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  • File : 1301481049.png-(84 KB, 250x375, 1301183359391.png)
    84 KB MLP:FiM General Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:30 No.24695206  
    I know you'll prolly be pissed

    But this one's for real
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:31 No.24695217
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:34 No.24695248
    *runs though wall*
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:34 No.24695250
         File1301481266.png-(64 KB, 262x241, hate.png)
    64 KB
    Everybody stand back, im about to drop this fucking shit.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:34 No.24695257
    What about it?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:36 No.24695266
         File1301481365.jpg-(48 KB, 220x225, mlp_general.jpg)
    48 KB
    Too much bad juju in the other thread.
    >> CH23 !X3E3nl3pfQ 03/30/11(Wed)06:36 No.24695273
    Why are there suddenly over9000 MLP:TiF threads? (Trolling is Fun)

    This sucks...
    >> Giygas' Husbando !!tJbg4u7m4h8 03/30/11(Wed)06:37 No.24695282
         File1301481434.png-(169 KB, 636x356, 1291811372789.png)
    169 KB
    I estimate about ten pony pictures will offset that penis
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:37 No.24695287
    I can delete this. It's just the time of day and week
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:38 No.24695295
    Because trolls gonna troll, thinking they can get ponies banned.

    They fail to realize that they would have to do more than 5 generals in /co/ to piss the mods off enough to mass ban again.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:38 No.24695297
    Yep, this thread's official all right.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:39 No.24695314
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:39 No.24695315
         File1301481567.jpg-(61 KB, 596x335, 1290823950095.jpg)
    61 KB
    >complain about pony threads
    >make more pony threads
    that'll teach em!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:39 No.24695317
    Yep, cant report shitpostin.

    cant amke that image vanish off a blue board and bad the kid.
    >> Tanman 03/30/11(Wed)06:40 No.24695324
         File1301481617.png-(Spoiler Image, 453 KB, 1366x615, true love knows no bounds.png)
    Spoiler Image, 453 KB
    I finally snapped... I drew 34 and it's shipping at the same time, I'm sorry bronies... ;_;
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:41 No.24695336
         File1301481677.png-(154 KB, 700x700, Policepony.png)
    154 KB
    Stay in one damned thread. There's already another general up.

    >> Giygas' Husbando !!tJbg4u7m4h8 03/30/11(Wed)06:41 No.24695341
         File1301481705.gif-(Spoiler Image, 212 KB, 403x296, 129929020578.gif)
    Spoiler Image, 212 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:42 No.24695349
         File1301481751.jpg-(133 KB, 1123x630, Applejack_uncensored_hardcore.jpg)
    133 KB
    Bloomberg lost his apples somehow.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:42 No.24695355

    seriously? screw that thread. Guess what, if we don't bump it, it will die and go away. It's a shit thread anyway, nothing of value will be lost.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:43 No.24695359

    >obey the rules

    >> CH23 !X3E3nl3pfQ 03/30/11(Wed)06:44 No.24695368
    Yeah sorry... I was kinda hungry...
    >> Giygas' Husbando !!tJbg4u7m4h8 03/30/11(Wed)06:44 No.24695372
         File1301481850.png-(36 KB, 807x600, 1300311068233.png)
    36 KB
    You can't tell us what to doooooo~~~~~
    Besides, the OP for that one is too creepy, let it die
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:44 No.24695373
         File1301481851.png-(1.1 MB, 1920x1080, mlp-fs_arrh.png)
    1.1 MB
    Go figure the night I try being marker holder everything goes to shit.
    >> sage 03/30/11(Wed)06:44 No.24695380
         File1301481872.jpg-(29 KB, 343x356, 1300786786744.jpg)
    29 KB

    I highly doubt that these are regular pony threads, judging by the OP and followups. Regular bronies are just confused, and trying to salvage what they can find

    Darn parasprites
    >> Tanman 03/30/11(Wed)06:45 No.24695383

    Bloomburg's not in season right now. It's spring, the season of love, which is why Fluttertree is blooming.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:45 No.24695395

    You gave me wood
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:46 No.24695401
         File1301481965.jpg-(35 KB, 438x358, 1300827041163.jpg)
    35 KB

    >sage in namefield

    S-shut up, I'm tired okay?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:46 No.24695403
    >Multiple pony threads being bumped
    >Population too stubborn to go to one that's more active and has been up longer

    Guess all the rational people went to sleep, time I joined them.
    >> CH23 !X3E3nl3pfQ 03/30/11(Wed)06:46 No.24695410
         File1301482011.png-(79 KB, 347x500, and769.png)
    79 KB
    D'aww so cute ~<3
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:47 No.24695414

    Yeah, duh! you guys, GAW
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:47 No.24695417
    ...Why boner.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:49 No.24695435

    there's a different from a legitimate MLP thread, and a troll thread much like >>24692967

    please learn the difference, thank you.
    >> Giygas' Husbando !!tJbg4u7m4h8 03/30/11(Wed)06:50 No.24695445
         File1301482200.jpg-(134 KB, 640x360, 1299844997200.jpg)
    134 KB
    Well, I decided to go with the one that had the LEAST creepy OP.
    >> CHALLENGE Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:52 No.24695470
    Do you think you can do a Little Strongheart BG?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:54 No.24695494
         File1301482475.jpg-(72 KB, 496x563, 1290267492812.jpg)
    72 KB
    >2 poni threads
    >double the poni for me
    >> Tanman 03/30/11(Wed)06:54 No.24695499
         File1301482496.png-(199 KB, 640x360, that freakin face.png)
    199 KB

    you get me a good , full body, profile picture of her and yes, I'll do it. I'll stream it sometime maybe.
    >> CH23 !X3E3nl3pfQ 03/30/11(Wed)06:56 No.24695522
         File1301482599.png-(54 KB, 500x222, frequent754.png)
    54 KB
    This is a MLP thread, not a MLB thread...nah i'm just messing with ya
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:56 No.24695523
         File1301482607.jpg-(96 KB, 363x326, blow235.jpg)
    96 KB
    >> CH23 !X3E3nl3pfQ 03/30/11(Wed)06:58 No.24695538
         File1301482684.png-(219 KB, 500x337, view292.png)
    219 KB
    Who is that guy and why di i keep seeing him on /co/
    >> Tanman 03/30/11(Wed)06:58 No.24695541

    I don't get it
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:58 No.24695548
    More like a double rainbow amiright
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:58 No.24695549
    >My Little Buffalo
    >> CH23 !X3E3nl3pfQ 03/30/11(Wed)06:59 No.24695558
    MLB my little bizon...

