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  • File : 1301216975.jpg-(469 KB, 1600x900, 1299795529653.jpg)
    469 KB MLP General Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:09 No.24614435  
    Gonna ask this one more time: does anyone have the iPod Touch walls? It would be appreciated.

    Also, you have thirty seconds to convince a pony-hater not to execute your favorite pony. What do you say?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:10 No.24614447
    Nothing, I jack off to Fluttershy and call it a night.
    >> Snarky Bastard 03/27/11(Sun)05:10 No.24614449
         File1301217040.jpg-(39 KB, 519x360, mlp rarity scratch your eyes.jpg)
    39 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:11 No.24614460
    Hate the fandom, not the show
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:12 No.24614479
    Um, cause Twilight can do magic and shit.

    yeah, im not very convincing.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:13 No.24614491
    Pony saved, villain a smear of blood on the ground.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:14 No.24614511
         File1301217252.jpg-(54 KB, 900x857, 1299281190938.jpg)
    54 KB
    >> Graham Kraker 03/27/11(Sun)05:14 No.24614520
    Yell saxton hail! Problem solved.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:15 No.24614532
    I point out that a a my little pony being alive in front of him means he is in a cartoon.

    And nobody can die in a cartoon so something silly is likely going to happen and stop him from pulling the trigger.. like Pinkie suddenly erupting out of the ground below him because as she was tunneling through the soil she should have taken that left turn at Albercoltque
    >> Dino-Fag 03/27/11(Sun)05:15 No.24614534
         File1301217343.png-(127 KB, 425x450, 1298244988953.png)
    127 KB
    >mfw i just realized that the generals have been going, absolutely nonstop, since november.

    for 5 months, FIVE, there has been a pony thread on /co/, always.

    that is batshit and a half
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:15 No.24614539
    So no no one has the touch wallpapers? OK...
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:16 No.24614544
         File1301217373.jpg-(220 KB, 1500x1134, 1300580389442.jpg)
    220 KB
    >> The Dark One 03/27/11(Sun)05:16 No.24614546
         File1301217376.jpg-(40 KB, 700x489, 1298600803025.jpg)
    40 KB
    what if when the new episode airs or when the season 2 starts doctor whoof looks like this? do we confirm him as doctor who?
    >> Graham Kraker 03/27/11(Sun)05:16 No.24614547
         File1301217384.jpg-(305 KB, 1024x819, flight569.jpg)
    305 KB
    Also I was using this for a but but scaled to fit
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:16 No.24614555
    Yes, but at what cost Dino-fag.

    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:17 No.24614560
    i wouldn't have to say anything because
    sunny daze is so goddam cute
    that no one could think about harming her
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:17 No.24614563
         File1301217450.png-(117 KB, 418x455, 1299747050322.png)
    117 KB
    You know what the last thread had a severe lack of?

    Derpy. Let's fix that.
    >> Pimps McGee !!1XJKWa7B+Gb 03/27/11(Sun)05:17 No.24614564
         File1301217452.png-(106 KB, 395x400, durr.png)
    106 KB
    So I wrote this quite some time ago and did lots of edits recently, and I never really post it that often. On ponychan peoples seemed to like it a lot. So here you go my alt. ending for cupcakes named Pinkie Pie's Last Party. Yes it is Grimdark.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:17 No.24614565

    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:17 No.24614568
    id say it was worth it
    >> Dino-Fag 03/27/11(Sun)05:17 No.24614572
         File1301217474.png-(44 KB, 198x176, 1298256617018.png)
    44 KB
    yes, actually. lots of fun stuff in these threads, even if a lot of it is recycled and there's some mean arguments.
    nice trips.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:18 No.24614579

    It sure had enough derp though
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:18 No.24614581
         File1301217495.png-(96 KB, 1226x1274, 130013597085.png)
    96 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:18 No.24614584
    What cost indeed? It's the same as it ever was.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:18 No.24614587
    >severe lack of? Derpy
    >disgusting lake of Derpy
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:18 No.24614590
         File1301217532.png-(1.31 MB, 1024x810, confoundwallpapers.png)
    1.31 MB
    >Ponies fause me to get 4 chan plus.
    >I am now one with the pony.
    My god this shits great.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:19 No.24614592
         File1301217542.jpg-(172 KB, 600x600, 1300639145036.jpg)
    172 KB

    Very true, but there is a distinct difference. For instance, one is desirable and adorable. The other, not so much.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:19 No.24614593
    I really don't like this artist's stupid appledash shipping garbage.

    She could have been great, but her fucking favoritism ruins every one of her pictures.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:19 No.24614599
         File1301217568.jpg-(80 KB, 660x766, sad derpy is sad.jpg)
    80 KB
    Fix it we shall
    >> the caffinator !t.CA1ET4y. 03/27/11(Sun)05:19 No.24614604
         File1301217594.png-(71 KB, 281x263, 130073431833.png)
    71 KB
    hey /co/!
    whats up?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:20 No.24614611

    The direction of this thread
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:20 No.24614612
         File1301217640.jpg-(107 KB, 1100x1000, lakeofderpy.jpg)
    107 KB
    Dont you mean a severe lake of derpy?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:20 No.24614615
    What the fuck are you talking about now, Anonymous?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:20 No.24614616
         File1301217644.png-(37 KB, 185x182, 1299910735160.png)
    37 KB


    Can someone please explain to me what the FUCK this means? I've seen it about 100 times in these threads, and I'm no closer to figuring out what it is than I was when I first saw it.
    >> The Dark One 03/27/11(Sun)05:21 No.24614622
         File1301217666.gif-(154 KB, 200x200, 1298611101164.gif)
    154 KB
    people,please use a place everyone can use like DA or,my computer cannot read google documents,or put them in image form,thank you
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:21 No.24614625
    Fixed that for you
    >> Dino-Fag 03/27/11(Sun)05:21 No.24614630
         File1301217690.jpg-(32 KB, 360x360, 1298256808097.jpg)
    32 KB
    i know right?
    auto updates, link previews, mouse over thumbnails to load the full thing.

    you are roughly 30 minutes away from never being able to ponypost in a normal way ever again
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:21 No.24614634

    Just punch it into google bro
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:22 No.24614644
    Oh you know, the usual. Whining about drawfags and shippers.

    ignore me.
    >> the caffinator !t.CA1ET4y. 03/27/11(Sun)05:22 No.24614646
         File1301217735.png-(415 KB, 1180x1120, 1299043602632.png)
    415 KB
    ftfy means fixed that for you
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:22 No.24614653
    >30 minutes
    Nah, I was broken in 10 seconds flat.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:23 No.24614662
         File1301217788.png-(582 KB, 800x666, 1298084188104-(n1299056087518).png)
    582 KB
    >> Graham Kraker 03/27/11(Sun)05:23 No.24614664
         File1301217801.jpg-(258 KB, 615x819, to949.jpg)
    258 KB
    For once I'm staying on topic
    Here you go op I scaled it to 3:4 ratio which is what iPod uses.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:23 No.24614666

    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:23 No.24614673
         File1301217826.png-(674 KB, 891x485, Look ma, no hands!.png)
    674 KB
    Noticed this earlier when I was nabbing some references for MS

    Have we talked about these ponies and their camera braces yet?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:24 No.24614677
    > using a raw rip of episode 21 with TV ads for subtitling while good rip comes out.
    > Just passed the part where Applejack was talking to the apple tree.
    > TV ad comes up on the rip with a song saying "I want to be an apple tree".
    > mfw
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:24 No.24614681
    dinofag you have really become a lot less insufferable over the past few months. what happened
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:24 No.24614684
         File1301217866.gif-(584 KB, 454x418, 1301047889420.gif)
    584 KB

    Huh.............y'know what? That's fucking stupid.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:24 No.24614685
    >Satan pinkie.
    >> Pimps McGee !!1XJKWa7B+Gb 03/27/11(Sun)05:24 No.24614690
         File1301217892.png-(144 KB, 226x1362, 1300010635930.png)
    144 KB
    But that requires EFFOOOOOOORT!
    >mfw I don't have a Rarity whining picture
    >> Snarky Bastard 03/27/11(Sun)05:24 No.24614692

    i neutered him.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:25 No.24614695
    So, something I noticed with this previous episode. Is it just me, it did it seem just a bit more "action-y" then prior episodes? In fact, the whole show is moving in a more dramatic, almost action oriented way. There was a bonafide train robbery, a stampede and a full on attack, a fucking clock tower was destroyed, etc etc. All in an almost retro, throwback old west setting. I know it all came down to throwing pies instead of shooting guns, but that was all still a bit more serious than you'd expect from something about candy colored ponies.

