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  • File : 1303093622.png-(244 KB, 1136x1512, vote_pinkiepie_by_equestria_election-d32(...).png)
    244 KB /co/mmander jesus, product of pinecones 04/17/11(Sun)22:27 No.25208832  
    >> Lord Ghetsis, King of Gets !nIP2DlX816 04/17/11(Sun)22:28 No.25208874
    Mine has an actual subject. >>25208841
    save this for later.
    >> Dr. White !!/zv2MTbpUH9 04/17/11(Sun)22:28 No.25208880
         File1303093729.png-(335 KB, 630x476, 1293325872293-(n1302906480704).png)
    335 KB
    Ponies? What is this?
    >> Lord Ghetsis, King of Gets !nIP2DlX816 04/17/11(Sun)22:29 No.25208902
         File1303093771.jpg-(4 KB, 127x127, 1293336574819.jpg)
    4 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:29 No.25208914
         File1303093797.png-(116 KB, 607x572, 8776456453443.png)
    116 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:30 No.25208927

    Yeah but it's a shitty old tired subject.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:30 No.25208941
         File1303093858.jpg-(68 KB, 955x836, Scootaloo (19).jpg)
    68 KB
    where is your candyvag applebloom?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:31 No.25208951
         File1303093891.jpg-(42 KB, 447x338, 1302921507108.jpg)
    42 KB
    So what other old gen ponies do you guys think will be sneaked in?

    Pic related, it's Twilight's mom.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:32 No.25208973
    Ghetsis makes the lamest threads. He should really stop.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:32 No.25208976
         File1303093961.gif-(238 KB, 200x200, 1301898961105.gif)
    238 KB
    >MFW I made a thread and had the decency to delete it
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:32 No.25208977
    Photoshopped out.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:33 No.25208990
         File1303093986.jpg-(22 KB, 565x363, ButHowDoWeDoThatWithHooves.jpg)
    22 KB
    Dash stole it when Applebloom refused to let her eat it.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:33 No.25208994
    They can't use a lot of actual G1s because the copyrights are expired. It would be perfectly legal for anyone to print up some G1 Twilight merch and sell it for example. Best they can do is characters who look similar but are technically new.
    >> /co/mmander jesus, product of pinecones 04/17/11(Sun)22:33 No.25208996
    Beat ya to it buddy. Better luck next time.
    >> Lord Ghetsis, King of Gets !nIP2DlX816 04/17/11(Sun)22:33 No.25209014
    It was eaten. All gone now.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:34 No.25209022
         File1303094048.jpg-(328 KB, 980x606, CMC jumping.jpg)
    328 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:34 No.25209023

    Right off the bat, you're trying to shit the thread up. Why?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:34 No.25209026
         File1303094063.jpg-(26 KB, 767x528, scootaprised.jpg)
    26 KB

    Who wagers Sprinkles has the un-edited version of this saved?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:34 No.25209027
    >Hasbros show.
    >> Dr. White !!/zv2MTbpUH9 04/17/11(Sun)22:34 No.25209029
         File1303094068.jpg-(113 KB, 1075x743, 3340 - applejack rainbow_dash.jpg)
    113 KB
    >dat file name
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:34 No.25209034
         File1303094078.jpg-(67 KB, 700x700, Pinkie (92).jpg)
    67 KB
    mane cast favorite music:


    fill in the blanks!
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:34 No.25209037
         File1303094087.jpg-(74 KB, 1348x533, WHY.jpg)
    74 KB
    I don't get it, I just don't get it.

    You dumb fuckers have a thread checker, and yet you don't even use it once your threads 404?

    And secondly, WHY don't you all just go to ponychan? THERE'S A WHOLE FUCKING CHAN FOR YOU FAGGOTS!
    >BAAAW But it's too slow!
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:35 No.25209045
    I'd post the marker, but I lost it when that one faggot deleted his thread with it in it and someone picked it up.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:35 No.25209046

    >Dash Scissorhooves
    >> !TEFoxWNrbU 04/17/11(Sun)22:35 No.25209064
         File1303094158.png-(59 KB, 1024x301, Wastelander Does it again.png)
    59 KB
    He resides at /b/... who do you have?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:36 No.25209070
         File1303094165.jpg-(11 KB, 191x320, 201745_1379578688117_119139119(...).jpg)
    11 KB
    Military Ponies?

    United States Armed Forces: Marine Core
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:36 No.25209071
    Archive is down.
    Be glad all of page 0 isnt pony.
    >> Dar-Ma !pXi2knctDE!!WQN4LsY1nmq 04/17/11(Sun)22:36 No.25209072
         File1303094174.png-(299 KB, 1104x1588, vote_fluttershy_by_equestria_e(...).png)
    299 KB

    This 'desktop ponies' thing is awesome as hell. Are there any sprites other than the ones it ships with?
    >> Lord Ghetsis, King of Gets !nIP2DlX816 04/17/11(Sun)22:36 No.25209074
    I forgot it's URL
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:36 No.25209075

    Sweet Stuff.

    Make her live up to her name and be a, um, mare of the night.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:36 No.25209076
    You must choose one background, minor, or secondary pony to make more important in the show - but on one condition, you must also incorperate some sort of fanon/fan theory about the character as well. Who would you pick and why?
    >> Kloudmutt 04/17/11(Sun)22:36 No.25209079
         File1303094191.jpg-(1.14 MB, 2000x2000, cherryty.jpg)
    1.14 MB
    she's my cherry pie
    >> /сo/smоиаut реtrо/v/ 04/17/11(Sun)22:36 No.25209082
         File1303094196.png-(178 KB, 450x409, twilightjump.png)
    178 KB

    >try posting it myself
    >duplicate file entry
    >follow it back
    >tripfag mcgee had it last

    Where did he bugger off to?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:36 No.25209084
         File1303094206.png-(330 KB, 720x540, 1301813895275.png)
    330 KB
    Your anal devastation feeds us.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:36 No.25209087
         File1303094210.png-(76 KB, 300x300, The fear.png)
    76 KB
    He's probably shamefully fapped to it as well.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:37 No.25209088
    U mad bro? The thread checker is currently broken. Just hide the thread and move on with your life.


    Also, if the mane cast was forced into a fight to the death, and only one could walk out alive, who would it be?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:37 No.25209093
         File1303094227.jpg-(35 KB, 520x363, 1287759778649.jpg)
    35 KB
    >stop talking about cartoons on /co/

    Why don't you go to trolly mctrollerson chan?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:37 No.25209095
    It expired like Nintendo
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:37 No.25209111
         File1303094269.jpg-(589 KB, 1600x1320, pony-evolution.jpg)
    589 KB
    In order to maintain a copyright on a character you have to continue using it. Hasbro stopped using many of its G1 pony characters and the copyrights expired.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:37 No.25209112

    Regular updates everyday on the desktop ponies. check it out.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:37 No.25209114
         File1303094276.png-(Spoiler Image, 105 KB, 615x575, 1302231638631.png)
    Spoiler Image, 105 KB
    >> Dr. White !!/zv2MTbpUH9 04/17/11(Sun)22:38 No.25209124

    I'm okay with Lyra and Bonbon and their weird relationship. I find it funny.
    >> Lord Ghetsis, King of Gets !nIP2DlX816 04/17/11(Sun)22:38 No.25209125
    Pinkie Pie.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:38 No.25209129
    That artist is so cool
    >> ROOGNA, Greatsword Wielder the Obnoxiosly Long-MANED !!qOjSZR79yv2 04/17/11(Sun)22:38 No.25209131
    That resolution gave me a boner.
    Well, Rarity helps, too.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:38 No.25209138
    >Cherry poppin

    HNG sexy filesize as well.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:38 No.25209139
    I agree
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:38 No.25209140
         File1303094329.png-(413 KB, 1280x800, 1303024179522.png)
    413 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:39 No.25209148

    This is unimpressive.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:39 No.25209151

    Elevate "Dr. Whoof" to a secondary character. He probably couldn't be so obvious a Dr. Who ripoff, though, so just make him a run-of-the-mill time traveller who needs to do odd jobs to raise money to fix his time machine. He's not even especially interesting, the show could just use a few more male secondary characters (if only to stop everybody shipping the whole mane cast with Big Mac, Applejack included).
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:39 No.25209154
         File1303094353.jpg-(264 KB, 1000x564, Clipboard01.jpg)
    264 KB

    German Airforce

    Shit Navy guy, why haven't you done anything.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:39 No.25209161
    I snorted for some reason. It's really good!
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:39 No.25209162
    I'm leaning towards Applejack myself. I think her physical strength would do her good in a gladiator type situation.
    >> Dar-Ma !pXi2knctDE!!WQN4LsY1nmq 04/17/11(Sun)22:39 No.25209167
         File1303094396.gif-(1.55 MB, 729x499, 130248818972.gif)
    1.55 MB
    thank you
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:40 No.25209169
         File1303094406.jpg-(44 KB, 213x269, IMG_0902.jpg)
    44 KB
    >His opinion's different than mine
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:40 No.25209170
    >(if only to stop everybody shipping the whole mane cast with Big Mac, Applejack included).

