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  • File : 1290970915.jpg-(57 KB, 750x600, 1290880547042.jpg)
    57 KB Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)14:01 No.21517977  
    Would anyone else watch a show about Doctor Whoof?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)14:09 No.21518108
    Only if Derpy Hooves is his assistant.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)14:10 No.21518133

    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)14:11 No.21518162
    i am a huge furfag so yes i would watch
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)14:12 No.21518183
    She certainly couldn't be much worse than most of his recent companions.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)14:15 No.21518232
    Oh you
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)14:25 No.21518436
    Next drawthread I'm requesting a picture of him kicking a Dalek.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)14:27 No.21518477

    No wait, what about fighting a Cyberpony while carrying a sonic screwdriver in his mouth?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)14:35 No.21518619

    Go die.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)15:04 No.21519163
         File1290974655.jpg-(53 KB, 450x439, 128795829516.jpg)
    53 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)15:06 No.21519214
    a show combining an unspeakably awful British series and cartoon ponies?

    die in a fire
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)15:13 No.21519322
    u mad?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)17:21 No.21521643
    Would his tardis look like a small barn?
    >> groove_armada 11/28/10(Sun)17:25 No.21521706
         File1290983143.jpg-(24 KB, 483x291, 2dpa91.jpg)
    24 KB

    FUND IT!!!

    I don't even like MLP and I'd watch it
    >> pyaamon !!8MEqKCe+CbT 11/28/10(Sun)17:26 No.21521713
    As long as it's blue.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)17:28 No.21521741
         File1290983297.jpg-(47 KB, 469x265, ponygay.jpg)
    47 KB
    >> Mark A. Question 11/28/10(Sun)17:29 No.21521765
    What's wrong with Amy and Rory?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:24 No.21522490
    Of course, and if Derpy Hooves was his companion, i would watch it even more.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:27 No.21522516

    Nothing it was the ones before them that were the problem.

    Rory's a fucking badass
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:33 No.21522592
    I'm only up to Amy's Choice. Does he become badass after he realizes she isn't going to dump him?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:34 No.21522622
    Rory becomes a badass motherfucker in the finale
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:38 No.21522676
    My Little Time Lord
    My Little Time Lord
    My Little Time Lord

    I used to wander around feeling blue
    (My Little Time Lord)
    Until I stepped in the TARDIS with you.
    Space adventure!
    Daleks too!
    A Cybermen invasion
    Just for you!
    Weeping Angels,
    Faster than you think!
    So make sure you don't ever blink!
    My Little Time Lord
    Your companion is what I want to be!
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)18:41 No.21522730
    why merge a great time honored show with one that's cheaply put together featuring hack writing?
    my little pony is too good to blight like that
    >> Boco !sCZ24qY6KY 11/28/10(Sun)18:43 No.21522761
         File1290987798.jpg-(5 KB, 126x126, 1205367530366.jpg)
    5 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)20:29 No.21524724
         File1290994186.gif-(105 KB, 300x225, 1269846689562.gif)
    105 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:07 No.21527110
    And my making of the OP's image is now justified. Thank you, /co/!
    >> Snarky Bastard 11/28/10(Sun)22:08 No.21527143
         File1291000139.png-(266 KB, 654x368, tennant.png)
    266 KB
    >Doctor Whoof
    >implying it's not just The Doctor going by the alias Clyde Dale
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:14 No.21527306
    Amy: Doctor?! What happen to you?!
    Doctor:Timey wimey friendshipy magicy thing. Anyway, I'm a pony now. Ponies are cool.
    Amy: . . .
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:16 No.21527362
         File1291000589.jpg-(18 KB, 250x311, doctorWho-Tennant.jpg)
    18 KB
    >My face when I was the first one to suggest that that pony was a Time Lord
    >My face when nobody will ever believe me, but I don't care because I just love seeing my idea being loved and used by others to develop crazy pony-theories and what-if scenarios
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:17 No.21527391

    What would we call it? Time Pony? Time Stallion?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:18 No.21527418
         File1291000701.png-(266 KB, 500x353, 1289071948787.png)
    266 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:20 No.21527479
         File1291000825.jpg-(267 KB, 599x339, Crowd3.jpg)
    267 KB
    I think Amy gets changed too...
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:21 No.21527515
         File1291000913.png-(366 KB, 705x401, mlpfim_ep0314.png)
    366 KB
    Would that also mean a team-up with Twilight Sparkle?
    >> Snarky Bastard 11/28/10(Sun)22:22 No.21527534

    Scotch Redhair and her husband, Nosey Plastic.

    also, every companion ever gets a pony. including Martha.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:27 No.21527682
    Oh bloody hell... that gawky looking male pony that worked in the store from episode 3 (maybe 4) did have a kind of Rory quality didn't he...
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:29 No.21527718

    Yes, I do believe it would.
    >> Mark A. Question 11/28/10(Sun)22:31 No.21527777
    .... Well. I like Rose, Jack, and Martha.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:33 No.21527840
    you are now imaging the jack-pony riding all the ponies manually
    >> Mona Fan !!lrzuS2Aonjj 11/28/10(Sun)22:33 No.21527850
         File1291001625.jpg-(650 KB, 1418x1013, HORSE-ATIO HOOFNAGEL .jpg)
    650 KB
    That is inevitable, you can't hake her off.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:33 No.21527854
         File1291001634.jpg-(148 KB, 992x627, Shut up and take my money.jpg)
    148 KB
    I would donate my life savings to see this become a reality.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:35 No.21527891
    Episode Links:

    Episode 1: Friendship is Magic part 1
    FLV [192 MB]:
    MKV [191 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 2: Friendship is Magic part 2
    FLV [293 MB]:
    MKV [292 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 3: The Ticket Master
    FLV [274 MB]:
    MKV [273 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 4: Applebuck Season
    No Dialogue HQ FLV [186 MB]:
    Fixed Audio LQ FLV [78 MB]:
    Fixed Audio LQ MKV [77 MB]:
    Dual Audio HQ MKV [195 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 5: Griffon the Brush Off
    LQ FLV [86 MB]:
    LQ MKV [85 MB]:
    Resized AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 6: Boast Busters
    FLV [273 MB]:
    MKV [272 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:

    #mylittlepony @

    Youtube Episodes uploaded by used "PensivePine"
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:35 No.21527898
         File1291001728.png-(255 KB, 854x480, vlcsnap-2010-11-29-03h28m50s17(...).png)
    255 KB

    Mr. Cake has a Bow Tie and a big chin. He's Matt Smith.

    Also, babby ponies.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:35 No.21527909
    Oh God, are there any drawfriends around? I am dying for a pic of Doctor Whoof and Derpy stepping out of the TARDIS.

    It would be glorious.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:36 No.21527920

    I'm loving it.


    Twilight is Sarah Jane.

    Big Mac is Captain Jack Harkness.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:36 No.21527928
    What about K-9? And Adric? And Ace?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:37 No.21527943
    I liked Donna, mainly because she was the first companion of the new series that didn't spend most of her time fawning over the Doctor like he was some goddamn teenage heartthrob.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:37 No.21527967

    Ace = Rainbow Dash
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:38 No.21527974
    Just watched the first (2 parter) episode. Pretty good stuff. I'll continue to watch.

    This marks the 3rd series /co/ got me to watch in months. Sym-Bionic Titan, Panty & Stocking and now this. Anything else new lately that I should check out?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:38 No.21527976
    K-9 should be Spike.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:38 No.21527987
    Is the Female Blue Unicorn with an Hourglass Cutie Mark Romana, Susan or the Rani?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:38 No.21527998
         File1291001937.jpg-(49 KB, 480x360, do it faggot.jpg)
    49 KB
    Drawfiends, get to it.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:39 No.21528003
    >>21527967 Ace is so much cooler than Rainbow Dash.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:39 No.21528013
    Yes, but she also spent most of her dialogue YELLING to the point where it didn't even sound like words anymore. It was just vaguely British sounding angry noises.
    >> Mark A. Question 11/28/10(Sun)22:39 No.21528024
    Damn you... He'd actually DO THAT.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:41 No.21528057
    I know right? Best companion!

    K-9 can remain exactly the same. Wait, does that make Sarah Jane Applejack?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:42 No.21528093
    ..drawfa er...drawfriend here. Gimme and hour or so. See what I can do.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:43 No.21528120
         File1291002208.jpg-(7 KB, 386x304, datass3.jpg)
    7 KB
    > this thread
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:43 No.21528127
    You sir are a champion and a getlepony.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:45 No.21528161
         File1291002333.gif-(1.43 MB, 300x171, 1287807442574.gif)
    1.43 MB
    You sir are the friend of all bronies!
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:45 No.21528165
    That just made her better! Oi!
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:47 No.21528203
         File1291002458.png-(197 KB, 666x678, 1290392312450.png)
    197 KB
    >> Black Velvet 11/28/10(Sun)22:48 No.21528216
         File1291002505.png-(280 KB, 854x480, vlcsnap-2010-11-28-22h44m25s24(...).png)
    280 KB
    Cuter picture of the baby ponies c:
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:49 No.21528232
         File1291002547.gif-(11 KB, 154x233, 1277012556766.gif)
    11 KB
    >>This thread
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:49 No.21528239
    I have to go to bed. Someone please post that in the plus4chan thread when it's done.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:51 No.21528271
    Hey, Doctor Who might be horrible but don't talk that way about MLP
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:51 No.21528279
         File1291002682.jpg-(74 KB, 1485x847, 1290467735554.jpg)
    74 KB

    I'm waiting for you, brony!
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:53 No.21528323
         File1291002798.jpg-(19 KB, 473x273, 1290348035518.jpg)
    19 KB
    Can someone upload the videos that are on Megaupload to MediaFire. It is such a Better site.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:54 No.21528340
    Mediafire has a 200MB file size limit.

    So, no. No we can't.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:55 No.21528362
         File1291002913.png-(120 KB, 640x360, 1290915662147.png)
    120 KB
    My Little Anteater
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:55 No.21528363
    If I keep watching this damn winter wrap-up video, the second it starts snowing I'll be subconsciously driven out there clearing it up.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:56 No.21528399
         File1291002971.jpg-(96 KB, 639x360, 1289414365233.jpg)
    96 KB
    Well now isnt that unfortunate.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:56 No.21528403
    I think I have a problem. I can't stop watching the walk animations in FiM.

    They're mesmerizing.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)22:59 No.21528480
    How do you justify the constant posting in these threads?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:00 No.21528499
    Have to get some laundry going and get some stuff ready for work tomorrow, then I'll sit down and see what I can sketch out.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:01 No.21528511
         File1291003270.jpg-(93 KB, 854x480, hgh2.jpg)
    93 KB

    Rarity's poses are mostly based on real life "elegant" horse poses seen at equestrian shows.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:02 No.21528552
    request has been sent too archive this,in case the kind drawfag doesn't finish b4 404
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:03 No.21528585
    Their tongues are orange.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:05 No.21528647

    Filename should be datrump.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:06 No.21528669
    When you think about it... it's pretty amazing
    >> FlashinthePan !!thkYJOEdAI5 11/28/10(Sun)23:08 No.21528704
         File1291003701.jpg-(181 KB, 1056x1056, pinkie_pencil.jpg)
    181 KB
    Hey, everypony!
    So, uh, I work on MLP. As a gift, I bring a crappy drawing of Pinkie Pie doing an even crappier drawing of Twilight Sparkle. Drew it a while back (I've lurked for a few weeks now) but I never posted it, because I was too busy to spend much time here.

