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  • File : 1290750412.png-(134 KB, 640x360, 1290550757336.png)
    134 KB Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)00:46 No.21464798  
    So I set this as my phone background.

    Today at work I was helping some girls (around 22) find a movie, and busted out the phone to google it. They were looking over my shoulder.

    "Is that Rainbow Dash on your phone"?

    I didn't know how to react /co/. I sort of brushed it off and continued on to opening my web browser with a quick anti-social shrug.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)00:48 No.21464822
    Fucking dumbass

    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)00:49 No.21464846
    opportunity for pony playacting threesome was lost

    SAH-GAY, friend. SAH-GAY.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)00:51 No.21464877
         File1290750690.jpg-(54 KB, 475x720, 1289874121893.jpg)
    54 KB
    You could have said your niece/some young girl relative was playing with your phone and put it as a background pic.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)00:52 No.21464894
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)00:53 No.21464905
    Should have said "Yes, yes it is."

    You'd be in like Flynn. Ferb Flynn.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)00:53 No.21464914
    Wait, Phineas Flynn? Either way.
    >> Snarky Bastard 11/26/10(Fri)00:54 No.21464919
         File1290750855.jpg-(12 KB, 330x279, big boss .jpg)
    12 KB
    do what i did bro.

    just pop a cocky grin and say "yeah, i love My Little Pony. WILD CARD, BITCH."
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)00:55 No.21464937
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)00:56 No.21464948
    the correct response here is the bashfully admit that it is, yes, Rainbow Dash, and that you sorta kinda like it a little bit.

    that way you can judge whether they are disgusted at you, or if they find it adorable, and then proceed accordingly.

    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)00:58 No.21464976
         File1290751110.jpg-(53 KB, 450x439, 1290340599560.jpg)
    53 KB
    Don't worry brony, I got dash as my wallpaper at school. Haters gona hate.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)01:00 No.21464995
    I came out of the closet bronies! I told my dad and mom that I want to marry Applejack. They are so dissapointed, I'm so happy.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)01:01 No.21465011
         File1290751277.jpg-(52 KB, 247x248, 1258858824789.jpg)
    52 KB
    >OP could have been seen as man who is open minded and comfortable with his masculinity.
    >OP actually became an awkward pussy that other people believe is gay.

    Way to blow it.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)01:08 No.21465102
    /r/ing dash in a bikini
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)01:25 No.21465338
         File1290752732.png-(85 KB, 425x360, 1290541498009.png)
    85 KB
    this one is better.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)01:32 No.21465431
         File1290753127.png-(188 KB, 640x360, 1290324699828.png)
    188 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)01:34 No.21465473
         File1290753282.jpg-(72 KB, 404x446, freddie.jpg)
    72 KB
    Should have said yes like a badass.

    Freddie would have nodded. You have shamed Freddie.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)01:38 No.21465530
    Should've punched them in the face, and tell them "Yes it is!".
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)01:40 No.21465573
    I'd just blush and go "Heh... yeah." and try to be all cute about it.

    Girls LOVE that shit.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)01:43 No.21465616
    > /co/ is mad for MLP
    > Feel like watching the odd video clip
    > See what all the fuss is about
    > visit Youtube
    > Nothing but 80's MLP
    > Only a few 2010 MLP videos
    > *clap*
    > I'm out.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)01:44 No.21465633
    Is that a penis?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)01:46 No.21465671
    Seriously? I have been called cute more times than I can remember, it's the quickest way to friendzone.
    >> K. !I6QqpqKJmg 11/26/10(Fri)01:47 No.21465682
    /co/: eternally socially inept.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)02:50 No.21466536
         File1290757845.png-(267 KB, 640x500, 1290639079413.png)
    267 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)02:57 No.21466624
         File1290758249.png-(65 KB, 693x571, lolpot.png)
    65 KB
    pot pony is mine.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)03:04 No.21466733
    thats because for some reason you have to specicaly search for MLP with its other name Friendship is Magic otherwise youre going nowhere but the whole episodes so far are in youtube

    and you shouldve gone something like:yes man dash rules or some sort... have a little confidence in yourself /co/, I myself openly discuss my liking of MLP:FiM and people dont see me as gay or childish just as really strange and unorthodox wich Im happy being,guess it just the attitude that you proyect
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)03:06 No.21466748
    Her name is Stoney Poney, man.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)03:07 No.21466765
    can i have a youtube link to this. i have no idea what it is and would love to be informed.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)03:15 No.21466879
         File1290759346.jpg-(28 KB, 480x368, Reaction Panini.jpg)
    28 KB
    >my face when OP never indicated their gender but everyone assumed it was a guy.

    Is this general cultural sexism, or have we reached the consensus that most pony fans are male?
    >> SparkleFizzlelove !RHvnNvRpow 11/26/10(Fri)03:16 No.21466897
    Two thirds of pony fans posting on /co/ are male, yes.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)03:17 No.21466916
    99.9% of the time when someone is whining about being awkward around girls it's a dude. It's just common sense.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)03:17 No.21466919
         File1290759479.png-(38 KB, 182x180, 1290319320063.png)
    38 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)03:18 No.21466929
    My laptop background is Pinkie Pie.

    My girlfriend saw it and got upset.

    Because she likes Applejack better.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)03:18 No.21466934
    I actually tried to watch this show yesterday and...
    Rainbow Dash is definitely the best character. So fucking cute and confident.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)03:19 No.21466941

    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)03:19 No.21466945

    yeah, that's /co/ for you. fucking faggot pony faggots everywhere

    you are all cancerous wastes
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)03:19 No.21466949
    Should have said "Yup. Gonna whine and moan like the last one who saw it?"
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)03:20 No.21466966
    "Yeah, I've been a fan of Lauren Faust and Craig McCracken's work since Powerpuff Girls. It's a bit of a guilty pleasure."

    Hindsight is 20/20 and all, but come on, this would have been easy.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)03:20 No.21466969
    >>21466916 It's just common sense.

    No, it isn't. Girls want to fit in with other girls. That can lead to a lot of awkwardness, too. Especially if they're the type who would make fun of you for liking MLP.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)03:21 No.21466978
    Probably, since I don't recall any lesbians posting threads like this.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)03:22 No.21466986
    >"Is that Rainbow Dash on your phone"?
    Question mark goes INSIDE the quote
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)03:22 No.21466989
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)03:25 No.21467034
    just look for My Little Pony Friendship is Magic its all in there
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)03:27 No.21467053
         File1290760044.jpg-(9 KB, 247x247, 98bvk2.jpg)
    9 KB
    I watched Power Puff Girls when I was a kid but I'm still a man, that show was great.

    My face when the creator of MLP: FIM is the wife of the creator of PPG.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)03:27 No.21467059
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)04:29 No.21467771
    i mumbled
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)04:33 No.21467793
         File1290763988.jpg-(95 KB, 650x428, UKDinobotsPoster.jpg)
    95 KB
    Get a manly background like mine
    >> That Other Brony 11/26/10(Fri)04:35 No.21467808
         File1290764124.png-(197 KB, 1200x750, 129030152012.png)
    197 KB

    seriously, man up. just say EFF YEA I LIKE DEM PONIES. feels good, man.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)04:42 No.21467850
    It is fine OP
    And you picked the perfect picture!
    You no longer need 3D whores when Rainbow Dash can be your ray of sunshine in this dark and storm filled world.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)04:45 No.21467870
    Probably thought you were an ironic douchebag at first, then realized you're just a tard with no social life or skills beyond a world of make belief with superficially pleasing and inoffensive imaginary friends.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)04:46 No.21467880
    Can someone link the high quality episode downloads?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)04:47 No.21467888

    Episode 1: Friendship is Magic part 1
    FLV [192 MB]:
    MKV [191 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 2: Friendship is Magic part 2
    FLV [293 MB]:
    MKV [292 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 3: The Ticket Master
    FLV [274 MB]:
    MKV [273 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 4: Applebuck Season
    No Dialogue HQ FLV [186 MB]:
    Fixed Audio LQ FLV [78 MB]:
    Fixed Audio LQ MKV [77 MB]:
    Dual Audio HQ MKV [195 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 5: Griffon the Brush Off
    LQ FLV [86 MB]:
    LQ MKV [85 MB]:
    Resized AVI [175 MB]:

    Episode 6: Boast Busters
    FLV [273 MB]:
    MKV [272 MB]:
    AVI [175 MB]:
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)04:47 No.21467889
    Dear god, man. You had a perfect opportunity to take pride in how depraved you are to what HAD to have been equally depraved individuals.

