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    File : 1294402788.png-(21 KB, 220x225, Start MLP threads with this image.png)
    21 KB Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:19 No.22435623  
    Lets get one rollin'
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)07:20 No.22435632
         File1294402848.png-(77 KB, 266x332, Rarity sitting smiling.png)
    77 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:20 No.22435633
    Oh cool I was just about to make one but I had an error, so like, good thing
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:21 No.22435638
         File1294402873.png-(67 KB, 480x268, Pinkie lying down happy.png)
    67 KB
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)07:22 No.22435646
         File1294402961.gif-(182 KB, 353x233, Pinkie laughing.gif)
    182 KB
    I know that filename anywhere
    You downloaded my reaction images set anon
    >> Harvest 01/07/11(Fri)07:22 No.22435649
    Hey I'm always on /co/ and I see these pony threads not badmouthing it but what's the deal
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:23 No.22435655
         File1294402994.jpg-(426 KB, 945x945, 1294342509617.jpg)
    426 KB
    Hey everypony, colorbrony here. I'm up to color any picture upon request.

    Here is some of my previous work.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:23 No.22435658
         File1294402999.png-(26 KB, 155x155, 1294263207891.png)
    26 KB
    [ Your MLP:FiM Link Board ]
    MLP:FiM /co/ Thread Locator and Archive:

    Official Channel (not international):

    Youtube Channel with episodes:

    Synchtube (watch with friends!):

    Plus4chan Fanworks Archive:

    Ponibooru Imagedump:

    Community Wiki:

    /co/ Bronies dA group:

    Download links for episodes on:

    Derpy Hooves Fan Site:

    Bronie FlockDraw:

    Pony music:

    Steam group:
    [ The Subject of New Threads & The Generals ]

    Please check the MLP:FiM Thread Locator and
    Archive before going out and about and starting
    a new thread. /co/ doesn't mind if we stay in
    a general thread, but the biggest complaint I
    see from them is that there are multiple threads.

    A new general should not be made until the official
    general is on the brink of autosaging into 404 hell,
    or is at the image limit (150 pics). Once a new one
    is established, it should be posted at the end of the
    old general and everyone needs to herd themselves to
    the next.

    Obviously trolls & haters cannot be helped.

    New System: When the old general thread dies, the
    general thread image is to be deleted and placed
    onto the new one. Old general will be archived.
    New system thanks to Archive!noTe.poNY.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:23 No.22435661
         File1294403020.jpg-(75 KB, 337x334, 1294062361961.jpg)
    75 KB
    I love me some ponies
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)07:24 No.22435666
         File1294403049.jpg-(22 KB, 195x197, Pinkie grinning happily.jpg)
    22 KB
    Lots of people like something, lots of people talk about it.
    Have you seen any shows?
    It's really good.
    Youtube Channel with episodes:
    Check it out
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:24 No.22435670
    we are on a comic and cartoons thread, we are discussing this comic and/or cartoon

    i dont get what people dont get, i understand why it might be because its my little pony, but /co/ has never discuss my little pony before this show came out, so would nobody think that we are discussing this because its gotten better?
    >> Harvest 01/07/11(Fri)07:25 No.22435673
    I haven't seen the show what channel is it on
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:25 No.22435674
         File1294403126.png-(205 KB, 640x480, 1294206474213.png)
    205 KB
    keep an eye out for some pirate captain Pinkie Pie later

    because EVERY show needs pirates
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:26 No.22435682
    the hub
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:26 No.22435686
    Lol I love night-time pony threads. Literally all of them devolve into race wars, pony porn debates, or some other kind of innate bullshit.

    Never change /co/.

    Anyways new episode in 6 hours. Rev up those TVs.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:26 No.22435687
    nice, shading and great coloring
    finest I've seen, does great justice to the picture
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)07:26 No.22435688
    I just told you <---youtube channel
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:27 No.22435698
         File1294403279.jpg-(23 KB, 258x298, Pinkie estatic.jpg)
    23 KB
    Why yes I did! And it's awesome.
    >> Harvest 01/07/11(Fri)07:28 No.22435699
    Sorry I also wanted the actually tv channel
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:28 No.22435706

    I love the race wars because everyone gets too distracted to post porn.

    Also black Twilight is just wrong
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:28 No.22435710

    Thank you! If no one has an coloring request I'd might try my hand at drawing some myself.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:29 No.22435718
         File1294403392.png-(63 KB, 454x401, Beat.png)
    63 KB
    Are your bodies ready for tonight's episode?
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)07:30 No.22435727
         File1294403447.png-(104 KB, 564x388, Apple FUCK YEAH!.png)
    104 KB
    My full MLP pack will be out soon.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:30 No.22435728

    I'd like to see this recoloured to give Pinkie orange skin and red hair.
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)07:31 No.22435731
         File1294403510.jpg-(86 KB, 640x360, Apple is pleased.jpg)
    86 KB
    Draw fluttershy hugging applejack
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:32 No.22435736
         File1294403549.gif-(925 KB, 360x360, Popcorn.gif)
    925 KB
    in b4 he watches Newborn Cuties.

