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  • File : 1292408196.gif-(66 KB, 360x360, mlp1292334565896.gif)
    66 KB Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)05:16 No.21911375  
    My little Pony GIF thread
    >> loves2spooge 12/15/10(Wed)05:17 No.21911391
    Ponies? Oh boy, fellas. Here we go again, right? Heh...

    Yaaaaay... :D
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)05:19 No.21911403
         File1292408380.gif-(2.91 MB, 448x252, Stoned_ccbs.gif)
    2.91 MB
    Well, I suppose as long as we stick to GIFs. We already have a general.
    >> Snarky Bastard 12/15/10(Wed)05:19 No.21911408
         File1292408397.gif-(Spoiler Image, 1.99 MB, 416x301, silly pony.gif)
    Spoiler Image, 1.99 MB
    brace yourself for orgasm. i guarantee you, your body is not ready.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)05:21 No.21911421
         File1292408469.gif-(490 KB, 290x260, 1291915767047.gif)
    490 KB
    According to original maker, this was about the blindness of facisim, or something.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)05:22 No.21911431
         File1292408525.gif-(1.08 MB, 280x300, 1292129793532.gif)
    1.08 MB
    This one did make me laugh.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)05:25 No.21911470
         File1292408743.gif-(2.09 MB, 330x330, Petals.gif)
    2.09 MB
    This one's my favorite. She's thinking, "maybe eating these petals will make me feel better... I hope no one's watching."
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)05:26 No.21911482
         File1292408802.gif-(931 KB, 325x188, mlp1289020283562.gif)
    931 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)05:26 No.21911484
    well, she's a horse after all. Eating flowers is kinda normal for them.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)05:27 No.21911490
    Those are decorative petals, though.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)05:30 No.21911522
         File1292409002.gif-(956 KB, 300x300, Pinkie_pie_giving_birth.gif)
    956 KB
    Chrome slows gifs down, but Firefox displays them properly.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)06:14 No.21911955
    For reference, general thread is >>21907316
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)07:00 No.21912382
         File1292414453.gif-(1.15 MB, 640x360, 1289211801889.gif)
    1.15 MB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)07:03 No.21912401
         File1292414608.gif-(923 KB, 240x240, 1292102835051.gif)
    923 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)07:33 No.21912636
         File1292416427.gif-(2.43 MB, 468x265, gif pinkie talking a lot.gif)
    2.43 MB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)07:39 No.21912701
         File1292416787.gif-(1.31 MB, 320x180, gif pinkie bouncy.gif)
    1.31 MB
    Mai fave
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)08:57 No.21913221
    i love mlp threads because the show is rarely actually discussed in-depth, assuring i can watch it without it have being spoiled for me
    last episode totally confirmed i'm fluttershy
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)09:25 No.21913392
         File1292423117.gif-(277 KB, 400x300, 1291759362042.gif)
    277 KB
    Wiggle wiggle.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)09:29 No.21913413
    Alright, that's it, I'm tired of this MLP combination pedophile/zoophile bullshit. I'm taking /co/ off my bookmarks and replacing it with a better board, like /v/. Yes, even /v/ is better than /co/ now. That is how far you have sunken.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)09:32 No.21913439
    There's very little of that, and loyal bronies often disapprove of that kind of /d/-type bullshit quite heavily.

    Somepony back me up on this. I'm tired of those one or two sickos making nasty comments that make everyone else think we watch this show to fap.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)09:33 No.21913447
         File1292423626.jpg-(24 KB, 467x427, lul.jpg)
    24 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)09:34 No.21913457
    doesn't /v/ have really good pony thread too?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)09:36 No.21913476
    It totally could. We should get right on that.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)09:40 No.21913512
         File1292424036.jpg-(54 KB, 998x751, 1289867212024.jpg)
    54 KB

    Fuck you. Even the official threads have gotten more perverse every week. Accept that a large proportion of "fans" of this asinine children's garbage are closet-freaks and stop whining.

    People were pointing out this MLP shit would get out
    of hand, and every time whiny ponyfags would U MAD any complaints into the ground. Everytime it's the same bullshit:

    "There aren't floods/multiple threads, they're by trolls!"
    "Can't you accept maybe we genuinely like this non-perversely?"

    Fuck y'all, /co/ - it's gone too far. I MAD, I QUIT.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)09:43 No.21913534
         File1292424212.gif-(Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 480x360, 1291166025260.gif)
    Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)09:44 No.21913545
         File1292424277.gif-(1.6 MB, 240x180, 1290939538630.gif)
    1.6 MB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)09:46 No.21913561
         File1292424367.jpg-(234 KB, 615x714, 1286179513954.jpg)
    234 KB
    Even though your.. contributions..? won't be missed, we still think you should go see a doctor to get that case of butthurt checked out.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)09:48 No.21913587
    Be careful. Sea ponies devour all who oppose them.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)09:49 No.21913597
         File1292424552.png-(121 KB, 640x360, 1292344394209.png)
    121 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)09:52 No.21913623
         File1292424724.gif-(1.05 MB, 300x300, 1291010879021.gif)
    1.05 MB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)09:52 No.21913629
         File1292424758.gif-(341 KB, 240x225, 1291250888703.gif)
    341 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)09:53 No.21913639
         File1292424811.gif-(1.17 MB, 325x188, 1289212089381.gif)
    1.17 MB
    I enjoy My Little Pony but I couldn't bring myself to fap to them or even sexualize them in anyway. just something about them is so pure that makes me not wanna corrupt it.

    Also dumping my saved GIFs
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)09:54 No.21913649
         File1292424872.gif-(1.97 MB, 360x270, 1289305945480.gif)
    1.97 MB
    Version with writing
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)09:56 No.21913661
         File1292424965.gif-(238 KB, 468x252, 1290221093195.gif)
    238 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)09:56 No.21913666

    At least there's somebody else out there.

    You watch MLP? I don't judge.
    You fap to it? Judgement.

    It's all fun and games until someone gets a boner.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)09:57 No.21913668
         File1292425020.gif-(658 KB, 293x123, 1291242355229.gif)
    658 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)09:57 No.21913681
         File1292425068.gif-(378 KB, 320x180, 1292102168681.gif)
    378 KB
    >> TripfaggiestTripfagToEverTripAFag !!cexU6GgviU5 12/15/10(Wed)09:58 No.21913683
         File1292425082.jpg-(25 KB, 600x364, baron.jpg)
    25 KB
    I would pay a handful of spice for a .gif showing Rarity killing the Rip Torn Dragon
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)09:58 No.21913693
    trips, must be true
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)09:59 No.21913700
         File1292425181.gif-(1.63 MB, 468x266, 1290048872696.gif)
    1.63 MB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)10:03 No.21913746
         File1292425396.gif-(Spoiler Image, 560 KB, 550x410, 1290277269856.gif)
    Spoiler Image, 560 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)10:04 No.21913762
    But that rainbow one kicked me!
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)10:05 No.21913774
         File1292425547.jpg-(14 KB, 474x278, 580_at_raid.jpg)
    14 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)10:08 No.21913802
         File1292425722.gif-(1.65 MB, 325x187, 1290300902009.gif)
    1.65 MB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)10:09 No.21913807
    One of the best moments ever.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)10:10 No.21913819
    you will never be scolded by an angry fluttershy
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)10:12 No.21913851
    Does anyone have a gif of rainbow dash putting in her rainbow cheek camo?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)10:15 No.21913883
         File1292426158.jpg-(71 KB, 600x597, 1287709230539.jpg)
    71 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)10:20 No.21913910
         File1292426425.gif-(8 KB, 200x200, Elmer_s_Glue-logo-F45E90B50C-s(...).gif)
    8 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)10:23 No.21913936
         File1292426582.gif-(1.59 MB, 427x240, 1290632882788.gif)
    1.59 MB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)10:23 No.21913943
         File1292426638.gif-(1.09 MB, 325x187, 1290806358943.gif)
    1.09 MB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)10:26 No.21913956
         File1292426770.gif-(2.97 MB, 500x360, 1292016205696.gif)
    2.97 MB
    and then i said oatmeal?!? are you crazy?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)10:29 No.21913984
    Somebody should do something about you sick, cultist furry bastards.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)10:30 No.21913990
         File1292427024.gif-(861 KB, 468x266, 1290836439340.gif)
    861 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)10:31 No.21913997
         File1292427079.gif-(208 KB, 403x296, 1290581437612.gif)
    208 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)10:33 No.21914012
         File1292427183.gif-(48 KB, 360x360, 1292091966755.gif)
    48 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)10:33 No.21914018
         File1292427236.jpg-(22 KB, 351x334, 1286833648332.jpg)
    22 KB
    I love it when trolls think saying stuff like this affects us.

    BTW, is there a general thread? All I can find is that troll real doll one.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)10:35 No.21914028

    indeed there is!

