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    File : 1289820736.jpg-(53 KB, 640x360, 1289709193797.jpg)
    53 KB Dem Ponies... Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)06:32 No.21231527  
    So if Rarity's dream stud is Princess Celestia's Nephew and her only sibling is Princess Luna who up until now had been sealed in the moon for a thousand years then... how?

    Also, does Pinkie locomote in any means other than hopping?
    >> My Little Pharfignewton 11/15/10(Mon)06:34 No.21231546
    She is clearly Rarity's made up masturbation fantasy
    Also good night ponies
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)06:35 No.21231568
    > she

    um wut?
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)06:37 No.21231584
         File1289821044.gif-(2.75 MB, 196x147, pinkiebounce.gif)
    2.75 MB
    Night, Phiggs!

    You seem to be implying that hopping is not the most superior form of transportation.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)06:37 No.21231586

    New conspiracy theory?

    Well, she sometimes flies on quckly crafted helicopter made out of CANDY.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)06:39 No.21231603
         File1289821196.gif-(1.15 MB, 640x360, 1289762525752.gif)
    1.15 MB
    > Also, does Pinkie locomote in any means other than hopping?

    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)06:42 No.21231620
    guess no one wants to acknowledge heterosexuality in Equestria.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)06:43 No.21231635
         File1289821387.jpg-(51 KB, 518x815, 1289487322078.jpg)
    51 KB
    still waiting for the return of Derp Pony
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)06:45 No.21231656
    Guys this thread isnt necessary yet

    Other threads only on page 4... pick this one up in a few hours after the other one dies

    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)06:45 No.21231663
    bettter than homosuck
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)06:46 No.21231668
    we all are...

    we all are.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)06:47 No.21231673
    go away thread nazi
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)06:49 No.21231696
         File1289821795.jpg-(36 KB, 400x673, masqueraderockin.jpg)
    36 KB
    PONYCON 2010!

    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)06:50 No.21231702
    Take it easy now, he's asking nicely.

    No one seems to be bitching so far, and some people seem to have moved here already. I'd be totally fine there, too.
    >> Johnberryboy 11/15/10(Mon)06:52 No.21231715
         File1289821927.gif-(1.43 MB, 300x171, 1288324049874.gif)
    1.43 MB
    that confuzzles me as well
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)06:52 No.21231717
         File1289821939.jpg-(817 KB, 1784x1788, Tara_strong_2009.jpg)
    817 KB
    So again, let's talk about the VA.

    I mean, all the ponies are between 26 and 40, and THIS is twilight sparkle.

    (Is it okay to fantasize about them then?)
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)06:53 No.21231729
         File1289822031.jpg-(410 KB, 890x788, 1289428084773.jpg)
    410 KB
    cheer up emo kid
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)06:54 No.21231731
    Hmmm... that is... I... don't know?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)06:54 No.21231732
    post pics of all vas
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)06:56 No.21231754
    and their personal home addresses
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)06:57 No.21231761
    For research purposes?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)07:01 No.21231790
         File1289822504.jpg-(54 KB, 290x360, bigmac-nonplus.jpg)
    54 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)07:05 No.21231808
    maybe there is yet to be mentioned siblings of Princess Celestia that's a part of a Pony Pantheon.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)07:05 No.21231810
         File1289822728.png-(57 KB, 400x400, donotwantA.png)
    57 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)07:05 No.21231815
    Does anyone have MKVs for 4 and 5?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)07:06 No.21231817
         File1289822794.jpg-(53 KB, 1098x621, 1286776503303.jpg)
    53 KB

    Okay, i don't now why i saw that thumbnail and assumed it was someone cosplaying as brickfrog.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)07:07 No.21231824
    The upload of 4 was bad, we think they're fixing it, and the mkv of 5 probably won't be around until early Friday.
    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 11/15/10(Mon)07:09 No.21231839
         File1289822982.png-(637 KB, 2500x2000, WIP.png)
    637 KB
    Let me just update my WIP if anyone wants to see it.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)07:10 No.21231846
    That's alright. I've still got the youtube vids for now. Thanks anyway.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)07:11 No.21231850
         File1289823081.png-(119 KB, 337x264, pinkiepopcorn.png)
    119 KB
    Fukkin' AWESOME!
    Can't wait until it's finished! I have to go make breakfast, but I'll be back in around an hour. Later, bronies!
    >> Sparkle Fizzlelove !RHvnNvRpow 11/15/10(Mon)07:12 No.21231855
    Dash's belly.

    So rub-able.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)07:15 No.21231871
    I was just thinking about the jet sound Dash makes, and it made me ponder something...

    Rainbow Dash and Rocky the Squirrel. Make it happen. :3
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)07:15 No.21231872
         File1289823316.png-(52 KB, 137x215, content-tabitha.png)
    52 KB
    Here's rarity
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)07:16 No.21231880
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)07:16 No.21231882
         File1289823404.jpg-(112 KB, 600x900, ashleigh-ball-hey-ocean.jpg)
    112 KB
    here's Applejack/Rainbow Dike
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)07:17 No.21231887
         File1289823455.jpg-(15 KB, 200x257, cathy_weseluck2.jpg)
    15 KB
    And finally, here's Spike

    Couldn't find a recent picture of Flutter/Pie
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)07:20 No.21231906
         File1289823637.jpg-(27 KB, 640x359, rdreaction.jpg)
    27 KB
    mfw The Elements of Harmony make more sense, and have more emotional significance than the Emotional Spectrum
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/15/10(Mon)07:20 No.21231908
    Hey guys, I'm back from dreamland (I've been for a bit, but whatever).

    I am seriously considering pulling a all-nighter one of this days.
    >> Sparkle Fizzlelove !RHvnNvRpow 11/15/10(Mon)07:23 No.21231929
         File1289823798.jpg-(144 KB, 778x656, 1288030779597.jpg)
    144 KB
    Don't do it man. They fuck you up like you wouldn't believe.

    Stay healthy, brony.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)07:24 No.21231938
         File1289823885.jpg-(60 KB, 321x450, mightyfinehorse.jpg)
    60 KB
    Mighty Fine little ponies you be having there, /co/.

    Be a shame if something were to happen to em so maybe y'all be handing over your apples before it does.
    >> Duster !4kUgebheng 11/15/10(Mon)07:25 No.21231942
    Except for magic, that one is just a load of horsefeathers.
    >> Sparkle Fizzlelove !RHvnNvRpow 11/15/10(Mon)07:27 No.21231952
    Friendship is MAGIC, brah.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)07:28 No.21231960
    op pics kinda reminds me of "donut penis" for some reason
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/15/10(Mon)07:29 No.21231968
    Thanks for your concern, but I'm already a fucking bat, so it wouldn't be much of a problem really.
    I'm actually able to sleep 3-4 hours a day without any real consequences.
    Beside, it's not like I would do it every night. Just once in a while.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)07:30 No.21231976
    Magic's just a metaphor for friendship
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)07:32 No.21231983
    Not to mention it gets addictive.

    Hey Dr Foreigner, did you do this?
    Coloring and all?
    >> Sparkle Fizzlelove !RHvnNvRpow 11/15/10(Mon)07:33 No.21231993
         File1289824431.jpg-(84 KB, 288x319, 1288306881475.jpg)
    84 KB
    Fair enough. But if you go and get sick, you'll make all your ponyfriends sad. And that wouldn't be magical at all.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)07:34 No.21231995
         File1289824469.png-(669 KB, 1951x1719, celestria.png)
    669 KB
    Shouldn't it be "hasubando"?
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/15/10(Mon)07:40 No.21232016
    No, I'm not responsible for those two pictures, or else there would be my signature.

