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  • File : 1290987294.jpg-(50 KB, 600x338, 1290960448811.jpg)
    50 KB Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:34 No.21522625  
    7 episodes down.

    Whos your favorite?

    Pic very related.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:36 No.21522644
    >> Boco !sCZ24qY6KY 11/28/10(Sun)18:36 No.21522645
    Tie between her and Fluttershy.

    Hell hath no fury like a Fluttershy scorned.
    >> Inspector Redwood !Rcd8kmTONE 11/28/10(Sun)18:37 No.21522653
    What is the appeal of this show?

    I would really like to know because these threads last a long time
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:37 No.21522657
         File1290987439.jpg-(29 KB, 600x400, 35901_128739750491230_12873944(...).jpg)
    29 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:39 No.21522680

    Cute ponies
    Decently written characters and stories
    Not being a show for four-year-olds, despite all initial appearances
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:39 No.21522690
         File1290987578.png-(37 KB, 791x602, Derpy14.png)
    37 KB
    The only right answer.
    >> The Diabolical Sketchman 11/28/10(Sun)18:40 No.21522704
         File1290987634.jpg-(265 KB, 850x1100, 1290737463555.jpg)
    265 KB
    >> Boco !sCZ24qY6KY 11/28/10(Sun)18:40 No.21522708

    Funnier than you'd expect, too.

    Especially Angel. And Bowling Pin Ponies.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:40 No.21522712
         File1290987651.png-(478 KB, 1998x3828, Cake.png)
    478 KB
    Pinks, Twilight & Derpy are best
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:42 No.21522735
         File1290987723.png-(1.2 MB, 3730x3730, Celebrate.png)
    1.2 MB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:42 No.21522742
         File1290987745.png-(72 KB, 166x227, gentlemanpony.png)
    72 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:42 No.21522746
    Pinkie Pie for certain. As if the Gilda episode weren't enough, she's great in every episode.
    >> Inspector Redwood !Rcd8kmTONE 11/28/10(Sun)18:42 No.21522748
    People say it's like PPG but PPG seems good to me possibly because of nostalgia goggles. I was a kid, so it didn't matter I guess. Is there any masculine traits to this show?

    Is this any different of the moe shit that is killing /a/?
    >> Twilight Sparkle !ponyHeDi9Q 11/28/10(Sun)18:43 No.21522765
         File1290987824.png-(94 KB, 467x600, twilight_sparkle_by_empty_10-d(...).png)
    94 KB
    I think it's obvious
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:43 No.21522771
    applejack or fluttershy
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:44 No.21522781
         File1290987874.jpg-(30 KB, 600x338, rar yes.jpg)
    30 KB

    It's actually a pretty sharp ensemble comedy, you know? Each episode manages to have a situation where each of the principal attacks a common problem in their own way. And the jokes are good. And it's CUTE!!!!!!
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:44 No.21522786

    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:45 No.21522797
    Dude, just watch the two-part pilot and decide for yourself. Having someone else describe this for you over the Internet will *never* get you the full picture.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:46 No.21522816
         File1290987968.png-(103 KB, 452x319, strike.png)
    103 KB
    BOWLING PIN PONIES!!!!!!!!!!
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:46 No.21522824
    What's this from? It looks official and I've never seen it before.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:47 No.21522828
    Heyyyy, bronies. Just a heads up, there's still a thread up over nyeaah: >>21518179 It's only on Page 8, still got some life to it.

    Also, Pinkie Pie.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:47 No.21522832
         File1290988032.png-(298 KB, 826x968, 1289521694123.png)
    298 KB
    >> Twilight Sparkle !ponyHeDi9Q 11/28/10(Sun)18:47 No.21522839
         File1290988060.jpg-(154 KB, 700x1000, 563362 - Friendship_is_magic M(...).jpg)
    154 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:47 No.21522840
         File1290988067.gif-(1.05 MB, 300x300, 1290927700162.gif)
    1.05 MB

    And Pinks and her chicken!
    >> Paradox !!xOi/V3twRA4 11/28/10(Sun)18:48 No.21522850
         File1290988098.jpg-(751 KB, 654x1063, __My_little_Pony_girl___by_Nau(...).jpg)
    751 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:48 No.21522857
         File1290988130.png-(39 KB, 791x602, derpy.png)
    39 KB
    that's not nearly derpy enough.
    >> Twilight Sparkle !ponyHeDi9Q 11/28/10(Sun)18:48 No.21522859
         File1290988136.jpg-(82 KB, 578x726, twilight_sparkle_by_slycercar-(...).jpg)
    82 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:49 No.21522870
    >> Boco !sCZ24qY6KY 11/28/10(Sun)18:49 No.21522875

    We tried Twilight's reasoning, Rarity's charm, and Pinkie's...whatever it is she does...but it didn't work!
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:49 No.21522878
    Hey Paradox.

    Did you try watching the show yet? What did you think of it?
    >> Twilight Sparkle !ponyHeDi9Q 11/28/10(Sun)18:50 No.21522882
         File1290988202.jpg-(131 KB, 1280x1024, mlp_rarity_human_version_by_kr(...).jpg)
    131 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:50 No.21522900
         File1290988238.jpg-(24 KB, 325x225, 1290931354634.jpg)
    24 KB
    Her and Pinkie.
    But I love them all.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:50 No.21522901
    pinkie pie: #1 chicken choker in all ponyville
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:50 No.21522902
    >Is there any masculine traits to this show?
    does there need to be?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:50 No.21522903
         File1290988239.png-(255 KB, 640x360, bigmacintosh.png)
    255 KB
    does something have to have masculine elements to be good? don't you listen to bands with female lead singers? female solo artists? don't you watch animu where romantic relationships are the main focus?
    >> Twilight Sparkle !ponyHeDi9Q 11/28/10(Sun)18:51 No.21522911
         File1290988270.jpg-(205 KB, 725x722, an_angel_riding_a_unicorn_by_o(...).jpg)
    205 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:51 No.21522921
    I thought that was Juniper Lee from the thumbnail..
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:51 No.21522928
    It is impossible to decide which is my favorite. Sure, as of this episode, Fluttershy is in the lead, but before that "Griffon the Brush-Off" made Pinkie Pie my favorite, and before THAT, Applejack was my favorite....

    My least favorite is probably Rainbow Dash. I realize I am in a minority
    >> That Other Brony 11/28/10(Sun)18:53 No.21522950
    i'd hate to pick favorites; each character is so charming. except RD. but she has other... qualities.

    I'd probably get along most with Pinkie Pie.

    when the hell did she get wings?!
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:53 No.21522960
    Rainbow Dash is the best, but I can't rank the others. I find them all to be both fantastic characters and essential components of the comedy dynamic.

    Kudos to Faust and the rest of the writing staff.
    >> Paradox !!xOi/V3twRA4 11/28/10(Sun)18:54 No.21522970
    In my honest opinion, it was ok. Not the best thing I've ever seen but it's nothing to get really mad about. If people like the show then let them like the show. But yeah, I liked the different personalities the ponies had, they aren't all just bland characters with no redeeming traits. I'd watch more if I had the time.
    >> optimus2575 11/28/10(Sun)18:54 No.21522973
    dammit, i'm about 2 sec from leaving to toys r us and picking up twilight and maybe couple others

    >> Twilight Sparkle !ponyHeDi9Q 11/28/10(Sun)18:55 No.21522994
         File1290988506.jpg-(145 KB, 900x600, friendship_is_magic__love_is__(...).jpg)
    145 KB
    >> Shelltoon !1/0wtbpNAE 11/28/10(Sun)18:55 No.21523003
         File1290988531.jpg-(589 KB, 1600x1320, 1289996976704.jpg)
    589 KB
    This may help.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:56 No.21523022

    Twilight Sparkle seems sinister in this image.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:56 No.21523027
         File1290988595.jpg-(53 KB, 450x439, 1288122596544.jpg)
    53 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:56 No.21523031
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:57 No.21523042
         File1290988636.jpg-(21 KB, 180x180, feels bad man.jpg)
    21 KB
    >if I had the time.
    I hear that.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:58 No.21523062
    I like Trixie. I think she's the cutest pony.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:58 No.21523074
    Replace Twilight with Applejack

    She was so sweet to Fluttershy in the last ep. "It's ok, sugarcube."

