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    File : 1289592635.jpg-(119 KB, 900x720, More_MLP_by_Sibsy.jpg)
    119 KB Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:10 No.21167467  
    the griffin was awesome. too bad she was a bitch.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:12 No.21167501
         File1289592769.jpg-(12 KB, 170x319, abigail.jpg)
    12 KB
    I was actually really glad pinky was like, "aw hell no we're not pranking fluttershy" what was the griffin's name?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:13 No.21167507
    Youtube linkage?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:15 No.21167534

    got pensivepine's page in a tab, still not up, said would be a little late.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:17 No.21167578
    If I remember right, she said it would be uploaded sometime this evening.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:18 No.21167582
    I was at work. What did they spoof this episode?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:19 No.21167611
    There were some Pepe LePew/Droopy references at the beginning.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:20 No.21167635
    don't think it's up yet. it just premired at 1:20 EST.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:35 No.21167895
         File1289594133.png-(141 KB, 640x360, 1289313602291.png)
    141 KB
    I kept hearing anons calling her Hilda in the old thread.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:35 No.21167896
    shit, i never saw this! dam, time to remove my other thread?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:36 No.21167905
         File1289594179.png-(426 KB, 600x777, 1289275925309.png)
    426 KB
    Link them here, let that thread die.

    Welcome aboard.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:37 No.21167931
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:37 No.21167933

    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:38 No.21167943
         File1289594299.png-(49 KB, 234x228, 1288996255891.png)
    49 KB
    I meant Gilda, where tf did that H come from?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:39 No.21167966
    It was Gilda.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:39 No.21167968
    And this is why you assholes get spammed.

    We don't need 5 of these threads.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:40 No.21167985
         File1289594449.jpg-(33 KB, 688x470, hilda.jpg)
    33 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:41 No.21167998
         File1289594481.jpg-(37 KB, 640x480, 1289268390148.jpg)
    37 KB
    That was an unfortunate typo on my part.
    >Disregard me, I am faggots.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:41 No.21168002
    im already abord, i just never saw this on the front page till about 5 mins ago, and i was to late, i had already posted it
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:41 No.21168007
    Why does the concept art always looks better than the in-show animation, even when the concept art like OP is almost identical to the model sheets?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:43 No.21168029
         File1289594587.jpg-(61 KB, 1205x881, waitno.jpg)
    61 KB
    Ehh.. I don't want to be a buzz kill or anything, but do you people realize that this show is about.. Unicorns? I - i know that you can watch whatever you want, but unicorns? Well. Who am i to judge?

    Off to watch the teletubbies.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:43 No.21168031
    Because quick gesture drawings have a different quality to them than artwork that somebody has taken their time on.

    It's like taking a copy of a copy of a copy.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:43 No.21168038
    A new episode aired just now, please forgive the overexcited ponies.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:43 No.21168039
    Because flash animators are encouraged to do as little redrawing of parts to save time and get more animation done. Which results in same old parts being used which don't always look as nice.
    >> Mr. Laufeyson !!kK58is3xSuD 11/12/10(Fri)15:43 No.21168040
    doesn't anyone on this board live in america and own a capture device ? is there a download link for last week's ep yeT?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:44 No.21168050
         File1289594650.png-(104 KB, 564x388, 1288991929478.png)
    104 KB
    Fuck yeah, unicorns!
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:44 No.21168053
    kk, have fun melting your brain
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:45 No.21168069
    There's only a few unicorns.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:45 No.21168070

    Pensivepine does, i guess.

    was here a couple of days a go
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:45 No.21168072
    The HD version that was uploaded was missing the vocals. I think the person who provides us with downloads is waiting on the fixed version.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:45 No.21168077
    Nuh-uh, only four characters are unicorns! The rest are either pegasi or regular ol' talking ponies.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:46 No.21168099
    Oh, my fucking god my brains is melting!

    Regards >>21168029
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:47 No.21168118
         File1289594861.png-(121 KB, 640x360, bwahaha.png)
    121 KB
    >brains is

    Tee hee.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:47 No.21168120
    Actually, after rewatching the first episode, I noticed that ALL of the ponies attending Canterlot University were unicorns.

    More proof of the pony class system at work.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:48 No.21168128
    hey man if deckard can dream about unicorns then i can watch a show about them
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:48 No.21168137
         File1289594910.jpg-(32 KB, 257x336, BabyDanceAround0.jpg)
    32 KB
    ♪ Dance Dance Dance
    Dance Dance Dance ♫

    Baby Dance Around
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:48 No.21168142
         File1289594926.jpg-(108 KB, 1600x800, 1288470024395.jpg)
    108 KB
    Sadly I gotta sit here and wait for the youtube to get posted. But thats ok.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:49 No.21168146
    Cancer killing /co/.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:49 No.21168153
    I don't think it was Canterlot University so much as it was Pony Hogwarts.

    And Pegasi and Earth Ponies can't magic.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:49 No.21168167
         File1289594992.png-(413 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-12-15h48m04s22(...).png)
    413 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:50 No.21168184
    They also can't pick up books and flip through pages.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:50 No.21168186
    Well it was some kind of magic school. Only unicorns can use magic because their horns are critical components.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:51 No.21168200
    Except for Pinkie, of course - she has some kind of interdimensional phasing ability.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:51 No.21168202
    whered you get that!?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:51 No.21168212
         File1289595093.jpg-(91 KB, 1024x513, MLP_II_by_Sibsy.jpg)
    91 KB
    thank god I'm not the only one.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:52 No.21168223
    If by talking about cartoons on a cartoon board is cancer. Then we are uhm..terminal?
    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 11/12/10(Fri)15:52 No.21168231
         File1289595129.jpg-(45 KB, 640x360, Spikew.jpg)
    45 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:53 No.21168245
         File1289595193.png-(616 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-12-15h48m12s30.png)
    616 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:53 No.21168258
    sage the cancer.

    Together we can win this fight.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:54 No.21168271
    Pinkie can sue hammerspace.

    she is the Pony of Holding
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:54 No.21168275
         File1289595274.png-(397 KB, 481x453, dontyoulikewrestling.png)
    397 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:54 No.21168278
         File1289595284.gif-(1.5 MB, 203x191, 1256329676300.gif)
    1.5 MB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:55 No.21168285
         File1289595321.png-(282 KB, 616x597, 1288805160823.png)
    282 KB
    i mean use. poopy
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:55 No.21168287
    He recorded it and isn't uploading it to Youtube, duh.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:55 No.21168291
         File1289595347.jpg-(237 KB, 792x726, HIT IT.jpg)
    237 KB
    OH MAN they told me the gryphon was butch but I really wasn't fully prepared.