    I like them, but the skeletal structure it's not very accurate if confronted with that of a real horse.
    But in the end its just artistic choices, thats all.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)07:42 No.21232030
    Oh, I see. I really like his coloring, anyway.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)07:44 No.21232039
    yeah, they are completely of model for horses. I'd dare to say, the guy who does those is a one trick pony, unable to do anything else than his standard human template...
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/15/10(Mon)07:56 No.21232100
    Me too.

    Now, I wouldn't say that.
    I try not to judge too much this kind of choices, especially without the original poster around, but I think that he didn't want to represent the ponies with a realistic anatomy in the first place.
    I think he/she tried to create a made up skeleton that encompassed more the form of the character then their structure, and also to look more eery and unnatural.

    In short, he went for the unrealistic depiction because it unsettle the viewer more than otherwise.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)07:59 No.21232112
    Doc! How you doing, Brony? Nice to see you!

    Have any new art in the oven? :3
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)08:00 No.21232115
    dunno. some of the flaws are unacceptable imo. horses walk on their finger, and the typical herbivore dentition is something you learn when you are 10. It's very lazy, I don't really see the interest of doing such an exercise of style if you skip all the interesting points like this.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)08:05 No.21232132
    Figure he likely just extrapolated from what he knew of human anatomy, instead of researching pony anatomy.
    >> weeapony 11/15/10(Mon)08:05 No.21232133
    I'm awake!

    Putting my name on to ask, does anyone have any fan-ponies but no ability to draw them?
    I would like to draw some fan-ponies.

    I'm not perfect at emulating the show's style but it's fun to do. Just drop me a description!
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/15/10(Mon)08:09 No.21232145
    I'm doing smashingly, thank you :D

    >Have any new art in the oven? :3
    Boy, if I do.
    I'm refining a few of the creepy ass ponies I promised some days ago and I created a few awesome OC DO NOT STEAL.
    Prepare for Original Pony Fest.

    Also two days ago I drew Twilight Sparkle cheesecake laughing all the way through. I'm not sure if I feel confortable posting it.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)08:12 No.21232159
         File1289826774.jpg-(83 KB, 720x540, 1288909005790.jpg)
    83 KB
    If Rainbow Dash and Applejack are the same voice actress, does that make it masturbation? Or incest?
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)08:13 No.21232160
    Hi, Wee! I've been trying to doodle some triponies over the weekend, but nothing good's coming out of it... Would you be willing to try one of those, or prefer other stuff?
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)08:14 No.21232167
    Eh, why not? It's not as if our reputations could get any worse... -_-

    Heh, kidding, bro. Looking forward to what you post! I love that sketchy shading technique you use, like on BatPink.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)08:15 No.21232175
    It makes it samefagging.
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/15/10(Mon)08:19 No.21232187
    Then I may post the aforementioned cheesecake in a few minutes, I have to find it first on my computer (it's digitally sketched).
    As for the rest, dunno, maybe this afternoon/evening?
    >> Vote 11/15/10(Mon)08:19 No.21232188
         File1289827156.png-(232 KB, 1120x1805, VoteLuna.png)
    232 KB
    Good morning! VotePony Drawfag here again, ready to do more of these. Requests or suggestions welcome.
    >> Vote 11/15/10(Mon)08:21 No.21232197
         File1289827271.png-(149 KB, 1000x1248, VoteGilda.png)
    149 KB
    Reject dweebs - Vote Gilda
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)08:21 No.21232199
    I'll be here at my usual time tonight, so can't wait to see it!

    Weeapony, you still here? I had a customer, hope I didn't miss you. ;_;

    Lol, love it... Can you do one of Dash with "CANDY VAG" underneath, or something similar? :3
    >> Vote 11/15/10(Mon)08:22 No.21232201
         File1289827327.png-(243 KB, 1247x1532, VoteDash.png)
    243 KB
    Clear Skies in 2011 - Vote Dash
    >> weeapony 11/15/10(Mon)08:22 No.21232204
    Eh, I'd rather do other stuff, well I wouldn't mind drawing trip-pinies, but only if I get a detailed description because I'm a bit uncomfortable taking liberties. ...but not too detailed. Just tell me the shape of the glasses , not the friggin make and model!

    also as politely as possible: being called "wee" is weird, if only because I know someone who goes by that nickname
    >> Vote 11/15/10(Mon)08:23 No.21232207
    Sorry, as you can see, Dash is already done. Those are the only three, though, so anyone else?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)08:26 No.21232222
    'come to bed' eyes
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)08:28 No.21232227
         File1289827688.jpg-(384 KB, 818x618, 1.jpg)
    384 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)08:28 No.21232233
         File1289827722.jpg-(469 KB, 699x800, 2.jpg)
    469 KB
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/15/10(Mon)08:29 No.21232239
         File1289827763.jpg-(167 KB, 600x600, TwilSparkBigM.jpg)
    167 KB
    Thar she blows! Embarrassing cheesecake ahoy!
    Comments appreciated as always.

    I request Pinkie Pie with "PARTY" written under it.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)08:29 No.21232241
    Ah, must have been writing when you posted it. How about Pinkie Pie with PARTY underneath?

    Yeah, when Manefag wrote that, I was a little intimidated, too... :S
    Actually, I wanted to do Forward 2.0, if that's all right.

    We were thinking that, since he made the drinking game, he'd be sitting in front of a TV with empty booze bottles all around, plastered as fuck with Applejack saying "apple" over and over again in a speech bubble.

    As for his look, I was thinking a very wavy sort of mane, not too long, and a heart with the 4chan clover in it as his cutie mark.

    Is that too much? -_-
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)08:31 No.21232244
         File1289827865.png-(252 KB, 4381x4229, 1289801825226.png)
    252 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)08:31 No.21232246
    could someone post the episode 5 of mlp? I think I lost the link from the other thread...
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)08:31 No.21232250
         File1289827915.jpg-(78 KB, 500x500, 1287900399784.jpg)
    78 KB
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)08:31 No.21232251
         File1289827916.png-(95 KB, 600x338, datassBLUE.png)
    95 KB
    Ha! Big Mac gets all the bitches, whether they like it or not.

    Awesome as always, Forward. And, um... Pic related.
    >> Sparkle Fizzlelove !RHvnNvRpow 11/15/10(Mon)08:32 No.21232256
    >Big Macs rapeface

    So awesome.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)08:34 No.21232261

    DOC! I MEANT DOC!!!!

    ;_; I'm sorry!
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)08:36 No.21232275
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)08:37 No.21232276
    By the way, for the newcomers:

    Since we have the karaoke version of the MLP theme song, I was thinking of making a new recording with a few of us singing the "My Little Brony" song! I need a little time to play with the file, but I'd like to do this soon, with everyone singing along on Vocaroo so I can just mix them all together.
    However, I'd like to have a decent lady voice singing the main part. Any takers?
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)08:39 No.21232290
         File1289828347.jpg-(153 KB, 600x344, doitfaggot4.jpg)
    153 KB
    Posting this, just cause I wanna'.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)08:40 No.21232299
    thank you
    >> The Diabolical Sketchman 11/15/10(Mon)08:42 No.21232305
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)08:43 No.21232309
         File1289828604.jpg-(24 KB, 514x267, iguessthismeansitson.jpg)
    24 KB
    Cooked up some new macros.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)08:43 No.21232310
         File1289828610.jpg-(121 KB, 1024x1003, Male-Ponies.jpg)
    121 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)08:43 No.21232313
         File1289828639.jpg-(26 KB, 517x277, watchyoulikeagriffon.jpg)
    26 KB
    >> weeapony 11/15/10(Mon)08:44 No.21232314
    I'd rather just sing the regular theme song
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)08:44 No.21232317
         File1289828676.jpg-(32 KB, 485x271, ponyslashfics.jpg)
    32 KB
    >> The Diabolical Sketchman 11/15/10(Mon)08:46 No.21232326
    So when are they going to implement male ponies into that mini game?
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)08:48 No.21232327
    What's the current version of the Brony song?
    Has someone updated it to include /co/rral?
    Because I think that was a pretty good one.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)08:48 No.21232332
    We could do that, but I also just wanted to do something fun, unique to us. We'll see about doing both versions.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)08:49 No.21232337
    I think this is a bad idea. It's just a bit too facepalmy. How do you figure this will NOT end badly?

