.13036599
    I always thought Jews were little bit supernatural.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)05:31 No.13036620
         File1291545068.jpg-(243 KB, 640x1066, tiefling+wizard.jpg)
    243 KB
    Which just goes to prove that foolish humans are the bloodthirsty ones, not supernaturals.
    >> Comrade Golem !x/rEAGmjT6 12/05/10(Sun)05:33 No.13036637

    I said they were bizarre times. The blame lies with us all.
    >> Arctic Lamia 12/05/10(Sun)05:37 No.13036663

    Pft, some stay secluded from human squabbles for reason. Ever seen mass genocide or wars started by supernaturals in thirst for power, wealth and territory? None.

    Humans and the low lifespan they are born with drive this, fear of death mostly. You can't really blame them, but its their very nature to progress fast as possible in benefit of themselves or handful of others.

    When you have couple millenia long productive lifespan you start care less about these material things.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)05:43 No.13036705
         File1291545828.jpg-(127 KB, 595x516, 1290844987596.jpg)
    127 KB
    Whoa Whoa everyone

    lets back up here like 150 posts

    are you saying that your first idea isnt rape?
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)05:51 No.13036761
    >>I said they were bizarre times. The blame lies with us all.

    Well said.

    As for the guy screaming about bloodthirsty humans? We outnumber all collected SNs... what is it now? Somewhere between three and four to one worldwide? If humans were as bloodthirsty as he claims then the Silver Flame would be in charge.

    They aren't. Instead we have the SRA, which outside of some British conspiracy theories seems to be working.

    They should make that their new slogan. The SRA: It may not be the best solution, but it is working pretty good so far.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)05:57 No.13036810
    Screaming? SCREAMING?

    You need to get your head checked. If you want me to scream I can and will, and you will wish that I were a banshee instead.

    Do not ever insult me if you value your existence.
    >> Comrade Golem !x/rEAGmjT6 12/05/10(Sun)06:07 No.13036883

    God is no friend of the people. He is a tyrant and a despot.
    >> Arctic Lamia 12/05/10(Sun)06:10 No.13036890

    Yet, we need something like SRA to provide us even most basic that humans take for granted and even with SRA out to protect us, they some "bad apples" hell bent to make lifes of SNs miserable as posibble just because they didn't like the color scheme.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)06:12 No.13036900
    Not this shit again...
    >> Arctic Lamia 12/05/10(Sun)06:12 No.13036905

    And as if God had any part of creating some of us or at all, the lazy bastard. Pft, favours humans over everything else just because.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/10(Sun)06:24 No.13036970

    You are talking like they didn't burn the twin-cities down just because they got buttmad over people trying to to stick it up their divine butts.

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