    NEVER turn down an opportunity to properly expose a power level.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)04:53 No.21467913
    Watched this with my mom and my niece today, kid loved it like I thought, mom liked it more than I would have thought. One thing I noticed though, the animation looks better on a smaller screen, like a computer monitor, than it does on a TV.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)04:55 No.21467925
    So, MLP awesome cellphone background thread?
    >> ulvurUltimatum 11/26/10(Fri)05:07 No.21467991
         File1290766077.png-(106 KB, 526x353, 1290282647104.png)
    106 KB

    You will never go back to work tomorrow morning only to find the two girls waiting for you there, and they will playfully call you "Fluttershy" because you won't talk about MLP. You will blush, and fess up to what you like, and the two girls will be happy. On your break, you'll meet with them for lunch at a nice restaurant, and they will talk to you about not just the show, but also how cool they think it is that you don't care about gender stereotypes and just enjoy your favorite show. You will lose track of time, and realize you're late to get back to work, but suddenly, you won't care. Instead, you'll spend the rest of the day hanging out with these two lovely ladies, and feel good about yourself.

    And you surely never offer them a ride home, and as you pull into their driveway, the two girls lean over to give you playful kisses on your cheek. As they step from the vehicle, they turn to look at you, and invite you in for some coffee. You follow, your pants suddenly feeling very tight as your eyes trail down to your swaying hips, fully aware of the fun that's yet to come.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:10 No.21468006
    So I set this as my phone background.

    Today at work I was helping some girls (around 22) find a movie, and busted out the phone to google it. They were looking over my shoulder.

    "Is that an Ursa major on your phone"?
    "of course not, it's and Ursa minor" I answear, while still looking at my fone
    "skdhaggrrr" she replies
    "Pardon me?" I answer, raising my face at her
    She's a bear.
    "HOLY SHIT IT A BEAR" I scream in terror
    "no, man, you're an Ursa minor" her friend says.
    Look at her : she's also a bear. Try to take my phone for help : can't reach it because my paws are too big.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:11 No.21468011
         File1290766288.png-(125 KB, 640x360, 1290490296162.png)
    125 KB

    Oh god take cover, incoming shit storm of you will nevers.
    >> That Other Brony 11/26/10(Fri)05:20 No.21468057
         File1290766844.jpg-(32 KB, 470x387, 1289021581330.jpg)
    32 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:24 No.21468088
         File1290767099.png-(202 KB, 1257x863, comic.png)
    202 KB
    >You will never fly straight.

    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:27 No.21468107
    /r/ MLP version of Balamb Garden copypasta
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:28 No.21468112
    Why is there always only 1 pony thread here?

    What the fuck?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:29 No.21468119
    This, I wish there were more threads.

    Much like Minecraft and /v/.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:29 No.21468122
    so /co/ doesn't flip out more than they do already, and so we can all corral up in one place
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:30 No.21468131
    Hey, let's get things straight. Sometimes there are two.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:30 No.21468132
    but I think it's autosaging. Slowly. /co/ is pretty dead since the entire USA is asleep.

    BTW, what's the post size limit? This fanfic keeps getting "field too long".
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:30 No.21468135
    old thread
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:31 No.21468142
    I wan a whole board. :(
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:32 No.21468151
    Look toward plus4 or Civil chan.

    I'm sure one of those added one.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:34 No.21468168
    I think it was the latter.
    >> Oblivion W. Casinos !IPiPBOY0m2 11/26/10(Fri)05:34 No.21468169
         File1290767676.jpg-(74 KB, 940x761, 1290306856230.jpg)
    74 KB
    >> Lord Of Nothing 11/26/10(Fri)05:35 No.21468177
    i want a board for MLP too
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:35 No.21468178
         File1290767748.png-(80 KB, 563x224, oh boy here we go.png)
    80 KB

    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:39 No.21468200
         File1290767991.png-(47 KB, 709x226, general.png)
    47 KB
    Looks like somebody also found our image too.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:41 No.21468213
         File1290768113.jpg-(109 KB, 642x1083, mlpthreads.jpg)
    109 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:43 No.21468222
         File1290768183.jpg-(107 KB, 473x816, Celestia Mythos.jpg)
    107 KB
    Last time, in Pony General: discussion raged as to the meaning of these three images. Why do the princesses look equal before jealousy overtakes Luna? Where did she get the armor in image 2 and why does Celestia in 2 have Twilight Sparkle's "Magic" crown? Where did Celestia in 3 get her armor? The biggest question: is the tall, armored Celestia we see in the episodes her natural form, or is she smaller like Luna without the armor?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:45 No.21468240
    The Armors of Equestria
    Nobody knows where Princess Luna sought a way to take control of the day, and nobody knows who fulfilled her desire born of envy and wounded pride.

    Whatever mysterious being forged the dark armor, whatever dark arts and rituals it used, the will of darkness itself was forged into it, upsetting the balance of nature. Using Princess Luna's honest desire to be appreciated for her handiwork, discord crept in. Jealousy, cruelty, and vengeance seized her heart, and threatened all of Equestria. Armored and mighty beyond all opposition, Nightmare Moon reigned over a week of night.

    Princess Celestia and the five other Guardians of Harmony (her courtesans and closest friends) were soon all that remained of the vast army that charged the ancient Castle of the Two Sisters that fateful night. Due to a foul attack from the rear by a minion felled but not killed, Laughter perished during the final onslaught, and those that remained found they could not summon the Rainbow of Light. Unable to break the armor of Nightmare Moon, they sealed her away for a thousand years.

    Celestia's strength was quickly being sapped by the energy requirements of regulating both day and night. One of the Guardians of Harmony was able to devise a solution: she would forge an artifact for Princess Celestia that would enhance her strength, and protect the balance of nature. The symbols of the Elements of Harmony were melted down and set in the new armor and crown, and bound to the will of the Guardians. The armor was presented, and it worked. Celestia, transformed and more regal than ever, guided nature with wisdom and love.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:45 No.21468243
    What is it like to sleep with a horse?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:45 No.21468245
    >hugging baby horse
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:46 No.21468249

    All but one of her friends died of old age over the course of the thousand years, but Celestia remained young and powerful, the Elements of Harmony keeping her reign a just and noble one. Stone replicas of their symbols were created as a monument to their heroism, and placed in the now-abandoned Castle of the Two Sisters. Princess Celestia, while managing the affairs of her realm from the new castle at Canterlot, founded a school to gather those Ponies with the noblest hearts and brightest minds to prepare for the day when Nightmare Moon would break free and once again ravage the fair land of Equestria.

    For without the will of Laughter, who had died too soon, Celestia's armor was incomplete, and the Princess stood no chance against Nightmare Moon.

    Days before the fated night, the artificially ageless monarch sent her cleverest, most trustworthy student to a town on the edge of her armor's powers, near a forest that held the Castle. She knew of the town, because the armor was forged there a thousand years before; the Guardian of Harmony named Honesty had smithed the armor and bound the Guardians' wills into it, but was quickly approaching the edge of her own unnatural lifespan. Only in such a location, on the edge of light and dark, and close to the mystically charged ruins where Pony blood was spilled by Pony magic, could the Elements of Harmony once again be reignited.

    The battle was swift, but decisive. Without her minions of darkness, Nightmare Moon was unable to prevent the Rainbow of Light from being summoned and breaking her armor. Celestia was freed, and Princess Luna was pardoned for the events that had occurred a millenium before, as it was the dark will bound into her own armor that had turned her heart toward destruction and imbalance.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:46 No.21468250
    horses stink bad
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:46 No.21468254

    One day soon, when Applejack's grandmother Honesty Smith falls victim to time, Celestia's armor will fail, and Celestia, once again reduced to her natural size and level of power, will restore Luna's place as Princess of Night out of necessity. At that time, will the dark being who forged the Nightmare Armor and corrupted Luna's heart return with another scheme?

