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  • File : 1291246589.png-(54 KB, 211x216, twilight (16).png)
    54 KB Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)18:36 No.21586161  
    >plug ipod in to upload the pinkie pie song
    >see "times played" category
    >Muse - Uprising : 15
    >Deadmau5 - Ghosts n Stuff : 19
    >Winter Wrap up: 167

    God dammit why is this song more addicting than anything I have ever listened to?

    Also why is dash so cute with that tunic thing on?
    >> Doctor Professor Tripfag !81MaSHiaZ. 12/01/10(Wed)18:37 No.21586186
         File1291246666.jpg-(20 KB, 480x289, brucecampbell.jpg)
    20 KB
    Because you like My Little Pony you faggot
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)18:40 No.21586232
    >person likes a cartoon
    >that person is a [negatively-themed epithet commonly used for homosexuals]
    Thanks for continuing to be a friendly and helpful contributor to this board as always, Doctor Professor Tripfag
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)18:45 No.21586342

    "Faggot" on 4chan is the equivalent of "bro" or "person" or "dude" or "fella".

    Don't single out tripsfags for being cancer in that regard. I mean, they are cancer, but in this instance, we've got one following the norm.
    >> Doctor Professor Tripfag !81MaSHiaZ. 12/01/10(Wed)18:48 No.21586388
    Nigga how am I be supposed to contribute if you asking about music this is a board for Comics and Cartoons
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)18:48 No.21586407
         File1291247339.jpg-(128 KB, 1024x768, 1256853752-king_of_faggotry.jpg)
    128 KB
    No it isn't. Are you new or something?
    >> Oblivion W. Casinos !IPiPBOY0m2 12/01/10(Wed)18:49 No.21586425

    I was reading your comment and was coincidentally listening to this song at the same time.

    Funny how that was.
    >> Oblivion W. Casinos !IPiPBOY0m2 12/01/10(Wed)18:50 No.21586440
    Ah yes, one more thing...

    Link to winter wrap up mp3?

    I need it on my ipod too.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)18:51 No.21586456
    "Fag" can have a number of meanings on 4chan.

    "Faggot" is always used insultingly or ironically (in reference to its insulting usage).
    >> T͞͠ú̶̷r͏p͡͝i͢͢n̕̕͜ G̢̡í̵̢ra͘r̷̨̛d 12/01/10(Wed)18:51 No.21586458
    What... are you saying that "faggot" and "fag" aren't used weirdly on 4chan to such a point where there is some sense of kinship instead of antagonism, or are you saying that the above is untrue?
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)18:52 No.21586465
    That's because you literally have shit taste
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)18:53 No.21586486
         File1291247596.jpg-(172 KB, 450x450, enlightenment.jpg)
    172 KB
    Doctor Professor Tripfag, what I'm about to reveal to you might possibly blow your mind:

    You are not required or obligated to post in every thread that you see.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)18:54 No.21586501
    because Winter Wrap Up is one song in your library while your other most-played songs are part of albums that you probably listened to the whole thing instead of just the one song on repeat.

    Thus spending 40 minutes listening to an album you really like will give each song one play but listening to one song you really like and one of the only songs you have from the artist will give you a lot more.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)18:54 No.21586508
    Tripfags are to cancer as Anonymous is to AIDS
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)18:54 No.21586512
    thanks for bumping this thread tho
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)18:55 No.21586520
         File1291247713.png-(200 KB, 537x360, 1291175301028.png)
    200 KB

    From other thread, I downloaded mine back when it came out so no clue if that is legit.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)18:56 No.21586535
         File1291247770.png-(147 KB, 480x268, 1291132762820.png)
    147 KB

    Sadly they are all single songs.

    I really dont like the rest of the deadmau 5 stuff or the muse stuff.
    >> Oblivion W. Casinos !IPiPBOY0m2 12/01/10(Wed)18:57 No.21586553
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)18:57 No.21586563
         File1291247877.png-(42 KB, 319x216, 14j0zzb[1].png)
    42 KB
    then I guess you just got brain problems!
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)18:58 No.21586567
    i like mlp:fim but i hate winter wrap-up
    if you can listen to it more than once, kudos to you
    >> T͞͠ú̶̷r͏p͡͝i͢͢n̕̕͜ G̢̡í̵̢ra͘r̷̨̛d 12/01/10(Wed)18:58 No.21586583
    Speaking of which, Today is World Aids Day.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)18:59 No.21586600
    you WOULD listen to muse
    mouthbreathing scum
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:10 No.21586780
    only uprising
    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)19:18 No.21586948
         File1291249105.jpg-(41 KB, 854x480, FA.jpg)
    41 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:20 No.21586996

    Thats exactly what i thought when the ponies were disappearing
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:45 No.21587477
         File1291250725.gif-(219 KB, 629x716, twilight (1).gif)
    219 KB
    oh murr twilight sparkle
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:47 No.21587514
    I call you faggots because you are literally faggots.
    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)19:52 No.21587627

    I call you a son of a bitch because I literally fucked your mom.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:58 No.21587758
    >my little pony

    Fucking faggots.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)19:59 No.21587766
         File1291251542.jpg-(69 KB, 600x338, I WILL SING YOU THE SONG OF MY(...).jpg)
    69 KB
    Manchildren I expect and have grown used to.
    12 year olds and the logic trainwrecks they call insults I never will.
    >> Anonycat 12/01/10(Wed)20:02 No.21587868
         File1291251776.jpg-(34 KB, 256x266, spike.jpg)
    34 KB

    Well, that was -almost- english.

    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:01 No.21588958
    Most times played in this order
    Surface of Me- Bad Religion
    That's a bit of a surprise.
    Followed by a three way tie of On the Sunny Side of the Street, Waltz of the Flowers (don't judge me), and Adagio for strings.
    At the very bottom of the list:
    Winter wrap up (played once)
    Sleepyhead (never played)
    My tastes > yours
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:21 No.21589448
    i wish i had some apples
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:27 No.21589612
    >Winter Wrap Up stuck in my head all fucking day
    >annoys the fuck out of me
    >get home, listen to it twice
    >see this thread
    >listen to it again
    god dammit

    fuck yes. I knew some /co/mrades out there liked house music. I listen to Justice nearly every day. Now if only /co/ cared about vidya music. OCRemix is the shit. wow that was off-topic
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)21:36 No.21589835
         File1291257362.jpg-(15 KB, 320x240, 1256777560691.jpg)
    15 KB
    Eh, I like MLP:FiM but this song doesn't strike me as all that great, sure they did a great job on the singing but thats about it
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)22:46 No.21591430
    It's an amazing song.