    That won't stop me.

    Nothing will stop me. They're meant to be together, Southern style.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:40 No.25209174
         File1303094415.png-(203 KB, 480x268, laughatthedrunk.png)
    203 KB


    Canon is her being a overly protective mother, like a female Marlin.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:40 No.25209178
    But Trolly McTrollerson Chan is too slow!
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:40 No.25209182

    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:40 No.25209191
    You even colored the lines!
    >> /co/mmander jesus, product of pinecones 04/17/11(Sun)22:41 No.25209197
         File1303094460.jpg-(102 KB, 800x571, dash happy.jpg)
    102 KB
    That is one cool chalk board
    >> Pony !rbronyR.uo 04/17/11(Sun)22:41 No.25209201
         File1303094479.jpg-(75 KB, 523x442, 1303002564964.jpg)
    75 KB
    >fights over whose pony thread is used
    >mfw so many threads to read
    >> /сo/smоиаut реtrо/v/ 04/17/11(Sun)22:41 No.25209204
         File1303094490.png-(50 KB, 200x200, ScootalooEyeRoll.png)
    50 KB

    Awesome, but no Applejack eating an orange? Me an some other anon vouched for it earlier
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:41 No.25209207
         File1303094498.jpg-(27 KB, 400x312, Awesome!.jpg)
    27 KB

    Oh shit, nice! Do plum Trixie next please. No hat though, let her hair flow. Make it similar to the Fluttershy picture too where she's just kinda biting on it.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:41 No.25209215
         File1303094516.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 191 KB, 900x900, bring_me_to_life_by_princedhru(...).jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 191 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:42 No.25209226
         File1303094543.png-(155 KB, 467x258, pierce_oppp.png)
    155 KB
    Pokey. I'm fine with most of his fanon, such as being Trixie's bro (means we indirectly get more Trixie) and having a crush on Pinkie.
    >> Lord Ghetsis, King of Gets !nIP2DlX816 04/17/11(Sun)22:42 No.25209227
    But Pinkie Pie is a reality warper. She'd just make everyones head explode, or use plot armor.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:42 No.25209229
    Fluttershy would guilt them into hesitating, then use her geass to make them kill themselves.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:42 No.25209231
    Goddammit, you're my favorite marker holder 'guy who gives the marker amusing names'
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:42 No.25209235
    That was quick
    >> /co/mmander jesus, product of pinecones 04/17/11(Sun)22:42 No.25209238
    Mine is. Jesus threads>other threads by default.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:42 No.25209241
    Well i just finshed watching the latest episode and well you've changed my mind on this /co/. It's a good show
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:42 No.25209243
    Draw sexy Gilda eating scootaloo's leg.

    Or Stupid Sexy Applejack eating oranges.
    >> Pony !rbronyR.uo 04/17/11(Sun)22:43 No.25209247

    get your fucking apostrophe out of that word, faggot.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:43 No.25209249
         File1303094598.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 796 KB, 1280x1422, sodomizing a vulture.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 796 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:43 No.25209252
    AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA. Implying that that was an opinion at all and not a lame attempt at trolling or someone who's obviously upset that we're less coordinated today despite the fact that excess pony threads were deleted within the first five minutes.

    >also implying that someone so upset shouldnt just be hiding threads to begin with

    Oh man, you guys make me laugh!
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:44 No.25209268
         File1303094673.gif-(49 KB, 100x100, 1302424219123.gif)
    49 KB
    Quit making me feel weird things.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:44 No.25209270
    Go die in a fire.
    >> /сo/smоиаut реtrо/v/ 04/17/11(Sun)22:44 No.25209275
         File1303094684.png-(222 KB, 364x403, TwilightBabyGrin.png)
    222 KB

    I would rather stare at it for 22 minutes than johnney test.

    Marker Mover is so catty
    >> Lord Ghetsis, King of Gets !nIP2DlX816 04/17/11(Sun)22:44 No.25209279
         File1303094691.jpg-(15 KB, 350x263, 1303011358960.jpg)
    15 KB
    Hey look! It's some dudes from /b/
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:45 No.25209284
    I'd like to see art of how Applejack would have turned out if she had stayed in Manehattan.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:45 No.25209290
         File1303094730.png-(78 KB, 463x510, Spike (6).png)
    78 KB
    hahahahaha the longer you stare the funnier it gets
    >> ROOGNA, Greatsword Wielder the Obnoxiosly Long-MANED !!qOjSZR79yv2 04/17/11(Sun)22:46 No.25209303
    I'm convinced that something happened on /b/ that made aa bunch of em come over here tonight.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:46 No.25209307
         File1303094770.png-(129 KB, 700x500, big_mac_and_applejack_by_cassi(...).png)
    129 KB
    It's my OTP. Haters gonna hate.
    >> Lord Ghetsis, King of Gets !nIP2DlX816 04/17/11(Sun)22:46 No.25209310
    She'd become a Communist

    And lead the revolution with Joseph Stallion
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:46 No.25209311
         File1303094778.png-(174 KB, 486x486, Rainbow-Dash-American-salute-4(...).png)
    174 KB
    Posting superior dash, requesting the variations of this.
    >> /сo/smоиаut реtrо/v/ 04/17/11(Sun)22:46 No.25209322

    Probably very high class

    She had the voice down pat
    >> Dr. White !!/zv2MTbpUH9 04/17/11(Sun)22:47 No.25209334
         File1303094868.jpg-(83 KB, 600x453, 1301453208471.jpg)
    83 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:48 No.25209347
         File1303094914.png-(1.05 MB, 888x876, cheerilee__s_photo_shoot_by_tw(...).png)
    1.05 MB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:48 No.25209356
    I wish i could say i dont know that feel, but i do.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:49 No.25209362
    You just wanted an excuse to say "Joseph Stallion" didn't you.
    >> 9Nine9 !Nines/5j6w 04/17/11(Sun)22:49 No.25209372
    There are bronies here tonight, what?
    >> Lord Ghetsis, King of Gets !nIP2DlX816 04/17/11(Sun)22:49 No.25209373
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:50 No.25209380
    I thought from the thumbnail this was gonna be like that McD's toy comic where no one likes Cheerilee.

    This is better.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:50 No.25209384
         File1303095017.jpg-(112 KB, 359x504, screwdriver.jpg)
    112 KB
    How about a Bizarro Applejack instead?
    >> !TEFoxWNrbU 04/17/11(Sun)22:50 No.25209390
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:50 No.25209392
    I'd like to think I pioneered that idea, but that's just wishful thinking.

    How long have you had it? I could swear it's had a different name for the past 3 or 4 days.
    >> Pony !rbronyR.uo 04/17/11(Sun)22:50 No.25209397
         File1303095034.jpg-(129 KB, 1920x1200, sonic rainboom vectorized.jpg)
    129 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:50 No.25209400
    I've seen some relatively good discussion surrounding this, so let's give it a chance:

    you can bring back one character/villain from previous episodes. Who, and what do you do with them?