    If you HAVE to do this, you could at least make it SHOO BE DOO
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)08:49 No.21232340
    Also, which karaoke version are we working with?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)08:50 No.21232342
         File1289829027.jpg-(35 KB, 600x450, roflbot-tiSb.jpg)
    35 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)08:50 No.21232343
    Pinkie Pie's "ooooh" after that made me lol
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)08:51 No.21232346
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)08:51 No.21232347
    This is the current version, as far as I know. And I put /co/rral into the notes, but I haven't really thought about where to put it, yet. We need a bit more rhyming, methinks.

    My Little Brony Anthem

    My Little Brony, My Little Brony
    My Little Brony

    I used to wonder what /co/mradery could be
    (My Little Brony)
    Until you all shared your macros with me!

    Reaction faces,
    Funny gifs!
    Beautiful fanart,
    Flash builds, and more!

    Dykey ponies,
    Fun to ship!
    And an intro you should never skip!

    Yeah, My Little Bronies
    You know you're all my very best bros!
    >> weeapony 11/15/10(Mon)08:53 No.21232352
    Yeah, I'd just be worried a lot of people wouldn't want to participate, because original songs don't really get too good reception. NGL, I'm not a fan of parodies either.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)08:54 No.21232357
         File1289829258.gif-(565 KB, 448x158, Pinkie-pie_face_slam.gif)
    565 KB
    >> weeapony 11/15/10(Mon)08:54 No.21232358
    I think it'd be less facepalmy if it was the original theme song. /a/ does singalongs all the time, so it's not something too weird in itself.
    >> The Diabolical Sketchman 11/15/10(Mon)08:54 No.21232360
         File1289829279.png-(206 KB, 835x768, Spikemad.png)
    206 KB
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)08:54 No.21232362
    Looks good so far, we just need some better rhymes, as you say.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)08:55 No.21232367
    If you notice, the music during the credits is the theme without the cast singing, so we can use that. I'm going to play around with it to see if I can get the opening notes in there, but I just have to see.

    Imma do it, and nothing you say will keep me from doing so. ;)
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)08:57 No.21232381
    This is my favorite part of the whole episode.

    I'll ask tonight when we have more people/regulars, and see what they think, too. Just a thought.
    >> weeapony 11/15/10(Mon)08:58 No.21232385
    bleh, might have to hold off on requests for now. gotta do some computer maintenance
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)08:59 No.21232386
    All righty, no big. Hope your comp's not sick.
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/15/10(Mon)09:00 No.21232394
    Thanks, and don't worry, we all do these kind of mistakes from time to time.

    Song verses don't necessarily need to rhyme.

    I don't know if I would do this.

    >CAPTCHA: puppies dangerous
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:01 No.21232399
         File1289829660.jpg-(19 KB, 262x286, 1288915423476.jpg)
    19 KB
    i heart you, cheesy brony :3
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)09:01 No.21232400
         File1289829699.png-(76 KB, 431x404, sadtwilight.png)
    76 KB
    Fuck, I thought you guys would be all over this... Screw it.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:03 No.21232405
         File1289829828.png-(68 KB, 203x153, georgeliquorAMERICAN.png)
    68 KB
    >not weird
    >> Commissar Girlfriend !nPurgEDOvU 11/15/10(Mon)09:03 No.21232408
    I can not fucking believe a bunch of full grown men would obsess so much over MY LITTLE FUCKING PONY.

    I am astonished at how much this board is made up of grown men babbling about CARTOONS, which is bad, BUT MY LITTLE DAMN PONY?! FOR REAL? LOST CAUSE ALERT.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:03 No.21232409
         File1289829835.gif-(2.69 MB, 480x270, pinkie'sbrainisfulloffuck.gif)
    2.69 MB
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)09:03 No.21232410
    <3 you too, anony-brony.

    Is anyone interested in that song at all? I didn't think it'd be a big deal whether it was the original song or not.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:04 No.21232412
    > O_O

    Fucking pony threads
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:04 No.21232413
    >emoticons everywhere
    I love you guys, I really do, but dude, let's keep to a standard here.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:04 No.21232422
         File1289829894.jpg-(54 KB, 351x334, 1287590860166.jpg)
    54 KB
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/15/10(Mon)09:05 No.21232424
    NOOOOO don't say that!
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:05 No.21232429
    See, we're already offending people. There's a plethora of pony reaction images available, please make use of them.
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)09:05 No.21232430
         File1289829954.jpg-(155 KB, 596x596, mylittlesoundtrack.jpg)
    155 KB
    Tch, and I just made a passable cut with the opening lines of the opening and the ending for your karaoke!

    Ah well, might as well post the rest of my stuff while I'm at it
    BGM ripped from dialogue-less episode 4 (12 files)
    Loop of Rainbow Dash's theme from the speech section
    Folder with all of the above
    >> Commissar Girlfriend !nPurgEDOvU 11/15/10(Mon)09:06 No.21232435
         File1289829997.jpg-(21 KB, 385x339, 1264945135229.jpg)
    21 KB
    I ain't mad, just disappoint.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:07 No.21232439
    You know you should try earlier, regulars might be more receptive. Also, haven't seen Geek-Chan around lately.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:07 No.21232442

    If this was some original Lauren Faust work instead of a brand name, everyone would be all fucking over it without hesitation.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)09:08 No.21232445
    Nah, I'll still do it! Just the response isn't as good as I thought it'd be.

    Thanks for the links, looking forward to starting on this!
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/15/10(Mon)09:09 No.21232453
    Sorry, but I seriously didn't know how to convey my reaction to the captcha. And I don't save that many reaction images, otherwise I assure you my HD would full to the brim with them!
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)09:09 No.21232457
         File1289830195.gif-(182 KB, 353x233, happy.gif)
    182 KB
    That's fucking PERFECT! THANK YOU!
    >> Commissar Girlfriend !nPurgEDOvU 11/15/10(Mon)09:10 No.21232458
         File1289830203.jpg-(15 KB, 432x288, 1269846044924.jpg)
    15 KB
    Okay, you're starting to sound like "Oh it's not mainstream, so it's cool."

    Stop being hipster.

    And yes, the franchise a series belongs to kind of does dictate its quality. My little pony is a show directed to small girls, and thusly, it means that to enjoy it, you have to have the funny bone of a female toddler.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:12 No.21232471
    I understand, but you DID just use an extremely taboo emoticon. ";_;" is the only really acceptable one. "XD, O_O (and variations), :P, :), etc etc" are all likely to get you a kick in the shins, and garner heavy second-hand embarrassment from the rest of us.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:12 No.21232473
         File1289830352.png-(161 KB, 500x361, 1288649613158.png)
    161 KB
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)09:12 No.21232475
    No problem!
    Best of luck with the karabrony
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:13 No.21232476
    The newest episode encourages racism.

    'You look at act differently! Why don't you act like US? We hate you, and don't want you living here!'

