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  • File : 1291248573.png-(1007 KB, 2647x3017, 1288745153051.png)
    1007 KB MLP: FiM thread 12/01/10(Wed)19:09 No.21586769  
    Here it is. You can stop scrolling now.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:11 No.21586797
         File1291248663.jpg-(50 KB, 428x510, 1283807280129.jpg)
    50 KB
    >watching MLP
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:11 No.21586809
    Oh, good. I was worried.

    >Captcha: social Stable

    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:12 No.21586815
         File1291248723.jpg-(18 KB, 294x294, here we go.jpg)
    18 KB
    >Cartoons in /co/
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:12 No.21586821
    You must be new here.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:14 No.21586851
    >Oh boy, Here we go
    >Cartoons in /co/

    That was a beautiful poem.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:17 No.21586935
    Just made a new folder. /r/ing lots of Derpy Hooves to fill it up
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:17 No.21586939
    holy fuck
    >>21586161 shared the mp3 of "Winter Wrap Up"
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:18 No.21586953
    well said <3
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:18 No.21586954
         File1291249117.jpg-(31 KB, 444x352, 233223.jpg)
    31 KB
    Am I the only brony who hates rainbow dash and derpy hooves? i mean really. Rarity n Applejack 4life
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:19 No.21586977
         File1291249192.jpg-(263 KB, 874x1039, derpy hooves 03.jpg)
    263 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:21 No.21587007
         File1291249287.jpg-(109 KB, 455x590, iloveu2.jpg)
    109 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:21 No.21587015
    Rarity is love. Pinky Pie is a close second.

    I don't HATE Dash or Derpy, but I don't like them as much as the rest of /co/ seems to. but admittedly, my favorite pairing is Dash x Applejack
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:22 No.21587019
         File1291249329.jpg-(36 KB, 600x667, sad derpy.jpg)
    36 KB
    >hates derpy hooves
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:23 No.21587030
         File1291249381.png-(133 KB, 664x4000, 1290248076328.png)
    133 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:23 No.21587048
         File1291249435.png-(179 KB, 721x4742, 1290742077273.png)
    179 KB
    Derpy is a fantastic singer.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:25 No.21587070
         File1291249530.png-(21 KB, 220x225, Pony General.png)
    21 KB
    Let's make this official so there are no clonies.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:26 No.21587084
         File1291249580.png-(463 KB, 1000x684, 1291004393921.png)
    463 KB
    Made by a MLP animator.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:26 No.21587094
    /r/ FLVs
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:28 No.21587116
    >MLP fighting game

    Applejack would have a moveset based on rope-grabs and kicking apples.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:28 No.21587117
    Requesting the "you will never" posts referring to the show. I think there is one about helping heal a rabbit? Thanks.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:28 No.21587132
         File1291249716.jpg-(85 KB, 640x480, 1290804487829.jpg)
    85 KB
    >> Oblivion W. Casinos !IPiPBOY0m2 12/01/10(Wed)19:29 No.21587146
    I love derpy.

    Rainbow is ok.

    Hate's too strong a word. They're all great ponies.

    But I fucking love pinkie pie. She's ABAP.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:29 No.21587147
         File1291249752.jpg-(319 KB, 532x800, 1290564558386.jpg)
    319 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:29 No.21587159
         File1291249795.png-(229 KB, 996x1576, youll_never_collected_wip.png)
    229 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:31 No.21587176
    Actually, Flash is a background designer/color artist. We'd WISH an animator came here. Not that I'm discounting him of course
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:31 No.21587187
         File1291249891.jpg-(22 KB, 343x252, 1290395513848.jpg)
    22 KB
    >no you will never for Gilda
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:32 No.21587207
    It's rare when you see a purely comedic relief character that every action or phrase they say almost seems a special treat.

    Seriously, every new episode I just watch her, and she always delivers something new. I guess that's why I dislike Boast Busters. No PP.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:33 No.21587236

    Well, yeah, she's a bitch.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:34 No.21587247
    I want to sit in a field and brush Fluttershy's hair for hours.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:34 No.21587254
         File1291250091.gif-(4 KB, 298x355, 87657427893.gif)
    4 KB

    That last one softened my heart. Thank you, guy.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:35 No.21587262
    So is Trixie.

    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:35 No.21587275
         File1291250143.gif-(2.43 MB, 468x265, 1290759769106.gif)
    2.43 MB

    Honestly I just love watching her Animations. They're always so hilarious.
    >> Buttercup !YN/aPNscv2 12/01/10(Wed)19:36 No.21587284
    Do any ships have names yet?

    Here are a few propositions:
    Appledash (alt. Rainbowjack)
    Pinkieshy (alt. Flutterpie)
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:37 No.21587305

    Trixie is a more entertaining bitch than Gilda was. Plus, she was a pony.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:37 No.21587306
    ITT: Faggots with a shit taste in cartoons
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:37 No.21587310
    What's with the WV monsters?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:37 No.21587315
         File1291250276.jpg-(20 KB, 478x273, 1289970490888.jpg)
    20 KB
    >mf during Applejacks solo in Winter Wrap Up
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:38 No.21587321
    Why do you guys think Celestia is some evil queen?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:39 No.21587346

    I actually thought that second one was from Majora's Mask.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:39 No.21587349
         File1291250345.gif-(1.2 MB, 480x360, 1290673248214.gif)
    1.2 MB

    Well now that you're posting, yeah.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:39 No.21587355
         File1291250365.jpg-(17 KB, 298x296, Fiesta Spider Sad.jpg)
    17 KB
    >mfw Fluttershy and Rarity's

    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:40 No.21587365

    We don't. It's just theorycrafting, i.e. weird alternative explanations for what we know exists.
    >> Oblivion W. Casinos !IPiPBOY0m2 12/01/10(Wed)19:40 No.21587366
         File1291250402.png-(123 KB, 309x243, ballaasfuck.png)
    123 KB
    For some reason, pinkie pie reminds me of tf2.

    I wonder why.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:40 No.21587378

    The monster in Majora's Mask is based on the Flatwoods monster. The Japanese have a thing for it.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:40 No.21587386
    i set my desktop to applejack
    feels good
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:40 No.21587390
         File1291250450.png-(378 KB, 750x750, 1290314304201.png)
    378 KB
    Ah I suppose that's true.

    I love me some Gilda/Dash though.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:41 No.21587402
         File1291250489.jpg-(179 KB, 563x1688, 1288676643835.jpg)
    179 KB
    I think this may have something to do with it.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:41 No.21587403
    >Go to store to buy MLP toys
    >Can't find any ask guy working there if they are getting any in
    >It's 15 year old fuck head who laughs in my face and calls me a faggot
    >Complain to manager
    >"I don't care" walks off
    What the fuck? Fucking Toys-R-Us.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:42 No.21587418
    Because /co/mrades are speculative bunch.

    I guess it has to do with how Luna was dealt with by her though.
    >> Forward 2.0 !!pbL8zEzJEl6 12/01/10(Wed)19:42 No.21587422
    Flutterpie is a more adorable name than Pinkieshy.

    Also, you don't have a single Rarity ship on that list.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:42 No.21587425
         File1291250557.gif-(1.6 MB, 240x180, 1290821079267.gif)
    1.6 MB
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:42 No.21587431
         File1291250577.png-(945 KB, 1280x791, PinkieAsFuck.png)
    945 KB

    The truth, fellow Pinkie fan.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:43 No.21587433
    absolute power corrupts absolutely
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:43 No.21587436

    You mean the invaders of Romani Ranch?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:43 No.21587453

    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:44 No.21587461

    Rarity doesn't really have a "shippable" name, does she?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:44 No.21587466
    That's because Rarity is the worst pony and nobody gives a shit about her.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:44 No.21587467

    God, those noodle legs...they're a fucking eldritch abomination.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:44 No.21587468
    You know you can send a complaint to their HQ or even threaten sue them for sexual harassment right?
    >> Buttercup !YN/aPNscv2 12/01/10(Wed)19:46 No.21587489
    Because she's the only pony whose name is just one word, which makes it really hard to pun off of.

    Okay, I got one.


    Or how about filial piety? Filial, get it?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:46 No.21587503
         File1291250806.jpg-(37 KB, 640x360, 1290052577923.jpg)
    37 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:46 No.21587504

    They'd make the best sitcom ever.