    Ex. Personally, I'd like to see more Diamond Dogs. Not as villains though. I think there's room to make them decent beings. Room for redemption.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:51 No.25209416
         File1303095081.png-(147 KB, 755x800, Trixie.png)
    147 KB

    Trixie. After being shown up by the humble little purple pony in some backwater shit town, she stews about it until Trixie becomes obsessed with Twilight. Now hellbent on figuring out what makes Twilight so special, Twilight finds herself bumping into Trixie very often.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:51 No.25209423
    I can't believe it.

    Someone managed to make Dash look even gayer than usual.
    >> /сo/smоиаut реtrо/v/ 04/17/11(Sun)22:51 No.25209425
         File1303095111.jpg-(27 KB, 254x377, Hydra.jpg)
    27 KB

    I honestly just want more monsters, they had some personality to them.

    I don't think Minotaurs would work out though
    >> Lord Ghetsis, King of Gets !nIP2DlX816 04/17/11(Sun)22:51 No.25209428
    Nah. She'd become Two Face

    One half is a redneck, the other is high class.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:52 No.25209436
    can i get a shot of twilight's actual mom for comparison?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:52 No.25209437

    actually, that's trademarks. Copyrights on ponies most likely won't expire during your lifetime.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:52 No.25209446
    Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. They would make such a cute lesbian couple, they deserve a second chance.
    >> ROOGNA, Greatsword Wielder the Obnoxiosly Long-MANED !!qOjSZR79yv2 04/17/11(Sun)22:52 No.25209448
    Wasn't complaining, I just noticed that there were quite a few people, including anons, who didn't know how the thread making system worked tonight, and a few people admitted being from /b/.
    I dunno
    >> Dar-Ma !pXi2knctDE!!WQN4LsY1nmq 04/17/11(Sun)22:52 No.25209453
         File1303095166.jpg-(623 KB, 1000x1200, 44eb56b03a2cc39600e60d9217b7fb(...).jpg)
    623 KB
    Well, more G&PT would be awesome, and Luna is a given, but I definitely wanna see more Zecora
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:53 No.25209464
         File1303095183.png-(193 KB, 403x314, 1302272611780.png)
    193 KB

    Y-you wanna pet Sweetie Belle too huh?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:53 No.25209468
    Lyra, just so she can have a fetish for something she's never seen.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:53 No.25209471
    I like Trixie and her insane ego. I want to see her helping on a quest.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:53 No.25209476
    I don't even know where to start.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:54 No.25209494
    Err, yeah. That's been me.

    I work at home so I just keep an eye on the thread in between working, and I'm generally only out for a few hours at a time, so I don't miss much.
    >> Lord Ghetsis, King of Gets !nIP2DlX816 04/17/11(Sun)22:54 No.25209502
         File1303095291.jpg-(28 KB, 285x352, 1303012615419.jpg)
    28 KB
    >> /co/mmander jesus, product of pinecones 04/17/11(Sun)22:54 No.25209503
         File1303095292.png-(1.04 MB, 1024x574, squeak.png)
    1.04 MB
    >> Pony !rbronyR.uo 04/17/11(Sun)22:55 No.25209509
    I didn't make it
    I just saved it
    some guy said he'd vectorized it
    so that's what I named it
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:55 No.25209512
    I thought the Diamond Dogs were really funny, but you know everyone and I are going to say Trixie
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:55 No.25209515
         File1303095316.jpg-(12 KB, 313x347, wtf am i reading.jpg)
    12 KB
    I don't like where this is going.
    >> ROOGNA, Greatsword Wielder the Obnoxiosly Long-MANED !!qOjSZR79yv2 04/17/11(Sun)22:55 No.25209523
    What's wrong, bro?
    >> Mr. Sparkles Fantastic 04/17/11(Sun)22:55 No.25209530
         File1303095346.png-(278 KB, 600x602, 1296887323683.png)
    278 KB
    That's certainly one way of putting it.
    And yes. She makes me want to brush her mane. In a completely platonic way.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:55 No.25209531
         File1303095353.gif-(193 KB, 256x282, JustPassingBy.gif)
    193 KB
    >> Lord Ghetsis, King of Gets !nIP2DlX816 04/17/11(Sun)22:56 No.25209532
    Throw it at a hobo
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:56 No.25209536
         File1303095374.gif-(44 KB, 225x306, 1299469027454.gif)
    44 KB
    Fluttershy. Simply because no one in existance (Besides Gilda...) could bring themselves to harm Fluttershy.
    >> !TEFoxWNrbU 04/17/11(Sun)22:56 No.25209542
         File1303095393.png-(402 KB, 666x1790, you tricked me.png)
    402 KB
    >> /co/mmander jesus, product of pinecones 04/17/11(Sun)22:56 No.25209550
    The intonation won't keep the tuning in Eb. I hate floyd roses.
    >> /сo/smоиаut реtrо/v/ 04/17/11(Sun)22:56 No.25209553
         File1303095416.png-(11 KB, 232x293, BrickTopPony.png)
    11 KB

    There are plenty of soulless individuals who don't care about small animals
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:58 No.25209580
         File1303095503.jpg-(196 KB, 900x900, too_much_studying_by_johnjosec(...).jpg)
    196 KB
    i'm tired, goodnight bronies
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:58 No.25209590
    Yeah, Trixie's a bit of a given. Figured there'd be some more Gilda's though.

    Funnily enough, after reading just one piece of fan fiction, I kind of want to see more of "steven magnet"
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)22:59 No.25209601
         File1303095543.jpg-(101 KB, 1280x720, My.Little.Pony.Friendship.Is.M(...).jpg)
    101 KB
    So what do we call the pony Statue of Liberty? I say Statue of Livery.
    >> ROOGNA, Greatsword Wielder the Obnoxiosly Long-MANED !!qOjSZR79yv2 04/17/11(Sun)22:59 No.25209604
         File1303095553.png-(56 KB, 480x268, 1299176254834.png)
    56 KB
    I, for one, care alot about small animals.
    They are an excellent source of protein for when you are too lazy to go after the larger ones!
    >> Lord Ghetsis, King of Gets !nIP2DlX816 04/17/11(Sun)22:59 No.25209615
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:00 No.25209625
         File1303095615.png-(474 KB, 800x600, 1299445039904.png)
    474 KB
    Steven Magnet is not a villain!
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:00 No.25209629
    Why is the embodiment of liberty wearing a saddle?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:00 No.25209631
    Well you're the most reliable holder i've noticed so you best get control of that fucker as soon as someone lets go. I want to see more of your 'witty remarks' and things you like other than ham or muffins or whatever the fuck you name the marker.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:01 No.25209641
         File1303095662.jpg-(52 KB, 300x272, 1302394593418.jpg)
    52 KB

    Ooo, I knew you guys would understand! I love you all!
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:01 No.25209644
         File1303095671.png-(130 KB, 508x244, Intheface.png)
    130 KB
    Fluttershy is not just a small animal.

    Fluttershy is Fluttershy. She is her own entity.