    >> Giygas' Husbando !!tJbg4u7m4h8 03/30/11(Wed)06:59 No.24695561
    He's a sports newsanchor of some kind and a /v/ meme.
    Unfortunately, he's one of our shittier memes.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)07:00 No.24695564
         File1301482805.jpg-(110 KB, 288x499, voice091.jpg)
    110 KB
    Tony kornheiser
    >> Tanman 03/30/11(Wed)07:00 No.24695567
         File1301482811.jpg-(116 KB, 450x601, 1300419750342.jpg)
    116 KB

    I just went maximum derp.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)07:00 No.24695571
         File1301482827.jpg-(126 KB, 1200x1400, 1301333945717.jpg)
    126 KB
    Damn, I don't have the episode yet
    >> Mr.Rager !7eC0RPMSJc 03/30/11(Wed)07:00 No.24695585
         File1301482856.jpg-(141 KB, 402x475, cotton233.jpg)
    141 KB
    >/v/ meme
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)07:01 No.24695589

    >/v/ meme

    No, he's /sp/ meme.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)07:01 No.24695595
    >/v/ meme

    It's an /sp/ meme newfag.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)07:02 No.24695598
         File1301482953.png-(97 KB, 250x250, 1298492360037.png)
    97 KB
    >/v/ meme
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)07:03 No.24695617
         File1301483010.png-(87 KB, 291x291, dill.png)
    87 KB
    Really? That's all? I was expecting a more interesting explanation. That's so disappointing.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)07:06 No.24695652
    are bronies REALLY posting in that other thread?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)07:06 No.24695654
         File1301483199.jpg-(112 KB, 384x267, 1300693181359.jpg)
    112 KB

    Did he say, "why?" or something?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)07:07 No.24695663
    Ok here on an episode of PTI (the show he's on) there was a segment where Tony and his partner wilbon were talking about how the colt had given up on there game and on the screen it said "why did they colts give up" and Tony made that face and the rest is that
    >> CH23 !X3E3nl3pfQ 03/30/11(Wed)07:08 No.24695681
    Someone make a shoop of twhylite sparkle...please please pretty please....
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)07:09 No.24695690

    I see it now, that is pretty funny
    >> Giygas' Husbando !!tJbg4u7m4h8 03/30/11(Wed)07:09 No.24695693
         File1301483385.jpg-(842 KB, 3000x2400, 1300570778976.jpg)
    842 KB
    >Implying /sp/ doesn't steal all their meme's from /v/
    >> Mr.Rager !7eC0RPMSJc 03/30/11(Wed)07:10 No.24695700
         File1301483420.jpg-(774 KB, 999x764, again961.jpg)
    774 KB
    Here's the picture
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)07:13 No.24695727
         File1301483619.png-(80 KB, 428x510, 1294848511977.png)
    80 KB
    >>24695681 twhylite sparkle
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)07:19 No.24695787
         File1301483989.png-(39 KB, 945x945, 1301039087316.png)
    39 KB
    This thread has more why than ponies, I think ill go back over to the other mlp thread

    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)07:21 No.24695801
    needs more unhappy fluttershy.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)07:21 No.24695802
         File1301484103.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 37 KB, 420x405, oatmeal-after.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 37 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)07:26 No.24695846
         File1301484411.jpg-(91 KB, 1000x700, r1300148986074.jpg)
    91 KB
    D'aww, babby waifu
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:00 No.24696672
         File1301490051.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 61 KB, 600x353, 129882631417-1298367432873.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 61 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:03 No.24696695
    fluttershy? more like Slutershy amirite?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:03 No.24696697
         File1301490198.jpg-(113 KB, 677x523, 1301483620743.jpg)
    113 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:04 No.24696704
         File1301490291.jpg-(29 KB, 640x360, EightiesCheerilee.jpg)
    29 KB
    this thread had a bad start but no matter, we'll salvage it.

    it is implied that Cheerilee was in her teens/young adult phase in the 80s.
    This could mean she is in her 40s now.

    Question: would you still hit it?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:05 No.24696705
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:05 No.24696712
         File1301490351.jpg-(63 KB, 695x499, 1295247154322.jpg)
    63 KB
    Morning, Bronies!

    Happy Doctor's Day!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:06 No.24696720
    We're not pedophiles like /a/, of course we would.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:06 No.24696721
    Now? She's a pony.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:07 No.24696724
    Fuck you FiM: Aging is slow physically, so I'm sure if I were ever to "hit" ponies I would hit it as well.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:09 No.24696737
         File1301490574.png-(362 KB, 1719x960, old_drunk_ponny.png)
    362 KB
    reposting from the other thread - now with 20% less intrusive black rectangle in the upper-left
    >> Graham Kraker 03/30/11(Wed)09:12 No.24696765
         File1301490746.jpg-(370 KB, 890x890, married368.jpg)
    370 KB
    Any more of these?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:13 No.24696772
    Why is it doctor day?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:14 No.24696777
    Oh look, the other thread with the obvious troll starter and troll starting image disappeared.
    My my, what a surprise;...
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:16 No.24696793
    wait its Dr.whoof day?
    >> Ihatecards 03/30/11(Wed)09:16 No.24696795
    >dat filename
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:17 No.24696809
         File1301491043.png-(346 KB, 782x422, 1299883693045.png)
    346 KB
    My fellow fan, even ponies get breaks. Enjoy it while it lasts.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:18 No.24696818

    Speaking about AJ, where the fuck was she supposed to be during the night and the following day?
    She was nowhere to be seen until AFTER the buffalo attack, yunno.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:23 No.24696856
    What are you talking about?
    I knew about it, NO thread starting with the pic used before was ever good.
    It's not a mod who deleted it, it's the troll, because you were on it, thus my dismay at my fellow fans not knowing how to spot a troll thread ...
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:24 No.24696872
    I got it bad got it bad got it bad
    I'm hot for teacher
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:24 No.24696874
         File1301491458.jpg-(61 KB, 263x216, Applejack_yaaaay.jpg)
    61 KB
    She went to get Bloomberg. Invading hostile territory for the tree she loved. My, but that was an adventure in itself! Too bad y'all missed it.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:26 No.24696893
         File1301491603.jpg-(53 KB, 600x338, celdamn.jpg)
    53 KB
    >go to ponychan because it's mentioned on EqD

    >people talking about how the show changed their life and made them a better person

    >not an isolated incident

    >like seriously half the threads on the main board are about how MLP cured them of cancer or some shit

    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:28 No.24696910
    I still find it hard to believe the director came to them.
    I mean, the Derpy part and the lulzspeak doesn't seam very "professional" Flash was better than that.
    (Also I'm sad if they get a better light than us...)
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:29 No.24696927

    Just be glad you didnt see all the threads about people wanting to kill themselves and becomes ponies

    When someone brings up the subject here you can laugh and joke about it for five minutes before moving on.

    When someone has created an entire thread about it that recieves copious amounts of agreeing replies... something is abit off
    >> CH23 !X3E3nl3pfQ 03/30/11(Wed)09:29 No.24696933
         File1301491794.jpg-(321 KB, 567x800, care073.jpg)
    321 KB
    It brings me joy...
    But to say it changed my life? Nah not happening...
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:32 No.24696971
    Oh man. You would not believe how worked up (and, eventually, upset) people over there become when a new "if you could be a pony and live in equestria" thread gets posted.

    It would be funny if it wasn't so sad
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:34 No.24696984
    >visiting any board on ponychan other than /ep/

    There's your problem.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:36 No.24697004
         File1301492195.png-(162 KB, 314x310, twilight-derpy.png)
    162 KB
    But, but, Fluttershy! Ponies give me the strength to face all of life's problems! Why, just the other day I was diagnosed with cancer, and so my dad beat me with a hanger, and then my dog died, and then my mom beat me with my dog, and then my dog came back from the dead just to tell me he hated me, and then he bit my face, and then we had to amputate my foot for some reason! But then I just think about ponies and I sing Pinkie's song to myself and it makes all the pain go away! All the pain forever!