    I can't answer any questions about future episodes, but if anyone has any questions about the production or whatever, I'll try to answer them.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:08 No.21528720
         File1291003730.png-(44 KB, 864x768, DrWhoof.png)
    44 KB
    Eh, I tried.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:08 No.21528721

    Oh dear god, Pime Taradox!
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:10 No.21528756
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:10 No.21528757
    Are we getting a second season?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:10 No.21528768
    Why is the animation in Griffon the Brush-Off and Dragonshy so much better than the rest of the episodes so far?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:10 No.21528770
    I'm already sick of trying to keep my hoovsies warm.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:11 No.21528771
    Thanks for posting, but I hope you understand if some of us are skeptical of your claims. Can you give us any more than your word?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:11 No.21528775

    So when are you doing the Doctor Who episode?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:12 No.21528818
    So what was the fate of the composer that leaked the Winter Wrap Up footage?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:13 No.21528822

    just please spread the word about Derpy and give us a Derpy cameo in some episode, please ;_;
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:13 No.21528828
         File1291003990.png-(209 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-11-28-23h10m53s14(...).png)
    209 KB
    I love this little curtsy Applejack does every once in awhile.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:13 No.21528835
    Are you guys explicitly putting Derpyhooves in background shots because of the reaction people have had to her?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:14 No.21528846
    She's folding her "arms".

    Took me a while to catch that.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:14 No.21528850
    Exactly how much shit did the guy who leaked the Winter Wrap Up video get? If you know and can answer, of course.

    Also, let me go ahead and throw out some generic praise for working on a neat show!
    >> FlashinthePan !!thkYJOEdAI5 11/28/10(Sun)23:14 No.21528851
    Can't answer that one.

    The animation tends to vary a lot because of a few factors. Part of it depends on which teams lay out the scenes (there are three teams working on staggered schedules), and then which teams animate them. A lot also depends on the quality of the Flash builds, which tend to go up and down depending on how crazy the show is.

    Nnnnot really. I'm not super comfortable giving my name at this point, except that I can say that I'm the animator-friend GlamourKat mentioned a while back.

    Like I said, can't answer questions about future episodes.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:16 No.21528911
    Do you guys like working with Flash?

    Because I hate it. With all my soul.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:17 No.21528914
         File1291004221.jpg-(50 KB, 546x366, che guevara.jpg)
    50 KB

    >Doctor Whoof
    >future episode
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:17 No.21528924
         File1291004233.png-(54 KB, 270x269, 1290217224608.png)
    54 KB
    >I can't say
    >I can't say
    >I can't say


    Why don't you tell us something you think we would find interesting? Something only you would know.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:18 No.21528947
         File1291004288.png-(188 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-11-28-23h17m08s1.png)
    188 KB
    She does it again with all four limbs in Boast Busters.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:18 No.21528951
    How many of the people who work on this show are aware of the fanbase's reactions to most of it?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:18 No.21528955
    So, what's it gotta take to get a male Pony to get an actual speaking role on that show? Aside from Big Mac's "Yep"s and Snips & Snails' "WE'RE RETARDS, LAWL!", of course.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:18 No.21528957
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:18 No.21528958
    >>21528822 Derpy cameo in some episode, please ;_;

    A gray pegasi carrying a bag with letters walks in the background while Twilight and Spike mind their own business. Suddenly Pinkie Pie opens a door, slams the gray pegasi in the face and gives her derpy eyes for a couple seconds before the action gets focused on Pinkie Pie.

    And presto, /co/ already got it's Derpy Hooves reference.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:19 No.21528980
    from scrolling past the thumbnail, for a second i thought pinkie was busy shooting up heroin
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:19 No.21528984
    And in the opening.
    In those cases, she's crossing her legs and folding her "arms".
    >> FlashinthePan !!thkYJOEdAI5 11/28/10(Sun)23:19 No.21528997
         File1291004393.png-(463 KB, 1000x684, derpy_mirrormatch.png)
    463 KB
    I don't actually know what happened. I could give you some guesses, but they'd just be speculation.

    Derpy is known around the studio, but a lot of us on the crew don't really want to try to sneak much in, because it has resulted in some wrist-slaps in the past. Also, production is almost finished, so there aren't really a whole lot of opportunities to drop her in now that we know how much you guys love her.

    But... here is a picture I drew of Correct Coloured Derpy vs. Tinted Derpy.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:20 No.21529002
         File1291004414.jpg-(17 KB, 182x149, derp.jpg)
    17 KB
    Derpy isn't gray.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:20 No.21529020

    Cute as fuck is what it is.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:21 No.21529033
         File1291004490.jpg-(11 KB, 320x400, cross.jpg)
    11 KB
    Not quite. Ever lean against a tree or wall and cross your legs while standing? There ya go.
    >> GlamourKat !!j7GseF0MEb9 11/28/10(Sun)23:23 No.21529087
    Hey man, this is so incredible I think I'm dying.
    Welcome to /co/ finally. :)
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:24 No.21529100

    See: >>21528984

    Front legs = arms
    Hind legs = legs
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:24 No.21529109
    >I don't actually know what happened. I could give you some guesses, but they'd just be speculation.

    I'll be happy as long as the dude didn't get fired over it, he does nice work at it'd be a shame to lose his talent over something lie that.

    >Derpy is known around the studio, but a lot of us on the crew don't really want to try to sneak much in, because it has resulted in some wrist-slaps in the past. Also, production is almost finished, so there aren't really a whole lot of opportunities to drop her in now that we know how much you guys love her.

    You guys should drop hints up the chain of command to make her Ditzy Doo, like Lauren suggested.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:24 No.21529111
         File1291004660.jpg-(86 KB, 640x360, 1290675815443.jpg)
    86 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:24 No.21529116
    I have a theory about the color variance with Derpy.

    She is so derpy, that some days even she doesn't remember what color she is.
    >> FlashinthePan !!thkYJOEdAI5 11/28/10(Sun)23:25 No.21529149
    I like Flash a lot, actually. It's not for everyone, and it can be super buggy, but I know how to tame it. This is easily the best Flash-based show I've worked on, though.

    Please understand that Hasbro is very protective of their property. I don't want to step out of line the first time I de-lurk. I will tell you a story about Derpy, though. _Apparently_ the scene was originally framed so that you couldn't see her face. A revision was called on it, and there she was. Looks like she was a complete inside-joke for whoever set up or animated the scene. She almost didn't exist.

    I think most of us know that it's well-loved on the internet, by now. After Applebuck Season aired, we got a studio-wide IM broadcast with a link to the /co/ talkback thread.

    *shrug* They'll appear when/if they appear, I guess. I'm in the Layout department, so I don't know how things go in the scripting phase.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:26 No.21529171
         File1291004814.png-(228 KB, 704x396, 1288433644141.png)
    228 KB
    Also, We noticed that in the few eps some ponies had an hourglass as a cutie mark leading us to believe and play around the idea that he's a ponyfied version of the Doctor from Doctor Who. Does he have a name or do we get first dibs?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:27 No.21529186
    Flashinthepan, what is your job with MLP series?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:27 No.21529188
    In her response to the questions about Derpy, Lauren was pretty clear that absolutely none of the background ponies have official names
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:28 No.21529204

    Oh god, this should be so. awesome. if only...!


    thanks for the answers, and I lol'd at the pic :D
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:28 No.21529207

    >I think most of us know that it's well-loved on the internet, by now. After Applebuck Season aired, we got a studio-wide IM broadcast with a link to the /co/ talkback thread.

    That's awesome. Hope no one got scarred too badly.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:29 No.21529218
    Oh you have a theory? Perhaps it's because all the background characters are stock and they just pallete swap.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:30 No.21529241
    Was Applebuck Season done by the Canadian studio?
    That's still my favorite episode.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:30 No.21529248
         File1291005044.jpg-(69 KB, 600x338, Applejacksings.jpg)
    69 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:30 No.21529249
    You sound like such a charming and happy person.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:31 No.21529256
         File1291005064.png-(128 KB, 397x317, 1290234209311.png)
    128 KB


    So. Erm. Well.

    Does Applejack have a last name? We've speculated that it's Smith, seeing as Granny Smith is her grandmother. Anything regarding Rarity or Fluttershy's last names would be cool too.

    Oh, and is Angel Bunny a boy or a girl? We're not entirely sure if we should be referring to it as a "he" or a "she.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:31 No.21529259
    The colors of the background characters have been almost entirely constant in every scene.

    Fans just get mixed up about Derpy's colors because of the weird tinting at the party where she made her grand debut.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:31 No.21529264

    Thanks for your request.
    It has been added to our database and the thread will be archived as soon as enough request for that thread have been made.
    This thread has been requested 2 times now.
    Thanks for your request.
    It has been added to our database and the thread will be archived as soon as enough request for that thread have been made.
    This thread has been requested 2 times now.
    >> FlashinthePan !!thkYJOEdAI5 11/28/10(Sun)23:31 No.21529265
    Hello! Glad ya like it. ;)

    Yeah, I hope so, too. I can't imagine they'd fire someone with as much talent as him, though.

    As for Ditzy Doo, I expect that there is already a specific design for her? Although since I only worked on 1/3 of the episodes, I'm not sure.

    As Lauren mentioned in that response to the Derpy question, none of the background ponies have names - they're just all together in a file called "Incidental Ponies" that we draw from when we're setting up crowd shots.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:32 No.21529277
    So... how MUCH rights do you guys have and what are the extent of it?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:32 No.21529285
    Angel is male.
    "We" were 90% certain of it since his first appearance, but it's since been confirmed on the official forums.
    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 11/28/10(Sun)23:32 No.21529293
         File1291005175.png-(51 KB, 300x150, co.png)
    51 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:33 No.21529298
    Drawfriend here. Hey MLP staffer. 'Sup.

    Currently watching "Winter Wrap Up" for reference on Time Lord Pony. Any screencaps anons might have of both he and Derpy would be appreciated.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:33 No.21529307
    It's a shit cartoon series and i hope it gets cancelled and you're out of a job.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:34 No.21529328

    There are official forums that confirm stuff?