    Anyway, new episode today. Is anypony going to stream it? If so, where
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:33 No.22435744
         File1294403616.png-(102 KB, 261x328, 1293654932644.png)
    102 KB
    You mean this afternoon's?
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:33 No.22435745
    that doesn't even make sense!
    you'd have to caption it with dash laughing and going, "pinkie pie, you're SO RANDOM!"
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)07:35 No.22435754
         File1294403704.png-(391 KB, 1280x360, Rarity Apple woooo~ spooky.png)
    391 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:35 No.22435759

    I was thinking more of a caption about how Pinkie loves dick.
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)07:36 No.22435766
         File1294403811.png-(228 KB, 640x360, Apple winking.png)
    228 KB
    Oh you
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:36 No.22435767
         File1294403814.jpg-(28 KB, 404x267, business baby.jpg)
    28 KB

    Oh, right...

    Sorry, I forgot that it's afternoon it airs in America. I am in the GMT +1 timezone which means it's late night when I can finally download and view the episode. My apologies.
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)07:39 No.22435787
         File1294403969.png-(75 KB, 278x265, Pinkie Rainbow dash stare off.png)
    75 KB
    >> filybot !juJc7OReOI 01/07/11(Fri)07:40 No.22435793
    so is this episode techniacly the first episode of season two?
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:41 No.22435796
    You're cute.
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)07:41 No.22435797
         File1294404075.png-(79 KB, 318x312, Rainbow laughing.png)
    79 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:41 No.22435799
         File1294404084.png-(586 KB, 640x720, newfags.png)
    586 KB
    lessee, no keywords in the op post, fake general image, everypony happily jumps in.
    pic related
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:42 No.22435808
         File1294404171.jpg-(99 KB, 1048x1045, Carmageddon.jpg)
    99 KB
    I love me some Carmageddon
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:42 No.22435809
         File1294404175.png-(202 KB, 530x360, snipnsnail.png)
    202 KB
    Does... does it matter?
    We're talking about ponies.
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)07:44 No.22435817
         File1294404242.png-(71 KB, 330x330, Pikie bleghgh.png)
    71 KB
    ze op haz not conformed to ze third riech, vwe muzt clenz ze zimpure of ze chill out kid
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:44 No.22435818

    Then post the real general image and quit your whining.
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)07:44 No.22435824
         File1294404294.png-(562 KB, 720x540, Pinkie Twilight shocked and ap(...).png)
    562 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:44 No.22435825
    By George, you're right. This thread will probably be deleted soon.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:45 No.22435826
         File1294404306.jpg-(430 KB, 1440x900, implying derpy.jpg)
    430 KB
    >derpy doing what she does best
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:45 No.22435830
    No, season one has 26 episodes.
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)07:46 No.22435832
         File1294404365.png-(444 KB, 720x540, Fluttershy dissapoint.png)
    444 KB
    I knew it was cloud kicker
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:46 No.22435834
    no keywords = no exposure in the locator = no autoarchiving with the general image

    it's in the old general, dimwit
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:46 No.22435836
         File1294404383.jpg-(18 KB, 389x353, appeljack.jpg)
    18 KB

    I want you to recolor your image so that pinkie pie is Rainbow dash colored, and rainbow dash is pinkie pie colored.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:49 No.22435855
    Consider it done.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:49 No.22435857
         File1294404574.png-(46 KB, 184x183, 1294179525965.png)
    46 KB

    I guess that means this general is OFF THE RECORD guys
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)07:49 No.22435862
         File1294404597.jpg-(142 KB, 700x700, Legs.jpg)
    142 KB
    Link to image
    What are the key words?
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:52 No.22435882
    MLP, pony, ponies.
    Filenames don't get searched.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:52 No.22435884
    The arguing in the last thread that loli-porn is totally not a problem serious cemented bronies as just another word for furries.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:52 No.22435887
         File1294404756.jpg-(30 KB, 699x575, eye am excite.jpg)
    30 KB

    Eye am excite!
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:53 No.22435895
         File1294404802.jpg-(229 KB, 1314x898, 1293255678913.jpg)
    229 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:54 No.22435903
    >bronies as just another word for furries
    That's why the sane fans don't call themselves that
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:54 No.22435908

    That thread was fucking stupid

    You can fap to ponies on your own time but to act like it should be perfectly acceptable to others is just hard derp.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:54 No.22435909
    Well let's see the archiver links to the old general which if you're smart you'll go aaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllll the way to the bottom of and find the link to this general. And then if the old general gets deleted, we just post the general image here.

