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  • File : 1300906772.png-(204 KB, 1280x1024, 1300338024050.png)
    204 KB MLP General Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)14:59 No.24515233  
    I combat the terrible threads and topics going on with cute.

    It is now cute time in MLP general.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:01 No.24515267
    Yay cute!
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:01 No.24515269
         File1300906887.png-(184 KB, 500x500, 1294294963469.png)
    184 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:02 No.24515304
         File1300906977.png-(152 KB, 393x475, murderous rage.png)
    152 KB
    >mfw im tired of constant 24/7 generals

    Too much friendship
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:03 No.24515307
    >disregard other thread filled with literal gay stuff.
    >acquire cute
    best plan ever!
    >> Carl E. Sagan !!jZdlL2TMYA6 03/23/11(Wed)15:03 No.24515309
         File1300906998.jpg-(82 KB, 1000x1000, LOOK AT THEM..jpg)
    82 KB
    inb4 gestaponies telling us to move to the troll general thread with pornspam and the like

    Also, topic so this isn't just a cute image dump:
    What do my fellow bronies do while creating stuff? Do you listen to music while drawing or writing, maybe have a TV show or movie on the screen?
    >> Tzeentch 03/23/11(Wed)15:03 No.24515310
    I hope to celestia this stays sacred,
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:03 No.24515311
         File1300906999.png-(201 KB, 1082x1996, 1299749150073.png)
    201 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:03 No.24515320
         File1300907033.jpg-(24 KB, 600x600, d9107b00fa98ba965b8b8d434e62b2(...).jpg)
    24 KB
    You're about a thousand years too late, Luna.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:03 No.24515322
         File1300907037.png-(761 KB, 1280x720, fashion tiem.png)
    761 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:04 No.24515340
    Yay. I dont need to see or read about male homo horses. Give me the fab 6 anyday
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:04 No.24515341

    We have Scootaloo now, nothing can go wrong.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:05 No.24515348
    Luna hates day threads, so she'll send something to FUCK US UP.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:05 No.24515349
         File1300907110.png-(82 KB, 675x581, 1299476527313.png)
    82 KB

    Oh God, why did you have to link those? I was SO enjoying the MLP fandom....

    Also, cute time calls for Derpy.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:05 No.24515350
         File1300907110.png-(155 KB, 700x700, 1298652080478.png)
    155 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:05 No.24515352
         File1300907115.png-(78 KB, 200x194, 1299379588177.png)
    78 KB
    >mfw people post my video
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:05 No.24515362
         File1300907145.jpg-(7 KB, 200x196,
    7 KB
    >Pacce deleted last post in shitthread
    Y u do this, I wanted to glorify you because of Junior Speedsters Forever.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:06 No.24515375
         File1300907201.jpg-(53 KB, 621x630, 1299395973087.jpg)
    53 KB

    Come now Mr. Bird, that's not cute!
    >> Tzeentch 03/23/11(Wed)15:07 No.24515393
    But Luna is my second favourite
    Right after Fluttershy
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:07 No.24515399
         File1300907257.jpg-(764 KB, 1400x900, 1300871231214.jpg)
    764 KB
    >mfw my request gets fulfilled
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:07 No.24515400
    From the /tg/ thread, I bring you a simple tabletop game.

    The goal is to capture the flags on the other teams side and bring them back to yours. Also, if a pony is knocked out, they restart at the starting line. Using a simple d6 for simplicity.

    HP 4
    Movement 5"
    Attack of 3, range 2"
    Strength 3
    AC 3

    HP 6
    Movement of 3"
    Attack 4
    Strength 4
    AC 4

    Earth Ponies:
    HP 6
    Movement of 5"
    Attack of 3
    Strength 5
    AC 3

    HP 4
    Movement 3"
    Attack of 2, range 6"
    Strenght 1
    AC 3

    HP 3
    Movement of 7"
    Attack 3
    Strength 2
    AC 4

    You must roll above the ponies AC in order to actually damage them. The strength rating allows them to pin an enemy with the flag. You must roll above that to escape and keep the flag.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:07 No.24515403
    Nice syncing.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:08 No.24515408
         File1300907286.png-(40 KB, 209x202, 1300544339819.png)
    40 KB
    I-I'm sorry...
    >> Tzeentch 03/23/11(Wed)15:08 No.24515417
         File1300907323.png-(78 KB, 386x386, 1298921696891.png)
    78 KB
    In fact this thread is suffering from Fluttershy defeciencey
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:08 No.24515418
         File1300907325.jpg-(46 KB, 485x512, 1300768938118.jpg)
    46 KB
    contributin cute
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:09 No.24515425
         File1300907343.png-(142 KB, 1134x610, 1300700962099.png)
    142 KB

    You weren't the only one. It's a good week, brony.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:09 No.24515428
    I love that feel so much.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:09 No.24515431
         File1300907347.png-(1.03 MB, 900x1200, Scoot_Dancing.png)
    1.03 MB
    Cute? Who said Cute?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:09 No.24515434

    Overall it's okay, but those shoulders look really off.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:09 No.24515445
         File1300907395.jpg-(24 KB, 500x500, 1299302676528.jpg)
    24 KB
    Flootershy? Sure!
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:10 No.24515448
         File1300907404.png-(564 KB, 600x662, Fluttershy_Cute_2.png)
    564 KB
    I thought I saw something about needing Fluttershy cute, so here is this!
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:10 No.24515454
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:10 No.24515459
         File1300907446.png-(124 KB, 637x657, 1299486813257.png)
    124 KB

    Oh, come on, that hawk is positively adorable!
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:11 No.24515469
         File1300907498.jpg-(472 KB, 1296x504, mlp_fis___princess_luna___wip_(...).jpg)
    472 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:12 No.24515487
         File1300907562.jpg-(180 KB, 900x900, 1299959486032.jpg)
    180 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:12 No.24515492
         File1300907575.jpg-(68 KB, 900x900, the_night_fluttershy_bawww__d_(...).jpg)
    68 KB
    You know, I actually would like to see it Gilda one like this.
    >> Carl E. Sagan !!jZdlL2TMYA6 03/23/11(Wed)15:13 No.24515494
         File1300907581.gif-(278 KB, 400x285, Ballin'.gif)
    278 KB
    I'd usually post Scoots, but the more chances I get to post this, the better.