    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:47 No.21468260
    Ask anyone who has dated Sara Jessica Parker.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:47 No.21468262
    What do ponies taste like?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:47 No.21468263
    you've never been near a horse I guess.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:50 No.21468276
         File1290768601.png-(302 KB, 602x450, 1288484988215.png)
    302 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:50 No.21468280
         File1290768646.jpg-(34 KB, 399x500, pony-express-badge.jpg)
    34 KB
    Derpy needs this on her mail bags, without the human though
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:51 No.21468283
    i guess you haven't
    they have a distinct odor, it isn't as bad as some animals like deer or cows, but its still offensive
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:51 No.21468287
    i told you the other night: burritos
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:51 No.21468291
    Exactly the wrong point in the thread to post this.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:53 No.21468301
         File1290768785.jpg-(42 KB, 1206x592, kill.jpg)
    42 KB
    Kill the ponies.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:54 No.21468313
    compared to your average dog, horses don't smell at all.
    If anything the smell of the hay overpower any other of their natural odour
    >> Lord Of Nothing 11/26/10(Fri)05:54 No.21468315
    but that animal its not super cute with big eyes and a southern accent,thats just wrong
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:56 No.21468330
    Horse, like most animals, only smell because of bad care. A horse that sleeps in his shit and piss every day smell bad. A horse that live in a clean stable or in the range smells like hay at worst.
    >> Simeon !qi0FLWm8x2 11/26/10(Fri)05:56 No.21468335
    Why do I want to ride them?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:58 No.21468346
    Because horses riding is great? Also horses can be fucking bro-tier animals.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)05:58 No.21468351
    Because you're the reincarnation of Catherine the Great.
    >> Oblivion W. Casinos !IPiPBOY0m2 11/26/10(Fri)05:59 No.21468354
    Funny story, I never got to ride a horse until I was about 18. Which is weird since I live in like...super hicktown. You can't go anywhere around here without tripping over a farm. In the summer and spring you can smell the manure. Manure's not the worst smell in the world, growing up with it you just get used to it. It isn't -pleasant- at all, it has this weird sweet smell in it from the grass and feed they eat. Causes the eyes to water and sting a bit.

    Horses have a smell that isn't too terrible I'd say. It's not offensive but it's there. Except for horse crap. That stuff is pretty powerful. Has that sickly sweet tinge to it but not as strong as manure so it's a bit more unpleasant than manure.
    >> Simeon !qi0FLWm8x2 11/26/10(Fri)06:00 No.21468358
    I'm the reincarnation of a woman?

    Is this why I always want to be one?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)06:00 No.21468362
    never smelled a stable horse, all the horses I've ever been around have been "free range"
    like I said, it isn't the worst smelling animal, but I couldn't sleep by it
    >> Oblivion W. Casinos !IPiPBOY0m2 11/26/10(Fri)06:03 No.21468380
    The photo's obviously staged. A horse will drown if it's on its side too long.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)06:03 No.21468384
    Yes. But reincarnation doesn't follow a strict linear timeline. You were also the horse.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)06:04 No.21468385
    ugggh, horrible smelling animals, almost puked when I had to ride in a car with one
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)06:04 No.21468386
    you must be a fucking pussy. Horse shit smells nice. Fuck it's not ever really dirty, most people I've met could handle it with their bare hands if necessary, and nobody would go "ewww" or something.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)06:08 No.21468402
    sometime I'm amazed at the kind of bullshit people would invent. Seriously? that's beyond retarded.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)06:08 No.21468405
    I accidentally a horse drowning in my bed. What I do?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)06:09 No.21468411
    start to sing shoo be doo shoo shoo be doo[/spoier]
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)06:10 No.21468413
    open your doors and windows and get quiet, probably coyotes will come and eat it
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)06:11 No.21468415
    Wanna know what smells bad? Fresh Cow shit, Makes me want to fucking throw up when I have to clean it.
    >> Oblivion W. Casinos !IPiPBOY0m2 11/26/10(Fri)06:13 No.21468420

    Look it up.
    A horse's physiology causes fluid to fill in its lungs if it's on its side for too long.

    A horse can lay down upright just fine though.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)06:16 No.21468429
         File1290770195.jpg-(30 KB, 640x480, 0416091621.jpg)
    30 KB
    I worked with pony once for a month, what a bitch. She keep trying kick and didn't want to listen. I learned that horse skitishb andx stubburn animal and that ponies are bigger dicks than horses.
    That's her in the pic, the smaller one.
    >> Snarky Bastard 11/26/10(Fri)06:18 No.21468433

    try working with a fucking Clydesdale. huge, stupid, and scared, all packed into a massively powerful frame. not malicious, but goddammit, they don't have to be.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)06:25 No.21468463
    Worked Bucsh Gardens for a couple summers. Didn't work with horses, but got to see and talk the people who did. I know where coming from.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)06:25 No.21468464
    I love those things
    They are so sweet and stupid and I just want to hug them. Just gotta make sure you keep an eye on them though.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)06:39 No.21468522
         File1290771552.png-(29 KB, 212x204, 1288743660855.png)
    29 KB
    Hey! That was mine! yaaaay! i feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside now.

    Also if anyone was wondering(noone was) we have been going out since and we have been doing great. No, we havent had sex but she just isn't ready for that and im fine with that. I do however get as many blowjobs as i want. Compramising.

    Things are lookin up /co/!
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)06:40 No.21468528
    That's a sheep
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)06:42 No.21468533
    Does anyone have the mediafire link to that wintersong thing?

    I still havent watched it
    >> empty10 11/26/10(Fri)06:43 No.21468535
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)06:50 No.21468559
         File1290772233.gif-(870 KB, 221x174, 1290568060588.gif)
    870 KB
    Awww noone cares about my life story...
    >remembers this is 4chan
    Oh yeah!
    >> mishalover !!l14ghIzAV4y 11/26/10(Fri)06:53 No.21468569
         File1290772390.jpg-(148 KB, 800x800, AppleJackFixed2.jpg)
    148 KB

    >lay down


    There is going to be a version of this for every pony, isn't there?

    I hope so.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)06:54 No.21468572
         File1290772448.png-(388 KB, 1920x1080, 1289956379792.png)
    388 KB
    I think he means like Twilight in this pic.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)06:54 No.21468575
    moeshit is the cancer that is killing the cartoon industry

    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)06:59 No.21468593

    Do it.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)07:00 No.21468595
         File1290772826.jpg-(101 KB, 640x352, thumbsup!.jpg)
    101 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)07:02 No.21468603
         File1290772950.jpg-(220 KB, 821x761, applejackswallows.jpg)
    220 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)07:23 No.21468694
    when is the next episode
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)07:26 No.21468705
    today i believe
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)07:28 No.21468711
         File1290774517.gif-(196 KB, 254x187, 128812185042.gif)
    196 KB
    In an hour I believe.

    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)07:31 No.21468723
    i thought it aired at 130
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)07:32 No.21468727
    It does. That brony must've derped.
    >> mishalover !!l14ghIzAV4y 11/26/10(Fri)07:32 No.21468728
         File1290774733.png-(607 KB, 1610x1288, WhywouldYouDrawthatpony.png)
    607 KB

    >lay down


    There is going to be a version of this for every pony, isn't there?

    I hope so.>>21468603
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)07:33 No.21468733
    Did they do anything with My Little Pony in the Macy's Parade? I fell asleep during the boring shit near the beginning of it.
    >> Yaridovich 11/26/10(Fri)07:43 No.21468774
         File1290775381.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 422 KB, 1024x1024, Rainbow Dash 34.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 422 KB
    Here's one for Rainbow Dash.
    >> ulvurUltimatum 11/26/10(Fri)07:48 No.21468816
    Sadly, no.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)08:06 No.21468910
    i actually find Pony Ash quite GROOVY
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)08:10 No.21468930
    I propose we don't use the drinking games rules for that episode. Nobody will survive it.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)08:13 No.21468940
    what are the drinking game rules for MLP?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)08:15 No.21468947
    i don't even know what all the rules are...
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)08:17 No.21468954
    1 shot if you d'awww. 2 shot's if it's FLuttershy.
    or something like this.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)08:17 No.21468955
         File1290777424.png-(89 KB, 251x250, 1285388515955.png)
    89 KB
    >mfw I saw Tabitha St. Germain voices Rarity.
    >> The Diabolical Sketchman 11/26/10(Fri)08:17 No.21468957
    Everytime someone does something cute you drink a shot.

