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  • File : 1307814404.jpg-(179 KB, 600x738, 1303545704637.jpg)
    179 KB MLP General Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)13:46 No.26742880  
    Pony time.

    Starting out with Scootalove.
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 06/11/11(Sat)13:49 No.26742931

    >no, go get me a fucking sandwich

    be careful what you wish for
    >> Klondike 06/11/11(Sat)13:49 No.26742938
    Fuck Scootalooser
    >> Faceless !derpvGeSf. 06/11/11(Sat)13:50 No.26742948
         File1307814622.jpg-(103 KB, 745x861, Scootaloo.jpg)
    103 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)13:51 No.26742955
         File1307814663.jpg-(191 KB, 300x450, 1295827304178.jpg)
    191 KB
    pony drawin' stream goin on
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)13:51 No.26742976
         File1307814717.png-(32 KB, 880x575, derpyencounterstheTARDIS2.png)
    32 KB
    >> Leth !Leth/HQgHY 06/11/11(Sat)13:52 No.26742977
    Lost the marker, ah well.
    >> GK THE BI-CURIOUS COFFEE WARLOCK 06/11/11(Sat)13:52 No.26742979
         File1307814747.png-(539 KB, 1396x1543, 22703 - artist-NarbeVoguel dra(...).png)
    539 KB
    my octaviaa folder is hella small, think you could help with that?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)13:53 No.26743007
         File1307814823.jpg-(94 KB, 500x375, applesauce-photo-co-gotnomilk-(...).jpg)
    94 KB
    >mfw i can no longer eat applesauce after reading the aj applescat fic
    >> Faceless !derpvGeSf. 06/11/11(Sat)13:54 No.26743017
         File1307814858.jpg-(327 KB, 1000x1000, 130542686502-octavia_by_kloudm(...).jpg)
    327 KB
    'fraid this is all I got actually.

    that is, sfw.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)13:54 No.26743034
         File1307814889.png-(165 KB, 900x900, Ponywiseau.png)
    165 KB
    Oh Hai, MLP general. How's your sex life?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)13:54 No.26743035
         File1307814890.jpg-(82 KB, 800x800, octavia ass.jpg)
    82 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)13:54 No.26743036
         File1307814890.jpg-(438 KB, 1280x2198, 1306003260904.jpg)
    438 KB
    Kind of wish I had more.
    >> Faceless !derpvGeSf. 06/11/11(Sat)13:55 No.26743047
         File1307814918.jpg-(354 KB, 800x800, 1306734591988.jpg)
    354 KB
    ... Damnit, now I want some applesauce.

    stop saying stuff like that
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)13:55 No.26743055
         File1307814938.png-(210 KB, 640x1099, naughty_scritchie_octavia.png)
    210 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)13:56 No.26743063
         File1307814965.jpg-(60 KB, 587x600, Octavia.jpg)
    60 KB
    >> isaac !!3gam3heWjui 06/11/11(Sat)13:56 No.26743065
         File1307814965.png-(212 KB, 544x510, i can barely take the time to (...).png)
    212 KB
    what a shame. somebody must have a lot of free time.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)13:56 No.26743068
         File1307814977.png-(238 KB, 1000x1000, 1306726765230.png)
    238 KB
    few things
    >> CANDYBAG 06/11/11(Sat)13:57 No.26743104
         File1307815068.jpg-(130 KB, 717x943, octavia ship.jpg)
    130 KB
    Octavia thread?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)13:57 No.26743107
    Keep drawing, I love your style.
    >> Faceless !derpvGeSf. 06/11/11(Sat)13:58 No.26743110
         File1307815101.png-(Spoiler Image, 480 KB, 1500x1287, 663343 - Friendship_is_magic M(...).png)
    Spoiler Image, 480 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)13:58 No.26743111
         File1307815101.png-(71 KB, 330x330, pinkie disgusted.png)
    71 KB
    since pony toys are hollow i was thinking about cutting hole in the ass to fill with sauce

    but its probly not safe to eat food out of a pony toy
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)13:58 No.26743114
         File1307815106.jpg-(78 KB, 442x493, derplying.jpg)
    78 KB
    was that intentional
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)13:58 No.26743119
         File1307815111.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 247 KB, 954x1545, 1305295748390.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 247 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)13:58 No.26743120
    What's the point of rock farming?
    >> GK THE BI-CURIOUS COFFEE WARLOCK 06/11/11(Sat)13:58 No.26743130
    no, no it wasnt
    >> Typing something in the subject bar attracts people's eyes due to the contrast in color. Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)13:59 No.26743140
         File1307815170.png-(61 KB, 1440x694, rarityisacultleader.png)
    61 KB
    So, I found some of the other parts to that Appletini altverse stuff where Big Mac won't talk to her.

    The other ones are kind of dumb and depressing, but I still like this one.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)13:59 No.26743145
         File1307815178.png-(98 KB, 900x447, octavia_ground.png)
    98 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)13:59 No.26743148
    Wet rubber tire crushing your arm
    >> Faceless !derpvGeSf. 06/11/11(Sat)13:59 No.26743150
    S'cuse me, I've gotta go get some more towels.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:00 No.26743156
    farm for gems to feed the dragons so they dont eat the town. in equestria you can grow rocks.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:00 No.26743161
    Why do you need so many towels? Building a fort?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:00 No.26743167
         File1307815238.jpg-(103 KB, 630x446, 22722 - tagme.jpg)
    103 KB
    >> Tripfag McGee !NHqdxYQAec 06/11/11(Sat)14:00 No.26743169
    I was out for a few hours. Are we still discussing background ponies that didn't get love or attention?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:00 No.26743177
         File1307815258.png-(110 KB, 460x285, twilightblushle.png)
    110 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:00 No.26743178
         File1307815258.png-(483 KB, 3263x3305, 13429 - absurd_res artist Atom(...).png)
    483 KB
    And now something that isn't porn.
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 06/11/11(Sat)14:01 No.26743185
    probably something to do with sorting out valuable ores or some shit. refining? I mean why else would you have a barn and a silo for rocks.
    >> Faceless !derpvGeSf. 06/11/11(Sat)14:01 No.26743187
    S'cuz ahm' droolanz all over de pless b'cooz peopel keep talkn 'bout d'licious stoof, man. fooken stoof.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:01 No.26743192
    Hitchhiking across multiple galaxies?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:01 No.26743193