    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)10:40 No.21914065
    It's well above auto-sage at this point though, so watch out. Hasn't hit the image limit yet though.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)10:55 No.21914224
    Sure is a bunch of Chris Chans around here
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)10:56 No.21914232
    “My Little Brony” Basic Instructions

    1.Download the “My Little Brony” recording kit from
    2.Read MLB(PLEASEREAD).txt (Important!!!)
    3.Use either or Audacity to make as high-quality a recording as possible.
    4.Send your saved file to
    5.Wait for me to mix the whole thing together!

    As of right now, the following lines are assigned:

    My Little Brony Anthem

    My Little Brony, My Little Brony (Jimbo)
    Aaaaaah~ (Jimbo and Chorus)
    My Little Brony (Chorus)

    I used to wonder what 4chan could be (Jimbo)
    My Little Brony (Chorus)
    Until you all shared your macros with me! (Jimbo)

    Silly grimdark,
    Rainbow manes!
    Gettin' shitfaced On drinking games! (Forward 2.0)

    Dykey ponies,
    Fun to ship!
    And an intro you should never skip! (Jimbo and Additional Voices)

    Yeah, My Little Brony (Chorus)
    You know we have the very best (Jimbo)
    Threads! (All)

    If you want to have one of the above lyrics to yourself, please contact me as soon as possible! Thanks for participating!
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)11:00 No.21914274
    >that troll real doll one.
    link please?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)11:03 No.21914298
    trolls be trolling
    heads be rolling
    your mom be bowling
    cause your dad's a lady.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)11:35 No.21914664
    Of course it doesn't effect you. You're too far gone. I pray you never procreate and spread your unique equestrian brand of furry to a new generation.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)11:38 No.21914695
    Can this be the new general or is this just plain full of trolls?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)11:44 No.21914759
    Can't access MemeGenerator at the moment.

    Ignore Trolls
    <Joseph Ducreux>
    Post Poines
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)11:48 No.21914801
    /r/ one where twilight sparkle is pouring a drink and says somehthing like "these ponys drive me to drink"
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)11:50 No.21914830
    until /co/ decides on a decent MLP General....I'm gonna go play some Def Jam: Fight for New York.

    Later bronies!
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)11:52 No.21914853
         File1292431923.jpg-(43 KB, 472x344, 1287972206581.jpg)
    43 KB
    This one?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)11:52 No.21914869

    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)11:53 No.21914883
         File1292432025.png-(681 KB, 860x860, derpy-0021214.png)
    681 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)11:55 No.21914910

    just confirming this...The Great and Powerful Trixie drinking game gaurantees you 20 shots of your liquor of choice.

    anypony in the show has to say the full phrase "The Great and Powerful Trixie"

    No GnPT
    "Great and Powerful" must be included, not just "great" or "powerful"

    are your livers ready?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)11:56 No.21914918
         File1292432181.gif-(1.81 MB, 200x132, i need a fucking drink.gif)
    1.81 MB
    Well, this one's new to me. AND I LOVE IT.
    Dumping my...two GIFs.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)11:56 No.21914927
    No matter what..Derpy will always deliver the mail...
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)11:57 No.21914928
         File1292432225.jpg-(112 KB, 640x360, ponycest.jpg)
    112 KB
    pony thread, heck yeah!
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)11:58 No.21914941
         File1292432285.gif-(64 KB, 360x360, 1292400789520.gif)
    64 KB

    You do realize that it only takes 21 shots to cause irreversible damage to your liver? You'll fucking die man.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)11:58 No.21914943
    nvm, my other GIF was already posted.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:00 No.21914975
         File1292432412.gif-(2.56 MB, 325x185, 1287870671211.gif)
    2.56 MB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:01 No.21914989

    you could always drink something with low alcohol content. Everybody takes alcohol differently. Some lose it after ten shots, others after 3. It's an endurance game that no one should really win.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:02 No.21915003

    clop clop mind
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:02 No.21915015
    I am in desperate need of a picture of Rarity for reference, can some one post a pic of her?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:04 No.21915033
         File1292432660.png-(405 KB, 1946x1798, MLP - Rarity.png)
    405 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:04 No.21915036 best pony amv ever. I"d love to see some of these first gen badies drawn in fourth gen style
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:05 No.21915050
    Thank you thank you!
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:07 No.21915078
    Omg. There is only one pony thread (this one) and three troll threads. D:


    That's hai-LARIOUS. :D

    You know because they always wine about multiple pony threads. Who can't appreciate the irony of that?

    I'm glad they aren't in here.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:07 No.21915084
         File1292432878.png-(191 KB, 501x423, RarityWhat.png)
    191 KB


    That's not how it works.

    Also, it's getting harder for me to stick around in these threads. Too much roleplaying, and a steady increase in sick fuckery.

    Can't we just have macros, fan art, and ridiculously over-analyzed discussions of the cartoon?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:09 No.21915099

    Cold play aside I don't like coldplay , this makes Gen 1 look pretty interesting.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:09 No.21915108

    This is my first time ever commenting in a MLP thread, but c'mon! You see pics like that and you wonder why some of us gives you shit for watching a little girl's cartoon. Really? Really?!
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:10 No.21915119
    As a man who refuses to watch anything so girly i decided to watch this and some clips of the newer MLP series. Really guys? Really? The one from the 80's looks a million times better. A lot lot more darker. The new MLP is exactly what is wrong with animation these days. Despicable.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:10 No.21915129

    We DO still have those things. But you know, the sick fucks are bound to get emboldened after a while and show their stripes.

    There's also a big difference between humour and "Omg must fap to this". I really don't understand how people can fap to this show.

    Just do your best to discourage that sort of thing, and try to enjoy the other stuff.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:10 No.21915130
    I support this post. When did we cross the line from "D'aww, Fluttershy is adorable" to "Twilight has nice curves, I want to fuck her"?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:11 No.21915135
    I don't see any roleplaying or sick perverted shit in this thread.

    It's just kind of slow. So you leave that tab open, and stay here with us for a bit.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:11 No.21915140

    it'll pick up either thursday or friday
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:12 No.21915145
         File1292433126.gif-(1.28 MB, 250x240, PinkieHuff.gif)
    1.28 MB
    Are you hating on Pinkie Pie, buddy?
    >> A Fistful of Apples !94yMGn.GiE 12/15/10(Wed)12:12 No.21915151
         File1292433147.jpg-(34 KB, 447x378, 1291520870529.jpg)
    34 KB

    Why would you want to limit some people's fun?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:12 No.21915157
         File1292433179.png-(244 KB, 777x736, molestia.png)
    244 KB
    It's been interesting, watching the development of pony threads.

    In the beginning, it was mostly people just shocked that they were enjoying the show. With little established, most discussion was on various wild theories of what was going to happen or how the show's setting worked, and 4chan's typical perverts and trolls were mostly quiet. As time went on, however, they began to leak in - troll by troll, sage by sage. Initial 34 was quick, sketchy stuff, clearly joking around, but it began to take a turn. Some trols pretended to be pony perverts, and their presence encouraged actual pony perverts to become more vocal, more... uncouth. Now, there is battle between those who enjoy the show with relative innocence, those who are more prurient, the trolls, and those who refuse to see the /co/ fanbase as anything but just one of these groups.

    It's like the history of the furry fandom over a space of weeks!
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:13 No.21915159
         File1292433186.jpg-(83 KB, 500x500, 1292026551566.jpg)
    83 KB
    This brony nailed it.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:13 No.21915164

    He thinks we should be watching quality shows for boys.

    Like Rush Zone: Guardians of the Core.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:13 No.21915166
         File1292433229.png-(401 KB, 852x1069, 1292318340629.png)
    401 KB
    aw shit, flamewars inbound. I'm out of here.
    >> Paradox !!xOi/V3twRA4 12/15/10(Wed)12:14 No.21915177
    and what if you're a girl?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:14 No.21915178
         File1292433255.gif-(185 KB, 200x170, ITS A DERPY WORLD.gif)
    185 KB
    Heh, nice try Satan!
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:14 No.21915182
    We're good, for now.

    But by later this afternoon there are going to be another fourteen million THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE DEMANDS YOU CONTINUE TO PAY ATTENTION TO ME posts, and more reposts of screengrabs of the ponies' asses.

    Just you wait.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:15 No.21915191
         File1292433330.jpg-(107 KB, 1095x843, 1290349718141.jpg)
    107 KB
    Because what some people label as "fun" others call "bestiality".
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:15 No.21915195
    lol girls on the internet. dont make me laugh.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:15 No.21915196
    Indeed. It may still be trolls, but I'm starting to think otherwise. but hey, 4chan, what fanbase doesnt have sick fucks that come to the anus of the internet?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:16 No.21915203

    Oh bullshit. "Be a dyke pony, eat candy vag" was one of the first memes to pop up from the show.