    "Little Fillys"
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:46 No.21587505
    time to call markups-r-us and complain to corporate
    and tell them it was because you were buying it for your cousin or something so they actually do something
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:47 No.21587510
         File1291250825.png-(76 KB, 333x3024, 1291247774024.png)
    76 KB
    >> Forward 2.0 !!pbL8zEzJEl6 12/01/10(Wed)19:47 No.21587522
    >Or how about filial piety? Filial, get it?

    I... I don't know what reaction I'm having.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:47 No.21587526
    Rainity's the only portmaneau that sounds good for Rarity.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:48 No.21587531
         File1291250888.gif-(341 KB, 240x225, 1290672431419.gif)
    341 KB
    I have too many Pinkie gifs saved.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:48 No.21587543
         File1291250907.jpg-(36 KB, 300x300, 1288916902271.jpg)
    36 KB
    >try to think of a shipping name
    >can't think of any
    FFFFFFFFFUCK he's right.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:49 No.21587564
    did that DnD pic ever get colored?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:50 No.21587584
    Wait, there's such a thing as TOO MANY?!
    >> Shelltoon !1/0wtbpNAE 12/01/10(Wed)19:50 No.21587586
         File1291251008.jpg-(68 KB, 500x500, 1287904139291.jpg)
    68 KB
    I too have noticed that Toys R Us employees have been total jerks. I went asking if they had any of the new ponies and they treated me like a retard who was talking about something that didn't exist.

    Take your business to a Wal*Mart that has a section for ponies. You will not be disappointed.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:51 No.21587607
         File1291251075.gif-(208 KB, 403x296, 1290581437612.gif)
    208 KB

    No, there's not enough for there to be too many.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:53 No.21587656
    Just today I went to Toys R' Us and bought the pack with Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Twilight, Spike and Celestia.

    I found it myself in the store. It's close to Christmas. I didn't even get a glance whilst purchasing it.

    Now they're on top of my monitor in a neat little line. With the exception of Celestia. She's on top of my monolith of a speaker, watching over my desk space.

    Raising the sun every morning.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:53 No.21587664
         File1291251235.jpg-(37 KB, 500x455, 1287804528086.jpg)
    37 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:53 No.21587666
         File1291251238.gif-(1.17 MB, 325x188, 1290309713132.gif)
    1.17 MB
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:54 No.21587669
         File1291251253.jpg-(19 KB, 476x271, 1290209456690.jpg)
    19 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:54 No.21587683
    Oh thank god. I was worried for a moment.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:55 No.21587692
         File1291251325.jpg-(85 KB, 800x800, 1288161969200.jpg)
    85 KB
    I think they're mostly assholes because their business isn't doing to well and it looks like they may be overstocked(seriously have you seen the prices on their merchs?). It's the same thing in retail shop Tuesday Morning I work at. But I don't treat my customers like jerks since I'm being paid to my job there.
    >> Buttercup !YN/aPNscv2 12/01/10(Wed)19:55 No.21587697
    Talk to corporate (like a bowse) and be sure to mention that you plan on pressing charges if something isn't done about it. Something will be done. They probably don't give a shit about your complaints themselves, but NOBODY likes court obligations.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:55 No.21587699
         File1291251352.png-(479 KB, 411x716, dawww.png)
    479 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:56 No.21587709
    Niiiiiice get, Pinkie Pie. Quite appropriate.
    >> Oblivion W. Casinos !IPiPBOY0m2 12/01/10(Wed)19:56 No.21587716
    Too many?

    Is that like too much ammo or too much money?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:58 No.21587746
         File1291251498.jpg-(107 KB, 473x816, Celestia Mythos.jpg)
    107 KB
    Nobody knows where Princess Luna sought a way to take control of the day, and nobody knows who fulfilled her desire born of envy and wounded pride.

    Whatever mysterious being forged the dark armor, whatever dark arts and rituals it used, the will of darkness itself was forged into it, upsetting the balance of nature. Using Princess Luna's honest desire to be appreciated for her handiwork, discord crept in. Jealousy, cruelty, and vengeance seized her heart, and threatened all of Equestria. Armored and mighty beyond all opposition, Nightmare Moon reigned over a week of night.

    Princess Celestia and the five other Guardians of Harmony (her courtesans and closest friends) were soon all that remained of the vast army that charged the ancient Castle of the Two Sisters that fateful night. Due to a foul attack from the rear by a minion felled but not killed, Laughter perished during the final onslaught, and those that remained found they could not summon the Rainbow of Light. Unable to break the armor of Nightmare Moon, they sealed her away for a thousand years.

    Celestia's strength was quickly being sapped by the energy requirements of regulating both day and night. One of the Guardians of Harmony was able to devise a solution: she would forge an artifact for Princess Celestia that would enhance her strength, and protect the balance of nature. The symbols of the Elements of Harmony were melted down and set in the new armor and crown, and bound to the will of the Guardians. The armor was presented, and it worked. Celestia, transformed and more regal than ever, guided nature with wisdom and love.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:59 No.21587769
         File1291251547.png-(172 KB, 518x310, Elements of Harmony.png)
    172 KB
    All but one of her friends died of old age over the course of the thousand years, but Celestia remained young and powerful, the Elements of Harmony keeping her reign a just and noble one. Stone replicas of their symbols were created as a monument to their heroism, and placed in the now-abandoned Castle of the Two Sisters. Princess Celestia, while managing the affairs of her realm from the new castle at Canterlot, founded a school to gather those Ponies with the noblest hearts and brightest minds to prepare for the day when Nightmare Moon would break free and once again ravage the fair land of Equestria.

    For without the will of Laughter, who had died too soon, Celestia's armor was incomplete, and the Princess stood no chance against Nightmare Moon.

    Days before the fated night, the artificially ageless monarch sent her cleverest, most trustworthy student to a town on the edge of her armor's powers, near a forest that held the Castle. She knew of the town, because the armor was forged there a thousand years before; the Guardian of Harmony named Honesty had smithed the armor and bound the Guardians' wills into it, but was quickly approaching the edge of her own unnatural lifespan. Only in such a location, on the edge of light and dark, and close to the mystically charged ruins where Pony blood was spilled by Pony magic, could the Elements of Harmony once again be reignited.

    The battle was swift, but decisive. Without her minions of darkness, Nightmare Moon was unable to prevent the Rainbow of Light from being summoned and breaking her armor. Celestia was freed, and Princess Luna was pardoned for the events that had occurred a millenium before, as it was the dark will bound into her own armor that had turned her heart toward destruction and imbalance.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:59 No.21587792
         File1291251597.png-(802 KB, 3215x2785, Celestia.png)
    802 KB
    One day soon, when Applejack's grandmother Honesty Smith falls victim to time, Celestia's armor will fail, and Celestia, once again reduced to her natural size and level of power, will restore Luna's place as Princess of Night out of necessity. At that time, will the dark being who forged the Nightmare Armor and corrupted Luna's heart return with another scheme?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:00 No.21587808

    it shouldnt matter who he's buying it for. It's just bad business.

    besides given the season Id like to think people would be smart enough to assume they could be xmas shopping
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:01 No.21587829
         File1291251699.png-(423 KB, 2292x1667, princessTS_7.png)
    423 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:02 No.21587850
    am i bad person for loving the show, but would prefer getting my eyelids stapled shut over actually BUYING the toys?
    >> necessary libropy 12/01/10(Wed)20:02 No.21587852

    Its just historic revisionism, Celestia made a bid for power and succeeded, exiling all other contenders.
    >> Oblivion W. Casinos !IPiPBOY0m2 12/01/10(Wed)20:02 No.21587862
    Why does this theory make me think of Mass effect (2)?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:03 No.21587878
         File1291251811.png-(76 KB, 180x262, 1290109060374.png)
    76 KB
    >Honestly Smith
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:05 No.21587910
         File1291251918.jpg-(30 KB, 380x390, 1290473298235.jpg)
    30 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:07 No.21587953
         File1291252079.jpg-(114 KB, 678x475, 1289560252644-(n1291010477774).jpg)
    114 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:09 No.21587975
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:10 No.21588004
    when the FUCK is someone gonna make a flash MLP dating sim?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:10 No.21588010
         File1291252258.jpg-(3 KB, 107x126, 1285218199393s.jpg)
    3 KB
    Now I'm imagining Twilight wearing Shepard's N7 armor while Spike is piloting the Normandy 2.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:11 No.21588025
    So the armor is like the Autobot Matrix of Leadership?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:12 No.21588039
    A VN is being made first, don't worry we'll have our Sim afterwords. Chill.
    >> Oblivion W. Casinos !IPiPBOY0m2 12/01/10(Wed)20:12 No.21588044
         File1291252362.png-(149 KB, 640x360, 1290747384473.png)
    149 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:12 No.21588050

    so I guess AJ can be Wrex and Dash will be Garrus?
    >> Oblivion W. Casinos !IPiPBOY0m2 12/01/10(Wed)20:15 No.21588086
    >Can it wait? I'm in the middle of some calibrations.
    >> Mr Hate !TCke9uXNw. 12/01/10(Wed)20:15 No.21588092
    >when the FUCK is someone gonna make a flash MLP dating sim?