    And to make it even less concerning, it's fucking 7 AM, hardly anyone is posting. There's nothing to worry about.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:56 No.22435926

    So if enough people in a batman thread confesses to fapping to dead babies, does that make all Batfans baby-gorries?
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:57 No.22435938
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:57 No.22435941
    Archive-friend would have to add this thread manually, that's all.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:58 No.22435944
         File1294405095.png-(74 KB, 328x297, 1289723121944.png)
    74 KB
    So. I finally decided to suck it up and try working with the CS3 Pony models again....But I deleted them and the plus4chan thread link doesn't seem to be working. Anyone have them? I'd take the pack but I really just want to work with Twilight.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:58 No.22435949

    ITT: we discuss fapping to loli horses.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)07:58 No.22435951
    I know I've asked in like three threads this week, but has anyone got a gif of the part in Winter Wrap Up when Rarity starts crying because the Mayor's pointed out she's only made one nest?
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:00 No.22435962
    They weren't arguing for people to accept the porn. People were just saying why the fuck do you give two shits about what people fap to. Do you honestly judge a person on their fap material? That's a pretty fucking shallow mind-set if true.

    Regardless, we don't need the porn spammed. And if it is at least people should spoiler it and warn others. Since no one has any power to stop people from posting the porn.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:01 No.22435968
    This "what if" scenario isn't very informative. Here, I'll give you a real example:

    Not all Star Trek fans are socially inept nerds, but enough of them are socially inept nerds to stigmatize the entire fandom.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:02 No.22435979
    >why the fuck do you give two shits about what people fap to
    I don't, fap away to whatever you like, just don't bring it into these threads if you have a shred of decency.
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)08:03 No.22435984
         File1294405405.jpg-(11 KB, 379x201, Rarity Twilight Rarity pamperi(...).jpg)
    11 KB
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)08:04 No.22435991
         File1294405461.png-(677 KB, 640x360, Rarity unhappy pointing hoof.png)
    677 KB
    Come on guys talk about ponies
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:05 No.22435999
    Spoiler tags most likely indicates porn, or maybe that "Just kidding, I posted Pinkie Pie" image, it's one of the two, obviously it's MLP General, not MLP General but no porn, so like, fucking deal with it
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:06 No.22436009
         File1294405574.png-(293 KB, 512x384, i am the power.png)
    293 KB
    I.. I.. no! I will not give in. They're all so damn cute, I'll give you that, but I will not give in and watch the show..
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)08:06 No.22436015
         File1294405606.png-(212 KB, 470x268, Twilight Rarity Twilight is di(...).png)
    212 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:06 No.22436017
    /r/ing all the pony DEAL WITH IT images
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:07 No.22436021
    Its 7 AM I haven't slept and I'm trying to find which reactions images I created in the pony folder you dumped, because I got nothing better to do.

    Also give it time. Later today the number of posts will be retarded high. Prepare for shitstorms.
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)08:07 No.22436023
         File1294405663.png-(191 KB, 501x423, Rarity shocked.png)
    191 KB
    Why? If you like it now why deprive yourself of enjoyment?
    You like being happy? You like ponies? Why won't you watch it?
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:07 No.22436025
         File1294405668.jpg-(13 KB, 149x243, 1293703834727.jpg)
    13 KB
    Twilight is usually somewhat reserved. But when she gets bashful she is definitely the cutest pony.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:08 No.22436026
         File1294405684.png-(195 KB, 370x303, chocolate.png)
    195 KB

    You know you want to. You only live once bro.
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)08:08 No.22436032
         File1294405720.png-(169 KB, 503x335, Twilight Rarity resting head o(...).png)
    169 KB
    If you have any extra pony content you can post it and I can add it.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:09 No.22436036
         File1294405756.png-(59 KB, 447x543, 1294176387815.png)
    59 KB