    The only weird particular phenomenon evolving in these threads is newfags (or trolls pretending) that don't understand rule 34.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:16 No.21915204

    Dude. Sickfuck fury fetish types pop up in LOTS of different kinds of threads and do sick shit (Bugs Bunny, Spirit, Chipmunks, Scoobie Doo, anything with animals).

    That ain't new.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:16 No.21915208
         File1292433389.gif-(2.59 MB, 250x250, 1292204227661.gif)
    2.59 MB

    Yah, I liked the early MLP threads where everything was fun and refreshing and not full of weirdos who RP and talk about Pony vaginas. I just want to talk about the show itself and post funny/cute macros ;_;
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:17 No.21915218
         File1292433430.jpg-(19 KB, 308x291, 1292346860067.jpg)
    19 KB

    Because regardless of your opinions /co/ is still a worksafe board
    >> Applebuck !kltjFCOGEI 12/15/10(Wed)12:17 No.21915219
         File1292433433.jpg-(211 KB, 2000x2000, muffins.jpg)
    211 KB
    Something i'm working on, WIP obvs.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:17 No.21915225
    I think this post is the first I've made in a MLP thread for weeks thanks to all the sick fucks dancing around /co/.
    And I'm a big fan of the show.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:17 No.21915227
    Derpy what are you doing to reality, stop that

    also I need the hi-res image of Dash sleeping on the clouds
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:18 No.21915237
         File1292433507.gif-(1.73 MB, 450x350, PinkieSPOOKY.gif)
    1.73 MB
    It's up to us, brother.

    It's up to us.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:18 No.21915244

    need pony vag
    >> A Fistful of Apples !94yMGn.GiE 12/15/10(Wed)12:18 No.21915245
         File1292433537.png-(169 KB, 636x356, 1292364768756.png)
    169 KB

    Quit your whining. I don't care to read THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE, so I just skip over her. It's really easy to scroll down past that (or any other) RPer. Why can't you do it?

    You can skip over the pony asses too.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:19 No.21915249

    See I'm a pony fan and you have on hell of a point. A lot of it wouldn't be a problem if people would just spoiler the 34 and spoiler the sick discussions.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:19 No.21915259

    Are you mildly retarded or just ignorant?

    The 'eat candy vag' thing is a joke that shouldn't have to be explained. Do you know ANYTHING about the characters in this show?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:19 No.21915265
         File1292433592.png-(307 KB, 3226x2000, 12909286924.png)
    307 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:20 No.21915272
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:20 No.21915277

    That drawing sucks. There's no pony orgy in that pic! GET OUT OF HERE!
    >> A.J. 12/15/10(Wed)12:20 No.21915283



    was gonna say something about this...but it's whatever...I'm a's what I long as people keep commissioning me for requests...I'll keep it or hate it, as long as there's somepony who enjoys what I do, I'm gonna keep doin' it
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:20 No.21915286
    Or avoided posting them here.

    It's on the rules, spoilers are not supposed to hide porn.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:21 No.21915295
         File1292433689.png-(67 KB, 600x404, 1289993869198.png)
    67 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:21 No.21915296
    Can't wait 'till it's finished.

    Looks awesome so far.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:22 No.21915302
    Gen 1 is full of nightmare fuel.
    my favorite quotes about Gen 1 "while the origonal My Little Pony may be a girly-girly pink-hearted story, it's a girly-girly pink-hearted horror story." and "Dream Valley is constantly out to kill you. It's like Australia, Sunnydale and Ravenloft met at an orgy, and spawned this abberation, then woke up in the morning and freaked out when they realized Care-A-Lot and Disneyland had also participated."
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:22 No.21915306
    thanks brony
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:22 No.21915308
    Awesome. Didn't someone request it on the last thread?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:22 No.21915313
         File1292433757.jpg-(113 KB, 590x500, 1292118972376.jpg)
    113 KB
    Its a relief to see other normal MLP fans, I think we're by far in the majority but we always get drowned out by sick fucks! Rise up bronies! Show that you Lauren Faust that we're not all pathetic, creepy shits. to be honest I think a lot of them are trolls anyway.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:22 No.21915314
    Yeah, it's not that you're supposedly a writefag that's the problem.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:22 No.21915315

    I know, but it's not really a rule that everyone follows on everyboard. It's not just Pony threads that have 34 in them, I've seen it in plenty of other threads. It's just more concentrated in the pony threads because of the furries who have discovered the show and threads.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:23 No.21915325
    Tell that to any sexy teim thread. Or really any Peej thread, as theres always a 50% chance it will devolve into a porn thread or a prfft thread :(
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:23 No.21915330


    Anyone has any idea how the 3D ponies coming along?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:24 No.21915341
         File1292433844.png-(170 KB, 800x730, 1277219836102.png)
    170 KB
    Interesting that you portray trolls and trolling as anything other than a great thing. Kind of tipped your hand there. I don't think 4chan is the right place for someone like you.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:24 No.21915343

    I guess you have a point.
    >> A.J. 12/15/10(Wed)12:24 No.21915353
         File1292433886.png-(44 KB, 351x197, facehoof.png)
    44 KB

    >> Applebuck !kltjFCOGEI 12/15/10(Wed)12:25 No.21915368
    There was a request for something pretty similar last night, I just tweaked it a little bit.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:25 No.21915369
    I feel this way about a lot of /co/. I think the majority of /co/ likes or at least is tolerant of Scott Pilgram and Kate Beaton. I also think the majority of /co/ dislikes farting threads and the former never ending Rigby x Mordecai threads. Its just the crazy vocal minority that shouts from the mountain tops so everyone thinks thats what we are
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:26 No.21915379
    I want to blame it on furries, I really do.
    But these things don't even have human-like bodies.
    It's just straight up zoophilia.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:26 No.21915381

    No no no no NO!

    That's the WRONG thing to do! You don't leave!

    Don't abandon it to the sickfucks! We need every sane and civil minded brony in these threads.

    If we abandon this to sickfuckery then all is lost. Things CAN be the way they were, but collectively all of us in these threads need to discourage the sick shit.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:26 No.21915388
         File1292434010.png-(210 KB, 640x360, snipsandsnails.png)
    210 KB

    I hope you hosers aren't saying anything bad about the Great and Powerful Trixie.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:27 No.21915410
         File1292434078.jpg-(27 KB, 640x480, 1280210136460.jpg)
    27 KB
    >This thread
    Boy, this is becoming orthodox.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:28 No.21915426
         File1292434113.png-(70 KB, 687x1200, ponyseatemplate.png)
    70 KB
    All the trolls are just wannabe sea ponies. Seriously, in several story arcs the sea ponies just troll people.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:29 No.21915443
    Tried that at first. Now I just want to wait it out for the creeps to find something else to masturbate over.

    And meanwhile spending time on /co/ doing awesome threads instead.

    It's not like there's much we can do about it anyway.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:29 No.21915448
    Look, man. I liked Trixie. She was hands down the best part of that episode.

    But that one guy who keeps posting her over and over AND OVER is really starting to piss me off.
    >> A Fistful of Apples !94yMGn.GiE 12/15/10(Wed)12:29 No.21915451
    Why so judgemental bronies? Can't you just ignore the "sick fucks?"

    You know, like how you want the rest of /co/ to ignore us instead of getting butthurt at us liking something they don't like.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:30 No.21915463
         File1292434217.jpg-(191 KB, 300x450, 1292335952594.jpg)
    191 KB
    >> railgunner !eOuwl7rXUU 12/15/10(Wed)12:30 No.21915466
         File1292434237.jpg-(8 KB, 294x400, freud1.jpg)
    8 KB

    As an artist who indeed draws Rule 34 of this show, I personally don't just watch the show solely because I find the characters attractive, and do enjoy it by it's own merit. It's a very enjoyable, well-produced cartoon.

    But why do I draw the Rule 34? I will say it's not trolling for me personally, though I suppose it may be perceived as such. It's simply what I enjoy drawing, and the idea of Rule 34 itself is sort of a fascination of mine in a way. There's really no real special reason I do it.

    I encourage those who are going to post Rule 34 to be courteous and spoiler it, and mention that the spoilered image is 34, so that those who'd rather not see it don't have to.

    That is all.
    >> A Fistful of Apples !94yMGn.GiE 12/15/10(Wed)12:31 No.21915476
         File1292434272.png-(244 KB, 1136x1512, 1289874913357.png)
    244 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:31 No.21915489
    You should all feel ashamed for watching thi-......
    Does anyone have an episode list?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:32 No.21915490
    >confirmed for puddi leftover
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:32 No.21915493
         File1292434324.png-(218 KB, 640x360, snails2.png)
    218 KB

    I think you're just jealous of the Great and Powerful Trixie's powers, eh?
    >> A.J. 12/15/10(Wed)12:32 No.21915496
         File1292434334.png-(512 KB, 2700x2737, MLP - PinkiePie0.png)
    512 KB

    i'm so down for this right now
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:32 No.21915500
    The sick fucks are the ones that end up being pointed at by the rest of /co/ when they shit on us.

