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  • File : 1300433788.jpg-(60 KB, 603x500, c1f700cc68736097db7c7fc9c6f4312d.jpg)
    60 KB Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)03:36 No.24382622  
    Hello, /co/. How are you today?
    >> Prophet of Pinkie 03/18/11(Fri)03:41 No.24382748
         File1300434104.jpg-(8 KB, 285x276, not369.jpg)
    8 KB
    Nothing op....just chilling...
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)03:45 No.24382834
         File1300434345.jpg-(29 KB, 739x628, mad.jpg)
    29 KB
    tired of pony haters
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)03:46 No.24382844
         File1300434364.jpg-(10 KB, 320x240, 1243351159901.jpg)
    10 KB
    Slowly getting into the pony groove and accepting my new pony overlords. I don't even know why I like them so much, and the worst part about it, I've got no one to discuss it with besides the obvious.
    >> Prophet of Pinkie 03/18/11(Fri)03:47 No.24382870
    Tell me about it
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)03:47 No.24382883
         File1300434474.gif-(350 KB, 424x248, hatergannahate mickey.gif)
    350 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)03:48 No.24382893
    We're here to listen.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)03:48 No.24382896
    is there a pony gif of this yet?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)03:49 No.24382907
    Pretty good finally got pokemon white shits awesome
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)03:49 No.24382911
         File1300434557.jpg-(2 KB, 126x72, 1297413992577s.jpg)
    2 KB
    >> Snarky Bastard 03/18/11(Fri)03:50 No.24382942
    >> Nyarlathotep !VwZvCXxy0. 03/18/11(Fri)03:51 No.24382955
    Lonely. ;_;
    >> TFJ 03/18/11(Fri)03:51 No.24382960
         File1300434698.jpg-(26 KB, 470x455, resistanceisfutile.jpg)
    26 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)03:52 No.24382978
         File1300434758.jpg-(20 KB, 510x443, 1.jpg)
    20 KB
    the worst part is that the people that hate it have not watched it
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)03:54 No.24383017
    No, the worst is the people who watch a few seconds, then hate it because things aren't exploding.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:00 No.24383128
    No, the worst are the people who always skip over the opening theme.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:00 No.24383137
    Is there a new episode tomorrow? (Friday)
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:00 No.24383140

    I don't even know how it happened. I wanted to properly dislike this show at first because well, everyone was just CRAZY for these ponies, so after god knows how many weeks, I caved and youtubed the first episode. By the time it was over I found myself laughing and genuinely enjoying the show, especially the animation.

    I'm only three episodes in because I rarely get the chance to actually watch it. Kinda feel bad that I can't join most of these generals because outside of Spark and her group, I don't know anyone else.

    Probably knock out some out episodes tonight if possible.
    >> Azarian 03/18/11(Fri)04:02 No.24383182
    I've Been partying too hard though :C
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:02 No.24383184


    It's called 'Green isnt your colour'

    It's about Fluttershy modeling for Rarity or something to that effect... and then she steals Rarity's spotlight
    >> Snarky Bastard 03/18/11(Fri)04:02 No.24383185

    no, the worst are the people who always watch the opening theme.

    >skippin' theme songs
    >like a boss
    >watchin' ponies
    >like a boss
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:03 No.24383214
    I watched it for a few seconds and was driven to homicidal insanity by the high pitched voice acting, art design, and the fact that I am not a six year old girl
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:04 No.24383240

    I like the theme song... and always watch it the first time I'm watching an ep

    But on subsequent viewings I skip it
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:06 No.24383264

    >Fluttershy/Rarity-centric episode


    As of late, my favorite ponies have been Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rarity. Fluttershy and Rarity have really been shining as of late, especially Rarity. I hope Pinkie has more lines in this episode though. YEAH
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:08 No.24383306

    The theme is really good and it hypes you up for the episode. I like the way it speeds up and flows toward the end.

    A beautiful heart
    Faithful and strong
    It's an easy feat
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:09 No.24383322
    Doing fine.
    Trying to find more Pony fapfics
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:09 No.24383331
         File1300435792.png-(90 KB, 512x512, 1293406691274.png)
    90 KB


    Get out....
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:09 No.24383333
    How many hours till new episode airs? I need to set my alarm so I don't miss the stream.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:10 No.24383357
    i cant believe this
    >this faggy shit gets posted on /v/
    >go on /co/ for the first time
    >pony thread on front page

    >> Celestia's Celestial Elia Cube !mIuht8JKS. 03/18/11(Fri)04:11 No.24383369
         File1300435892.png-(477 KB, 1000x816, 2964 - celestia wallpaper.png)
    477 KB
    Event Under way! Go post your stuff!

    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:11 No.24383374
    Parties, parties everywhere...
    >> Snarky Bastard 03/18/11(Fri)04:12 No.24383394
         File1300435977.jpg-(30 KB, 360x359, shepard deal wit.jpg)
    30 KB
    >> Azarian 03/18/11(Fri)04:13 No.24383395
         File1300435981.jpg-(42 KB, 400x300, 1299422568708.jpg)
    42 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:13 No.24383410
    Finally started watching it, just to see what the fuck was up with all the hype
    Although I did like almost all the episodes (For me, ALL the ones about the cutie mark crusaders were just plain boring, not to mention the one about the Diamond dogs), I just don't get what is it in this show that have all the fans screaming and in an awe that borders fanatism
    I mean, it does have funny moments and it is an Ok show, but frankly i was expecting to be in a whole new level of awesomess seeing all the hype and everything
    Also, on a final personal note, Pinky pie is the one who contributes more to make this series good
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:13 No.24383411

    The dots were suppose to imply the lyrics I didn't bother to type :S
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:14 No.24383422
    lol you 12 or what?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:15 No.24383434
    these threads get really, really bad on thursday nights.

    night everypwny. Happy St. Pwny's day.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:15 No.24383440
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:15 No.24383449
    >calling someone 12
    >playing a pony game

    Wish i had my reaction folder
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:16 No.24383454
         File1300436164.jpg-(46 KB, 1280x720, grab23896.jpg)
    46 KB
    >Didn't like the Diamond Dogs episode
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:16 No.24383456
    He's from /v/, of course he is.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:16 No.24383457
    No more Lauren Faust, eh?

    I'm okay with this.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:16 No.24383468

    One question OP.

    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:17 No.24383471
    I am staying up late as shit...going to be tired as fuck tomorrow because I am staying up too watch THIS!! (On episode 12 atm) How many episodes are there currently?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:17 No.24383472

    let's never speak of what happened in that thread again
    >> deleted 03/18/11(Fri)04:17 No.24383473
         File1300436231.png-(56 KB, 945x945, 1295222816233.png)
    56 KB
    >somebody posted a cartoon on /v/
    >better go to /co/ where it's safe
    Well, at least you tried.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:17 No.24383474
    not vidya.jpg
    >> plaster the returner !!JDgE/MrQNHu 03/18/11(Fri)04:17 No.24383475

    part 4 is now up. this one is a doozy
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:17 No.24383480
    Yes i didn't
    God forbids that i won't like every single second of every single episode
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:17 No.24383487
    Forgive me tresspassing on your thread but I thought the mod policed and outlawed the show from being viewed here unless he got fired too.

    Anyways, the show is okay but I'm baffled as to why it suddenly became popular it's the ignition of the popular is what gets me who sparked it.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:18 No.24383490
    >implying /v/ ever talks about vidya
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:18 No.24383491
    protip: Every#_$pony is a blocked phrase.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:19 No.24383497
    >the same exact thread and picture on /v/
    I didn't even notice I switched boards OP.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:19 No.24383501
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:20 No.24383512
    >Part of your comment isn't allowed to be posted :(

    I smell mods.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:20 No.24383513
    >Goes into a cartoon believing the hype

    Holy fuck have you ever watched a single piece of animation in your life?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:21 No.24383523
         File1300436470.jpg-(28 KB, 696x402, 11.jpg)
    28 KB
    Moar ponies!
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:21 No.24383524
    everypony somepony pony pony pony pony
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:21 No.24383531

    wordfilters, how do they work?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:22 No.24383538
    >doesn't know about spoiler tags
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:22 No.24383545
         File1300436562.png-(86 KB, 200x200, Lauren-Faust.png)
    86 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:23 No.24383557
    Somepony doesn't know shit about wordfilters.