    I know Lauren said on her DA that she really wanted to be able to do more adventurous stories with these ponies, and it seems to me like shes getting to do that, even if only just a bit. Can you imagine if this show does well, and Lauren and her team actually earn a little more creative freedom?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:26 No.24614703
    I trick people into listening the audio and convince them Rarity is a nympho
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:26 No.24614704
    Aw damnit! I just made a 960-640 one myself since that's the screen resolution.

    Oh well. thanks for being the one person to help me after three days of asking.

    And no, google, doesn't work for this; I tried.
    >> Dino-Fag 03/27/11(Sun)05:26 No.24614707
         File1301217988.jpg-(65 KB, 279x287, 1301186007122.jpg)
    65 KB
    lots of it
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:26 No.24614708
    >That's fucking stupid
    don't blame me, i didn't make it up.
    them's the memes, man.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:27 No.24614723
    That's Dave Polsky's writing style for you. Great at writing action packed comedy episodes filled with throwbacks to classic cartoons.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:27 No.24614727

    >a little more creative freedom

    I honestly enjoy the slice of life aspect of the show...

    But I'd like to see them occasionally get 2 or 3 episodes devoted to an on-going adventure

    Journey to foreign lands
    Trek into pony hell to save Gummy
    Pinkie Pie and Twilight build a rocket and they all get stranded on pony mars populated by gemstone eyed ponies
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:27 No.24614729
         File1301218060.png-(9 KB, 228x80, Exploded twice.png)
    9 KB
    Feels good man.
    >> Graham Kraker 03/27/11(Sun)05:28 No.24614737
    I'll post some more if you like.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:28 No.24614744
         File1301218110.gif-(194 KB, 500x500, 1299223196179.gif)
    194 KB

    I just find it astounding at how stupid I find it. I didn't bat an eye when I started seeing "mfw", but this just kills it.

    Also, more Derpy.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:28 No.24614754
    well keep it up, but maybe take your name off once in a while yeah?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:28 No.24614755
    >populated by gemstone eyed ponies
    The screams of pain and horror as spike goes on a binge eating rampage.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:29 No.24614766
    i mentioned this a lot earlier tonight but i hope, with poni as a springboard, LF's next show will have a lot of adventures like mlp was meant to. who knows, there have been several mlp movies. it isn't out of the realm of possibility that she could helm one.
    >> TOL Clover !e86DWqP7no 03/27/11(Sun)05:29 No.24614776
         File1301218197.jpg-(96 KB, 348x498, 1299534429832.jpg)
    96 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:30 No.24614777
         File1301218208.png-(52 KB, 392x337, 1299552987235.png)
    52 KB
    It would be VERY appreciated.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:30 No.24614778
         File1301218221.jpg-(194 KB, 1098x835, 1300772266185.jpg)
    194 KB

    clever but...
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:30 No.24614782
         File1301218246.png-(60 KB, 210x207, 1298002782315.png)
    60 KB
    that pic
    >> Graham Kraker 03/27/11(Sun)05:31 No.24614792
         File1301218293.jpg-(162 KB, 364x484, feeble730.jpg)
    162 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:31 No.24614794
         File1301218301.jpg-(14 KB, 160x203, 1298758511925.jpg)
    14 KB
    ok fine
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:31 No.24614795
         File1301218303.jpg-(406 KB, 945x945, 1293583973657.jpg)
    406 KB
    That's how it usually goes.
    >> The Dark One 03/27/11(Sun)05:32 No.24614799
         File1301218325.gif-(1.88 MB, 480x270, 1298647384970.gif)
    1.88 MB
    i dont care,im probably the only one on 4chan whose computer cannot read google documents,or eqistra daily unless it's an image, i like the grimdark pony stories and the cross overs.

    read up /co/
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:32 No.24614804
         File1301218354.jpg-(92 KB, 900x671, 1300764310199.jpg)
    92 KB

    Hopefully Derpy will suffice
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:32 No.24614807
         File1301218372.png-(76 KB, 482x267, derpy worried.png)
    76 KB
    More Derpy
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:33 No.24614813

    >Trixie is bigger than Celestia
    >Trixie STAND ASIDE.png
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:33 No.24614823
         File1301218421.png-(74 KB, 328x297, 1288483919002.png)
    74 KB
    >Mfw Sweetie Belle calls spike a ruffian
    >> Graham Kraker 03/27/11(Sun)05:34 No.24614831
         File1301218443.jpg-(163 KB, 512x682, do140.jpg)
    163 KB
    >> Snarky Bastard 03/27/11(Sun)05:34 No.24614835
         File1301218462.jpg-(649 KB, 1280x960, mlp rarity humanize cocktail.jpg)
    649 KB

    she's a hard bird to catch. but once you do, you're set for life.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:34 No.24614837
    I wonder what would happen if I were responsible for my actions in these threads? God knows I love trolling.

    Nah, I'm having too much fun being anonymous.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:35 No.24614848
         File1301218525.png-(128 KB, 900x815, 1300527037513.png)
    128 KB

    It's both amazing and terrible how liberating anonymity can be.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:35 No.24614851
         File1301218542.png-(76 KB, 298x313, 1295933037402.png)
    76 KB
    What is the appeal with reading badly written pornfics?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:35 No.24614853
         File1301218550.gif-(252 KB, 489x537, Wag.gif)
    252 KB
    >Same size as Dash.

    This shit is rigged as fuck.
    >> Snarky Bastard 03/27/11(Sun)05:37 No.24614877
         File1301218636.jpg-(10 KB, 185x273, explain this bull.jpg)
    10 KB

    >Rarity not even fucking on there
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:37 No.24614878

    At last, this thread got 20% cooler.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:37 No.24614882
    >> Graham Kraker 03/27/11(Sun)05:38 No.24614885
         File1301218681.jpg-(147 KB, 433x576, amount000.jpg)
    147 KB
    Moar walls
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:38 No.24614886
    i tried the first one and it changes tense constantly.
    wtf man. that's horrible english grammar.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:38 No.24614889
         File1301218694.png-(1.89 MB, 800x2088, murderpie.png)
    1.89 MB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:38 No.24614891
         File1301218704.jpg-(388 KB, 445x1560, 1301030836482.jpg)
    388 KB

    Trixie is best pony
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:38 No.24614893
         File1301218721.png-(29 KB, 1366x769, 1300528213636.png)
    29 KB

    Knowing Travis, that wouldn't surprise me one bit.
    >> BraveSpark !N7gMZDQo8M 03/27/11(Sun)05:38 No.24614894
         File1301218723.png-(161 KB, 640x360, 1300065597155.png)
    161 KB
    >ragingsemi a bad fapfic writer
    You best check yourself before you wreck yourself
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:38 No.24614899
    did anybody else really hate Pinkie Pie at first, but later came to love her?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:39 No.24614901
         File1301218744.jpg-(359 KB, 1000x1000, 1300730417279.jpg)
    359 KB
    seems like this is a good idea... the sleep part... not so much the locus of sleep.
    >> Graham Kraker 03/27/11(Sun)05:39 No.24614908
         File1301218767.jpg-(189 KB, 710x945, pleasure327.jpg)
    189 KB
    Fuck I can do different parts of the master image if you really want.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:40 No.24614916
    No no, the damage is done, we do not need a larger shitstorm.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:40 No.24614921
    i think that was the usual reaction. and probably why they put griffon the brush off as an early episode.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:40 No.24614922
         File1301218846.jpg-(212 KB, 1000x1000, 1300764460371.jpg)
    212 KB

    Flip-flops for me. Hated her the entire episode for Over a Barrel, but dat last line, man.
    >> The Judge !!hqQOj5Ki3B4 03/27/11(Sun)05:41 No.24614929
         File1301218871.png-(152 KB, 292x444, WRITEPONY.png)
    152 KB
    Thank you to all who have voted for the Writepony Awards! The amount of votes received was a LOT more than expected!