    Why are you trying to defend them so much?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:33 No.21915515


    We're here. We're bronies. Get used to it.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:33 No.21915520

    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:33 No.21915521
    I'd kill for an episode featuring The Smooze.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:34 No.21915527
    There's a wikipedia article which lists all the episodes that have aired so far, and a few ones that haven't aired yet.

    I'm pretty sure you can find such an article by searching Friendship is Magic on google, or something.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:34 No.21915529
    God dammit, you're doing it, too.

    STOP IT.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:34 No.21915537
         File1292434475.jpg-(43 KB, 470x267, best character ever.jpg)
    43 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:35 No.21915544

    He's the guy who posts as Trixie.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:35 No.21915548

    Maybe you should stop watching a show for little girls if you're going to act like such a pussy.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:36 No.21915563
         File1292434587.jpg-(278 KB, 700x700, 1290485368185.jpg)
    278 KB
    >> Steven T !!sRIWVGgNfbg 12/15/10(Wed)12:36 No.21915569
    Is this show animated in Flash? If so, that's impressive.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:37 No.21915573
         File1292434628.png-(132 KB, 796x651, 1291943238345.png)
    132 KB

    You're very civil for a sad, pathetic little brony. All we regular MLP fans ask is not fill entire threads with hundreds of posts with APPLEJACK'S VAGINA type threads, seriously. As long as we stay calm we can work something out, I mean I'm not even all that against Rule 34 art as long as its spoilered, hell most of the type I find it funny. At least we can probably all agree that RPing is the cancer killing MLP threads.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:37 No.21915575
    Requesting more Snails pics.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:37 No.21915577
         File1292434636.png-(195 KB, 900x800, DerpyToTheRescue.png)
    195 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:37 No.21915578
    Doubt we will. That thing destroyed a civilization before almost wiping out the ponies. Its like a CR 20 grey ooze.
    >> A Fistful of Apples !94yMGn.GiE 12/15/10(Wed)12:37 No.21915579
         File1292434648.png-(160 KB, 640x360, 1291662098652.png)
    160 KB

    I'll defend anybody who's just trying to have a good time on a /co/ thread. It doesn't matter if their idea of a good time is different from mine. I don't like RPing, I'm not going to get angry at somebody else for liking it.

    And the rest of /co/ shitting on us for something you personally don't do isn't important. You don't do it. Fine. Other people do. Just assume that they're not talking about you, and if they say something stupid like "all of you pony lovers are sick fucks" just be happy in your knowledge that the person who said that is a faggot who doesn't know what he's talking about.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:37 No.21915581
         File1292434649.jpg-(85 KB, 500x500, 1291899659956.jpg)
    85 KB

    I agree with railgunner here. He made the stuff and he agrees that it should be spoilered (no offense meant railgunner). Not everyone wants to see it. I understand that people will simply reply with "but it's 4chan, you should expect this kind of gross and sick shit because anon is leigun XD", but at least have some common courtesy and spoil it for those that don't wish to see it. I mean, it's not that hard, you just check a little box.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:37 No.21915585
    So wtf happened to all of AJ's money? I thought she cleaned up selling apples and apple accessories at the Grand Galloping Gala.

    But Granny still has that creaky old hip, and Big Mac threw his back out on that damn plow.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:37 No.21915587
    This statement makes no sense.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:37 No.21915588
    If I remember correctly, it's even made in an older version of Flash (Flash 8, was it?) at one of the studios.
    Really impressive work.
    >> A.J. 12/15/10(Wed)12:38 No.21915590
         File1292434683.jpg-(222 KB, 573x583, MLP - Applebloom.jpg)
    222 KB

    why is Applebloom so damned adorable?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:38 No.21915598
         File1292434719.png-(44 KB, 491x317, Orly.png)
    44 KB
    >Using my picture while talking about the history of /co/ and MLP
    >> A.J. 12/15/10(Wed)12:39 No.21915611

    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:39 No.21915612
         File1292434784.gif-(1.77 MB, 420x486, 1292362205721.gif)
    1.77 MB

    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:40 No.21915616
    All right fess up, who else read that in Pinkie Pie's voice?
    >> Applebuck !kltjFCOGEI 12/15/10(Wed)12:41 No.21915629
    Flash is, for the most part, the industry standard, and it hasn't changed all that much since before it was owned by Adobe. There is a hell of a lot you can do with Flash, but it has a bad reputation because of how easy it is to slip in to laziness by using its shortcuts. On the other hand, if used correctly, the shortcuts are a great blessing. Shows like MLP (and the show I animate on) use symbol animation, and just switch out libraries of character parts rather than redrawing every frame. When done well, it cuts production time and looks really slick.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:41 No.21915635
    I just started doing so, thanks to your post.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:41 No.21915639
         File1292434899.png-(58 KB, 566x566, fuckinpussyues.png)
    58 KB
    >read that post.
    >read your post.
    >read previous post again.
    >> Steven T !!sRIWVGgNfbg 12/15/10(Wed)12:41 No.21915641
    Why do I feel like I need to be tested for diabetes now?
    >> railgunner !eOuwl7rXUU 12/15/10(Wed)12:41 No.21915642

    My advice would be to not worry about the preconceived notions of complete strangers.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:41 No.21915646
         File1292434914.png-(140 KB, 336x287, 1291296799157.png)
    140 KB
    >complaining about sick fucks on 4chan

    Seriously guys, if you want to discuss a cartoon without rule 34 and people fapping then what the fuck are you doing on this website? This is a website where the mecha board has erotic threads about giant robots, the literature board talks sexy about James Joyce, and you expect the comic board to be any better?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:41 No.21915647
         File1292434917.jpg-(57 KB, 588x338, 1291704681162.jpg)
    57 KB

    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:41 No.21915648
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:42 No.21915650
    >Galen drew Derpy art
    I'm not sure how I should feel about this
    That was just her fantasizing about what would happen, like the rest of the cast did.
    The real Gala was set for some vague date in the future, so it's possible it hasn't occurred yet.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:44 No.21915677
    Well, sick fucks are fine and expected.
    Loud, annoying, never ending sick fucks is just torture.

    Like the jackass kid pretending to be Trixie. He even tries to do it in real life.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:45 No.21915692
    How do you know that?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:45 No.21915704
    You know what? Trolls are inevitable here. Maybe we need to lighten up.

    Trolls thrive on creating discord, and look what's happened to these threads. Everything was fine until we started worrying.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:45 No.21915706
    Well, at least its not porn. He's pretty good, you should enjoy it when its not porn. If he does draw Derpy porn, then you can be sad
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:46 No.21915711
    Screenshot of the guy bragging about it on a furry thread.
    I wish I was kidding.
    >> A.J. 12/15/10(Wed)12:46 No.21915719

    I'm not gonna lie...I'm actually pretty pumped to write some anybody have any requests that doesn't involve fap-fiction. I'm aiming for cute and "HHHNNNNNGGGG" here...
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:46 No.21915720
    In my opinion, there are no sick bastards. Just people with different taste.
    Like I could call someone disgusting for wanting to fuck ponies but wouldn't that make myself look like an immature "STOP LIKING WHAT I DONT LIKE" poster?

    Keep your fetishes to your self. If you want to post them and I don't like it, i'll just smile and ignore them. But you shouldn't be offended by that either.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:47 No.21915731
    ...Well NOW I did.

    >cofist drinking,
    Knock yourself out, captcha, I'm good.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:47 No.21915732
         File1292435255.jpg-(12 KB, 640x360, 1291400615546.jpg)
    12 KB

    God damn you guys are stupid. You obviously don't see that your ideas of "fun" end up ruining it for everyone else.

    When a thread devolves into porn and roleplaying it gets to the point where I have to leave because no actual discussion is happening.

    It attracts sagers and spammers, it stifles discussion, it breaks the god damn rules of the board and it's not ok. You guys are just like the fuckers who dump traps in /v/ for WHATEVER GOD DAMN REASON.