    I diabeetus'd
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:59 No.21523100
         File1290988797.jpg-(18 KB, 222x211, derp.jpg)
    18 KB
    >they aren't all just bland characters with no redeeming traits.
    Exactly, right. They're not all like that. Just Rarity.

    Amirite bronies?
    >> That Other Brony 11/28/10(Sun)19:00 No.21523104
    i've seen that, and someone disputed it. still interesting.
    >> Shelltoon !1/0wtbpNAE 11/28/10(Sun)19:00 No.21523108
         File1290988819.png-(445 KB, 1984x2570, raritygraceful.png)
    445 KB
    Finished this a few minutes ago, but now it's time to let people know a few things. I'm not dead, I'm still working on the Pinkie Pie wallaper. I've just slowed down a bit because I'm feeling a bit burnt out from it. Have some Rarity.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:00 No.21523119
         File1290988848.png-(54 KB, 1294x220, youwillnever1.png)
    54 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:02 No.21523149
         File1290988929.png-(7 KB, 191x234, 1249993089088.png)
    7 KB
    I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    >> That Other Brony 11/28/10(Sun)19:02 No.21523164
    dont bash Rarity, she'll get more development.
    >> empty10 11/28/10(Sun)19:03 No.21523186
    Getting burned out is something I can definitely see happening tracing all that shit. Take your time brony.
    >> Boco !sCZ24qY6KY 11/28/10(Sun)19:04 No.21523188


    She's the only one who hasn't so far...
    >> A Fistful of Apples !94yMGn.GiE 11/28/10(Sun)19:04 No.21523193
    Twilight Sparkle and Applejack for best tier.
    >> Paradox !!xOi/V3twRA4 11/28/10(Sun)19:04 No.21523201
         File1290989077.png-(43 KB, 163x170, 1283046773471.png)
    43 KB
    Also Pinkie Pie is the best
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:06 No.21523229
    I simply love Rarity.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:06 No.21523236


    >> Official /co/ Power Rankings Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:07 No.21523256
    Twilight Sparkle
    Rainbow Dash
    Pinkie Pie
    Apple Bloom
    Big Macintosh
    The Mayor
    Ursa Minor
    The Dragon

    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:07 No.21523258
         File1290989252.jpg-(338 KB, 1418x1013, pinkie_pie.jpg)
    338 KB
    Pinkie Pie.
    >> That Other Brony 11/28/10(Sun)19:08 No.21523280
         File1290989313.jpg-(162 KB, 800x638, 1290759541826.jpg)
    162 KB
    next week, i reckon. she and AJ have a fight or somethin. also a slumber party :O
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:09 No.21523288

    People like you are why there's unrest in the world
    >> Boco !sCZ24qY6KY 11/28/10(Sun)19:09 No.21523289

    Wanna have you near me...
    I wanna have you hear me say it...
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:09 No.21523298
    Fuck off ponyfags
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:11 No.21523314
         File1290989465.jpg-(259 KB, 637x730, 1289698583717.jpg)
    259 KB
    Is there really any other choice, darling?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:11 No.21523322

    No one needs you more than I...
    Need... you.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:11 No.21523323
         File1290989479.jpg-(181 KB, 719x1111, pony_horrible_by_princess_red2(...).jpg)
    181 KB
    Hmmm... we need more crossovers

    I had this idea that all 6 were mecha pilots.... while the robots are horses, unicorns and Pegasus's
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:12 No.21523334
         File1290989520.png-(206 KB, 835x768, 1290156392917.png)
    206 KB
    >Shit tier

    Nigga don't be cashin' checks your body can't handle
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:12 No.21523351
         File1290989561.png-(140 KB, 403x257, 1290642606040.png)
    140 KB
    >Snips and Snails in god tier
    >implying they didn't ruin the Trixie episode
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:13 No.21523359
    I think it's a tie between Twilight Sparkle(I pretty much automatically like bookwormish characters unless they do things that change my mind on it, and I especially like her and her social awkwardness) and Applejack(because she's sweet and I like her accent).
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:14 No.21523371

    I can see why it's called Pony Horrible.
    >> Boco !sCZ24qY6KY 11/28/10(Sun)19:14 No.21523375

    Where the Hell is Angel?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:14 No.21523379
    At least they're not Rarity, the horse that ruins EVERY episode!
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:14 No.21523383
         File1290989693.jpg-(293 KB, 963x2162, tiers.jpg)
    293 KB
    This is the best tier list so far.

    It needs to be updated, though.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:14 No.21523385
    Applejack would be the best to have as a friend
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:16 No.21523402
    Rarity, Spike, and Fluttershy.
    Although if The Doctor in Pony Form has any speaking lines and sticks around, he may become my favorite.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:16 No.21523407
         File1290989774.jpg-(132 KB, 1000x694, 1288187143550.jpg)
    132 KB
    Comeback when you have earned more friendship sparkles, troll.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:17 No.21523426
    oh, I see, you're trolling

    Rarity is a charming character. Just because she hasn't been the focus of an episode doesn't make her any less worthwhile than the rest
    >> Mona Fan !!lrzuS2Aonjj 11/28/10(Sun)19:17 No.21523427
    Where did this come from, and are there others like it?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:18 No.21523443
         File1290989919.jpg-(4 KB, 129x126, images-1.jpg)
    4 KB
    This, I support this list.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:18 No.21523446
    Has anyone done the Sailor Moon or Dr. Dick crossover yet?
    >> Lord Ooo 11/28/10(Sun)19:19 No.21523459
         File1290989964.png-(86 KB, 435x787, trixie.png)
    86 KB
    /co/ how the fuck do i human ponies

    also holy shit i can't draw hands at all
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:19 No.21523464
         File1290989981.png-(101 KB, 600x671, 1290302629885.png)
    101 KB

    >implying they did
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:21 No.21523495
    I like Rarity, but I know she won't appear a lot in upcoming episodes, unless the focus is actually on her, as she has the most redundant/useless abilities of the whole cast.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:21 No.21523497
         File1290990082.jpg-(33 KB, 1152x864, 17.jpg)
    33 KB

    Trixie ran from Ponyville in tears. She realized that she was magically impotent to another Pony- pouring out her embarrassment and sorrow out of every orifice.

    And you weren't there to make it all better for her.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:22 No.21523519
    Calling a taxi while leaning on an invisible umbrella
    >> oscarMIKE !.CLXkCVRls 11/28/10(Sun)19:22 No.21523523
    new to /co/ here. Can someone explain Derpy Hooves to me?
    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 11/28/10(Sun)19:23 No.21523536
         File1290990223.png-(1.6 MB, 1477x2509, Average Pony Thread on CO FULL.png)
    1.6 MB
    Pinkie Pie

    Also, the DA group.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:24 No.21523561
    A background pony had weird-looking eyes for one scene.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:25 No.21523570


    Twilight Sparkle
    Rainbow Dash
    Pinkie Pie
    Apple Bloom
    Big Macintosh
    The Mayor
    Ursa Minor

    The Dragon
    >> Boco !sCZ24qY6KY 11/28/10(Sun)19:25 No.21523578

    Nameless background character with goofy eyes.

