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    File : 1295512138.jpg-(50 KB, 600x338, 1290960448811.jpg)
    50 KB Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)03:28 No.22765110  
    I started a pony blog since I spend so much time here. It's essentially a compilation of the really stand out stuff that goes on in general threads. I need some tips on layout/need a better background. What do you guys think so far?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)03:29 No.22765129
    that you're a gigantic tool.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)03:31 No.22765167
    Why do you say that?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)03:45 No.22765390
    If you actually stick with it unlike that derpyhooves website then i'd probably use it.

    But /co/ is notorious for being lazy as fuck
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)03:52 No.22765461
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)04:29 No.22765875
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)04:31 No.22765898
    Can sombody draw Space Marines utterly fucking up Ponyville?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)04:33 No.22765911
    apparently someone wasn't here for "Meanwhile In Kree Space"
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)04:34 No.22765916
    Awesome! Bookmarked!
    I like the idea of it being a combo of a fandom blog and actual news.
    I hope you can get a couple bronies to help contribute to it, sending you post suggestions, tips, and the like. Just to make it more active.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)04:34 No.22765924
    Damn, I knew I should come to /co/ more often.
    >> A.J. !rinxooACj. 01/20/11(Thu)04:42 No.22765990
    i'm all for making this the new general rather than making a new thread
    >> Tex !!W3a+DuEfQ4Y 01/20/11(Thu)04:44 No.22766018
         File1295516680.png-(85 KB, 249x305, TWIFIGHT.png)
    85 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)04:46 No.22766034
    This IS the new general but some faggot started a thread with the image
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)04:46 No.22766038
    Oh hey AJ. I'd like to link the rest of your stories if you want to post them here.

    And any title for the gilda/ dash fic?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)04:46 No.22766040
    Nice work, OP. Easy links to the episodes are a nice touch.
    >> A.J. !rinxooACj. 01/20/11(Thu)04:46 No.22766044

    yeah...i saw that...GREAT topic starter btw...
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)04:48 No.22766067
    and you know he'll just delete it
    >> A.J. !rinxooACj. 01/20/11(Thu)04:49 No.22766080

    all of them? sure...I think there's a little over ten fics I've done...-shrugs- i never bothered to count...but yeah I'll help how I can? what do you need me to do?

    as for the title...there wasn't one...I usually don't title the pairings...
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)04:50 No.22766086
    I WILL DO AJ/BM lol bm FOR YOU BUT I WONT ADD HIM TO THE FIRST ONE they are mai favorite poni and i haven't seen any fics of them
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)04:53 No.22766117
         File1295517195.png-(131 KB, 803x658, Apple bloom10.png)
    131 KB
    >> Tex !!W3a+DuEfQ4Y 01/20/11(Thu)04:55 No.22766146
         File1295517333.png-(66 KB, 282x283, SPIKESPIKE.png)
    66 KB
    >> Archive !noTe.poNY. 01/20/11(Thu)04:57 No.22766166
    I can blackhole the troll thread on the locator if y'all think it'll help.
    >> A Fistful of Apples !94yMGn.GiE 01/20/11(Thu)04:57 No.22766173

    I tried to ask in the old thread but it died.

    But yeah, I think I've missed some of your fics. I was last waiting for something with Applejack and Big Mac, and I thought you were doing something with Pinkiedash. Was I wrong? Did I miss anything?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)04:57 No.22766175
    Just a few of your favorite ones. I dig around the archived threads, so next real general would be the best place to post them. Blogger doesn't like big image uploads.

    This thread is probably doomed thanks to the troll general so I wouldn't post them here.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)04:59 No.22766194
         File1295517581.png-(69 KB, 425x436, Trixie the white.png)
    69 KB
    That would be perfect
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:00 No.22766208
         File1295517619.png-(331 KB, 710x2243, kreespace.png)
    331 KB
    It's an old, old bit of writefriendery - back from around ep2 or ep3, when we were still young and innocent.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:00 No.22766211
         File1295517631.png-(91 KB, 318x347, 1294178728503.png)
    91 KB
    >> A.J. !rinxooACj. 01/20/11(Thu)05:00 No.22766212

    It should be fine if we could just move the image or delete the thread altogether...the thing already looks like it's being saged to hell...


    yeah, i did both of those already...I think you saw the Applejack/Big Macintosh one...


    I can do'll be tough picking from my favorites though...
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:01 No.22766222
         File1295517703.jpg-(39 KB, 567x300, 1292968022239.jpg)
    39 KB
    >> A Fistful of Apples !94yMGn.GiE 01/20/11(Thu)05:01 No.22766228

    I totally didn't! If I did, I don't remember! Post both of them again please? Pretty please? I was waiting for them so hard!
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:03 No.22766245
    and this is for you!
    >> A.J. !rinxooACj. 01/20/11(Thu)05:04 No.22766251
         File1295517861.png-(134 KB, 1328x1220, MLPWF - FillyApplejackBigMacin(...).png)
    134 KB
    >>22766228 ya go bro...
    >> A.J. !rinxooACj. 01/20/11(Thu)05:06 No.22766286
         File1295518017.png-(163 KB, 1328x1534, MLPWF - PinkieDash.png)
    163 KB
    ...this one is the Pinkie/Dash I did recently...I honestly like to count this one among my favorites because I love how well Pinkie Pie turned Dash could have been a little bit better in this one though...
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:07 No.22766298
         File1295518077.png-(67 KB, 2000x2037, Pinkie U REALLY MAD.png)
    67 KB
    ok, I fucked up the transparency
    I mad now
    >> A Fistful of Apples !94yMGn.GiE 01/20/11(Thu)05:09 No.22766320

    >mfw I have read both of these and I'm retarded for not remembering them.

