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  • File : 1292190775.png-(23 KB, 219x218, mlpgeneral.png)
    23 KB Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)16:52 No.21846347  

    Last thread is autosaging. New MLP General
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:00 No.21846499
    stop this shit there's like 50
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:02 No.21846566
    Sigh. Let's just use this one. At least it has the "MLP General" image at the top, and actually links to the previous thread. The others seem to be just randomly slapped together to make everyone look bad.

    So... yeah. Let's make this the official thread until it autosages.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:03 No.21846589
    last one im posting for now, if someone wants to continue go ahead, if not il start again tommorow

    "damnitall" big mac mumbled to himself as his erection grew...a more educated mind would know this was simply due to pheromones...but big mac is not educated.

    in her single-minded state, it did not take long for her to notice the black...thing poking out of the bale of hay, and big mac yelped in suprise when he felt something warm and wet on his tip.
    "mmm..."applejack enjoyed the taste, and big mac did not want to move or startle of his favorite body parts dangerously close to rows of teeth.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:04 No.21846612
    Fuck this and fuck this thread.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:05 No.21846623
    stop bumping.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:08 No.21846669
    I just watched the second ep and I love that it has what the show's always had FUCKING KILLER RAINBOW MAGIC
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:08 No.21846671
    Okay... so the others all got deleted, right? This is the REAL one, right?
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:09 No.21846690
    think its the last one so it better be, or there will be a thread explosion when it goes down
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:10 No.21846705
         File1292191801.jpg-(39 KB, 600x450, MLPhahahaha.jpg)
    39 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:10 No.21846706
    Yes this is the official thread now
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:10 No.21846709
    Because I seem to have the talent to pick the threads that are deleted 30 seconds later, I may as well check in what I HOPE is the new general.

    I wrote the other MLP RPG (the non-microlite one), and I'm thinking of testing the system over IRC sometime later this week (Thursday or Friday night, most likely). Are there people who would be interested?

    Rules are located here.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:10 No.21846716
    There seems to be a butthurt janitor on the loose.
    >> Applebuck !kltjFCOGEI 12/12/10(Sun)17:10 No.21846718
    Okay, this better be the final pony thread, cause I'm parkin' my butt here.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:10 No.21846721

    or another one I should say. janitor must be new or something as hes defeating himself
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:10 No.21846728
    so how bout them wonderbolts
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:10 No.21846731
         File1292191859.png-(111 KB, 470x266, 1292039391274.png)
    111 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:11 No.21846737
         File1292191867.png-(79 KB, 328x244, 1291833002436.png)
    79 KB
    im so confused right now i don't want to bump a thread that's just gana 404 but i cant make sense of this shit anymore so i guess ill just post here because of the general pic
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:11 No.21846743
    provided I can get IRC to work I'd love to join in!
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:11 No.21846748
         File1292191896.jpg-(142 KB, 735x634, dashrobot.jpg)
    142 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:11 No.21846760
    Does anyone know if Rarity's theme song was ever decided on last i checked it was Killer Queen
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:12 No.21846769
         File1292191940.png-(75 KB, 276x215, 1290632330258.png)
    75 KB
    hopefully the op image keeps this the main thread
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:13 No.21846788
    that sounds appropriate
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:13 No.21846791
    It's probably just cybaiotron or whatever his name was back to his old trolling tricks
    he makes threads for things he hates, waits until they're going strong, then deletes them
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:14 No.21846815
    yeah whats up with the thread disappearing.

    Although i always favor general threads as it makes it easier for everyone to continue discussion.

    if it is a rogue janitor out there, then i weep for /co/ - comics and CARTOONS.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:14 No.21846822
         File1292192090.jpg-(37 KB, 600x450, 1292081791504.jpg)
    37 KB
    every time i try and post in a thread i think mite not be a copycat troll because there's several comments in it it says this thread doesn't exist trollface.jpg so if this isn't legit i give up
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:15 No.21846832
         File1292192115.jpg-(48 KB, 300x408, 1289803269329.jpg)
    48 KB
    Have any of you seen Trixie? That bitch bailed out of a thread when she saw me coming. If you see her, tell her she can't hide and that I'm planting my metal foot up her ass.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:15 No.21846836

    Why is megaupload downloading Ep 3 of MLP at 20.6kb/s??????
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:15 No.21846841
         File1292192141.jpg-(24 KB, 225x350, 1292144631730.jpg)
    24 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:16 No.21846864
         File1292192191.png-(88 KB, 266x228, 1291447203512.png)
    88 KB

    if its a rogue janitor he will just get complaint spammed and removed like the one in /tg/ did. probably just a new one not realizing how many people a mlp thread deletion hurls onto the board at large
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:16 No.21846875
         File1292192215.jpg-(92 KB, 653x369, 1291906015858.jpg)
    92 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:17 No.21846886
         File1292192234.jpg-(74 KB, 940x761, 1290767676923.jpg)
    74 KB
    So... anyone else hoping for a Big Mac & Spike episode? Like, the rest go off on one of their adventures and forget some key macguffin and the two have to get it to them.