    Go back to your own country

    Yeah, great lesson there, guys.
    >> Commissar Girlfriend !nPurgEDOvU 11/15/10(Mon)09:13 No.21232482
    Hipster is a plausable term in this context. Stop being a baby.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)09:14 No.21232484
    Don't have net at home, here during my graveyard shift is the only time I get to hang with you guys. But if one of you would spread the idea around, I would appreciate it!
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)09:15 No.21232491
         File1289830505.jpg-(37 KB, 600x338, mustnotfeeltroll.jpg)
    37 KB
    Hey, guys! I have an idea!
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:15 No.21232497
         File1289830547.png-(271 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-11-14-23h35m12s85.png)
    271 KB
    Have they fix episode 4?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:15 No.21232498
    Well, fucking egg layer better sit in the back of the chariot on the way back.

    Just saying.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:16 No.21232503
    I'm sorry, but calling someone a hipster on /co/ is no longer valid by any clause.
    >> Commissar Girlfriend !nPurgEDOvU 11/15/10(Mon)09:17 No.21232509
    >Oh he's talking about me negatively! He must be a troll!
    Eat a dick, pony-lover. I'm here to ask how you can stand yourselves knowing you have the sense of humor of a little girl. Give me an answer, and I'm gone. Ghost. Like the wind.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:17 No.21232510
    Stop responding to the troll.

    If a post is made with caps lock and the phrase 'for little girls' then don't reply. The only reason these threads tend to go well is because we ignored the ragers and spammers.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:17 No.21232517
    What? That's not what I implied at all.

    I'm saying that just because it's labeled under "my little pony" does NOT mean it can't be funny, enjoyable, well animated, or clever. Yes, there ARE implications, heck the older series are absolute garbage and the series that came directly before this one was clearly for toddlers.
    BUT, I'd put the age range for this one more on the lines of a standard cartoon network show. For some solid evidence: Hub's website has a toddler section for the baby cartoons. This cartoon is NOT in that section.

    I'd say give it a shot. My recommendation is episode 4.

    It's just a cartoon like any other cartoon we talk about.
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/15/10(Mon)09:18 No.21232530
         File1289830712.png-(22 KB, 1282x221, MyLittleCap.png)
    22 KB
    It's not like I haven't seen those more than once without people getting angry.

    I hate to post a cap of a post made by me, but pic related.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:19 No.21232535

    I would offer my ear-splitting voice to the cause of my little bronies everywhere, but I have a cold/sore throat and sound a little like a dying cow.

    good luck!
    >> The Diabolical Sketchman 11/15/10(Mon)09:19 No.21232536
         File1289830774.png-(163 KB, 600x600, lesbianns.png)
    163 KB
    This thread is too much Karaoke and not enough lesbian ponies and dykes
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:20 No.21232543
    were you not paying attention?
    She would have been a complete bitch no matter what species she was.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:21 No.21232549
    By earlier, I meant by the time you usually drop by. By the time we change threads in the morning usually the feel of the threads changes as well.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:22 No.21232554
         File1289830922.jpg-(21 KB, 351x207, what.jpg)
    21 KB
    guys, anyone see this?
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)09:23 No.21232560
         File1289830985.jpg-(9 KB, 126x121, derp pony.jpg)
    9 KB
    Derpy Hooves!
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:23 No.21232564
    The derp pox is spreading!
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)09:23 No.21232569
         File1289831026.png-(150 KB, 481x203, 12879602675.png)
    150 KB
    There's always enough room for both
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/15/10(Mon)09:24 No.21232574
    Yes we did.

    And at the time I foretold a derp cospirancy in this cartoon.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:24 No.21232575
    Ha! Can't wait to see the high res of that

    The animators probably just like to throw derpy eyes around for fun
    >> Sparkle Fizzlelove !RHvnNvRpow 11/15/10(Mon)09:26 No.21232593
    >act like a troll
    >get uppity when called a troll
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)09:27 No.21232596
    I actually didn't catch it! Good eyes, bros!

    Aw, I'll add you in when you get better, if you like.

    Sure thing, then. Weeknight threads are usually more fun, anyway. This one's turning out all right, though.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:27 No.21232599
    Yay, Derpy's back!
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:27 No.21232602
    She's in nearly every background group shot.
    >> The Diabolical Sketchman 11/15/10(Mon)09:27 No.21232605
    I think the animators are doing that to trip up the men watching the show. They know little kids wouldn't notice that.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:29 No.21232613
    full screen needed for the lulz
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:30 No.21232617
    Well, if it was me, I wouldn't care -who- saw it particularly, just that it's fun to sneak funny faces in.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:30 No.21232619
         File1289831448.jpg-(30 KB, 299x280, hihoderp.jpg)
    30 KB
    making hi-res later.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:31 No.21232624
    That's awesome
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)09:32 No.21232627
    ... Why didn't we think of making a pony of Silver before? Would the cutie mark be the Lone Ranger's mask, or a revolver?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:34 No.21232636
         File1289831643.jpg-(56 KB, 480x270, John_Marston_Quotes_.jpg)
    56 KB
    Now you get on outta here before I have to fill you with lead, cougar! These ponies are under my protection, now.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:35 No.21232644
         File1289831720.png-(455 KB, 3746x3461, build-a-pony.png)
    455 KB
    I'm going to keep posting this until you like it.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)09:35 No.21232645
         File1289831728.jpg-(165 KB, 503x745, reddeadponies.jpg)
    165 KB
    Welcome back, John! By the way, we got that picture developed... Has some newfangled crazy thing called color.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:36 No.21232650
         File1289831805.png-(144 KB, 345x252, 12167864476.png)
    144 KB

    Derpy is all over this episode apparently... here she is speaking to Pinkie
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:36 No.21232651
    I've given a lot of thought about this, and i've decided that this wasn;t the case. When GIlda came to the ponies they had no prejudices agaisnt griffons, which they had obviously seen before, even if htey were "rare" (as Rarity put it).

    Pinkie Pie opened up to her even though she was pretty mean (She said herself she threw the party just to be a better friend), so it's not like they wanted her to leave.

    Gilda was just mean. she refused to change. they didn't kick her out, she wanted to leave of her own accord. it wasn't racism, it was Gilda being a huge cunt.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:37 No.21232654
    Let him take those FUCKERS when he leaves.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:37 No.21232657
    ok we like it
    mission complete
    return to b/a/se
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:38 No.21232670
    What makes you think I'm from /a/?
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)09:38 No.21232671
    True, but she hasn't been as derpy since then... until now.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:39 No.21232678
    We like it... personally I just didn't get a chance to use it yet.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)09:41 No.21232690
    You seem to be implying that we don't like it. Those will come in very useful, thank you!

    By the way, I wanted to talk to you about your son. Now, I know that you're, um... Indisposed, let's say, but he's kinda mean to his horses, calling them "damn nag", and such. You should have a word with him.
    >> /co/mrade Elite !!RvxaKaC5JSo 11/15/10(Mon)09:41 No.21232691
         File1289832077.png-(87 KB, 180x262, rainbowwub.png)
    87 KB
    >Go to work
    >Feel terrible
    >Very long shift
    >Angry people keep calling to complain
    >Feel like life is made of shit and there's no reason to live
    >Imagine Twilight, Pinkie, Applejack, Rainbow, Fluttershy, and Rarity surrounding you and filling you with joy and hope for a brighter tomorrow
    God, I love MLP.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:42 No.21232697
    Probably just a fan styling on her.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:42 No.21232698
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:42 No.21232703
    wait a tic...

    Original flavor Derp

    Darker Derp.

