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  • File : 1291693716.png-(193 KB, 403x314, ccc.png)
    193 KB Anonymous 12/06/10(Mon)22:48 No.21715314  
    Yee slumber party! *clopclopclop*

    Replacing Fluttershy as cutest pony one episode at a time
    >> Anonymous 12/06/10(Mon)22:50 No.21715363
         File1291693836.png-(89 KB, 248x360, 1290318136537.png)
    89 KB
    haha keep dreamin
    >> Anonymous 12/06/10(Mon)22:55 No.21715475
    Twilight Sparkle is my favorite pony.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/10(Mon)22:57 No.21715533
    Dude, I saw Rarity in my bed last night.

    I was just going to sleep, and the shadows fell on the rumpled corner of my blanket in such a way that it really looked like Rarity. I realized almost instantly that it was my blanket of course, but for a split second, I was like "holy shit it's Rarity!"
    >> Lord Ooo 12/06/10(Mon)23:00 No.21715607
         File1291694410.jpg-(54 KB, 480x697, 1281336501358.jpg)
    54 KB
    just keep in mind it's a show for girls ages 5-12 about horses
    >> Anonymous 12/06/10(Mon)23:00 No.21715614
    That's crazy.

    You're crazy.

    I can't post images right now, so pretend I've posted a picture of Pinkie Pie all super happy.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/10(Mon)23:09 No.21715841
         File1291694944.png-(165 KB, 397x306, Capture22.png)
    165 KB

    I've had dreams like this.

    Mainly with dash and twilight though.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/10(Mon)23:17 No.21716042
         File1291695477.png-(164 KB, 370x298, hg.png)
    164 KB
    Also still /r/ing ghost rarity. that look on her face is the cutest i've seen anypony do.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/10(Mon)23:22 No.21716162








    >> Anonymous 12/06/10(Mon)23:26 No.21716260
         File1291695984.jpg-(19 KB, 320x240, jack dalton.jpg)
    19 KB
    >> Lord Ooo 12/06/10(Mon)23:26 No.21716265
         File1291695991.png-(128 KB, 640x360, 1283136888032.png)
    128 KB
    while i agree that it is a bit silly, calm down bro. it's just ponies.

    we've all had dreams like that, like it or not.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/10(Mon)23:27 No.21716311
         File1291696078.jpg-(91 KB, 580x736, 1288058776152.jpg)
    91 KB
    silly gay goose.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/10(Mon)23:28 No.21716319
         File1291696102.jpg-(191 KB, 300x450, no one cares.jpg)
    191 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/06/10(Mon)23:28 No.21716324
    good riddance, Mr. Stickuptheass.
    >> Boco !sCZ24qY6KY 12/06/10(Mon)23:29 No.21716349

    Wow, he mad.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/10(Mon)23:31 No.21716396
         File1291696270.png-(115 KB, 308x324, er.png)
    115 KB

    The Great and Powerful Trixie is...

    >> Gilda's Fury !kmfdmRX7.c 12/06/10(Mon)23:31 No.21716407
         File1291696286.jpg-(18 KB, 275x198, laughing little sausage guy.jpg)
    18 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/06/10(Mon)23:32 No.21716420

    You're not out, you're going to be back in fifteen minutes just to bitch everyone out yet again. And then you'll leave again, and then come back ad infinium.
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 12/06/10(Mon)23:33 No.21716456
         File1291696415.png-(127 KB, 288x224, vlcsnap-2010-11-17-15h57m21s7.png)
    127 KB
    Guys, too many pony threads and this one:
    Still has life in it. I encourage you to post there and perhaps delete this one.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/10(Mon)23:33 No.21716457
         File1291696415.jpg-(69 KB, 500x363, lol_bye_bitch.jpg)
    69 KB
    >> Mr Hate !ykq8hirbSk 12/06/10(Mon)23:34 No.21716471
    Can you wait? We have already 5 threads.
    Inb4 Image macross. The only argument that you have.
    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 12/06/10(Mon)23:37 No.21716539
    This is the current thread: >>21709983
    >> Steven T !!sRIWVGgNfbg 12/06/10(Mon)23:56 No.21717041
         File1291697783.jpg-(9 KB, 104x84, MeanBeanReaction13.jpg)
    9 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)00:28 No.21717846
         File1291699695.png-(768 KB, 750x750, Dash (17).png)
    768 KB
    Wonder if dash and gilda ever hooked up?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)00:49 No.21718408
         File1291700976.jpg-(53 KB, 450x439, 1290448640926.jpg)
    53 KB
    well bronies all pony threads are full of fuking haters today that sucks....I'll check tomorrow to see if you're more civil /co/cksukers
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:11 No.21719041
         File1291702312.png-(164 KB, 486x492, 1291530147481.png)
    164 KB
    Dash represent
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:14 No.21719112
         File1291702466.jpg-(3 KB, 124x126, 1285011097636.jpg)
    3 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:16 No.21719164
    haha, umad?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:17 No.21719204
         File1291702669.jpg-(480 KB, 800x800, 1258426532043.jpg)
    480 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:18 No.21719228
    Hit bump and image limits a while ago, and not terribly active anymore. I suggest we transfer here.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:19 No.21719258
         File1291702782.png-(248 KB, 1402x1339, shecanfinallystopsleepingwithw(...).png)
    248 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:21 No.21719298
    That would have been great if it was posted with a picture of eggman.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:21 No.21719300


    Where will I get my 24/7 pony fix?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:22 No.21719320
    >>21715314 Replacing Fluttershy as cutest pony one episode at a time

    To be fair, Fluttershy was absent this week so it wasn't a fair fight.