    /co/ took it and ran.
    >> That Other Brony 11/28/10(Sun)19:26 No.21523592
         File1290990406.png-(212 KB, 484x256, 1290955249309.png)
    212 KB
    >> ☂ Rainy Day !hyeIdotsQU 11/28/10(Sun)19:27 No.21523609
    For me, my favourite... I think it's a tie between Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle. I like the others too, but I like those best.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:27 No.21523610
    >Rarity still in shit tier, while Celestia, Gilda and background characters are in high tier

    Fuck your opinion
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:28 No.21523613
    What episode is this from, I don't remember that
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:28 No.21523616
    She looks like a sexy stoner.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:28 No.21523628
    It's from the leaked Winter Wrap-Up video
    >> Mona Fan !!lrzuS2Aonjj 11/28/10(Sun)19:29 No.21523640
    Take your time man, that is awesome. Better it come out slowly, than get burnt out by it right?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:29 No.21523646
    >most useless abilities

    High Tier
    Twilight Sparkle

    Mid Tier
    Rainbow Dash

    Low Tier

    Pinkie Pie
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:29 No.21523650
         File1290990587.jpg-(19 KB, 386x387, face.jpg)
    19 KB
    My Opinions

    Your Opinions
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:31 No.21523670
         File1290990676.jpg-(68 KB, 480x360, goldendelicious.jpg)
    68 KB
    >Go to the store to get something for dinner.
    >Pass by the produce aisle.
    >See Golden Delicious apples.
    >Reminded of Applejack's family reunion.
    >Compelled to buy a big ass bag of golden delicious.

    Hasbro is in league with the fucking apple industry, I just know it.

    On the bright side, these are some tasty goddamn apples.
    >> Paradox !!xOi/V3twRA4 11/28/10(Sun)19:31 No.21523682
    Honeycrisps are better
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:32 No.21523699
         File1290990770.jpg-(319 KB, 532x800, 1290407421712.jpg)
    319 KB
    Derpy and Pinkie Pie
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:32 No.21523701
    If you haven't seen this video, you should. Granted, it's from '06 so it's not talking about FiM, but that just makes it more ridiculous.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:33 No.21523707
         File1290990794.jpg-(38 KB, 500x293, 1290901266598.jpg)
    38 KB
    Snips and Snails are ugly-cute tier.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:33 No.21523712
    By the way, I would like to remind fellow bronies, that should you feel the need to chat about mares and moons, but don't want to hunt down a thread: There's an active IRC channel full of love and friendship, just for /co/!

    Also we watch episodes together when the youtube is up.

    Room: #mylittlepony
    >> LokiChaos 11/28/10(Sun)19:34 No.21523717
    My fav would have to be Twilight Sparkle. I would love a wallpaper of her, esp reading a book or looking annoyed ;)
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:34 No.21523722
    I just noticed this line:

    I wonder if Big Mac had to wear it in the end.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:34 No.21523729
    Well she can:

    1) Transmute clothes.
    2) Move things with her mind.

    She also knows how to fight, but so does Applejack.
    So tell me, how are her powers not redundant?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:34 No.21523734
    >low tier
    practical ponies can go fuck themselves, huh?
    >> oscarMIKE !.CLXkCVRls 11/28/10(Sun)19:35 No.21523739
    I LOVE teh rabbit that is with Fluttershy a lot
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:35 No.21523746
         File1290990916.jpg-(33 KB, 363x512, 1290571791252.jpg)
    33 KB

    It doesn't feel very nice.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:36 No.21523762
    >/co/ doesn't know the awesomeness that is Gravenstein
    >my greentext when
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:37 No.21523779
         File1290991051.jpg-(13 KB, 250x250, co.jpg)
    13 KB
    A character is only as good as they are powerful.

    Welcome to /co/.
    >> Paradox !!xOi/V3twRA4 11/28/10(Sun)19:37 No.21523780
    If only we could splice all the best tasting apples together to make some sort of genetic super apple
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:37 No.21523785
    fujis are best
    but they dare not have any nippon ponies
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:38 No.21523798
         File1290991111.png-(12 KB, 436x435, 1252545182176.png)
    12 KB
    I wouldn't mind Applejack and Fluttershy fucking themselves or each other
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:38 No.21523808
    Why do you think he had the had the bandages on in Applebuck Season?

    The girdle was too tight.
    >> That Other Brony 11/28/10(Sun)19:39 No.21523815
         File1290991165.png-(388 KB, 1920x1080, 1289964735607.png)
    388 KB
    you're in luck. thanks to Shelltoon for making it!
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:40 No.21523829
         File1290991234.jpg-(46 KB, 456x573, 1290932564781.jpg)
    46 KB
    Angel's kind of a dickwad, but he's a cute dickwad.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:40 No.21523831
         File1290991238.jpg-(48 KB, 300x300, Kimono_300_L_spoosh.jpg)
    48 KB
    >but they dare not have any nippon ponies

    Kimono is not quite sure about that
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:41 No.21523841

    Superspeed and Telekinisis are more useful powers than enhanced stamina and animal empathy.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:41 No.21523852
         File1290991280.png-(223 KB, 1000x1000, 1290493144191.png)
    223 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:42 No.21523866
    Oh, yeah?

    Good luck getting rid of that gigantic dragon with superspeed.
    >> LokiChaos 11/28/10(Sun)19:42 No.21523867
    sweet I have a new wallpaper, now my wife is going to tease me but I don't care!
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:42 No.21523869
         File1290991349.jpg-(146 KB, 720x576, Scary_door.jpg)
    146 KB
    "It turns out it's Fuji."
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:42 No.21523871
    That settles it.

    A future episode NEEDS to have Luna happy, or else every time I think about her I will be sad.
    >> Paradox !!xOi/V3twRA4 11/28/10(Sun)19:43 No.21523882
    What do those taste like anyway
    >> oscarMIKE !.CLXkCVRls 11/28/10(Sun)19:44 No.21523892
    that's exactly why I like him.
    But I also like all the ponies there is no way I could place any of them in the 'shit tier"
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:44 No.21523895
    Rainbow Dash

    Twilight Sparkle
    Big Macintosh
    Mayor Pony

    Pinkie Pie
    Derpy Hooves

    Snips & Snails
    The Dragon
    Ursa Major/Minor



    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:45 No.21523904
    She's gonna be a member of the group. I've been calling it since she first showed up. She's gonna be the Seventh Pony
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:45 No.21523906
    >Fuji apples are typically large or very large and round, on average the size of a baseball. They contain between 9-11% sugars by weight and have a dense flesh that is sweeter and crisper than many other apple varieties, making them popular with consumers around the world. Fuji apples also have a very long shelf life compared to other apples, even without refrigeration. With refrigeration, Fuji apples can remain fresh for up to 5-6 months.
    They taste sweet, apparently.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:45 No.21523909
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:46 No.21523922
         File1290991577.jpg-(271 KB, 1317x750, 550373 - Applejack Friendship_(...).jpg)
    271 KB
    Oh goddamn this is hawt.
    Besides the stuff like this on paheal, is there any more?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:46 No.21523927
    >Apple Bloom
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:47 No.21523941
    But Twilight's cutie mark only has 6 stars!
    >> That Other Brony 11/28/10(Sun)19:47 No.21523948
         File1290991660.jpg-(66 KB, 500x500, 128797785680.jpg)
    66 KB
    they taste like apples
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:48 No.21523961
         File1290991721.png-(94 KB, 236x205, 128978836566.png)
    94 KB
    The only correct answer is Rarity.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:48 No.21523962
    This is what all MLP fans will be doing within a year of today.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:49 No.21523969
    ....I never realized that before. Holy shit.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:49 No.21523971
         File1290991763.jpg-(228 KB, 677x335, maximum trolling.jpg)
    228 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:49 No.21523972

    This suggests they're all good; when snips and snails are scrappy level awfulness.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:50 No.21523987

    The seventh's star is underneath her tail.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:50 No.21523988
         File1290991824.png-(519 KB, 763x663, Shirt prototype.png)
    519 KB
    You guys have been uploading such awesome vector images lately, I feel like I want to put them to some good use.