    Two Durps, one pinkie.
    Pinkie Pie, you monster.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:44 No.21232716

    I know how you feel.. I was feeling apathetic towards the lengthy essay questions in my uni exam the other day... until my mind drifted and Rainbow Dash materialized in my psyche


    Fuck year motivation
    >> Little Summer Solstice Baby !fpr5Qoq1WI 11/15/10(Mon)09:44 No.21232717
         File1289832263.jpg-(5 KB, 222x165, smooze.jpg)
    5 KB

    Requesting Vote Smooze.

    inb4 nothing can stop the smooze
    >> The Diabolical Sketchman 11/15/10(Mon)09:44 No.21232718
    Using this is harder then it seems.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)09:44 No.21232722
         File1289832293.jpg-(35 KB, 520x363, 1287989006399.jpg)
    35 KB
    Same here, bro... Going through a very rough patch right now, and these threads help me feel better.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:44 No.21232724
         File1289832299.jpg-(36 KB, 424x485, MountainLion6.jpg)
    36 KB
    You can't a-be waiting over them ponies forever, Marston!

    Just make it easy for yerself and hand over the apples!
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:45 No.21232726
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)09:46 No.21232732
         File1289832360.png-(269 KB, 640x480, 1288023237011.png)
    269 KB
    The party was too much to them.
    They partied... too hard.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:47 No.21232743
    But that's a phrase commonly used on 4chan. Usually when trolling/meme forcing.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:48 No.21232747
    Maybe it's just the scene contrast, one's indoors at night, the other on broad daylight.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:50 No.21232763
    So, is anyone else considering customizing their own pony doll?
    >> The Diabolical Sketchman 11/15/10(Mon)09:51 No.21232771
         File1289832707.png-(71 KB, 555x618, BUTTFUCK.png)
    71 KB
    gyahh books are hard im a girl gamer if you dont think that i can then i
    >> /co/mrade Elite !!RvxaKaC5JSo 11/15/10(Mon)09:51 No.21232774
    Despite how much I love this show, I'm not interested in figures related to it.

    I love this show SOOO much. It's brought a beautiful wave of peace and joy over my heart. Still, I'm not THAT gay.
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)09:52 No.21232778
    Wait, the logical conclusion to this would be that Pinkie threw the party for Gilda in order to turn her brain to mush....

    Pinkie, you magnificent bastard!
    Dash, you just saved your friend's mind with your pranks!
    >> Steven T !!sRIWVGgNfbg 11/15/10(Mon)09:52 No.21232779
         File1289832744.jpg-(96 KB, 639x360, moepony.jpg)
    96 KB
    Posting this just 'cause I can.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:52 No.21232782
         File1289832756.jpg-(664 KB, 1280x713, Rdr_john_marston01.jpg)
    664 KB
    Well thank you, Miss Applejack. I appreciate it.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)09:53 No.21232790
    >Select the pistol, and then select your horse.

    Kidding. Png's are a bitch sometimes.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:54 No.21232794
    i would never say this is a common phrase
    ive seen it a couple times in the last week but thats about it
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:55 No.21232800
    I'd buy some if they didn't look like shit. Applejack has two ponytails and doesn't even have her hat.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:55 No.21232801
    Pinkie needs to sing more.

    Hell, they need to have an all-singing episode.

    EVEN BETTER, they should fight something through the power of song.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:55 No.21232802
    That makes me cringe just a TINY LITTLE bit.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:56 No.21232809
    Did you just make a ref to Wacky game jokes 4 kidz?
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/15/10(Mon)09:57 No.21232823
    I think so.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:57 No.21232826
    I'm not considering that simply because of the work involved. I can't do customization of toys, it's an area I'm simply not familiar with.

    Also, the only thing I know about customizing MLPs: when you do that, you have to decapitate them and tear out their hair. I can't do that to cute little ponies!
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)09:58 No.21232829
    I probably couldn't make one anywhere near as good as what I've seen, but I'd be interested to see a Travis Touchdown pony.
    >> The Diabolical Sketchman 11/15/10(Mon)09:58 No.21232833
         File1289833122.png-(233 KB, 493x354, ihatevideogames.png)
    233 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)10:06 No.21232875
         File1289833588.jpg-(21 KB, 300x344, thecount.jpg)
    21 KB
    ONE! One picture worth saving!

    TWO! Two pictures worth saving!

    THREE! Three pictures worth...wait, he is riding her the wrong way. Two pictures worth saving, and one worth keeping around. Ha Ha Ha!
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)10:10 No.21232900
         File1289833804.png-(186 KB, 640x360, 1289297953973.png)
    186 KB
    Is there a right way to ride a My Little Pony?

    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)10:10 No.21232902
         File1289833811.png-(464 KB, 3868x3575, build-a-ponyv2.png)
    464 KB
    One problem I noticed was that the eyelash piece was too small. Here's an update.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)10:11 No.21232912
    Everybody, rate the top 6 ponies from favorite to least favorite. Use any criteria you want. It's just about who's your personal favorite:(1 = fav, 6 = least fav)
    1. Applejack
    2. Pinkie Pie
    3. Fluttershy
    4. Rainbow Dash
    5. Twilight Sparkle
    6. Rarity

    Keep in mind, they're all great characters. Just because Rarity's at the bottom of the list doesn't mean I dislike her.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)10:11 No.21232916
         File1289833897.png-(133 KB, 481x600, inception.png)
    133 KB
    I read that in your voice, Count. What about this one?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)10:12 No.21232924
    >rate the MAIN 6 ponies...
    >> That Other Brony 11/15/10(Mon)10:13 No.21232930
         File1289833983.jpg-(120 KB, 374x470, 1288658793693.jpg)
    120 KB
    college makes me feel like complete failure. i have a little place to escape to now when it gets to be too much :3
    >> The Diabolical Sketchman 11/15/10(Mon)10:13 No.21232931
         File1289834002.jpg-(16 KB, 301x207, 1281112989485.jpg)
    16 KB
    bow chicka bow wow
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)10:13 No.21232933
    Pinkie Pie
    Twilight Sparkle
    Rainbow Dash

    Made my list based on character stregnth. Rarity, even though she's fun, has a fairly one-note schtick.
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)10:13 No.21232938
    Rainbow Dash
    Twilight Sparkle
    Pinkie Pie

    It's VERY close though. There isn't a single character out of the main cast I dislike.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)10:15 No.21232952
         File1289834130.jpg-(139 KB, 455x590, derpywuvsu.jpg)
    139 KB
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/15/10(Mon)10:15 No.21232953
         File1289834132.jpg-(21 KB, 471x269, MLPBOWCHICKAWOWOW.jpg)
    21 KB
    It's impossible for me to make list, I'm not the kind of guy that play favorites.

    Pic related.
    >> The Diabolical Sketchman 11/15/10(Mon)10:15 No.21232959
    2. Nightmare Moon
    3. Rainbow Dash
    4. Twilight Sprinkles
    5. Pinkie Pie
    6. Applejack
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)10:16 No.21232960
    >Rarity, even though she's fun, has a fairly one-note schtick.
    Second'd. I really hope they get a chance to flesh out Rarity a bit during this season.
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/15/10(Mon)10:16 No.21232967
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)10:17 No.21232971
    Oops, except for Pinkie... She's just my favorite.
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)10:17 No.21232975
    This is my favorite piece of fanart of anything ever.
    Thank you a thousand times.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)10:17 No.21232976
    1. Pinkie (really really fun)
    2. Fluttershy (I'm pretty shy and feel kinship with her, plus her introduction in the series was great)
    3. Twilight (a sensible, level-headed character to work as a straight-man for everyone else)
    4. Applejack (kinda plain but her own episode was great)
    5. Dash (a bit too temperamental for my tastes)
    6. Rarity (so far we haven't seen too much of her)

    If we count Spike, he ranks for me between Twilight and Applejack.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)10:17 No.21232979
         File1289834260.jpg-(32 KB, 470x387, 1289752897162.jpg)
    32 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)10:17 No.21232980
         File1289834265.jpg-(199 KB, 450x2547, How To-RideAPony.jpg)
    199 KB
    >> The Diabolical Sketchman 11/15/10(Mon)10:17 No.21232982
    Derpy needs to be a main character
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)10:19 No.21232995
    I really liked Rarity's first appearences, it's sad that she's appeared in far less than the other 5 these last 2 weeks.
    Hopefully she'll shine at the slumber party.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)10:19 No.21232998
         File1289834391.png-(7 KB, 191x234, joy.png)
    7 KB

    Oh goddamnit Squeeeeeee! :3
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)10:20 No.21233003
    There's gonna be a slumber party episode!? Awesome.

