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  • File : 1301224385.png-(52 KB, 1695x875, Pinkie Pie MLP.png)
    52 KB MLP General FightingFire !r7KTjuynTM 03/27/11(Sun)07:13 No.24615891  
    So yeah, all for ponies, and pony for all.

    Have fun ponies!
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:14 No.24615900
    I'd rather have alcohol and loose women
    >> Snarky Bastard 03/27/11(Sun)07:15 No.24615911

    i'd rather have you.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:15 No.24615912
         File1301224527.jpg-(74 KB, 468x550, prayer.jpg)
    74 KB
    I'd rather have sobriety and abstinence
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:16 No.24615918
    give it time kid, give it time.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:17 No.24615934
    I'm not into that kinky stuff
    >> The Dark One 03/27/11(Sun)07:18 No.24615942
         File1301224708.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 75 KB, 600x600, 1301119412855.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 75 KB
    id rather have cupcakes
    >> Snarky Bastard 03/27/11(Sun)07:18 No.24615944
         File1301224720.jpg-(8 KB, 266x190, spider-man i'm going to rape.jpg)
    8 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:19 No.24615951
         File1301224750.jpg-(100 KB, 571x480, 110322-faust_rar.jpg)
    100 KB
    FightingFire, not sure if you got these, but here they are.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:19 No.24615956
         File1301224791.jpg-(60 KB, 590x480, 110322-faust_ts.jpg)
    60 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:20 No.24615958
         File1301224817.jpg-(199 KB, 468x700, 1293414513769.jpg)
    199 KB
    Can this be a hilarious Spider-Man thread now?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:20 No.24615961
         File1301224837.gif-(8 KB, 444x441, 1276164702215.gif)
    8 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:20 No.24615963
         File1301224843.jpg-(66 KB, 617x480, 110323-faust_pp.jpg)
    66 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:21 No.24615968
         File1301224900.jpg-(82 KB, 589x480, 110323-faust_dh.jpg)
    82 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:21 No.24615969
         File1301224903.png-(23 KB, 500x409, 3000 - Batman crossover luna.png)
    23 KB
    dreaming discussion continuance?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:21 No.24615970
         File1301224907.jpg-(51 KB, 500x290, dat pony.jpg)
    51 KB
    I'll just leave this here
    >> The Dark One 03/27/11(Sun)07:21 No.24615971
    no go start one if you want
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:23 No.24615985
    Reposting ideas for Derpyfic. What do?
    >Grimdark crossover where Derpy suffers from dissociative identity disorder
    >Rainbow Dash is related to Derpy and has to look out for her
    >One-sided love for Derpy because she's too drain bamaged to understand romance

    Well, I think it woud be interesting to write about Derpy being unable to return affection due to an insurmountable disconnect in her reality. The unfortunate pony could still love her, take care of her in their own way, see her succeed in life, even if that love can never be returned.

    Sort of the way us fans feel about Derpy; she will never really return that feeling, but we love her unconditionally.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:23 No.24615986
         File1301225018.jpg-(140 KB, 1134x608, gods_can_float_you_know_by_pla(...).jpg)
    140 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:24 No.24615991
    Is there a template to make ponies?
    >> The Dark One 03/27/11(Sun)07:25 No.24615996
         File1301225130.png-(53 KB, 482x368, _co_ - Comics & Cartoons_1.png)
    53 KB
    pinkie got her wings back
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:25 No.24615997
         File1301225133.png-(29 KB, 126x126, 1297249023256.png)
    29 KB
    For any of you that do not know.
    Luna will not make an appearance until second season. Feels bad bronies.
    Pic Related.
    Also, needs moar Luna!
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:25 No.24616000
    Anyone have this pic saved here? The guy deleted his post in the archive.

    Glorious 3150x3150

    And NSFW
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:27 No.24616010
         File1301225267.jpg-(38 KB, 678x447, durponi.jpg)
    38 KB
    I made poni, is it good? D:
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:27 No.24616012
    what i think should happen to ponies
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:28 No.24616018

    We must help him.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:29 No.24616025
    Body looks a little long, face style isn't round enough, mane should extend to crest of the neck, you should try doing a full-body to have a full sense of proportion.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:30 No.24616028
    What will actually happen:
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:31 No.24616034
    Holy shit. I just realized we actually have had continuous threads for six months now. Six fucking months without a break.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:31 No.24616036
    My only real complaint is you fell into the hair trap
    G3.5 this was acceptable because they were freaks with human hair but they actually have proper manes this gen
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:32 No.24616045

    There were breaks in the beginning.
    >> Caveat Lector 03/27/11(Sun)07:32 No.24616046
         File1301225535.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 454 KB, 945x945, 633286 - Applejack Friendship_(...).jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 454 KB
    it was on Paheal
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:32 No.24616049
         File1301225546.jpg-(349 KB, 1000x437, Pony dreams.jpg)
    349 KB
    Okay, are we still talking about pony dreams? Because now I want to type mine out in detail. I've posted it before but was just so much fun.

    SO, I my dream I wake up in Equestria, almost literally just fall our of thin air, and am suddenly a pony. BUt I'm not used to walking on four legs, I don't understand ponimotion and keep stumbling and falling like an ass-tard. I try to get help form other ponies, and for some reason no one thinks it's weird when I tell them I'm a human from another dimension probably. They all just advise my to go see Celestia. So I manage to bumblefuck my way over there, when suddenly I find the castle is under attack by manticores, and the pony guard is fighting them off, all of a sudden, my instincts kick in and instantly master the use of ponimotion. I spring into action and start bucking manticores in the face, LIKE A BOSS. My and the armored ponies, fighting side by side, manticore busting. Needless to say, it was awesome. When all the manticores had been thoroughly dispatched, both Celestia and Luna appeared, and thanked me for my help. They made it sound like they totally couldn'ta dunnit without me, but I highly doubt that. Either way it was fun. The Princesses rewarded my actions by each giving me a ring, apparently made from bits of their actual unicorn horns, that would turn me human again when worn, and even let me use some pony magic. Since none of the ponies reacted negatively to the presence of a human, all was good. Then suddenly Pinkie Pie appeared, and suggested a party, which began immediately. Apparently Pinkie can just conjure parties our of the ether. I woke up soon after, and in my grogginess I thought I was still wearing the rings Luna and Celestia had given me, but it turned out I had fallen asleep wearing two of my Darkest Night rings.
    >> Dino-Fag 03/27/11(Sun)07:32 No.24616050
    five, not six. shit got crazy in november by october was spotty
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:32 No.24616052
         File1301225564.jpg-(13 KB, 284x310, lunahasnomail ;_;.jpg)
    13 KB

    What do you think Luna will do when we finally do see her?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:32 No.24616053
    Basically all ponies have neck-length mohawks.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:33 No.24616056
    I told you to fucking sleep with me
    >> Snarky Bastard 03/27/11(Sun)07:33 No.24616061

    pretend to be happy so that she doesn't burden us with worrying about her. then, as soon as she thinks we aren't looking, she'll start crying silently. then suck it back in if she thinks we notice.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:34 No.24616066

    Pig disgusting, and I already knew it was on Paheal. Maybe the evening crowd will have it saved.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:36 No.24616076
    Guy wasn't even talking to you.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:38 No.24616092
    Artist here: thanks, I actualy didn't even realise the thing with the mane. Well.. everyone looks diferent in the face, coping other people's style is not satisfying.

    Will prolly not draw more ponies, but was just for fun... and IwantmyponytobepairedwithisWaifuFluttershy.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:38 No.24616100
    Yeah he was.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:38 No.24616101
    I had a dream a couple nights agothat has disturbed me ever since.
    Basically, as far as I can remember, I was a prisoner, and part of my sentence was teaching characters from recently canceled cartoons about "the fourth wall", which essentially entailed telling them that every single thing they knew was a lie and that they were about to die. Eventually, MLP was canceled abruptly, and I was forced to inform the head of Ponyville's center of influence, which was, for some reason, Fluttershy, about what was about to happen. So, feeling like shit, I explained that everything she knew was manufactured and fake, and that, come the 31st, her entire world would disappear. She then had a melt-down and eventually killed herself.