    You're right Duffle

    How could I have been so blind. We need more ponies.
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)08:10 No.22436043
         File1294405805.png-(225 KB, 640x360, Apple Twilight Rarity all happ(...).png)
    225 KB
    Even when you have ponies, you still need more ponies
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:10 No.22436050
         File1294405829.jpg-(213 KB, 681x475, face.jpg)
    213 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:10 No.22436055
         File1294405854.jpg-(22 KB, 318x421, 1294325637538.jpg)
    22 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:11 No.22436070
         File1294405915.gif-(65 KB, 360x360, 1292829381581.gif)
    65 KB
    It's because she's so socially retarded at times it becomes adorable. "Look before you sleep" is the peak of her adorable meter imo.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:12 No.22436071
         File1294405930.gif-(238 KB, 200x200, flutterdaw.gif)
    238 KB
    Guys I bought a Fluttershy. Probably gonna buy more ponies. I need some kind of how-to guide to styling their hair to make them more show-accurate. I totally saw a Rainbow Dash with an awesome haircut. I don't know how this pony hair works, because it is neither a crew-cut or horseshoe moustache
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:12 No.22436077
         File1294405954.png-(169 KB, 636x356, 1289414566210.png)
    169 KB

    Slumber Party Twilight was the cutest character on the show

    Why did her voice sound so much younger during that episode? I know she was excited but even before when she was explaining the lightning rod she sounded so childlike.
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)08:12 No.22436082
         File1294405975.png-(44 KB, 204x172, Zecora is pleased.png)
    44 KB
    Here is the youtube

    Just watch one.
    Just one..
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:13 No.22436086
         File1294406005.png-(82 KB, 359x291, HurrImadurr.png)
    82 KB
    This is a good one that I don't think was put in.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:14 No.22436093
         File1294406051.png-(219 KB, 640x360, 1294347986073.png)
    219 KB

    I am also starting to enjoy Rarity a lot more.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:14 No.22436096
    Except that one.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:16 No.22436114
         File1294406162.png-(161 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2011-01-07-00h40m08s61.png)
    161 KB
    This is probably my favorite Winter Wrap Up Reaction Face, for now.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:16 No.22436117
         File1294406180.png-(43 KB, 385x450, BETTER GET SLUMPED WHORE.png)
    43 KB
    Someone draw Spike raping Snails

    No don't actually draw it. I just wanted to put the image in people's minds
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:17 No.22436124
         File1294406224.png-(66 KB, 303x543, 232452662.png)
    66 KB
    Oh no! No one does?!
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:17 No.22436129
         File1294406243.png-(203 KB, 402x303, 1294055429053.png)
    203 KB
    Same here, i loved her in that sleep-over episode, she was so enthusiastic.
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)08:17 No.22436132
         File1294406258.png-(137 KB, 640x360, Rarity Happy.png)
    137 KB
    Well if you use mediafire or rapidshare and upload them all It'd be greatly appreciated to see what I can add
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:21 No.22436152
    >implying I'm concerned enough to do something that requires effort on my part
    Meh they'll get around to people eventually I'm not to worried about it.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:22 No.22436160
         File1294406546.jpg-(62 KB, 725x440, nodaddyno.jpg)
    62 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:23 No.22436170
         File1294406637.png-(232 KB, 570x1781, lunacelestiabefore.png)
    232 KB
    Do you think we'll ever see pinkhair Celestia in the series?
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:24 No.22436172
         File1294406642.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 43 KB, 600x338, why would you click this.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 43 KB
    >Implying someone didn't draw it already
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)08:24 No.22436175
         File1294406656.jpg-(23 KB, 140x187, Pinkie unhappy with this.jpg)
    23 KB
    Aw come on man uploading it is like 2 mins
    Here use this site
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:25 No.22436183

    clicked it cause I saw the filename.

    I expected "Just kidding I posted Pinkie Pie" but this is fine too
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:27 No.22436201
    Woah man spoiler that shit next time.

    I had a kid in the room and everything.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:30 No.22436229
         File1294407052.png-(65 KB, 693x571, 1292652772343.png)
    65 KB
    i feel as though this show could be better somehow...
    if only
    oh well still awesome
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)08:31 No.22436233
         File1294407091.gif-(2.43 MB, 468x265, Pinkie talking.gif)
    2.43 MB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:31 No.22436234
         File1294407094.png-(61 KB, 480x268, 1290230561266.png)
    61 KB
    Requesting the drawing of Derpy giving mail to that deformed pony from G3.

    In return, cute Gilda.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:32 No.22436239
         File1294407135.png-(58 KB, 1003x902, Thanks WriteFags.png)
    58 KB
    Well I saw a thank you to all the drawfags Brony's we have, and couldn't help but do a thanks pic to the sometimes over looked writefags we have here! Your stories are just brilliant buys, keep at it!!
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:32 No.22436244
    Whelp... I'm not so sure how many more I could add but I can try and go through Winter Wrap up and make a few more from that since we just got the higher quality version yesterday.