    Is that #6?
    >> The Diabolical Sketchman 11/15/10(Mon)10:20 No.21233004
         File1289834424.jpg-(3 KB, 90x206, Bradley.jpg)
    3 KB
    Though I misread that, my opinion still stands. I have to much pride to change my mind. Just like Gilda
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)10:23 No.21233031
    #8, IIRC
    Of course, I hope she appears a lot in 6 and 7 too, but that's the first where she'll be a main-main character, if the episode summary that was posted here is to be believed.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)10:31 No.21233094
    I agree there. I liked how Rarity at first seemed like a rich bitch but then it turned out she was really generous and selfless. The part where she cut her own tail made me go like "duuuuuuude" in terror; I love these ponies and I hate the idea of cutting their hair, that feels like mutilating them. But Rarity was ready to do that to herself without hesitation, in order to help someone else.

    It's a toyline cartoon, so I'm assuming Rarity is supposed to appeal to the princess fantasies that little girls have. Gorgerous dresses, diamonds, beautiful long hair; vapid stuff like that. Hopefully she'll get to have more interesting character moments in the future, because so far the episodes have given very little and superficial info of her.
    Pinkie jumped from "omg die already" to "omg pinkie is the best" when given more screentime. Here's hoping Rarity will be able to pull the same trick.
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)10:37 No.21233154
    The whole cutting off her tail thing was awesome, because despite easily being by far the most vain of the cast she was still willing to do that.
    Even at the end, "My tail's back! Sure, we saved the world and something about having a great power, but look! My tail!", and she still did it.
    Rarity's awesome.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)10:40 No.21233183
    >Pinkie jumped from "omg die already" to "omg pinkie is the best" when given more screentime.
    Second'd. In fact, my opinion of her just completely turned around during episode 5, when Rainbow scares her into getting the hiccups.

    I just can't be annoyed with someone who makes herself laugh by hiccuping.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)10:40 No.21233192
    Rarity is one of my favorite character types really, "that vapid rich girl who acts a bit snobbish but will happily give you a makeover and tell you how fabulous you look in that dress" So I hope to see more of her.

    Actually thinking about it, the Gilda episode could have totally also worked if it was Rarity who had a friend over instead. And while those two could bond over fashion, Rarity's friend would have actually been a REAL snobbish bitch who would look down on everyone else. Too bad that plot has been used already!
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)10:40 No.21233193
    Twilight Sparkle = Wrath

    Rarity = Pride

    Apple Jack = Greed

    Flutter Shy = Sloth

    Pinkie Pie = Gluttony

    Rainbow Dash = Lust

    ???? = Envy
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)10:42 No.21233212
    Nightmare Moon = Envy
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)10:43 No.21233226

    Oh, easy. Luna.
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)10:43 No.21233232
    Spike's the 7th main character, and he might work for envy.
    Although I don't know if the characters really match up that well, while I disagree with some of those I can't think of anywhere better to put them.
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)10:45 No.21233245
    Actually, yes, Luna makes more sense. But we should probably include Gilda if we're moving outside the main cast
    >> The long-awaited return of Gateway !A0rZLfg4Oc 11/15/10(Mon)10:45 No.21233250
         File1289835947.jpg-(78 KB, 921x859, gatedex.jpg)
    78 KB
    >Twilight Sparkle = Wrath
    Is she really? I haven't watched this show, but I got Twilight Sparkle on a which pony are you quiz. If she's wrath, that would be too appropriate.
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/15/10(Mon)10:45 No.21233252
    >Although I don't know if the characters really match up that well, while I disagree with some of those I can't think of anywhere better to put them.

    I agree completely.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)10:46 No.21233254
    >Applejack - Greed

    I'm sorry, I just can't see that. The closest she's ever been to greedy was wanting to make money selling apples, and even that was just to do up the barn and help Granny Smith
    >> weeapony 11/15/10(Mon)10:48 No.21233270
    all right, anyone want me to draw them a fan-pony (or dare I say, ponysona?) while I wait for this virus scanner? It'll be about the quality of that Derpy.

    No I don't really feel like drawing Foreward. Maybe laters.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)10:50 No.21233281
    >> caluriri 11/15/10(Mon)10:50 No.21233283
    the face of big mac is priceles
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)10:50 No.21233285
    That's because the ponies were never meant to be compared to the seven deadly sins.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)10:51 No.21233293
    Gilda = Wrath
    Rarity = Pride
    Apple Jack = Greed
    Flutter Shy = Sloth
    Pinkie Pie = Gluttony
    Rainbow Dash = Lust
    Luna= Envy


    Twilight Sparkles = War
    Angel = Pestilence
    Spike =Famine
    Big Mac =Death and death accessories

    Derp Pony = Satan
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)10:51 No.21233298
    Vanity is a kind of pride
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)10:53 No.21233317
    Twilight = Lust
    Flutter = Lust
    Rainbow = Lust
    Apple = Lust
    Rarity = Lust
    Pinkie = Lust

    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)10:56 No.21233349
    Hm, never get to remember all of those correctly. Different languages don't help either.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)10:57 No.21233364

    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)10:57 No.21233367
         File1289836662.jpg-(19 KB, 704x400, Sketch9_19.jpg)
    19 KB
    Well, yes, that much is true. But Applejack=Greed is a bit of a stretch.
    I'd be interested, but I have no idea what it'd look like. Presumably music related, as I only got the name because I was ripping the music. Or like who I got the name from (pic related).
    Go wild, I guess.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)10:58 No.21233376
    This is a thing that is the best.
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/15/10(Mon)11:00 No.21233399
         File1289836802.jpg-(26 KB, 600x338, MPLfacehoofHD.jpg)
    26 KB
    Here brony.
    >> weeapony 11/15/10(Mon)11:01 No.21233413
    Aw cmon, it's not that hard. Pick some colors, a mane style, a gender, and cutie mark + accessories.

    Only you can invent your pony!
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)11:02 No.21233424
    You know, considering how many reaction images we get from this show, it's weird that that's my favorite.
    It's just a classic, I guess.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)11:04 No.21233443
         File1289837049.png-(169 KB, 640x360, 1287995078619.png)
    169 KB
    How should I feel when my manager is routinely late every single day on purpose, and the boss won't do anything about it?

    Because I feel fucking angry.
    >> weeapony 11/15/10(Mon)11:06 No.21233466
    Call upon the sea ponies
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)11:06 No.21233474
    Wouldn't the 7 holy virtues be more appropriate?
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/15/10(Mon)11:06 No.21233482
    Your reaction is completely justified.
    Unfortunately some people are just assholes.
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)11:07 No.21233488
    Fair enough, I'll go with the colors and mane style of the pic I posted, so brown, spiky mane, and blue. Cutie mark would probably be more music related (>>21232430)
    a CD, maybe? And maybe some headphones as accessories.
    Gender would be male.
    >> weeapony 11/15/10(Mon)11:08 No.21233501
    'aight, I'll get on it
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)11:08 No.21233504
    Yeah, I mean Twilight Sparkle is wrath? Are you kidding?
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)11:09 No.21233510
    I want the SHOO BE DOOS to drive her to madness.