    Try adding empty spoiler tags in the middle
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:24 No.24383564

    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:24 No.24383568
    Until you shared it's magic with me!
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:25 No.24383573
    What is your point? I only saw that one half of /co/ love it and tho other hates it.
    So because i don't make judgments without first investigating said source, i decided to watch it
    >> TheJudge !!hqQOj5Ki3B4 03/18/11(Fri)04:26 No.24383593
    Nominees for the Writepony Awards have just been announced. Twenty-five stories have been nominated across ten categories. Please go here to vote, and see the link inside for a full list of nominees:

    Congratulations to all the nominees, and have fun voting!
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:27 No.24383596
    Everypony wordfiltered huh?

    It's butthurt all over again. Might as well be posting on some shitty fanforum with all these filters
    >> Lauren Faust's Husband 03/18/11(Fri)04:28 No.24383612
    >> Discotecnica Ottanta 03/18/11(Fri)04:29 No.24383616
         File1300436947.jpg-(182 KB, 590x767, baby apple.jpg)
    182 KB
    Eh someone requested babby applejack applebucking, sorry for the specially shitty pic, im not feeling so good right now.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:29 No.24383626
    it would be pretty awesome/hilarious if the mods started going nuts on pony threads during the broadcast. 1:30pm EST mods, set your clocks, get to it.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:29 No.24383632

    The music for Friendship is Magic is fucking ace.

    The theme starts off with the "my little pony, my little pony" and a hot air balloon with Twi and Spike in it. You're like, what the fuck is this shit.

    And then it's AH, AH, AH, AH as Rainbow Dash KICKS IN YO



    Every member of the mane cast gets a solo SO AWESOME


    Spike burns a picture of the ponies as an offering to the sky goddess

    DO YOU KNOW YOU ARE MY VERY BEST FRIENDS, Twilight, Pinkie, Dash, Rarity, Applejack, and Fluttershy?

    And then for the next 20 minutes, I experience some small amount of release from the pain of this world.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:33 No.24383672
    I assume you watched every episode yes?

    To be honest I don't understand why we come to these threads day after day. Some people come for the porn, some people come to discuss the show, others come to whine about their social lives, and some come to these threads to fill a niche like drawing/writeing fanart/porn, whatever.

    /co/ doesnt effect my judgment of the show in any way, and i intend to keep it that way. Were not any more fanatical than homestuck fans.
    >> plaster the returner !!JDgE/MrQNHu 03/18/11(Fri)04:34 No.24383692
    don't forget about dat bassline
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:35 No.24383708

    Glad i stayed awake for this. The archive is down.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:35 No.24383712
    You okay?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:35 No.24383715

    You should throw in another apple plummeting down towards her head
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:39 No.24383770
         File1300437575.gif-(244 KB, 460x360, 1293043058762.gif)
    244 KB

    I usually pop in to grab whatever images I can salvage from dead or dying threads and be on my way.

    I'm like a vulture of pony threads. This is one of those rare occasions I sit down and read an active thread, usually they are too full of faggots and ponyfuckers posting porn and fapfiction. Nice job having a clean thread, must be the time of day.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:41 No.24383795

    do you buzz?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:42 No.24383801
         File1300437745.png-(99 KB, 500x500, 1289777046853.png)
    99 KB
    Does anyone have the thread screencap with Pinkie Pie on the ice skates, remembering one of her parents dying?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:42 No.24383803

    Fuck you guys. Seriously.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:43 No.24383806
         File1300437809.jpg-(86 KB, 888x288, late-night-ponies-v2.jpg)
    86 KB
    Dem nightthreads, bro.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:43 No.24383810

    That was a buzzard, I'm a vulture

    I vult
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:43 No.24383813
    u mad.

    ponies taking over this joint
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:44 No.24383823
    this shit AGAIN why dont you fuck off with your circle jerk bullshit and TAKE A FUCKING HINT nobody cares about your shity contest
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:44 No.24383828

    I'm not that mad I guess. I don't like My Little Pony, but I thought a pony thread existing on Fark was pretty damn funny.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:44 No.24383829
         File1300437897.png-(164 KB, 700x740, pinkie on ice.png)
    164 KB
    >> Discotecnica Ottanta 03/18/11(Fri)04:45 No.24383831
    Im not sure, i just got this sudden fucking headache and everythign looks sorta blurry, guess ill call it a night. See ya guys.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:45 No.24383833
    I know the porn spam is trolling, sometimes google docs links get posted, but mostly the seedier stuff's moved on to the other chan out of courtesy. Anyone who posts 34 here and not there is trolling to me.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:46 No.24383842
         File1300437988.png-(32 KB, 733x259, 1296873270210.png)
    32 KB

    dem nightthreads
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:46 No.24383843
         File1300437990.jpg-(216 KB, 720x792, 1292405799722.jpg)
    216 KB
    Why should i care about this now?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:46 No.24383847
         File1300437998.gif-(1.05 MB, 300x300, 1291010879021.gif)
    1.05 MB

    Sweet, thanks! Don't know how I never ended up saving it.
    >> Pimps McGee !!1XJKWa7B+Gb 03/18/11(Fri)04:46 No.24383852
         File1300438019.png-(523 KB, 1180x1120, 1299462414324.png)
    523 KB
    Well this thread seems okay, I'm going to go ahead and post this shit right here:
    Its my Pink Floyd to Pony crossover time, however, I've only got the prologue finished and a little bit of other stuff.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:47 No.24383858
    'Night bro, get well soon.

    Dem night threads.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:49 No.24383878
    its pony day and the archive is down it is going to be a mess

    i expect mass bans will happen again today
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:49 No.24383879
    that's cool, I think it's funny too.
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)04:49 No.24383882
         File1300438177.jpg-(22 KB, 351x334, 1286833648332.jpg)
    22 KB
    This was the first image I saved

    The pebble that started this avalanche of images
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:50 No.24383893
    the ponies are getting restless.

    it is time to cull the herd.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:50 No.24383900
    Guys I am so fucking excited, you know why?
    Tomorrow I am going to be home alone for the first time since I started watching this show!

    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:51 No.24383906
         File1300438291.png-(146 KB, 691x534, willpower.png)
    146 KB
    One of the first screencaps i made.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:51 No.24383918
    Can anyone provide me the link to the MLP shirts?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:53 No.24383936
         File1300438395.jpg-(43 KB, 472x344, confounded.jpg)
    43 KB
    My first pic
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:53 No.24383937
         File1300438396.gif-(710 KB, 140x130, 1300422946931.gif)
    710 KB

    >your face when the people you're hiding poni from come back early
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)04:53 No.24383938
         File1300438403.png-(518 KB, 728x1564, 1289600059685.png)
    518 KB
    I miss the guy that posted these

    is he still around?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:54 No.24383953
         File1300438493.png-(77 KB, 295x300, 1294800037852.png)
    77 KB

    >mfw I have nobody living with me that I hide it from
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:54 No.24383954
         File1300438493.png-(41 KB, 156x164, 12998909569.png)
    41 KB

    What happened, did Lauren drop by, only to witness the fucking trainwreck that is the average MLP general and swear to never return?

    someone fill me in
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:55 No.24383966

    A bunch of namefags paraded around saying they were Lauren Faust

    There's no way to be sure... so why worry?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:56 No.24383971
    we figured out the person posting as lauren was fake, don't get too excited
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:56 No.24383974
    I'm trying to get one of my friends to watch it. He's a lot more accepting of cute things and at least then I've got someone to talk about this show with in real life.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:56 No.24383975
    Whatever happened to Duffle? He was being a dick to a little mexican girl and then disappeared. Why couldn't he just man-up and apologize?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:57 No.24383986
         File1300438621.jpg-(28 KB, 206x180, angry poni.jpg)
    28 KB
    it happens every goddamn time too.

    also, my furst saved pic.
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)04:57 No.24383992
         File1300438655.png-(378 KB, 1462x1996, 1291764096993.png)
    378 KB
    These were pretty fun when they were being made
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:57 No.24383996
    >pretended to be
    Yeah, the first two pretended to be, then everyone just put Lauren Faust in the name field and posted stupid shit.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:58 No.24384001
    He couldn't take the shame. I guess he really hated madmax for leaving in a fit or something.

