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  • File : 1291492052.png-(123 KB, 800x595, 1291413998297.png)
    123 KB Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)14:47 No.21650797  
    Things you can do in 10 SECONDS FLAT

    Vote for top cartoon

    Vote for Fluttershy/nightmare moon/twilight sparkle (once a day!)

    Post in a pony thread since the other one has hit autosage!

    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)14:48 No.21650810
    jerk off
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)14:48 No.21650816
    didnt' some drawfag promise a rainbow dash pinup yesterday? what happened to that
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)14:49 No.21650823
    report a thread
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)14:49 No.21650828
         File1291492156.png-(426 KB, 600x777, 128996279098.png)
    426 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)14:49 No.21650832
    It's still a long way from 404ing, dude.

    Making a new thread can wait.

    (for reference: >>21647598 )
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)14:50 No.21650855
         File1291492227.png-(171 KB, 640x360, ohyeah.png)
    171 KB
    >mfw poll results
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)14:54 No.21650923
         File1291492443.png-(390 KB, 640x480, 1284331602178.png)
    390 KB
    >MFW poll results
    The winners are all shows of threads /co/ talks about.
    >> !bgREVLN8FU 12/04/10(Sat)14:55 No.21650956
    Scooby Doo and Avengers still need some love to beat Tower Prep.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)15:11 No.21651253
         File1291493491.png-(213 KB, 379x313, Capture.png)
    213 KB


    its scary almost..

    I figured like 10 people were on these mlp threads.

    Then we started beating adventure time...

    Then we hit 600 votes..
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)15:15 No.21651345
    Come on bronies, don't let Avengers get beaten by fucking TOWER PREP. Throw a vote its way.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)15:23 No.21651518
         File1291494220.png-(142 KB, 420x341, das2.png)
    142 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)15:45 No.21651999
         File1291495505.png-(154 KB, 397x339, edd.png)
    154 KB
    Are you awesome enough to join The Great and Powerful Trixie on Steam?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)15:54 No.21652171
         File1291496066.png-(333 KB, 900x782, Cynder 171.png)
    333 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:06 No.21652392
         File1291496815.jpg-(103 KB, 864x480, 1290714671891.jpg)
    103 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:08 No.21652416
         File1291496919.png-(258 KB, 640x360, 1291324174784.png)
    258 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:11 No.21652473
    gonna oust megatron from naughtiest
    it's a promise ;)
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:12 No.21652496

    My vote tied the two apparently, so yeah. Keep them votes coming in.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:15 No.21652542
         File1291497318.png-(37 KB, 182x183, twilight (14).png)
    37 KB
    If megatron wins, does that mean ponies wont get a double episode?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:18 No.21652612
         File1291497524.jpg-(390 KB, 2500x2000, 2t3gpbwy.jpg)
    390 KB
    >if megatron wins
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:19 No.21652629
         File1291497574.png-(414 KB, 654x618, twilight (4).png)
    414 KB

    Will any bronies even tune into the hub if ponies win?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:21 No.21652670
    if i'm up at 5 am, sure
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:21 No.21652685
         File1291497699.jpg-(153 KB, 720x720, 10 seconds flat.jpg)
    153 KB
    >Things you can do in 10 SECONDS FLAT

    Make Twilight cum
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:26 No.21652792
    I just gave nightmare moon her 666th vote

    i loled
    >> KinkyMare !!Lt2QVxFBHMB 12/04/10(Sat)16:27 No.21652812
         File1291498046.png-(42 KB, 250x403, nm666.png)
    42 KB
    >votes for Nightmare Moon

    oh god wat
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:40 No.21653073
    Yay MLP is winning!
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:41 No.21653096
         File1291498873.png-(235 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-03-21h23m24s32.png)
    235 KB
    why in the mud?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:42 No.21653120
         File1291498929.png-(323 KB, 854x480, vlcsnap-2010-12-04-16h40m16s24(...).png)
    323 KB
    this clip is like crack: I know I die a little inside each time I watch it, but it so competently done I cannot help but reluctantly feel good watching it. And I cannot look away; I want to see more.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:42 No.21653124
    that was drawn right after the first episode, where they first meet in the mud
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:43 No.21653151
    They were mud wrestling.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:45 No.21653181
         File1291499147.jpg-(667 KB, 1280x788, 1291332440994.jpg)
    667 KB
    This a general pony thread too?
    In which case, are there more human version of the ponies drawn by drawfags?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:46 No.21653192
         File1291499181.jpg-(30 KB, 640x432, unforgivable.jpg)
    30 KB

    Why don't more yuri pictures of this quality exist?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:47 No.21653220
         File1291499263.png-(569 KB, 854x480, vlcsnap-2010-12-04-16h46m21s65.png)
    569 KB
    >Rarity and Pinkie Pie don't get a monologue..

    Pinkie Pie may not be into that kind of thing, but Rarity would jump at the chance to show off some wordplay.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:49 No.21653258
    what if I have 5 favorites?
    I like MPL show but...
    why can't I get a letter that will make everyone happy?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:51 No.21653290
    Does anyone have the make your own pony pieces?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:51 No.21653300
    Rarity shares her screentime with FlutterShy.
    Rarity is he one singing about the little creatures hibernating and fixing their homes, and Flutter sings about waking them up and welcome the southern birds
    so their families can groooooww
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:52 No.21653317
         File1291499535.png-(700 KB, 1500x658, 1291253954010.png)
    700 KB
    Only got this one.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:52 No.21653321
         File1291499545.png-(184 KB, 428x342, yea.png)
    184 KB
    Flutter only got like 2 seconds too.

    Twilight and rainbow, as always, steal all the glory.


    She was forgotten.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:54 No.21653367
         File1291499650.png-(491 KB, 1200x480, 1290757944406.png)
    491 KB

    They are so much better as ponies. I can't relate to humans anymore at all.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:54 No.21653373
         File1291499661.png-(385 KB, 651x491, RantingSwede.png)
    385 KB
    So what nationalities do we have here, everypony?

    Myself I come from Phallosia (Sweden)

    Picture related it's what I feel like every day
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:55 No.21653391
         File1291499713.jpg-(106 KB, 410x533, 1222277963000.jpg)
    106 KB

    Twilight is supposed to be the smart one, so why is she a nigger?
    >> Gloomy Oversoul 12/04/10(Sat)16:55 No.21653398
    That segment was Awesome.
    I'm from Mexico.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:55 No.21653406
         File1291499758.jpg-(190 KB, 798x666, 129039471262.jpg)
    190 KB
    The great and powerful Trixie is too full of herself!
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:56 No.21653412
    >Twilight is a little brown girl

    Oh god
    >> Gloomy Oversoul 12/04/10(Sat)16:56 No.21653413
    "Niggers" can be smart too, you know.
    >> Snarky Bastard 12/04/10(Sat)16:56 No.21653420
         File1291499812.jpg-(25 KB, 296x328, bob wier fuck.jpg)
    25 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:57 No.21653428

    oh u
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:57 No.21653434
    Can somebody please post the big list of downloads?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:58 No.21653441
    Niggers cannot into magic!
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:58 No.21653449
    I prefer them as ponies too, but I love looking at artist's interpretations of them as humans.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:58 No.21653453
         File1291499935.png-(148 KB, 327x331, ww.png)
    148 KB
    Ignorant FOAL!

    The Great and Powerful Trixie is on a strict diet of healthy sugar free hay and mineral water!