    Or something like that.
    People have done it. Not me but once I tired with a Mikes hard and addied up the sugar to max. Its almost like drinking alcholol in the sense that it destroys your sense of reality and kidneys.
    >> The Diabolical Sketchman 11/26/10(Fri)08:18 No.21468962
         File1290777529.png-(105 KB, 600x600, DATASSLUNA.png)
    105 KB
    >MFW she's also NIghtmare moon
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)08:19 No.21468964
         File1290777546.jpg-(12 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-11-24-22h26m07s48.jpg)
    12 KB
    Liver cirrhosis isn't a laughing matter, people.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)08:28 No.21469007

    There was a discussion about sleepovers a few weeks ago. Tons of lesbic discussion. It was amazing.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)08:30 No.21469016
    confound those ponies.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)08:33 No.21469022
    Can someone post the angry sex?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)08:33 No.21469028
         File1290778426.jpg-(51 KB, 695x498, 1282740128442.jpg)
    51 KB
    >Rainbow Dash
    >Straight sex
    >She's enjoying it
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)08:36 No.21469039
    maybe its a strap-on?
    >> mishalover !!l14ghIzAV4y 11/26/10(Fri)08:40 No.21469059

    She is having sex with a Wonderbolt in order to become a member. They're the only bronies she'd go straight for.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)08:50 No.21469110
    Hey guys, when can those of us without the Hub network expect the episode to be online?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)08:54 No.21469122
    late in the day. If you consider 4chan's clock, I'd say the episode will be up around 18 or 19 o'clock Maybe midnight if things get slow.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)08:55 No.21469126
    Ok, thanks.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)08:57 No.21469129
    Prime's starting on the Hub today too. I wonder if that will inspire anyone to set up a livestream.
    >> The Diabolical Sketchman 11/26/10(Fri)09:09 No.21469195
         File1290780575.jpg-(345 KB, 850x1100, 1290737452575.jpg)
    345 KB

    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)09:11 No.21469207
    King Cheetah, is dat you ?
    >> The Diabolical Sketchman 11/26/10(Fri)09:13 No.21469215
         File1290780823.png-(249 KB, 636x356, 1290728432156.png)
    249 KB
    No. I am not KingoCheetah. He post with his on namefagname
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)09:21 No.21469263

    I've been trying to get him to draw Pinkie Pie.
    >> The Diabolical Sketchman 11/26/10(Fri)09:23 No.21469280
    he's going to. its like the next thing he's got planned
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)09:32 No.21469344
         File1290781926.png-(210 KB, 701x673, 128735604029.png)
    210 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)09:34 No.21469363
         File1290782074.jpg-(123 KB, 1920x1200, Azumangah Daioh.jpg)
    123 KB
    MFW the link for episode 6 isn't working
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)09:35 No.21469374

    the AVI link as far as I know anyway
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)09:37 No.21469382
    Keep trying. It works eventually.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)09:38 No.21469395
    I don't get it. How does EVERY single MLP thread get to 300 posts?

    Not even Homestuck has such a high-crit ratio. It's like...

    The power of friendship.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)09:49 No.21469489

    Not EVERY one actually does... but most of the time when it does... I dunno

    WE all just embroil ourselves in a constant stream of pony related macros, quick little fics churned out by some writepony or some fanart that everyone either dawws or faps to, or we simply just gush over the stuff that happens in the show in general

    So really... it's like any other thread.. only we REALLY REALLY like talking about it constantly
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)10:01 No.21469567
    Rainbow Dash for the fucking win.

    That trick she pulled in ep 6 was hella badass. Damn I love this show.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)10:04 No.21469595
    which trick was that?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)10:05 No.21469598
         File1290783913.jpg-(47 KB, 469x265, 1290209946165.jpg)
    47 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)10:07 No.21469617
    >you will never fly through the clouds at such high speeds that you create a trail of droplets that form a rainbow around you.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)10:08 No.21469620
    It's a show aimed at little girls, you fuckwit. Nothing even remotely related to this show is "hella badass." And who even fucking says "hella" anymore?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)10:09 No.21469631
         File1290784176.jpg-(435 KB, 780x992, 1290752474_thiscrispykat_my__f(...).jpg)
    435 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)10:10 No.21469646
         File1290784246.jpg-(141 KB, 706x271, WHYSOSELFISH.jpg)
    141 KB

    oh look, it's another one.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)10:14 No.21469668
         File1290784451.jpg-(31 KB, 400x300, laughing sexually-liberated hu(...).jpg)
    31 KB
    >he's never actually even seen the show
    >he doesn't know about the epic battles using gemstones and powerful magicks against vengeful Moon Goddesses
    >he doesn't know about the Da Vincian flying machines and other cool pre-Industrial Revolution-punk badassery
    >he doesn't know about the robot terminator killmachines in episode 7
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)10:16 No.21469682

    /co/ are the most awesome board ever


    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)10:19 No.21469699
         File1290784741.gif-(2.95 MB, 240x180, 1278144120427.gif)
    2.95 MB
    > It's a show aimed at little girls, you fuckwit. Nothing even remotely related to this show is "hella badass.

    Because being aimed at girls makes a show unable to be badass?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)10:19 No.21469701
    In all fairness, there won't actually be any robot terminator killmachines in episode 7.

    They're saving that for the season finale.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)10:19 No.21469703
    Dont forget giant cosmos bears
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)10:21 No.21469718

    Ursa Major looked like he'd rape your ass and then tear you to shreds for fun
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)10:24 No.21469739
    Ursa major can probably eat an optimised team of 8 lvl 30 players for breakfast.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)10:24 No.21469745

    "And then"? I'd have thought being ass raped by an Ursa Major would result in you being torn to shreds. Unless you have a backside the size of the moon.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)10:26 No.21469758

    just had a horrid mental image of Nightmare Moon being ass-raped by Ursa Major

    her body was not prepared

    nyoh my god -facepalm-
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)10:30 No.21469779
    I don't believe Ursa Major would even notice you. It would just accidentally step on you and your party.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)10:30 No.21469782

    But... Nightmare Moon can shapeshift. She can even shapeshift into separate creatures, and into amorphous clouds of starlight glitter.

    No phallus would be too much for her.
    >> The Diabolical Sketchman 11/26/10(Fri)10:30 No.21469784
    Implying Nightmare wouldn't let it fuck her.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)10:32 No.21469798
    Nightmare Moon has returned and is attacking Ponyville in the form of a giant candy vag!

    Only one Pony can save the town!
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)10:35 No.21469823
    So, today's the Fluttershy episode?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)10:41 No.21469862
    Not necessarily, but My Little Pony isn't an exception.
    >> The Diabolical Sketchman 11/26/10(Fri)10:41 No.21469863
    Fluttershy x the dragon. Expect dawing, raging, loving and porn... Just saying. Todays going to be a shitstorm when Peneville gets the vid. Just like every episode. IS YOUR BODY READY BRONY?!!

    Though I don't care too much about it being a Fluttershy episode. I wanna see the dragon.
    >> The Diabolical Sketchman 11/26/10(Fri)10:59 No.21470010
    Come on guys. Its a good show. A great show even. But its not the best that ever was. Its lines characters and episodes are hella predictable. They got great voice actors to do a good show. But theres nothing amazing or new about FIM. Only thing amazing is that they made MLP appeal to a wider audience.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)11:02 No.21470036
    It's one of the best shows on TV right now. Take that as you wish.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)11:03 No.21470043
    One day I'm gonna draw fluttershy in her scalesona home made costume, acting all chris-chan on the other ponies.
    When I have the time, so not soon :/
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)11:30 No.21470307
         File1290789000.jpg-(27 KB, 480x268, My Little Pony - Friendship is(...).jpg)
    27 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)11:42 No.21470460
         File1290789726.png-(241 KB, 727x722, 1289246656914.png)
    241 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)11:42 No.21470461
    1 hour and 49 minutes until the new episode.

    It's going to involve Fluttershy, a lazy dragon, and possibly Spike as well. What are your predictions, bronies?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)11:44 No.21470492
    Fluttershy based episode? Most likely my death by cardiac arrest.

    Might as well arrange the funeral.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)11:44 No.21470496
    I predict that once again, no one will stream it, and I'll be stuck waiting for the youtube uploads.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)11:46 No.21470518

    >mfw your prediction turns out to be correct
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)11:50 No.21470565
         File1290790216.jpg-(15 KB, 443x241, pony girdle.jpg)
    15 KB
    Op, you should have pony'd up and said that it was Rainbow Dah.