    I'm really honestly considering making this shirt with my zazzle account and getting it.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:50 No.21523992
    Snips and Snails are my favs. They're like Ed & Eddie without Edd. Or maybe Spike is their Edd. Off to make my Snips, Snails and Spike fanart...BRB
    >> Paradox !!xOi/V3twRA4 11/28/10(Sun)19:50 No.21524000
         File1290991851.jpg-(21 KB, 292x383, 292px-George_Takei.jpg)
    21 KB
    Honeycrisp apples taste just as sweet.
    I take apples very seriously
    >> That Other Brony 11/28/10(Sun)19:51 No.21524006
         File1290991884.png-(102 KB, 337x277, 1289687287779.png)
    102 KB
    >mfw i never noticed that
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:51 No.21524011
         File1290991895.png-(411 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2010-10-15-00h51m28s91.png)
    411 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:53 No.21524038
    who is Apple Bloom?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:53 No.21524043

    No need to come back. Seriously.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:53 No.21524047
         File1290992027.jpg-(137 KB, 640x360, reactionimage212.jpg)
    137 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:54 No.21524055
         File1290992050.png-(412 KB, 1920x1080, 1289970037640.png)
    412 KB
    oh my
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:54 No.21524057
         File1290992057.jpg-(135 KB, 640x720, baby ponies.jpg)
    135 KB
    Applejack and Big Mac's baby sister
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:54 No.21524064
         File1290992088.jpg-(6 KB, 184x184, red engie.jpg)
    6 KB

    mfw Read it in his voice
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:54 No.21524065
         File1290992090.jpg-(15 KB, 205x300, my face.jpg)
    15 KB
    >implying that George Takei isn't a Blueberry Man exclusively
    >> Paradox !!xOi/V3twRA4 11/28/10(Sun)19:55 No.21524075
    >Didn't know what I was referencing
    No one watches conan, this makes me sad.
    >> Mona Fan !!lrzuS2Aonjj 11/28/10(Sun)19:55 No.21524078
    This is the first I've seen of Sweetie Belle & Scootaloo in FIM. Where is this from?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:56 No.21524081
         File1290992161.jpg-(191 KB, 600x600, makin da face.jpg)
    191 KB
    >loli pedoshit
    >in my My Little Pony thread
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:56 No.21524083
    Stupid question time: What is this from? I see it posted alot in pony threads
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:57 No.21524103
    From the game in the hub's website.

    When you click on the ponies, they ask for your advice in some dumb issue.

    Rarity's issue is that, because she had candy in her mouth when she went to a candy shop, she ate it and forgot to pay for it.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:58 No.21524108
         File1290992280.png-(270 KB, 586x510, DERP.png)
    270 KB
    Basically, it's American-made moe if that makes any sense. It goes into the file under 'guilty' and 'pleasure'. Like all moe, it's best watched behind locked doors.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:58 No.21524124
         File1290992314.png-(59 KB, 516x418, 1290752675621.png)
    59 KB
    The hands are ok, but the toenails aren't so great. Also, one bewb looks bigger than the other.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:58 No.21524129
    Sorry, my country doesn't import his latest show. Just Leno.

    His old one was pretty good though.
    >> Pony DM !!VX7QkXNGWNZ 11/28/10(Sun)19:59 No.21524142
    You can never have too many friends :3

    So...Personality theorizing time?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:59 No.21524149
    Fuck that shit, I recommend FiM to every person I meet.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)19:59 No.21524150
    I wouldn't call it moe at all

    it's more like /co/'s version of Heartcatch Pretty Cure on /a/. Awesome characters, colorful fun art style, aimed at girls, and all the delicious guilt and pleasure. Heck, the board's reactions are almost exactly the same.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:00 No.21524156
    The My Pony Game
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:00 No.21524158
    maybe they can make fuji be applejack's cousin
    >> Paradox !!xOi/V3twRA4 11/28/10(Sun)20:00 No.21524163
    Well I'll just tell you what happened. When Conan was doing Simpson's episodes he tried to get Takei as one of the characters for the monorail episode. Takei declined it and told Conan that he "Takes monorails very seriously"
    >> That Other Brony 11/28/10(Sun)20:00 No.21524168
    the flash game on the Hub's website. here and there you can help out some of the ponies with their problems, quiz-style. hint: the answer is friendship :3

    first episode, IIRC. they are considered Babby ponies.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:00 No.21524169
    When Nightmare Moon shows up, they're shown cowering.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:00 No.21524178
    >no one sexualized anything
    >automatically assumes pedoshit

    I think we all know who the actual pedophile here
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:01 No.21524186
         File1290992488.gif-(453 KB, 170x170, 1241743262168.gif)
    453 KB
    >mfw Rainbow Dash kicks a dragon in the face
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:01 No.21524187
         File1290992490.jpg-(151 KB, 723x426, 1290760866660.jpg)
    151 KB

    The Flash Game, I believe.
    >> Pony DM !!VX7QkXNGWNZ 11/28/10(Sun)20:01 No.21524193
    Dude, all we wanted to do was talk about the three new Bronies. Don't be creepy, bud.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:02 No.21524200
    I though there were no wrong answers?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:02 No.21524206
         File1290992560.jpg-(146 KB, 837x475, AppleBloom.jpg)
    146 KB
    That's why she's in the HNNNNNNNNNNGH tier - it denotes adorableness, not waifu-ness.
    >> That Other Brony 11/28/10(Sun)20:04 No.21524235
         File1290992680.png-(512 KB, 2700x2737, 1288409805185.png)
    512 KB
    there aren't, that's the joke.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:04 No.21524242
         File1290992692.jpg-(216 KB, 800x603, luna cards.jpg)
    216 KB
    So....Rarity's the Red Mage of the group. Does a little bit of everything...

    Does this help?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:05 No.21524245
         File1290992701.jpg-(194 KB, 600x600, makin da face.jpg)
    194 KB
    Look at the post being replied to by the post being replied to by the post that I was replying to.

    >Apple Bloom
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:05 No.21524247
         File1290992719.png-(324 KB, 705x401, mlpfim_ep0113.png)
    324 KB

    oh god I lol'ed
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:07 No.21524268
    >white tickets
    Holy crap he couldn't wait to get home could he?
    >> The Smooze !aUG/c2CV/I 11/28/10(Sun)20:07 No.21524286
    Out of the main cast, It's a tie between Pinkie and Fluttershy. I can relate to Fluttershy, but you gotta love Pinkie's crazy antics.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:08 No.21524305
    So the joke went over my head?

    That's good to know.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:08 No.21524313
    Since when does "HNNNNNNNNNNGH" denote anything sexual - or did I miss a memo?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:08 No.21524314
         File1290992936.png-(89 KB, 514x494, rarity.png)
    89 KB
    Rarity is my favorite so far, but I like Trixie, Luna, and Twilight quite a bit as well.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:11 No.21524340
         File1290993061.jpg-(13 KB, 378x301, hnnnng.jpg)
    13 KB
    Since always.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:11 No.21524346
    Pinkie and Dash

    Then Rarity

    Then Applejack and Fluttershy
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:11 No.21524352
         File1290993110.png-(74 KB, 433x371, 00.png)
    74 KB
    this is on /b/
    >> The Smooze !aUG/c2CV/I 11/28/10(Sun)20:11 No.21524353
    Twilight probably gave her some temporarily. She can do that with her magic. God knows what havoc Pinkie would wreak with wings. Twilight was probably drunk.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:15 No.21524421
    It's from a prototype style manual, before they had the individual ponies' designs locked down.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:17 No.21524449
    I'll say that Pinkie Pie being a pegasus suits her, and she lacks wings because Faust is a symmetry freak.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:17 No.21524453
    No "Get out of there like shit until your tail gets pulled" option?

    This game isn't very accurate.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:17 No.21524455
    After the pilot, I liked Rarity the most because she forced Twilight into a corset, but sort of liked them all.