    She would NEVER be enlarged like that, your JEALOUSY is duly noted.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)16:59 No.21653460
    I don't think Hub isn't to popular yet like other channels because it's so new. So I bet were are the only ones that are really voting besides a few. We're probably going end up winning both naughty and nice. Then they are going to end knowing most votes came here since people research this kind of stuff.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:00 No.21653502
    In any case 4chan is going to be a driving force behind the hub if we keep it up, and hopefully they'll get more recognition.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:01 No.21653515
    So rarity and fluttershy share what is by far the shortest segment? Typical.

    I completely missed Rarity because she said "Little Critters" in her silk voice but was not on screen at all. It was a cool phrase (why can't she say it around AJ?), too bad those two words were part of her 4 phrases she says.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:03 No.21653560
         File1291500185.jpg-(31 KB, 423x417, weponynow.jpg)
    31 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:03 No.21653567
         File1291500202.png-(54 KB, 211x216, Twilight2.png)
    54 KB

    >a nigra
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:04 No.21653593
         File1291500286.jpg-(27 KB, 512x384, erghh.jpg)
    27 KB
    >black twilight
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:05 No.21653597
    Requesting the make your own pony template.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:05 No.21653599

    So we show them, Nick and More and hopefully Lauren that 20 something males fucking love My Little Pony. That's our goal right?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:05 No.21653605
         File1291500332.png-(35 KB, 512x555, 1289711389776.png)
    35 KB
    no ponies, have a gryphon
    >> Snarky Bastard 12/04/10(Sat)17:06 No.21653612

    sounds like the Sistah Empowerment sequel to Black Dynamite.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:06 No.21653613
         File1291500365.png-(85 KB, 344x456, 1291324210817.png)
    85 KB
    I tried drawing rainbow dash, but couldn't capture her tomboyish personality.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:06 No.21653624
         File1291500389.jpg-(150 KB, 900x1190, 1290396065901.jpg)
    150 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:06 No.21653630
         File1291500408.png-(417 KB, 854x480, vlcsnap-2010-12-04-17h05m58s19(...).png)
    417 KB
    how exactly do the hoofs work again?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:06 No.21653632
    Is anyone else's mind blown by the fact that they plan the weather?

    It's brilliant!
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:07 No.21653646
         File1291500458.png-(164 KB, 370x298, hg.png)
    164 KB
    I don't think that was rarity singing during the fluttershy part.

    It sounds nothing like her.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:08 No.21653659
         File1291500500.png-(116 KB, 452x796, 1291087225423.png)
    116 KB
    The GREAT and POWERFUL trixie...looks a little strung out
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:08 No.21653666
    Plan the weather? All of nature is on manual in Equestria. They have to manually usher in spring, complete with waking up hibernating animals. Mother Nature is a fat lazy slob.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:08 No.21653669
    Yeah, guys who liked power puff girls when we were younger tend to love friendship is magic. Lauren Faust will be proud of herself.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:08 No.21653675
    you ever watch the powerpuff girls? they have small telekinetic fields around their hands/hooves that grab what they want
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:09 No.21653684

    It can be used as a weapon.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:09 No.21653686
    Which episode had snow in it? I thought I watched all of them..
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:09 No.21653689
         File1291500565.png-(160 KB, 409x497, 1291454375556.png)
    160 KB
    >mfw I'm listening to Dethklok while being in this thread
    I feel like I'm mixing interests that I shouldn't.
    Oh well.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:10 No.21653715
    its not an episode, its a leaked song for a future episode,

    winter Wrap up
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:12 No.21653737
         File1291500721.jpg-(26 KB, 207x211, pinkiesmile.jpg)
    26 KB

    Do the ponies breath manually? Cause you totally do now.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:12 No.21653739
         File1291500727.jpg-(318 KB, 621x975, 1289637130578.jpg)
    318 KB
    favorite pic of humanized fluttershy. Maybe because she just looks so angelic
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:12 No.21653743
    I loved the episode where they swapped bodies and buttercup got the professor's, who then tried to karate chop everything because she didn't know how fingers worked because normally her hands were little blobby flippers.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:12 No.21653744
    "Thunderhorse" fits just fine. I imagine Rainbow Dash kicking shit to it.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:13 No.21653778
    I really hate the humanized ponies with a fashion, it's like a worse version of someone trying to furry up the ponies just to get their rocks off.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:13 No.21653790
    As part of a evil finale: Nightmare moon joins with a pegasus with powerful connections with the weather. They shall command light, weather, and <later to be revealed>. It is all in an attempt to subvert the power of friendship.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:14 No.21653802
    >with a fashion
    Stop being so judgmental, Rarity.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:14 No.21653803
         File1291500880.jpg-(35 KB, 640x360, 1290938008223.jpg)
    35 KB

    the implications of this are either completely awesome, or completely terrifying, depending on how you choose to view it
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:15 No.21653811
    In a shout-out to /co/, the pegasus is named Nightwing.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:15 No.21653815

    There isn't enough of this shit. I'm drawing one right now, but I don't like posting works in progress. I'll wait til I'm done.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:15 No.21653829

    >You will never do anything pony-related that is this awesome
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:16 No.21653849
         File1291501001.jpg-(29 KB, 619x479, trixie2.jpg)
    29 KB

    Nice try Pinkie Pie! The Great and Powerful Trixie already manually controls every aspect of her beautiful and amazing frame!
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:17 No.21653854
    Well, yeah, because it's got horse in the title. I'm listening to Laser Cannon Deth Sentence, which doesn't fit quite so well. Whatever.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:19 No.21653894
         File1291501144.jpg-(71 KB, 590x407, batman-last-supper.jpg)
    71 KB
    Yes, it's almost as if the ponies have vanquished the gods and taken their places.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:19 No.21653897
    Posting this here since it was also posted in the pony quest thread

    Four pony interactive comics from the tgchan site.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:20 No.21653913
         File1291501208.jpg-(95 KB, 1024x745, pinkiepie_human.jpg)
    95 KB
    needs moar balloons.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:22 No.21653956
    it's a saturday afternoon and you pathetic shits are talking about a show for little girls. look at yourselves in the mirror: THIS is what your life has lead to.

    you are a fucking embarrassment. it's time for you to grow up, get a job, and stop being a detriment to society. you are the problem.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:22 No.21653965

    Woah, ponies are badass.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:23 No.21653986
    >it's a saturday afternoon and you pathetic shits are talking about comic books. look at yourselves in the mirror: THIS is what your life has lead to.

    >you are a fucking embarrassment. it's time for you to grow up, get a job, and stop being a detriment to society. you are the problem.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:24 No.21653989
         File1291501445.png-(120 KB, 427x246, giggle at the ghosties.png)
    120 KB
    >look in the mirror
    >see my handsome self
    >graduating with a bachelor in Electrical Engineering this semester
    >already got a job lined up at Reliant
    >go back to talking about ponies on the internet

    Life is fantastic, /co/.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:24 No.21653991
    They're all on hiatus though. Hopefully that'll change when the winter break comes.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:24 No.21653992

    y so mad
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:24 No.21654005
         File1291501499.jpg-(228 KB, 600x780, 1289778662225.jpg)
    228 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:25 No.21654008
    it's a saturday afternoon and you are on 4chan trolling a thread about a show for little girls. look at yourselves in the mirror: THIS is what your life has lead to.

    you are a fucking embarrassment. it's time for you to grow up, get a job, and stop being a detriment to society. you are the problem.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:25 No.21654014
    Well yeah, it's finals time. Still can suggest, catch up and stuff, and seeing their quest on the front page might get them to update.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:26 No.21654028
         File1291501562.png-(399 KB, 533x452, 1291086356731.png)
    399 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:26 No.21654044
    bumping in the hopes someone save that picture with the pony base, wings, and unicorn horn. It didn't save right when I downloaded it and I need it for a project.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:26 No.21654048
         File1291501617.png-(211 KB, 640x360, Fluttershywhat.png)
    211 KB
    Did the guy who uploaded Dragonshy as a .mp4 upload any other episodes?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:27 No.21654052
         File1291501623.jpg-(36 KB, 300x298, 1287680476220.jpg)
    36 KB
    But my job isn't open on the weekends
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:27 No.21654058
    >seeing their quest on the front page might get them to update.