    I can't believe I forgot about them. Especially the Pinkie/Dash one, I remember it now and I remember that when I first read it I thought it was awesome. I think it might be my favourite of your fics. Though your second Appledash one was also really awesome too.
    >> Archive !noTe.poNY. 01/20/11(Thu)05:10 No.22766328
    Unfortunately I am not a wizard; I can't delete threads on /co/ proper. Best I can do is inform the locator when the general image gets posted in the wrong place.
    >> ⓐⓛⓞⓝ 01/20/11(Thu)05:11 No.22766333
    These My Little Pony threads are gayer than the actual gay threads.
    >> Senator Awesome Sause 01/20/11(Thu)05:11 No.22766336
         File1295518270.jpg-(19 KB, 473x273, 1292211465202.jpg)
    19 KB
    My Favorite pic ever.
    Whenever I wear a fake mustache (which I do) and I need to ask someone something, I make a point to talk in a posh British accent and and recite these words.
    >> A.J. !rinxooACj. 01/20/11(Thu)05:12 No.22766345
    >>22766328've been doing an excellent job keeping things in check so far...just continue doing what you've been doing and I'm sure everything will turn out just fine...
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:12 No.22766349
    MY WORD, why haven't we had a gay MLP thread yet?
    >> Tex !!W3a+DuEfQ4Y 01/20/11(Thu)05:14 No.22766383
    Are you saying lesbians aren't gay? Every MLP thread is a gay thread
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:15 No.22766393
    i c wat u did in the archive
    >> A.J. !rinxooACj. 01/20/11(Thu)05:16 No.22766414
         File1295518569.png-(194 KB, 1000x2302, MLPWF - AppleDash0.png)
    194 KB

    I'm gonna go ahead and put both of the Applejack/Rainbow Dash ones among my favorites...not simply because I adore this pairing to pieces...but I think I wrote these somewhat well...of course I think everything I've written could be improved upon...
    >> A Fistful of Apples !94yMGn.GiE 01/20/11(Thu)05:18 No.22766437
         File1295518694.png-(123 KB, 800x602, 1295069525653.png)
    123 KB

    The second one was totally DAAAAAW. I too adore the paring. Second favourite pairing, personally.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:19 No.22766451
    Nice, uploading them now. Sorry about the slow responses this phone sucks for 4chan. Captcha has a 50% fail rate or something.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:19 No.22766455
         File1295518782.jpg-(1.24 MB, 2550x3300, 1295283515815.jpg)
    1.24 MB
    >Are you saying lesbians aren't gay?

    They're not the kind of gay that makes college-age guys uncomfortable.

    Actually the more I think on it the more amazed I am at the lack of dudesex even in the most perverted fanart and fanfics.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:21 No.22766476
    OMG, that cutie mark. Does this guy have a fan-name yet?
    >> Zoomer13 01/20/11(Thu)05:21 No.22766488
    I apologize for my newfaggotry in the other thread. Tried too hard to turn it around. These trolls need to leave us alone, if we get kicked all we'll have is....well. A much more unsavory board.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:22 No.22766494
    You must also be part of the newer crowd.

    Towards the beginning, we had a writefriend named Jimbo. He wrote two relatively lengthy m/m pieces, one of which stopped being fapfic halfway through and turned into some kind of epic confrontation (in which, among other things, the nature of the "stars that aided Luna in her escape" was revealed).
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:22 No.22766503
    OP, you around?
    Do you have to approve (anon) comments on your blog? I tried posting a couple on the entires, and nothing happened.

    BUT- just wanted to say great work so far!
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:25 No.22766530
    If the thread starts getting good the OP will delete it so don't even try to turn it around
    >> A.J. !rinxooACj. 01/20/11(Thu)05:25 No.22766531
         File1295519141.png-(117 KB, 1317x1425, MLPWF - LunaObservatory.png)
    117 KB
    I'm adding this one to the list because...though this was hardly my's only one I ever did involving Celestia and Luna...
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:27 No.22766548
    Let me check that. I know I allowed anon comments, not sure if I set it to approval though.
    >> A.J. !rinxooACj. 01/20/11(Thu)05:28 No.22766561
    My Personal Top 3

    >> Jimbo 01/20/11(Thu)05:28 No.22766563
         File1295519315.jpg-(114 KB, 678x475, Jimbo pony.jpg)
    114 KB

    Had?! Where did I go?!

    I'm all aboard with >>22766455 s idea. I would kill for some of the m/m OC, especially from other than myself. Most of my non-lesbian fics weren't looked upon too kindly around these parts, so I haven't been reposting them at all, and I've been too busy with other projects to update them yet. But what I have is on so far, if you find yourself endlessly curious.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:29 No.22766569
         File1295519359.jpg-(15 KB, 236x221, 89436.jpg)
    15 KB
    I know there's some M/M, because no matter what the topic there always is, but it drowns in all the M/F and F/F. Point being for all the talk of "faggotry," there don't really seem to be a sizable demand for M/M content.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:30 No.22766578
         File1295519417.gif-(4 KB, 400x400, Ohlordwhat.gif)
    4 KB

    What the flying fuck did i just watch.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:33 No.22766609
    when you make a pony thread at 3am its going to be mostly trolls
    >> A.J. !rinxooACj. 01/20/11(Thu)05:33 No.22766616

    ...i toss it up to the lack of more male ponies in the actual show...if there were I'd probably write some m/m if far the only thing I've seen in that respect is Big Macintosh/Caramel
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:35 No.22766633
    >> Maggots 01/20/11(Thu)05:35 No.22766635
         File1295519747.png-(157 KB, 555x380, I WANT PICTURES.png)
    157 KB
    Blog-bro, you still here?
    Dunno if you're looking for one, but I mashed together a logo for you. Good way to kill some time. Good luck with the thing; I never could keep a blog going.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:40 No.22766667
    So I will do:
    Applejck/Big McIntosh
    Big McIntosh/Royal Escort Pegasus

    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:41 No.22766675
    Pretty good idea anon, you have my support as long as you keep it updated and don't let it slowly rot like many other 4chan "projects".
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:46 No.22766715
    Do Dash and Fluttershy too maybe please?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:46 No.22766716
    What the hell, why are there two of these. I'm so confused.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:46 No.22766717
         File1295520387.png-(68 KB, 2000x2095, Pinkie.png)
    68 KB
    now with enhanced /co/mpatibility
    >> A.J. !rinxooACj. 01/20/11(Thu)05:47 No.22766724

    >check out the blog out curiosity

    ...oh...well...I didn't know you were the Blog-brony who was asking for it...the display looks really nice...damn...wish I had known it was going up there...

    >slightly embarrassed

    I'm actually flattered you did that...but it really wasn't necessary...trying to stay under the radar so I don't get accusations of being an egotistical attention whore...
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:47 No.22766726

    Argh this phone.