    Then I woke up and felt severely disturbed for the rest of the day. What they fuck.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:39 No.24616103
    You ought to give him the proper colt body type, then! Fluttershy needs a real stallion to fill her... lonely nights.
    >> Shamrock 03/27/11(Sun)07:40 No.24616106
         File1301226002.jpg-(187 KB, 964x1010, pokey pierce.jpg)
    187 KB
    Drawfriend here, anyone want a sketch request? I'll be back on around 10-11 tonight, and will do as many as I can
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:40 No.24616109
         File1301226025.png-(123 KB, 401x415, FEROCITY.png)
    123 KB

    Nononononono. Those are bad.
    >> Snarky Bastard 03/27/11(Sun)07:40 No.24616113

    i had a dream that i made arrangements to fuck a MILF but i couldn't remember her name and i lost her number.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:41 No.24616120
    Bronies Wiki says hello.

    Derpy please?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:41 No.24616122
    I liked the new ep more than Bridle Gossip, if only because it was a lot more evenhanded.
    But anyway I remember reading on +4chan some guy was saying he was disturbed by them making different species race allegories which is really missing the point, the point of antiracism is putting aside differences and uniting on similarities and if they would've made the African allegory a black pony or the Amerindians red it wouldn't have made a lick of sense considering ponies are all over the color spectrum anyways. Plus ponies weren't in America until it was colonized so having them be Amerindians instead of native buffalo would have all kinds of unfortunate implications in of itself.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:41 No.24616124
         File1301226102.png-(930 KB, 1342x3081, Owlman_likes_ponies.png)
    930 KB
    That's incredibly depressing. Wow dude, I can see why that would weigh on you.

    And yet, in a weird way it reminds me of the dimensional break down Owlman mentioned in this thread.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:42 No.24616127
         File1301226136.png-(1.01 MB, 1680x1050, technicolor-diarrhea.png)
    1.01 MB
    Do we have a 1080p version of Friday's episode yet?

    I neeeeeed it :(
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:44 No.24616144
    Itunes has it.
    >> Dino-Fag 03/27/11(Sun)07:44 No.24616147
    >invisible toilet
    >> Caveat Lector 03/27/11(Sun)07:44 No.24616150
         File1301226293.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 2.32 MB, 3150x3150, applejack34.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 2.32 MB
    I'd ask why you want the full thing but I'm afraid you'd tell me...
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:46 No.24616162
    it actually says "technicolor diarrhea", you'll notice.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:47 No.24616168
         File1301226467.jpg-(134 KB, 640x360, dealwitit.jpg)
    134 KB
    Subjectivity is a bitch, isn't it?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:48 No.24616170
         File1301226501.gif-(409 KB, 190x162, Twilight - Rant.gif)
    409 KB
    >bronies wiki

    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:48 No.24616174
    Fine I will go to bed by myself. It's not like I like you or anything...
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:49 No.24616182
    Because the fandom has become as ubiquitous as it is retarded.
    >> Shamrock 03/27/11(Sun)07:50 No.24616185
         File1301226629.png-(2.37 MB, 1421x1341, snipederp.png)
    2.37 MB
    Herees my derpy TF2 Sniper I made in a batch of them, any specifics on what you want?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:50 No.24616188
    In case you ever wish to read up on your favorite brony I suppose
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:51 No.24616198
         File1301226706.png-(55 KB, 223x253, 1301145870549.png)
    55 KB
    >the songs in this fucking thread
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:52 No.24616206

    >sketch request

    Manly Spike please

    Doing something tough and manly
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:53 No.24616210
    >bronies wiki
    Is that just the FiM wiki that /co/ setup or is there another wiki for actual bronies now?
    >> FightingFire !r7KTjuynTM 03/27/11(Sun)07:53 No.24616214
         File1301226797.jpg-(885 KB, 804x1044, Ponyfinder Earth Pony text fix(...).jpg)
    885 KB
    I do not have them, But now I do. Thank you. If you are the brony (or colt, I don't care) who gave me the last ones, here is what the colorings look like in page.

    In other words, epic.

    Also, sorry for the long upload time, computer freezes like a boss.
    >> Dino-Fag 03/27/11(Sun)07:53 No.24616215
         File1301226802.png-(389 KB, 476x480, spike_wut.png)
    389 KB
    >go to this fabled wiki
    >think it concerns common bronies or something
    >hesitantly search for dino, unsure of whether i want to know what awaits me
    >no results

    i'm relieved, yet slightly disappointed
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:53 No.24616218
    People on 4chan have identity issues. They don't like people's personalities and they certainly don't like them mixing with ponies.
    >> Shamrock 03/27/11(Sun)07:54 No.24616224
         File1301226883.png-(23 KB, 1152x406, fhuttershy purse in progress.png)
    23 KB
    Also, need some opinions. Beading a fluttershy purse for myself, this is the design I have so far but the other half looks sad and empty I really want Rainbow Dash but that would require me to order all new colors.

    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:54 No.24616226
    Hey, if anyone's interested, one of you fuckers trolled /a/ and it brought out some particularly terrible avatarfags.


    Anyone want to ponify their avatars? The shittier you are at drawing ponies, the better.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:55 No.24616227
    It's more along the lines of "Can we please stop trying to be the sonic fandom."
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:55 No.24616235
    Applejack, please
    >> OFFICIAL PONYCHAN BOARD POWER RANKINGS Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:56 No.24616241
         File1301227006.png-(1.25 MB, 1595x947, h67v.png)
    1.25 MB
    1. /ep/
    2. /pic/
    3. /art/

    9000. /meta/
    9001. /chat/
    9002. /fic/
    9999999999999999. /pony/
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:57 No.24616245
         File1301227028.jpg-(111 KB, 900x900, 3153 - dead_space parody twili(...).jpg)
    111 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:57 No.24616252
    Do the same but mirrored with Twilight and sparkles. It's not the ideal color, but it offers appropriate color contrast and works pretty well, IMO.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:58 No.24616254
         File1301227089.jpg-(710 KB, 600x4864, 1301070390364.jpg)
    710 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:58 No.24616255
         File1301227093.jpg-(60 KB, 500x347, feudal pony.jpg)
    60 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:58 No.24616257
    Looks neat! Can't wait to see which ones you use for the other pages.

    >re: Shamrock
    With those colors you could try Fluttergoth from Green Isn't Your Color
    Derpy... I don't know. Just more Derpy. Maybe you can draw her using Muffindo, the muffin-based judo.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:58 No.24616258
         File1301227127.jpg-(60 KB, 500x345, feudal pony (2).jpg)
    60 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:59 No.24616264
    I think any healthy fandom thinks self-inserts are fucking horrible. (Go write a fanfic where your self-insert marries Galadriel on a LOTR forum and I bet they'll hate you for it.)
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:59 No.24616265
    pig disgusting
    >> Boxer !8BoXer4n3s 03/27/11(Sun)08:01 No.24616276


    Keep your fucking ponies in the /co/ generals, manchildren.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:02 No.24616283
    You could add one of the few background ponies that use Fluttershy's colour scheme. If you have enough pink and blue left, you could do both spa ponies.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:03 No.24616286
         File1301227385.png-(78 KB, 200x194, 1299379588177.png)
    78 KB
    >an /a/sshole thinks he has the right to call anyone else a manchild
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:03 No.24616289
    no. it's because inserting yourself into another's work is incredibly disrespectful to that author.
    to be arrogant enough to think that your personality would fit or be even worthwhile within that given universe indicates some problems.
    It also means you cannot actually develop a character of your own, or tell a story without having to stick your dick in it.
    there's also a wish-fulfillment aspect in which you're attempting to live vicariously within this fantasy world

    there are a lot of motivations for self inserting
    all of them are bad
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:04 No.24616294