    As anon, its not my job to discuss tripfag drama, but w/ ever.
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)04:58 No.24384002
         File1300438724.jpg-(60 KB, 360x360, 1292107426567.jpg)
    60 KB
    I don't think I saw this posted more than twice

    not that it has much reason to be posted
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:58 No.24384006

    what the fuck did I say?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:59 No.24384010
         File1300438760.jpg-(2.91 MB, 1680x2950, 128882499264.jpg)
    2.91 MB
    Old content time?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)04:59 No.24384011
         File1300438763.png-(223 KB, 519x363, 1288699829458.png)
    223 KB
    I don't even remember saving this.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:00 No.24384018
    That was the comic that turned me onto this show "It's better than it has any right to be" is the perfect argument
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)05:01 No.24384026
         File1300438869.png-(103 KB, 389x286, 1290299233045.png)
    103 KB
    My Rarity folder is definitely the most diverse

    I like how varied her expressions are because I don't like saving images that are too similar to each other.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:01 No.24384027
    What DID you say?
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)05:02 No.24384042
         File1300438962.jpg-(135 KB, 549x504, 1288887759616.jpg)
    135 KB
    My Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy folders are a bit lacking
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:02 No.24384047
         File1300438976.jpg-(40 KB, 640x360, 1289610966731.jpg)
    40 KB

    I got some episode 1 shit right here.
    >> Discotecnica Ottanta 03/18/11(Fri)05:03 No.24384052
         File1300438994.jpg-(159 KB, 590x767, baby apple2.jpg)
    159 KB
    Ok added this and tweaked it a bit, ok guys have a nice night!
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:03 No.24384060
         File1300439025.jpg-(133 KB, 900x950, 1297916230774.jpg)
    133 KB

    You want reaction images or fanart?
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)05:04 No.24384063
         File1300439041.png-(248 KB, 1134x956, 1288601477959.png)
    248 KB
    This was a good example of how unstoppable the pony sensation was when it first hit /co/
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:04 No.24384067
    I want to join the solar sisterhood.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:04 No.24384074
    fucks sake i was sitting in the last thread for god knows how long thinking "man it sure is dead today"
    so i scroll up a little and find the fuckin post linking here.. Fuckin archive i tell ya
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:04 No.24384075
         File1300439093.png-(495 KB, 1347x2217, Conversion Unfolding.png)
    495 KB
    Pic related.

    Welcome to the team!
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)05:04 No.24384076
         File1300439097.png-(485 KB, 792x936, 1289768498079.png)
    485 KB

    Anything to pad my folder, fanart I have not seen would be appreciated
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:05 No.24384079

    That's great Ottanta!

    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:05 No.24384081
         File1300439115.jpg-(20 KB, 442x296, heykidwannall.jpg)
    20 KB
    Goodnight! We love you! Feel better!
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:05 No.24384084
    I don't like repeating myself.
    >> Neural !!FwQ7L7CXYX7 03/18/11(Fri)05:05 No.24384091
         File1300439148.png-(73 KB, 531x777, Dear Fag Pony.png)
    73 KB
    Goddamn ponies...

    why do you have to ruin everything...
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:06 No.24384100
    The funny thing is, the trolls and spam made this show way more popular than it ever should have been. In the end their plan backfired gloriously.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:06 No.24384109
         File1300439218.png-(99 KB, 780x650, 1297835169375.png)
    99 KB

    aha I was there for that

    I remember laughing about 'fluttershine'

    Also shygirlyDashwhocantcomeoutaboutit is best Dash amirite everypony?
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)05:07 No.24384110
         File1300439220.gif-(716 KB, 240x180, 1291640947474.gif)
    716 KB
    Oh the discussions of equestrian economics this gif spawned
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:08 No.24384124

    what's the story behind this?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:08 No.24384129

    holla holla get $
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)05:08 No.24384132
         File1300439339.jpg-(89 KB, 415x384, 1288889217257.jpg)
    89 KB

    Rainbow Dash? Lipstick?

    Confounding. Was there a story behind that or was it just a standalone image depicting an unlikely scenario?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:09 No.24384140
         File1300439388.png-(155 KB, 900x639, 1293617623209.png)
    155 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:10 No.24384145
         File1300439415.jpg-(222 KB, 640x480, 1299216074241.jpg)
    222 KB
    This one never fails to make me laugh.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:11 No.24384153

    mai waifu?
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)05:11 No.24384154
         File1300439478.jpg-(65 KB, 350x279, 1291812536278.jpg)
    65 KB
    Hilarious Image

    Not seen it in a good while
    >> Dino-Fag 03/18/11(Fri)05:11 No.24384155
    this is the best pony musical remix that exists so far. sorry eurobrony but this guy got you beat
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:11 No.24384160
    I really wish this furry artist Would have done a Twilight in that style.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:12 No.24384167
    >> Neural !!FwQ7L7CXYX7 03/18/11(Fri)05:12 No.24384173
    /co/mrade girl
    friends with me IRL
    had lots of things in common
    she was too alpha as fuck
    got all offended when I burst her bubble
    hates me with a fiery passion that burns brighter than every star in the sky now.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:13 No.24384179
         File1300439583.gif-(1.97 MB, 360x270, Chocolate Chips.gif)
    1.97 MB

    Oh man, ain't seen that in a while.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:13 No.24384181
         File1300439591.jpg-(470 KB, 800x960, FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC BITCH.jpg)
    470 KB
    these threads need less shipping and 34, and more epic and goofy comedy!
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:13 No.24384184
         File1300439608.jpg-(41 KB, 595x467, 1299618062061.jpg)
    41 KB
    Not sure about this, but it might be related to the "Ponies discover /co/" fanfic.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:13 No.24384186
         File1300439620.jpg-(47 KB, 660x551, pinkie sphere.jpg)
    47 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:14 No.24384194

    I'm not completely sure

    I was asking around making the request for a time... and then I woke up one morning and two different drawfriends had delivered.

    I'm aware that there is some kind of fic.. but I'm not sure which came first.

    The fic or the pic
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:15 No.24384205
    that person sounds like a huge faggot. but this is without context
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:15 No.24384206
         File1300439732.png-(234 KB, 600x600, sth_mlp.png)
    234 KB
    I dont even know what the fuck this thing is. Twilight shares my sympathies.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:15 No.24384207
         File1300439736.jpg-(501 KB, 1000x1000, 1300265888302.jpg)
    501 KB
    I had a terrible day, but this thread just existing is cheering me up. Thank you for being here for me when I need you, bronies. I've never felt such a strong sense of community and friendship in any other fandom I've been in. I wish I could give all of you guys a hug. I wouldn't even mind if you were all actually smelly neckbeards in real life because you guys are the best.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:16 No.24384215
         File1300439783.png-(158 KB, 690x580, flutterbolt_by_catchman-d3aky3(...).png)
    158 KB
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)05:16 No.24384218
         File1300439794.jpg-(338 KB, 1418x1013, 1289924808822.jpg)
    338 KB
    This image was the start of many a thread

    I wouldn't be surprised if it's still posted a lot.
    >> Neural !!FwQ7L7CXYX7 03/18/11(Fri)05:17 No.24384232
    She's really a nice girl, and I tried to make amends with her she just hates me like no other person ever has before and I have no fucking clue why.