    But yes, Twilight was really fucking cute. She used to be my least favorite, but that has really changed.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:23 No.21719361
         File1291703028.jpg-(145 KB, 472x355, 1260903773906.jpg)
    145 KB
    Hubworld, you goddamn stooge.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:25 No.21719392
    support the damn cartoon! watch it on the website, and in high quality
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:25 No.21719407
    So whats our speculation for this weeks episode? Is Twilight going to write a letter stating that Zebras are a blight upon Equestria?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:25 No.21719414
         File1291703154.jpg-(123 KB, 1280x1024, thedaytheworldended.jpg)
    123 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:26 No.21719427
    They are both socially awkward nerd girls, which is automatically super cute. But they're different types: one is confident but incredibly inept at dealing with others, the other is good at dealing with others but very timid.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:26 No.21719436

    Why don't you just go back to that thread about labias and anal sex?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:27 No.21719469

    Both channels have ads, but watching on Hub gives money to the show.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:28 No.21719487
         File1291703323.png-(85 KB, 344x456, 1289422745507.png)
    85 KB
    i just thought of something today in that winter wrap up song spring is coming tomorrow and there's alot of male pony's in town witch leads me to believe they are entering heat and the air is full of the scent of candyvag
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:32 No.21719564
    I'd like too, BUT WE CAN'T
    It keep stuck at the loading logo, never past it.
    Is it region blocked or what?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:33 No.21719588
    lol what ads? I never see 1 add when watching on the stream and I get to talk with fellow bronies.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:34 No.21719615
    /r/ing dash in heat and unable to resist her instinctual drive to mate

    Girls don't count dash
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:35 No.21719647
         File1291703752.jpg-(25 KB, 471x269, 1290656919198.jpg)
    25 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:36 No.21719657
    I was also about to say "lol what ads".

    But I watch it on the Hub. Haven't gotten an ad once.
    >> A Fistful of Apples !94yMGn.GiE 12/07/10(Tue)01:36 No.21719664
    requesting batpink.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:38 No.21719709
    Hm. Works fine for me. It probably is region locked for at least part of the world. Almost all official streaming sites are.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:39 No.21719720
         File1291703957.jpg-(12 KB, 351x267, 1291174804828.jpg)
    12 KB
    Don't pretend you don't like it!
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:39 No.21719733
    I think the Hub's limiting their simultaneous streams. Sometimes I can watch without any problems, other times I get the loading image no matter what I try. Or, they may have chosen a lemon as a stream provider.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:40 No.21719740
    probably thanks to adblock plus
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:41 No.21719767
    Help me out here bronies

    After the last storm, my house was damaged by a falling branch, now I pay my taxes like everypony else, so I went to the mayor to ask the city to pay for damages. Mayor said to take it up with the pegasus in charge of storms, so I tracked down this dyke pony, who said that pegasus aren't liable for branch damage, and to look up whoever was on cleanup crew. Then I tracked down the cleanup crew for my neighborhood and both of them claim they're not liable either.

    What the hell am I supposed to do?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:44 No.21719798
         File1291704240.png-(244 KB, 1136x1512, 1289874913357.png)
    244 KB
    The answer to eveything: Throw a party.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:44 No.21719805
         File1291704255.png-(190 KB, 607x520, Dash (1).png)
    190 KB
    Earth ponies fix stuff.

    It's not our fault.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:44 No.21719819
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 12/07/10(Tue)01:44 No.21719821
    You might want to check out this forum, it's got a nice community attached to it.
    But keep it under your hat, over exposure is what gets certain things shut down. Like post offices.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:45 No.21719830
    Go back to the mayor and offer to help her with her paperwork.
    Everything will be worked out then.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:46 No.21719846
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:47 No.21719860
         File1291704441.jpg-(44 KB, 717x206, jull.jpg)
    44 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:47 No.21719870
         File1291704465.jpg-(49 KB, 600x338, roflbot-Krgq.jpg)
    49 KB

    She's a stoner mayor.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:48 No.21719891
         File1291704504.png-(106 KB, 526x353, My Little Pony Fluttershy Cute(...).png)
    106 KB
    This thread needs more Fluttershy.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:49 No.21719904

    hah good luck. I'm still stuck in litigation over food poisoning from the bakery
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:49 No.21719906
    We need a Pinkie Pie flowchart where everything leads to THROW A PARTY.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:49 No.21719908
    She has a "Cougar as fuck" look about her as well.
    Seriously she is in heaven with all these younger ponys around her.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:49 No.21719918

    Dude, I know, right? I'll never eat a muffin again.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:49 No.21719920
         File1291704592.png-(341 KB, 760x572, 1287854649315.png)
    341 KB
    Hey, everypony! Come to Pinkie's "Screwed by the Government" party!

    It's at Rarity's place because they took my house! Twilight, you get a special invitation because I need you to tell me what "imminent domain" means!
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:50 No.21719927
    i swear, /co/ you make the worst caption images ever
    >> TFJ 12/07/10(Tue)01:50 No.21719928
         File1291704606.jpg-(20 KB, 633x355, mlp_kaminafluttershy.jpg)
    20 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:50 No.21719937

    The silent hill thread has some good pony content
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:50 No.21719942
    No, it has a Mare
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:50 No.21719944
         File1291704641.jpg-(6 KB, 203x193, too girly.jpg)
    6 KB
    Why would Applejack be jealous of something like that?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:51 No.21719957
         File1291704681.jpg-(57 KB, 588x338, 1291620034896.jpg)
    57 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:52 No.21719970

    cougar mayor
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:52 No.21719978

    Oh thank god I was waiting all day for someone to post this. I forgot to save the link yesterday.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:52 No.21719990
    You...haven't been paying attention, have you?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:54 No.21720013
    When watching an episode, I drift in and out of the show to try and hide my shame.
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 12/07/10(Tue)01:55 No.21720031
    Glad I could help.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:57 No.21720069
    I have a harder time believing Fluttershy would be jealous. It doesn't seem like an emotion she'd be capable of.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:57 No.21720078
    Yes..this pleases me..Need more mayor..