    can you post all anyway?
    >> GK THE BI-CURIOUS COFFEE WARLOCK 06/11/11(Sat)14:01 No.26743195
         File1307815283.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 308 KB, 945x945, 130777692887-get_the_fuck_out_(...).jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 308 KB
    here stupid free spoiler
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:02 No.26743209
         File1307815320.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 441 KB, 945x945, futwixie.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 441 KB
    Oh yes. Great and Powerful.
    Also does anyone know where I can find the fic this is based on?
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 06/11/11(Sat)14:02 No.26743210
    sick shit, why post?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:02 No.26743221
    anyone have the kloudmutt pic of scootaloo as piece of fried chicken i cant find it anywhere after seeing it in stream
    >> CANDYBAG 06/11/11(Sat)14:02 No.26743222
         File1307815362.png-(338 KB, 875x584, Octavia Lyra ponysmas.png)
    338 KB
    I never knew if KM's pic was a continuation of this
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 06/11/11(Sat)14:03 No.26743230
    is this real
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:03 No.26743237
         File1307815402.png-(145 KB, 510x800, Octavia rockband.png)
    145 KB
    Octavia thread.
    >> Tripfag McGee !NHqdxYQAec 06/11/11(Sat)14:03 No.26743239
    It's an edit for a comic from The Onion
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:04 No.26743252
         File1307815440.jpg-(45 KB, 640x360, my_little_pony_friendship_is_m(...).jpg)
    45 KB
    This thread in now about Rarity and about why she is the best pony.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:04 No.26743273
         File1307815486.jpg-(150 KB, 640x360, 1304927937131.jpg)
    150 KB
    I'm disgusted at myself to be honest.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:04 No.26743275
         File1307815491.jpg-(169 KB, 815x653, trixie twilight not so fast.jpg)
    169 KB
    If it's the fic I think it is

    it skips the sex part
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:05 No.26743284
         File1307815504.jpg-(62 KB, 500x420, Rarity with bling.jpg)
    62 KB
    Rarity IS the best pony
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:05 No.26743286
         File1307815508.png-(68 KB, 322x307, 1293784313339.png)
    68 KB
    >Applejack killing Twilight

    I don't understand.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:05 No.26743289
         File1307815512.jpg-(66 KB, 640x480, 1306187932170.jpg)
    66 KB
    >> Fiddlesticks !!KF5sSrCl8E6 06/11/11(Sat)14:05 No.26743291
    And now I begin lurking because I have no life. Car is broken, friends are assholes, or use me to buy pot. And I live in in bfe.

    Good afternoon pony lovers.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:05 No.26743293
         File1307815515.gif-(456 KB, 459x357, 55188484222555.gif)
    456 KB

    So true.
    >> GK THE BI-CURIOUS COFFEE WARLOCK 06/11/11(Sat)14:05 No.26743297
         File1307815524.png-(Spoiler Image, 179 KB, 700x900, 130777503586-octavaria.png)
    Spoiler Image, 179 KB
    then there's proof that kloudmutt has gone insane
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:05 No.26743306
    Wasn't Trixie the one receiving in that?
    >> Fred: Trap Lover 06/11/11(Sat)14:06 No.26743309
    You spelled Rainbow Dash wrong.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:06 No.26743324
    Have no car, friends are assholes, and ex-boyfriend uses me.

    Distract self with pony threads.

    We'd get along well...
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:06 No.26743327
    >same thing he's been drawing all along
    This is no different than the rest of his drawings.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:06 No.26743330
         File1307815617.png-(175 KB, 900x879, 1307708555581.png)
    175 KB
    I love this one.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:06 No.26743331
         File1307815618.png-(34 KB, 1364x416, orangeapplejack comes home.png)
    34 KB
    Okay. I might be missing some, but this is what I have.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:07 No.26743333
         File1307815620.png-(Spoiler Image, 490 KB, 900x623, Octavia spitfire Pinkie Dash.png)
    Spoiler Image, 490 KB
    >Implying that hasn't been done many times before
    >> Faceless !derpvGeSf. 06/11/11(Sat)14:07 No.26743338
         File1307815633.jpg-(319 KB, 1000x1300, 13734 - kloudmutt latex plot S(...).jpg)
    319 KB
    I thought it was evident around the time where he did this picture
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 06/11/11(Sat)14:07 No.26743340
    I see. Does anyone have the original?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:07 No.26743356
         File1307815679.png-(96 KB, 320x360, Rarity-Dragonshy-expression.png)
    96 KB
    Reason 1: Rarity was at no point in history a member of the communist party.

    (Although she does adore those fur-hats...)
    >> Tripfag McGee !NHqdxYQAec 06/11/11(Sat)14:08 No.26743357
         File1307815683.jpg-(39 KB, 420x322, 1304834524795.jpg)
    39 KB
    Nah, let's talk about another pony today.

    No, I'm not ill. I just want to talk about a character who hasn't had enough episodes to give her a character that is as concrete as the rest of the cast. We only saw AJ snap once, and that was from doing what she does best (working) and then overdoing it. Applebuck Season was more about pride than her ethic, and even with a looming deadline, she still found time to hang with her friends and her them.

    How about an episode where she's so preoccupied with her work (which she is very far ahead in) she starts ignoring her friends?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:08 No.26743360
         File1307815688.png-(53 KB, 1364x650, orangeapplejack comes home par(...).png)
    53 KB
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 06/11/11(Sat)14:08 No.26743363
    that would rip your pussy to bits, as well as ruin a perfectly good bow.

    Those things are expensive
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:08 No.26743382
         File1307815736.png-(938 KB, 640x1421, 130778527306.png)
    938 KB
    i am a massive lunafag but i cant decide if i want these or not FUCK
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:09 No.26743386
    I know, it must hurt a lot
    but people keep drawing that
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 06/11/11(Sat)14:09 No.26743394
         File1307815759.png-(143 KB, 331x416, Cherry.png)
    143 KB
    If you're around, this is OPPP's foal.
    But, ya know, blank her flank and try to make her look younger since this story is a few years before the series.
    >> Fiddlesticks !!KF5sSrCl8E6 06/11/11(Sat)14:09 No.26743397

    I imagine so. My ex utterly hates me. And to this day I don't know why. She dumped me with the "it's not you it's me" thing.

    And the other one cheated on me

    With another girl, whom she moved literally, 1000 miles away with.
    >> Hoppip !HOPPIPqX/Q!!NzY2fHtYicO 06/11/11(Sat)14:09 No.26743401
    I know who berry pinch is
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:09 No.26743402
         File1307815792.png-(53 KB, 1353x528, rainbowdashcantfly.png)
    53 KB
    That's all I could find. Whoever it was might have done more, but I think he stopped or something.
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 06/11/11(Sat)14:09 No.26743404
    sounds like someone doth protest too much
    >> Vote 06/11/11(Sat)14:10 No.26743408
         File1307815810.png-(284 KB, 800x1248, VoteFlutterage.png)
    284 KB
    New election poster!
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:10 No.26743411
    A styling-size Pinkie turned into Luna? The wings look too strange, honestly.
    >> CANDYBAG 06/11/11(Sat)14:10 No.26743413
         File1307815816.jpg-(89 KB, 2000x2000, opppppppppp.jpg)
    89 KB
    wait what the fuck is going on?
    >> Fred: Trap Lover 06/11/11(Sat)14:10 No.26743414
         File1307815817.png-(55 KB, 250x250, 1305953964407.png)
    55 KB
    >actually buying MLP toys
    I seriously hope you guys don't do this.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:10 No.26743416
    the giant ponies costs $15 each and that luna only comes in a set with the giant celestia. what the fuck is that shit going to cost $30.