    If you want to have your fun you can do it somewhere else, I'm sure there are plenty of websites that will indulge your fetishes so don't ruin it for /co/.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:47 No.21915733
    >Worried =/= pissed off
    >Worried =/= annoyed
    >Worried =/= having the fun of the show slowly destroyed
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:48 No.21915740
         File1292435281.jpg-(16 KB, 338x259, 1292301698351.jpg)
    16 KB
    It's interesting to note how this thread started off as a gif thread and then deteriorated into a debate thread of sorts.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:48 No.21915741
         File1292435287.jpg-(70 KB, 750x563, jimmies.jpg)
    70 KB
    >this thread
    >> railgunner !eOuwl7rXUU 12/15/10(Wed)12:48 No.21915747



    I'll second this.
    >> Lord Of Nothing 12/15/10(Wed)12:48 No.21915756
         File1292435337.png-(1.01 MB, 1035x1269, 1292402293664.png)
    1.01 MB
    a drawing I made for ya'll yesterday
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:49 No.21915757
    It's because it became a pony general, halfways through it.
    >> A Fistful of Apples !94yMGn.GiE 12/15/10(Wed)12:50 No.21915773

    Can incestuous relationships be cute and HNNNNG for you?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:50 No.21915774
    Hey, that's pretty cute. Keep on practicing.
    >> A.J. 12/15/10(Wed)12:50 No.21915775

    i always did like the work of our drawfriends
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:50 No.21915779
         File1292435420.png-(39 KB, 1643x188, kudos to the brony who capd th(...).png)
    39 KB
    Because he IS Trixie.

    Also, be wary, Zone claimed he was gonna use MLP for his next 'parody', I can't wait to see how /co/'ll respond to that when he starts making progress...
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:50 No.21915782
    I just watched a marathon of Vietnam war movies (Apocalypse Now, Platoon, The Deer Hunter, Forrest Gump, and Full Metal Jacket) and then I watched a MLP marathon....

    now I can't stop dreaming about ponies fighting an adorable version of the Vietnam War. With ponies carrying cute little M14s and M16s deploying from a pink magic helicopter into the Everfree Forest
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:50 No.21915785
    To be perfectly honest with you, there wasn't much of a discussion going on, until half an hour ago, when we started discussing pony fetishists.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:51 No.21915798
    no, that just means you might be eaten by sea ponies.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:51 No.21915800

    did we ever confirm that was the REAL zone or not, just because there was a trip doesn't mean anybody could just call themselves Zone.
    >> A.J. 12/15/10(Wed)12:51 No.21915806
    >>21915773 what is it you want?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:52 No.21915808
    Oh, it's the real zone alright.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:52 No.21915810
         File1292435528.jpg-(255 KB, 957x948, 1292283825547.jpg)
    255 KB

    something involving Applebloom being sad about not having a cutie mark and Fluttershy tries to comfort her.

    if written correctly, you will give everybody a severe case of diabeetus
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:52 No.21915815
         File1292435543.png-(412 KB, 1920x1080, 1291986587097.png)
    412 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:52 No.21915817

    Well yeah it's been almost a week since the last episode aired

    it'll pick up again in two days
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:53 No.21915824
    I'll just say yer stuff is quite good. Um..ever continued working on that Apple and Dash pic?

    Back to ponys. What was the synopsis for this Fridays episode?
    >> A Fistful of Apples !94yMGn.GiE 12/15/10(Wed)12:53 No.21915831

    I'm always looking for more Applejack/Big Mac fluff that I don't have to write myself.
    >> railgunner !eOuwl7rXUU 12/15/10(Wed)12:53 No.21915832
         File1292435614.jpg-(326 KB, 1044x1441, Sigmund_Freud-loc.jpg)
    326 KB

    I think everything in these threads should be in moderation. Any thread that turns completely into porn and RP is probably not going to encourage much discussion, but in moderation I see little wrong with it.

    Besides, it's going to happen anyway, so you may as well try to make the best of it.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:53 No.21915834
    You can always bring some discussion about, you know. Not everyone has to talk about the same stuff.

    Sages and spammers do it for shits and giggles, makes no difference. Also there are way better places for a nice, 34-free discussion. "Hive of scum and villainy" is practically 4chan's model, haven't you heard?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:53 No.21915839
    I still have winter wrap up stuck in my head.
    I think I played it about four times when I was testing out streaming yesterday.
    >> Steven T !!sRIWVGgNfbg 12/15/10(Wed)12:54 No.21915849
    The porn parody should be Rainbow Dash eating Applejack's candy vag.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:54 No.21915851
    The question I would ask is what can we really DO about the sick stuff, besides discouraging it in our posts?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:55 No.21915861
         File1292435739.jpg-(14 KB, 356x425, 1291308163396.jpg)
    14 KB

    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:55 No.21915862
    Discuss ponies.

    It drowns the RP'ing.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:56 No.21915866
    thanks brony its my 1st time using a tablet actually just got one
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:56 No.21915868
         File1292435763.jpg-(643 KB, 1222x2340, 1283730714945.jpg)
    643 KB
    You know what would be cool?

    And image which talks about My Little Pony the same way this image talks about Recettear.
    >> A.J. 12/15/10(Wed)12:56 No.21915871


    hate to disappoint


    I'll give it a shot. Hell, I did the Luna's Observatory thing. shouldn't be too hard.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:56 No.21915873


    but seriously, is it really hard to check that one little box?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:56 No.21915885
    Three months of winter coolness. Awesome holidays.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:58 No.21915905

    And YOU fuckers are even worse. That attitude you assholes have where you just decide it's just ok because it's on 4chan. We are not furaffinity, read the god damn rules.

    There's a nice bit in there about what shouldn't be posted outside of /b/ that includes "furry". And hey, the god damn global rules say porn is not allowed here.

    I know our mods aren't very active but god damn you guys, by just accepting it you are becoming more and more part of the problem. Break out the reports, sage if you have to, don't contribute to it, that's all you gotta do.

    I would be more fine with it if you kept to that moderation thing you keep talking about. As it is right now a few 34 images can fully derail a thread into ponyfucking.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:58 No.21915906

    We've kept our hoovsies warm at home; time off from work to plaaay.
    >> A.J. 12/15/10(Wed)12:58 No.21915908
    alright, I gotta question for you guys...

    ...define roleplaying?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:58 No.21915912
         File1292435910.png-(73 KB, 264x316, 1288908303774.png)
    73 KB
    damn it.
    >> railgunner !eOuwl7rXUU 12/15/10(Wed)12:58 No.21915919

    Probably nothing in all honesty. Let's be realistic here.


    I will get around to it.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)12:58 No.21915920
         File1292435936.gif-(182 KB, 353x233, 1288309147072.gif)
    182 KB

    We kept our hoofsies warm at home, time off to work and play.
    >> A Fistful of Apples !94yMGn.GiE 12/15/10(Wed)13:00 No.21915935

    Aww mans. Can we not write Apple Bloom though, if only because we just had Apple Bloom fiction? Give somepony else a chance.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:01 No.21915945
    Granted, if your going to start enforcing rules on pony threads, your going to have to do it all across /co/. No animu discussion, no She-Hulk porn threads, no fetish threads.

    Godd luck bro
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:01 No.21915949
    my little pony call of cthulu d20. wait, that happened in gen 1. crazy tentacle monsters.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:01 No.21915950
         File1292436081.jpg-(161 KB, 815x673, 1292291499992.jpg)
    161 KB

    but the food we've stored is runnin' out, and we can't grow in this cold

    you read this in baby applejack's voice
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:01 No.21915956
         File1292436107.gif-(1.08 MB, 640x360, lasso.gif)
    1.08 MB
    But the food we've stored is running out and we can't grow in this cold.

    (Is this roleplaying? Also you guise missed this gif.)
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:02 No.21915965
    Not disagreeing with that at all. I posted pretty tame stuff late night yesterday, on an autosaged thread, spoilered it, didn't make a big deal of it, and got some shit for it anyway. Anyway, the thread still went on for some hundred posts and ended up having some good discussion, writefaggotry and drawfaggotry later.

    I'm just saying you don't have to let it get to you.
    >> A.J. 12/15/10(Wed)13:02 No.21915972

    >mfw you said somepony

    I've got a FluttershyxBigMac one that got a few D'AWWW's and "HHHHNNNGGGSSS" if that counts for something
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:02 No.21915973
         File1292436161.jpg-(143 KB, 800x600, Dontfuckaroundwiththeniceones.jpg)
    143 KB

    Something Big Mac x Twilight that falls under the same continuity as your Fluttershy fic.

    Because it'd make an interesting love triangle.

    >> railgunner !eOuwl7rXUU 12/15/10(Wed)13:03 No.21915979
         File1292436187.jpg-(24 KB, 640x485, frued.jpg)
    24 KB

    Sometimes that's just the way it is, my friend. You may as well try to make the best of it. Your resistance, in the end, is probably futile.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:03 No.21915981
    Where is Python Tail. How is your VN going?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:03 No.21915982
         File1292436194.png-(589 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-12-13-20h07m01s94.png)
    589 KB
    >No animu discussion, no She-Hulk porn threads, no fetish threads
    >> TFJ 12/15/10(Wed)13:03 No.21915986
         File1292436215.jpg-(30 KB, 396x432, ponywiseau.jpg)
    30 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:03 No.21915988


    also no, it's not roleplaying. At least I don't think it is. We're just posting the song lyrics to Winter Wrap Up.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:04 No.21915993

    Bro, If I could do it alone, I would jump right on it. I used to purge the fuck out of /v/ threads that had porn and furfaggotry in them.