    Why the fuck haven't we /co/mmandeered that place?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:34 No.21529337
         File1291005286.jpg-(455 KB, 1024x692, rainbow_love_by_tv_show-d33o2q(...).jpg)
    455 KB
    >> Oblivion W. Casinos !IPiPBOY0m2 11/28/10(Sun)23:34 No.21529341
    There is a question that I have had that's probably obvious to most other bronies here but I'll ask because I don't know:

    How do you find voice talent for the show? Casting call for the area?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:34 No.21529344
    >> Snarky Bastard 11/28/10(Sun)23:35 No.21529350
    the Doctor Pony rallies the gang against The Master, a grey, slightly crazy pony who is putting yokes on every pony he can. Dash teams up with Ace-Pony, Twilight with SJ-Pony, Fluttershy with Amy-Pond-y, Rarity with Rose-Pony, Applejack with Martha-Pony, Pinkie with Jack-Pony. Spike and K9 have WACKY HIJINKS adventures together.

    the Doctor and Celestia merge temporarily to defeat the Master, who has allied with a race of goats: Nahleks.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:35 No.21529351

    So what's the work environment like working under Lauren Faust?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:35 No.21529355
         File1291005320.png-(21 KB, 220x225, general.png)
    21 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:35 No.21529358
         File1291005327.png-(57 KB, 586x540, 1290494897348.png)
    57 KB
    She said that Ditzy is just referenced, but not shown - but if they ever did show her, you guys could possibly use Derpy.

    Or at least that's how I read her response.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:35 No.21529367
    Probably because they're crowded with hardcore lifelong MLP fans who make us look not-too-crazy by comparison.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:35 No.21529368
    You realize that the people in charge are the ones who come up with the show anyway and even if it was cancelled (isn't production over in a few weeks anyway?)he'd just get swapped to a different show and not lose his job at all, right?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:35 No.21529371
         File1291005357.png-(101 KB, 467x267, MEANIEPANTS.png)
    101 KB
    This is all you'll get from me.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:36 No.21529375
         File1291005371.gif-(64 KB, 356x294, 0000ca.gif)
    64 KB
    >>21529285 Angel is male.

    Makes sense because he's a dick.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:36 No.21529378
    YES!SOmeone from the show finally!

    So, flash, what do the staff think of US?
    I mean, with the show at 2PM, the primary target, teen girl, must miss it, meanwhile, we have thread like these...
    How does that make you feel?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:37 No.21529401
         File1291005452.png-(134 KB, 479x343, uhwat.png)
    134 KB
    Well somebody's mad
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:37 No.21529402
         File1291005463.jpg-(12 KB, 474x600, 1287851427016.jpg)
    12 KB
    So that means he could be canon like Derpy?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:38 No.21529406

    You are a Snarky Genious, I said.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:38 No.21529410
         File1291005491.png-(92 KB, 429x265, 1290815011330.png)
    92 KB
    >the primary target, teen girl
    >> FlashinthePan !!thkYJOEdAI5 11/28/10(Sun)23:38 No.21529418
    I'm in the Layout department. Without boring you with too much details, my job involves fixing/adjusting backgrounds, setting up staging and proper size relations between characters and the background, doing key storytelling poses and occasionally leaving further instructions for the animators. The Layout department on Ponies is a little experimental - it's the most thorough layout/posing department the studio has had in a long time. (Which is part of the reason the animation is more than just typical Flash).

    Friendship is Magic Part II, Applebuck Season, and Dragonshy were all animated by the Canadian studio. There are three layout teams working on the shows. Every third show is animated in Vancouver, the other two go to Top Draw in the Phillipines.

    I don't know of any last name for Applejack (or any of the other ponies), but that doesn't mean she doesn't have one written down somewhere. Now that I think about it, Granny Smith must have always been old, because "Smith" doesn't make much sense as an apple name. Huh.

    I've always thought of Angel as a boy, but I haven't read his character bio. (I don't know if he even has one, actually. I'll check at work tomorrow.)

    This is correct. We tint background ponies (and background elements) so that the scene reads properly, but like I said, there are a limited number of background characters we have to work from. Hence the My Little Cloney effect.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:39 No.21529437
         File1291005561.png-(317 KB, 521x321, trollsabout.png)
    317 KB
    Here is a hint ;)
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:40 No.21529460
    Not before i fucking write a letter to the BBC and they force a cease and desist order
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:41 No.21529477
         File1291005661.png-(251 KB, 600x456, DoctorHoof.png)
    251 KB
    Made a quick sketch of Doctor Hoof.

    The police box has a different label on it though. In ponyverse there is no law, only Celestia.
    >> Snarky Bastard 11/28/10(Sun)23:41 No.21529478

    adding to the threat is an army of steel-wool sheep, the Cybaahmen.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:41 No.21529496
    >Granny Smith must have always been old, because "Smith" doesn't make much sense as an apple name.

    Granny Smith is a actual type of apple.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:42 No.21529513
    Why do new episodes premiere when the target audience should be in school?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:42 No.21529518

    Your job sounds important! I never knew animation could be that technical. If it's okay with you, would you mind me asking if and where you graduated from an art school or college?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:42 No.21529521
    right, that's the point - before she was a granny, would she just have been "smith"?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:42 No.21529532

    Yes, hence his statement that she must have always been old.

    Old = Granny. Granny Smith = Apple.
    Not Old != Granny. Smith != Apple.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:43 No.21529541
         File1291005798.png-(99 KB, 500x500, PARTY TIME.png)
    99 KB
    This is the sort of random genius I come to 4chan for.
    Slightly stupid, yet clever, and all in the spirit of good fun.
    Don't ever change, /co/.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:43 No.21529543
    OK, Not completely asking about future episodes or anything, but have you people considered using The Smooze in this show?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:44 No.21529571
    Hasbro let all the G1 trademarks except Applejack and Spike expire, so chances are none of the G1 villains will be returning.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:44 No.21529574
         File1291005871.png-(190 KB, 400x522, 1289938869522.png)
    190 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:45 No.21529591

    I'm pretty sure parody isn't illegal, faggot.
    >> FlashinthePan !!thkYJOEdAI5 11/28/10(Sun)23:45 No.21529600
    I don't know the specifics, which is why I'm being kinda cautious. I do know that we didn't get crew t-shirts because the studio was concerned about using Pony imagery in a non-Hasbro-sanctioned way. Sadfrog.

    The Studio has a talent base that they usually draw from, most of whom are Canadian actors. I don't really know the specifics.

    Lauren spends most of her time in California, so we don't really work under her directly. I did meet her briefly, and she seemed super nice. Our directors are all pretty approachable, though.

    Haha, yes and no. Animation tends to go up and down and is contract based. It's possible to have a contract end and then not end up working at the studio for a long time. When there's no work, everyone starves for a little while.

    Honestly, I'm thrilled that you guys like it. Being able to see so much conversation going on about the show really helps recharge the batteries. With a lot of shows I've worked on I've wound up kinda burnt out by the end of the contract, but being able to see that the work we're doing is being noticed helps a lot.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:45 No.21529607
    they show replays anyway, I think. Or maybe for they are also targeting the REALLY young ones and the replays for the rest
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:45 No.21529613
    >and occasionally leaving further instructions for the animators.

    *pssst* dude, next time you have to send instructions, add a little note or a mail at the animators with a friendly suggest: Derpy Hooves ;_;
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:46 No.21529625
         File1291005986.jpg-(15 KB, 443x241, pony girdle.jpg)
    15 KB
    Do you have a favorite pony so far, Flash? I'm partial to Rarity when it comes to the main ponies, with Luna and Trixie being my favorite one-off characters.

    lol Shon, one of the old resident gaijin for Gainax. Some buddies here and San Antonio were telling me some funny stories about him and Lea working with them a few months ago.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:46 No.21529636
    Here's a random technical question for you:

    How do the animators handle lip-synching and audio timing? Are they given copies of the vocal and music tracks so that they can go off of the wave-form, or are they given a vocal map like in the old days?

    I'm curious because I did a kinetic-type animation for one of my classes a few weeks ago timed to a jazz song, and it got me to wondering about it.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:48 No.21529677
    Well, we had derpy hooves, and now doctor Whoof.
    By the end of the season, we will find a name and background for everypony without one originally...
    I love these threads.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:48 No.21529678
    We had another one from the story board department. I'm not sure this one is the same one as Diehard though. But your first pic did look similar to his though.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:48 No.21529679
         File1291006112.png-(43 KB, 187x182, 1290315886758.png)
    43 KB

    >> weeapony 11/28/10(Sun)23:48 No.21529681
    Show working person:
    Not gonna heckle you about anything or ask impossible fanboy-logic questions.

    Just wanna say good job <3
    And that I'm totally jelly of your job. Still in school for animation here, I'd love nothing more than to work on kid's shows.

    ... Also who is your favorite pony, if you haven't already answered that.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:48 No.21529689
    She has trouble with her shade of durple
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:48 No.21529693
    To the person in this thread who actually works on MLP:

    Please don't get discouraged by the people who make porn. I've seen alot of good shows suddenly get cancelled because of crap the fans did. So far the MLP userbase hasn't sunken to that level, but I just love the show too much to see it fall.

    I really am looking forward to all the new episodes. And I'm willing to even buy the merchandise for my niece if it means helping the show out.

    I just hope people don't get fired from posting on 4chan. Even though this is a SFW board, some people don't follow that very well.

    May Celestia help you keep the show running When she isn't busy running her totalitarian femipony regime.

    Thank you and goodnight.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:49 No.21529699
    Here's a question:

    How often do people on staff just crack up, going "OH MY GOD, I'M WORKING ON MY LITTLE PONY!!!!!"

    I know quite a few of the fans have had moments where they can't believe what they're watching, so you'd think you get the occasional staffer cracking up...
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:49 No.21529715
    Yeah, I noticed in the pic that he was the one that sent the message, and kind of cringed on Faust's behalf.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:49 No.21529721

    So, do you enjoy the show half as much as we do?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:50 No.21529733

    Also, like this anon said, GREAT work. It's nice to see a fresh AAA team breathing fresh life and fresh animation into what I considered a dead franchise.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:50 No.21529748
    I... want to make a MLP shirt.

    /r/ing pictures of pinkie pie, and the image of dash sleeping on a cloud?
    >> weeapony 11/28/10(Sun)23:51 No.21529756

    About how many symbols is the average main-character pony made up of? (don't have to count mouths) I love how well the heads move.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:51 No.21529757
         File1291006286.jpg-(24 KB, 367x218, rarityDICKS.jpg)
    24 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:51 No.21529766
         File1291006311.png-(103 KB, 499x410, 1290582836476.png)
    103 KB
    As much as I love Derpy, I'd really rather her not be singled out as the "less-than-intelligent" Ditzy Doo.
    Though her somehow being associated with the postal service would probably make /co/ explode with joy
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:52 No.21529771

    Hey Flash! Have you seen the videos about the crazy Human Resource stuff other animation studios do to liven up the place? Does the MLP have that stuff also?

    Like parties, etc.?
    >> FlashinthePan !!thkYJOEdAI5 11/28/10(Sun)23:52 No.21529772
    I think Lauren was asked this question, and as I recall she couldn't even really answer it fully. It's the Hub's decision.

    I haven't heard about the Smooze. Which, really, doesn't mean much. But that second post probably has it right.