    Which is why i cant stop listening to it.

    and seeing rainbow dash in her cute shirt thing :3
    >> Anonymous 12/01/10(Wed)23:16 No.21592071
         File1291263406.png-(246 KB, 1301x1821, 1290950515895.png)
    246 KB

    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)00:03 No.21593194
    >some asshole posts saying that it is applejack's themesong
    >Have it stuck in my head all goddamn day
    Take it back, I insist.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)01:24 No.21594849
         File1291271052.png-(308 KB, 748x700, 1290653644090.png)
    308 KB
    Does anyone have a GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE wallpaper?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)07:03 No.21598396
    is there an mkv of dragonshy yet?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)07:13 No.21598438
         File1291292027.gif-(996 KB, 267x150, 1278923558593.gif)
    996 KB
    1) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (The Hub) (39%, 440 Votes)
    2) Adventure Time (Cartoon Network) (37%, 417 Votes)
    3) Sym-Bionic Titan (Cartoon Network) (20%, 223 Votes)
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)07:17 No.21598458
         File1291292252.jpg-(31 KB, 526x300, 1290988826888..jpg)
    31 KB
    MLP is beating AT?

    Wtf is this bullshit
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)07:22 No.21598487

    Tought this was Applejacks soundtrack
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)07:27 No.21598514
         File1291292863.jpg-(330 KB, 655x560, 1257314077443.jpg)
    330 KB
    >mfw Ponies are #1

    Goddamnit you guys, goddamnit
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)07:31 No.21598529
    Easy to skew the results when the poll has barely 1100
    >> Yaridovich 12/02/10(Thu)07:31 No.21598531
         File1291293106.png-(307 KB, 3226x2000, awesome.png)
    307 KB
    >mfw ponies are #1
    Thank you all for supporting another wonderful show by Lauren Faust.

    The world needs less shit like "shake it booty quake it" in cartoons, and more wonderful, quirky masterpieces like this.

    I'm hoping The Hub reconsiders their timeslot for MLP after seeing this list. I'd love to see another season or two.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)07:32 No.21598533
    Should be "party time" instead
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)07:33 No.21598538
    I dont think Hub cares about some meaningless poll
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)07:34 No.21598540
         File1291293240.png-(36 KB, 182x150, 1287878349587.png)
    36 KB
    Love this pic.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)07:34 No.21598541
    I finally listened to Winter Wrap Up yesterday, I dunno, it just seemed okay, not as good as the hype implied. I didn't dislike it, but I didn't feel compelled to go out of my way to listen to it again. Plus, I look forward to winter beginning, not ending. Winter ending means you've got about two temperate weeks then horrible heat for the next 3-4 months straight where I live.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)07:35 No.21598545
    then change it yourself, i maded so people can change the text if they want
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)07:36 No.21598546
    lol, you guys really think some poll on a stupid nobody fansite means anything?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)07:36 No.21598548
    I cant find the appeal of winter wrap up. For me Im addicted to the No fear song.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)07:39 No.21598563
    Personally I'm not big on any of the songs just yet.

    I bet Rainbow Dash will sing an awesome one at some point.
    >> Yaridovich 12/02/10(Thu)07:40 No.21598570
         File1291293617.jpg-(12 KB, 325x225, Applejack drunk.jpg)
    12 KB
    Sorry, a bit of a newfag with certain websites. Didn't realize that one was some fansite.

    Oh well.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)07:40 No.21598574
         File1291293653.jpg-(17 KB, 456x631, monkey_smile.jpg)
    17 KB
    >rainbow dash... singing her own song

    god just the thought makes me cringe
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)07:41 No.21598578
    Won't happen. The Hasbro half will fuck it up, I bet.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)07:42 No.21598583
    Rainbow dash and Gilda singing together would probably ends up sounding like tatu, except more expilict
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)07:43 No.21598589
    I'm thinking more a rock song, to match her theme tune.

    But a Dash/Gilda duet would be AWESOME
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)07:46 No.21598603



    Her lines were as awkward and annoying just as they were... can you imagine a SONG?

    It'd be kinda like 'When you're big!' all over again ugh...
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)07:49 No.21598624
         File1291294187.jpg-(463 KB, 1440x900, 1271654612379.jpg)
    463 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)07:52 No.21598635
    it's ok, dude, most cartoon songs aren't sung by the same VA as the regular lines.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)07:57 No.21598668

    The great and powerful Trixie would of course be the best choice for a villain song.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)07:59 No.21598676
    It'll be Pinkie and Gilda singing this
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)08:07 No.21598727
    what? are you implying somethings going on between gilda and pinkie
    >> That Other Brony 12/02/10(Thu)08:07 No.21598736
    in b4 king cheetah
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)08:10 No.21598751
         File1291295425.jpg-(69 KB, 627x359, do it faggot 2.jpg)
    69 KB
    Hatesex is best sex.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)08:11 No.21598761
    obviously, gilda was ripped apart from her longest and only friend, being pinkie she was able to look past gilda's flaws, gilda took to pinkie's friendship. months go on and closeness between them are becoming apparent, pinkie is reminded of her parents, long gone, emotionally lonely in the world, she confides herself to gilda, spilling everything that was bottled up, gilda didn't know how to handle it at first, she simply gave loving kiss to pinkie... and the rest was history
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)08:13 No.21598781
         File1291295598.gif-(227 KB, 930x620, reaction-3.gif)
    227 KB
    i...i am speechless
    >> That Other Brony 12/02/10(Thu)08:15 No.21598795
         File1291295717.png-(282 KB, 616x597, 1288805160823.png)
    282 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)08:18 No.21598822
    fuck you spike, that was touching and you know it
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)08:19 No.21598824
         File1291295943.jpg-(9 KB, 357x322, 1286004537900.jpg)
    9 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)08:21 No.21598853
         File1291296119.png-(163 KB, 600x600, 1289949114651.png)
    163 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)08:23 No.21598862
    We know you're drooling at the thought, Spike.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)08:23 No.21598867
         File1291296220.jpg-(20 KB, 838x730, angry.jpg)
    20 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)08:28 No.21598892

    You can't kiss with a beak.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)08:29 No.21598898
    bitch this is my little pony, we ain't gotta explain shit
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)08:31 No.21598911
    i kiss my chickens all the time, nothing wrong with that
    >> That Other Brony 12/02/10(Thu)08:34 No.21598940
         File1291296877.png-(73 KB, 264x316, 1289487297213.png)
    73 KB
    i actually thought it was grody
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)09:16 No.21599292
         File1291299409.gif-(20 KB, 650x307, unwarranted erection.gif)
    20 KB
    agreed. Some of the shit these "bronies" come up with makes me understand why others look down on the people who watch shows like this.