    Anyone want to use my topic I posted >>24515309 though? Image-capping at 200 posts bites. If not though, we do need a topic.
    >> FlyingSaucer !!GQYOM9ahDgP 03/23/11(Wed)15:13 No.24515496
         File1300907591.png-(117 KB, 423x337, cloudkickersad.png)
    117 KB
    Cute threads are redundant, all the ponies are cute ALL OF THEM
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:13 No.24515500
         File1300907595.png-(343 KB, 964x587, tumblr_li9qofgfmc1qfewofo1_128(...).png)
    343 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:13 No.24515502
         File1300907596.gif-(1.66 MB, 632x478, Fluttershy_body-massage.gif)
    1.66 MB
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:13 No.24515512
    Cloudkicker is the cutest, prove me wrong.
    >> Tzeentch 03/23/11(Wed)15:14 No.24515516
         File1300907641.gif-(691 KB, 325x183, 1298736921152.gif)
    691 KB
    I require more sad fluttershy, as sad fluttershy is cutest fluttershy
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:14 No.24515527
         File1300907675.png-(93 KB, 226x255, Derpy_Scootaloo.png)
    93 KB
    >reading an MLP thread
    >reading a Mortal Kombat thread at the same time

    Ow, my head... I dont' think human minds were meant to go between gore and cute so quickly...
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:14 No.24515528
    >You know, I actually would like to see it Gilda one like this.
    Jesus, what have I just wrote?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:14 No.24515533
         File1300907691.jpg-(96 KB, 1000x1009, darth-spikeder.jpg)
    96 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:14 No.24515534
         File1300907695.jpg-(80 KB, 289x276, WTFgilda.jpg)
    80 KB
    >> nukeiffum !Ej2/wZGlMA 03/23/11(Wed)15:15 No.24515540
         File1300907718.png-(1 MB, 1600x1000, sWSGk.png)
    1 MB
    I know while I was writing Bittersweet I repeatedly listened to a Skrillex album because it was new. Kinda weird listening to a song called "Kill Everybody" when I'm writing about... yeah.

    Pic related, it's the only reason I discovered Skrillex.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:15 No.24515546
         File1300907721.png-(Spoiler Image, 60 KB, 232x227, 1299171699052.png)
    Spoiler Image, 60 KB
    >> Carl E. Sagan !!jZdlL2TMYA6 03/23/11(Wed)15:15 No.24515550
         File1300907728.gif-(Spoiler Image, 1.66 MB, 632x478, DAT FLANK.gif)
    Spoiler Image, 1.66 MB
    Here, have a fixed version.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:16 No.24515559
    I'm a hipster. I listen to music on with a few views only. I like a lot of genres, so I don't know if that kicks me out of hipster territory.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:16 No.24515560
    That's true

    Prove you wrong on a subjective opinion issue, I don't think it can be done

    Lyra is the most cute background pony though
    >> Tzeentch 03/23/11(Wed)15:16 No.24515563
    Freaking beautifull
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:16 No.24515571
         File1300907794.jpg-(26 KB, 600x600, 3d98e906b0fc6d8832dd14bf3502b1(...).jpg)
    26 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:17 No.24515582
         File1300907834.jpg-(44 KB, 600x317, gentlecolts.jpg)
    44 KB

    I don't create jack, man. The most I've ever done was this image, and I'm pretty damn sure there's a better one out there.


    I know that feeling, man. Anyone who knew me would be confused as fuck by what I'm interested in. Ponies, horror movies, Kirby, creepypasta, old '60s music. I MAKE NO SENSE, MAN.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:17 No.24515588
    You have to make the thighs wider, they're too thin and they don't start at the edge of the body, that's why it looks weird.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:17 No.24515597
    I'm not the artist, but it's impossible for me to draw symmetrically like that. He did better than I would have.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:18 No.24515607
         File1300907889.jpg-(92 KB, 1448x1035, scootfic.jpg)
    92 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:18 No.24515608
         File1300907890.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 92 KB, 1449x1035, Scootaloo_Trap_Oh_God_Wat.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 92 KB


    Those are the keywords! I get to post this now!
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:18 No.24515617

    gets me every time.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:18 No.24515620
    Well I'll be damned...
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:19 No.24515627
    what the fuck
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:19 No.24515629
         File1300907960.png-(177 KB, 531x518, 1299217312545.png)
    177 KB

    This really is getting tiresome.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:19 No.24515632
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:19 No.24515642
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:20 No.24515643
         File1300908001.png-(80 KB, 945x945, im okay w this.png)
    80 KB

    I would roll Scootaloo's trap penis in my mouth like a tictac.
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 03/23/11(Wed)15:20 No.24515647
    alright guys, I may have got something closer to lyrics, but its still a maybe. Can anyone help me out here?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:20 No.24515655
    fucking time magic.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:21 No.24515662

    Yes, I've been looking for other versions of this. Now Fluttershy is in my collection.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:21 No.24515663
         File1300908065.jpg-(138 KB, 600x600, 1299521899463.jpg)
    138 KB
    midday Loona
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:21 No.24515669
    Heh heh...yeah...
    Could be cool
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:21 No.24515676
    >Hyperinedx dying
    >people posting cub furry porn

    Yup, it's the end of the fandom. We'll be well rid of you.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:21 No.24515681
         File1300908109.png-(80 KB, 231x201, 1294613007382.png)
    80 KB
    remember when pony threads were good?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:21 No.24515682
         File1300908110.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 66 KB, 774x1031, 1300798697250.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 66 KB
    Heart melt in 3..2..1...
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:21 No.24515684
         File1300908117.jpg-(503 KB, 900x1227, 1300311946261.jpg)
    503 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:22 No.24515687

    >like a tic tac

    Interesting choice of words. I may have to use that.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:22 No.24515690
         File1300908129.png-(125 KB, 560x521, 1297604304260.png)
    125 KB

    >> Carl E. Sagan !!jZdlL2TMYA6 03/23/11(Wed)15:22 No.24515699
    I barely ever read fanfiction, but if I remember right, that's where Pinkie Pie gets diabetes, yes?

    Liking a lot of genres is saying you like a lot of music. Hipsters don't like anything, you're out of the club.

    Really though, I've got a lot of music that isn't "mainstream" that I love, but I wouldn't mind if more people liked it.
    Nobody wants to give Merryweather Post Pavillion a chance...

    I didn't make it, I just found that it was an improvement over the original. That's a big pet peeve of mine, when people use inferior versions of things, along with not taking the watermark off when using roflbot for new image macros.

    That reminds me, I have a fic to work on.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:22 No.24515703
         File1300908165.gif-(194 KB, 500x500, 1299223196179.gif)
    194 KB

    Oh, that's just beautiful.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:23 No.24515712
         File1300908185.png-(587 KB, 700x480, 1300432818972.png)
    587 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:23 No.24515721
         File1300908201.png-(108 KB, 320x320, 1296366259754.png)
    108 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:23 No.24515725
         File1300908213.png-(522 KB, 883x942, extremely stressed.png)
    522 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:23 No.24515727
         File1300908219.png-(98 KB, 547x593, Darth Spike.png)
    98 KB
    >> Discotecnica Ottanta 03/23/11(Wed)15:23 No.24515728
    Hey guys, any request?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:23 No.24515732
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:23 No.24515733
         File1300908226.png-(56 KB, 208x192, RAR4456699.png)
    56 KB
    Fucking Internet.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:23 No.24515738
    I recognize the style. Is this by that Philippine animator?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:24 No.24515743
    when is a good time to request fanart? I have never requested one but i really want to see a picture made. Im guessing in about 7 hours
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:24 No.24515744
         File1300908244.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 68 KB, 955x836, 1300800270701.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 68 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:24 No.24515747
    and then the mods fucked off all the good bronies and only trolls are left
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:24 No.24515751

    Human Twilight french kissing human Trixie please.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:24 No.24515752
    They were never good.