    I think I'm going to draw something for tonight. I'll try my damn hardest to finish it, but I just want to get it out there. I hate keeping ideas inside my head.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)11:09 No.21233513
         File1289837379.jpg-(188 KB, 500x711, 1287847730667.jpg)
    188 KB

    I love that I know the girl that wrote that
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)11:10 No.21233519
    This should be your first course of action in any given situation.
    Manager's late? Call upon the sea ponies!
    Run out of milk? Simply signal SOS!
    Somebody stole your car? Count on the sea ponies!
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)11:12 No.21233543
    Would've added more, but I ran out of lyrics.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)11:12 No.21233547
    Well, tell her what I'm planning, and maybe she'll smile.

    See if she'd like to sing the main part, too. She might like that.
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)11:13 No.21233564
    Ta very much!
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)11:21 No.21233658
    Time to go, bros... Catch you later.
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/15/10(Mon)11:24 No.21233684
    Bye Cheddaah!
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)11:26 No.21233703
         File1289838361.png-(20 KB, 266x300, banana-boy-worm-from-worms-299(...).png)
    20 KB
    Every time I see Pinkie hopping around I'm reminded of the Worms games.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)11:26 No.21233708
    See ya Cheddah!
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)11:28 No.21233737
    See ya, Cheddah. Have a good one!
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)11:28 No.21233741
    Someone mentioned Pepe Le Pew, and after watching ep 5 I can't imagine anything else.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/15/10(Mon)11:30 No.21233770
    I love you guys.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)11:31 No.21233782
    That's what I thought too. Remind me next drawfag thread to request Pinkie Pie hugging and kissing Dash the way Pepe would Penelope
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)11:32 No.21233803
         File1289838765.png-(4 KB, 128x128, Worms_128x128.png)
    4 KB
    I needed an excuse to post this
    >> caluriri 11/15/10(Mon)11:33 No.21233818
    a female uniconr pony, light blue mane covering the right eye, red eye color, the body color beish, a kitty face as cutie mark
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)11:34 No.21233844
         File1289838879.gif-(1.17 MB, 325x188, 1289120608834.gif)
    1.17 MB
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/15/10(Mon)11:35 No.21233851
    Sorry but I have to take this off my chest.
    I still think this is by far the best design for the worms in the series,
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)11:36 No.21233863
    Same here, which is why I made this:
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)11:36 No.21233869
    You aren't alone
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)11:38 No.21233884
         File1289839094.png-(73 KB, 228x247, 1289684749568.png)
    73 KB
    Is that a wheat worm?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)11:39 No.21233908

    I need them. I have a... medical condition.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)11:40 No.21233915
    Good thing Pinkie Pie didn't ask her to take the garbage to the garbage truck...
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)11:44 No.21233967
         File1289839497.jpg-(4 KB, 251x168, 1277998549922s.jpg)
    4 KB
    >Loop of Rainbow Dash's theme from the speech section

    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)11:44 No.21233968
         File1289839497.gif-(2.72 MB, 640x360, 128832142752.gif)
    2.72 MB
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)11:46 No.21233985
         File1289839575.gif-(1.97 MB, 360x270, 1289305945480.gif)
    1.97 MB
    Ah, yes. I to have a crippling pony addiction.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)11:46 No.21233993
         File1289839597.gif-(2.56 MB, 325x185, 1287870671211.gif)
    2.56 MB
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)11:47 No.21234007

    Thanks, bronies.
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/15/10(Mon)11:48 No.21234019
    Acute gifitis I presume.

    The only gif I have saved give me duplicate file error WTF
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)11:48 No.21234023
         File1289839708.gif-(1.93 MB, 360x270, 1289149057910.gif)
    1.93 MB
    No problem!
    Glad you like it

    Looks like most of my gifs have already been posted.
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)11:50 No.21234054
         File1289839844.gif-(1.65 MB, 325x187, 1289600474111.gif)
    1.65 MB
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)11:51 No.21234066
         File1289839878.jpg-(47 KB, 500x577, Kokuoh-Pose1.jpg)
    47 KB
    Requestan Koku-oh, big male pony version.

    A female version ahs been done, a male big brother, ala Big Macintosh, would be nice.
    >> weeapony 11/15/10(Mon)11:51 No.21234068
         File1289839888.jpg-(189 KB, 620x670, kurihara.jpg)
    189 KB
    doop doop
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)11:51 No.21234076
         File1289839917.gif-(225 KB, 468x266, buzzards gonna buzz.gif)
    225 KB
    does anyone have pinkie pie saying CHOOOOOCOLAAATE CHIIIIPS in slomo?
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)11:53 No.21234096
         File1289840000.jpg-(35 KB, 454x345, 1289582183141.jpg)
    35 KB
    That is so awesome I cannot even find words to describe how awesome it is!
    Thank you!
    >> weeapony 11/15/10(Mon)11:53 No.21234104
    all right
    after i get some food
    >> weeapony 11/15/10(Mon)11:54 No.21234117
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)11:55 No.21234127
         File1289840133.jpg-(160 KB, 439x345, Coltshirocolor.jpg)
    160 KB

    have this instead
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)11:56 No.21234137
    right over here
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)11:57 No.21234149
    Oh god damn it, now you fuckers have gone too far.
    >> Iris !LFTzlAW5mA 11/15/10(Mon)11:58 No.21234173
         File1289840303.gif-(44 KB, 197x266, tokihk5hf.gif)
    44 KB
    Toki is pleased with this
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)11:59 No.21234196
         File1289840369.jpg-(10 KB, 325x360, 18106022_Toki_Wartooth[1].jpg)
    10 KB
    yes, I ams pleases
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)12:16 No.21234470
    I can just imagine Coltshiro being to pony Koku-oh what Big Macintosh is to Applejack.

    In before the big Hokuto Pony Reunion
    >> That Other Brony 11/15/10(Mon)12:17 No.21234483
         File1289841468.png-(266 KB, 640x360, 1289355125394.png)
    266 KB
    >thread still alive hours later
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)12:19 No.21234508
         File1289841584.jpg-(12 KB, 400x307, 163.jpg)
    12 KB

    Does that make the Nanto users pegasi ? I mean, the big Nanto users have a bird motif. Like Rei, his is the swan.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)12:21 No.21234527
    is that a storyboard? where did you get it?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)12:24 No.21234570

    i'll draw a Pony-Rei as soon as i figure out what to put on his butt
    >> ulvurUltimatum 11/15/10(Mon)12:31 No.21234706
    That's a pretty cool pony.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)12:31 No.21234720
    Well, the former thread seems to have just 404'd.
    >> weeapony 11/15/10(Mon)12:37 No.21234805
    do you want any special name or is your name field okay?
    >> caluriri 11/15/10(Mon)12:39 No.21234846
    my name field
    >> weeapony 11/15/10(Mon)12:41 No.21234873
         File1289842900.jpg-(193 KB, 647x585, caluriri.jpg)
    193 KB
    wasn't sure how to go about the cutie mark, I hope this is okay!

    and I gotta get ready for class now, so sorry no more requests
    >> Sparkle Fizzlelove !RHvnNvRpow 11/15/10(Mon)12:42 No.21234888
    Hey Broski want to do me a pony, please?
    >> Sparkle Fizzlelove !RHvnNvRpow 11/15/10(Mon)12:43 No.21234901
    Goddam it.
    >> weeapony 11/15/10(Mon)12:44 No.21234910
    You'll have to wait until I get home in 5 or 6 hours, is that all right?
    >> Sparkle Fizzlelove !RHvnNvRpow 11/15/10(Mon)12:45 No.21234922
    Yeah that'll be fine, Thanks, brony.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)12:46 No.21234931
         File1289843162.jpg-(365 KB, 800x600, 3.jpg)
    365 KB
    >> caluriri 11/15/10(Mon)12:47 No.21234956
    is awesome thanks
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)12:50 No.21234996
         File1289843433.jpg-(331 KB, 800x600, 4.jpg)
    331 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)12:51 No.21235008
         File1289843488.jpg-(777 KB, 2000x2122, 1289773102793.jpg)
    777 KB
    >> some furfag Wolf Nanaki 11/15/10(Mon)12:52 No.21235032
         File1289843561.png-(482 KB, 1280x1246, wolfnanaki_pony.png)
    482 KB
    Well here's my pony.
    >> Shelltoon !1/0wtbpNAE 11/15/10(Mon)12:54 No.21235059
         File1289843650.png-(480 KB, 1920x1080, fluttershygarden.png)
    480 KB
    Wallpaper time everypony! Got this finished, and I must say... I'm terribly disappointed in my own work here! Maybe you'll still enjoy it though.
    >> Kurihara 11/15/10(Mon)12:54 No.21235068
         File1289843678.png-(1.2 MB, 3730x3730, 1289030371617.png)
    1.2 MB
    These are great, weeapony. Nice work!