    I'd like to think my job is important, but the truth is that every link in the chain is key. If the builds are too limited or poorly made, the animation will suffer. If the layouts are set up poorly (ie. in a way that animators don't or can't work), the animation will suffer. And, of course, the animation itself is extremely important, since it's the final step before you guys see it. (Excluding the occasional special effect shot that Flash can't handle). In a good production, every department leaves something that the next department can build upon.

    I went to an art school with an animation program.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:52 No.21529782
         File1291006340.png-(374 KB, 842x842, 1290907422834.png)
    374 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:52 No.21529786
         File1291006346.png-(91 KB, 419x172, Des.png)
    91 KB
    So, if none of the background ponies have names:
    This particular pony -- who is quite clearly Desert Rose -- was just a coincidence?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:52 No.21529791
         File1291006354.png-(116 KB, 275x404, rainbow dash.png)
    116 KB
    You're Welcome Anon. Enjoy =)
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:52 No.21529806
    >I've seen alot of good shows suddenly get cancelled because of crap the fans did


    Like what show?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:53 No.21529810
    I still think you could name Derpy "Derby" and get away with it. Derby Hooves is a perfectly acceptable name, but it will make everybody on /co/ elated.
    >> GlamourKat !!j7GseF0MEb9 11/28/10(Sun)23:53 No.21529825
    >Please don't get discouraged by the people who make porn.
    Honestly, I don't know a single animator who is "discouraged" by this. LOL

    >I've seen alot of good shows suddenly get cancelled because of crap the fans did.
    By the time a show gets aired, much less cancelled the animators have already started picking up new jobs. Besides, I doubt that any show has ever been cancelled because an exec said "OH MY GOD, THEY'RE SEXUALIZING THE SHOW!? STOP THE PRESSES!" Stuff gets cancelled for crap ratings, and various other reasons unrelated to rule #34.

    Don't let it bother you too much, though.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:54 No.21529834
    I'd imagine that some of the gals working in production grew up with MLP, so they may slip that stuff in there when they create the builds.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:55 No.21529857
    Also Derby looks like Derpy anyway if you're dyslexic or perhaps have... derpy eyes.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:55 No.21529859
         File1291006537.jpg-(587 KB, 1000x955, HI-HO_PINKIE_AWAAAAAAY.jpg)
    587 KB
    I fucking loved the name Bright Eyes, until someone pointed out that it was already used in whatever generation My Little Pony Tales was.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:55 No.21529861
    To be fair, there's "porn" made because someone somewhere gets off on it, and then there's "porn" made because people find it funny to take something and make it adult.

    I like to think the MLP stuff swings more toward the latter. Adult MLP stuff has been around as long as the internet, because deep down many girls love taking innocent things from their childhood and making them... naughty. XD
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:56 No.21529876
    Hey, layout person, what would your cutie mark be?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:56 No.21529880

    Tales was G2
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:57 No.21529895
         File1291006640.jpg-(25 KB, 269x269, 1290831586176.jpg)
    25 KB

    >Honestly, I'm thrilled that you guys like it. Being able to see so much conversation going on about the show really helps recharge the batteries. With a lot of shows I've worked on I've wound up kinda burnt out by the end of the contract, but being able to see that the work we're doing is being noticed helps a lot.

    Aww, it helps that you guys are giving MLP some real effort, it shows. Make sure to tell everyone to keep up the good work, you have surpassed all expectations.

    (reposted cause fucking up greentext is not acceptable)
    >> President Dog !rxaU.6oOlI 11/28/10(Sun)23:57 No.21529898
    Let me just say that the show really proves that with quality talent any premise can be accessible to various audiences. So many of us have asked ourselves "Why do we like this?' and the answer is because of the efforts of Lauren, Rob [Renzetti], Tara [Strong] and so many others. Without all of them, we probably wouldn't be in this position.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:57 No.21529908
         File1291006670.jpg-(29 KB, 393x412, soawesome.jpg)
    29 KB
    What software do you use, exactly? Adobe stuff? Some custom software?
    (I know next to nothing about professional flash animation, and I'm curious if some company's got a monopony in that market.)
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:58 No.21529921
    Question: I'm not sure if it's too specific, but...

    Do any of the girls get boyfriends or crushes on boys? I know we saw Rarity fantasizing about Celestia's nephew, just wondering if there's more "romance" down the line.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:58 No.21529929
    >Derby Hooves
    inb4 she's conceptualized as a car racing speedster mailpony
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:58 No.21529931
    So does this mean Faust lurks 4chan too?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:58 No.21529932
    The Smooze. Nothing can stop it.
    Besides, I wouldn't exactly call it a villain. Seems more like a weapon to me.

    Something I like to imagine is what if Trixie ends up concocting Smooze in an effort to get revenge on Twilight and the rest of Ponyville for exposing her as a sham. But, that's just the boredom-induced daydreaming of one viewer.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:58 No.21529935

    I'm a fairly normal guy for 4chan. I'm a male university student who visits /a/, /jp/, /co/,/m/, /k/ and pretty much every board. For a while I've been seeing these pony threads pop-up and eventually I said 'I'll give it a shot' and well.... its very entertaining and now I find myself watching episodes about a show about magic ponies when only yesterday I was on /a/ talking about the latest PAnty and Stocking episode and on /k/ talking about bolt action rifles.

    I think if we of /co/ manage to spread it to the rest of 4chan we can get a good... large... strange... probably even unnervingly deviant amount of interest in the show because its just a fun show and I think after visting here for so long I know for a fact the shows /co/ likes are real winners whn they jump aboard the hype train. Avatar, Wakfu and now... My Little Pony
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:58 No.21529937
    >flash cartoon
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:59 No.21529940

    I know, but somewhere deep inside I have a feeling someone at Hasbro is the spitting image of Butch Hartman and they'd really make trouble for the fanbase.

    Then again, that didn't stop FOP from having a jillion seasons, so perhaps I'm worried for nothing.
    >> Jimbo 11/28/10(Sun)23:59 No.21529942

    That would be a no, G2 was its own line. Tales (the toys anyway) were a continuation of the G1 line, although they occurred near the end of production, so the cartoon was very different topic-wise than the earlier G1 cartoons.

    To the new animator/GlamourKat's friend - hi! Welcome aboard! Thanks so much for coming to chat with us, great job on the show!
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)23:59 No.21529953

    d'aaaw, shorts pants! so cute <3
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:00 No.21529978
    "give me an hour" drawfriend here. Almost done with roughs. about to ink.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:00 No.21529981
    Butch Hartman had an issue with fanmade porn?

    Whatever. That guy is a hack.
    >> Snarky Bastard 11/29/10(Mon)00:01 No.21530006
         File1291006897.jpg-(81 KB, 407x405, shepard better than .jpg)
    81 KB
    i want a Commander Shepony.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:01 No.21530011
    Needs more 4th Doctor Pony with insanely long scarf.

    And hat.
    >> Oblivion W. Casinos !IPiPBOY0m2 11/29/10(Mon)00:01 No.21530013
    Well, next, I'm just going to say how much I love this show.

    I wish I could be a part of its production, but I don't think I have anything to offer so I'll have to simply enjoy the show with all my heart.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:01 No.21530014
    This kinda make me want to make a comic about the Darleks attacking Ponyville and the doctor stoping them in a pony reincarnation. And in the end Pinkie Pie throws the Darleks a party and them become nice
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:02 No.21530018
    >has clearly never experienced the nightmare of animating anything in flash
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:02 No.21530020
         File1291006923.jpg-(86 KB, 600x416, Storytime poniesProgress.jpg)
    86 KB

    Not sure if that's the final idea though. I'm working on a little image of the group bipedal with clothes. It's tricky to figure what they'd wear to keep in character, while remaining simple enough for an animated show like MLP.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:02 No.21530029
    Didn't he say most of it are secret? But who knows? It was done before in PPG and FHIF

    Let's see, other than Rarity, who has a crush on Celestia's nephew or the riches he has :
    Twilight: Career-pony
    Applejack: Same
    Pinkie Pie: Too crazy
    Flutttershy: Dunno LOL
    Raimbow Dash: HAHAHAAHAHAHA
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:04 No.21530075
         File1291007058.png-(768 KB, 750x750, 1290373186024.png)
    768 KB
    'Kay, other questions, if I may ask.
    First, does the crew is also aware of all the theories we spawn about main character? Like Celestia ruling a feminist regime, or Gilda/trixie/whatever not being so evil as they thought?Or shipping? (pic related, btw, do you like image macroes too?)
    Also, just how far are you "finishing?" is it the first season (I heard it has 14 episodes) or the 28 episodes I heard you had to do in total?
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:04 No.21530076
    I am reminded of Fred Gallagher or whatever his name is from Megatokyo and how he said he'd quit writing the comic if he found porn of his characters. Too bad he didn't quit after all. *sigh*
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:04 No.21530083
    If the slumber party episode doesn't have them talking about boys, I for one will be very sad.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:04 No.21530087
         File1291007097.jpg-(19 KB, 467x266, ponydoitfaggot.jpg)
    19 KB

    You! YOU!

    Cutie mark t-shirts.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:07 No.21530139

    Cutie marks are too subtle. :( The only ones I liked was Dash's tee, and the store didn't have any light blue tees in small. I have a navy and a pink shirt, so I was thinking a Dash shirt, and a pinkie pie shirt.

    pinkie pie looking cute and the words "party animal" that I ripped from some anon last night

    but I need pictures.
    >> FlashinthePan !!thkYJOEdAI5 11/29/10(Mon)00:07 No.21530142
    Oh lord, I'm falling behind, lots of questions now.

    Pinkie Pie is my favourite, and has been since I started working on the show. She's hilarious. It helps that I got the chance to work on a few of her songs, too. That was a blast.

    Since we're animating in Flash, it's all done in the software. The vocal track is in the timeline, and we can scrub through it and drop in the proper mouth shapes as need be.

    Nope, I'm not Diehard. As I recall, he was also in Layout, though. (I'm not super close with everyone in the department, though, so I don't know who he was.)

    Good luck, brony! I had a blast at school. Kid's TV can be really fun, sometimes. Any time I think about complaining about my job, I remember that I am making funny cartoons for kids, instead of cleaning up vomit in the mall or serving coffee to angry businesspeople.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:07 No.21530158
    The deal is, only Rarity is the type who says these kinds of things, so it all falls down to her
    >> FlashinthePan !!thkYJOEdAI5 11/29/10(Mon)00:08 No.21530166
    Hah, I sure hope I don't get fired, either! But frankly this is all pretty general stuff that I'm saying. But as other people have said elsewhere, Rule 34 is pretty much expected these days. Not everyone responds well to it, but I think it's pretty funny.

    When I first started working on the show, that feeling was CONSTANT.

    I love this show... so much. I am going to miss it when production ends, which is soon. I should say that not everyone I work with feels the same way - for some people it is mostly just a paycheque. That doesn't mean that they aren't pushed to do good work, because there are pretty high standards on this show, but not everyone shares the same enthusiasm. That's the nature of every single job out there, though.

    Oof. I am not sure, I've never counted. A LOT. There are many symbols within symbols, and most symbols have different instances (it's not just the blinks, for instance)... for the main characters at least, it's a little mind-boggling how comprehensive the builds are.