    Friendzone isn't real. A couple months ago I got drunk and had sex with a friend of over 5 years. We're pretty much best friends and she admitted to being attracted to me since then. Friendzone is just something people make up out of a delusion that they had a chance with someone before they became "just friends".
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)11:50 No.21470569
    OP you are mad gay, I mean if I would have been in that situation I would had said.
    >Yeah baby, is Rainbow Dash.
    And then start talkin bout the show with her, and shit.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)11:52 No.21470610
    >I got drunk and had sex
    the legal term is "rape".
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)11:53 No.21470628
    Wow /co/ I though /a/ was gay with all the moeshit, how wrong I was!
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)11:54 No.21470633
    I think that's exactly what he meant with friendzone, you only get to fuck them when they are piss drunk.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)11:58 No.21470679
         File1290790687.jpg-(68 KB, 471x428, rogue pony.jpg)
    68 KB
    I'm guessing no one who has HUB knows how to stream or cares to do so.

    Nope, I was drunk. I never even once made a move towards her before. I still don't believe in friend zone...but this isn't pony-related.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)11:59 No.21470696
    Oh god, that Rogue pony is awesome.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:00 No.21470709
    >>21470565 Friendzone is just something people make up out of a delusion that they had a chance with someone before they became "just friends".

    Uhh.. yes?
    That's exactly what Friendzone means. It means you never had, or ever will have a chance with someone, because to that person you will never be anything more than a friend.

    What the hell did you think it meant?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:02 No.21470724
         File1290790921.png-(186 KB, 635x355, 1290175303296.png)
    186 KB
    This morning I found out that HUB is on On Demand- and ponies are to be had.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:03 No.21470753
    Friendship = magic

    Realtionship - swirling vortex of misery and torment

    Sex - can be had without the use of being in a relationship; friends or not

    Yeah...i think i stick with friendship.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:06 No.21470785
    He means that there are is no such thing as friendship between a man and a woman. It's true.

    Still, there is a long way to go between girl calling you cute, and girl actually being atracted to you
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:08 No.21470818
    Why so ronery?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:13 No.21470873
         File1290791607.jpg-(53 KB, 285x285, MyFaves_Animals_Frog.jpg)
    53 KB

    Are you me? I discovered this as well
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:18 No.21470939
         File1290791916.gif-(341 KB, 240x225, 1290672431419.gif)
    341 KB
    woah, really?
    Perhaps then, I am thou, and thou art I.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:23 No.21471011
         File1290792228.png-(42 KB, 600x750, brohoof.png)
    42 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:26 No.21471037
    >>21470565 A couple months ago I got drunk and had sex with a friend of over 5 years.

    That doesn't necessarily mean you aren't still just friends the next day.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:30 No.21471077
    1 hour remains. Prepare your bodies.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:31 No.21471081
    Fixed for accuracy:

    Friendship = magic

    Relationship = Either the best thing or the worst thing you will ever experience. Ask yourself: are a gamblin' man?

    Sex = Easier to get with in a relationship, but far from impossible to get out of one.

    Fuckbuddies/Friends with benefits= BEATING THE SYSTEM.
    >> Anonycat 11/26/10(Fri)12:31 No.21471083
         File1290792664.jpg-(60 KB, 640x360, wtfits.jpg)
    60 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:33 No.21471116
    >implying that anybody here is emotionally capable of becoming someone's fuckbuddy and not accidentally falling in love with them
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:33 No.21471122
         File1290792802.png-(142 KB, 512x375, P3-Castor.png)
    142 KB
    I'm more of a filly than a brony, but,
    HELL. YES. ;D
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:33 No.21471123

    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:35 No.21471157

    Goddamn it, you two, don't make me do thi-

    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:35 No.21471161
         File1290792930.jpg-(10 KB, 353x239, 1286642869830.jpg)
    10 KB
    Born ready...
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:36 No.21471175
         File1290792989.jpg-(29 KB, 490x333, projecting.jpg)
    29 KB
    Yes, anon, every single person on this entire board shares your sad little problems.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:36 No.21471176
         File1290792994.png-(16 KB, 100x100, pinkie11.png)
    16 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:38 No.21471203
    The key is to ACTUALLY be friends. If you entered into a fuckbuddy relationship with someone you were attracted to on more than a physical level, then that's your own damn fault. Of course it's not going to work if you don't do it right.
    >> Anonycat 11/26/10(Fri)12:39 No.21471218
         File1290793149.jpg-(28 KB, 480x268, snapshot20101126143345.jpg)
    28 KB

    More like beating a dead tree
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:39 No.21471228
         File1290793196.png-(216 KB, 768x4000, 1290654316792.png)
    216 KB
    fuuuuuu I have to miss the new mlp b/c I'll be out of town
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:40 No.21471238
         File1290793234.png-(142 KB, 768x4000, 1290654963795.png)
    142 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:40 No.21471241
         File1290793241.jpg-(77 KB, 796x750, Kamina_by_customlpvalley.jpg)
    77 KB
    >>21471081 Relationship = Either the best thing or the worst thing you will ever experience. Ask yourself: are a gamblin' man?

    Hell yeah! Listen up, bronies! You can't live your life shying away from games of chance! A real man bets everything he's got on a single spin, with no regrets!
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:40 No.21471243

    Okay, so, Ponysona summoning. How would it work?

    Koromaru Evoker, or
    Tarot Cards?

    Cause I feel like drawfagging this shit.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:41 No.21471260
         File1290793298.jpg-(13 KB, 277x247, furb.jpg)
    13 KB
    Feels bad man.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:41 No.21471266
         File1290793318.png-(217 KB, 570x402, 1287122125767.png)
    217 KB
    Tarot cards'd be pretty sweet
    Give each pony their own card
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:42 No.21471280
    >>21471241 You can't live your life shying away from games of chance!

    That's all life is, really.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:42 No.21471281
    Not gonna lie.
    I miss Evokers.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:43 No.21471294
    Ponies lack index fingers, so they can't shoot themselves in the head.

    Tarot cards it is.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:44 No.21471303
    Koromaru didn't have index fingers, either.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:44 No.21471305
         File1290793489.jpg-(57 KB, 871x1023, kenny-rogers-the-gambler.jpg)
    57 KB
    You've got to know when to hold 'em
    Know when to fold 'em
    Know when to walk away
    Know when to run
    You never count your money
    When you're sittin' at the table
    There'll be time enough for countin'
    When the dealin's done
    >> The Smooze !aUG/c2CV/I 11/26/10(Fri)12:45 No.21471315
    If you want to watch an episode or two, PensivePine has uploaded them on Youtube.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:45 No.21471317
         File1290793546.png-(Spoiler Image, 126 KB, 341x400, oh_that_one_guy.png)
    Spoiler Image, 126 KB

    You mean, real men don't mind betting on tough odds.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:47 No.21471341
    Ponies holding evokers with their hooves would look kinda dumb.

    Unicorns holding evokers with their mind powers would be awesome, though.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:48 No.21471356
         File1290793718.jpg-(85 KB, 970x830, p3-koromaru1.jpg)
    85 KB
    ITT: People who can't read
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:50 No.21471372
    >sucks to be you, Earth Ponies and Pegasuses
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:51 No.21471385

    Twilight Sparkle: The Magician
    Pinkie Pie: The Fool
    Rarity: The Star
    Fluttershy: The High Priestess
    Applejack: The Empress
    Rainbow Dash: The Hanged Man
    Princess Celestia: The Sun
    Princess Luna: The Moon
    Trixie: The Tower
    Derpy Hooves: DA WORLDO
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:52 No.21471400
    >Pinkie Pie: The Fool

    Why do people keep doing this?

    In what manner does Pinkie Pie represent the beginning of a journey?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:53 No.21471406
         File1290793987.jpg-(25 KB, 269x269, 1290718732663.jpg)
    25 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:53 No.21471413
    So, Twilight Sparkle should be The Fool?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:54 No.21471419
    And don't even get me started on having anyone other than Rarity as The Empress
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:55 No.21471435
    In the games, The Fool is typically used to represent the entire main group, at the beginning of the game.
    As the end approaches, they become The Judgement.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:55 No.21471438
    god I don't even care about MLP and it invaded my dreams.

    /co/ you have the most infectious interests.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:56 No.21471450
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:59 No.21471476
    >>21471400 The Fool represents innocence, divine inspiration, madness, freedom, spontaneity, inexperience, chaos, and creativity

    Pinkie is spontaneous ("let's have a party!") free spirited, slightly crazy, chaotic, and creative (coming up with songs off the top of her head.) So yes, The Fool.

    The Empress emobodies motherly traits like providing for others, being mature and strong, and sharing wisdom. Applejack provides for all of ponyville with her apple farm, and is often put in the role of giving advice to the others.

