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I spent the day sorting through and re-reading a few thousand e-mails from 2010, and it was really a blast from the past. What a year it was.
Thanks for an awesome 9 years, and for some great e-mails along the way.

As always, I read all of my e-mail and can be reached with questions/comments/concerns/hate mail/and plain ol' hellos at moot@4chan.org (or on AIM at MOOTCHAT).
tl;dr version of 2010: "SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, and VIRUSES: The Movie"

File: 1361328384022.jpg-(103 KB, 500x436, 1360119889012.jpg)
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103 KB JPG
>What is ‘Flutterrape’?
Flutterrape refers to a collection of stories about the ponies from MLP trying to have sex with Anon, the only human stranded in Equestria.
While the title implies that it is Fluttershy trying to rape Anon, other ponies may follow in her hoofsteps and attempt their own versions of >rape
There are many different versions of Flutterrape, but mostly they are lighthearted stories about the ponies failing in their comical attempts to get into Anon’s pants.

Here are some common themes:

-Anon is not attracted to ponies.
-Anon is attracted to ponies, just not the rapist in question.
-Ponies believe they can win Anon’s love by guessing his fetish.
Fluttershy is the prime candidate for this kind of behaviour.


-Just because your story has Anon in it, doesn’t mean it automatically qualifies for this thread. Check first in Anon in Equestria to see whether your story fits there before posting.
-Don’t repost just for giggles. Wait for a lull in posts, or give it a week or so between posts.


Cellist Octavia wrote a useful script, that alerts you when certain pastebins are updated. Find it here:


>How do I start writing?
Writing these stories is very easy. Write in the second person, and preface your lines with ‘>’ – this is what turns normal text into greentext.


Collection of most stories of the regular writefags:

Old thread: >>8415502
This is where i'd post an image of Fluttershy clopping
File: 1361328521018.gif-(164 KB, 240x246, tumblr_ljz3511rdj1qejh86o1_250.gif)
164 KB
164 KB GIF
I'm back.
Actually trying to write, but teaching yourself IT, programming, and network admin stuff is challenging to say the least...
File: 1361328609280.jpg-(177 KB, 550x412, 1357302364276.jpg)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Lurking and what not,
File: 1361328634178.jpg-(14 KB, 189x300, 1356720187539.jpg)
14 KB
pic related
Actually there's a very well done gif of her just fondling herself that i must've stared at for an eerie amount of time

Because it was so well animated....
File: 1361328814859.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 7 KB, 188x200)
Spoiler Image, 7 KB
Nice cat...
Tempting anon tempting,
Welcome back!
I hope everyone is ready for another sing-along.
Although this one has a half-assed ending.

>Day of training in Equestria.
>Wake up.
>Shit, shower, and shave.
>Don your ceremonial Flutter-repelling karate gi.
>Okay, well, it didn't actually repel Fluttershy...
>But you always felt powerful wearing it...
>Eat your breakfast after chopping the table in half.
>In reality, you just unlatched the hook underneath and let that half fall after you pressed your hand to it.
>Still felt alpha as fuck.
>Mid-cereal comes the faithful knock at the door.
>Center yourself by grunting and pressing your palms together in front of your face.
>Close your eyes and take deep breaths.
>Pull a black headband out of your pocket and tie it.
>It matches your totally legit 50th degree black belt.
>Open your eyes.
>It's time.
>Flying ninja kick your way to the door and throw it open.
>You swing your arms around like you're about to perform some ninja jutsu.
>You pull your right foot up your left leg and stop when it's bent 90 degrees.
>You wobble for a moment and have to hop up and down a few times to keep from falling over.
You will never defeat me, Flutter-san!
>Your lips move in a badly dubbed version of what you're saying.
>Fluttershy tuts.
>You notice for the first time that she's also wearing a karate uniform.
>"Anon, Anon... You're technique is all wrong."
>She floats over behind you while you stay frozen in position, ready to strike at a moment's notice.
>You hear music start to play faintly.
>Not this shit again...
>Fluttershy taps your right leg, making you lift it higher.
>She moves your outstretched arms lower so that your center of gravity is more manageable.
>She focuses your head forward.
>"Let's get down to business." She barks in your ear.
>"To reshape these buns." You flinch as she grabs your butt.
Why'd I get the rapist?
>You spin around quickly.
Instead of any other ones?
File: 1361328983371.jpg-(45 KB, 640x480, Jchallo'sfacewhen.jpg)
45 KB
>She's gone from your sight.
>"You're the cutest thing I've ever met."
>She's behind you again. "And you can bet, before I'm through."
>She ruffles your hair. "Mister I'll make a man, out of you..."
>Fluttershy rubs her face up against yours and rubs your crotch with a hoof.
But you're tranquil as a forest...
>You push her away.
>"I'm on fire, within!" She presents her dripping marehood to you.
>"Once you find my center..."
>You blow past her and start down a dirt path.
I'll be full of sin!
>She chases you to a river crossing. "Don't be spineless, pale, pathetic..."
>"Oh you haven't got a clue..." She backs you up against the riverbed.
>"Somehow I'll make a man out of you."
>Fluttershy hugs you tight and starts mashing her twat.
>"I'm never gonna catch my breath."
>You try futilely to push her off.
Say goodbye to those who knew me...
>Look to your weak muscles.
Boy was I a fool in school for cutting gym...
>This mare's got you scared to death.
>Hope she doesn't get the D.
>Look to the river.
>Boy you really wish that you knew how to swim...
>"Be a MAN!" Fluttershy backs her crotch up against yours.
>"Your coom must be swift as a coursing river." She cranes her head to look up to you.
>"With all the force of a great typhoon!"
>You gag.
>"With all the strength of a raging fire."
>You jump into the river.
>"As powerful as the mare inside the mooon!"
>You struggle to stay abreast of the water.
>Fluttershy flies above you, not really panicking the way she should be.
>"Time is racing toward us." She rubs her belly.
>"Until our son arrives..."
>She reaches out a hoof to you.
>"Heed my every order."
>You reach out for it but she pulls away.
>"And you might survive..."
>You chance yelling at her.
You're unsuited for...
>You go under and come back up.
My semen store!
>Catch a breath.
So pack up!
Go home!
You're through!
>She sobs.
Why would I make a mare out of you!?
>You go under again, taking in large gulps of water.
>You try to keep your eyes focused on the light of the sun, but your vision start going dark.
>"Be a man!"
>Fluttershy's garbled voice.
>"You must be swift as a coursing river!"
>You can hear her crying.
>"With all the force of a great typhoon!"
>Something splashes into the river.
>With all the strength of a raging fire...
>An orange blur tugs on your gi collar.
>Mysterious as the dark side of the moon.
>Your eyes close.

>"Be ah man!"
>Something pushes on your chest.
>You shouldn't have swam in that coursing river.
>You cough and sputter up water.
>With all the force of a great typhoon.
>Applejack hugs you.
>With all the strength of a raging fire.
>You see her glare daggers at Fluttershy.
>As powerful as the mare inside the moon...

>Fluttershy takes off, leaving you and AJ.
>"Ahm so glad you're alright, Sugarcube."
You... saved me...
>You give AJ a big hug and stroke her wet mane.
>You feel her muzzle get a little warmer against your face.
>"Aw, t'weren't nuthin'. Ah'd do anything for a... han'sum feller like yerself..."
>You break the hug and look into AJ's eyes.
>Her blush deepens.
>She nods.
Don't tell Fluttershy, but...
>You motion her closer and she complies.
>You whipser:
Apples are my fetish.
>You spend the rest of the day
>Fucking Applejack.
Fuckin finally, my fave pone gets the D.
File: 1361329286443.png-(11 KB, 300x300, 1347178640220.png)
11 KB
>Dat file name.
Oh man you got me.
I'll go back to my cave now.
I just have to have that one bit of fun.
Not bad not bad, was hoping for the continuation of Dizty tho, but this covers it. The rhyming was a really good touch, makes the mood of the story.
File: 1361329411197.jpg-(21 KB, 267x200, image.jpg)
21 KB
Favorite pone you say?
Shit that the circlejerk co-writes, yo

>Day fooly-cooly in Equestria
>Not the anime
>It was wierd
>No, today is the day you finally get to meet that Princess Celestia twi's been going on about with such reverance
>And you've been asked, strictly, to avoid the foolish behavior you've been known to exhibit
>In other words, you've been forced to leave behind your beloved rubber chicken.
>Ah that rubber chicken
>Your sole companion from the world of man
>You'd taken to calling him ... Dave
>He was your favorite instrument of mayhem, and it helped keep the forces of Flutterrape at bay.
>With his flippy-floppy powers of distraction and defense, no-pony had been able to get their hooves on your goods
>Pinkie was always mesmerized by its rubbery floppiness
>You caught her and Dave together after a couple of bottles of wine
>It was surprisingly sexy
>You are considering letting her take him on a date after you all get back
>And pulling a Fluttershy( Stalking)
>For science of course
>Strictly for science
>Back to the plot
>You've spent the last few days packing your stuff, and now that you're finally ready for the trip, you have some time to kill
>You kill time the same way you kill all your problems
>With copious amounts of liquor
>This has it's benefits and drawbacks
>However, the time gets away from you, and halfway through your second bottle of tequila (with some hot sauce because you're not a pussy) there is a knock at your door
>You run to the door
>And instead of opening it like a pussy you pull your head back and slam into it
“Fuck your shit, door!”
>Because you're just that cool, the door splits in half straight down the middle, and standing there in shock is...
>Apple Bloom
>She will not be spared

File: 1361329506259.gif-(1.42 MB, 300x169, 1349028590168.gif)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB GIF
Mah neiggah
>pic related

Never thought about a Return to Sender Part 2...
You have sown a dangerous seed, sir.

>"Uh... Anon... What's goin-"
>You take hold of the amazing yellow mini-mini-horse, and with all of your considerable might, throw her into the great blue oblivion
>You watch as she sails into the distance...
>That's definitely a three-pointer
>"Hey mang, mayhaps you should've asked what she wanted?"
>Shut up, Dave
>You're a rubber chicken, you're not suppose to talk
>Now that you're out of your comfy armchair, you might as well start your drunken rampage.
>"Yeah well, I do what I want Beyatch!"
>You flail your arms as you stagger towards town
>It makes you feel like Godzilla
>You've brought some Pretzels so that you can further this self-illusion by imagining you're eating tree trunks
>Ponies flee in terror from your majestic countenance
>And because you're drunk
>They are smart to do so
>You bellow a tremendous roar to assert your dominance
>The few who freeze in fear are not spared their fate
>Some pony has the audacity to roar back!
>You look around for the foolish equine who has just thrown away their life...
>...It's Fluttershy
>You pick up the foolish flutter flyer, and aim for the nearest blackhole
>"Y-you could wreck my Tokyo any day, Anon..."
>and then some jackass ruined it
>Suddenly, there is a bright light behind you...
>You turn around ready to face the newest challenger, only to see something glorious!
>"Anonymous? You are late for our appointment!"
>Princess Celestia in her divine splendour glares at you
>You are manhandling one of the heroes of destiny.
>You are drunk
>And you are late
"...Tequila was involved.”
>"Anon... You know the punishment for angering me..."

File: 1361329560849.jpg-(42 KB, 338x430, allyourwut'sfacewhen.jpg)
42 KB
i'm probably never gonna be able to do something as pro ass this
Yeah, yeah, I know what you're gonna say:
"lel your fave p0ny is useless and isn't even best back-ground pone"
Well how about I like her personality, that should count for something.

"N-no! I didn't mean it! Please!"
>"Ten hours in the >rape dungeon!"
>Princess Celestia's horn glows with a pearlescent light
>Her magic washes over you
>You find yourself in a room
>wat do?
>A. Kill yourself faget
>B. Masturbate furiously
>Princess Celestia walks into the dungeon.
>"I've decided that you're in need of something more drastic. Prepare yourself!"
>Princess Celestia's horn shines once more.
>you try to prepare yourself
>You feel your body contort in ways that it was never meant to
>Agonizing pain shoots through every fiber of your being.
>Then as suddenly as it began, it leaves
>It's oddly ERAHTIK
"W-what have you done to me...?"
>You look at your body.
>Horrible white wings sprout from your back.
>A horn projects itself from your forehead.
>Your wings are so pretty.

People who I remember contribooted: C.G. (Started dat shyet), Clever Dick, Myself (2 posts of like... 2 words, lol fail) and theonetheycallmonk

Anyone I forgot, please rape my face because I'm clearly a tremendous faggot if I forgot you.
File: 1361329719555.gif-(49 KB, 320x240, 20 billion points if you (...).gif)
49 KB
practice makes perfect buddy

and you've got the right stuff.

Easily the most shitty of comic series.
File: 1361329789581.gif-(1.01 MB, 350x262, oh god my sides.gif)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB GIF
I love your singalongs, Eti.
It's nice to see you writing again.
Gotta give AppleKick the Dick some time.
File: 1361329851853.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 24 KB, 250x250)
Spoiler Image, 24 KB
Read my "a year and two weeks" story mang, she's my personal fav as well.
Alright, story is GO!
>As you make your way through town, various ponies greet you, sometimes starting small conversations, sometimes giving you free samples, generally making you feel welcome. The feeling is nice, and you graciously accept the company as well as the materials.
>By the time you reach the treebrary, you have been fairly loaded down with fruits, vegetables, addresses, a couple soaps, etc, etc.
>You kick the door, hoping someone will be there right now to open up and let you inside.
>Thankfully someone is.
>You head inside, and mumble out a thanks, to whoever it was that opened the door for you.
>You make your way to your room, and deposit your gift pile onto the bed.
>As you begin cataloguing what today has brought you, you hear the door shut, and a lock slide into place.
>You turn around to see what's up, and find yourself staring into two greenish-blue eyes.
>In an instant, your joy at coming home and receiving gifts is reduced to nothing, as you are assailed by an unnatural and paralyzing fear.
>You are frozen in place as she slowly steps forward, her eyes swallowing you whole.
>She pushes you onto the bed, which breaks eye contact for a second.
>You quickly ball up and shut your eyes, whatever she's planning on doing cannot be good. She stamps a hoof, but does not leave, instead she walks behind you, the room soon smells of hay, and oat.
>You refuse to look at whatever it is she's trying to do.
>Eventually, she grows tired of whatever it is she's doing, and gets up. She unlocks the door, opens it, and you hear the door shut.
>You don't trust it yet though, so you swing your arms wildly, and manage to connect with something definitely pretending to have left the room.
>She yelps as your open hand connects with her jaw, and leaves whimpering. You hazard a peek around you and find that almost everything in the room is wet with some semi-thick substance. The substance is the source of the smell, and you can't stand to be in there any longer.
>You walk out of the room, make sure the yellow freak has left, and make your way out of the house.
>She likely wouldn't try anything in public.
File: 1361329949675.png-(99 KB, 437x538, 1329103737011.png)
99 KB
Any good stories with rainbow dash?
>As you walk around town, keeping in view of at least three p0nies at a time, you feel your head begin to throb. The pain is different this time however, This time it is not debilitating to your faculties.
>If anything, you would describe this pain as sharpening your awareness.
>You see the colors of the world, hear the sounds and smell the scents of the world. You get the feeling you need to walk to the Everfree forest. It is as though someone is calling to you.
>Someone familiar.
>You abandon your original task of merely walking around, and make your way to the forest''s edge. For a moment, you come to your senses as you recall your friends' warnings about the dangerous creatures that dwell within.
>This moment of clarity is quashed entirely however, as a new wave of pain crests over your consciousness.
>You clutch your hands to your temples, attempting to prevent your brain from leaking out your ears.
>Thankfully the pain passes, but before you realize what's happened, you find you've somehow made your way into the woods, and are now hurrying along what could never be considered a path to somewhere you hope you'll find answers.
>After what feels like an hour or so of making your way through the dense foliage, you break into a clearing of the canopy. The sudden light blinds you, and you throw up your arms to protect yourself from the harsh rays.
>When you finally feel comfortable enough, you let down your arms, and see at the opposite side of the clearing, a lone standing figure.
>He looks… familiar
>Nay, he looks exactly like you!
So you wanna be a sad cunt, bro?
FUCK that shit, bro!
You're a sick cunt if you wanna be!
Practice makes perfect, bud. That's why we're here. Post, practice, take criticism, and use it to forge and refine your next tale.

If you feel you ain't there yet, you will be. Soon.
>You are now Anonymous again and what?
>Pinkie told you after a bit of drinking that there was a mirror pool somewhere in the forest, and that when you stepped into it two of you came out.
>Is there maybe a mirror pool deal going on here?
>He's just standing there, staring at you.
>He looks terrible though, almost as though he's had to survive in here for quite some time.
>His suit is torn and dirty. He's got scrapes bruises and scars all over his exposed skin. He simultaneously a mad and a cold look in his eyes.
>It sends shivers down your spine to see the way he's peering at you.
>You are contemplating saying something to the other you, but before you get a chance, he says something unintelligible.
>It sounds like something between a hiss, a hacking cough, and a laugh.
Well sheit.
File: 1361330090899.jpg-(9 KB, 225x225, 1353782899598.jpg)
9 KB

Working on one actually

Rainbro is best bro
>You get a very bad feeling, and begin looking about the ground for a stick or a rock, anything really to possibly keep him away from you.
>The pain from earlier has also returned, settling in the center of your skull, and steadily increasing in intensity.
>He continues making the odd terrible noise, never moving from his spot, simply watching you with his mad unblinking eyes.
>The heat of the forest becomes glaringly apparent as the pain in your skull continues to climb. the buzzing of mosquitoes, the stench of the wilderness, it is all bearing down upon your senses as you huddle into a ball trying to clear your thoughts.
>Soon, it becomes too much, and you let out a scream, before diving into the foliage in a pathetic attempt to escape the pain, and the whispers in your ears.
>The whispers take on a haunting and melodic tone, drowning out the sounds and feelings of the forest.

Not from me, not yet... (Like you could call my stories good anyway)
>i have long been waiting to see you my friend.
>You open your eyes to see that you are no longer in any forest. To be honest, you cannot tell where you are.
>there is a vast emptiness all around you, but you don't feel fear of any kind. There is instead, a great knowing feeling that settles upon your mind. As you continue looking about yourself, you look down and see you are standing on the surface of a great mirror.
>The other you is looking at you with the same mad eyes the feral anon in the forest did.
>That's you?!
>we are not the same.
>you've seen what's left of me out there, in the "real" world.
What's happening?
>The other you makes a sneering face, looking down on you from below.
>what? did the child forget the bad memories? did he want mamma to make it all go away?
>A chorus of whispers repeat the accusation, beating you down into a quivering pile.
>i will not be denied any longer.
>we have a home, and we are past due for returning.
We? A home? Isn't this my home?
>The feral anon seems to sadden immensely upon hearing you say this, the fire in his eyes replaced with the ice-y coldness from before.
>yes, my poor forgetful friend, we. we had a home, a wife, daughters, a life! and in the flash of a lightbulb. gone, like tears in rain.
>To see the previously so aggressive anon speak with such sorrow throws your suspicion into doubt. If what he's saying is true, then where do you fit into this?
>There has been a dullness about your senses since waking up here in this mirror world, but suddenly, you feel the dullness cast aside as though only so much heavy fabric.

Perspective shift inbound
>You are now Twilight Sparkle
>The ride over to Canterlot was quiet, and uncomfortable. Normally you'd have gotten on one of the first class carts, courtesy of the Princess. But you knew how observant your teacher was, she'd know you were coming if you'd taken one of those. So instead you opted to get pinkie to help you with a disguise.
>That pony may not have been a unicorn, but in matters such as these, she had a magic of her own.
>Then you got a ticket for the coach carts.
>Just to be safe.
>Although to be honest, you didn't feel safe. You felt terrified, here you were attempting to acquire help from the Princess' sister, without alerting her. Under the wrong context, this could look very bad.
>Upon arriving, you looked in on a couple "friends", made small talk, and learned what you could about luna's habits. For as close as the two of you were, you still don't know her very well.
>You're planning on meeting up with her on her evening stroll through the Canterlot gardens.
>She'll be with her guard, but once you ditch the disguise, things should go over fine.
>You have a few hours until Then though, and the fake gut you're wearing is pretty heavy.
>Perhaps you can find a park or an inn to sit down for a moment at.
>You've been sitting in a fairly seedy tavern for the past few hours, sticking with water, listening to the colorful conversations around you.
>It's almost time. You've been getting a very bad feeling in your gut for the past couple minutes.
>Not about the princess, Things have been going smoothly in that regard.
>No, this feels like something bad is happening to one of your friends. Like they're in pain, or like they're about to be.
>You almost drop the act and head home, but you can't. Not when you've gotten so close to some answers.
>You put the concern near the back of your awareness, and focus on the task at hand
>Night has fallen, Your teacher has likely retired for the evening, and soon Luna will be making her rounds of the garden.
>You abandon the disguise, and head into the castle. A few guards don't initially recognize you, but after a few words, you've got them leading you to Luna.
>They don't try and make any kind of small talk, which is perfectly fine for you. You still want to go over what you'll say. If you make a mistake now, who knows how this will go down.
>They stop just outside the garden, you thank them, and they depart, probably back to their original posts or something.
>You take a deep breath, to calm yourself, and then head in, spotting the princess of the night immediately.
>She appears to be in the middle of caring for the garden, so you wait for her to finish up before attempting to speak.
>She has however noticed you, and begins chatting with you before dismissing her guards.
>"Twilight, hello, it is a pleasure to see you this lovely evening. Truthfully we are most grateful for the company of a friend on this night."
"H-Hello Princess, How are you?"
>You're stuttering like Fluttershy, you must be more nervous than you thought.
>"Please Twilight, call us Luna, we are friends are we not?"
"Of course Luna, How are you? How is Princess Celestia?"
>"We are well, as is our sister. She has been retiring earlier and earlier recently however. When we asked her what was the matter, she merely attempted to dissuade our concern. It did not help in the least."
>Perhaps the Princess was sick?
"If she's sick, then i hope she gets better soon. Hey Luna, you know about the human Anonymous right?"
>"We have heard of him yes, but we have not gotten the chance to meet him ourselves, neither in this world nor in that of dreams."
>Luna can't enter his dreams?
"Perhaps it's because he's an unfamiliar species?"
>"We have come to this conclusion as well. Although it is strange, we have noticed that his dream is open to us, and yet sealed away by a powerful magic. Likely our sister herself is keeping his dreams isolated. Perhaps she does not trust him yet."
>This is getting you nowhere, you'll need to ask Celestia herself, but that doesn't mean you are done with Luna.
"Luna, would it bother you terribly if I asked you a favor?"
>"Of course not dearest Twilight! We are more than happy to help our friend however we can. What do you need?"
>You are now Anonymous again, and you understand.
>Feral anon looks up at you with the eyes on fire again. It does not phase you as it did before though.
>You understand his plight, the poor thing. It is your plight as well, but you got the better half of the deal by far.
>There is nothing that can realistically be done for him however.
The two that were once whole, have grown in separate directions. Such that they can never be made whole with each other again. I am sorry, but this is the way things must be.
>i have heard this too many times.
>A spiderweb of cracks begin to form on the formerly pristine surface of the "world".
>The pain that has been steadily increasing ever since waking in this realm, jumps in magnitude, reaching a zenith, as the world around you shatters into millions of shards glinting in the light like so many diamonds falling from the sky.
>The last thing you see of the world, is your reflection break into a horrible smile, before his visage is shattered like the rest of the world around him.
>You fall into a vast and indiscernible emptiness.
>You hear sounds, of children's laughter, of their tears, of a loved one's voice, and then all is silent, and all is still.
>You are now Twilight Sparkle again, and you are glad Luna trusts you as much as she does. Perhaps it's mere naiveté, perhaps she still harbors something against her sister. Regardless she has stood by you in this your time of struggle.
>You are having difficulty dodging the Princess's magical volleys. you know she wouldn't hurt you, but you cannot afford to lose this duel.
>Should you succeed, she has promised to answer your questions. Should you fail, you will never again see your beloved Anonymous.
>This thought drives you to let loose your own shots against your teacher.
>She has experience, speed, power, and skill. But you know from studying under her that she also has vanity.
>You haven't had many opportunities to duel like this before, but you have always prided yourself on being able to learn form your experiences.
>Luna is being overly aggressive, she will likely exhaust herself from expelling such energy.
>She is helping to keep Celestia off of your flank for the moment though, so you won't complain.
>For each shot thrown her way, Celestia simply sidesteps, leaps, or shields herself. Always wearing a smile that speaks of confidence, and certainty.
>As confident as she appears to be however, you know that the two of you are steadily wearing her down.
>Sweat gleams along her coat, and her breathing has steadily grown more labored. She begins to laugh, exclaiming very now and then about how much fun she's having.
>You know she's merely attempting to throw you out of your comfort zone. It seems to be working on Luna though.

sorry for so many shifts
>"Sister! We will claim victory this day! We have kept in better shape than you!"
>Poor choice of words Luna. Celestia is not overly sensitive about mangy things, but among those, she is most sensitive about her figure.
>Celestia drops the smile, and you see a fire in her eyes. She stops, plants her hooves solidly on the ground and erect s a barrier about herself.
>Luna begins hammering at the defense, and before you can warn her of the trap she is falling into, the shield is dispelled outwards, sending the younger Princess back onto her flank. As her vision re-settles after the blast, a hail of bolts rains down upon her, dying her entire coat (save for her belly) the pink of Celestia's blasts.
>She's definitely out. And she's actually out cold, so it's just you and your now enraged teacher.
>"And what do You think My Faithful Student! I'm still a pretty Princess aren't I!?" The Princess is now firing with reckless abandon, sending shots wide, bouncing them around the room.
>The display would be beautiful and impressive if it weren't for the context in which it came a bout.
>As it stands, it frightens you, and you do your best to ball up, and hop out of the way of stray shots.
>This continues fro a solid four minutes before the Pretty princess settles down, drenched in sweat, and panting tiredly.
>You are doing little better, but with the little energy you didn't use blocking or dodging out of the way of the blasts, you let loose a pin prick of energy in her direction.
>She doesn't notice as it makes its slow path through the room. She does however notice, when it hits square in the center of her cutiemark.
Of course I think you're beautiful Princess. Luna was just messing around with you, I'm sure.
>The Princess takes a deep breath, composing herself, and goes back to her customary grin, and then into a light chuckle
>"Well done my student. You have earned your answer. But to fully understand it, you will need to trust me wholly."
I do princess, I do with all of my heart.
>"Very well, help me with my sister, and then we will take a walk."

>You are Anonymous.
>And this is not good.
>You can see what's happening to you, feel it, hear it, but you can't move. You can do nothing as the madman tackles you to the ground, raking his nails across your face, drawing blood.
>You can do nothing as he grabs a stone of to the side and brings it down upon your hand, easily breaking at least two of your fingers.
>All the while, his eyes remain fixed upon yours, never blinking, burning into your soul.
>You can hear his voice, inside your head.
>i am sorry to need to do this to us. But inside, there is something that keeps me at bay. Out here, there is only the flesh, bone, and sinew.
>If i break you, you will have to return to me. You will have to.
>There is a great deal of uncertainty in his "voice" upon repeating himself.
>He is desperate. Perhaps he's correct, if he kills you, maybe you will go back to being one person. But what if he's not? And what if you don't want to be one person anymore?
>What you said in the mirror world resounds in your head, and you feel a great resolve fill your body.
>You will not cry out, even if you cannot fight back, he will not break you like this
What was once whole, has been shattered in two. It cannot be mended, no matter what you try. You are lost to your madness, and my death will change nothing for you.
>The feral man continues beating away at your body, but you have stopped feeling any kind of pain from his attacks.
>You still cannot move while under his piercing gaze, but you have your wits about you.
Suddenly, off to the side, you can hear the rustling of leaves, and hear the feral anon make a cry at the interloper.
>His broken eye contact gives you the opportunity to push him off, and as you scramble to your feet, you notice that night has fallen, and that your visitor and inadvertent savior is none other than Fluttershy.
>She looks almost as surprised as you did when she spots the second Anon.
>A look of terror comes over his face, and a look of recognition comes over hers.
>Her presence fills the two of you with fear, but you are at the same time grateful to her for stopping the beating.
>She takes a step forward, then another, and another, and before he knows it, she she has made her way to within an inch of him.
>She has him trapped in the stare, just as he had you trapped in his.
>It all appears to be too much for him as he lets out a terrifying howl, and collapses unconscious before her.
>Your injuries finally catch up with you, a mangled hand, slashes across your face, possibly a broken arm, possibly broken ribs, the pain is searing, and reduces you to little more than a whimpering mess.
>Events pass at an alarming rate, and you regain your senses in a hospital. Bound and gagged.
End of Day 4
And there we go, i'm not sure if the next part is the finale, or it's predecessor, but i do know that things are soon to end.
I'm sorry if the whole magic tag thing seems pointless, also I'm fairly certain i lifted the idea from lulu, so sorry if you mind.
>Questions Comments, concerns, etc.
File: 1361330996855.png-(303 KB, 948x904, 1350940900388.png)
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303 KB PNG

Sorry for interupting
Loved it
just don't go on hiatus again, I hate waiting
Not to shitpost, but what do you writefags do for pre writing?