    fucking hasbro
    >> Lusht 06/11/11(Sat)14:10 No.26743427
         File1307815859.jpg-(28 KB, 400x500, where_are_you_2.jpg)
    28 KB
    >> Faceless !derpvGeSf. 06/11/11(Sat)14:11 No.26743428
    jesus christ the resolution is hurting my eyes
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:11 No.26743435

    This has an alright plot but fuck the way it's written makes it fucking impossible to read. I swear it took me a whole minute just to read one of those posts.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:11 No.26743441
         File1307815885.png-(278 KB, 800x600, FR 1.png)
    278 KB
    So what Perk should I chose?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:11 No.26743442
         File1307815889.gif-(2.01 MB, 555x720, 1305916166316.gif)
    2.01 MB
    It doesn't really look like Luna.
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 06/11/11(Sat)14:11 No.26743443
    read that

    >the trap ponies are $15

    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 06/11/11(Sat)14:11 No.26743445
    Just making sure.

    Also, the only "good" stinger idea I have still is her miserably chewing on an apple dipper and thinking they taste like crap.
    >> Hoppip !HOPPIPqX/Q!!NzY2fHtYicO 06/11/11(Sat)14:11 No.26743448
    plus I've heard that tinsel makes hair really annoying to do anything with

    >> shutterflye 06/11/11(Sat)14:11 No.26743450
         File1307815914.png-(16 KB, 429x277, 6xg6r69hfuti0wo0g0.png)
    16 KB

    candybag wheres my desktop pony?

    pic related
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:11 No.26743453
         File1307815916.jpg-(117 KB, 600x542, 23341 - artist theartrix cars (...).jpg)
    117 KB

    Not too bad fiddle, sorry to hear about your lots
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:12 No.26743465
         File1307815964.jpg-(238 KB, 1200x698, Rarity_again.jpg)
    238 KB
    Now daarlings, this thread was supposed to be about me
    >> Lusht 06/11/11(Sat)14:12 No.26743466
         File1307815969.png-(681 KB, 1000x1000, thanks_sis_madmax.png)
    681 KB
    Cute thread?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:13 No.26743473
         File1307815981.png-(1016 KB, 1200x857, Magic gone wrong.png)
    1016 KB
    >> CANDYBAG 06/11/11(Sat)14:13 No.26743475
         File1307815985.jpg-(251 KB, 4400x3920, KAWAIIII.jpg)
    251 KB

    So you really think
    that's resolutions?
    Cause I"ll show you resolutions
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:13 No.26743480
    Quick Pockets: Actually this is a break early in the game when you find yourself needing Stimpaks or Healing Powder at times, and an overall convenience later on.
    >> GK THE BI-CURIOUS COFFEE WARLOCK 06/11/11(Sat)14:13 No.26743484
         File1307816029.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 227 KB, 1600x1200, 20708 - artist-Blueberry_Muffi(...).jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 227 KB
    no octavia thread
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:13 No.26743487
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:13 No.26743488
    I've been wondering, do you think a "Behind the Music" style episode (or short, or... something or other) would work well with MLP? Maybe as a DVD extra or something? It'd be funny to see the ponies as 'themselves' off-set.
    >> CANDYBAG 06/11/11(Sat)14:14 No.26743497
         File1307816059.png-(33 KB, 359x270, Butterscotch shutterflye.png)
    33 KB
    I've seen that

    it's not gonna work sugarcube
    >> Klondike 06/11/11(Sat)14:14 No.26743499
         File1307816062.png-(Spoiler Image, 859 KB, 1405x578, Moonover Octavia.png)
    Spoiler Image, 859 KB
    Octavia Thread?
    >> Lusht 06/11/11(Sat)14:14 No.26743508
         File1307816089.png-(531 KB, 977x760, gildas_flight_academy_drawhoov(...).png)
    531 KB
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 06/11/11(Sat)14:14 No.26743510
    Smooth Talker.
    No question.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:15 No.26743511
         File1307816101.png-(387 KB, 736x589, 1303686569632.png)
    387 KB
    Reason 2: Rarity marathoned all the James Bond films (except the Daniel Craig ones. Because he's a brute and a ruffian!) in one sitting and has Roger Moore's signed toupet
    >> Fiddlesticks !!KF5sSrCl8E6 06/11/11(Sat)14:15 No.26743513

    This picture.

    I love it.

    It's life. I'm waiting for fall to roll around for my first semester of college.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:15 No.26743519

    I fucking spat out my drink. You asshole.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:15 No.26743520
         File1307816108.jpg-(134 KB, 945x945, 1307657803360.jpg)
    134 KB
    >Reason 1: Rarity was at no point in history a member of the communist party.
    >(Although she does adore those fur-hats...)

    I like you, so I kill you last
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:15 No.26743526
         File1307816125.png-(1.07 MB, 1200x857, 104276.png)
    1.07 MB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:15 No.26743530
    That misrendered MLPFiM logo from Wikipedia sure does get around.
    >> GK THE BI-CURIOUS COFFEE WARLOCK 06/11/11(Sat)14:15 No.26743533
         File1307816147.png-(89 KB, 1600x900, 20964 - Lyra Octavia.png)
    89 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:15 No.26743535
         File1307816149.png-(63 KB, 258x256, flutter-blushing.png)
    63 KB
    where is the best place to buy custom posters online. i need this fluttershy in my room.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:15 No.26743538
         File1307816155.png-(37 KB, 680x548, 1306078353409.png)
    37 KB
    No wait, take Awareness. Extremely useful. This should be your first perk (which means you should always start with a minimum PE of 5).
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:16 No.26743543
         File1307816161.png-(510 KB, 1000x1000, 130604373437-Madmax_Filly_OPPP(...).png)
    510 KB
    I'd never noticed her kid had a cutie mark. Wonder what it means...
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:17 No.26743570
    >giant horn on a human
    >anime poses and expressions
    Eh. Hot bods don't always make hot porn.
    >> CANDYBAG 06/11/11(Sat)14:17 No.26743572
         File1307816255.png-(99 KB, 225x280, tootsie flute5.png)
    99 KB
    they're fake cutie marks

    Tootsie Flute and Cherry used them to attend the Cuteciañera.

    But they kept falling off so they changed them a lot.
    >> GK THE BI-CURIOUS COFFEE WARLOCK 06/11/11(Sat)14:18 No.26743584
         File1307816285.gif-(13 KB, 126x116, 19545 - animated cello double_(...).gif)
    13 KB
    >> shutterflye 06/11/11(Sat)14:18 No.26743585

    omg you drew on top of....

    this demands compensation..

    desktop pony por favor

    cute pic btw :>
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:18 No.26743587
    Ah haha.