    All she ever does is spout /co/ memes when I try to reason with her, reminding me that "This is her giving a fuck" and to "Deal with it."
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:18 No.24384239
         File1300439892.jpg-(1.68 MB, 1754x1215, 1299168141523.jpg)
    1.68 MB
    Likewise, anonymous.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:18 No.24384245
    What a whore. Tell her to get out of my fandom.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:18 No.24384250

    If it makes you feel better I am one not smelly, nor neckbearded, nor fat, nor particularly unattractive person who is 'relatively' healthy

    or as healthy I can be as a type 1 diabetic
    >> Dino-Fag 03/18/11(Fri)05:19 No.24384254
    what the hell is going on in that image
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)05:20 No.24384261
         File1300440003.png-(111 KB, 504x769, pinkiepirate.png)
    111 KB

    Well me being out of classes for a semester has led to a lack of shaving, but hey.

    You guys are a pretty good crowd. At least at night. I'll give you guys this art I posted a while back. Funny, I called myself birdman then and now I'm a vulture.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:20 No.24384264
    A fa/tg/uy could probably help you with that one.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:20 No.24384267
         File1300440031.png-(39 KB, 312x332, looking.png)
    39 KB
    I love you
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:21 No.24384279
    She's sounds like a depressing blackhole of lonely sadness. Let her go in peace. If she needs you, remind her that she can push someone else's buttons, because you don't need her to use you.
    >> Dino-Fag 03/18/11(Fri)05:22 No.24384285
    that person sounds and types almost like david!
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)05:22 No.24384290
         File1300440172.jpg-(526 KB, 1024x765, 1289258576226.jpg)
    526 KB
    This is a very special piece
    >> Neural !!FwQ7L7CXYX7 03/18/11(Fri)05:22 No.24384291
    It's a shame, too.

    We really had a lot in common.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:22 No.24384292
    Anonymous internet friendship is magic
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:23 No.24384294
         File1300440182.png-(173 KB, 878x637, 1299123821713.png)
    173 KB
    Oh god, i remember the shitstorm this image caused.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:23 No.24384297
         File1300440202.jpg-(226 KB, 945x945, My_Little_Pony_Pinkie_Pie_Sad-(...).jpg)
    226 KB

    Is it true that there is going to be an episode where the pony's parents are going to be introduced?

    Also, how much are you all willing to bet that it it's true, that episode is going to revolve around Pinkie having no parents (or immediate family for that matter)?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:24 No.24384304

    I'm sure she'll have parents

    And the director's will be bearing their trollfaces proudly as the episode airs
    >> Neural !!FwQ7L7CXYX7 03/18/11(Fri)05:24 No.24384307
    Who the hell is David?
    >> Dino-Fag 03/18/11(Fri)05:24 No.24384311
    the episode after next
    we get to see how all the mane cast got their cutie marks. itty bitty twinkie pinkie will guest star as the cause of your sudden heart failure.

    there will be no survivors
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:25 No.24384313
         File1300440305.jpg-(519 KB, 1200x1200, 1299616086246.jpg)
    519 KB
    Lyra and BonBon at the beach.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:25 No.24384321

    David is everyone
    >> Dino-Fag 03/18/11(Fri)05:25 No.24384323
    my own personal heckler. he/she is consistent and persistent. i named him/her because he/she is adorable
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:26 No.24384324
    You're different in one major way: She doesn't see you as a friend, and you wish that she would.
    As long as you don't have reason, you won't have closure. Simply accept it on those terms and you will feel relief.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:26 No.24384328
    I'm David. David Davidson.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:26 No.24384329
    There's an episode about cutie mark origins. mite b parents
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)05:26 No.24384331
         File1300440388.jpg-(93 KB, 400x387, 1290407087275.jpg)
    93 KB
    All I can say is Bravo, /co/
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:26 No.24384339
         File1300440417.jpg-(12 KB, 263x192, images.jpg)
    12 KB

    Then what's with all the ultrahappy overcompensation she wields all the time?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:27 No.24384341
         File1300440433.jpg-(21 KB, 254x260, i'm-2-and-what-is-this.jpg)
    21 KB
    >implying filly Pinkie has got shit on filly Dash
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)05:27 No.24384344
         File1300440464.png-(Spoiler Image, 75 KB, 320x214, 1291454569231.png)
    Spoiler Image, 75 KB
    The only provocative image I ever saved
    >> Dino-Fag 03/18/11(Fri)05:27 No.24384348
    i see your filly dash and raise you a fillyshy
    or i would if i had bothered to save one
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:28 No.24384350
         File1300440485.jpg-(100 KB, 1351x762, snapshot20110318202537.jpg)
    100 KB
    Ah~! Not in my mane!
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)05:28 No.24384358
         File1300440527.png-(160 KB, 409x497, 1289711901100.png)
    160 KB

    Maybe she just really enjoys her existence?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:28 No.24384359
         File1300440529.png-(71 KB, 480x480, 1298279584261.png)
    71 KB

    >mfw her babby voice no longer breaks
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:29 No.24384361
         File1300440545.jpg-(101 KB, 960x540, 1296095902135.jpg)
    101 KB
    >there will never be a dramatic chase scene where rainbowdash is chased by mindless adolescent dragons.

    ...Maybe in the movie.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:29 No.24384365
    This one is hawt.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:29 No.24384368

    Probably not.

    The whole "Pinkie has no parents and/or had no parents growing up" theory would have to be crammed into an animated television film to be viable.

    No fucking WAY the writers could pull that shit off in a single episode.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:29 No.24384369

    Omg... Bud Bundy like Ponies?
    And omg... such a big background about ponies ?
    >> Nappy 03/18/11(Fri)05:29 No.24384370
         File1300440576.png-(45 KB, 419x362, 1300146165586.png)
    45 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:30 No.24384372
         File1300440600.png-(744 KB, 1000x1000, Cloudsdalefun.png)
    744 KB

    Why cant we have the best of both worlds?

    And... a world beyond those
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:30 No.24384373

    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:30 No.24384374
    >Implying baby dash doesn't have pale grey hair, and she use the rainbow flowing in her house to dye it every day.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:30 No.24384381
    >episode with parents
    >everyone's parents will be shown except for Pinkie Pies', whom will be mentioned briefly
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:30 No.24384386
         File1300440659.gif-(156 KB, 291x347, 1292234708346.gif)
    156 KB
    >Mfw I know someone who works on the show
    >Mfw I know that she has parents and I know what they look like
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:31 No.24384393
    So if a FIM movie gets greenlit, how will you go? With bros? Babysitting kids? Alone (and looking creepy)?
    I'd try to get a group going.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:32 No.24384400
         File1300440726.jpg-(21 KB, 300x482, zim.jpg)
    21 KB

    You lie! YOU LIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
    >> Dino-Fag 03/18/11(Fri)05:32 No.24384405
    >> Neural !!FwQ7L7CXYX7 03/18/11(Fri)05:32 No.24384406
    Wow, that only served to further depress me, and I didn't even know what the fuck was going on...

    I'll reiterate- you ponyfags ruin everything. EVERYTHING.

    *flip table run away crying*

    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:32 No.24384409
         File1300440767.png-(257 KB, 640x360, Music is Bliss.png)
    257 KB
    >MFW my uncle showed me how to get out of the minus world and play as megaman in festers quest.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:32 No.24384410
         File1300440774.png-(248 KB, 1181x472, 1296338400910.png)
    248 KB
    I'll take my cousin, she absolutely loves this shit.