    Only problem is I'm on my laptop and I'm too lazy to go sit down and plug in my mouse sooooo I'll see what I can do.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:34 No.22436263
         File1294407287.png-(779 B, 48x48, TwiSpark.png)
    779 B
    >> Vincent Van /co/ 01/07/11(Fri)08:35 No.22436270
         File1294407337.png-(166 KB, 344x344, zombisaus.png)
    166 KB
    gentlemares, post some Spike. drawn or otherwise. He's kewl. And for whatever reason puts off a Jake from Two and a Half Men vibe.
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)08:36 No.22436274
         File1294407363.png-(87 KB, 277x243, Rainbow at a desk.png)
    87 KB
    Thank you anon
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)08:37 No.22436279
         File1294407462.jpg-(19 KB, 473x273, Spike mustaching a question.jpg)
    19 KB
    I mustache why you get this vibe, but instead I'll post spike
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)08:38 No.22436284
         File1294407510.png-(117 KB, 340x376, Spike hand in mouth derp.png)
    117 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:39 No.22436291
         File1294407565.jpg-(56 KB, 886x606, Spike disturbed.jpg)
    56 KB
    Well since I'm making reaction images here ya go
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:40 No.22436298
    Ugh, the new episode airs in like, five and a half hours, right?
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:40 No.22436299
         File1294407628.png-(317 KB, 391x716, intosh.png)
    317 KB
    >> Diabolical 01/07/11(Fri)08:41 No.22436306
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)08:41 No.22436309
         File1294407674.png-(123 KB, 394x394, Spike frustrated.png)
    123 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:41 No.22436311
         File1294407697.jpg-(147 KB, 350x998, 1291530050319.jpg)
    147 KB
    Did someone say raep?
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:42 No.22436317
         File1294407737.jpg-(38 KB, 586x463, 1294325549957.jpg)
    38 KB

    Have some Applepretty.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:42 No.22436318
         File1294407741.png-(93 KB, 373x365, Twilight Condom.png)
    93 KB

    Leads naturally into this?
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)08:42 No.22436320
         File1294407746.png-(73 KB, 264x316, Spike does not fucking want.png)
    73 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:43 No.22436327
         File1294407781.jpg-(89 KB, 350x1342, Combination.jpg)
    89 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:43 No.22436333
         File1294407828.png-(60 KB, 210x207, problem.png)
    60 KB
    I could
    >> Vincent Van /co/ 01/07/11(Fri)08:44 No.22436336
         File1294407855.png-(321 KB, 886x606, pie.png)
    321 KB
    This and I can see him screaming SQUAAAAB!!!
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:45 No.22436345
         File1294407910.png-(74 KB, 600x400, 1292182995330.png)
    74 KB
    good celestia, dem jpeg artifacts
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:45 No.22436350

    You do not count Pinkie, we all know you TOOK A BITE OF GUM-GUM YO HO HO
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:46 No.22436357
         File1294407999.png-(318 KB, 391x716, smith.png)
    318 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:47 No.22436364
         File1294408045.jpg-(335 KB, 1007x623, 1290580590092.jpg)
    335 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:47 No.22436368
         File1294408074.gif-(290 KB, 350x250, 1292568353172.gif)
    290 KB
    >mfw it's a quarter past midnight and I can just go to sleep and immediately wake up to new pony eps

    In fact... why am I still here?

    See ya'll in the mornin bronies!
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:48 No.22436375
         File1294408098.jpg-(111 KB, 500x520, 1292215301552.jpg)
    111 KB
    if you're still here?
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:49 No.22436385
         File1294408165.png-(103 KB, 500x520, 1293620670228.png)
    103 KB

    That's been coloured for AGES bro
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:49 No.22436387
         File1294408183.jpg-(344 KB, 800x800, 12943425096172.jpg)
    344 KB

    Here you go! Request fulfilled.

    It's more of a mindfuck than I thought it would.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:50 No.22436392

    I second this, where did coloring bro go?
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:50 No.22436396
    I just wanted to tell all the bronies here that I love you all.

    All you friendly, pony-loving weirdos.
    You are so fucking awesome guys.

    And no, my body is NOT ready for another episode, I'm gonna overload on cuteness, I mean, it's about Apple bloom...
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:51 No.22436400
         File1294408264.jpg-(183 KB, 600x583, 1291860937103.jpg)
    183 KB
    Could colour pony be up to doing this? (unless it has already been done)
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:51 No.22436401

    I lol'd, thanks alot bro
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:52 No.22436406
         File1294408331.png-(43 KB, 506x443, 113490280278.png)
    43 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:52 No.22436407

    If it isn't done before, I don't mind.