    There are sometimes parties, but not very often. When the final cuts for the first two episodes came in, we had a screening afternoon that was accompanied by sugary treats and pop (drinking on the job isn't really allowed any more). Everyone was pretty sugar-jittery that evening, though.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:08 No.21530181
         File1291007318.jpg-(60 KB, 446x334, applejack laugh.jpg)
    60 KB
    >the My Little Cloney effect.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:08 No.21530190
         File1291007336.png-(42 KB, 1260x984, 11.png)
    42 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:09 No.21530208
    Okay, you probably won't be able to answer this, but I really want to ask a question. What is the likelihood of ponies being on DVD/Blu-Ray in the future?
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:09 No.21530214
         File1291007384.png-(408 KB, 604x438, herecomesinspiration.png)
    408 KB
    Hah. That was me.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:10 No.21530218
         File1291007401.png-(321 KB, 1920x1080, 1290743754884.png)
    321 KB
    >> GlamourKat !!j7GseF0MEb9 11/29/10(Mon)00:10 No.21530232
         File1291007434.png-(103 KB, 309x265, 1289034714088.png)
    103 KB
    >drinking on the job isn't really allowed any more

    Man, that sucks.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:11 No.21530250
    anyone have a link to the leaked winter thing? youtube has failed me.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:11 No.21530256
    So, how often do you guys catch yourself making the faces the ponies make, in the mirror? Because I'm certain that only makes that part of the job more hilarious.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:12 No.21530283
         File1291007544.jpg-(10 KB, 353x203, 1289303409646.jpg)
    10 KB
    >LOL @ asking in a thread with one of the staff who are known to be trying to stop the spread of the leak
    >> Spoiler Man !OSjoQaqgS2 11/29/10(Mon)00:12 No.21530285

    >I am going to miss it when production ends, which is soon.

    Theres only going to be one season?!
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:12 No.21530288

    >I love this show... so much. I am going to miss it when production ends, which is soon. I should say that not everyone I work with feels the same way - for some people it is mostly just a paycheque. That doesn't mean that they aren't pushed to do good work, because there are pretty high standards on this show, but not everyone shares the same enthusiasm. That's the nature of every single job out there, though.

    I don't know how these contracts for shows work, but if FiM gets a second season I shall wish you good luck in getting your contract renewed, or something.

    >There are sometimes parties, but not very often. When the final cuts for the first two episodes came in, we had a screening afternoon that was accompanied by sugary treats and pop (drinking on the job isn't really allowed any more). Everyone was pretty sugar-jittery that evening, though.

    Pinkie Pie would have been proud.
    >> Twilight Sparkle !ponyHeDi9Q 11/29/10(Mon)00:13 No.21530295
    I need a Rainbow Dash steam icon, anyone good at making them?
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:13 No.21530297
    can you tell us a funny story about something that happened around the workplace? Between the animators, or some bizarre event, whatever. Hearing about the behind-the-scenes stuff is always so interesting to me.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:13 No.21530300
    Here, y'are brony
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:14 No.21530314

    Subtle is perfect.

    Also, cutie mark pins. Not like the big round badge types, but little pins that you could hide on a backpack or the lapels of your coat.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:14 No.21530335
         File1291007696.png-(357 KB, 3224x2448, living the dream.png)
    357 KB
    Damn, I'm already making a shirt with this image on it.

    Trying to think of a different phrase to go under it though. Not sure if I want Living the dream. I don't just want it blank, it should say something.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:15 No.21530341
    Hey our favorite writer is back. Got anything special for us tonight?
    I kinda figured that, I wasn't really sure. But I actually have another question though. Before you /co/ contacted you guys, what did you think about your efforts when you worked and aired this show the first time?
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:15 No.21530343
    >I love this show... so much. I am going to miss it when production ends, which is soon.

    Really, really wish you guys luck that you get picked up for a second season, and that you get rehired. I've been enjoying this show immensely, and its great to know that for some its a labor of love.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:15 No.21530353
         File1291007748.jpg-(53 KB, 640x480, 1275695919055.jpg)
    53 KB
    The show just premiered like 2 months ago. It takes a while before they consider which shows from the 2010-2011 season to renew for the 2011-2012 season. It'll be best to wait for Hub's next upfronts to see which got re-greenlighted and which gets the axe.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:16 No.21530360

    >drinking on the job isn't really allowed anymore


    is there a story behind this?
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:16 No.21530371
    Are you a bad enough dude to wear cutie mark shoes?
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:16 No.21530372

    >> Spoiler Man !OSjoQaqgS2 11/29/10(Mon)00:17 No.21530376

    But I don't want to wait that long...
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:17 No.21530386
    What do you think of a crossover with K-on!! In the future?
    >> Oblivion W. Casinos !IPiPBOY0m2 11/29/10(Mon)00:17 No.21530387
    Sure thing brony.

    Give me a sec while I get the proper dimensions.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:17 No.21530392

    No ;_;
    >> weeapony 11/29/10(Mon)00:17 No.21530394
    Ha, cool to hear about the models, I figured they were complex but it sounds like even more than I expected!

    Was wondering because I was watching some flash G3.5 Pony cartoon and I swear the models had maybe 10 symbols total. but yeah, props to the modelers, the smoothness of stuff like facial turns and body movements continues to astound me!
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:18 No.21530399
         File1291007902.png-(122 KB, 311x350, 1288515222973.png)
    122 KB

    >serving coffee to angry businesspeople

    mfw that's what I do. Damn my unpaided internship!
    >> FlashinthePan !!thkYJOEdAI5 11/29/10(Mon)00:18 No.21530404
    I just got a note from a friend who built Angel. Confirmed for Boy.

    It's possible she was based off that design, but it could also be a coincidence. No idea.

    We use Flash 8 (I know, ancient!), with a bunch of custom scripts and plugins that help make it usable for animation.

    This, I couldn't say. No idea. She probably knows about it, though.

    Some of the crew knows about the fanon theories. I dig the Celestia Dystopia one, even though it's completely not canon. Shipping has never been my scene, but I can't say it bothers me at all. Nature of fandom, etc. I'm liking the fan art, and some of the macros really crack me up.

    Production will be winding down over the next couple months. There are still a lot more final cuts (FX, sound, etc.) that are coming, but things are basically over in my department. I'm not sure how Hub is going to divide the show up. "26 episodes" has been floating around, but I don't know if they're going to make that one or two seasons, in terms of airing.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:19 No.21530425
         File1291007990.png-(198 KB, 1920x1080, 1289693827100.png)
    198 KB

    I probably stole the idea from you, hah. >_>

    I might use this one instead, though.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:20 No.21530431


    Tell me the secrets of your voodoo cartoon magic ;A;
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:22 No.21530456
    I like this image better, it's more readable.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:22 No.21530459
    Glorious! More cuite mark vectors are needed!
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:22 No.21530462
    >"26 episodes" has been floating around
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:23 No.21530466
         File1291008186.jpg-(20 KB, 478x273, SO AWESOME.jpg)
    20 KB
    >"26 episodes" has been floating around
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:23 No.21530472

    I think you're doing it rite, they're adorable.

    And dat Pinkie. Dhem bewbs. You're my hero.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:23 No.21530477
    ...scanning now.
    >> !DashDEV4pY 11/29/10(Mon)00:24 No.21530482
         File1291008240.png-(479 KB, 707x1000, bitches n horse.png)
    479 KB
    This is the only show I watch on TV because it is the only show worth watching.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:24 No.21530484
    Nah, I got the idea from someone else here on /co/. Even the phrase was borrowed, that's why I'm trying to think of a different one.

    I like that sleepy Dash image though, it's cute. I'm open to knew phrase suggestions if anyone can think of any.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:24 No.21530486
    > I just got a note from a friend who built Angel. Confirmed for Boy.

    ...what, does he got a penis or something?
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:24 No.21530487
    Good show bro, cute and kid-friendly but not insultingly stupid.
    The ponies are so fucking cute it's insane!
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:24 No.21530491
         File1291008280.png-(90 KB, 480x268, icamepaper.png)
    90 KB
    >"26 episodes" has been floating around
    >mon visage
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:25 No.21530499
    >Flash 8

    Yowza! Although I can kind of understand why - its expensive to keep up with Adobe's constant upgrades, and you don't have to worry about constantly retraining your staff.

    Are you able to disclose any of those plugins you guys use?
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:25 No.21530506
         File1291008327.jpg-(36 KB, 400x345, mimic1.jpg)
    36 KB
    Will we ever see some pony subspecies from G1 like twinkle-eyed ponies or sea ponies? Or friends like the non-pony animals like the llama, dinosaur, panda, etc?

    I'm excited to see boy ponies emerge again, plus the art style is so darling.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:25 No.21530513
    I'm pretty sure he means the guy built Angel with "male" in mind.
    >> FlashinthePan !!thkYJOEdAI5 11/29/10(Mon)00:25 No.21530514
    Yeah, it's a bit of a bummer. I've never been especially good at working when I'm buzzed anyway, so it doesn't bother me that much.

    Thanks! We'll see how things go, it's an uncertain industry. It has its ups, but job security is something that's only afforded to a very few senior people... and even they can wind up out of work when things dry up. At least angry businesspeople will always want coffee.

    I thought it was a pretty good show almost from the beginning, and it was immediately apparent that it was different from what I'd expected going into the job. It took me a while to get used to how saccharine it can be, but once the animation started coming in it became really clear that it was going to be great.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:25 No.21530519

    THIS could be a t-shirt.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:26 No.21530521
    I just saw Winter Round Up.

    My God, that singing. Excellent.
    >> !DashDEV4pY 11/29/10(Mon)00:26 No.21530524
    Flash, are there any questions you have for the fans?
    >> Black Velvet 11/29/10(Mon)00:26 No.21530537
         File1291008413.jpg-(30 KB, 380x390, rarity_came.jpg)
    30 KB
    >"26 episodes" has been floating around
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:27 No.21530555
    Hmm, First thing that came to mind was a macro I saw with this: "This is me giving a fuck." Though, I don't know if you want one of those aggressively snarky t-shirts.
    How about something like "I've got my head in the clouds"?
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:28 No.21530572
         File1291008502.gif-(1.39 MB, 240x252, 1287011745861.gif)
    1.39 MB

    >"26 episodes"

    Are you serious? Are we really going to be treated to 26 episodes of ponies? You better not be playing man, that is nothing to joke about!
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:29 No.21530585
    Hey yeah, that's actually a good idea, Flash, you got anything you want to ask us about?
    >> Oblivion W. Casinos !IPiPBOY0m2 11/29/10(Mon)00:29 No.21530593
         File1291008571.jpg-(53 KB, 186x186, keepinitreal.jpg)
    53 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:30 No.21530619
         File1291008657.png-(78 KB, 870x505, allonsyderpy.png)
    78 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:31 No.21530629
    T-shirt doesn't need words. Just Dash in the cloud. Let other people try and figure out if you're being ironic or not.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:31 No.21530630
    We already found this out weeks ago now. But yeah, 26 episodes is indeed a load of bullshit. Why is it that shit series gets tons of episodes like Johnny Test but MLP:FIM is given such a scant amount episodes.?
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:31 No.21530632
    Hey Flash, I'll add my voice to the adoring throngs who love what you've done with this show. It really is an amazing piece of work.