    Since the pilot, and having seen all the episodes since, I like Dash and Applejack the most, Twilight and Pinkie Pie in close second-most, and then outright don't like and am neutral towards Fluttershy and Rarity.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:17 No.21524456
         File1290993468.jpg-(36 KB, 248x243, 1290408065140.jpg)
    36 KB
    Are the episodes on Mediafire anywhere?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:17 No.21524457
         File1290993472.jpg-(123 KB, 375x500, FLutter.jpg)
    123 KB

    I have to disagree with Flutershy's influence - I believe it was this pony. I owned her when I was a little kid...she's got the yellow coat, butterflies and wings.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:19 No.21524488
    If she were a unicorn, she'd be a super villain.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:19 No.21524495
    You keep saying that, but you're still wrong
    >> The Smooze !aUG/c2CV/I 11/28/10(Sun)20:19 No.21524499
         File1290993569.jpg-(5 KB, 215x129, yurigogglesactivated.jpg)
    5 KB
    Or replace Fluttershy with Applejack. They totally had a lesbian moment in the last episode.
    "Everypony okay?" "Thanks to you, I am."
    Agreed. Rarity's a bitch.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:19 No.21524500
         File1290993571.jpg-(190 KB, 798x666, 1290496653790.jpg)
    190 KB
    someone mention blueberries?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:19 No.21524503
    I like her better as an earth pony, because it makes her Droopy-like powers more relevant.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:20 No.21524517
         File1290993612.png-(33 KB, 1007x623, 1290752563510.png)
    33 KB
    How can you not like something and be neutral to it at the same time?
    >> Kpax 11/28/10(Sun)20:21 No.21524540
         File1290993667.jpg-(318 KB, 640x960, 1290946961940..jpg)
    318 KB
    I need the picture of Rainbow Dash looking down through the hole in the storm clouds cause I want to make this my iPod Touch background.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:21 No.21524546
    Replace both with AJ!
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:22 No.21524565
         File1290993727.jpg-(46 KB, 400x400, 1.jpg)
    46 KB
    Every one must watch this train wreck of an animation.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:22 No.21524567

    She had wings there because her initial design was Surprise, she was changed to an earth pony because Pinkie Pie is historically an earth pony.

    Posie+Fluttershy->Fluttershy(FIM) is the real oddball, since both Posie AND gen 3 fluttershy were earth ponies.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:22 No.21524569
    It's on /d/ as well. In a ponygirl thread, of course.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:22 No.21524570
    It's been posted here, bronie.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:22 No.21524572
    No, man.

    Rarity is awesome. She has this air of female villian from a soap opera, and I love it.
    >> The Smooze !aUG/c2CV/I 11/28/10(Sun)20:23 No.21524583
    Dat fridge logic.
    >> That Other Brony 11/28/10(Sun)20:23 No.21524586
    i'm pretty sure if Pinkie had wings she'd be even more broken as shit
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:23 No.21524588
         File1290993802.jpg-(159 KB, 662x450, hahaha.jpg)
    159 KB
    >iPod Touch
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:23 No.21524590
    >Pinkie with unicorn powers
    That's a terrifying concept.

    They should do an episode Where all their "types" get switched up. Pinkie and Fluttershy become unicorns, Twilight and Applejack go pegasus, and Dash and Rarity become earth ponies.

    I imagine Dash and Rarity would be completely miserable.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:23 No.21524597
    >Rarity successfully seduces dragon
    >ruins it by straight-up stealing his shit

    Bitches and Whores
    >> poopy 11/28/10(Sun)20:24 No.21524599
    whats the deal with this show
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:24 No.21524603
    >Rarity's a bitch.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:25 No.21524626
    here it is
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:25 No.21524630
    /co/ hates strong, ambitious women.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:25 No.21524632
    I wonder if the differing opinions on Rarity is a cultural thing.

    Britfag here who loves Rarity.
    >> oscarMIKE !.CLXkCVRls 11/28/10(Sun)20:26 No.21524641
    Because her real life counter part she will flirty and seduce you just to take your car and dog
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:26 No.21524646

    Prototype Fluttershy was HNNNGGGHHHH as fuck, dammit.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:26 No.21524657
    This brings up a point that bugs me....

    First episode, Rarity is the element of Generosity.

    Subsequent episodes? "I want the ticket! I'ts all mine!" "Give me your diamonds, dragon!"

    That doesn't quite gel with me.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:27 No.21524666
         File1290994022.jpg-(11 KB, 423x301, raptor.jpg)
    11 KB
    Pic related, It's my favorite.

    His one and only line of dialogue was fucking hilarious.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:27 No.21524671 <---- The origin of the Twinkle Eyed ponies, starring G1 Applejack.

    Moral of the story? Even if she's from the shitty G1 veersion, you just don't fuck with Applejack or she will (blatantly) murder you.
    >> oscarMIKE !.CLXkCVRls 11/28/10(Sun)20:27 No.21524675
    Ameri-fag that loves Rarity, but again. I like them all
    >> That Other Brony 11/28/10(Sun)20:28 No.21524695
         File1290994096.jpg-(32 KB, 442x480, seinfeld.jpg)
    32 KB
    i dunno!
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:28 No.21524699
    agreed, just the way he says it is priceless.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:28 No.21524701
    I can't find the episodes online anywhere.
    Anyone know where I can find them?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:28 No.21524702
    Just because she likes nice things and tries to steal from someone with a lot of them doesn't mean she won't give nice things to other people. She was going to give TS a great outfit for the Galloping Gala.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:28 No.21524705

    I don't think she's any more HNNNGGGHHHH than final Fluttershy. It's just that her rabbit is adorable, whereas Angel is an adorable bastard.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:29 No.21524713
    They are making a conscious effort to show us that she is the worst pony.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:29 No.21524716
    Now i wouldn't say she demanded the diamonds, she "generously" offered to look after them if the dragon went off to find a new place to nap
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:29 No.21524722
    Alternatively, if a man kidnaps you, and forces you to be his slave, just say no, and push him off a cliff.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:29 No.21524723
    pensivepine on youtube
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:30 No.21524744
    Youtube Links


    Episode 1: Friendship is Magic part 1

    Episode 2: Friendship is Magic part 2

    Episode 3: The Ticket Master

    Episode 4: Applebuck Season

    Episode 5: Griffon the Brush Off

    Episode 6: Boast Busters

    Episode 7: Dragonshy
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:30 No.21524747
    She told the Dragon exactly what she wanted to do. She even left the jewelry behind when he got pissed.
    >> Smaug 11/28/10(Sun)20:31 No.21524759
         File1290994265.jpg-(7 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg)
    7 KB
    ponies and hobbits, right, man?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:31 No.21524778
         File1290994311.png-(56 KB, 187x262, angel bunny.png)
    56 KB
    I wish Angel would turn out to be a super villain, or a pimp. Actually Angel is a good pimp name.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:32 No.21524786
    >a thief breaks into my house
    >I catch him in the act of stealing
    >he drops what he's holding and runs away when he sees my gun
    What a nice fellow.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:34 No.21524822
    Well, Rarity told everypony about her intentions, and Pinkie Pie even joked about it.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:35 No.21524846
         File1290994528.jpg-(103 KB, 626x359, gdmfn.jpg)
    103 KB

    She lost the jewels while she ran for her life, actually. See how butthurt she gets after that.
    I like this greedy Rarity, actually. All of the ponies have one or two big character flaws that makes them interesting, instead of being the generic cookie cutter characters already seen hundreds of times in other series.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:35 No.21524850
    you forgot where he complimented you and almost succeeded on a bluff check.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:37 No.21524875
    When Angel and Celestia finally meet on the field of battle, the end of Equestria is nigh...
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:38 No.21524908

    >the end of Equestria is neigh

    Fixed it for you brony.
    >> Smaug 11/28/10(Sun)20:38 No.21524914
         File1290994723.jpg-(78 KB, 500x500, 128795639660.jpg)
    78 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:39 No.21524929
    >almost succeeded in a bluff check
    Go back to making your Skeleton/Zombie Turing Machine, /tg/.

    >implying that I'm jealous
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:39 No.21524932
         File1290994779.png-(132 KB, 480x268, mlp.png)
    132 KB
    So yeah, is one of the animators putting these faces in deliberately?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:39 No.21524939
    Yes, and that dragon is such a hard-worker, and got all that gold and jewels by honest means, and not by killing/eating adventurers.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:40 No.21524953
         File1290994834.png-(405 KB, 1946x1798, 17.png)
    405 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:41 No.21524963
    whats a turing machine?
    >> Shelltoon !1/0wtbpNAE 11/28/10(Sun)20:41 No.21524970
    That seems more intentional than Derpy Hooves
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:41 No.21524977
         File1290994901.gif-(585 KB, 310x280, racist.gif)
    585 KB
    We don't know that he didn't.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:42 No.21524992
         File1290994935.png-(21 KB, 220x225, MLPgeneral.png)
    21 KB
    Don't mind me, just making a shortcut.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:43 No.21525018
    Yeah, for all we know, he might be a politician, with those speechcraft skills.