Do you list the main events of the chapter and develop details based on that, or do you develop new ideas as a result of the flow of writing?
I hope i don't disappoint friend, and i'm glad you enjoyed it.
>Also, this thread need sustenance, so i shall post something else.
I don't prewrite, which is bad, and i should start
Day Sympathy in Equestria
>You find yourself walking through a forest.
>How you came to be walking through a forest, you have no idea.
>When you've lived as long as you have, events tend to blur together, especially if they don't catch your attention.
>You know you're walking the right way.
>There are innocent souls up ahead, and you've always enjoyed their company.
>A few pesky cats try and make a morsel of you. They soon learn to give you a wide berth though.
>Interesting chemical composition of the poison in their stingers.
>Someone could easily describe it as magical.
>This whole area, seems to feel of old magic.
>It's a refreshing change from the smoke and atheism of the big cities.
>You reach a clearing, and see through the bushes what looks to be a village.
>Villages, were perfect breeding grounds for superstitions. You loved villages.
>You take a deep breath, straighten your tie, and put on the winning smile you've perfected over your long life.
>As you head into the village center, you see how odd it's inhabitants are.
>Apparently, you ain't in kanas no more!
>There are small colorful horses milling about, some have wings, some have horns, and some have no discernible difference to the ones you're used to.
>And they can talk!
>You really do learn something new every day.

>A few regard you with curiosity, but many give you a relatively wide berth.
>There is one that doesn't seem to be phased by your presence. A mint green unicorn, with amber irises and a lyre emblazoned upon her flank.
>Her eyes appear to water as you allow her to examine your hands. She seems to be fascinated with your fingers, and their joints.
>You don't mind the attention, the opposite in fact. As the small horse continues her examination, a group of six more p0nies begins making their way towards you.
>One purple unicorn is the first to actually speak with you.
>She introduces herself as Twilight Sparkle, and extends a hoof to you, in what is likely a sign of peace.
>You enjoy the serenity of wherever it is you've found yourself, so you'll keep the nice guy act going for awhile.
>You shake hands (hooves?) with each of the p0nies, and note that three of them, the white unicorn Rarity, and both of the Pegasi seem to have developed a crush on you.
>How sweet.
>The purple Unicorn, who seems to lead the group grows excited, asking you questions, trying to understand what you are.
>You haven't played this game in a while.
>The day passes in a similar fashion, and as night begins to fall on the quaint little village, a flying chariot alights just outside the library you've all gathered inside.
>A pair of armored pegasi enter, and Twilight Sparkle greets them, inquiring if they're here because of her letter.
>The pair nod their heads in the affirmative, and the purple unicorn begins hopping in excitement.

>She tells you, that the two of you will be heading over to the capital city of this magical pony land, to meet with the "princess".
>You grow as excited as she has.
>The two of you bid adieu the five "friends" who are staying behind and climb aboard the chariot.
>The trip is fairly quick, and you spend it chatting with Twilight.
>You land right in front of the castle, and Twilight dismisses the guards, assuring them the two of you will be fine.
>The castle is fairly impressive when you get inside, with long hallways, many rooms, and high ceilings.
>You find your way alongside Twilight to a pair of Double doors, flanked on either side by two pairs of guards. They open the door for you.
>There at the end of a long carpet and a large room, sits a rather majestic Unicorn with wings, and another Pegasi with a horn.
>The smaller of the two is a beautiful shade of blue, with a mane like the night sky .
>The larger one, is a pristine white, and a mane of all the colors of the spectrum.
>You can feel the vast magic they are in possession of.
>Upon seeing you, a glint of understanding comes to the larger Allicorn's eyes.
>It brings a quiet smile to your face.
>Before anyone can say anything, you decide to greet your benefactor.
Please allow me to introduce myself.
I am a man of wealth and taste.
I've been around for a long, long year.
Stolen many a man's soul and faith.
I was 'round when Jesus Christ had his moment, of doubt and pain.
I made damn sure that Pilate washed his hands, and sealed his fate.
Pleased to meet you.
Won't you guess my name?
File: 1361333184622.jpg-(64 KB, 600x542, 230898__UNOPT__safe_flutt(...).jpg)
64 KB
I look forward to it.
hopefully thread will wake up soon, I'm worried i may have actually killed it
I like to outline it point by point.
1. Anon is gay
2.Flutters tries to hook up with him
3. reveals that he is flaming homo
4. FL sad
5. New idea
6. Gay club or bathhouse
7. Caramel >rape
8. punchline

Then as I write, I fill in gaps. If the story changes organically, then I am fine with that as well.
You didn't kill it man.
I'm still lurking.
Will be posting 2nd DoP part 11 in the next hour or so.
Putting some finishing touches on it.
>Typo hunting.
Man, I've been writing quickly recently. Maybe I should use this time off from school to actually do work instead of writing this shit. But hell, it's fun.

Thanks to everyone who's been reading so far, I hope you're having as much fun with it as I am.

Previous part can be found here:

>Pinkie Pie asks all kinds of questions as you help her bake her goods
>Where you’re from, what you are, how you got here
>Not unlike Fluttershy
>Except, Pinkie steered clear from the personal questions
>She probably knows better than to ask about your private business
>Or just didn’t want to
>…then why did Fluttershy?
>…well, not really important
>You put the thought out of your head
>It’s gotten late into the afternoon as you mix batter, planning your party with the pink p0ny
>”And we should have music! And games! And STREAMERS! What party is complete without streamers!?”
>You giggle to yourself
Yeah, we’ll definitely need all of those!
>You continue mixing your batter
What about sweets? We have to have sweets at a party!
>You smile widely
>No one has ever made you feel more at home than Pinkie
>She’s a lot like you, actually
>A little more eccentric and hyper
>But definitely a lot like you
>Smiley, optimistic, spreading cheer
>She’ll definitely be your go-to p0ny
>You and Pinkie pour the cake batter into a pan and throw it in the oven
>You’ve already made dozens of cupcakes and cookies, so there’s not much else to do while you wait


>Pinkie takes off her apron and hops up on the island table, making herself comfortable
>You lean against it and cross your arms
>”So you stayed over at Fluttershy’s last night, huh?” she asks
>You glance over to her
Yup. Letting me crash there was real kind of her.
>She giggles
>”Of course! Fluttershy is the kindest!”
>You agree with a smile
And a little…
>You stop yourself
>…that may be a little rude of you…
>Pinkie throws on a puzzled expression and tilts her head
>”A little what, Emmy?”
>…Gosh, you don’t want to offend her or anyone…
>…but you’ve felt a sort of bond with Pinkie
>You should be able to tell her your feelings
I dunno, Pinkie Pie. Just a little… awkward.
>She tilts her head the other way
She seems all tense around me. And it kind of rubs off. I don’t know, maybe she’s just nervous around me?
>Pinkie giggles
>”Oh Emmy, Fluttershy’s… well, shy! She’s nervous around a lot of p0nies!”
>You figured as much…
>…honestly, Femanon, you’re overthinking things
Yeah, you’re right, Pinkie.
>You say smiling


>You glance out the window
>The sun sure is setting fast…
…maybe I ought to go find her. It’s getting late.
>Pinkie gasps
>”Oh, but we still have so much to plan for tomorrow!”
>She gasps again
>”OH I KNOW!” she cheers, “How about we have a sleepover!?”
A sleepover?
>She dashes over to the cupboard with lightning speed
>”I’ve got—“
>She whips out a tray of—
>She drops them to the table and speeds off somewhere else
>”And chocolate milk!”
>She throws it back into the fridge
>”And we can talk and snack and plan more and just hang out!”
>You’re speechless
>How did she move so…
>You shake your head
>Actually, a sleepover sounds… pretty appealing
>You can’t remember the last time any of your girlfriends had one
>It should be… fun
I’d love to, Pinkie.
>You say with a smile
>She beams


>You lower your head and think for a bit
Maybe I should… I don’t know, tell Fluttershy?
>Pinkie hops over
>”Sure! She should know, right?”
>Wait, should she?
>She’s not your caretaker or anything…
>She found you, and she housed you for the night
>…and you don’t want her to feel left out…
>…yeah, just go tell her, Femanon
>Maybe you and Fluttershy can go do something tomorrow
…yeah. I’ll head over to tell her, and be right back, okay?
>Pinkie’s smile is all the answer you need

>The sun has completely set now, and you’re winding the path to Fluttershy’s cottage
>The lights are all on, and the babbling brook sends wonderful watery tunes into the air
>Living here must be a dream…
>You knock on the door a few times
>You can hear some rustling behind it
>Then, it opens up
>The little yellow winged mare gazes up to you
>”Oh THERE you are, Femanon! I was wondering when you’d come back…”
>You smile at her, a little awkwardly
You know, just thought I’d come by and… let you know about my day.


>”Oh, of course, I’d love to hear about it! I’ll get some tea started!”
That sounds lovely.
>You and Fluttershy get settled in on her couch
>She makes a kettle of tea for the two of you, and you sip and converse about the day
--And we’re aiming for tomorrow night. It should be a fun time. You’re coming, right?
>She nods happily
>”Oh, I wouldn’t miss it for the world!”
>You sip your tea
That’s great.
>You place it down on the coffee table
Actually, Fluttershy… about the planning…
>Here we go…
>…why is this such a big deal?
>She isn’t your mom!
>She’s not going to take it hard… right…?
We’re not actually done yet… Pinkie asked me to spend the night at her place, so we can finish up. Is that…
>You glance down to your feet
…you know, okay…?
>You twiddle your thumbs
>It’s silent…
>…what’s she thinking?
>You glance up to her, getting a look on her face
>Is that… shock?
>She locks eyes with you
>And her entire expression changes


>”Why sure, Femanon! I don’t think you really need my ‘permission’ for something like that!”
>A weight is lifted from your chest
>Wow, did she really say that?
>Maybe your perception of Fluttershy was way off
>You smile
Thanks, Flutters.
>She’s smiling too
Hey, I don’t want you to feel left out or anything, though. You’re my friend too. Why don’t we do something tomorrow before the party? Hang out?
>She absolutely beams
>”Oh I’d love to!”
>You sigh a sigh of relief
>There we go…
>No one’s feeling left out or offended
>You take another look over to her face
>She looks like what you probably did when you thought she’d take your news poorly
>Nervous, anticipating a response… hmm…
>”Well… you don’t have to… *mumble *”
>She mumbles and glances away
…what was that, Fluttershy?
>She looks back to you
>”Well… you don’t need to… share a bed in a sleepover… right…?”
>You look to her with a puzzled look
>…where did that come from?


>…wait, do you?
I don’t think so… I mean, I don’t plan to share a bed with her…
>A look of relief washes over her face
Wait… why?
>Aaaand it’s gone again
>”Oh! Um—“
>She laughs nervously
>”I’m just… curious…?”
>She smiles a nervous, teeth-showing smile
>You think you hear some kind of squeaking noise as she does it
>…it’s better not to question this, you suppose
>She exhales
Anyway, Pinkie Pie’s probably waiting. I’ll stop by tomorrow so we can hang out, okay?
>She smiles
>”Okay, Femanon, have fun!”

>You and Pinkie Pie have a great time
>You talk more about the party, about guests, food, etc, all over a plate of the best cookies you’ve ever eaten
>She talks about her other best friends that you HAVE to meet
>They all sound like great p0nies to know
>Maybe even more friends to have here
>You exchange a few jokes and share a few laughs
>Pinkie Pie, in her onesie pajamas, rolls onto her back and laughs, kicking her feet into the air


>”Emmy, you’re so silly!” she cries as she giggles
>You’re in a giggling fit too
>Gosh, you haven’t had this much fun in God knows how long
>Wiping the tears from your eyes, you take a glance at Pinkie’s clock
>Almost 12am
>Pinkie notices your gaze
>”Thinking about heading to bed, Emmy?”
>You look to her
Heh, yeah, maybe.
>You yawn
I have some things I want to do with Fluttershy before the party. Want to make sure I’m up in time for them.
>”No prob! We can head to bed now!”
>She hops up and trots past you
>”We already planned the whole party, anyway!”
>You smile
>She starts digging through a closet
>”Hey, Emmy, you don’t mind sleeping on the ground or anything do you?”
>She pulls out several sheets, a comforter, and a pillow
>”It’s just that I don’t have a spare bed. It’ll be reeeeeally comfy!”
>You smile
That sounds great, Pinkie Pie.
>And here you were a tad worried she’d ask you to bed with her
>…huh, another thing she hasn’t done that Fluttershy has…
>…maybe sharing a bed isn’t common here…?
>Then why did Fluttershy want to?


>…or maybe it is common, and Pinkie’s the odd one
>Looking at Pinkie Pie, that may be the case
>Why are you thinking about these things?
>You shake them from your head
>Pinkie Pie has already set up a beautiful looking sleeping area not too far from her own bed
>”TA-DAAA!” she announces gleefully as she reveals it
>You laugh and clap your hands softly
It looks great!
>She beams a hearty smile at you
>”Okay then!”
>She launches herself into her bed
>”Night Emmy!”
>She crashes down onto the bed, the covers bouncing up high and falling neatly down onto her
>She’s already snoring
>…wow, this mare
>You laugh softly to yourself
>You head over to your sleeping area and take off your pants
>You place them to the side and get nice and settled in
>…well… you’re not sharing a bed with anyone…
>…yeah, you probably should
>You reach around your back and unhook your bra
>You place it down next to your pants
Ohhh… much better.
>You settle down into your area once more


>And drift off…

>”… I just don’t know…”
>”I mean, I don’t THINK…”
>”She’s just so…”
>You’re having a dream about you and Pinkie Pie
>You’re hanging out at the party together
>It’s… fun
>”Maybe just…”
>In your sleep, you feel a little tingly
>The dream kind of stops itself
>”Oh… oh my…~”
>Very tingly…
>”…rub… not a… oh, I can’t, I…”
>”But… was saying that…”
>”…just a peek…”
>…you’re not very comfortable…
>”…! Oh … shouldn’t have…”
>”…hope she… awake…”
>You move a little in your sleep

>Your eyes flutter open silently
>You gaze up to the ceiling
>Weird how your body works…
>Having a simple dream, then awake just like that…


Excellent question! Let me outline in the only way I know how...

>Decide on a catchy or pun fueled title
>Decide who will be the person/pony the story focuses on
>Write so many words
>Walk away for hours
>Forget everything
>Come back
>Read what I previously wrote
>Decide to go in a whole new direction
>Add some french dialog usually in spoiler mode text
>Browse /mlp/
>Look for posts ending in doubles and use any ideas they suggest
>Reread what I have written so far
>Decide to take it to 11 and go in a new direction
>Proofread without being too picky

This is a typical day for how I would write. Hope you have found it informative! Speaking of which, I should return to writing before bed.

>You turn your head
>A slight draft comes into the room
>Was the window always open…?
>You re-adjust yourself
>You glance down to your body
>Your shirt has been pulled up to around your neck
>Your breasts are completely exposed
>You quickly pull it back down
>You glance over to Pinkie
>…still asleep
>…okay, good
>No one saw anything
>You turn over and try to get back to sleep
>…holy… wait…
>You sit up
>You dart your hand downward and start patting your crotch
>…you’re damp
>…like, REALLY damp. Wet, even
>You can feel your face blush
>How did that…?
>That’s not possible, it’s…
>…oh my…
>…no way… could it…?
>You glance over to the snoozing Pinkie Pie
>Happily sawing logs
>Your mouth gapes
>…you mean, she’s a great friend…
>And you don’t even… you mean, she’s a girl… and a p0ny…
>Could a simple dream…?
>You pat yourself again
>…could a dream really do that…?

End of Part 2


There we have it, Part 2 is up! Hope you guys enjoyed it, it was certainly interesting to write to say the least.

And comments/criticisms you'd like to leave, please do, I take everything into consideration.

Got a Pastebin as well, if you want a look-see:

Thanks guys, have a good one!
File: 1361334198981.jpg-(94 KB, 510x465, 1359982238794.jpg)
94 KB
For my longer stories, I start with an idea of where I want to go, where I'm going to start, and how I'm going to get where I want to.

For my one-shots and shorts, I tend to just come up with a punchline and try to figure out how to develop it.

Either way, when I'm actually writing, I literally just start from the beginning and write. I write from beginning to end, usually all in one sitting.

Femanon writer, Theseus! It is good to see you once more! Excellent work on the sexual tension. Had I known not any better, I'd say this was my fetish. I look forward to Femanon holding her dear friend close to her bosom as they cuddle up and sleep non-sexually
Nice, i like it so far, and the indirect hints of whats happening is a nice change as sopose to
>And she was raped while she slept huehuehue
But instead showing vuge hints and still giving whats going on
when did he ask? I didn't see anything like that in this thread?
*Puts on excited face*
Some of us don't youtube, so when that's the the big hint as to what happened, I won't get it. Feels inbound, but the feels train didn't stop for me.
Those of you who can at all remember "Of All The Possible Places" are in luck, and in unluck, for I am posting the 2nd part, which will be my final piece for these threads. More shall be explained after the story.
No Fluttershy, dusty marehoods are not and never will be my fetish.
>You painfully speak out as Fluttershy does unspeakable things to try an arouse you.
>It's dark, hot and hard to breathe in this damn cave.
>Your mining light ran out of power long ago.
>The perfect spot for a rapist like Fluttershy to try her moves on you.
>Since you're stuck here, you have no choice but to put up with her attempts.
>This is her 3rd attempt since the cave-in, and just like the last two, it failed.
>"Are you sure? Let me check your hot monkey dick, just to make sure."
No. I am positive that sticking dust, the throat's bane, into a horse-
Into a pony vagina is not something that arouses me.
>She looks down at the floor.
Guilt isn't my fetish either.
>She looks back up and stomps her hooves at the dirt.
>A few minutes after that escapade, you continue.
>You notice a small trapdoor just in front of you.
>No harm in taking a look.
>"Uhm, let me help you take a closer look."
>Fluttershy pushes you through the trapdoor.
>The fall was just short enough for you to make it out dazed, but otherwise unharmed.
>Fluttershy uses this opportunity to try and unbutton your pants.
>Once your mind realizes what's going and is back in order, you backhand her across the face.
>Oh shit.
>Anon you fucking moron.
>Sure she tried to rape you, but she never injured you, this was a complete dick mo-
>"I-is domestic abuse your f-fetish, Anon?"
>Never fucking mind.
>You simply facepalm and stand up.
>Great. Another long mineshaft.
Well, since you so politely pushed me down here I guess we have no choice but to press on.
>You trudge on through this hell, the faint dripping of water becoming ever more annoying.
>Because, as it turns out, it's just Fluttershy drooling over the sight of your covered ass.
>Why did you feel sorry for her again?
>Regardless, the two of you press on, albeit the only thing keeping Fluttershy here is the rape opportunity.
>If it wasn't for that, you'd be taking this trip alone.
>You are now Fluttershy.
>And by Celestia Anon's flank is so beautiful.
>Covered it may be, it's still a sight to behold.
>You just can't help but let your wings fold out at this marvelous sight.
>All that could be yours if you found his fetish one day...
>He will love you one day, that is certain.
>Celestia herself said that working in his environment might make him more attached to you.
>Maybe this is what she meant!
>Normally he only uppercuts you if you try to unbutton his useless and worthless pants.
>This time he only backhanded you! It's a sign! He loves you!
>All these thoughts go through your head, and you can't help but place a hoof lightly on his muscular hindbosom.
>"Fluttershy, ass massages are not my fetish either."
>You already tried that one weeks ago...
>All these conflicting thoughts about your only love make you fail to notice a very loose stone above you.
>As you walk under it, several stones fall onto your back, a couple...breaking your magnificent wings.
>You are now Anon.
>Holy shit, Fluttershy just had a ton of stones fall on her!
>You hold her bruised form in your arms.
>Good god you're so worried about her, you don't want her to die!
Fluttershy! Answer me, are you okay?
>"Yes, my love. I always knew you cared for me."
>Aaaaand it's gone.
>You drop her to the floor.
Alright, just get up and follow along. I'm tired of this shit.
>"B-but Anon. My wings!"
>Upon closer inspection, you don't need a detective to tell her wings are broken.
>She won't be able to fly for about a month or so.
>But she will be able to walk, which translates to delayed and watered down, but still existing rape attempts.
You'll live. Let's go, we're killing time and oxygen.
>No matter what occurs, she'll find a way to try and rape you.
What now? What stupid fucking question do you have for me now?
>"C-could you please hold me? I'm s-scared."
>Her voice had true fear behind it.
>For once, you didn't feel rage from her requests.
>You felt annoyance, that's for damn sure.
>But not rage.
>For the next few hours, you've been carrying Fluttershy in your arms.
>Surprisingly, she's rather light.
>You haven't had any rape attempts from her this entire time. Why?
>Instead, she just keeps talking about her animals, and how happy she is to be with you, even if it's here.
>It actually warms your heart somewhat...
File: 1361334852663.jpg-(4 KB, 300x168, pull the trigger.jpg)
4 KB
>day insane in equestria
>you are fluttershy and you’re going to anon's!
>you know you got it this time!
>after waking up and getting ready you head on out to anon's house
>you knock on the door when it opens
A: Hello fluttershy"
>then he punches you and everything goes black
>you wake up and everything is a blur and you hear him saying
A: Did I ever tell you that the definition of insanity is... insanity is doing the exact same fucking thing, over and over again expecting shit to change.
A: that, is, crazy,
F: anon I don't kno-"
>you are interrupted by anon
A: The first time somebody told me that, I don't know I thought they were bullshitting me, So boom, I shot him
>anon puts his hand to make a symbol and says boom while putting his thumb down
>you also look and see that your legs are all tied up to a cinder block
A: The thing is, hehehe, he was right, and then I started seeing it everywhere I looked, everywhere I looked, all these fucking pricks , everywhere I looked doing the exact same fucking thing over, and over, and over, and over, and over again thinking this time, is going to be different,
F: a-anon wha-
A: nonono please this time is gonna be different
F: Anon what ar-
A: I'm sorry, I don't like the way.
>he kicks a box
A: You are looking at me! Ok! You have a fucking problem in your head, you think I’m bullshitting you, do you think I’m lying? FUCK YOU! Ok! FUCK! YOU!
F: a-anon y-you’re scaring me...
A: its okay man...hehehe...I'm going to kill you moth-....I am going to- the thing is alright,
>you start to wimper
A: the thing is I already killed you once already, and it's not like I am fucking crazy, its okay
>he points to a hole in the ground
F: ano-
A: It's like water under a bridge....... Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?
F: w-what are you doing anon?
>anon walks over to a cinder block your tied to and kicks it into the pit
F: Anon no! AHH!
>as you fall into the pit you think one thing
>you'll never get to be
>fucking insane anon
File: 1361334904978.png-(181 KB, 920x868, Flutters.png)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
>You two have been having a conversation about tons of different shit.
>Celestia's tyranny, what Fluttershy actually does besides trying to rape you, and what Canterlot is like.
>You stop, because you're tired as fuck.
I say we rest here for a bit.
>"Alright, Anon. I'll be right here."
>She goes to sit...rather far from you.
>Has she finally learned?
>"Anon? Why don't you love me?"
>Obvious answer is obvious.
It's because you're a crazy rapist.
>"So...if I stopped, you would reconsider?"
>Uhh, shit...
>You were open to the idea of horsefuckery, but this certainly needs some thought.
I probably would.
>Let's hope that holds her off.
>"I'll try, maybe you will love me if I try!"
>God, she's actually rather cute when she's determined for something objectively good.
>Now to rest...
>But it doesn't last long as the space between you and Fluttershy is blocked by the falling stones & boulders.
Fluttershy! Can you hear me?!
>No answer.
>Tears are forming in your eyes.
>You slam your fist into the boulder, obviously to no avail.
Not like this...please not like this...
Oh hell naw you did not inturrupt that story Vaas!
File: 1361335148599.jpg-(93 KB, 300x428, 1357266650561.jpg)
93 KB
Jeez, interrupting my final testament, and with a repost too.
That's all folks. I am no longer going to post with this trip, I'm only going to lurk or post as Anon from now on, as I feel my stories are too shitty to post here. Hopefully this installment was of decent quality to post here.
Adieu, gentlemen. It's been an honour.
File: 1361335179114.jpg-(8 KB, 185x250, Aww shit nigga.jpg)
8 KB
Shit's about to go down.
File: 1361335301763.png-(96 KB, 177x240, 1360214750502.png)
96 KB
Well, I said I'd do a full trilogy sortof deal with Monkey Lord Anon, looks like you friend'o's only get a battle..
It'd be pretty fucking difficult to record, record again, recording a second time just to make sure, AcidX everything, and THEN write something.. just for one part.
>I'm only going to lurk or post as Anon from now on, as I feel my stories are too shitty to post here
Dont be such a fucking drama queen.
Personally, I thought this was very good. I enjoyed it.
Y-you stole my storie faggot...I must kill you now...
Hey man, ain't no story too shitty to post. Don't feel like that's a reason to give up your trip.
I spelt story wrong...
File: 1361335413203.gif-(581 KB, 200x189, 8765456789.gif)
581 KB
581 KB GIF
Anon you srs?
File: 1361335469396.jpg-(70 KB, 750x563, 14f.jpg)
70 KB

Its not that big of a deal. You just put on your trip if someone asks about or for you.
File: 1361335646196.jpg-(5 KB, 256x144, KFC bithcwh.jpg)
5 KB
Aw dis sucka be goin downtown on yo ass bitch nagga cunt!
File: 1361335712485.png-(78 KB, 485x335, 765456789432.png)
78 KB
File: 1361335816770.png-(58 KB, 284x177, feel lucky.png)
58 KB
>Day feeling lucky in equestria
>wake up
>shit shower shave
>fall down the stairs but don’t bruise yourself cause
>you’re feeling lucky
>finally after all this time you manage to eat your Fak-eo's cause you’re lucky today
"Wow today must be my lucky day! Not a single knock on the door yet"
"And my luck is gone...”
>you go over and open the door
"I swear if it's you shyflutter I am goi-"
>you are cut off by a Revolver in your face
>Fluttershy fires the gun several times all over
"W-What the hell yhs!"
>F: Ah-ah, I know what you’re thinking, Did she fire six shot's? Or only five...Well to tell you the truth in all the excitement I kinda lost track myself, But in the end this is a 44 magnum the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you got to ask yourself one question 'Do I feel lucky?'...well do you buck?
>you stare at her
>F: good...
"But flutts...Ah got's to know"
>she pulls back the hammer pulls the trigger and then there was a loud click
>With that you take the gun from fluttershy
>F: I-is Dirty Harry your fetish?
"No fluttershy... But I do feel lucky"
>you pull back the hammer pulling the trigger and the gun fires
>now you’re going to pony Jail
>because today was your
>fucking lucky day
>fucking Harry
File: 1361335891414.jpg-(15 KB, 274x297, 1252560624703.jpg)
15 KB
File: 1361335900145.png-(69 KB, 178x182, Twitchy eye.png)
69 KB
Monkey Lord Anon
[Sorry guys, no time to do a whole 20 part.. this would be complicated and time consuming, so a one shot?]
>You're Anon, you've been in Equestria for... how many days now... lost count :I
>So, it's Day Something in Equestria, if it's helpful at all, no calendars..
>You get up out of bed.. you shit, you shower, you sh-
>Wait no.. You're Monkey Lord Anon.. you can't shave off your super powers..
>Your guitar playing skills rely in that wonderful beard of glory and power.. it's almost wizard status.
>You get out of the shower, comb your beard and your Jesus hair that flows down mid-back..
>You step into the kitchen, completely naked.. your only clothes are one of the few guitars you had on you before the aliens took you to this magical place
>More specifically, this bad boy.. http://www.espguitars.com/guitars/esp-standard/m2-ntb.html
>During a rock show in Stonehenge..
> That song, "free bird" you played for guitar hero II didn't go too well, you didn't even get to pack before they took you.
>You grab your breakfast and slam it down..
>The doorbell rings.. It's Tenacious D singing Master Exploder.
>You answer the door, it's Fluttershy, guessing your fetish.
>Usually it's a, "Hi Anon! Is p0nies swallowing icecubes and mayonnaise your fetish? GAK
>But she's got with her.. a guitar?
>And an ORANGE stack?!
>Dis gun be good..
>She clears her throat and turns on her crate..
>You look at it in complete jealousy.. [pic related]
So what have you got there?
>'I'm guessing your fetish??'
>It could be.. Necrophilia and Monster Jams are kindof tied..
Maybe? Depending on if you can play it..
>'This sweet ol' thing? Let me serenade you Anon!'
File: 1361336017913.jpg-(124 KB, 500x405, 4526363441_60ce4979fd.jpg)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
>She begins playing a classical tune..
>Bouree in Em
>Extremely fucking boring, this is crackerbox compared to your likes, you almost close the door until she turns the tables of genre..
>She's transitioning from classical to heavy metal.. impressive.
>She looks at you with a squee, you grab your pick, and turn on the Marshall stack next to you..
>You slam down a quick riff, she almost blushes and says in a quiet manner..
>'Oh, that's what you're into? I'm not sure if I've perfected that method of playing yet.'
>You roll your eyes..
Well, there's always a first to try... show me what you've got flutterfuck..
>You hoist your guitar.. as Fluttershy grabs her pick Don't ask me how.. .. and prepares for the duel of her life..
Sudden quality change, I'm upset. I spend all day repeatedly recording this due to fuck ups, and now I'm subjected to lower quality, vocaroo's a bugger.
>The battle is over.. you're intimidated..
>Almost be-stounted..
>You and Fluttershy's hair blow beautifully in the breeze of the thunderstorm caused by a rock battle such as this..
>The staredown ends.. Fluttershy lowers her guitar.. it's come down to
>Who's gonna give up mentally first?
>She trots forward and hands you her guitar..
>'I tried so hard to impress you Anon.. I tried so hard.'
>You look down upon the yellow prodigy.. who nearly beat you..
It's okay, my pupil.. we all start somewhere, and we all work ourselves up. The reason why we fall to those below us.. is so that we can pick ourselves back up.
>She looks back at you with a smile and a tear in her eye..
Now practice hard.. and practice well.. time and efficiency is everything, technique is critical to playing.
>You shoo her off, she retreats happily back to her cottage.. probably to practice and try again a later day..
>You close the door and regain your nerve.. you've nearly been beaten at your own game..
>Fucking Fluttershy.
File: 1361336159090.jpg-(22 KB, 400x400, Always watching.jpg)
22 KB
I enter the thread and see this?
Does this mean I am good now?
Am I popular enough for people to steal my stories?
When I read the title I thought you were going to do an Anon Journey to the West set in equestria.
File: 1361336340831.png-(72 KB, 259x194, untitled.png)
72 KB
I summon thee!
File: 1361336375700.jpg-(31 KB, 320x291, 1361087085488.jpg)
31 KB
Comments, criticism, questions, ect.