    Well, they were pretty good at one point, but let's not nostalgiafag about it..
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:24 No.24515754

    Remember? Hell. This un's a good un.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:24 No.24515757
    Wouldn't mind Adult Spike x Rarity, pony and dragon version of course.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:24 No.24515760
    Yes, can you kill the furries? Please and thank you.
    >> nukeiffum !Ej2/wZGlMA 03/23/11(Wed)15:24 No.24515762
    And many manly tears were shed because of it. Unless it was all lies.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:25 No.24515767
    >those pics reminded you of a fic you were working on
    dare i ask? YES I DO! what is it?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:25 No.24515770
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:25 No.24515772
         File1300908318.jpg-(54 KB, 1000x660, 1300854370816.jpg)
    54 KB
    >> R.O. Obsidian Solitaire 03/23/11(Wed)15:25 No.24515774
         File1300908323.png-(314 KB, 900x394, Rarity getting what she deserv(...).png)
    314 KB
    Finally done!

    This was requested last Sunday and I, finally, finished it.
    I am dubbing if I should add shadows, 'cuze it might compromise the aura of the comic.

    Make it pony and I'll dawwww.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:25 No.24515779
         File1300908341.jpg-(12 KB, 286x340, 1300481056751.jpg)
    12 KB
    The threads went to shit before that
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:25 No.24515780
         File1300908342.png-(29 KB, 1366x769, 1300528213636.png)
    29 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:26 No.24515787
    Trixie spooning with Twilight.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:26 No.24515798
    I swear I saw this comic before, and it was better-drawn.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:26 No.24515800

    Yay colored!
    >> Kloudmutt 03/23/11(Wed)15:26 No.24515802
         File1300908398.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 324 KB, 1500x1000, Pony centipede.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 324 KB
    fuck... what have i donne?
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 03/23/11(Wed)15:26 No.24515803
         File1300908405.jpg-(129 KB, 870x918, love.jpg)
    129 KB
    Animal Collective. High five.
    I prefer Sung Tongs though
    You seem like a brony who knows a thing or two about poetic lyricisms, think you could give me a hand?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:26 No.24515808
    request for fanart?
    I have one
    Angel bunny on his knees, on hand clasping his hearth the other holding air (looks like holding apple but no apple)
    with gummy latched on to one of his ears
    like a dramatic death king of thing
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:27 No.24515811

    Big Mac bent over an old fashioned typewriter, writing fapfiction. He's got reading glasses on and a pencil behind his ear. The caption reads "...and then they fucked." He's not jerking off. He doesn't have sweet rolling down his face. He's just concentrating on writing.
    >> :DF: 03/23/11(Wed)15:27 No.24515813
         File1300908426.jpg-(14 KB, 241x206, 1298757623221.jpg)
    14 KB
    someone mentioend this last thread

    imagine it; dragons do not do traditional battle, their claws allow them to use a far more ancient and deadly art;

    axes are passed down through generations, charged with magical power responding to the will and finger speed of their players.

    now, draw a rock battle between spike playing classic rock and some evil dragon king playing ULTRA DEATH METAL. Include face melting

    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:27 No.24515814
         File1300908426.jpg-(50 KB, 1018x720, Fluttershy_Digging_For_Gold.jpg)
    50 KB

    Humanized Fluttershy Picking her nose

    >pic related
    >> Tripfag McGee !NHqdxYQAec 03/23/11(Wed)15:27 No.24515819
    Something not porn-related like everyone else is asking. Anything. EN. KNEE. THING.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:27 No.24515824
    Sorry to say but the faces look slightly derpy.
    >> R.O. Obsidian Solitaire 03/23/11(Wed)15:27 No.24515826
         File1300908449.jpg-(117 KB, 900x394, 1300573600991.jpg)
    117 KB
    Original is by Mad Max, I think.

    Also, ouch!
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:27 No.24515827
    He's already the best non furry artist in these threads. What more could you want?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:27 No.24515834

    I expected the worst.

    And it turned out much better than expected.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:27 No.24515837
    You drew ponies with flat moonfaces and cat-ears.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:27 No.24515838
    I have no idea what you did, but someone needs to draw happy sexy Luna
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:27 No.24515839
    More Big Mac as '30 cop?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:28 No.24515850

    It could have been a lot worse.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:28 No.24515859
    oh god this
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:29 No.24515862
    You, uh, killed the linework, majorly.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:29 No.24515863
         File1300908546.png-(185 KB, 534x619, 1299223267628.png)
    185 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:29 No.24515864
         File1300908549.png-(21 KB, 220x225, 1299043199289.png)
    21 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:29 No.24515865
         File1300908553.jpg-(57 KB, 289x296, curious.jpg)
    57 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:29 No.24515873
    Welp, since you're here, would you consider doing this?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:29 No.24515875
         File1300908579.jpg-(58 KB, 945x945, HHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNN.jpg)
    58 KB
    Hey guys, who made this and where can I get more?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:29 No.24515878
    Just like in the show!
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:30 No.24515881
    >> Tzeentch 03/23/11(Wed)15:30 No.24515885
    Venom twined with twilight as she wreaks havoc on ponyville
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:30 No.24515896
    >Cutie Mark Crusaders, ENTOMOLOGISTS!

    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:31 No.24515903

    Kinda nsfw.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:31 No.24515906

    That was drawn by MegaSweet. He frequents these threads often.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:31 No.24515918
    That's what he seems to think, apparently the difference between species and proper proportions are lost on him, and on a lot of other furry artists.
    >> Cherry Dust !JD241DkHoE 03/23/11(Wed)15:32 No.24515939
         File1300908771.png-(115 KB, 783x570, Tracy Flash.png)
    115 KB
    Somebody asked for this to be colored last night.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:32 No.24515940
    Oh you! Still harping on the furries? So cute
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:32 No.24515943
    >>Still trying to contact Faust to get Derpy removed from show
    >>why god
    >>You can't mass spam Tumblr btw so it's okay to link this
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:33 No.24515946
    So no one is allowed to draw ponies with a little artistic license anymore?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:33 No.24515951
    Thank you my bronies
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:33 No.24515953
         File1300908806.jpg-(55 KB, 339x400, CAUTION.jpg)
    55 KB

    Is the archive broken?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:34 No.24515966
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:34 No.24515969
         File1300908847.png-(71 KB, 931x878, Sad Flutters.png)
    71 KB

    I still haven't got over the assdamage of seeing mai pony waifu picking her nose like that. Of all ponies, why did it have to be Fluttershy? Then again, I guess half the humor was because it was Fluttershy. Still, I mad.
    >> Carl E. Sagan !!jZdlL2TMYA6 03/23/11(Wed)15:34 No.24515977
         File1300908882.png-(239 KB, 1000x1000, HNNNNNG.png)
    239 KB
    >checking EqD
    >new Drawfriend post
    >see this

    Fuck. brb stashed box of Thin Mints.

    I'm not saying anything. Just keep in mind that I'm lazy and that fanfic may take a bit to get done.

    Never could get fully into Sung Tongs for some reason, but that was awhile ago. Maybe I should give it another shot. I just love MPP for how great it makes me feel.