    If you consider yourself an avid FiM fanfic reader who can make unbiased decisions, please send an e-mail to

    Thanks again to all who have voted! Results should come in the near future!
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:41 No.24614931
         File1301218891.jpg-(24 KB, 300x245, pinkie-pie.jpg)
    24 KB

    mhmm... now its all about PINKIE PIE!!!
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:42 No.24614945

    Everyone hated Pinkie in the first episode.

    Because they saw her 'party' mentality and just figured she'd be the standard ditzy girly girl who does nothing constructive on the show

    And then she was bacon
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:42 No.24614949
    I'm confused
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:42 No.24614952
    I really want there to be a toy of these pony mannequins that Rarity uses, something on-model like the figures.

    I don't even know why, I just think they're cool.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:43 No.24614957
    she does keep showing signs of god like abilities afterall
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:43 No.24614961
    I think that Fred fellow would love one of those too.
    >> BraveSpark !N7gMZDQo8M 03/27/11(Sun)05:44 No.24614964
    what sold the show for me is the second pinkie spoke. I've always liked her
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:44 No.24614965
         File1301219044.jpg-(33 KB, 709x397, poniquin.jpg)
    33 KB
    Damn captcha ate my picture. These things. Seriously, I like em.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:44 No.24614967
         File1301219054.jpg-(252 KB, 925x1024, 1293666178978.jpg)
    252 KB
    Same as Doom.

    The annoying Hamminess is part of the character and completely intentional

    And I love them for it.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:44 No.24614970

    Ya know, I kinda thought the same thing. Not really sure why either. They're just kinda cool.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:45 No.24614975
         File1301219109.png-(82 KB, 675x581, 1299476527313.png)
    82 KB
    All I know is, I'd fucking kill for a Derpy toy. I'd buy that shit in a heartbeat.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:45 No.24614977
         File1301219117.png-(43 KB, 393x290, asdfghjkl.png)
    43 KB
    Can it be this time again?

    If yes, then this is a month-and-a-half's worth of work. It does not include episodes, duplicates, or any projects (sad non-contributor), so I think it's respectable.
    >> Graham Kraker 03/27/11(Sun)05:45 No.24614981
         File1301219142.jpg-(315 KB, 622x827, invention597.jpg)
    315 KB
    Ok moar walls
    I can take desktop wall resize requests.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:45 No.24614982

    You want them for sex and you know it.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:45 No.24614984
    I didn't like it when he did normal fics either.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:47 No.24614993

    You know they're being sold, right?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:47 No.24614996
    Just downloaded this. Awesome stuff.
    >> BraveSpark !N7gMZDQo8M 03/27/11(Sun)05:47 No.24614998
    Thats okay you're entitled to you're opinion but don't down peoples talent just because you don't like them.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:48 No.24615018
         File1301219339.jpg-(71 KB, 858x531, poni folder is giant.jpg)
    71 KB
    >you are smalltime.jpg
    No eps, dups, or projects.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:49 No.24615021
         File1301219362.png-(103 KB, 334x425, 1299739249412.png)
    103 KB

    Huh. I sort of forgot that this is a show aimed at little girls, and as such, the toys will be tiny things with brushable hair.

    Ah well.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:49 No.24615023

    Toys you want thread?

    Wild west pony trainset
    Sheriff Silver Star with combable moustache and pie throwing action
    Chief Thunderhooves with a spring loaded wheel on his underside that lets him shoot across the floor
    Manly Spike (Diamond dog mooks sold seperately)
    Gummy Plush
    Hydra Plush
    Ursa Teddy
    Trixie's magic set with instructions on how to perform tricks
    a NON PINK Celestia on her royal chariot
    Wonderbolts action figures
    Shadowbolts action figures
    Manticore plush
    Photo finish playset with a modeling strip
    Big Mac with a plough
    And of course... actually on model versions of the mane cast, with the tools and outfits they actually have in the show. And possibly playsets of their homes... Twilight's would be the most awesome with the tree canopy right down to the secret dungeon on the bottom

    Can I shutup and have your theoretical dollars?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:49 No.24615027
         File1301219382.png-(64 KB, 760x496, aab25afcbfbc1c7c10dab5c9535c65(...).png)
    64 KB
    Nice. I'm working my way up as well, but have a long way to go.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:50 No.24615039
    >> The Dark One 03/27/11(Sun)05:50 No.24615042
    MFW i have 3507,and its worth 1412 MB, mfw i dont want to post a face
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:50 No.24615043
         File1301219444.png-(46 KB, 282x192, dash_male.png)
    46 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:50 No.24615049

    All of them.

    I'll take two sets of everything.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:51 No.24615052
    You must not have read it.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:51 No.24615054
    >a NON PINK Celestia
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:52 No.24615059
    I derailed my own thread because I don't give a flying fuck.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:52 No.24615070
         File1301219563.gif-(10 KB, 346x264, ponioes.gif)
    10 KB
    No HD episodes. images and gifs and music only.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:53 No.24615074
    I just checked my pics folder, 1.25GB
    Eps folder is 13gb
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:53 No.24615078

    Probably you missed it. :p
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:53 No.24615079
         File1301219612.jpg-(82 KB, 695x715, 1267691173445.jpg)
    82 KB
    This list.. these toys... it makes me sad because, I know I'll never have them...
    >> Snarky Bastard 03/27/11(Sun)05:53 No.24615082
         File1301219624.jpg-(4 KB, 109x129, spider what.jpg)
    4 KB

    >mfw i have about 250 for 47 MB
    >> Caveat Lector 03/27/11(Sun)05:53 No.24615083
         File1301219626.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 366 KB, 1920x1200, 588173 - Friendship_is_magic M(...).jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 366 KB
    Embrace your dark side
    >> Pimps McGee !!1XJKWa7B+Gb 03/27/11(Sun)05:53 No.24615086
         File1301219633.jpg-(90 KB, 705x908, Pinkie Pie's Last Party1.jpg)
    90 KB
    Tell me if you still want it. There is 7 pages.
    Once again this is GRIMDARK so don't open it unless you want to.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:53 No.24615088
         File1301219637.jpg-(59 KB, 676x529, 1301045768330.jpg)
    59 KB

    My heart's only desires are an on-model Applejack figure and a Derpy plushy.

    Maybe a Fluttershy of some sorts if I like it enough.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:54 No.24615092

    I read it and laughed...If that was intentional then it was well written.

    If it wasn't well I have no comment on the quality of writing. Didn't read it for that, so idk if it's good.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:55 No.24615096
    Ive read quite alot of bad fapfics in my lifetime, and his rank among some of the worst.

    You're really scrapping the bottom of the barrel with his stuff.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:55 No.24615097
    e-mail that list to Hasbro
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:55 No.24615105
    I think mine's respectable because I don't save half the shit that gets posted here (humanized, furry, etc.). Plus, like I said, I only spent a month and a half on it.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:56 No.24615107

    what, no Nightmare Moon?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:56 No.24615110

    Why should I? It's probably more profitable to them to just churn out recolours of what they already have

    You're welcome to do it yourself though
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:57 No.24615118
    what exactly am i looking at here?
    >> BraveSpark !N7gMZDQo8M 03/27/11(Sun)05:57 No.24615120
         File1301219836.png-(251 KB, 623x328, 129970472599.png)
    251 KB
    You really sure you want to go there and not just say you don't prefer his work? because I'll go all night bitch!
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:57 No.24615125
    >Hasbro show the Email to Gabe.

    >They both almost die laughing as they roll in money.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:57 No.24615131

    I'd take Luna.