    Only if it's Gnoll's. The others have all said they won't be updating for another couple weeks.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:27 No.21654063
    >i dont know hat the word 'trolling' means but i'll use it anyway
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:27 No.21654065
         File1291501671.png-(58 KB, 607x491, PonyTemplate.png)
    58 KB
    This one?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:28 No.21654073
    Seal might! And one of the others might anyways to satisfy fans!
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:28 No.21654076
    >I can't spell for shit, so I'll just post on 4chan because I have nothing better to do with my life
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:28 No.21654082
    I knew that whole "Celestia ushers in the day" shit didn't go far enough. There's a whole Greek mythology pantheon thing going on here. The ponies rebelled against the Elder Gods and set all of creation under mortal control.

    Yeah, that's going to come back to bite them in the ass. Friendship is magic? More like "friendship is barely holding all of reality together by a thread". Celestia isn't tutoring Twilight, she's training a new general in the fight between order and chaos.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:30 No.21654110
         File1291501805.png-(170 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-23h33m29s48.png)
    170 KB
    I have not, that was the first. However, I have plenty of ripped copies that can be easily converted. Is there one you want?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:31 No.21654132
    Oh my god yes! Thank you so much brony!
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:31 No.21654145
         File1291501904.jpg-(101 KB, 500x406, meh.ro5526.jpg)
    101 KB

    >it's time for you to grow up, get a job, and stop being a detriment to society.

    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:33 No.21654176
    >have nothing to refute the point
    >become angry instead
    >the life and times of a 12 year old on 4chan

    reported for underage.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:33 No.21654181
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:33 No.21654183
         File1291501997.png-(113 KB, 263x280, eeer.png)
    113 KB
    >Saturday afternoon
    >work in an hour
    >At RPing trixie on /co/ for fun

    The GREAT and POWERFUL Trixie has nothing better to do for the next hour.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:34 No.21654210
         File1291502086.png-(118 KB, 587x478, 1291332440251.png)
    118 KB
    I think the other thread had more human pony art if you're looking around.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:34 No.21654216
         File1291502098.jpg-(46 KB, 500x375, a6ec11a928a8867a_evilgirl.xxla(...).jpg)
    46 KB
    That picture reminds me of this.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:35 No.21654225
    Silly troll. There are no 12 year old boys that like this show. The people who watch this are 6 year old girls and >18 year old guys (actually, probably more like >25)
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:35 No.21654229
    The great and powerful Trixie has to work on Saturday? Ha ha.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:36 No.21654240
         File1291502217.png-(83 KB, 195x280, 1290841541763.png)
    83 KB

    Stable job, just bought a new car. Now back to discussing ponies. Fuck yeah.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:37 No.21654249
         File1291502265.png-(453 KB, 1772x1771, SuperStarTwilightSparkle.png)
    453 KB
    Can someone post the General Thread image and all the links?

    You guys usually do...
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:37 No.21654250
    Look at their vests. Rarity and Fluttershy have little bunnies on theirs. SO they are in charge of fixing up the homes of the little animals. Rarity was made for that, since it seems like she gets to do her Martha Stewart thing.
    >> ulvurUltimatum 12/04/10(Sat)17:38 No.21654254
    The Winter Wrap-Up video gets more impressive when you realize it's all animated in goddamn Flash.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:38 No.21654259
    cart maintenance and fireworks don't pay for themselves you know
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:39 No.21654269
    someone posted the target demographs for this show as 9-12 girls and 25-34 males and females
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:40 No.21654288

    Two theories are Unicorn magic goes inactive during winter. The other is that it's a tradition that nobody uses magic during the Winter Wrap Up ceremony or whatever. You'll notice that none of the other Unicorns are using magic either, so it could go either way, though I favor not using magic being a tradition.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:40 No.21654293
    oh, the 25+ were the youtube vid stats for FiM stuff
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:40 No.21654295
    But she doesn't have a cart anymore.
    She's homeless now.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:40 No.21654298
    those shakes aren't cheap too. The great and powerful trixie only accepts the best.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:42 No.21654329
         File1291502554.jpg-(81 KB, 469x356, 1291239746138.jpg)
    81 KB
    >666 was stated for being the voted amount for Nightmare moon
    >732 now

    >My fucking face when there's about 500 grown men watching my little ponies
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:44 No.21654357

    Or Celestia dies and all the magic disappears.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:44 No.21654364
         File1291502665.jpg-(90 KB, 600x800, Flutter.jpg)
    90 KB
    Would, uh, all of them be too much to ask?

    Or at least Applebuck Season?

    IS there a good quality Applebuck Season? I remember one episode didn't get a good quality upload or something...
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:44 No.21654374
    how much for megatron?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:44 No.21654375
    18 year old guy who loves ponies here.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:45 No.21654389
    >implying that there hasn't been great animation before made in flash

    Flash is a tool, some use it well and make good quality. However you can use it to make cheap animation too which most use flash for.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:45 No.21654397
         File1291502744.jpg-(10 KB, 222x203, 1271114357496.jpg)
    10 KB
    >He thinks it's only around 500
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:46 No.21654403
    Anyone got soem MLP avatars for forums? I need some. Applejack prefered
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:46 No.21654410
    Hey bronies, got redirected to this thread.

    Does anyone have some decently hi-res (doesn't have to be amazingly huge) pics of the ponies with a good view of their cutie marks? Or better yet, just the cutie marks by themselves w/ the background color?

    I'm making little necklaces for my friends and myself and I can't find anything good enough to use.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:46 No.21654418
         File1291502802.png-(147 KB, 399x320, d.png)
    147 KB
    Neighsayers everywhere! the Great and Powerful Trixie works to build CONNECTIONS with fellow ponies of HIGH caliber, unlike you FOALS who do nothing but stirrup trouble and waste your pathetic lives away clopping around and smoking sweet feed behind your DISGUSTING barns.

    The extra pay is NOTHING compared to what the Great and Powerful Trixie makes in a single HOUR with her stellar showponyship.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:47 No.21654439
         File1291502863.png-(232 KB, 1120x1805, 1289788695489.png)
    232 KB
    celestia may die, but I don't think the magic would disappear
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:48 No.21654449
    Reminder: Real men don't whine about CARTOON fanbases.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:48 No.21654452
    Buck off, Trixie! Your showpony ways are no match for the magic of friendship!
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:48 No.21654455
    >Implying every person in MLP threads are male
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:48 No.21654456
    This is one interesting request.
    Makes me think of attempting to vector the cutie marks, how big do you need them?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:49 No.21654472
    So uh..
    Why is Twilight black?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:49 No.21654480
         File1291502985.png-(42 KB, 1260x984, 1291007336493.png)
    42 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:49 No.21654481
    Or some of Spike with his Moostache
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:50 No.21654496
    What if magic is fueled by nature? With it being winter the magic levels would drop and their magic would be very limited.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:50 No.21654497
         File1291503033.png-(252 KB, 4381x4229, 1290973105586.png)
    252 KB
    already exists, I'll post what I have. No background color, cut them out from paint and use the eyedrop tool from a pic of the normal pony to give it the same background color.