    All I'm asking is that a few of you guys just report some threads, or don't contribute to them if they don't belong here. I know it's a cesspool and probably a lost cause but it wouldn't hurt y'know?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:05 No.21916000
    No Sexy tiem threads either.

    Good luck enforcing all that on /co/. I hope this doesn't devolve into a "/co/ should have a porn board" discussion.
    >> A Fistful of Apples !94yMGn.GiE 12/15/10(Wed)13:05 No.21916013
         File1292436356.jpg-(339 KB, 720x945, 1292103072595.jpg)
    339 KB

    I know, I was there for it. It was pretty HNNNNNG.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:06 No.21916022
    You know what I've had a pony version of the Room stuck in my head for the past 3 days.

    I think it's hilarious how his cutie is his face. Yeah that's about all Wiseau has accomplished... promoting himself. Poorly.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:06 No.21916024
    oh god how I lol'd at that lame pun in the filename
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:06 No.21916030
    I guess I've seen it on /pony/.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:07 No.21916042

    that's just a shitty attitude.


    man 4chan has like, a dozen fucking porn boards that are inactive as hell. It's pretty annoying how people don't post in them because they're slow which only perpetuates the problem.

    And the fact that western porn is shit on everywhere is pretty fucking stupid
    >> A Fistful of Apples !94yMGn.GiE 12/15/10(Wed)13:08 No.21916057
         File1292436512.png-(56 KB, 400x360, 1291505156318.png)
    56 KB
    >> A.J. 12/15/10(Wed)13:08 No.21916058

    I was actually just thinking about writing something with twilight. It'll be interesting to see how she interacts with Big Mac.

    don't fight it. you're better off just not caring and going with the flow. especially when it's as fun as a Pinkie Pie party
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:09 No.21916065
    This Christmas eve I'm hoping for a pony marathon, but I have all the episodes recorded just in case we don't get our pony marathon. I'm making cookies, punch, and all kinds of good food. My friends are coming over and we're all going to watch MLP and exchange gifts and have a great MLP Christmas party. Does anyone else have any plans for a pony Christmas?
    >> TFJ 12/15/10(Wed)13:09 No.21916069
         File1292436553.jpg-(32 KB, 432x576, ponydangerfield.jpg)
    32 KB
    Trying to recreate Rodney Dangerfield's odd eyes in pony form? Surprisingly difficult.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:09 No.21916075

    Bro I wasn't even talking to you
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:09 No.21916076
    Did anyone else lol a little bit during Griffon Brush Off when Pinkie Pie put her goofy stuff back on by flopping her head onto it?

    It wasn't just me, right? The way the ponies do things without hands is inherently funny much of the time.
    >> A Fistful of Apples !94yMGn.GiE 12/15/10(Wed)13:09 No.21916082
         File1292436593.png-(200 KB, 537x360, 1291522284467.png)
    200 KB

    I second (third?) Twilight!
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:10 No.21916089
         File1292436614.jpg-(57 KB, 720x540, 1287879653039.jpg)
    57 KB
    >> railgunner !eOuwl7rXUU 12/15/10(Wed)13:10 No.21916094

    Indeed. Not all our art and writing will be accepted on here, but if you feel compelled to share them, spoiler them courteously.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:10 No.21916095
    I don't think so, no.

    I'm going to have a lame Christmas, by the looks of it.
    >> A Fistful of Apples !94yMGn.GiE 12/15/10(Wed)13:10 No.21916099

    Doesn't stop me from disagreeing with you completely and wanting to voice my disagreement in some way.
    >> Tanman 12/15/10(Wed)13:10 No.21916101
         File1292436655.jpg-(58 KB, 993x681, bigbossroughedit.jpg)
    58 KB

    that's fucking terrifying bro... but I like it. Maybe just have him have normal pony eyes but just a tad bit smaller?

    how do you like my Big Boss Pony?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:10 No.21916102
         File1292436657.jpg-(45 KB, 1366x768, firstgen1villian2.jpg)
    45 KB
    twilight sparkle is pony jesus so she should fight this satan guy from Gen 1.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:11 No.21916104
    ...Pinkie? Is that you?

    No, but really, sounds fun. May you bronies behave.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:11 No.21916113
    Nah, that kind of stuff cracks me up the most about this show.

    Nah, they don't even have a holiday episode yet. We're all over the 90's cartoons here this year.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:12 No.21916124
         File1292436730.png-(55 KB, 231x192, 1291392808760.png)
    55 KB

    What the hell were you disagreeing with? You think western porn shouldn't be allowed on the porn boards?
    >> A.J. 12/15/10(Wed)13:12 No.21916125

    alright there's gotta be something you'll be willing to settle for that doesn't involve rule 34 or incest
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:12 No.21916126
         File1292436762.png-(140 KB, 321x392, 1289175333493.png)
    140 KB
    Did I just start two sentences with "nah?"
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:14 No.21916144
         File1292436840.jpg-(54 KB, 1366x768, firstgen1villian1.jpg)
    54 KB
    pony jesus versus centaur satan?
    >> === !ii3OFO1ayM 12/15/10(Wed)13:14 No.21916147
         File1292436846.png-(287 KB, 571x562, ajandabdesu.png)
    287 KB
    i actually drew you something the other day. D:
    here it is.
    >> A Fistful of Apples !94yMGn.GiE 12/15/10(Wed)13:14 No.21916148

    I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that. I was just saying I saw it, and I liked it. I did just say I'd like something with Twilight. Besides, I never asked you for 34.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:14 No.21916161
    Requesting more zoomed-in reaction images, if anyone has them lying around.
    Like the ones of Spike that have already been posted.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:15 No.21916170
         File1292436930.gif-(638 KB, 250x240, 1292053732448.gif)
    638 KB
    And I really love these boots, but this fashion's getting ooooold...

    (Missed this one too)
    >> railgunner !eOuwl7rXUU 12/15/10(Wed)13:15 No.21916173
         File1292436936.jpg-(29 KB, 500x674, Freud6.jpg)
    29 KB

    I'm not trying to be mean-spirited. I'm simply trying to keep a realistic perspective on the matter. The truth is the people you are trying stop are probably not going to stop. If you could stop them, I would be very, very impressed. All I'm saying is maybe it's best not to waste your time fighting a losing battle, and maybe do something productive or enjoyable.
    >> A Fistful of Apples !94yMGn.GiE 12/15/10(Wed)13:15 No.21916177

    Perhaps I'm mistaken and took you for somebody else. It's hard to keep track of who's who when both sides are anonymous.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:15 No.21916179
    Maybe we can set up a Christmas day pony marathon online? Or a MLP Christmas party thread?

    Ironically I'm more like Rainbow Dash, but I'm trying to throw my first Christmas party ever so I might end up acting like Twilight did with her sleepover. I just hope all my friends have a good time.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:16 No.21916183
    Nah, they even made a gif out of it. It's part of why everyone loves Pinkie now.

    On animation they usually put his eyes on different sizes, pointing at different directions. Worked for Genie impersonating him and for Rover Dangerfield. Also I'd give him a bit more belly.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:16 No.21916188

    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:16 No.21916191
         File1292437014.png-(223 KB, 513x708, ponythehorror.png)
    223 KB
    >> A.J. 12/15/10(Wed)13:17 No.21916194

    sorry for the misunderstanding


    that sounds incredibly ridiculous and hilarious...but no
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:17 No.21916198

    A realistic perspective on the matter? Wut?

    You're speaking smug, son.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:17 No.21916201
    Well I _was_ planning to buy myself a pony for a Christmas present. I went to the supermarket just today, but I couldn't find any G4 toylines. Just G3 Rainbow Dash, and I didn't want that.
    The cartoon hasn't reached my country yet so I suppose I'm gonna have to wait a while until the toys come, too.

    Instead, I bought myself a Blue Beetle and now I've been staring at him with a dopey smile all the time. I didn't know they sold Brave and the Bold toys around here, and I was so excited to accidentally find this figurine.