    It's like calling Chuck Norris a normal human.
    >> Mr. Sparkles Fantastic 04/17/11(Sun)23:01 No.25209647
    We call it false advertising. There is no liberty in Equestria. I thought we've been over this. Monarchies don't really work that way.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:01 No.25209648
    I frequently come to /co/ from /b/. /co/ is where I started being a brony after all. It seems both boards have negative assumpions about each other, but they are both rather good.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:01 No.25209651
    more phillies
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:01 No.25209655
    No, but neither is Trixie really but tons of people wanted her back. I said character/villains. I was just talking about characters we saw like once.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:01 No.25209657
         File1303095694.jpg-(137 KB, 852x630, 1303033972150.jpg)
    137 KB
    Luna needs to come back and lead the resistance against Equestria's evil tyrant
    >> Pony !rbronyR.uo 04/17/11(Sun)23:01 No.25209667
    but the small ones are faster

    and can hide in more places
    >> Lord Ghetsis, King of Gets !nIP2DlX816 04/17/11(Sun)23:02 No.25209677
    So surrendering french architects can run away if the Germans invade
    >> !TEFoxWNrbU 04/17/11(Sun)23:02 No.25209681
         File1303095754.jpg-(37 KB, 600x338, I can see so clearly.jpg)
    37 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:02 No.25209692
    I liked Gilda, but I can't really see her as anything other than an antagonist
    >> /сo/smоиаut реtrо/v/ 04/17/11(Sun)23:02 No.25209693
         File1303095776.jpg-(42 KB, 322x310, RangoWhy.jpg)
    42 KB

    >duplicate file entry for saluting Dash

    You're super cool for moving the marker around for us and keeping things tidy. And yes people appreciate it.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:03 No.25209694
         File1303095783.jpg-(442 KB, 1024x768, Goku and Vegeta..jpg)
    442 KB

    >I like Trixie and her insane ego

    I always think of Trixie as the Vegeta to Twilight's Goku. Trixie has this larger than life arrogance of her own splendor and power. A good percentage of it was very warranted, as her magic is pretty powerful from what the episode would indicate, but she doesn't hesitate to elevate herself a little higher than her capabilities would allow.

    Then you have Twilight the powerhouse, hidden away in an out of the way area, minding her own business. Suddenly Trixie appears and starts kicking all of Twilight's friends collective asses on stage after they heckled her. In the end of it all, Trixie was unable to beat the greater threat where-as Twilight could, without bragging about it. Trixie then belittles her for it, slightly acknowledges her skill, then runs off.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:03 No.25209700
         File1303095800.png-(868 KB, 1050x756, 1302159368670.png)
    868 KB
    take that tyrant!
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:03 No.25209706
         File1303095815.png-(726 KB, 900x924, Bronies.png)
    726 KB
    Never change /co/
    >> Pony !rbronyR.uo 04/17/11(Sun)23:03 No.25209708
         File1303095820.png-(130 KB, 600x600, 1302835238663.png)
    130 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:03 No.25209710
         File1303095826.jpg-(51 KB, 476x618, i'm-going-to-teach-you-a-thing(...).jpg)
    51 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:04 No.25209725
         File1303095882.jpg-(12 KB, 160x135, thesisterspie.jpg)
    12 KB
    So what names have we given them so far?
    >> Dr. White !!/zv2MTbpUH9 04/17/11(Sun)23:05 No.25209736
    wow those faces scare me. Ponies don't have chins.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:05 No.25209744

    More than likely she'll come back as a villain of later seasons, turning into Nightmare Moon again - not because she herself is evil, but because of some sort of evil spirit within her that needs to be banished using the magic of friendship - this time, the broader magic of friendship Twilight's been studying this whole time.

    But it'll probably be more like an overarching villain routine where the bad guy of the week will turn out to be working for her, that sort of thing. Give the series a sort of underlying plot structure outside of the regular episodes.

    It's doubtful Celestia will ever come off as anything other than all-knowing, wise, and kind, but there *is* still some possibility that setting things right in Equestria will at some point require her apologizing for something she's done and taking ownership of a past mistake, in order to send kids a positive message about compromise and everyone bearing some responsibility.
    >> Lord Ghetsis, King of Gets !nIP2DlX816 04/17/11(Sun)23:05 No.25209745
    Ghetsis and N, respectively
    >> Dr. White !!/zv2MTbpUH9 04/17/11(Sun)23:06 No.25209749
    Rock, and Roll. They grow up to leave the farm and start a band.
    >> /сo/smоиаut реtrо/v/ 04/17/11(Sun)23:06 No.25209750
         File1303095973.gif-(28 KB, 337x266, MontyPythonFrenchTaunt.gif)
    28 KB

    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:06 No.25209752
    Note the stern expression and the Heil Furer salute.
    >> !TEFoxWNrbU 04/17/11(Sun)23:06 No.25209754
    Huh >>25209054
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:06 No.25209757
    I've seen it too. It's like different countries
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:06 No.25209762
         File1303096003.png-(22 KB, 307x181, 1302933534247.png)
    22 KB
    Pimping my drawfriend request again.

    In response to the latest episode featuring the Princess Celestia School for Gifted Unicorns:

    I want Hoity Toity unveiling the Princess Luna Center for Unicorns Who Can't Read Good (And Who Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too).
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:07 No.25209772
    this is the real villain
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:07 No.25209782
         File1303096069.png-(2 KB, 162x167, mic1.png)
    2 KB
    There are a 100 things wrong with your statement.

    The number one thing being that it was the name and its usage. From what I recalled they sold the rights to some of the characters name to American Greetings®

    A Copyright is a protection for the author and or creator to protect their bodies of work. Copyright in America is at a point where something created today will never see the public domain. Copyright can last as many as 120 years and beyond. Usually author's life + 70 years + 20 years for corporations + The Mickey Mouse Protection Act = Infinite
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:08 No.25209806
         File1303096139.jpg-(476 KB, 1378x1826, 1302934649670.jpg)
    476 KB

    Or they will want to teach kids an important life lesson summed up perfectly by this pic
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:09 No.25209812
         File1303096151.png-(27 KB, 945x945, 1302678670996.png)
    27 KB
    I seriously don't care.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:09 No.25209823
         File1303096173.png-(509 KB, 606x735, Fluttershy_wink.png)
    509 KB
    So when do we get to see them do the fusion dance?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:09 No.25209829
    Every episode seems to have one stand-out moment that reminds and assures me the show's creators are a funny and clever lot. It can be as simple as Pinkie Pie warning Rarity will become a "crazy cat lady", be told she only has one cat, and ominously warn "give her time." Or it can be as silly as a Benny-hill theme inspired chase scene. It's moments like these that keep me watching.

    Oh, and also all the musical scenes are impossibly catchy for cartoon songs in children's cartoons. I haven't stopped humming Winter Wrap-Up since I first heard it!
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:10 No.25209841
    In the twelfth movie.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:10 No.25209847
         File1303096235.jpg-(42 KB, 492x470, 1299585525227.jpg)
    42 KB

    Well, seeing as how 'original' her parents are, most likely their names are Purple Pie and Grey Pie.
    >> /сo/smоиаut реtrо/v/ 04/17/11(Sun)23:10 No.25209850
         File1303096240.png-(494 KB, 950x900, TwilightHUh.png)
    494 KB

    Are they really? I skip over the songs every time
    >> Lord Ghetsis, King of Gets !nIP2DlX816 04/17/11(Sun)23:10 No.25209853
         File1303096248.png-(46 KB, 192x219, 1301424793002.png)
    46 KB
    oh fuck
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:11 No.25209859
    Let me guess. Lemon Drop?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:11 No.25209870
    That would be really awesome, if there were 12 FiM movies
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:11 No.25209876
         File1303096298.jpg-(80 KB, 894x894, 1302450282180.jpg)
    80 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:12 No.25209888
    You're missing out. I have no idea why you would do that.

    See filename. An Applejack and a Screwdriver are both alcoholic beverages.
    >> Lord Ghetsis, King of Gets !nIP2DlX816 04/17/11(Sun)23:12 No.25209893
    That crown is way to fucking big
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:12 No.25209896
    I would call them Olivine and Violette...or something of the like.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:12 No.25209897
         File1303096352.png-(265 KB, 1062x786, You sexy thing!.png)
    265 KB

    >So when do we get to see them do the fusion dance?