    Sadly all I have is rainbow dash's tramp stamp.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:51 No.21654514

    >Implying there's women on 4chan
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:51 No.21654519
    There are quite a few females around here actually. Not nearly as many as guys though
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:52 No.21654525
         File1291503123.jpg-(41 KB, 640x480, facepalmkiva.jpg)
    41 KB
    sure is great jokes from 2003 in here.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:52 No.21654532
    >implying there aren't.

    Most just don't mention it to prevent shitstorm or debate when they could be talking about ponies.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:52 No.21654536
         File1291503143.png-(122 KB, 342x271, 1290520169789.png)
    122 KB
    >implying the Great and Powerful Trixie would require a weakling like Celestia to use magic.

    You FOALS are ridiculous
    >> Paradox !!xOi/V3twRA4 12/04/10(Sat)17:53 No.21654554
    pretty much
    >> plaster !!jmx4uiTwqQl 12/04/10(Sat)17:53 No.21654566
         File1291503225.jpg-(846 KB, 1536x2048, IMG00009-20101121-1025[1].jpg)
    846 KB
    i did it... i bought this
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:54 No.21654576
    I have to admit I'm mildly curious to know what the male/female ratio for MLP threads is, but there's no way to seriously tell. Males are probably the majority, because they know they shouldn't be liking this (if that makes sense).
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:54 No.21654580
         File1291503256.png-(53 KB, 1216x1773, 1291075822460.png)
    53 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:54 No.21654586
    Yeah.. The only board where the ratio of genders are near equal is /cgl/.
    Although I think there might actually be more females than males there.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:54 No.21654590
         File1291503275.png-(266 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-14h57m36s11(...).png)
    266 KB
    ill work on it. applebuck season is finicky. There was a HQ visual rip, but it first came with no audio. It was taken down and put back up with poorer quality. There is a link to a HQ esp with audio played over it on the 4chanplus thread.
    I'll start from the top, in any case.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:54 No.21654593
    >G3 ponies next to it
    get that hellspawn away from the good stuff.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:55 No.21654603
         File1291503317.png-(70 KB, 1218x1180, 1291071149361.png)
    70 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:55 No.21654610
    Open any MLP FiM video
    click on statistics
    scroll down to avg age of viewers
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:55 No.21654621
    When the stars are right, more than mere ponies will emerge from the moon and beyond!
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:56 No.21654631
    Dear lord I want that set so badly! But even if any stores near me were selling them if I brought it home I'm pretty sure my boyfriend would dump me.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:56 No.21654642
    /cgl/ probably has a 80% female population.
    /y/, /cm/ and /a/ are also high in girls.
    As far as it goes, a surprising amount of boards have a 50/50 ratio.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:56 No.21654658
    This video is most popular with:
    Gender Age
    Female 13-17
    Male 25-34
    Female 25-34

    sounds about right.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:57 No.21654660
         File1291503420.jpg-(75 KB, 700x639, HPIM5621t700.jpg)
    75 KB
    Thanks for the vectors, these will be awesome. Making scrabble tile pendants, pic related. I will be the prettiest pony on campus.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:57 No.21654671
    Actually, my iPhone doesn't seem to want to read Dragonshy for whatever reason. It probably won't read any of the other episodes, either.

    Did you have any problems with this? I don't really know what the hell I'm supposed to do.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:57 No.21654684
         File1291503463.png-(111 KB, 1974x1812, 1291075360613.png)
    111 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:57 No.21654689
    That makes no sense. You mean you haven't introduced your boyfriend to MLP, or he didn't like it? If the former, what are you waiting for? If the latter, why don't you get a new one?

    Male here. I'm deadly serious about this...
    >> KinkyMare !!Lt2QVxFBHMB 12/04/10(Sat)17:58 No.21654697
         File1291503499.png-(116 KB, 480x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-03-20h57m46s99.png)
    116 KB

    >Take her in the bath tub!
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:58 No.21654707
    I like that the clip they chose to show Twilight being nice shows her being rude as shit.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:59 No.21654719
    Did... did you just insult your creator?
    Prepare for divine retribution, my dear.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)17:59 No.21654726
         File1291503575.gif-(1.92 MB, 640x360, AJcomingatyou.gif)
    1.92 MB
    Bought this myself, $20+$27.49 Shipping + the impending import taxes ($5-10)
    Dedicated British-Bronie
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:00 No.21654740
         File1291503621.jpg-(115 KB, 800x600, 1291088593526.jpg)
    115 KB
    reminds me precure's viewers over in japan
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:00 No.21654747
         File1291503640.png-(88 KB, 264x263, cast.png)
    88 KB

    She moves the sun and the moon

    That's it.

    The only thing she has over The Great and Powerful Trixie is TIME.

    In 10 years The Great and Powerful Trixie will move ENTIRE GALAXIES.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:00 No.21654748
         File1291503642.png-(90 KB, 480x268, icamepaper-(n1291008280294).png)
    90 KB
    I know exactly how you feel. My boyfriend won't have anything to do with ponies and wants to know 'how deep this obsession runs'. Thankfully we don't live together yet, so I can enjoy my ponies at full blast.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:01 No.21654766
    I'm pretty sure he would hate it just from the "My Little Pony" tag. If it were just called "Friendship is Magic" he MIGHT have given it a chance. But he hates ponies.... I've had to put all my modded ponies in storage just so he wouldn't find out about my pony love.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:01 No.21654768
    i don't use it for iphone use. so i really couldn't help you. I'll review the encoding to see if I am doing anything wrong.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:02 No.21654775

    I want that set

    But I wouldn't be able to keep it anywhere other than under my bed or something.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:02 No.21654780
         File1291503728.png-(61 KB, 1530x1193, 1291075467789.png)
    61 KB
    whoops, almost forgot twilight's
    >> plaster !!jmx4uiTwqQl 12/04/10(Sat)18:03 No.21654804
         File1291503834.jpg-(15 KB, 320x252, tru plushie.jpg)
    15 KB
    when i was at toys r us they only had the pinkie pie plush left. it was a decent size, but all the plushies look like they got a haircut by their core demographic.
    then there was a story book readalong pinkie pie, that would read those special books that come with the toys. sounds too much like fluttershy, threw me off
    >> Action Hank 12/04/10(Sat)18:03 No.21654805
         File1291503834.jpg-(398 KB, 900x1238, actionhankhatesponiesco.jpg)
    398 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:03 No.21654807
         File1291503839.jpg-(12 KB, 351x267, 1291174804828.jpg)
    12 KB

    Why don't you ladies come hang with me then? I'll fully embrace your pony obsessions! I'll even roleplay big mac if you roleplay twilight and fluttershy!
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:04 No.21654811
         File1291503860.jpg-(15 KB, 288x278, Twilight.jpg)
    15 KB
    On the subject of Pony toys, does anyone have the dollhair Twilight Sparkle?