    On another note still waiting for a "Yes this pleases Pinkie Pie!" caption
    >> A Fistful of Apples !94yMGn.GiE 12/07/10(Tue)01:57 No.21720080
    Oh come on!? Batpink anypony?

    Also, that one pic of Batman riding Nightmare Moon.

    Pretty please? With sugarcubes on top?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:58 No.21720097
    Are the accounts working on hubworld yet so we can save our progress?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)01:59 No.21720110
         File1291705144.png-(156 KB, 800x600, 1291602161333.png)
    156 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:00 No.21720129
    I think we're to believe that this little dilemma is purely in Rarity's head. Which is pretty funny.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:00 No.21720130
         File1291705229.jpg-(27 KB, 414x340, methtwilight.jpg)
    27 KB
    we need some kind of code to let people know when new streams are up, but able to confuse trolls trying to report them
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:00 No.21720132
    Why is he shirtless and wearing bunny slippers?
    >> A Fistful of Apples !94yMGn.GiE 12/07/10(Tue)02:00 No.21720134

    Yes! Thanks bronie!
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:00 No.21720140
         File1291705253.png-(203 KB, 666x888, 1290808962596.png)
    203 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:01 No.21720161
         File1291705300.jpg-(127 KB, 600x382, theyMAD.jpg)
    127 KB
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 12/07/10(Tue)02:02 No.21720178
    Because he's Batman.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:03 No.21720190
    Post the name of the livestream by itself, in an image macro.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:04 No.21720219
    I agree for Pinkie, but Dash is NOT an idiot!
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 12/07/10(Tue)02:04 No.21720224
    That's lead to the destruction of the first post office!
    This needs to be kept on the down low unless you wanna change sites AGAIN.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:06 No.21720256
    Which WoW Race and Class would each of the ponies play?
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 12/07/10(Tue)02:06 No.21720259
    Also, I strongly recommenced this site to any Brony.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:06 No.21720260
         File1291705572.jpg-(34 KB, 447x378, 1291520870529.jpg)
    34 KB
    why do you need a stream when there's the hub and pensivepine?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:06 No.21720272

    so you can commentate with bronies
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:07 No.21720276
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:09 No.21720328
         File1291705750.png-(92 KB, 239x219, I might not always get doubles(...).png)
    92 KB
    No, what lead to the destruction of the post office was some moron posting the ACTUAL LINK over and over in his post in all the pony threads he saw, even in the "lol we raid /a/ with ponies XDDD" thread.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:09 No.21720331
    fuckin a'
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:10 No.21720344
    Just because Pinkie is upbeat doesn't mean she's an idiot.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:10 No.21720345
    Neither is an idiot. Pinkie is overly cheerful and often out of it, but she reminds me of how Aang was at the start of Avatar; not stupid, just happy to the point of distraction.

    She beat Rarity at tic-tac-toe 35 times in a row, and she is a master of pranks, which require the ability to outsmart people.

    Of course Dash isn't stupid either, just impulsive and showy. One of the neat things about this show is that they resisted the temptation to make any of the characters the "dumb one."
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:11 No.21720366
    a saddle?!?! whos gonna mount her??
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:11 No.21720375
    Maybe something like a synchtube chatroom+playlist?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:12 No.21720384
    >She beat Rarity at tic-tac-toe 35 times in a row
    That's just because Rarity is a dumb bimbo.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:13 No.21720399
    >>21720366 whos gonna mount her??

    OH HOH.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:13 No.21720401
    Big Mac
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:13 No.21720406
    Other ponies, duh.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:13 No.21720412
    Ponyville mayor...
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:15 No.21720436
    word. Pinkie's a conniving genius, after all she's batpink
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:15 No.21720439
    Age 24

    I can't WAIT to get my hands on a toy of her! I hope they make this Night Mare moon character a toy as well... (apparently she'll be a villain pony or something)
    >> Jimbo 12/07/10(Tue)02:16 No.21720457
         File1291706179.jpg-(64 KB, 1134x800, Batpink.jpg)
    64 KB

    I know there's more on the archived thread; here's some.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:16 No.21720459
         File1291706182.png-(645 KB, 800x600, DashoverCapeCanaveral.png)
    645 KB
    Have some original content, /co/mrades.

    Rainbow Dash F-22 Raptor Custom flying over Cape Canaveral, FL.

    Made by texture editing a HAWX .dds file. My first skin mod, or mod for the matter, so I'm pretty happy how it turned out
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:18 No.21720494
         File1291706293.jpg-(22 KB, 351x334, lolumad.jpg)
    22 KB
    Pinkie isn't an idiot at all.
    She's a goddamn engineer!
    She built that crazy contraption in the Gilda episode.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:18 No.21720497
         File1291706300.png-(947 KB, 800x600, DashoverCapeCanaveral1.png)
    947 KB

    And another.

    Next I'm gonna work on a Spike Custom Su-35 Super Flanker. Maybe some Fluttershy Stealth Bombers. Still thinking about what plane to do Derpy on. Also, tomorrow will stream RD-F22's maiden flight, so I'll keep you posted.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:19 No.21720525
         File1291706394.png-(213 KB, 379x313, Capture.png)
    213 KB

    Truly amazing.

    Can someone get some 3d models going for source of these ponies?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:20 No.21720539
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:22 No.21720570
         File1291706551.png-(257 KB, 1400x900, 1291618979040.png)
    257 KB
    Hey guys, a little help please.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:25 No.21720631
    /co/, the Hub gets ad revenue from people watching the episodes online, right?
    So I could have an episode playing in the background just to support MLP, right?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:29 No.21720721
    Don't forget to vote on that Hub Naughty or Nice thing.

    I think Night Mare Moon got kicked out of 1st place.

    Fluttershy and Twilight are still the top runners, though.