    Some... some day... I'm going to be a pony that I already am, and have friends like I do and then maybe Dash will love me! Some day!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:38 No.24697026
    I see you've read this post:

    >MLP gave me the courage to stand up to my abusive stepdad

    >> Giygas' Husbando !!tJbg4u7m4h8 03/30/11(Wed)09:39 No.24697039
         File1301492396.jpg-(91 KB, 1200x700, 1298496917897.jpg)
    91 KB
    Someday I will be with mai waifu
    Whether it is pony waifu in Equestria or regular waifu in Eagleland I do not know
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:40 No.24697041
         File1301492415.png-(252 KB, 440x578, 1299029155509.png)
    252 KB
    >User was a champ for this post
    That gets me every time.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:41 No.24697045
    this show will spawn an awfully creepy generation. Probably the next sonic fandom. deal with it.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:42 No.24697060
    Okay, let's have some debate.
    Least favorite character of the serie and why?
    Mine's Snip, pretty self explanatory...
    >> CH23 !X3E3nl3pfQ 03/30/11(Wed)09:42 No.24697063
    Whoever posted that is a cartoon...
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:45 No.24697090
         File1301492707.png-(29 KB, 444x368, pre_production.png)
    29 KB
    Figured out when pre-production stage for s02 stared (It's the stage when all the script, characters ans scenes being written and then approved for production:

    Pic related. First (and the only) reply from Lauren regarding s02 was in dec2010, when she said "I not sure if i can talk about that right now".
    Three days ago she confirmed that Luna will be only in s02. Wait, what? But we DO have a note about Luna already, it was... look at that, Feb2011. Luna was planned for s02 initially (why: because the whole script for s01 was finished before ep10 aired; means there was no luna comeback planned in a first place) and Lauren -- ofc -- knew that from the very beginning. That means s02 preproduction started somewhere in Jan-Feb of 2011.

    The main question still remains unknown: did they consider new TA (target auditory) for s02?

    When 4chan exploded with ponies again? Around feb16?
    >> Giygas' Husbando !!tJbg4u7m4h8 03/30/11(Wed)09:45 No.24697094
    Of the mane cast, probably Applejack, she just seems kinda boring compared to the other ponies.
    Of everybody, probably Big Macintosh or Diamond Dozen gang.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:46 No.24697110
    > ep10

    c:fixed erneive
    >> Shoe Brony 03/30/11(Wed)09:47 No.24697123
         File1301492867.jpg-(75 KB, 341x285, Kawaii sandwich 3.jpg)
    75 KB
    Greetings, bronies and gentlecolts.

    Shoe Brony here. I've got something to say, in fact I've written it down. Your attention please.
    >> CH23 !X3E3nl3pfQ 03/30/11(Wed)09:47 No.24697126
    Applejack is keeping the crew down to earth...
    And she's RD's waifu...
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:47 No.24697128
    That's the one where Lauren Faust actually responded to it because it was linked on her DA. As corny as it was, I smiled a little bit, but the problem with Ponychan is not that things like that exist. It's that a majority of the board is filled with it. It's the feeling that it's filled with nothing but sad, sad people, and that's pretty creepy on a different level.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:48 No.24697131
    Partly because of her character, partly her fans....Okay, MOSTLY her fans.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:48 No.24697132
    >did they consider new TA (target auditory) for s02?
    Target auditory? no.
    Toyline? yes.
    Enjoy your cristal fairy twilight, deep sea action pinky pie and red hat Applejack.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:48 No.24697136
    From the Big Six - AJ. I keep hoping that they make an episode in which she is unquestionably awesome (like Dash in SRB, or TS and PP in GIYC), but it hasn't happened yet. Until she has a breakout episode, she will be my least favorite. Applebuck Season doesn't count.

    From the one-off characters - probably Trixie. I just wanted her to STFU.
    >> Shoe Brony 03/30/11(Wed)09:48 No.24697137
         File1301492926.png-(358 KB, 655x625, Pony sneaker_Doctor Whoof.png)
    358 KB
    I come before you today with bad news. It's the day I thought would never come, the bullet I thought I could dodge forever. The ever popular My Little Pony: Friendship is magic shoes that I put so much heart into designing, have been axed completely by Zazzle. It's not just one or two designs this time, I'm afraid they're gone.

    I always knew this was a risk, and despite Zazzle essentially being a copyright infringement generator, Hasbro is no one to fuck around with. Considering how many close calls I've had, and how many times I've tangled with the content review department, it's a wonder I kept it up this long. However, no matter how many secret pony fans may work for Zazzle, after that run-in with the BBC over the Doctor Whoof shoes, they just couldn't turn a blind eye to those ponies any longer. With that much attention suddenly on them, Hasbro caught wind of them immediately, and called for their removal. Zazzle complied.

    Well beautiful friends, this is the end.
    >> Giygas' Husbando !!tJbg4u7m4h8 03/30/11(Wed)09:49 No.24697147
    I know that, but compared to the rest of them she doesn't have a lot of quirks.
    She's almost tied with Pinkie Pie, though.
    >> Shoe Brony 03/30/11(Wed)09:49 No.24697149
         File1301492976.jpg-(71 KB, 615x461, Timestamped shoe.jpg)
    71 KB
    BUT, this is no sad ending! While it is a bummer to know there are plenty who wont get the chance to get a pair of pony shoes they were looking forward to, it was a damn good run while it lasted, and I personally had a blast making these designs. Yes, it hurts to see all my hard work go down the drain, but in some small way I know it was worth it. Plus, I've accrued a nice chunk of change to spend on Toys For Tots donations come Christmas time. Since last Christmas, these shoes have netted roughly $565. That kinda change buys a lot of Pony toys. If these shoes had remained unnoticed until Christmas, I have no doubt it would have broken a thousand.

    Plus, it's a little premature to call this an ending. I'll be saving the money in my own little Pony Fund, and looking for ways to increase that number as well, the more donations I can buy the better. Hell, I may even make some new pony merch in the future, though maybe not with Zazzle since I'm really on their shit list now. And I want to say thanks to everyone that participated in this pony shoes project of mine. Whether you invested in a pair, gave feedback, or even just took the time to look. I mean it, thank you.

    Without a doubt, Friendship is magic.
    >> Klondike 03/30/11(Wed)09:50 No.24697155
         File1301493002.jpg-(6 KB, 252x260, 127.jpg)
    6 KB
    Lauren stop pretending to be anonymous.
    You look silly.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:50 No.24697159
    >red hat Applejack.
    Would be still better than fucking pink and blue.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:51 No.24697170
         File1301493069.png-(840 KB, 600x600, 1296245102996.png)
    840 KB
    >Father trying to mend broken relationship.
    >Blow him off and receive accolades for doing so.
    That guy pisses me off so much, I actually feel sick to my stomach.
    >> Shoe Brony 03/30/11(Wed)09:52 No.24697188
    Well, that was a bit sappy for just shoes, now that I read it again, but hey you write what you feel.

    Tl;dr, pony shoes are done for. But it was fun.
    >> Giygas' Husbando !!tJbg4u7m4h8 03/30/11(Wed)09:52 No.24697191
    He beat women and children, as far as I'm concerned that's unforgivable.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:53 No.24697194

    >Least favourite character

    Gilda, I just didnt like anything about her at all.