    She's one of the few toys I'm considering, because BRUSHABLE HAIR, but I'm wondering if she can be styled to be a bit more show-accurate? Maybe even just combing her?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:05 No.21654827
    that is not dashes cutie mark..
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:05 No.21654831
    I feel like there must be some sort of twelve step program to implement. Although if he really *hates* ponies, I'm not sure. As long as you're just going "MLP is for little girls, I'm not watching that" you're easy to convert. As tons of bronies here can attest to.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:05 No.21654837
    Are you a brony or a filly? It would be weird for a guy to walk around with MLP jewelry
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:06 No.21654842

    That's precisely the fantasy that most people who are into this show embrace.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:06 No.21654845
    I was never very good with that type of hair. I'd try to brush it but it'd always get all ratty.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:06 No.21654847
         File1291503976.png-(479 KB, 707x1000, 1290929207212.png)
    479 KB
    >> plaster !!jmx4uiTwqQl 12/04/10(Sat)18:06 No.21654856
    that IS dedication holy shit.
    i spent $17 on it, and i only bought it because it was on sale.
    then the cashier was all "this looks interesting!" and it was difficult to keep a straight face and pretend that i was buying it as a gift. bullets were sweat
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:06 No.21654857
    But I'm more of a Rainbow Dash girl. (not gay just she's my favorite)
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:07 No.21654878
         File1291504062.png-(329 KB, 715x462, 1290640465518.png)
    329 KB
    Then it's a date! I'll play trixie, you play dash!
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:08 No.21654887
         File1291504087.png-(1007 KB, 449x1467, 1291177206055.png)
    1007 KB
    And I doubt you'd want me. :<

    Posting more funny pics though.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:08 No.21654890

    Yeah, that still works.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:09 No.21654912
         File1291504163.jpg-(41 KB, 640x360, ApplejackDerp.jpg)
    41 KB
    >difficult to pass off as a gift.
    >it's December.

    What the hell kind of store did you buy that at, man?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:11 No.21654954
         File1291504279.jpg-(7 KB, 277x286, CommanderShepard.jpg)
    7 KB

    >"this looks interesting!"
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:11 No.21654955
    He was saying that he couldn't show interest and still pass it off as a gift.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:11 No.21654956
    He's pretty much against anything "Kawai" so even though it's animated by the lovely Lauren Faust I doubt he'd give it a second look simply because it kinda looks like anime.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:11 No.21654957
         File1291504285.png-(279 KB, 1920x1080, Dash.png)
    279 KB
    I love all the people hating on this for not being manly enough for the average cartoon enthusiast.

    Know what's "manly"? Having the confidence to define what manly means instead of being told. Having the confidence to not feel less of a man because you like a show about ponies. Being confident enough to know that "girly" doesn't equal "bad" outside of a school playground, where the anti-girl show crowd seems to still be. Having the confidence to know that it doesn't even matter.

    Rainbow Dash is more manly than most of you "manly" men and you know it.
    >> plaster !!jmx4uiTwqQl 12/04/10(Sat)18:11 No.21654958
    well it was toys r us, so it pretty much passed itself, but that was the only thing i bought. i ended up telling some bs story about how its all the rage with my niece, and that she made me watch a few episodes. luckily i knew that was the point in time where i shut my mouth
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:11 No.21654959

    My Little Pony:
    The new porno mag
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:11 No.21654964
         File1291504299.jpg-(173 KB, 1024x765, 1289694814001.jpg)
    173 KB
    /co/'s future
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:11 No.21654966
         File1291504306.png-(3 KB, 223x176, 1288125577834.png)
    3 KB

    Is it possible that people are trying to hook up through pony threads?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:12 No.21654968
    no wings, not FIM Dash
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:12 No.21654970
         File1291504327.png-(354 KB, 3004x2460, 1290932095401.png)
    354 KB
    >> The Smooze !aUG/c2CV/I 12/04/10(Sat)18:12 No.21654976
    I'm from.... Canada. Yeah.
    I'm an Amerifag. Feels bad, man.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:12 No.21654982
    Wow /co/ you guys are fucking pathetic, you guys realize this is a shitty show for 8 year old girls.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:12 No.21654987
         File1291504378.jpg-(93 KB, 854x480, 1291085541280.jpg)
    93 KB
    >> plaster !!jmx4uiTwqQl 12/04/10(Sat)18:13 No.21654990
         File1291504381.png-(648 KB, 1224x936, 1291181111085.png)
    648 KB
    sounds like a really fun dude
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:13 No.21654999
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:13 No.21655008
    i would if i could
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:13 No.21655013
    Might as well call it/mlp/
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:13 No.21655021
    we'll make stop motion shows and star in dragonquest commercials?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:15 No.21655036
    Now I want art of /co/nrad playing with My Little Ponies.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:15 No.21655038

    Nah. It's not serious hooking up, just "I wish I knew you so we could hang out but the sheer impossibility of it all renders any want moot."
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:16 No.21655056
    This show is kawaii as all get out, so that would make things more difficult.

    ...maybe some Powerpuff Girls as a gateway drug? Also Faust, and though kawaii, could be accepted because it's part of the parody.

    I can't believe I'm drawing up elaborate plans to get people hooked on MLP, but there you go.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:16 No.21655057
         File1291504569.png-(104 KB, 261x195, DerpyPie.png)
    104 KB
    Actually, I figured out what was wrong.

    It works now!
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:16 No.21655059
         File1291504582.jpg-(57 KB, 600x393, conradplayingwithhisponies.jpg)
    57 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:16 No.21655076
         File1291504604.jpg-(147 KB, 1747x748, 1291190739415.jpg)
    147 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:16 No.21655078

    MLP:FIM in my Robot Chicken? It's more likely than you think.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:17 No.21655104
         File1291504663.png-(94 KB, 568x600, rainbow_dash.png)
    94 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:18 No.21655111
    Meh, he doesn't have to like everything I like. Besides that's pretty much his only flaw, he's like Big Mac but human and more nerdy.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:18 No.21655112
    Are they still making episodes?
    Shit I might have to start watching it...
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:18 No.21655116
         File1291504712.png-(196 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-14h27m24s16(...).png)
    196 KB
    very good. I'll start with encoding / uploading 3, then 4...then at the end if you are still around ill do 1 and 2.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:18 No.21655129
    >/co/ getting a chick to play ponies with him

    >Realize I'm foreveralone.jpg
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:20 No.21655157
    I wouldnt mind a girl who liked watching cartoons with me. Same with anime, and a few video games. As well as my /k/ hobbies
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:20 No.21655159
    Wrong post, reply to >>21654956.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:20 No.21655163
    What's the story behind /cgl/ freaking out here?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:21 No.21655193
    /v/irgin reporting in.

    why do you guys like ponycomics, I thought /co/ was about batman and stuff.
    >> Doc Melonhead 12/04/10(Sat)18:23 No.21655211
    >>NB4 Megatron riding NightMare Moon with the Phrase "Real Villains Rides each other".
    >> plaster !!jmx4uiTwqQl 12/04/10(Sat)18:23 No.21655222
    im unpacking them now. twilight and pinkie pie are out, they're surprisingly heavy
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:23 No.21655224
    when we first started getting into it almost all boards were pleasantly surprised, but /cgl/, having a larger female population who played with the old toys, didn't like it that much due to nostalgiagoggles
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:25 No.21655267
    /r/ing stories...
    For research.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:25 No.21655269
         File1291505156.png-(56 KB, 400x360, 1291365730289.png)
    56 KB
    I was totally serious! But if you don't want to hook up and play ponies with me then that is perfectly fine!