    >mfw this artist finally did porn after saying he wouldnt do porn.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:33 No.24384413
         File1300440793.jpg-(74 KB, 900x375, babypony_1_by_kloudmutt-d38qm2(...).jpg)
    74 KB
    The end-all BABBY COLLECTION!!
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:33 No.24384414
         File1300440798.jpg-(34 KB, 380x370, Nigga_what.jpg)
    34 KB
    My dad works for Nintendo, too, man. I'm sure you'll come through with that new Pokemon Glass version.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:33 No.24384415
         File1300440800.png-(147 KB, 480x268, 1290564098415.png)
    147 KB

    Spike too lazy to show any evidence and probably trolling?

    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)05:33 No.24384418
         File1300440823.jpg-(290 KB, 1134x897, 1292810343684.jpg)
    290 KB
    meanwhile, in the past

    this was the best pony fanart that had ever happened
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:34 No.24384422
         File1300440858.jpg-(374 KB, 1181x1559, 1294367186311.jpg)
    374 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:34 No.24384426
    and then everyone switched from badass art to shipping art and lauren weeped
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:34 No.24384429
         File1300440892.png-(125 KB, 800x800, 1297490572224.png)
    125 KB

    Missing filly applejack and Twilight.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:35 No.24384430
    Dash's eyes... Severe chest pain here.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:35 No.24384437
         File1300440955.jpg-(701 KB, 1500x1000, 1294950836034.jpg)
    701 KB

    14-bis sucks.
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)05:36 No.24384440
         File1300440961.png-(441 KB, 1063x1585, 1294200988312.png)
    441 KB

    Well yeah that image is better, but the Twilight came first
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:36 No.24384445
    What evidence could I possibly give? It's not like I haven't made this exact post like 20 times before even going as far to describe them sometimes. You all will just have to wait for the ep to see if I am lying or not.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:37 No.24384462
         File1300441075.png-(60 KB, 456x373, 1296665509892.png)
    60 KB
    im ded nao u no

    Did this get finished?
    >> Dino-Fag 03/18/11(Fri)05:38 No.24384469
    well if you described them we missed it
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:39 No.24384472
         File1300441144.png-(37 KB, 909x539, 1293050633874.png)
    37 KB
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)05:39 No.24384473
         File1300441144.png-(33 KB, 536x743, Captain Pogo Pie.png)
    33 KB

    As bad as this art was and even though it's purpose was to get used to my first tablet, I'm still glad I quit drawing ponies before giving up any integrity.

    unlike a certain friend of mine cough cough you know who you are
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:40 No.24384485
    I just checked her DA and doesn't look like it
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:40 No.24384490
         File1300441242.jpg-(92 KB, 558x992, 1296518884585.jpg)
    92 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:41 No.24384500
         File1300441277.jpg-(108 KB, 700x700, 1296337442316.jpg)
    108 KB
    Anyone got colored Pinkie here?
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)05:41 No.24384507
         File1300441306.png-(44 KB, 375x375, 1291792278413.png)
    44 KB
    A shame this never really went anywhere
    >> Neural !!FwQ7L7CXYX7 03/18/11(Fri)05:43 No.24384525
    So wait, was the integrity to be lost on what you were drawing the ponies doing or the drawings of the ponies themselves?
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)05:44 No.24384531
         File1300441445.jpg-(351 KB, 896x2670, 1291881880747.jpg)
    351 KB
    man, my misc folder has some gems
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:44 No.24384532
         File1300441448.png-(21 KB, 220x225, mlp_general.png)
    21 KB
    archiver didnt catch this thread, so...
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:44 No.24384537
    I don't want to type out the long version again so I will keep this simple. Think Amish.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:44 No.24384538
    Well now I feel silly. I know her stuff is perfect the way it is like Caluriri. I didn't realize it was her though it's been so long since I've seen it
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:44 No.24384540
         File1300441477.png-(469 KB, 724x800, 1298162469200.png)
    469 KB
    Something about his colors just bugs the shit out of me. It's nothing personal.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:45 No.24384556
    Same but I love his sketches
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)05:46 No.24384557

    On what the ponies would be doing. Not that I ever planned on it, but I've seen many a drawfag turn to pornography and shipping despite whatever code they tried to adhere to.
    >> Poultron !p.s6MMgH66 03/18/11(Fri)05:46 No.24384565
         File1300441595.png-(155 KB, 700x700, 1297229189906-(n1298344857536).png)
    155 KB
    >> Dino-Fag 03/18/11(Fri)05:46 No.24384567
    you uh
    you wanna expand that a little bit?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:46 No.24384569
    The guy said they would be slow and boring
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)05:47 No.24384575
         File1300441643.jpg-(80 KB, 860x628, 1290847066881.jpg)
    80 KB

    whoops, forgot an image.

    there's a colored version of this I must have forgotten to save somewhere.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:48 No.24384582
         File1300441691.jpg-(162 KB, 663x663, mlp_pp_grin.jpg)
    162 KB

    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)05:48 No.24384592
         File1300441723.png-(648 KB, 1224x936, 1290205568524.png)
    648 KB

    And woah fuck Dino-Fag is still around.

    Still workin on your boy's cartoons?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:48 No.24384595
    i know what you mean man
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:49 No.24384606
         File1300441776.png-(174 KB, 1024x600, now with added gradient.png)
    174 KB
    There you are.

    You left last night before I could post this.
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)05:49 No.24384607
         File1300441778.jpg-(181 KB, 719x1111, 1291285493819.jpg)
    181 KB

    Whatever you say brony
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:49 No.24384609
         File1300441784.png-(139 KB, 894x389, 1288495053829.png)
    139 KB

    Never gets used.
    >> Dino-Fag 03/18/11(Fri)05:50 No.24384622
    it's a half finished google docs epic, and has been for three months. i probably won't touch it again until i go through enough creative writing courses that it can make up for its retarded premise with actual quality.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:50 No.24384623
    Did you draw that?

    It's easy to lose your sense of morals on the internet. It's not like its gonna cross over into real life right?
    >> Poultron !p.s6MMgH66 03/18/11(Fri)05:50 No.24384624
    oh wow, this is awesome! thanks lots anon, now i can look at a cute sleeping dash whenever i goof off in class

    by which i mean take notes in class
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)05:51 No.24384633
         File1300441915.png-(544 KB, 487x487, 1292447883441.png)
    544 KB

    Didn't have that cropped, maybe I'll start using it
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:52 No.24384637

    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:52 No.24384639
    No problem.

    Still waiting for that update on Friendship stones.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:53 No.24384643
    No keywords in OP's post, this is going to have to be archived manually.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:53 No.24384644
    that isnt porn.
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)05:53 No.24384645
         File1300442000.png-(404 KB, 938x866, 1292269721464.png)
    404 KB

    Yes I did

    One anon even saved it. Pretty good feeling.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:53 No.24384646
    based on how you described it, it'll need to rival the lord of the rings in quality for anyone to take it seriously
    >> Poultron !p.s6MMgH66 03/18/11(Fri)05:53 No.24384648
    as a show of gratitude ill write it either in a little bit or after my stupid ass falls asleep at my desk
    >> Poultron !p.s6MMgH66 03/18/11(Fri)05:54 No.24384656
    although why anybody would trust me is a mystery not even york morgan could solve
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:54 No.24384659

    The image itself isnt porn, but the artist does pony porn now.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:54 No.24384660
    I could never do porn or shipping. I can only just about bring myself to do 'cute'.
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)05:54 No.24384669
         File1300442098.png-(614 KB, 994x467, 1291195246756.png)
    614 KB

    I'm not aware of that strip. Probably for the best.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:55 No.24384671
    No need to rush it for me. Take your time.
    >> Poultron !p.s6MMgH66 03/18/11(Fri)05:55 No.24384675
    i still need to finish it anyway
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:57 No.24384688
         File1300442225.jpg-(141 KB, 657x619, 1288846478964.jpg)
    141 KB
    Man you need to start drawfagging again. Were trapped in a cesspool of shipping and perversion of our own design.