    The Star represents generosity, Rarity's element. It also represents self-confidence, something Rarity has in abundance and tries to give to others.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:59 No.21471479
    Only in Persona 4, in Persona 3, The Fool represents the mc only.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)12:59 No.21471488
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:00 No.21471502

    See >>21471435
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:01 No.21471509
         File1290794494.jpg-(50 KB, 377x298, 1279079253105.jpg)
    50 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:02 No.21471518
         File1290794531.jpg-(54 KB, 570x358, il_570xN.196911694.jpg)
    54 KB

    do ponies wear reargear?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:02 No.21471520
    People mistakenly assume the Fool means "a stupid person." In the time when the tarot were first invented fools were respected members of the royal court; their role was the same as a comedian's today.

    A fool helps people understand the world through laughter.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:02 No.21471534
    The Arcana didn't represent ANYTHING in the first three games.

    And The Fool/The Judgement quite specifically represented the group in Persona 3.

    There is a reason why The Fool is listed as SEES and The Judgement is listed as Nyx Annihilation Squad in the Social Link menu.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:03 No.21471537
         File1290794603.jpg-(281 KB, 1359x839, inventtheuniverse.jpg)
    281 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:03 No.21471547
    Wow, those things are going to get so much poop on them. Or worse, if your pet is in heat.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:04 No.21471552
    Yes, you are right. I retract my statement.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:04 No.21471559

    Help me out here, /co/:

    Leave this Spike be manly
    The mare is afraid of self-consciousness
    I'm just a Lone Ranger

    Keep lying to all the colts, yeah
    The hatred craved FOALS cannot stop
    (I see a dream, I wake from that, the world is all I sent you - [dunno what to put here])


    And that's all I got. Halp?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:04 No.21471561
    What is this a reference to?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:05 No.21471569
         File1290794710.jpg-(57 KB, 646x536, sagan.jpg)
    57 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:05 No.21471577

    >Arcana didn't represent anything in the first games.


    The connections are subtle, but they are there. There's an analysis on the cards and the characters of the first game floating around.
    >> Your Friendly Neighborhood Eurofag 11/26/10(Fri)13:07 No.21471595
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:10 No.21471643
         File1290795044.jpg-(11 KB, 450x341, carlsagan.jpg)
    11 KB
    >you will never be as cool as Carl Sagan
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:11 No.21471648
         File1290795093.jpg-(3 KB, 120x126, 1290643918466.jpg)
    3 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:11 No.21471655
         File1290795116.jpg-(33 KB, 588x473, carl-sagan-smoke-weed-everyday.jpg)
    33 KB
    But you can still try to be just like him.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:13 No.21471670
    No one else will be, either.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:13 No.21471671
    A little under 20 minutes until new episode.
    I don't know if I should leave until pensivepine gets the video up, or stay and read all about it from the pony fans who have The Hub.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:13 No.21471675
         File1290795222.jpg-(20 KB, 439x329, punlovin.jpg)
    20 KB
    Hey OP, you should have told them it was a picture of a bridle shower.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:14 No.21471679
    today's the fluttershy episode right?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:14 No.21471684
    File deleted.
    General Thread? General thread.
    >> Anonycat 11/26/10(Fri)13:16 No.21471709
    >>21471520 fools were respected members of the royal court

    Fools were practically the only people that could say exactly what they really were thinking instead of having to sugarcoat everthing to avoid pissing off the king.
    Now you can imagine everyone's face after Pinkie Pie finishes talking to Celestia or Luna, and their faces AFTER Celestia or Luna reflect on her words and realize something they weren't capable to before talking to her.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:17 No.21471723
    Yup. Dragonshy.
    Brace your HHHNNNNNNGGGGGs.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:18 No.21471739


    Prepare for HNNNNNNNNNNGH.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:22 No.21471783
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:22 No.21471785

    My body is not ready.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:22 No.21471788

    Hat's off to ya, Brony.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:22 No.21471791
         File1290795759.jpg-(349 KB, 1032x860, no.jpg)
    349 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:23 No.21471801
         File1290795804.png-(154 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-10h26m18s51.png)
    154 KB
    >> Anonycat 11/26/10(Fri)13:24 No.21471810
         File1290795841.jpg-(28 KB, 640x360, snapshot20101114232002.jpg)
    28 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:24 No.21471813
         File1290795868.png-(295 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-13h22m58s11(...).png)
    295 KB
    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 11/26/10(Fri)13:25 No.21471822
         File1290795903.jpg-(47 KB, 474x273, wha.jpg)
    47 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:29 No.21471879
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!TicXHefA2i2 11/26/10(Fri)13:29 No.21471883
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:30 No.21471888
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:30 No.21471897
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:30 No.21471899
    Bye Bronies. I shall be retreating for now to avoid spoilers.

    Godspeed to you, Miss Pensivepine.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:31 No.21471901
    lol Angel
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:31 No.21471903
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:31 No.21471908
    Angel is a fucking badass, holy shit. I'd almost call him an abusive boyfriend.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:31 No.21471911
    Well, I'll see you in a few hours.

    I don't want you bronies spoiling my fun.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:31 No.21471912
    Angel really wears the pants in this relationship
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:32 No.21471917
    sage for moeshit
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:33 No.21471928
    >mfw someone puts angel in a pimp suit.

    you know what to do fanartists.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:36 No.21471979
    dat preparation scene
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:37 No.21471992
    Alright before the spoilers come rushing in does anyone have the rules for the drinking game so I can play when it comes out on youtube?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:37 No.21471993
    Why does Fluttershy have a football helmet?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:38 No.21471998
    Fluttershy will fucking snap before this episode is over.

    It will be glorious.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:39 No.21472007
    beta as hell
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!TicXHefA2i2 11/26/10(Fri)13:39 No.21472012
    T-this episode may actually kill me.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:40 No.21472029
    Poor Fluttershy.

    No one listens to her. ;_;
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:40 No.21472030
    >rainbow war paint
    fucking awesome
    >> Monster Girl Lover !!O4NN7goNeEz 11/26/10(Fri)13:40 No.21472034
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:41 No.21472042
    You pony the fuck up and watch that shit anyway.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:41 No.21472044
         File1290796900.jpg-(81 KB, 500x398, Rambo.jpg)
    81 KB
    Ponies ready for action! Here's hoping Dash does a Stallone reference.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:42 No.21472049
    >MLP comes on
    >fuck year
    >10 minutes in mom appears in the house
    >switch to Tru TV

    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:42 No.21472050

    2 SHOTS!
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:42 No.21472051
    So when's the new episode today?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:42 No.21472052
    Tail grab!
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:43 No.21472063
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:43 No.21472066
    Right now, Brony.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:43 No.21472067
         File1290797021.jpg-(20 KB, 400x388, 1290570965286.jpg)
    20 KB
    Everyone will forget about Trixie after this episode...
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:43 No.21472068
    Fainting Goat pose.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:45 No.21472087
    Okay guys, I just watched the first two episodes and all I have to say is "da fuck"?

    It's super cute and all that, but taking out the villain in the first episode?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:47 No.21472111
         File1290797274.png-(140 KB, 403x257, 1290642606040.png)
    140 KB
    Pfft. Like I'd forget about the great and powerful Trixie.

    Mark my words, she'll be back before the end of the season anyway.
    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 11/26/10(Fri)13:48 No.21472118
    That jumping gag was pretty good.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:48 No.21472120
    >Fluttershy this episode

    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:48 No.21472121
    dat invitation pinkie pie kept in her bag.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:48 No.21472126
    Yeah, the first couple aren't really indicative of how the show normally goes. It essentially serves to establish the main cast's friendship.

    So far, the quintessential episode is #4, Applebuck Season. If that one doesn't hook you, the show's not for you.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:48 No.21472127
    Finally, another episode where the ponies screen time is fairly equal
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:49 No.21472136
         File1290797379.jpg-(56 KB, 400x300, Gradius.jpg)
    56 KB
    Haha, Dash evading all those rocks made me think of Gradius. Also, tail noms!
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:51 No.21472154
    Deadly Apple Ninja
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:51 No.21472165
    Nightmare Moon will return. Bitches don't stop bitching when they get hit by rainbows.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:55 No.21472204
    stop stealing his bedding rarity
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:55 No.21472205
    Rarity: Seductive Rogue
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:56 No.21472215
    way to piss it off rainbow dash
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)13:56 No.21472219
    Rainbow Dash: LEEROY JENKINS
    >> Doc Melonhead 11/26/10(Fri)13:59 No.21472255
    Enough with the royal feud already.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:00 No.21472264

    >[ ] NOT TOLD
    >[ ] TOLD
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:00 No.21472267
    Good episode, almost Ticket Master Tier
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:00 No.21472268
         File1290798048.gif-(844 KB, 320x240, ORBLAST.gif)
    844 KB
    Fuck year! This episode was fire as fuck. Fluttershy went Super Saiyan after everyone was knocked down.