    One thing I like about this show is that it really gives the animators a chance to express character. I've seen a lot of flash shows where everyone moves exactly the same way. On MLP, the main six ponies all have slightly different body language, from Rarity's refined strut to Pinkie's bouncing and Fluttershy's hesitant, tentative movements.

    My question is, is that sort of detail up to the animators to provide, or do the scripts/storyboards come back asking for this sort of thing? How much can the animators improvise?
    >> FlashinthePan !!thkYJOEdAI5 11/29/10(Mon)00:31 No.21530636
    >26 episodes.
    I'm not saying anything new, here? A few other bronies have posted the figure, I'm pretty sure it's on a bunch of websites out there.

    That... I'm not sure about. I am going to err on the side of caution and not say, lest I accidentally share a trade secret. I will say that some of them can be bought from the internet, and others were custom-written by someone at the studio.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:32 No.21530652
         File1291008749.png-(397 KB, 720x540, LIFE.png)
    397 KB
    This honestly surprised you guys. Most of the Hubs originals and acquisitions are around the 26 episode limit(though I honestly don't know about Transformers Prime and its "IMMA WANT 5 SEASONS" rumor though, but that probably has a 26 episode order too.). Since the Hub is a relatively new network, they probably want beefy episode orders to help pad the network before its new car smell wears off. Plus the fact that since it's Hasbro's sandbox, they have more elbow room to help lengthen their brand's current "generations" than what they had before being a third-party supplier.
    The fates of all the current shows will probably won't be under the limelight til the network gets 6 months of airtime under their belt and prepares their next upfront reports.
    Though I'm betting the game shows will be the first shows to get renewed, for obvious reasons...[/spoilers]
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:33 No.21530679
    Bah, should have been a Matt Smith pony.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:34 No.21530701
         File1291008883.png-(945 KB, 1280x791, PinkieAsFuck.png)
    945 KB
    Are Trixie, Gilda and any other antagonists going to be featured in any future episodes?

    I know this is pushing your limited discretion, but it's been chewing up a couple of us.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:35 No.21530709

    In one of the threads where people were arguing about the breast size on the ponies someone argued about how Pinky would have to be built based on her balloon cutie mark.

    Seemed like a good idea.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:35 No.21530711
    >Bah, should have been a Tom Baker pony.

    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:35 No.21530714
    Flashinapan, thank you so much for posting here on /co/. I'm aspiring to become an animator myself and I am very ecstatic that a person on staff with such a popular and well-made animated series is here. It's amazing to have someone from MLP reveal a bit of behind the scenes of the show and makes us, the fans, feel very special. We appreciate that you answer our questions, from the fan-obsessed to the technical. Also we find it fascinating of hearing what you do along with the staff. You are an awesome person whom the bronies of /co/ will never forget on this autumn night of 2010. Thank you!
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:35 No.21530716
    >people treating 26 like a lot

    Man, Pretty Cure has spoiled me rotten, I guess.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:35 No.21530717
    I was thinking maybe something along the lines of "Takin' it easy" or something like that.

    Still not sure...
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:36 No.21530728
    I was gonna make it an 11th Doctor. But I changed my mind.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:36 No.21530736

    Well, Doctor Whoof It's officially our new beloved fan-character. Good work, brony!
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:36 No.21530741
    That I know wont be answered because that's a spoiler. Diehard couldn't say this under contractual reasons. So don't expect tell us about it either.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:37 No.21530749
         File1291009022.jpg-(226 KB, 920x507, derpterwho.jpg)
    226 KB
    Sorry, made an edit. I forgot something
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:37 No.21530767
         File1291009061.jpg-(42 KB, 801x448, ponydrugs.jpg)
    42 KB

    ilu random drawfriend.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:38 No.21530779
    Eh, 26 is more than most anime get these days, and many cartoons on cable are lucky to get 13 episode orders for their first season.
    >> FlashinthePan !!thkYJOEdAI5 11/29/10(Mon)00:39 No.21530804
         File1291009161.jpg-(160 KB, 859x1159, twilight_nothanks.jpg)
    160 KB
    I don't, really... like I said, I've lurked here a lot, so I feel like I have a pretty good handle on the 4chan fanbase. I didn't de-lurk, because I had a lot of other non-Pony deadlines that I had to deal with. Those are gone, now.

    A lot of the boards are pretty tight, so we can often work directly from those in order to get the right body language, facial expressions, etc. We do have quite a bit of freedom, though, and we're encouraged to do custom faces and poses when we have time (that is a big 'if', though... scheduling is tight). This is different from a lot of other shows - I have some friends who worked on a Barbie direct-to-video show, and their faces were no fun at all to work on, because there were a lot of rules about how much they could move. Ponies isn't like that, thankfully.

    Also, have another picture. It's another one I doodled a while back. Ancient meme, but, uh, whatever. Unrelated to the thread.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:39 No.21530807
    >All the girls playing D&D
    Oh god someone repost that MLP D&D rule chart from last night.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:39 No.21530808
         File1291009176.png-(301 KB, 481x527, ponydonotwant.png)
    301 KB


    What the hell?
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:40 No.21530819
         File1291009224.jpg-(41 KB, 600x447, fluttershydissapointment.jpg)
    41 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:41 No.21530830
    I really hope it would go without saying that I didn't make that edit. But for the record. Not I. A troll.
    >> Twilight Sparkle !ponyHeDi9Q 11/29/10(Mon)00:41 No.21530834
    Thanks, bronie!
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:41 No.21530843
         File1291009290.jpg-(12 KB, 351x267, dowante.jpg)
    12 KB
    Fuck yes you are the best brony ever!
    >> Black Velvet 11/29/10(Mon)00:41 No.21530846
    Wait, MLP D&D rules? I need to see this.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:42 No.21530850

    Well, OK.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:42 No.21530861
         File1291009358.png-(106 KB, 526x353, 1290766077753.png)
    106 KB

    I have it and can, but I'd really like to see that picture colored.
    >> Jimbo 11/29/10(Mon)00:42 No.21530868
         File1291009373.jpg-(43 KB, 466x266, Shinyeyes.jpg)
    43 KB


    I wish I had something to share, brony. The last thing I've worked on as the wyverns and Filigree story over on Plus, although I hope to have more time to write tomorrow. I've got some exciting things coming up though!
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:42 No.21530871

    Just here to say Hi to mister Flash, I'm from Italy and here's 6:38 AM. In like 1 hour I gotta go at work. I stay woke up all night only for this thread, that's how much Bronies love us and your work! It's really interesting read all your answers, keep up the good work!

    Oh, and Doctor Pony are awesome!
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:43 No.21530885

    >> FlashinthePan !!thkYJOEdAI5 11/29/10(Mon)00:44 No.21530899
    Aw, shucks. I'm just another brony. Keep on pluggin' away!

    Eeeeexactly. Sorry.

    And yeah, someone should colour this. It's super cute.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:45 No.21530915
         File1291009514.jpg-(105 KB, 720x576, snapshot_dvd_00.54.58_[2010.11(...).jpg)
    105 KB
    Why so Starcatcher, Twilight?
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:46 No.21530932

    Postin' em in hopes some drawfriend will color the D&D picture. Pretty please!

    100 Things Pinkie Pie Is No Longer Allowed To Do In Dungeons And Dragons

    1. Pinkie Pie isn't allowed to borrow dice. She will start juggling with them.
    2. Pinkie Pie isn't allowed to roll Intimidate. She breaks out into giggles and is useless to the party for two hours.
    3. Pinkie Pie isn't allowed to use the Magical Clown class she found online. It's too broken
    4. The Battle Mat and any Permanent Markers are not to be within 20 blocks of each other while Pinkie Pie is playing.
    5. Pinkie Pie is not allowed to play World of Darkness...She just. Doesn't. Get it.
    6. Pinkie Pie is not allowed to produce a musical starring all Kobolds in an attempt to improve a situation. That was just a very silly session...
    7. Pinkie Pie cannot throw a party because "the party needs a party."
    8. Pinkie Pie is not allowed to LARP. Ever.
    10. No miniatures at the table. Pinkie Pie'll start making them have a tea party.
    11. You will not ask Pinkie about her encounter powers, because she will then count her powers.
    12. Pinkie Pie cannot ask Spike for advice on dealing with dragons in-game.
    13. No "cute" monsters. She'll try to befriend them or get really mad at Rainbow Dash for killing them.
    14. No griffins, otherwise things get awkward with Rainbow Dash.
    15. Pinkie Pie is NOT allowed to play Jump Rope with the Displacer Beasts' tentacles.
    16. Twilight Sparkle uses her DM intervention power to ban the use of anything that has the term "Laughter" in any Spell or Class Ability under its Name/Description/Effect.
    17. No Blink Dogs. Pinky Pie will try to challenge them to a Staring Contest.
    18. "Party Throwing" is not a viable profession
    19. No ponies, pegasus, or unicorn mounts. 'Cuz that'd just be weird.
    20. Rainbow Dash is not allowed to take a gryphon as a mount.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:46 No.21530938
         File1291009589.gif-(1.8 MB, 180x166, 234.gif)
    1.8 MB
    My body is nowhere near ready for the sleepover episode!
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:47 No.21530950
    You mad faggot?
    Your drawing is shit, I just improved it.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:47 No.21530960

    21. In fact, no mounts at all.
    22. No Animal monsters, Fluttershy refuses to fight them
    23. Sneezing powder is limited to one use per session.
    24. Pinkie Pie must understand that simply because her character has a horn doesn't mean she actually needs to bring one to the table each week.
    25. Anything Mr. Welch can't do, Pinkie Pie can't either.
    26. No invisible ink at the table.
    27. Pinkie Pie is banned from dumping all skill ranks into; and my only mid max the Skill "Perform: Song & Dance".
    28. Pinkie Pie can NEVER have watch duties while the party is resting
    29. Pinkie Pie isn't allowed to take notes on the session that week. It only ends with stick figures.
    30. Pinkie Pie isn't allowed to roll stealth. It only ends in attacks of opportunity for the bad guys.
    31. Pinkie Pie can only sing every other session, and the song is limited to 2 minutes in length. Unless it's really good.
    32. Pinkie Pie isn't allowed to use Diplomacy. She'll just do... whatever it is she does.
    33. Pinkie Pie isn't allowed to role play in Taverns. Twilight doesn't have the energy to make up 20 NPC 'friends' for her.
    34. Pinkie pie is no longer allowed to play Rogues, randomly breaking into song defeats the purpose of the class.
    35. Pinkie Pie is not allowed to grab Spike and make him play the dungeon boss. He's too big for the board.
    36. Twilight is not allowed to put more then one puzzle in each session, the group won't get anything done otherwise.
    37. Pinkie Pie is only allowed to try and solve any riddle in song twice. TWICE.
    38. If Rarity receives a new suit of armor and is not informed as to what it looks like in excruciating detail PLAY. WILL NOT. RESUME.
    39. When Rarity gets new equipment, claim it's jewel encrusted even when it's not. It's the only thing that keeps her playing some games.
    40. For the safety of everyone involved, Pinkie Pie is not allowed to play Paranoia. And neither is Fluttershy.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:47 No.21530969

    Hm, yeah. Don't know what else to ask you. Anything to ask us?