Do you even Monkey lord m8?
File: 1361336485700.png-(872 KB, 900x1705, 1361261552844.png)
872 KB
872 KB PNG
Holy fucking shit my nipples are so hard listening to that Urban.

You win all of my praise right now.

Holy shit.
File: 1361336563332.jpg-(11 KB, 188x200, Is that a cat i see.jpg)
11 KB
You rang good sir?
File: 1361336595588.jpg-(36 KB, 640x427, For5-077.jpg)
36 KB
File: 1361336669109.jpg-(301 KB, 2048x1535, It's just the carpet(...).jpg)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
Good night flutterrape

leaving this for you, buddy
File: 1361336683457.jpg-(58 KB, 594x575, You think this is a game.jpg)
58 KB
Is thy working on a story or lurking?
I'll collect your soul while you sleep
I'm working a story, I'm almost finished.
I'm making sure the next part is split evenly so I don't have to worry about going over the character limit while in the middle of posting.
Is there anything else I can help you with?
File: 1361336874377.png-(420 KB, 680x560, smiledog.png)
420 KB
420 KB PNG
I'm gonna be busy, but I thought I'd wish you good luck through the thread, thought a dog might cheer you up.

Best of luck, how is the next part of your story coming by the way?
Is my soul safe from collection?
It's never safe...
For future reference.
Bon Bon or Cats would cheer me up.
And thank you.

I hope you guys enjoy the next part of 2nd DoP part 11
In other news I have been tossing some ideas around for Applejack The Jimmy Rustler part 5, so expect something in the next week or so.
Stoner in Equestria part 3 and Grump Old Fuck part 3 should be finished by then too.
Assuming life doesn't want to troll me
Yes you are safe.
Only the ones that posts dogs are in danger.
File: 1361337268506.jpg-(8 KB, 251x212, image.jpg)
8 KB
Tell the world...
File: 1361337330320.jpg-(533 KB, 1886x2322, 1360114081832.jpg)
533 KB
533 KB JPG
>Implying I have a soul
>666 get
pic unrelated, I just love it, deep down in my so-...heart
File: 1361337443408.jpg-(136 KB, 400x600, photo.jpg)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Cat Bon Bon?
File: 1361337481621.gif-(2.37 MB, 700x394, flight_of_the_chicken__an(...).gif)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB GIF
As in how I like this?
File: 1361337622603.jpg-(3 KB, 126x126, Dat smile.jpg)
3 KB
Hiding something?
Yes, Cat Bon Bon would be awesome!
Gizmo..I-is that you?
dead thread
File: 1361338555360.gif-(464 KB, 400x302, 1357074382656.gif)
464 KB
464 KB GIF
Thread isn't dead, it's a ghost town all of a sudden but it's not dead.
File: 1361339255801.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 29 KB, 400x300)
Spoiler Image, 29 KB
Right here bro,
File: 1361339719716.png-(Spoiler Image, 348 KB, 637x830)
Spoiler Image, 348 KB
348 KB PNG
hey i posted a while back asking if anyone had heard from slasher since the s3 finale and people said no i still havent seen any posts from him since and to be honest im kinda worried for him.
i mean no offence to slasher but he wasnt the most balanced individual and i remember him REALLY liking twilight.
can anyone confirm slasher is still out there?
because i neeed him to finish his stories first if hes gonna kill himself
File: 1361339814229.jpg-(189 KB, 566x800, removalisneeded.jpg)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
Im afraid he removed himself anon
File: 1361339867379.gif-(563 KB, 500x500, OM NOM NOM.gif)
563 KB
563 KB GIF
Just lurking and hoping 2DoP gets posted tonight
File: 1361339900429.png-(184 KB, 500x500, 1360806858040.png)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
Special troll needs special
File: 1361340131715.png-(108 KB, 450x577, 1353368115882.png)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
>Special troll needs special
Wrong thread dude
Lyra is so hot that she makes me moist

We should call this Lyrrape
File: 1361340333877.jpg-(29 KB, 450x577, 1352598453899.jpg)
29 KB
Fund it
use notepad++.
select the section you intend to use for one post
on the bottom you will see the character count for your selection, seperate from the rest of the story
ensure it's 2000 or less words
kill the batman
File: 1361340371388.png-(369 KB, 883x1041, Lyra wants a hug.png)
369 KB
369 KB PNG

Implying we would be unwilling to make sweet tender love to Lyra
We can pretend so she can still consider it >rape

I have no money
File: 1361340576707.gif-(988 KB, 323x267, tumblr_m7qm95SkcH1qeluhr.gif)
988 KB
988 KB GIF
>not having money
File: 1361340753069.jpg-(163 KB, 861x1053, MiniLyra.jpg)
163 KB
163 KB JPG

I like this idea of pretending not to want it while secretly enabling Lyra's attempts. Maybe Fluttershy becomes jealous that her attempts fail every time while Lyra makes it look so easy.
File: 1361341024330.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 106 KB, 640x905)
Spoiler Image, 106 KB
106 KB JPG
Sorry I spent all my bits in HP potions

Now enough chatter, i`ll go back to lurking because my hand-wound just opened for typing
Oh shit, I loved that game! I used to play with my brother where he'd be the blue dude, and I'd be the yellow dude, and good times would be had by all.
File: 1361341380631.jpg-(12 KB, 245x318, 3453636.jpg)
12 KB
>in HP potions
And we`ll all be dudes

you made my hand bleed, out I gp
No, he spent all of his money investing in potions.
Alright folks it's time to dump some dumpage.
I wasn't really at the top of my game on this part.
So I'd like to apologize in advance if it isn't up to par with my previous work.
Ignore any typos you may see, those little shits get away every time.
As always, feedback and constructive criticism is welcomed. Gotta improve somehow right?
The Second Day of Peace part 10:http://pastebin.com/XwiThu09
I hope you enjoy this coming part.

>You are Celestia.
>And Anon is in for it.
>Poor thing won't even see it coming.
>It's only a matter of time now.
>Your sister was just telling you that her plan to get Fluttershy and Anon is working perfectly.
>Even though you don't really approve of her lying to him about what's going to spark romance between the two.
>But in the meantime, just relax and watch Anon and Fluttershy blossom into a beautiful thing.
>Even then, if for some weird reason when it doesn't work out, you'll be there to pick up the pieces.
>You'd hate to see him heartbroken and from looking at his life, he's no stranger to the feeling.
>On a brighter note, he called you Celly. That's a cute little pet name.
>Now for those belly rubs, you've been a bit stressed lately, he showed up at the perfect time.
>With hands like that, he can call you whatever he desires.
>Mmmmm good times will be had. One night, just one night with him.
>Whew, gotta calm down now.
>”Sister, I'm going to retire for now.”
“Alright, sleep well, oh and no more messing with Anon in his sleep okay?”
>”Alright fair enough.” she said with a chuckle.
>Luna gets up from the table and walks out of the dining hall.
>In the meantime you'll finish up your lunch.
>Once finished, you're marching down to Anon's room and DEMANDING a belly rub.
>Okay at least be nice about it.
>Today is going to be a good day.
>A few minutes later, you finish your meal, now to head on over to Anon's room.
>He should be up by now.
>You do your royal trot shuffle into the hallway.

>You let your mind drift to wherever.
>So it's peach honey that's going to seal the deal for Anon eh?
>That explains why Luna was so quick to give Fluttershy peach honey and told her to use it wisely.
>Fluttershy certainly seems to have Anon cornered and yet he has no idea.
>You'll stay quiet and let the events unfold.
>You finally make it to Anon's room.
>You put your ear to the door to see if you're interrupting something
>”.... Looks like mamma is gonna have to teach a lesson about telling fibs too.”
>Oh wow, seems like that peach honey did the trick.
>You knock on the door.
>No one response.
>You knock again with your ear still to the door.
>”Awww, and here I was having fun, this isn't over Anon.”
>”Hold on I'm coming!!”
>”Oh yes daddy put it where you want it!”
>Well that escalated quickly.
>You can get that belly rub later, let them have there fun for now.
“Oh I'll come back a little later. Carry on.”
>You walk away with a smile on your face.
>Seems like Anon has finally decided to start...
>Fucking Fluttershy.

*A few minutes earlier or some shit like that*

>You are Anon.
>You're about to do the technically still morning routine.
>Fluttershy is still in the room laying on the bed that you and her slept in apparently.
>Still blushing from the hug you gave her.
>She's earned some cool points for getting you a jar a peach honey.
>You make your way to the master bathroom they have.
>Close and lock the door behind you.
>No way in hell Fluttershy is getting a free peep show. She's still on the hunt for da D.
>You proceed to do the morning ritual.
>Shit, shower, shave.
>Oh for fuck's sake, you forgot to get your clothes you were going to change into again.
>Thank God there's a towel rack.
>You grab a towel and wrap it around your waist.
>You peek your head out of the door for a moment to see if your personal rapist is on the prowl.
>She seems to have left the room.
>You summon the speed of the Rainboom and dash your way to your suitcase that's on your side of the bed.
>You open it and pull out a pair of jeans and a simple shirt. Nothing special.
>Once you laid them on the bed, you notice a picture that falls out from the folded up clothes.
>You see only the back of it which has a little title. “What's waiting for you.”
>You turn the picture over and see Fluttershy in green and pink high knee socks with her tail lifted revealing her dripping plot as she looks back at you with the bedroom eyes.
>Alrighty then.
>Damn you Fluttershy and dat flank.
>Not gonna lie, she's gotta nice flank for a pony.
“Oh for fuck sake's Fluttershy, get a grip.” you said to yourself.
>”Gladly, I'd love to get a nice grip on that hot...monkey...dick.”
>You nearly jumped out of your skin from that response.
>Dafuq? You thought she wasn't around.
>Oh shit, you're still in only a towel.
>You look around to see where the source of her voice is coming from.
“Show yourself yellow succubus.”
>She pops her head from under the bed. “Hi.” She said with a blush.

“Flutters, please leave. I just got outta the shower.”
>She crawls from under the bed and stands up.
>”I can see that.”
“Mind going out of the room? I'd like to change in peace.”
>She begins walking around you like a shark. “You'd like that wouldn't you?”
>She brushes her flank against you nether no-no area.
>You can feel her raping you in her mind.
>You feel her one of her wings slowly tugs away your towel.
>In one quick snatch, you're bare ass naked.
>Instantly you cover your most valued area.
“Oi! Flutters, cease this Tom Foolery right now.”
>You grab your clothes and slowly back away toward the bathroom as Fluttershy keeps circling around you. Holding the towel with her wing.
>Okay Universe you've won. Now stahp, you've prooven your point.
>”So Anon, I haven't made a fetish guess in a while....”
“And? So what? We're in the Princesses castle for crying out loud.”
>”I don't care...So...Anon...”
>Her tail slaps against your ass swiftly.
“Hey! Watch where you're swinging that tail!”
>”Oh I am, so Anon...is being spanked your fetish?”
>Oh god she's onto something.
>Getting a bit close to what your actual fetish is.
“What are you cr-”
>She interrupts you with another quick strike with her tail on your ass once again, leaving a sting in it's place.
“Hey cut it out!”
>”I don't hear a “no” Anon.”
>You fumble with the simple word “No” why is beyond you.
>You rush your way to the bathroom, only to have Fluttershy block you path.
“Flutters, please move the fuck out of the way.”
>She equips her rape face and takes the towel she's holding with her wing and begins twisting it into a whip.
>She can do that?
Why thank you, good sir.

Nonsexual cuddling, hmm...?

>Oh God.
>No, you thought those days were over.
>That shit is deadly. So many painful locker room memories.
>”So, Anon, I think we should work on that nasty language you seem to have.”
>She puts the towel/whip in her mouth and rushes toward you and cracks the towel whip to intimidate you.
>She grabs the towel with her hoof ”Swearing in front of the princesses at the dinning table, shame on you.”
>You bolt for it, running any direction away from that deadly as fuck towel.
>You should have had a tighter grip on the tighter towel, you idjit.
>She flies around chasing you around the room with the deadly weapon of ass destruction in her hoofs swinging away.
>”You can't run forever Anon.”
>She snaps and whips and cracks the whip toward you.
>Hitting you every time on your bare butt and legs.
>Bitch got aim.
“Ow! Fuck Fluttershy, that shit hurts!!”
>”Again with the language? Please tell me this is your fetish, I would have so much fun with this.”
“It's not! I swear it!!”
>She stops of a moment and flutters in place.
>She raises an eye brow in disbelief. “Orly? You seem to be enjoying this.” she said as she locked her eyes on your package.
>You look down and find your standing at attention.
>Oh God, this can't end well.
>Fuck you boner, always getting people in trouble.
>She cracks the deadly towel whip at you leg once again and you jump in agony and land on your ass on the soft bed.
>Another swift strike hits your thigh.
>She's enjoying this way too much.

“Knock it off! Damn at least let me get into my clothes first before you begin you Flutter fetish cluster fuck of foolery.”
>”There's that language again. It's like you want to be spanked.”
“I don't.”
>”Liar. Looks like mamma is gonna have to teach a lesson about telling fibs too.”
>She raises the towel again and gets it ready for another strike.
>Suddenly a knock at the door.
>Thank you God.
>Knocking persists
>She puts on a frown.
>”Awww, and here I was having so much fun, this isn't over Anon.”
>You scramble and put your clothes on quickly.
“Hold on I'm coming!!” you said to the person behind the door.
>”Oh yes daddy put it where you want it!” she chimed in.
>Oh for fuck's sake, watch your phrasing next time.
>That little perverted joker.
>You hear a voice on the other side of the door.
>“Oh I'll come back a little later. Carry on.”
>Great, now whoever that was must be thinking you and Fluttershy are getting it on.
>You rush out of bed toward the door as Fluttershy keeps cracking that towel toward you.
>Thank goodness you at least have some clothes on some boxers and you jeans that are half way up.
>It doesn't sting as bad now.
>Your shirt is still laying on the bed.
>You open the door and look to your left and find Celestia is walking away.
“Wait! Princess!”
>She stops and turns around and meets you at the door.
>You only have the door half way opened as you stand in the way.
“Can I help you with something your majesty?”
>”I was going to request a belly rub but...”
>She gives you a good look over.
>You're half way naked.
>Your hair has been ruffled up.
>You're breathing heavy.
>The room smells like there was a fuck session that just went down.
>She leans sideways and takes a peep of the room and see that the bed sheets have been tossed and rustled with.
>This isn't what it looks like by a long shot.

>Fluttershy is fluttering right behind you and whispering sweet nothings into your ear.
>”I can see you two are a little busy, I'll come back later.”
>You chuckle nervously and rub the back of your next awkwardly.
“What? Oh no no no it's not like that. I was just telling Fluttershy that...”
>You realized what you was about to say.
>Fuck how do you tell the ruler of Equestria that spanking isn't your fetish without it sounding like you and Fluttershy were experimenting with fetishes?
>It's going to sound awkward.
“I was just telling Fluttershy that spanking isn't my fetish.”
>Suddenly, you feel Fluttershy's hoof slap your ass playfully.
>”Liar.” She whispered.
>You cut a glare towards Fluttershy, she probably didn't see it anyway.
>Fucking Fluttershy.
>Celestia equips her poker face.
>"Oh okay."
>There's a moment of silence.
>Dat ghetti
“I'll be there in a few minutes, ummm where do you want to meet up?”
>”Oh in the pool area will do just fine.”
“Okay, see you in a few, I still gotta get ready.”
>Celestia raises an eye brow and gives you a “Suuure.” look.
>”Okay Anon, while you get “ready” I'll be waiting. Don't take too long alright?”
“You got it.”
>Celestia trots away with a smile on her face.
>You guess she really looks forward to it.
>You close the door and turn around.

“Fluttershy, what the fuck?!”
>”There's that language again, I'm pretty sure spanking is your fetish.”
“Whoa, no no no you've got it all wrong Flutters.”
>”Oh do I?”
“Yes you do, now move I need to get my shirt.”
>She moves out of the way as you walk back to the bed she slaps you ass one last time.
“Oi! Would you stop that?”
>”What? That's for what you're going to do.”
>You groan in frustration as you reach and grab your shirt.
>Dis Pone Hur.
>You finally put on your shirt and begin walking back to the door.
>Fluttershy flutters close behind you with the towel still in her hoofs.
>You gulp as you make your way to the door, she's like a deadly wasp with that thing.
>You speed up your walking and make it to the door.
>She cracks the towel whip once again, forcing you to jump in panic.
>"Oh this is going to be too much fun."
>You run into a full blown sprint as you open the door and bust that left turn in the hallway.
>Fluttershy's close behind, since when did she have this kind of speed?
>You can usually out run her.
"Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck..."

>"Where you going Anon?! The pool is the other way!"
>You shut down your evasive mode and slow down to a complete stop and turn to her direction.
"Alright, lead the way Flutters."
>She hangs the towel around her neck and lands next to you and walks beside you.
>"Just you wait until we get back to our room, you're gonna get it mister."
>Fucking Fluttershy.
>You make your little walk and pass your room again.
>"Oh Anon, would you mind waiting for a moment? There are some things I need to get."
>You roll your eyes in annoyance.
"Oh alright."
>She smile and blows a kiss your way.
>You ignore it and lean against the frame of the door.
"Just hurry up okay?"
>She nods in agreement and walks inside the room.
>You check your wrist watch that isn't there.
>You have no idea what's the current time.
>A few seconds later Fluttershy comes out with some cool shades and one of those pool bed floater thingy ma bobbers and the deadly towel of doom still hanging around her neck.
>Why can't you ever know the name of pool stuff?
>You're going to have to check out a book on that to familiarize yourself with pool stuff.
>"Okay hun, I'm ready let's go."
>You follow her close behind as the two of you make your way to the outdoor pool area.
>Well, you assume it's outdoors anyway.
>You and Fluttershy strike up a conversation as you make your way to the pool.
>"So Anon, there's one thing that I have never done with you."
"Flutters, there's a lot of things you have never done with me."
>"I mean there's something that I'm surprised that never came to my mind."
"And what's that?"
>"I never bothered to actually ask you what your is fetish, I only made guesses."
"Yeah, you tend to do that."
>"So without further ado..."

>"What exactly is your fetish Anon?"
"HA! That's like asking for The Doctor's real name."
>"Ummm...Doctor Who?"
"That's the question that must never be answered. Don't worry about it."
>"Can you at least give me a hint of your fetish"
"Ha no."
>"Please? PUH-LEASE?"
>Damn it, you're getting close to a diabeetus overload.
>She's so fucking adorable when she begs.
"Okay, I'll tell a little bit of info."
>She perks her ears up and turns them your direction.
>"I'm listening Anon."
"Okay, I'll tell you two things."
"One, I have more than one fetish."
>"Orly now? How many?"
"Now that, I won't tell you."
>"Darn, okay what's the second?"
"Applejack knows one of them."
>"Well looks like I'm going to Sweet Apple Acres when we get back."
"HA! Don't bother, I made her Pinkie Promise to keep quiet."
>You gasp playfully.
"Why, Fluttershy, such language! And I'm the one the that needs a lesson in swearing?"
>"Oh? Are you gonna teach me a lesson? I'm a bit slow in learning, you'll have to take your time with me. Fuck, shit, bitch, ass, cunt, motherfucker. Oh my, I'm in for it aren't I?"
>Anon, dafuq man? You should have seen that coming, this is Fluttershy we're dealing with here.

>You walked right into that one, you idjit maggot.
>Wait maybe you can turn this around.
"Oh Granny Smith is going to hear about this. She'll teach you a thing or two."
>"Yeeeah, I'm gonna have to jot that down on my NOPEpad."
"Flutters, really? NOPEpad? You stole that from Twi didn't you?"
>"Twi? You mean Grape Intelligence?"
>You burst into a storm of laughter.
>Fluttershy joins you in the having of giggles.
>"Was the genius or what?"
"SO stealing that one."
>"Hey, you better give me credit. Or I'll suddenly decide to see if pegging is your fetish."
"Whoa hey now, no need for extreme threats, you'll get your credit. Damn Flutters, you scary."
>"Oh I'm not that scary, Anon. Just stay on my good side."
"Flutters, I'm pretty sure I couldn't get away from my good side if I tried."
>"You're lucky I love you."
"Yeah yeah."

>Before you know it, you and Fluttershy make to the outdoor pool.
>The sun is shining, and birds are chirping.
>It's actually pretty warm, perfect weather.
>You hate the cold with a passion.
>You see Celestia lying down in one of those comfy looking pool recliner bench thingy ma whozit.
>Fluttershy tosses her floatable comfy bed thingy into the pool and puts her cool shades on and hops on and drifts away in relaxation with a deep sigh.
>Seriously, this is sad, for the life of you, you can't figure out what the hell some of these pool accessories are called called.
>You know what they call the tip of a shoe string and that "Over-marrow" means the day after tomorrow and "goodbye" is short for God be with ye, but not what some pool accessories are called?
>You're going to the treebary when you get back to Ponyville.
>It's at this point that you really miss Google.
>"I'm glad to see you two made it here in a timely fashion. Shall we get started?"
"Yes your majesty, right away."
>Celestia squees and claps her hooves in praise.
>Awww, how cute.
>You walk over to her and crack your knuckles.
>Time to put in some handy work.
>She gets up and makes some room for you.
>You have a seat and Celestia rests her head on your lap looking directly at you with her belly up.
>Now for the belly rub, you start of gently rub her warm fuzzy belly.
>From the deep sigh she lets out, you can tell she really appreciates it.
>Damn ponies, what's so great about a belly rub?
>"Thank you so much Anon, you have no idea how long I've waited for a belly rub, so much stress these days ya know?
"Like what?"
>"Well, we have some more guests coming to the castle later on."
"Oh really? Who?"
>"Well, for one Vinyl Scratch is going to be here soon, Luna loves her music and requested that she perform at the castle."
>Okay you didn't actually say that it was more like....
"OH MY GOD! Are you serious?! I love her!"
>Celestia jolted slightly from your sudden reaction.
>Fluttershy takes her cool shades off and give you a glare."U Wot M8?" She said.
>Instantly, you quiet down and go back to rubbing Celestia's belly.
>Fluttershy is the jealous type, you forgotten that.
>For the sake of Vinyl, you'll try and keep yourself from praising her.
>Fluttershy still has that towel with her.
>And you'd hate to see your music idol suddenly disappear.
>Flutershy don't play no games...except the fetish guessing one.
>Well, it's not a game to you.
"Flutters, keep your cool, I meant that I'm a fan is all."
>"That's what I thought sweetie, you're mine anyways."
"How about you keep calm and dream on."
>"Dreams come true ya know hun."
>Celestia chuckles, "Oh you two are the perfect couple."

"Celly, with all due respect, me and Flutters are just friends."
>"AHEM! Just friends? Come on Anon, we're a bit closer than just being friends."
"Okay, we're best friends."
>"That's better."
>You go back to rubbing Celestia's belly and occasionally scratching behind her ear with your other hand.
>"MMmmm, that's the spot, I'm sorry to inform you, but the separate beds request you had can't be met, there are far too many guests that will be arriving."
>Fluttershy lifts her glasses again and gives you a glare.
>"Princess, I would like to apologize about Anon's language on his behalf, please don't exile him."
>Celestia just uses a shooing hoof motion as she enjoys her attention "What? yeah yeah I got it, don't exile Anon, I wouldn't dream of it. Anon, don't give me a reason to okay? I don't mind the language Fluttershy, no worries dear."
>She sighs in relief. "Thank you, I can't imagine what life will be like without him."
>"Hear that Anon? She can't imagine life without you."
>You roll your eyes in annoyance.

>For once you'd like the conversation to not steer towards you and Fluttershy. Apparently, the "should be" couple of the century.
>Can't they talk about waffles or something?
>Wait, duh Anon, just talk about waffles. It could work.
"Waffles are so awesome."
>"Oh hey speaking of waffles, me and Luna had some yesterday with peach honey, it's pretty good. You and Fluttershy should try it someday."
>Welp, that almost worked.
>Then again that actually sounds good, just as long as blue strawberries aren't in the mix.
>You're steering clear from those.
>Yes you have yet to try them, but if having them is going to result into horse fuckery, you can miss out on blue strawberries.
>Besides, who needs blue strawberries when you have peach honey?
"That actually sounds pretty good Celly, I'll be sure to try that when me and Flutters get back.
>"Oh hey hun, we should try a drizzling some on cinnamon toast." Fluttershy said.
"I was just thinking that the other day when I was giving you a belly rub!"
>"NO WAY!"
"Indeed, way Flutters."
>"We're trying that when we get back."
"But the diet though...."
>"I'll make an exception again."
>Celestia raises and eye brow."Again? Anon what happened?"

"Alright, so a few days ago, after Fluttershy had the NERVE to put me on this health diet and moved in..."
>"Hey, I had to sweetie, you was going a bit overboard with Rarity's crazy drinks and junk food. What did you expect?"
>"Hold a moment Anon."
"Yes Celly?"
>"What made you agree to go along with her moving in and putting you on a diet?"
"The Stare."
>"Oh you've seen it?"
"Yes, it's spine chilling. I hate The Stare."
>"I only use it sparingly when it's needed. I don't abuse it, I am the Element of Kindness after all."
"Fuck that stare."
>"Love you too, Anon."
>"We're getting off track, now what happened?"
"Okay, so, I one night, my Great and Powerful sweet tooth demanded something sweet..."
"It was about three in the morning so I made my way to the kitchen to make cinnamon toast, however at the time she was sleeping on the couch in the living room which basically is next to the kitchen. So I had to make sure she was asleep."
>"So, how'd did you make sure she was asleep?"
"....I...kinda asked her if she wanted to do it as loudly as I can."
>"AHA! I KNEW IT!! So you really did ask me and you already know the answer to that question." She lifts up her cool shades and gives you a seductive wink.
"Flutters, go back to relaxing."
>She blows you a kiss and goes back to relaxing, sighing deeply.

>"That's an odd way of doing that." Celestia said.
"With Fluttershy, there's never a normal way of doing things."
>"That's true, never a normal day for either of us."
"So anyway, basically I got caught in middle of taking the first bite of cinnamon toast, she told me to hand it over. I bargained that I'll let her have 2 pieces of the toast a belly rub and let her sleep on my bedroom floor with my dirty laundry just for me to have 2 pieces myself, only to end up with one piece of toast."
>"Wow, you're right, never a dull moment."
>"Yup, that's my Anon."
"How'd you know I was up anyway Flutters?"
>"That cinnamon toast smell of course, you know how much I love cinnamon toast."
>Oh yeah, she does love cinnamon toast.
>Suddenly, you see a servant walk into the pool area and toward you and the belly rubbed royalty that's laying her head in your lap.
>She stops in front of Sunny D Celly.
>The servant bows before speaking."Your majesty."
>"Yes? What brings you here?"
>"I hear to inform you a guest has arrived."
>"Oh? Who?"

>"She goes by Vinyl Scratch."
"OH MY GOD. She's here?!"
>All eye brows and suspicious looks are being faced in your direction.
"Slow deep breathes Anon, calm down."
>Get a hold of yourself man!
>Mental Appleslap
>You've met her once before, this shouldn't be happening.
>"I've already got her belongings delivered to her room, your majesty."
>"Excellent. Thank you."
>The servant bows and walks away.
>"Alright Anon, let it out. We know you're containing excitement." Celestia said with a chuckle.
"Nah, I'm good."
>Fluttershy lifts her cool shades for the hundredth time today and glares are you.
>"Anon? Are you su-"
>Apparently you still had some leftover excitement
>This isn't the proudest moment of your life.
>Suddenly, you hear. "Alright who's screaming like a little school filly? Sounds like that little bitch Anon."
>You look toward the direction of the voice and see Vinyl Scratch with her purple shades and a grin on her face.
>She trots over in a cool and calm manner with that zen like vibe.
>Finally she makes her way to you.
>"My entity from a different reality!"
"Mothafukin' Versus Mode."
>"What's good man?"
>She raises her hoof.
>Aww yeah.
"All is good Vinyl, all is good..."
>Today was a rough start and it's only getting better.

End of Part 11
I hope you all enjoyed
Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Complaints?
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File: 1361342938504.jpg-(98 KB, 258x350, I like this Chapter.jpg)
98 KB

Worth the wait. Only complaint is that there isn't more.
Hmm... Fluttershy is a bit brash, not like her usual stuttering n' shit.

I like it so far, keep up the good work, Jc.
Late threadly reminder that MrYomus is missed deeply and that I wish him the best of luck on his endeavors wherever they may lead him.
Thank you good sir.
I'll be sure to fix that in the next part.
Thank you.