    Have some dignity.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:15 No.21588096

    OH GOD
    id have gay sex with garrusdash
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:16 No.21588108

    wouldnt have to be sexual per-se, just the same game style and mechanics in ponyville
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:16 No.21588110
         File1291252586.jpg-(25 KB, 320x240, Miss_Springfield.jpg)
    25 KB
    Voice for Derpy?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:17 No.21588124
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:17 No.21588132
    Pinkie Pie: Mordin maybe
    Fluttershy: Tali
    Rarity: Samara
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:18 No.21588147

    I hope you're not just saying that because she's your "waifu".
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:19 No.21588164
    Or better yet, Hubworld gets the login working. Then I can help Applejack chase away Snips and Snails until I get my Honesty-themed Cutie Mark.

    Oh... NOOOOOOO!!!! What have I become?!?!? And why do I still mean EVERY WORD OF IT?!?!?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:20 No.21588182
         File1291252828.gif-(1.07 MB, 250x187, 1291193557791.gif)
    1.07 MB
    I was going by personality.
    Besides, Luna is my waifu.
    Which would make her..... Saren? Oh god what I have done?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:21 No.21588192
         File1291252867.jpg-(229 KB, 720x540, the best.jpg)
    229 KB
    Fluttershy Tali...

    Are you trying to give me a heart attack, anon? That's like combining sugar with sugar, you get too much damn sugar.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:21 No.21588199

    someones gonna have to open up a euthenasia clinic for overdoses of MLP
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:22 No.21588219
    Relax. Luna can be Liara. She's my blueberry love muffin <3
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:23 No.21588253
    seems like it, note that pic is made by one of the MLP:FiM Production Crew.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:24 No.21588262

    aww man, first fa/tg/uys come in with their insane elven war theory, now /v/irgins porting the ponies to mass effect?
    what the fuck
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:25 No.21588292
         File1291253145.jpg-(19 KB, 640x480, 1288701551078.jpg)
    19 KB
    Oh man good save there, I went down that road too. Couldn't stand Ashley. I meant to say NMM as Saren.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:27 No.21588335
    Ponies get ported to everything, brony. Off the top of my head, we've tried to create hamfisted character match ups for everything from The Justice League to Persona 3.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:28 No.21588338
         File1291253291.jpg-(10 KB, 256x256, 1281729411340.jpg)
    10 KB
    >get reccomended ep 3
    >it's meh
    >think show is meh

    >watch other episodes
    >other episodes are much better
    >my face when i try to figure why i was recommended ep. 3 so many times.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:29 No.21588351
    i fucking hate ticketmaster
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:29 No.21588357
         File1291253359.jpg-(86 KB, 600x416, Storytime_poniesProgress-(n129(...).jpg)
    86 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:30 No.21588381
    3 is when the show started hitting its normal formula. The first 2 imply a heavy adventure theme and overarching plot. Personally, I recommend episode 4 to new bronies.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:30 No.21588383
         File1291253440.jpg-(81 KB, 854x480, MLP winter wrap up.flv_snapsho(...).jpg)
    81 KB
    I want more of the front left unicorn
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:31 No.21588401
         File1291253485.jpg-(57 KB, 750x600, time lord.jpg)
    57 KB
    >that unicorn

    Cutie marks. Check 'em.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:31 No.21588408

    Because Applebuck Season gives you a good overview of the ponies without the girliness that Ticketmaster has, nor is it as long as the first two episodes.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:31 No.21588409
         File1291253499.png-(41 KB, 386x387, 1290987928170.png)
    41 KB
    What the fuck guys?

    I argued about how non-enchanting the show as for a fucking long time yesterday after watching the episode that EVERYONE recommended.

    But the other episodes are way better, I think the show is great now.
    >> Oblivion W. Casinos !IPiPBOY0m2 12/01/10(Wed)20:31 No.21588414
    I love every episode. They're all wonderful.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:32 No.21588420

    Why would someone even make something that ugly. Anything relatively Human in FiM art is usually fugly.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:32 No.21588424
    Ep 3 is ticket master
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:33 No.21588436

    even kinda look sa bit like Dave Tennnant

    if he were a pony
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:33 No.21588442
    >Roomate sees MLP episodes on desktop
    >"Seriously? You watch My Little Pony?"
    >"Watch one episode, then say whatever you want."
    >We watch an episode
    >He falls in love
    >buys all the toys
    >copies all the episodes from my laptop
    >buys the Pinkie Pie shoes from that website
    >I feel good that I avoided getting made fun of


    >Home for the weekend
    >Sister sees me watching it
    >Sits down and watches the rest of the episode
    >Enjoys it
    >programs the dvr to record the series.


    >No MLP toys in sight
    >"Excuse me, ma'am, do you have any My Little Pony toys in stock?"
    >"Let me check."
    >Goes to check
    >They don't have any
    >I buy Donkey Kong Country Returns and leave

    I feel sorry for those of you men and boys who do not have horrible 3rd degree burns all over the side of your face.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:33 No.21588454
    Aaaw look it's the baby's first trolling.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:34 No.21588458

    Err, it is? Nevermind then, forget what I said.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:36 No.21588487

    I'm serious. Haven't you seen the one with the black Twilight? Or King Cheetah's?

    I really hope you ain't claiming troll to troll.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:38 No.21588519
    Really, I don't care, the fact that someone takes the time to work on it deserves some sort of praise.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:39 No.21588540
         File1291253954.png-(700 KB, 1500x658, 1291160222745.png)
    700 KB

    She looks Indian, not black.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:40 No.21588562
    I always thought she would be asian. Or at least Philipino.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:40 No.21588563
         File1291254029.jpg-(17 KB, 259x266, 2.jpg)
    17 KB

    Aren't they the same thing?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:41 No.21588577

    Filipinos aren't that bright. I should know.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:41 No.21588580
    No, now go back to your Klan meeting.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:42 No.21588589
    Black, maybe half black or whatever the fuck the Rock is.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:42 No.21588596

    Fluttershy can't be Asian. She's be way too moe.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:43 No.21588602
    You will never have Rarity as your quirky fashionable friend, who, despite your differences, will always be there when you really need it, be it loaning you that perfect necklace for the party or giving you a full make-over just to turn a frown upside-down.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:44 No.21588619

    good, cuz im a dude
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:44 No.21588624
    After a quick glance of Dwayne's nationality it's like a mix between african and samoan. I could be wrong though.
    >> Oblivion W. Casinos !IPiPBOY0m2 12/01/10(Wed)20:45 No.21588633
    She looks delicious brown.

    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:45 No.21588635
         File1291254310.jpg-(3 KB, 238x195, 1287436038351.jpg)
    3 KB
    I'd like to enjoy the show and retain SOME masculinity! That's what Spike is for.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:45 No.21588636
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:46 No.21588651
    After episode 3, the episodes become one character centric.

    3 exposes you to all the characters equally.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:46 No.21588656

    hurrah, another member of the "ponies can be manly too" club
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:47 No.21588675
         File1291254461.jpg-(21 KB, 261x239, 1291065277715.jpg)
    21 KB
    Someone's having some issues with their sexuality.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:48 No.21588695

    were watching MLP, no shit
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:48 No.21588699
    Well honestly the 1st episode is a real grabber that makes me want to keep watching the show. You can just tell someone that they should watch them all. Ticket Master was a REALLY bad episode to judge the whole show on.
    >> Oblivion W. Casinos !IPiPBOY0m2 12/01/10(Wed)20:49 No.21588720
    Not everything I enjoy must be masculine for me to enjoy it.