    >However! As part of a promotion, you get a free Fim Promo DVD when you buy Fim toys! See Pics below
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:04 No.24616296
    I don't why you insult us when that board you come from has an avatarfag.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:04 No.24616297
         File1301227493.png-(55 KB, 600x600, oc - eyeballs_1.png)
    55 KB
    You'll deal with it and like it. because it's moe
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:04 No.24616299
         File1301227495.jpg-(13 KB, 390x391, glamourkatlol.jpg)
    13 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:05 No.24616302
    So just how rich is the Apple family? Assuming each immediate family owns a farm with enough apples to feed their nearby city with enough left over to sell abroad and if there are somewhere between 30-50 families and each city is in the little to big town population range, I mean even if they make next to no money off of the farms they still control the flow of food for any where to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of ponies. Just seems they should be nobles or something.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:05 No.24616304
         File1301227525.png-(216 KB, 640x360, applebloom-skullfucks-spike-fr(...).png)
    216 KB
    I hit the mute button any time a song comes on. And I skip the intro theme every single time.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:05 No.24616308
    > the Grand Galloping Gala episode

    >> Dino-Fag 03/27/11(Sun)08:07 No.24616316
         File1301227628.jpg-(78 KB, 351x379, 1298698432721.jpg)
    78 KB
    its ticket master bro..

    .....i think

    ....holy shit what if it isnt HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:07 No.24616321
    >It has the Grand Galloping Gala episode on it,

    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:08 No.24616325
         File1301227687.png-(819 KB, 1680x1049, nj5r76f.png)
    819 KB
    They're broke as fuck. And since Equestria has a shitty American healthcare system, Granny Smith will always be a cripple.

    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:08 No.24616327
         File1301227693.jpg-(84 KB, 300x293, 1300497827817.jpg)
    84 KB
    Pic related.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:08 No.24616332
    >we have the same promotion here in Brazil, but it is the ticket master episode on the DVD

    >The episode is in fact the Ticket Master one!:) I thought it was called the Grand Galloping Gala, because of the French title.:)

    still, it could mean a full DVD
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:09 No.24616336
    Not that I'm disagreeing with you, but was the original picture we're discussing explicitly a self-portrait or was it just an OC pony?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:09 No.24616337
         File1301227782.png-(43 KB, 285x261, 1301003079822.png)
    43 KB
    >Grand Galloping Gala episode
    Gentlecolts, I'd like to access the contents of that DVD.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:10 No.24616338
    why the fuck does that forum not have any timestamps on anything

    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:10 No.24616340
    Put a tree on the other side, save dash for another project
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:10 No.24616341
    well, pony portraits are acceptable in small portions, but those are not strictly speaking self inserts
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:10 No.24616344
    >The episode is in fact the Ticket Master one!
    Sorry bros.
    >> Dino-Fag 03/27/11(Sun)08:11 No.24616354
         File1301227918.jpg-(60 KB, 474x685, 1301188493986.jpg)
    60 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:13 No.24616359
         File1301227981.jpg-(43 KB, 400x479, first-i-lold.jpg)
    43 KB
    >>see new episode
    >>Pinkiedash while saving spike


    >>shitty Appledash and some stupid bison bitch
    >>on top of that, Pinkie Pie's awesome lesson is ignord

    Worst episode ever.
    >> The Dark One 03/27/11(Sun)08:14 No.24616367
    rainbow dash has,in cupcakes then lost it in rocket to insanity
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:14 No.24616372
         File1301228071.jpg-(32 KB, 523x350, Nightmare Moon - Trollface.jpg)
    32 KB
    Everyone who posted in that thread got banned.
    including me
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:14 No.24616373
         File1301228076.jpg-(40 KB, 450x340, your_opinion_man.jpg)
    40 KB
    Also, /r/ pony version of this pic.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:14 No.24616375
         File1301228091.png-(8 KB, 64x134, I call bullshit.png)
    8 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:18 No.24616391
    /r/ing that Appledash picture where Dash whispers in Applejack's ear, saying "Whos a silly pony". I know one of you have it...
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:19 No.24616397
         File1301228356.jpg-(33 KB, 486x303, Well he liked it.jpg)
    33 KB
    Same here, despite what the /a/ community thought (pic related)
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:20 No.24616408
    And the thread is still there. lol.

    >mods = gods
    >entire front page is doubles
    >> Caveat Lector 03/27/11(Sun)08:21 No.24616411
         File1301228467.png-(226 KB, 972x536, 1299224058883.png)
    226 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:21 No.24616417
         File1301228505.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 82 KB, 1014x710, 1298443849597.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 82 KB
    Even better ;)
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:22 No.24616422
    Which drawfriend are you? I have something I wished to ask of goggles to add to my ever growing collection.
    >> Th3 Lucky 03/27/11(Sun)08:22 No.24616430
         File1301228557.png-(10 KB, 362x355, 1300753406182.png)
    10 KB
    Finally, an episode in French! I'm gonna be able to judge the quality of the voice acting.

    Also, does anyone have a drawing request?
    >> Tanman 03/27/11(Sun)08:22 No.24616431
         File1301228557.png-(579 KB, 1431x1599, 2nsb2a8.png)
    579 KB
    so another kind drawfriend on deviant art decided to ink the drawing of Trixie I did as a preview for my magic battle piece, what do you guys think? This is a better representation of my actual abilities as a drawfriend. Obviously, I still have a lot of room to improve.
    >> Dino-Fag 03/27/11(Sun)08:22 No.24616434
         File1301228575.png-(187 KB, 600x474, 1301190055746.png)
    187 KB
    too much bed
    time for pony
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:23 No.24616435
         File1301228580.jpg-(171 KB, 1024x576, EvanstallionLOL.jpg)
    171 KB
    Just 404'd.
    Also, here is the Evanstallion pic.
    I am so happy I thought of that pun.
    >I was working on it for a good hour.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:23 No.24616441
    >gay pride bracelet thing

    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:24 No.24616449
    who do you mean?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:24 No.24616450
    Because we need to be subtly told she's gay. Apparently kissing another girl isn't enough.
    >> A.J. !rinxooACj. 03/27/11(Sun)08:24 No.24616451

    still debating on writing something for this image
    >> Shamrock 03/27/11(Sun)08:24 No.24616452
    >Put a tree on the other side
    "I'd like to be a tree"
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:25 No.24616457
         File1301228701.png-(42 KB, 1550x978, rarityisawesome.png)
    42 KB
    Daily reminder.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:25 No.24616458
         File1301228704.png-(51 KB, 785x498, THIS IS WHAT SHIPPERS EVENTUAL(...).png)
    51 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:25 No.24616459
    Because when 0r0 draws those character it isn't actually Applejack and Rainbow Dash. It is him and his boyfriend you see, that is why Applejack has makeup and RD has that bracelet. So you can tell the difference.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:25 No.24616466
    it's a picture by shinzor
    it's supposed to be him and his boyfriend, forcefully inserted as rainbowdash and applejack
    you can vomit now
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:26 No.24616470
    It's like a poster on a billboard.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:26 No.24616471
    How the fuck does that work, she had ONE LINE in the last episode.
    the best line
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:26 No.24616472
         File1301228789.jpg-(10 KB, 184x184, whatever103.jpg)
    10 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:26 No.24616478
         File1301228819.jpg-(1.2 MB, 1654x1314, dali-atomicus_gr-1.jpg)
    1.2 MB
    You know what I'd like to see drawn? A Derpy Hooves version of Dali Atomicus.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:27 No.24616482
    cuz she gay, duh
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:27 No.24616485
    I'm not really in Team Rarity, but I'll say, that line was damn good one.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:28 No.24616489
    Everything Rarity does from here on out cannot affect how awesome she is, because her awesomeness has been cemented through the first 20 episodes.