    Anyway I threw that banner up, looks really good! Though I regret spending like an hour and a half on mine lol

    Still not sure why anon comments don't work...
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:48 No.22766730

    That asshole made the thread with the general image but he's no friend.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:48 No.22766733
    The issue is that the other one has "let's make fun of people who like mlp" as its top post.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:50 No.22766748
    Are you the guy that asked about the show?
    You can watch on youtube
    search for "Pensivepony"
    The show is called Friendship is Magic"
    >> Zoomer13 01/20/11(Thu)05:53 No.22766772

    But the new one doesn't have Derpy! :0

    Captcha: 1998 Hubstand
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:53 No.22766779
         File1295520821.jpg-(59 KB, 600x338, 1293439247479.jpg)
    59 KB
    Sure, a challenge. I'm baked as balls right now, so call it whatcha like. I would just like a story of my OTP so I can spark up and get REALLY into it.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:54 No.22766783
    Glad you like it. Bookmarked the page; I'm more of a fa/tg/uy, but my lady friend got me into the show, and now I find myself hooked.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:54 No.22766784
         File1295520885.jpg-(24 KB, 491x317, celestina rapeface.jpg)
    24 KB
    goodnight bronies
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:56 No.22766801
         File1295521000.jpg-(34 KB, 600x338, 1291533280358.jpg)
    34 KB
    Good night.
    Im sure we'll all be doing this again real soon.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:58 No.22766813
         File1295521120.png-(65 KB, 693x571, Stoney Pony, created by Gl(...).png)
    65 KB

    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:59 No.22766819
    Wow 170 visitors in like.. 30 minutes.

    There are a LOT more bronies here than I thought
    >> A.J. !rinxooACj. 01/20/11(Thu)05:59 No.22766822

    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)06:04 No.22766852
    Wonderful Stoney Pony. Now I'm gonna stay up an extra half-hour to hopefully get the storey
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)06:05 No.22766857
         File1295521551.jpg-(232 KB, 945x945, 1295496431951.jpg)
    232 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)06:06 No.22766860
    goodnight dude
    >> Tex !!W3a+DuEfQ4Y 01/20/11(Thu)06:12 No.22766891
         File1295521933.png-(130 KB, 801x481, 1ecr16pmunnlioo80gg.png)
    130 KB
    Made some minor changes, now I'll add the blue background.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)06:12 No.22766893
    Fluttershy was just about finished moving the wolverines to their new home when suddenly a large crash and the sound of snapping branches echoed through the forest, causing Fluttershy to duck behind a tree and the wolverines to run into their new den.

    wip go to bed
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)06:15 No.22766913
    Sorry, It'll take some time to write it up you should go to bed if you want
    >> Tex !!W3a+DuEfQ4Y 01/20/11(Thu)06:18 No.22766934
         File1295522292.png-(130 KB, 431x382, THE ALMIGHT DIXIE NORMOUS.png)
    130 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)06:18 No.22766938
    Ahh so.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)06:22 No.22766979
         File1295522573.png-(167 KB, 555x380, IN THE MAIL.png)
    167 KB
    Oh god, I'm a retard.
    Now with 100% more Derpy.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)06:24 No.22767005
    If you can't guess Rainbow Dash just crashed BUT WHY?? I wrote myself into a corner already
    >> Zoomer13 01/20/11(Thu)06:26 No.22767018

    Glad to be of service.... And I fed the trolls, so I know what it means to feel retarded.

    >> Maggots 01/20/11(Thu)06:28 No.22767042
    Dem trolls, man, dem fukken trolls.
    ...and it appears I can't even namefag properly. Ah, c'est la vie.

    Also, props to whoever did that Derpy, meshes very well with actual show material.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)06:29 No.22767049
    Op here.

    Heading to bed, ill check this thread again when I wake up. They usually last all night
    >> Eponymous Rex !!t92QraGPsj+ 01/20/11(Thu)06:30 No.22767068
    >> Zoomer13 01/20/11(Thu)06:33 No.22767082

    So your name isn't maggots? Don't wanna get baked in a cupcake?
    >> Tex !!W3a+DuEfQ4Y 01/20/11(Thu)06:34 No.22767092
         File1295523276.png-(88 KB, 438x400, SEMPER PIE.png)
    88 KB
    Only one I have left is Pinkie Pie, going to make Rarity next.

    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)06:34 No.22767094
    >> Kawaii /b/oxxy loves /v/ideogames !BOxxYCh86I 01/20/11(Thu)06:35 No.22767101
         File1295523331.jpg-(17 KB, 229x220, image.jpg)
    17 KB
    This is a pretty nice pony thread, but check out my horse.
    >> TMoney 01/20/11(Thu)06:35 No.22767102
    working on my second MLP etched glass i screwed up my first one but the second should be coming along alot better.. i hope
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)06:35 No.22767106
    Great idea but maybe a little too focused on fanfic. Perhaps add more memes and new funny images too?
    >> Maggots 01/20/11(Thu)06:35 No.22767107
    No, it is. But I keep forgetting to put it in the name field due to HURRDURR.

    And I think I'll take a pass on the cupcakes. Especially if they've got a cup of sour in them. That shit ain't cool.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)06:36 No.22767111

    Good heavens, i haven't lol'd at a filename in quite some time.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)06:37 No.22767115
    Is it amazing?
    >> Zoomer13 01/20/11(Thu)06:38 No.22767127

    Hey man, without the worms it's lemon-cola and chips. I'm down with that, shit that makes me thirsty.