    Also, why is Angel such a dick?
    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 11/26/10(Fri)14:01 No.21472279
         File1290798075.gif-(861 KB, 468x266, Pink.gif)
    861 KB
    Now we know where this comes from.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:02 No.21472293
    >this episode

    Ok, it's official. I like Fluttershy now. Now at least we know she can be tough when the chips are down.

    Did anyone else notice the goat sound effects when she fainted? Shit was hilarious.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:02 No.21472294
    damn, missed it. When can I expect it on the interwebs?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:02 No.21472306
    "we've tried persuasion, charm...whatever it is Pinkie Pie does"

    oh man I love this show.

    also that goddamn dragon.

    "But that Rainbow one kicked me...."
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:03 No.21472311
    That episode would have sucked without Pinkie.
    "What are you waiting for, an invitation?"
    "Wait! I think I have one in my bag!"
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:03 No.21472313
         File1290798206.jpg-(20 KB, 300x295, 1285199148636.jpg)
    20 KB
    This was posted before?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:04 No.21472323

    Her on-site profile has mentioned that she shows incredible strength when her friends are in danger since the first episode aired.

    Just sayin'
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:04 No.21472329
    I guess that's going to be a recurring sound effect for her from now on.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:05 No.21472335
    And now we have evidence of it.

    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:06 No.21472360
    It's been seen in several commercials for FiM prior to today.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:07 No.21472377
         File1290798434.png-(446 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h07m09s20.png)
    446 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:07 No.21472385
    That episode was great! I loved Rarity trying to lay on the sweets with the dragon, complete with close-up camera shot of her sassy pony ass as she entered the cave. Rarity's motive, as par the usual, was the money. I cracked up hard when the dragon was quick to figure that out.

    Also, did I hear Fluttershy make puppy whimpers? I could have sworn I did.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:08 No.21472393
         File1290798484.jpg-(54 KB, 393x391, 1278438308144.jpg)
    54 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:08 No.21472395
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:08 No.21472403
         File1290798524.png-(574 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h04m04s17(...).png)
    574 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:09 No.21472413
    do you have a shot of her when she had her hooves on her hips?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:09 No.21472414
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:11 No.21472436
    Oh hey, Golden Delicious finally got another cameo.
    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 11/26/10(Fri)14:12 No.21472471
    Bottom right is my OTP.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:12 No.21472475
    isn't he supposed to be out of town?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:13 No.21472484
         File1290798807.jpg-(9 KB, 320x240, 1287859134786.jpg)
    9 KB
    This show is as good as it gets. That little montage of the ponies getting ready for the mountain was awesome as fuck. Applejack getting her apples packed, Pinkie Pie's party shit, Rarity's camo helm and Fluttershy's full body armor.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:13 No.21472487
    Maybe he's in town to visit his cousins.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:14 No.21472498
         File1290798857.png-(410 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h11m39s15(...).png)
    410 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:15 No.21472522
    Don't forget the Rainbow warpaint
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:15 No.21472524
         File1290798938.png-(87 KB, 241x279, 555.png)
    87 KB
    Oh my god.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:15 No.21472531
         File1290798957.png-(520 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h11m06s81.png)
    520 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:16 No.21472547
    haha awesome, thanks; if only that transformers thing wasn't there
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:17 No.21472551
         File1290799027.png-(560 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h13m17s10(...).png)
    560 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:18 No.21472564
         File1290799084.jpg-(15 KB, 351x351, angry_video_game_nerd.jpg)
    15 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:18 No.21472565
         File1290799095.png-(508 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h13m43s96.png)
    508 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:19 No.21472576
         File1290799155.jpg-(6 KB, 150x143, 1224201905230.jpg)
    6 KB
    how long does it typically take penispine to upload new eps?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:19 No.21472579
    Anybody got the drinking game for when this goes onto youtube?
    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 11/26/10(Fri)14:19 No.21472586
    Something about the tail looks off when there's no motion.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:19 No.21472587
    needs an edit with "That bastard! He sure has a lot of nerve to post something like that!"
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:20 No.21472594
    I'm expecting a lot of out of context screencaps will be taken from this episode of Twilight pushing Fluttershy's ass with her face.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:20 No.21472602
         File1290799249.png-(488 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h20m14s12(...).png)
    488 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:21 No.21472606
    Judging by the screencaps, he's doing it now.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:21 No.21472610
    Dragon: "But that rainbow dyke kicked me!"
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:21 No.21472613
         File1290799294.png-(142 KB, 640x360, 1289784354696.png)
    142 KB
    you're gonna get liver poisioning from this episode, trust me
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:22 No.21472621
         File1290799322.png-(431 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h20m27s61.png)
    431 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:22 No.21472632
         File1290799357.png-(175 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-11-19-11h29m46s15(...).png)
    175 KB
    it's just revenge
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:23 No.21472642
         File1290799396.png-(499 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h11m22s24(...).png)
    499 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:23 No.21472647
         File1290799406.jpg-(12 KB, 560x400, deadpool-turns-around.jpg)
    12 KB
    I'd say late Saturday night or Sunday morning.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:23 No.21472653
    There's a drinking game? What are the rules?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:24 No.21472658
         File1290799446.png-(498 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h13m57s10(...).png)
    498 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:25 No.21472668
    no, I think it's usually sometime Friday evening
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:25 No.21472669
    >Late saturday night
    Wait, where abouts are you? I'm in Britain and they're always up friday night here...
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:25 No.21472671
    But it usually only takes a max of a few hours, unless Pensivepine says something about being late.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:25 No.21472679
         File1290799542.png-(536 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h12m46s58.png)
    536 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:26 No.21472685
    This frame

    All by itself both just seem like they are going through the motions of an action repeated over a thousand times

    It's become so commonplace it isn't even worth it
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:26 No.21472701
         File1290799612.png-(530 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h05m00s2.png)
    530 KB
    >> Pacce of the many mustaches !!TicXHefA2i2 11/26/10(Fri)14:27 No.21472715
         File1290799663.png-(31 KB, 865x405, MLP Drinking Game Rules.png)
    31 KB
    You'll prolly die.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:27 No.21472718


    >they see your friendship
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:28 No.21472724
         File1290799687.jpg-(27 KB, 400x312, 111.jpg)
    27 KB

    A face smothered in candy vag and two hooves full of meaty pony ass! I don't think I can wait till the sleepover episode.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:29 No.21472747
         File1290799755.png-(518 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h20m19s12(...).png)
    518 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:29 No.21472748
    Varying amounts of do not want
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:30 No.21472775
    >all the ponies believe I lack friendship levels
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:31 No.21472785
    Requesting a cap of Fluttershy running into Pinkie at the start of the episode, or at least I think it was Pinkie.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:31 No.21472792
    >26 Y.O. male.
    >At GF's mother's house; friends and family are over for Thanksgiving.
    >Turn on MLP in the living room.
    >Me not giving a fuck.

    Pony pride, yo.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:32 No.21472811
         File1290799958.jpg-(53 KB, 640x360, 1290129795152.jpg)
    53 KB
    Oh, if you weren't already taken ;_;
    >> The Smooze !aUG/c2CV/I 11/26/10(Fri)14:32 No.21472812
    Oh God. Someone's going to shoop a fart cloud into this. I just know it.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:33 No.21472821

    You are the man!
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:33 No.21472832

    Bronies, I gotta fart Super Bad
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:34 No.21472852
         File1290800092.jpg-(57 KB, 800x614, derp-in-tree.jpg)
    57 KB
    I'm surprised Derpy didn't make a cameo in this one. Or is she dragon?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:35 No.21472869

    I remember better Fluttershy scenes in this episode for the "/co/ I gotta fart superbad!" crowd than that one. The part where she couldn't spread her wings comes immediately to mind.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:35 No.21472872
    Rarghh I want it now now now now, why do I have to be a eurofag.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:36 No.21472890
         File1290800210.jpg-(109 KB, 455x590, 1290144263552.jpg)
    109 KB
    just not many crowd scenes
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:37 No.21472896
    I missed it.