    Some of your favorite macros?
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:48 No.21530990

    41. Fluttershy may not have Angel as her Animal Companion beyond Level 2 (3.5); Dire Bunnies in theory sound cute, but are not viable combatants at small size.
    42. Pinkie Pie isn't allowed to paint the miniatures. They'll end up neon colored or rainbows.
    43. Rainbow Dash is not allowed in a tavern, lest a plot de-railing bar brawl can and will ensue
    44. When playing "Vampire: The Masquerade", change the word 'blood' to 'chocolate', less we get Fluttershy to faint at the table again.
    45. Pinkie Pie can only DM oneshots. There's usually no topping what happens during her sessions.
    46. Fluttershy may only once per week invoke the power to call upon past Mysterious/Magical Beasts she befriended to aid her in combat.
    47. Twilight must have every possible festival/carnival/theatre/party planed out in advance for every town the campaign goes to...Or Pinkie Pie will do the planning instead. And the game might as well be cancelled this week.
    48. AppleJack is not allowed to play a character that'll need "fancy mathematics".
    49. Fluttershy is not allowed to play tank, she always cowers behind other players.
    50. Pinky Pie cannot play Monk, as she will use Unarmed Strikes to tickle monsters.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:49 No.21530995
         File1291009746.png-(1.36 MB, 940x2486, WoF2.png)
    1.36 MB
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:49 No.21531003

    51. Pinkie Pie can't play Half Orcs. She'll only use the size bonus to try and hug every one in the party at once.
    52. Pinkie Pie is not allowed to play Druid, she'll call storms just to give people the hiccups.
    53. AppleJack is the only one allowed to bring snacks to games. Pinkie Pie is not allowed. For any reason. EVER.
    54. While Twilight is playing, there is always an answer to a plot point in a Library.
    55. Third party material is banned. Especially when the third party is Pinkie Pie.
    56. Many breaks are needed...Other wise, Pinkie Pie loses interest and starts chasing butterflies and then Fluttershy gets mad and starts chasing her and then Rainbow Dash starts chasing her and she messes up Rarity's hair on the way out and...It's a huge mess.
    57. Dash is not allowed to GM, she makes giant combat sessions and her tweaked out NPC does most of the work anyway.
    58. Applejack is not allowed to stay up late and play if she has to work the next day.
    59. When playing, Twilight isn't allowed to make the argument that ALL of life's answers are in the damn library.
    60. Nightmare Moon is not allowed to be used as a campaign villain. Or a DMPC.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:49 No.21531014
    If you're still here I just wanted to extend a thank you to the whole MLP team, this show got me out of a long-running funk.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:49 No.21531020
    I think the series has a higher chance of getting cancelled because THEY AIR NEW EPISODES WHEN CHILDREN ARE IN SCHOOL. East coast. West coast. Makes no difference. The ratings must be ass because the target audience can't watch it.

    Last time a big network did that was Disney, when they intentionally killed off Brandy & Mr. Whiskers by giving it roughly the same timeslot.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:50 No.21531034

    61. Never make a gladiator scenario. Rainbow Dash will NEVER leave the arena.
    62. Never make a performance battle. Pinkie Pie'll take it DEAD serious.
    63. No matter how much Pinkie Pie insists, 'Prop Comedy' is not and never will be a real combat skill.
    64. No saving princes from monsters, Rarity gets far too excited.
    65. At the start of each campaign, the DM must inspect Pinky's Character Sheet to ensure she didn't spend all her starting gold on sweets, props, and party supplies.
    66. Big Mac isn't allowed to play. He'll just correct Apple Jack the whole time and make her really pissy.
    67. Also Rarity isn't allowed to hit on Big Mac if he DOES play...That’s just weird for everyone involved.
    68. If for some reason Spike is joining the session, there won't be any enemy dragons, dude takes it too personal.
    69. Just because Rainbow Dash can fly, doesn't mean her character can.
    70. Even if Rainbow Dash's character can fly it doesn't mean she can do any aerial stunt Rainbow Dash can.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:51 No.21531052

    71. Rainbow Dash is no longer allowed to demonstrate indoors how a particular aerial stunt would help in the game until she pays for the pictures, the china set, Granny Smith's new hip and the windows.
    72. The party is limited to a maximum of five players and one DM. If Pinkie Pie wants to invite Big Mac, Spike, Derpy Hooves, Granny Smith and Angel to all play, she can start her own game.
    73. If Spike is there, don't let him get any soda. We don't want him burping away the player sheets.
    74. Dash is not allowed to bring Gilda. She's just too serious about making her character be "cool".
    75. Dragons are a game breaker. No bringing them in the game unless you want Shy to hide under one of the chairs.
    76. Rarity is not allowed to dress like her character at the table. We realize how stunning your armor set is, Rarity, stop showing it off.
    77. Pinkie Pie is also not allowed to dress as her character. Or the monsters.
    78. If Rainbow Dash does not win initiative, she cannot force anyone with a higher initiative to "hold their action".
    79. The above goes triple for Fluttershy.
    80. Rainbow Dash is not allowed to air guitar every time she rolls a Nat 20.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:51 No.21531053
         File1291009869.jpg-(8 KB, 311x209, bingob1.jpg)
    8 KB
    > 26 episodes

    >> Jimbo 11/29/10(Mon)00:51 No.21531054

    They intentionally killed Brandy and Mr. Whiskers?

    I now have a new respect for the Disney broadcasting execs.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:51 No.21531062
    Hey show guy.
    Is there any chance of a BD release of this show? I really wanna buy some 1080p ponies
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:51 No.21531066

    81. Rainbow Dash is now allowed to re-roll if she gets a 1.
    82. If Spike accidentally sent his character sheet to Princess Celestia, don't try to invite her to join the game.
    83. When playing Equixalted Rainbow Dash is limited to a 30-second description of stunts.
    84. Pinkie Pie is limited to one stunt per session.
    85. Derpy is no longer allowed to play ever again, her actions are too...'outside the box' for most campaigns. Except Pinkie Pie’s.
    86. Pinkie Pie isn't allowed to paint her dice so they all have smiley faces.
    87. Not every Kingdom is ruled by a Purple-haired Epic-Level Magician Queen, Twilight.
    88. The GM is not allowed to kill Fluttershy's character. Seriously. There will be tears.
    89. Rules aren't everything, Applejack
    90. That doesn't mean you can break ALL of them, Rainbow Dash.
    91. Spike is no longer allowed to GM without supervision, especially when Rarity is playing.
    92. Spike and Twilight are not allowed to get into edition arguments mid-game.
    93. Pinkie Pie Can't Cast Magic Missile at the DARKNESS
    94. Nobody is allowed to make a campaign based on how we defeated Nightmare Moon. Especially if your part is highly exaggerated.
    95. Do not tell Pinky Pie to roll for things. She'll just roll around on the carpet for a while and then ask "DID I WIN!? HUH HUH? DID I!?"
    96. Pinkie Pie songs are no longer allowed to give the party any kind of bonus whatsoever.
    97. It's not Friendship Missile.
    98. Pinky and Dash are not allowed to "test out" new spells on party members.
    99. Don't tell Fluttershy the game is Dungeons and DRAGONS. Pick something else, ANYTHING else.
    100: NO Spike can't make his character with a mustache.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:52 No.21531082

    That's all of em! Hope a kind brony'll color that picture!
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:53 No.21531107
    I feel bad, Flash.

    I just rewatched Dragonshy and I realized how amazing and elaborate the backgrounds are, yet I've been focusing all my attention on the characters, sort of subconsciously taking in the background.

    It's such a huge part of the experience and I've been missing it.

    tl:dr, I <3 you
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:53 No.21531118
    Engineering student here:

    I am so jealous of your job. I was never good at art except for playing musical instruments. I would fucking love to work in animation.
    >> FlashinthePan !!thkYJOEdAI5 11/29/10(Mon)00:53 No.21531121
         File1291010034.jpg-(43 KB, 472x344, confound_these_ponies.jpg)
    43 KB
    Could just be because it's the first one I saw once I realized that there were threads about Ponies on 4chan, but I've always had a soft spot for this one.

    And it's just as well, I've been blabbering for a while now. I'll stick around for a bit longer tonight, but I'll be back another time to chatter some more later.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:54 No.21531136
    >100: NO Spike can't make his character with a mustache.

    I chuckled, then smirked
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:54 No.21531138
    How does it normally work, for a show like this, in terms of more seasons?

    What I mean is... does everyone just pack up, completely leave, and then if another season comes around some people get phone calls and move right on back in? Just seems kinda... weird.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:55 No.21531164
         File1291010146.png-(677 KB, 640x360, shot0021.png)
    677 KB
    >83. When playing Equixalted Rainbow Dash is limited to a 30-second description of stunts.
    >84. Pinkie Pie is limited to one stunt per session.
    I would like to restate that if given the chance I would play this in a heartbeat
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:56 No.21531185
         File1291010187.png-(269 KB, 640x480, 1288023237011.png)
    269 KB
    >>21531121 472x344

    How retro.
    Here, have the modern version, on the house.
    >> !DashDEV4pY 11/29/10(Mon)00:56 No.21531188
         File1291010199.gif-(17 KB, 636x599, 1290029399598.gif)
    17 KB
    Thanks for posting and answering!
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:56 No.21531189
    I am curious if you are familiar with the G1 cartoon. And, if so, who are your favorite ponies.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:56 No.21531195
         File1291010219.gif-(208 KB, 403x296, 1289535794268.gif)
    208 KB

    >mfw I started 2 of those threads
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)00:58 No.21531236
         File1291010336.jpg-(192 KB, 1000x697, pony dnd.jpg)
    192 KB
    Can't leave this out if your posting the 100 rules.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:00 No.21531264
    Yes Jimbo! Yes!
    That show was an abysmal disgrace to intelligence and class.

    btw, I missed your previous threads, are you a writer on MLP or some other show?
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:00 No.21531275

    I need this in hi-res.
    >> FlashinthePan !!thkYJOEdAI5 11/29/10(Mon)01:01 No.21531286
    This is something that I haven't really heard about it. I'm a pretty low-level functionary, when it comes down to it. Many of us are hoping it'll get a DVD/BD release, though. Sorry I can't confirm. /:|

    Nah, it's cool, there's a lot to look at, and backgrounds are called that for a reason. I miss'em most of the time when I'm watching the show, too.