    I honestly want to, and would, spit in your face like that one comic I seen posted in one of these threads.
    >> KinkyMare !!Lt2QVxFBHMB 12/02/10(Thu)09:27 No.21599392
         File1291300079.png-(197 KB, 666x678, 1290520854882.png)
    197 KB
    >> That Other Brony 12/02/10(Thu)09:30 No.21599421
         File1291300248.jpg-(155 KB, 681x425, 1288252410570.jpg)
    155 KB
    hey i wasn't being mean, i didn't care for what the guy wrote. quit being a grumpy-britches.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)09:30 No.21599422
    Dragonshy is up. WHERE'S MAH RIP
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)10:08 No.21599753
    Seconded. This is actually working for me and pretty good quality. A few days ago I couldn't get any Hub videos to load.
    >> Anonycat 12/02/10(Thu)10:23 No.21599961
         File1291303411.jpg-(33 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202004410.jpg)
    33 KB

    I don't know either, so have a pic of Applejack being on fire from MLP's 1984 pilot.
    Rescue from Midnight Castle was a badass story, too bad the TV series crapped on it and turned everything into a shitty shadow of what could have been.
    >> That Other Brony 12/02/10(Thu)10:28 No.21600026
         File1291303739.png-(144 KB, 352x360, 1288859172019.png)
    144 KB
    >> Anonycat 12/02/10(Thu)10:30 No.21600046
         File1291303826.jpg-(41 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202003758.jpg)
    41 KB
    >> Anonycat 12/02/10(Thu)10:31 No.21600061
         File1291303871.jpg-(43 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202004345.jpg)
    43 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)10:31 No.21600063
         File1291303884.png-(102 KB, 261x328, applesmug.png)
    102 KB

    Applejack likes it rough
    >> Anonycat 12/02/10(Thu)10:32 No.21600075
         File1291303924.jpg-(42 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202003821.jpg)
    42 KB
    >> Anonycat 12/02/10(Thu)10:33 No.21600086
         File1291303990.jpg-(40 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202003903.jpg)
    40 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)10:34 No.21600105
         File1291304065.jpg-(11 KB, 265x297, 1272776238274.jpg)
    11 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)10:38 No.21600159
         File1291304335.jpg-(30 KB, 830x240, pony reply.jpg)
    30 KB
    Happened just after I managed to get all my housemates together for another pony session with episodes 3 & 4
    >> That Other Brony 12/02/10(Thu)10:41 No.21600187
         File1291304468.jpg-(10 KB, 216x216, 1289580697635.jpg)
    10 KB
    >> That Other Brony 12/02/10(Thu)10:42 No.21600207
         File1291304573.png-(190 KB, 500x281, 1289881692770.png)
    190 KB
    >> Paradox !!xOi/V3twRA4 12/02/10(Thu)10:43 No.21600213
         File1291304617.jpg-(97 KB, 469x428, 1290878900645.jpg)
    97 KB
    >> Doc Melonhead 12/02/10(Thu)10:44 No.21600217
    Same could be said about "Friendship is Magic"
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)10:45 No.21600231
    That is why I absolutely refuse to use my name on Facebook/Twitter. I don't want my friends, family, /co/workers, or potential enemies to trace stuff like that back to me.
    >> Anonycat 12/02/10(Thu)10:52 No.21600310
         File1291305162.jpg-(17 KB, 352x240, snapshot20101202124842.jpg)
    17 KB

    "Friendship is Magic" is a totally different story.
    If FiM's animation and quality had plummeted after the pilot, then your point would apply, though.

    >> That Other Brony 12/02/10(Thu)10:52 No.21600311
         File1291305162.png-(85 KB, 425x360, 1288897394231.png)
    85 KB
    wow really? the majority of my friends know i like this show. what could they possibly do with that information? are you some sort of high-ranking official?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)10:55 No.21600337

    Wow. That's surprisingly dark. As is the one sequence before it.
    >> Anonycat 12/02/10(Thu)10:55 No.21600340
         File1291305322.jpg-(17 KB, 352x240, snapshot20101202124858.jpg)
    17 KB

    ... have MORE ponies being set on fire.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)10:56 No.21600350
         File1291305373.png-(244 KB, 1136x1512, 1289960735563.png)
    244 KB
    Pinkie Pie best pony, 2010
    >> Doc Melonhead 12/02/10(Thu)10:56 No.21600352
    I'm refering to the villains, NMM is closer to Tyrac Tier than you think.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)10:57 No.21600367
         File1291305463.png-(267 KB, 640x500, 1288255914723.png)
    267 KB

    Didn't earlier My Little Ponies have some pretty hardcore villains? You know, like literally the devil and stuff like that?
    >> That Other Brony 12/02/10(Thu)10:58 No.21600371
         File1291305519.jpg-(61 KB, 854x480, 1290637364155.jpg)
    61 KB
    so uh, do they die? or are Ponies impervious to fire damage?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)10:59 No.21600377
         File1291305540.jpg-(35 KB, 374x401, Whathaveidone.jpg)
    35 KB
    Not being grumpy, I'm being real. Take a step back and look at those kinds of things and imagine someone from the "outside" associating you and other fans with this. This is why you are spat on and ridiculed in public. This is why you have to hide away and amass merchandise with increased secrecy. This is why people make faces at you when you're found out. This is why you make this face whenever your earphones accidentally unplug and the theme song blasts through the bus. You know in your heart that you wouldn't make that face so hard if it was anything else.

    One word: Pathetic. I know it. You know it. The world knows it.
    >> Paradox !!xOi/V3twRA4 12/02/10(Thu)10:59 No.21600382
    dat sameface
    >> Anonycat 12/02/10(Thu)11:00 No.21600398
         File1291305600.jpg-(39 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202014459.jpg)
    39 KB

    Tyrac was a cruel son of a bitch. Nightmare Moon at least had reasons to be a bitch and she reformed at the end, while Tyrac was killed instead.
    But yes, she was badass.
    >> Doc Melonhead 12/02/10(Thu)11:00 No.21600404
    Worst, they became Elderic Abominations.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)11:00 No.21600407
    the Smooze is pretty popular.

    It says something about the show that no one remembers the ponies, just the villains, Spike and the human Mary sue character that every 80s cartoon about nonhuman things needed by law.

    Pretty much everything before Friendship is Magic was average to shit, so the haters have a pointthere.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)11:01 No.21600413

    >I'm not grumpy, I'm just going to make yet another paragraph explaining why you should be ashamed that nobody will read
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)11:02 No.21600435
    We're on 4chan. We stopped caring about what the world thinks of us long ago.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)11:03 No.21600458
    >>21600407 None of you remember the ponies

    Eh, some were more memorable than others. Like the original Applejack:
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)11:04 No.21600464
         File1291305841.jpg-(191 KB, 300x450, 1289199679100.jpg)
    191 KB

    u sound pretty mad about ponies, did one rape your family?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)11:04 No.21600472
    >>21600398 FUCKING RAINBOWS!
    >> That Other Brony 12/02/10(Thu)11:06 No.21600515
         File1291306017.jpg-(162 KB, 800x638, 1290759541826.jpg)
    162 KB
    I still want an episode about Princess Luna slowly re-integrating with Pony society, with the help of the FiM cast.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)11:09 No.21600556
         File1291306174.jpg-(180 KB, 1024x692, disapoint coupon.jpg)
    180 KB
    >lol we on da' internet
    Whatever keeps your mind off suicide, amirite?