    Is it okay if I don't clean up the lineart?
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:53 No.22436417
         File1294408387.png-(132 KB, 480x268, 1290230068598.png)
    132 KB
    Thanks, brony! If possible, could you also share the original screenshot of that pony?
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:53 No.22436419
    It's not that funny, really.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:53 No.22436423
         File1294408409.png-(638 KB, 2279x806, ponies_by_kitty_ko-d36i4ba.png)
    638 KB
    really? man, I must've been GOOD to miss it every single time. thank you!

    anyway, anyone got more Rarity, preferably fussing over fashion or something
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:53 No.22436425
         File1294408430.jpg-(971 KB, 785x2000, The Tales of Derpy.jpg)
    971 KB
    I'm posting this because every thread needs more Derpy.

    Also, this is my favorite fanart picture ever.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:54 No.22436428
         File1294408443.jpg-(41 KB, 640x480, ygwp1l.jpg)
    41 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:54 No.22436432
         File1294408471.png-(457 KB, 734x539, Pinkie pulls a magical skate f(...).png)
    457 KB
    Where the hell does she get the 5th skate.

    Damn you Pinkie and your disregard of the laws of nature.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:55 No.22436442
         File1294408529.png-(75 KB, 472x446, letsdiscussfriendship.png)
    75 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:56 No.22436455
         File1294408595.jpg-(95 KB, 640x360, 1292219532548.jpg)
    95 KB
    In B4 nobody streams call of the cutie because the Hub isn't free anymore and we're all fucked
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:56 No.22436456
         File1294408599.jpg-(38 KB, 453x492, chikens.jpg)
    38 KB

    You missed the eyebrows on PinkieDash/RainbowPie.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:58 No.22436477
         File1294408685.png-(250 KB, 1119x623, 1294364105752.png)
    250 KB
    Hell yeah, Rarity. Hope you don't mind her with other ponies.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:58 No.22436479

    Actually, I didn't.

    Go check it yourself.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:58 No.22436480
    The hair should probably go red-orange-yellow-green--blue-purple
    >> Vincent Van /co/ 01/07/11(Fri)08:59 No.22436485
    In the Tales series, Bon Bon was the cookery master, here you made her look like cooking mama...
    GASP! SHE'S NOT WEARING PANTS *puts hooves on face like Macaulay Culkin*
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:59 No.22436491
    Shit you just made me realize I might not even get the hub here now. I mean I leave in a week anyways but still was kind of pining on watching the episode today in glorious 1080pi.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)08:59 No.22436494
         File1294408785.png-(489 KB, 720x540, 1289600914846.png)
    489 KB
    Confound these rainbows!
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:00 No.22436498
         File1294408823.png-(298 KB, 618x800, 1293186496037.png)
    298 KB

    Well ill be damned. Nice job btw.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:01 No.22436505
         File1294408876.png-(12 KB, 303x504, 1294277531292.png)
    12 KB
    Not at all! I am away on business, I have no ponies at all. If you have any of her being generally hysterical, that would be most appreciated! (the reason I requested the Winter Wrap Up gif is because she is EXACTLY like a coworker of mine in that)
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:01 No.22436506

    I have no idea how I missed that one.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:01 No.22436514
         File1294408899.png-(127 KB, 640x360, 1291345137076.png)
    127 KB
    Her wings look like fingers.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:02 No.22436520
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:02 No.22436521
         File1294408946.jpg-(75 KB, 400x441, 1291920248258.jpg)
    75 KB
    Why does this make me think of Pinkie?
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:02 No.22436527

    Well they do come in handy.
    >> TROTRTBSGuy 01/07/11(Fri)09:03 No.22436531
    Not wanting to put a piece of work in here that already on one of the other boards, but theres are 2 pieces of MLP work in /3/ some of you might like.
    Otherwise just ignore this message.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:03 No.22436532
    That pony is awesome. Especially considering MLP is my favorite show to watch high.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:04 No.22436541
         File1294409046.png-(212 KB, 945x945, derpy_ceiling2.png)
    212 KB
    Derpy thread?

    Derpy thread.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:04 No.22436543
         File1294409054.png-(203 KB, 945x945, 1294188559851.png)
    203 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:04 No.22436549
         File1294409086.jpg-(1.02 MB, 1500x2250, 1294187330394.jpg)
    1.02 MB
    Or human.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:05 No.22436552
         File1294409110.png-(592 KB, 720x540, 1290833814047.png)
    592 KB
    Speaking of Majora's Mask...
    You know when Gilda and Dash are racing and they laugh?
    Doesn't that sound a little like something...?
    Skull Kid laugh