    I get it.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:18 No.26743594

    This picture is awesome but I really wish people would stop drawing ponies standing on two legs for no reason at all. Yes they are capable of it. But it's not their natural position and they shouldn't be doing it without reason, or just because you're incapable of representing expressive non-bidpedal figures.
    >> CANDYBAG 06/11/11(Sat)14:19 No.26743609
    you hadn't seen that one before?
    >> Fiddlesticks !!KF5sSrCl8E6 06/11/11(Sat)14:19 No.26743613


    Or perhaps a master bejeweled blitz gamer?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:19 No.26743616
    Well it kinda makes sense because that's how she was playing the cello and, Lyra, so of course she would be.

    Not that i disagree with you in general
    >> Hoppip !HOPPIPqX/Q!!NzY2fHtYicO 06/11/11(Sat)14:19 No.26743622
    well, for characters other than lyra anyway
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:21 No.26743647

    Lyra's never been shown standing like that. In fact her position looks the most unnatural to me, coupled with the fact that she doesn't even have a cello to lean on.

    Just my personal opinion, but I don't like it.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:21 No.26743655

    There probably would be a henna tattoo version of cutie marks that foals go for
    >> Klondike 06/11/11(Sat)14:21 No.26743656
         File1307816497.png-(162 KB, 446x808, 130781638965.png)
    162 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:22 No.26743668
         File1307816554.png-(132 KB, 348x362, mfwmcgee'sgrudgeonmadmax.png)
    132 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:22 No.26743678
         File1307816572.jpg-(90 KB, 525x700, youraverageponyfan.jpg)
    90 KB

    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:23 No.26743681
         File1307816581.png-(41 KB, 800x600, wolf7.png)
    41 KB
    >Rainbow Dash calling the Wonderbolts a dangerous influence

    Feels wrong, man.
    >> GK THE BI-CURIOUS COFFEE WARLOCK 06/11/11(Sat)14:23 No.26743685
         File1307816588.jpg-(48 KB, 500x606, 21561 - artist-moonfullite Oct(...).jpg)
    48 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:23 No.26743687
         File1307816590.gif-(354 KB, 335x251, twilight has an asthma attack.gif)
    354 KB
    >mfw clopfiction daily won't feature my video but features shit like this
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:23 No.26743689
         File1307816600.jpg-(124 KB, 532x945, SPIKE BONER.jpg)
    124 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:23 No.26743693
    Reason 3: Even though she does throw the word mule around liberally, Rarity respects and supports Equestria's hispanic community
    >> Tripfag McGee !NHqdxYQAec 06/11/11(Sat)14:23 No.26743697
    If you got some standards, you would have far less boners, but they wouldn't be so weird.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:23 No.26743698
         File1307816626.jpg-(10 KB, 258x200, My Little Pony Friendship is M(...).jpg)
    10 KB
    how does a babby pony get this cutiemark
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:23 No.26743700
         File1307816629.jpg-(46 KB, 863x672, Rarity shocked.jpg)
    46 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:23 No.26743703
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:24 No.26743713
    Pillow Fight champion
    >> GK THE BI-CURIOUS COFFEE WARLOCK 06/11/11(Sat)14:24 No.26743716
    you want this cake?
    >> Fiddlesticks !!KF5sSrCl8E6 06/11/11(Sat)14:24 No.26743717

    We encourage none of this. Our conversations are bullshit 99% of the time. You're looking for the pony jan crowd.
    >> Tripfag McGee !NHqdxYQAec 06/11/11(Sat)14:25 No.26743719
    Because her talent is sleeping so she doesn't get in the way of everybody who has a real talent.

    Either that or she's a prodigy who made a revolutionary new pillow.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:25 No.26743720
         File1307816709.png-(298 KB, 394x539, 1307382036404.png)
    298 KB
    Well that was the last crossover I would have expected.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:25 No.26743721
    sweetie belle was right
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:25 No.26743728
         File1307816727.png-(72 KB, 243x237, fancy pony is not pleased.png)
    72 KB

    someone please eliminate these people. thank you
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:25 No.26743729
    if you are looking for rage pony costumes this is the worst i have seen so far
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:25 No.26743734
    It's... beautiful.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:25 No.26743736
    POMF =3
    >> Ex-CR !v/TtQHg/1g 06/11/11(Sat)14:25 No.26743737
         File1307816747.jpg-(47 KB, 500x500, cake02.jpg)
    47 KB
    No. It's a lie, after all.
    >> GK THE BI-CURIOUS COFFEE WARLOCK 06/11/11(Sat)14:26 No.26743742
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 06/11/11(Sat)14:26 No.26743743
    whats your video?
    >> Faceless !derpvGeSf. 06/11/11(Sat)14:26 No.26743751
    You should hire Octavia then.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:26 No.26743752
    "What are we going to do on the bed"
    And that's how she got her cutie mark
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:26 No.26743753
         File1307816788.gif-(509 KB, 660x2970, 1307528351530.gif)
    509 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:26 No.26743755

    EqD is shit. Lately they've been fucking featuring art from that guy who ships his own OC with Rainbow Dash and made them have a child together and won't allow anyone else to ship anyone with Rainbow Dash and gets really mad.

    They fucking featured one of his pictures of Rainbow Dash as a housewife to him and their kid. This is like, Chris-chan levels of sad and EqD supports and enables it.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:26 No.26743759
         File1307816802.jpg-(38 KB, 777x809, 1306594477796.jpg)
    38 KB
    Kill yourself plox
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:27 No.26743770
    EqD doesn't allow clopfiction
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:27 No.26743781
         File1307816858.png-(43 KB, 145x176, 1307042390811.png)
    43 KB
    That is depressing on so many levels...
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:28 No.26743798
    Candybag what was the googledocs URL that you had all the download links for your desktop ponies on I lost it
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:28 No.26743801
         File1307816904.jpg-(38 KB, 1235x711, Grassman.jpg)
    38 KB

    Pony Partridge thread?
    >> Ex-CR !v/TtQHg/1g 06/11/11(Sat)14:28 No.26743803
         File1307816906.jpg-(43 KB, 302x302, coldstare.jpg)
    43 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:28 No.26743804
    i dont have any image macros to fully display the emotions i am feeling
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:28 No.26743811
         File1307816930.jpg-(99 KB, 480x640, fa6a8625.jpg)
    99 KB
    does anyone have any pictures of cool or normal pony fans
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:28 No.26743812
    Email seth and explain the situation if it bothers you so much. He has to go through a ton of shit to choose what he posts up, and doesn't necessarily have to time to check how big of an autist/furry the artist of one single pic is.