    Or Silver Spoon... for some reason I find her design off putting, though I'm not sure why
    >> CH23 !X3E3nl3pfQ 03/30/11(Wed)09:53 No.24697198
         File1301493204.jpg-(334 KB, 945x945, water983.jpg)
    334 KB
    <---- proof she's with RD

    Idk, i wouldn't change a far i'm really enjoying the show...
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:54 No.24697208
         File1301493261.png-(110 KB, 280x280, Twilight ^_^.png)
    110 KB
    This makes me sad. I loved the shoes, and although I didn't buy them (because gosh shoes are expensive), it made me happy to know they exist. Still, I'm glad you turned such a profit and that other people enjoyed the shoes. I look forward to seeing what else you might create!
    >> Giygas' Husbando !!tJbg4u7m4h8 03/30/11(Wed)09:55 No.24697217
    I don't think any of the ponies are in a lesbian relationship, I think RD and AJ are just best friend-rivals.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:55 No.24697222
         File1301493350.jpg-(123 KB, 640x362, 6584989841.jpg)
    123 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:57 No.24697239
    Its said by whomever wrote that story that he was legitimately remorseful and was properly attempting to reconnect with the family he has harmed in the past.
    >> Shoe Brony 03/30/11(Wed)09:57 No.24697245
    Even if I had never sold pair one, I had fun making them. the fact that I sold more than a hundred still amazes me, and it made me happy to know people enjoyed them as well.
    >> Giygas' Husbando !!tJbg4u7m4h8 03/30/11(Wed)10:00 No.24697270
    Probably should have been remorseful sometime before he beat the shit out of the defenseless
    All the remorse in the world won't keep that kid from being fucked up the rest of his life
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:03 No.24697311
         File1301493809.jpg-(74 KB, 600x774, jannapony_nowm.jpg)
    74 KB
    Meanwhile, in League of Legends...
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:04 No.24697327
         File1301493858.png-(161 KB, 1024x726, shoes are gone.png)
    161 KB
    Thanks for everything you've done.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:04 No.24697330
    Shows how weak the author's character is that he can't forgive a man trying to fix the mistakes of the past.
    Instead, he takes the man's one, long-shot chance to reconnect with his lost family and blows it up in his face. Sure he made you feel small and powerless as a child and now you've done the same to him.

    And no, its not a taste of his own medicine, its just being vindictive.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:05 No.24697336
         File1301493901.jpg-(30 KB, 630x431, TripleH.jpg)
    30 KB
    They have a fucking National Anthem for crying out loud!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:05 No.24697351
         File1301493946.jpg-(359 KB, 900x549, sonawebig.jpg)
    359 KB
    Support casters make the best ponies.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:05 No.24697353
         File1301493949.png-(165 KB, 640x480, D parody pinkie_pie Ren_and_St(...).png)
    165 KB
    >mfw he drew more twilight ren
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:06 No.24697361
         File1301493997.png-(149 KB, 490x463, 3742 - parody Ren_and_Stimpy t(...).png)
    149 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:07 No.24697368
         File1301494038.png-(764 KB, 936x2544, 3794 - comic rainbow_dash..png)
    764 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:07 No.24697373
         File1301494061.jpg-(179 KB, 586x831, luxonyuncolored.jpg)
    179 KB
    Lux, pony of luminosity.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:07 No.24697375
         File1301494074.png-(278 KB, 690x461, 3741 - parody pinkie_pie Ren_a(...).png)
    278 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:08 No.24697377
         File1301494088.jpg-(86 KB, 945x945, 1297570119945.jpg)
    86 KB
    >whizzing on the electric fence
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:08 No.24697382
         File1301494116.jpg-(54 KB, 945x945, 1301457935321.jpg)
    54 KB
    At least I know my Wonderbolts shoes are still on their way

    fuckin' zazzle
    >> Lord Megatron !!DyCajXxsLlP 03/30/11(Wed)10:08 No.24697384
         File1301494118.png-(239 KB, 560x429, Idonteven.png)
    239 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:09 No.24697393
    Thanks for reminding me of how long it's been since I played LoL. I need to get back into that game...
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:09 No.24697398
         File1301494177.png-(181 KB, 720x480, 3734 - parody twilight_sparkle(...).png)
    181 KB
    The face you're looking for is...
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:09 No.24697401
    So I heard that is some pony competition for LoL or something like that. Can I get link to it?
    >> Shoe Brony 03/30/11(Wed)10:09 No.24697402
    Thank you for the screencap. Plus like I said, I'm not done yet. Personally, I can't wait for Christmas. Last year's donation run was way fun, and it showed a bunch of folks who like ponies can do a little good in the world.

    I'll probably repost the whole message again in another thread maybe this afternoon, just to spread the word. Now that I don't have my shoes, I'm at a total mental block as to what to make next...
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:11 No.24697435
    Pretty awesome already, the guy should up the prize to 25/15/10 within the 25th best instead of what he picked, already a lot of good pic!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:13 No.24697457
         File1301494390.jpg-(10 KB, 325x280, NOENTRY.jpg)
    10 KB

    Seems one of the forum moderators is giving our Riot points for the best drawn LoL ponies.

    Crazy participation.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:13 No.24697470
         File1301494428.jpg-(24 KB, 330x410, braveheart.jpg)
    24 KB
    They may take down your stuff. But they will never take PONIES!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:14 No.24697489
         File1301494487.jpg-(222 KB, 800x600, New Canvas copia.jpg)
    222 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:17 No.24697537
         File1301494641.jpg-(36 KB, 622x449, 1972 - braveheart parody photo(...).jpg)
    36 KB
    >> CH23 !X3E3nl3pfQ 03/30/11(Wed)10:17 No.24697540
         File1301494652.jpg-(425 KB, 1000x671, cup128.jpg)
    425 KB
    Pure gold, have my chainsaw...
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:17 No.24697541
         File1301494653.png-(230 KB, 600x600, heavy_pack.png)
    230 KB
    Pony Fortress 2 time?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:19 No.24697570
    Was just waiting for it. Fukken saved.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:19 No.24697580
    I quit playing LoL awhile.
    Holy fucking shit Riot does stupid things that piss me off sometimes.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:20 No.24697582
    Who's that supposed to be?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:21 No.24697600
         File1301494860.jpg-(51 KB, 750x750, 2809 - parody planescape_torme(...).jpg)
    51 KB
    You haven't seen half of what I've seen, here's ponyscape torment.
    What changes the nature of a pony?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:21 No.24697603
         File1301494867.jpg-(2.08 MB, 2061x4800, 1301437695998.jpg)
    2.08 MB
    carrot cake time

    banana cake is better fyi
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:22 No.24697621
         File1301494968.png-(941 KB, 1280x1024, 3388 - applejack spy Team_Fort(...).png)
    941 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:22 No.24697622
         File1301494971.jpg-(131 KB, 700x550, Shony.jpg)
    131 KB

    Lux, she shots lasers and like her brother Garen shouts DEMENCIA when she ults.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:24 No.24697638
         File1301495043.gif-(460 KB, 200x200, 1300046789324.gif)
    460 KB
    >>24697402 can't be..
    I was planning on buying a pair sometime next week..
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:24 No.24697639
    The outfit looks nothing like Lux's
    >> Klondike 03/30/11(Wed)10:24 No.24697652

    >> Shoe Brony 03/30/11(Wed)10:25 No.24697670
    Awesome, you guys are all awesome.

    I fell like I should post my design pics now that they aren't up to look at anymore, or something.
    >> Shoe Brony 03/30/11(Wed)10:27 No.24697698
    I'm really sorry bro. That's what bums me out the most, I know there were people gearing up to get a pair. Plus there are still a number of orders in limbo, and now that the shoes have been deleted, I have no way of knowing whether or not Zazzle will complete those orders or just cancel and refund them.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:28 No.24697713
         File1301495297.jpg-(30 KB, 699x575, 1291481937609.jpg)
    30 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:30 No.24697742
    THIS is what we should show to Lauren.
    Not anything that goes on ponychan like people keep advertising for!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:30 No.24697747
    Actually I sent an email off to zazzle yesterday for this express purpose.

    >Hello Dickbutt,

    >Thanks for contacting the support team at

    >As your order has already been placed and processed, the design is retained in our system and your shoes will be printed as ordered.