    Yeah, I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty fun. But it's not rainbows and sunshine all the time - I don't want to paint an unrealistic picture. I am fortunate in that I tend to work fast enough that I rarely have to spend overtime on a show (which may mean my work suffers). Some of my coworkers work much longer hours than I do, especially those in animation -- the show demands a lot, and we (in layout) can't always supply them with everything they need. It can be lonely, exhausting work, sometimes. So much depends on the project you're working on.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:01 No.21531289
         File1291010477.jpg-(114 KB, 678x475, 1289560252644.jpg)
    114 KB
    I would be very interested in seeing an episode of My Little Pony as written by Jimbo..
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:01 No.21531299
         File1291010519.jpg-(11 KB, 213x155, phineas-pherbbody.jpg)
    11 KB

    My body is ready.
    >> Jimbo 11/29/10(Mon)01:03 No.21531325

    Brony, I wish I was a writer for MLP! But then again, I'd probably be fired after my first 20 page draft of an "Evil Goddess Celestia Demands Blood" episode.

    Nah, I'm just an addicted fan. Flattered that you think I'm a professional though!
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:03 No.21531330
    I can't even imagine the horrible gay porn filled thing she would write.
    >> TX2 11/29/10(Mon)01:04 No.21531359
    Oh my god, that is so much better than I imagined it could be, thank you!
    >> FlashinthePan !!thkYJOEdAI5 11/29/10(Mon)01:05 No.21531377
    That's basically it. Sometimes the crews on second or third seasons are almost completely different. It's awkward, but it's the nature of scheduling. There's so much to do, and so many departments that need to do it... so there's always a lot of downtime for everyone. Sometimes, if the industry is bumpin', then we'll get shuffled onto other shows within the studio, but there's never a guarantee of that.

    Never watched the G1 show, although I remember the melody of the theme song. I was more of a Ghostbusters/Ninja Turtles kid. I didn't even know there were shows for the other generations until I started work on this show.

    Lovely, thank you.

    Oky doky loky, bronies... I think I'm gonna sign off, soon. Any last minute queries?
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:06 No.21531387
         File1291010780.jpg-(422 KB, 1024x1024, 543891 - Friendship_is_magic M(...).jpg)
    422 KB
    Ah I see.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:06 No.21531392
         File1291010786.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 154 KB, 700x1000, 1290744796918.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 154 KB
    Spike felt dirt on Big Mac's hooves rub his back, although the sensation of that was less noticeable than the taste of Big Mac's big cock, which by some strange twist of fate, did not taste like apples, but instead like banana laffy taffy. "Take it easy there, pard'ner"
    Spike had the fortune to suck on Big Mac's big cock thanks to Twilight Sparkles seeing Apple Jack to do pony stuff while Spike came across Big Mac in a corner. Then Big Mac saw him, placed his hooves on Spike's back, and thrust his dick inside of Spike's mouth.
    However, Spike's gag reflex was different from what Big Mac expected. At first, he dick was only feeling hotter than usual while getting head, but the temperature quickly increased. Then it happened. Spike's eyes went crazy, and Big Mac felt his dick catch fire.
    However, the pain went away quickly to be replaced by a different pain. The pain of being dickless.

    Meanwhile, in a sky castle somewhere, a princess has come across quite an unusual gift, but a gift she is very happy about, as she is quite lonely, and this gift is quite hard.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:06 No.21531393
    Will you ever return?
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:07 No.21531400
         File1291010825.jpg-(135 KB, 640x720, baby ponies.jpg)
    135 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:07 No.21531419
    You got a DA or anything?
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:07 No.21531424
         File1291010879.gif-(1.05 MB, 300x300, 1290927700162.gif)
    1.05 MB

    Thanks so much for everything! Hope to see ya around again soon!
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:09 No.21531451
         File1291010951.jpg-(55 KB, 850x531, 888.jpg)
    55 KB
    Back when Batman: TAS first started up on Fox, I believe the air time was about 4:30pm EST. That was more than enough time for me to get home from school, watch Batman, then prepare for dinner.

    If it came on at 1:30pm EST on the other hand like MLP, I'd never have had a chance to see it. I'm sure The Hub has some sort of reasoning for the time slot, but right now it just seems full retard to put it on so damn early in the day.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:11 No.21531491
         File1291011079.png-(622 KB, 800x600, bg_celestial_legend.png)
    622 KB
    Sorry dude, closest I have is this shitty interpolated one I made for a certain project
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:11 No.21531508
    Again, we wont know. Employees under contractual obligation. Have to wait until Showing lineup is posted.
    >> FlashinthePan !!thkYJOEdAI5 11/29/10(Mon)01:13 No.21531536
    Yep! Don't know when, but you'll very probably hear from me again. Unless somehow the higher-ups figure out who I am and decide they don't want me talking to you guys... but I honestly don't expect that to happen. That would be weird.

    Can't answer that, but they'll be around eventually.

    Nope. I DO have a blog that I never update, but I am going to keep that to myself for the time being.

    Anyway, glad everyone likes the show! It really is heartening for everyone to know that it's getting such a positive response. See ya 'round.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:13 No.21531549
    What episode is that from?
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:14 No.21531568
         File1291011264.jpg-(17 KB, 638x356, 670.jpg)
    17 KB

    >I can't even imagine the horrible gay porn filled thing she would write.

    Oh God, let us hope it remains buried away in past threads forever and never resurfaces to taint further souls.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:14 No.21531576
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:14 No.21531577
    Thanks bro
    Good luck with the last bit of the show
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:14 No.21531578
         File1291011288.jpg-(39 KB, 470x269, episodeone097.jpg)
    39 KB
    >last minute questions


    So. Aherm. Who's your favourite supporting character?

    I for one love Apple Bloom because she's positively adorable.

    I also have a thing for lolis, so yeah.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:15 No.21531580

    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:15 No.21531582
    Dragonshy, the most recent one.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:16 No.21531604
    >Derpy crying
    >Pinkie using Spike as a mini

    Okay, I laughed.
    >> Jimbo 11/29/10(Mon)01:17 No.21531626

    Well, if you REALLY want me to try my hand at writing an episode, I guess I could give it a shot!
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:17 No.21531634
    Man, what is up with them and their sticks up there asses. Its not like that they don't know what other people really say and think outside of their targeted demographic anyways. I blame the soccer moms.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:18 No.21531648
    Do it. Don't listen to them, I quite enjoy gay porn.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:20 No.21531686
         File1291011652.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 437 KB, 1024x1024, 1290229662211.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 437 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:21 No.21531698
    Thanks for coming around flash and chilling with us humble bronies.

    Not for nuthin, but I'm glad you stopped answering questions cause I need to go to bed like right now unless I want my eyelids propped open with toothpicks.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:22 No.21531725
    I agree, do it. Just because you can.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:23 No.21531743
         File1291011790.jpg-(32 KB, 257x336, BabyDanceAround0.jpg)
    32 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:25 No.21531793
         File1291011917.png-(168 KB, 218x301, espn-giveup.png)
    168 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:26 No.21531816
    Holy crap I just saw a pic of Tara Strong, she is pretty hot.
    >> TX2 11/29/10(Mon)01:27 No.21531857
         File1291012053.png-(66 KB, 307x246, Picture 378.png)
    66 KB
    This visit reminded me that there aren't going to be any human characters in this show.

    Which means The Great and Powerful Trixie might fill in for those witches and attack Ponyville with THE SCHMOOOZE!!!!
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:28 No.21531876
         File1291012103.png-(354 KB, 3004x2460, 1290932095401.png)
    354 KB
    >> Oblivion W. Casinos !IPiPBOY0m2 11/29/10(Mon)01:31 No.21531926

    Now I can make a stencil of these and put em on my gun!

    But on the left side of the buttstock. That's where cutie marks are supposed to go, right?
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:32 No.21531949
    In the show, it appears to be both sides.
    On the plastic hair toys, they're on one side.
    Not sure about the brushable hair toys.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:32 No.21531953
    How do you make icons for folders in windows? I would like to use these for icons.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:33 No.21531979
    These are the same plastic-hair toys as hatless Applejack and pink Celestia, yes?
    I don't think they should be taken into consideration when discussing design accuracy.
    >> Oblivion W. Casinos !IPiPBOY0m2 11/29/10(Mon)01:34 No.21531991
    Ah, k.

    So it wouldn't be TOO un-authentic to put em on the right side? I'm a righty-shooter so I usually put my cheek on the left side of the butt which kinda defeats the purpose.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:37 No.21532056

    MLP stream

    dragon shy on now
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:41 No.21532142
         File1291012866.png-(53 KB, 1216x1773, 12.png)
    53 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:46 No.21532252
         File1291013207.jpg-(58 KB, 720x576, snapshot_dvd_00.57.45_[2010.11(...).jpg)
    58 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:47 No.21532280
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:50 No.21532340
         File1291013437.gif-(1.6 MB, 240x180, 1290939538630.gif)
    1.6 MB
    someone wanted this?
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)01:59 No.21532528
         File1291013982.jpg-(64 KB, 425x301, 1274722648-vg_duck_amuck.jpg)
    64 KB
    I was trying to figure out what Pinky's getup reminded me of, and suddenly it hit me.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)02:02 No.21532582
    So, we've got:
    Charlie's Angels
    The A-Team
    Lord of the Rings
    and Daffy Duck

    Any other references this episode?
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)02:04 No.21532634
    Fainting goats.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)02:05 No.21532652
    "Boast Busters' was an obvious play on 'MythBusters'.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)02:06 No.21532674
    It also rhymed with "Ghost Busters"
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)02:07 No.21532678
         File1291014422.gif-(328 KB, 267x229, 1290718673141.gif)
    328 KB
    I was hoping to see these two in the show. Walrus included.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)02:07 No.21532686

    Boast Busters is a very obvious play on Ghost Busters.
    Also, wrong episode.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)02:08 No.21532701
         File1291014494.png-(70 KB, 1218x1180, 13.png)
    70 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)02:08 No.21532710
    That's what I get for reading while sleepy.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)02:09 No.21532714
         File1291014551.png-(61 KB, 1530x1193, 14.png)
    61 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)02:13 No.21532809
         File1291014819.png-(48 KB, 1890x1890, 15.png)
    48 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)02:18 No.21532903
         File1291015136.jpg-(78 KB, 640x360, 1289059659935.jpg)
    78 KB
    Which episode is this from? Or does anyone have a version without the words?
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)02:20 No.21532925
    I believe its the Ticket Master.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)02:20 No.21532928
         File1291015248.png-(184 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-11-05-23h32m13s53.png)
    184 KB

    Here you go.

    It's from the 3rd Episode.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)02:21 No.21532942
    Episode 3: The Ticketmaster
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)02:22 No.21532956
    Time for a new general thread?
    >>21528314 looks like the next candidate.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)02:22 No.21532963
         File1291015356.jpg-(23 KB, 482x400, ghostbusters pic.jpg)
    23 KB

    Boast Busters was a reference to MythBusters?

    I think not.
    >> Yaridovich 11/29/10(Mon)02:43 No.21533318
         File1291016600.png-(114 KB, 946x994, Derpy r.png)
    114 KB
    /r/ing this image without the other Derpy's tail.

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