    I agree with you however that that kind of shit should not be tolerated.
    >> shutterflye 06/11/11(Sat)14:29 No.26743817

    prolly in my collection,... havent looked...

    so hows the futa fics comming along? any nice ones?
    >> Klondike 06/11/11(Sat)14:29 No.26743822
         File1307816968.png-(77 KB, 295x300, 1301498481545.png)
    77 KB
    I don't usually browse bad cancer inducing blog sites about ponies.
    But when I do I use no fanfiction mode
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:29 No.26743823
         File1307816969.jpg-(219 KB, 1000x844, 19077.jpg)
    219 KB
    >> Fiddlesticks !!KF5sSrCl8E6 06/11/11(Sat)14:29 No.26743824
         File1307816971.jpg-(27 KB, 331x500, metallica_singing_on_stage-82.jpg)
    27 KB

    The new sandpony?



    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:29 No.26743827
         File1307816978.png-(164 KB, 432x423, 1307295885090.png)
    164 KB
    The cool or "normal" pony fans tend to stay away from getting photographed.
    >> GK THE BI-CURIOUS COFFEE WARLOCK 06/11/11(Sat)14:29 No.26743828
    im tepted to take a pic of my self but that would be stupid
    >> Hoppip !HOPPIPqX/Q!!NzY2fHtYicO 06/11/11(Sat)14:29 No.26743830
    if you want another blog, there still is
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:29 No.26743831
    I can get off on a good lesbian shipping fic.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:29 No.26743835
         File1307816993.png-(516 KB, 720x540, 1302898302163.png)
    516 KB
    They'll eat any kind of straight shipping on EQD, especially for Dash
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:30 No.26743841
         File1307817009.jpg-(473 KB, 1024x768, lesbian butt babies.jpg)
    473 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:30 No.26743842
    finally someone else who is rational
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:30 No.26743851
    I almost threw up looking at that picture
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:30 No.26743852
    This: >>26743827
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:30 No.26743853
    And how is that meant to help when the thing in question isn't fanfiction?
    >> ಠ_ಠ !iN9PfLTOYA 06/11/11(Sat)14:30 No.26743859
         File1307817047.png-(72 KB, 1264x1267, 1307472282317.png)
    72 KB
    >Cool or normal pony fans
    >> shutterflye 06/11/11(Sat)14:30 No.26743860

    how did my pic get here?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:30 No.26743862
         File1307817051.png-(876 KB, 640x1421, fluttershy maximum wingboner.png)
    876 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:30 No.26743865
         File1307817054.png-(218 KB, 640x360, 1297701880155.png)
    218 KB
    This. I can't stand fanfiction.
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 06/11/11(Sat)14:31 No.26743867
    >do you know, you're all my very best friends

    wow. i forgot about that. Got me a little bit
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:31 No.26743875
    that doesn't make it clopfiction
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:31 No.26743885
    then they still don't allow clopfiction
    okay fine, I enjoyed out in the cold, but that's it
    >> Lusht 06/11/11(Sat)14:32 No.26743905
         File1307817152.png-(76 KB, 681x506, test1.png)
    76 KB
    >> Tripfag McGee !NHqdxYQAec 06/11/11(Sat)14:32 No.26743911
    If Seth doesn't at least check it out, it shouldn't be thrown up to begin with.

    What I would like is a button that filters all entries that aren't related to the show or staff commentary. That's the only thing I give a crap about, and I don't want to dig through a billion entries for that one time a month they do pop up.
    >> Fiddlesticks !!KF5sSrCl8E6 06/11/11(Sat)14:33 No.26743920

    I've posted pics here before.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:33 No.26743922
    This sucks horsecock.

    also please being black
    >> Klondike 06/11/11(Sat)14:33 No.26743927
    Are you telling me Nff mode doesn't stop OC pony art from coming up? I thought that was the whole idea. Only canon stuff. Like I said, I don't browse EqD that much
    >> Ex-CR !v/TtQHg/1g 06/11/11(Sat)14:34 No.26743939
         File1307817257.jpg-(36 KB, 232x278, YouKnowWhatComesNext.jpg)
    36 KB
    I do, but I've enraged these threads quite enough for one day.
    Eh, some of the fanfics aren't bad. As long as you ignore everything that doesn't have a 5 or 6-star rating.

    Generally, the best fanfics are ones that involve things that would never happen on the show and therefore can only exist in fanfic form... like crossovers.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:34 No.26743940
    No fanfiction stops fanfiction. Not using fan art for regular posts, or the fan art dumps.
    >> GK THE BI-CURIOUS COFFEE WARLOCK 06/11/11(Sat)14:34 No.26743941
         File1307817266.png-(100 KB, 649x821, 17946 - Octavia octavia_pie.png)
    100 KB
    its her job to kill celestia.
    >> Yet Another Tripfag !TPWlrPZQIg 06/11/11(Sat)14:35 No.26743959
    I thought OCs were banned from EqD...
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:35 No.26743960
    Klondike shut up and draw shit
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 06/11/11(Sat)14:35 No.26743972
         File1307817350.png-(453 KB, 1024x768, 22596 - rainbow_dash.png)
    453 KB
    It was the fanart collection.
    It was this.
    He posted it because she looked cute.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:35 No.26743973
    how are we encouraging?
    and if that's a butch chick on the left, yeah boner
    >> ಠ_ಠ !iN9PfLTOYA 06/11/11(Sat)14:36 No.26743978
         File1307817366.jpg-(60 KB, 936x936, Ohohohohoho.jpg)
    60 KB
    >What I would like is a button that filters all entries that aren't related to the show or staff commentary

    But that would make sense, and you know the internet, we can't have that!
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:36 No.26743981
    He should draw more ponies with hats
    >> Klondike 06/11/11(Sat)14:36 No.26743985
    I will. I got those 3 request that I haven't done. I've been so out of it this weekend
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:36 No.26743991

    This is the original dialogue of the picture but yeah that's it.

    I don't care enough to email Seth. This dude (I think his character's name is Flying V) is well known as ragebait in this fandom already, which shows that Seth either doesn't follow the fandom or doesn't care. I'm just saying EqD will always allow stupid shit like this in and is slowly moving toward the Ponychan side of the spectrum. Which is fine with me, I don't try to tell people what to post and what not to post on their own sites. I just won't visit anymore, although I think it's unfortunate that art like this is being enabled and praised. That's the main problem with Ponychan in the first place. Nobody ever gets told that their shit is too stupid and tasteless.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:36 No.26744000
         File1307817407.jpg-(136 KB, 900x675, 12402 - Carrot_Top Colgate Dia(...).jpg)
    136 KB
    Brushie, brushie, brushie
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:36 No.26744001
    Dash would never be a housewife that picture is terrible
    >> Tripfag McGee !NHqdxYQAec 06/11/11(Sat)14:37 No.26744012
    >Self inserts/OC ponies are generally frowned upon
    >OC ponies are generally frowned upon, though I slip them in sometimes.
    They're discouraged but not forbidden.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:38 No.26744044

    Yeah, draw your oc pony married to Dash Klondike
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:38 No.26744049

    Whoops forgot picture, but Pacce posted it.