    So unless something goes horribly horribly wrong then everyone with an order on standby will still be getting their shoes at least
    >> Shoe Brony 03/30/11(Wed)10:32 No.24697768
    Oh my goodness, you have no idea how much better that makes me feel, I was really concerned for that. Thank you so much, that put my mind at ease.
    >> CH23 !X3E3nl3pfQ 03/30/11(Wed)10:32 No.24697773

    couldn't you've just used [redacted] instead?

    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:35 No.24697818
         File1301495733.jpg-(108 KB, 459x502, FREEEEEEDOOOOOMMMMMM.jpg)
    108 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:37 No.24697840
         File1301495828.jpg-(52 KB, 500x331, Zecora_after_eating_candyvag.jpg)
    52 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:37 No.24697842
         File1301495839.jpg-(317 KB, 883x883, 1300219867392.jpg)
    317 KB
    I like where this is going.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:38 No.24697873
         File1301495921.png-(343 KB, 640x491, she__s_a_evil_enchantress____b(...).png)
    343 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:39 No.24697883
         File1301495948.jpg-(182 KB, 643x361, Sin título-1.jpg)
    182 KB
    is cute
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:39 No.24697884

    I don't understand how Zazzle works, but can't we just custom specify the designs ourselves?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:40 No.24697894
    >big applejack
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:44 No.24697971
         File1301496267.png-(29 KB, 945x945, 1301250487426.png)
    29 KB
    You can make your own designs on Zazzle without having to open a store. If Shoebrony released the images he used for his designs then people could still order the shoes by using the online designer. I imagine individual orders coming from single people would draw a lot less attention than a store.

    Certainly worth a try, at least.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:44 No.24697975
         File1301496284.jpg-(786 KB, 1680x1050, lyra_the_jedi_by_don_komandorr(...).jpg)
    786 KB
    >> Shoe Brony 03/30/11(Wed)10:44 No.24697976
    My designs are now perm-banned at Zazzle. The same thing has actually happened to me before on some other things I've made. Plus, if I give out the designs to other people to make, that violates a few conditions that could come back to bite me in the ass legally, especially now that Hasbro themselves have personally stepped in to resolve the issue.

    Believe me, if I could just give out the material to make them, I would. But I'd rather now be sued for doing so.
    >> Nappy 03/30/11(Wed)10:45 No.24697986
         File1301496327.png-(45 KB, 433x411, gummykton.png)
    45 KB

    ...What? Do I have someone in my teeth?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:51 No.24698048
         File1301496682.jpg-(74 KB, 720x498, weird_ponies_by_glitchbreaker-(...).jpg)
    74 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:52 No.24698061
         File1301496725.jpg-(804 KB, 2160x840, princess_luna__s_new_dress_by_(...).jpg)
    804 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:52 No.24698062
         File1301496730.png-(13 KB, 212x257, 1300339036549.png)
    13 KB
    That sucks, but thanks again for making these wonderful designs while they lasted and good luck with your future endeavors
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:56 No.24698112
         File1301496974.jpg-(257 KB, 787x787, ditzy_and_showers_in_trouble_b(...).jpg)
    257 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:58 No.24698143
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:58 No.24698153
    >no pincushion Spike
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)10:59 No.24698154
         File1301497144.jpg-(38 KB, 480x360, 1300740125735.jpg)
    38 KB
    >> Shoe Brony 03/30/11(Wed)11:00 No.24698171
         File1301497209.jpg-(36 KB, 685x626, Pony sneaker_Twilight.jpg)
    36 KB
    Thanks, hopefully I can come up with something in the future as cool as these were, or at least 20% cooler.

    Even if I can post my design materials, for legal reasons, at the very least I can still post these. Plus I made some vector images of a few cutie marks a while back that are floating around out there. Actually, Shirt Brony is using a few of my vectors on his shirts, which all look awesome in my opinion.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:00 No.24698179
         File1301497255.jpg-(186 KB, 1864x632, 1301269561981.jpg)
    186 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:01 No.24698196
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:03 No.24698206
         File1301497394.png-(156 KB, 484x364, flapass.png)
    156 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:04 No.24698220
         File1301497449.jpg-(647 KB, 900x3902, friendship_is_magic_by_sharpie(...).jpg)
    647 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:04 No.24698224
         File1301497456.png-(373 KB, 720x540, 1301198357394.png)
    373 KB
    >MFW next episode isn't going to have a Celestia who breaks out of character in anger that Fluttershy stole her bird.

    Its just gonna be "Oh.. well your intentions were pure. Its okay to help Fluttershy X3"

    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:06 No.24698255
         File1301497588.jpg-(411 KB, 820x576, edge.jpg)
    411 KB
    Why does Brock Lesnar have a pony head?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:07 No.24698264
         File1301497632.png-(663 KB, 1280x833, 1301456653855.png)
    663 KB
    It'll be the dealing with loss episode, wherein Fluttershy inadvertently kills Celestia's pet whilst trying to help it.

    >captcha: theory heysih
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:07 No.24698266
    it's been a while and I forget, what spawned evil queenbitch Celestia again? Was it just because she locked her own sister away for a thousand years?
    >> Shoe Brony 03/30/11(Wed)11:09 No.24698289
    I think it was just funny to think of a literal god-queen as being a dictator, rather than sweet and motherly all the time.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:12 No.24698342
    It's because she's sweeter than sugar and flawlessly pure every single second in the show without even a hint of being malicious in any way at all ever. So people dreamed up several incarnations which are the opposite of that.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:12 No.24698344
    Its really cause she locked her own sister away for 1000 years. That and its always funny to think about how a princess, even though royal, goes off the edge sometimes.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:12 No.24698347
         File1301497955.png-(469 KB, 724x800, 1301276512645.png)
    469 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:12 No.24698351

    > Spike is giving a Poison Joak flower to Rarity.
    >> Nopony Important !!cPL2ODLVq0x 03/30/11(Wed)11:15 No.24698386
    Least favorite... Background characters, Silver Spoon and That Other Bitch. It used to be Snips and Snails, then I had a dream where they grew up to be Equestria's Penn and Teller, and now I can't hate them anymore.

    One shot characters, Gilda. She made Fluttershy cry.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:16 No.24698412
    >She made Fluttershy cry.

    crying fluttershy is the best fluttershy. Gilda should return and in her vengeance frenzy qhe should rip Fluttershy's wings and drink her delicious tears mixed with blood.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:17 No.24698423
         File1301498246.jpg-(25 KB, 640x360, AngryTwi.jpg)
    25 KB
    My face, when I suddenly hate April Fools day, because it cancelled ponies.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:17 No.24698426
    >crying fluttershy is the best fluttershy.

    You're a MONSTER
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:18 No.24698438
         File1301498295.png-(214 KB, 643x361, Sin título-1.png)
    214 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:18 No.24698440
    >>24698412 crying fluttershy is the best fluttershy

    I humbly request a comic of Fluttershy crying and crying while she makes onion salad for Angel.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:19 No.24698457
    april fools day = G3 marathon.
    >> Hoppip !KITtY./F5s!!crHNH6BGTIA 03/30/11(Wed)11:21 No.24698484
         File1301498481.png-(77 KB, 295x300, 1299786322353.png)
    77 KB
    wouldn't you get a bit bored ruling over a society with no wars or anything for over 1000 years?

    plushie update: stuffed head with newspaper for now. Muzzle is almost non-existant. Need to redo it

    though I did go into london today and found some stuff for putting images onto fabric. Kinda like iron-on stuff but not really. Will see how that goes

    also cinnabons are the best things ever
    >> CH23 !X3E3nl3pfQ 03/30/11(Wed)11:21 No.24698496
    I hope for you that they won't do that, because i WILL find you, and do fantastic things to you...
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:25 No.24698551
    It will still involve Celestia being very distraught, which will be awesome.