    Dash was totally bangin that.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:55 No.21168294
    >doing anything at all
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:57 No.21168316
    That is one butch Griffin.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:58 No.21168344
         File1289595521.png-(326 KB, 586x827, reading paper batman.png)
    326 KB
    sure is nice to not only have The Hub, but to also have my DVR set to record all episodes of MLP so I can watch them over and over before they get uploaded.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)15:58 No.21168349
    /co/ is for comics AND cartoons. MLP falls into the 'cartoon' category.

    So deal with it.
    >> TheGoodTripfag !!B+UyoJBme5Y 11/12/10(Fri)15:59 No.21168363

    So, are you slowly trying to drive the thread into auto-sage or you dont know how sage works?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:01 No.21168394
         File1289595664.jpg-(29 KB, 640x360, 1289124753968.jpg)
    29 KB
    Countdown to inevitable Dash/Glinda porn in 5, 4, 3-

    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 11/12/10(Fri)16:01 No.21168404
         File1289595696.jpg-(78 KB, 640x360, Spikex.jpg)
    78 KB
    Same here.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:03 No.21168439
         File1289595789.jpg-(46 KB, 1017x768, 1254042262981.jpg)
    46 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:04 No.21168450
         File1289595845.jpg-(60 KB, 446x334, ohyoureserious.jpg)
    60 KB
    he probably also thinks "sage" is pronounced like the herb
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:05 No.21168470
         File1289595915.jpg-(42 KB, 150x150, 1276627804384.jpg)
    42 KB
    >just found out i have this channel
    >no DVR
    >my face
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:05 No.21168477
         File1289595935.jpg-(572 KB, 900x1115, 552014 - Malachi Strawberry_Sh(...).jpg)
    572 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:07 No.21168509
    ok, i dont want too many spoilers but tell me, does Pinkie sing in the newest episode?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:08 No.21168528
         File1289596094.png-(590 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-12-15h48m59s19(...).png)
    590 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:08 No.21168533
         File1289596108.png-(22 KB, 119x135, excited.png)
    22 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:08 No.21168534
    Wait that griff is a female? No i did not watch the new episode yet.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:08 No.21168538
    it isn't? how do you say it?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:09 No.21168549
    so songs, sadly
    >> Forward 2.0 !!pbL8zEzJEl6 11/12/10(Fri)16:09 No.21168555

    "Pinkie sings" is becoming rare enough to be a drinking game rule on its own, without qualifications.
    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 11/12/10(Fri)16:09 No.21168556
    She does not.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:10 No.21168567
    Delicious angry Fluttershy~
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:10 No.21168572

    As in "sageru".
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:10 No.21168573
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:11 No.21168578
    So I've got a cosplay Idea that I, even being male, can do without shame.

    I need a green wig with a very strait cut to it
    a pale orange jacket and pants
    and finally a bag of apples and an emblem of a snail for the back of my jacket.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:11 No.21168585
    "I'm a year older than you"
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:13 No.21168615

    I like how she was getting mad even though Pinkie was essentially hinting that Gilda was gonna get her just desserts at that party.

    Even if canonically Pinkie wasn't planning revenge my love for BatPink is too strong
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:16 No.21168658
    >to google!
    >Japanese verb sageru - to lower, hang
    Ohhhh now that makes sense
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:18 No.21168694
    Mmmm, desserts.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:19 No.21168706
         File1289596752.png-(115 KB, 852x480, 1288066882627.png)
    115 KB

    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:20 No.21168732
         File1289596850.png-(604 KB, 2297x2319, twilightspike.png)
    604 KB
    There should be one later this evening.

    Don't worry, there are a few of us waiting.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:22 No.21168753
    speaking of which, was there ever a .mkv of ep4 with the audio working?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:24 No.21168787
         File1289597059.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 28 KB, 480x640, MLP FIM.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 28 KB
    here ya go!
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:25 No.21168804
         File1289597109.png-(669 KB, 1951x1719, celestia2.png)
    669 KB
    As far as I know, they're still waiting on the Hub to upload the fixed video.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:26 No.21168822
    Alright, I can wait for this. Penis Vine should have it uploaded soon.

    I'm really getting giddy about this episode. I hope to see My waifu Fluttershy. ^_^
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:26 No.21168824
    Bravissimo, good sir
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:26 No.21168829
         File1289597198.png-(156 KB, 800x1256, MLP_Lineart_11_Sea_Pony_by_Moo(...).png)
    156 KB
    Did someone call?
    >> ♥missy♥ 11/12/10(Fri)16:28 No.21168860
         File1289597305.gif-(861 KB, 468x266, 1288943979386.gif)
    861 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:29 No.21168885
         File1289597375.jpg-(30 KB, 474x271, 1289060332243.jpg)
    30 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:30 No.21168896
    >no gorespammer

    I hope he got permabanned and is too stupid to know how to get around it.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:31 No.21168918
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:32 No.21168939
    Hey, just because I don't want to make another thread to ask this. But does anyoe have the drinking game rules?
    >> Forward 2.0 !!pbL8zEzJEl6 11/12/10(Fri)16:33 No.21168961
    Give me a second to update the copypasta.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:33 No.21168968
    Don't worry, as long as it's pony-related, it's all welcome in the main pony threads! We like to stay out of the rest of /co/'s way if possible.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:34 No.21168975
    Drinking Game Rules: Revised as of episode 4
    For safety and survival, it is recommended to play socially, and each person picks no more than 3 situations from the following list:

    -Pinkie Pie talks too fast or starts singing
    -Pinkie Pie's insanity is lampshaded by the other ponies (2 shots if Twilight)
    -A pony bites another pony's tail (2 shots if Applejack and Rainbow Dash)
    -Horse-related puns
    -A male pony appears but doesn't speak
    -Big McIntosh speaks (2 shots)
    -Something makes you d'awwww (2 shots if Fluttershy)
    -Rarity orgasms over fashion
    -Angel corrects Fluttershy
    -Rainbow Dash knocks over another pony
    -Anyone amusingly adopts or abuses the art of alliteration
    -5 shots if you skip the opening theme

    Former rules that now qualify as health hazards:

    -Applejack says "apple"
    -Twilight Sparkle teleports
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:34 No.21168979

    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:38 No.21169066
    go on and get on with it, the upload won't be until later tonight
    >> Forward 2.0 !!pbL8zEzJEl6 11/12/10(Fri)16:39 No.21169077
    Proposed revisions:

    -a non-pony animal speaks.
    -lesbian innuendo (2 if Dash)
    -Angel corrects Fluttershy --> Fluttershy mentions bunnies (Angel's been in one out of five so far, I begin to doubt we'll see him again).
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:41 No.21169121
         File1289598064.png-(154 KB, 665x769, rosie.png)
    154 KB
    To pass the time, I made a pony with the template. Her name is Rosie Posey :3c

    I may try to adjust the template a bit later, it's a bit hard to work with since the lines and fills are on the same layer. I'd like to make a version that's just the lines. That, and the template ears are too small.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:41 No.21169126
    There haven't been any episodes that really feature Fluttershy yet, though.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:42 No.21169146
    She's super cute.
    >> !bgREVLN8FU 11/12/10(Fri)16:43 No.21169163
    There's a template?
    >> Forward 2.0 !!pbL8zEzJEl6 11/12/10(Fri)16:43 No.21169173
    I know. But I feel like the best drinking game rules are the ones that are likely to happen once per episode, but maybe not every episode, and occasionally happen repeatedly in an episode.