    "But the rainbow one punched me"

    So compelling.
    >> That Other Brony 11/28/10(Sun)20:43 No.21525019
    probably for the lulz
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:45 No.21525073

    >"But the rainbow one kicked me"
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:46 No.21525089

    >But that rainbow one kicked me
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:46 No.21525092
         File1290995183.jpg-(13 KB, 350x350, 23432432.jpg)
    13 KB

    >Captcha: Funny unaccount

    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:46 No.21525097
         File1290995202.png-(299 KB, 1104x1588, VoteFluttershy.png)
    299 KB
    What's that, OP? Election thread?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:47 No.21525111
         File1290995239.png-(292 KB, 945x1017, epic derpy.png)
    292 KB
    Epic Derpy, I was hoping for better quality but eh, whatever.

    As for my favorite... Rarity and Applejack are mine currently, the others are very close.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:47 No.21525112
         File1290995241.png-(243 KB, 1247x1532, VoteDash.png)
    243 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:47 No.21525123
         File1290995272.png-(244 KB, 1136x1512, VotePinkie.png)
    244 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:48 No.21525140
    It's laughing at your pain!

    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:48 No.21525142
         File1290995313.png-(246 KB, 1301x1821, VoteTwilight.png)
    246 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:48 No.21525143
         File1290995318.jpg-(14 KB, 474x278, 580_at_raid.jpg)
    14 KB
    I had to pause the fucking video because i was laughing too much when he said that, fuck yeah dragons kick ass in this show.
    (Except the queer lake dragon, but im not quite sure he was even a dragon at all.)
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:48 No.21525150
         File1290995332.png-(262 KB, 610x479, 1290929383025.png)
    262 KB
    Bronies I need Download links. Preferably Mediafire if you have them. In return more Glorious Rarity
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:49 No.21525161
         File1290995360.png-(406 KB, 1378x1826, VoteCelestia.png)
    406 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:49 No.21525177
    He's a sea serpent, I think.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:50 No.21525183
    >Watch first episode
    >HNNG like fuck when Fluttershy squeaks
    Tell me what episodes have her in it a lot, plox.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:50 No.21525185
         File1290995413.png-(232 KB, 1120x1805, VoteLuna.png)
    232 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:50 No.21525192
         File1290995432.png-(332 KB, 1104x1588, 1290976745122.png)
    332 KB
    I like this Fluttershy one
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:50 No.21525195
    Download Links

    Episode 1: Friendship is Magic part 1
    FLV [192 MB]:
    MKV [191 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 2: Friendship is Magic part 2
    FLV [293 MB]:
    MKV [292 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 3: The Ticket Master
    FLV [274 MB]:
    MKV [273 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 4: Applebuck Season
    No Dialogue HQ FLV [186 MB]:
    Fixed Audio LQ FLV [78 MB]:
    Fixed Audio LQ MKV [77 MB]:
    Dual Audio HQ MKV [195 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 5: Griffon the Brush Off
    LQ FLV [86 MB]:
    LQ MKV [85 MB]:
    Resized AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 6: Boast Busters
    FLV [273 MB]:
    MKV [272 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:50 No.21525196

    It was a serpent, if you know what I mean.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:50 No.21525197
         File1290995445.png-(149 KB, 1000x1248, VoteGilda.png)
    149 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:50 No.21525202
    Download links?
    >> That Other Brony 11/28/10(Sun)20:51 No.21525222
    Did anyone else lulz hard at Dash's expressions?

    "But that rainbow one kicked me!"
    >Dash nods smugly
    "I know, and we apologize."
    >Dash's "what you talkin' about Fluttershy?"
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:52 No.21525232
         File1290995529.png-(105 KB, 295x263, 1290830812113.png)
    105 KB
    This is possibly the most amount of Rarity fans I've ever seen in a pony thread.

    I guess all she really did need was the screentime she got last episode. Can't wait until the slumber party then.
    Where she will have to share a role with applejack, and then have a middlemare in the form of Twilight Sparkle. Probably also filling about 1/3 of the episode with Pinkie Pie Party Antics
    Rarity will never have her own episode ;_;
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:52 No.21525246

    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:53 No.21525254

    What in the holy mother name of all that is FUCK did I just watch?!!?!
    >> That Other Brony 11/28/10(Sun)20:54 No.21525279
    wait til season 2 :3
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:55 No.21525298
    The newest one, "Dragonshy" features her, and she also shows up in "The Ticket Master", "Applebuck Season", and "Griffon the Brush Off".

    Warning: She cries in Griffon the Brush Off ;_;
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:55 No.21525316
         File1290995745.jpg-(25 KB, 269x269, 128794919835.jpg)
    25 KB
    I've been a Rarity fan since day one. This episode only made me love her more. I hope most of the focus is on her next episode
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:56 No.21525329
         File1290995771.png-(85 KB, 425x360, DAWWWWW.png)
    85 KB
    >> oscarMIKE !.CLXkCVRls 11/28/10(Sun)20:57 No.21525359
    /r/ screenshot of derpy hooves
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:59 No.21525402

    add Nightmare Moon on the list and it be perfect.
    >> The Smooze !aUG/c2CV/I 11/28/10(Sun)20:59 No.21525409
    So you're saying she's like Robin Hood.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:00 No.21525434
    yes, yes I am.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:01 No.21525454
    I haven't been paying much attention to the other ponies, but who is Derpy? I'm guessing she's a background character?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:01 No.21525459
    It's like The Legend of Zelda: The Light of Courage all over again.

    I love it.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:02 No.21525461
    Last night I had a dream in which the ponies were all my pets. They were each about the size of a house cat.

    I took Fluttershy and Rarity up in my lap to cuddle

    It was not sexual in any way shape or form
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:02 No.21525464
    /r/ing a Drawfag of the ASAP
    >> The Smooze !aUG/c2CV/I 11/28/10(Sun)21:02 No.21525465
    But she was actually picking up all the jewelry and putting it on. And you know that she looted the place after the dragon left.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:05 No.21525539
    It's a machine that has the minimum of functionality required to count as a computer.
    /tg/ had a thread about turning a dungeon into a computer, with undead instead of transistors.

    Go visit /tg/ some time, even if you have no interest in d&d. It's doubtlessly one of the best boards.
    >> Mona Fan !!lrzuS2Aonjj 11/28/10(Sun)21:05 No.21525551
         File1290996335.png-(347 KB, 640x960, Rainbow Dash 2.png)
    347 KB
    WOW, that's the shot of my phone I posted this morning! Here is the original. Need a non retina res one too?
    >> That Other Brony 11/28/10(Sun)21:05 No.21525552
    she at least tried, i'm sure. the others dragged her out kicking and screaming.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:05 No.21525559

    No, Fluttershy told the dragon to pack up his things. Maybe he breathed on them to teleport them to wherever he was about to fly to or something.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:06 No.21525565
         File1290996378.png-(59 KB, 235x224, 1290928822257.png)
    59 KB
    how else could she get it out of there while he was there?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:08 No.21525605
    But every adventurer go on quests to kill dragons, and recieve crazy loot