    >> Kawaii /b/oxxy loves /v/ideogames !BOxxYCh86I 01/20/11(Thu)06:39 No.22767131
         File1295523555.jpg-(11 KB, 246x205, image.jpg)
    11 KB
    It's awww'right
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)06:40 No.22767145
         File1295523636.png-(132 KB, 796x651, friendzone_is_magic.png)
    132 KB
    There's a point where this needs to stop. We've passed it and I couldn't care less.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)06:41 No.22767154
    >> Zoomer13 01/20/11(Thu)06:43 No.22767179

    'specially after the earlier fic, that made me really sad. Guess RD thought the snuggling would lead to more.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)06:46 No.22767204
    What fic do you speak of?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)06:47 No.22767207

    Woah, where did this come from?
    >> Zoomer13 01/20/11(Thu)06:48 No.22767219

    This one
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)06:48 No.22767221

    >> Those Damned Ponies 01/20/11(Thu)06:49 No.22767231
         File1295524194.jpg-(802 KB, 400x4210, 1295333254877.jpg)
    802 KB
    >> Zoomer13 01/20/11(Thu)06:50 No.22767237
    Racing battery life

    Night bronies
    >> Maggots 01/20/11(Thu)06:52 No.22767255
    ...aaaaand on that note I'm out. And I'm totally not going to try that after I get off work. Later, gents.
    >> Tex !!W3a+DuEfQ4Y 01/20/11(Thu)06:53 No.22767262
    Can anyone provide pictures of rarity?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)06:54 No.22767269
    Good night and thanks!
    >> Those Damned Ponies 01/20/11(Thu)06:55 No.22767274
         File1295524520.gif-(506 KB, 640x360, rp-yelp.gif)
    506 KB
    What do you need, specifically?
    I just got here.
    >> Tex !!W3a+DuEfQ4Y 01/20/11(Thu)06:56 No.22767284
    Anything is fine, I just needed a reference.
    >> Those Damned Ponies 01/20/11(Thu)06:56 No.22767286
         File1295524564.jpg-(703 KB, 1074x1417, 1294474645534.jpg)
    703 KB
    I meant you.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)06:56 No.22767289
         File1295524578.jpg-(23 KB, 364x346, 1294744661627.jpg)
    23 KB
    The ponibooru is always useful for ref.
    >> Those Damned Ponies 01/20/11(Thu)06:57 No.22767298
         File1295524624.jpg-(45 KB, 600x334, rp-manticore.jpg)
    45 KB
    I have surprisingly few.
    >> Those Damned Ponies 01/20/11(Thu)06:58 No.22767303
         File1295524690.jpg-(90 KB, 631x429, rp-fashion-wet.jpg)
    90 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)06:58 No.22767305
         File1295524694.png-(137 KB, 640x360, 1294481494985.png)
    137 KB
    He's been making these
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)07:00 No.22767320
         File1295524822.jpg-(34 KB, 447x378, wat the shit.jpg)
    34 KB
    >> Those Damned Ponies 01/20/11(Thu)07:01 No.22767325
         File1295524862.gif-(1.5 MB, 640x360, 1294472286698.gif)
    1.5 MB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)07:01 No.22767328
    bronies, how long until we they reveal the sea ponies? that would be freakin' AMAZING.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)07:01 No.22767329
    That doesn't look half bad
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)07:02 No.22767340
    Hopefully never, They were a bad idea and should have never happened.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)07:05 No.22767362
    >They were a bad idea and they should feel bad
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)07:07 No.22767368
    It was a bad message to the kids
    >Hurr jump in a river but don't worry seaponies will save you
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)07:08 No.22767382

    She flew through a mysterious cloud that somehow grabbed her wings, most times she just flies through them easily but this time.
    Something was different with that cloud.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)07:09 No.22767388
         File1295525360.jpg-(161 KB, 612x792, 1294958681527.jpg)
    161 KB
    that would be just as bad as introducing humans into the show
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)07:12 No.22767408
    I'M GOING TO INCORPORATE SAID REVENGE IN ALL THE FICS except the m/m one, that will be a peaceful standalone
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)07:14 No.22767425
    But remember, everything in G3 was a bad idea. G4 is all about making them into good ideas.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)07:15 No.22767431
    Trixie could have made the cloud semisolid but Rainbow Dash would've opened her wings before she hit the ground
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)07:33 No.22767588
    I would become a janitor but I don't know what IRC is ;_;
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)07:38 No.22767617

    It's never too late to learn. Personally, i think being a janitor would get in the way of pony discussion.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)07:40 No.22767642
    i think the bronies could use a janitor on our side, even though we already have at least one mod. Fuck it, all must bow before Celestia!
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)07:42 No.22767647
    I'm reading the wikipedia article on it now
    I couldn't still post?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)07:44 No.22767666
         File1295527462.jpg-(347 KB, 787x1600, Gildafic.jpg)
    347 KB
    Gilda fic. Enjoy.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)07:45 No.22767678
    Better late than never.

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    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)07:48 No.22767690
    Thank you
    I was just about to do that
    >> Jim-San !!1YwnslbkoRq 01/20/11(Thu)07:48 No.22767696
         File1295527730.jpg-(54 KB, 288x313, dashhooray-(n1293945773386).jpg)
    54 KB
    Was just bout to add that, glad someone else remembers that thing heh
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)08:01 No.22767823
    I'm pretty sure you could still post, you would become a bitch to the system though.
    I already have 2 jobs, I don't need anouther one.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)08:13 No.22767909
    It's a volunteer job, too.

    I just discovered 4chan six weeks ago but I learned alot
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)08:31 No.22768057
    do angry derpy
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)08:34 No.22768087
    >its been 2 hours since he posted that

    I dont think hes here brony.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)08:35 No.22768109
         File1295530558.png-(162 KB, 801x481, 1295514969369.png)
    162 KB
    He did this one
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)08:41 No.22768170

    Draenei ponies?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:01 No.22768353
         File1295532100.png-(551 KB, 900x1100, 1294666453205.png)
    551 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:04 No.22768384
         File1295532298.png-(411 KB, 640x360, 1294475055877.png)
    411 KB
    Good morning everypony.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:08 No.22768420
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:08 No.22768423
         File1295532514.png-(14 KB, 300x300, 1294710884431.png)
    14 KB
    ah fuck its 6am looks like i will be staying up all night again
    >> Sergeant Sprinkles: World's Greatest Party Clown 01/20/11(Thu)09:11 No.22768447
         File1295532696.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 315 KB, 1100x816, 1295522721.iram_spikeandtwilig(...).jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 315 KB
    i gotta go to work. I wish I Spike's job.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:14 No.22768467
         File1295532884.png-(601 KB, 720x540, 1294311831709.png)
    601 KB
    Well who's in Australia?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:15 No.22768471
    spike is still a baby you pedophile
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:20 No.22768516
         File1295533206.png-(217 KB, 1920x1080, 1293931912896.png)
    217 KB
    Sweden here

    Im not really sure what to tihnk of this
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:21 No.22768531
    why does it look like spike has vagina
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:22 No.22768536

    A fellow swede? Really? :D

    Vart bor du då?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:22 No.22768539
    well, he is a reptile so he's got a retractable penis.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:24 No.22768557
         File1295533465.png-(270 KB, 586x510, 1293742219137.png)
    270 KB
    Nära Stockholm hära.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:25 No.22768566

    Fan vad tråkigt :( Norrlänning här, jag börjar tro jag är den enda ovanför Sundsvall som kollar på MLP... :/
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:25 No.22768569
    holy shit dude i never knew there were so many swedes here
    fan jag bor i mörrum i blekinge ;)
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:26 No.22768575
         File1295533561.jpg-(45 KB, 165x165, 1293635800262-(n1293935735448).jpg)
    45 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:27 No.22768589

    Har ni någon aning om McDonalds här i Sverige får in MLP leksakerna? :O
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:27 No.22768590
         File1295533659.png-(1007 KB, 449x1467, OldSpike.png)
    1007 KB
    This is now a Spike thread!
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:28 No.22768603

    Stockholmare här. Skulle knappast tro det, det skulle väl vara vi här i så fall.