    I suppose we can just keep the Angel rule on there, just in case.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:44 No.21169184
    Just in case those that missed it, here was the "During Episode Thread"

    so you can catch up!
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:44 No.21169195
    >Fluttershy-centric episode

    I don't think my body is ready for cuteness of that magnitude...
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:45 No.21169202
         File1289598327.png-(58 KB, 607x491, Tempony.png)
    58 KB
    No colors
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:45 No.21169208
    Anyone know if hub fixed their ep 4?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:46 No.21169218
    what program do you use?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:47 No.21169234
    Oh, cool! Thanks.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:48 No.21169250
         File1289598480.jpg-(482 KB, 1267x736, StarCatcherWIP.jpg)
    482 KB
    A nine year old version of Paint Shop Pro.

    Star Catcher, why are your wings so huge? Are you some kind of mutant?

    Star Catcher is voiced by Lenore Zann, who is best known as the voice of Rogue from X-Men TAS
    >> !bgREVLN8FU 11/12/10(Fri)16:48 No.21169253
    Sweet. Time to make an intentionally annoying Mary Sue original character.

    Then maybe I'll make a real one later. We need more hairstyles. Maybe GlamourKat can pass on the hair things that she was working on for the website. She works on the website, right?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:49 No.21169274
         File1289598546.png-(597 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-12-15h48m29s22(...).png)
    597 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:49 No.21169279
    The toy StarCatcher's wings were the blue foil which is a lot longer than the plastic ones.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:50 No.21169293
         File1289598602.png-(532 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-12-16h41m23s21(...).png)
    532 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:50 No.21169306
    I know she's making a new pony generator to surpass the website's one. I offered to help with assets, but no word since a day or so ago.

    As for hairstyles it's not too hard to draw your own.

    Is there a male pony template? If not, if someone can supply a few good reference screenshots I will whip one up in photoshop.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:50 No.21169308
    Pinkie Pie's legs look weird here.
    >> Forward 2.0 !!pbL8zEzJEl6 11/12/10(Fri)16:50 No.21169310
    >Time to make an intentionally annoying Mary Sue original character.

    ...This show is so devoid of SRS BUSINESS I have trouble imagining that.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:51 No.21169318

    Ravenheart Celestialpower is the secret third sister of Celestia and Luna. She was always more powerful than her sisters but let them run night and day because she was too busy with all of her friends. She is half earth pony, half Pegasus, and half unicorn so has all the powers of them. She is black and her main is black with a red strip in it, her cutie mark is the sun and the moon since she can control both. All the ponies in ponyville love her and she is the most magical and athletic of all of them.

    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:51 No.21169332
         File1289598713.png-(571 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-12-16h40m51s14(...).png)
    571 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:52 No.21169340
    >a pissed off Fluttershy

    Never did I dream such a thing was possible
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:52 No.21169349
    she was crying just minutes earlier.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:52 No.21169352
    Starcatcher is a small Celestia. Also the more comparisons with the previous gens I see, the more I appreciate FiM designs
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:53 No.21169357
    Status: TOLD
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:53 No.21169359
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:53 No.21169361
    Rainbow Dash's evil ex GF Gilda makes her cry.

    Because she is a vicious cunt because Dash left her heartbroken.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:54 No.21169382
         File1289598878.png-(450 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-12-16h45m27s15.png)
    450 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:54 No.21169388
    Dammit, why isn't this online yet?!
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:55 No.21169397
    has more?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:56 No.21169407
    This is begging to be shopped. BEGGING.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:56 No.21169411
         File1289598978.png-(469 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-12-16h48m23s65.png)
    469 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:57 No.21169434
         File1289599039.jpg-(33 KB, 473x271, freckles.jpg)
    33 KB
    here's one of Freckles. idk his real name.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:57 No.21169439
    1st thing that came to my mind when I saw that
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:57 No.21169449
    We need a remake of the classic eat candy vag picture.

    "Be a dyke pony
    Break Griffin hearts"
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:58 No.21169462
         File1289599125.jpg-(39 KB, 241x291, joker2.jpg)
    39 KB

    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:58 No.21169464
         File1289599125.png-(196 KB, 539x409, 1289566780531.png)
    196 KB
    one of Applejack's male cousins.
    >> S 11/12/10(Fri)16:58 No.21169465
    >> groove_armada 11/12/10(Fri)16:59 No.21169471
    That is one hot Griffin
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)16:59 No.21169481
    Ha thanks. Kinda neat that theyre not afraid to go with atypical face shapes. Looking for more of the generic build though, ala the males from Rarity's visions of the Gala or the guards/chariot pullers.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:00 No.21169500
    Cute, but the feathers on her head scream lesbian.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:00 No.21169501
    ooh, better!

    >captcha Winini hearers
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:00 No.21169502
    That's Mr. Cake.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:01 No.21169506
    I have no idea, it won't even load for me.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:01 No.21169508
         File1289599274.png-(466 KB, 720x540, sparkleah.png)
    466 KB
    I don't have PS but.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:02 No.21169529
    if you say so. to me he's Jimmy Jenkins McFreckles.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:02 No.21169532
         File1289599372.png-(169 KB, 800x1256, oceanspray.png)
    169 KB
    I made a seapony. Her name is Ocean Spray.

    Shoo be doo, shoo shoo be doo.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:03 No.21169546
         File1289599432.jpg-(14 KB, 467x266, heh.jpg)
    14 KB
    I left the swatches because I am suave like that.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:04 No.21169553

    Holy fuck what?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:05 No.21169563

    She acts ultra dyke to. The episode all but explicitly states she is Dash's jealous ex.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:05 No.21169565
    >Jimmy Jenkins McFreckles

    That was his name before he got married, now he's Jimmy Jenkins Cake.

    In Equestria, the male assume the female's surname upon marriage.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:05 No.21169567
    Looking at that hair, I think she should be called Aquafresh.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:05 No.21169575
    i think you mean "Griffon"
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:06 No.21169591
    he seems so young to be married. like, 18-20.

    i'd also like for Sugarcube Corner to be more like a soda bar.

    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:06 No.21169592
    FFFFFFFFFFFFFffffffffffffff can't wait for a link!
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:07 No.21169596
    gryphon, griffon, and griffin are all appropriate spellings.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:07 No.21169602
         File1289599650.png-(25 KB, 1319x226, Ep5.png)
    25 KB
    Episode summery, do not enlarge if you fear spoilers.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:07 No.21169611
    Aquafresh it is then.