    Oh yes, Twixie! Her smug level would be maximum.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:12 No.25209901

    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:13 No.25209909
    Oh god, Winter Wrap Up is fantastic.
    I just finished a sing-along version (if you have annotations on)
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:13 No.25209911
    s because she took it from Celestia
    >> !TEFoxWNrbU 04/17/11(Sun)23:13 No.25209929
    ...wonder if I should derail....
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:13 No.25209930
         File1303096439.png-(576 KB, 1683x2115, 1302839378161.png)
    576 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:14 No.25209932
         File1303096440.jpg-(114 KB, 1057x780, 1303062439074.jpg)
    114 KB
    well right now you only get Pinkie Pie
    >> Lord Ghetsis, King of Gets !nIP2DlX816 04/17/11(Sun)23:14 No.25209937
         File1303096451.png-(13 KB, 256x192, 1.png)
    13 KB
    He was refering to my son, N, the most evil man on earth. picrelated
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:14 No.25209940
    /r/ a picture of fusion of Twilight and Trixie
    >> burntFuselage !gn3CQCJSIU 04/17/11(Sun)23:14 No.25209946
    Yeah, what this guy said.
    I also picked that name because it's a drink with orange juice, as opposed to apple.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:15 No.25209966
         File1303096534.png-(1.74 MB, 775x3600, 1302341978227.png)
    1.74 MB
    this really needs to become an official part of the show
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:15 No.25209968
         File1303096541.png-(193 KB, 448x411, 969409.png)
    193 KB
    I want to see the version where they screw it up.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:15 No.25209970

    He didn't really seem evil.

    Just a massive pushover.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:15 No.25209977
    What would you think of an episode where Twilight has a crush (presumably not on another mane cast member)? Maybe note a friendship-friendly topic for an episode?
    >> ROOGNA, Greatsword Wielder the Obnoxiosly Long-MANED !!qOjSZR79yv2 04/17/11(Sun)23:15 No.25209978
    Thats a lie! N is a big ol' softie!
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:16 No.25209983
         File1303096572.gif-(303 KB, 271x309, Fluttershy_blingee.gif)
    303 KB
    I'd wager that it would exceed 9,000
    >> Lord Ghetsis, King of Gets !nIP2DlX816 04/17/11(Sun)23:16 No.25209994
    True. I, Lord Ghetsis, am much more powerful.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:16 No.25209996
         File1303096603.jpg-(143 KB, 325x325, 36e7fd4582d40295464a4989fd1e7a(...).jpg)
    143 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:17 No.25210013
    If you gotta wear a crown it might as well be a big one. That way people know your not fucking around!
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:17 No.25210014
    There's a pic of them and their butt babby
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:17 No.25210019
         File1303096657.jpg-(59 KB, 720x576, RasputinSeesBabyHellboy.jpg)
    59 KB

    Oh boy when that happens to ANY of the cast there will be massive huttburt everywhere. Unless of course...they all get dates for the Gala.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:17 No.25210028
         File1303096667.jpg-(74 KB, 500x500, Moist Kneesocks.jpg)
    74 KB

    >Take her to my chambers

    Oh wow, Trixie isn't wasting any time. Twilight's pony poontang is as good as eaten.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:17 No.25210031
    Pinkie needs to be saying something like
    "Get these ponies off of my /co"
    "No, cartoons in /co/? Troll harder."
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:18 No.25210035
         File1303096680.gif-(396 KB, 320x320, 1302437195345.gif)
    396 KB
    The songs are strangely catchy. Generally whenever there is a song in a show I grimace and try to bear through it but in Ponies I'll actually end up humming along.
    >> /co/mmander jesus, product of pinecones 04/17/11(Sun)23:18 No.25210040
         File1303096684.jpg-(175 KB, 736x600, derpyemporer.jpg)
    175 KB
    You skip the songs? For shame. I thought you knew better than that.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:18 No.25210041
    You got your ass kicked by a 10-year-old kid with less than a year of experience.
    >> Lord Ghetsis, King of Gets !nIP2DlX816 04/17/11(Sun)23:18 No.25210043
         File1303096687.gif-(223 KB, 400x320, 1297563279894.gif)
    223 KB
    oh god im dying
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:18 No.25210061
    Did I ask for a butt baby? No!

    Fuck your butt babies, I want some FFUUUUUUSIOOOOON HA!
    >> !TEFoxWNrbU 04/17/11(Sun)23:18 No.25210064
         File1303096733.jpg-(17 KB, 320x240, MyPhoto-110413-05.jpg)
    17 KB
    >>wheel comes loose
    >> Wolf Nanaki !u.j5JPjwHM 04/17/11(Sun)23:18 No.25210066
         File1303096737.png-(272 KB, 500x500, collar.png)
    272 KB
    Trixie, no question.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:19 No.25210070
    There's one coming up where Twilight gets an owl and Spike gets jelly
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:19 No.25210076

    More (human) Sweetie Belle, please?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:20 No.25210088

    Well, the topic could be about how romantic feelings can be a problem for friendship - jealousy between friends who both like the same person, or when friends feel neglected by a friend who pays more attention to someone they have feelings for. Maybe trying to help a friend with their romantic problems, playing matchmaker, meddling, trying to break up a relationship that looks like a bad idea or set up two people who look like a natural fit.

    There are lots of ways it could be done. The bigger question is if it'd even be a safe topic to discuss around the 8 to 12 year old girl target demographic.
    >> /сo/smоиаut реtrо/v/ 04/17/11(Sun)23:20 No.25210091
         File1303096811.png-(136 KB, 400x313, twilightbounce.png)
    136 KB

    Well most of them, the one with the buffalos was okay and half of suited for success was singing. Early on I skipped most of the songs, say before Suited. I've never even heard the giggle at the ghastlies
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:20 No.25210092
         File1303096815.jpg-(26 KB, 377x346, lilbigmac.jpg)
    26 KB
    >> TX2 04/17/11(Sun)23:21 No.25210112
         File1303096861.png-(150 KB, 490x287, Picture 50.png)
    150 KB
    The sisters and Blinkie Pie and Inkie Pie

    The parents are Sue and Clyde
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:21 No.25210125
         File1303096891.jpg-(216 KB, 1024x752, mlp_fim___li__l_mac_an___aj_by(...).jpg)
    216 KB
    He's full adult pony sized already.

    THIS is Little Big Mac.
    >> Cuppycakey !!XS3CTGmgCxc 04/17/11(Sun)23:21 No.25210126
    You finally cracked eh fox? Well I might as well put my /b/ trip on then.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:21 No.25210132
         File1303096913.png-(841 KB, 2378x3290, Lesbian babbies oh lawd.png)
    841 KB

    Trixie and Twilight's little lesbo butt babby is awfully cute though, I gotta say.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:22 No.25210142
    Yeah, but that episode is just going to reinforce the Twilight/Spike BROMANCE. I don't expect any love feelings.
    >> /co/mmander jesus, product of pinecones 04/17/11(Sun)23:22 No.25210146
         File1303096951.png-(41 KB, 200x200, dash air.png)
    41 KB
    Go forth and watch them. NOW.
    >> Lord Ghetsis, King of Gets !nIP2DlX816 04/17/11(Sun)23:22 No.25210147
         File1303096951.png-(8 KB, 121x124, 1300752896032.png)
    8 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:23 No.25210168
    Thanks! I couldn't find it
    >> !TEFoxWNrbU 04/17/11(Sun)23:23 No.25210171
         File1303096993.jpg-(15 KB, 320x240, MyPhoto-110413-08.jpg)
    15 KB
    It was an experiment more than anything. Hows things Cuppy?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:23 No.25210178
         File1303097005.gif-(1.68 MB, 490x350, 1297532459776.gif)
    1.68 MB
    I would pacgasm if that were actually canon.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:23 No.25210184
    Truth, it's all in the small details.
    About music, did you watch this week's episode?
    >> /сo/smоиаut реtrо/v/ 04/17/11(Sun)23:23 No.25210185

    But what KIND of owl? Great Horned Owl? Snowy? Barn?

    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:23 No.25210186
         File1303097025.jpg-(297 KB, 1014x990, shippinglikecrazy.jpg)
    297 KB
    Haha, i'm shipping and no one can stop me.
    >> Dr. White !!/zv2MTbpUH9 04/17/11(Sun)23:23 No.25210189
         File1303097033.jpg-(81 KB, 900x562, 130301882054-rainbow_dash_huma(...).jpg)
    81 KB
    Human time!
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:24 No.25210202

    That... would actually be a pretty functional plot.