    I think I'm a /co/ version of idort; I like ponies but I like superheroes too. I don't want to choose between comics and cartoons, both are really awesome.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:17 No.21916208
    That wouldn't be difficult. I might be able to do one a few days before Christmas as long as I can throw in some other cartoons, too. I've been dying to dig out my Freakazoid! DVDs again.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:17 No.21916209

    I'm not trying to change /co/ overnight. I just want you to realize that contributing to the problem because "they won't stop anyway" is stupid and it's the reason /v/ is such a shithole lately
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:18 No.21916225
    Can you quit posting those pictures with your posts? It's making me think you're a namefag and it's getting annoying quickly.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:19 No.21916227
    I take it you aren't a fan of Gen 1 then. They beat him in gen 1. Thats a gen 1 image.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:19 No.21916232
    Of course they all know what to expect, right?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:19 No.21916237
    Theres plenty of /co/ idorts. I'm one. I've got ponies and capes on my walls. Though I dont think Rainbow Dash was g3. Lauren made her up for G4 because they couldnt use Firefly I believe
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:20 No.21916240
    A brony Christmas party?! Oh my that would be so much fun.
    >> A.J. 12/15/10(Wed)13:21 No.21916252

    I'm only 21...Gen 1 is possibly beyond my time and I lived in europe for my first two years of childhood so...yeah
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:21 No.21916253

    Nobody I speak to face to face even knows I watch the show.

    Well. Except for my miniature horse. But he can't talk to it don't count.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:21 No.21916256
    New character, old name.
    >> railgunner !eOuwl7rXUU 12/15/10(Wed)13:22 No.21916271
         File1292437370.jpg-(45 KB, 575x500, freud.jpg)
    45 KB

    If you guys want to try to change things, all the luck to you. I was simply giving you my thoughts regarding your efforts, but if you want to continue trying, maybe you will prove me wrong.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:22 No.21916272
    Well, there sure as hell better not be any photo sharing in a stream anyway.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:22 No.21916273
    There was a Rainbow Dash in G3. She was more like a 40 year old cougar though (or thats what her voice actress sounded like at least)
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:23 No.21916274
    I suggest reading hte series recap for gen 1 here. its actually amazing they got to do something this grimdark for a girls show.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:23 No.21916278
         File1292437422.jpg-(589 KB, 1600x1320, MLP Design.jpg)
    589 KB
    >> A Fistful of Apples !94yMGn.GiE 12/15/10(Wed)13:23 No.21916282

    A fan of miniature equine aficionado? Do you go home every night to whisper things to your horses, and see what they think?

    Man I hope somebody gets the reference.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:24 No.21916286
         File1292437451.png-(202 KB, 640x360, 1291991381711.png)
    202 KB

    Say, you wouldn't happen to be a girl would you?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:24 No.21916291
    Would you please stop cluttering up our image limit with your off topic images.

    Also, link to your DA? I'm curious to see your art now.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:24 No.21916297
    It's really difficult to take someone seriously when they're posting matching images like that. It's like a double "LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME" on top of using a name/trip. Doesn't even matter what the pictures are of.
    I don't even care what the posts say anymore, good or bad, when it's clear the poster is an asshole.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:24 No.21916301
    From what people say, looked like a Rarity wih RD's color scheme. Also earth pony, if I recall.
    >> railgunner !eOuwl7rXUU 12/15/10(Wed)13:24 No.21916305
         File1292437497.jpg-(3 KB, 126x112, 0045-1271664525598.jpg)
    3 KB

    Fair enough.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:25 No.21916310
    I love it!
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:25 No.21916317
    Well I tell him things I don't tell people in general. Not offline anyway... like watching MLP.

    Because you know he can't talk.

    I HOPE he can't talk.
    >> A.J. 12/15/10(Wed)13:25 No.21916318

    bookmarked for later reading. from what I've seen of the old show it looks pretty cool.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:26 No.21916324
         File1292437579.jpg-(19 KB, 400x267, carlos.jpg)
    19 KB

    >define role-playing

    It's when you post a pic of a cartoon character and then post a comment as if it was them saying it. Some people get really mad over it, but really it's just horsing around
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:28 No.21916346
    yeah. it was wildly popular and when the executives saw it they were like WTF is this. and then we got gen 2 which tanked. gen 4 seems to be a midway between gen 1 and gens 2-3
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:29 No.21916356
    For some reason, I thought you were gonna ask if he/she stroke it's hair while it sleeps, whispering stuff in chinese.
    >> A.J. 12/15/10(Wed)13:29 No.21916364

    oh...I don't do that...

    hooray for being just a writefag who does fanfic for the enjoyment of his bronies...also

    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:30 No.21916367

    For some reason it sickens me to think of people fapping to mlp. Seriously.

    >Zone doing anything and not being a lazy piece of shit as usual.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:30 No.21916372
    Man, I hate pople who do that.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:31 No.21916380

    Heck, its half of what makes 4chan funny.

    Which is the key thing, roleplaying is already as long as its going to be funny.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:31 No.21916385
    Btw, is it only me who finds it strange that we haven't seen Luna since episode 2?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:32 No.21916391

    I joined em a few weeks ago

    They're not so bad once you get the language down
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:32 No.21916398
    ...Maybe you shold have a less active imagination... it would sicken me if I imagined people fapping.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:34 No.21916413
         File1292438049.jpg-(39 KB, 447x335, oh_you.jpg)
    39 KB
    Are some of you people actually trolling this troll thread with pony roleplay?

    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:34 No.21916416
    Escape from Midnight Castle was awesome.
    Escape from Katrina wasn't half bad.
    The regular series however...
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:35 No.21916441
    you know what i'm surprised we haven't got yet?

    a MLP lost episode creepypasta.
    i thought that you guys would have immediately done that, but i haven't seen one MLP creepypasta.

    just don't let /x/ do it, they'll be lazy about it. instead let them review it, they're far better at that then writing it.
    >> KinkyMare !!Lt2QVxFBHMB 12/15/10(Wed)13:35 No.21916445
         File1292438157.jpg-(216 KB, 516x800, lunasad.jpg)
    216 KB

    She'll return in the last episode to save the ponies by defeating Nightmare Moon, who has managed to take form on her own.

    At least that's my theory ;_:
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:36 No.21916446
    Well, she lives in Canterlot, not Ponyville, so it makes sense we wouldn't see her much.

    Every time someone asks Lauren if she's going to make a comeback sometime this season, she replies with "I can't answer that." I take that as a yes.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:36 No.21916449

    Yes. We are.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:36 No.21916458
         File1292438210.jpg-(176 KB, 1395x565, mountain-out-of-a-molehill1.jpg)
    176 KB
    >This entire thread.
    Cant wait for next episode.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:37 No.21916473
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha. XD

    ... But why?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:39 No.21916507
         File1292438399.png-(156 KB, 454x341, contempt.png)
    156 KB

    Moles are disgusting little shits, goddamn.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:41 No.21916542
    It's still 9 episodes in. Maybe for the former generations.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:42 No.21916545
    really depends what arc you're talking about. some arcs were better than others. "The Return of Tambelon", "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and "Crunch the Rockdog" were my favorites. Though, as dumb as its name sounds "The Quest of the Princess Ponies" had a good villain.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:43 No.21916555
         File1292438586.jpg-(13 KB, 298x341, 1280611245927.jpg)
    13 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:43 No.21916570
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:44 No.21916583
    you mean this guy?
    >> Anonycat 12/15/10(Wed)13:45 No.21916601
         File1292438725.jpg-(31 KB, 235x245, bm.jpg)
    31 KB

    Moles and you are similar, missie. They are tunnerl diggers and you are a gold digger.

    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:46 No.21916616
    I guess some people can rest easy. Zone was joking.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:46 No.21916618
         File1292438800.png-(25 KB, 438x877, 12b53340112485.png)
    25 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:47 No.21916640
    Did you know that nearly every single photo of a mole outside is of a posed dead one?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:49 No.21916661
         File1292438943.jpg-(153 KB, 960x720, 1279011345738.jpg)
    153 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:49 No.21916663

    I can't decide if I'm happy or sad about this.
    >> A Fistful of Apples !94yMGn.GiE 12/15/10(Wed)13:50 No.21916693

    So much unhappy.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:50 No.21916697

    I debunk your claim with video evidence.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:55 No.21916759
         File1292439342.jpg-(19 KB, 200x193, Ohmerde.jpg)
    19 KB


    You just...NO.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)13:58 No.21916814
    So what was "Baby, It's Cold Outside" about, I don't remember that arc.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:01 No.21916855
         File1292439712.png-(127 KB, 636x643, mochasparklepony.png)
    127 KB
    Haha, I drew my first pony in g4 style! This was mostly a joke pony from a name-generator but it got me all excited to draw more ponies! What pony to draw next...
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:04 No.21916895
    this guy goes over it better than I can to sum it up "nazi penguins"
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:05 No.21916907
    I like this. Barista pony.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:05 No.21916918
    The Penguin King decides that anyone who can't handle the cold is unworthy of living, so he freezes Ponyland.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:09 No.21916956
         File1292440140.png-(3 KB, 279x237, 1291508708032.png)
    3 KB

    >Delicious brown filly
    >Long hair
    >Mocha coffee Cutie Mark

    Yes, more of that! I'm your biggest fan already. Best be drawing her again!
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:09 No.21916970
    I see her in a jazz band, playing a saxophone. Yes, with her hooves.