    And i dont like it very much
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:57 No.24384696
    Don't shelve your shit. Instead, ask if someone would peer-review it with you. Otherwise you might scrap the premise and try to start over and hate yourself for it later.
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)05:59 No.24384705
         File1300442356.jpg-(663 KB, 1000x1200, 1291742725929.jpg)
    663 KB
    I remember that whole grimdark phase ponyfans went through. Horrible fanfictions full of gorn were posted all the time.

    I hope I'm not just out of the loop and that it's not still going on somewhere, it was impossible to talk about anything but the severing of friendship when that was a new thing.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)05:59 No.24384709
         File1300442368.png-(767 KB, 853x4339, MyMuffin-(n1296788728980).png)
    767 KB

    here is the Dinky strip. it Went along with some sadfic.
    >> Dino-Fag 03/18/11(Fri)05:59 No.24384711
    holy shit is that like my little Spawn or something
    >> Neural !!FwQ7L7CXYX7 03/18/11(Fri)06:00 No.24384715
         File1300442405.jpg-(705 KB, 1600x1388, bang.jpg)
    705 KB
    I'm still relatively new to drawfagging on /co/, but I mostly am just trying to promote my own comics...

    (serious comics tend to have a rough start getting an initial fanbase)
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:00 No.24384719

    The odd grimdark pops up occasionally
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:01 No.24384729
    That 3 week break was pretty terrifying. I remember F5ing pony threads for new Severing chapters.
    >> Dino-Fag 03/18/11(Fri)06:01 No.24384731
    worth a shot i suppose, but it'll need some massive overhauls before i let anyone even glance at it. Been posting some other smaller stuff under a pseudonym though, and those went over well enough.

    hell, might be a personal challenge to get people to get and like this dumb shit premise of mine
    >> Carl E. Sagan !!jZdlL2TMYA6 03/18/11(Fri)06:02 No.24384736
         File1300442539.png-(133 KB, 1109x700, OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGO(...).png)
    133 KB
    >check gmail
    >see this

    Well, that answers why I had a year of premium given to me randomly.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:02 No.24384738

    Just imagine what the series' end will be like

    Flying out and plummeting into a dark, endless void....
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:03 No.24384748

    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)06:03 No.24384749
         File1300442612.png-(97 KB, 579x560, raritypiratedoodle.png)
    97 KB

    All I drew was pirate ponies anyway, for some reason I can't think of anything else when I draw them.

    But for you, a special unreleased picture. This was leading up to Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Fluttershy actually on a boat adventuring like in AJ's fanfic but I became more interested with a cape comic I wanted to work on.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:03 No.24384754
    You did better than I did. I had a few people say they liked my work, but the self-contained portions I've posted didn't get any response, so I'm just working on the larger parts until my fic is done.

    I'm up to page 25, and projecting about 40 when I'm done. I don't think anyone will read it, but I someone enjoys it at least.
    >> Poultron !p.s6MMgH66 03/18/11(Fri)06:04 No.24384758
         File1300442654.png-(23 KB, 149x150, ARE YOU CRAZY.png)
    23 KB
    if you design a new twilight sparkle shirt after i just ordered one this is gonna be my face
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:04 No.24384759
    Holy fuck dude, that is amazing. This is all going to charity right?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:04 No.24384765
    Grats bro.
    I anxiously await the arrival of my Luna shirt.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:04 No.24384771
         File1300442699.png-(617 KB, 800x1776, mlp_twiwakeup2rd.png)
    617 KB
    >mfw yfw
    >> Dino-Fag 03/18/11(Fri)06:05 No.24384777
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:07 No.24384793
         File1300442839.png-(91 KB, 616x371, spy vsspy.png)
    91 KB

    I'd rather not think about that.
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)06:07 No.24384795
         File1300442851.png-(246 KB, 640x360, rainbow and ainsley.png)
    246 KB

    Nice bro, good workin
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:07 No.24384798
         File1300442869.png-(495 KB, 589x707, 1299923526154.png)
    495 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:08 No.24384800
         File1300442894.jpg-(131 KB, 960x540, 303_ruckus_1-(n1292694446564).jpg)
    131 KB
    Attention please, attention please. I'm about to sing y'all a song that I was supposed to sing to you all, mah beloved ponies, last week, but I got booted off the stage. It's a song I wrote called "Don't trust them zebras over there !" Sang along if you know the words.

    Don't trust them new zebras over there
    Leaving they zebra essence in the air
    Them voodoo, cuckoo head zebras
    While they spew on their pony stew
    Don't trust them new zebras over there
    Don't trust them big mohwaks over yonder
    They dig up so much dirt it'll make you wonder
    Don't them trust new zebras
    With they striped little zebra figures
    Don't trust them new zebras over there !
    >> Nappy 03/18/11(Fri)06:08 No.24384803
         File1300442915.jpg-(69 KB, 284x316, 1300192294207.jpg)
    69 KB
    Good shit!
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:08 No.24384806

    I say we all gather in a big group and commit mass suicide

    Then we can all be reborn in the magical land of Equestria!
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:09 No.24384812
    correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't that copyright infringement?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:10 No.24384824
    It sure is, and he knows it. He just doesn't expect hasbro to pursue it.
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)06:10 No.24384826
         File1300443039.jpg-(182 KB, 800x610, 1290845129505.jpg)
    182 KB

    Oh god... It's Balamb garden all over again
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:10 No.24384828
    This is what some bronies actually believe!
    >> Carl E. Sagan !!jZdlL2TMYA6 03/18/11(Fri)06:11 No.24384831
         File1300443082.jpg-(27 KB, 300x400, I will never get sick of posti(...).jpg)
    27 KB
    Twilight Sparkle isn't on my request list, and I like the current shirts, so nope, nothing new on that front.

    All my commission money goes to charity, yes. Of course, I don't make much commission at all because I wanted to keep shirt cost low, but it's still going there.

    Almost every shirt that's been ordered except for 4 out of 76 are currently in production and will be shipped off soon.


    FAQ right there, it'll answer most questions you've got.

    You do bring up an interesting question though, why would Spreadshirt give me premium when they directly reference Reddit, when the only place I posted is on the MLP subreddit, and talk about the legality of this?

    See image.
    >> Poultron !p.s6MMgH66 03/18/11(Fri)06:11 No.24384837
    so far he is (to my knowledge) going off of one or two assumptions:

    1) that Hasbro doesn't give a shit, and that if they did, he is hardly making any money on this shit anyway. almost all of it is going to charity.
    2) that the cutie marks themselves arent actually copyrighted, which SEEMS to be the case
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:12 No.24384843
         File1300443132.jpg-(17 KB, 400x300, check them ponies.jpg)
    17 KB
    Check' em lil' white ponies !
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:12 No.24384846
         File1300443136.png-(47 KB, 600x480, 1297325675891.png)
    47 KB
    I have a cyanide capsule on hand at all times.
    >> Neural !!FwQ7L7CXYX7 03/18/11(Fri)06:12 No.24384847
    Minus the 50 billion chop suey remixes...
    >> Thanqol 03/18/11(Fri)06:12 No.24384848
         File1300443150.png-(45 KB, 198x200, thanqol.png)
    45 KB
    Sup bronies?

    I just got 50 random people to sing the Evil Enchantress song. This man in particular would be a fantastic Flutterguy
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:12 No.24384854
    They're not copyright recognizable you fagget
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:13 No.24384856
         File1300443184.jpg-(3 KB, 126x119, Rarity_Stung.jpg)
    3 KB
    What makes them infringe? They appear to be generic designs of shirts with quaint logos in the corner. If anything, they're derivative designs inspired by some pop-cultural object and fit to be ignored by the likes of some mere toy company.