    I kinda have to agree that some of this shit is fucked up, though. There are people like that in all fandoms that make it look back. FiM is instantly regarded as a target for ridicule and stuff like that just adds full to the blazing inferno.
    >> Doc Melonhead 12/02/10(Thu)11:11 No.21600595
         File1291306313.png-(423 KB, 2292x1667, princess_twilight_sparkle_by_p(...).png)
    423 KB
    From Princess Chuchi of the Friendship Crew.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)11:16 No.21600646

    It says that the cartoon was made about a quarter century ago. That might be why memories of it are so hazy.

    And none of these new ponies can hold a candle to Windwhistler. This is fact.
    >> That Other Brony 12/02/10(Thu)11:19 No.21600682
         File1291306756.gif-(1.43 MB, 300x171, 1287850307213.gif)
    1.43 MB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)11:22 No.21600740
    Dude, Wind Whistler sucked.
    She tried to be Spock, but Spock doesn't work without Bones backing him up.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)11:24 No.21600757
         File1291307083.jpg-(110 KB, 498x373, DBZVegetaFinger.jpg)
    110 KB
    >implying Twilight will ever be a Pegasus

    You will never rule Equastria, Sparkles.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)11:26 No.21600780
    preparing to start ripping my own personal copy of dragonshy. Has anyone uploaded a copy yet?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)11:28 No.21600801
         File1291307324.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 72 KB, 687x1043, 1285717378520.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 72 KB
    Holy shit I just realized, one more day until PONY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)11:34 No.21600864
    That would be a downright dandy episode.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)11:35 No.21600876

    Anybody know a plot of the new one?
    >> That Other Brony 12/02/10(Thu)11:39 No.21600921
    25 hours, 50 minutes, brony
    >> That Other Brony 12/02/10(Thu)11:41 No.21600938
    >>21600876 "Look Before You Sleep" - Rarity and Applejack have a disagreement at Twilight's slumber party.

    brace yourself for awkward screenshots
    >> KinkyMare !!Lt2QVxFBHMB 12/02/10(Thu)11:41 No.21600939
         File1291308066.png-(164 KB, 1158x2553, 1290066000818.png)
    164 KB

    Rarity and Applejack fall out with each other...

    At Twilight's slumber party!
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)11:42 No.21600955
         File1291308139.gif-(17 KB, 636x599, 1290029399598.gif)
    17 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)11:42 No.21600959
    >My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Episode: "Look Before You Sleep"
    >Season 1, Episode 8
    >Episode Synopsis: Rarity and Applejack have a disagreement at Twilight's slumber party

    Also note: Winter Wrap-Up will be episode 11.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)11:42 No.21600961
         File1291308163.jpg-(14 KB, 356x425, pinkie-pony.jpg)
    14 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)11:43 No.21600976
         File1291308239.gif-(Spoiler Image, 560 KB, 550x410, 1290277269856.gif)
    Spoiler Image, 560 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)11:45 No.21600993
    >slumber party episode
    please please please be wearing cute pajamas
    >> KinkyMare !!Lt2QVxFBHMB 12/02/10(Thu)11:46 No.21601000
         File1291308382.jpg-(4 KB, 140x154, doushio.jpg)
    4 KB

    >mfw Winter Wrap Up is on Christmas Eve
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)11:49 No.21601030
    i'm tripping balls man
    >> Anonycat 12/02/10(Thu)11:52 No.21601067

    What's her name? Rainbow Chunks?

    Also, I will see if i can find a better video of MLP's prototype stories so I could post more fucked up screenshots- in Escape From Catrina, the antagonist is a catgirl on drugs (The drug boosts her magic power) and among other things, she tries to drown a baby pony on a well if her demands aren't met.
    >> Applejack the Ripper !yvlOjk5iUw 12/02/10(Thu)11:53 No.21601087
    Looks like we got another 80 MB encode this week. Ripping and uploading as I type.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)11:54 No.21601095
         File1291308855.png-(998 KB, 475x445, SO MUCH GODDAMN HAPPINESS.png)
    998 KB
    >checks calender
    Holy shit it is!
    >mfw I have TWO FACES
    >> That Other Brony 12/02/10(Thu)11:54 No.21601100
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)11:55 No.21601108
    If they're called "earth ponies", did the others originate from different planets?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:01 No.21601178

    I think it's like a politically correct name for them, so they wouldn't be called powerless or something.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:03 No.21601208
    Earth ponies aren't completely inferior, they're stronger and fitter than pegasi (which need to be light to fly) and unicorns. (which have squishy wizard syndrome)
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:05 No.21601230
         File1291309546.png-(203 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-12h04m48s11(...).png)
    203 KB
    YES!!!! THE NEW RIP IS A GLOROUS 280 MB. Higher Quality pics again, ponies!
    >> My Little Pony General Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:07 No.21601255
         File1291309667.png-(21 KB, 220x225, mlpgeneral.png)
    21 KB
    Youtube Channel

    [temporarily down]


    Download Links
    Episode 1: Friendship is Magic part 1
    FLV [192 MB]:
    MKV [191 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 2: Friendship is Magic part 2
    FLV [293 MB]:
    MKV [292 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 3: The Ticket Master
    FLV [274 MB]:
    MKV [273 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 4: Applebuck Season
    No Dialogue HQ FLV [186 MB]:
    Fixed Audio LQ FLV [78 MB]:
    Fixed Audio LQ MKV [77 MB]:
    Dual Audio HQ MKV [195 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 5: Griffon the Brush Off
    LQ FLV [86 MB]:
    LQ MKV [85 MB]:
    Resized AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 6: Boast Busters
    FLV [273 MB]:
    MKV [272 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:09 No.21601272
    which link is it?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:09 No.21601277
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:10 No.21601284
    I think it's more like "earth" as in "the ground" - they can't fly and they don't have magic, so there's a traditional connection to "the earth" instead.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:11 No.21601305
         File1291309912.gif-(756 KB, 241x182, 1289408723894.gif)
    756 KB
    >mfw Winter Wrap Up would probably be the episode where the show "wraps up". I mean, the general holiday themes, the subplot of Twilight losing her magic powers probably to discover that she doesn't need them to fit in, it all kind of sounds like a good way to end the show to me.

    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:11 No.21601309
         File1291309917.png-(134 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-12h10m26s17(...).png)
    134 KB
    .flv is currently uploading to megaupload. For my personal use, I am first converting it to .mp4; then later I may convert it to other things
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:13 No.21601324
    remember, this show is entitled "friendship is magic". I really don't think she's gonna stay powerless forever.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:13 No.21601327
    Except it's the 11th episode of a 13-episode season.
    >> Applejack the Ripper !yvlOjk5iUw 12/02/10(Thu)12:13 No.21601331
    Okay, what the fuck. Their CDN has gotta be doing bandwidth detection or something, cause I got an 80 MB file.