    I'll be honest though, I'm usually pretty good at whatever I do, but I don't think I'd be that good at helping here. Poetry was never really a big thing for me. Too many rules, too many types of poems, it really lost my attention in high school English. I'm willing to give it a shot, though, always willing to help.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:35 No.24515983
    Quite the opposite, I love artistic license. I love Ross's take on the ponies, both humanized and regular (except for the fat fetish ones). I love a lot of other ARTISTIC takes on the ponies. When the take is unskilled, uncreative, and largely derivative, I don't like it.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:35 No.24515988
    Wait, you mean theres other people besides The Cuntsman who hate Derpy? What the hell bro? Lauren even auctioned a Derpy picture off
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:35 No.24515991
         File1300908928.png-(163 KB, 484x336, sinister minister.png)
    163 KB
    It was actually Twilight who was picking Fluttershy's nose.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:35 No.24515993
    >>I’m not sure whether 4chan originated it or just nicked it, but derp is hell of common there, especially on /b/, which should tell you something right goddamn there. South Park probably got it from 4chan.
    >>South Park probably got it from 4chan.

    I wish I had that really angry picture of Twilight.
    >> Tripfag McGee !NHqdxYQAec 03/23/11(Wed)15:35 No.24515995
         File1300908938.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 18 KB, 320x214, JustkiddingIpostedPinkiePie.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 18 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:35 No.24515999

    Meh. Retards gonna derp.
    >> R.O. Obsidian Solitaire 03/23/11(Wed)15:35 No.24516002
         File1300908955.png-(315 KB, 900x394, Rarity getting what she deserv(...).png)
    315 KB
    E-yup, apparently my frantic style doesn't translate so well to a Madmax comic. Not going to leave a brony hanging though. Besides, should try everything, right?

    Forgot Heavy beard.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:35 No.24516003
    Don't listen to that whiny fag
    He does this shit every day
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:36 No.24516009
         File1300908978.png-(342 KB, 865x692, ohlawdy.png)
    342 KB
    They said that Faust doing that picture of Derpy for charity was OFFENSIVE and WRONG.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:36 No.24516014
         File1300908988.png-(36 KB, 197x194, Ces4566.png)
    36 KB
    /r/ing a pic of Twilight licking the snot out of Fluttershy's nose.
    >> Tzeentch 03/23/11(Wed)15:36 No.24516015
    She cant complain,Derpy' sofficial name is Ditzy Doo!
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:36 No.24516018
         File1300908995.png-(43 KB, 573x164, why did i laugh.png)
    43 KB
    She mai waifu and I got weirdboner from it
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:36 No.24516019
         File1300908999.gif-(1.17 MB, 713x413, 0A8L1.gif)
    1.17 MB
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:36 No.24516028
         File1300909017.gif-(1.6 MB, 760x700, Flutter_Yay.gif)
    1.6 MB

    Fluttershy is my waifu, and I still found it hilarious when they did this... I didn't like the mule sounds though :<
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:36 No.24516029
         File1300909018.gif-(591 KB, 289x232, fluttershy hiding in a huge gr(...).gif)
    591 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:36 No.24516030
    Here' s a good example: >>24515977

    The snouts are different from the show's, but not in a bad way.
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 03/23/11(Wed)15:37 No.24516036
    Oh hey, I saw you message a second after I deleted my comment (it was a bad joke in a bad thread).
    But yeah, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
    In the process of rewriting and otherwise fixing it up since so many folks seem to like it.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:37 No.24516042
         File1300909037.png-(368 KB, 892x746, 1298701244760.png)
    368 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:37 No.24516043

    That's offensive to ditzes. Ditzes are blonde. Lauren Faust is racist.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:39 No.24516076

    inb4 ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 03/23/11(Wed)15:39 No.24516088
    I just need to write lyrics for a song, throw anyything at me. I just need to get started. The song is the hypothetical one that appears at the end of this Lyra fic

    Once Ive got it down, I'll put the song up on soundcloud or something, and everyone can hear my beautiful singing voice.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:39 No.24516096

    Why stop there? Just have full mouth-to-nose contact with lots of fluids spewing everywhere JUST LIKE MY ANIMAYS
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:40 No.24516103
    You sure it's a good idea? Poultron already gave me idea, that too much editing can get you nowhere.
    Still, you're not Poultron. Carry on.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:40 No.24516117
    You don't actually think Faust will listen to them?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:41 No.24516122
         File1300909263.png-(37 KB, 184x181, Cel56411.png)
    37 KB
    Your animays are weird.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:41 No.24516127
    Fuck, why is this thread infested with furries and shippers? Back to the 3-week hiatus days I see.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:41 No.24516132
         File1300909295.jpg-(135 KB, 1339x753, 1299661096539.jpg)
    135 KB

    >Zebra FROM AFRICA

    Where else are they gonna get zebras from?

    Also, what the hell happened to all the cute?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:42 No.24516148
    >coloring watermark
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:43 No.24516154
         File1300909388.jpg-(26 KB, 161x199, My Little Pony Friendship is M(...).jpg)
    26 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:43 No.24516162

    Fuck no.
    >> R.O. Obsidian Solitaire 03/23/11(Wed)15:43 No.24516169
    A lot of problems disappear if you do not address them as a problem. For example: these furries you are calling out might not be furries, but rather people who are making a joke, or are trolling.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:44 No.24516177
         File1300909447.png-(7 KB, 210x200, results.png)
    7 KB
    Because that's the way this fanbase is going.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:44 No.24516181
         File1300909458.png-(24 KB, 211x211, fs11.png)
    24 KB

    >dat filename
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:44 No.24516185
    shit just got weird.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:44 No.24516186
         File1300909475.png-(39 KB, 174x203, 1299488407468.png)
    39 KB

    Wow. That hurt my brain.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:44 No.24516193
         File1300909482.png-(134 KB, 520x775, pinkenstein.png)
    134 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:44 No.24516199
    >Sneeze 2 Sneeze

    I'm not sure even fluttershy can make that cute...
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:45 No.24516207

    >doesn't know we're not on hiatus
    >thought the hiatus was about shipping and furries

    Troll harder, new fag
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:45 No.24516209
         File1300909506.png-(127 KB, 425x450, Fun allowed.png)
    127 KB
    So if I want to get in touch with Hasbro with concerns and suggestions about the show, where would the best place to email them be?
    >> R.O. Obsidian Solitaire 03/23/11(Wed)15:45 No.24516215
         File1300909523.png-(481 KB, 780x541, Seductive Rarity.png)
    481 KB
    I actually added it in case I'd add shadows.

    However, you are right: it's arrogant and childish of me, especially considering I ruined the image.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:45 No.24516221
    Conversely, if you just ignore some problems, people treat it as tacit approval to continue posting crap.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:46 No.24516232
    That would be well and good, but perhaps the shippers ARE shippers and the furries ARE furries. I have no way to make them leave, but I can make their threads suck by derailing them whenever they decide to derail MLP threads with furries and shipping.