    Sorry I suck at digital art.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:08 No.21169617
    How the fuck can you tell his age?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:08 No.21169619
    what? he looks like at least a 40 year old pony.
    >> Kurihara 11/12/10(Fri)17:08 No.21169626
         File1289599737.jpg-(67 KB, 600x338, PARTY.jpg)
    67 KB
    For anyone who missed it, I'm the pony who ripped some audio from the dialogue-less episode 4.
    Anyway, I've reuploaded the files separately in a mediafire folder, so you can download them one by one, if you prefer it that way. Tracks are ordered by where they appear in the episode, along with a title that should help you place them.
    The rar is still there

    Copied from last thread
    >After spending some time in the lab, I've managed to get slightly less than 10 mins of music out of episode 4, in 12 files.
    >As I've mentioned, there's quite a bit of talking. I've gone around it as much as I can, but there's still a couple of instances where it's audible on the tracks. A couple of scenes I've had to cut more from than I wanted, such as the speech scene, and the entire baking scene.
    >The quality isn't the best, but it's passable.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:09 No.21169627
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:10 No.21169645
         File1289599806.png-(509 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-12-16h39m41s17(...).png)
    509 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:10 No.21169647
         File1289599812.jpg-(10 KB, 229x280, unbranded-ron-howard-autograph.jpg)
    10 KB
    cause he looks like this to me
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:11 No.21169661
    Pinkie: SHOO BEE DOO
    >> Manefag 11/12/10(Fri)17:12 No.21169694
    >this episode

    Oh, excellent. While I found this one to be a little below par, it's still quite decent, and now we know Griffins are a thing in Ponyworld.

    I wonder, are they all as standoffish as Glinda, or is she just...well, a bitch?

    Also, that pic is just begging to have "OP IS A FAG" shooped on. Don't blame me, it's 4chan tradition.
    >> GlamourKat !!j7GseF0MEb9 11/12/10(Fri)17:12 No.21169701
    Wanders into the thread. Sees these posts. Feels guilty for doing actual work and not making poneys.

    Hi bronies. I have to admit I've been busy. >.>

    Also I don't work on anything official for MLP, just so you know. I'm just a huge fan. :)
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:12 No.21169704
         File1289599975.png-(534 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-12-16h39m56s12(...).png)
    534 KB
    >> Kurihara 11/12/10(Fri)17:14 No.21169734
         File1289600057.png-(195 KB, 309x385, Fonz_Pic[1].png)
    195 KB
    Hey Cunningham, am I gonna have to wait all day, or are you gonna get on and make those baked goods?
    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 11/12/10(Fri)17:14 No.21169735
         File1289600059.png-(518 KB, 728x1564, average pony discussion.png)
    518 KB
    Here you go.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:14 No.21169737
         File1289600064.jpg-(215 KB, 720x540, whydontweseeherhooves.jpg)
    215 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:14 No.21169738
    This episode took a completely different turn than I thought It would. It seemed like it was setting itself up for one of those "This guy takes the pranking too far and then everyone gets mad" episodes.
    >> GlamourKat !!j7GseF0MEb9 11/12/10(Fri)17:14 No.21169741
         File1289600080.png-(122 KB, 824x1249, SeawinkleG4.png)
    122 KB
    Oh wait, I did make this.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:14 No.21169742
         File1289600080.png-(432 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-12-16h46m23s15.png)
    432 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:14 No.21169747
         File1289600091.png-(145 KB, 480x360, 1289066055290.png)
    145 KB
    as a side note
    >Google "Happy Days"
    >second image result
    >my face
    >> GlamourKat !!j7GseF0MEb9 11/12/10(Fri)17:15 No.21169772
         File1289600143.png-(303 KB, 1425x1800, LYDIAPONEH.png)
    303 KB
    And this.
    man this sucks, I'm sorry
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:17 No.21169809
    What, all I see is a picture of a bunch of indian people.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:18 No.21169831
    ...must not rape...
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:18 No.21169840
    You are officially my favorite custom pony maker.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:18 No.21169845
    Can someone post the lyrics to the /co/ified opening?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:19 No.21169865
    Is ep 4 with dialog up somewhere?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:19 No.21169871
    it;s just weird that it's the second result among all the other Happy Days (the show) related images.
    >> Kurihara 11/12/10(Fri)17:19 No.21169876
    If someone has it, we need to include /co/rral in it.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:19 No.21169879
    FUCK YEAH STAR CATCHER MY FAVORITE PONY :3 I even have the movie and the toy.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:19 No.21169884
         File1289600393.png-(460 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-12-16h48m04s11(...).png)
    460 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:21 No.21169908
    Fuck yeah, I almost forgot about Dash's bitchin' cloud palace.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:21 No.21169909
         File1289600474.gif-(1.65 MB, 325x187, 1289248997082.gif)
    1.65 MB
    I have that set too.

    Her hair is soooo pretty.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:21 No.21169910
         File1289600482.png-(557 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-12-16h42m13s16.png)
    557 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:21 No.21169915
    Financed by pimpin money.
    >> Kurihara 11/12/10(Fri)17:21 No.21169920
    Not as far as I'm aware.
    Still, I figured I might as well make the best of a bad situation and get some nice BGM out of it.
    Hopefully it'll be useful to anypony working on a flash or something similar. Or just to listen to.
    >> Shelltoon !1/0wtbpNAE 11/12/10(Fri)17:22 No.21169950
    Do not spam Princess Celestia.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:23 No.21169954
    NO, seriously, how the fuck do you get a rip without DIALOG???
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:23 No.21169958
    I looked at that and I was all like "WELL GEE, I WONDER WHAT'S GETTING MADE INTO A TOY."

    Just you wait. I betcha that's going to be one of the first.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:23 No.21169962
    >Dash's house

    Holy shit! Girl's rollin' in the dough.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:23 No.21169965
    The Hub fucked up the encode
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:23 No.21169966
    Somepony in another thread joked about dubbing their own audio over the top, but I don't think they started anything.

    Anypony want to take that challenge?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:23 No.21169968
         File1289600632.jpg-(74 KB, 599x337, spike stripper.jpg)
    74 KB
    A quick macro I threw together.
    >> Kurihara 11/12/10(Fri)17:24 No.21169980
         File1289600665.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 9 KB, 126x121, derp pony.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 9 KB
    thats not funny, thats how my cousin derped
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:24 No.21169983
    Oh, be quiet. I actually kinda like it without. It's like the classic Looney Tunes with no talking.

    The constant birdsong was a little surprising, though.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:24 No.21169992
    I'm surprised no one is taking the opportunity to make a fandub since we have episode 4 with no dialog.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:25 No.21169996
    that can only end well.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:25 No.21170015
    I also noticed that Dash's theme at the podium was like some 80's style synth music. It seemed appropriate for some reason.
    >> GlamourKat !!j7GseF0MEb9 11/12/10(Fri)17:25 No.21170016
         File1289600749.png-(39 KB, 125x137, 1289098357849.png)
    39 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:26 No.21170018
         File1289600766.jpg-(114 KB, 720x540, found.jpg)
    114 KB
    >> !bgREVLN8FU 11/12/10(Fri)17:26 No.21170020
    They probably converted it wrong when changing it from whatever TV format they use to flv, or whatever.