    That graph doesn't even HAVE ep 20 on it, now that I look at it real hard.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:28 No.24616497
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:29 No.24616506
    Yeah she would pretty much have to eat a live baby to be anything but top tier now.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:30 No.24616512

    Just looking at it Tanman, I'd say that her muzzle could be a tad shorter

    But apart from that it's great man

    Although kinda scary.. looks like she's undergoing daemonic possession
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:32 No.24616522
    That is pretty awesome and I would gladly put yandere Rarity at the top of my list
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:32 No.24616524
    > Vertical axis not labelled
    God damn, I hate that. Awesomeness should be measured in microscrooges.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:32 No.24616525
    >ponies being annoying waking everyone up
    >spike: "For pete's sake..." putzes off grumbling
    >rarity: "BE QUIET NOW!!!!!!"

    talk about getting your beauty sleep
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:32 No.24616526
    "Gently, please"? Or the sequence in the sleeper car w/ AJ and the tree?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:32 No.24616528

    >drawing request

    How about an image of Dash hugging Twilight and saying 'sorry I've been such a jerk'
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:32 No.24616529
    oh fine two lines.
    >> A.J. !rinxooACj. 03/27/11(Sun)08:33 No.24616530
    Oh yeah, I've been meaning to ask but I keep forgetting.

    What words or series/collection of words will deny your post?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:33 No.24616534
    OH STAHI!!!

    u so random.
    >> Tanman 03/27/11(Sun)08:33 No.24616538
         File1301229235.jpg-(40 KB, 640x480, trixie WIP.jpg)
    40 KB

    that's the idea, it's a trixie vs twilight picture. It's still not finished though, I still need to go over it and smooth things up and add finer details, but yeah, the drawfriend just wanted to roughly go over it for me. This was the picture he was going off of, as you can see, it's pretty dang blurry.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:34 No.24616540
    i think it's just xxxpony at this point where xxx is any, every, no, etc.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:36 No.24616555
    oh haha I forgot about "BE QUIET NOW!"

    Rarity gets all the best lines.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:36 No.24616557
    Frenchfag here, anybody has the episode yet? I actually kinda fear the end result...
    Also, for a request, huh... Pinkie pie throwing a pie at her shadow on some wood plank, with the shadow having her arms in the air, surprised.
    >> A.J. !rinxooACj. 03/27/11(Sun)08:36 No.24616560

    that explains why I wasn't able to post my last fic here. Thank you very much.

    >captcha: mpliam praedam

    ...close enough...
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:38 No.24616571
    The sketch looks a lot better than the vectored one, I think. There's something off-putting about the lines all being the same weight.
    >> A.J. !rinxooACj. 03/27/11(Sun)08:39 No.24616576


    Did you scan the pencil drawing and then go over the lines in a program? The only reason I never post any of my drawings is because I can't get that digital cleanliness to it.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:39 No.24616583
         File1301229568.png-(39 KB, 1543x869, seriouslyknockitoff.png)
    39 KB
    >> FF-DerpDerp 03/27/11(Sun)08:39 No.24616586
    lol, or this.
    >> A.J. !rinxooACj. 03/27/11(Sun)08:40 No.24616593

    I do it by request. If you want me to stop, get people to stop requesting.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:41 No.24616603

    I recently had an MLP dream in which Fluttershy had somehow ended up in "our dimension" and was in humanized form. I can't remember how I found her exactly, but I was the only one who knew who she was (this kinda made sense considering the other types of people in the dream.) and I had to keep her identity secret so she could return to the pony dimension, I also had to make sure she didn't get spotted by anyone who would recognise her or she would be trapped in my dimension forever.

    We ended up meeting some of my friends from highschool who I've not seen in years (seems to be recurring in my dreams when I'm trying to keep secrets) and they wanted me to go to somewhere, so we all got into a taxi, fluttershy included, and travelled to where ever it was they wanted to go.

    This is when the dream got kinda distressing, I've not really had a nightmare in years, usually when shit like this happens I'll realise I'm dreaming and wake up but this time it's kind of like I didn't want to wake up, we got there and there and there was a tall building and a small, but deep, pool of water my friends left me to go inside and I take a look around and Fluttershy has gone, just disappeared, as soon as I fucking saw that pool I knew what was going down, ever since I was a kid I've had a crippling phobia of being underwater, and sure enough I walked to the edge of the pool and at the bottom of the water and I see a little blob of yellow and pink I go to jump in to save her but I can't do it, I just let her drown, the whole time I've been here keeping her safe, not letting anyone know who she is, and I just let her drown.

    That shit made me fell awful all day afterwards, later I found out that wasn't her and then she turned into some sort of disfigured midget for some reason and we started giving people money but still, it felt really bad.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:44 No.24616623

    This graph is innacurate

    Rarity started to become slightly more popular in episode 3... she didnt really have a fandom during episodes 1 or 2

    But episode 3 was very Rarity heavy.

    "Hoooooooww couuuld you?"
    "So she can... par-ty"
    "and of course I would say...... YES!"
    "The stallion of my dreams!"
    "after all we are" *slides up to Twilight and rubs herself against her "The Best of friends are we not?" *gives Twilight bedroom eyes "and you know what best friends do

    Ticket Master should be a small rise in popularity.

    Also Winter Wrap up because OCD
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:46 No.24616637
    While we're at it, it should be a bar graph since there is no smooth transition between episodes.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:47 No.24616647
         File1301230074.png-(248 KB, 1094x811, Motordash.png)
    248 KB
    >> Th3 Lucky 03/27/11(Sun)08:48 No.24616650
         File1301230089.png-(74 KB, 945x945, 1299848229320.png)
    74 KB
    Ça alors, je croyait que j'étais le seul brony français !
    Ouais, moi aussi j'ai peur du résultat final, j'en avait parlé dans un autre thread il y a quelques semaines... Rien que le fait qu'ils ait gardés les noms anglais ne me dit rien qui vaille.

    Ah, et la référence à Lucky Luke est trop tentante, je vais plancher sur ton dessin !
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:50 No.24616667
         File1301230205.gif-(277 KB, 400x300, Raritybutt.gif)
    277 KB
    Shut up.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:50 No.24616669
         File1301230219.jpg-(38 KB, 157x267, 032.jpg)
    38 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:51 No.24616677
         File1301230263.png-(153 KB, 945x945, aquaflut.png)
    153 KB
    >> Tanman 03/27/11(Sun)08:51 No.24616681

    no, I think the guy just zoomed in on my drawing and went over it with a new layer on top of the picture.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:51 No.24616684
    >implying i'd use a cheap toothbrush like that
    >implying my $150 toothbrush can't strip paint.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:52 No.24616690

    Still wasnt much love for Rarity back then.

    About the only thing that people REALLY enjoyed was when she kicked the manticore in the face

    The fag dragon kinda stole her spotlight in the scene intended for her
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:53 No.24616703

    >implying you dont want Pinkie Pie on your tongue
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:54 No.24616714
         File1301230496.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 523 KB, 945x945, 130110149705-MS_Derp_Colored.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 523 KB
    Cheer up.

    MS did this for the Pinkiedash fans.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:56 No.24616728

    Tier list of animal companions? ...nah, they're all great.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:56 No.24616732
         File1301230585.png-(160 KB, 640x360, Applejack.png)
    160 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:57 No.24616737
    Haha, ta réaction etait la même que la mienne en Décembre, quand j'ai croisé le French /co/astguard.
    On doit pas être plus de 3 ou 4, par contre, et j'ai pas envie de tenter de faire de la pub sur Underfoule...
    Sinon, si t'es un nouveau, tu as sans doute loupé le générique qui est deja en francais...
    La voix de Twilight et Rarity est Okay, mais j'aime pas la tournure shota ala Yugo prise pour AppleJack et RD...
    Enfin, reste a voir un épisode pour avoir une vrai idée de la chose, et puis, pour avoir une idée de ce qu'on aurait pu avoir, ya la version quebecoise:
    Mes oreilles...
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:58 No.24616749
    so I guess I am not the only person to dislike apple jack
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:58 No.24616750
    Oh, what the hell.