    I can enjoy it for what it is because I'm secure enough in my identity to not care about what I like or don't like.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:50 No.21588736
         File1291254604.jpg-(154 KB, 700x1000, mlp_spike rule 63.jpg)
    154 KB

    Fuck yeah Spike.
    >> Oblivion W. Casinos !IPiPBOY0m2 12/01/10(Wed)20:51 No.21588755
    Fluttershy's there.

    Watch again.

    But yeah, it does sound like it's from a future episode.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:52 No.21588776
         File1291254748.jpg-(73 KB, 300x300, 1287343297345.jpg)
    73 KB
    Interesting projection you have going on there. Are you saying that we can't watch this show without questioning our own sexuality as opposed to any other shows on /co/?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:52 No.21588779
         File1291254755.png-(187 KB, 467x256, 1289770527717.png)
    187 KB
    maybe just the first three?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:54 No.21588810
    That's great, and I wish more guys were like you in that regard, but what do you find entertaining about run-of-the-mill childrens' entertainment?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:54 No.21588817
    Yuck, this show is perfect for furries
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:55 No.21588832
    No. Episode 3 was the beginning of the Twilight-centric episodes. There's one every three episodes so far. 3 (tickets) and 6 (Trixie). I expect 8 to be Rarity, 9 to be Twilight again, and 10 to be Rainbow Dash. (Pinkie Pie was the focus character of Griffin The Brush-Off.)
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:56 No.21588845
    Wow, awesome, never saw this colored version! Though I expected her to still be purple.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)20:57 No.21588865
    just buy a fursuit and get it over with
    what am i saying, most of you are already furfags and this just gives you an excuse to shit your fetish all over the board
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:00 No.21588923
         File1291255209.png-(405 KB, 854x480, vlcsnap-2010-12-01-20h56m04s52.png)
    405 KB
    Rainbows gets all the chicks.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:01 No.21588946
         File1291255270.jpg-(85 KB, 640x360, 1291098941112.jpg)
    85 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:01 No.21588953
    I don;t know about the other guys, but I love children's entertainment in general. My current job aspirations are in that direction as well. It's fun to watch them with an eye for detail, pick them apart both objectively and jokingly, and of course just sit back and enjoy them. A lot of kid's stuff has stuff for adults in it too. This isn't the 30-40 years ago when everything was scrubbed clean of anything entertaining.

    I also enjoy the simpler nature of kid's cartoons, like to see what kind of morals they're putting in, and cute things are appealing.

    I can see why someone wouldn't be into that, but I simply find entertainment in such things. A lot of people misjudge because they forget that kid's show's aren't necessarily Nick Jr. level.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:01 No.21588967
    >Talking animals who are also adult women are stupid. I'm gonna watch my cartoon shows about men because I like watching cartoon men.

    >> !bgREVLN8FU 12/01/10(Wed)21:02 No.21588983
    >high-res Winter Wrap-Up

    Did I miss a video leak?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:03 No.21588996
    Thank you for a serious and thoughtful answer. I can respect that perspective, although from what I've seen of it, this show didn't have much to offer an adult audience. Still, different strokes for different folks.
    >> Mr Hate !TCke9uXNw. 12/01/10(Wed)21:04 No.21589020
    You guys take the word overnanalyzation to a new extreme, almost at the edge of sanity.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:05 No.21589045

    I dunno, I took that snap from a video I downloaded from /rs/
    >> Lolimaster !Y5sq0hE6W. 12/01/10(Wed)21:06 No.21589065

    Well, as long as we don't cross it, that's cool.
    >> Mr Hate !TCke9uXNw. 12/01/10(Wed)21:06 No.21589080
    Sorry, I'm having a horrible headache. Overanalyzation.
    >> Mr Hate !TCke9uXNw. 12/01/10(Wed)21:08 No.21589128
    But the line is so thin.
    >> empty10 12/01/10(Wed)21:08 No.21589131
    It's the same version that I've had since day 1.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:08 No.21589132
         File1291255715.jpg-(56 KB, 854x480, MLP winter wrap up.flv_snapsho(...).jpg)
    56 KB
    winter wrap up winter wrap uuuuuuuuuuuup
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:08 No.21589141

    You're sorry? Oh, we forgive you, brony.
    >> !bgREVLN8FU 12/01/10(Wed)21:09 No.21589145
    Oh. Well, I haven't given it a watch yet, so... my bad.
    >> Lolimaster !Y5sq0hE6W. 12/01/10(Wed)21:10 No.21589166

    We live on the edge! And if someone does fall into insanity and destroys himself, too bad. That's the risk of entering such an awesome and precarious fandom.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:10 No.21589172
         File1291255832.jpg-(59 KB, 854x480, MLP winter wrap up.flv_snapsho(...).jpg)
    59 KB

    Ive watched it far too many times
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:11 No.21589195
         File1291255892.png-(42 KB, 600x750, 1290245827328.png)
    42 KB

    Let's finish our holiday cheer
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:12 No.21589216
         File1291255937.jpg-(28 KB, 640x360, JUSTICE_LEAGUE_CRISIS_EARTHS_0(...).jpg)
    28 KB

    we both looked at the ponies but when the ponies looked back, you blinked
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:15 No.21589287
         File1291256105.jpg-(48 KB, 600x340, 1291054485753.jpg)
    48 KB
    Hey Bronies.

    If one were to attempt a male cast version of Friendship is Magic (My little Brony) what would the 6 character archetypes be?

    For example, the current female lineup is:
    Bookworm/scholar = Twilight Sparkle
    Sporty tomboy = Rainbow Dash
    Fashionista = Rarity
    Easily embarrassed PETA volunteer = Fluttershy
    Frat party girl = Pinky Pie
    Cow-gal = Applejack (notice: does not taste like apples)

    I'm thinking Big Mac needs to be in the lineup somewhere, but what are your thoughts?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:15 No.21589301
         File1291256138.jpg-(29 KB, 640x360, JUSTICE_LEAGUE_CRISIS_EARTHS_0(...).jpg)
    29 KB

    It doesn't matter
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:18 No.21589380

    You mean from the male ponies introduced?

    Er, well, the magical one would OBVIOUSLY be Dr. Whoof.

    The Applejack one would be Big Mac. Duh.

    The party one (Pinkie), the adolescent looking one from the bakery.

    The one with the music notes could fill for Rarity (he might be a famous musician, as compared to Rarity's famous fashion designs)

    Spike could be the Fluttershy? No, that doesn't work. One of the pegasi guards? A pacifistic, unnamed one?

    Dash is still Dash. She fits with the boys as well as the girls.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:19 No.21589388
    Am I the only one here who has refused to watch the Winter Wrap Up until it comes on TV? I'd rather not spoil it for myself, but you guys keep telling me how awesome it is, so it's really goddamn hard trying to hold out.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:19 No.21589406
    Nerd- book smarts
    Easily angered
    Gay or Metrosexual
    Cowboy or just farm boy
    Nerd- comic book/ superhero enthusiast
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:19 No.21589408

    big mac is the main character/everyman were supposed to relate to

    at least once an episode he has to back away from the situation and remind everyone what their doing is fucking crazy
    >> Lolimaster !Y5sq0hE6W. 12/01/10(Wed)21:19 No.21589412

    Winter Wrap Out changed my life for the better.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:20 No.21589427
    The waiter pony could be the rarity equivalent
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:20 No.21589444
    I've said it before, and I will say it again. What makes this show awesome is the desire to throatfuck the voice actors, because they sound hot as hell.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:21 No.21589456

    I dunno brony. I think that the song is good as a standalone, and doesn't spoil too much of the episode... and it's VERY catchy. Like, moreso than the Pinkie Pie songs.

    For myself, I think the song would be improved when in context of the episode. It's like, episode-episode-OHGODBESTSONGEVAR-episode-episode.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:21 No.21589462
    I'd say hold out. I can respect that attitude.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:23 No.21589523
    Feel free to keep waiting, but considering its theme, if they wait until the right time of year to show that episode it'll be months. In a week or so though I think Winter Wrap Up hype will die down a little though.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:24 No.21589533
    oops, that would be me. I confused Ticketmaster with Applebuck Season.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:24 No.21589543

    "A bunch of young ponies going off into the woods alone to confront an elder force of evil and darkness.