    Can't unhear.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:05 No.22436553
    Link? If possible?
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:05 No.22436555
         File1294409125.png-(1.5 MB, 2500x1000, 1294080479697.png)
    1.5 MB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:06 No.22436561
    MS can do cute stuff when he wants to
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:06 No.22436565
    This tread is silly
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:06 No.22436573
         File1294409217.jpg-(347 KB, 980x720, mlp_experssion_set_1_by_kreoss(...).jpg)
    347 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:07 No.22436583
         File1294409242.png-(123 KB, 900x900, derpy_glasses.png)
    123 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:07 No.22436584
         File1294409248.jpg-(743 KB, 1280x1024, mlp_human_version_ver__1_by_kr(...).jpg)
    743 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:07 No.22436586
         File1294409254.jpg-(260 KB, 1200x1000, 1294369284462.jpg)
    260 KB
    I cant wait for all the fanart to come crashing into our threads after the imminent ep

    But the question remains bronies...

    can our hoofsies handle the pony drought that is to come?
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:07 No.22436587
         File1294409255.jpg-(119 KB, 350x510, www.sodahead.jpg)
    119 KB
    No I will not watch this show you can't make me /co/ the cuteness is not worth it I will fight this disease and cure /co/ from it.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:08 No.22436598
    >nigger twilight
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:08 No.22436602
    I really hate that this picture turns me on
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:08 No.22436603
         File1294409323.gif-(118 KB, 675x581, derpy_filly.gif)
    118 KB
    I adore this one...
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:08 No.22436606
    I actually prefer human. the prolificness of gijinka (did I spell that correctly?) is one of my favourite things about cartoon fanart.

    ... that's slightly worrying.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:09 No.22436610
         File1294409342.png-(178 KB, 453x531, 1294329044748.png)
    178 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:09 No.22436618
         File1294409371.jpg-(415 KB, 913x1000, 1293164261933.jpg)
    415 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:09 No.22436619
         File1294409378.jpg-(76 KB, 475x360, 1291857178818.jpg)
    76 KB
    watched my first episode right now
    pic related
    you should just watch
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:10 No.22436624
         File1294409411.png-(107 KB, 600x442, derpy_wwu.png)
    107 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:10 No.22436627
         File1294409423.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 275 KB, 637x730, 1293164049131.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 275 KB
    Better safe then sorry.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:11 No.22436638
         File1294409465.png-(96 KB, 945x945, 1294197569714.png)
    96 KB


    Is anypony else detecting a problem with this name?
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:11 No.22436641
         File1294409466.jpg-(91 KB, 500x500, 1293083753588.jpg)
    91 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:11 No.22436645
         File1294409495.png-(356 KB, 639x359, 1290204894580.png)
    356 KB
    You're missing out.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:11 No.22436648
    so are there any streamers for today because I know for a fact that one guy who usually streams (he runs the Steam Pony group) can't stream today! We need some people (who still get the Hub because the free preview is over now) to stream Call of the Cutie for all us international MLP fans!
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:11 No.22436650
    Yikes, that Rarity! Someone is not in touch with women's fashions, I see...
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:11 No.22436651
         File1294409518.jpg-(338 KB, 900x1520, derpy_savestheday.jpg)
    338 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:12 No.22436652
         File1294409520.jpg-(100 KB, 780x541, 1292887670908.jpg)
    100 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:12 No.22436660
         File1294409567.jpg-(489 KB, 1400x600, 1292821945901.jpg)
    489 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:13 No.22436668
         File1294409616.png-(1.01 MB, 1035x1269, 1292708768587.png)
    1.01 MB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:13 No.22436669
         File1294409618.gif-(277 KB, 400x300, 1291527859687.gif)
    277 KB
    Not over here in America Town.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:13 No.22436674
    why gray hair, rarity, surely you can't be that old
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:14 No.22436677
         File1294409648.png-(84 KB, 664x4000, derpy_bills.png)
    84 KB
    Oh, my... Who IS that mysterious mare?
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:14 No.22436679
         File1294409659.png-(700 KB, 1500x658, 1292702057728.png)
    700 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:14 No.22436683
         File1294409694.jpg-(377 KB, 1280x1024, 1292661381636.jpg)
    377 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:15 No.22436688
         File1294409743.png-(155 KB, 760x640, derpy_butthurt.png)
    155 KB
    Derpy never fails to deliver... Even when delivering butthurt.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:15 No.22436691
         File1294409756.jpg-(33 KB, 640x531, 1289608041966.jpg)
    33 KB
    Please stop... not as many people like the humanized ponies as you think.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:16 No.22436696

    The ponies happen to be lacking in the 'toe' department
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:17 No.22436712
         File1294409836.png-(27 KB, 791x602, derpy_portals.png)
    27 KB
    Now you're derping with Portals.
    >> Jim-San !!1YwnslbkoRq 01/07/11(Fri)09:17 No.22436717
         File1294409845.gif-(798 KB, 268x268, 1294076075722.gif)
    798 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:18 No.22436723