    One Scene Wonder Tier:

    Representative Of The Entire Male Audience Tier:
    Everyone's Favourite Asshole Tier:

    Meh Tier:
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:59 No.24616767
    Is it bad that I really want this?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:59 No.24616768
    >animal companions
    Wait, what?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:00 No.24616771
         File1301230811.jpg-(279 KB, 1333x1000, 24234324234.jpg)
    279 KB
    The usual.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:00 No.24616779
    >Rien que le fait qu'ils ait gardés les noms anglais ne me dit rien qui vaille.
    Au contraire, c'est plutot une bonne chose, tu imagine les noms francais?
    "Rareté" "Tarte rosée" "Crepuscule brillant" "Trainée arc-en-ciel"
    Aouch quoi.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:00 No.24616780
         File1301230846.jpg-(436 KB, 2400x1350, 130086867552.jpg)
    436 KB
    There is so little french ponies, I'm in Paris myself (in the brony map as Shidoshi).
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:00 No.24616781
    You heard me.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:01 No.24616789

    Could Snips and Snails be technically considered Trixie's animal companions?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:03 No.24616800
         File1301231001.jpg-(386 KB, 1024x691, a_sad_picture.jpg)
    386 KB
    >> hawaiianon !ZIKMK9K7aw 03/27/11(Sun)09:03 No.24616804
         File1301231013.jpg-(576 KB, 728x1132, mlpohgod.jpg)
    576 KB
    shooping some ponies, anyone want anything done?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:03 No.24616805

    Applejack is the amazing big sister you will never have
    >> Th3 Lucky 03/27/11(Sun)09:04 No.24616811
    Oh, je suis pas nouveau, je suis le show depuis environ 2 ou 3 mois.
    Je connais le générique. Je trouve les voix acceptables, c'est mieux que ce à quoi je m'attendais.
    Sinon, moi aussi j'avais pensé à Underfoule, mais j'ai peur de la réception de ce public un poil plus aigri... De toute façon chaque fois que je poste, je fais des fautes sans m'en rendre compte et je me fait bannir.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:04 No.24616818
    How do one adds himself on the brony map?I tried but couldn't...
    Also, as I said, I'm afraid to advertise it to the french, I mean, we should stay the fuck out of, and underfoule would probably ban them on sight...
    >> Plant Man !xMzk.FHbog 03/27/11(Sun)09:05 No.24616824
    Slow threads this morning...
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:05 No.24616832
    OH, this
    Derpy in place of Salvador Dali.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:06 No.24616840
         File1301231199.png-(244 KB, 1136x1512, 1299019793856.png)
    244 KB

    Click "save to my maps" then go "Edit"
    After you can right-click on the map and go "add a landmark".
    Remember to save after you are done.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:07 No.24616852
         File1301231267.jpg-(13 KB, 112x180, My Little Pony Friendship is M(...).jpg)
    13 KB
    Copy paste the whole enourmous link.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:08 No.24616860
         File1301231326.png-(399 KB, 960x1141, a_beautiful_rainbow_by_painted(...).png)
    399 KB
    Fuck you.

    Pinkiedash is awesome.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:09 No.24616869
         File1301231362.jpg-(12 KB, 217x257, seriously_check_it.jpg)
    12 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:09 No.24616870

    Shoop bulging eyes Pinkie into this please

    Or whatever you think is applicable
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:11 No.24616887

    What was the point of that?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:12 No.24616890
         File1301231531.jpg-(42 KB, 800x529, Massimo.jpg)
    42 KB

    Dammit I fogot my pic
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:12 No.24616894
    Private has the same name as AJ's cousin in the new episode.
    >> Plant Man !xMzk.FHbog 03/27/11(Sun)09:12 No.24616895
         File1301231562.gif-(1.27 MB, 512x288, 1300413018633.gif)
    1.27 MB
    Posting Scoot 'cause shes obviously the far superior of the bunch!
    >> hawaiianon !ZIKMK9K7aw 03/27/11(Sun)09:13 No.24616902
         File1301231604.jpg-(557 KB, 728x1132, fixed.jpg)
    557 KB

    working on it, i gotta find derpty in the 1080p episodes. unless someone has a high res of him i can use.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:14 No.24616916
         File1301231651.png-(195 KB, 900x800, Derpy.png)
    195 KB
    >Getting mad over shipping that will never happen
    Oh you.

    And please, if you're going to try and assert an argument, at least do it with a decent picture.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:14 No.24616919
         File1301231684.png-(93 KB, 271x309, 1301180636626.png)
    93 KB
    Yeah, I know it was stupid thing and I shouldn't have done that.
    I am sorry.
    >> Plant Man !xMzk.FHbog 03/27/11(Sun)09:15 No.24616927
         File1301231725.jpg-(184 KB, 551x482, 1300418473023.jpg)
    184 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:16 No.24616955
         File1301231808.gif-(887 KB, 320x320, RainbowDashhaters.gif)
    887 KB
    Fuck you.

    It's not.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:18 No.24616973
         File1301231882.jpg-(186 KB, 611x1127, 1301231074832.jpg)
    186 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:18 No.24616981
    >>not decent

    Elitism ? In MLP fandom ?

    The fandom has truly fallen.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:19 No.24616984

    What did we tell you about playing violent games Fluttershy?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:20 No.24616995
         File1301232000.jpg-(105 KB, 591x802, Fluttershyemo.jpg)
    105 KB
    Things like these make me want to hurt somebody.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:20 No.24616998
         File1301232008.png-(386 KB, 900x963, rainbow_pie_by_8li9ht-d3a0i41.png)
    386 KB
    Fuck you.

    It is.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:20 No.24617007
    How can Lauren expect us not to see implicit romantic relationships in the ponies?

    Did you see how Rarity reacted to AJ hugging the tree?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:21 No.24617016
         File1301232094.jpg-(76 KB, 678x938, fim_scootaloo_by_warepwn3-d3ci(...).jpg)
    76 KB
    Guys, guys...

    Can't we accept each others ships and move on ? I mean, FRIENDSHIP.

    Also scootaloo.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:22 No.24617027
    Thats because AJ is a retarded treehugger in the shit tier list.

    Anybody who's a treehugger is an obvious member of Greenpeace and thus shit.
    >> Plant Man !xMzk.FHbog 03/27/11(Sun)09:24 No.24617042
         File1301232270.png-(59 KB, 281x273, 1301189906552.png)
    59 KB
    Scootaloo you say?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:24 No.24617046
    Who says she didn't expect it
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:25 No.24617050

    Dammit Scootaloo stop being so cute!

    You're colour scheme is too adorable
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:25 No.24617051
         File1301232313.png-(341 KB, 918x1002, ApplejackRainbowdash6.png)
    341 KB
    We could do this all day, sugarcube.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:25 No.24617057
    >So much Scootalove
    Hey, hey, remember back when people didn't know or care who Scootaloo and Sweetie Bell were? How they were just reused names from older generations of MLP and we thought they were just there for brand recognition? And how when Call of the Cutie aired, people thought it was lame because it was too much like an older generation episode of MLP, and people were bummed that Applebloom was going to be tied down with the few remaining older pony names Hasbro still legally owned?

    Yeah, funny how things turn out.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:27 No.24617076

    I didnt think all of that. I was just bummed because they didnt get enough screentime in that episode

    so instead i requested something sweet and cute involing her from Maxie, who afterwards seemed to fall in love with the lovable little pegasus herself

    She's like a virus
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:28 No.24617083
         File1301232495.png-(230 KB, 1595x1021, RDM.png)
    230 KB
    >> Plant Man !xMzk.FHbog 03/27/11(Sun)09:29 No.24617092
         File1301232544.png-(14 KB, 387x457, plantman3.png)
    14 KB
    >AppleDash vs. Pinkiedash
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:29 No.24617099
    Hey French people -

    When you put accents on letters and use cedillas and stuff, do French keyboards have keys for those built in, or do you have to use a character map or something?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:31 No.24617115
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:31 No.24617120

    Oh of course

    They also have a little button with a croissant on it because all French computers double as miniature gourmet bakeries
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:31 No.24617121
         File1301232708.png-(560 KB, 1280x720, ScootalooSweetieBellwtf.png)
    560 KB
    Am I the only one who thought it was awkward when they introduced Sweetie Belle as Rarity's little sister?