I'll be around a bit more to answer or explain anything if need be.
>worth the weight
File: 1361345210058.jpg-(51 KB, 521x579, image.jpg)
51 KB
>"Alright who's screaming like a little school filly? Sounds like that little bitch Anon."
I laughed hard.
I'm really liking where this story is heading. For once Anon isn't bitching or whining about fluttershy fetish guessing to others. Well, not that much, but great to see Anon to go though along with fluttershy. Brings a comedy mood and serious story telling at the same time. Sure fluttershy is acting like... not herself that much, question; is she in her estrus or high with some drugs she took?
I like Anon's personally in this story, and WHY DIDN'T YOU WRITE MOAR?
The fuck did I just watch?
Shit and got dubs, you win this time anon
Thank you.
I'll be sure to explain her behavior in the next part.
I was honestly debating whether or not, I should have written more. I usually write even less than this so I thought it would be a good place to end this part.
I'll be sure to write more next time
File: 1361346439241.jpg-(359 KB, 1152x1074, image.jpg)
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359 KB JPG
We're be waiting, lurking for the next update. Have a Luna
Thank you Anon.
Saving that.

Later on this week I should have my other stories written and ready to post. HOPEFULLY.
I'll be around for about another 2 hours before I crash for the night.
File: 1361347394391.jpg-(32 KB, 382x393, image.jpg)
32 KB
>Update soon
I'm not dead
Just in poor health
File: 1361348088584.gif-(1.99 MB, 320x146, 1360437468829.gif)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
Ah there you are, what happened to you?
File: 1361348257045.gif-(Spoiler Image, 2 MB, 352x294)
Spoiler Image, 2 MB

A gift for you, Cat-Anon
Glad to hear from you.
You got everyone worried man.
That's the plan.
Not sure on the exact date but we'll see.
How did I know?
Nice double trouble,
> Nice cat,
File: 1361348715529.jpg-(23 KB, 400x600, photo.jpg)
23 KB
Well whatever it is, hope you feel better.
File: 1361348732200.png-(Spoiler Image, 514 KB, 700x700)
Spoiler Image, 514 KB
514 KB PNG
have a best p0ne
File: 1361348874635.jpg-(38 KB, 500x442, 1361175298328.jpg)
38 KB

Oh, and one more
File: 1361349060524.png-(178 KB, 900x900, good_afternoon_berry_punc(...).png)
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178 KB PNG
My heads been fucking with me and I took some time for my personal projects
But I'll get back to work
>not rarity
>not Bon Bon.
File: 1361349315564.png-(601 KB, 753x700, 1358575661968.png)
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601 KB PNG
Here, have a half-way preview for my next flutterrape story. Yes, there will be
If you miss this, I will repost when I get the full version written later today/tonight.
I'm doing this for two reasons. 1. This thread is slow now. (So I bump with content) 2.And I have a question at the end.

If you have any problems with this preview stuff, let me know and I'll stop doing it.

>You always loved being with the shy yellow pegasus
>Brushing her mane
>Talking about animals. Rather, you preferred talking about nature.
>Everything was so interlinked.
>The whole ecosystem never wastes anything, always finds a niche.
>Fluttershy also made sure that you stayed on top of the food chain the many times you went out to gather some weed. Like today.
>Why can't there be a weed pony like your own OC, Hash Browns, you thought, dressing your wound from your recent liger encounter.
>Fluttershy hovers next to you. "Anon, I want to know. If it's ok with you... If you can't, I completely understand, it's just that..."
>She looks at you. You tussle her mane, putting her at ease.
>".. I have to go and help Rainbow Dash set up an obstacle course. It won't take that long. Promise."
Sure Flutters. Least I could do.

>Before she leaves, she tells you to grab food from the regular fridge
>"Whatever you do though, anon. Don't grab anything from the freezer. It's not time for those animals to eat yet."
>You were spacing out for a bit.
Wha. Oh. Yeah. Stay out of the meat freezer. Got it.
>Angel looked at you with one eye cocked.
Fluttershy, can't you take Angel with you?
>"I'm afraid not, Anon. Um, not unless I attach some balloons to him, so I can keep an eye on him."
I'll get the helium.
>Fluttershy then put on her best Austrian accent.
>"Anonymous, that's the joke."
>You see some of your humor rubbed off on her. Too bad she still doesn't know how to use it.
>Regardless, a huge fuckin' grin emerged from your face.
>"I'll be back before you know it, anon."
File: 1361349433351.jpg-(12 KB, 268x200, 1350447089991.jpg)
12 KB
>After Fluttershy has left, you do all the necessary chores that keep the animals from well, acting like animals
>Using up all your food energy, you seek to replenish.
>Fluttershy's fridge is filled with beans, lettuce, celery, tomatoes.
Great. Rabbit food.
>Angel stuck out his tongue.
You always show up at the worst times, don't you?
>Ignoring the thought of rabbit stew, you swing open the cupboards.
And there's not even enough pasta to make some spaghetti.
>You decide to ignore Fluttershy's advice, and start rummaging through the freezer.
>Honest to god meat! Fish, chicken, vension, all sorts of small game here.
>Covered up by frozen mice, snake, worms.
>Yeah, all the good stuff was in the back.
>You start digging through the stock, when you notice the bottom was part way collapsed.
>Cold, wooden shards were jutting out from the hole. A turkey leg had fallen all the way through the hole.
>Everything inside of your gut told you to walk away now.
>Still, you take out enough frozen items until you can lift the wooden base.
>Revealing a cold and dark interior.
>Flicking open the light switch below the hollow bottom, it reveals a set of stairs going down.
>Partly from curiosity, and partly from wanting some gobble gobble, you descend.
Oh come on, I never get into those "Best Pone" discussions, it always looked fun.
This was fun.
File: 1361349823144.gif-(2 MB, 320x209, tumblr_mii9xnLt921qdlh1io1_400.gif)
2 MB
>Day snorting kittens in Equestria
>Wakey wakey
>Eggs and bacey
>Knock on door
>Sigh as you reveal the yellow menace
>"Oh, hello Anon."
What's your guess today, Fluttershy?
>"Actually, I have to go to the spa with Rarity today and, um, I was wondering if you could watch the animals for me..."
>About to refuse before
Sure, I'll watch them!


>An hour into sitting on Fluttershy's couch and petting a putty cat, it falls asleep on you.
>You gingery place it on the table before you and reach into your jacket, pulling out a rolled up dollar.
>Earth money had no other use for you here.
>Starting at the tail, you snort deeply and draw a line of fuzz up your nostril.
>The ass end of the cat gets caught for a moment.
>You give everything you've got until the cat sucks up into your nasal cavity.
>Your head swims for a moment and you wipe the hole, pulling some stray hairs from your face and let out a victorious cry.


>Fluttershy comes back to you zoning out on the couch and thanks you for your service.
>"By the way, is watching animals your fetish?"
>Go home.
>Today was a catcaine day.
File: 1361349915469.png-(57 KB, 588x493, serious_sparkle.png)
57 KB
Does FR have their own version of Grammar school, or do I have to ask AiE for that?
If so, is there anyone willing to add me on skype?
it's freebeer12

That way, I have more opportunities to improve. It seems that I can get some opinions here, but not enough in depth ones that will actually improve my writing. I'm hoping Grammar school will help me in that regard.

And AiE and FR can reap the benefits of my improvement.

And then I can stop being so goddamn serious all the time when I'm not anon.
File: 1361350195609.jpg-(23 KB, 217x232, image.jpg)
23 KB
The whole reaction of you not posting was somewhat the same as Schrödingers Box, no one knew if you was dead or alive.

I don't even,
I can give you the usual contents of one
>pink pone thread
>that's a funny way to spell rarity
>that's a funny way to spell twily
>blah blah blah until AJ
>AJ is a shittier background pone anon should kill himself
but really rarity is superior in all forms
Not box.. Cat, damn typos
File: 1361350323555.jpg-(909 KB, 1920x1080, 1361255919525.jpg)
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909 KB JPG
My Nigga.

I knew there was a reason I was awake at 3 AM
File: 1361350676467.jpg-(87 KB, 400x400, i-love-the -smell-of-napa(...).jpg)
87 KB

It looks like you made a new friend, Cheese.
Anyway, all this stories are brilliant, especially Theseus, Ushanka Liker and Urban
I just write everything as I go along. No planning involved.
File: 1361351267711.jpg-(71 KB, 600x578, 1342935281062.jpg)
71 KB
No need to even, just accept it.
File: 1361351328397.png-(606 KB, 1052x1024, 1361255466378.png)
606 KB
606 KB PNG
I write stuff out in my phone, ideas mostly. This is usually done at work, when I'm on the toilet.

My chef always asks what the hell took me so long and I tell him constipation.

People tend to not comment after that. And I mean, its more likely than "I was writing up the synopsys for part three of A Touch of Pink, because I have to make sure Anon definitely does not give Pinkie the D"
File: 1361351685931.jpg-(6 KB, 225x224, let-me-tell-you.jpg)
6 KB

Do I prewrite before I post? Yes.
Do I prethink before I prewrite? No, of course I don't.

I just ab-lib it, and look at me, I'm famous.
File: 1361353509878.png-(435 KB, 850x614, 1356066875464.png)
435 KB
435 KB PNG
File: 1361354422235.jpg-(69 KB, 800x449, 1356369501705.jpg)
69 KB
i read it for the plot.

u wot m6+2
File: 1361354844220.png-(271 KB, 900x720, 1358932693785.png)
271 KB
271 KB PNG
you herd me.
File: 1361354937695.jpg-(948 KB, 1486x1500, 1351483875723.jpg)
948 KB
948 KB JPG
File: 1361355013821.png-(92 KB, 900x770, dat_pingas_by_llawlietdea(...).png)
92 KB
'Nuff said.

Dear god... that devotion.
I agree with this cool chap.

We're not twelve years old, we don't need the validation from strangers on the internet.
Roll call
Lurking, but not that many care. hue
>because I have to make sure Anon definitely does not give Pinkie the D"

Yeah well, fuck you too
File: 1361360958973.png-(299 KB, 697x720, Pinkiesad.png)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
Pinkie does deserve a good dicking, doesn't she?

She puts up with so much

>No wings

Inaccuracy isn't my fetish, anon.
>Does FR have their own version of Grammar school, or do I have to ask AiE for that?

There's the circlejerk but it's nothing like the Grammar school from what I've seen so far..
Ask one of the tripfags in AiE to add you.
Hey! Someone pay attention to the thre!
File: 1361365845061.png-(90 KB, 400x430, Sombra_sombrero.png)
90 KB
I do prewrite. And prethink extensively before that. And preread before posting. And reread AFTER posting. And rewrite after rereading.
Now that I think about it, maybe that's why it takes me so long to update...
But that's mostly because english's not my native language, unlike most of the writefags around. Also, I'm a bit of an OCD guy.

A-Are you me?
Dunno. Are I?
Once more proving the theory that all of /mlp/ is just one crazy person with MPD posting over and over again.
File: 1361370993694.gif-(2.27 MB, 300x264, nojustno.gif)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB GIF

>>"Oi! Flutters, cease this Tom Foolery right now.”

>>Okay Universe you've won. Now stahp, you've prooven your point.

>>“Orly? You seem to be enjoying this.”

>>Dis Pone Hur.

>>"HA! That's like asking for The Doctor's real name."
>"Ummm...Doctor Who?"
"That's the question that must never be answered. Don't worry about it."

>>"Orly now? How many?"

>>"Oh? Are you gonna teach me a lesson? I'm a bit slow in learning, you'll have to take your time with me. Fuck, shit, bitch, ass, cunt, motherfucker. Oh my, I'm in for it aren't I?"

>>You walked right into that one, you idjit maggot.
>>Wait maybe you can turn this around.
>"Oh Granny Smith is going to hear about this. >She'll teach you a thing or two."
>>"Yeeeah, I'm gonna have to jot that down on my NOPEpad."
>"Flutters, really? NOPEpad? You stole that from Twi didn't you?"
>>"Twi? You mean Grape Intelligence?"
>>You burst into a storm of laughter.
>>Fluttershy joins you in the having of giggles.
>>"Was the genius or what?"
>"SO stealing that one."
>>"Hey, you better give me credit. Or I'll suddenly decide to see if pegging is your fetish."
>"Whoa hey now, no need for extreme threats, you'll get your credit. Damn Flutters, you scary."
>>"Oh I'm not that scary, Anon. Just stay on my good side."
>"Flutters, I'm pretty sure I couldn't get away from my good side if I tried."
>>"You're lucky I love you."
>"Yeah yeah."

>>You see Celestia lying down in one of those comfy looking pool recliner bench thingy ma whozit.

>>Fluttershy takes her cool shades off and give you a glare."U Wot M8?" She said.
File: 1361374807865.png-(163 KB, 900x1003, 98475943875.png)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
>Slow reply is slow.

Just wanted to say I liked this, my only complaint is a ton of the lyrics don't have quotes, I found myself getting confused at which parts where narration and which were actual dialogue.

Was this inspired by the pokemon mix I did a couple days ago?
File: 1361374913234.jpg-(27 KB, 442x297, ERROR_ABORT.jpg)
27 KB
samefag detected
I get an idea of what I want to do for the part, then I sit down and write it out. Sometimes I don't even know where I'm going with it, I just go with the flow. Usually I'll want at least one thing of significance to happen, so it doesn't feel like just filler, so I ensure that happens.

Then it's prereading and proofreading, editing for grammar/pacing issues, and up it goes!
File: 1361378706624.jpg-(84 KB, 960x960, 1355595369074.jpg)
84 KB
File: 1361378891361.png-(141 KB, 550x1000, 450982345236.png)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
I like it
Rainbow Dash is a bitch
I could dig a story where Anon stalks Rainbow but she's a complete bitch to him
File: 1361380867707.jpg-(10 KB, 346x224, 1357861483812.jpg)
10 KB
Eh, everybody's a critic.
Oh well, can't make everyone happy.
Maybe on the next part you won't tear it to shreds.
You should write it.

I like it when you write things.
intended for
File: 1361381639308.gif-(1.76 MB, 635x800, 099.gif)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB GIF
Jchallo if you'll recall, you challenged Anonymous to find all the Dr.Who references in your story.

Something about no more Dr. or Cat Summoning being the prize I believe.

I think he was playing along.
File: 1361382071088.jpg-(30 KB, 360x360, 1356147536269.jpg)
30 KB
it was very good~ Anon is getting a little tooo comfy around banana hush. He just doesn't realize it yet cause it's happening at a decent pace. I see nothing wrong with it. keep it up.
File: 1361382395687.png-(35 KB, 196x186, edgy-and-funny.png)
35 KB

>dat pic...

My sides...
File: 1361382803108.png-(1.45 MB, 1190x4149, 1356066966039.png)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
File: 1361383378614.jpg-(61 KB, 400x479, 1358785933637.jpg)
61 KB
God that's cute.
So who else heard of the sonic boom over Russia's Ural Mountains caused by that meteorite?
was in reply to
File: 1361384296694.png-(364 KB, 1280x720, 1360827881333.png)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
Guys, check out AiE. They're getting spammed from /k/
Why the fuck do we care?
File: 1361384390233.gif-(988 KB, 500x282, Shenanigans.gif)
988 KB
988 KB GIF
Ah yes. Indeed.
That challenge how ever, includes every story that has a DW reference.
He did good for the most part here.
He was also pointing out other dialogue that I guess he didn't like.
I was getting a bit silly with it on this part.
That is the prize, the challenge will stand until then
Thank you.
I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Always cheers me up that someone does.
....alrighty then.

On another note I have been thinking about some back stories of DoP
Like for example The Year of Chaos, which would be the shenanigans that took place between the first and second Day of Peace.

I've also been thinking about The Untold Moments of The Day of Peace, which would go into detail of what was happening around Anon since the story began, excluding what happened between the first and second Day of Peace.
Like the reason why no one was there at the bar every time Anon and Fluttershy had their celebration.
The reason why Berry Punch threw a brick at Anon's bedroom window on that faithful night.
What happened at Pinkie's after party when Anon and Fluttershy left.
Dash's occasional visits at the treebary because she's crushing on Twilight.
Little tid bit moments like that. Again only thinking about it. I'll keep writing my other stories in the meantime.


That happens nearly on a daily basis.
I assumed that stuff was gonna be explained in later chapters, but that sounds cool as well.
File: 1361384729084.jpg-(1.23 MB, 1840x3264, 2013-02-20_13-21-20_456.jpg)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
Check it out, my face is being raided by Heineken

I would like a Catquestria story right about now
How about:
Fluttertabby gets her terf (Anon) claimed (sprayed) by Derpycat?
Poor AiE.
Shit must be frustrating with all the shit postin'
They're writers too ya know.
I actually might end up doing that for the untold moments.
The Year of Chaos however, that would be fun to write.
File: 1361384939436.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 22 KB, 400x648)
Spoiler Image, 22 KB

Salsa, pls
>That hand
9/10 would grasp firmly in arm wrestling match

Uhh. Yeah, so it is.
What are we supposed to do about it?
help them
How? By going there and filling the thread with spam? Or by going and re-raiding our /k/omrades?
>Shit must be frustrating with all the shit postin'

And this thread has been doing better lately?
It's either day/k/are [spooiler]who I'm ever so slightly surprised to see doing a raid[/spoiler] or it's some /b/tards framing /k/. either way nothing we can do
Never said it was doing better nor was I implying it was.
We have our share of shit posting.
We aren't perfect after all

There's actually quite a few /k/omrades who write for AiE..
They talk about guns there more than you'd think.
It's the middle of the day, dude.
And Wednesday.
And your taste in beer is shit
But to each his own. We can all respect a good mid-day brew.
I love how people make it look like there's, like, 30 people on the board from /k/ when there might be 3 max.
File: 1361386388499.png-(364 KB, 1015x669, veryclassy.png)
364 KB
364 KB PNG

Heh, LOL. But more to the point, why should we care? We ain't AiE.


I heard of the boom but I didn't hear the boom itself.
I'm sorta waiting for someone to edit the footage and make it a sonic rainboom.
My taste in beer is what I like and gets me toasted
So fuck off
File: 1361386856499.jpg-(5 KB, 225x225, hat.jpg)
5 KB
Doesn't she just love her GIANT HATS
Just messin' around, man. Lot of people like Heineken. I just don't at all.
Probably in the minority for this, anyway.
File: 1361387084253.png-(59 KB, 250x193, 250px-Sandvich.png)
59 KB
Someone could do that but ain't that quite a pipe dream?

Pretty much this. Slasher is pissed on two accounts . Let's left him alone.


Nah, Heineken gets trashed a lot here too..
Bottled piss and what not
Then again, Belgium is the top of the prime when it comes to beer.
Fuck you Germany, you ain't got shit on us.

We beer general now?
File: 1361387164066.jpg-(83 KB, 400x400, angry-o'reilly.jpg)
83 KB
Bugger, forgot name...
File: 1361387378757.jpg-(46 KB, 1000x562, that's-the-last-time(...).jpg)
46 KB

Those Continental types do know how to make good booze...
File: 1361387807749.png-(153 KB, 981x815, 1357475628110.png)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
File: 1361388006769.gif-(1.96 MB, 420x315, 1360194800001.gif)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB GIF
>Day Suffering in Equestria
>Wake up
>Feel uneasy
>Like something horrible is about to happen
>Proceed to go about your routine with extreme caution
>You even swapped out your toothpaste for polystyrene
>Walk downstairs
>Stare at the door before you
>Knock knock knock
>Go to open it
>Fluttershy is stood looking at you, a blank look on her face
>Say nothing, only watch
>She takes out a potion from behind her
>Chugs it down
>And throws it to the side
>You watch in silent amazement as her body distorts and her bones break and rearrange themselves
>Her entire molecular structure shifts, and after a few painful looking moments, a full grown adult human female is stood in front of you
>You do nothing. You can sense that something dreadful is about to happen
>Without saying anything, she walks over to the wall next to your front door
>You watch
>She produces a toothpick from nowhere
>Gently places it under her big toe nail
>And kicks the wall as hard as she can
>Projectile vomit everywhere
>Fluttershy passes out from shock and pain
>You don't stop vomiting, eventually spewing your own blood out from your throat
>Everything hurts
>You can't handle this
>Wipe your mouth
>Go back inside
>Go upstairs
>Go back to sleep
>Fucking Fluttershy
File: 1361388119656.png-(110 KB, 821x500, fluttershy is happy becau(...).png)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
just horsing around

Beat that, Fractured.
File: 1361388151778.jpg-(19 KB, 500x500, 1358537783653.jpg)
19 KB
File: 1361388194523.jpg-(121 KB, 475x442, 1358551372982.jpg)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
holy fuck hai~
Who drew that? It's pretty good.
File: 1361388246915.jpg-(9 KB, 250x143, 1358812367164.jpg)
9 KB
Made me cringe.
File: 1361388350845.jpg-(42 KB, 500x441, LinkEllipsis.jpg)
42 KB
File: 1361388470575.jpg-(132 KB, 600x600, 1357815854708.jpg)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
File: 1361388852173.png-(18 KB, 429x410, 1355954569646.png)
18 KB
File: 1361389112664.jpg-(22 KB, 386x384, 1310185912468.jpg)
22 KB
Fuck, I'm gonna have nightmares now.
File: 1361390882066.png-(40 KB, 293x244, 1360815261799.png)
40 KB
10/10 would fap
File: 1361391035165.jpg-(179 KB, 858x698, 1355601399536.jpg)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
girls..i dunno if...if i'm strong enough.
File: 1361391054697.jpg-(222 KB, 1162x1600, 1355365997674.jpg)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
All hail heinkeken, the ultimate piss flavoured beverage!!!

Get something a little darker, you pussy
File: 1361391248243.gif-(286 KB, 500x450, why.gif)
286 KB
286 KB GIF
File: 1361391255684.gif-(51 KB, 320x240, pete-1.gif)
51 KB
You know what fuck you guys I'm out
Faggots always arguing over beer
Just get drunk
Fuck all of you
Except you
I'll be back in a few days

Somebody write a beer-connaiseur in Equestria for this guy.
Oh yeah, throw in some >rape for good measure as well.
We love you too, buddy. Have a good time off, whatever it is you'll be doing.
>Sometimes I just don't feel like trying in Equestria
>Wake up to a funny feeling on your crotch
>As you stir and struggle, you find your arms and legs bound
>The shit you out up with
>Fluttershy is sitting on your bed, spreading tapioca pudding on your crotch
"Fluttershy, what the fuck are you doi-"
>You notice she's getting it from her vagina
>That isn't pudding
>Oh fuck...
"Fluttershy what the hell!?"
>"Oh hello Anon! Glad you're awake!"
>She flies up and plants her cootch on your face
>"Embrace your fetish Anon! Embrace it!"
>You clamp your mouth shut tightly and try to fight her off
>Finally you get her off your face
>The smell is killing you
"Fluttershy! I don't know what the fuck is going on, but it's not my fetish!"
>"I-it's not?"
>"O-oh...well uh, *mumble*..."
>She slowly unties you and flies out the door
>As you get up and follow her out she turns to you
>"W-will you stay with me-*slam!*?"
>Fuck that shit
>Proceed to bathe in boiling bleach for the rest of the day because of
>Fucking Fluttershy
File: 1361392125880.jpg-(154 KB, 894x894, one_too_many_applejacks_b(...).jpg)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
I respect a good, clean Heineken. And if you're more of a stout drinker, fine. A stout is fine too. When I'm hammered.
because they can.
File: 1361392143915.png-(941 KB, 1280x1024, 1357193050278.png)
941 KB
941 KB PNG
We'll miss you, buddy.

Bring more of that water for the rest of us next time.
File: 1361392150549.jpg-(178 KB, 450x337, 7.jpg)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Previously: http://pastebin.com/WMqKQmfC

>Wake up
>Shit, shower and shave
>You had a quiet and restful night without any interruptions
>These became rare since you're either haunted by nightmares or wake up in the middle of the night switching the lights on and looking panically for a sign of Yellowquiet
>This p0ny got really creepy
>Not that she hasn't been creepy before
>But recently she had more confidence in herself and her fetish guesses, or anything she tries to make you having sex with her, became more and more tenacious
>You finish your shower and step out of the bathroom
>You feel refreshed and ready to take on the day
>Searching for some clothes you remember what Fluttershy probably did to your underwear
>Yup, no way you're going to wear these pants
>You put this issue into cold storage and put your yesterday's underpants on
>Maybe you're just going to burn them
>You go downstairs and have some cereals
>Apparently you're running low on milk
>Meh, might as well go to Sweet Apple Acres and visit AJ yet
>You get your cloak, go outside and run into something
>Guess who's there
Fluttershy! What are you doing here?
>Silly question
>"I am here to, umm, to-"
>You don't have time for this
>You grab her by the neck and push her with your foot over the threshold
>Worked last time, will do just as fine this time probably
>Besides you don't have any clean underwear lying around since yesterday so she won't mess up your bedroom this time, right?

File: 1361392281033.png-(80 KB, 220x191, article_applejack_01.png)
80 KB

>You make your way to Sweet Apple Acres
>It's a bit rainy so you pull your hood over your head
>Arriving at the acres you see AJ doing her chores
>You approach her
Hey AJ, how are you doing?
>She looks a bit stressed, perhaps she has problems to buck the trees properly while it's raining
>You know mud could be a real problem while harvesting the apples because a solid stance is needed
>"Ugh, hi there, Anon! Ah'm fine so far, but this darn rain doesn't seem to stop. Ah tell ya, Rainbow Dash is sleepin' again for sure! Be a sport and wake that lazy, good-fer-nothing p0ny up?"
Actually, I'm ...
>She's glaring daggers at you
>Well, it's not her fault, you guess. Working at the farm can be really tough at times and the rain doesn't help at all
Forget it. Have to see what can be done.
>"Thanks Sugarcube!"
>Now it's up to you to find RD
>You wouldn't go as far as calling her 'good-for-nothing' but she can be really lazy sometimes
>Reminds you on yourself though
>You return to Ponyville and listen closely
>Fortunately everyp0ny stays at home during rain so it's pretty quiet
>Okay, now listen for that snoring... Dash snores really loud when she sleeps and with the town silent like this it won't be hard to find her
>Your ears track a silent noise to your left
>She must be there!
>You quickly turn into a byroad between two buildings and bump into...
>Pinkie Pie
>You catch her in the middle of a jump and your heads collide
>You rise on your feet carefully and rub your aching head
Are you alright?

File: 1361392365080.jpg-(67 KB, 690x478, shocked.jpg)
67 KB

As to quote all the reactions to this:
File: 1361392417000.png-(70 KB, 500x374, 0987.png)
70 KB

>She jumps back on her feet in a smooth motion
>"Oh, heya Anon, didn't see you there! I'm fine, it's nothing!"
>She giggles. What a buoyant spirit she is!
>You're still a bit annoyed because you didn't expect anyp0ny to be outside
>Pinkie is always springs a surprise. Right now she wears a goofy looking hat which seem to be an umbrella
>You can't help yourself but to giggle a bit too
Pinkie! What are you doing here?
>"I'm enjoying the rain, silly! Hihi, I just love the feeling of wetness on my hooves and all over my coat!"
>That could be misinterpret
>"Wait! I just got an awesome idea! How'boutYouAndiEnjoyTheRainTogether?ItWouldBeSoMuchFun,WeCould-"
Woah, easy Pinkie! I'd love to spend some time with you in the liquid sunshine-
>And that's no lie. It's always fun to hang around with Pinkie and furthermore she's the best baker you know, but...
-But I'm looking for Rainbow Dash right now. Have you seen her?
>"Oh, oh, I know where she is!"
>Of course Pinkie knows where RD is. Nobody can hide from this mare.You were lucky when you bumped into her
>"Dashie is sleeping right there!"
>She points at a cloud over the place where you stood when you arrived in Ponyville
>So much for your hearing senses
Uhh, thank you, Pinkie. You've been a great help!
>"No problemo, Anon! Come and see me some time!"
>You wave to her while walking back
Will do!
>Happily she jumps along
>You're standing right under the cloud where Rainbow sleeps
>Time to wake her up
>You grin slyly as you pick up some small pebbles
>This will teach her a lesson

File: 1361392527772.png-(162 KB, 1920x1080, 1343531.png)
162 KB
162 KB PNG

>You throw some at her and the first ones miss
>But eventually you hit her flank
>Something starts to move up there
>"What the ...?"
>She turns to you and looks down at the same moment as you throw up another pebble
>It was a clear throw going directly for her head
>You hold your breath
>Dashie is luckily faster than you thought
>She catches the pebble in midair
>Did you really think they call her the fastest flyer in Ponyville for nothing?
>You sigh in relief. Maybe a bit too early
>A pebble hits you
Ow! Why did you...?
>"Whom do you think you are throwing pebbles at?!"
>She flies down and lands in front of you
>"Oh? Oh! Anon! What are you doing here?"
Are you serious? You didn't recognize me from above? I'm the only one walking on two legs!
>You rub your forehead. If this is going to continue you'll cetainly have a basal skull fracture
>"Umm, you know, actually I thought you were some kind of diamond dog, sniffing around in Ponyville..."
>She paws the ground and blushes
>"I'm sorry. But you throwed stones at me! I think we're even now!"
>Considering you didn't really hit her and she had mistaken you for a diamond dog ... whatever!
>You decide to make a little scene
Am I really that ugly to you? I mean, I can understand you being unacustomed to me because of the different species thing but I'm living in Ponyville since a year now!
>"I-I didn't mean to offend you."
No. I got the message!
>You turn around and raise your nose

File: 1361392727998.png-(156 KB, 870x919, 0886.png)
156 KB
156 KB PNG

If you don't like how I look then I'll better leave.
>You take a step in the opposite direction
>"B-but Anon..."
>You take another step
>"Stop being such a wuss!"
>You turn around smiling
Who are you calling a wuss, you sissy?
>"What was that? I'll make you eat those words!"
Come at me, bro!
>You raise your arms and puff yourself up
>She comes closer in turn and rise on her hind legs
>Then your rumps bump and both of you start to laugh
>"So what's up, Anon?"
Nothing much. How 'bout you?
>"Now, I tried to sleep until a certain someone woke me up."
>She glares at you
>"So, why did you wake me up?"
I wanted-
>"Can we take cover first? It's raining pretty m..."
>She stops and you could literally see little gears working in her head
>This p0ny is a real slowpoke
That's right. And Applejack is going to kill us both if you don't clear the sky in the next ten seconds flat.
>You chuckle
>"That's not funny, Anon! I didn't realize it was raining!"
You slept on top of the cloud, so I guess that only makes sense.
>"And AJ is probably already mad at me!"
It's alright, just do your work, Dashie!
>"O-ok! Thanks for waking me up!"
No big deal.
>You palpate the bump on your head
>"I should better be going! See you around!"
>You lift your arms in a hugging motion and look at her
>She starts to glance nervously around
>The moment she got sure that nop0ny was looking she springs into your arms and gives you a tight hug
>She may be your bro, but she's still a mare
>Seconds later she breaks the hug and flies off
>"Bye Anon!"