    >nice work Carl!
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:13 No.24384864

    So I reckon with access to the unisex sweaters you'll be able to whip up that wonderbolts sweater that people suggested?
    >> Poultron !p.s6MMgH66 03/18/11(Fri)06:14 No.24384868
    as if some guy on hasbro's legal team is gonna look at these and go "oh wow these are cool i wonder how he thought them up" "i mean who would put sparkles on a shirt even???"
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:14 No.24384880
    Does this mean possibly a better base color for the Luna shirt? I still really want that.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:14 No.24384882
         File1300443299.gif-(506 KB, 640x360, rarityunf.gif)
    506 KB
    >white ponies

    Um... have a Rarity?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:15 No.24384888
    Ever noticed how the characters have their own mini-theme music? Listen to Rainbow Dash as she's describing her new trick in Applebuck Season. Dat organ, man.
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)06:16 No.24384894
         File1300443397.jpg-(124 KB, 628x358, 1292387924276.jpg)
    124 KB

    Sounds more like a host of one of those late night ghoul shows
    >> Poultron !p.s6MMgH66 03/18/11(Fri)06:17 No.24384901
         File1300443431.png-(19 KB, 425x545, faff4a150e4b3418e352d170c28cda(...).png)
    19 KB
    so Zach... about those "ponies" on the internet these days...
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:17 No.24384906
         File1300443463.jpg-(174 KB, 713x386, morpheus_007.jpg)
    174 KB
    All this talk of suicide and balamb garden gives me an odd idea for a request...

    Are there any drawfriends about who could comfortably draw Laurence Fishburne?

    offering a choice between the red pill... and the Pinkie pill
    >> Carl E. Sagan !!jZdlL2TMYA6 03/18/11(Fri)06:17 No.24384908
    Due to Spreadshirt giving me a year of premium and wanting to help me out any way they can, I'm thinking the second one is more likely than I originally thought.

    Will I be able to? Yes.

    Will it take me forever because I'm an awful digital artist? Also yes.

    Well, I don't have other color options in my designer. But, it does give me an idea. Do you think it's possible that I can use the fact Spreadshirt has taken an interest in me to suggest the idea of new color options?
    >> Dino-Fag 03/18/11(Fri)06:17 No.24384910
         File1300443472.gif-(1.83 MB, 500x350, pinkie_seizure.gif)
    1.83 MB
    >> Dino-Fag 03/18/11(Fri)06:19 No.24384924
         File1300443581.png-(89 KB, 373x277, 1298241834598.png)
    89 KB
    oh damn, forgot about this

    shirt brony, what kind of freedom do you have in these designs anyway?

    someone post that wonderbolts hoodie design asap
    >> Poultron !p.s6MMgH66 03/18/11(Fri)06:19 No.24384925
    at least run it by them, it seems like they value premiums a lot if they're willing to do stuff like graphic design for you for free

    there's also a LOT of evidence to suggest these guys are pony fans, so...
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:22 No.24384941
    >Will it take me forever because I'm an awful digital artist? Also yes.

    give us some guidelines, like the template they give you or something

    i guarantee one of our VERY talented gimp-o-nauts will put some serious quality in there.
    >> noko 03/18/11(Fri)06:23 No.24384954
    My body isn't ready....

    Since my sched prevents me from watching it with you guys. ;_;
    >> Carl E. Sagan !!jZdlL2TMYA6 03/18/11(Fri)06:24 No.24384969

    Here's the design window for the Unisex Fleece Hoodie they mentioned. I've got access to front, back, full arms, and the hood.

    I will. Also, check the subject of the email, it says "re:". I think a brony working at spreadshirt might have sent it to a higher-up to get their attention.
    >> Carl E. Sagan !!jZdlL2TMYA6 03/18/11(Fri)06:25 No.24384977
         File1300443917.png-(146 KB, 644x466, Options.png)
    146 KB

    Captcha ate my image.
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)06:25 No.24384980
         File1300443937.png-(113 KB, 400x400, 1300181375830.png)
    113 KB

    Me being awake right now is probably gonna fuck over my chances of it on television
    >> Poultron !p.s6MMgH66 03/18/11(Fri)06:26 No.24384992
         File1300443981.gif-(412 KB, 150x150, 1299212684293.gif)
    412 KB
    same here
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:26 No.24384996
         File1300443999.jpg-(7 KB, 228x183, 1300236015350.jpg)
    7 KB
    Ugh, goddammit. I REALLY want to watch the episode. I haven't been able to catch a single new episode since I got into ponies, but I just got back from work and I need fucking sleep. This sucks.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:26 No.24384998
    Well if you go to bed right now you would have 9 hours or so sleep
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)06:26 No.24384999
         File1300444012.jpg-(444 KB, 1000x700, 1293038708087.jpg)
    444 KB
    >chances of CATCHING it

    sleep deprivation is a hell of a drug
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:26 No.24385000
         File1300444014.png-(82 KB, 244x251, 1297816219300.png)
    82 KB
    can you like just overlay digital images directly onto the hoodie?

    actually what might be best is directing us directly to that hoodie generating application so bronies can design stuff and submit it to threads for approval, then to you for possible sale?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:26 No.24385001

    Are you able to change the string color? yellow would match the designs on the actual sweater.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:30 No.24385027
    oh hey, trips
    but i just had an awesome idea. make a derpy messenger bag, like a generic mail satchel exterior with a little scribbled mark on the lower right with the derpy eyes or something. maybe a poorly scrawled "muffins!" in a corner
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)06:30 No.24385028
         File1300444230.png-(564 KB, 720x540, 1292615512384.png)
    564 KB

    6:28 now, 1:30 would be in 7 hours

    But yeah, good idea. I'll catch ya guys later if the late night threads are always this good.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:31 No.24385036
    Not always..

    But being from Europe it's nice to wake up to a thread like this.
    >> Carl E. Sagan !!jZdlL2TMYA6 03/18/11(Fri)06:33 No.24385049
    Yes, you can. But when it comes to a hoodie like this, and a design like the Wonderbolts hoodie, everything's going to have to be .eps, a literal vector, due to how big everything has to be. A normal member only gets 3 vector uploads until they sell 10 shirts. The premium upgrade given to me gives me 20 vector uploads daily.

    There will have to be two halves to the front lightning bolt due to the zipper, one for the mark on each arm, and then one for everything else. Plus, there will have to be revisions, etc. A normal member won't have room to upload them.

    I like this idea, but the design area for messenger bags is small. Plus, the one they offer is quite ugly.
    >> Poultron !p.s6MMgH66 03/18/11(Fri)06:34 No.24385057
    i would buy the fucking helling shit out of this messenger bag if you can somehow make it happen
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:35 No.24385063
    has there been any attempt by hackers on steroids to actually rip the flash application they use of their website, and launch it as a desktop thing?

    i just think it would be awesome to fully enable bronies to design pony material for sale. we could get some seriously badass stuff
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:35 No.24385072
    31 bucks for a custom sweater isn't bad either.
    >> APPLE !JACK2L7aos 03/18/11(Fri)06:38 No.24385093
    every time i check a pony thread Carl is like 200 steps further along in his clothes production. keep up the good work! you can expect some orders from me
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:38 No.24385099
         File1300444728.png-(362 KB, 784x1289, 1299692095177.png)
    362 KB
    >> Carl E. Sagan !!jZdlL2TMYA6 03/18/11(Fri)06:40 No.24385113
    Chances are slim, I'll make a note though.

    You can go to Spreadshirt right now, without an account, and design. People can go design their own shirts if they want, but it's easier to buy the ones I've got in my shop due to 1.) being pre-made, 2.) the average shirt in my shop is only $0.59 more expensive than making it yourself, 3.) charity.

    It's just the vector limitations that non-premium and non-shirt sellers have, and it'd really hurt the production of a Wonderbolts sweatshirt.