    I'll just go find a better girl to rp applajack with.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:27 No.21655300
    Maybe telling him it's by the team that made PPG and Foster's would change his mind.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:27 No.21655305
    It's essentially the same Molly as to increase, that's why you never got the show off the ground, you fag? Maybe if you increase viewership by fixing the core problem, I didn't see the ending coming but you still came.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:27 No.21655311

    It's not that simple Dash, I'm afraid Applejack has...AMNESIA
    >> plaster !!jmx4uiTwqQl 12/04/10(Sat)18:28 No.21655322
    i wish i had aj's hat. and the story book just gives the abbreviated version of the first two eps with copy and paste pictures and backgrounds. totally not worth it for the book. but the toys are nice
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:28 No.21655335
    I want to see a comic with some manly guy playing a game with some bros, then after they go home, he goes into his room, makes sure the coast is clear, and then pull a suspicious box out from under his bed.
    But instead of porn, he pulls out some beautiful ponies, and happily plays with them into the night.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:29 No.21655352
    Big Mac wouldnt mind girly stuff. Heck, he bet to wear a girdle/dress and walk down the street in it.

    Being manly doesnt mean being tough, it means being honest, brave, and forthright.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:29 No.21655359
    >MLP as a soap opera
    >fuck yeah
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:30 No.21655384
         File1291505437.png-(171 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-19h16m06s78.png)
    171 KB
    Damn you, so lucky!
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:30 No.21655388
    make him be drinking out at the bars
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:30 No.21655389
    Ah I see, I visit /cgl/ regularly too, but I love this new series. I was a bit sceptical about the art at first, but I really like it after watching it.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:31 No.21655399
    >implying those are strictly masculine traits
    >thus implying being womanly means being lying and cowardly

    sure is sexism in here.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:31 No.21655405
    shit show for little girls, fuck off, faggots
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:32 No.21655433

    Sounds like a good folder for the pony stash.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:32 No.21655443
    Put them in hilarious positions and take pictures of it.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:32 No.21655445
    *being a liar
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:32 No.21655447
         File1291505574.jpg-(9 KB, 314x315, 1260340397280.jpg)
    9 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:32 No.21655451
         File1291505577.png-(339 KB, 573x407, Dash (24).png)
    339 KB
    TRY ME!

    I'll make her remember in 10 SECONDS FLAT!
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:33 No.21655454
    Where can I find episodes 8+ ? I just watched 7 and I want more. :<
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:34 No.21655483
    there's episode 8

    nothing beyond that yet, that just premiered yesterday.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:36 No.21655524

    Hmm. It's odd that the most feminine of the main characters are Rarity and Fluttershy. And the former's greedy, whereas the latter's a coward.

    And the two best characters on the show are a boy and a tomboy.

    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:36 No.21655547
         File1291505792.jpg-(59 KB, 511x411, hbmlpppgmayors1unf.jpg)
    59 KB
    How about real Mayors?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:36 No.21655555
         File1291505812.jpg-(526 KB, 1024x765, mlp_sethgreen.jpg)
    526 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:37 No.21655564
    >> ‪‮‪‮/oc/ fo rednamm/oc/‮ ‭MIXMASTER VORKED‫‭‭‪‮‭‬‬‬‬‬ !BEEtLE/iVI 12/04/10(Sat)18:38 No.21655593
    Voted for Regular Show, Symbionic, and Adventure Time.
    The shows that DESERVE IT.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:38 No.21655599
    Because she has a purple coat, which is in contrast with Rarity's white coat. If Twilight were white she'd look too much like Rarity.

    I like it. Rainbow Dash looks too much like a boy, but other than that, it's spot-on.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:38 No.21655600
         File1291505909.jpg-(34 KB, 600x338, 1291366188543.jpg)
    34 KB
    3 best characters

    Dash, fluttershy, twilight.

    Only one is a tomboy

    and no boy

    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:38 No.21655601
    >Put them in hilarious positions and take pictures of it.

    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:38 No.21655610
    stories of?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:39 No.21655630
    Oh god I want that. What have you done to me /co/ ?

    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:40 No.21655643

    Spike is the best character. Being the only boy, that should have been easy for you to figure out. I know, I know. Logic is kind of like math. And math is hard.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:40 No.21655652
    Yes, we do. We know it is childish (in my /co/? it's more likely than you think.), we know it's aimed at girls who are magnitudes of age younger than us. We know it is flash animated. We know it is looked down upon by others.

    We know it is cute. We know it is funny. We know it is well written. And we know that we love it and have watched, do watch and will continue to watch it.

    So pray tell, what the holy flying fuck is your point?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:41 No.21655662

    Just imagine an episode where the focus is on Dash + Rarity interaction... with the former preparing for her wonderbolt audition and the latter trying to give her a pretty makeover

    Dash in a frilly dress dare you imagine it?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:41 No.21655678
         File1291506088.png-(144 KB, 424x336, 1289499015844.png)
    144 KB
    >fancy mathematics
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:41 No.21655687
    That's it? But I need more. :<
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:42 No.21655703
    Bro. Spike is hands down the best character. Hes funny, charming, and intelligent.

    And hes a gotdamn dragon. Can't go wrong there.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:43 No.21655721
         File1291506203.jpg-(25 KB, 851x480, grin batman.jpg)
    25 KB
    So you like boys, do you?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:44 No.21655737
    I for one am preparing myself for when the girls watching this are old enough to date so I can lure them in with in-depth discussions about their childhood favorite.

    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:44 No.21655755
         File1291506289.png-(172 KB, 480x268, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-23h52m28s18(...).png)
    172 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:45 No.21655759

    I think they have souls.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:45 No.21655769
    that's all there is

    you can try the game, but there's no save feature yet (are we EVER going to get one?)
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:45 No.21655777

    Only twenty something males are watching this.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:45 No.21655778
         File1291506337.jpg-(174 KB, 500x666, awesome optimus.jpg)
    174 KB

    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:45 No.21655783
    Bic Mcintosh (with his fancy mathematics) is pretty awesome too
    AJ definitely gets her honesty from him.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:46 No.21655798
    One week at a time is all we're getting. It's like the primitive stone age peoples of the pre-internet all over again
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:46 No.21655799
         File1291506381.jpg-(99 KB, 609x353, mlp- pony costumes.jpg)
    99 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:46 No.21655817
    > implying woman are anything but lying cowards
    >> plaster !!jmx4uiTwqQl 12/04/10(Sat)18:47 No.21655836
         File1291506444.jpg-(586 KB, 1536x2048, IMG00014-20101204-1740.jpg)
    586 KB
    unfortunately i don't have any good ideas on what to do, but i did notice that princess celestia has a bit of an eye issue. apparently when they made this they wanted you to only look at her from the side.
    and all i have is my phone to take pictures, sorry for the poor quality
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:48 No.21655863
    I think it's better this way
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:48 No.21655874
         File1291506527.png-(94 KB, 280x382, hadesplease.png)
    94 KB
    Seriously, get that shit out of my pony thread. If you can't play nice, infest one of the other /co/ threads.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:48 No.21655876
         File1291506530.jpg-(181 KB, 719x1111, 7.jpg)
    181 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:48 No.21655877
         File1291506531.jpg-(339 KB, 1100x1090, 1291421541004.jpg)
    339 KB
    The six legged pony with a purple polka-dotted mane with shooting stars coming out from his eyes, who flies all over the world to hide magic sparkly eggs needs to be a character
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:49 No.21655881
         File1291506553.png-(45 KB, 300x259, angry virgins and misogynists.png)
    45 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:50 No.21655911
         File1291506624.jpg-(34 KB, 454x360, roflbot-xbCc.jpg)
    34 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:50 No.21655926
    But they'll be 16 and you'll be like 30. Don't think they're gonna go for it bro.

    Remember, teenagers like college-aged cool guys. 30 is like middle-aged to them.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:50 No.21655929
    OH GOD NO.