    Either that or she'll be kept in the dark about the whole situation by the other ponies.

    I predict High Tier or Celestia Tier no matter what.
    >> Shoe Brony 03/30/11(Wed)11:25 No.24698560
    Plushies? That sounds interesting, I haven't heard about this.
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 03/30/11(Wed)11:28 No.24698616
    which part of london? I may know a couple good craft shops you might be able to use
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:29 No.24698626
    Someone do this please.

    I'd never watch the episode on my own accord, but if it was streamed-
    >> Hoppip !KITtY./F5s!!crHNH6BGTIA 03/30/11(Wed)11:29 No.24698638
         File1301498988.jpg-(294 KB, 1546x433, DSCF1329.jpg)
    294 KB
    eeeeyup. Making first prototype at the moment. Pattern is complicated as FUCK right now though

    I am making these to sell but I'll be keeping it a lot more "underground"... heard about what happened to your stuff, sorry bro

    somewhere off oxford street. Whole load of art/craft shops back there
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:30 No.24698644
    Well, look how everything is run.
    Look how the ponies are afraid of the Everfree forest.
    Look how everything is tightly controlled in equestria, including the weather.Meanwhile everything is normal.
    Clearly the ponies live in a bubble and Celestia is ruling them all, she use the raising sun and moon as a lie to keep them in line, and showed no evil side because so far, no one was bright enough to contest her regime.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:30 No.24698649
    Oh fuck, you're British also? I was worried that it would cost far too much to get some shipped here.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:31 No.24698658
         File1301499060.png-(54 KB, 943x943, 1300828715689.png)
    54 KB
    If it was streamed I still wouldn't watch it. G3 is horrifying.
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 03/30/11(Wed)11:32 No.24698684
    dont forget to try camden market. Also around lambeth, youd be surprised. very bohemian
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:35 No.24698737
         File1301499322.jpg-(150 KB, 640x480, 1301485270121.jpg)
    150 KB
    I know you're not gonna do a Dash plushie until you find something for her hair, but once you do, all my money, etc.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:35 No.24698748
         File1301499345.png-(262 KB, 633x475, MLPtwinklewish21.png)
    262 KB

    Make it G 3.5 for the ultimate Trollprank.
    Pic related: G 3.5 Pinkie Pie.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:36 No.24698759
         File1301499374.gif-(407 KB, 330x186, Fluttershy_pounced_on_Pinkie-P(...).gif)
    407 KB
    >> Hoppip !KITtY./F5s!!crHNH6BGTIA 03/30/11(Wed)11:36 No.24698762
    if I'm ever around those areas I'll check it out
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:37 No.24698781
         File1301499471.jpg-(34 KB, 504x512, Takhisis.jpg)
    34 KB
    >evil queenbitch
    Requesting NMM as Takhisis.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:39 No.24698802
         File1301499572.png-(53 KB, 243x237, 1300403308450.png)
    53 KB
    dude at least spoil that shit if you're gonna post it
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:39 No.24698804
    I'll never gonna get these colors...
    >> Shoe Brony 03/30/11(Wed)11:39 No.24698809
    Sounds cool, and yeah definitely try to keep it discreet. I did my best while I could, but at least you wont have a content review department breathing down your neck. Just watch out for the eyes of Hasbro.

    I may want to get one myself when they're done.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:42 No.24698845
         File1301499734.png-(291 KB, 633x475, MLPtwinklewish55.png)
    291 KB

    Say "Hi" to G 3.5 Rainbow Dash.
    >> CH23 !X3E3nl3pfQ 03/30/11(Wed)11:42 No.24698847
    I know you're not gonna do a Dash plushie until you find something for her hair, but once you do, all my money, etc.

    I copypasta this and really mean it too!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:43 No.24698858
         File1301499796.jpg-(54 KB, 213x211, horrifiedpinkie.jpg)
    54 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:43 No.24698865
         File1301499832.png-(727 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2011-03-22-22h27m32s22(...).png)
    727 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:43 No.24698869
         File1301499837.png-(110 KB, 452x229, 1301252792727..png)
    110 KB
    I had a dream that Rainbow Dash saved me from a fucking LONG and DANGEROUS fall, I was holding onto this very limp and cracked branch. I was about to fall then Rainbow Dash swooped in and saved me and then I woke up.

    Yes, my dreams are fucked up.
    But trust me, it was way awesome when i had it. It was like, raining for some reason.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:44 No.24698870
    The thing that freaks me out about those things are their front legs.
    >> Hoppip !KITtY./F5s!!crHNH6BGTIA 03/30/11(Wed)11:44 No.24698885
         File1301499891.png-(204 KB, 479x352, YOURSOUL2.png)
    204 KB
    If I can't find something for her hair I'll just have to do it myself. But it may not look as good and it might end up costing a bit more, but everything's still up in the air at this point pun not intended

    >> CH23 !X3E3nl3pfQ 03/30/11(Wed)11:45 No.24698893
    Will you please go DIAF

    This shit is worse than gore
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:46 No.24698902
         File1301499964.jpg-(70 KB, 880x664, Grown-up-Blank-Flank.jpg)
    70 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:46 No.24698914
         File1301500008.png-(346 KB, 600x480, vlcsnap-2011-03-30-11h39m54s94.png)
    346 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:46 No.24698916
         File1301500019.jpg-(12 KB, 267x257, 1300505063739.jpg)
    12 KB
    I dreamt I gouged some guy's eyes out at a gas station because he went around kicking everyone in the balls

    pic slightly related
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:47 No.24698923
         File1301500041.png-(352 KB, 600x480, vlcsnap-2011-03-30-11h38m20s14(...).png)
    352 KB
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 03/30/11(Wed)11:48 No.24698948
    any guitarfriends on tonight? I have something to ask, and i couldnt get help yesterday
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:50 No.24698979
    can i /r/ing for Cheerilee image?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:50 No.24698992
    >implying that's anywhere remotely weird
    Dude, I had a dream Rarity changed my gender with magic, and spent a whole days dressing me up in pony dresses and making me model for her.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:51 No.24698996
         File1301500272.png-(115 KB, 360x360, MLP Pinkieface.png)
    115 KB
    >mfw there will actually be an episode on April Fool's Day because APRIL FOOLS
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 03/30/11(Wed)11:52 No.24699016
    oh I remember you. Anymore dreams since?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:52 No.24699026
         File1301500345.png-(571 KB, 3259x2949, 1295773941527.png)
    571 KB
    Which Cheerilee image? here's a big ass vector of Young Cheerilee.
    >> CH23 !X3E3nl3pfQ 03/30/11(Wed)11:52 No.24699028
         File1301500354.jpg-(348 KB, 945x945, bit401.jpg)
    348 KB
    To think i wanted this thread to 404 this morning because it was so awfull...

    All it needed was friendship and magic, now it's awesum!

    pic related: what i wanted to see instead of this thread
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:53 No.24699046
         File1301500428.png-(308 KB, 600x480, vlcsnap-2011-03-30-11h52m56s24(...).png)
    308 KB
    >> CH23 !X3E3nl3pfQ 03/30/11(Wed)11:54 No.24699057
    And is that what you want IRL?

    I know i wouldn't mind...
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:54 No.24699070
    Talking about it in detail before made me have the same dream again. And it was just as vivid the second time.