    If she is, wouldn't it make sense we would have had more obvious hints of that before- like them living together? It just bothers me a bit and seems like they did that at the last minute.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:31 No.24617123
         File1301232715.jpg-(87 KB, 433x520, My Little Pony Friendship is M(...).jpg)
    87 KB
    French keyboards have either the letters already accentuated or the accents separetely (you type "^" and then "e" for ê).

    Portuguese keyboards always work on the second method I talked.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:32 No.24617128
         File1301232734.png-(131 KB, 592x694, RainbowMac_color.png)
    131 KB

    You sound mad.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:33 No.24617132
    I think more people should embrace Twinkie, Twilight and Pinkie.

    The reserved overanalyticalness of one juxtaposes with the extroverted randomness of the other.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:34 No.24617140
         File1301232883.gif-(392 KB, 200x200, PinkieTwilightskate.gif)
    392 KB
    I thought I was the only one who liked that pairing.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:34 No.24617141
    Built in. All european keyboards have them. U jelly?

    ´ ` ç ^ ¨ ~ Ü jéllÿ
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:34 No.24617143
    YES. That was shoehorned straight out of someone's ass. I know it.

    This guy has it, see >>24617057
    It took quite a bit for me to warm up to the CMC. I'm only in approval because Sweetie Bell sings like a tiny pink and purple Aretha Franklin.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:35 No.24617147
         File1301232915.jpg-(419 KB, 1596x753, Clav+fr.jpg)
    419 KB
    Like this.
    >> Th3 Lucky 03/27/11(Sun)09:35 No.24617149
    We have letters with the accents already on them (ex: "é") but also accents you first have to push and then the letter of your choice (ex: first "^" and then "o" = ô).
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:35 No.24617150
    No broseph, our ship is just so large we couldn't see one another at first.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:35 No.24617151
         File1301232943.jpg-(45 KB, 640x360, 12390t8063546354.jpg)
    45 KB

    I thought it was more awkward that Sweetie Belle and Applebloom wouldnt know each other

    At least they had the decency of keeping Rarity absent in Call of the Cutie so she couldnt just destroy the plot progression by pointing out

    'Oh you dont have a cutie mark darling? Neither does my dear little sister Sweetie Belle.. she's about your age you know. I'm sure the two of you would get along famously. Why... you could be the Best of Friends you and her!"

    you read that in her voice
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:36 No.24617160
    I did.
    >> hawaiianon !ZIKMK9K7aw 03/27/11(Sun)09:37 No.24617166
         File1301233050.jpg-(1.06 MB, 1654x1314, w.jpg)
    1.06 MB

    Work in progress, doing water next
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:38 No.24617175
         File1301233109.jpg-(145 KB, 640x720, trex.jpg)
    145 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:38 No.24617177
    /r/ing moar appledash pl0x.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:38 No.24617178
    This is awesome.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:39 No.24617181
         File1301233141.png-(7 KB, 353x349, hatred-is-mundane.png)
    7 KB
    brb moving to frogland
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:39 No.24617191
         File1301233197.png-(1.26 MB, 1920x1080, SweetieBellOpal.png)
    1.26 MB
    Yeah, exactly. Her voice is impressive though. I'm starting to finally like them.

    I hadn't thought of that, also a valid point. Now that Lauren confirmed Scottaloo isn't related to Dash though it seems she's the odd one out.

    Ok, I'm done bitching
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:40 No.24617196
         File1301233241.png-(467 KB, 1024x768, secretbarnfun.png)
    467 KB
    Reposting this from last night.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:41 No.24617204
    I support pretty much every pairing. Equestria is one big nonstop orgy.
         File1301233325.jpg-(66 KB, 600x334, pimp.jpg)
    66 KB
    >Jay-Z - Big Pimpin'
    >> Not Areally !!F0LeZI47mVq 03/27/11(Sun)09:42 No.24617212
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:42 No.24617214

    >Now that Lauren confirmed Scottaloo isn't related to Dash though it seems she's the odd one out.

    There is an alternate reality where Applebloom and Sweetie Belle grew up together, and with each other's help managed to earn their cutie marks much faster

    While Scoot never really interacted with them and ultimately went through school as a blank flank loner without a friend in the world
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:43 No.24617217

    Hey NA!

    Got some awesome stuff to post tonight?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:43 No.24617220
    The only pairing that matters is Mac and Caramel.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:43 No.24617221
    >FS isn't there

    Please. She totally enjoys the herb. Fuck, she probably SOLD IT to them.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:43 No.24617223
         File1301233416.gif-(498 KB, 500x287, Pinkiechew.gif)
    498 KB
    Haha, excellent. Now I'm considering doing some Pinkie/Twilight pics, now I know I'm not alone in the pairing.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:44 No.24617230
         File1301233467.png-(423 KB, 859x780, Luna.png)
    423 KB

    >Moby - Signs of Love

    I guess, it'd be some sort of shipping pic, but I don't like shipping, so here's Luna.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:45 No.24617237
    She moved on to harder stuff like opiates
    >> Not Areally !!F0LeZI47mVq 03/27/11(Sun)09:45 No.24617245
    i finished 3 of 4 of the requests, i dunno whether to show them now or not
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:46 No.24617246
    Can someone delete some image in the others thread?
    So we can post the general pic there and it'll be archived correctly when the archive'll be back up.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:46 No.24617248

    Derpy + Muffin is superior.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:46 No.24617252


    If you're doing them, how bout an image of them, leaning in close together, clasping each other's hooves

    Twilight is leaning in towards Pinkie's ear and whispering 'Forever' and Pinkie is blushing
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:46 No.24617255
    I only colored it.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:47 No.24617265

    Which ones are they? I think I requested something from you... I forget which ones though


    Link me to the thread bro?
    >> hawaiianon !ZIKMK9K7aw 03/27/11(Sun)09:47 No.24617267
         File1301233645.jpg-(1.08 MB, 1654x1314, hawaiianon.jpg)
    1.08 MB

    finished, any other ideas for shoops?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:47 No.24617271
         File1301233661.jpg-(118 KB, 900x1239, WitnessingGods.jpg)
    118 KB
    Derpy what are you doing there? You are not a painting.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:48 No.24617276
    >>24612470 and >>24614435
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:48 No.24617281
    That is fantastic!
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:48 No.24617284
    Derpy as the Statue of Liberty?
    >> Not Areally !!F0LeZI47mVq 03/27/11(Sun)09:49 No.24617291
    i finished:
    splienel pony
    main ponies as flappers, mafia, 40's stuff
    and luna
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:50 No.24617294
         File1301233819.png-(204 KB, 900x506, song__the_party_hasn__t_ended_(...).png)
    204 KB
    You know, you guys are right.

    All ships are good, and since they won't appear in the show, it's all good in and out.

    Pinkiedash rocks !
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:51 No.24617309

    >Pinkiedash rocks !

    Stop forcing your ship like some shitty meme.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:51 No.24617311
    >main ponies as flappers, mafia, 40's stuff
    I have not seen these, and I greatly want to.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:52 No.24617325
         File1301233963.jpg-(195 KB, 748x1019, 1301095465841.jpg)
    195 KB
    which one would fight me to the death
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:53 No.24617329
         File1301233984.jpg-(7 KB, 160x160, 160px-Big_Mac_Mug_2.jpg)
    7 KB
    You sound mad.