    I just want more Big Mac and Spike darn it!
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:17 No.21846887
    You seem to be assuming it was the same dude who always pulls that Trixie stuff
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:17 No.21846889
    I loved pinkie pies dance in that episode
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:17 No.21846891
    wow what a dickless loser.
    most people just have the common decency to avoid things they don't like.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:17 No.21846900
    This anon is probably right. Someone's making new threads on purpose with generic openers to lure people in.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:18 No.21846904

    fuck yes this again
    finish it ed! cut that bitch!
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:18 No.21846906
         File1292192282.jpg-(3 KB, 251x189, 1241564457756s.jpg)
    3 KB

    Hey Trixie, long time no see. How has the rest of your short, pathetic life been? I hope you enjoyed it because I'm going to end it for you.
    >> Guild Pawn !!5pxEApHjMk5 12/12/10(Sun)17:18 No.21846907
    Good to hear. I'll post more information as I figure things out and get things set up. There are a few other clients I can use, as well, so it may not be IRC.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:18 No.21846914
    the OP image is actually a cropped copy of mlpgeneral.png, so it won't work as the way for people to find it (OP couldn't even have posted the authentic one since it's still in a page 13 imagelimited thread).

    may as well stay here until either the authentic image gets freed up or this thread gets deleted again
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:19 No.21846945
         File1292192377.png-(492 KB, 744x638, quakeit.png)
    492 KB
    Is there a .gif of this yet?
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:19 No.21846951
    Awesome, I'll keep an eye out for more info.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:20 No.21846953
         File1292192401.png-(209 KB, 542x322, EdwardTrixieCannon.png)
    209 KB

    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:20 No.21846961

    someone continue this fapfic?
    applejack raping big mac, roll with it
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:21 No.21846979
    a lot of people want spike centric episodes, but both him and big mac are periphery characters. we have to accept that unless this thing goes on for more than 2 seasons its unlikely either of them will get their own episode. The focus has to stay on the six main characters, which given the combinations of personalities and scenarios can provide a lot of writing material.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:21 No.21846983
         File1292192486.jpg-(30 KB, 347x368, 1292188065105.jpg)
    30 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:21 No.21846991
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:22 No.21847008
         File1292192556.png-(215 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-12-14h21m41s15.png)
    215 KB
    So, uh

    What's everyone's favorite episode so far?

    I think The Ticketmaster is my favorite so far.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:23 No.21847017
    They'll end up cutting this scene from the episode. You'll see.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:23 No.21847020
         File1292192595.jpg-(37 KB, 624x352, 1279349867537.jpg)
    37 KB

    You mean like, Big Mac and Spike... teaming up?
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:23 No.21847031
         File1292192614.png-(123 KB, 394x394, 1291530282582.png)
    123 KB

    >Applebloom heavily featured in an episode
    >doesn't think Big Mac and Spike have a good chance of getting episodes
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:23 No.21847037
    Applebuck Season, probably.
    Haven't seen the zebra one yet.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:24 No.21847050
         File1292192680.png-(136 KB, 633x363, badass fluttershy.png)
    136 KB
    Barry White Fluttershy is boss.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:25 No.21847058
    One here
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:25 No.21847061
    either dragonshy or boastbusters. I dont even like trixie but the episode was good in general.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:25 No.21847062
    Boast busters because of trixie but also I think the episode where Rarity and AJ stay with TS is awesome too
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:25 No.21847067
    Spike is my favorite character, and this is the conclusion I have come to as well. They probably built all of the episodes around the 6 ponies. Unless it goes into season 2, don't expect a Spike episode.

    Then again, Applebloom is getting her own episode, and she has nowhere near as much screen time as Spike.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:25 No.21847068
         File1292192739.gif-(415 KB, 640x360, 1288319645135.gif)
    415 KB

    Pearl Jam's least favorite episode
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:27 No.21847100
    Anyone else hoping there will be an episode where the herd forms a rock band? Fucking want so bad.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:28 No.21847118
    theres a difference between "featured heavily" and "gets their own episode". I think most people who are asking want the latter, but at best will get the former.