    Känns dåligt mannen, ledsengroda.jpg
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:29 No.22768606
         File1295533781.png-(93 KB, 240x268, osmosis.png)
    93 KB
    Ouf, svenska ponnys?

    Stockholm representerar.

    Det är Osmosis dags.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:30 No.22768617
         File1295533833.png-(177 KB, 454x360, 1291560970835.png)
    177 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:30 No.22768620
    Heh, utspritt.

    Ingen aning, troligen lång tid. Känns läderlappen.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:30 No.22768621
         File1295533846.jpg-(72 KB, 266x223, twilight puke.jpg)
    72 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:31 No.22768629

    Vi får väl hoppas det kommer NÅGON gång, jag vill ha en Pinkie Pie ståendes på min skärm :D

    Svenskarna tar över tråden? :O
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:32 No.22768639
    That's nature for ya.

    Several species of snake have 2 penises.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:32 No.22768641
         File1295533967.png-(80 KB, 428x510, spikelaugh.png)
    80 KB
    oh man haven't seen that one yet
    fucken saved
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:34 No.22768657
    jag har hört att dem skulle komma till sverige i july eller juni, undra om jag kommer ha stake nog att köpa dem
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:35 No.22768666
         File1295534140.png-(83 KB, 241x218, fuckingosmosis.png)
    83 KB
    Manna upp dig.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:35 No.22768667
    jag tror att vi har tagit över tråden
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:35 No.22768668
         File1295534144.jpg-(285 KB, 908x677, trixie.jpg)
    285 KB
    Is there a place where all the fics are posted? Another 2 weeks ttill the next episode and I need something to fill the hole
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:35 No.22768670

    Jag ska göra som jag läste i någon tråd, ha på mig typ 4 tröjor och huva, ena handen i fickan och andra utanför. Alla kläder svarta.

    Gå fram till kassan, kolla runt efter vittnen, se ut som om jag ska råna. Visa med fingret att den som jobbar ska komma närmare, luta mig framåt.

    - Har ni ponnys? Jag skulle vilja köpa en av varje.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:36 No.22768683
    dude i fucking loled when i read that
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:37 No.22768685
         File1295534227.png-(231 KB, 558x526, 1292115606313.png)
    231 KB
    >mfw swedish takeover
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:38 No.22768690
    so wait are you swedish too?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:39 No.22768709
    Not sure, but I'm still waitng on part two of this.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:40 No.22768717
         File1295534426.png-(64 KB, 234x230, rarity2.png)
    64 KB
    Någon som lyckats konvertera någon? Eller ens avslöjat för sina vänner?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:41 No.22768724
         File1295534465.gif-(460 KB, 200x200, 1294561742718.gif)
    460 KB
    My sister just sent me an email confirming something i've suspected for years now, but never had the balls to confront. my dad abused her when she was younger and now she's decided to go to the police about it. He'll be home soon I think. what should I do?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:41 No.22768726
    Naw we just like to get on the conversation
    Y'all having secret meetings over here
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:41 No.22768729
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:42 No.22768736

    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:43 No.22768741

    Jag lyckades konvertera en av mina vänner.
    Han är så lite datanörd/serienörd man kan bli, grovt kriminell och drogmissbrukare (rätt tunga saker ibland också).

    Visade han Applebuck Seasons sen var han fast.
    Han kommer hem till mig då och då och vill se på ponys, fucking awesome.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:43 No.22768747
    Damn dude that's scary I don't know
    knock your dad out? I would, if I had a sister
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:43 No.22768748

    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:44 No.22768751
         File1295534672.png-(141 KB, 530x356, dungeon.png)
    141 KB
    I don't know about that Twilight, but I believe Celestia makes people rot in dungeons for that.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:44 No.22768755
         File1295534690.png-(70 KB, 228x232, 1293572632306.png)
    70 KB
    I'm not touching that with a ten foot pole.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:45 No.22768760
         File1295534724.jpg-(856 KB, 900x900, 1295047359.creepydan_338_-_sum(...).jpg)
    856 KB
    ask dad to borrow $5,000 and say you can pay him back this weekend then run
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:45 No.22768762
         File1295534734.png-(54 KB, 211x216, 1294756069771.png)
    54 KB
    Oh wow. I knew my fluency in Swedish would come in handy one day.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:45 No.22768763
         File1295534750.jpg-(4 KB, 124x126, 1zothergen.jpg)
    4 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:46 No.22768768
         File1295534784.png-(120 KB, 474x266, twilight_is_scared_of_her_tail.png)
    120 KB
    So are you a fellow Brit?
    A sleepy American?
    An early Aussy?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:46 No.22768770
    Heh, I thought it worked yesterday.
    Also, where is that swedish comic when you need it?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:46 No.22768771
         File1295534809.png-(137 KB, 529x321, 1295473089031.png)
    137 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:47 No.22768774
    well he do have a couple shotguns and the key to the safe is still in the house
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:47 No.22768779
    well this guy is talking about the way he is going to buy the
    mlp toys when they come to sweden without no one noticing him


    and this guy is asking if we converted anyone to mlp fim recntly
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:47 No.22768780
         File1295534847.jpg-(92 KB, 379x270, 1293846789344.jpg)
    92 KB
    You wasted your time.
    Swedish will get you nowhere.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:48 No.22768785
    no he's fucking poor, I think I have more money than he does.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:48 No.22768788
         File1295534920.png-(27 KB, 138x171, 1294752925713.png)
    27 KB
    I didn't really have a choice, you know.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:49 No.22768800
    You said he was coming home; get behind a door and knock him out
    you've never done this before?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:50 No.22768802

    I don't care about being noticed, I just want to make it look like I'm about to rob the place so they won't laugh at me for buying ponies.