    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:53 No.24617333

    Deleted one thing from bothbro.. go ahead



    Well the Sleipnir one was me bro. cant remember making a Luna request .... so yeah that's probably the only one
    >> Plant Man !xMzk.FHbog 03/27/11(Sun)09:53 No.24617336
         File1301234009.png-(12 KB, 325x457, plantman.1.png)
    12 KB
    Hell, i got nothing better to do...
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:53 No.24617341
    >posting yourself.
    >With balloons.
    You have balls bro, if it was G4 one I'd understand, but here...
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:54 No.24617344
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:54 No.24617350
    Hey, everybody forces their ships and assertions like dash is a lesbian etc etc, so its all good.

    You wanna hate, go to a fandom that advocates hatin'. Like Johnny Test.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:54 No.24617354
    I'd be interested in Spike and Twilight's backstory. How did Spike become Twilight's assistant/friend? How long do they know each other? What was their life like before moving to Ponyville? These questions need to be answered.
    >> Not Areally !!F0LeZI47mVq 03/27/11(Sun)09:55 No.24617363
    i really want to post em but i dunno, part of me wants to finish the last request or wait for a new thread, i just want this gone out of my desktop
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:55 No.24617364
         File1301234132.jpg-(40 KB, 500x500, 1300773940705.jpg)
    40 KB

    amg! living the dream
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:55 No.24617372

    ships are memes though, in a sense

    And Pinkie Dash is hardly forced... it's been pretty standard since Griffon the Brush off
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:55 No.24617373
    Are we going to become the first fandom ever that is into shipping but at the same time doesn't make a big deal about it, and respects each others' right to their opinion rather than starting wars over which fictional character should be hypothetically fucking who?

    I don't know how I could take it.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:56 No.24617385
         File1301234187.jpg-(166 KB, 800x625, mlp_fim__grumpy_gilda_by_razze(...).jpg)
    166 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:56 No.24617394

    I'm not against shipping, it's just tiresome to see the same shit every other post. I get it that you like this pairing, but stop repeating it over and over.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:56 No.24617395
    That's because instead of doing ship wars, it's shipVSantiship wars.
    But lets not go there, ponies!
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:57 No.24617403
    Eeeey, I was the one who requested the '30 ponies. You can post it here.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:58 No.24617412

    No, like all fandoms we will be divided between those who ship, those who are elitist about shipping, those who call everyone else faggots for shipping, and the occasional poor sod who steps up and asks 'hey guys... what's shipping?'

    As well as the odd individual who just doesnt give a damn
    >> Biscuits 03/27/11(Sun)10:00 No.24617434
         File1301234427.jpg-(366 KB, 1280x800, pissedoff.jpg)
    366 KB
    drawing requests from last night, taking a break to vent my mood with gilda
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:00 No.24617436

    Please post the Sleipnir one NA

    It's the one I requested

    And I want to go to bed

    You dont want to encourage my poor sleeping habits do you"?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:00 No.24617439
         File1301234441.jpg-(51 KB, 600x375, shutup.jpg)
    51 KB
    Stop talking about shipping and start talking about the show.

    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:00 No.24617444
         File1301234456.jpg-(150 KB, 1135x1080, 1301132408824.jpg)
    150 KB
    ...or I can always image spam, so we can move to new thread.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:01 No.24617452
         File1301234503.jpg-(117 KB, 500x422, tumblr_lh2vvfUZzG1qfewofo1_500.jpg)
    117 KB
    Fuck year !

    ""Individual who doesn't give a damn" master race reporting !
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:01 No.24617456

    Let's discuss this.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:02 No.24617464
         File1301234533.jpg-(164 KB, 1100x850, 130034088562-(n1300369512829).jpg)
    164 KB
    I'm one of the odd individuals who doesn't give a damn.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:02 No.24617469
         File1301234550.png-(358 KB, 1321x1080, 1301117712197.png)
    358 KB
    >c: two-tier manksi
    >> Th3 Lucky 03/27/11(Sun)10:02 No.24617476
         File1301234567.png-(94 KB, 1024x768, pinkieluke.png)
    94 KB
    Postin' some WIP. I could use some serious help...
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:03 No.24617480
    Not really that many fandoms are like that at all.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:03 No.24617481

    Actually by referring to yourself as 'master race' you have posited yourself as being elitist

    A true not-give-a-damninite would have not posted anything, and have just nodded to himself sure in the knowledge that he was one of that crowd
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:04 No.24617490
    so... youre not one of them either?
    >> hawaiianon !ZIKMK9K7aw 03/27/11(Sun)10:04 No.24617499
         File1301234689.jpg-(520 KB, 1600x1200, statuederpty1.jpg)
    520 KB

    she looked all over town for current stuff but it's not out yet so she settled for these. Still, it was awesome.

    and here's the shoop brony.>>24617284
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:04 No.24617502
         File1301234698.jpg-(87 KB, 640x784, 1301133651824.jpg)
    87 KB
    You are a true bro. All of my respect.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:05 No.24617504
    Fukken saved.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:05 No.24617509
    Someone needs to draw all the one-off characters sitting in a lounge or something, waiting for their cel phones to ring.

    >the diamond dogs
    >the red dragon
    >Steven Magnets
    >the bitchy girls from Call of the Cutie
    >Vinyl Scratch
    >and so forth
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:05 No.24617510

    Oh My

    Rarity looks so fabulous

    And Applejack looks like the innocent country girl yet to be swallowed up by the filth and corruption of the big city
    >> hawaiianon !ZIKMK9K7aw 03/27/11(Sun)10:05 No.24617513
         File1301234738.jpg-(522 KB, 1600x1200, statuederpty.jpg)
    522 KB

    with letter
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:05 No.24617520
         File1301234752.png-(297 KB, 800x677, you_gotta_shaaare_by_luna_seda(...).png)
    297 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:06 No.24617524
    Or the whole "master race" thing could just be a minor spoken meme that originated on /v/ and found it's way over to everyone split fanbase for anything ever.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:06 No.24617531


    I'm of the shipping crowd. Although I try not to be an asshole about it
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:06 No.24617534
    Clever. Nicely done.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:06 No.24617536

    I fucking love the 30s cartoon eyes, nice touch!
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:06 No.24617537
         File1301234818.png-(171 KB, 888x657, zecora_makes_a_new_friend_by_k(...).png)
    171 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:07 No.24617546

    Stupid stretchy Zecora
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:08 No.24617555
    Curses! Confound these ponies and their reverse-nudity, making them more attractive the more clothes they wear. I can't allow myself to fall prey to Pinkie's show girl outfit, I can't!
    >> Not Areally !!F0LeZI47mVq 03/27/11(Sun)10:09 No.24617560
    >> Not Areally !!F0LeZI47mVq 03/27/11(Sun)10:09 No.24617565
    thanks, the most troublesome to dress was rarity and applejack

    rarity deserves the best yet not so gaudy

    and aj i looked for something girly yet not looking like a tank
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:09 No.24617566
    I would like to see Bic Mac in some trilby or fedora.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:09 No.24617568

    Someone should just draw Pinkie in, like, A SPHERE of clothes that encompass her entire body.. and she's giggling "Look at me! I'm sooooo naked!"
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:10 No.24617573
         File1301235016.jpg-(60 KB, 500x436, 1301192081_roygbivmlp_quarterb(...).jpg)
    60 KB
    >> hawaiianon !ZIKMK9K7aw 03/27/11(Sun)10:11 No.24617582
         File1301235063.jpg-(533 KB, 1600x1200, derptymail.jpg)
    533 KB

    with letter in hand

    anything else?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:11 No.24617585

    Pinkie Pie is such a night clubber.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:11 No.24617597

    Shoop Celestia or NMM onto Hitler or something
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:13 No.24617611
         File1301235189.jpg-(170 KB, 800x725, 1301233183_proteusiii_proteus_(...).jpg)
    170 KB
    >> Not Areally !!F0LeZI47mVq 03/27/11(Sun)10:13 No.24617613
         File1301235209.jpg-(709 KB, 1800x1239, Untitled-1.jpg)
    709 KB
    dis is for /b/
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:13 No.24617617
         File1301235215.jpg-(53 KB, 600x338, celdamn.jpg)
    53 KB
    >mfw you chopped FS's wings off
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:16 No.24617646
         File1301235379.gif-(122 KB, 320x180, 1301063647558.gif)
    122 KB
    It totally was a part of the '20 fashion.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:16 No.24617653
         File1301235419.jpg-(536 KB, 2059x1529, appledash_by_littletiger488-d3(...).jpg)
    536 KB
    >> Not Areally !!F0LeZI47mVq 03/27/11(Sun)10:17 No.24617665
    i'm sorry jeez, what can i say i'm a terrible artist

    i'll fix it sometime or you can fix it yourself
    >> hawaiianon !ZIKMK9K7aw 03/27/11(Sun)10:18 No.24617674
         File1301235537.jpg-(59 KB, 371x355, 1298162675082.jpg)
    59 KB

    I'm pretty sure that's been done already.