    Basically I'm creating a lose-lose situation in hopes that the shippers and furries find a different place to post their shit. Equestria Daily just isn't enough for them.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:46 No.24516244
         File1300909603.jpg-(45 KB, 791x1011, 1299180547622.jpg)
    45 KB
    Moar cute.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:46 No.24516246
    That's not how 4chan works
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:46 No.24516248
    There's a sticky on FiMchan with Hasbro's contact details.
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 03/23/11(Wed)15:47 No.24516256
    >> Carl E. Sagan !!jZdlL2TMYA6 03/23/11(Wed)15:47 No.24516258
    I'll do what I can. Before I start really reading, give me a bit of info. What is the mood of the song supposed to be, is it supposed to appear somewhere in the fic as part of the story, or is it just a related song, do you have a certain rhythm it goes to, etc?

    I run off details, if I have it in my head how the song is supposed to be while reading, I'll be able to come up with things as I read through it.

    But I'm seeing very little shipping and furfaggotry in this thread?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:47 No.24516264
    Old and furry.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:47 No.24516265
    People sure do take the internet seriously these days. My Little Pony threads on 4chan are some hardcore business.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:47 No.24516267

    Yeah, well. We keep telling you you're a faggot and that we like Kloudmutt. Particularly the other drawfriends.

    But you still keep posting crap.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:47 No.24516270
    That'd be assuming that they give a shit about the show, though.

    Would be the best place though.
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 03/23/11(Wed)15:48 No.24516280
         File1300909699.png-(2.39 MB, 1280x2879, Isitpossibleforscootalootonotb(...).png)
    2.39 MB
    Anyway, If anyone can help me with this, Id be so grateful. Im completely stuck, I just need some ideas to set me off.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:48 No.24516283
         File1300909717.png-(98 KB, 328x288, FS1566568446116.png)
    98 KB
    Only one way to find out...
    Someone draw it.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:48 No.24516285
         File1300909717.png-(7 KB, 299x276, Eager Pinkie Pie.png)
    7 KB

    >> R.O. Obsidian Solitaire 03/23/11(Wed)15:48 No.24516292
    I am really not looking to argue, but:
    Instead of complaining about something/trying to get rid of it, just post quality stuff in generals.

    Inb4: >I am not looking to argue
    continues arguing,
    I am not making an argument, I am giving advice.
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 03/23/11(Wed)15:49 No.24516299
    I thought about it and I really just want it to be the best it can be.
    My writing skills were quite rusty when I did it.
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 03/23/11(Wed)15:50 No.24516315
    The closest Ive got is this. The mood will be similar too. In fact, It might as well be a transposed version of this song, but dont tell anyone that
    without the horrible female vocalist
    >> /co/smonaut petro/v/ 03/23/11(Wed)15:50 No.24516317
         File1300909817.png-(40 KB, 300x121, 1298690041434.png)
    40 KB
    Evening gents.

    How goes the friendship?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:51 No.24516335
    usually doesn't work, because people often ignore what they are not interested in.
    thus, furries and shippers flood the thread with their stuff, anyone trying to steer discussion elsewhere are ignored.

    why not go to ponychan, furries and shippers? lots of content there
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:51 No.24516336

    Friendship jelly is flowing well for a wednesday afternoon.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:51 No.24516340
    It goes and goes.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:51 No.24516347
         File1300909902.gif-(217 KB, 500x264, tumblr_lieyyqHtAy1qaha6c.gif)
    217 KB
    >> TS_Powerball !!wEbxbZdIjQs 03/23/11(Wed)15:51 No.24516350
         File1300909915.gif-(2 MB, 319x223, 1300756288699.gif)
    2 MB
    Any bronies have or want to make a 2-piece background? I'm going to be 2-screening my computer, and I want a joint background :D Would be a fun project for someone.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:52 No.24516355

    If you don't like it, why don't you go back to /b/? Lots of hardcore gay pornography over there.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:52 No.24516356
    Most did go to ponychan/fimchan.

    But you can't stop them all from posting.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:52 No.24516359
         File1300909957.gif-(899 KB, 384x336, Twilight_Is_The_Smartest_Pony.gif)
    899 KB
    It's 4chan. We are incapable of supporting anything that does not involve at least one of three things: sex, making up a ridiculous amount of intricate steps and rules, or complaining.
    There's nothing about MLP that we can plan out with needless intricacy. A couple people made tabletop games, but even those are fairly simplistic. Sometimes we make up backstories for the background ponies, but after that's done there's nothing much left to do about it except wait for the next batch of ponies. A few people are making custom ponies or apparel and showing them off, but people with that kindof drive and/or talent are pretty few.

    So that just leaves sex and bitching.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:52 No.24516364
    What if I have nothing to contribute, but I still want these threads to stay away from furries and shipping?

    I can:
    - ignore it
    - complain about it

    I think it's important that furries and shippers will constantly have the thought that people don't want their "contributions" in the back of their mind.

    It's important for people to know that there are fans of this series, adult fans, that don't like furry and don't like shipping.

    Otherwise, I'd just hang around FurAffinity and circlejerk with them.

    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:53 No.24516369
         File1300910003.gif-(1.18 MB, 240x180, 81858_asianmanlicktongue.gif)
    1.18 MB

    Something like this I guess?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:53 No.24516373
    it's kinda wavy right now. but I personally think it's still good and high.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:53 No.24516376
    This is true. Let's hope more of them follow this trend.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:53 No.24516378
         File1300910020.jpg-(325 KB, 918x677, 1300434217282.jpg)
    325 KB
    Furry guy's here. Guess I'll post furry stuff :/
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:53 No.24516380
         File1300910022.gif-(1.7 MB, 360x360, 1300034890732.gif)
    1.7 MB
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:54 No.24516393
         File1300910058.jpg-(56 KB, 589x480, Derpy_11.jpg)
    56 KB
    Do you know who can draw cute stuff pretty well? LAUREN FAUST
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:54 No.24516401
    >I think it's important that furries and shippers will constantly have the thought that people don't want their "contributions" in the back of their mind.

    >implying that people don't want their contributions.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:54 No.24516402
         File1300910078.png-(43 KB, 285x261, Dieto.png)
    43 KB

    Holy shit, he's eating her alive!
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:55 No.24516412
    Yeah, it'd be just like that.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:55 No.24516413
         File1300910126.gif-(492 KB, 472x432, 1300674957063.gif)
    492 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:55 No.24516422
    Most modern operating systems support multiple images across multiple screens.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:55 No.24516430
    "C'mon honey, I know you like it"
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:56 No.24516434
         File1300910169.png-(375 KB, 1024x439, 1300512761109.png)
    375 KB
    If you haven't seen this, I highly recommend it.

    Hats off you you, gay gentlemen.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:56 No.24516439

    I've seen better.
    >> R.O. Obsidian Solitaire 03/23/11(Wed)15:57 No.24516452
    You both kinda misunderstood my post; let me drop the poetry and get to the point: applying negative value to something is not only depressing, but also illogical and tiresome. Sure, you can complain about things you don't like, but you can also accept it for what it is and tolerate it as it is.
    I am not saying this is the best way in every case, but in case of 'furries and shippers' I would strongly advice this: they keep to ponies, they don't post rule 34 (yet) and try to keep clean. What more could you ask for?r
    >> Carl E. Sagan !!jZdlL2TMYA6 03/23/11(Wed)15:57 No.24516453
    Skip Hasbro. It's pretty well known that they don't care about anything but selling toys. Your best bet is the discovery link >>24516270 here or to find a way to get ahold of Lauren Faust that isn't her DA.