    Why, that's nuttier than the time Apple Fritter put nuts into her fritters.

    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:24 No.21589557
    anyone have a pic Dash's cutie mark by itself?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:25 No.21589566
         File1291256732.png-(252 KB, 4381x4229, 1289801825226.png)
    252 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:26 No.21589586
    So I am watching episode 4 and is twilight lazy or something? She keeps teleporting for no reason
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:26 No.21589593
         File1291256796.png-(287 KB, 1136x1512, 1290218263816.png)
    287 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:27 No.21589627

    She was studying her spellbooks and learned a low-level version of the Blink spell.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:28 No.21589659
    Thanks Brony
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:29 No.21589666
    I can only imagine how badly the composer that leaked Winter Wrap Up got the shit beat out of him for it.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:29 No.21589676
    It's so you don't forget that Twilight is absolute hax.
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 12/01/10(Wed)21:29 No.21589690
    I love that shade of bluuuuuuuuuue.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:29 No.21589691
         File1291256990.jpg-(32 KB, 150x286, What_FairyTail2.jpg)
    32 KB
    >Tower Prep (Cartoon Network) (21%, 56 Votes)
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:29 No.21589695
    She's just rubbing it in AJ's face that it sucks to be an earth pony. No wonder she had no friends.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:30 No.21589706
         File1291257026.jpg-(189 KB, 970x714, e4vYn.jpg)
    189 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:30 No.21589710
    >My Little Pony
    >Losing to Victorious
    >Losing to Big Time Rush
    >Losing to Unnatural History

    I voted, bronies. I fuckin voted.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:31 No.21589721
    what, male version MLP and no my little timelord?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:31 No.21589725
    I was just wondering because applejack would take like five steps and insted of walking she would just teleport
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:32 No.21589742
         File1291257124.png-(57 KB, 210x202, 1290194592854.png)
    57 KB
    >MLP is losing to a bunch of cartoons
    >and tied
    >with MAD
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:34 No.21589788
    Well I was 7th vote until I posted the link, now there are 35 votes. Now that we know about it, I have a feeling there will be a few hundred within an hour.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:34 No.21589804

    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:35 No.21589826
    I would like to see Big Mac as a kind of a big brother mentor figure to the younger guys like Spike and Snips and Snails.

    Waiter Pony is the rich gay uncle to the guys.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:35 No.21589829
         File1291257346.jpg-(36 KB, 685x626, Pony sneaker_Twilight.jpg)
    36 KB
    Shoe guy here, man I'm catching the tail end of this.

    So hey, shoes. All seven starting pony shoes are up and available. That includes Derpy for my /co/mrades. I wish I could have made these sooner, I doubt they'll ship in time for any winter holidays.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:36 No.21589836
    What the hell is Tower Prep?
    >> Lolimaster !Y5sq0hE6W. 12/01/10(Wed)21:36 No.21589837

    If the numbers reach that, I think the makers of the poll will think that it's just trolling, not sincere appreciation of the show.

    Anyways, I already voted
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:36 No.21589842
    They were all joking. Twilight Sparkle tried talking to Applejack, but she was too dazed to realize Twilight was talking to her. It wasn't until she teleported right in front of Applejack that she could get her attention.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:36 No.21589851
         File1291257399.png-(82 KB, 300x290, Juandissimo.png)
    82 KB
    >Adventure Time No. 1

    This pleases me greatly.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:36 No.21589856
    Because kids don't know dick.
    >> Forward 2.0 !!pbL8zEzJEl6 12/01/10(Wed)21:36 No.21589858
    >"New shows of 2010"
    >Dragon Ball Kai
    >New season of Pokemon

    All of my hate.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:37 No.21589869
    >inb4 people vote more than once and get mlp disqualified.

    lol 4chan
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:37 No.21589871
    It's sort of like Harry Potter combined with High School Musical, minus the musicals and most of the magic. Add in a dash of drama and some bad actors, and you've got Cartoon Network's latest show.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:37 No.21589875
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:37 No.21589878
         File1291257452.png-(27 KB, 108x136, 15.png)
    27 KB

    I accidentally only voted MLP.

    Oh well!
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:37 No.21589882
    Well since you can vote for your Top 3, you might as well vote two other things so that it's not just MLP in the lead.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:37 No.21589886
         File1291257472.png-(246 KB, 685x500, Pony sneaker_Derpy.png)
    246 KB
    I honestly wish these things weren't so damn expensive. I honestly don't make much profit from these.

    I checked it, and I've learned I only make five dollars per pair sold. I've decided whatever money I make from selling these pony shoes, if any, I will use to buy MLP toys and donate them to Toys for Tots. That seems like the best use of it.
    >> Lolimaster !Y5sq0hE6W. 12/01/10(Wed)21:39 No.21589911

    You're a true brony, brony.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:39 No.21589914
         File1291257555.png-(154 KB, 245x355, YIPEEEEEE copy.png)
    154 KB
    >Top 3 being Adventure Time, Regular Show and Sym-Bionic
    >> Forward 2.0 !!pbL8zEzJEl6 12/01/10(Wed)21:39 No.21589917
    Now the three I voted for are coincidentally winning. Adventure Time, MLP, and Sym-bionic Titan. I feel like a true /co/mradenow.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:39 No.21589919
    Basically it's
    Adventure Time
    Regular Show

    Not in any specific order
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:39 No.21589925
    Right, about the shirts, I've tried doing that actually. unfortunately, all the light colored shirts on zazzle default images on them to transparent, and they don't print white on them at all. It makes the cutie marks look completely wrong, especially Dash's mark.

    Sorry bro, you might have more luck getting a good iron on transfer
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:39 No.21589929
    Hey, it's in third now.
    right behind tower prep
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:40 No.21589950
         File1291257657.jpg-(12 KB, 474x600, 1287851427016.jpg)
    12 KB
    >Derpy shoe
    >see butt symbol and post stamp on the heel
    My children, have them.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:41 No.21589967
    I voted the same. I can see Adventure Time and Regular show being interchangeable for some, but how can you call yourself a /co/mrade if you voted for anything else?
    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 12/01/10(Wed)21:42 No.21589982
         File1291257729.png-(175 KB, 600x450, vlcsnap-2010-08-15-13h44m12s15(...).png)
    175 KB
    I voted for those as well, I wish I could have voted for Regular Show and Robotomy too.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:42 No.21589998
    I thought it were, like, 2 dollars. Sold any yet?
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 12/01/10(Wed)21:43 No.21590011
    And now it's tied for 2nd...
    >> Pony DM !!VX7QkXNGWNZ 12/01/10(Wed)21:43 No.21590015
    Don't fuck with Pinkie. She will bring a party all up in your grill.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:43 No.21590018
    And now it's second.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:43 No.21590031
    i would wear a pair of these
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:44 No.21590039
         File1291257843.jpg-(12 KB, 626x357, 1291174676942.jpg)
    12 KB
    I voted for Adventure Time, DBZ Kai, and MLP.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:44 No.21590060
    You are the king of cobblers good sir.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:44 No.21590063
    Indeed I have, a pair of Rarity and a pair of Rainbow Dash shoes have been sold already. Brony who bought the Raritys said he'd post pics when they arrive.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:45 No.21590088
    I voted Adventure Time, MLP and.... Scooby Doo, I like Titan and the regular show but I like the direction they took with Scooby doo which after years of sucking is now a good show
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:45 No.21590089
    Ponies better FUCKING win this, /co/.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:46 No.21590118
         File1291258016.png-(142 KB, 484x282, FIXIT.png)
    142 KB
    >Regular Show better FUCKING win this, /co/.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:47 No.21590121
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:47 No.21590123
    No, fuck you.

    Adventure Time is still better than Friendship is Magic.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:47 No.21590138
    Maybe try putting the prices up a little and see if they still sell?
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 12/01/10(Wed)21:47 No.21590139
    Daaamn, it kinda shot up by about 60+votes in the last few minutes.
    How many bronies are in this thread?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:47 No.21590140
    Adventure time in the lead with 70, MLP and Tower Prep tied with 58.