    4:20am watching the latest episode again.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:20 No.24617692
    420 watch ponies erryday
    >> Not Areally !!F0LeZI47mVq 03/27/11(Sun)10:21 No.24617707
    here's the sliepner pony
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:22 No.24617713
    Nah dude, don't worry about it :)

    Just something I noticed. And you're a decent artist.
    >> Not Areally !!F0LeZI47mVq 03/27/11(Sun)10:22 No.24617722
         File1301235770.jpg-(300 KB, 1800x1650, norse-pony.jpg)
    300 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:24 No.24617744

    Oh wow... and you gave him a cutie mark and everything

    This is so awesome. Thankyou so much

    Now I can sleep happily... night all!
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:25 No.24617762
    I can totally relate to that. I do stupid crap all the time in my work. Don't feel bad, It's an easy fix and the picture is terrific!
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:27 No.24617788
         File1301236074.jpg-(311 KB, 630x1000, 130120852726-633293_-_Friendsh(...).jpg)
    311 KB
    >> Not Areally !!F0LeZI47mVq 03/27/11(Sun)10:28 No.24617796
         File1301236126.jpg-(409 KB, 1800x1650, norse-horse.jpg)
    409 KB
    is he gone, i don't suppose he won't miss the colored version
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:28 No.24617798
         File1301236131.jpg-(222 KB, 550x592, 3438 - pinkie_pie spike.jpg)
    222 KB
    Holy, I have the strangest boner.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:29 No.24617805

    I'm normally ill disposed to the anthro ponies but,... fuck... holy shit
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:30 No.24617819
    Damn it, I knew it. I knew Pinkie Pie and her showgirl outfit would be my undoing.

    Yes, color it please.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:30 No.24617821
         File1301236237.jpg-(714 KB, 1739x1235, 1301236101320.jpg)
    714 KB
    Since we have a pony Gondor, we need a pny Mordor as well.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:31 No.24617837
         File1301236301.jpg-(86 KB, 900x675, rainbowxpinkie_by_imalou-d3cig(...).jpg)
    86 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:31 No.24617840



    Shut the fuck up furfaggots.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:32 No.24617846
         File1301236347.png-(69 KB, 800x600, Celestia - Bubblegumestia.png)
    69 KB
    One can not just FLY into mordor.

    Oh wait. You CAN.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:32 No.24617852
    The shittiest meme.
    Go back to /v/, trash.
    >> Not Areally !!F0LeZI47mVq 03/27/11(Sun)10:33 No.24617857
         File1301236409.jpg-(499 KB, 1800x1650, norse-pony-2.jpg)
    499 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:33 No.24617861
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:34 No.24617872
    I'd call QRcodes the shittiest meme. it's a meme you need to buy a $400 phone to get.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:35 No.24617882
         File1301236507.jpg-(66 KB, 1024x768, lucky_luke_3.jpg)
    66 KB
    What kind of help?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:35 No.24617884
    I know what that's supposed to be, but instead it reminds me of the overworld map of Hyrule from Ocarina of Time.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:36 No.24617910
    and you have a problem with that because...?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:42 No.24617977
         File1301236932.gif-(58 KB, 530x304, Sunset Riders_select.gif)
    58 KB
    Okay, so I put myself into a sort of cowboy mood lately because I spent quite a bit of time playing Sunset Riders before watching the latest episode. And then Pinkie Pie and her song just made me think of the dancing showgirls that appear after that one boss, and everything just spiraled from there.

    So hear me out on this. I'm thinking, The sherrif, Braeburn, Applejack, and maybe Big mac even though he wasn't there, as Steve, Billy, Bob, and Cormano, and Pinkie Pie, with perhaps Rarity and Rainbow Dash as the dancing show girls that appear after you beat the fourth boss battle.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:42 No.24617991
    I never said I had a problem with it, I was just making an observation.
    >> Not Areally !!F0LeZI47mVq 03/27/11(Sun)10:43 No.24617993
    i dunno what you're talking about
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:44 No.24618006
    Aw man, you never played Sunset Riders? You're missing out bro.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:44 No.24618008

    >shittiest meme.

    You know nothing about memes, boy.
    >> Th3 Lucky 03/27/11(Sun)10:44 No.24618010
    Well, for exemple, I can't quite seem to get the legs right. Drawing them from behind is hard.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:45 No.24618033
    I always played as Bob.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:46 No.24618039
    Twas only one of the most fun and badass arcade side scrollers around. Great gameplay, cool music, and all around cowboy coolness.
    >> Not Areally !!F0LeZI47mVq 03/27/11(Sun)10:48 No.24618068
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:48 No.24618074
    It's all about Cormano, bro.

    I remember the first time I beat El Greco, and the boss threw Cormano his hat, and he wore it the rest of the game. That was just seriously cool to me.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:50 No.24618109
    damnit I dont remember that. And now I want to dig it up again.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:51 No.24618123
    Heh, it looks okay right now, the good thing about this gen is that the design is easy to relicate.
    I figured you'd have more difficulties drawing the shadow...
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)10:52 No.24618125
         File1301237522.png-(93 KB, 476x519, 130063355637.png)
    93 KB
    >> Th3 Lucky 03/27/11(Sun)10:57 No.24618201
    You think it looks ok? Oh. Thanks then.
    The shadow should be easy, as I'm just gonna have to draw the outline and paint it.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)11:01 No.24618250


    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)11:06 No.24618320
         File1301238398.png-(221 KB, 1173x740, Rainbow_Dash_on_diet.png)
    221 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)11:08 No.24618340
    That is so fucking awesome.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)11:08 No.24618347
    >no candy vag
    I see what you did there.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)11:12 No.24618405
         File1301238735.png-(272 KB, 750x580, 1298573639971.png)
    272 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)11:16 No.24618475
         File1301238989.png-(11 KB, 106x135, 1294667421037.png)
    11 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)11:16 No.24618483

    She gotta look after her figure after all. Too much sugar is bad for you.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)11:17 No.24618498
         File1301239038.jpg-(141 KB, 773x684, 129885257689.jpg)
    141 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)11:17 No.24618503
    That Summer Shape-Up thing still gonna happen? What're you guys gonna do for it?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)11:18 No.24618514
         File1301239094.png-(222 KB, 644x600, 1297606242842.png)
    222 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)11:18 No.24618517
    She's anorexic anyway right, so I don't think it matters
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)11:19 No.24618526
    So many good pics I can't save or display on this infernal e-reader
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)11:19 No.24618534

    She still needs protein for muscles.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)11:21 No.24618580
    I can't cope with this.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)11:22 No.24618586
    That show had such a disappointing ending.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)11:23 No.24618595
    So, since we're on autosage since a while, and the archive is down, I propose to already move in >>24615878 so that bronies will find the thread in the first page and not make a new one.
    We must be less than 10 pics from autosage anyway.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)11:25 No.24618643
    im fine with that
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)11:27 No.24618683
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)12:41 No.24619927

    gb2KYM faggots

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