    Watch as Hasbro finds out its us voting and just runs more Transformers instead
    >> A Fistful of Apples !94yMGn.GiE 12/07/10(Tue)02:33 No.21720784

    Nightmare Moon's no longer first place?! Who is then?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:34 No.21720799
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:34 No.21720810

    Consider turning off ABP so they actually get the revenue, too. The RC car ads aren't gonna kill you... besides, it's for MLP.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:36 No.21720851
    Yeah, don't votespam or something, let the naughty play fair, so at least we are sure the nice is not kicked off.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:46 No.21721065
         File1291707996.jpg-(93 KB, 400x387, 1289536475655.jpg)
    93 KB
    My god some people actually thought her being so socially inept was cute? Im sorry but retard moe is the worst moe.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:48 No.21721098

    Which episode does it say that Pinkie Pie's parents are dead? You never actually see ANY of their parents.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:49 No.21721110
    assuming assumptions is all we have to go on in regard to pinkie's family
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:50 No.21721142

    But then, why aren't Applejack's parents dead? She doesn't introduce them at the family reunion in Part One, and she introduces everybody there.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:50 No.21721144
         File1291708257.gif-(660 KB, 256x144, pinkielaughGO.gif)
    660 KB
    ep2 when she sings about her childhood, it's granny who gives her the advice about facing her fears
    /co/ took that to mean she was being raised by her grandmother, and ran with it
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:52 No.21721170
         File1291708327.png-(65 KB, 503x199, feelsbad.png)
    65 KB
    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 12/07/10(Tue)02:52 No.21721182
         File1291708358.gif-(1.15 MB, 640x360, on the prowl.gif)
    1.15 MB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:53 No.21721208
    The pose looks good, but she looks too fat. Her body looks too long and her limbs are bit too wide.

    What do you think of >>21719258? I think I spent too much time on it.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:54 No.21721229
    which is really dumb if you think about it. Nobody was ever reassured by a grandparent?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:55 No.21721258

    I never was.

    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:57 No.21721293
         File1291708656.jpg-(11 KB, 379x201, ponyboobs.jpg)
    11 KB

    >a saddle?!?! whos gonna mount her??
    >Ponyville mayor...

    Mature Ponies & Younger Fillies action? Yes please!
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:59 No.21721335
    >rainbow dash with a male.
    Yes, you did, you should'a spend it doing lesbian art of her instead!
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)02:59 No.21721343
         File1291708799.png-(71 KB, 420x388, 2.png)
    71 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:00 No.21721349
         File1291708822.png-(364 KB, 1000x800, 1289932340250.png)
    364 KB

    I'd fly the shit out of those planes if I could make my own colour schemes in the Ace Combat series.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:00 No.21721352








    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:01 No.21721363
         File1291708870.jpg-(403 KB, 684x912, 30078 - Marvel Punisher Rule_6(...).jpg)
    403 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:01 No.21721365
    Are there more human pony drawings? I wanna see.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:02 No.21721401
         File1291708975.png-(700 KB, 1500x658, 1291253954010.png)
    700 KB
    In B4 racism
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:03 No.21721403
         File1291708986.jpg-(120 KB, 1002x797, 1291054962819.jpg)
    120 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:03 No.21721412
    >>21721065 moe

    No one brought moe into this but you, pervo.

    Also, social ineptitude /= being retarded. Some of the smartest people who ever lived were socially pathetic. Issac Newton spent the last 20 years of his life hiding from people and hardly spoke to anyone. But no one cares about that shit when you're the founder of modern science.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:03 No.21721418
         File1291709032.jpg-(228 KB, 600x780, 1289778662225.jpg)
    228 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:03 No.21721420

    Textmodder here. I'm hoping Assault Horizon has a custom emblem/paintjob editor so I can do this and fly it online.

    And then I'll found the Rainbow Dash Squadron clan and it'll be glorious.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:03 No.21721422
         File1291709038.jpg-(40 KB, 182x150, 1290950215885.jpg)
    40 KB
    What am I looking at here?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:03 No.21721423
    Take this shit back to /pony/.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:04 No.21721424

    Delicious Brown Twilight.
    >> Mark A. Question 12/07/10(Tue)03:04 No.21721430
    Does anyone have that chart comparing the MLP cast to Sonic females?

    Will there be an episode where Spike gets a hold of a fortune and attempts to woo Rarity with riches, resulting in everyone learning a lesson about greed?

    I have heard that Lauren Faust knows of Derpy. What shall come of this?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:04 No.21721431
         File1291709061.jpg-(667 KB, 1280x788, 20.jpg)
    667 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:04 No.21721435
         File1291709072.jpg-(97 KB, 500x500, 1291698149149.jpg)
    97 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:04 No.21721437
    >>Band-aid on the knee
    I think I just died of cuteness! Love this whole drawing!
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:05 No.21721445
    Why does Vanity look like a trap?

    Why is Twilight black?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:05 No.21721447
    Well..maybe Pinkies parents are not dead..Since its a kids show. Maybe they are DIVOOORRRRCED!

    ...hell I dont know. Was I the only one thinking "Batpink!" after Pinky witnessed Gilda making Flutter cry?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:05 No.21721450
         File1291709116.jpg-(71 KB, 500x500, 1291695399897.jpg)
    71 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:05 No.21721454
    Anyone got a gif of hoof clapping yet?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:05 No.21721460

    Why did Twilight steal the mayor's glasses?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:05 No.21721461
    Again, sauce here?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:06 No.21721478
    I don't know where all the other ponies belong...

    but Pinkie Pie is god tier. Which is weird.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:06 No.21721480
         File1291709207.jpg-(415 KB, 913x1000, 1289703181115.jpg)
    415 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:06 No.21721484
         File1291709215.jpg-(18 KB, 294x294, Here we go.jpg)
    18 KB

    >Why is Twilight black?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:07 No.21721487
    They banged and got them mixed up
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:07 No.21721502
         File1291709258.jpg-(99 KB, 500x500, 1291700662953.jpg)
    99 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:07 No.21721505

    Twilight looks more Indian to me.