    Support the herd, bronies!
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:48 No.21590151
    too bad there is no Luna sneaker, I would wear that and not look horribly embarrassed, I might for the Fashionista one
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:48 No.21590153
         File1291258092.png-(38 KB, 176x205, smoosh_Rainbowdash.png)
    38 KB
    >mfw My Little Pony is in 2nd place

    >Right behind Adventure Time
    >> !bgREVLN8FU 12/01/10(Wed)21:49 No.21590184
    And yet, Tower Prep is still in third.

    Somebody get the rest of /co/ in here and fix this shit.
    >> Pony DM !!VX7QkXNGWNZ 12/01/10(Wed)21:49 No.21590189
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:49 No.21590190
    Wow, never thought there were so many.
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 12/01/10(Wed)21:50 No.21590200
    Why is it that I feel the only folks voting Tower Prep are those out to troll the Pony Fans?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:50 No.21590213
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:50 No.21590215
         File1291258232.jpg-(7 KB, 172x320, stare_Leon.jpg)
    7 KB
    >Mfw I vote for G.I. Joe Renegades

    >It only has 5 votes
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:51 No.21590232
    I voted for MLP, Transformers Prime, and G.I.Joe Renegade (which is in the style of the Men In Black 'toon from the 90's).
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:51 No.21590238
         File1291258299.jpg-(37 KB, 686x622, Pony sneaker_Applejack.jpg)
    37 KB
    Shoe guy here again, a thousand thanks to whoever just bought the Applejack shoes. I now have enough earnings to buy one rooted hair pony toy, and it's going straight to Toys for Tots.

    You guys are the best.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:52 No.21590263
    >which is in the style of the Men In Black 'toon from the 90's

    You know, I thought the EXACT same thing! It became really apparent with that liquid monster they fought.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:53 No.21590276

    honestly that sounds a bit sarcastic...
    though once my paycheck comes in, i might pick up a pair of size 11 derpys
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:53 No.21590278
    So, how many of you are going to buy the MLP Season 1 DVDs/BluRays and/or soundtrack?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:53 No.21590283
    Are you still making those delicious Trixie shoes?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:53 No.21590291
         File1291258420.png-(92 KB, 239x219, I might not always get doubles(...).png)
    92 KB
    I voted for MLP, Adventure Time and Avengers.

    I'm trying my best for Avengers to NOT be cancelled. Now if only I could capt Disney XD...
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:53 No.21590297

    soundtrack maybe, dvd only if they add bonus episodes
    like...idk a derpy mini series
    or the adventures of spike
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:54 No.21590301
    Seems the trolls and neighsayers have found a new way to hate us; voting for Tower Prep. It's still steadily rising, though not nearly as fast as MLP. We need more votes for Sym-Bionic Titan, to put a good show in 3rd place.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:54 No.21590312
         File1291258476.jpg-(2 KB, 108x126, 1285914451443s.jpg)
    2 KB
    >mfw Adventure Time and MLP : FiM are top on list
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:55 No.21590323
    MLP, Scooby Doo, Avengers.
    >> !bgREVLN8FU 12/01/10(Wed)21:55 No.21590325
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaand MLP has now overtaken Adventure Time by one vote, at the time of writing.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:55 No.21590328
    We just reached the top... now to keep it there for 14 more days.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:55 No.21590340
         File1291258541.gif-(2 KB, 102x115, yay_link.gif)
    2 KB
    >mfw Ponies were in first place

    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:56 No.21590362
    If My Little Pony does well enough Hasbro might get off their ass and might actually make a 2nd season!
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:56 No.21590363
    Working on shoes for Trixie, Big Macintosh, Celestia and Luna/NMM.

    For the moment, I can't add any new products to my zazzle. No real explanation given, and I'm hoping it's not because of the shoes. Hopefully it should pass in a few days.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:57 No.21590378
         File1291258645.png-(341 KB, 760x572, 1287854649315.png)
    341 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:57 No.21590389
    >Adventure Time - 24%, 88 Votes
    >MLP: FiM - 24%, 89 Votes

    And then...

    >Adventure Time - 23%, 88 Votes
    >MLP: FiM - 24%, 90 Votes

    Fuck yes.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:58 No.21590399

    i would buy big mac shoes in a fucking heartbeat
    i think i can handle anyone asking questions about an apple
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:58 No.21590404
    Tower Prep isn't even a cartoon! ARGHHH!!!
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:58 No.21590407
         File1291258722.gif-(196 KB, 254x187, 1290489802880.gif)
    196 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:59 No.21590421
         File1291258754.jpg-(45 KB, 540x373, Sad-Keanu.jpg)
    45 KB

    The Avengers needs your help.

    That is all.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:59 No.21590422

    wouldn't that depend on toy sales and show ratings rather than a internet pole that can easily be manipulated?

    If you want them to keep MLP up, the toys are the most likely means of getting Hasbro's attention.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:59 No.21590427
    half an hour later we went from 7 to 92!!!!!!!
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:59 No.21590433
         File1291258788.png-(159 KB, 800x1028, 1289807244036.png)
    159 KB
    pony vote in
    >> !bgREVLN8FU 12/01/10(Wed)21:59 No.21590439
    Quick question, were you not allowed to add a gradient for Rarity's shoe, or was it just too difficult for you to figure out?

    It's a site about the channels in general, not just the cartoons.
    >> Pony DM !!VX7QkXNGWNZ 12/01/10(Wed)22:00 No.21590451
    We need balloons!
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:00 No.21590453
         File1291258815.png-(88 KB, 455x258, 1291089139636.png)
    88 KB
    What the fuck is "Tower Prep"?
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 12/01/10(Wed)22:00 No.21590454
    Pinkie Pie, EVERYthing calls for a celebration to you.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:00 No.21590462
         File1291258832.jpg-(62 KB, 500x333, cannon.jpg)
    62 KB
    Let's make that cannon!
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:00 No.21590463
    Hasbro owns your soul, I see. I can't blame you for that.

    Prime isn't as good as some of CN's offerings this year, though. But I can see myself becoming a GIJ:R fan.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:00 No.21590469
         File1291258845.jpg-(63 KB, 237x344, MahmoudSortofwant-2.jpg)
    63 KB
    >mfw people are padding the stats by using proxies to vote more than once
    >mfw MLP will be disqualified because of this
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:01 No.21590483
    Remember "The Prisoner"? It's that but for kids.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:01 No.21590487

    God dammit Hasbro! stop taking my money! NERF darts are actually more expensive than real ammo! I wanted to take my SKS hunting! Well a pony here or there couldn't hurt...
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:01 No.21590502
    If they are using proxies, how will they know? Also are you looking over their shoulders?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:01 No.21590504

    well, it shows we care
    >> Forward 2.0 !!pbL8zEzJEl6 12/01/10(Wed)22:02 No.21590514
    >Jade pony

    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:02 No.21590525
    I tried using gradients, but it ended up looking really bad. I've used Zazzle before, and their print process doesn't handle gradients well. Flat colors are no problem though, so I just stuck with basic recognizable color pallets.
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 12/01/10(Wed)22:03 No.21590533
         File1291258994.png-(517 KB, 4201x2170, 1290302454891.png)
    517 KB
    Honestly, I don't care about winning (so long as Tower Prep doesn't win), I'm just glad there's so many of us out there.
    >> Mr Hate !CTJZ6ibPH. 12/01/10(Wed)22:03 No.21590537
    At least, I'm not in Viet Nam.
    >> !bgREVLN8FU 12/01/10(Wed)22:04 No.21590569
    Ah, just asking. Nice to see you're putting all profits to good use, though.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:05 No.21590592
         File1291259151.jpg-(21 KB, 600x400, 1289932230881.jpg)
    21 KB
    >Disclaimer: Please be aware that this event is just for entertainment only. The outcome means nothing to the networks, nor will the winner receive anything special.
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 12/01/10(Wed)22:06 No.21590600
    Hey now, I don't want anypony to try to cheat this thing! It's better to lose gracefully than to win DISgracefully.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:06 No.21590608
         File1291259213.jpg-(34 KB, 430x550, TET.jpg)
    34 KB

    Now I can't stop think of ponies fighting in the Tet offensive. Little ponies hauling around little pony M14s and M60s while listening to Pinkie Pie singing Fortunate Son
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:07 No.21590614
    I demand a comprehensive history of that Derpy pony.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:07 No.21590622
    You've had 3 buyers now? I don't know if I should be surprised or not, those are some pricy shoes.
    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)22:07 No.21590624
         File1291259266.jpg-(43 KB, 334x271, sigh.jpg)
    43 KB

    A little piece of advice: If you are playing a tabletop RPG, saying "Your character joins the party" around Pinkie Pie will end up with her throwing a party for real and the rest of the module will be lost.
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 12/01/10(Wed)22:07 No.21590629
    I had a dream like that one night when I had FiM running the entire series in a loop as I tried to sleep
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:08 No.21590642
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:09 No.21590668

    the just say that so people wont get buthurt

    theyre gonna take note of what they're most popular shows are
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 12/01/10(Wed)22:10 No.21590688
         File1291259441.png-(57 KB, 586x540, 1290494897348.png)
    57 KB
    She showed up in the background of episode 1 and everyone loved her. Someone wrote a short story where she was the mail carrier and everyone loved her. Then we found her proper colour is gray and everyone loved her. Then we found out she was known by the production team and then everyone loved her.