    Reading through the lyrics and from what I've read in the story, aka not that much, it seems that the song you just linked is pretty much exactly what you're looking for, you just want to change a few lyrics.

    If it was me, I'd just go with that song right there, it's just a cover with a few touches to make it more pony-centric.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:57 No.24516461
         File1300910276.png-(34 KB, 185x185, 1292821785106.png)
    34 KB

    duck wat?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:58 No.24516470
    MLP tabletop war gaming?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:58 No.24516480
    Lauren kinda sucks at drawing doesnt she?
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 03/23/11(Wed)15:59 No.24516503
    oh, but that would be cheating. Thanks for your concern anyway, i'll come up with something. Though that song is really just about being a miserable bastard. This one kind of has to be sweet. Good luck with the shirts an' all
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:59 No.24516504
    Man, some people are so hung up on labels.

    I don't give a shit if you're a furry, a shipper, or a chimpanzee. If you're a nice person who likes ponies, you're welcome here as far as I'm concerned. If you want to contribute creatively, even better. I don't like shipping generally, but I am capable of ignoring things I don't like and concentrating on things I do.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)15:59 No.24516505
         File1300910386.jpg-(56 KB, 506x640, Pony_raindeer_freaking_cute-(n(...).jpg)
    56 KB
    That guy is the biggest furry here. Complains until it gets posted
    >> Hoppip !KITtY./F5s!!crHNH6BGTIA 03/23/11(Wed)15:59 No.24516506
    >that person still ranting about derpy on her tumblr
    fucking hell, faust is not an idiot, you don't have to "warn her" about "ableism"

    dA's pretty much the only way we know of to contact her, and honestly it's better that way so she doesn't have to fear of fans humping her leg wherever she goes
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:00 No.24516522
    Why isn't this on MadMax's deviantArt page?!
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:01 No.24516535

    Why is it that I see those top two images, I imagine her farting?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:01 No.24516540
    >What more could you ask for?
    I can make this place hostile for them.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:01 No.24516542
    >>24516480 implying that a quick sketch is a good representation of her abilities.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:01 No.24516548
         File1300910499.png-(39 KB, 227x202, CEL1466.png)
    39 KB
    I demand a pony version of this.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:01 No.24516558
    In high school I was voted most likely to be a furry, a shipper or a chimpanzee!
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:02 No.24516561
    What if I have her e-mail address? What then, bitches?
    >> Carl E. Sagan !!jZdlL2TMYA6 03/23/11(Wed)16:02 No.24516564
    That's exactly it, from as far as I read in the story, Lyra fits the "miserable bastard" or bitch, whichever you prefer, criteria just fine. Maybe if I read a bit more, I'd be a bit more helpful. I'll give it a read and get back to you.
    >> suckmyoff !KkyWm0AORY 03/23/11(Wed)16:02 No.24516581
    the story is.
    >go for a fart
    >success, satisfaction
    >attempt 2
    >shit self. shame
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:02 No.24516586
         File1300910563.jpg-(98 KB, 516x418, 1299925510071.jpg)
    98 KB

    Why the hell did I laugh so hard?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:02 No.24516591
    Cimpanzees are welcome.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:03 No.24516597
         File1300910583.jpg-(68 KB, 330x440, CuteDuck_HumaneLeagueOfPhilade(...).jpg)
    68 KB
    Cute duck.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:03 No.24516607
    Considering it's for charity she could have at least made it look like she was putting effort into it.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:03 No.24516622
    You... should know she was one of the character animators on Cats Don't Dance.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:04 No.24516631
    Yeah that's what you gotta do, just take it easy. During rare moments of clarity you can see that most of our peers are pretty sensible and rational people. Other people just trullin'

    Always trullin
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:04 No.24516641
         File1300910688.jpg-(12 KB, 250x251, hhhnngg.jpg)
    12 KB
    What's wrong with you? you trying to send me to the hospital?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:04 No.24516644
         File1300910695.jpg-(106 KB, 1280x1024, duck!.jpg)
    106 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:04 No.24516645
         File1300910697.jpg-(792 KB, 3014x2472, sgt_pinkies_lonely_hooves_club.jpg)
    792 KB
    Damn now if I could just find a version of the parasprite polka to put that to
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:05 No.24516655
    It's called perspective.

    If you surround yourself with people telling you what you're doing is okay, and shout down the people telling you you're awful, you lose sight of what you're doing. Worst case, you actually start to believe what you're doing is okay, and think everyone else should think the same, and why shouldn't you be allowed to walk down the street in your Rainbow Dash fursuit without people looking at you funny.

    Now in the spirit of friendship, let's all accept we're terrible and be awful together. Except for you crazy shippers, you're just too weird.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:05 No.24516656

    Someone! Make the first part of this!

    Ignore the second half!!!
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:05 No.24516659
    She was also an animator on the Iron Freakin' Giant.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:05 No.24516661
    >Implying you can do anything but make posts

    You will be alone
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:05 No.24516667
         File1300910750.png-(123 KB, 900x900, 1299739060802.png)
    123 KB

    You........yes, you.

    I like you.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:05 No.24516669
         File1300910756.png-(120 KB, 474x266, suspitious tail.png)
    120 KB
    Dear Princess Celestia,

    Stop pushing your fetishes on me.

    Your faithful student,
    Twilight Sparkle.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:06 No.24516684
    And yet I successfully derail threads all the time and I made at least one of 'em so mad they left. I think I'm doing fine.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:06 No.24516691

    That would require people taking you seriously. Nobody takes you seriously.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:07 No.24516693
         File1300910826.png-(48 KB, 168x167, Rar5661546414.png)
    48 KB
    Its a rough pencil sketch.
    Not cleaned up at all.
    What do you want?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:07 No.24516694
         File1300910829.jpg-(14 KB, 425x349, duck.jpg)
    14 KB
    This is now a cute duck thread.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:07 No.24516698
         File1300910837.png-(198 KB, 1920x1080, rainbow_dash_on_cloud_nine_by_(...).png)
    198 KB

    MLP flash game - make your own pony and play minigames to earn your cutie mark
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:07 No.24516705

    You haven't actually derailed a thread. You've only hastened the creation of a new one. And nobody has left because of you.
    >> Hoppip !KITtY./F5s!!crHNH6BGTIA 03/23/11(Wed)16:07 No.24516707
    well then lucky you, but don't make it public or she'll start getting retards shoving their retarded steel donuts down her throat

    she already gets enough of that on dA
    >> TOP STORY Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:07 No.24516714
         File1300910875.png-(125 KB, 783x570, Ponyrazzi Scoop.png)
    125 KB
    >Princess Celestia's secret porn habits revealed
    >Scat, xenophilia and cannibalism
    >"Holy shit, he's eating her alive!"
    Only in Equestria Weekly - your #1 stop for royal, court and celebrity news!
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:08 No.24516718

    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:08 No.24516720
    Cool story bro.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:08 No.24516721
    >I successfully derail threads all the time
    Faggot. It seems furries aren't the problem.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:08 No.24516725

    She doesn't suck. I've just seen better.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:08 No.24516727
    It'll sell for a thousand or so no matter what it looks like.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:08 No.24516731
         File1300910932.jpg-(486 KB, 1379x871, ThisFandomIsTerribleAndYouShou(...).jpg)
    486 KB
    I'd just like to take a moment to point out that, yes, people who are into shipping and furry shit ARE probably real human beings with human emotions, probably, but they are also exactly half of the reason the rest of /co/ is always on us.