File: 1361392868157.jpg-(2.6 MB, 5000x5000, 9786.jpg)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB JPG

>She's just adorable. You seem to get her blushing nearly everytime and it's the cutest thing you saw
>These p0nies are really cute in common but the tough ones you experienced are the cutest
>Now that you finished your job you return to Applejack
>Meanwhile the rain has stopped and you take off your hood
>You spot AJ from a distance
>She's still working hard because the ground is still soaked wet so you decide to approach her carefully
Uh, hey AJ, I've woken up Dash.
>"Yeah, Ah see. Good job, Anon! Just wait until Ah get my hooves on that p0ny."
>You size her up. She's covered in mud and sweat
But before that you should probably wash these hooves of yours.
>She looks down on herself
>"No, she'll get mah dirty hooves as a reward for sleepin' too much Ah'm tellin' ya!"
>You snicker and she joins your laugh
>Phew, at least her mood has raised
>"So, what brought ya here? Ah thought you'd visit me by evenin'?"
Yup, and plans haven't change. Unfortunately I ran out of milk and I'd like to know if you could give me some?
>"Ah can, but not fer free this is."
Of course, wait a sec.
>You dip into your pocket and find ... nothing
>Man, how could you forget your money? Didn't you get payed last week?
Umm, listen, I'm afraid I forgot my purse at home, how about I dash home and get it? I'll be here in a few-
>She cuts you off with a hoof-raising gesture
>"Ah think we can work things out."
>She eyes you intensively
>"There are plen'y of things ya could help me with."
>Your heart starts to beat faster
>Is she implying what you think she implies?
>"How 'bout you help me with mah work like in those days? Ya help me out and Ah'll give you milk fer free. Deal?"
>Your shit calms
Deal, I guess.


>She spits in her hoof and reaches out to you
>You look at her hand, mud and saliva mixed together running down and dropping on the ground
>"C'mon, Anon, we don't got all day y'know?"
>You spit in your own hand and slap her hoof
>The inside of your hand is now covered in AJ's spit and sludge
>Totally worth it
>You roll up your sleeves and get to work
>It's harder than you thought
>Once you were used to work here at the farm but the constant sitting and writing at your desk has epicened you
>Soon you find yourself puffing in exhaustion
>"Heya fella, ya used to be more untiring as Ah remember! Get a move on, we're already halfway through!"
>Maybe you were halfway through but you kept working for hours
>Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, you were done
>Completely drained and sweaty you let yourself fall down next to AJ who is leaning against an appletree
>Even the ground dried out while you were working
*pant* *pant* I think I might be a little, just a little, out of shape.
>Applejack breaks out in ringing laughter
>"Ah didn't know ya were a comedian as well, haha! Still ya have been a great help t'day and...
>She takes her stetson off and covers her muzzle with it
>"Ah must admit we might have worked more than Ah had to."
>You'd like to get upset but right now every muscle in your body aches so you had to stay put and listen
>"But only because Ah missed ya so much! Lately ya didn't have much time, did ya?"
>She comes closer and leans against your chest looking up to your face with pleading eyes
>AJ has a point there
>Furthermore, you can't get angry with her, not if she's looking at you like that, with her big and shiny emerald eyes
>You put your arm around her instead and pull her even closer to you
I missed you, too, Applejack.

File: 1361393130554.png-(671 KB, 1280x720, 312321.png)
671 KB
671 KB PNG

>She just smiles and closes her eyes
>The sun is setting and looks itself like a golden apple
>The view from the small hill you were sitiing at is magnificient, simply picturesque
>You lay there for a while until she opens her eyes again and speaks up
>"Y'know, it's evenin' already and Ah now just how to make up fer ya work today."
>A sheepish smile comes up her face
>Could she mean...?
>"Be our guest t'day! Granny made some nice Applestew and Ah bet there's 'nough to fill yer tummy, too!"
>Your mind is really corrupted
Sure, I'd like to stay!
>Her expression changes suddenly and she stands up with a questioning look at you
>"Why is yer heart racing?"
*Cough* It's nothing, really, let's get inside, shall we?
>You make your way to her home and aim straight for the bathroom
>You wash your hands and she washes her hooves
>Supper was ready so you sit down at the table
>Big Mac and Applebloom were also sitting and waiting
>You nod at Big Mac and he nods back at you
>This is how real man greet each other
>"Howdy Anon, long time no see!"
Hey Applebloom, how are you?
>The small filly with the big red ribbon looks at you happily
>She's right you weren't here for a quite some time
>"Ah'm fine, just a bit hungry, y'know? Why haven't you been here for sooo long?"
I was quite busy, Sweetie.
>Time to change the topic
But how about you? Still looking for your cutiemark?
>You have unleashed an unstoppable gush of words
>You just listen and smile as she tells you everything about her friends and her trying to get their cutiemarks
>Granny enters the room with a huge bowl full of stew


>The supper wasn't too eventful
>The stew contained chunky diced apples cooked with cinnamon and other ingredients
>You talked a bit with granny about the usual (If you manage to live on your own though you're still a foal, etc.) and listen to more of Applebloom's storys
>Big Mac wasn't much of a talker and Applejack seems to enjoy her supper very much
>In fact, you haven't seen a girl or a mare eating as much as she did
>You look at her and smirk as your eyes meet
>She just shrugs and continues her eating spree
>Probably she needs the extra power because she's working so hard every day
>After all her body is fully trained with not a slightest hint of fat
>Her perfect curves and her firm legs, not to mention her flanks
>Your mind drifts away and you notice your boner gaining control over your body
>-"Dude, seriously, come on..."
-Not now! We're sitting at the table with her family!
>-"Take her upstairs or something. Tell them you have something to 'discuss' with her in private."
>Your natural urges are really taking the upper hand after a year
>You're still ashamed of your thoughts but otherwise these p0nies have personalities like a human being
>No, they're even nicer. And these flanks...
>Your mind is drifting again
>You notice Granny Smith talking to you
Er, pardon me?
>"Ah asked ya what ya were doin' here at the farm! Boy, ya should really get yer ears checked!"
Um, sorry, I was thinking of something else. Yeah, I wanted to visit AJ again and I helped her with her chores
>Applejack looks up and nods, unable to talk with her mouth full
>"Good thing there are still fellas like ya out there! Ah am glad ya came for a visit, sonny!"
>You don't know what to answer and blush slightly instead
>She winks at you and laughs
>"And here they say Granny doesn't know how ta make a stallion speechless!"


>The supper with the Apples' was fun
>You shared some laughs and listen to the different stories they told you, especially Granny's stories about Ponyville
>Night sets in and everyp0ny gets ready for bedtime
>Big Mac was already asleep and Granny Smith went upstairs with Applebloom, probably reading her a p0ny tale
>It was all you and Applejack now
>"So, uuh, Anon we had a great time an'-"
It's already dark outside. Can't I crash at your place?
>This question shoots out of your mouth before you even being aware of it
Pretty pleeeease?
>"Ah guess it would be like a sleep-over. Ya can stay for the night, Ah guess."
>Your dick and you cheer in triumph
I won't be a bother, I promise!
>You follow her upstairs into her room
>"Ya can sleep here."
>She pulls a pocket spring mattress out of her cabin and lays it near her bed
>Afterwards she gives you a blanket and a pillow
>You undress yourself up to your boxers and lay in your improvised resting place
Ok, thanks AJ, you're the best!
>She blushes and lays down in her bed
>"Sleep tight, Anon!"
Nighty night!
>You lay in your place gor about fifteen minutes when...
>-"Dude, time for the next step..."
-But how?
>-"Hi there, this is brain, do you really consider to have intercourse with a horse?"
>Stupid brain. You and your dick turn a blind eye to it
>-"Just let me handle this!"

File: 1361393439826.png-(218 KB, 1280x1201, 7686.png)
218 KB
218 KB PNG

>You feel a stiffy coming up, indicating that your dick is taking charge of your body
>You hadn't have sex for over a year so it only seems natural and eventually you gave up resisting you demands
-Alright, the stage is yours.
>You rise from your mattress
>It's freezing and you're going to take advantage from this
>You approach Applejack
AJ, are you asleep?
>She mumbles in her sleep
>"Anon, what's it?"
I can't sleep 'cause I'm cold...
>Do ya need 'nother blanket?"
Actually I wanted to ask if you'd mind me sleeping in your bed. I'm the cuddling type, I swear!
>She looks at you with half-opened eyes
>Does she know what you were up to?
>Eventually she makes some room for you
>"Hop in, boy."
>You slide under her blanket and snuggle yourself close to her
>She's unbelievably warm. The benefit of fur.
>You close your eyes and enjoy the feeling of her coat rubbing against your skin
>It's so comfortable right now, you're about to drop off
>-"Ey buddy, don't you fall asleep! That was only the first phase: Getting in her bed!"
>Your hand rests on her front leg
>You start to stroke her slightly while pulling her closer to you
>Her mane reeks strongly like apples with a touch of sweat
>She hasn't been showering, but you didn't either so you don't mind
>You inhale deeply but carefully so you don't freak her out
That's very nice of you giving me a place to rest, you know?
>"Y-you're welcome."

File: 1361393490560.png-(34 KB, 242x200, 09876.png)
34 KB

>You feel a hoof on your arm, stroking you as well
>You trace her body up and down with your hand trying to make her feel as comfortable as possible
I... I like you very much, Applejack
>Your fingers carve deeply into her coat as you start to massage her
>"Ah l-like ya, too, Anon..."
>You start at her shoulders and make your way down her whole back
>You repaeat this rocedure a few times, always getting your hands closer to her rump every time
Oh my, your whole body is soo clenched, let me handle this for you.
>You start to press your thumbs between her shoulderblades and move slowly down in a cricling motion
>A quiet little moan slips her lips eventually
>-"Keep this going man! You're getting closer, I can fell it!"
>You dick feels it literally
>All this sensual massaging causes your body to pump more blood in your lower regions
>Applejack seems to get turned on as well
>She's clearly not in the mood for sleeping at the moment
>As you start to build more pressure you can feel her body tensing with every move you make
>She's panting at a slow pace and doesn't even tempt to hide it, enjoying it as much as you do
>After a little while she takes your hands and push them away slightly
>Before you knew what was happening she turns around and puts a hoof around your neck, dragging you closer to her face
>"Ya are such a nice boy, Anon. Let me return yer treatment..."
>With this she pulls you even closer and starts to invade your mouth with her tongue
>You let her have her way and close your eyes in joy
>Her tongue is long and flat but you can't really spot the difference between a mare and a woman since last time you kissed a woman was more than a year ago and to top it off, you were extremely drunk (again)
>-"Geez, you're kissing a horse! This is called 'bestiality', you know?"
>Disable brain mode

File: 1361393603951.gif-(807 KB, 2000x1250, 5445.gif)
807 KB
807 KB GIF

>Now it was really only you and her
>She is the only thing you could focus on
>Nothing matters at this moment, nothing but you kissing the kindest, honest and most beautiful p0ny you ever knew
>She breaks the kiss to gasp for some air and goes back in with even more passion
>You couldn't believe how far you got
>She wildly caresses your back with her hooves and starts to explore your lower body
>Her hooves are nearly as soft as her coat
>That makes you wonder because you thought they would be rough since she's working at the farm almost every day
>Maybe she goes to the spa discreetly, without anyp0ny knowing?
>She reaches your crotch and breaks the kiss again
>AJ smiles up to you
>"Yer little fella is already work'd up Ah see."
>She grins even wider
>"Now let ME handle that fer ya!"
>She turns about ninety degrees and carefully pulls your boxer down with her teeth
>Anon Jr. springs up in his full glory
>If our dick had a mouth he would be all cheering right now
>Instead your whole system is flooded by endorphin
>Your body eases as you let Applejack do her magic
>Finally a p0ny who don't forces herself upon you
>Finally a p0ny who you like because of her true nature
>And finally a p0ny who you'd like to rut
>You feel your wishes come true as she takes your member into her mouth
>She slowly starts to suckle the tip as her tongue circles a part of your shft
>You don't know how she does this but it feels like your balls are going to explode already
>Must be the lack of sex or something
>You try to get a hold of yourself as her head starts to bob up and down in a constant pattern
>Her flat, dextrous and muscular tongue sure comes in handy
>You never experienced such incredible pleasure as she is giving you
>Not even the one time you paid an 'experienced' hooker
A-AJ, I think I'm gonna...


>Your dick pops out of her mouth and she starts to stroke it heavily with her hooves
>"Right in ma mouth, Loverboy!"
>With a *Hnnnng* you release a full load of your personal whipcream in her mouth
>Your body starts to spasm in satisfaction and a few drops cover her cute little snout
>Fuck the magic of friendship, this is the magic of blowjobs!
>Surprisingly enough she licks off every last drop of your special gravy and swallows it
>"Wow, Ah didn't know ya taste so salty!"
>Even though you came after three minutes she didn't seem to bother
>Hah, poor stallion stamina
>She tempts to lay back next to you but you stop her
>While your left hand was holding her in place (her head near your dick and her marehood next to your face) your right hand moves slowly to her nethers
>You are just about to touch her slit as she flinches
>"A-Anon, you sure don't wanna touch me ... down there."
>She starts to blush
>"Ya know what they say 'bout an ol' dirty farm p0ny."
>She is seemingly ashamed. And it makes her even more adorable
What if I told you I do not care?
>"B-but Ah didn't even had a shower!"
AJ, you're one of my best friends and the most magnificent p0ny I ever laid eyes on!
>You touch her cutiemark and massage it in order to calm her down
>Apparently she's getting even more turned on
>"Y-you're just saying that..."
Listen, I'm gonna make you feel beautiful. Besides, I didn't had a shower, too.
>Both of you snicker
>"Hihi, that's where the manly scent came from?"
>You don't reply as you start to make your way down from her cutiemark to her moist slit
>Her breath starts to pace faster as your fingers explore her inner tighs
>You caress her cutiemark with your thumbs and go deeper with your fingers
>You could almost feel the heat radiating from her hot applepussy
>Another turn and you reach her ...

File: 1361393850036.png-(282 KB, 1600x1556, 787554.png)
282 KB
282 KB PNG

>She inhales deeply and seemingly with pleasure
>Her back arches and a loud moan leaves her lips
>Her eyes roll back inside of her head, clasping her blanket tightly
>You start to rub her clit gently
>Man, she really got excited, her soft and little tunnel of love is flooding with marejuices
>You slide around her nub a few times and go deeper, examing the depths of her lust
>You notice by the feelings on your fingertips that her labia is a bit more padded than a woman's one
>Also there seems to be some incredibly smooth skin around her clit
>You would love to take a closer look at her reproduction organs but she has bent over you and pulled you into a keen kiss
>Her hips are moving on themselves, driving your fingers deeper inside her
>She emits a moan into your mouth but doesn't break the kiss
>You observe her with half-opened eyes
>Her eyes are closed and she's seemingly enjoying your touch, letting a moan out every now and then
>You follow her lead and close your eyes, embracing her with one arm, while your other hand picks up a faster pace
>"Ah n-need more, p-pleasee..."
But e-everp0ny is sleeping, we would wake them up...
>She rises her head and looks you in the eyes
>Her cheeks start to get red and she's clearly avoiding your glance
>"We - we could try somethin'. Maybe please?"
>You start to smirk as you realize where she is getting to
>You pull your fingers out and grab her firm rear, turning her around
>She moans again over your strong hands grabbing her buttocks
>Her hooves make it a little bit hard for the two of you but ultimately you find a comfortable position and she places her rear end above your face

File: 1361394015234.png-(28 KB, 300x176, 4376.png)
28 KB

>The whole beauty of her body unfols in front of your face
>Her aqueous marehood with the winking clit, showing her excitement and her puckered little rosette on top of it all
>Her tail is swishing from right and left, eager for your next move
>-"Seriously, her clit is WINKING, you aren't going to do this, are you?"
-Wow, Brain, I thought I told you to stfu?
>It is strange, indeed. But p0nies aren't as big as horses in comparison
>Everything is smaller this concerns their lower anatomy as well
>Her tight little wholes and the winking clit doesn't gross you out
>If anything they arouse your interest to explore her body even more
>Your mouth moves closer to her nethers
>You reach out with your tongue and give her a long lick, starting at her nub, going over her moisten slit and almost ending up at her asshole
>She shivers during the whole act and small amounts of her liquor drips in your mouth
>Your tongue analyzses the new flavour
>It tastes rather sweet with a smack of ... apples and hay
>You work your way up and down with your tongue, invading her love canal deeper as you go on
>She almost lost control of herself as her moans get louder
>Her moaning, combined with the taste of her pussy and the strong musky scent between her legs effect Anon Jr. to rise again

File: 1361394140124.png-(103 KB, 1187x672, 9423.png)
103 KB
103 KB PNG

>AJ bends down and starts to take care of your hardness almost immediately
>Because of her small size you have to raise your head a bit
>She starts licking your member, showing you once again the incredible abilities of her tongue
>In return you flick her clit with your tongue, teasing her
>Eventually you suckle on her nub taking it into your mouth while licking it furiously
>Pure satisfaction runs through her body and she starts to engulf your whole stiffy
>You feel the heat of her mouth and her tongue circling around the head of your dick while she's sucking on it
>You release her clit and push your tongue deep inside her instead
>Moving your tongue within her insides you start to feel her convulsing in a quickening pattern
>After a little time later your stiffy pops out of her mouth and she smasher her nethers against your face
>"F-faster! C'mon Loverboy, give it to me!"
>She grinds her hips into your face and you grab her by her legs pressing her even harder against you while driving your tongue even deeper
>You reach around her and while she's grinding your face you rup her clittie with you pointer
>"YESSS! I'm gonna ...!"
>Her hind legs clench around your head and her whole body shudders in delight
>A warm load of her lovejuices spray over your face and oddly enough you enjoy every drop of it
>She gets back on your dick and her head bobs mind-blowingly fast
>The speed of your breath races as you feel yourself getting closer
>You hold your breath and your body spasm once again, this time shooting your cream deep into Applejack's throat
>She savours every last drop of it and drops down next to you
>Both of you are panting
>"T-that was unbelievable, Sugar..."
>You only nod and pull her closer to yourself, hugging her tightly
>Holding your little p0ny in a warm embrace, you slowly drift asleep

File: 1361394230716.jpg-(16 KB, 300x191, 11111111.jpg)
16 KB

That's it for now! Feel free to comment!

>inb4 typos Sry :3
Boner lost.
Proceeding to laugh heartily.
File: 1361394404082.png-(124 KB, 500x313, cocaine.png)
124 KB
124 KB PNG

Well done on this sequel, C0ld. Well done, indeed
I have never seen 'hihi' in text, and at first I thought pinkie was just being retarded.

it took a while to realise it was laughter.

Why? Are you afraid of pastebins?
File: 1361395283821.jpg-(120 KB, 600x600, 133905569633.jpg)
120 KB
120 KB JPG

The impression I'm left with in this story, TOG, is that I've no idea where this is going. While your story is quite well written, I have little to no clue of what is going on. I realise that exposition will happen in its own due course, but this part just seems confusing to me. Let's break it down.

>Anon comes home.
>Fluttershy uses the stare on him.
>He gets away and feels like running into the forest.
>He meets himself.
>Twilight meets Luna to ask about Anonymous.
>She asks Celestia about Anonymous.
>Celestia says she'll only tell her if she can beat her at magic tag.
>Twilight wins.
>Meanwhile, Anon is tripping balls.
>He gets beat up by... himself, only to be saved by Fluttershy using the stare.
>Anon wakes up in hospital.

That's how I would summarize this chapter. As you can see, there's a lot of action here, but not much explanation. That is what is confusing me so much. Too much action and not enough exposition can be offputting, and that's how I feel right now.

The questions I have are: Why should I care? What are Anon's goals? Why does he go into the forest? Why is Celestia so determined to make Twilight play magic tag before she tells her anything? Questions like this pop up in my mind and gnaw at me. I realise I may get the answers in time, but some of them do seem to be relevant now.

The problem with this story, I find is that Anon really doesn't have any goals. He just kind of... bumbles around, humming. That's not a very interesting character. He may have a goal now that he's met his adversary, but we don't know that yet. It just seems like he's just plodding along for the sake of it.

Now, despite my criticisms with the plot, your writing is very good. You have a good vocabulary, and I enjoy seeing how you write. I think you can improve this story quite a lot, TOG, and I'd really like to see you do it. Keep writing, and I'll be looking out for the next part to see how you've done.
File: 1361395379557.jpg-(639 KB, 1543x2048, EdwardNMCompanion.jpg)
639 KB
639 KB JPG

>Using bateman pictures

Might as well go all out on the faggotry
File: 1361395430245.png-(65 KB, 2400x1500, 234234.png)
65 KB

Changed it, thanks for the advice!


Thanks, Sir Kingston!


File: 1361395443644.gif-(158 KB, 250x220, 1354441926439.gif)
158 KB
158 KB GIF
This is certainly an imaginitive new take on the old formula, Theseus. It's interesting to see how Femanon reacts to things as opposed to regular Anon. I look forward to seeing where you take this. The revelation of Fluttershy's molestation attempts will be explosive, I expect. Great stuff, as always.
Oh god no.
File: 1361395683284.jpg-(53 KB, 698x599, 1353021262642.jpg)
53 KB
Okay... Well I'm pretty disappointed to see you go. You seem to be ticked off about being interrupted, but that stuff just happens. It's a board where everyone can post at at any time. There's no strict sense of organisation. Getting sore about being interrupted is the wrong way to go about things. It's simply a poor attitude.

I'm especially disappointed to see you leave this story unfinished. I quite liked the tension that you built up in this part. It was well written, and you had a good hook. I can't necessarily convince you to stay, nor will I beg you to. But I would advise you that you should write because you enjoy it. Write not for the attention or the fans. Just write because it makes you happy.

I hope you can find your spark and return to us, Shanks.
File: 1361395902253.png-(184 KB, 900x1036, 1360557643699.png)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
>Implying that he's not 12 years old with writing abilities
File: 1361396566161.png-(140 KB, 975x926, 1353020461911.png)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
Ah, the long awaited part of DoP. Certainly, I'd say it was worth the wait, however, I do think you could have improved it somewhat. The points that I found trouble with are only minor, and don't detract from the main bulk of the story, so don't take it as if I want to make a big deal out of this.

As usual, your Anon seems to be bipolar at the best of times. One moment he's rubbing bellies and joking with Fluttershy like best friends, and the next moment he's pushing her away for very poor reasons. He never seems to grapple properly with the idea that he does in fact care for her, and that they've grown together in various ways.

Secondly, I'd say that actually, not a lot happened in this part.

>Anon and Fluttershy antics in the bedroom.
>Anon gives Celestia a belly rub by the pool.
>Vinyl Scratch arrives.

That's... not a lot, to be honest. This is perhaps the first time that I'd accuse a story of moving too slowly. The pacing is perhaps just a bit too lethargic, and not much is actually said through your words.

One thing I've noticed throughout your parts is that you keep retelling the events that have happened before. The brick story, the cinnamon toast story, etc. Retelling old parts of the story or reiterating plot points is great to do. It refreshes the reader's memory of previous parts. But the parts you're reiterating are almost pointless. What does retelling the toast scene here do for the story? It's a whole post of padding.

Again, I am being perhaps overly critical, like I was of TOG's story, but I think you could improve if you took these points on board. Be concise. Be relevant. Pace yourself, but don't feel like you have to add padding for the sake of it.

I don't want to leave you with the wrong impression. I still love your story, and many others do too. I just think it could be better and I always want to see people improve.


(If my opinion in fact does mean anything.)
Thanks Clever, it always helps get your comments and thoughts.
Your opinion does matter by the way. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll keep what you said here in mind when I'm working on the next part.

Well, what did I find here?
You seem a little mad..

I think I've decided. I'm going to keep writing, and make my stuff more heinous than ever. If hasbro want to wreck the show, I'll wreck it even worse for them. Every time a child googles for MLP, I want my pastebin to be something they might find. I'll deface their ponies worse than they ever could.

So look forward to even more crazy fetish attempts, guys. I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!

You really don't like those wings, now do you?
Wow, Clever... you seem a little butthurt. Everything okay?
File: 1361398229917.png-(173 KB, 230x311, 1349207067443.png)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
Oh my.
That's uhh.

File: 1361398854155.jpg-(83 KB, 300x300, rape avengers assemble.jpg)
83 KB
Oh, just fine. Just overcoming the hurdle in my mind about Twilicorn. I'm mad at Hasbro. So mad at them for changing my favourite character in what I think is for the worse. I've decided that I'll protest by tarnishing their ambitions. I'll do what I do best and write. If they want to promote Twilicorn, I'll do my best to wreck their public image.

Because if I can't save a character, you can be damn sure I'll write porn about it.

They've slapped wings on her.
No need for panic yet although you won't hear me complaining about porn from you.
a man with a plan. god speed!
>implying any sensible god would support our actions

We've got the gods of >rape on our side.
File: 1361399340680.jpg-(105 KB, 1029x816, natalieportman.jpg)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
File: 1361399696896.jpg-(16 KB, 550x339, kurtz_2.jpg)
16 KB

File: 1361400675535.gif-(1023 KB, 300x225, batdance.gif)
1023 KB
1023 KB GIF
You ready for this?
File: 1361400957274.gif-(159 KB, 300x300, 1354904620351.gif)
159 KB
159 KB GIF
Ah! Something that readers can get their teeth into! I'll skim over the spelling and grammar mistakes. You know you need to work on your English.

Really, what I'd like to focus on is the clop scene. I believe this is your first attempt at clop, is it not? It's pretty darn good for a first try. It's obvious that you worked very hard to make this boner-inducing. The length of the scene alone is testament to that. However, I believe there's room for improvement.

The biggest problem here is vocabulary. Having a wide variety of words is paramount in writing anything, but clop/sex scenes are particularly difficult due to the fact that you will be primarily talking about the same actions/body parts over and over again. In this respect, I can definitely see that you've tried your best to be imaginitive with the words that you've used. Others have already pointed out what they think were slight slip ups with your vocabulary, but allow me to offer my insight also:

>personal whipcream
>special gravy
>aqueous marehood
>stiffy (seriously, an 8 year old would say that)
>clittie (see above)

I think these phrases were a swing and a miss. They are certainly creative, but they induce more of a sensation of mirth than arousal. Breaking the mood is the worst thing you can do in clop. Allow me to point out another instance of this:

>Anon Jr. springs up in his full glory
>If our dick had a mouth he would be all cheering right now

I think you can see the problem here yourself. Try to avoid too many of these jokes in the middle of clopping. Same with the boner/brain talk. If it's done too much, it can break flow.

I'd also like to point out the things that I think you did well. You managed to create a good sense of immersion by describing all of Anon's sensations. The length was quite sizable, which means that people are more likely to finish to it. Next time, you should do the same, but improve on the skills that you already have.

A good effort. Well done.

Thank you for your feedback, Clever. I always find it useful to be told my weak spots. As I see it comedic elements and eroticism can't be forged my mistake obviously
I'll try to improve, starting to edit the clop-scene a bit. Seems like repetition is inevitable sometimes *sigh*.
Anyways, I hope it was an enjoyable read and thanks again for your long and enlightening comment, I am very grateful for that!

Now I'm going to cry myself asleep. At least the pic if Fluttershy you posted soothes me practically.
File: 1361402438478.jpg-(654 KB, 2700x1800, Vacation Time!.jpg)
654 KB
654 KB JPG
>Implying we don't wreck their public image with every post we make.

Hey, speaking of Twilicorn... it's time for the next chapter of Exchange! It picks up immediately from where the last one left off so you'll probably want to read it here:


>You walk through the sunlit streets of P0nyville with the former Princess of the Day and Herald of the Sun trotting merrily by your side.
>Various p0nies out and about on their morning routines, commuting to work or just enjoying the start of the day with a relaxing breakfast at an outside cafe wave and say hi to her, and she cheerily returns their greetings in kind.
>It's a welcome change from the first few weeks of her stay. Every time Sunbutt set one hoof outside the house she'd be swamped by curious p0nies wondering if she had really given up the throne and what she intended to do now. It was almost a mirror of your first arrival in P0nyville. If there's one common trait these various multicolored miniature equines share it's nosiness...
>But thankfully they seem to have gotten used to Celestia's presence by now, just like they've gotten used to the weird talking monkey that's taken up residence in their humble town.
>You cross paths with Lyra and Bon Bon as you walk up the path to Sugarcube Corner. The chipper unicorn nudges your hand and licks a few of your fingers as you pass by before giggling and running off, and the cream-colored earth p0ny gives you an angry glare before chasing after her.
>Great, it hasn't even been 10 minutes since you stepped outside and already a part of your body is covered in p0ny drool. You can practically feel the amused stare and suppressed laughter of the nearby alicorn.
>"It's seems your popularity among young mares is as strong as ever, Anonymous." She cocks her head in thought. "What could it be that draws them to you, I wonder?"