    But I'd set up that Nightmare Moon in a beat if they sold the castle, too.
    >> The Dark One 03/27/11(Sun)05:57 No.24615132
         File1301219868.jpg-(28 KB, 600x450, 1299089071319.jpg)
    28 KB
    good mother of god and celestia! GTFO
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:57 No.24615133

    NMM would be pretty difficult to toy-ify

    What with her SPACE mane

    And a playset of her ruined tower wouldnt be pretty enough to pander to little girls (even though they'd totally dig it)
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:58 No.24615136
    Show the rest of your secret butt fun pictures.
    That's fucking hilarious.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:58 No.24615137
         File1301219901.png-(91 KB, 553x265, Screen shot 2011-03-27 at 05.5(...).png)
    91 KB
    this is horrific really. i save everything. i unduped a week or two ago but a week of threads is a lot of images. these are only images, no video.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)05:59 No.24615148
    /rs/ of best ones plox
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:00 No.24615154

    When you hit 10 GB of non duped, non video files... you will become pony
    >> FightingFire !r7KTjuynTM 03/27/11(Sun)06:00 No.24615160
         File1301220050.png-(162 KB, 1200x800, Pinkie Pie lets go to co.png)
    162 KB
    YOU, need to go to megaupload.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:01 No.24615164
         File1301220066.png-(744 KB, 1000x1000, 1299413475446.png)
    744 KB
    So I guess we won't be seeing this for three weeks.

    Sigh. So long...
    >> Gilda's Fury !kmfdmRX7.c 03/27/11(Sun)06:01 No.24615165
    Four words.

    Grand. Galloping. Gala. Playset.

    That is all.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:01 No.24615166
         File1301220082.jpg-(38 KB, 467x458, 1300769800291.jpg)
    38 KB
    Welp, I'm going to make as many touch walls as I can, then I'm off to bed. See you lovable faggets later.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:01 No.24615170
    Be a pessimist
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:02 No.24615178
         File1301220139.png-(113 KB, 566x840, 1301088824813.png)
    113 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:02 No.24615180
    File deleted.
    He's not my favorite, and I think Pacce could write a better fapfic than him.

    Ive never seen anyone pump them out so periodically before though, and his work ethic is admirable.
    >> The Dark One 03/27/11(Sun)06:02 No.24615181
    WTF,but keep posting,it interest me
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:02 No.24615182

    Seeing what?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:02 No.24615184

    one day they're actually going to get there and it's gonna be super underwhelming.

    (the place I mean, but the toy would almost certainly be as well)
    >> Dino-Fag 03/27/11(Sun)06:03 No.24615196
         File1301220236.jpg-(14 KB, 500x247, Swampy the croc.jpg)
    14 KB
    >Gummy Plush
    there's this
    Swampy the crocodile, by flopsies? i think? or was it aurora?
    look at this cute little bastard, LOOK AT HIM
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:04 No.24615198
         File1301220243.png-(482 KB, 480x834, 2080 - caption flying Magic ra(...).png)
    482 KB

    Cloudsdale? with Butterfly wings Rarity?
    >> Pimps McGee !!1XJKWa7B+Gb 03/27/11(Sun)06:04 No.24615199
         File1301220250.jpg-(81 KB, 703x909, Pinkie Pie's Last Party2.jpg)
    81 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:04 No.24615203
    A joke that went too far and stopped being funny in late February.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:04 No.24615204
    Most of those are terrible ideas for toys. The hydra? Really? The hydra is pretty much just a generic dragon. A good toy has to be recognizable.

    I'd lol if Hasbro made a Gilda toy with the description "ponies' new friend Gilda!" like they didn't watch the cartoon.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:04 No.24615207

    only comes with the terrible dresses
    >> BraveSpark !N7gMZDQo8M 03/27/11(Sun)06:04 No.24615208
    Hmm okay
    >> Pimps McGee !!1XJKWa7B+Gb 03/27/11(Sun)06:05 No.24615215
         File1301220306.jpg-(72 KB, 698x911, Pinkie Pie's Last Party3.jpg)
    72 KB
    >> Dino-Fag 03/27/11(Sun)06:05 No.24615216
         File1301220309.jpg-(75 KB, 470x401, swampy3.jpg)
    75 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:05 No.24615221
         File1301220336.jpg-(1.06 MB, 1814x2247, fluttershy by lexxy.jpg)
    1.06 MB
    best is a matter of opinion. i like this one and repost it a lot.

    go to the archive and use downthemall to get everything. then throw out the stuff you don't like. that's what i do, except for the throw out part.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:06 No.24615227
    Where is the fluttershy gum comic.

    Can it be posted now?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:06 No.24615233
    what I mean is, why is rainbow dash licking a stick of gum?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:07 No.24615236

    The Gala and the photo finish playsets would be advertised with the ponies in all sorts of elaborate outfits

    Which of course do not come with either playset and must be purchased separately
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:07 No.24615239
         File1301220456.png-(304 KB, 1750x3000, pony with no name.png)
    304 KB
    See, I should be sleeping.
    But instead I do things like this.
    Why, /co/.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:07 No.24615240
         File1301220458.png-(942 KB, 1057x1280, Gum Complete.png)
    942 KB
    Here's the whole version
    >> Pimps McGee !!1XJKWa7B+Gb 03/27/11(Sun)06:07 No.24615242
         File1301220469.jpg-(94 KB, 705x912, Pinkie Pie's Last Party4.jpg)
    94 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:07 No.24615244
         File1301220474.png-(433 KB, 1229x1043, 2282 - flying goggles rainbow_(...).png)
    433 KB

    Junior Speedster Flight Camp ponies, including Rainbow Dash and Gilda, each with snap-on glider wings.

    Oh yeah, I'm awesome.
    >> Gilda's Fury !kmfdmRX7.c 03/27/11(Sun)06:08 No.24615250
    No way man, it's the GRAND GALLOPING GALA!
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:08 No.24615256

    Because ponies.

    I'm supposed to be doing calculus right now but i'm not.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:09 No.24615259
    I finally saw the last episode.

    I. LOVE. IT.

    Fluttershy's silly joke, jumping on Pinkie and wanting to be a tree.

    Applejack's treating of the tree.

    Spike being Kevin Kostner.

    Braeburn being hillarious, Little Strongheart being adorable/awesome.

    Rainbow being a goddamn hero (at least, trying).

    Appaloosa, the Chief (lmao).

    And Pinkie's little number caused a fucking war (cute outfit, though).

    Funny episode.

    Would not mind seeing more of Braeburn and Little S. Or the buffaloes.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:09 No.24615266
    that comic makes no sense
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:09 No.24615267
    wow, that was stupid....
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:09 No.24615268
         File1301220572.jpg-(34 KB, 400x300, spongebob-wallet.jpg)
    34 KB
    >> Pimps McGee !!1XJKWa7B+Gb 03/27/11(Sun)06:09 No.24615271
         File1301220582.jpg-(70 KB, 704x912, Pinkie Pie's Last Party5.jpg)
    70 KB
    Also, I've seen that full.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:09 No.24615272
    anyone got a screencap of Fluttershy pouncing on Pinkie from the newest ep?
    >> Graham Kraker 03/27/11(Sun)06:09 No.24615273
         File1301220592.jpg-(221 KB, 748x566, amount372.jpg)
    221 KB
    What the fuck are we doing?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:10 No.24615277
         File1301220615.jpg-(188 KB, 735x710, 1299223580146.jpg)
    188 KB

    Because Derpy.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:10 No.24615281

    Everyone knows Fluttershy is afraid of gum
    >> BraveSpark !N7gMZDQo8M 03/27/11(Sun)06:10 No.24615282
         File1301220636.png-(17 KB, 936x216, 1300239957893.png)
    17 KB
    Have some sexy ass context
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:10 No.24615283
    Fluttershy's fetish is gum chewing/ crushing.
    Dash is fucking with her because apparently she learned about it.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:10 No.24615284

    ...talking about ponies?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:11 No.24615289
         File1301220676.jpg-(73 KB, 321x360, 1300214802914.jpg)
    73 KB
    If the main ponies were background ponies, what would /co/ have named them?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:11 No.24615295
         File1301220705.jpg-(72 KB, 420x600, rarity's pregnant.jpg)
    72 KB
    I made this, what do you bronies think?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:12 No.24615296
         File1301220728.png-(86 KB, 760x482, 1300840026563.png)
    86 KB

    This is what happens when drawfags and Writefag collaborate.
    >> Graham Kraker 03/27/11(Sun)06:12 No.24615297
    Specifics. I want some incentive to stay up.
    >> Pimps McGee !!1XJKWa7B+Gb 03/27/11(Sun)06:12 No.24615301
         File1301220750.jpg-(107 KB, 704x910, Pinkie Pie's Last Party6.jpg)
    107 KB
    I meant never seen that full.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:13 No.24615306
         File1301220816.png-(123 KB, 900x900, 1299739060802.png)
    123 KB

    I do believe this paper has what you're looking for.