    I frickin' LOVE the human versions.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:18 No.22436724
         File1294409889.png-(405 KB, 1946x1798, 1292661219060.png)
    405 KB
    Big ass Rarity.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:18 No.22436731
         File1294409915.png-(122 KB, 600x600, derpy_piano.png)
    122 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:19 No.22436738
         File1294409954.png-(313 KB, 1134x1504, 1291224095372.png)
    313 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:20 No.22436744
         File1294410001.jpg-(492 KB, 900x1238, 1291096789214.jpg)
    492 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:20 No.22436753
         File1294410056.png-(191 KB, 874x1039, derpy10.png)
    191 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:20 No.22436754
         File1294410057.jpg-(182 KB, 800x610, 1290845129505-1.jpg)
    182 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:21 No.22436758
    You don't play with your fucking toes, moron
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:24 No.22436782
         File1294410243.png-(257 KB, 1330x1610, derpy_letters!.png)
    257 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:24 No.22436783
         File1294410245.jpg-(61 KB, 658x493, E0P2C.jpg)
    61 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:24 No.22436788
         File1294410261.png-(478 KB, 945x945, 1293853313795.png)
    478 KB
    really? Also, has anyone got the other version of this picture?
    >> Vincent Van /co/ 01/07/11(Fri)09:24 No.22436794
         File1294410284.png-(14 KB, 604x280, RAINBOW.png)
    14 KB
    k smartass. we will now think of games that require toes. good luck... smartass
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:24 No.22436800
         File1294410298.jpg-(355 KB, 700x950, derpy_you'vegotmail.jpg)
    355 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:25 No.22436808
         File1294410314.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 326 KB, 945x945, 587003 - Applejack Friendship_(...).jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 326 KB
    And that's all.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:25 No.22436813
         File1294410343.jpg-(16 KB, 300x300, yakov.jpg)
    16 KB
    do you guys
    fap to these things

    i'm honestly just curious, i'm not judging you
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:26 No.22436815
    oh god damn it i laughed
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:26 No.22436818
         File1294410390.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 172 KB, 1280x989, 1294385795.suedunnemm_buttercu(...).jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 172 KB
    What the fuck, internet?
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:27 No.22436826
         File1294410439.png-(186 KB, 760x400, ZecDerp.png)
    186 KB
    >Human ponies
    IB4 somebody complains about Zecora being black.
    >> Wolf Nanaki !3iI3gbP0ac 01/07/11(Fri)09:27 No.22436827
    So much better than my version.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:27 No.22436830
         File1294410445.png-(430 KB, 945x945, Too_Much_Poneeee-(n12937705629(...).png)
    430 KB
    I got two others!
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:27 No.22436836
         File1294410476.png-(400 KB, 945x945, FUCKING_RACIST_BITCHES-(n12937(...).png)
    400 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:28 No.22436838
    That's like, no fucking games

    Yes, all the fucking time
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:28 No.22436839

    Replace MLP with anything else ever and the answer is the same. Some people do, some people don't.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:28 No.22436848
    who else here thinks MLP FiM is the West's answer to moeblob?
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:30 No.22436858
    nah. moeblob doesn't tend to have plots.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:31 No.22436864
    Isn't moeblob designed specifically for fat fucks in mind?

    Not really comparable then...
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:31 No.22436866

    I tried it just recently. It wasnt too bad, but i don't think i'll try it again.
    >having shame on an anonymous imageboard
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:31 No.22436867
    This question comes up frequently enough, and the answer is always the same:

    - it's not "slice of life" (what a horrible, misused term), it's an adventure-comedy show.
    - isn't not about the cuteness of the ponies, it's about their adventures, the plots are not "cute girls doing cute things"
    - it's not waifu/wank material for autistic nerds
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:32 No.22436875
    Thank god the troll thread reached autosage.
    It hurt me that so many faggots fell for this samefag.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:33 No.22436888

    But the girls ARE cute

    And the way they go about anything DOES THEREFORE BECOME CUTE
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:33 No.22436889
    disclaimer: the above is only true for generations 1 and 4.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:34 No.22436905
    well except for not being wank material. i'd find it hard to believe anyone could wank to g3.
    >> -Duffle&Slack- !/i4xDUFFLE!!mhUwXbfmPl+ 01/07/11(Fri)09:36 No.22436922
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:37 No.22436932
    my gosh, this is easily the best human ponies ever
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)09:37 No.22436937
         File1294411038.jpg-(137 KB, 945x945, invisible fluttershy2.jpg)
    137 KB
    I go to Pony threads for humanized ponies.

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