    Maybe an attempt to make skintones based on the color of the ponies? The darker ones are the ones with naturally darker hair, save for Pinkie Pie.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:07 No.21721506
         File1291709269.png-(441 KB, 1063x1585, 1291181327605.png)
    441 KB
    Well obviously Rarity is top tier.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:08 No.21721512
    Well, the ponies are all young adults, so there's no reason why we would see their parents. They live on their own.

    The only pony whose family we've seen at all is Applejack, and even she doesn't seem to have parents around.

    Although some have speculated that Mrs. Cake is Pinkie's mom.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:08 No.21721514
    again 4chan
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:08 No.21721519
         File1291709301.jpg-(103 KB, 1000x800, 1290229575290.jpg)
    103 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:09 No.21721536
         File1291709359.png-(35 KB, 512x555, 1289711389776.png)
    35 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:09 No.21721537
    If she were Pinkie's mom, she wouldn't call her "Mrs. Cake."

    She's just her boss.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:09 No.21721545
         File1291709397.gif-(281 KB, 640x360, All aboard the yuri train.gif)
    281 KB

    >They banged

    Drawfags, hop to it!
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:10 No.21721548
         File1291709407.png-(332 KB, 1104x1588, 18.png)
    332 KB
    I want to sexually dominate Fluttershy and make her like it.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:10 No.21721561
         File1291709447.jpg-(377 KB, 1280x1024, 1291055005743.jpg)
    377 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:11 No.21721568
         File1291709468.jpg-(145 KB, 900x600, 8.jpg)
    145 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:12 No.21721587
         File1291709540.jpg-(121 KB, 500x500, 1291668566814.jpg)
    121 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:12 No.21721591
         File1291709560.jpg-(150 KB, 900x1190, 1290396065901.jpg)
    150 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:12 No.21721596
         File1291709571.jpg-(225 KB, 1000x600, 1286254183281.jpg)
    225 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:12 No.21721598
    ...why does this turn me on? Fuck you, /co/
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:13 No.21721601
         File1291709594.png-(239 KB, 1049x598, 21.png)
    239 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:13 No.21721611
         File1291709619.jpg-(110 KB, 900x1288, 1291699365480.jpg)
    110 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:13 No.21721614
         File1291709624.jpg-(39 KB, 704x400, 1266187563301.jpg)
    39 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:13 No.21721622
    You will never sexually dominate Fluttershy...

    ....because she is a very aggressive dom.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:14 No.21721627
    Ponyville Mayor lets them wear it when she has her young citizens on their knees.
    >> plaster !!jmx4uiTwqQl 12/07/10(Tue)03:14 No.21721629
         File1291709650.jpg-(120 KB, 600x850, friendship_is_magic_by_artnerd(...).jpg)
    120 KB
    do not accept this version
    accept this one
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:15 No.21721644
         File1291709701.png-(304 KB, 496x800, 1291341909034.png)
    304 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:15 No.21721650
    These are both horrible.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:15 No.21721655
         File1291709743.jpg-(722 KB, 1280x1024, 1291055041961.jpg)
    722 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:15 No.21721661
         File1291709756.jpg-(78 KB, 890x788, 1289503182539.jpg)
    78 KB
    Double attack!
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:16 No.21721671
         File1291709798.jpg-(86 KB, 640x360, Pleased Applejack.jpg)
    86 KB

    >Yuri art I didn't have
    >> STATS Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:16 No.21721672
         File1291709807.jpg-(365 KB, 687x2373, 1291673534463.jpg)
    365 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:16 No.21721674
         File1291709812.jpg-(318 KB, 621x975, 1289637130578.jpg)
    318 KB
    >> Blackarachnias Giant Robot Tits !bXU0gE0lts 12/07/10(Tue)03:17 No.21721679
         File1291709824.jpg-(58 KB, 466x266, 1288908104179.jpg)
    58 KB
    Pinkie Pie is best pony.

    One day you'll all see that.
    >> Snarky Bastard 12/07/10(Tue)03:17 No.21721685

    one day you'll realize the error of your ways and join the Rarity master race.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:18 No.21721695
         File1291709886.jpg-(275 KB, 637x730, 1289637171905.jpg)
    275 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:18 No.21721698
    but I like Pinky Pie and Rarity equally...
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:19 No.21721711
         File1291709954.jpg-(110 KB, 1024x768, Sad.jpg)
    110 KB

    Do I have to choose a favorite so early in the season? It's really hard to decide, they all have something endearing about them. I'm really loving Rarity of late.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:19 No.21721713
         File1291709956.jpg-(339 KB, 1026x550, civil.jpg)
    339 KB
    A chan just for pony lovers
    >> plaster !!jmx4uiTwqQl 12/07/10(Tue)03:19 No.21721717
    i would like to believe that i was the first one to look it up by winter wrap out on the search and the first to watch it on my phone. (i hooked it up to my car speakers and blasted it on the highway, haters gonna hate)
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:20 No.21721727
    my personal rankings
    Applejack = Fluttershy > Rarity > Pinkie Pie > Twilight Sparkle > Rainbow Dash
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:20 No.21721739
         File1291710049.jpg-(181 KB, 719x1111, 7.jpg)
    181 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:21 No.21721747
         File1291710099.jpg-(96 KB, 500x650, 1290484087719.jpg)
    96 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:22 No.21721761
         File1291710161.jpg-(108 KB, 679x478, 1290997885210.jpg)
    108 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:23 No.21721767
    Why is Twilight so incredibly hot in this picture?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:23 No.21721771

    I can honestly picture her saying something like that too.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:23 No.21721780
         File1291710227.jpg-(167 KB, 450x680, 1291352375457.jpg)
    167 KB
    We need a bigger version of this
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:24 No.21721792
         File1291710266.jpg-(145 KB, 500x700, 1289636944326.jpg)
    145 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:24 No.21721797