    I dunno.
    >> Kurihara 11/12/10(Fri)17:26 No.21170038
    They left >>21169980
    in charge of uploading it
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:28 No.21170079
         File1289600914.png-(489 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-12-16h40m31s19(...).png)
    489 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:28 No.21170085
    Yeah, I really liked that.

    If I had talent, or will, or any of the required attributes, I'd probably make a Flashdance AMV about RD.
    >> Kurihara 11/12/10(Fri)17:28 No.21170086
    Confound these birds
    They drive me to lose faith in my music rip
    The speech medley is probably one of my favorite musical parts, although you can hear Pinky at one point.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:29 No.21170093
    please someone draw Derpy hooves fumbling at the controls of the Hub channel
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:29 No.21170096
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:29 No.21170104
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:30 No.21170113
    Could someone hook a brony up with the episode 4 link?
    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 11/12/10(Fri)17:30 No.21170114
         File1289601016.jpg-(225 KB, 728x2162, average pony discussion F.jpg)
    225 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:30 No.21170121
         File1289601044.png-(391 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-12-16h39m25s24(...).png)
    391 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:31 No.21170144
         File1289601115.png-(465 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-12-16h47m00s24(...).png)
    465 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:32 No.21170151
         File1289601133.jpg-(42 KB, 500x375, enough.jpg)
    42 KB
    >> Kurihara 11/12/10(Fri)17:32 No.21170153
    I've still got the files I was working with earlier, I could have a look at knocking a loop together if you'd be interested
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:32 No.21170159
         File1289601167.png-(89 KB, 491x600, gilda.png)
    89 KB
    terrible drawfag here, bored while waiting for the new ep to upload, so i drew this
    >> GlamourKat !!j7GseF0MEb9 11/12/10(Fri)17:33 No.21170167
         File1289601194.jpg-(55 KB, 320x240, 1289032787622.jpg)
    55 KB
    Oh, P.S. I passed along a few messages from you bronies to the animation team. Mostly just "Thanks" although one of you asked about Hulu.

    Half of them I've worked with before and we're pretty good friends, and this animator is the guy who told me about these threads.

    He says "Haha! Actually, I've seen a few posts from Diehard - he's actually in layout. But since I don't know everyone in the department very well, I'm not sure who it is.
    I'll pass on the kudos, but as for Hulu, my guess is as good as theirs. Since we don't get Hub up here, either. :/
    I'm glad it looks like we're trying-- we are."
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:33 No.21170174
    Coo'. Make it so.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:34 No.21170188
    Hah, nice. She looks kinda like a Pokemon Gym leader or a Phoenix Wright witness.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:34 No.21170194
         File1289601271.jpg-(133 KB, 641x542, ty lee pimkie pie copy.jpg)
    133 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:34 No.21170199
         File1289601294.png-(169 KB, 636x356, 1289414566210.png)
    169 KB

    Did you tell them we wish to fellate them

    that was pretty critical information
    >> !bgREVLN8FU 11/12/10(Fri)17:35 No.21170208
    Ah, neat.

    Can you ask if all of the ponies will get their own character centric episodes in the future, like Applejack?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:35 No.21170221
    Now draw one of her crying as she watches Rainbow Dash whispering into the ear of some new girl.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:36 No.21170231
    Thanks staffer dude. You guys should visit more often. Or the plus thread to eb safe
    >> Prawn Salad !!Jb4qEJuvu3/ 11/12/10(Fri)17:37 No.21170242
    Where are the screenshots from? Is there a stream or download up somewhere?
    >> GlamourKat !!j7GseF0MEb9 11/12/10(Fri)17:37 No.21170249
         File1289601452.png-(61 KB, 400x400, 1289160804384.png)
    61 KB
    Yeah I uh.... I'll tell him that too. :/
    >> GlamourKat !!j7GseF0MEb9 11/12/10(Fri)17:39 No.21170272
    I will ask! Better yet, I'll try and convince him to actually post here.

    Not staff, just in the same industry. :)
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:40 No.21170289
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:40 No.21170292
    >I'll try and convince him to actually post here.

    Actually, that may be a bad idea...
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:41 No.21170306
    Fuck shoo be you.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:41 No.21170307
         File1289601690.jpg-(12 KB, 462x270, 1288415145366.jpg)
    12 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:41 No.21170310
         File1289601714.jpg-(69 KB, 500x281, takemyfuckingmoney1.jpg)
    69 KB

    >Waterfalls made of rainbows

    Where the fuck do I order?!
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:43 No.21170330
         File1289601782.png-(220 KB, 534x391, 1288991145152.png)
    220 KB
    >> Kurihara 11/12/10(Fri)17:43 No.21170334
         File1289601792.png-(66 KB, 220x192, 128795931725.png)
    66 KB
    Hmm... okay, I've got 1 min of the Rainbow Dash music from the speech looped
    Although I like it, it gets pretty obnoxious after 30 seconds. Of course, I can make it as long as you like.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:43 No.21170337
         File1289601825.jpg-(104 KB, 800x497, DSCF1362.jpg)
    104 KB
    Just taking pictures of the TV screen...
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:43 No.21170338
         File1289601829.jpg-(45 KB, 569x412, 1266720407489.jpg)
    45 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:44 No.21170346
    she should have a leather jacket and more short hair cut (no mullet).
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:44 No.21170347
    You're a My Little Bastard.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:44 No.21170350
         File1289601888.jpg-(154 KB, 600x800, batman candlejack.jpg)
    154 KB
    Goddammit Rainbow Dash! Enough with the pranks already!
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:45 No.21170371
    So this is /co/'s "rickroll" huh?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:46 No.21170392
    >> Kurihara 11/12/10(Fri)17:47 No.21170403
    The Sea Ponies are never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:47 No.21170408
    Nonsense! We must have Dash/Glinda art! Doesn't matter if it's 34 or not. Some dyke love never hurts.
    >> GlamourKat !!j7GseF0MEb9 11/12/10(Fri)17:47 No.21170410
    Never hurts to ask. ;)
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:48 No.21170427
    >Dyke love never hurts.

    Unless your Gilda and Dash shattered your heart.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:53 No.21170503
         File1289602417.png-(103 KB, 1944x1900, malepony.png)
    103 KB
    male pony template.

    just based off a single screenshot of one of Applejack's cousins, and the legs are just guesswork. Sorry for no wings/horn. If I get some other screens of the work ponies I might make one based off of them
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:54 No.21170527
    Huge eye is huge but it looks good otherwise.