    Just saying.

    (That you furries and shippers are ruining everything.)
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:08 No.24516732
         File1300910936.png-(53 KB, 228x205, Cel5526325.png)
    53 KB
    You will partake in any fetishes I please, without complaining.
    Now start licking Fluttershy's face.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:09 No.24516734
         File1300910941.jpg-(80 KB, 660x766, 1300741750102.jpg)
    80 KB
    Man, are daytime threads always like this? I miss the friendship.
    >> FlyingSaucer !!GQYOM9ahDgP 03/23/11(Wed)16:09 No.24516743
         File1300910969.png-(43 KB, 164x204, tornadobutt sitting.png)
    43 KB
    This thread requires a cute injection
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:09 No.24516744
    I derail them after they're derailed by furries. You can call that counter-derailing. I already explained I create a lose-lose situation to create a hostile atmosphere.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:09 No.24516752
    You can't live for 10,000 years without picking up a few questionable fetishes along the way.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:10 No.24516757
         File1300911004.png-(45 KB, 177x159, Celestia_Hm.png)
    45 KB

    To my faithful student,

    Make me.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:10 No.24516762

    Here is your proof that this guy is a troll.

    No one else would actually brag about derailing threads.

    He's certainly doing a fine job of making shippers look good in comparison, though.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:10 No.24516767

    You do nothing.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:10 No.24516769
    but seriously no, lets not see that
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:10 No.24516775
         File1300911050.png-(105 KB, 662x560, 1300655528140.png)
    105 KB

    These are the stages:
    1. Introduction.
    2. Development.
    3. Turning-point.
    4. Conclusion.
    5. DARKNESS.

    Internets for whoever gets the reference.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:10 No.24516776
    Wow, you're an internet all-star! You derailed a thread a 4chan, mad props bro.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:10 No.24516778
    Furries don't derail threads though. You do
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:11 No.24516782
         File1300911070.png-(42 KB, 370x360, Ha.png)
    42 KB

    I'm having a great time listening to all this nonsense. Pony threads always manage to entertain me, regardless of what is going on.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:11 No.24516791
    Most of the images in your... montage were actually created by a drawfag with the purpose of trolling. Notice they all have human dicks (except the really badly drawn one)? That's because they are all by the same artist.

    I'm complaining about REAL furries. The trolls I really don't mind, their trolling is really weaksauce.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:11 No.24516796
         File1300911118.png-(65 KB, 269x236, FS1416566154as.png)
    65 KB
    I... I'm ready, Twilight...
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:12 No.24516801
    Cool story bro.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:12 No.24516803
    That Japanese thing where the guy is always trying to hang himself where all the schoolgirls look exactly the same.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:12 No.24516804

    Do you seriously care what /co/ thinks of you?

    Man, that's sad.

    I'd rather be king of the furries than someone so insecure he goes around worrying about what a bunch of strangers on an image board think of his fandom.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:12 No.24516814
         File1300911156.png-(1.31 MB, 775x2400, Fim_3.png)
    1.31 MB
    injecting friendship.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:13 No.24516820
    I'm not looking for mad props. People asked me for my motivation, I gave it. I can't think of a simpler explanation:

    - create lose-lose situation when someone posts furry/shipping

    That's it. Real easy.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:13 No.24516825
         File1300911197.png-(37 KB, 185x182, 1299910735160.png)
    37 KB

    If I wanted to see this sort of shit, I'd just hang around /v/ like I always do. I like my friendship....
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:13 No.24516828
    Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:13 No.24516830
    I changed my mind. ALLOFMYMONEY.JPG
    >> Dr. White 03/23/11(Wed)16:13 No.24516836
         File1300911221.png-(226 KB, 972x536, 2274.png)
    226 KB
    Did someone mention crazy shippers?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:14 No.24516844
         File1300911241.jpg-(17 KB, 259x266, ohyeah.jpg)
    17 KB
    Come to me baby, we'll make such beautiful magic together.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:14 No.24516846
         File1300911244.png-(208 KB, 629x294, laughing fillies.png)
    208 KB
    >create a hostile atmosphere
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:14 No.24516848
         File1300911255.jpg-(3 KB, 126x118, 1297887187628s.jpg)
    3 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:14 No.24516851
         File1300911263.png-(96 KB, 279x326, Humanshy_Trembling.png)
    96 KB

    You know what always freaks me out about this picture for some reason (even though I still think it's awesome)?

    Gilda has teeth...
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:14 No.24516857
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:14 No.24516863
         File1300911284.png-(61 KB, 237x274, 1300666252505.png)
    61 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:15 No.24516875
    Okay pal. Keep up the good fight. Someday you'll be able to put this all on your resume, and wow your future employers with how you changed the internet forever.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:15 No.24516878
    Cool story bro
    >> Carl E. Sagan !!jZdlL2TMYA6 03/23/11(Wed)16:15 No.24516889
    Holy shit I forgot I forgot that anime even existed. Absolutely loved the art style.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:16 No.24516897
    If I wanted my own comeback...
    >> :DF: 03/23/11(Wed)16:16 No.24516908
    that shit is worse with grinding than a korean mmo
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:16 No.24516912
         File1300911414.png-(Spoiler Image, 911 KB, 1000x884, punishment.png)
    Spoiler Image, 911 KB
    Oh? Disobeying an order, Twilight? Perhaps you'd rather be punished?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:17 No.24516919
         File1300911435.png-(273 KB, 644x600, 1138 - ass rainbow_dash sexy.png)
    273 KB
    No I don't care what /co/ thinks you fuckup, but I DO care when, oh, I don't know, the word "pony" gets wordfiltered and people start getting fourteen day bans?

    Do you remember that?

    Do you remember what the mod said afterwards?

    About how the furry shit will not be tolerated? Yeah.

    Okay, how about this? I STILL see this artist's garbage in these threads to this very day, so don't tell me it's a troll, too.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:17 No.24516920
    You're awfully proud of banging your head against that wall, aren't you?