    Rarity takes the pacific route, and she is suddenly a huge bitch. What's up with that?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:08 No.21525607
         File1290996513.png-(94 KB, 295x263, 1290995529889.png)
    94 KB
    here you go
    >> That Other Brony 11/28/10(Sun)21:09 No.21525635
    >>21525605 pacific route

    that's a hell of a long way for a pony to swim.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:10 No.21525642
    /r/ desktop backgrounds!
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:10 No.21525656
    Wait, what's the correct word?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:10 No.21525657
         File1290996650.jpg-(16 KB, 500x280, My+Little+Pony+Friendship+is+M(...).jpg)
    16 KB
    lol, just noticed some Brony just add the show on lastfm
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:11 No.21525671
         File1290996681.jpg-(15 KB, 238x224, PPRAHRW.jpg)
    15 KB
    I loved Pinkie's "GRRRRR!" in this scene.
    I still say she's like Deadpool - she *knows* she's a cartoon character.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:11 No.21525675
         File1290996688.png-(365 KB, 1920x1080, 1290045656130.png)
    365 KB
    >> Mona Fan !!lrzuS2Aonjj 11/28/10(Sun)21:12 No.21525691
         File1290996722.png-(142 KB, 320x480, non retina dash.png)
    142 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:12 No.21525692
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:12 No.21525700
         File1290996738.png-(279 KB, 1920x1080, 1289965199491.png)
    279 KB
    I think most or all of these were made by Shelltoon
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:13 No.21525739
         File1290996831.png-(480 KB, 1920x1080, 1289861695541.png)
    480 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:15 No.21525773
    The ones that are traced from sceencaps of the show were made by Shelltoon, who "doesn't know how people get my work mixed up with someone else's".
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:15 No.21525778
         File1290996940.jpg-(16 KB, 363x242, 1290832687893.jpg)
    16 KB
    any Rarity wallpapers?
    Id love this to be one.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:16 No.21525787
    Another Ameri-fag who loves Rarity. It's not a cultural thing, people just have different character "types" that appeal to them. I like people who are smooth and have style, who've cranked the Charisma up to +20.

    Also dat accent. And she has a scarf! Everyone knows only the coolest people wear scarves.
    >> oscarMIKE !.CLXkCVRls 11/28/10(Sun)21:16 No.21525788
    Leslie Nielsen is dead
    >> The Smooze !aUG/c2CV/I 11/28/10(Sun)21:16 No.21525798
         File1290996979.png-(321 KB, 1920x1080, dashsleeping.png)
    321 KB
    I don't think that one was.
    This one is from the game.
    >> A Fistful of Apples !94yMGn.GiE 11/28/10(Sun)21:16 No.21525804

    >> Mona Fan !!lrzuS2Aonjj 11/28/10(Sun)21:17 No.21525828
         File1290997064.png-(2 MB, 1920x1080, 1290078321646-1.png)
    2 MB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:18 No.21525850
         File1290997123.png-(1.15 MB, 1440x900, desktopthread.png)
    1.15 MB
    >there has yet to be a Rarity Wallpaper, except for that one guy who keeps showing his Pokemon Online screen
    Vectors are pretty close though.
    Here's my wallpaper.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:19 No.21525873
         File1290997181.png-(103 KB, 315x267, 1289955182411.png)
    103 KB
    Why did you have to bring that up in this thread? ;_;
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:19 No.21525874
         File1290997182.png-(158 KB, 435x360, flutt.png)
    158 KB
    Those are some of the coolest filters I've seen.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:20 No.21525886
    Shit, that sucks.
    >> That Other Brony 11/28/10(Sun)21:20 No.21525892
         File1290997219.png-(544 KB, 720x540, 1289683006796.png)
    544 KB
    just heard about that. makes Pinkie Pie sad.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:20 No.21525900
    I have a question about ponies, and it mostly stems from me being unobservant.

    About the cutie mark, do they have them on both sides? I haven't noticed if hey do or not. Because the cutie marks are obviously based on branding marks, which is kind of odd if you think about it, and I don't think people usually brand their horses on both sides, but then again I don't own horses. Also, if they do appear on both sides, are the marks mirrored for either side? If so, which side is the "correct" one and which on is backwards?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:20 No.21525902
         File1290997243.jpg-(42 KB, 640x360, sad.jpg)
    42 KB
    i heard
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:20 No.21525907
         File1290997249.png-(76 KB, 431x404, 1289292020057.png)
    76 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:21 No.21525921
    Need some SPike wallpapers!
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:22 No.21525942

    Yeah, kinda sucks.

    But really, when's the last time he did anything grand? Perhaps it was just his time.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:23 No.21525962
         File1290997403.jpg-(21 KB, 723x400, RarityHood.jpg)
    21 KB
    this is probably as close as you'll get.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:24 No.21525989
    Now that we know what adult dragons look like, we need Adult Spike fanart.

    I could totally see 1000 years from now, Twilight's power becomes unstoppable and she becomes twice the threat NMM was. As a bonus, she has Spike as not only a close friend but a deadly weapon to use against anyone who rebels against her.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:25 No.21526043
    They have them on both sides, after they earn them.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:25 No.21526044

    I believe Twilight's powers are a result of friendship, that's why she is getting more powerful with every episode.

    The minute she gets separated from her friends, her powers will reduce to shitty teleportation, and moving small things with her horn.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:26 No.21526052
    More like Spike goes back in time to bring the others to snap her out of it.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:26 No.21526065
    My tiers are as follows:

    Top: Twilight Sparkle/Applejack
    High: Pinkie Pie
    The other three: The other three.

    As the episodes go Rarity, Dash, and Fluttershy float around a lot. Dash tends to be my least favorite because she's a bitch, but she was pretty funny in the last few episodes. Rarity has been pretty absent, but was hilarious in Dragonshy. Fluttershy is a pretty boring shrinking violet, but in the last episode they finally let things happen at her expense and be played off as her fault, making it the first episode where she wasn't a pony version of Lola Bunny in Space Jam.

    All three are better than most of the ponies from older gens, though.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:26 No.21526071
    But she was a competent magic user before she got friends.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:27 No.21526073

    No. We already agreed that Spike, seeing how Twilight has forgotten the meaning of Friendship would open a portal to the past and bring her old friends through it to help her rediscover it.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:27 No.21526081
    Just bringing the usual grimdark where it shouldn't be. Not to be taken seriously!
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:27 No.21526092
    I think it will be more like the Justice Lords.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:28 No.21526118
    But nowhere NEAR as powerful. She's like an ambient magic collector that amplifies her own magic, through friendship.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:30 No.21526149

    And then Princess Twilight would have a breakdown upon seeing them for the first time in hundreds of years, and lock them away so they can never leave her again - although otherwise, their every whim is catered to.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:31 No.21526174
    Do they mirror?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:31 No.21526176
         File1290997874.png-(253 KB, 854x480, vlcsnap-2010-11-29-02h28m47s20(...).png)
    253 KB

    They're mirrored. But the Musical Note is the only Cutie Mark I can think of that looks wrong when mirrored.
    >> Get it? Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:31 No.21526180
         File1290997885.jpg-(108 KB, 679x478, Dashwood.jpg)
    108 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:33 No.21526249
    Sorry. I just wanted to drop my theory somewhere.
    >> The Smooze !aUG/c2CV/I 11/28/10(Sun)21:34 No.21526264
    She's obviously draining the life force from everypony around her.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:35 No.21526286
    And they finally manage to get through to her and explain that she can't force the world to stand still, and that true friends want you to move on and live your life even when they're gone.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:36 No.21526323
    yeah, i get it
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:36 No.21526331
    anybody have a link to that leaked song?
    >> The Smooze !aUG/c2CV/I 11/28/10(Sun)21:36 No.21526332
    But those are just mirrored because they flipped the default model for the background ponies. Do we see mirroring on the mane cast?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:37 No.21526336
    These theories drive our discussion and threads. They are a necessity and even enjoyable to read.
    >> The Smooze !aUG/c2CV/I 11/28/10(Sun)21:39 No.21526394
    Also, the toys only have them on one side.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:39 No.21526407
    I love this thread, because a couple of days ago I had a dream and Rarity was in it. Can't remember what it was about, though...
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:41 No.21526437
    Yes, we do. There are several shots of Rarity in this thread; the two diamonds are on the front on both sides.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:41 No.21526450
    Was it sexual? Because there's a high possibility that it was sexual.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:41 No.21526451
    Oh god, the thought of Fluttershy dying
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:41 No.21526453
    It's in here bronie, along with some other MLP songs.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:43 No.21526495
    How high quality are these?
    I want to play some Beat Hazard using them. And the flv of Winter Wrap Up I downloaded is pretty low in that game.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:43 No.21526497
    >Also, the toys only have them on one side.
    I noticed that, that's part of what confused me about it. MLP has always had single cutie marks in the past, but FiM puts them on both sides for the show, and keeps the traditional one side for the toys.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:44 No.21526524
         File1290998679.png-(374 KB, 842x842, 291581-9BG4LNY.png)
    374 KB
    Pinkie Pie for favorite,

    top 3 are Pinkie, Rainbow Dash and Twilight.