    Can you to all us bronys a favor and rip episodes 4 and 5 to see if you get ~300 MB rips of those?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:15 No.21601365
         File1291310155.jpg-(34 KB, 522x399, 1283516967740.jpg)
    34 KB

    13? Halelujah!
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:16 No.21601368

    We have 26 confirmed episodes, but it's still not clear whether or not they're going to divide that into two seasons.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:18 No.21601391
         File1291310318.png-(211 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-12h17m30s40.png)
    211 KB
    I will try it again after my computer is settled from converting files and uploading the .flv. But the last time I tried it 4 and 5 were a squeamish 80mb.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:19 No.21601404
         File1291310385.jpg-(45 KB, 600x375, 1291279027822.jpg)
    45 KB

    26?! I...there is no image macro that can sum up my relief.

    So have some Pinkie Pie instead!
    >> Applejack the Ripper !yvlOjk5iUw 12/02/10(Thu)12:22 No.21601432
    Thanks. Also if anyone wants a tiny 80 MB flv of episode 7 because they just can't wait,
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:22 No.21601439
         File1291310561.png-(208 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-12h22m01s19(...).png)
    208 KB
    >> Earthworm Jim 12/02/10(Thu)12:23 No.21601460
    Where can I find this series? I aren't American and I can't find it on torrents.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:25 No.21601483

    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:25 No.21601485


    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:25 No.21601494
         File1291310739.png-(162 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-12h24m52s11(...).png)
    162 KB
    >> That Other Brony 12/02/10(Thu)12:27 No.21601512
    all the Earth ponies also have to do with food/agricultural trades.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:28 No.21601530
         File1291310886.png-(179 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-12h26m05s84.png)
    179 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:30 No.21601558
    Pinkie pie song? links? I am only aware of winter wrap up.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:34 No.21601598
    god I love all those derp in between frame expressions. Make the character look so lively.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:34 No.21601602
         File1291311264.gif-(2.75 MB, 196x147, 1291167463665.gif)
    2.75 MB
    Maybe the
    >When I was a little filly and the sun was going dooooooowwnnn
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:36 No.21601632
    I'm just bumping the thread
    >> x-fighter 12/02/10(Thu)12:36 No.21601634
         File1291311406.gif-(1.17 MB, 325x188, 128795213782.gif)
    1.17 MB
    AHHHHHHHHHHH cant wait for last episode to be uploaded!!!!!!!!!!!
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:36 No.21601635
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:42 No.21601709
    What is winter wrap up? Did I miss an episode? I keep seeing screen shots of the ponies in winter gear but I can't find the episode. Am I just being paranoid or did I miss something?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:43 No.21601719
    Music video from episode 11 that was leaked by the composer
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:44 No.21601733
    Ok so I haven't missed anything then?
    >> That Other Brony 12/02/10(Thu)12:45 No.21601745
         File1291311902.jpg-(36 KB, 600x338, anoos.jpg)
    36 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:45 No.21601749
    >>21601709 A link for Winter wrap up
    >> That Other Brony 12/02/10(Thu)12:45 No.21601759
    if you've seen episodes 1-7, you've seen it all, series wise. the leaked video is rather out-of-context.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:46 No.21601767
         File1291311996.png-(239 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-12h43m27s21(...).png)
    239 KB
    >> x-fighter 12/02/10(Thu)12:47 No.21601783
         File1291312046.jpg-(30 KB, 474x271, 1289597375542.jpg)
    30 KB
    nope, it is comming soon but not yet
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:48 No.21601791
    Awesome, thanks brony!
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:48 No.21601794
         File1291312121.png-(230 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-12h47m50s51.png)
    230 KB
    >> KinkyMare !!Lt2QVxFBHMB 12/02/10(Thu)12:51 No.21601834
         File1291312290.png-(193 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-11-27-19h08m51s15.png)
    193 KB
    /r/ this from the high quality rip

    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:52 No.21601849
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:53 No.21601858
         File1291312394.png-(11 KB, 436x291, 1266439299110.png)
    11 KB
    >Muse - Uprising : 15
    >> The Smooze !aUG/c2CV/I 12/02/10(Thu)12:53 No.21601861
         File1291312403.jpg-(85 KB, 640x480, 1290829384620.jpg)
    85 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:54 No.21601877

    warning, do not click this

    lest you be trapped forever
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:57 No.21601898
         File1291312635.jpg-(91 KB, 1024x768, cp_dustbowl0000.jpg)
    91 KB

    Eh can't be that ba-
    >Winter Wrap-up on repeat

    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)12:59 No.21601920
    >Tell my friend I watch My Little Pony
    >He sounds weirded out at first
    >explain why I enjoy it (animation, story, character development, overall likability)
    >He understands completely, and says he'll try it out

    Brony for life.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:02 No.21601942
    COnversation with a friend of mine on IM:

    >Me: BTW: That new song that you wrote today might be an earwurm, but that MLP Winter Wrap Up thing? Beats the heck out of it, kicked it into the hospital, and caused untold years of physical revalidation and psychiatric therapy.
    >Him: that's pretty badass for a song about pink ponies
    >Me: Pink DYKE ponies. So, kinda what you can expect, no?
    >Him: ah. well I guess that makes more sense,
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:03 No.21601956
    Bridle Gossip
    >A zebra is blamed for an illness afflicting the ponies
    >zebras are from Africa
    >> That Other Brony 12/02/10(Thu)13:03 No.21601961
         File1291313026.jpg-(11 KB, 379x201, 1288745749000.jpg)
    11 KB
    but Pinkie Pie isn't the lesbian
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:05 No.21601975
    Pinkie Pie is funsexual.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:05 No.21601976
    For a random note, Just after the part when the sun shines down on Twilight and they wipe to the next shot...I think I heard Navi. (not her voice, that sound she makes when she flies out of Link's hat.)
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:05 No.21601985
    What makes you think there's only one?

    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:07 No.21601996
         File1291313222.png-(326 KB, 681x507, 1291184649622.png)
    326 KB
    oh fuck
    >> That Other Brony 12/02/10(Thu)13:08 No.21602013
         File1291313283.jpg-(32 KB, 470x387, 1289021581330.jpg)
    32 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:08 No.21602015
         File1291313298.jpg-(9 KB, 300x278, Navi.jpg)
    9 KB
    >> WINTER WRAP UP TIERS MOTHERFUCKER Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:09 No.21602026
    Green Team - The only ones whose jobs are really necessary, all the ponies would fucking starve if it weren't for them.

    Blue Team - The natural changing of seasons should be able to handle this, but the extra sunlight could help the Green Team and improve overall pony morale.

    Brown Team - Helping animals wake up from hibernation? What the fuck kind of lazy-ass animals live in Equestria where you have to be their fucking maid to help them get started every spring? Let the little bastards do it themselves, you're only making them utterly dependent on ponies.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:10 No.21602037
    They probably don't need to wake em up, they just think it looks cute.
    >> RED Heavy !rGW8ViJ26I 12/02/10(Thu)13:11 No.21602057
         File1291313517.jpg-(32 KB, 400x225, HWGSasha.jpg)
    32 KB
    What ees thees?