    Different person here, but anyway, the definition of moe is a strong feeling for character from an anime, video game, or manga; but can be applied to any other character from another medium, so yeah, you can consider people's reaction to her(particularly in this episode) moe. Of course, this applies to the rest of the cast as well.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:26 No.21721825
         File1291710392.gif-(1.05 MB, 300x300, 1290927700162.gif)
    1.05 MB

    She's definitely the most fun to watch.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:26 No.21721828
         File1291710402.png-(251 KB, 600x456, 1291005661117.png)
    251 KB
    This would make the best spin off series
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:27 No.21721837
    this isn't surprising, but it kinda made me sad.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:27 No.21721838
         File1291710447.png-(76 KB, 333x3024, 1291250825939.png)
    76 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:27 No.21721840
         File1291710454.jpg-(17 KB, 140x140, sad.jpg)
    17 KB

    Damn, that's a very well drawn pictu-

    >Dead Leonardo
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:29 No.21721865
    Damn this pissed me off. My LCS ran out of these before I could get one since I waited too long
    >> plaster !!jmx4uiTwqQl 12/07/10(Tue)03:29 No.21721871
         File1291710563.gif-(34 KB, 400x438, 129082840210.gif)
    34 KB
    oh i bring gifts from civilchan
    >> Blackarachnias Giant Robot Tits !bXU0gE0lts 12/07/10(Tue)03:29 No.21721874
    Apparently this shit can actually happen. If it did to me, I'd talk to her manager and get that bitch fired. That's beyond bad customer service, I don't care if I'm Chris-Chan himself.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:30 No.21721884
         File1291710604.jpg-(307 KB, 720x576, art_shera_swiftwind_flying.jpg)
    307 KB
    Hai guise,

    Remember me?
    >> plaster !!jmx4uiTwqQl 12/07/10(Tue)03:32 No.21721914
         File1291710728.jpg-(55 KB, 500x421, 12908276496.jpg)
    55 KB
    i completely agree with this picture.
    i love the ponies as much as the next /co/mrade... but i think we dialed up the creepy recently
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:32 No.21721927
         File1291710753.jpg-(35 KB, 180x200, 1288214952545.jpg)
    35 KB
    yeah, but noone here cares
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:33 No.21721940
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:33 No.21721944
    Keep them. Humanized ponies are shit.
    >> Snarky Bastard 12/07/10(Tue)03:34 No.21721952

    a human is fine too
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:34 No.21721958
    ...fap fap fap fap..

    Eh I like both anthro and human ponys...
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:34 No.21721968
    Sounds like she's on the rag.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:35 No.21721979

    >think we dialed up the creepy recently

    Eh, fans will be fans.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:36 No.21721990
    Now the lolicons will fap to you, good job
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:36 No.21721998
    This is retarded. It's like someone is saying "OMG! These half-serious jokes about lesbian ponies are going too far! I better make her a human, because someone that might not be joking couldn't POSSIBLY like both humans AND ponies!"

    The only reason to humanize the ponies is to sexualize them, keep them in their normal form and just, you know, don't draw them with genitalia.

    You know... ON MODEL.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:36 No.21722000
         File1291710992.png-(76 KB, 431x404, 1289292020057.png)
    76 KB
    >My face when this happened to me with MLP except for the last three panels
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:36 No.21722002
    after anonib, I don't trust foreign chans, they are full of malware and whatever. Plus are there other mods?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:36 No.21722006
         File1291711019.jpg-(23 KB, 288x499, 1289863640161.jpg)
    23 KB
    >I like both anthro and human ponys...
    God damn it /co/.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:37 No.21722010
    it's fun to humanize them to imagine what cool fashionable cute clothes they would wear!!

    that's why I do it.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:37 No.21722018
         File1291711060.gif-(277 KB, 400x300, 1291508456412.gif)
    277 KB

    I will fap to the on-model ponies tonight just out of spite.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:38 No.21722026
         File1291711105.jpg-(611 KB, 1280x1024, 1290231385526.jpg)
    611 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:38 No.21722032

    And that's why you go to the manager.

    Works even better if you can make up a bullshit reason, like you're purchasing toys for a toy drive at work or getting something for your niece with cancer, thereby making the employee look like a double-cunt and at least get her in some serious shit with the boss.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:39 No.21722042
         File1291711166.jpg-(146 KB, 700x1073, IA084.jpg)
    146 KB
    This entire comic reminded me of Rarity
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:40 No.21722051
         File1291711200.png-(103 KB, 748x1123, 129099285957.png)
    103 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:40 No.21722059
    I like this show way too much.
    not sexually though
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:40 No.21722063
    I tried to fap to mai waifu pony of choice, even found porn of her, couldn't do it. I just ended up with a limp and sore dick from all the rubbing.

    I will, however, never fap to a humanized pony. Something about my inner /co/mrade prevents me from fapping to a noncanon, fan version of a character.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:41 No.21722071
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:41 No.21722074
         File1291711310.png-(3 KB, 279x237, 1291508708032.png)
    3 KB

    Rarity might as well have a flag crew waving Rainbow Dash in from the sky with that kind of alluring position.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:42 No.21722077
         File1291711322.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 132 KB, 674x559, IA091.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 132 KB
    especially this shot
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:42 No.21722081
    Full story, anon?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:42 No.21722089
         File1291711365.jpg-(542 KB, 1600x1326, 1289961169618.jpg)
    542 KB

    Is this ICS? this feels like ICS
    >> Snarky Bastard 12/07/10(Tue)03:43 No.21722104
         File1291711429.jpg-(7 KB, 222x230, igor.jpg)
    7 KB