    So yeah, wake up confused from that one.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:56 No.24699092
         File1301500608.png-(Spoiler Image, 115 KB, 400x400, 1300491304144-(n1300769021191).png)
    Spoiler Image, 115 KB
    YFW when we do get an April fools episode and it's based on cupcakes
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:56 No.24699094
    Shoe Brony, if you're still around, could you post a pic of Rarity shoes if you designed any? I heard about the shirts before I got into MLP but I didn't know much about the shoes. While they can't be ordered, we can still admire the craftsmanship.

    Please and thanks.
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 03/30/11(Wed)11:57 No.24699101
    of all the recurring dreams to have, you sure picked a good 'un
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:57 No.24699105
         File1301500648.png-(640 KB, 1500x1100, fitp_ponies_dance_party.png)
    640 KB
    Secret bonus episode!
    45 minute 80s-theme dance party!
    >> Rein !!LoP9vyOv6Ig 03/30/11(Wed)11:58 No.24699117
         File1301500688.png-(118 KB, 801x481, 1299292083017.png)
    118 KB
    Big Apple, 3 A.M
    >> Shoe Brony 03/30/11(Wed)11:58 No.24699130
         File1301500724.jpg-(37 KB, 683x615, Pony sneaker_Wonderbolts.jpg)
    37 KB
    Bronies, I'm taking off for now. Thanks again for everyone's words on the shoes. It's sad to see them go, but it was a fun ride for sure.

    If anyone is interested, I'll probably put up a download of my design images later. I'm going to be using them as part of my portfolio from now on, whenever I try to get any graphic design jobs, so I'll make a nice pretty image collection soon.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)11:59 No.24699147
         File1301500788.jpg-(10 KB, 265x260, Caramel-after-the-operation.jpg)
    10 KB

    I remember you too. It was in the Caramel genderbender discussion last night.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:00 No.24699153
    > YFW when
    >Your face when
    >Your face when when
    >when when

    Seriously? Am I being trolled here?
    >> Shoe Brony 03/30/11(Wed)12:00 No.24699158
         File1301500813.jpg-(35 KB, 704x641, Pony sneaker_Rarity.jpg)
    35 KB
    Oh, yeah here you go. They were called Fashionista, and they were my best seller for a while.

    I like to think these might have even made Rarity herself proud.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:00 No.24699159
    Hey Gilda!

    Bring that statute back... bloated bean bag!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:00 No.24699168
    any kind of images... try to found an image that i haven't already seen about Cheerilee
    >> Rein !!LoP9vyOv6Ig 03/30/11(Wed)12:02 No.24699185
    Grand Galloping Gala
    the final saddle-shock
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:02 No.24699193
    I'm not that guy, but I've been touting the idea of rule 63'd Caramel since Winter Wrap Up aired. Remember, in the very first episode there was an Apple family member named Caramel Apple. My theory was that maybe the two were the same, and Caramel just switches genders whenever he can.

    Damn it, now people listen to me.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:03 No.24699204
    Thank you! Oh man, it looks amazing. If I knew they existed, and I had the dosh, and they were available in my size, and the colours were reversed I'd have ordered a pair. And I'm a guy.
    >> CH23 !X3E3nl3pfQ 03/30/11(Wed)12:03 No.24699217
         File1301501027.jpg-(270 KB, 600x600, stiff504.jpg)
    270 KB
    That picture+that music = epic
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:04 No.24699221
    It's not Metal Slug reference, is it?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:04 No.24699222
    Actually, I didn't post my dream last night, I did a few days ago, I think. Oh great, don't tell me it's become a copypasta?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:05 No.24699244
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:05 No.24699247
    Now we need to see female Big Macintosh and Dr. Whooves.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:05 No.24699251
    Turtles in Time
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:07 No.24699275
         File1301501245.gif-(8 KB, 125x125, 1298852977153.gif)
    8 KB
    you're internet famous congrats
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:07 No.24699276
    Y'know what? Forget the colour swap. That doesn't even make sense. I'd have ordered a pair anyways.

    To those who did buy a pair, how much did they cost total?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:08 No.24699296
    I'm not sure how to feel about that.
    >> CH23 !X3E3nl3pfQ 03/30/11(Wed)12:08 No.24699298
    Female doctor whooves?
    Very unlikely...he's too sexy and manly to get rule 63'd
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:09 No.24699305
    $65 before S/H
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:09 No.24699308
         File1301501361.jpg-(38 KB, 500x938, 1301442734998.jpg)
    38 KB
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 03/30/11(Wed)12:09 No.24699309
         File1301501362.jpg-(180 KB, 1440x900, hnnnnnng.jpg)
    180 KB
    nobody? I could really use some peer assistence.
    In fact anyone with any instrument or musical knowledge
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:10 No.24699327
         File1301501418.jpg-(31 KB, 462x355, fandom.jpg)
    31 KB
    Who'd have known - two weeks between episodes and look what happens
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:10 No.24699337

    I've got a degree in voice performance.

    Depending on what your question is, maybe I can help. I know next to nothing about guitar, though.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:11 No.24699341
    Actually it was just screencapped and posted in the thread if I remember right.
    >> Wolf Nanaki !u.j5JPjwHM 03/30/11(Wed)12:11 No.24699343
         File1301501477.png-(125 KB, 600x600, 1545 - big_macintosh dress rul(...).png)
    125 KB
    Don't count on that. Rule 63, remember?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:11 No.24699344
    The pony shoes were $65, and well worth it. I got a pair of Rainbow Dash shoes, and the quality is really high. They're comfy as hell too, they're my go to shoes.

    There was a female incarnation of the Doctor in a really good parody episode the BBC made a while ago, it even had Rowen Atkinson and Hugh Grant as the Doctor.
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 03/30/11(Wed)12:12 No.24699364
    hmm, maybe. I doubt it though, its concerning a chord progression im contemplating using.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:14 No.24699393
         File1301501651.png-(777 KB, 640x767, Spike_wants-a-kiss-(n129991151(...).png)
    777 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:14 No.24699404

    Ah, probably not then. I could help you if you're just looking for a chord analysis, but if you want more than that you're gonna need someone who actually plays.
    >> /co/smonaut petro/v/ 03/30/11(Wed)12:15 No.24699410

    Wow those old cartoons were terrible with facial expressions
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:15 No.24699411
    >>24699305 I guess that's not too bad considering they're custom made. Cheaper than certain running shoes too. Would've been worth it. Hypothetically speaking, what's to stop someone from uploading a pattern and having their own MLP shoes made for themselves? Hypothetically speaking of course?

    Do they come in size 15s?
    >> CH23 !X3E3nl3pfQ 03/30/11(Wed)12:15 No.24699415
         File1301501733.jpg-(120 KB, 480x360, powder808.jpg)
    120 KB
    This was discussed a few days ago...we're not like the sonic fandom because ponies are cute and sonic isn't

    Pic related,it's what every sonic fan likes
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:16 No.24699430

    Just don't respond to it anymore. It's tiresome.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:16 No.24699432
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:16 No.24699437

    You managed to sexually excite a few repressed manchildren, latching onto a childrens' cartoon character in the process. I'd be pretty fucking weirded out right now, assuming you're not a repressed manchild yourself.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:17 No.24699443
    Quite possibly the greatest episode of Doctor Who ever.
    >> Nopony Important !!cPL2ODLVq0x 03/30/11(Wed)12:17 No.24699448
         File1301501862.jpg-(30 KB, 600x750, I_WANT_TO_BELIEVE..jpg)
    30 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:17 No.24699451
    I just checked and they're only available in size 14.....