    I guess everyone's got to have something to occupy their time.
    >> Kloudmutt 03/23/11(Wed)16:17 No.24516921
         File1300911437.jpg-(270 KB, 1000x1000, eye pok.jpg)
    270 KB
    and he did it again, derrailed another tread by talking about derrailing

    also fuck im a furry soooooooo i dont post R34... yet and unlike you i do contribute, i could move to ponychan cuz it in fact has more frienship than here, but i still like it here more

    and the guy that keeps saying flatface, i dunno if its a troll or not but i am aware i need to improve, but it wont happen in 1 week an besides they are 15 min pony

    also requests? i just derped for half hour
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:17 No.24516932
    you bitching about your opinions is the most childish thing you could do in this thread.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:17 No.24516934
         File1300911467.png-(175 KB, 800x800, 1297883578942.png)
    175 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:17 No.24516936
         File1300911469.jpg-(2.34 MB, 800x2951, Trixie the Troll.jpg)
    2.34 MB

    I've seen cropped images of this comic before, but never the whole thing.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:18 No.24516944
         File1300911486.png-(144 KB, 413x360, Rainbow fancies this.png)
    144 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:18 No.24516953
         File1300911501.png-(18 KB, 176x162, 1300421214587.png)
    18 KB
    what the...
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:19 No.24516969

    Trixie having breakfast of hay and carrots, and she's arranged her food on her plate to look like Twilight Sparkle's face. It's all crude looking but she's happy anyway.
    >> Carl E. Sagan !!jZdlL2TMYA6 03/23/11(Wed)16:19 No.24516971
    >I forgot I forgot

    Fucking full oatmeal today, goddamn.

    I'm going to go dig out my saxophone and write the sheet music for Pinkie's song in Swarm of the Century, then find an accordion, then play it. Have fun with the friendship, folks.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:19 No.24516979
    Nope, that one's an honest-to-goodness furry. Still, correctness matters. If you complain about furries and post troll images, people won't believe you.
    >> R.O. Obsidian Solitaire 03/23/11(Wed)16:20 No.24516985
         File1300911606.jpg-(57 KB, 330x468, Kafka.jpg)
    57 KB
    Oh boy, this thread sure is psychology!
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:20 No.24516990
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:20 No.24516991
    Don't respond to him.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:20 No.24516995
    that shit doesn't work here. I mean there was a time when 4chan could self-moderate to a degree, but I think that time is long gone.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:20 No.24516997
         File1300911623.png-(594 KB, 1020x760, mlpmuldoon.png)
    594 KB
    >> Dr. White 03/23/11(Wed)16:20 No.24516999

    Blessed are the equestricuted for they will receive ponies.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:20 No.24517002
         File1300911638.png-(1.26 MB, 775x2400, Fim_1.png)
    1.26 MB
    well then...
    >> Hoppip !KITtY./F5s!!crHNH6BGTIA 03/23/11(Wed)16:20 No.24517006
    most of the people who post 0r0's stuff do it because they know furry arguments usually start up afterwards

    they're trollbait
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:21 No.24517009
         File1300911661.png-(125 KB, 985x615, kissing ponies.png)
    125 KB

    THE END.
    >> Choppers Top Hat !!D2NS7Bnw0GV 03/23/11(Wed)16:21 No.24517011
         File1300911664.jpg-(97 KB, 600x442, derp ice.jpg)
    97 KB
    Oh, daytime threads. You are so random!

    Engaging Derpy dump, then new thread upon image limit.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:21 No.24517016
         File1300911671.png-(44 KB, 198x176, piquedpinkie.png)
    44 KB
    Hey I was just making a request.
    I made a typo and decided to roll with it.
    I wanted a pic of Twilight Picking Fluttershy's nose.
    But what I typed was funnier.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:21 No.24517025
    I'm not "self-moderating". What I'm doing is... what I'm doing. See this thread as an example.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:21 No.24517038
         File1300911709.png-(1.23 MB, 775x2400, Fim_2.png)
    1.23 MB
    >> Choppers Top Hat !!D2NS7Bnw0GV 03/23/11(Wed)16:22 No.24517052
         File1300911740.png-(480 KB, 800x600, derpy meets HIM.png)
    480 KB
    Also, everyone knows Celestia's real fetish is being extremely submissive
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:22 No.24517053
         File1300911741.jpg-(141 KB, 949x1231, 129953219888-rururururules.jpg)
    141 KB
    >Pony threads get banned on /co/ because of furry garbage, shipping garbage, and RPing.
    >"Oh, nobody cares about your opinion, Anonymous."


    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:22 No.24517055
         File1300911743.png-(233 KB, 622x361, 1297412798599.png)
    233 KB
    I give up. There's too much non-friendship in these daytime threads.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:22 No.24517063
         File1300911764.jpg-(204 KB, 800x800, 1297987930949.jpg)
    204 KB
    Pinkie loves a hostile atmosphere!
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:23 No.24517079
    I was looking for this image, thanks.
    >> Dr. White 03/23/11(Wed)16:23 No.24517089

    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:23 No.24517092
    aww max img. limit.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:24 No.24517110
    New thread fucking where?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:24 No.24517120
    Why so butthurt? "People don't like my drawings so I'm gonna post more of them"
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:24 No.24517121
    So we've resorted to mod cocksucking now?

    "But mommy, they're being bad! I'm going to tell on you!"

    I mean heaven forbid pony threads on /co/ should be shut down, wherever would we get our daily fix of furry/anti-furry trolling and "hey guys what video games are you playing right now?" from then?!
    >> Choppers Top Hat !!D2NS7Bnw0GV 03/23/11(Wed)16:25 No.24517130
    Wow, that was quick.


    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:25 No.24517133
    Nobody cares about a mod who doesn't even has his job anymore. moot made up for it the other night
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:25 No.24517137
    Sort of. I think "creating a lose-lose situation" is a great description. They derail legitimate discussion, I derail their derailment to anti-furry discussion. And believe me, anti-furry discussion never ends.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:26 No.24517142
    what happened the other night
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:26 No.24517148
    Butthurt furries tend to do that.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:26 No.24517156
    Pony threads got banned because of one /b/tard mod, and because idiots spammed ponies on /b/.

    You really think anyone gives a shit about shipping? On 4chan? Please. Don't embarrass yourself.
    >> Tripfag McGee !NHqdxYQAec 03/23/11(Wed)16:26 No.24517157
    /a/ - Once Upon a Pony

    There's a thread in the archives about it on /a/
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:27 No.24517171
    What I found especially funny was before that thread, where the mod basically says everyone to stop with the porn, was another thread where the people complaining about the porn were told to just keep quiet if they didn't like it.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:28 No.24517193
    Yes, the mod is a hypocrite. That still doesn't mean ponies were banned because of shipping and furry. Ponies were banned because /b/tards spammed ponies everywhere.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:29 No.24517216
    >>24517137 I do this
    >I did that
    >look what I did guys
    >I did I did I did

    So really, this isn't about ponies at all for you. It's so you can feel a sense of accomplishment, however tiny, meaningless, and misguided.

    That's just beyond pathetic. How is it that you manage to make furries look normal compared to yourself? Do you realize how much anti-skill that takes?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:34 No.24517335
    they just want recognition for their work
    its a fairly normal human desire
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:41 No.24517516
    You so butthurt you have to samefag
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)16:59 No.24518049
    Once again: I was explicitly asked WHAT and WHY I'm doing this.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/11(Wed)17:29 No.24518495
    Can someone point her to the MS article, show her how silly it is, and tell her than only by worrying about it will make people care about it?
    I mean, dear god why...
    Also, is "ableism" even a word?

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