    There seems to be a single world imprinted here. It reads "Derpy". Most peculiar.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:13 No.24615308
    Are you Tanman?
    >> Pimps McGee !!1XJKWa7B+Gb 03/27/11(Sun)06:14 No.24615311
         File1301220847.jpg-(110 KB, 703x913, Pinkie Pie's Last Party7.jpg)
    110 KB
    And finally 7/7
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:14 No.24615313
         File1301220860.jpg-(32 KB, 400x400, my-little-pony.jpg)
    32 KB

    Seems a little too boyish to be a little girl's toy. Still awesome though.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:14 No.24615316

    Oh yeah, I love me somma that Grapestar
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:14 No.24615317

    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:14 No.24615319
    One of you should get a name
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:15 No.24615320

    Fluttershy's pent up rage over the years finally make her snap one day and goes Columbine on Ponyville.

    It takes the likes of Celestia and Luna's power combined to stop her.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:15 No.24615321
         File1301220903.jpg-(136 KB, 945x945, 1300867367329.jpg)
    136 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:15 No.24615324
         File1301220923.jpg-(164 KB, 638x670, strongheart happy.jpg)
    164 KB
    welcome to the little strongheart club

    recommended viewing: whale rider
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:15 No.24615325
    Screencaps are for pussies.
    >> Dino-Fag 03/27/11(Sun)06:15 No.24615326
    Twilight; purple haze
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:15 No.24615328
         File1301220944.png-(164 KB, 284x423, 1291761279937.png)
    164 KB


    That was AWFUL!
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:16 No.24615334
    Because if you're not then you're a liar. I was in his/your stream when he/you made that.

    And yes, I'm starting shit because I'm bored.
    >> Graham Kraker 03/27/11(Sun)06:16 No.24615337
         File1301220992.jpg-(119 KB, 500x580, instrument555.jpg)
    119 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:17 No.24615346

    Well because most of them actually were in the older gens we'd probably just name them as they are

    That's how we named ponies like Bon-Bon after all
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:17 No.24615347
         File1301221074.jpg-(146 KB, 800x800, 1299223769726.jpg)
    146 KB

    Sure, why not.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:18 No.24615354
    Merchandise of the main cast should have toys of them also wearing the dresses/costumes that Rarity made for them, both of them. The crappy ones and the good ones.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:18 No.24615355
    >Seems a little too boyish to be a little girl's toy.
    dude, that's the kind of attitude faust is trying to put a stop to

    there should be a rainbow dash ferrari
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:18 No.24615357
         File1301221121.png-(60 KB, 600x458, derpy and dinky going for a fl(...).png)
    60 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:19 No.24615360
    Okay, something I have to talk about now that I've watched Hoof-full of Dollars.

    The technology in this show is starting to piss me off. There's no powered vehicles, or seemingly any electricity, and yet Twilight has a lab full of scientific equipment. They have refrigerators and appliances, but not normal lightbulbs or engines. And they have a train, that is clearly a train, it even looked like a train, with a catcher and what appeared to be an engine block and everything, but it was being pulled by ponies like a big dogsled. THAT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE

    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:19 No.24615361

    But Faust has no control over the toys
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:19 No.24615367

    "its okay twilight its just a dream youll wake up soon"

    looks like you tried to erase it,but you know now that you posted it,someon will try and make a sequel to your sequel
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:20 No.24615369
         File1301221205.jpg-(46 KB, 600x338, 1300857887251.jpg)
    46 KB
    >> BraveSpark !N7gMZDQo8M 03/27/11(Sun)06:20 No.24615372
         File1301221230.png-(715 KB, 800x1500, pinkie break.png)
    715 KB
    Any drawfriends on?
    I want to request a picture of pinkie pie snapping like a PW character
    Except not exactly like that
    This poorly hashed together instructions will show you what I want.
    Frame 1: just a displeased stare
    Frame 2:increased rage
    Frame 3:Super rage and leaning forward with hooves on head about to explode with anger
    Frame 4:slumped forward and a quiet feeling
    Frame 5:shoulders slightly raised and "heh heh heh" text
    Frame 6:Shoulders raised more and maybe a maniacal smile creeping up the side of her face
    Frame 7:Head leaned back and open mouth laughing hard text Maybe from top down?
    Frame 8:Same as 7 except maybe leaned back more and maybe mouth open more
    Frame 9:8 except zoomed out and alot of loling text
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:20 No.24615374
         File1301221231.png-(81 KB, 500x448, tumblr_lbv4b8wCBw1qdxi7no1_r2_(...).png)
    81 KB


    Remake the Pinkie Pie flying machine from Griffon the Brush Off as an RC helicopter. SHIT WOULD BE TIGHT!!!
    >> Caveat Lector 03/27/11(Sun)06:21 No.24615377
         File1301221263.png-(177 KB, 500x421, toon_1292542508064_GoodPlanTha(...).png)
    177 KB
    Every time I see her with mailbags on I think Pony Express, I'm surprised you all aren't all over that phrase
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:21 No.24615380

    Ponies do have some technology.

    But they mostly prefer to rely on their own abilities, magic and strength to get things done.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:21 No.24615381

    this can only end in pain.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:22 No.24615385
    Faust said they wanted to steer away from any combustion engine shit. Fucking hippy shit I know, but hey. We could go along the lines of steam punk for the tech that is in the show, see feeling pinkie clean.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:22 No.24615388
    But I can't see it ending well.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:22 No.24615390

    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:22 No.24615391
    faust is showing that girls can go to flight school using RD and gilda as examples.
    when someone thinks "oh girls wouldn't want flight toys" that's the opposite of the values faust is trying to teach.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:22 No.24615393
         File1301221346.png-(93 KB, 699x1238, crossette.png)
    93 KB
    Man, I cried bitch tears to this fic for some reason.

    I was looping this while reading.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:22 No.24615394
         File1301221353.jpg-(35 KB, 512x300, 1300786741418.jpg)
    35 KB

    Oshit. It's Dinky time.
    >> Dino-Fag 03/27/11(Sun)06:22 No.24615396
    steam punk computing is the coolest shit imaginable
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:23 No.24615403
    Addendum to that:
    They wanted to steer away from combustion tech, but she still wanted the train to be recognizable as a train. So they sacrificed logic for artistic something-or-other.
    >> Pimps McGee !!1XJKWa7B+Gb 03/27/11(Sun)06:23 No.24615406
         File1301221433.jpg-(118 KB, 640x714, 1299455368049.jpg)
    118 KB
    Also, you posted a minute after I finished all the files. Your just a troll or you skimmed because your a pussy.
    I'm surprised someone saw that, that quickly.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:24 No.24615407
    faust said they don't pay too much attention to things like tech levels. it's only us fans that try to make a grand unified theory of pony life.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:24 No.24615408
         File1301221452.jpg-(22 KB, 500x400, PANTS-ON-HEAD-RETARDED-500x400.jpg)
    22 KB

    The episodes all have different writers. I think Dave Polsky intended that episode to be pretty damn absurd.