    Thank you.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:54 No.21170536
         File1289602494.gif-(150 KB, 658x500, siryl_1189642440_tarrasque.gif)
    150 KB
    So we've seen dragons, griffons, sea serpents, and manticores so far in MLP. What other monsters do you want to show up?

    Pic related.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:55 No.21170544
         File1289602526.jpg-(86 KB, 640x480, 1286034922844.jpg)
    86 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:55 No.21170550
    Shrink the eye to your liking! (or edit it to be like Mac's~)
    I just directly traced it.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:56 No.21170568
    yes a tarrasque. and he will be giant and pink and gay. thus it has been foretold.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:57 No.21170575
    Pretty good, but it's missing the furry fetlocks.
    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 11/12/10(Fri)17:58 No.21170590
         File1289602687.png-(852 KB, 721x2474, average pony discussion 2.png)
    852 KB
    Made a second part.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:58 No.21170592
    Tarrasque vs. The Smooze.

    Whoever wins, we lose.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:58 No.21170594
    I want a hippocampus.
    It'd be perfect for MLP. Except I sort of want it to be less pony and more horse.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)17:58 No.21170602
    I want to see a chimera.
    >> Snarky Bastard 11/12/10(Fri)17:58 No.21170603

    and he eats them. and they have to escape from inside. because that's the only way to kill T3.5rrasque.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:00 No.21170630
         File1289602805.jpg-(113 KB, 400x532, 187ed50e_470c_79a3.jpg)
    113 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:01 No.21170651
    oh true

    got a ref for them at all? I'll add them if I have something to go off of
    >> Kurihara 11/12/10(Fri)18:02 No.21170675
    Yamaguchi, did I tell you how much I love you for these, and the Spike-Spike edits?
    Because they're completely awesome.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:03 No.21170690
         File1289602989.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 19 KB, 400x300, MLC.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 19 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:03 No.21170695
    Cut to the chase and just throw in some Beholders, already.
    >> Kurihara 11/12/10(Fri)18:04 No.21170713
    I think they're saving that for the finale.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:05 No.21170743
    >spoiler fail
    cheddah, is that you?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:06 No.21170749
    My Little Hydra plz.
    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 11/12/10(Fri)18:06 No.21170755
         File1289603209.png-(1.6 MB, 1477x2509, Average Pony Thread on CO.png)
    1.6 MB
    Well, no, if you want to save them, I just finished putting the two together.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:06 No.21170756
    see >>21170690
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:08 No.21170772
    Fucking hilarious.
    >> Kurihara 11/12/10(Fri)18:09 No.21170790
    And Freddie makes it complete.
    Nice one!
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:10 No.21170806
    This is the real youtube link right here.
    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 11/12/10(Fri)18:11 No.21170822
         File1289603480.jpg-(211 KB, 1419x1036, Cromartie MLP.jpg)
    211 KB
    If anyone wanted to see where that drawing came from, as I did not draw that Freddie pony.
    >> GlamourKat !!j7GseF0MEb9 11/12/10(Fri)18:11 No.21170836
    In 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds, the world will end.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:12 No.21170842
         File1289603531.png-(615 KB, 720x540, 1288984010556.png)
    615 KB
    Go away.

    captcha related: findoe fur
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:12 No.21170846
         File1289603544.jpg-(93 KB, 800x800, Maggiebat.jpg)
    93 KB
    >> Kurihara 11/12/10(Fri)18:13 No.21170873
         File1289603638.jpg-(31 KB, 515x360, objection.jpg)
    31 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:14 No.21170876
    here is the real link
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:15 No.21170903
         File1289603742.png-(221 KB, 551x405, 1289347025316.png)
    221 KB
    Not available until evening. Go away.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:15 No.21170906
         File1289603750.png-(361 KB, 447x459, lookatthisfuckingdonutgoddamn.png)
    361 KB

    >> S 11/12/10(Fri)18:16 No.21170915
         File1289603785.png-(171 KB, 385x314, 1284192247921.png)
    171 KB

    Everyone knows the episodes have to be split into.

    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:17 No.21170936
         File1289603860.jpg-(108 KB, 528x462, 128795027980.jpg)
    108 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:18 No.21170946
         File1289603909.jpg-(112 KB, 872x768, Morrigan gonna whip some ponie(...).jpg)
    112 KB

    >What other monsters do you want to show up?

    I want some My Little Succubus pony/demon yuri seduction sessions.
    >> Kurihara 11/12/10(Fri)18:20 No.21170974
         File1289604023.jpg-(142 KB, 549x504, 128795900059.jpg)
    142 KB
    We already have a pony who's perfectly capable of that, though.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:20 No.21170987
         File1289604046.jpg-(35 KB, 259x308, 1287864031221.jpg)
    35 KB
    >episode 7 is fluttershy tiem
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:21 No.21170990
         File1289604071.png-(314 KB, 640x360, bigmacponyville.png)
    314 KB
    I've got a full picture of Big Mac or two
    >> Boco !sCZ24qY6KY 11/12/10(Fri)18:23 No.21171026

    Not...sure if want...

    I'd like to see a nice hydra.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:24 No.21171045
    I wonder what will happen to Trixie. Will she learn not to be so boastful, or just be told to gtfo?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:25 No.21171064
    Oh man, I can't without seeing this episode much longer. It's like "My Little Addiction: Friendship is Tragic"
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:25 No.21171075
    You know Twilight will put that bitch in her place when she challenges her to a magic contest.
    >> Kurihara 11/12/10(Fri)18:26 No.21171082
    I know, I'm getting withdrawal symptoms, and I can't even fall back on HD of the last episode!
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:26 No.21171086
         File1289604407.png-(377 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-12-16h38m49s20(...).png)
    377 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:27 No.21171108
    I'm loving this out of context (sob) screen shots.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:28 No.21171120
         File1289604494.png-(455 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-12-16h38m24s21(...).png)
    455 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:28 No.21171125
    As opposed to Rarity, who scored so low on the magic portion of her SATs that she was forced to go to Ponyville Community College instead of Canterlot U.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:29 No.21171138
         File1289604544.gif-(196 KB, 254x187, 1288886919461.gif)
    196 KB
    Part one is on pensive pine's channel! PARTY TIME!
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:29 No.21171152
    >Dash's faces

    And I didn't think this show could get any reaction-face-ier
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:30 No.21171163
    I'm pregnant![/spoiler
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:30 No.21171165
         File1289604630.jpg-(17 KB, 140x140, sad.jpg)
    17 KB

    You will never have the chance to feel Rainbow Dash's supple, tender ass perched on your head.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:30 No.21171166
    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 11/12/10(Fri)18:30 No.21171172
         File1289604659.jpg-(58 KB, 640x360, spike cant handle the least bi(...).jpg)
    58 KB
    We get to see another dragon that isn't Spike? Not counting the one from episode 2, was that a dragon? A water dragon, probably, the kind that eat fish not people.
    >> S 11/12/10(Fri)18:31 No.21171189

    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:32 No.21171191
         File1289604720.jpg-(142 KB, 1030x721, erypo.jpg)
    142 KB
    There we go. Everyone back here in 11 minutes.
    >> Kurihara 11/12/10(Fri)18:32 No.21171197
         File1289604743.jpg-(54 KB, 640x360, 1288699972742.jpg)
    54 KB
    My day is complete!
    >> Boco !sCZ24qY6KY 11/12/10(Fri)18:32 No.21171198

    That was probably a sea serpent.