    Did anyone find Derpy in the background?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:37 No.21472910
         File1290800274.png-(194 KB, 464x265, 1289607749312.png)
    194 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:38 No.21472914
         File1290800285.png-(462 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h35m06s10(...).png)
    462 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:38 No.21472920
    Don't sweat it brony, even most of us amerifags are having to wait.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:39 No.21472942
         File1290800375.png-(634 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h33m53s17(...).png)
    634 KB
    >> The Smooze !aUG/c2CV/I 11/26/10(Fri)14:40 No.21472954
    There should be an episode where Fluttershy visits a psychiatrist about her anxiety disorder and gets some medication that works fine, but eventually causes a whole bunch of side effects. The other ponies try to get her to go off the meds, but she becomes addicted and gets all grouchy, defensive and aggravated and lashes out at her friends when they try to help her. Eventually, it gets so bad she has to be admitted to an institution to go through detox treatment.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:40 No.21472960
    That was great. Thank god for DVR.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:41 No.21472972
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:41 No.21472978
         File1290800500.png-(592 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h36m54s17(...).png)
    592 KB
    >> The Smooze !aUG/c2CV/I 11/26/10(Fri)14:42 No.21472989
    Awesome. She's flying and shit.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:42 No.21472998
         File1290800566.png-(508 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h37m02s24.png)
    508 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:42 No.21472999

    Fluttershy got her fair share of physical lumps this time around, starting with the carrot to the head, courtesy of Angel.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:42 No.21473002
    Wasn't she also one of the few blowing away the last smoke cloud near the end?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:43 No.21473016
         File1290800621.png-(337 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h33m26s17(...).png)
    337 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:44 No.21473030
    Action scenes were intense in this one. Prepping for battle, rock slides, dragon fighting.

    This is the manliest show ever.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:45 No.21473041
         File1290800701.png-(323 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h37m09s97.png)
    323 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:45 No.21473054
         File1290800742.png-(548 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h37m20s19(...).png)
    548 KB
    >> The Smooze !aUG/c2CV/I 11/26/10(Fri)14:45 No.21473057
    That's not paint. It's the blood of her enemies.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:46 No.21473071
         File1290800799.png-(304 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h37m23s24(...).png)
    304 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:47 No.21473087
         File1290800856.png-(583 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h35m12s20(...).png)
    583 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:48 No.21473104
         File1290800907.png-(515 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h35m41s21(...).png)
    515 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:50 No.21473135
    I only wish that she kept the face paint throughout the episode
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:50 No.21473147
    dat green unicorn
    somebody pop a beer in her hoof, and she's all set
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:50 No.21473151

    I like how one of them is sitting on the bench much like how a bipedal creature would, and the other is sitting like a pony.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:51 No.21473164
         File1290801082.jpg-(42 KB, 801x448, 1290692512390.jpg)
    42 KB
    >Bad posture pony
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:53 No.21473207
         File1290801181.png-(508 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h36m33s24(...).png)
    508 KB
    Is Fluttershy gonna be afarid of Spike when he grows up?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:53 No.21473216
    Holy crap, this episode is sounding intense so far. I can't wait 'till it hits the Youtubes!
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:53 No.21473217
         File1290801208.jpg-(16 KB, 481x303, CARLOOOOS.jpg)
    16 KB
    or should I say bad pasture
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:54 No.21473233
         File1290801246.png-(455 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h14m05s35.png)
    455 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:54 No.21473236
    Oh, Angel.
    You are the angriest of bunnies.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:54 No.21473245
         File1290801289.png-(5 KB, 170x236, 1288193644987.png)
    5 KB
    GODDAMNIT GET CAR[spoiler[LOST[/spoiler]
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:55 No.21473251
    Did Mac get any lines in this episode?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:55 No.21473257

    I know how you feel man, my mouth is foaming and I won't be able to sleep.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:55 No.21473260
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:55 No.21473269

    Nope, nothing. He appeared for maybe two seconds.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:56 No.21473271
         File1290801360.png-(549 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h04m39s46.png)
    549 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:57 No.21473294
    How about a cap of the huge Angel sneeze?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:57 No.21473298
    >Angel and Spike prepare for their eventual buddy comedy spinoff.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)14:58 No.21473324
    I hope not. My liver can't take much more...
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:00 No.21473358
    How much of Spike was in this episode?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:01 No.21473393

    Very little. A little at the beginning, and a little at the end.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:02 No.21473405
    just a little of him taking care of Fluttershy's critters
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:02 No.21473413
         File1290801757.png-(523 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h58m08s13(...).png)
    523 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:04 No.21473443
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:04 No.21473447
         File1290801850.png-(572 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h59m18s68.png)
    572 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:05 No.21473487
         File1290801956.png-(528 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h59m37s6.png)
    528 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:06 No.21473493

    That made me laugh when Angel's voice was a really burly and manly one, at least from what you can gauge from his sneeze.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:06 No.21473498
    Wake up in the morning feelin' like- aw forget it
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:06 No.21473502
         File1290802005.png-(409 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-14h58m59s13(...).png)
    409 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:06 No.21473505
         File1290802015.png-(137 KB, 746x502, stormcloudsstormcloudseverywhe(...).png)
    137 KB
    >playing MLP game
    >play Dash's game for the Generosity and Loyalty sparkles
    >choose level 2
    >storm clouds, storm clouds everywhere
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:07 No.21473513

    Seeing Apple Bloom again made me so happy.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:08 No.21473525
         File1290802090.png-(163 KB, 484x336, 1259342962316.png)
    163 KB
    >Vanilla Frosting
    Oh you
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:08 No.21473529
    Pinkie Pie has Hammer space powers.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:10 No.21473562

    Also, understatement.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:10 No.21473569
         File1290802220.png-(409 KB, 737x499, crippling-sparkle-addiction.png)
    409 KB
    I hope there will be a save function, otherwise I'll never get my cutie mark
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:10 No.21473580
    That's just a subset of her fucking Droopy-tier powers.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:12 No.21473604
    Man, I got bored with this game so fast.

    So fast.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:13 No.21473621
    Fuck yes, Apple Bloom.

    Definitely WON'T be playing the drinking game for this episode. I'd like to live until Saturday.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:15 No.21473662
         File1290802510.png-(460 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-15h12m49s23(...).png)
    460 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:16 No.21473695
         File1290802610.jpg-(75 KB, 720x540, mlp_deepbush.jpg)
    75 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:17 No.21473697
         File1290802625.png-(519 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-15h11m23s11(...).png)
    519 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:17 No.21473700
         File1290802631.jpg-(267 KB, 720x540, isyourbodyready.jpg)
    267 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:17 No.21473709
    453 posts and 143 images. This thread is one for the Wall of Friendship
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:18 No.21473726
         File1290802711.png-(514 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-15h09m13s93.png)
    514 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:19 No.21473749
         File1290802770.png-(581 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-26-15h13m46s43.png)
    581 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:19 No.21473755
    Fluttershy: A-are you...mad?

    Angel: I mad
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:21 No.21473798
         File1290802905.jpg-(90 KB, 720x540, mlp_disney.jpg)
    90 KB
    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 11/26/10(Fri)15:22 No.21473820
    What's that critters? "3 Days Until Transformers Prime!?"
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:23 No.21473840
    Cool, sounds like my reaction to Spike's hiccups.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:26 No.21473881
    ...Aaaand we've hit image limit.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:28 No.21473912
         File1290803294.png-(221 KB, 480x206, sapphiresareraretooiguess.png)
    221 KB
    Lookin pretty rarity there, Twilight's friend.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:28 No.21473916
    What exactly is going on with the anatomy of Bad Posture Pony? Is that her ass to the left of her butt mark, with her upper body twisted backwards? Can anyone explain this to me?

    >Captcha: "fresh appowes"
    Thank you, Apple Bloom. I would love some.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:29 No.21473927
    In a way, I shouldn't like this show. I know it's wrong to not like a show just because it is aimed towards a certain audience, but this isn't just for girls at all. It's Powerpuff Girls-style, which I love. I'm also studying animation, and I love all sorts of 2D animation. This show uses some of the best animation I've seen in a long time. The voice actors are also decent, and the writing isn't completely gooey ooey flurbsy durbsy daisy waisy lovey dovey, if you know what I mean. Still, I just can't help feel like a monumental fag when that MY LITTLE PONY theme kicks in, though it does get slightly better a few seconds later.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:30 No.21473960
    New thread:
    >> Anonymous 11/26/10(Fri)15:37 No.21474103
    She's loungin' like a bro.

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