    Then again the way it's been built up if they actually showed the gala it'd probably be more about the gala itself, but a plot about everyone having to find dates could work in a similar manner that the everyone getting their cutie mark episode did - every mane pony getting a little side story, all tied in with each other.

    And of course you don't see the ponies they take to the gala again after that, the dates are just plot devices.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:24 No.25210207
         File1303097072.png-(407 KB, 1000x812, Twilight is stuck in the corne(...).png)
    407 KB

    Hey Nanaki, some colors in this would be nice.

    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:24 No.25210209
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:24 No.25210211
    Why would I want to stop PinkieDash?
    >> Dr. White !!/zv2MTbpUH9 04/17/11(Sun)23:24 No.25210221
         File1303097090.jpg-(1.33 MB, 2247x2067, 1301198899289.jpg)
    1.33 MB
    I can ship harder than you!
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:25 No.25210233
         File1303097155.png-(62 KB, 289x316, Sweetie_will_never_be_a_marshm(...).png)
    62 KB
    Sometimes i think i should just kill myself so that i could gallop in the fields of Equestria forever.
    >> ROOGNA, Greatsword Wielder the Obnoxiosly Long-MANED !!qOjSZR79yv2 04/17/11(Sun)23:25 No.25210234
         File1303097156.png-(161 KB, 788x885, 1302404522163.png)
    161 KB
    I am the best Shipper.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:26 No.25210236
    >baby has blue eyes
    >Twilight and Trixie don't
    >> /v/aliant /co/mrade !0gEh9TdDbQ 04/17/11(Sun)23:26 No.25210241
    i skip the theme song EVERY TIME. i have to make myself go through any sort of singing in a cartoon.
    >> /co/mmander jesus, product of pinecones 04/17/11(Sun)23:26 No.25210242
    Your pipe makes me hard. I want a fancy pipe like that.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:26 No.25210243
    I really hope this leads to Twilight showing some massive appreciation for Spike. It seems like she's never grateful for all the shit she puts him through. And he's been her friend since she was a foal!

    Scratch that. She's been with him since he was born. She's like a surrogate sister, at least.
    >> Dr. White !!/zv2MTbpUH9 04/17/11(Sun)23:26 No.25210249
         File1303097193.png-(89 KB, 450x600, 1301720261242.png)
    89 KB

    I think I requested a fic like this. Has anyone seen suckmyoff?
    >> Cuppycakey !!XS3CTGmgCxc 04/17/11(Sun)23:26 No.25210252
    Wait WHAT!?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:26 No.25210255
    Suicide sends you to Pony Hell.
    >> Pony !rbronyR.uo 04/17/11(Sun)23:27 No.25210269
    >that lone schlick
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:27 No.25210282
         File1303097263.png-(327 KB, 1000x437, Trixie x Twilight.png)
    327 KB

    I can't wait to be a useless piece of shit all day and ship all these lesbian ponies!
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:27 No.25210284
    Hahaha nah you'll just end up in hell, man.
    >> /сo/smоиаut реtrо/v/ 04/17/11(Sun)23:27 No.25210286
         File1303097270.gif-(1.99 MB, 442x222, Hot fuzz.gif)
    1.99 MB

    So I had a plot idea. This one unicorn who excels at magical ability but is so honed in on her goal ends up alienating herself from everyone around her and gets sent to some backwater town in the middle of nowhere and makes some freinds.

    Then it turns out that everyone is being so friendly and they end up trying to kill her to keep it under wraps in a glorious 40 minute gunfight.

    >> /co/mmander jesus, product of pinecones 04/17/11(Sun)23:27 No.25210289
    I skip the theme, but that's it. Just because when it say "my little pony" seems to be the loudest part. I don't like reminding myself that this show is part of that franchise.
    >> !TEFoxWNrbU 04/17/11(Sun)23:28 No.25210292
         File1303097284.jpg-(19 KB, 320x240, MyPhoto-110413-06.jpg)
    19 KB
    I love this guy. Rainbow dash I named her, or Dash for short. When I told my friends they were like "Why?"
    "Cause it gets you fucking high really fast"
    "Ohhh... dash towards the rainbow... I like it!"
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:28 No.25210314
         File1303097335.jpg-(95 KB, 1027x603, 1302932969176.jpg)
    95 KB

    Don't do it! You'd just end up as an earth pony on a rock farm
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:29 No.25210319
         File1303097349.png-(1.45 MB, 600x1689, shipping.png)
    1.45 MB
    >> /сo/smоиаut реtrо/v/ 04/17/11(Sun)23:29 No.25210327
         File1303097369.jpg-(35 KB, 550x358, 4343.jpg)
    35 KB

    Their's lots of murderins'
    >> /co/mmander jesus, product of pinecones 04/17/11(Sun)23:29 No.25210328
    How much did that cost you?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:29 No.25210337
    This thread sure is full of obnoxious tripfags...
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:29 No.25210340

    Don't need it to go romantic to be Hot For Teacher.

    Mark my words, when Spike's a horny adolescent and Twilight's reaching that weird female horny 30's point Spike'll be getting "detention" every day (and night).
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:29 No.25210341
         File1303097399.png-(98 KB, 371x347, Night Mare is amused.png)
    98 KB

    Indeed it does. and Ponies in pony hell are eternally rendered in the G 3.5 style.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:30 No.25210352
    living the dream
    >> Dr. White !!/zv2MTbpUH9 04/17/11(Sun)23:30 No.25210355

    No anon, you are the tripfag
    And then anon had a name.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:31 No.25210369
         File1303097465.gif-(763 KB, 640x540, 1299717749783.gif)
    763 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:31 No.25210377
    Pinkamena, Blinkiselle, and Inkette Pie.
    Goddamn, we need an episode focusing on the Pie family's rock farming antics.
    >> RagingSemi !.7WdLd240M 04/17/11(Sun)23:31 No.25210395

    Were you the one who requested that fic from me on that scenario?
    >> /сo/smоиаut реtrо/v/ 04/17/11(Sun)23:32 No.25210398
         File1303097520.png-(53 KB, 251x215, VDashFace.png)
    53 KB
    How come we never see the visages of our female contributors?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:32 No.25210399
    Given Twilight's power, and Spike being a magic-heavy dragon, they would make a really scary little bat-winged unicorn hellspawn.

    ... And now, strangely, I want to see someone write a story about that. Fuck, I want to see Celestia have to deal with that.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:32 No.25210405
         File1303097536.jpg-(48 KB, 320x309, 1299350503519.jpg)
    48 KB
    Ive been here so long i don't even give a fuck anymore.

    image limit minus 1.
    >> Cuppycakey !!XS3CTGmgCxc 04/17/11(Sun)23:32 No.25210415
    Oh I'm not one to whine and complain, life is life. How are you? Were you the guy awhile back that made that hour and 1/2 track that began with the "art of the dress" remix? That was really dope.
    >> !TEFoxWNrbU 04/17/11(Sun)23:32 No.25210416
         File1303097556.jpg-(24 KB, 484x381, Fucking Stylish.jpg)
    24 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:32 No.25210417
         File1303097557.jpg-(83 KB, 425x494, LittleBigPlanet.jpg)
    83 KB
    >Little Big Mac
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:32 No.25210418
         File1303097557.png-(52 KB, 400x317, Laughinghorses.png)
    52 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:32 No.25210421
         File1303097572.png-(47 KB, 213x211, celestiaface.png)
    47 KB

    because to pony is to exist beyond the realm of tits or gtfo
    >> /сo/smоиаut реtrо/v/ 04/17/11(Sun)23:33 No.25210433

    Well I don't know. That's what THEY say.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:33 No.25210434
    I don't think we've seen the visages of any contributors. There's just a couple random fags from /b/ camwhoring tonight for some reason
    >> /co/mmander jesus, product of pinecones 04/17/11(Sun)23:33 No.25210438
    Girls watch this show?
    >> Obnoxious Tripfag !AKe8k.Qz/M 04/17/11(Sun)23:33 No.25210442
    Oh god, what have you done to me?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:34 No.25210450