    In...a river.
    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 11/12/10(Fri)18:34 No.21171237
         File1289604844.jpg-(70 KB, 655x652, em.jpg)
    70 KB
    Why I like Chrome.
    >> Kurihara 11/12/10(Fri)18:34 No.21171239
    River serpent?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:34 No.21171240
    It had the whiskers and mane of a Chinese dragon, though.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:34 No.21171255
    what extension is this?
    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 11/12/10(Fri)18:35 No.21171271
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:37 No.21171295
    thanks brony
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:37 No.21171296
         File1289605068.png-(414 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-12-16h37m47s95.png)
    414 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:38 No.21171306
    Wow that Gryphon is a huge asshole.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:40 No.21171335
         File1289605201.png-(507 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-12-16h43m56s20(...).png)
    507 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:41 No.21171365
    >No, don't prank Fluttershy, she's sensitive!

    These girls are so nice, I wish they were my friends ;__;
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:41 No.21171377
         File1289605290.png-(132 KB, 426x267, 112489068032345.png)
    132 KB


    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 11/12/10(Fri)18:41 No.21171382
         File1289605313.jpg-(59 KB, 640x360, Spike still cant handle sentim(...).jpg)
    59 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:41 No.21171384
         File1289605315.png-(128 KB, 469x269, what.png)
    128 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:42 No.21171405

    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:43 No.21171425
    "No, Pinkie Pie, use your mouth on my OTHER end."
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:44 No.21171439
         File1289605476.jpg-(20 KB, 420x337, omg.jpg)
    20 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:45 No.21171447
    anyone got a better quality screencap of this?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:45 No.21171449
    "varying degrees of want.png"
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:46 No.21171469
    Goddamn, this griffin is a dick.

    She may not be my favorite pony, but I don't like it when Pinkie Pie actually gets sad, it's depressing, man.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:46 No.21171475
    I gotta say, I really like Gilda's voice
    she pulls off "bitch" perfectly.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:46 No.21171476
    Pinkie Pie as Pepe was absolutely hilarious
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:46 No.21171478
         File1289605594.png-(17 KB, 178x144, Screenshot-2.png)
    17 KB
    I waited for you.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:46 No.21171482
    I hnnnnged when Pinkie snorted while hiccuping.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:47 No.21171500
    I love how Pinkie Pie just slams her face into the ground to put her geddup back on.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:48 No.21171518
         File1289605715.png-(63 KB, 415x246, rarityderp.png)
    63 KB
    Is there a link for part two?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:49 No.21171529
         File1289605744.jpg-(79 KB, 640x360, mlp_happyneighs.jpg)
    79 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:49 No.21171537
    First part just went up, give it like, 30 minutes.
    >> ManaCrevice 11/12/10(Fri)18:50 No.21171556
    So how soon before Tier lists show up?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:51 No.21171572
    as much of a bitch as the griffin is, her heavy metal theme is pretty awesome.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:51 No.21171577
         File1289605913.png-(66 KB, 474x259, pinkieslam.png)
    66 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:52 No.21171584
         File1289605948.png-(475 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-12-16h45m48s56.png)
    475 KB
    >> Eggie !edoVxI45ys 11/12/10(Fri)18:54 No.21171629
    Need moar MLP gifs
    >> Kurihara 11/12/10(Fri)18:54 No.21171639
    God Tier
    -All the ponies
    -Sea Serpent
    Shit Tier
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:54 No.21171642
         File1289606098.png-(61 KB, 340x266, rockblocked.png)
    61 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:55 No.21171644
    wow, Gilda fit the "over possessive lesbian ex" stereotype to the T.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:56 No.21171667
         File1289606195.png-(22 KB, 330x172, rainbowdig.png)
    22 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:56 No.21171668
    Move Fluttershy up one tier and I agree with this list.
    >> Kurihara 11/12/10(Fri)18:56 No.21171669
    It seems a bit more than just a coincidence, methinks.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:57 No.21171685
         File1289606259.png-(102 KB, 629x359, brony hoof.png)
    102 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:57 No.21171686
         File1289606261.png-(441 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-12-16h38m40s12(...).png)
    441 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:57 No.21171689
         File1289606269.png-(53 KB, 319x250, rainbowpinkie.png)
    53 KB
    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 11/12/10(Fri)18:58 No.21171697
         File1289606308.jpg-(47 KB, 474x273, wha.jpg)
    47 KB
    What pranksters.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:58 No.21171704
         File1289606336.png-(75 KB, 472x446, 12345399423747568.png)
    75 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)18:59 No.21171711
    this is a good tier list

    God this episode is great. Didn't go as predicted either. Instead of going the "prank till something bad happens" route, so far it IS all in good fun, and they were even thoughtful enough to exclude Fluttershy.
    Good role-model material here.

    hurry up part twooo~
    it's nice that the plots are split up well, moving from one "subject" to another. One of my biggest problems with something like Fosters was that the episode's main gag or theme went throughout the entire thing without changing much, and that made the episode seem to really drag badly.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:00 No.21171739
         File1289606446.png-(460 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2010-11-12-16h42m33s13(...).png)
    460 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:01 No.21171744
         File1289606468.png-(72 KB, 465x267, spikederp.png)
    72 KB
    >> Kurihara 11/12/10(Fri)19:01 No.21171756
    Whoops, how could I forget Angel?
    Better add him (her?) to God Tier.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:02 No.21171768
         File1289606546.png-(144 KB, 345x252, 12167864476.png)
    144 KB
    Guys! Look! Derppony's brain surgery must have been a success!
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:02 No.21171770
         File1289606558.jpg-(177 KB, 1578x1388, bigmac_shadowbolt.jpg)
    177 KB
    Big McIntosh refference needed? Here you go.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:03 No.21171796
         File1289606627.png-(103 KB, 472x268, verily.png)
    103 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:04 No.21171807
         File1289606657.jpg-(32 KB, 470x387, applejack are you a wizard.jpg)
    32 KB
    Where is the second part!?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:04 No.21171811
         File1289606664.gif-(597 KB, 400x215, flyp.gif)
    597 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:04 No.21171819
    About the Fluttershy thing, I personally found that to be a bit of a cop-out. Almost every other pony has been the butt of a joke at least once, yet Fluttershy has been mostly immune.