"No idea. And you're forgetting one thing: it's only the weird mares that're attracted to me, and that one's definitely an oddball."
>You wipe your spit-covered hand onto the soft coat covering Celestia's neck to dry it off, but she shows no reaction to the gesture, her serene smile unbroken.
>"Is the attention really so unwelcome? They're probably just curious about you. I'm sure they mean you no harm, aside from a certain... notable exception."
"It's not completely unwelcome. It's kind of flattering that they're interested, even if I'm not. It's just... tiring sometimes."
>She nods in sympathy. Being a former Princess she knows more about things like this than you ever will.
"I can handle average p0nies like Minty. Autismo on the other hand..."
>You shudder. You haven't seen Twilight since the day of her ascension and private coronation but you've heard whispers that she still has her eyes on you. You risk a quick glance over to Canterlot in the distance, half expecting to see a giant purple Eye of Sparkle hovering over one of the castle's towers, but thankfully everything looks normal. You nervously rub one of the arcane bands on your wrists.
"...Have I ever thanked you for these?"
>She closes her eyes and sighs. "Many times, profusely. You needn't worry about showing gratitude to me, Anonymous. Between us it is I who am indebted to you. I know it hasn't been easy to put up with my peculiarities and odd habits for the last three and a half weeks. Despite your funny periodic foaming-at-the-mouth episodes I can tell you really have the patience of a saint..."


>She trots ahead of you and through the open door of Sugarcube Corner, then turns back and flashes a smile more radiant than the sun itself.
>"And if there's one thing I pride myself on, it's repaying such kindness in turn. It's how I governed the Kingdom for millennia, and how I'll govern the relationship between us, my little human."
>You roll your eyes. There's that goddamn nickname of hers again.
>"Relationship? Oh! Oh! Oh! Non-non, did you finally ask Celly to be your special somep0ny?! Rarity was right! She's going to be so excited when--"
>You quickly clamp your hand over the muzzle of the pink puffball that's somehow scrambled her way onto your shoulders. All the patrons' eyes are on you and Celestia. Some of them have even stopped mid-chew, with half-eaten muffin and pastry goop threatening to tumble from their mouths back to their plates.
>Fuck... damage control time. You speak loudly enough so that everyone in the store can hear you.
"No, Pinkie, we're just temporary roommates until she can find her own place. You know you shouldn't ever listen to any gossip from Rarity, right?"
>Celestia chuckles. "Yes, it's true. Unfortunately I don't live up to Anonymous' impossibly high standards for beauty, so our relationship is strictly platonic." She turns her head and casts a subtle time altering spell to slow the motion of her mane, causing the many multicolored strands to cascade around her alluringly as she flashes you a mischievous smile.


>It reminds you of every Super Bowl commercial featuring a supermodel advertising a random product you've ever seen. Except this time the supermodel's actually an immortal horse goddess and the product in question is immortal horse goddess vagina.
>You cough, partly to clear your throat and partly to clear your mind of the thought. All the stallions in the store are drooling at the white alicorn's display, while any mares they're with look quite perturbed. You just shake your head and sigh as you lift Pinkie from your shoulders and hold her in front of you.
"So, you understand, right? We're just friends."
>Pinkie nods vigorously. "Yepperoonies, I get it! Your secret's safe with me!" Wait, what?
>You have a sneaking suspicion that she really doesn't get it, but you set her down anyway.
>"So Non-non, are ya ready to get bakin'? We've got loooots of orders to fill today and those hands of yours will sure come in..." She stifles a giggle. "HANDY!" Yep, there's the follow-up laughter, even if she's the only one who liked the joke.
>You pat Celestia on the back a few times.
"Sorry, Pinkie, but I have to take a personal day today. My Roomie here wants me to help her find a job in town. Speaking of which, do you think the Cakes might...?"
>The pink p0ny's mane deflates just a bit as she shakes her head. "Sorry, Non-non. We can't right now."
"Really? But what about that big catering job coming up? Weren't we gonna have to bring in some temporary help anyway?"
>"We just can't..." She takes a few steps back and looks at the floor. Weird...


>Celestia's smile doesn't falter. "It's all right, dear. I understand." She sheepishly lifts a massive wing. "My proportions aren't really suited for the small space of a busy kitchen and I'd likely do more harm than good. But I trust you'll still let me have Anonymous for the day?"
>Pinkie nods, her mane poofing back a little. "Of course you can! Take good care of him though, he can get grumpy if you don't force him to smile at least once per hour! Right, Non-non?" You laugh.
"That's just the excuse you use to try out your untested jokes and props on me or start a food fight when I'm not looking!"
>Pinkie giggles in return. "Ooooh! He's getting smarter! Better watch out, Celly!"
>"My vigilance will be unwavering~!" She sings as she turns to leave. You follow, giving a slight wave as you go.
"Later, Pinkie. Wish us luck!"
>Pinkie frantically waves a hoof back with her typical level of enthusiasm. "Bye Non-non, bye Celly! No matter what happens, don't give up!"
>Good ol' Pink Horse. As a co-worker she annoys the hell out of you, but she also never fails to brighten your day. You step outside into the sunlight with a confident stride.
>Yeah, this'll be easy as hell. Really, who WOULDN'T want Sunbutt as an employee? She'll probably be starting her new job by noon at the latest.
>Then you'll get a chance to kick back and enjoy the rest of your day off, and finally not have to worry about going broke from having to constantly buy food to shove into the ol' girl's gullet.


>Horse owners back on Earth must all be super fucking rich or something because this ancient magical one you've had lounging around the house has been slowly eating you into poverty for a while now.
>But soon she'll be able to buy her own damn cakes and hay smoothies and you'll actually have money for leisure activities again!
>You begin to wonder which one of the books you've been wanting to read you'll get to relax with this afternoon...


>The sun sets in the distance, creating a sea of long shadows throughout the endless orchards of Sweet Apple Acres.
>She got rejected by every single place she applied. Every. Single. Place.
>And for no good goddamn reason as far as you can tell! What the hell is WITH the p0nies in this town?! This day's just been an endless nightmare.
>Now you're here, at your last resort. Surely a practical p0ny like Treekicker will see the value that Celestia would bring to her farm...
>You run your fingers down the mare's long white back to try and comfort her as she sits on her haunches and talks to Applejack for her interview. Though she hides it well, like a master politician would, you can tell this is all starting to take its toll.
>"So, who was yer previous employer and what was yer job title there?"
>"I was employed in the service of all P0nykind as a member of the Diarchy. My primary title was Princess of Equestria but I believe I also held around 150 or so official titles. Would you like me to list them?"
>Apple Pone shakes her head. "No, that's alright. So, what makes ya think ya'd be a good fit fer this position?"

>"Well, Ms. Apple, I was a founding member of the Equestrian Agricultural Board and served on it for the past 2,400 years. I helped the earth p0ny tribes refine their irrigation and crop rotation techniques over the centuries to increase yields while still maintaining harmony with the land. As an alicorn, the ternary nature of my being allows me to command the full breadth of earth p0ny magic in the same way that you do and perform the same techniques that have made your farm so successful, including precision applebucking and ritual growth magic. I believe I also co-authored the book on advanced farming techniques that your ancestors used to plan the development of Sweet Apple Acres, so I could offer insight as to why certain decisions were made as well as help you to plan for your future growth. Please don't take this the wrong way, but just by observing how you have your orchards laid out in this general area I can see several things that can be done to improve your efficiency..."
>Celestia cautiously smiles while Applejack attempts to pick her jaw off the ground. "Ah... ah see. A-And what are yer salary requirements?"
>"I'm willing to work for minimum wage."
>The poor earth p0ny is trembling now. She removes her hat, wipes the sweat from her brow with a hoof and replaces it. "References?"
"I can vouch for her. She's a good p0ny and I think she'd be a really good fit for your farm, AJ. And it sounds like she really knows her stuff, huh? You'd have to be crazy to let such a qualified candidate slip away."


>"N-No argument there, sugarcube..." You nudge Celestia in the side to catch her attention and give her a thumbs up. She winks in return before facing Applejack again.
>"Ms Apple, if you're willing to take a chance on me I promise I'll work my very hardest for the success of Sweet Apple Acres. And even if you're not, I thank you for the consideration all the same."
>The trembling Orange Pone is completely drenched in sweat now. She's not the one being interviewed... why is she so nervous?
>"Ah... ah..." She shakes her head. "Ah'm sorry, but the position's already been filled!" Her face immediately scrunches up and her eyes quickly dart left and right several times.
>You can feel the dejected breath that leaves Celestia's body through the hand the rests upon her back. "I understand. Thank you for your time, Ms Apple." She stands and begins her slow trot back home while you stay behind.
>You wait until the alicorn's multihued tail vanishes beyond the trees before addressing the little earth p0ny before you.
"What the hell is wrong with you?! You just threw away a golden opportunity!"
>She shakes her head. "It's outta my hooves, Anon."
"Yeah, right. I don't believe that for one second. What, do you have some kind of grudge against her or something?"
>She stomps a hoof on the ground in anger and every apple in the entire orchard sways at the impact. "AH SAID IT'S OUTTA MY HOOVES!"
>She pulls her steston over her eyes and turns to head back to the farmhouse. "Ya'd better go an' catch up ta her. Talkin' ta me ain't doin' any of us any good. Ah know ya probably think ah'm full of it, but ah'm sorry. Ah really am. Ya can tell her that if ya want."


>She canters off, leaving you alone amidst the trees.
>Something strange is going on here, and you're gonna get to the bottom of it. There's no way in hell every single employer with an opening in town, including Applejack and Rarity, would reject Sun Horse outright like this. Something doesn't add up.
>But AJ's right about one thing: you're needed elsewhere right now. Best head home while there's still daylight left...


>An orange hoof kicks out and smashes a surprisingly large hole in the side of the western barn.
>The red stallion nearby raises an eyebrow at the sight. He shifts the wheat stalk in his mouth before muttering in his typical relaxed tone, "Ah ain't the one who's fixin' that, Sis."
>"Just can it, Mac. Ah ain't in the mood fer this right now." She snorts in frustration as she pulls her leg from the debris and begins her trot to a secluded glade within the orchards.
>She arrives just as the last light fades from the horizon. Right on time, a blue portal begins to shine on the ground. The earth p0ny takes a step forward and feels a tumbling sensation in her head as the magic pulls her to a faraway place...
>She opens her eyes and the grand private meeting room of Canterlot Castle appears before her. She takes a few wobbly steps, shaking off the effects of the teleportation.
>"Darling, there you are! We were wondering when you'd finally arrive..."

File: 1361402791037.jpg-(78 KB, 553x720, twilicorn.jpg)
78 KB

>A familiar fashionably dressed white unicorn is already seated at the great table. An equally familiar cyan pegasus is nearby, shoveling pretzels into her mouth.
>"Hey AJ! You should really try these, they're good." She makes no move to stop stuffing her face or give up the bowl.
>A pink earth p0ny chides her. "You should share those, Dashie! Sharing is caring, after all! Don't make me sing the song again..."
>"Um... Pinkie's right, Rainbow. If you keep eating those salty things you're going to have a bad hangover later... m-maybe you should slow down?" The butter-yellow pegasus' meek warning is immediately ignored.
>The farmer sighs. "Well, ah see y'all are havin' fun already. Where's the host of this shindig, anyhow?"
>"I'm right here."
>The room goes silent. Standing near the grand doors at the back of the room is a radiant alicorn princess.
>Her large purple wings are spread majestically as her oversized golden horseshoes, torc and tiara shimmer in the room's artificial light.
>"Twilight!" Pinkie hops up and down with joy and the other faces in the room brighten as well, but the alicorn herself remains calm as she speaks.
>"...Aren't you all forgetting something?"
>The p0nies all look amongst each other in confusion until Rarity comes to a realization and bows. The others follow her example and Twilight nods in satisfaction.
>"That's more like it. Sorry girls, but protocol is protocol. Please be seated and we'll discuss why I've called you all here."
>The purple p0ny takes a regal step toward the head of the grand table. Then her horseshoe slides off, she missteps and promptly falls flat on her face.


>Rainbow tries really, really hard not to laugh. "N-Need any help there, 'Princess'?"
>"I'm fine!" Twilight picks herself up with the aid of a few wing beats. "UGH! These stupid things are still sized for Celestia! Buck it!" She charges her horn and teleports into her seat instead, then attempts to assume her closest approximation of a pretty princess pose. It looks terrible.
>Rarity's eyelid twitches at the sight. "We've... we've missed you, dear. Our last meeting was, what... three weeks ago? You've been busy, I take it?"
>Twilight nods. "Yes. Between running the government, moving the sun, public appearances, renegotiating trade agreements with the griffons, repelling changeling attacks at the border, and perusing the forbidden archives I've been kinda busy. Sorry if I haven't kept in touch."
>Pinkie smiles. "That's okay, Twi- er, I mean, Princess. Just don't forget we're still your friends and you can always count on us to help!"
>Twilight sighs. "For most of this stuff it doesn't make sense from a logistical standpoint for me to call on you guys when you either can't directly assist me or when my godlike powers are already enough to handle the job, which has been true in most cases..."
>Five little p0nies around the table pout. "...But I haven't forgotten about your friendship! The reason I've called you all here is because I desperately need your help!"
>All the p0nies' eyes light up.


>"Really?! Do you need us to kick some changeling flank?"
>"Is there a fashion emergency?"
>"Um... one of the royal animals is sick...?"
>"Apple shortage?"
>"Somep0ny needs to smile...?"
>Twilight giggles. "No, no... nothing like that. All those problems are foal's play for me now. No, this is much more important... much grander in scope... it's the last, greatest test Celestia left for me; the last problem I need to solve..."

>[ Twilicorn Theme Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZxB4eO8X9s ]

>She stands in her chair and dramatically flares her wings. "Girls, I need you to help me rut Anon! Repeatedly! For science!"
>The room goes silent again. Rainbow scratches her head.
>"You want -us- to help you buck -Anon-. The giant monkey who lives in town. Uh... oooookay...?"
>Rarity puts a comforting hoof on Twilight's shoulder. "I... I don't think he's interested in p0nies, darling. After all, he's living with Celestia, the mare about whom entire GENRES of prose, poetry, music and art were created just to attempt to describe her beauty. If he can resist her charms, I don't know if anything can be done. Maybe you should try to find a nice stallion instead?"
>Twilight snorts. "No, Rarity, it has to be Anon!"
>Fluttershy blushes. "Um... if you don't mind me asking... have you tried just raping him? He probably doesn't know he likes p0nies yet, so you need to show him your love. You're a Princess, so it's not like you'd get in trouble..."
>Rainbow's jaw drops. "Wow, Fluttershy. Just... wow."


>Twilight's wings twitch. "If it were that simple I'd have an entire research wing of the university full of samples of his semen by now. It's true, as a Princess I can have anything I want. Anything except -him-! The spell that protects him, Celestia's Geas, is beyond any magic I've ever encountered before. I can't find a single effective counterspell in the archives and every time I've tried to craft one I've failed miserably..."
>She stands and begins to pace back and forth. "Not only can I not touch him... not only does none of my magic affect him... it even extends so far that I can't write laws that specifically mention him! It's... it's like a curse! Celestia may no longer be a Princess, but she's still my mentor... and she's... she's obviously testing me again!"
>Random hairs of purple alicorn's mane and tail begin to pop out in all directions as her pupils shrink. "She knew I liked Anon! She found me worthy to take her place... worthy to lead all of Equestria... but not worthy enough for him! But I'll show her! I'll show her how worthy I really am! Mwahahahahaha!"
>Rainbow looks over to Pinkie and twirls a hoof next to her head while making a derp face. Pinkie giggles as Twilight continues her rant. "I've already found a loophole! Yes, yes, yes! I can't directly influence anything around him... but I CAN indirectly influence his environment through other p0nies! If I can separate him from Celestia, the Geas will eventually weaken to the point where I CAN break it! And then... I'll... I'll finally have those hands and that hot monkey dick all to myself~" A puddle of p0ny princess drool begins to collect on the table.


>Applejack scowls. "Separate 'em from Celestia...? Wait, is that what this is about?!" She pulls a piece of paper from her hat and tosses it across the table.
>Twilight snaps out of her daydream and retrieves the paper with her magic. "Oh, I see my royal edict was passed around to all the employers in P0nyville already! Excellent! That means phase one of my plan is already working!"
>Rarity gives the paper a curious glance before recognizing it. "What plan, darling?"
>Twilight beams with pride. "Oh, it's simple. By declaring that all the business owners in P0nyville are not allowed to employ alicorns for any paid position and freezing all of Celestia's assets, I've created a financial problem for Anon. He won't have enough money to feed or house her and he'll eventually have to kick her out! Since the law doesn't specifically mention Anon or humans, the Geas can't prevent it from being written!" She rears up and clops her front hooves together. "I'm such a genius!"
>Applejack slowly pulls her hat over her eyes. "Twilight."
>Twilight giggles. "Remember, Applejack, it's 'Prin--"
>"TWILIGHT!" The purple alicorn's laughter ceases. "Ah'm yer friend, Twilight. Always have been, always will be. But this..." She points a hoof at the royal edict laying on the table. "This is plum foolishness. Ah had to turn away a p0ny today... a good p0ny who just wanted ta work hard and who could'a done wonders fer my farm... all because'a some crazy scheme you've got goin' on ta get a coltfriend that ah can't even begin ta understand."


>The orange p0ny stands from her seat and begins to trot away. "Ah'm sorry, Twi, but if yer gonna do things to hurt other p0nies like this... and by extension hurt the livelihood of my family... ah can't in good conscience be a part of it."
>She turns to leave but a nervous looking Fluttershy lands in front of her to block her path. "S-Sometimes sacrifices have to be made for the sake of love. If you're really the Princess' friend, you should be supporting her in this."
>Rarity nods. "She's right. The Princess here obviously feels this is important, and she hasn't -really- hurt anyp0ny. Her devotion is so romantic... won't you help her win her true love, Applejack?"
>Rainbow flies over to Twilight and pulls her into a hug. "If it's what the Princess wants there's no way I'd leave her hangin'. She's still an egghead so she needs all the help she can get with this kinda stuff!" Twilight frowns.
>The earth p0ny turns her attention to Pinkie who's kept oddly quiet so far. "What about you, sugar?"
>"I..." She shuts her eyes and shakes her head a few times. "I'll help too."
>Applejack sighs. "Ah see. Well, if y'all have a stampede that needs handlin', need a strong helping hoof with somethin' else or even just a homemade apple pie ya know where ta find me. It was good ta see ya again, Twi, but ah need to start back before the last train leaves."
>The farmp0ny adjusts her hat and trots from the grand council room without looking back.


>Rainbow scoffs. "Geez, somep0ny should pull the stick outta her plothole."
>Twilight shakes her head. "It's okay, Rainbow. Her participation wasn't really necessary for the success of my plan anyway." She giggles again. "Now, everyp0ny, I appreciate your support! Let me explain how phase two is going to work and how you're all going to be involved..."


>Wow, this is worse than you thought and you honestly don't know how to handle it.
>You were expecting some crying, with the possibility of binging on the hidden bucket of ice cream you have tucked away in the back of the freezer.
>But Celestia's just been sitting on the porch, staring at the stars for the past hour and a half.
>Every time you've tried to say something, you've second guessed yourself before the words could leave your mouth.
>So you've just kinda sat beside her in silence like an idiot. You don't know if you're helping or not.
>"I'm a burden to you."
>Those are the first words you've heard since you got back home. You reach over and pat her on back.
"Yeah, Roomie, you are."
>Celestia chuckles. "You're absolutely terrible at comforting a forlorn friend. Do I need to take you on as a student as well?"
"What, you want me to lie to you instead? Look, I won't deny that money's tight right now and you can drive me up the wall sometimes, but I was with you all day today and I know you gave it your all. Those p0nies don't want to take a chance on you? Fuck 'em, their loss. We'll figure something out. I've got some emergency savings I can dig into in the meantime."

File: 1361403061791.jpg-(162 KB, 868x712, 1360964958522.jpg)
162 KB
162 KB JPG

>She shakes her head. "I can't ask you to do that."
"Then don't ask."
>"Why, then? Why go through all this trouble for me? Why make your life more difficult than it need be?"
>You point to one of the muted arcane bands around your wrist.
"If there's one thing I pride myself on, it's properly repaying the debts I owe. It's how I've lived my life to this point, and how I'll continue to live my life with you as a roommate, my big p0ny."
>The former Princess' gentle laughter rises above the din of the crickets nearby. "I was wrong, Anonymous. Though you're circumspect about it, you do seem to know what to say after all."
"And you say -I- need friendship lessons?"
>A great white wing playfully bats you in the side. "Don't let it get to your head. Now, I believe it's my turn to cook tonight?"
"Anything but spaghetti, please."
>"No promises~" She sings as the two of you walk back inside together.

Next Time on Exchange: Flutterbutter Cometh


Apologies that this update took so long. I've shamed my ancestors and will promptly sudoku.


Damn mobile...

I'm gonna hit the bed, nn folks.
File: 1361403229977.png-(360 KB, 796x900, CoffeeMaid.png)
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360 KB PNG
>Except this time the supermodel's actually an immortal horse goddess and the product in question is immortal horse goddess vagina.

I spewed coffee everywhere.

>>It reminds you of every Super Bowl commercial featuring a supermodel advertising a random product you've ever seen. Except this time the supermodel's actually an immortal horse goddess and the product in question is immortal horse goddess vagina.

[ ] Hilarious
[X] Side-crushingly hilarious


Loved it. Absolutely loved it.
If your previous work is an indication of anything, this will be a great story.

>Apologies that this update took so long. I've shamed my ancestors and will promptly sudoku.

You are forgiven.
File: 1361403359946.png-(192 KB, 403x474, 1_allnatural.png)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
>You always loved being with the shy yellow pegasus
>Brushing her mane
>Talking about animals. Rather, you preferred talking about nature.
>Everything was so interlinked.
>The whole ecosystem never wastes anything, always finds a niche.
>Fluttershy also made sure that you stayed on top of the food chain the many times you went out to gather some weed. Like today.
>Why can't there be a weed pony like your own OC, Hash Browns, you thought, dressing your wound from your recent liger encounter.
>Fluttershy hovers next to you. "Anon, I want to know. If it's ok with you... If you can't, I completely understand, it's just that..."
>She looks at you. You tussle her mane, putting her at ease.
>".. I have to go and help Rainbow Dash set up an obstacle course. It won't take that long. Promise."
Sure Flutters. Least I could do.

>Before she leaves, she tells you to grab food from the regular fridge
>"Whatever you do though, anon. Don't grab anything from the freezer. It's not time for those animals to eat yet."
>You were spacing out for a bit.
Wha. Oh. Yeah. Stay out of the meat freezer. Got it.
>Angel looked at you with one eye cocked.
Fluttershy, can't you take Angel with you?
>"I'm afraid not, Anon. Um, not unless I attach some balloons to him, so I can keep an eye on him."
I'll get the helium.
>Fluttershy then put on her best Austrian accent.
>"Anonymous, that's the joke."
>You see some of your humor rubbed off on her. Too bad she still doesn't know how to use it.
>Regardless, a huge fuckin' grin emerged from your face.
>"I'll be back before you know it, anon."
File: 1361403453435.png-(706 KB, 1024x768, 2_animalsandcoldmeats.png)
706 KB
706 KB PNG
>After Fluttershy has left, you do all the necessary chores that keep the animals from well, acting like animals
>Using up all your food energy, you seek to replenish.
>Fluttershy's fridge is filled with beans, lettuce, celery, tomatoes.
Great. Rabbit food.
>Angel stuck out his tongue.
You always show up at the worst times, don't you?
>Ignoring the thought of rabbit stew, you swing open the cupboards.
And there's not even enough pasta to make some spaghetti.
>You decide to ignore Fluttershy's advice, and start rummaging through the freezer.
>Honest to god meat! Fish, chicken, vension, all sorts of small game here.
>Covered up by frozen mice, snake, worms.
>Yeah, all the good stuff was in the back.
>You start digging through the stock, when you notice the bottom was part way collapsed.
>Cold, wooden shards were jutting out from the hole. A turkey leg had fallen all the way through the hole.
>Everything inside of your gut told you to walk away now.
>Still, you take out enough frozen items until you can lift the wooden base.
>Revealing a cold and dark interior.
>Flicking open the light switch below the hollow bottom, it reveals a set of stairs going down.
>Partly from curiosity, and partly from wanting some gobble gobble, you descend.
File: 1361403602530.png-(185 KB, 658x1213, 3_anontakeshispayment.png)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
>The very first thing you see when entering the room is a comfy sofa with a huge projector
>The left side contained a mohagany work desk where a lone reel of film laid. The editing equipment was bolted down. The foot space of the desk had a cushoned stool with a butterfly logo stitched repeatedly on its side.
>The right side had a white doctor's bed, filled with surgical implements kept clean with no sign of blood. There was dust on the inside of the shelves though.
>Only a few posters were hanging from the side.
>They would be a brief respite from the white walls of the romm if they weren't surgical diagrams of pony anatomy.
>A filing cabinet was tucked away in the far-left corner.
>The whole scene makes you shiver, not just from the cold.
>Your breath tries to escape in small clouds but disappates in mist.
>Angel stares at you disapprovingly.
>You quickly bolt up the ladder, holding the soft lapin in one hand.
>The other hand stings from repeatedly gripping the cold steel.
>After bribing Angel with some lettuce from the fridge, you think about your next step.
>You could go to Twilight and...
>No, she wouldn't believe you
>What if you ran away forever?
>No, You're not that much of a pussy.
>I mean, it's fucking Fluttershy.
>What is she going to do, talk to you calmly?
>Even if she does get mad, it's not like you haven't overpowered her before.
>Finally, you decide to discreetly gather evidence.
>Lifting up the plywood, and placing as best as you can the remainder of the meat,
>you close the door, and slide down the plywood.
>She won't look in the fridge.
>Worst comes to worst, you thought. She'll think I took a snack.
File: 1361403737566.jpg-(127 KB, 533x800, 4_prayingmantis.jpg)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
>You continue browsing the items in the room.
>Starting first with the film reel. The title on the side cover reading
"Happy Memories"
>You try to avoid touching anything unnecessary as you open the cabinet above the desk.
>It holds the standard film stuff as far as you know.
>Scissors, some blank film and reels, splicing tape in a plastic baggie.
>As well as larger film editing equipment like a film viewer.
>There was also a camera as well, old and worn out.
>You close the doors and walk towards the right side of the room.
File: 1361403847363.gif-(2.34 MB, 640x360, 5_inthedark.gif)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB GIF
>You sweat despite the cold, looking at the sterile equipment in the shelves beside you.
>Wondering if any doctor in their right mind would leave stuff like this out in the open.
>It was just basic surgery stuff
>A wide variety of scissors, scapels, tweezers.
>A first aid kit with stickers of butterflies was on a shelf to the side.
>Some test tubes lay on the shelves, along with testing strips, and a medical monitor was bolted next to the shelves as well.
>A little bit of everything.
>There were books too. Books on pony anatomy, on pony infection, film, photography, animal care, animal psychology...
Human psychology?
>You file away that book's location for now.
>Taking a quick look, you notice the ceiling, also bleach white.
>It feels like it's going to burn out your eyeballs.
>You discover a handle that you can easily reach, and test it.
>It was stubborn, so you gave it a YANK!
>And out swung two bright lights at ninty degree angles
> ,an array of surgical implements on centipede-like legs ran down lower
> ,and a folding seat laid on the bottom near your hand
>You intake a quick breath before calming down.
>The whole thing sort of resembled a praying mantis.
>Though you never got the chance to get a good look at it.
>"Angel. Have you seen anon, I can't find him?" says a familiar voice.
Fluttershy >anon whispers.
>Yanking up the structure soundlessly with a click, you bolt for two places.
>Flick off the switch
>Runnning for the sofa in the dark.
>Settling for hiding behind the footrest, you stifle your breath as much as you can.
>You shiver, not daring to take even a single look.
File: 1361403893730.png-(187 KB, 800x450, 6_angeleyes.png)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
>Sounds of the squeak of a hinge, and the crunch of frozen goods fill your ears.
>You hear the almost silent 'flap flap' of her wings along with her bunny friend working his way down as well.
>"No, angel. You are not to come down here."
>Angel gives a pleading squeak.
>"Climb up those stairs right now, mister."
>You hear the clang of claws against steel slowly moving upwards.
>Fluttershy sighs and takes a quick look around. "Looks like nop0ny was here. Good."
>She heads straight for the right side of the room
>You hear the shaking of pills.
>How do those ponies deal with screw off caps anyways, you thought to yourself.
>The sound of swallowing follows.
>"If anon isn't here, then where is he?" says Fluttershy. Her tone was that of concern as always. "Maybe he got scared, or maybe?"
>Hearing a flapping sound approach closer and closer,
>you freeze against the footrest.
>That deathly quiet sound swooped away. "Nope. Not here. I'll have to look outside."
>Tense muscles relaxed at the sound of wings swooping up and a light switch.
>"I hope he's ok." she says.
>The door closes shut.
>You rise from the cushoned barrier.
>Quickly, you flick the lightswitch again, looking up to see the plywood still there.
>The investigation continues.
File: 1361403976309.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 2497x3517)
Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB
1.32 MB JPG
>Checking the closed pill container, you see that it the label says
>Tri Buffered Heavy Duty Asprin
>Thinking to yourself, Fuck, guess she's got it tough
>Wait, why are you sympathizing with her?
>Heading off to the file cabinet, you start leafing through folders
>Taxes, taxes, bills.
>Three colored folders then catch your eye.
>The labels say:
>Sky Skimmer
>Fluttershy (Me!)
>God, even her headings are kawaii.
>You leaf through the first one. Posey.
>Rummaging through the folder, you see medical reports, notes on behaviour
>It's quite detailed. You're impressed.
>The second then.
File: 1361404027556.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 94 KB, 813x606)
Spoiler Image, 94 KB
>The second one.
>Essays of behaviour and anatomy, photographs of Sky Skimmer with her frineds.
>Detailed photos of her from all angles.
>Pictures of the earth pony in the morgue.
>Her pale face and lopsided tongue. Her lifeless body, and notes in red marker taken.
>You tasted iron.
>Let's continue, you think to yourself.
>The third folder. Maybe this will contain the key.
>Going through Fluttershy's folder, you notice a completely different pony. Her coat is pale pink. Her mane was was that of equal parts pink, yellow, and purple. Even her eyes were purple. Nothing like the other two.
>The other two looked just like Fluttershy. Your Fluttershy.
>In the few pictures with the pink pony, you see a familiar looking camera hanging from a strap.
>Your gut starts to sink.
>More pictures of anatomy. This time far more detailed.
>X-Rays, health reports, comprising of a full on medical record.
>Pictures of wing sizes from different animals.
>You thumbed up to the picture of an unknown pegasi.
>Then you saw the blueprints. You note the ones filled with runes, stating flexible lenses, synapses, and humor.
This isn't funny.
>More medical records, all of them stamped with the words "DECEASED"
>All of them pegasi.
>There was noting left except for one lonely film reel.
>Your stomach rumbles.
Just one more moment.
>You read the title on the case lid
"Friendship is Magic"
File: 1361404090369.png-(Spoiler Image, 174 KB, 421x431)
Spoiler Image, 174 KB
174 KB PNG
>Putting the reel onto the projector and hauling down the canvas,
>you sit down on the sofa, and watch.
>Fast forwarding through the parts you knew
>But what was strange was that parts of the reel looked like it was sketched from a storyboard
>It happened during the scenes with the choir of birds.
>Various random times during the exposition and the cliff scene.
>When it happened during the Manticore scene, you realized.
>You realized that two hooves curved around your arms, pinning them to the sofa.
>"That was my favorite part." said Fluttershy, whispering in your ear.
>Her pink mane fell down across your chest.
>The gentle, yet fast 'flap flap' of her wings behind you mirrored that of your heart.
>The tips of her forehooves curved to held your arms in a full nelson.
>Her hooked grip was tight. Like iron.
>Your eyes look for escape, but were trapped with hers.
>Staring, you can see a pattern dancing in her pupils.
>Her lips synched with her film counterpart as she caught you with her eyes.
>"Now this might hurt for just a second."
File: 1361404149293.png-(Spoiler Image, 102 KB, 900x506)
Spoiler Image, 102 KB
102 KB PNG
>She lied.
>You felt nothing at all. No pain. Just white all around.
>You realize the hidden instrument's purpose in curving inwards.
>Ponies from past lives being analysed.
>All of those revelations being ripped away from your gut, tore apart from your memory
>Like so much film.
>Her hooves curved away from you, dragging the pieces away.
>So cold.
>She lied.
>The truth being ripped apart and thrown away was more pain than you can bear
>Being immobile as she stamped her hooves on your body.
>Telling you that she's a survivor, that all those ponies didn't need their bodies anymore.
>Fluttershy never wasted anything.
>Your film will be blanched, used to create more memories, more lies.
>Breaking up the links in your memory, interconnecting the pieces together.
>She stared at you with those blue eyes. So innocent. So new.
>Taking more asprin for herself, Fluttershy then completed her task.
>The cold whiteness envelops you as you forget
>She lied.
File: 1361404333262.jpg-(233 KB, 1191x670, 11_celebration.jpg)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
>It's another sunny day in Ponyville.
>Fluttershy has a huge smile on her face. "Hi, anon."
>You smile back.
So, are we ready for the picnic?
>Yes, I decided to make you your favorite.
>Your mouth was watering as the yellow pony fishes out a huge turkey sandwich.
>You were so hungry.
Thanks, Flutters!
Sometimes living with vegetarians can be a real pain. I'm glad you understand though.
>"That's ok, anon. It'll just be our little secret."
>You chomp down on that sandwich, eating every last bite.
This is the best birthday, ever!
>"I know. It's because we're friends, right?"
>You flex your muscles, putting on your best Austrian accent
Friendship is Magic!
>"Friendship is Magic indeed." Fluttershy smiled.