    Leetle Scout has suprise waiting...
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:12 No.21602063
    It's still not something that needs to be done, they're just dicking around and calling it work.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:12 No.21602068
    You forgot that it's the brown team's job to dump sticks onto tables.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:13 No.21602073
         File1291313589.png-(255 KB, 640x360, 1290328087765.png)
    255 KB
    Then I officially salute them
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:15 No.21602098
    Upload complete:

    BUT the file is temporarily available...
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:15 No.21602106
         File1291313738.jpg-(19 KB, 493x313, whenpinkiewas.jpg)
    19 KB
    Anyone know the next episode plot?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:16 No.21602128
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:16 No.21602131
         File1291313813.jpg-(41 KB, 472x645, 1290122285343.jpg)
    41 KB
    Any idea when we can expect the new episode to go up on youtube?

    Also, the most played song on my iTunes is Drives Us Bats at 81 plays
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:18 No.21602150
         File1291313889.png-(249 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-13h16m26s89.png)
    249 KB
    Uploading .mp4 to mediafire, since it is only 111mb and to avoid the previous distractions of the .flv version upload.

    Pic after the conversion process
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:19 No.21602170
         File1291313979.jpg-(216 KB, 800x603, luna cards.jpg)
    216 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:20 No.21602178
         File1291314026.png-(99 KB, 500x500, 1291074456484.png)
    99 KB
    how are we doing in the best new cartoon of 2010 poll by now bronies?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:20 No.21602183
    Probably three or four hours after the air time (tomorrow, 1:30 PM EST).
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:20 No.21602185
         File1291314043.png-(240 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-13h20m00s18(...).png)
    240 KB
    comparison pic, this is .flv unaltered
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:22 No.21602204
    But without the birds and the squirrels, Ponyville would suffer from, erm. I dunno. Overrun by insects?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:22 No.21602217
    Swarm of the Century?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:25 No.21602240
    Birds and squirrels should be able to take care of their own shit.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:26 No.21602259
         File1291314388.png-(158 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-13h25m52s10(...).png)
    158 KB
    >> That Other Brony 12/02/10(Thu)13:27 No.21602268
    yea i still can't figure out what the hell Rarity and crew were going to do with sticks and ribbons.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:27 No.21602277
    Make nests
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:29 No.21602301
         File1291314591.jpg-(20 KB, 368x269, 1290051076692.jpg)
    20 KB
    FABULOUS nests!
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:29 No.21602304

    What if the ponies welcomed the birds and the squirrels into Equestria because they kept on getting eaten by Dragons and Griffins, but pampered them so much they eventually became incapable of doing anything for themselves?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:30 No.21602306
         File1291314619.png-(159 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-13h29m49s17(...).png)
    159 KB
    >> That Other Brony 12/02/10(Thu)13:32 No.21602331
         File1291314763.png-(175 KB, 478x340, oh.png)
    175 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:33 No.21602335
    That's what they get for fucking with natural selection.
    >> KinkyMare !!Lt2QVxFBHMB 12/02/10(Thu)13:34 No.21602350
         File1291314868.jpg-(36 KB, 600x338, rainbowcandybrake.jpg)
    36 KB
    >> Fixit 12/02/10(Thu)13:35 No.21602361

    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:39 No.21602398
         File1291315153.jpg-(13 KB, 378x301, HNNNNNGG.jpg)
    13 KB
    >Finally watched Dragonshy today
    >Fluttershy squeaks like eight times
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:40 No.21602408
         File1291315216.png-(233 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-13h38m48s20(...).png)
    233 KB
    .mp4 upload for Dragonshy is up:

    a cool 113 mb upload (tinier then a comparable .avi) this is a pic from it

    I will retry an upload with the .flv since the previous one does not want to become available.
    >> KinkyMare !!Lt2QVxFBHMB 12/02/10(Thu)13:41 No.21602423

    A thousand blessings upon you brony
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:41 No.21602424
         File1291315314.jpg-(42 KB, 801x448, 1288217943083.jpg)
    42 KB

    You're the best brony, this is going STRAIGHT to my phone! <3 AWESOME formatting choice, saves me a step!
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:43 No.21602446
    I love this.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:45 No.21602470
    Megaupload link's working
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:48 No.21602512
         File1291315684.png-(154 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-13h47m16s15(...).png)
    154 KB
    I stumbled upon .mp4 trying to keep movies on a flash drive. For anything short of +720p movies I cannot notice a difference. I can't knock it for keeping files tiny while still looking good.

    I've retried ep 4 and 5, still look like a puny 80mb. Will try re-uploading the .flv now.
    >> Anonycat 12/02/10(Thu)13:49 No.21602522
         File1291315747.jpg-(49 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202154603.jpg)
    49 KB
    Prototype Megan with a normal, non-talking pony.
    My head was full of fuck.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:50 No.21602531
    She really should have kept that outfit.
    That alone would've improved the rest of the series
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:51 No.21602547
    Do you think Pegasus' make nests? I mean, Rainbow Dash DOES live in a cloud-house.
    >> RED Heavy !rGW8ViJ26I 12/02/10(Thu)13:51 No.21602556
         File1291315917.png-(382 KB, 553x590, Doorag.png)
    382 KB
    I get new hat.

    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:52 No.21602561
         File1291315944.jpg-(16 KB, 336x254, raritydigger.jpg)
    16 KB

    I'm pretty sure pegasus can reshape clouds to do whatever they want
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:52 No.21602569
         File1291315967.gif-(356 KB, 320x239, action hank punching pinkie.gif)
    356 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:53 No.21602587
    Motherfucking ponies already got me, I love Pinkie Pie, I wanna lick her pie.
    >> Anonycat 12/02/10(Thu)13:54 No.21602601
         File1291316083.jpg-(34 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202155216.jpg)
    34 KB

    Screw the cowboy suit, prototype Megan fought against a fucking DRAGON barehanded.
    She gasped in fear a good number of times during the TV special but still fought hand to hand against primal horrors without hogging the spotlight like the other Megan did on the TV series.

    That alone made her much better and I don't know, a better role model for little girls back then.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:54 No.21602602
         File1291316092.png-(129 KB, 467x266, dash disgust.png)
    129 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:55 No.21602617
         File1291316156.png-(215 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-13h55m23s14(...).png)
    215 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:58 No.21602663
    I bet it's sweet and tasty, want to stroke her fluffy mane, damn ponies look so darn cute and hot.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)13:59 No.21602684
         File1291316396.png-(87 KB, 232x153, 3.png)
    87 KB
    She tastes just like candy?
    >> RED Heavy !rGW8ViJ26I 12/02/10(Thu)14:00 No.21602694
         File1291316445.jpg-(42 KB, 1280x720, Ohmeingott.jpg)
    42 KB
    Hat ees enchanted weeth my HATRED.