    But seriously, again, what's to keep someone from making their own custom shoes off of Shoe Brony's designs? Assuming of course that Shoe Brony is cool with that?
    >> CH23 !X3E3nl3pfQ 03/30/11(Wed)12:18 No.24699454
    There's not even rule 34 of doctor who!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:18 No.24699459

    >implying it couldn't be Cramel's twin sister
    >> /co/smonaut petro/v/ 03/30/11(Wed)12:19 No.24699470


    This is the interntet. I'm sure if we look we'll find it somewhere in here.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:19 No.24699477
    The only went as high as 14, but they seem to run a little big. I got my RD shoes in 13, but they feel like they could fit a bigger foot.

    Either way, the whole pony shoe thing has been deleted by Zazzle.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:20 No.24699485
         File1301502007.png-(26 KB, 945x945, 1301254624668.png)
    26 KB
    You could make your own design and I doubt Zazzle would notice a one-off order as opposed to an entire store. Shoebrony isn't releasing the images that he used for the design process for fear for legal repercussions which is entirely understandable.

    Nothing stopping you from making your own from scratch though I guess, worst they could do is say no.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:20 No.24699489
    Try reading the thread
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:20 No.24699490

    'oh no someone is pointing out fucking the weirdos inhabiting this thread'

    >My theory was that maybe the two were the same, and Caramel just switches genders whenever he can.

    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:21 No.24699504

    We all know that Caramel just wanted to get in on the rampant Applecest, but Big Mac didn't swing that way. So, he did what he had to to fit in at the family reunion...
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:21 No.24699507
    Right there, the BBC made it's own 63 of Doctor Who years ago.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:21 No.24699508
         File1301502082.jpg-(24 KB, 303x242, 1297503814359.jpg)
    24 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:24 No.24699547
    Sorry, my bad. I completely missed the post you linked to. My apologies in advance. Those specific designs are banned then, and the store is closed down. Just means a little creativity is in order......Well thanks!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:26 No.24699572
    Derp, double posting but oh well. That's what I sort of had in mind. Maybe in future.... I definitely wouldn't want to get Shoe Brony in trouble. I wonder if Hasbro wouldn't be open to making this into a real business.

    Show Brony, if you're still around, have you considered contacting Hasbro and hatching a business deal?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:27 No.24699595
         File1301502443.jpg-(158 KB, 800x800, yandershy.jpg)
    158 KB
    Something wrong, friend?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:28 No.24699618
    Well, that was my theory. Maybe it's a hobby of his. Be a female pony on the weekends or when he can, and a male pony when he needs to work, like during WWU. That could also explain why he seem to be kinda meek and effeminate.

    Plus, it's a world where magic is commonplace and at least a third of the population can do it easily. Maybe he just has a unicorn friend of his poof him female when he wants.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:31 No.24699662
         File1301502701.png-(618 KB, 1366x768, Shoes.png)
    618 KB
    Not nearly as good as Shoe Brony....

    Nothing stopping me from customizing them after I order them right?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:32 No.24699669
         File1301502732.jpg-(48 KB, 600x338, 1296094724570.jpg)
    48 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:33 No.24699699
    Anyone have any good pics of Big Mac? Preferably some higher res snaps from the show.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:35 No.24699736
         File1301502932.jpg-(72 KB, 640x714, hmm-nah.jpg)
    72 KB
    >my little sister watches the show with me
    >she probably likes it more than I do
    >maybe not though
    >it's her birthday tomorrow
    >go to store to get her a card
    >look closer
    >not FiM ponies
    >> Wolf Nanaki !u.j5JPjwHM 03/30/11(Wed)12:37 No.24699768
         File1301503047.jpg-(88 KB, 928x896, 130127169224.jpg)
    88 KB
    Hey guys, I had a thought this morning.
    What if this weekend, we had a big fundraiser for Japan in the MLP server? We all play around and play ponybeats on a ponyfied map, and people who buy the Japan donation items get awesome benefits, like all-crits or whatever?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:38 No.24699786
    There's a MLP server for TF2?!

    Gimmie dat IP.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:39 No.24699799
         File1301503174.png-(767 KB, 1496x844, nope.png)
    767 KB
    we talkin' TF2 here sugarcube?
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 03/30/11(Wed)12:41 No.24699823
    dont agree with the awesome benefits bit, but i like the idea.
    >> /co/smonaut petro/v/ 03/30/11(Wed)12:41 No.24699824

    Twilight WOULD be a sniper
    >> Wolf Nanaki !u.j5JPjwHM 03/30/11(Wed)12:42 No.24699836
         File1301503334.png-(147 KB, 472x449, 3387 - big_macintosh heavy min(...).png)
    147 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:43 No.24699869
         File1301503431.jpg-(17 KB, 380x369, 1298645788245.jpg)
    17 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:43 No.24699872
    Wasn't someone working on T2 pony skins for the classes? I remember seeing an AJ one for the engineer somewhere.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:44 No.24699883
         File1301503466.png-(827 KB, 1352x1012, yep.png)
    827 KB
    Why aren't we doing this right now?
    >> Poultron !p.s6MMgH66 03/30/11(Wed)12:44 No.24699886
    if you want to add me on steam or something i can just invite you to the group. name is robotchicken1 i'm pretty sure.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:44 No.24699888
    is there more of that image?
    >> Poultron !p.s6MMgH66 03/30/11(Wed)12:45 No.24699899
    that was an entire model. it was pretty well-done but also really weird. also no viewmodels so it was a no-download for me, i'm sure it's on fpsbanana if you want to dig through their atrocious interface
    >> Wolf Nanaki !u.j5JPjwHM 03/30/11(Wed)12:45 No.24699906

    You'd want the edited version, not the full one.
    But both versions are furry.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:48 No.24699945

    In that case, I'll pass.
    >> Poultron !p.s6MMgH66 03/30/11(Wed)12:48 No.24699951
         File1301503737.png-(267 KB, 500x500, 1300181287349.png)
    267 KB
    slow thread today, you dopes all at work or something?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:51 No.24699987
    Work is for suckers
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:51 No.24699997
    'mage limit.
    Could somebody do another one?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:51 No.24700008
    Can't connect to steam where I am, but I made a note so I'll add you later. Most likely......sometime next week?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:52 No.24700018
    I just lurk really. I can't post anything smart, and too many trolls about.
    >> Wolf Nanaki !u.j5JPjwHM 03/30/11(Wed)12:54 No.24700052
    You can find it here, bro.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:55 No.24700062
    I think people are just waiting for a new thread, since we're at limit.

    Care to make a new thread? Please include a link to the previous general and a topic. Like what what vidya you would send to your favorite pony.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:55 No.24700068
    It's ironic that Spy Rarity will be the first to kill Fluttershy and Spike
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:55 No.24700070

    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:57 No.24700094
    >> Knigh/tg/uy 03/30/11(Wed)12:57 No.24700110
    Double joined.

    You'll probably end up playing with my little brother more often.
    >> Dr. White !!/zv2MTbpUH9 03/30/11(Wed)12:57 No.24700111

    New Thread
    >> Wolf Nanaki !u.j5JPjwHM 03/30/11(Wed)12:58 No.24700120

    New thread!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:58 No.24700129
    >> Wolf Nanaki !u.j5JPjwHM 03/30/11(Wed)12:58 No.24700130
    >> Dr. White !!/zv2MTbpUH9 03/30/11(Wed)12:58 No.24700134

    Too slow, bro.
    >> CH23 !X3E3nl3pfQ 03/30/11(Wed)13:20 No.24700452
    I lol'd!
    >> CH23 !X3E3nl3pfQ 03/30/11(Wed)13:24 No.24700516
    New thread?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)13:26 No.24700552

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