    Hopefully they think I will tell them to give me all the money, instead I ask for ponies.
    They will be sooo confused.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:50 No.22768803
    so wait... do you live in sweden or do you have swedish relativs or something?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:50 No.22768806
         File1295535059.jpg-(12 KB, 347x335, 585499 - Friendship_is_magic M(...).jpg)
    12 KB
    Jag är en massiv bög Jag gillar att blåsa tuppar av män och ha sex med häst
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:51 No.22768809
         File1295535100.jpg-(30 KB, 330x378, 1293574509031.jpg)
    30 KB
    I'm calling you out.

    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:51 No.22768811

    Ja det är du.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:52 No.22768820
         File1295535165.png-(199 KB, 438x638, Hantera det.png)
    199 KB
    >mitt ansikte när vi tar över tråden

    Östermalm representerar
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:53 No.22768830
         File1295535211.png-(29 KB, 140x140, 1294948560532.png)
    29 KB
    Guilty as charged.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:53 No.22768831
         File1295535217.gif-(1.43 MB, 480x360, 1293683779893.gif)
    1.43 MB
    >blow cocks
    >blåsa tuppar

    Google translator much?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:54 No.22768841

    Alltså, mlp har verkligen exploderat i Sverige.
    Bara för någon månad sen fanns det kanske max 2 svenskar per tråd. Nu tar vi fan över tråden.

    Du gaamla du friiiia du fjäällhöga nord!
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:55 No.22768845
         File1295535322.png-(160 KB, 640x360, 1291611188395.png)
    160 KB
    Söder om söder.

    >mitt ansikte när det finns folk i min stad som tittar på MLP
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:55 No.22768846

    >ha sex med häst
    > sex med häst
    >med häst
    >med HÄSTAR!

    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:56 No.22768855

    >implying he wasn't just using Google Translate

    Protip: "tuppar" is swedish for "cocks" as in, the bird.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:56 No.22768858
         File1295535402.jpg-(101 KB, 640x360, 1293464574406-(n1293825876273).jpg)
    101 KB
    Fyra svenskar sammabögar tråden, och du kallar det en explosion?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:57 No.22768861
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:58 No.22768863

    Mot hur det var för en månad sen iaf^^

    Sen tror jag fan vi är 6 st svenskar i tråden :)
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:58 No.22768865
         File1295535488.png-(118 KB, 307x307, 1290052039601.png)
    118 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:58 No.22768869
         File1295535505.png-(72 KB, 272x264, 1293336097936.png)
    72 KB
    English image board.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:59 No.22768875
         File1295535569.jpg-(127 KB, 525x686, Dealwithswan.jpg)
    127 KB

    This thread has been claimed in the name of the swedish empire.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)09:59 No.22768876
         File1295535569.png-(143 KB, 455x265, 1289769099556.png)
    143 KB
    du arg?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:00 No.22768887
         File1295535627.jpg-(94 KB, 500x315, pinkieproblem.jpg)
    94 KB
    and it all started with my post
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:00 No.22768891
         File1295535656.png-(107 KB, 292x360, umadpinkie.png)
    107 KB
    varför du galen bro
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:01 No.22768893
         File1295535671.png-(49 KB, 194x182, fuckingosmosisjones.png)
    49 KB
    This is the most I've posted in like 2 weeks.

    Pony threads just don't cut it.

    Swepony threads however...
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:01 No.22768899
    well you could just ignore us...
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:02 No.22768902
         File1295535745.jpg-(265 KB, 800x600, BIRD.jpg)
    265 KB
    No, get out.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:03 No.22768908
         File1295535804.png-(41 KB, 156x164, 1293689190399.png)
    41 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:03 No.22768909
    But this is all about being a part of the conversation
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:03 No.22768910
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:04 No.22768914
         File1295535857.png-(128 KB, 560x400, Come at me bro.png)
    128 KB
    >> Jim-San !!1YwnslbkoRq 01/20/11(Thu)10:04 No.22768917
         File1295535862.png-(108 KB, 390x346, 1295470160313.png)
    108 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:04 No.22768920
         File1295535876.png-(385 KB, 640x360, 1291905384322.png)
    385 KB
    I love ponies.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:05 No.22768925
    why are you
    you better not
    seriously don't
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:05 No.22768926
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:05 No.22768928
    Wait, whuh?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:05 No.22768930
    And some people wonder why we consider the Swedes to be our retarded little brothers.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:06 No.22768933

    menade du "Jag älskar ponnys"?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:07 No.22768941
    Punch bowl = /co/.
    OPPP = Sweden.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:07 No.22768944
         File1295536054.jpg-(30 KB, 600x750, 1294520992768.jpg)
    30 KB
    less moonspeak more derp!
    >> Jim-San !!1YwnslbkoRq 01/20/11(Thu)10:07 No.22768950

    Oh I wish I had the other image now heh
    if anyone has it please post
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:08 No.22768952
    but swedish is kinda derp...
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:08 No.22768958
    Kinda set sail for fail there.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:08 No.22768959
         File1295536125.jpg-(172 KB, 548x699, 1292829353-(n1292863352734).jpg)
    172 KB
    dont even think about it criminal scum
    >> Jim-San !!1YwnslbkoRq 01/20/11(Thu)10:09 No.22768962
    That would only make sense if I was Swedish
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:09 No.22768969

    >Largest population and largest landmass of all the nordic countries
    >has had the biggest conquered land in the history of the nordic countries
    >little brother

    Get out of here.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:09 No.22768970

    Det är det mest derpiga språket som existerar!
    Jag menar, bara lyssna på det!
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:10 No.22768982
    Whose? 4chan's? /co/'s?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:11 No.22768985
         File1295536275.gif-(149 KB, 640x360, 1295378732297.gif)
    149 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:12 No.22768992
         File1295536329.png-(294 KB, 639x356, Why you don't drink from the p(...).png)
    294 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:12 No.22768994