    Now ees pony keeling time!
    >> KinkyMare !!Lt2QVxFBHMB 12/02/10(Thu)14:00 No.21602696
         File1291316450.png-(196 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-19h00m16s21(...).png)
    196 KB
    Oh yes
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:01 No.21602706
         File1291316494.jpg-(12 KB, 282x233, twilightwant.jpg)
    12 KB
    When will the stream be baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:01 No.21602708
         File1291316502.jpg-(10 KB, 370x302, 1291178819180.jpg)
    10 KB
    >Look at my pony, my pony is amazing. Give her a lick.
    >mmm she tastes just like CANDY!
    >> Senator Awesome Sause 12/02/10(Thu)14:04 No.21602738
    ooh, that's dirty!
    >> President Dog !rxaU.6oOlI 12/02/10(Thu)14:04 No.21602741
    MLP:FiM is currently number one in that best new show of 2010 poll, with 41% of the vote.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:04 No.21602744
         File1291316685.jpg-(24 KB, 210x240, char_20203.jpg)
    24 KB
    >> Anonycat 12/02/10(Thu)14:06 No.21602765
         File1291316794.jpg-(48 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202160109.jpg)
    48 KB
    Ok, so I finished downloading "Escape from Catrina" hoping to find more interesting screenshots.
    ... that episode is a piece of crap like the original G1 series.

    So basically: Prototype "My Little Pony" and "Friendship is Magic" are the only MLP things worth to watch IMO.

    Pic: Firefly and Applejack from the prototype, Firefly kept trying to impress everyone with her flying abilities and Applejack was a hard worker pony who tried to restrain a bit her friend's impulsivity.
    Firefly was meant to appear in FiM instead of RainbowDash, so the pegasi and the earth pony already have an historial together.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:07 No.21602768
         File1291316826.png-(197 KB, 640x360, 4.png)
    197 KB
    the streaks in her mane...
    >> KinkyMare !!Lt2QVxFBHMB 12/02/10(Thu)14:08 No.21602789
         File1291316900.png-(673 KB, 640x1155, pteam.png)
    673 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:09 No.21602810
         File1291316981.png-(147 KB, 640x360, 5.png)
    147 KB
    she flies like a plane...
    >> Fixit 12/02/10(Thu)14:11 No.21602835

    >> Applejack the Ripper !yvlOjk5iUw 12/02/10(Thu)14:12 No.21602849
    So I was grabbing the wrong rtmp url. Oops. Uploading an HQ MKV now.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:13 No.21602854
    Fucking GTA: San Andreas flashbacks.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:13 No.21602858
    what should I search for to get Prototype MLP?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:13 No.21602862
    MLP: DRAGONSHY .flv is up and working

    280 mb
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:15 No.21602885
    Rescue from Midnight Castle
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:16 No.21602900
    (pssst: that's not an flv)
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:16 No.21602906

    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:16 No.21602910
    That's the mp4
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:17 No.21602922
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:19 No.21602956
    Dammit, I always just catch the tail end of pony threads.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:20 No.21602962
    ask alex mercer
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:20 No.21602968
         File1291317636.jpg-(90 KB, 649x525, 1287804013422.jpg)
    90 KB
    Problem, Applejack?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:21 No.21602980
    I bet Dash's tail tastes like cotton candy.
    >> KinkyMare !!Lt2QVxFBHMB 12/02/10(Thu)14:22 No.21603002
         File1291317753.png-(164 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-19h21m31s16(...).png)
    164 KB
    The derp is spreading
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:23 No.21603026
    Ok so, like, we all know the ponies have candy vag right? But what FLAVOR candy vag? i think this is a thing we have to explore in depth. I mean, what flavor candy is rarity's? twilights?

    I imagine applejack's is like those caramel apple suckers, yknow the two part ones that have sour apple and caramel mashed together?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:23 No.21603029
         File1291317835.jpg-(30 KB, 330x378, did you just.jpg)
    30 KB
    you are right, that was far too easy. I tried to re-upload it but every link megaupload gives it says it is temporally unavailable.
    out of frustration ill try 2shared
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:25 No.21603055
    I was able to get the megaupload link working long enough to download it, so it's probably just server issues.
    >> RED Heavy !rGW8ViJ26I 12/02/10(Thu)14:26 No.21603061
         File1291317960.jpg-(68 KB, 1280x720, Sandvich.jpg)
    68 KB
    I bet leetle ponies cannot get thees!

    Ohhh ho ho ho!
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:26 No.21603062
         File1291317965.png-(209 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-14h25m21s22(...).png)
    209 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:26 No.21603072
    >> RED Heavy !rGW8ViJ26I 12/02/10(Thu)14:26 No.21603076

    You cannot name sandvich sometheeng good, no?

    That ees what i ask.
    >> Oblivion W. Casinos !IPiPBOY0m2 12/02/10(Thu)14:27 No.21603085
    Which stream?

    I've got my stream up and running. Ironed out 99.9% of the kinks. Audio and video both work.

    My next pet project will be to get ps3 streaming to work. The theory is sound, but I haven't put it into practice yet.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:28 No.21603101
         File1291318102.jpg-(35 KB, 716x622, Pony sneaker_Dash.jpg)
    35 KB
    Yo, shoe guy here. I hate to sound like I'm advertising, but zazze is doing free shipping today. I know some people were looking for something like before getting shoes.

    Just thought I'd mention it. Remember, all proceeds from pony shoes go towards buying MLP toys to donate to Toys for Tots.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:29 No.21603121

    I would love a Daffodil and Daisy Sandwich please.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:29 No.21603123
    We are close to the 300 mark bronies
    another brick fr the wall
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:30 No.21603127
    Oh God, is Pinkie screaming for candy vag now?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:30 No.21603131

    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:32 No.21603154
    well if it works then that is great.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:33 No.21603187
         File1291318428.png-(163 KB, 484x336, 1259342962316.png)
    163 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:34 No.21603191
         File1291318444.png-(213 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-14h31m30s79.png)
    213 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:35 No.21603214
         File1291318555.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 136 KB, 900x928, 1289872593229.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 136 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:37 No.21603231
         File1291318648.png-(250 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-14h30m25s15(...).png)
    250 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:38 No.21603240

    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:38 No.21603243
         File1291318709.png-(196 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-14h27m24s16(...).png)
    196 KB
    >> Anonycat 12/02/10(Thu)14:39 No.21603262

    It's a magic mirror.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:40 No.21603285
         File1291318852.png-(238 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-14h39m30s24.png)
    238 KB
    It's Rarity, silly filly!

    [A trademark of the great P-Team: Ponyville is always in their hoofs!]
    >> Applejack the Ripper !yvlOjk5iUw 12/02/10(Thu)14:41 No.21603301
         File1291318888.png-(173 KB, 640x360, My Little Pony_ Friendship is (...).png)
    173 KB
    Episode 7 HQ MKV:

    Uploading an FLV too, since the other upload seems to be finicky.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:42 No.21603311

    I giggled.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:44 No.21603349
         File1291319076.png-(157 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-14h43m35s15(...).png)
    157 KB
    So episode 7 has an A-Team reference? What were the other references again?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:45 No.21603370
    Charlie's Angels
    Lord of the Rings
    Daffy Duck
    Fainting Goats

    I swear there was another one.