    Yeah, the sweatshirt itself is $31. As designs are added, price will go up a decent amount.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:40 No.24385115
    There are only 48 videos. Are you trying to cheat us? Where's 44 and 50?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:41 No.24385117
         File1300444866.png-(234 KB, 523x506, 1298028305717.png)
    234 KB

    >Is from europe too
    >been following the threads since 8pm last night
    >it's now 11am

    My mind is full of ponies.. Even moreso than usual
    >> Vulture 03/18/11(Fri)06:41 No.24385119
         File1300444885.jpg-(17 KB, 283x250, 1293225212326.jpg)
    17 KB

    ok definitely the last picture
    >> Giygas' Husbando !!tJbg4u7m4h8 03/18/11(Fri)06:43 No.24385132
    Is this thread almost dead
    I want a critique of the start of my fic but if I post it at the end of a dead thread I won't get nothin
    >> Dino-Fag 03/18/11(Fri)06:44 No.24385133
    oh, well, yes. i just meant giving anyone who downloads their flash application full ability to mess around with it, no vector limits.

    the point being that designs would be posted on threads like "hey guys, new design, what do you think? send it to shirt brony?"
    and assuming people like it, the design would be sent to you to replicate and sell in your store
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:44 No.24385142
    At this time threads move pretty slow.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:45 No.24385144
    Dang it, I can't stay up until 5 in the morning, although I don't get it on TV anyhow so I'd have to wait another 3 hours or so until a brony could upload it to Youtube or /rs/. Oh well I guess it'll be there when Australian folk wake up.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:46 No.24385152
         File1300445175.jpg-(207 KB, 1920x1080, snapshot20110318214600.jpg)
    207 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:46 No.24385155

    Late night threads are best threads
    >> Giygas' Husbando !!tJbg4u7m4h8 03/18/11(Fri)06:48 No.24385162
         File1300445283.png-(714 KB, 1920x1080, 1298259623380.png)
    714 KB
    So I have started writing a Stalker/pony fic
    When I first started last night it seemed to be going well
    But while I was working at work I thought up a ton of ways to improve it
    For starters, instead of radiation and science I gotta change it up to magic and more magic
    Second I realized I was writing it as if the reader had already played stalker, so I gotta ease people into the setting who haven't played it
    Plus I thought about how I wanted the first 'adventure' to go
    I think it mite b cool
    But for now I want to play a little STALKER before the sun comes up
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:48 No.24385167
    Equestrian/Pony clowns are just as creepy as real life ones.
    They all float down here Pinkie Pie
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:49 No.24385171
         File1300445373.png-(187 KB, 389x306, bare it.png)
    187 KB
    >> Thanqol 03/18/11(Fri)06:50 No.24385173

    #44 chickened out after filming. Number 50 was gonna be me but I derped and forgot; I will do it as soon as possible.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:50 No.24385174
         File1300445412.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 134 KB, 647x446, fuckno.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 134 KB
    >Playing Planetarian
    >Get to this scene
    >I am now dead inside
    Tomorrow's ep better be happy or I might just kill myself
    >> Nappy 03/18/11(Fri)06:50 No.24385179
         File1300445447.png-(73 KB, 264x316, 1289487297213-(n1291562956770).png)
    73 KB
    mfw the tail is a tie
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:51 No.24385181
    Ancient copypasta remixed:

    I've got a problem.

    I live in total fantasy. I never leave my apartment except for essentials. I stay here and torrent ponies. While I'm waiting for new episodes to torrent, my life is dead. I have nothing to do and nothing to live for. At all.

    I just finished watching Friendship is Magic, and now I'm genuinely concerend that I have blurred fantasy and reality. All day today, even at work, I daydreamed about Luna/Nightmare. I wanted to be there for her. What happened to her was the most unfair thing. She needed someone, not someone like Celestia who fucks everything up and leaves. She is a tragedy...

    I can't stop thinking about her. When I think about being there for her, holding her, telling her that it's not her fault, telling her that everything will be okay, not holding her for any gains for myself... I feel so strange. My chest burns. I know I must be sick but... could these feelings to want to comfort and bring her happiness be love? Am I in love with a fictional character?

    /co/, please help.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:51 No.24385182
         File1300445475.png-(145 KB, 631x358, oh man.png)
    145 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:51 No.24385190
    I agree, but they still move pretty slow, which might be part of the reason.
    >> Carl E. Sagan !!jZdlL2TMYA6 03/18/11(Fri)06:51 No.24385191
         File1300445509.png-(453 KB, 1772x1771, undefined.png)
    453 KB
    This all happened when I was sleeping. I blame Blog Brony.

    That'd be a problem. You upload the vectors and designs in general to the site, then open up the application, then design. They can always do it the way I did before even opening the store, make a generic shirt in photoshop and mock it up.

    Plus, I don't think I'd ever actually use another person's designs on the store. The Cutie Marks are one thing, but when I was requested to put this image on a shirt, I did it, but didn't want it going onto the main store due to being a fan work an actual person made.

    Along with that, I'm quite sure using someone else's designs on my shirt without legal documentation that I can use them is grounds for lawsuit, just like the cutie marks. Hasbro won't do anything due to being a big corporation and having bigger fish to fry, but an average person doesn't. I love bronies and I love this fanbase, but that doesn't mean there isn't a bad apple out there that could take advantage of the opportunity.
    >> Dino-Fag 03/18/11(Fri)06:52 No.24385196
    careful, stalker is all about atmosphere so you'll need to flex those descriptive paragraph muscles.

    also, if you're jumping into the story and have to give three paragraphs of background information in the form of exposition, dont.
    maybe have some of them around a campfire, talking about "the first days", reading from old newspapers and laughing?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:52 No.24385198
    Someone less lazy then me needs to make some Gensokyo/Equestria ones
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:52 No.24385199
    What the unholy christ, Google?

    I just got a copyright notification on a large chunk of a story I spent a week writing. I hope it's some kind of error. It was the only doc I had set to be publicly viewable.

    I have a backup. I thought I'd let other bros know to keep backups of their own works because I freaked the fuck out.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:54 No.24385209
    >> Giygas' Husbando !!tJbg4u7m4h8 03/18/11(Fri)06:56 No.24385227
    I was planning not to.
    I'll post what I've got in a sec, but basically, it starts with a short couple of sentences of the HERE AND NOW situation our heroine is in, then Tarantinos it back to how she got there.
    I was planning on kind of doing a little bit of her preparations for the journey, then a couple sentences of exposition on a thing or two, then have her set out, maybe meet some people and talk about what's been going on lately and slip in some more exposition in the dialogue, etc.
    Posting what I got in the next two posts
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:56 No.24385231

    you know, it's kind of silly they didn't remove all of the words from the word filter. If they's let us say anypony and everypony again, it wouldn't increase the quality of the threads, but it would definitely make things easier again.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:56 No.24385237
    new thread?
    try to put the fucking keywords in it this time, god knows how many threads werent archived last night
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:57 No.24385244
    Archive is not working..
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:58 No.24385249
    Is today's episode the Rarity/Fluttershy episode I'm thinking of?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:59 No.24385255
    well fuck. It had better be up by tonight.
    I can't watch new eps for 12 hours, that's a huge boom of spoiler threads that need to be archived!
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:59 No.24385256

    Yes sir and/or madam.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:59 No.24385257
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)06:59 No.24385261
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)07:00 No.24385266
    Been down for like 2 days now
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)07:00 No.24385268
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)07:00 No.24385271
    It was fine yesterday
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)07:00 No.24385274
    ah, excellent. Rarity episodes are best episodes anyway.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)07:26 No.24385526
         File1300447596.jpg-(38 KB, 629x354, THEYFLOAT2.jpg)
    38 KB
    over 10 minutes in paint
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)07:27 No.24385531

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