Questions? Suggestions? Comments? Hate? LOVE?
Safety bump
File: 1361406814835.png-(156 KB, 1423x605, greenrangeranonponewithas(...).png)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
i was on the internet today and i found this:
I hope that is true. That would be kinda cool, as long as Anonpone isn't a beta faggot.
File: 1361407385563.png-(93 KB, 457x450, 1357244608683.png)
93 KB
that'd be great
Just in case you missed something
Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/u/Batanon
Original Pinkie-Rape: http://pastebin.com/rRnMxRP1
Unofficial Part 2: http://pastebin.com/9MZsS9JW

The Revision
Prologue: http://pastebin.com/mPHFdiJV
Chapter 1: http://pastebin.com/NvGTdSPJ
Chapter 2: http://pastebin.com/e1uFfdu6
Chapter 3: http://pastebin.com/JKwXvD7U
Chpater 4: http://pastebin.com/WVnSSj2p
>Oh Nonny, why are you so perfect?
>If only you could love me back
>Our life would be so perfect
>I just want to be with you forever
"Sorry Rarity, did you say something?"
>You are Pinkie Pie
>And you are having lunch with your friends
>R "Yes, I'm asking how your chat with Anon went"
"Chat? What Oh yeah. It went very well."
>They can't know
>It's fine Pinkie, they won't know
>They can't know
>R "So are you two..... You know?"
>TS "Rarity, that's a little personal"
"It's ok Twilight. We are having some sort of relationship going on"
>He will come around
>You're sure of it
>R "It was obvious"
>If that was obvious she would be able to find out everything else
"How was it obvious?"
>R "You have a new haircut and you cut your sandwich into a heart"
>What? I did no such-
>Wow, I cut my sandwich into a heart
"Well what do you know?"
>RD "You should give it to Anon as a present!"
"Yeah! Nonny would love it!"
>It would be such a good gift for.....
"That was sarcasm."
>Rainbow Dash bursts out laughing.
>FS "Uh girls...."
>R "I'm happy for you two"
>AJ "I hope you two have a good relationship"
>FS "Girls"
>RD "It's going to be awesome"
>TS "It will be pretty cool"
>FS "Girls I think she is lying!"
>Everyp0ny stops and turns around to Fluttershy
"What are you talking about Fluttershy?"
>How could she know?
>How could she find out?
>FS "I went to Anon's house this morning and he wasn't there"
>AJ "Why did you go to Anon's?"
>She's trying to take your man!
>FS "I just went to check on him."
>Check on him?
"This morning? He was at Sugar Cube Corner, working with me!"
>TS "I thought he quit"
>Oh dang, she's right
"No, he came back."
>FS "Oh, well I'm sorry for blaming you of lying Pinkie
"Apology accepted"

>Nonny's not in his house
>He's in the basement
>And you are in your room
>Drawing pictures of Nonny
>There are so many of them
>Ones with hearts
>Some of them depicting the perfect life you and Nonny will have together
>Right now it's one of Fluttershy
>She's ruining your perfect life
>She's going to ruin it for you!
>She's going to tell them that Nonny's missing and they'll look for him
>They could find him!
>They would take him away from you!
>You have to stop her
>How? How do you stop her?
>You remove her from the picture.
>You rip the picture of Flutterbitch in half.
>You’re not a killer.
>You can't kill her.
>No Pinkie, you aren't.
>But we have to change for love.
>Your eyes shoot open
>You turn your head and unleash a blast of undigested food
>You are Anon
>And you just barffed everywhere
>Oh god it tastes disgusting.
"Oh god that's gross"
>Wait, why are you Naked?
>Why are you tied to a bed?
>Oh yeah.
>Go read the other chapters.
>"Oh good, Nonny's awake!"
>Pinkie comes out of the darkness
>"How is my special sweetie doing?"
"Pinkie, let me go"
>"Silly Nonny, I can't do that until we make you better."
>Crazy bitch
>Pinkie places a tray on your chest
>"Now it's time to eat up!"
>The tray is covered in cakes and pastries.
>you just threw up, you don't really feel like eating
"Can't feed myself while I'm tied up."
>"Look like I will have to feed you!"
>She picks up a cupcake with her hoof and shoves it in your mouth
>You spit it out
>"Nonny, you won't have any energy if you don't eat!"
>You won't eat for this straight haired imposter
>There is no way this is Pinkie
>Pinkie wouldn't do any this.
"You should let me go. People are going to ask where I went!"
>"Oh, everyone is a little bit too concerned with something else."
"What? Did somep0ny die?"
>"Actually, yes."
>She sits down and gets teary eyed
>"My dear friend Fluttershy!"
>Oh god.
>You were always creeped out by her, but you didn't want her to die.
>That's creepy
"Who would want to kill her?"
>"I don't want to talk about it."
>She throws a newspaper at you
>It falls perfectly, in an open position
>Right onto the article
Today, Element of Harmony wielder Fluttershy was found dead in her home.
Police say she was not only cut many times, but hung by her own intestines. The heart was found on the wall, stuck there with a bloody knife.
On the same wall, printed in blood were the words "YOU CAN'T TAKE HIM FROM ME!"

>Hard to believe a paper would be so graphic
"How horrifying."
>"It's terrible isn't it?"
"I don't know what to say. You must feel horrible."
>Pinkie stops crying
>"No, she was trying to ruin our fun!"
>"She had to be stopped Anon!"
>She didn't
>Pinkie wouldn't do such a thing.
"Pinkie, tell me you didn't kill Fluttershy."
>"I didn't kill Fluttershy"
>No. She's lying. It's hard to see, but you can tell when Pinkie is lying.
"Pinkie Promise me you will tell the truth."
>"What, why?"
"Do it."
>She gets a nervous look
>"Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye."
"Did you kill Fluttershy?"
>Her legs begin to wobble
>Sweat drops from her face
>"She was trying to end our fun!
>Oh god
"What happened to you Pinkie?"
>"Nonny, I did what I had to!"
"Did you really have to kill her?"
>Pinkie walks back a few steps
>She begins to contemplate
>She turns to you, crazy eyed
>"Yes, and I would again."
"What is wrong with you?"
>She's yelling at you
>"I have done so much for our love, and you keep pushing me back and back."
>You don't respond
>You turn your head away
>You can't look at her
>"Nonny, I want you to know I will do anything to make this relationship work"
>You feel something penetrate you shoulder
>You look
>She injected you again
>The tranquilizer
>"Even if I have to keep trying over and over again!"
>Anon whited out!
Full Chapter 5: http://pastebin.com/RMeG9X2k
Constructive criticism?
I lol'd
i love it! the only thing i don't like is how short the parts are...other than that, nothing else.
good jobs
Well that was dark...
I liked it, but I didn't quite get the ending, was that anon a clone?
that's probably a stupid question...
When you edit something, you merely trim out the parts that you don't like.
Whoa, who that?
Not bad, short but no bad.

swag is upon us.
File: 1361411293090.jpg-(63 KB, 717x436, image.jpg)
63 KB
Not sure if I should unbookmark your pastebin or just wait for your next story, I've seen what heinous fics have been produced by the fandom, and I'm not sure what do
File: 1361412083017.jpg-(38 KB, 320x240, lacatarina.jpg)
38 KB

File: 1361412695477.png-(1.29 MB, 680x680, 17.png)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
Omg GetMe, I beg you to keep this story going, I support the attempt at Twilicorn 100%

I literally fell out of my seat shouting YES when I heard the kefka music start playing.

Stay gold you magnificent bastard
File: 1361412933786.png-(94 KB, 225x225, wowitsnothing.png)
94 KB
Hear me out.
I love your stories, and I just got through Snugglerape.


But do not sully yourself with being mad, t least at that level, until season 4 happens.

Insofar, the only thing that changed about Twilight so far is her song count and skeletal structure.

If you could so much as manage to show me, in the last two minutes of the episode where she had the wings, said a little speech, and sang a song, where she was all that different.

I would be amazed.

The answer is that she isn't.
Your brain is getting wracked up on /mlp/ ramblings about the end times.

Did everyone abandon thread?
Writing and lurking. I found out I've got the next four days off from work. So expect nothing at all.
We heard you were coming over so we panicked and fled.

Give it time.

No need to rush a good read.
>panicked and fled
Just as you should.
nah, lurkin and shit Fuckin chem lab reports man...
Playing Lufia and the Fortress of Doom and lurking. Will write later.
>Master of the hot monkey dock.

AS the originator of that typo, I beg to differ my friend Anon.

Anyway, just checking in and telling you guys that I have a chapter of Lyra finished, starting a Vinyk short.
I could post my story, but I haven't decided yet, since it still needs slight editing.
While you're here, I wanted to tell you that I reread your Salt series and I'm going through with the drug theme in this next story. It was really good and helped give me a few ideas... expect a few nods.

Funny you should mention Salt, as I recently went back to it and reread it, and I thought about perhaps rewriting it.
Since it was my first story, and I never found it particularly good myself, I'd like to see how much I've improved since then.

I probably won't get around to doing it any time soon though, since I'm writig my Lyra story, some Vinyl shorts, and the big finale of Dragon Anon

Glad my story helped you though, and I shall patiently wait for yours.

Here you go Anon, striaght from the minds of Clever and I. More him than me though.
File: 1361417776609.jpg-(58 KB, 640x360, image.jpg)
58 KB
I've been wondering who came up with the whole Monkey Dock thing, It's cool to finally find out.

I didn't want to ask because I'd run the risk of saying newfaggy shit. Which I strive to prevent.
Sorry, didnt put up my name in the box.
File: 1361417964489.gif-(1020 KB, 400x229, 1357607889104.gif)
1020 KB
1020 KB GIF

Goddammit, add it onto the pile.
The Narrator should be our funny slang generator.
File: 1361418108320.gif-(350 KB, 169x169, 1360430319808.gif)
350 KB
350 KB GIF
>Didn't want to look like a newfag
>Forgot to enter name
Just kidding.
File: 1361418312538.png-(206 KB, 490x332, 1358957621907.png)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
Excellent, another soul to collect.
>gif heavily related.
I laughed way harder than I should have.

Alright guys, I have no idea what to write for the "Out of your comfort zone" weekend thread.
Any suggestions?
The hot monkey dock thing started out as a typo (something i'm telatively infamous for in Skype.)
It spawned several one shots, a story by Driver, and, well, everyone using it in thier stories as a sort of inside joke.

I apologize for all my shitposting, i'm in the field for training right now and it's boring and I'm kinda lonely, so I'm lurking the thread.

Goddamn it. Fuck this shit, i'm way to tired. I'm out for the night.
File: 1361418444733.gif-(861 KB, 560x331, 1357532905876.gif)
861 KB
861 KB GIF
HA, what a fail on my part.
Damn file names and shit
Your soul is still mine
File: 1361418517324.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 48 KB, 500x282)
Spoiler Image, 48 KB
>Implying you haven't tried before
As if you could possibly succeed. My top scientists are working on your demise as we speak.
Have you considered trying your hand at "feels"
I 2nd this.
I'd participate if I weren't already engaged in this shit I have now.

Why not write something GOOD for a change, Jchallo?

or do vegetarian Anon and Fluttershy thinks that humans only eat meat so she kills Angel and then she bakes him into a bunny burrito and grinds his bones into gelatin to feed to Anon but he's like "no way" and then runs away and Fluttershy knocks him unconscious and when he wakes up he's numb because Fluttershy is about to pull his teeth out and then she does and she spoon feeds Anon some Angel Jello while he cries and this sentence keeps running on and no one can stop me lolol
Hands already "feel" a lot of things...
Oh yeah, that's right... gotta whip something up for that.

Anyone remember Dense Anon? Back when I only lurked, he was the cause of many side replacement surgeries for me. I'm thinking I may use him as a character in a comedy story. Anyone remember who wrote him?

As long as it's not blatantly stealing an idea or anything. I feel there's a lot of comedy to be extracted from such a character, and I'd like to see where I can go with it.
Didn't that pickle guy write some gay shit?
Could try that
File: 1361419228964.png-(83 KB, 635x603, 1357106225419.png)
83 KB
If I remember correctly, I think that was Driver...
Does anyone know how many posts we're at?
He around much anymore? I wouldn't want to take a unique idea or character and use it without permission. That's just kind of rude.

I'll think of something else, unless permission is granted prior. Definitely going to go with comedy, though.
Let's see how well I can write it...
Oh, trust me, I will. When I was thinking of what theme would be appropriate for her it was the first thing that came to mind when I thought of a "magically supercharged completely unhinged mastermind".

I'm so excited! This story's gonna be FUN!
File: 1361419496404.jpg-(65 KB, 390x470, 1345875475482.jpg)
65 KB
>Dat Pic.
>Dat Post.
I'll allow you to keep your soul for being funny.
"feels" eh? Hmmmm, perhaps I could go for that. If DoP didn't have any feels I don't know what does. Jibber, you are needed.
>Why not write something GOOD for a change, Jchallo?
Ouch, that one cut a little deep.
Gore eh? Hmmmm, maybe, I wouldn't mind showing my sinister side.
.......I guess I'll give it a shot if all else fails.

Thanks guys.
File: 1361419520522.png-(Spoiler Image, 421 KB, 1280x800)
Spoiler Image, 421 KB
421 KB PNG
420 you say?
Okay dumping story now

>Day fighting in Equestria
>You wake up in the morning
>You go to the bathroom and splash some water in your face to truly wake yourself up
Ahh...that's better.
>After doin your routine in the bathroom, you head downstairs for some eggs and oj
>While chewing on your eggs there is a knock on the door
>You walk over and open the door
>It's surprisingly not Fluttershy this time
>It's Twilight
>And she looks worried
>"Okay I don't have much time to explain this so shut your mouth."
>You lean against the door frame
>"Fluttershy...we didn't believe you before when you said she was crazy for you."
>You nod
>"Sorry for that...anyways, she convinced Discord to rip open a hole in universes so she could meet another version of you, hopefully one that loves her back."
>"But he got a little carried away and turned it into a sort of game and kidnapped Fluttershy so you would come..."
I don't like how this is sounding...
>"Shut up! Okay its a fighting tournament between you and other Anons."
What makes you think I want to save her?
>"Because Celestia will have your head if you leave that tournament without our sixth element of harmony."
Oh...why can't you help?
>"Discord's rules. Only the Anon's can compete. They can however use companions, and you have me."
Son of a bitch...okay let me get ready.
>You walk back upstairs and put your brass knuckles and an exact replica of Ash Ketchum's hat on
>Basically the only two things that came with you when you were sent to this strange horse land
>You walk back downstairs
Lets do this.

>Twilight teleports you both to Ponyville town square
>There is a giant circular portal in the middle of it
>You can see right into it
>There is a floating island with a coliseum in the middle of it
That looks inviting.
>"Shut up...let's go."
>You walk through with Twilight
>You see tons of green and yellow flash around you before landing in a big red room
>You walk to a door on your left and open it
>Your jaw drops
>Tons of other Anons are sitting around
>Some have other ponies with them
>You are the only one with Twilight
>One of them you think is gay because he's wearing tights that say CP on them
>Probably means Cum Purse
>You smile to yourself and sit down next to a questionable Anon
>You turn towards him
Uh...why are you wearing girls clothing?
>"I am a girl."
>Rainbow pops out from behind him-her or whatever
>"YEAH so step OFF."
>You put your hands up in defense
>You turn to your other side and see another strange Anon
>But not strange in that other way
>He's snuggling with a lung
>Better not ask
>A more normal looking Anon without a shirt on comes up to you
>"Hey. Do you know what we're supposed to be doing here?"
I think it was some kind of uh...fighting tournament.
>"Oh...sucks for you guys then."

S-sorry...it was a joke...
>He goes back to his seat
>You look down to Twi who is almost hiding behind your legs
What an asshole right?
>She nods
>The rest of the Anon's (that you can see) appear to be normal
>The only one that stands out is the one with Rainbow next to him dribbling a basketball with her wings
>He's holding a picture of something close to his chest
>A voice calls out from the sky
>"Hello Anons! You will be participating in a fighting tournament for your freedom, what you're here for, and an extra prize of your choice!"
>It's Discord
>"The Mortal Koombat tournament will begin as soon as the last fighter arrives."
Mortal Koombat? What?
>The door swings open and another Anon walks in
>He has a...robot Twilight with him
>You nudge Twilight
Look at that! It's you but...as a robot!
>"Shut up..."
>Discord speaks
>"Alright now that all of the Koombatants have arrived, please make your way through to the yellow room out of the double doors."
>A line of Anons forms walking through the door
>Twilight holds your hand with her hooves
>You scoop her up
Relax, I got this.
>She sighs as you stand in the yellow room
>Discord speaks
>"Each one of you is to take a ball from the basket. The ball will have a number on it. You will face the person with the number next to yours."
>Twilight whines a little
Shut up.
>"So it would be like: if you get 1 then you will battle 2. If you get 3 then you will battle 4. Understand monkeys?"

>SomeAnon calls out: "Fuck you!"
>You turn and see two others holding him back
>One talks
>"Just relax and maybe we can get some ice cream later...that sounds nice right?"
>He lets go and the enraged one just sits down fuming
>The third Anon sits next to him and puts an arm around him cheering him up
>He looks up at you
>"It's not gay if it's me."
Okay then...
>You tune back in to Discord
>"So make a line, and pick a ball."
>You all do so and sit around the room in chairs
>Your number is 9
>"Okay will the Anon's with the numbers 1 and 2 please stand up?"
>The shirtless Anon and the Anon with the robot Twilight stand
>Then the room fades away and you are all sitting in the coliseum front row seats while those two stand in the center
>Discord comes back on
>"You have as much time as need be. But if I see you working together, I will kill both of you. Also another thing..."
>You hear papers shuffling in the sky
>"Ah here it is! All fighting conditions that would benefit any Anon have been enabled, and you must kill your opponent. Bonus points for creativity!"
>Twilight gulps and hugs your chest as you stare into the battlefield
>"Let's get this show on the road!"
>Suddenly it becomes night time in the arena
>A big moon casts it's glow on it
>You watch as the Anon with no shirt on stares up at it
>Then he falls to his knees

Woah woah is it over already?
>Twilight lets go of your chest and looks out
>The Anon's hands and feet grow beefy and furry
Oh shit.
>Then the rest of his body
>He stands upright as a werewolf thing and howls at the moon
>The other Anon tells his Twilight robot something and she charges at him
>Then the wereAnon runs full speed at the robot and stabs into it's midsection
>The Anon screams out
>WereAnon flails it around like a ragdoll and then throws it across the battlefield after tons of metallic pieces come out
>The Anon looks furious but also afraid
>WereAnon bounds over to him and grabs him
>Then slams him into the ground hard
>A deep voice calls out from nowhere
>The wereAnon freak grabs his head, rips it off, slashes his chest open, and stuffs the head inside
>Fountains of blood spew from that Anon
Oh my god...
>"We're gonna die aren't we?"
>You look down at Twilight
Let's hope he gets beat by chance later...
>The world fades away again and you are back in the yellow room
>"Congratulations! Please walk through the door on your right."
>He does so and then the room flashes green
>"Okay! Next up, 3 versus 4!"
>They stand up and face each other
>One has a sort of cape on and the other has white hair
>The world fades away and you are back in the coliseum

>"You all heard the rules last time!"
>The one with white hair speaks
>"I'm sorry I have to defeat you like this..."
>The caped one flashes his fangs and flies at the white haired one
Woah a vampire?!
>The white haired one fires a lightning blast at the ground, sending him flying in the air
>Some electricity hits the vamp's face and he staggers for a second
>The other takes this time to fly down at him like a bolt of lightning
>He strikes him and chars his body
>But he still stands
>He's paralyzed
>Again from the sky
>The white haired one walks up to the Vamp and holds him up
>Then he pulls out a gun of some sort and puts it to his chest
>He pulls the trigger and a spear of lightning arcs through the Vamp's chest, turning him to dust
Holy fucking shit. Twilight, I think we're gonna die.
>She trembles
>The world fades back to the room
>The white haired one walks through the doorway
>The room flashes green again
>"Alright now it's time for 5 vs 6!"
>A normal Anon with a pickle jar stands up
>So does an Anon with a drunk Rarity
Hmmm...this could be interesting Twi.
>The room changes back to the colesium
>You see them in the middle
>Rarity is standing on her hind legs and swaying while putting her front two hooves up
>The Anon next to her has his fists up, but it doesn't look like he's ever faught before
>The other Anon still has his picklejar tucked under his arm
What the fuck is that about Twi?
>She shrugs

>Rarity steps forward and almost falls, still keeping her hooves out aggressively
>The other Anon laughs and rushes at her
>She flinches and he punts her to the wall
>Insta KO
>Now it's just the pickle Anon and the other fuming one
>The other one rushes at him cursing about what he's done to Rarity and how he'll kill him for it
>The mysterious pickle Anon just laughs and runs up, drop kicking him
>The other Anon stands up and tries to attack again
>This repeats about five times until the other Anon can't get up but is still breathing
>He raises a leg and stomps it down on the other Anon's head, crushing it to mush
>Twilight grabs you tighter
>"I...I don't want that to be you...when we go out there...we can't lose. Okay?"
>You nod to her as the room fazes back to existence
>The crazy pickleman moonwalks through the doorway while whistling
Haha what?
>"Okay gentlemen and gentlemen! We have a special match up this time! Calling up 7 and 8!"
>A fat Anon with a mustache and a red coat stands
>So does a regular looking Anon with a jacket
>His jacket moves like theres something inside of it
Huh? Twi do you see that?
>The coliseum comes back and you watch as the two of them walk very far away from each other
>Discord calls down
>"Don't make me choose which one of you to kill...Now FIGHT!"
>The fat one throws something on the ground in front of him
>It looks like a cube
>But then it unfolds into a robot with lazers and guns all around it
>The other Anon opens his jacket and tons of tiny...crab ponies come out of it
>They all charge at the robot

>Including that Anon
>The robot begins firing on the massive crowd that is approaching
>But the sidestepping of the crab ponies is too much for it to handle and it is quickly overcome by the wave of tiny hooves crushing it
>The fat Anon puts his hands up to surrender
>The other Anon stares at him
>Then they shake hands
>He calls out
>"Discord! I'm not going to kill him!"
>A voice calls back down
>A huge clawed finger comes down and squishes the Anon who sent out the robot to fight
>"What the fuck Discord?! I said I wasn't going to!"
>"Well someone has to do what that voice says..."
>The room fades back
>"Well uh...Congratulations I guess...even though you didn't kill him, you still weakened him."
>The Anon frustratedly stomps through the doorway with his mini army of crab ponies following behind
>The room flashes green
Oh no...
>"It's our turn isn't it?"
Yes Twilight.
>Discords voice comes back on
>"So anyways...number 9 and 10!"
>You stand up and so does that freak who is wearing womens clothes
>The world fades and you are standing in the arena
Yeah Twi?
>"If we don't make it-"
Shut up and let's kick some ass Twilight.
>She gulps
>Rainbow digs her hoof at the ground and snorts
>Then she runs at you
>You get down to punch her but she flies around you at the last second
>She bucks your ass so you fall face first in the dirt
>You look up and see Twilight fighting the girly Anon
>Not really fighting though
>Like slaps and shit

>You roll over and Rainbow cracks you in the face, busting your lip open
>You drive your fist into her side and hear a loud snap and she falls over crying
>You stand up and turn toward the faggot who has slapped Twilight into submission
Hey bitch!
>He/she looks over
>You run at him/her dragging your fist along the ground
>You let out a tremendous roar and deliver an uppercut smoother than no man in the existence of ever could achieve
>Except maybe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7pDmva4RlQ
>The nasty half man half woman thing flies up and lands on it's back
>"FINISH HI-uhh...IT!"
>You raise up your arm and drive it down into it's face
>Surprisingly, your fist goes right through
>Cracks the skull like an egg and spills the blood all over your hand
>The world fades back to the room and a bruised Twilight holds your leg
>"Congratulations! Please move on through the doorway."
>You walk through and see weird machines
>A pony grabs your arm
>"Come on mister, right onto this chair here."
>You sit on the chair and Twilight sits on the one next to you
>A bubble goes over it and green smoke comes inside
>The smoke cleanses your body and you are healed
>The bubble opens and you sit forward
Nifty. Do we still get to watch the battles?
Cool. Right Twi?
>You turn and see her still in her pod
Must take longer if you're more beat up...
>Discord's voice reaches your ears
>"11 and 12, stand up!"
>One wall of the room fades and you can see right into the battlefield
>It's the Anon that was sitting with that picture to his chest, and Rainbow dribbling a basketball with her wings
>Versus...a FUCKING DRAGON?!
Holy shit is that a dragon?!
>You get up and go closer to the wall
>It is about your height and talks like you
There's an alternate universe where I'm a dragon?! FUCKING BOSS!