    The End
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:10 No.21590691

    I'm F5ing like a fucking Fist of the North Star just to see what's going on.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:10 No.21590692
    regular show
    deltora quest
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:11 No.21590711
    Well, I figure a few toys will mean a lot to some kids on the receiving end, so that just feels good to do. Plus, if we buy the toys, it'll at least show Hasbro that FiM has it's fans. Either way, it's win-win
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:12 No.21590734
         File1291259579.jpg-(86 KB, 640x360, thispleasesapplejack.jpg)
    86 KB
    >voted earlier, MLP in 8th place
    >1 hour later, MLP in first place due to bronies
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 12/01/10(Wed)22:14 No.21590757
         File1291259640.jpg-(34 KB, 640x480, 1291216443514.jpg)
    34 KB
    Oh and then someone made a perfect custom of her and then everyone loved both of them and wanted to throw money at her to get their own made.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:14 No.21590762
    I voted for MLP and Scooby Doo since they essentially breathed new life into zombie franchises. I decided to throw /co/ a bone and used a coin toss to decide between Adventure Time or Regular Show. AT won.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:14 No.21590763
    What the fuck is Tower Prep and why does it deserve more vote thatn A:EMH?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:14 No.21590766

    The original... 8?... Deltora books were pretty good- but that's just me.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:15 No.21590793
    Regular Show needs to beat Tower Prep.
    >> !bgREVLN8FU 12/01/10(Wed)22:17 No.21590828
    We need about ten more votes for RS to get it past TP.

    TO NEW VOTERS OR SPAM VOTERS: Vote for Regular Show! Then I suggest voting for Robotomy, Sym-Bionic Titan, and/or Scooby-Doo as well. Anything but Tower Prep or Victorious.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:18 No.21590838
         File1291259882.jpg-(1.25 MB, 1728x2592, 1290754722171.jpg)
    1.25 MB
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:18 No.21590849
         File1291259906.png-(9 KB, 357x64, out.png)
    9 KB
    >1 votes
    forever alone
    >> !bgREVLN8FU 12/01/10(Wed)22:18 No.21590853
    Also Avengers. That could use some votes, I guess.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:18 No.21590857
    I remember when VICTORiOUS was tied with FiM.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:18 No.21590860
    Everything needs to beat tower prep.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:19 No.21590872
         File1291259964.jpg-(1.37 MB, 1728x2592, 1290761421934.jpg)
    1.37 MB
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:21 No.21590901
    >Shon Howell
    Does he actually post his own pictures himself in these threads?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:21 No.21590903
         File1291260087.png-(1.05 MB, 900x999, 1290327328384.png)
    1.05 MB
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:21 No.21590908
    >Derpy figure
    >Tiny mail cart
    This is the cutest thing I've seen all day
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:22 No.21590929
    >The Twisted Whiskers Show
    That aired back in 2009 on BBC, not 2010.

    Why the hell is it on this list?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:23 No.21590942
         File1291260189.png-(86 KB, 854x1039, 1290133264081.png)
    86 KB
    Voted for Adventure Time, MLP, and Regular Show.

    Also, I need the correct color scheme of this pic
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:23 No.21590960
         File1291260237.png-(69 KB, 854x1039, 1290218706498.png)
    69 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:24 No.21590965
    Does anyone have the images with the cast in Dating Simulation Scenarios?

    Those are so silly!
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:24 No.21590978
         File1291260287.jpg-(165 KB, 503x745, 1290653608578.jpg)
    165 KB
    >MLP: FiM is now first place by 5%
    >All thanks to bronies

    Good work, fellas. Now I'm going to look around to see if any Regular Show or Adventure Time fans have made a voting thread.

    ...This is war.
    >> !bgREVLN8FU 12/01/10(Wed)22:26 No.21591021
    I suggest Regular Show first. They need a few more votes to get past Tower Prep.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:26 No.21591028

    Thanks Brony
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:27 No.21591043
    The only "war" here should be against those horrible ass live action shows.
    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 12/01/10(Wed)22:28 No.21591070
    It's nice to see Regular Show and Robotomy climb the ranks.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:28 No.21591071
         File1291260526.jpg-(127 KB, 599x1797, 1290983705353.jpg)
    127 KB
    Why ponies are better than cats.
    >> elric 12/01/10(Wed)22:30 No.21591101

    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:31 No.21591128
         File1291260709.jpg-(38 KB, 600x337, shutupandtakemymoney.jpg)
    38 KB

    My head exploding in love and candies. I need one.
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 12/01/10(Wed)22:33 No.21591153
    She said she might make some more over winter break.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:35 No.21591186

    I can wait.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:39 No.21591297
         File1291261180.png-(583 KB, 625x863, 1291164081988.png)
    583 KB
    Kay, enough pony love, share also with adventure time and regular show.
    And DO NOT use proxies, I'm pretty sure we're enough bronies to win without!
    Also, to get back to "what episode show to newcomer" what do you think of the seventh? It has all the character, a good parental bonus, heavy presence of everyone, kickass dragon and everything!
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:39 No.21591300
    Did you guys know of this?
    I'm using it right now, looks pretty cool guys.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:40 No.21591302
    Any specific one?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:42 No.21591346
    I totally just found Derpy Hooves in the party scene. I suppose I can ignore the fact that she looks totally normal for a few shots prior to the big crowd scene.

    captcha: neurons absurd
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:44 No.21591380
         File1291261447.jpg-(169 KB, 720x540, confound these clouds.jpg)
    169 KB
    Fcukk yaer!!!!!!!!!
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:45 No.21591400
         File1291261520.png-(113 KB, 475x314, 1290817055614.png)
    113 KB
    I wonder if my internet will run faster now that Dash is heading it...
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:46 No.21591421
    She actually appears pretty frequently in the background of the show. Although, we rarely see both her eyes at once, so it's hard to tell how derpy she is on average.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:47 No.21591444
    Okay, guys. We need to haul ass again, the rest of /co/ caught on. Let's go-go-go!
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:49 No.21591490
    What, about the voting? We already did. It's up to whoever didn't vote yet.
    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)22:52 No.21591556
         File1291261956.jpg-(45 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202003723.jpg)
    45 KB
    I am tempted to post some screencaps from MLP's pilot episode (the G1) but I don't know how many image slots are available for this thread.
    Man, that Tv special was hardcore, Applejack gets burned alive and instead of banishing or redeeming the bad guy, Megan and the ponies fucking KILL him instead.

    Now if the 80's series had been half as good as these prototype movies...
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:52 No.21591557
         File1291261963.jpg-(14 KB, 680x100, preview_large.jpg)
    14 KB
    Forgot Pic for Proof. It's what your Firefox will look like.
    (if you use it, not saying you do)
    Just couldn't keep this to myself.

    You are welcome :D
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:52 No.21591561
    Right now the voting is just for the top three shows, so MLP will probably make that. Also for more votes we should repost the links at other times of the day.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:59 No.21591693
    Where can we watch this?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)23:00 No.21591722
    Hm? Don't remember that about Applejack. Go on, there's another old thread we can use.
    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)23:01 No.21591743
         File1291262496.jpg-(56 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202004325.jpg)
    56 KB

    Bad guy and his minions capture Applejack...
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)23:02 No.21591762
    I'd love to see some follow up pics of other video game heroes riding a main cast character of MLP.