    Now I have to work the entire thing out in my mind.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:51 No.21655957
    I guess we know where Derpy came from now
    >> plaster !!jmx4uiTwqQl 12/04/10(Sat)18:52 No.21655965
         File1291506732.jpg-(582 KB, 2048x1536, IMG00018-20101204-1749.jpg)
    582 KB
    (oh god what have i done)
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:54 No.21656017
    Fluttershy as pony horrible? Twilight would be a lot more acceptable.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:54 No.21656025
    i voted optimus
    i voted him 1
    +70 times
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:54 No.21656037
    Ho shit! SuperNes!

    What's that game?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:55 No.21656047
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:56 No.21656065
    What's the last name of Fluttershy and Rarity? I mean we have Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle and Apple Jack.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:57 No.21656097
    According to my BF, this is the horse that Odin is supposed to ride in the apocalypse.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:58 No.21656110
    Applejack is one word.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:58 No.21656114
    Those aren't last names. Twilight isn't in the phone book as "Sparkle, Twilight", Twilight is just her nickname. And I'm pretty sure "Applejack" is one word.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:58 No.21656115
         File1291507100.png-(177 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-19h16m44s20(...).png)
    177 KB
    Want this play set SO MUCH!
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:58 No.21656119

    Those look a lot better than I thought they would.

    Are there any for Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Fluttershy?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)18:59 No.21656134
    I can't believe somebody drew that.
    >> ‪‮‪‮ ≋ ‮ ‭Ocean Breeze‫‭‭‪‮‭‬‬‬‬‬ 12/04/10(Sat)19:00 No.21656155
    Yeah, if they were going to have her looking to one side they should have kept it consistent.

    Oh well. Not like that particular set was exactly "picture perfect" to begin with :\
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:00 No.21656163
    Sleipnir has eight legs. And I'm also uncertain about the "hiding magic sparkly eggs" thing, but Norse mythology is pretty rich, so who knows...
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:00 No.21656169
    in the show i thought AJ only had one ponytail on one side, hmm
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:02 No.21656194
    someone drew him all right, but now someone needs to add color to really bring him to life
    >> plaster !!jmx4uiTwqQl 12/04/10(Sat)19:02 No.21656196
    rock n roll racing!
    not yet, but when they do come out im getting them
    true, she's also pink. not white. damnit i want aj's hat too.
    >> ‪‮‪‮ ≋ ‮ ‭Ocean Breeze‫‭‭‪‮‭‬‬‬‬‬ 12/04/10(Sat)19:02 No.21656211
    +1. I get the feeling that "family names" are really more based on inherited naming themes than having an actual surname attached. Like how the Delicious brothers both had Apple Clan names, even though you don't see Apple in them anywhere. Or the Cake and Pie families.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:05 No.21656277
    I'm training to get a high paying job. I don't mind a trophy wife, but I want us to be able to talk about something. ;_;
    >> ‪‮‪‮ ≋ ‮ ‭Ocean Breeze‫‭‭‪‮‭‬‬‬‬‬ 12/04/10(Sat)19:06 No.21656301
         File1291507611.png-(649 KB, 1951x1719, Princess_Celestia_Darkfiltered.png)
    649 KB
    Celestia actually is just slightly pink. Granted you have to turn the brightness way down to see it, but...
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:07 No.21656314
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:12 No.21656420
         File1291507931.jpg-(81 KB, 700x477, sleipnir.jpg)
    81 KB
    You know... he could be the Equestrian version of Odin's horse, Sleipnir, but...
    ...I think it's just a theory, since Sleipnir had eight legs, not six.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:16 No.21656503
    Requesting the MP3's of Pinkie Pie's song and Winter Wrap Up.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:18 No.21656553
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:19 No.21656587
         File1291508343.gif-(1.2 MB, 480x360, 1291363132402.gif)
    1.2 MB

    Wait. What the fuck happened at the end of the first story? Did the horse get boiled alive or some shit?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:20 No.21656622
    Thank you brony!
    >> !lickalolilicious Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:20 No.21656633
         File1291508456.gif-(277 KB, 400x300, Rarity wiggles it.gif)
    277 KB
    "Hey Bronies! If you want some of this you'd better vote for us."
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:23 No.21656710
    Bitch please, I won't settle for anypony less than AppleJack.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:25 No.21656742
         File1291508708.png-(3 KB, 279x237, 1281377520830.png)
    3 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:25 No.21656743
    Can someone shop in "Yes. I am a wizard" in this picture in the same style as >>21655678
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:27 No.21656790
         File1291508820.jpg-(39 KB, 567x300, 1290545131030.jpg)
    39 KB
    while not that pic you requested, there's this thats floating around
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:28 No.21656817
         File1291508907.jpg-(236 KB, 600x650, 1273428285191.jpg)
    236 KB
    Now I feel bad... I actually got an erection watching this.

    What have you done to me /co/?!
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:30 No.21656856
         File1291509023.jpg-(117 KB, 378x358, 1290237407512.jpg)
    117 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:33 No.21656926
    It's not finished yet.
    The author paused it because the other authors had to take a break due to school and other obligations, and they're all supposedly intertwined.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:34 No.21656928
    if the show is made with flash, does that mean it has infinite resolution?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:36 No.21656974
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:37 No.21656989

    So all four of them are separate things, and not done yet? That's a relief.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:37 No.21657011
    Good lord baby Cloud Dancer is adorable.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:38 No.21657030
         File1291509510.png-(1.65 MB, 1024x768, RYAN.png)
    1.65 MB

    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:39 No.21657043

    er. Not seperate things. But not done yet? Still a relief.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:39 No.21657064
         File1291509591.png-(71 KB, 420x388, 00.png)
    71 KB
    Oh you guys
    >> Shelltoon !1/0wtbpNAE 12/04/10(Sat)19:40 No.21657069
         File1291509609.png-(188 KB, 1920x1079, p-team-rainbowdash.png)
    188 KB
    Made a new wallpaper everypony! Yes, the other characters will get their wallpapers.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:42 No.21657108
    Why feel bad?
    It is fairly obvious what they were trying to do with that scene.

    I fapped, and I feel fine.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:42 No.21657109
         File1291509739.png-(320 KB, 640x360, 1290949544819.png)
    320 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:42 No.21657118
         File1291509749.gif-(208 KB, 403x296, 1290243599687.gif)
    208 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:42 No.21657127
    I'm doubting the truthfulness of this but it's a fun read nonetheless.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:44 No.21657156
         File1291509855.jpg-(14 KB, 369x305, 1281282733330.jpg)
    14 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:44 No.21657162
         File1291509876.jpg-(171 KB, 1280x720, dowant3.jpg)
    171 KB

    Sweet Lord, that is some delicious Rarity ass! I'd love to see Rainbow Dash trot over and bury her face into that moist and tender candy vag.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:46 No.21657194
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:46 No.21657201
         File1291509990.png-(566 KB, 1227x1635, PONITHRED.png)
    566 KB
    the other thread is dead now, but I feel this needs to be posted often
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:46 No.21657207
         File1291510003.jpg-(27 KB, 318x390, donotwant.jpg)
    27 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:47 No.21657222
         File1291510032.png-(119 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-19h14m13s24(...).png)
    119 KB
    God among men, thank you!
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:47 No.21657237
         File1291510067.png-(183 KB, 463x352, afa.png)
    183 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:48 No.21657251
    hey, its derpy!
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:48 No.21657259
         File1291510123.jpg-(89 KB, 253x750, theshitiputupwith.jpg)
    89 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:49 No.21657270
         File1291510171.gif-(95 KB, 150x150, Yay.gif)
    95 KB
    Holy shit someone saved my story!
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:49 No.21657279
         File1291510196.jpg-(16 KB, 276x400, shouldnotwant.jpg)
    16 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:50 No.21657294
    Anyone have the bad versions of the ponies drawing from last thread? Didn't get the chance to save it.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:50 No.21657295
         File1291510234.png-(185 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-04-19h49m22s25(...).png)
    185 KB
    My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic S01E04 - Applebuck Season-1.mp4 :

    pic from the file
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:51 No.21657315
    A father who stumbled onto his son's rule 34 folder and had a good laugh.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:54 No.21657378
         File1291510461.jpg-(25 KB, 633x364, MLP Rarity wet.jpg)
    25 KB
    Just watched episode 8 and was told that's all, but where do those winter episode screencaps come from?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:55 No.21657393
    a leak from a future ep
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:55 No.21657400
    they come from a leaked song segment
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)19:56 No.21657425