    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:13 No.22769007
    wait i just thought of something,
    when mlp fim comes to sweden will applejack have a
    skånsk accent?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:13 No.22769008
         File1295536393.png-(5 KB, 170x236, rage.png)
    5 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:13 No.22769010
         File1295536399.png-(213 KB, 532x353, 1294063372000.png)
    213 KB
    >OPPP right there

    >> Jim-San !!1YwnslbkoRq 01/20/11(Thu)10:13 No.22769013
         File1295536403.jpg-(77 KB, 825x750, lakeofderpy-(n1295131509781).jpg)
    77 KB
    Ta very much, your help is rewarded with a distrubing lake of Derpy
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:13 No.22769016
         File1295536417.png-(91 KB, 480x360, 1293678904898.png)
    91 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:14 No.22769021
    Her face isn't green.
    Obviously faking it to avoid detection.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:14 No.22769023

    Riktigt grov skånska.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:14 No.22769024
         File1295536460.png-(46 KB, 221x209, 1293577510867.png)
    46 KB

    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:15 No.22769036

    Will she eat SPITTEGAGA?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:15 No.22769042
    Fail from the get-go
    >Largest population and largest landmass of all the nordic countries
    Also the most Muslim immigrants of any Nordic country, and the highest amount of people on permanent social welfare
    >has had the biggest conquered land in the history of the nordic countries
    Except of course for Denmark, which has owned Norway and Greenland (which is larger that both Canada and North America combined)
    >little brother
    Was of literally zero importance during the middle ages where it was utterly dominated by Denmark and controlled by same via the later Kalmar union. Didn't become worth mentioning until the 17th century.

    Yep, retarded little brother.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:15 No.22769043
         File1295536537.png-(164 KB, 474x271, 1289238460038.png)
    164 KB

    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:16 No.22769048
    thats a pretty shitty hospital ponyville has there
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:17 No.22769052
    how the fuck would they translate aj with her saying yall and things like that in every sentence if they cut it out or changed it to just you all it would end up sounding fucked up wouldn't it
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:17 No.22769053
    >flip SOME shit
    That's not idiomatic English, my Bork Bork friend.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:18 No.22769067

    You mad danefag?

    It's ok to be jealous
    >> Brewer, the coffee-pony 01/20/11(Thu)10:18 No.22769071
    American here, I've met a few Swedes, they were pretty cool dudes.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:19 No.22769080
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:20 No.22769089
         File1295536801.jpg-(366 KB, 1920x1200, 588173 - Friendship_is_magic M(...).jpg)
    366 KB
    Pinkie is the worst employee ever.

    She served tainted muffins, burnt cupcakes, and ate the royal deserts intended for the princess.

    how the fuck does she still have a job
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:20 No.22769091
    rarity will probebly talk in stockholmska
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:20 No.22769094
         File1295536823.gif-(38 KB, 380x240, Deal_with_it_dog_gif.gif)
    38 KB
    I'm pretty sure I just proved you completely wrong, and now you're calling me jealous? Dry your tears, honestly. You're embarrassing your entire country even more this way.

    The truth might hurt, but you'll just have to see picture for more info
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:21 No.22769106
    She has, pictures.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:21 No.22769111

    Nope, you just mad. Supermad. And seriously, bragging about owning Greenland? Please. Fucking GREENLAND? Give me a break.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:22 No.22769120
    >To become worried/anxious in an overly dramatic manner. To "freak out". Usually used in the phrase "flip your/his/hers shit"

    I really don't see the error.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:22 No.22769123
    she's a people pony
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:23 No.22769128
         File1295537001.jpg-(189 KB, 1920x1200, 1294569637924.jpg)
    189 KB
    oh god i didnt mean to post that pic it looks so close to this i didnt even know i had that one in my pony folder
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:23 No.22769129
    Sleeps with Mr. Cake.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:23 No.22769134
    You want mad? Look in a mirror. You clearly have some mad issues about being proved wrong online.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:24 No.22769148
         File1295537080.jpg-(41 KB, 640x360, pft-ha.jpg)
    41 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:24 No.22769152
    You know, like flip a table over, or some shit.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:25 No.22769157
         File1295537113.jpg-(58 KB, 533x600, whats_going_on_in_this.jpg)
    58 KB

    >captcha: Dephed horses
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:25 No.22769158
    could any drawfags draw applejack eating spittegaga?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:26 No.22769166

    >implying you proved me wrong by naming some statistics that are pretty damn false and bragging about lolgreenland when Sweden had Finland, parts of Germany, parts of Norway, Estonia, and parts of other countries too

    I'm just LOLing at your issues with not being the bigger man here. Denmark has been, and always will be, the little brother. Deal with it.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:26 No.22769170
    So how's everyone gonna be getting their Mcdonalds ponies? Which one do you want the most?
    I'm hoping for Twilight, Rainbow, or Celestia since their cutie marks arent fucked up.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:26 No.22769172
    Could everyone this dude posted please shut up and go back to /new/? We don't need this shit in a pony thread of all things.

    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:28 No.22769190
         File1295537288.png-(255 KB, 347x424, Picture 1.png)
    255 KB
    Sorry to break it to you but...
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:29 No.22769222
         File1295537395.jpg-(40 KB, 392x337, JoJ_Irelia-sm.jpg)
    40 KB
    >Own a car
    >Order a big mac meal and a girls happy meal
    >Obviously I'm bringing it home for a younger sister/daughter/cousin/etc.
    >No questions asked
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:30 No.22769225
         File1295537407.jpg-(6 KB, 180x191, 1293568084604.jpg)
    6 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:30 No.22769226
    And yet we've been a country longer than you have. And if you don't think Greenland is relevant, then obviously neither is tiny little Finland, or the "other countries" which you can't seem to mention by name. Estonia being the one which Denmark ruled longer than Sweden ever did.