    My suggestion: Kratos riding Rainbow Dash
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)23:04 No.21591807
    This should be added to the live streams.
    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)23:04 No.21591812
         File1291262693.jpg-(23 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202010020.jpg)
    23 KB

    THIS is the bad guy.
    Forget about campy villains like the fucking witches from the movie, this asshole was all bad news and zero fun.
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 12/01/10(Wed)23:05 No.21591828
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)23:05 No.21591841
    better yet, kratos on pinkie, as she sings her way to the battlefield
    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)23:06 No.21591858
         File1291262781.jpg-(43 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202003940.jpg)
    43 KB

    A fucking centaur from hell with a creepy, pulsating bag tied aroun his neck.
    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)23:07 No.21591883
         File1291262860.jpg-(41 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202003758.jpg)
    41 KB

    Applejack doesn't likes where this Tv special is going...
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 12/01/10(Wed)23:08 No.21591907
    You know who'd get along well with Pinkie Pie?
    Frank West, cause they're both batshit cray and just don't give a fuck.
    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)23:08 No.21591908
         File1291262937.jpg-(38 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202010041.jpg)
    38 KB

    Because the bag is full with... DARKNESS FROM HELL
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)23:10 No.21591937
    >G1's Appljack.
    >Still tied.
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!aEt/eFG7JWB 12/01/10(Wed)23:10 No.21591939
    Man, I was kinda pissed. I watched those old specials cause I really liked what little we heard of her voice in the Sea Ponies video and she only has like one more line beyond what I heard in that clip.
    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)23:11 No.21591953
         File1291263075.jpg-(43 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202004345.jpg)
    43 KB

    Aw, this is gonna HURT.
    >> Jimbo 12/01/10(Wed)23:11 No.21591956

    Behold the POWER of DARKNESS!
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)23:11 No.21591969
    Maybe Gordon Freeman on Twilight Sparkle? Or the main chick from Portal whose name I didn't learn.
    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)23:12 No.21591979
         File1291263148.jpg-(42 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202003821.jpg)
    42 KB
    ... this ALREADY hurts.
    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)23:13 No.21592000
         File1291263213.jpg-(33 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202004410.jpg)
    33 KB

    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)23:14 No.21592021
         File1291263283.jpg-(37 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202004420.jpg)
    37 KB

    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)23:15 No.21592051
         File1291263356.jpg-(31 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202004437.jpg)
    31 KB

    Oh shit oh shit
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)23:16 No.21592066
    oh god what the fuck, AJ NO!
    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)23:17 No.21592094
         File1291263460.jpg-(37 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202004023.jpg)
    37 KB

    If FiM makes a reference to this movie I will cum buckets.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)23:19 No.21592128
    seriously, what the fucking hell? Did AJ DIE there?
    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)23:21 No.21592173
         File1291263663.jpg-(41 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202011657.jpg)
    41 KB

    Applejack and other ponies were transformed into flying dragons to pull the motherfucking chariot of the fucking APOCALYPSE thanks to the power of the MOTHERFUCKING RAINBOW OF DARKNESS.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)23:21 No.21592188
    Nope, she was turned into a dragon.

    It's paiful to watch, I know. But at least our AJ got better!
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)23:22 No.21592207
    Do they.. do they get better?
    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)23:23 No.21592214
         File1291263780.jpg-(43 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202005700.jpg)
    43 KB

    Oh, by the way. See that scary guy there?
    That guy is the HERO.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)23:26 No.21592283
         File1291263965.gif-(238 KB, 468x252, Rainblow.gif)
    238 KB

    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)23:28 No.21592347
         File1291264131.jpg-(42 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202012233.jpg)
    42 KB

    The bad guy is preparing himself to release armaggedon over the world...
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)23:29 No.21592364
    but I like adventure time, and I don't think MLP and AT should be fighting. They should be crossing over, can you imagine angel and gunter teaming up?
    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)23:30 No.21592379
         File1291264239.jpg-(36 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202012246.jpg)
    36 KB
    The fuck like they will let him.
    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)23:32 No.21592428
         File1291264354.jpg-(52 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202012552.jpg)
    52 KB

    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)23:33 No.21592456
         File1291264427.jpg-(40 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202012408.jpg)
    40 KB

    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)23:35 No.21592487
         File1291264500.jpg-(47 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202012420.jpg)
    47 KB

    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)23:37 No.21592530
         File1291264628.jpg-(48 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202012450.jpg)
    48 KB

    *SPLAT* (against a fucking stone floor- a pitful pile of hay was put there, but fuck if it did something)

    Oh, did I menctioned this guy was Spike's only friend?
    >> Brony Roundup Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)23:40 No.21592618
         File1291264821.jpg-(96 KB, 561x360, vote.jpg)
    96 KB
    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)23:42 No.21592659
         File1291264924.jpg-(48 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202013822.jpg)
    48 KB
    This pink pony here was supposed to be in FiM instead of Rainbow Dash, but you already know what happened with Hasbro and the rights.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)23:42 No.21592664
         File1291264930.png-(254 KB, 1301x1821, Smooze 2012.png)
    254 KB
    Say, why hasn't there been one of these of the Mayor?
    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)23:44 No.21592720
         File1291265065.jpg-(37 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202014045.jpg)
    37 KB
    Twilight Sparkle was meant to be this girl here as well.
    >> !bgREVLN8FU 12/01/10(Wed)23:48 No.21592839
    I wonder if they'll ever connect G1 to G4 by saying that the name of Applejack has been handed down over generations, beginning with the G1 Applejack.

    Something like that, anyway. Maybe they could do it with Spike.
    >> elric 12/01/10(Wed)23:52 No.21592923

    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)23:54 No.21592994
         File1291265696.jpg-(42 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202014244.jpg)
    42 KB
    Enough of this shit. Time to release the RAINBOW OF LIGHT.
    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)23:56 No.21593026
         File1291265762.jpg-(45 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202014332.jpg)
    45 KB

    Light vs Darkness battle against each other...
    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)23:57 No.21593066
         File1291265862.jpg-(56 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202014405.jpg)
    56 KB

    This is the gayest power ever.
    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)23:59 No.21593100
         File1291265966.jpg-(41 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202014606.jpg)
    41 KB
    Wait, it wasn't supposed to do that...
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)00:00 No.21593124

    Im okay with that.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)00:01 No.21593143
    >Get rainbow dash persona
    >Realize I have no idea how to change it back
    The question is, do I want to?
    >> Anonycat 12/02/10(Thu)00:01 No.21593149
         File1291266080.jpg-(39 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202014459.jpg)
    39 KB

    >> Anonycat 12/02/10(Thu)00:03 No.21593191
         File1291266205.jpg-(31 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202014511.jpg)
    31 KB

    >> Anonycat 12/02/10(Thu)00:05 No.21593235
         File1291266314.jpg-(36 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202014629.jpg)
    36 KB

    >> Anonycat 12/02/10(Thu)00:06 No.21593259
         File1291266385.jpg-(38 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202014530.jpg)
    38 KB

    >> Anonycat 12/02/10(Thu)00:07 No.21593284
         File1291266446.jpg-(49 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202014713.jpg)
    49 KB

    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)00:07 No.21593285

    No, no you don't.
    >> !bgREVLN8FU 12/02/10(Thu)00:08 No.21593297
    >> Anonycat 12/02/10(Thu)00:08 No.21593322
         File1291266536.jpg-(40 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202014704.jpg)
    40 KB

    Oh, wait. The rift already swallowed the bad guy.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)00:09 No.21593338

    >Go to tools
    >Click on add-ons

    Also, I was also worried about the same thing too.
    >> Anonycat 12/02/10(Thu)00:13 No.21593429
         File1291266807.jpg-(22 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202015012.jpg)
    22 KB



    >> !bgREVLN8FU 12/02/10(Thu)00:14 No.21593461
    The moral?

    Don't fuck with the Little Ponies, or else your shit will be slapped.
    >> Anonycat 12/02/10(Thu)00:15 No.21593487

    I can't argue with that moral.

    Also, image limit reached so I can't post the rest.
    >> elric 12/02/10(Thu)00:16 No.21593508

    this shit is hardcore
    if they re-did it with the new graphics id watch it
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)00:16 No.21593514
    Screen cap and continue in another thread?

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