    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:41 No.26744070
    >What I would like is a button that filters all entries that aren't related to the show or staff commentary. That's the only thing I give a crap about, and I don't want to dig through a billion entries for that one time a month they do pop up.

    GOD DAMNIT, THIS. I am all for the community and related content but not the seemingly endless sea of shit that it floats in. Awesome remixes of ponytunes? Fuck yes. Well drawn clop art? Fuck yes. Fuck yes. Posts from the writers, directors, artists, ect...? OMFG YES. Fan fiction "hurr this is my custom oc do not steal pony and I'm so hipster I jumped on the bandwagon but I never watched the original series and I have a black friend who we call a zebra now"? NO. You keep your shit to YOURSELF, faggot.
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 06/11/11(Sat)14:41 No.26744074
    I did. My poem wasnt received very well by them at all
    >> CANDYBAG 06/11/11(Sat)14:41 No.26744076
         File1307817689.jpg-(38 KB, 433x393, taylor.jpg)
    38 KB
    wait a minute, that name tag, zoom and enhance
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:41 No.26744086

    Does anyone have any caps of the guy actually getting really mad? Everyone says that shit
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:41 No.26744089
         File1307817703.jpg-(130 KB, 568x638, just bein' a sketch.jpg)
    130 KB
    would the anon who told me disco's ponyface is a watermelon with ears please indicate if this is better?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:41 No.26744091
    Do you think someone could ever create an OC character, have him or her in a relationship with a canon character for some time, and NOT have it suck?
    >> 166 06/11/11(Sat)14:41 No.26744096
         File1307817715.png-(475 KB, 1000x1000, Madmax CMCxdoctorwhoof Chiclet(...).png)
    475 KB
    Marker trouble again?

    Also, colored
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:42 No.26744099
    >Nobody ever gets told that their shit is too stupid and tasteless.
    It's just as bad here as it is on ponychan.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:42 No.26744102
         File1307817727.png-(9 KB, 200x200, stfu1.png)
    9 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:42 No.26744103
         File1307817726.png-(134 KB, 800x600, 1296069252175.png)
    134 KB
    Oh, are we talking about OCs?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:42 No.26744111

    Not to mention their standards are incredibly arbitrary when it comes to what gets in.

    I thought I'd write some fanfiction as practice while out of school.

    My incredibly shitty first attempt gets on ED, while my second one that actually had some quality behind it gets rejected for being humanized, and only for that.

    Great system they've got going on there.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:42 No.26744122
         File1307817751.png-(351 KB, 1000x1000, Rainbow Dash & Lyra in bik(...).png)
    351 KB
    Look at this

    And read the description.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:42 No.26744128
         File1307817766.png-(437 KB, 900x675, 1307817407714.png)
    437 KB
    Got rid of worst pony.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:44 No.26744156
         File1307817842.jpg-(59 KB, 800x528, exploding-head.jpg)
    59 KB
    > he is Fluttershy's older brother, amd he seems to be a popular rock singer. He married RainbowDash, and they have an adorable pegasus daughter called SkyDancer
    >> Klondike 06/11/11(Sat)14:44 No.26744161
         File1307817853.png-(78 KB, 294x267, 1300735620073.png)
    78 KB
    ......Dash? seriously?



    >> Fred: Trap Lover 06/11/11(Sat)14:44 No.26744171
         File1307817891.jpg-(218 KB, 1920x1080, 1305949393919.jpg)
    218 KB
    It's a lot better if you ask me
    >> Ex-CR !v/TtQHg/1g 06/11/11(Sat)14:44 No.26744173
         File1307817896.png-(94 KB, 510x333, Little Twilight Sad.png)
    94 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:45 No.26744174
    People defending OC deserve to die. Period.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:45 No.26744184
    >people actually like this
    my stomach is CHURNING from how bad this is. I want to throw up.
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 06/11/11(Sat)14:45 No.26744189
    my godawful grimdark gilda murders dash story got a personal comment in the title from seth. kind of fucked up
    >> Fiddlesticks !!KF5sSrCl8E6 06/11/11(Sat)14:45 No.26744193
         File1307817956.jpg-(4 KB, 140x106, cotton307.jpg)
    4 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:45 No.26744196
    I can't believe they actually banned you over that silly poem.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:46 No.26744203
         File1307817969.png-(90 KB, 448x480, FLockdraw Buttershcothssd.png)
    90 KB
    ok, Draw the marriage between your OC and Shutters OC then
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:46 No.26744207
         File1307817979.png-(10 KB, 337x329, ass.png)
    10 KB
    everyone does that

    to prove that she isn't gay
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:46 No.26744210
         File1307817981.jpg-(217 KB, 945x945, lunaisshocked.jpg)
    217 KB

    he erred.
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 06/11/11(Sat)14:46 No.26744216
    So it's something that I think is stupid that made the artist happy.
    I should give a fuck, why?

    If I felt like giving an opinion, I would say that it's out of character and it brings to mind The Stepford Wives.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:46 No.26744217
         File1307817999.jpg-(71 KB, 590x767, scataloo.jpg)
    71 KB
    He has maybe 2 or three different pony head styles that ive seen, but his most commonly used one is sort of boxy like this. He did 2 very on-model ones that i remember (Trixie and Pinkie Pie) but those are very early head styles.

    Yours looks sort of uncanny, it needs work.
    >> Tripfag McGee !NHqdxYQAec 06/11/11(Sat)14:46 No.26744218
    Seeing as the minimum word requirement is 1500, I would think that poems wouldn't be allowed unless yours was THAT long.

    I suppose anything is possible, but likely? No. Even if it was done competently, there would still be people who would bash it on the basis of OCxMC shipping.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:47 No.26744224
         File1307818027.png-(9 KB, 200x200, stfu2.png)
    9 KB
    Because everything you say is horrible and you've admitted to spamming the threads and trying to get people mad.
    >> Klondike 06/11/11(Sat)14:47 No.26744227
    No no no.
    You misunderstand.

    Marriage is lame and not my style. I'm a fucking player
    >> /co/smopolitan sokolo/v/ 06/11/11(Sat)14:47 No.26744235
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:47 No.26744236

    No it's not. People here offer valid criticism and welcome it as well, leading to better artwork overall, and bad shit gets shouted down almost immediately. We don't have mods banning people for simply noting something wrong with a picture or disagreeing with a statement.

    If you're talking about Faceless, you can't argue that he's never been criticized. And yet he's free to continue posting if he likes, as people are free to critique him. That's what makes us better than Ponychan.


    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:47 No.26744237

    >mfw when i have no face anymore
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 06/11/11(Sat)14:48 No.26744240
    it was a one day ban
    >that kind of thing is not acceptable behavior here

    oh get a grip ponychan.

    wait..1 day ban.