    I hope all this changes when her episode finally rolls around, but would it be so much to ask for her to take a pratfall or get a pie in the face?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:05 No.21171834

    Holy shit you're right! It is her!

    maybe she was just intoxicated at the party what with all the hot sauce
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:05 No.21171846
    Man, this looks so awesome...

    Why does my computer sound always choose Friday to crap out?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:06 No.21171863
    Soon. Probably within 30 minutes if the last time was any indication.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:06 No.21171884

    Oh she fit it perfectly, that's for sure. No question the storyboard directors knew exactly what they were doing when they constructed her design.

    Each episode of My Little Pony just makes me more eager for the next one. Here's hoping Angel comes back soon, I absolutely adore him.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:06 No.21171887
         File1289606807.png-(103 KB, 454x262, vrooom.png)
    103 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:07 No.21171914
    Gotta disagree - seeing Fluttershy get smacked around would be like watching Mike Tyson uppercut a toddler. Funny in concept, horrible in execution.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:08 No.21171923
    the only time any of the ponies were the butt of any jokes were in this one.

    and if you recall, Fluttershy was the only one in the episode driven to tears.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:08 No.21171932
         File1289606915.jpg-(33 KB, 600x776, gilda.jpg)
    33 KB
    My crap interpretation of Gilda, I gave up early and I didn't make her look mean enough.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:09 No.21171941
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:09 No.21171943
    Good morning everypony
    Is there a fixed mkv for ep 4 yet?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:09 No.21171947
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:09 No.21171949
    she needs to look more punk rock/metal.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:09 No.21171953
         File1289606966.png-(54 KB, 463x267, greaser.png)
    54 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:09 No.21171955
         File1289606970.png-(10 KB, 650x450, 1288923477614.png)
    10 KB
    Part two is up Bronies!
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:10 No.21171967
    Holy shit, just now got to Gilda and I ALREADY fucking hate her guts.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:10 No.21171977
    But doesn't it even annoy you a little? She's miss perfect sunshine and butterflies, and not much else. Would it really have been so emotionally traumatizing for RD and Pinkie to squirt a bit of water in her face?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:10 No.21171983
    I feel the opposite. Something just seems wrong about Fluttershy being the butt of a joke. It could happen, but I don't know. She doesn't really do anything to "deserve" it in the hearts of the viewers, outside of The Ticket Master episode. Characters who get joked on usually have some quirk or flaw that makes it satisfying.
    Sure, some people may find pie-ing the "pleasant" one satisfying, but that's not quite how things are generally written.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:10 No.21171995
         File1289607044.png-(55 KB, 248x243, 1124648764.png)
    55 KB

    I'm over that way Dash!
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:10 No.21172001
         File1289607059.png-(79 KB, 451x239, grrderp.png)
    79 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:11 No.21172015
    the sound effect of pinkie storming away from twilight gets me every time.
    >> Anonycat 11/12/10(Fri)19:12 No.21172026
         File1289607128.jpg-(36 KB, 640x360, snapshot20101112210740.jpg)
    36 KB
    >>21171819 Almost every other pony has been the butt of a joke at least once, yet Fluttershy has been mostly immune.

    "Yes. Yes, we are doing this just for the ticket."

    That apart, I think Fluttershy will play the role of the straight man for everyone on this series, but I will not be surprised if an episode shows that when she's being pushed too far, she can get really, really scary.
    We are talking about a pony that befriends manticores and thinks that buzzards are cute, remember?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:12 No.21172032
         File1289607150.jpg-(110 KB, 719x380, sboo.jpg)
    110 KB
    While waiting for the second episode, I found this in the Youtube search results instead.

    1) They actually made a MLP Dance Studio?
    2) When do we get one for Friendship is Magic ponies/designs?
    >> Kurihara 11/12/10(Fri)19:12 No.21172038
    Nice! Thanks bronies!
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:12 No.21172039
         File1289607167.png-(86 KB, 467x270, 112434645374537.png)
    86 KB
    Pinkie Pie is a kung-fu fighta
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:13 No.21172057
         File1289607222.png-(186 KB, 470x266, you now have a boner.png)
    186 KB
    I kinda got a boner at this scene.
    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 11/12/10(Fri)19:14 No.21172070
         File1289607250.png-(802 KB, 904x1044, SpikeE.png)
    802 KB
    You know what would blow my mind? Let's say that in some episode or other, Spike is trying out costumes or wigs and suddenly puts on a wig like this and then quickly puts it away. It could be a quick reference, but an awesome one.

    I mean, cartoons have episodes with characters dressing up all the time, right?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:14 No.21172081
         File1289607263.png-(104 KB, 469x267, pinkiepiestyle.png)
    104 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:15 No.21172096
         File1289607302.png-(93 KB, 345x245, 1233547889995.png)
    93 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:17 No.21172144
    Only this ep? Are you kidding?

    Twilight got tons of abuse in eps 1 and 3
    Applejack was the buttmonkey of ep 4
    Pinkie got ludicrous reaction faces and toon powers in general, plus a lot of physical stuff in this most recent up
    Rainbow Dash is always crashing into shit
    And Rarity got owned by a manticore in ep 2

    Fluttershy, however, is untouchable. Barring the occasional sight gag, she's hardly ever used for comedy at all.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:17 No.21172145
    egads! Image Limit guys!

    Should we keep going?... or create a new thread for all of our caps?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:17 No.21172158
    >a sad Pinkie Pie

    That is one of the most depressing things I have ever seen.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:18 No.21172171
    Might as well, this thread has been autosaging for a while anyway.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:19 No.21172194

    Okay, that bitch is going to BURN.
    >> Noboru Yamaguchi !!l5VYv2ROMg5 11/12/10(Fri)19:22 No.21172256
    If you wanted to make a new thread, here's one.
    >> g (u) (a) (d) a g s 11/12/10(Fri)19:23 No.21172285
    3 min in and im already dying of laughter
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:25 No.21172327
    I didn't think I would get so mad at the part where Gilda was mean to Fluttershy


    Also, the eagle sound when she stormed out of the party cracked me up.
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/12/10(Fri)19:35 No.21172590
    Okay, I've finally finished seeing today episode and it was awesome.
    Very well written and engaging all around.
    And the best bart is that it kept you guessing till the very end.

    Once again I find myself saying about MLP:FiM that this is something you see in very few cartoon series meant for children nowadays.
    >> !bgREVLN8FU 11/12/10(Fri)19:37 No.21172632
    I liked it. Glinda got into HUGE BITCH territory, though. This leads me to believe that she might show up some time in the future in some shape and/or form.
    >> !bgREVLN8FU 11/12/10(Fri)19:39 No.21172672
    Did I say Glinda? I meant Gilda.

    Also, is Pensive Pete a /co/mrade? Pete, if you're here, you should upload your TV rip to MediaFire or MegaUpload while you're uploading it to YouTube.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/10(Fri)19:43 No.21172756

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