    Either that or he's pants-on-head retarded.
    >> Graham Kraker 03/27/11(Sun)06:24 No.24615412
    I'm sure Lauren will use pony express for something eventually.
    >> Gilda's Fury !kmfdmRX7.c 03/27/11(Sun)06:25 No.24615421
    MST3K mantra.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:25 No.24615422
         File1301221558.png-(212 KB, 945x945, 1299912286406.png)
    212 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:26 No.24615427
         File1301221585.png-(131 KB, 366x270, 1295771055289.png)
    131 KB
    That's fucking depressing, man.
    >> Graham Kraker 03/27/11(Sun)06:26 No.24615432
         File1301221599.jpg-(309 KB, 768x768, wine958.jpg)
    309 KB
    Might as well
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:26 No.24615433
    yeah, it's me
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:27 No.24615438
         File1301221636.png-(39 KB, 945x945, 1301039087316.png)
    39 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:27 No.24615441
         File1301221647.jpg-(406 KB, 945x945, 1299912463846.jpg)
    406 KB
    Why is Derpy as a mommy so fucking heartwarming. I mean, I wouldn't have thought of it at all, but all these images just make me wanna hug something.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:28 No.24615447
         File1301221704.png-(6 KB, 214x270, Gamzee_Makara.png)
    6 KB
    Fuckin' miracles, my special pony.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:28 No.24615448
    Better Question, Why is the child a unicorn?
    Is it not Dr. Whoove's kid?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:28 No.24615449
    gamzee what are you doing in a pony thread
    you're silly
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:29 No.24615451

    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:29 No.24615454
         File1301221758.jpg-(444 KB, 1000x700, 1293004298764.jpg)
    444 KB

    because babby ponies are adorable
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:29 No.24615457
    You gonna question that horrible killing machine?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:30 No.24615461
         File1301221806.png-(135 KB, 672x474, 1300861754705.png)
    135 KB

    Ever read the Dinky fanfic? They're not usually my thing, but that one is fucking depressing and touching as SHIT.
    >> Gilda's Fury !kmfdmRX7.c 03/27/11(Sun)06:31 No.24615473
    Heartwarming? More like depressing, right?

    That's like the beginning of Rescue from Midnight Castle where that little pony asks "Twilight, will I ever be able to fly in the sky like Firefly?" And Twilight's like "hellnawww bitch, you's a URF pony." Then she asks "will I be able to jump high like Bowtie?" And Twilight's like "HAHAHAHA OH WOW"

    G1 Twilight kept it real, man.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:31 No.24615477
         File1301221896.jpg-(21 KB, 210x214, plotting.jpg)
    21 KB
    Hey I have a question.

    Aside from the song and the fucking things up and such, did anyone else think pinkie was just acting kinda weird in the last episode? Just the way she's speaking to dash and around the fire eating, it just for some reason.

    Am I the only one?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:31 No.24615478

    Because the kid's attitude is evidence of a kind and caring mother.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:31 No.24615481
         File1301221917.jpg-(21 KB, 210x240, char_20200.jpg)
    21 KB

    Since the next episode is most likely going to involve flashbacks to how the mane cast got their cutie marks, how would you speculate they all got them?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:32 No.24615482
    i have the ability to see things invisible to others,and it seems like you plan to try and sequel rocket to insanity,or make a story like it,now i just need the cupcakes story
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:32 No.24615485
    Oh god, that fucking fic.
    I found the nearest guy I could find, grabbed his hand, formed it into a fist, punched myself in the face with it and turned in my man badge.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:32 No.24615489
    I suddenly feel the need to see this movie now.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:33 No.24615491

    eh. it was cute, but I was never a big fan of the mentally-retarded interpretation of Derpy.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:33 No.24615493
    hey, he could be high as fuck for all we know ;_;
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:33 No.24615494
    A Bird in the Hoof comes before Cutie Mark Chronicles

    We already know how Rainbow got hers, or at least a basic idea around that.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:33 No.24615496
    That the one with GAWD WHY IS MY MOM SUCH A TARD scenes?
    >> BraveSpark !N7gMZDQo8M 03/27/11(Sun)06:33 No.24615500
    >man badge
    no one can take mine I keep mine between my legs
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:34 No.24615503
         File1301222081.png-(220 KB, 984x856, 1300868276089.png)
    220 KB
    Seriously. Just look at this shit. It makes me smile like nothing else. God DAMN you, Derpy fandom!
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:34 No.24615505
    The mental retardation factor kinda gets overshadowed by the fucking MOTHERLY LOVE that flows though it all.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:35 No.24615509

    >bird in the hoof

    Oh yeah. FUUUUUUUCK!!!

    Although, how did Dash get hers? All I know is that she was the first in her class to get one.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:36 No.24615517

    Nobody wants to read fanfiction anymore. In the past we would dig right into that shit like furious hounds, now the only fics anyone remembers is Cupcakes and Luna's magic wand.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:36 No.24615519
    Hope you keep that shit powdered then, gonna get all nasty and shit otherwise.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:36 No.24615520
    Hey, something just dawned on me. Have we seen any male children in this show at all? I mean, the only you characters, like Applebloom and Scootaloo, they all appear to be girls. Now, I know the male/female ratio in Equestria is a bit skewed, but isn't it a little dangerous to have entire generation of single gender kids? I honestly can't think of a single instance where we saw any little boys characters.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:36 No.24615521

    I never really thought of Derpy as retarded, just cross-eyed and bubbly. Who would only run into things because of the aforementioned crossed eyes.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:36 No.24615525

    It's Derpy, she ain't got to explain shit.

    Well, with Derpy things are better left unexplained.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:37 No.24615527
    She's in cahoots with Celestia
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:37 No.24615528
    Snips, Snails.
    I think there was one in the classroom scene in CoC.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:37 No.24615530

    and Cast Meets /co/
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:37 No.24615531
         File1301222238.jpg-(33 KB, 515x360, 20110114004827!Princess_Celest(...).jpg)
    33 KB

    I bet you a million quid Fluttershy ends up accidentally killing Princess Celestia's bird. In the manner shown in this vid:
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:37 No.24615536
         File1301222272.png-(246 KB, 1280x1164, 1300179904513.png)
    246 KB
    So would Whoof help raise the kid, or what?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:38 No.24615539
    You are born female in Equestria, you must earn your cutie mark, then your penis.
    >> Gilda's Fury !kmfdmRX7.c 03/27/11(Sun)06:38 No.24615541
    She got her cutie mark after she won a race.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:38 No.24615543
    Eh, maybe i'll try posting that again some other time of the day.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:38 No.24615544

    As a matter of fact, I think the show's depiction so far is a mentally aware and capable Derpy. She's at the fashion show and gasps in unison with the crowd at the bad display that Fluttershy was doing.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:38 No.24615546

    At first I thought that Scootaloo was a boy. I only realized that Scootaloo was a girl when Fluttershy started calling them all girls.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:40 No.24615564
         File1301222449.png-(74 KB, 280x280, 1300244261694.png)
    74 KB

    Yeah, that's more or less the vibe I've gotten. Aside from the goofy eyes, she doesn't really seem any different from any other background pony. She's always there somewhere, part of the crowd. Not being ostracized or anything. I like that.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:40 No.24615565

    Derpy is mentally well, she just has a lazy eye.

    Though she can be quite...unorthodox at times.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:41 No.24615568
         File1301222471.png-(307 KB, 708x407, 124123432.png)
    307 KB
    Guys... am i the only one who think Twilight looks like a frog when she sits like this?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:41 No.24615570
    >The cast meets /co/
    /b/ ensues.
    >It is never aired and Hasbro has to hire a few new employees after the suicides.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:41 No.24615571
    In CoC there were boy ponies in the roller derby sequence.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:41 No.24615574

    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:42 No.24615577
    not exactly in unison. several people have commented that derpy's gasp was strange and proof of her retardation. i rewatched it and it isn't a normal gasping sound.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:42 No.24615580
         File1301222558.jpg-(58 KB, 900x800, Poniframe.jpg)
    58 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:42 No.24615582
         File1301222578.jpg-(32 KB, 586x386, Typing-L.jpg)
    32 KB

    I'm not one for writing fanfiction, but I see an awesome story/episode that can be written out of this.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:43 No.24615583
    No, its just disturbing.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:43 No.24615585
    dash from a race as a fill

    AJ from her first applebuck

    rarity her ability to sew and find gems

    pinkie,well we all know pinkie's

    fluttershy,not sure

    twilight's mark is special because it represents the element of magic
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:44 No.24615596
         File1301222675.png-(64 KB, 499x429, 1301035434159.png)
    64 KB
    I've rewatched that several times, and I still don't get what everyone's on about.