    Should I write another?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:48 No.26744243
    Draw your OC pimping Snips and Snails
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:48 No.26744250
    >you'll see better up high
    >it's the sky
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:48 No.26744253
    Do it.
    >> Tripfag McGee !NHqdxYQAec 06/11/11(Sat)14:48 No.26744259
    >banned for poetry
    What did you write?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:48 No.26744261
    And him being anonymous would make these threads so much better amiright?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:49 No.26744264
         File1307818144.png-(107 KB, 425x360, 1306256277369.png)
    107 KB
    How many unseccessful weddings must she suffer before she accepts her nature?
    >> Faceless !derpvGeSf. 06/11/11(Sat)14:49 No.26744268
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:49 No.26744272

    Don't bother. It'll just give them more shit to call a big meanie parasprite and then hug each other while crying because everyone is mean to them.

    Trolling these people does no good.
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 06/11/11(Sat)14:49 No.26744277
    I posted it on ponychan. i think i may have quoted the wrong post
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:49 No.26744281
         File1307818174.jpg-(100 KB, 945x945, Hipster AJ.jpg)
    100 KB
    Why the fuck do people do this?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:52 No.26744283
    Never said anything about him having a name other than defaulting to "Anonymous"
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:52 No.26744291
    >implying tripfags ever post anon
    >> Klondike 06/11/11(Sat)14:53 No.26744294
    This.............................. I can do
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:53 No.26744297

    Niggers are brown

    niggers are blue

    if you open a toolbar

    and fuck with the hue.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:53 No.26744301

    Then draw your oc pony getting a divorce from Dash
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:53 No.26744302
    >> Ex-CR !v/TtQHg/1g 06/11/11(Sat)14:53 No.26744307
    But Faceless barely even counts as a person...

    And besides, would you rather me not being a trip--


    ...goddammit, ninja'd.
    >> Skip 06/11/11(Sat)14:53 No.26744311
    After the talent show ep do they tone down on the CMC? Because they work a lot better when spareingly used
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:54 No.26744325
    If you have half a minute to spare, can you report this thread?
    >> Fiddlesticks !!KF5sSrCl8E6 06/11/11(Sat)14:54 No.26744332
         File1307818457.jpg-(19 KB, 500x360, wire885.jpg)
    19 KB
    Someone should draw the mane cast as pirates.

    Because fuck yeah pirates.

    I kinda want to do a pony treasure island thing...
    >> ಠ_ಠ !iN9PfLTOYA 06/11/11(Sat)14:54 No.26744333
         File1307818458.png-(187 KB, 550x631, 1305598853465.png)
    187 KB
    >Should I write another?

    Why yes! I'm quite curious as to what your poem shall contain
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:54 No.26744341
         File1307818464.png-(23 KB, 800x600, 1307496623.png)
    23 KB
    I gotta say, you gone from being completely intolerable to tolerable to sort of ordinary and that scares me a little.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:54 No.26744349
         File1307818471.jpg-(74 KB, 900x857, trixie sad while raining.jpg)
    74 KB

    Welp, I can't like ponies any more.

    It's been nice knowing you guys.

    Goodbye forever...
    >> Duke of Unknown Name 06/11/11(Sat)14:54 No.26744356
         File1307818480.png-(34 KB, 450x340, 17369767_853600.png)
    34 KB
    Probably the usual.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:54 No.26744363
         File1307818492.png-(84 KB, 387x466, Hipster dash.png)
    84 KB
    Because shipping canon characters are too mainstream
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:55 No.26744367

    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:55 No.26744374
    It's the internet.
    Also they gather into same minded groups where this shit is encouraged and supported.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:55 No.26744377
    If i may make a small suggestion, give them large foreheads.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:55 No.26744381
         File1307818532.png-(786 KB, 650x958, my_moustaaaaaaaaaache_by_rizci(...).png)
    786 KB
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 06/11/11(Sat)14:55 No.26744385
    its in the archive.
    it was good fun to write, i think I might. See how many I have to do before I get a permaban.

    Just as reference
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:55 No.26744386
         File1307818555.png-(381 KB, 1000x1000, Madmax is a tired mom.png)
    381 KB
    You'll change your mind once you're married.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:56 No.26744389
         File1307818567.png-(638 KB, 700x480, 1305187484523.png)
    638 KB
    >Original character shipping with Canon characters.

    This is the worst shit you could do ever.
    It could possibly make you a worse person than Hitler.
    >> Faceless !derpvGeSf. 06/11/11(Sat)14:56 No.26744395
    It's the other way around really.
    >> Leth !Leth/HQgHY 06/11/11(Sat)14:56 No.26744397
    That's been known for a while.

    Also /b/ and ponychan have been around a lot longer than that thread.

    Why stop doing something you enjoy just because of them?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:56 No.26744403
    That is not a small thread.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:56 No.26744404
         File1307818603.png-(196 KB, 970x565, 130779599155.png)
    196 KB
    >> Tripfag McGee !NHqdxYQAec 06/11/11(Sat)14:56 No.26744408
         File1307818611.png-(329 KB, 490x616, 1307526590661.png)
    329 KB
    >> Klondike 06/11/11(Sat)14:56 No.26744410
         File1307818617.jpg-(19 KB, 460x441, 1304360350984.jpg)
    19 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:57 No.26744417
         File1307818634.jpg-(36 KB, 191x226, babby pinkie madmax.jpg)
    36 KB
    why does every fandom i join turn to shit. i think the problem is me maybe i really am a massive faggot. maybe i should just accept this and ride the wave of shit down the toilet.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:57 No.26744424
    I, too, love to bitch

    I bitch about all of you bitching

    bitch bitch bitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitchbitch bitch

    I don't really know how to do it as good as all of you, though, but I make due
    >> Tripfag McGee !NHqdxYQAec 06/11/11(Sat)14:58 No.26744436
    >why does every fandom i join turn to shit
    Because it's the destiny of all fandoms to turn to shit.
    >> shutterflye 06/11/11(Sat)14:58 No.26744440

    i seriously demand my pics to be removed, as a regular here. i demand my privacy respected
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:58 No.26744444
         File1307818702.jpg-(558 KB, 1000x704, Rainbow-Dash-and-Scootaloo_by_(...).jpg)
    558 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:58 No.26744447
    we need a comic of dash asking the divorce to a OC and saying: Im in love with pinkie

    Deal with it
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:58 No.26744450
    Does that mean Madmax is Twist's mom?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:58 No.26744451
         File1307818735.jpg-(697 KB, 990x792, fluttershy_at_home_by_kawaiipi(...).jpg)
    697 KB
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 06/11/11(Sat)14:59 No.26744455
    your bitching is shit, you're the cancer killing this fandom.

    its easy once you know how
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:59 No.26744466
         File1307818759.png-(78 KB, 281x273, lustfuloo.png)
    78 KB
    >maybe i should just accept this and ride the wave of shit down the toilet.