    >Rarity likes to be abused
    >makes complete sense
    >better than expected.png
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:44 No.21722111
    They are from an animator on the show
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:44 No.21722114
    Rarity doesn't like to be abused, she likes to be treated like a proper lady.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:45 No.21722120
         File1291711504.gif-(1.6 MB, 350x197, 1288831457544.gif)
    1.6 MB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:45 No.21722130
         File1291711545.gif-(297 KB, 640x360, 1291700965831.gif)
    297 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:46 No.21722154
         File1291711619.png-(614 KB, 994x467, 1291520215360.png)
    614 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:47 No.21722160
    Laruen Faust's designs are so damn good and appealing!
    And the show itself is amazing too.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:48 No.21722175
    I definitely like the final versions of the ponies more than the original concept art.
    especially pinky pie and rarity, holy shit.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:48 No.21722187
    Now all you need is Ponyville mayor sitting like the Illusive man nearby. Knowing she done a job well done.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:49 No.21722199
         File1291711779.jpg-(74 KB, 500x500, Moist Kneesocks.jpg)
    74 KB

    They are all so ripe for the picking!
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:50 No.21722209
    >> plaster !!jmx4uiTwqQl 12/07/10(Tue)03:50 No.21722213
    could someone upload that picture of stocking riding twilight?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:50 No.21722214
    The ponies are cute.

    But I'll always take the human versions over the pony ones. Especially


    fucking GREAT.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:52 No.21722244
         File1291711942.jpg-(252 KB, 725x722, 1289502378927.jpg)
    252 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:52 No.21722246
         File1291711956.jpg-(271 KB, 1317x750, 1289637784554.jpg)
    271 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:52 No.21722248
         File1291711960.png-(157 KB, 165x734, 126346439864326.png)
    157 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:52 No.21722254
         File1291711971.jpg-(42 KB, 570x518, 1287810025002.jpg)
    42 KB

    >Now all you need is Ponyville mayor sitting like the Illusive man nearby. Knowing she done a job well done.

    Do want!
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:53 No.21722267
    >> plaster !!jmx4uiTwqQl 12/07/10(Tue)03:53 No.21722268
    thanks broski
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:54 No.21722274
         File1291712053.png-(1 MB, 1680x1050, candyvag1.png)
    1 MB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:55 No.21722307
         File1291712150.jpg-(89 KB, 640x480, Mlp2.jpg)
    89 KB
    >accepted nowere
    even Captcha knows about ponyfags
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:56 No.21722316
         File1291712197.jpg-(13 KB, 299x300, 127655327090754745.jpg)
    13 KB
    Now ain't that cute.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:57 No.21722321
    given the amount of needless reaction images your getting.
    Same with happened to me with Gardevoirs 3 years ago. Still haven't
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:57 No.21722324
         File1291712225.jpg-(154 KB, 700x1000, 1290744796918.jpg)
    154 KB
    and then rule 63'd spike
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:57 No.21722325
    I have discovered something! When certain characters are not shown on screen for some time, their popularity goes down!

    Take Applejack and Rarity, who's popularity have skyrocketed due to the last episode. Even when Fluttershy was the main character of episode 7, she did not get this much post-episode attention.

    This was obviously due to the fact that the other ponies were there as well. In episode 8, there are only Applejack, Rarity, and Twilight, causing an unevenness in discussion.

    Our last figure is Spike, who had high popularity after he got screen time in episode 1, 3, and 6. Due to the fact that he has had a total of 30 seconds on screen for 2 episodes, his popularity has dropped immensely, causing even some posters to forget about him.

    I feel like those socialists who constantly point out the obvious. Just bored I guess.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:58 No.21722344
    >Line right before this shot
    "Obviously this situation just calls for a little <i>pony charm</i>
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:59 No.21722352
         File1291712348.jpg-(285 KB, 921x1408, 1291343173575.jpg)
    285 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)03:59 No.21722353
         File1291712349.jpg-(93 KB, 640x480, Mlp5.jpg)
    93 KB
    wow brilliant insight
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:00 No.21722368
         File1291712406.jpg-(37 KB, 273x241, Ponyheadgear.jpg)
    37 KB
    every look at the true faces of pony fandom
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:00 No.21722369
    Trixie is still one of my favourite characters though.

    She'll never be seen in another episode again. ;_;
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:01 No.21722381
         File1291712481.gif-(208 KB, 403x296, 1291509749501.gif)
    208 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:01 No.21722382
         File1291712482.jpg-(27 KB, 512x384, erghh.jpg)
    27 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:02 No.21722390
         File1291712535.jpg-(90 KB, 631x429, 1291413020823.jpg)
    90 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:02 No.21722392
    I noticed the same thing but with Rainbow Dash shipping.

    After the first few everyone wanted her x AJ, then pinkie pie and gilda hit and everyone forgot about shipping her with AJ.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:02 No.21722394
    She doesn't seem so bad
    >gen 3 mutants on her headband.
    do us all a favor and delete that pic from this thread.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:03 No.21722412
         File1291712602.jpg-(104 KB, 720x540, 1288674994085.jpg)
    104 KB

    >Cute ponies with tits and hands
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:03 No.21722417
    naw, sorry. I'm still 100% AppleDash.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:03 No.21722420
    Would fuck all three.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:04 No.21722429
         File1291712672.gif-(1.66 MB, 320x240, GET OUT.gif)
    1.66 MB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:04 No.21722433
    Trixie and Gilda are not part of the main cast though, and I believe that everyone understands they will never come back, thus leaving them open to free discussion every once in awhile.

    Trixie is still fresh (albeit staling) in everyone's mind. Look at Gilda, barely next to no discussion of her anymore.

    And no, that guy that always roleplays as Trixie does NOT count. He/she/it is an anomaly.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:05 No.21722436
         File1291712701.jpg-(30 KB, 330x378, 1291521304485.jpg)
    30 KB
    not my cup of tea, but whatever floats your boat broski
    >> plaster !!jmx4uiTwqQl 12/07/10(Tue)04:05 No.21722441
         File1291712723.jpg-(537 KB, 1726x1226, 1291179985643.jpg)
    537 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:05 No.21722451
         File1291712759.jpg-(48 KB, 329x329, 1289476583040.jpg)
    48 KB
    That's... that's something alright.