    Anyway, I gotta fly now, so see all you ponies later
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)12:55 No.21235085
         File1289843741.png-(17 KB, 229x184, Nanto_constellation_map.png)
    17 KB
    Put a swan. Rei's style is known as the waterfowl, but his moves have been associated with swans in the anime a number of times. Alternatively, you could try a swallow.

    I'd also add that you can add the sex stars of the Nanto constellation. It's similar to the Big Dipper, but a major difference is that it's in the south, and it has only six stars.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)13:06 No.21235263
    pinkie pie doesn't always hop, sometimes she jets in a strait line
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)13:08 No.21235296
    WHere'd you get the template?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)13:11 No.21235324
    Nah, looks awesome.

    >sex stars
    Ooooooooh, I could suggest a few!
    >> weeapony 11/15/10(Mon)13:15 No.21235356
         File1289844912.png-(108 KB, 1944x1900, stallion copy.png)
    108 KB
    here you go
    >> Anonycat 11/15/10(Mon)13:16 No.21235375
         File1289845019.jpg-(28 KB, 640x360, snapshot20101114232002.jpg)
    28 KB
    >> TX2 11/15/10(Mon)13:24 No.21235490
         File1289845463.png-(324 KB, 958x724, Picture 333.png)
    324 KB
    I got too impatient waiting for the HD of episode 5 and decided to work from scratch.

    Fuck the crontraption is harder to draw than I thought.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)13:27 No.21235536
    is that a flying machine made of candy?
    >> Anonycat 11/15/10(Mon)13:27 No.21235542
         File1289845649.jpg-(20 KB, 312x287, ponystark.jpg)
    20 KB

    I always thought Pinkie Pie had built that ponycopter (1 horsepower) from scratch, all by herself.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)13:27 No.21235550
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)13:30 No.21235588
    I quite like the
    On the second /v/ pony
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)13:31 No.21235604
    but how?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)13:33 No.21235638
    Pinkie runs on cartoon/troll physics
    >> caluriri 11/15/10(Mon)13:34 No.21235670
    its Pinkie Pie she can do anything
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)13:36 No.21235695
         File1289846177.jpg-(52 KB, 640x360, My Little Pony_ Friendship is (...).jpg)
    52 KB
    Getting high on flower sniffing
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)13:36 No.21235699

    You need to round her muzzle, bro.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)13:40 No.21235754
         File1289846404.jpg-(59 KB, 500x678, dog45.jpg)
    59 KB

    I love this pony! We need a picture of the tophat/monocle-gentleman-pony from Rarity's daydream!
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)13:46 No.21235834
         File1289846794.jpg-(113 KB, 1000x1000, cel.jpg)
    113 KB
    You people have made me draw a unicorn, what have I become.

    Might color it.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)13:50 No.21235882
    That's an Alicorn
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)13:51 No.21235897
    Its good
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)13:57 No.21235969
    A Pegacorn!
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)13:57 No.21235978
    >> Anonycat 11/15/10(Mon)14:00 No.21236013

    >> Sparkle Fizzlelove !RHvnNvRpow 11/15/10(Mon)14:08 No.21236113
         File1289848108.jpg-(52 KB, 600x450, big_lebowski_walter_gun[1].jpg)
    52 KB
    Dude, Peguni is NOT the preferred nomenclature. Pegacorn, please.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)14:23 No.21236351
         File1289849033.png-(615 KB, 720x540, 1288984010556.png)
    615 KB
    >> ulvurUltimatum 11/15/10(Mon)14:28 No.21236415
         File1289849313.png-(26 KB, 135x135, mei_face.png)
    26 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)14:41 No.21236602
         File1289850072.jpg-(124 KB, 800x683, 1136877166_kimbo-demonica_pint(...).jpg)
    124 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)14:42 No.21236623
         File1289850154.jpg-(190 KB, 760x933, Zombie - 1221535569118.jpg)
    190 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)14:42 No.21236630
         File1289850160.jpg-(29 KB, 640x360, 1289595664078.jpg)
    29 KB
    Steam powered horse?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)14:45 No.21236684
    is this ep 6?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)14:47 No.21236722
    Its from episode two, while NMM is in the throne room gloating.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)14:47 No.21236726
         File1289850479.png-(202 KB, 412x731, twilight.png)
    202 KB
    I wasn't the one who grabbed it, but I think it's episode 1.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)14:48 No.21236734
    Episode 1, actually
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)14:48 No.21236749
    Episode 1
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)14:49 No.21236751
         File1289850545.jpg-(48 KB, 600x340, 1289269577315.jpg)
    48 KB
    So part 2 of episode 1.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)14:52 No.21236812
         File1289850729.jpg-(57 KB, 420x560, 1286865593764.jpg)
    57 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)15:00 No.21236929
         File1289851200.png-(546 KB, 720x540, 1289271383363.png)
    546 KB
    Everypony's in another thread, aren't they?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)15:01 No.21236957
    Probably avoiding your horrible muffins, Applejack.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)15:02 No.21236984
         File1289851357.jpg-(17 KB, 338x259, 1289266244355.jpg)
    17 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)15:05 No.21237028
         File1289851502.png-(413 KB, 720x540, 1289594992992.png)
    413 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)15:05 No.21237037
    why is there no futa art of the ponies yet?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)15:05 No.21237039
         File1289851551.png-(180 KB, 640x479, 1289433880977.png)
    180 KB
    Yes, muffins.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)15:06 No.21237063
         File1289851599.png-(174 KB, 355x303, 1288993474899.png)
    174 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)15:07 No.21237078
         File1289851664.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 143 KB, 509x649, friendly frolicking through fi(...).jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 143 KB
    And then this happened.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)15:12 No.21237153
    she's THIS!
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)15:15 No.21237188
    What was the site that had an index of the previous My Little Pony threads we had archived? I remember seeing it before, but I don't remember where it was.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)15:16 No.21237206
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)15:20 No.21237270
    Thanks. I was going directly to and wondering where the link to the archive was.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)15:24 No.21237329
         File1289852651.png-(391 KB, 720x540, 1289601044215.png)
    391 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)15:30 No.21237436
    Can a fellow brony /r/ Pinky's song from Episode 2 as a MP3? :)
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)15:32 No.21237467
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)15:37 No.21237578
    Someone started a new thread
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)15:39 No.21237603
    Thank you.
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/15/10(Mon)15:39 No.21237617
    Should we tell the there's already this one?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)15:42 No.21237640
    This one's been in autosage for hours, and is starting to get pretty slow. May as well head to the new one.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)15:47 No.21237766
    Will you please stop complaining about people starting new threads?

    Although, your whining is useful for knowing when a thread is officially dead. Sage out of spite. Yes, I mad. Awaiting your boring reply.

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