    Now you're getting it!
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:59 No.26744470
         File1307818767.jpg-(165 KB, 900x900, Applejack the Pirate.jpg)
    165 KB
    JohnJoseco has already made some. And Plantman has made some of them pirates too.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:59 No.26744472
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:59 No.26744474
         File1307818778.jpg-(21 KB, 332x354, trixie sad and discontent.jpg)
    21 KB
    >Why stop doing something you enjoy just because of them?
    Well. I'll still enjoy the show by itself. I just won't tell anyone. I don' t want to be associated with the types of people in that thread I linked.
    Ugh. I don't even know what to say.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:59 No.26744476
    Dammit, Anon, you always ruin shit.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)14:59 No.26744478
    I said it before, the concept of fandom means you get represented by the worst, always. Don't be dumb
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)15:00 No.26744491
         File1307818821.jpg-(219 KB, 932x706, mlp_fim_artist_training_day_16(...).jpg)
    219 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)15:00 No.26744493
    wheres a link to the archiver?
    >> Fiddlesticks !!KF5sSrCl8E6 06/11/11(Sat)15:00 No.26744499

    >> ಠ_ಠ !iN9PfLTOYA 06/11/11(Sat)15:01 No.26744507
         File1307818873.png-(422 KB, 597x423, Muahahhahahahahhahahahaaaa.png)
    422 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)15:01 No.26744512
         File1307818881.png-(187 KB, 500x354, happy_scoot.png)
    187 KB
    >> Yet Another Tripfag !TPWlrPZQIg 06/11/11(Sat)15:01 No.26744518
    >> Ex-CR !v/TtQHg/1g 06/11/11(Sat)15:01 No.26744519
         File1307818899.jpg-(38 KB, 320x320, oh my yes troll.jpg)
    38 KB
    And it's fun!
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)15:01 No.26744526
    There's pictures like this that give me hope for the fandom.
    >> Leth !Leth/HQgHY 06/11/11(Sat)15:02 No.26744543
    Well as long as you don't try to rub ponies in people's face, why would anyone care what you do in your spare time?

    And I was more talking about 'enjoying posting about them'. You're Anonymous, there's no record of you ever being here at all. No one but you would know.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)15:02 No.26744552
         File1307818960.jpg-(183 KB, 945x943, allofmywhys.jpg)
    183 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)15:03 No.26744578
         File1307819012.png-(103 KB, 431x360, 1304705405069.png)
    103 KB
    Although my theory is that a fandoms size is directly proportional to its shittiness.

    Y=X*C where Y = Shittiness, X = Size of Fandom and C = Y/X

    Or I could just be suffering from a condition called "Being a Cynical Asshole", where upon my opinion is biased.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)15:04 No.26744587
    that was close i almost saved that thinking it was rarity
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 06/11/11(Sat)15:04 No.26744592
    I'm thinking about to quit drawing for a think carefully......................................IS IT WORTH???...

    on his dA
    he said this, because apparently
    bitched about it. Fucks sake man, how could that upset you?
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 06/11/11(Sat)15:05 No.26744609
    Caring about fandoms is sorta stupid and easy way to get yerself all mad.
    Just have fun and ignore the parts you don't like. I'm not sying that you shouldn't express that you don't like something. But losing sleep over someone doing fanart or a fanfic is silly. Trust me on this. I've learned the FUN way.
    >> CANDYBAG 06/11/11(Sat)15:06 No.26744627
         File1307819162.jpg-(42 KB, 429x388, sadspike.jpg)
    42 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)15:06 No.26744630
         File1307819172.gif-(174 KB, 308x328, 1307743558983.gif)
    174 KB
    Correction, C = Time.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)15:06 No.26744642
    >Y=(X/1) * (Y/X)
    Useful formula you have there.
    >> Yet Another Tripfag !TPWlrPZQIg 06/11/11(Sat)15:06 No.26744644
         File1307819214.jpg-(13 KB, 320x480, bag956.jpg)
    13 KB
    I agree with everything that was said in this post.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)15:07 No.26744652

    i fuking hate this kind of pics.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)15:07 No.26744660
    Oh i know I'm just setting myself up for disappointment, I just love the feeling of being proved wrong at every turn because i'm a massive masochist.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)15:07 No.26744663

    I have the same problem as >>26744474, I don't want to rub it in anyone's face but I also don't want to keep it secret but I guess I'll have no choice.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)15:07 No.26744670
    >> Duplex Fields 06/11/11(Sat)15:09 No.26744697
    Exactly. A fandom is an emergent phenomenon, like health or an economy, and as such relies on chaos for its structure. You can't influence it directly. You can only give it medicines or poisons, or give it exercise. Metacomplaining is like picking its nose: it doesn't healp, and it isn't attractive.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)15:11 No.26744725
    Image max is here

    Because, I don't want it to be like
    >Hi, I like ponies

    Like, I can't like this show with /Pride/ any more. I have to be ashamed that I'm grouped with these people if I want to go out and say "I like MLP:FiM".

    C = 15:09
    Nice formula again
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)15:11 No.26744741

    And how do we give it medicines or exercise to make it better if ponychan keeps pouring poison all over the place?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)15:11 No.26744742
    but how do ponies pick their nose with hooves
    >> Leth !Leth/HQgHY 06/11/11(Sat)15:11 No.26744745
    I can make a thread, hold on.
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 06/11/11(Sat)15:12 No.26744767
    I cant find the other poem, so fuck. if you can, please show them it. Because Im quite fond of it.

    otherwise I guess Ill do another, and another, and another. One EVERY day
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)15:12 No.26744772

    If they can't use magic, then that's what friends are for!
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 06/11/11(Sat)15:13 No.26744784
    Watch Green Isn't Your Color.
    Find out.
    >> Leth !Leth/HQgHY 06/11/11(Sat)15:13 No.26744790
    New thread.
    >> ಠ_ಠ !iN9PfLTOYA 06/11/11(Sat)15:13 No.26744802
    Friends would use their tongues/horns?

    Lets make this happen!
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)15:13 No.26744813
    >liking the show with pride in the first place
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)15:14 No.26744848
    /b/ and ponychan man
    >> Leth !Leth/HQgHY 06/11/11(Sat)15:15 No.26744862
    If people are going to stereotype you anyway, there's not much you can do about it.

    I don't hide liking ponies, but none of my friends that aren't into it don't think an less of me.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)15:15 No.26744872
    I'm just saying Shittiness = Fandom size * time

    Because mathematics is serious business.
    >> Leth !Leth/HQgHY 06/11/11(Sat)17:18 No.26748126
    Still on page 13, so we got time to let the archive update at least.
    >> Leth !Leth/HQgHY 06/11/11(Sat)17:20 No.26748173
    Nevermind then...
    >> Leth !Leth/HQgHY 06/11/11(Sat)17:20 No.26748187
    derp, it didn't update for me, now it's working. Whoops.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/11(Sat)17:26 No.26748324
    I say Awareness. Rarity seems like the kind of pony who has an eye for detail, and it's a useful perk anyway.

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