    >> /сo/smоиаut реtrо/v/ 04/17/11(Sun)23:34 No.25210461

    Well my sister does, one of them. The other doesn't and shes the goddamned artist. I wish I could make her like what I like.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:34 No.25210462

    Too bad you are doing it wrong.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:35 No.25210480
    Someone fucking draw this. Draw late-20's Twilight, slightly older Spike, and their hellspawn, with Celestia looking on in horror.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:36 No.25210484
    Pony should lick pony
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:36 No.25210492
    But then it gets rockin'!
    >> madmax !hWP6CL.q42 04/17/11(Sun)23:36 No.25210499
         File1303097806.png-(446 KB, 1500x656, pinkiedeadpool origins.png)
    446 KB
    that's a good question my friend

    also comic
    >> !TEFoxWNrbU 04/17/11(Sun)23:36 No.25210502
         File1303097809.png-(1.46 MB, 850x1168, 1302241964497.png)
    1.46 MB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:37 No.25210505
    Is it a live birth or does Twilight poop an egg?
    >> Wolf Nanaki !u.j5JPjwHM 04/17/11(Sun)23:37 No.25210511
    Already started working on that today, actually!
    >> Forward !!pbL8zEzJEl6 04/17/11(Sun)23:37 No.25210516
    I'm pretty sure the reasons for that are obvious.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:37 No.25210518
    No girls watch My Little Pony. What do you think this is, Rainbow Brite?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:37 No.25210520

    No, although I'm not surprised to hear others have had the same idea.
    >> !TEFoxWNrbU 04/17/11(Sun)23:37 No.25210525
         File1303097860.png-(1.5 MB, 850x1168, 1302242066877.png)
    1.5 MB
    >> Dr. White !!/zv2MTbpUH9 04/17/11(Sun)23:37 No.25210529
         File1303097869.png-(333 KB, 900x450, 1301449143186.png)
    333 KB

    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:38 No.25210534
    She got a Phoenix Down
    >> /co/mmander jesus, product of pinecones 04/17/11(Sun)23:38 No.25210538
    There's someone I haven't seen in a while! What's up! Nice comic.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:38 No.25210541

    Damnit Celestia, stop ruining lives.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:38 No.25210544
    She poops an egg, proceeds to forget how she hatched one the first time.
    >> !TEFoxWNrbU 04/17/11(Sun)23:38 No.25210545
         File1303097913.png-(1.39 MB, 850x1168, 1302242360820.png)
    1.39 MB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:38 No.25210549
    >Pinkie's hot mama
    >crown on top of a hat
    >Mr. and Mrs. Cake

    >> /сo/smоиаut реtrо/v/ 04/17/11(Sun)23:38 No.25210552

    Oh you just know how to pop in and brighten these nights! Great comic! FRIZZY HAIR PINKIE!
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:39 No.25210557

    At the last panel you should have written "And that's how Equestria was destroyed."
    >> !TEFoxWNrbU 04/17/11(Sun)23:39 No.25210560
         File1303097954.png-(1.37 MB, 850x1168, 1302242463596.png)
    1.37 MB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:39 No.25210562

    Hey Maxie, I have two requests for you if you'd lend me your ear

    One involving babby Luna... and a comic suggestion relevant to the latest episode

    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:39 No.25210566
         File1303097967.jpg-(54 KB, 900x857, twilightbeingawesome.jpg)
    54 KB

    Twilight is smart cookie, she would study for months to find a spell that would allow her to either turn into a dragon, or spike into a pony, for such sessions, specifically to avoid such unfortunate consequences
    >> Graham Kraker 04/17/11(Sun)23:39 No.25210572
         File1303097979.jpg-(280 KB, 1089x768, connection913.jpg)
    280 KB
    Let me try that doesn't sound that hard.

    R63 fluttershy x rainbow dash.
    Wait that's cheating. Fuck that's hard to do.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:39 No.25210574
    I'd imagine it's a live birth, since I'm imagining it to be mostly pony. It just has scaly skin, two horns, and dragon wings.

    Fuck me, it's a THESTREL. Their baby is a thestrel.
    >> ROOGNA, Greatsword Wielder the Obnoxiosly Long-MANED !!qOjSZR79yv2 04/17/11(Sun)23:40 No.25210581
         File1303098010.jpg-(19 KB, 460x441, 1300044096785.jpg)
    19 KB
    Goddammit, why is it that every time I see a new contribution, the image loading borks for me
    >> !TEFoxWNrbU 04/17/11(Sun)23:40 No.25210582
         File1303098012.png-(1.21 MB, 850x1168, 1302242568772.png)
    1.21 MB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:40 No.25210591

    /r/ing 34 of Twilight pooping an egg.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:41 No.25210600

    max you ninja you
    >> !TEFoxWNrbU 04/17/11(Sun)23:41 No.25210601
         File1303098070.png-(1.21 MB, 850x1168, 1302242946072.png)
    1.21 MB
    >> madmax !hWP6CL.q42 04/17/11(Sun)23:41 No.25210602
    I'm always around here but without my trip because you know how the things roll here
    >> Dr. White !!/zv2MTbpUH9 04/17/11(Sun)23:41 No.25210603
         File1303098074.png-(720 KB, 1360x760, 1302415989563.png)
    720 KB

    Are we looking for straight ships? Good luck.
    Alternate OTP
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:41 No.25210606
    >> !TEFoxWNrbU 04/17/11(Sun)23:42 No.25210621
         File1303098130.png-(1.2 MB, 850x1168, 1302243043840.png)
    1.2 MB
    one more after this
    >> /co/mmander jesus, product of pinecones 04/17/11(Sun)23:42 No.25210624
    Yea, I've grown accustomed to it though.
    >> ROOGNA, Greatsword Wielder the Obnoxiosly Long-MANED !!qOjSZR79yv2 04/17/11(Sun)23:42 No.25210627
         File1303098148.png-(Spoiler Image, 30 KB, 527x472, 1297393588952.png)
    Spoiler Image, 30 KB
    I have derpy
    oh god what am I doing WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:42 No.25210632
         File1303098157.png-(397 KB, 800x552, Dash_is_straight.png)
    397 KB

    It's easier than it seems. Surprisingly, more so with Dash than the others.
    >> /сo/smоиаut реtrо/v/ 04/17/11(Sun)23:42 No.25210636

    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:42 No.25210644

    Same here.
    >> !TEFoxWNrbU 04/17/11(Sun)23:43 No.25210646
         File1303098184.png-(1.05 MB, 850x1168, 1302243179413.png)
    1.05 MB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:43 No.25210648
         File1303098188.jpg-(54 KB, 213x211, Jesus Christ how horrifying.jpg)
    54 KB


    Oh God... why? WHY?!
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:43 No.25210649
    Then Celestia takes it away and insists that "You're not ready for children yet."