    Applejack, Fluttershy, Spike, Angel, Big Mac, Nightmare Moon and Rarity in the top 10 (Rarity's the least, yes.)

    I kinda hate Trixie, Snip&Snails and Celestia but they're ok.

    I totally hate Gilda.

    and finally, for the special place on my heart, my one and true favorite: Derpy Hooves.

    I wish to live with Derpy and Pinkie in a big happy house ;_;
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:47 No.21526598
    More Grimdark:
    Princess Celestia used to actually visit the resident pony villages frequently, celebrated by her people.
    But then she made friends, and these friends would age and die while she lived on. Now the only people she communicates with are Twilight Sparkle who she has discovered as possessing immortality and Spike.
    >> The Smooze !aUG/c2CV/I 11/28/10(Sun)21:47 No.21526609
    But that would mean they aren't mirrored. If it was on both sides, and one was mirrored, then the diamonds would be in back on one side.

    I still think they're only meant to be one one side and that when we see them on both sides it's just lazy animation.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:50 No.21526673
    >If it was on both sides, and one was mirrored, then the diamonds would be in back on one side.
    I think you have the definition of mirrored backwards.

    In fact, you have it mirrored.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:50 No.21526675
    Except that they've always appeared on both sides of every pony in every scene of every episode.

    Not even flash animators are THAT lazy.

    Well, not the ones working on this show, anyways.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:50 No.21526687
         File1290999046.jpg-(44 KB, 640x360, snapshot20101128232238.jpg)
    44 KB
    >MFW the show included male unicorns.
    >> The Smooze !aUG/c2CV/I 11/28/10(Sun)21:51 No.21526693
    That kind of thought made me sad about Spike. If dragons live so long that they take 100 year naps, does that mean Spike will outlive all his friends? Or do they all live as long as Celestia?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:51 No.21526715
         File1290999118.jpg-(44 KB, 640x360, snapshot20101128231309.jpg)
    44 KB
    ... Grandpa Smith?
    >> The Smooze !aUG/c2CV/I 11/28/10(Sun)21:53 No.21526769
         File1290999235.jpg-(29 KB, 349x399, Love+or+Hate+Illusion[1].jpg)
    29 KB
    No. If something is mirrored, it's flipped.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:54 No.21526787
         File1290999294.jpg-(68 KB, 620x394, What_would_nph_do.jpg)
    68 KB
    >MY face when that thing you just said
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:56 No.21526818
         File1290999397.png-(105 KB, 366x312, nigga-face.png)
    105 KB
    Holy shit, when'd he appear?
    >> The Smooze !aUG/c2CV/I 11/28/10(Sun)21:57 No.21526846
    >Rob Renzetti
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)21:58 No.21526856
         File1290999486.png-(246 KB, 640x360, 1290556462228.png)
    246 KB
    There were male unicorns since the first episode, brony.
    Look at the opening credits: Celestia's personal guard are all male unicorns.
    >> The Smooze !aUG/c2CV/I 11/28/10(Sun)21:59 No.21526901
    How Freudian.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:00 No.21526907
    you are thinking of just the image of the diamonds while >>21526673 is thinking of it it turns of the entire pony.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:01 No.21526928
         File1290999676.png-(45 KB, 767x748, mirrored mark.png)
    45 KB
    Right, but the way you were explaining the Rarity's mark was backwards.

    This is how I understand it.
    >> The Smooze !aUG/c2CV/I 11/28/10(Sun)22:01 No.21526929
    Oh. Duh. You're right.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:03 No.21526988
    Oh, I mislabeled the left and right sides.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:04 No.21527016
         File1290999874.jpg-(50 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101129000010.jpg)
    50 KB

    I had to zoom in the image to notice the unicorn horns (I though they were pegasi) but yes, you are right.
    Also, the newest episodes not only included more male ponies, but also included "couples" as well.

    Like this one.
    >> The Smooze !aUG/c2CV/I 11/28/10(Sun)22:04 No.21527025
    Funny. You made the same mistake I did while correcting my mistake.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:04 No.21527026
         File1290999894.jpg-(17 KB, 357x353, charlie.jpg)
    17 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:06 No.21527067
         File1290999980.jpg-(57 KB, 640x480, snapshot20101129000123.jpg)
    57 KB

    They are still together here.
    >> The Smooze !aUG/c2CV/I 11/28/10(Sun)22:06 No.21527073
    >Unicorn with unicorn
    >Earth pony with earth pony
    I wonder if there will be any "interracial" couples.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:07 No.21527089
    Grape pony is totally puttin' the moves on that gal.
    Bet she friend zones him, the bitch.
    >> The Smooze !aUG/c2CV/I 11/28/10(Sun)22:07 No.21527108
    Oh, I guess both the unicorns are girls.
    I suppose they could be lesbians?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:08 No.21527131
         File1291000120.png-(252 KB, 4381x4229, 100000000000000.png)
    252 KB
    Can I get a high res of the other girls cutie mark.?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:08 No.21527142
    According to this screenshot, ponies sleep like cats.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:09 No.21527154

    Is that the third Delicious?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:12 No.21527232
         File1291000326.png-(354 KB, 3004x2460, 1290932095401.png)
    354 KB
    Repostan' from old thread
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:12 No.21527237
    Nope. His cutie mark is two bushels of grapes.
    Lemme see if I can find the higher rez version of that pic...
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:13 No.21527273
         File1291000436.jpg-(10 KB, 423x320, datass.jpg)
    10 KB

    Oh yes, he is very delicious, and- oh my goodness, I, I mean...


    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:15 No.21527324
    You sure? that looks EXACTLY like one of the delicious brothers.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:15 No.21527335
         File1291000538.jpg-(358 KB, 768x394, Crowd10.jpg)
    358 KB
    Here we go.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:17 No.21527400
    its always the quiet ones
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:18 No.21527422
    That reminds me of the time when we wrote a setting for a pornfic involving Fluttershy and your penis.

    It was...wierd
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:19 No.21527438
         File1291000741.jpg-(11 KB, 401x298, datass2.jpg)
    11 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:20 No.21527487

    It's a baby Applejack!
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:20 No.21527489
         File1291000857.jpg-(95 KB, 642x1083, 1290974549252.jpg)
    95 KB
    >This thread
    >> The Smooze !aUG/c2CV/I 11/28/10(Sun)22:22 No.21527520
    brb, heart attack.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:23 No.21527561
    my little cloney?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:25 No.21527612
    oh man those baby ponies are so cute
    I want to see them up close
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:26 No.21527632
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:26 No.21527633
    Friendship is SCIENCE
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:26 No.21527642

    The love child of the Apple Family's black sheep... AppleCider.
    Also, image limit reached argh.
    >> Mona Fan !!lrzuS2Aonjj 11/28/10(Sun)22:28 No.21527716
    Anyone mind if we make a new thread then?
    >> Black Velvet 11/28/10(Sun)22:29 No.21527731
    Not a problem with me
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:30 No.21527766
    Already got one:
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:31 No.21527791
    It feels wierd browsing the archive, and finding out you have posted in most pony threads.

    I think I should drop this adiction, and limit myself to just post on fridays.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:42 No.21528088
    Holy shit, there's another time-pony.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:19 No.21528982
    I am excited for Wino Pony and his advances on the flowergirl.

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