    Or did you mean the references in the other episodes?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:46 No.21603380
         File1291319198.png-(181 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-14h46m03s10(...).png)
    181 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:47 No.21603393
         File1291319231.png-(220 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-19h20m31s17(...).png)
    220 KB
    Release plush toys NOW!
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:48 No.21603407
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:48 No.21603408
    >> ulvurUltimatum 12/02/10(Thu)14:49 No.21603422
         File1291319356.png-(512 KB, 768x576, Four_Little_Ponies_of_the_Apoc(...).png)
    512 KB
    Thanks for the episode 7 uploads, everyone!
    Also, here, have Four Little Ponies of the Apocalypse.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:50 No.21603453
    Is there, uh...a MLP: FiM forum?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:51 No.21603457
         File1291319476.jpg-(398 KB, 1920x1080, Image1.jpg)
    398 KB
    Best I could manage on short notice
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:51 No.21603465
         File1291319509.png-(79 KB, 600x537, pinkie_pie_by_empty_10-d32t3ap.png)
    79 KB
    New MLP Ep 7 - Pinkie Pie takes the lead promo.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:51 No.21603466
    Rarity looks like she's enjoying that group hug.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:52 No.21603488
    Probably somewhere, and I'm sure it's a scary place.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:53 No.21603493
    i appreciate it... but it doesn't look too good. i'll wait until someone cleans it up
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:58 No.21603564
         File1291319901.png-(266 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-14h57m36s11(...).png)
    266 KB
    Ep 7 was a goldmine of drinking: Any rule involving fluttershy could kill your liver
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:59 No.21603579
    Who wouldn't?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)14:59 No.21603584
    Wait, that's Sarah from Wildfire!
    Just kidding.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)15:00 No.21603594

    Oh god I wanna hug her so much.
    >> Applejack the Ripper !yvlOjk5iUw 12/02/10(Thu)15:02 No.21603636
         File1291320164.png-(174 KB, 640x360, My Little Pony_ Friendship is (...).png)
    174 KB
    Episode 7 HQ FLV:
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)15:02 No.21603637
         File1291320164.jpg-(52 KB, 270x350, Bushmills-Black-Bush-lg.jpg)
    52 KB
    Take a shot.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)15:03 No.21603659
    ugh, but shes so...boring
    just go along with everything
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)15:03 No.21603661
         File1291320234.jpg-(4 KB, 300x57, image.jpg)
    4 KB

    There is this, which has a couple of the staff post on it.

    Also, my captcha is trying to tell me somethng, but I'm not sure what. "Unemist"?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)15:04 No.21603665
         File1291320242.png-(193 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-12-02-15h03m19s18(...).png)
    193 KB

    it isn't the best site I realize. In the bottom right it says " Save file to your PC: click here " to download it
    >> Fixit 12/02/10(Thu)15:04 No.21603678

    I bet she'd feel pretty soft and smell like flowers.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)15:04 No.21603683
         File1291320288.png-(903 KB, 1920x720, P-team.png)
    903 KB
    This is more like it bronies..
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)15:07 No.21603746
         File1291320475.png-(214 KB, 640x360, allmad2.png)
    214 KB
    what is it of panels that are memorable?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)15:08 No.21603747

    >> Anonycat 12/02/10(Thu)15:08 No.21603755
         File1291320518.jpg-(49 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101202014713.jpg)
    49 KB
    Can somebody suggest me a good flv to avi converter?
    >> Black Velvet 12/02/10(Thu)15:09 No.21603774
         File1291320579.jpg-(86 KB, 640x360, mlp_pleasesapple.jpg)
    86 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)15:13 No.21603837
    is there a decent hq either mkv or pref flv of ep 5 griffon the brush off? all I can find are the same low qual copies.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)15:14 No.21603861
    I use mencoder but I don't know if it's what you're looking for
    it's got a pretty steep learning curve
    and no GUI
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)15:17 No.21603899
    I've uploaded quite a few, but that one and ep 4 on the hub are consistently poor quality. I don't know why now, seeing as ep 6 and 7 are back to high quality. My only guess is that it is somehow related to the error ep 4 had with its audio when it first came up.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)15:17 No.21603900
    NNNnope, sorry.

    Once mentos drops by to convert the latest episode he can tell you that. But if it's for Rescue From Midnight Castle, I downloaded an Mpeg version and a dual-audio avi the other day.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)15:22 No.21603982
    Whelp that sucks, such is life.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)15:25 No.21604043
    New thread?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)15:34 No.21604199
    Format Factory.

    Freeware proggy that converts everything into everything.
    Very easy to use. Google for it.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)15:35 No.21604210
    We're only on 6. We can afford to wait a little longer. :)
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)15:40 No.21604300
    only 30 hours or so remain

    Then the whole cycle starts again

    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)15:44 No.21604374
    Not same guy, but downloading it now. I was wondering today about something to convert mkv to avi, thanks a lot!
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)15:45 No.21604396
    For when we do, I've put together the following:

    Official Site

    Youtube Channel

    Download Links
    Episode 1: Friendship is Magic part 1
    FLV [192 MB]:
    MKV [191 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 2: Friendship is Magic part 2
    FLV [293 MB]:
    MKV [292 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 3: The Ticket Master
    FLV [274 MB]:
    MKV [273 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 4: Applebuck Season
    No Dialogue HQ FLV [186 MB]:
    Fixed Audio LQ FLV [78 MB]:
    Fixed Audio LQ MKV [77 MB]:
    Dual Audio HQ MKV [195 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 5: Griffon the Brush Off
    LQ FLV [86 MB]:
    LQ MKV [85 MB]:
    Resized AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 6: Boast Busters
    FLV [273 MB]:
    MKV [272 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 7: Dragonshy
    FLV [263 MB]:
    MKV [262 MB]:

    Spanish subtitle .srt files for episodes 1-4
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)16:01 No.21604650
    Problem is that now there's two threads on the front page, and of the two:
    * one of them is Klaziku [sic] wondering why we have no self-respect >>21603249
    * the other started out with "rainbow dash on my pillow" >>21603047
    I really wish those weren't our options for the next general but unless they sage out it is probably how things will go :(
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)16:07 No.21604780
    When we hit page 13 or so, I'll start with an MLP thread general. It will be much better than those two. Especially Kaz's thread.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)16:16 No.21604936
    let me know here first so that I can delete the semaphore post at >>21601255
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)17:37 No.21606392
    So, what page are we currently on right now? Because seeing Kaz's troll thread reaching past 100 is pissing me off.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/10(Thu)17:45 No.21606524
    Bottom of 13.
    I'd discourage making another thread though. That 100+ postcount is basically just another general now.

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