    But doing that before Celestia/Luna 34 seems kinda wrong.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:07 No.21722471
    This is me, and I my opinions on shipping?

    It is the Eldritch Abomination of cartoons. Those who have discussed it have fallen into it's madness, and I will take no part in it, for fear of losing myself.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:07 No.21722479
    Faust has said she wants to get a good group of recurring characters going. So Trixie could very well return.

    Too bad the same probably can't be said of Princess Luna.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:09 No.21722493
         File1291712940.png-(223 KB, 1000x1000, 1290493144191.png)
    223 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:09 No.21722496
    If we get more Nightmare Moon I'll be happy.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:09 No.21722502
    Serious? Can I have a screencap or some proof?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:10 No.21722512
    I have a suspicion that Faust originally wanted an underlying plot, but was shot down by Hasbro.

    But Faust is craft, and, while she MUST take no for an answer, will bend it gently to her will.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:10 No.21722521
    >dat Fluttershy

    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:11 No.21722535
         File1291713113.jpg-(274 KB, 800x686, evil league of evil.jpg)
    274 KB
    need more evil versions
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:14 No.21722558
    Ill take this over humanized ponies ANY day.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:17 No.21722591
    Anyone have the "Making a Pony Thread" flowchart?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:17 No.21722594
    This is quite likely. When asked about the possibility of an ongoing storyline (right after the pilot aired) she said there would not be one, at least not "for now" because Hub does not want one. But that could change if the show gets a second season. And even if it doesn't, it's pretty obvious that they're developing the world and the characters week by week.

    And anyway, you don't need a story arc to bring back Princess Luna, or Trixie.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:18 No.21722597
         File1291713495.jpg-(33 KB, 355x717, 1289884212033.jpg)
    33 KB
    I still never got to thank whoever drew this Guardian of the Galaxy pony.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:20 No.21722619

    Does not compute.

    >Pinkie Pie

    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:23 No.21722655
    Im awaiting the fan art of our zebra character showing up this friday.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:31 No.21722748
    >zebra character

    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:32 No.21722761
         File1291714378.gif-(415 KB, 640x360, 1289782298980.gif)
    415 KB
    we all are

    captcha: son buthert
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:33 No.21722769
    This Friday's episode.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:33 No.21722770
    Friday's ep will be about RACISM. A zebra comes to town. People begin talking and spreading rumors.

    It all ends with an important lesson: It's called PONYville for a reason, stripey. Go back to Zebrastan! And take your Muhammad with you!
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:37 No.21722802
         File1291714623.jpg-(119 KB, 635x464, carlos1291446496407.jpg)
    119 KB
    In this case, Mule-a-mad.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:37 No.21722810
    Can someone tell me witch episode of the Colbar Report had MLP clip in it?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:38 No.21722819
    god if it actually was about racism...

    I'd probably die laughing.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:39 No.21722826
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:39 No.21722827
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:41 No.21722854
    I bet that Zebra is in Foal Quaida.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:43 No.21722870
    Answer my question damn you all
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:46 No.21722901
    Wait...Colbert had My Little Pony on his show????

    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:48 No.21722927
    wait what? there was FiM on Colbert?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:48 No.21722940
    Dishonesty, cruelty, laughter (works both ways, y'know), greed, Distrust? And Dark Arts to round it out?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)04:57 No.21723020
    I know this is a given, but she's very cute.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)05:02 No.21723077
    I don't think that happened.
    If it did, we all would have seen a clip by now.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)05:06 No.21723114
    So who else liked both Applejack and Rarity more after last week's episode?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)05:09 No.21723153

    You foal.

    We liked Fapplejack from the first moment.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)05:15 No.21723216

    Oh, yeah, so did I. I just like her more after the episode.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)05:22 No.21723277
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)05:30 No.21723337

    * splurt splurt *
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)05:30 No.21723342
    Why hasn't there been

    Derpy as a Kamen Rider?
    >> Yaridovich 12/07/10(Tue)05:54 No.21723529
         File1291719246.png-(68 KB, 256x256, 1291689460053.png)
    68 KB
    Posting for the Post Office.
    >> Ofu !!LLxDM1YR6nJ 12/07/10(Tue)05:56 No.21723560
    Ofu is pleased! Thankyee!

    Batins surname
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)05:58 No.21723581
    "What's that, Pinkie Pie?"

    Politics are about to get WAY more than three parties in the u.s.
    >> Ofu !!LLxDM1YR6nJ 12/07/10(Tue)06:05 No.21723645
    and nothing of value was lost.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)06:18 No.21723745
         File1291720698.jpg-(38 KB, 640x360, My Little Pony_ Friendship is (...).jpg)
    38 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)06:19 No.21723750
         File1291720745.jpg-(37 KB, 640x360, My Little Pony_ Friendship is (...).jpg)
    37 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)06:30 No.21723850
         File1291721410.gif-(1.4 MB, 320x240, clopping1.gif)
    1.4 MB
    Here's for the bronies who asked for it.

    I'll be working on the second one after breakfast.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)06:30 No.21723852
         File1291721417.jpg-(32 KB, 640x360, My Little Pony_ Friendship is (...).jpg)
    32 KB
    I didn't noticed that she tied her tail round her head before
    >> CJ 12/07/10(Tue)06:32 No.21723880

    Site's down, son. :C
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)06:48 No.21724004
    Right now it's working.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)07:13 No.21724211
         File1291724008.gif-(1.65 MB, 720x480, clopping2.gif)
    1.65 MB
    Here's the clopping some bronies have been asking for.
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 12/07/10(Tue)08:12 No.21724624
         File1291727572.png-(219 KB, 1400x900, Derpy Lost Something (cleaned (...).png)
    219 KB
    Here's a cleaned up version.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/10(Tue)08:18 No.21724667
    thank you sir. clopclopclop

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