    But secretly she takes blood samples, clones it, and forms a Thestrel Strike Guard.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:43 No.25210654

    Hell, she's a magical unicorn, she'd probably just cast some sort of safe sex or protection spell. Or magical Plan B, failing that.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:43 No.25210655
         File1303098197.jpg-(124 KB, 681x819, 1302832175532.jpg)
    124 KB

    >> Tripfag McGee !NHqdxYQAec 04/17/11(Sun)23:43 No.25210669
    >Implying it was moot instead of retarded mods banning people left and right
    >Implying he didn't fire the mods and fuck around with /a/
    >> Graham Kraker 04/17/11(Sun)23:44 No.25210678
         File1303098261.jpg-(388 KB, 800x544, elastic309.jpg)
    388 KB
    But most of the cast are female. How can we do straight ships?
    Let me ponder on this issue.
    >> madmax !hWP6CL.q42 04/17/11(Sun)23:44 No.25210691
    well I'm always open for requests, but try to purt them on fim chan, so I can find them more easy, this stupid archive is always going down
    >> !TEFoxWNrbU 04/17/11(Sun)23:45 No.25210706
         File1303098305.jpg-(33 KB, 279x600, Fluttery go her cock out.jpg)
    33 KB
    eh. I didn't make it, just decided to share
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:45 No.25210708
    Celestia looks so damn classy
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:45 No.25210709
    My god, that's horrible
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:45 No.25210718

    Alrighty, will do
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:45 No.25210723
         File1303098344.png-(63 KB, 970x382, why.png)
    63 KB
    Whoever made this post: Shame on you for recommending The Severing!
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:46 No.25210733
         File1303098363.jpg-(112 KB, 888x496, batmare-returns.jpg)
    112 KB
    But Pinkie is the batmare...
    >> !TEFoxWNrbU 04/17/11(Sun)23:46 No.25210743
    You have nothing to complain about... image and bump limit reached.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:46 No.25210746
    I'll link mine again on the off-chance anyone anywhere is interested. I'm obsessed with this idea now.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:47 No.25210765

    Pretty good, huh?
    >> ROOGNA, Greatsword Wielder the Obnoxiosly Long-MANED !!qOjSZR79yv2 04/17/11(Sun)23:48 No.25210775
    I'm so sorry
    That was already made, THANK YOU SO MUCH for reminding everyone to recycle. No sarcasm.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:48 No.25210780
    Just search for 5-Star fics, there have been a couple of great ones posted recently.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:48 No.25210801
    Well... at least he warned it was grimdark. Just find something light-hearted on Equestria Daily.
    >> !TEFoxWNrbU 04/17/11(Sun)23:49 No.25210803
    no worries.
    >> Pony !rbronyR.uo 04/17/11(Sun)23:52 No.25210872
    why is it a YOSHI egg?
    >> ROOGNA, Greatsword Wielder the Obnoxiosly Long-MANED !!qOjSZR79yv2 04/17/11(Sun)23:52 No.25210879
    Did this thread ever get the marker, or is it still stuck?
    >> !TEFoxWNrbU 04/17/11(Sun)23:53 No.25210912
    stuck I believe
    >> SlyWit !tedl177Zx2 04/17/11(Sun)23:54 No.25210927
    Can't remember if I've seen this around before today or not.
    >> Cuppycakey !!XS3CTGmgCxc 04/17/11(Sun)23:54 No.25210933
    Moot doesn't care about pony threads tho. Just a couple mods.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:54 No.25210944
    Stuck, I guess.
    >> Sergeant Sprinkles: World's Greatest Party Clown !!1Ci4x9DcklX 04/17/11(Sun)23:55 No.25210971
    i love Severing
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:55 No.25210977
         File1303098950.png-(92 KB, 600x600, 1295245054775.png)
    92 KB

    Nature...found a way
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:56 No.25211004
    This was today.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:58 No.25211057
    There's a time and date on it
    I know, but to say it's required reading for those who haven't read fanfiction?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/11(Sun)23:59 No.25211063

    I'm waiting for the thread to 404, I've got an image to delete in here. Don't worry about it.
    >> SlyWit !tedl177Zx2 04/17/11(Sun)23:59 No.25211082
    I think the picture servers are down.
    >> SlyWit !tedl177Zx2 04/18/11(Mon)00:00 No.25211113
    Or just hiccupped. Suddenly, it's working for me. Disregard previous post, I suck pony.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/11(Mon)00:06 No.25211244

    I can't get anything to show up but my thread downloader is picking the stuff up fine.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/11(Mon)00:06 No.25211247
    I wouldn't know, I didn't bother reading that crap lol
    I suppose that was an opinion... of course that's the kinda thing that can make you actually lose interest in fanfics.
    Then again, I'm no expert with fanfics. Read a few short ones. I seriously recommend The Night Fluttershy Exploded. (It's shipping, though, and it's a bit adult towards the end, so be warned.)
    >> NotOP 04/18/11(Mon)00:08 No.25211320
    Stream time, bronies. Get in if you want in.
    >> SlyWit !tedl177Zx2 04/18/11(Mon)00:09 No.25211324
    So, umm. . . seems that it wasn't caught in the archive.

    sad pony.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/11(Mon)00:12 No.25211417
    Oh no, the archive hasn't been working for two days.
    >> SlyWit !tedl177Zx2 04/18/11(Mon)00:16 No.25211514
    It got a few threads from today. I heard that fanfiction came up, and I was going to check out what was said, but alas.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/11(Mon)00:17 No.25211529
    Is this thread old, or are you guys just dead?
    >> Anonymous 04/18/11(Mon)00:18 No.25211555
    It wasn't a very good conversation at all anyways. Someone posted a thread game where you get deducted points for certain things and an argument about fanfic discussion started.
    >> Lucid !0oSwOEGDeI 04/18/11(Mon)00:18 No.25211560
    I don't remember any, unless if I missed everything.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/11(Mon)00:18 No.25211561

    I think people have already moved to


    But are just too assholeish to link us there
    >> SlyWit !tedl177Zx2 04/18/11(Mon)00:19 No.25211581
    Ahh, okay. So I'm not too disappointed for having missed it.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/11(Mon)00:19 No.25211584
    Ok, thanks.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/11(Mon)00:19 No.25211592

    >> Anonymous 04/18/11(Mon)00:22 No.25211666
    The cap I posted was the best part of it, but I was offended by the REQUIRED READING part enough to find the guy. Also, recommending Severing? The responses to that were so negative...
    >> Anonymous 04/18/11(Mon)00:25 No.25211746
    I haven't read it, I only remember how much people hated it.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/11(Mon)00:29 No.25211844

    Why would any chicks watch this epitome of manliness?
    >> Anonymous 04/18/11(Mon)00:32 No.25211901

    Severing was alright. It was made much better by the sequel.
    >> SlyWit !tedl177Zx2 04/18/11(Mon)00:32 No.25211908
    From what I heard, people enjoyed Severing because it illicitted strong emotions from them, and was generally well composed. Not really that negative for reactions.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/11(Mon)00:36 No.25212002
    My posting's derping...

    There was one thread where there was some talk between Rarity and Fluttershy, I wanted to see a cap. Also an artist from the good old days was there.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/11(Mon)00:38 No.25212028
    It's just so long.
    I just recall when the story was an image being posted and people in thread were upset.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/11(Mon)00:40 No.25212089
    That was in a thread that deleted by op and it didn't get archived like you said. I'm sorry, it sucks
    >> Anonymous 04/18/11(Mon)00:40 No.25212092

    Good stories usually are. All these shipping fics with a couple hundred words can't possibly get you emotionally invested in what is going on.

    This story has a mass murdering psychopathic time-wizarding Twilight Sparkle.

    Read it.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/11(Mon)00:43 No.25212150
    It's too long to be interesting. I don't read stories at all anyway. Were you the one who made that post?
    >> Anonymous 04/18/11(Mon)00:45 No.25212180

    It's fine to say you don't read the stories.

    But to say its too long to be interesting is pretty high up on the scale of "What a douchebag statement".

    It isn't anywhere close to being the length of a book. You don't read books?
    >> Anonymous 04/18/11(Mon)00:45 No.25212193
    Interest is subjective
    >> Anonymous 04/18/11(Mon)00:47 No.25212241
    It's just that length is boring.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/11(Mon)00:50 No.25212282
    Why would you want to get emotionally invested in something so terrible?
    >> Anonymous 04/18/11(Mon)00:59 No.25212479
    Nah, I know that, I hoped someone with an updater could have it saved, but that's unlikely.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/11(Mon)01:18 No.25212939
    Any attempt to make it work on Macs?
    >> BLAJT !RTicMkuHnE 04/18/11(Mon)01:29 No.25213281
    Guys, I was talking about this with a fellow brony. How bad ass would a time travel episode in which Rainbow dash loses the race AKA everyone's lives weren't changed forever be?
    >> Tripfag McGee !NHqdxYQAec 04/18/11(Mon)01:30 No.25213309
    Someone delete a picture ITT I need to post the marker.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/11(Mon)01:31 No.25213332

    Already had one ready for deletion for the marker.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/11(Mon)01:45 No.25213709
    Second season?

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