>Rainbow stops dribbling the ball and flies straight up in the air
>Then she drops down like a bullet at the dragon Anon
>He simply puts his hands up to stop her
>The other Anon rushes him while hes distracted and hits him in the gut
>Then Rainbow headbutts him from that velocity
>But that stupid cunt doesn't understand dragon bone strength
>Her neck snaps when she hits his head
>The other Anon runs over to her twitching body
>"No...NO! I will never forgive you for this! I -WILL- GET BACK TO MY FAMILY!"
>He runs at dragon Anon and fakes him out with a punch
>Dragon Anon falls for it and dodges, only to be crossed the other way with a kick
>Anon's leg hits the dragon in the neck but he doesn't move
>He just grabs Anon's leg and flips him around onto the ground
>Then, still holding his leg, he brings it to touch his head while he screams out in pain
>He lets go and Anon struggles to get up
>Dragon Anon stands back and takes a deep breath in
>Then unleashes waves of green flame onto Anon, burning him to ash as he screams out for someone named Tiff
>The wall fades back to normal and the dragon Anon walks into the room
>He is taken to a seat like you were
>Twilight just finishes hers
>"Wow! I feel so much better!"
>She runs over to you
That's great Twilight.
>You russle her mane
>Discord comes back on
>"Great match that was! I can smell him from up here! 13 and 14 please stand up!"
>The wall fades back to the arena
>There is a regular looking Anon that's talking to himself, and that weirdo in tights
Haha...cum purse...
Oh nothing.
>The one in tights runs full speed at the Anon having a conversation with himself
>Then the superhero guy gets thrown high into the air
>The Anon talking to himself moves his hand and the gay looking one gets flung around like a pancake
>He slams him into the ground and then flies up really high

>The guy in the superhero costume takes off his mask and takes a deep breath in
Jesus that went by fast...
>The flying Anon goes straight down with a fist
>The fist connects with his chest, creating a massive blue explosion
>When the dust clears, the Anon is still standing there talking to himself
>The wall fades and that Anon walks in
>You walk over to him
Hey who were you talking to?
>"Oh uh...Discord."
What? Why? Wait are you cheating?!
>"No no! The Discord trapped in my head."
Twilight how is that possible?
>"Umm...alternate universes Anon?"
Oh right.
>Discord comes back
>"Alright...thought that one would have been a little more entertaining...but nope. Okay last battle of the first round! 15 vs 16!"
>The wall shows the battlefield
>You see the three Anons on one side and the creep hugging the lung on the other
>Then he puts it down on a rock and pulls out a machete
>Almost instantly, the angry one of the three Anons charges at the lung guy
>The softy calls out
>"Wait a minute! I don't think that's a good idea!"
>Only a grunt responds to him
>The angry Anon runs up to him and throws a punch
>The weird one ducks and pulls the machete up, stabbing through the angry one's midsection
Oh shit...
>The softy screams out
>The angry Anon falls over
>"F...fuck you..."
>The softy looks at the ground and holds back tears
>Then his fists clench
>"Who do you think you are hurting us like that?!"

>He storms over to the crazy Anon who is now licking the blood from the blade
>The crazy Anon swings the blade at him but he ducks and tackles him to the ground
>They wrestle on the ground until the scary Anon grabs the machete again
>He stabs it into the back of the other Anon's neck, killing him instantly
>Then he stands up and stares at the remaining Anon
>The other Anon is just looking at the two bodies with a shocked expression on his face
>The psycho Anon approaches him
>The Anon stays still
What's he planning?
>Twilight shrugs
>The crazy Anon gets face to face with the other Anon
>He still doesn't move
>Discord's voice comes on
>"Oh wow, I wasn't expecting this...it seems the remaining Anon has gone into shock..."
>The crazy Anon grabs the other Anon by the throat and lifts him up
>Then he stabs into the Anon's chest and hoists him above him
>The blood runs down the blade and all over the crazy Anon
>He licks his lips and the wall fades away
>Twilight nudges you
>"I don't want you to fight him."
Lets hope not.
>The door opens and the blood soaked Anon comes in holding the lung
>He sits on a chair in the corner talking to it
>"Congratulations fighters! You have survived round one! Give yourself a round of applause!"
>Everyone is quiet
>"Fine then. Anywho, time to start round two! Please walk through the doorway and take a seat."
>You all do and you sit in the corner away from everyone
>Twilight snuggles against your side
>"You know...I think we're gonna die here."
I don't know Twilight. We could get lucky.
>Discord comes back on
>"Koombatants 1 and 4 please stand."
>The shirtless Anon stands

>He must have gone back to normal when you weren't looking
>And the white haired Anon stands
>The room fades to the colesium
>The environment looks like a jungle now and vines form the seats you sit in
That's kinda cool.
>The sky gets dark and the moon comes out
>The shirtless one does his transformation again
>The wereAnon runs on all fours at the lightning Anon
>Lighting Anon fires a bolt at him and he falls over
>But quickly jumps back up and snarls
>The wereAnon growls and howls
>Then he jumps at the lightning Anon
>He holds up a hand and a barrier of electricity forms around his body
>WereAnon can't divert his path and hits the barrier
>After a grand lightshow, he falls down twitching
>The lightning Anon picks him up and throws him
>"I know you aren't done yet. Get up."
>The wereAnon jumps back to two feet
>He's about eight feet tall
>Then he howls up to the moon again and digs his claws into the ground
>He takes off at the lightning Anon
>Lightning Anon speaks
>"I'm sorry, but you are too dangerous for your own good."
>He makes a fist and holds it to his side
>Electricity sparks from his fist and makes chirping bird sounds
>You are on the edge of your seat
>There is a blue streak and the lightning Anon is on the other side of wereAnon
>And wereAnon isn't moving
What just...
>WereAnon coughs up blood and turns to lightning Anon
>There is a hole right through wereAnon's chest
Oh my god...
>Lightning Anon holds up a finger to the sky and his palm out facing wereAnon
>A bolt of lightning strikes his finger and surges through him, shooting out as a blast from his palm at wereAnon
>There is a loud pop noise and a bright light

>All that remains is wereAnon's feet
>Both your and Twilight's mouth are open
>The room fades back into existence
>Discord speaks
>"Congratulations! Loved the sparks at the end! Now proceed through the door."
>He does so and the room flashes green
>"Okay for our next match up...5 and 7!"
>The Anon with the crab ponies stands and so does the pickle guy
>The room fades back to the colesium
>The pickle guy holds his jar up and swishes the juice in there
>The Anon screams out for them to attack
>They come flooding out from everywhere and swarm over to the pickle guy
>But the pickle guy doesn't react. He just pops off the can to his pickle jar
>Then he splashes some of the pickle juice out and quickly runs away
>The juice is absorbed into the ground and it shakes, stopping all of the crab ponies
What the fuck is going on Twilight?
>"How am I supposed to know?!"
I thought you knew everything!
>She facehoofs
>Then a huge pickle erupts from the ground, sending crab ponies and rocks flying everywhere
>You see the pickle guy throw his jar at the other Anon who is speechless
>The instant before it hits him, the pickle guy...comes out of it
>He comes out of the jar foot first and kicks the Anon in the head
>Then he catches the jar as Anon grabs his head
>Pickle guy opens his jar and dips his finger in
>Then he touches the ground beneath the other Anon and runs away
>The ground rumbles and a thick pickle shoots out of the ground up into the Anon's ass
>He screams and falls to the floor
>You can barely contain your sides but Twilight doesn't find it funny at all for some reason
>The room comes back and the pickle guy smiles at everyone there
>"Erm...Congratulations! I think...not really sure what just happened there."

>The pickle guy shuffles through the door
>He's a strange one
>"Okay so now we have...number 9 and 12!"
>Twilight gulps again as you stand
>So does the dragon Anon
>The world changes to the arena
>Twilight is trembling
Hey relax. Just put everything you got into it okay?
>She nods and dragon Anon snorts
>A tingly sensation occurs in your stomach
>This dragon guy has to have a weakness of some sort...definitely not his neck
>The dragon Anon rushes at you
>You dive out of the way and your shirt is cut open by his claws
>That was too close
Twilight! Hold him!
>She grabs him with magic and you walk up to him
>You begin slugging on him all over
>He doesn't even flinch
>Then his hand breaks through the magic barrier and he grabs you
>He lifts you up and throws you onto the dirt
>Your hat comes off but who gives a shit you might die
>You hear Twilight yelp as you roll over on your back
>You look and see him dangling her by the tail with his claws next to her head
>Suddenly your mind actually decides to work
>You remember back to last week

---Last Week at Twilight's---

>You are sitting on a chair next to Spike
>"Hey Anon wanna know something?"
>He's been telling you random things about dragons for no fucking reason
>Damn kids
I guess...
>"A dragons ONLY weakness is his tail. You break that and it's over."
Cool story...
>You look at him with no expression and he continues to tell you stupid shit

Hey, everyone. I found out why Jchallo doesn't like dogs.

---And we're back---

>You grab a stone and throw it at his head before he swipes
>He looks at you and snarls, dropping Twilight
>Then he slowly walks towards you
>You struggle to stand and get into a kneeling position
>He grabs you by your hair and lifts you up
>Using your super ultra power of luck, you sneeze on his face
>He drops you and turns, grabbing his face and coughing
>This is your chance!
>You bring your fist down as hard as you can on his tail
>It snaps like a twig and he screams out in pain
>He falls over with tears streaming onto the dirt and forming a small puddle next to his head
>Damn that must suck
>You walk over and pick up your hat
>You pat it on your leg and walk back to him
>You put the hat on and frown on him
>Then you grab him by his tail
>He wails and flails his legs
>One hits you but not hard enough for you to let go
>You begin to swing him
>Around and around and around
>A disgusting pop followed by a squish noise occurs
>You look down and see only a bloody tail attached to a spine in your hands
>Then you look over to your right and see his body with a huge hole in it
>You throw down the tail and the room fades back into existence
>Twilight falls onto you and you pick her up
>"Congratulations! Totally thought you were gonna die there."
>You grunt and walk through the door to a room similar to the other one
>You sit in one of the machines after you put Twilight in one
>The gas cleans you up
>How? Dunno that shit's magic
>Last time you questioned magic you almost died
>The cover opens and you stand up and stretch
>Discord's voice comes on

>"Number 13 and 16 please stand."
>The wall fades and you walk to it to watch
>Twilight comes over too
>The creepy Anon with the lung and the one who claims to have Discord in his head stand out there
>The lung guy takes out the same machete after laying the lung on the ground
>The creepy one charges at him with the machete while smiling
>The Anon just stands there though
>The creepy one stabs into the Anon
>But it fades away
>There is a whistle
>You and the creepy Anon look up to the sky and see the Anon with a machete the exact same size as his
>"I figure we should make this fair huh?"
>The other Anon just smiles back at him
>He drops from the sky and rushes at the creep
>He swings down on him, but it is blocked so a loud clank sound happens
>They are locked in a power struggle with the blades
>Creepy Anon kicks the other one in the nuts and he falls to his knees
Oh it's over.
>The creepy Anon swings down on the other Anon's head
>There is a clank noise
>Somehow, he knew that was coming and brought his blade up to block it
>The creepy Anon growls like an animal
>Then the other Anon sweeps him off the ground with a swift circle of his legs
>He falls on his back and his machete falls right next to his head
>The other Anon holds his blade to creepy Anon's neck
>He throws the blade and turns around
>"Come on then."
>The creepy Anon is obviously pissed and he jumps up and rushes at him
>The other Anon snaps his fingers and the creepy Anon stops
What just happened?
>Then the creepy Anon falls to diced pieces
>The wall fades away and the Anon walks through
>You go to him
I give you my respect man. That was pretty cool.

>You put out a fist and he bumps it
>"But...I don't understand. Why are you being nice to me if we have to face each other next?"
We do?
>"Do you not know how tournaments work?"
Uh...of course I do...no.
>He sighs
>Discord comes back on
>"Great job you freaks! Lets step it up to round three! Since there will only be two battles taking place, I've decided to put a handicap on the one I think will be the shortest. Just to spruce it up a bit."
>The Anon with Discord in his head looks at you and sighs again
>"Okay now move through the doors to begin."
>You all do and this room is much smaller than the other ones
>There are only four of you left
>The lightning Anon, You, the pickle guy, and that Anon that has Discord in his head
>"Koombatants number 4 and 5 please stand up."
>The Anon with the electricity and white hair stands up
>And so does the mysterious pickleman
This has to be a good one Twilight.
>"Sure...but it's not the fight I'm interested in. It's winning back Fluttershy."
You're starting to sound like you like her or something.
>"Psssh what? That's nasty Anon! How would that even make any sense for me to like Fluttershy? Even if she is really cute...and smells like flowers..."
Okay then, lesbo.
>She punches you in the arm while blushing heavily
>The world fades away and you are back at the Coliseum
>Except the sky is red and there are volcanos in the background
>You aren't sure if they're real or not and you don't want to find out
>The white haired Anon shakes hands with the Anon holding a pickle jar
>Then they jump far back

>They both run at each other with their fists out
>The fists clash and a tiny poof of wind comes from the impact
>Neither give an inch as they stare at each other
>Then the Pickle guy tries to sweep lightning Anon but he jumps backwards
>Lightning Anon puts his hand in the air and a bolt of lightning hits it
>He channels the lightning between his two hands and then shapes a sword with it
>Pickle guy takes his jar out from under his arm and pulls out a pickle
>He points the pickle away from him and it forms into a 10 foot long pickle sword
>Your mouth drops at the sight
>They clash with blocks and parries all over the arena
>Neither one hits the other
>The lightning sword cuts pickles' sword in half when they clash in the middle
>So the pickle guy jumps back a few yards and pops open his jar again
>He jumps high up into the air and splashes the juice in random spots around the arena
>The ground begins to tremble again and tiny pickles erupt from the ground
>Followed by giant pickles
Hey...hey Twilight.
Looks like Lightning Anon is really in a pickle now huh?
>You and Twilight laugh at your fucktarded joke
>As the giant pickles fly up, lightning Anon jumps on them as stepping stools to get to the falling pickle guy
>He finally catches up to him and hits him in the stomach
>He carries him by fist to the ground for a more devastating effect
>A tiny shockwave occurs when they hit the ground and lightning Anon jumps back a few yards
>Pickle guy stands up and shakes it off
>They stare at each other for a minute
>Then run the opposite direction
>The pickle guy taps his jar and the barrage of pickles stops
>They turn and face each other from opposite ends of the battlefield
>Lightning Anon puts out his hand and the chirping sound comes again as it wraps in electricity
>The pickle guy holds his jar in his hand

>They run at each other with incredible speed
>The chirping gets louder as lightning Anon speeds up
>The pickle guy keeps a straight face
>They are about to collide when the pickle guy throws his jar at lightning Anon
>Lightning Anon ducks and strikes at him with his attack
>Or so everyone thought, because the pickle guy came out of his jar at the last second
>He turned, grabbed his jar, and chopped lightning Anon in the back of the neck
>Lightning Anon falls over unconscious
>The pickle guy puts down his jar and opens it
>Then he picks up the unconscious lightning Anon and throws him at the jar
>The jar sucks him up and there is a loud grinding sound
>Then it spits whats left of his torn apart body back onto the battlefield
Holy peppermint crust...
>Twilight gives you a "the fuck" look
>The room comes back and the pickle guy walks through the doorway before Discord has a chance to talk
>"Okay fine then...next battle."
>You stand up and so does the other Anon
>The arena comes back to you
>"Well here's the handicap for this one: All magic has been nullified!"
>The other Anon groans in frustration
>Twilight looks to you
>"If you need me just scream my name...I can try to help."
>She walks to a rock and sits down
>He runs at you with his fist out
>You block it with your forearm
>Then you punch him in the stomach
>He coughs and then headbutts you
>You step back a second
>He tries to punch you but you bring your palm up and stop his fist

>He screams out as his wrist snaps under the pressure
>He jumps back a few feet
>You rush at him and swing your leg at his side
>He grabs it and flips you on your back
>You kick his arm so he lets go and you crawl away and stand up
>You stare at each other
>Then you run full speed at each other
>Your fist hits his face and his fist hits yours
>You both remain like that for a second and then draw back your arms
>You are both out of breath as you stare at each other
>He tries for a punch but forgets that's the hand that is fucked up
>You smack it away and he screams out
>He drops to his knees holding his wrist
>You sparta kick his head and he falls back
>Before he can move, you walk to his side and bring your fist down on his lower chest, winding him
>He gasps for air on the ground
>You shake your head lightly
>Then you raise your fist up
>You punch his chest again as hard as you can
>Your fist goes in deeper and seven loud snaps happen at once
>Anon coughs and then blood spills out of his mouth
>You stand up and look to Twilight
>She shakes her head slowly without breaking eye contact with him
>The room comes back
Fuck off.
>"Fine asshole. Go through the fucking door already."
>You scoop up Twilight and head through the door
>Except there isn't a healing room this time

>The pickle guy just sits there in this white room on a steel chair looking at you
>You can still see the imprint of lightning Anon's fist on his chest
>"That was an okay fight."
>You smile
Well thank y-
>"For a beginner."
>Your smile fades
>Twilight jumps out of your arms
>"That wasn't a nice thing to say!"
>You put your arm out
It's true. Did you see the way he was fighting that other Anon? That was crazy.
>Discord speaks
>"Now for the fourth round!"
Wait don't we get to heal up?
Why not?!
>"Because I said!"
>Well...you're fucked
>The arena comes back
>You sigh
Let's get this over with.
>You put your hands up in fight position
>The pickle guy just stands there
>You rush at him and swing for his head
>He leans back and grabs you by the shirt
>He tries to throw you but since your shirt had earlier been ripped, it tears off of you
>You use the time he is stunned to kick one of his legs
>A loud pop noise followed by an angry groan hits your ears
>You look down and see that you have kicked his knee back the wrong way
>He holds it and screams

>You swing your leg up to his head
>He stops it with his arm and lets go of his leg
>Then he punches your pouch of manlyness
>You fall over in tears and he goes back to his leg
>Twilight runs over to you
>"What can I do to help?!"
>Your voice has reached that of a little school girl
Get his...hit him with a magic blast!
>She charges up her horn and fires a thick lazer at him, sending him flying back
>You crawl over to what he dropped
>His jar
>He doesn't notice
>You stand up
Hey pickle guy!
>His head snaps to you
>You thrust down the jar
>Hidden by the sounds of his screams, the glass shatters on the ground
>The pickle guy begins screaming at the top of his lungs
>He curls up into a ball and begins...drying out?
>You watch as his body shrivels to a wrinkly thing
>Then its back cracks open
>And a regular Anon comes out of it
>He looks exausted but also scared
>You grab Twilight and whisper for her to charge up an electrocution spell
>Her horn glows and you pick her up
>"Anon! What are you doing?!"
>You run up to him and stab him in the chest with Twilight's horn
>Then you slap her flank and she releases the spell
>The Anon cooks from the inside out and falls over
>You kneel down to Twilight after pulling her out
>You walk over and grab the remains of your shirt
>Then you rub off the blood from her horn whilst she trembles
>"It's...it's okay Anon. I know you wanted to get it over with. And now we won."
>The room comes back
>"Congratulations Anon! Please step through the doors!"

>You and Twilight walk through to a healing room
>You both get in the machines and get healed
>You sit up and look over to Twilight who is staring at the ground
>Probably thinking about that last kill
Hey...you okay?
>Her head snaps to you
>"Oh uh...yeah. I'm fine."
>She looks away
>Discord's voice comes on
>"Got a suprise for you! Hurry on to the next room!"
>You walk with Twilight through the door
>It looks like the first room
>"You may pick two partners to raise from the dead to help you here. Boss stage!"
Oh crap.
>You look down to Twilight
Who should we choose?
>"The two strongest fighters you saw out there."
>You sit and think for a few minutes
I got it. Discord bring back the pickle guy and lightning Anon.
>There is a white flash and they both stand before you, back in their prime
>They look at each other and then at you
>Lightning Anon speaks
>"Why...why are we back?"
He let me bring two fighters back to help me fight some sort of boss.
>Pickle guy sighs
>"I can't believe I let YOU beat me..."
Let me?! Suuuure.
>Twilight puts a hoof up
>"This is no time to be arguing!"
>The room fades away and you are in the coliseum again
>But it seems...bigger
>Wonder why
>The sky is a blur of random colors and there are floating mountains everywhere
>Far off on one little floating rock is a throne and Discord sits there
>"Ready to face the boss Anon? You have one advantage here. Very little gravity."
>A huge thing jumps up from the side of the coliseum
>You look up at it
>It's another Anon but with different ponies all on his limbs
>"Your boss! Giant Rapezord!"

>Rapezord puts an arm down towards you
>Pickle and Lightning Anon run out of the way while Twilight teleports you to another spot
>He punches at the spot and the Celestia on his arm squeals
>Wait...how are they on him
>You look closer and see a clear liquid running from her
Oh that's fucking gross.
>Pickle Anon runs up his arm and kicks him in the Flutter-err...helmet
>He steps back and jumps up
>You jump up too, afraid he would stomp back down and kill you
>You're all floating now
>But you can swim through the air
>Lighting Anon takes advantage of this and flows through the air like a bolt of lightning in a slowed camera, leaving a streak behind him
>He smacks into Rapezord's chest
>It does nothing
>Literally nothing happens
>He just smacks against his chest
>Rapezord puffs out his chest and sends Lightning Anon flying to the ground
>But pickle grabs him before he makes contact with the dirt
Twilight, give me a push!
>She throws you with magic
>You fly straight at his arm just above Luna
>The same thing happens, you just smack against it
>A wave of pain hits your body when he swings his arm and throws you
>Twi catches you with magic and brings you back
>Rapezord flies at the ground and stomps it with Cadance
>She lets out a huge moan
>The ground rumbles and huge chunks of it fly up at the four of you like bullets
>Twi casts a bubble shield around you and her while Pickle Anon and Lightning Anon dodge them or break them

How are we going to even do damage?!
>"I don't know!"
>The barrage of rocks stops and Lightning Anon holds up a finger and puts out a palm like before
>A lightning bolt hits his finger and pulsates out of his palm as a blast
>It hits his Luna and he wails out
>Twilight screams out
>"That's it! The ponies! Beat them first!"
>Pickle Anon nods and pops open his jar
>He takes out a pickle and throws the jar to Lightning Anon
>"Hold this for a second."
>Lightning Anon looks at the jar afraid but still catches it
>Pickle Anon holds the pickle out and it begins to glow green
>Then it stretches and grows
>It has become a pickle buster sword
>The buster pickle
>He holds it out to the side and flies at Rapezord
>Rapezord swats his Cellyarm at Pickle Anon but misses
>Pickle Anon brings his buster pickle down on Luna, cutting off her head
>Ponyzord screams out as Luna's vag stops tightening and slips off of his hand
>His hand is pruny as an eighty year old nutsack
>You stop yourself from throwing up and continue watching
>Rapezord falls back and pickle goes for his Flutterhelmet
>But Rapezord kicks pickle Anon down to the ground with Chrysalis
>He slams agains the ground and makes a crater
>Lightning Anon zooms down
>You can't see what they're doing but Rapezord holds out Celestia to them
Twilight! We have to do something!
>"Uh...Uh...I've got it! I'm going to throw you!"
Wait wh-
>Is all you get out before you go flying at Celestia incased in a purple saw shaped bubble
>Your bubble cuts through the middle of Celestia and Rapezord gets down on a knee
>The bubble turns off but you keep flying

>You fly out of the colesium
>And hit a rock floating
>Right on your damn nose
>You push off the rock and turn around
>Celestia has fallen off of Rapezord
>Rapezord looks at Twilight
>Then he flies at her and roundhouse cheeselegs her
>She goes spiraling to the ground
>What are you doing? It's not like she can hear you anyway
>Pickle Anon and Lightning Anon finally get up and look over
>They can't see you because you're so far out
>You hang your head
I can't believe I'm being forced to watch this...
>Pickle Anon and Lightning Anon lock arms
>They start spinning around
>It becomes so fast that it creates a tornado of electricity and brine
>They steer the tornado to Rapezord who tries to swing at it
>He misses and Cadance gets grinded up by the shocking vinegar twister
>Rapezord yells out again and tries to swing a leg up at them
>He hits Pickle Anon with Chrysalis and he goes flying to the coliseum wall
>Lighting Anon holds out his arm and you hear the familiar sound of birds chirping
>Then he flies at Chrysalis
>There is the blue streak and then she explodes in a red and black mess everywhere
>Lightning Anon stands there trying to wipe off blood and Rapezord sees him
>He steps on him
>There was nothing but gore left
>A purple lazer hits him on the only pony left
>His Flutterhelmet
>He grabs it with a hand and says something
>Then he grabs Twilight with both hands
>He starts crushing her
>Her cries and wails finally get to you
No...I have to win...
>You sit forward a bit on the rock
>Then you turn your Ash Ketchum hat backwards

>Shit just got serious
>You crouch on the rock and then extend your legs fast
>You go flying back to the arena with your fist extended out
>You gain speed as you fly and so much so that your fist almost catches on fire
>In a flash of red and pink, you tear through the Flutterhelmet on his head
>He falls over, dropping Twilight
>You land against the wall and rush over to Twilight
>She lays still
>She moves a bit and groans
>"An...Anon? Did we win?"
>A single tear goes down your bloodied up face
Yes we did Twilight...
>You scoop her up
>There is clapping
>You turn and see Discord clapping on his throne
>"Wonderful job! You've won! Now you have your freedom, and I will give back Fluttershy. She'll be there when you get back."
Hold on that wasn't all of it. You said I get an extra prize.
>"I will grant you one wish. Choose carefully."
>You turn to the mess of bodies behind you
>Then you look down to the barely breathing Twilight
I...I want you to restore everything to the way it was before all of this.
>"Damn it Anon...well the rules are the rules. Have it your way."
>He snaps his fingers and everything goes back to normal
>You are standing at the town center holding a normal Twilight
>Fluttershy appears next to you
>She hugs your leg
>"Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry Anon I thought that maybe one of those other Anon's would love me back..."
>You russle her mane and put down Twilight
>"I'm so so so so sorry! Uh um...unless fighting is your fetish...maybe?"
Are you serious?
>She shrugs
>Fucking Fluttershy

And that's what I've been doing for the past three days...sorry for the wall of greentext that stopped the thread for a good 16 minutes
Did you guys like it?
and I'm sorry I interrupted you with a silly joke. I didn't update the thread in time to see your posts.

>I'm reading it
Oh, whew.
I don't know why, but sometimes I feel my stories aren't all that.
Not to degrade my own work though.
I just feel like they can be WAY better but the words never seem to transfer into a blank text document like I have in mind.

Welp back to the cave for me, I've got a gory gay story full of feels to write maybe
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This is pretty much the only reason 'Lightening Anon' is any good. He's overpowered.

I'll be the first to say that I didn't really like it. I guess I just can't into fight scenes so well in my head but it all felt rushed and dry. The writing was nice, but the plot was just...eh.
I know it wasn't that great. I just wanted to give a shout out to all of the stories I really enjoyed somehow...maybe I could have made a better plot that wasn't explained in the first post but uh...I wasn't really thinking about that at the time. Honestly the only fight I was really looking forward to writing was Picklehead vs Lightning Anon...most of the other ones I had nothing planned. Oh yeah and sorry for killing your character off towards the beginning...didn't mean for that look like I was hating on him.
How goes that by the way?
File: 1361422394087.jpg-(45 KB, 500x393, tumblr_mgga1z07bc1r6h75ko1_500.jpg)
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It's cool bro. I'm just more of a fan of plot than action in my stories. Which story did you get Werewolf Anon from by the way?

It's cool that my anon was killed soon. Kind of makes me wish I updated Hoof before you wrote this. Then my Anon would be ovewpowered too.

And Helping Hoof is on hiatus until I feel like A Touch of Pink is good enough to pause. It's still being written but it is on the backburner.
Got it from "Who's afraid of the Big Bad Anon?"
Here: http://pastebin.com/u/Cog_Anon2
I know I made him more violent than rape crazy...just don't think that a rape crazy Werewolf Anon would do well in a fighting tournament.
I wait to see what changes will happen to Anon that make him "overpowered"
And I like A Touch of Pink so far...gives me Pinkie feels.
File: 1361422932722.png-(110 KB, 673x700, 1358414676242.png)
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anon doesn't know it, but he's gonna get the P
File: 1361423046082.jpg-(114 KB, 640x960, 1358539926021.jpg)
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Ha. Typos. I was just making sure it was Coggles' story. He got two shoutouts from stories he isn't proud about. That should show that people do care about his older stuff, at the very least.

>tfw my Anon makes the cut and gets to fight
>tfw he gets the shit end of the stick and has to fight a goddamn dragon
It's an honor, man. And I loved the story, personally. Great work!
File: 1361423557225.png-(37 KB, 296x490, 1359139620529.png)
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I look forward to finding out
Thank you.

Thanks. Your story had me so attached that I had to put him in. Originally I was going to have a scene where he takes the basketball and dunks at nothing, falls through to the real world and comes back a second later with a punch. But I then realized how crazy that would be.

That would be cool if he did get the P because I sure do love some happy endings.
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>Theseus' Anon becomes Michael Jordan from Space Jam.
does anyone know where that one story where eggman comes to equestria? i remember reading the first part of it but then i lost the pastebin
That would be my roommate's madness of a story.
He hasn't updated it in a while though.
Love it. Please continue! We await the next installment.
Loved it, if I had to list everything I liked about this story, it'd probably take two posts, but as it is, I must sleep.
Thank you very much and have a nice sleep.
File: 1361424612315.png-(6 KB, 178x293, 1361310998805.png)
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>mfw this entire story

I loved all of this. Just one thing, more quacking.