    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:00 No.21657488
         File1291510810.jpg-(33 KB, 419x358, 1265976332640.jpg)
    33 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:00 No.21657498

    Requesting a gif of this scene with shivering and wet Rarity. Thanks!
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:01 No.21657513

    Yeah long faced characters tend to suffers badly from head-on syndrome. I noticed that the did a good job avoiding this with the regular ponies by making their heads largely human shaped.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:02 No.21657519
         File1291510930.png-(226 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-11-17-23h17m53s66.png)
    226 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:06 No.21657584
    Everytime I see the gift packs at the store, I turn the box to see them from the front, in case of eye-wonkiness. It would bother me forever if I bought an uneven one.. I've yet to find one where they are all decent.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:06 No.21657588
         File1291511174.jpg-(274 KB, 800x686, bad_ponies-(n1291488685346).jpg)
    274 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:08 No.21657635
    The ep the song was leaked from will air on Christmas Eve.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:09 No.21657657
    I'm SO excited for this!
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:10 No.21657666
    evil pinkie...dear lord, I think i soiled myself
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:10 No.21657672
    Is it me, or does rarity look really cool with wet hair?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:11 No.21657703
    Awesome, thanks a lot, brony!
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:12 No.21657715
    ironic they're airing a song called "winter wrap-up" 3 days after winter first starts.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:12 No.21657719
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:13 No.21657724
         File1291511588.jpg-(40 KB, 640x357, 1291457295608.jpg)
    40 KB
    But it's not BEAUTIFUL!
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:14 No.21657752
    I like wet hair rarity, but then I also liked poofy haired twilight from the 1st ep
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:15 No.21657767
    Can someone name all of them? I see...
    Rarity Sandiego
    and Applejack the kid? Or some other western villain.
    What are the others?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:17 No.21657806
    I was thinking Bad Horse. You know, the Thoroughbred of Sin?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:18 No.21657831
         File1291511903.png-(445 KB, 1984x2570, Rarity - Saint Seiya.png)
    445 KB

    I think Rarity looked her best with it done up when she was wearing the Saint Seiya garb. Rarity's undone wet hair is alluring too though.

    Rarity is very quickly becoming my favorite pony. I don't have a favorite at the moment because it's so hard to choose.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:18 No.21657837
         File1291511925.jpg-(88 KB, 640x480, mlp_fashionwet.jpg)
    88 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:21 No.21657905
         File1291512084.jpg-(90 KB, 631x429, 1291413020823.jpg)
    90 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:21 No.21657908
    Oh man, does anyone have the list of downloads for ep 1-8 links?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:22 No.21657933

    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:23 No.21657955
         File1291512197.jpg-(108 KB, 679x478, 1290997885210.jpg)
    108 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:25 No.21658004
         File1291512300.jpg-(86 KB, 640x360, 1290388505977.jpg)
    86 KB

    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:25 No.21658030
    Does she look like any specific character? Can't put my finger on it.

    I liked too, but then again poofy 80s hair does it for me.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:25 No.21658033
    People cropped and are macroing my shitty screencaps.

    Speaking of which, why is nobody else grabbing shots from the new episode? There were so many cute scenes!
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:26 No.21658035
    Oh Dash... Puns? Maybe I'm going out on a limb here, but I really wish you could broaden your humor a bit. Branch out, if you will. If not, you can leaf the jokes to me.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:26 No.21658040
    Episode 1: Friendship is Magic part 1
    FLV [192 MB]:
    MKV [191 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 2: Friendship is Magic part 2
    FLV [293 MB]:
    MKV [292 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 3: The Ticket Master
    FLV [274 MB]:
    MKV [273 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 4: Applebuck Season
    No Dialogue HQ FLV [186 MB]:
    Fixed Audio LQ FLV [78 MB]:
    Fixed Audio LQ MKV [77 MB]:
    Dual Audio HQ MKV [195 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 5: Griffon the Brush Off
    LQ FLV [86 MB]:
    LQ MKV [85 MB]:
    Resized AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 6: Boast Busters
    FLV [273 MB]:
    MKV [272 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 7: Dragonshy
    FLV [263 MB]:
    MKV [262 MB]:
    MP4 [111 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:27 No.21658069
    no download for episode 8, they're not out in HQ until thursday after it airs.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:29 No.21658113
    Oh god...So terrible, and yet I laugh...

    (Image limit reached)
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:30 No.21658155
    By the way, anyone checked if they put a better version of episodes 4 and 5 up?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:31 No.21658169
    I'm really confused...winter wrap up? Winter's barely begun!
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:33 No.21658223
    It was leaked by one of the staff. The video was pulled shortly after it was leaked, but some fast anons managed to record it.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:34 No.21658235
    Lug this .mp4 for episode 4 in there please:

    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:34 No.21658236
    It's not airing until after winter solstice (the day when winter starts on the calendar for some bullshit reason) when days start getting longer and nights shorter again, so it's not too inaccurate.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:37 No.21658330
    I would but I'm lazy
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:39 No.21658370
    Twilight Sparkle is Evil-Lyn form He-Man, but I cant recognize who Applejack, Dash and Fluttershy are supposed to be. Help anypony?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:41 No.21658407
         File1291513274.jpg-(227 KB, 800x600, scar_ed.jpg)
    227 KB
    fluttershy is scar from FMA
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:41 No.21658418

    Aphrodite comes to mind.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:42 No.21658441
    >my face when I now have every episode of friendship is magic on my phone
    thank you anon
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:43 No.21658475
    do you have look before you sleep on your phone?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:44 No.21658490
    No but.. but.. It's enough for now
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:44 No.21658499
    The Gold one?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:45 No.21658506
    Why does episode 4 have a dual audio?

    Also, they are playing Christmas music at work. The same damn CD on repeat, so I'm listening to it for 9 hours a day, 5 days a week, right through till January. The only thing that has been able to get the damn music out of my head is the winter wrap up song. I don't know whether that's a blessing or a curse.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:46 No.21658529
    Image limit reached.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:49 No.21658613
    Shake it bake it booty quake it.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)20:57 No.21658817
    Wait wat
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)21:04 No.21658960
    Just wanted to see if it was still there.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)21:10 No.21659108
    How does that even work?
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)21:11 No.21659117
    Where's the new thread? D:
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)21:14 No.21659177

    here's >>21658221
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)21:22 No.21659350
    I don't get the ponies who are up on that list. Fluttershy acted like an ass-hole in Dragon Shy and Applejack's major flaw was shown to be working too hard.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)21:24 No.21659417
    Not sure. /co/ was acting buggy around 4-5 minutes before I posted that reply and I seem to have posted it right as the thread dropped below page 15.
    >> Anonymous 12/04/10(Sat)21:28 No.21659523
    Holy shit, evil Pinkie Pie freaked me out...

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