    You're grasping at straws and getting madder by the minute, lil' bro.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:32 No.22769250
         File1295537531.jpg-(14 KB, 474x278, 580_at_raid.jpg)
    14 KB
    I don't even fucking want them anymore....
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:32 No.22769259

    Greenland is a giant piece of nothing. Great claim, bro. And sure, you've been a country longer than us, but what the fuck did you ever do in that time frame?

    lol, nothing
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:33 No.22769267
    Whats Twilight look like?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:34 No.22769269
         File1295537646.png-(158 KB, 600x453, 1292543283.ashi_starrymochafin(...).png)
    158 KB
    or you can just buy the full set on ebay for $10
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:34 No.22769279
         File1295537672.png-(175 KB, 295x317, Picture 3.png)
    175 KB
    I think she's good enough.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:35 No.22769285
    You should probably check out a history book sometime brosef, if you want to throw down. All you've done so far is prove why the Swedes are deserving of the "little brother" title, both historically and mentally.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:36 No.22769296
         File1295537762.png-(68 KB, 322x307, twilight_wat.png)
    68 KB

    Holy fucking shit no
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:36 No.22769304
         File1295537786.jpg-(51 KB, 681x475, 20108270415353.jpg)
    51 KB
    One of the toys looks half-way decent.

    I'm just gonna ask them if they have any of the "purple horse" toys because thats what my sister likes.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:37 No.22769319
    i think the celestia looks pretty decent
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:39 No.22769332
         File1295537972.jpg-(595 KB, 979x1276, furry holocaust 1.jpg)
    595 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:40 No.22769350
    Ha ha! You're afraid someone in real life will think you're a smelly weirdo if you purchase little girls toys for yourself.

    You won't even be able to keep it on display in your room because if anyone ever comes in, you'll have to remove it or try to explain what you're doing with a glittery plastic horse made for ages +3 and up.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:41 No.22769358
         File1295538073.jpg-(429 KB, 977x1271, furry holocaust 2.jpg)
    429 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:42 No.22769383
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:43 No.22769394
    Hahaha, more! MORE!
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:45 No.22769414
         File1295538323.jpg-(807 KB, 977x1265, furry holocaust 3.jpg)
    807 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:48 No.22769451
         File1295538503.jpg-(810 KB, 980x1234, furry holocaust 4.jpg)
    810 KB
    This is all I have. I don't know if there's more to it.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:50 No.22769480
         File1295538654.png-(287 KB, 548x573, dashcostumekid.png)
    287 KB
    I bet she has some.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:51 No.22769482
    Whatever the original was, I'm sure it was nowhere as great as those edits.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:51 No.22769491
         File1295538713.png-(105 KB, 295x263, 1294707507762.png)
    105 KB
    i remember asking for that comic years ago and no one ever delivered
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:54 No.22769530
    It looks like the original was from The Incal.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:55 No.22769547
         File1295538931.png-(26 KB, 191x234, 1294613055833.png)
    26 KB
    if you like fapping to loli in pony costume then watch this video
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)10:59 No.22769592
    ...Ooooh yes, because countries are serious business
    I almost forgot I lived on planet earth
    >boundaries matter
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)11:00 No.22769600
         File1295539212.jpg-(4 KB, 90x126, Batman LOL.jpg)
    4 KB
    OH. MY. GOD.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)11:06 No.22769672
         File1295539599.png-(534 KB, 1399x946, Picture 1.png)
    534 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)11:08 No.22769697
         File1295539726.png-(72 KB, 945x945, Rarity confused.png)
    72 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)11:11 No.22769733
         File1295539890.png-(655 KB, 1400x945, Picture 2.png)
    655 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)11:13 No.22769758
         File1295540018.png-(679 KB, 1398x947, Picture 3.png)
    679 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)11:14 No.22769767
         File1295540075.png-(130 KB, 398x359, 1294640407311.png)
    130 KB
    who ever is responsible for that is an obvious furfag pedo
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)11:15 No.22769782
         File1295540156.png-(680 KB, 1399x944, Picture 4.png)
    680 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)11:18 No.22769802
         File1295540285.png-(665 KB, 1399x942, Picture 5.png)
    665 KB

    Then I guess it's in the right thread!
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)11:19 No.22769818
         File1295540387.png-(679 KB, 1401x945, Picture 6.png)
    679 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)11:21 No.22769841
         File1295540482.png-(700 KB, 1398x945, Picture 7.png)
    700 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)11:23 No.22769860
         File1295540591.png-(671 KB, 1399x945, Picture 8.png)
    671 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)11:23 No.22769862
    >Picture #

    Macfags confirmed for pedo furries.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)11:26 No.22769902
         File1295540767.png-(105 KB, 319x300, Luna_KimJong.png)
    105 KB
    There is a disturbing lack of Luna in this thread, sad or otherwise.

    I'm So Ronery
    So ronery
    So ronery and sadry arone

    There's no one
    Just me onry
    Sitting on my rittle throne
    I work rearry hard and make up great prans
    But nobody ristens, no one understands
    Seems rike no one takes me serirousry

    And so I'm ronery
    A rittle ronery
    Poor rittle me

    There's nobody
    I can rerate to
    Feel rike a bird in a cage
    It's kinda sihry
    But not rearry
    Because it's fihring my body with rage

    I'm the smartest most crever most physicarry fit
    But nobody else seems to rearize it
    When I change the world maybe they'll notice me
    But until then I'rr just be ronery
    Rittle ronery, poor rittle me

    I'm so ronery

    >Suddenly, Nightmare Moon
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)11:26 No.22769908
    Just trying to provide some new content for the MLP fans!
    >> Wolf Nanaki !3iI3gbP0ac 01/20/11(Thu)11:31 No.22769974
         File1295541069.png-(228 KB, 640x432, painting.png)
    228 KB
    I posted that horror yesterday.
    Also exploitable.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)11:37 No.22770060
         File1295541477.jpg-(48 KB, 600x568, 1295400954925.jpg)
    48 KB
    luna is my waifu noone else fap to her
    >> Wolf Nanaki !3iI3gbP0ac 01/20/11(Thu)11:39 No.22770085
    Yeah, but...we never asked for it.
    Because honestly, who in their right mind would want screencaps of a video that involves little girls running around in pony costumes while an Asian man paints it and four white men sing about it and make galloping noises?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)11:40 No.22770103

    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)11:41 No.22770122
         File1295541707.png-(Spoiler Image, 101 KB, 600x671, 1291681596300.png)
    Spoiler Image, 101 KB

    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)12:13 No.22770645
    Nope mine
    >> Jim-San !!1YwnslbkoRq 01/20/11(Thu)12:17 No.22770714
         File1295543874.jpg-(116 KB, 800x600, 1295023140714.jpg)
    116 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)12:36 No.22770943
         File1295545016.png-(223 KB, 1000x1000, 1291692653970.png)
    223 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)12:53 No.22771161
    >This thread


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