    My point is that I like this fan art quite a bit.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:10 No.21916980
    I wish for this pony to be canon now, best fan pony I've seen.
    Although I'm also an admitted coffee addict who's been drinking the stuff since I was 6, so I may be biased.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:14 No.21917037
    I wish this guy had wrote the actual episodes, that was pretty damn funny.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:15 No.21917056

    I think you guys can stop.

    I think it's dead now. >.<

    ... No sense beating a dead horse.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:15 No.21917061
    File deleted.

    I am pleased by this.
    >> KinkyMare !!Lt2QVxFBHMB 12/15/10(Wed)14:16 No.21917082

    >Coffee Pony

    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:17 No.21917107
    File deleted.
    Oh lordy, them bedroom eyes.
    >> MochaSparkle 12/15/10(Wed)14:21 No.21917166
    I will try! I just have to find some decent references first.

    Thank you! I didn't think random pony design would be a hit but I'll have to draw her again now!

    Saxophone huh? Duly noted!

    I'm glad to see good feed back on her, thank you!
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:25 No.21917243
    Why is this thread so quiet all of a sudden?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:25 No.21917245
         File1292441144.jpg-(27 KB, 323x400, hors.jpg)
    27 KB

    here is your reference material, now get to work!
    >> MochaSparkle 12/15/10(Wed)14:29 No.21917316
    I am surprised you actually found an drawing of a horse playing a saxophone. Hot damn this has to happen now.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:30 No.21917326
    Can't wait to see what you make.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:35 No.21917437
    I think none of us saw it coming.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:39 No.21917522
    Autosage. People leave to go do other things, and the people who arrive can't find the thread in the board detritus. Sad but unavoidable.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:40 No.21917547
         File1292442054.png-(70 KB, 432x297, derpyno.png)
    70 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:42 No.21917577
         File1292442131.jpg-(166 KB, 972x1135, mlp_brightnose.jpg)
    166 KB
    Merry Xmas, everypony!
    >> MochaSparkle 12/15/10(Wed)14:43 No.21917600
    Oh, I do request some help for references. I was using the other mlp general thread of screen caps to base my own drawings off of. So if any of you have caps of ponies with their eyes closed would be awesome help.

    In fact, please post some of your favorite caps! It helps me a lot to see them for when I'm trying to recreate the style.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:43 No.21917601
         File1292442210.jpg-(310 KB, 720x945, Fluttermac 2.jpg)
    310 KB
    You've failed to post the sequel pics!
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:44 No.21917634
         File1292442278.jpg-(239 KB, 720x945, Fluttermac 3.jpg)
    239 KB
    >> KinkyMare !!Lt2QVxFBHMB 12/15/10(Wed)14:46 No.21917676
    Want to find the current pony general without searching all over /co/?
    >> MochaSparkle 12/15/10(Wed)14:47 No.21917695
    Very much appreciated!
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:50 No.21917766
    Big Macintosh is a bamf?doct
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:51 No.21917789
         File1292442697.png-(390 KB, 1920x1080, powerpuff2.png)
    390 KB

    Thanks bro, ive been looking for something like this!
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:52 No.21917803
    GUYS. Introducing a suitemate to the show on the last day of finals, what episode should I do?

    I would do Bridle Gossip but he's black and I'm not sure how he'd take that episode. He IS an animation buff though.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:52 No.21917815
    Start with the Applebuck episode or Ticket Master
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:53 No.21917819
    Applebuck season, maybe?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:53 No.21917823
         File1292442790.png-(247 KB, 640x360, 1287991950702.png)
    247 KB
    This one I like. For some reason, from an upper angle, they remind me of PPg style and I don't like it much.

    lol wat
    >> Archive !noTe.poNY. 12/15/10(Wed)14:56 No.21917882
    I still can't figure how people discovered that was also on that domain - as far as I remember I've never linked to it here.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:57 No.21917921
         File1292443076.png-(104 KB, 480x268, vlcsnap-2010-11-18-20h56m51s20(...).png)
    104 KB
    This is my favorite screencap of all time. Too bad she doesn't have her eyes closed.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)14:59 No.21917962
         File1292443183.jpg-(8 KB, 338x259, burthutt.jpg)
    8 KB
    This is my favorite image, i hope we see more medic pony in the future.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)15:01 No.21918013
         File1292443301.jpg-(38 KB, 640x480, 1290222267746.jpg)
    38 KB
    Different expression with closed eyes...
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)15:02 No.21918037
         File1292443373.png-(60 KB, 500x500, 1292124244564e.png)
    60 KB
    Every day I become more tempted to just troll with ponies. But then I see this, and I just smile
    >> Persistent Streamer 12/15/10(Wed)15:05 No.21918069
         File1292443500.png-(117 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-09-08h30m22s18(...).png)
    117 KB
    posting closed eye pics, ill try to get a different expression each time
    >> MochaSparkle 12/15/10(Wed)15:05 No.21918085
    Thanks! Seeing all the different poses and expressions helps me figure out how to make Mocha more lively and fit in.
    >> Persistent Streamer 12/15/10(Wed)15:06 No.21918100
         File1292443598.png-(181 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-11-17-23h30m47s11(...).png)
    181 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)15:07 No.21918113
         File1292443632.jpg-(740 KB, 1680x2434, 1287672370632.jpg)
    740 KB
    Don't remember what was the circumstance for this image, but has two different versions of eyes closed and a lot of other expressions.
    >> Persistent Streamer 12/15/10(Wed)15:07 No.21918114
         File1292443638.png-(230 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-11-17-23h25m53s25(...).png)
    230 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)15:07 No.21918120
         File1292443653.jpg-(40 KB, 415x340, 12460349582386.jpg)
    40 KB
    >Medic pony
    Siggghhh...dumm wie Bohnenstroh sein.
    >> Persistent Streamer 12/15/10(Wed)15:13 No.21918203
    Image limit. There are closed eyes for every pony. If you request more next pony general im sure you will get plenty.
    >> MochaSparkle 12/15/10(Wed)15:15 No.21918245
    Thanks! I got all the references I needed!
    Now just working on the line art. I'm mostly worried about simplifying the sax, I've never drawn a musical instrument before. But I'm liking how it's coming out, so thank you for your help!
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)15:19 No.21918317
    Anyway, in case it gets done, we can always delete some of the posts with reference images.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)15:30 No.21918523
    Due to imagelimit a new thread seems to have been created >>21918304
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)15:30 No.21918533
    Okay, seriously - are one of you guys really starting these threads with the greentext "I want to buy the pony" OPs, or is that a troll?

    Because seriously...
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)15:31 No.21918567
    I don't know. I really don't know.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)15:34 No.21918635
    If you don't want a pony thread with such an embrassing story as first post, you should make a non-trolling one.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)15:35 No.21918658

    I deleted an image.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)15:35 No.21918660
    Wasn't me. But it's better than coopting an "MLP Sucks" thread and people were already discussing stuff in it.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)15:47 No.21918889
    I saw last night people were posting Cocktails based on the ponies. Anybody have a list of that or something?
    >> MochaSparkle 12/15/10(Wed)15:49 No.21918927
         File1292446148.png-(175 KB, 651x800, mochasparkleponysax2.png)
    175 KB
    Annnd finished! Phew, glad I got this done before my wrist gave out.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)15:50 No.21918956
    That is awesome!
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)15:51 No.21918973
    Holy mocha, that shit is good.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)15:51 No.21918981
    That is spectacular.
    You are my new favorite pony artist.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)15:52 No.21919002


    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)15:54 No.21919025
    Here's the Twilight Sparkle

    1 shot Vodak
    1 Cup Sprite
    1 Oz. Hibiscus Syrup
    1 Edible Hibiscus Flower

    Poor the shot of vodak in to the glass. Add the flower, then the syrup. Top with Sprite and serve.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)15:54 No.21919036
    Wow, pretty good. Nice shading.
    >> MochaSparkle 12/15/10(Wed)16:00 No.21919138
    Wow, thanks bronies! I really appreciate the feed back! I'm making myself a wall paper with Mocha and her Sax, should I share it here too?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)16:01 No.21919175
    I think you have room for one more image, but you can also post it in the other thread. It's your call, really.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)16:01 No.21919180
    of course! wallpapers are loved.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)16:05 No.21919273

    Please post it on

    I can't browse MLP forever!
    Amazing work, truly!
    >> MochaSparkle 12/15/10(Wed)16:08 No.21919335
    Nope, no more room. Where is the other current thread?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)16:10 No.21919378


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