    Sure it's a little raspy and deeper than the others, but it's not that odd. Especially considering some of the other sounds/voices we've heard throughout the show
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:45 No.24615608
    Shouldn't Applejack be loyalty and Dash be honesty?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:46 No.24615614
    I always wondered how Twilight had a cutiemark that means magic when she has no friends.

    No friends = no magic.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:46 No.24615615
         File1301222771.jpg-(355 KB, 1000x437, 1301045225628.jpg)
    355 KB
    Of course, there's the hilarious flipside to the Derpy Is Sane argument.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:46 No.24615616

    I just imagine it as being "oh well I guess that's what magic looks like?"
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:47 No.24615627

    Come to think of it, probably. However, Dash's honesty is more like a cutting "brutal honesty" that wouldn't exactly make for a good role-modely example.

    The loyalty thing for Applejack is indisputable though.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:47 No.24615631
    They are interchangeable.

    But dash is the bigger asshole as illustrated in Fall weather friends.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:48 No.24615638
    You are such a good artist. I know a guy I worked with
    that is an artist like you. I wonder if you are one in the same. KARL
    >> Hoppip !KITtY./F5s!!crHNH6BGTIA 03/27/11(Sun)06:49 No.24615649
         File1301222999.png-(117 KB, 433x423, 1298688754518.png)
    117 KB
    now with daylight savings time happening in europe, don't forget that the episode time will probably change for you
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:50 No.24615658

    yea, seems like they just kinda switch who is being honest and who is being loyal this week.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:50 No.24615659

    I'd imagine she get's her cutie mark performing magic to save one of her classmates.

    Ironically though, when confronted with the prospect of friendship, Twilight ends up turning her down completely, only to discover the joy of friendship later in life.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:51 No.24615663
    I really liked this fanfic backstory for Pinkie Pie. It's... bittersweet.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:51 No.24615668
         File1301223089.png-(380 KB, 821x805, 1300419495011.png)
    380 KB
    People speak of the "bedroom eyes" of Twilight Sparkle.
    YFW I had a dream a month ago that I was in Twilight's library.
    >She is looking for a book.
    >I walk up behind her.
    >Surprise her by playfully pushing her.
    >She pushes back by backing up quickly.
    >She sits down.
    >She looks back...
    This is when I was still pretty new to the show.
    It kinda weirded me out back then. I can still vividly remember the eyes looking back over her shoulder.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:51 No.24615671
    Drawfags and Writefags take great pleasure in tormenting us anons with their powertrips.

    They really put the Fag back into Tripfag.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:51 No.24615675
         File1301223114.png-(150 KB, 1280x1024, twilight sparcrab.png)
    150 KB
    Hey, last night Fred said he'd work on a picture of a stand off with AppleJack, only one thread wasn't archived.
    Did he actually finished it yet?
    Also, the other stuff he did yesterday.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:53 No.24615687
         File1301223203.png-(664 KB, 800x600, 1300898753835.png)
    664 KB
    No one ever seems to post the full version of this image. All I ever see are fucking thumbnails. Took me weeks to get this one.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:53 No.24615692
    Correction, 2 months ago
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:54 No.24615698
    Apparently you're not the person I'm talking to.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:54 No.24615701

    I'd trade my left nut for this to be animated.

    With the zinger being the next scene with the muffin on fire.

    Tlight comes back aghast and runs back for water to douse it. Leaving Derpy alone to monologue how the world is now safer after disposing yet another invader beyond reality.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:55 No.24615708
    I still say my dream is the worst
    >I am in Equestria, can understand them, they can't understand me
    >Trip over break leg, they think they have to put me out of my misery
    >Applejack kicks me in the head and crushes my skull while I scream at them not to
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:56 No.24615720
         File1301223360.png-(681 KB, 860x860, 1299223690902.png)
    681 KB

    So......Derpy's saving the world from evil invading muffins. Dr. Whoof would be proud.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:56 No.24615722
    You misunderstood me. It was very weird... but my dream was fucking awesome.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:56 No.24615734
         File1301223409.png-(145 KB, 414x344, 1300628531188.png)
    145 KB
    am the only one who has pony dreams that are utterly nonsexual?
    i guess i took all those writing tips to heart, because my dream adventures rarely involve the main cast directly, and they ALWAYS act in perfect character. and on the odd chance its me and the cast, it seems to progress rather tastefully.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:57 No.24615743
         File1301223459.png-(631 KB, 2986x3158, 1288342346712.png)
    631 KB
    I know. I am just saying my dream is the worst thing ever again, it still kind of haunts me.
    Shit was scary man
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:58 No.24615747
    You guys have problems.

    I had a pony dream once.
    Main cast? They were there,
    but I didn't pay them much mind.
    Because I had wings, and I flew.
    Best dream ever.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:58 No.24615748
         File1301223489.jpg-(143 KB, 531x475, 1301118506920.jpg)
    143 KB
    If we are talking about dream I had one, where I was chasing some bank robbers with Fluttershy, prohibition era style.
    I got no bloody idea how I got that. But it was awesome.
    >> Twilight !TWI.SsTe3k 03/27/11(Sun)06:58 No.24615753
         File1301223502.png-(222 KB, 945x945, 1299555352134.png)
    222 KB
    Look who I found!
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:59 No.24615761
         File1301223545.png-(338 KB, 1227x1000, 1300869377291.png)
    338 KB

    I don't have pony dreams, period, but then again I don't dream much. I only dream when I get a full 8 hours of sleep, and that doesn't happen much. If I DID have a pony dream, though, I doubt it'd be sexual. At the most, probably hanging out with Applejack or Fluttershy. Perhaps Derpy, but I have no idea what it'd be about.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)06:59 No.24615764
    This is the guy who had the Twilight dream. The other two pony related dreams I had were non-sexual. One of them I was helping Twilight Sparkle with a science project. While the other was me getting a suit made for me by Rarity.
    >> the caffinator !t.CA1ET4y. 03/27/11(Sun)07:00 No.24615777
         File1301223651.png-(58 KB, 1226x1574, 1301127269334.png)
    58 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:01 No.24615778
    I had a pony dream
    Me and the main cast were in a car and driving down the highway. It was a completely normal drive and nothing happened, we didn't even speak to each other. I don't get it brain.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:01 No.24615782
         File1301223696.png-(141 KB, 900x900, 1300929469125.png)
    141 KB
    only pony dream I had was one involving running around some fucking huge train station to visit all of the mcdonalds to get pony toys, but all of them only had fucking cherilee left
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:01 No.24615785
         File1301223715.gif-(24 KB, 500x500, mlp-derpy_la.gif)
    24 KB
    Guys, for my next fic I wanted to write about Derpy, but I can't decide on which idea to tackle. Input?

    >Grimdark crossover where Derpy suffers from dissociative identity disorder

    >Rainbow Dash is related to Derpy and has to look out for her

    >One-sided love for Derpy because she's too drain bamaged to understand romance
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:02 No.24615787
    Oh man, I had a pony dream that I got to fight manticores alongside the pony guard at Celestia's castle. It was fucking awesome.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:02 No.24615789
    What is your reasoning. I have dreams about 6 nights a week. i have dreams of all kinds. Though almost none of them are even remotely sexual.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:02 No.24615791
    TMI time.

    I never have sexual dreams anymore. I have dreamt of ponies, homestuck, and minecraft (all at once, still not sure how that worked), but if i ever have a sexual dream it's because i haven't fapped for a couple days or something, so I just wake up, crank one out, and go back to sleep to dream of more weird shit.

    Weird shit dreams are way more fun than sex dreams, and there's no messy cleanup.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:02 No.24615794
         File1301223743.jpg-(162 KB, 600x747, 1299012751408.jpg)
    162 KB
    So.. wtf at that? She is some kind of... wut?