    I'm pretty sure that if you replaced spike with applebloom in the last episode a lot of bronies would be going "it was alright, but i wish spike had a bigger part" I'm just saying that its unlikely either will get much bigger parts than they already have, at least this early in the series.

    But I could be wrong, whatever.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:29 No.21847136
    I want to see the entire thing from the start.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:31 No.21847171
    Unless the original writer comes back, it's gone. all but the first part was posted in various 404'd threads
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:31 No.21847173
    its spread out over three different threads, one of which i know has been deleted. maybe the op will compile them and post them all together at a later date.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:31 No.21847177
         File1292193088.jpg-(53 KB, 450x439, 1288122596544.jpg)
    53 KB


    Bridle Gossip
    Applebuck Season


    The Ticket Master
    Friendship is Magic (Part 1)


    Friendship is Magic (Part 2)
    Boast Busters
    Griffon the Brush Off


    Look Before You Sleep


    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:31 No.21847184
    You DO know Applebloom is getting her own episode right? Airs January 7th, and is about how she doesn't have a cutie mark, so she "searches for her purpose in life."
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:33 No.21847222
    nope didn't know that.

    Like i said, whatever, time will tell, yadda yadda yadda...
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:34 No.21847236

    Yes, yes I do.

    Both have had more screen time than AB, and I don't think either is going to get a solo episode in the first season, but a team up? Much more likely and much more awesome. Big Mac, a down to earth type adventuring with a dragon, Spike adventuring with whats probably his first strong male role model.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:35 No.21847248
    What was so good about Applebuck Season?

    Other than Big Mac I thought it was fairly lackluster.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:36 No.21847280
    anyone else get the impression that they have abandoned the whole honesty, kindness, generosity, laughter, and loyalty aspect of the characters?

    the premier made it seem like these qualities were going to play a much bigger role throughout the stories but it appears that the ponies are being characterized slightly differently as the show progresses.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:36 No.21847285
    [all episodes]
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:37 No.21847298
    What is it with people thinking Big Mac was ACTUALLY interesting or entertaining, in the canonical material? You could make an argument for the fan interpretation, but HE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING IN THE SHOW.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:38 No.21847314
         File1292193492.gif-(49 KB, 290x360, 1292144083422.gif)
    49 KB
    >> /co/mrade Elite !!RvxaKaC5JSo 12/12/10(Sun)17:38 No.21847330
         File1292193525.png-(42 KB, 256x256, 1291685993808-(n1291929830888).png)
    42 KB
    Is that a pony thread? I love pony threads.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:38 No.21847334
    in a moment of clarity, big mac got an idea.

    "sis, turn around a second" he said simply, he didn't have to bother with phrasing or other this mood, applejack was easy to talk to.
    and just plain easy, applejack exposed herself to big mac, patiently waiting for her older brother.
    what she got however, was much shorter than she expected, but more maneuverable. big mac began eating his sister out, figuring this technically wasn't incest...and if he was lucky, would tire her out before things escalated
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:39 No.21847340
         File1292193546.jpg-(137 KB, 640x360, 1291522937803.jpg)
    137 KB

    The episode opens with Twilight and the girls making some sharp comments about Spike and Big Mac's lack of tact, fashion and delicacy in general. Later, the girls get in trouble when the week's villain sets a set of traps targeted especifically to each girl's fears and illusions, locking them into an illusion from where they can't break free.

    Big Macintosh and Spike team up and simply stomp over the traps (Rarity's trap cuts off part of Big Mac's mane and he shrughs it off claiming "it will grow back", Twilight's trap surrounds Spike by books full of knowdeledge that stay out of his reach, and he just sets them on fire to read them later, etc. They either destroy or ignore the rest.)
    Eventually, they arrive at the big guy's lair, break it's shit, set the girls free and return to Ponyville to finish what they were doing before, Twilight later writes a letter to Celestia where she admits that "boys are different and it's wrong to judge them under a girl's point of view"

    Neither Spike or Big Mac make a big deal of the rescue.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:40 No.21847362
    Applebloom, who has had 1/100th the amount of screen time as Spike is getting her own episode?

    I have to keep reminding myself that the target audience IS 7 year old girls. I just feel like their passing up their best character for some "moe" baby pony, which is part of the problems the old cartoons had.
    >> Anonymous 12/12/10(Sun)17:41 No.21847381
    90% fan projection I'm sure. In his brief time on screen he came across as the aloof know-it-all big brother.
    >> /co/mrade Elite !!RvxaKaC5JSo 12/12/10(Sun)17:42 No.21847411
         File1292193734.jpg-(34 KB, 484x270, 1291663021667.jpg)
    34 KB
    Applejack being stoned.

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