    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:02 No.24615795
         File1301223753.jpg-(14 KB, 174x186, 1298757091741.jpg)
    14 KB
    i'm trying my best to get lucid dreaming working.
    but not to fuck the cast or anything, no way.
    i'm going to go exploring outside of equestria, let the dreamscape auto-generate cultures and locales, and write down what i see in the morning, maybe iron it out. WORLDBUILDING!
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:02 No.24615796
    I would hope nobody would execute my waifu.
    What a horrible thing to think about.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:03 No.24615801
    do the third one. the love interest is HIM
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:04 No.24615808
    Heh, funny this conversation started, I had a pony dream this very night.
    However for me, "pony dream" means "do some unrelated random shit and then some characters do a cameo together.
    Last time, month ago, it was Twilight who asked Celestia in mariage.
    Well, this time, it was Fluttershy, who was hanging out with... Gilda. Not even kidding, I don't get why I paired those two together.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:04 No.24615809
    it's a shitty meme. it has no actual comedic value, it's an in-joke thing
    >> Twilight !TWI.SsTe3k 03/27/11(Sun)07:04 No.24615812
         File1301223875.jpg-(72 KB, 546x558, 1299651840873.jpg)
    72 KB

    Launch the dubz!
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:04 No.24615813

    My nonsexual pony dreams are:

    -Falling down a ventilation shaft with Dash, who gets stuck on top of me and I suffocate

    -Dash is on the computer browsing /co/, but I apparently need the computer so I start whining at her to get off and she gets angrier and angrier and her voices gets more and more menacing before finally she spins around and smashes my face and I wake up

    - I'm trying to bake something at Pinkie Pie's but I keep dropping the bowl on the way to taking it out of the cupboard and have to keep getting a new one and then for some reason I'm in an exam room while Pinkie, still in the same room, uses the oven as I watch

    - Twilight needs my help balancing these huge boulders on wooden stakes but for some reason I have really long fucking wobbly legs and the boulders tend to fly away at high velocity when I touch them so I was constantly going back over to Twilight and saying "I'm sorry I'm sorry" and she'd just shake her head and say it's fine

    As for sexualised.. there was that one creepy dream where I was Rarity's gynaecologist (I spent the day before that dream driving my step-sister and her friends around and she spent a lot of time talking about her recent trip to the 'vagina doctor' as she called him)
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:04 No.24615815
    I've yet to dream about ponies, let alone lucid dream. Shit doesn't ever work for me.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:05 No.24615816
    You are part of the Lunar Alliance and a traitor!

    You and your waifu are shipped out to Serbia to count trees. Such is life in Soviet Equestria.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:05 No.24615817
         File1301223934.jpg-(510 KB, 945x945, 1722.jpg)
    510 KB
    I'm gonna have to go the obvious route in saying that I don't have any mlp dreams BECAUSE I'M TOO BUSY BEING HERE TO SLEEP. If I have had any mlp dreams in the 2 months I've been watching, I've probably forgotten them by the time I've woken up.

    captcha: sperri MATRIX
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:05 No.24615820
    Man you shouldn't have read rocket to insanity.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:05 No.24615823
    I dream of them sometimes when i dream spam on days i have off. sleep for 4 hours set alarm keep waking up every twenty minutes to advance alarm 20 minutes then sleep again badass vivid dreams all the time at least one or two pony dreams a night.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:07 No.24615834
    >Rainbow Dash is related to Derpy and has to look out for her
    I laughed why harder
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:08 No.24615838
    I haven't had a lucid dream in months.
    I rarely have pony dreams, aka ive had 3 in 2 months.
    I have minecraft dreams about once a week.
    All of my dreams are weird or random.
    Some sample dreams from this week.
    >Hunting dinosaurs with a bow and arrow.
    >Using a spellbook to summon walls of fire to stop an onslaught of soldiers.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:08 No.24615845
    Max limit of 150 image replies has been reached.Max limit of 150 image replies has been reached.Max limit of 150 image replies has been reached.Max limit of 150 image replies has been reached.Max limit of 150 image replies has been reached.Max limit of 150 image replies has been reached.Max limit of 150 image replies has been reached.Max limit of 150 image replies has been reached.Max limit of 150 image replies has been reached.Max limit of 150 image replies has been reached.Max limit of 150 image replies has been reached.Max limit of 150 image replies has been reached.Max limit of 150 image replies has been reached.Max limit of 150 image replies has been reached.

    >> FightingFire !r7KTjuynTM 03/27/11(Sun)07:09 No.24615848
    My non-sexual pony dream is this:

    wrote it on a notepad not 5 seconds after waking up in physics class.

    moral of the story:
    >Don't ink and derive
    >Or pony while physics, I don't know
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:09 No.24615850
    >dreams of sorcery

    That's par for the course for me. Any time I'm in a dream and it's about to turn into a nightmare I think "well fuck, let's try shooting fire at it, that usually works". Not even lucid dreaming, that's just the way my dream logic works.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:10 No.24615856
    >Rainbow Dash is related to Derpy and has to look out for her
    Do this one.
    Or another version of the third one, one where she's not retarded, just ... ditzy. I.E she always threats the other's advance like she's a friend or something.
    I feel bad to think of her as brain damaged...
    >> Dino-Fag 03/27/11(Sun)07:10 No.24615858
    >Hunting dinosaurs with a bow and arrow.
    now that's just mean
    hey had families, man
    >> FightingFire !r7KTjuynTM 03/27/11(Sun)07:10 No.24615859
    New thread? I'll make it, if nopony else hasn't already.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:10 No.24615863
         File1301224229.png-(528 KB, 583x587, 3088 - applejack tagme toy.png)
    528 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:10 No.24615868
    Duh, Fluttershy's a masochist, discovered it when Gilda roared at her, so she came back for more, makes sense.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:11 No.24615873
    oh god, AJ went bald.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:12 No.24615886
    Last dream I had was me fucking my girlfriend. Long-distance relationships suck.

    Author anon from earlier here. That probably came across the wrong way, I meant to say that Dash was taking care of Derpy in her off-time. Though it'd be hilarious if Dash was actually trying to avoid her in the middle of her flight patterns. WAIT UP SHE JUST WANTS TO GIVE YOU A HUG DASH
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:13 No.24615892
    New general I guess? >>24615878
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:13 No.24615898

    Just don't forget the title and keywords
    >> FightingFire !r7KTjuynTM 03/27/11(Sun)07:13 No.24615899
    Uhh, new thread?
    Image cap reached, so go and have fun.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:14 No.24615902
    You lucid dream when you get more than eight(8) hours of sleep (around 10 is good)

    Shit like this >>24615823 is completely wrong trolling bullshit. If you went to bed around 8 or 9 you would begin to lucid dream around 6
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:16 No.24615922
    this is why we can't have nice things
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:18 No.24615943
    the idea is you sleep until you actually dream then you keep forcing yourself out of the current dream by waking up then going right back to sleep after doing some small activity. you can when when you hit the bed to right back into a dream state and you either continue the first dream or have lots of random dreams.

    Just because you havnt experienced it doesnt mean it doesnt work.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:22 No.24615977
    this is an excellent way to get sleep paralysis
    I.E you're awake, but cannot move, have trouble breathing, and are still in a dream state so you hallucinate shit constantly. like, slenderman-level brick shitting stuff
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:23 No.24615981
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:26 No.24616002
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:27 No.24616007
    Pretty much everything involving lucid dreaming is trolling.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:28 No.24616014
    That would be cool at least I would have something from dream to be afraid of the nightmares i have are no longer scary just interesting. the only time i ever wake up in fear is when i almost get with a girl and then fuck it up and remain virgin 4eva even in dream.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:30 No.24616029
    It's just the same as daydreaming or imagining right? I never got why anyone had difficulty with it
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:31 No.24616038
    Would be cool to control yourself fully and summon any powers you wish in a dream while the environment of the dream around you stays the same.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:36 No.24616075
    No, lucid dreaming is definitely different from daydreaming. With those you can imagine things. But with lucid dreaming you essentially have power over reality. Its like daydreaming in that anything can be done. But with lucid dreaming it feels real. You are not imagining those things, it is more like living it.
    Think of the things you want to do most. Then with lucid dreaming they can become reality.
    Also, somebody said all things regarding lucid dreaming is trolling, This is 100% incorrect and methinks this guy is butthurt because he cannot do it.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:40 No.24616107
    It is AWESOME.
    Ever want to materialize objects?
    Fuck any chick you want?
    Have a katana fight with Jesus Christ, Buddha, and Muhammad?
    All is possible when you are GOD!

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