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  • won't have time to do a full post until later this week.

    File : 1288899238.png-(324 KB, 900x1318, fluttershy_by_2_devils-d30ye8e.png)
    324 KB kinkywizard !!Lt2QVxFBHMB 11/04/10(Thu)15:33 No.20993285  
    dat fluttershy
    >> Steven T !!sRIWVGgNfbg 11/04/10(Thu)15:36 No.20993322
    But it's a pony.
    >> kinkywizard !!Lt2QVxFBHMB 11/04/10(Thu)15:36 No.20993335
    fuck didnt mean to start new thread HERP
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)16:23 No.20994022

    and i would fuck it. With love.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)16:24 No.20994034
    Pretentious Hipster Ga‭‮‭rbage.
    >> Doc Melonhead 11/04/10(Thu)17:06 No.20994770
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:07 No.20994801
    Old thread just 404'd I think so you're golden.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:08 No.20994810
    Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie
    Twilight Sparkle
    Rainbow Dash
    >> !bgREVLN8FU 11/04/10(Thu)17:09 No.20994827
    >implying there is a Mid, Low, and/or Shit Tier when it comes to My Little Pony
    >> Boco !sCZ24qY6KY 11/04/10(Thu)17:09 No.20994831
    I object to the sexualization of Fluttershy.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:09 No.20994835
    I'd fuck it.

    But I don't know if I'd go really aggressive or go for the sweet gentle lovin.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:09 No.20994845
    All Special in their Own Way tier

    Rape tier
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:10 No.20994851
    Douche Tier
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:10 No.20994859
    It's a relative thing.

    Not everyone can be 1st place in a race
    >> RillisWriter 11/04/10(Thu)17:10 No.20994868
         File1288905054.jpg-(93 KB, 800x800, 1288248922908.jpg)
    93 KB
    (Another short one.)

    Captain Rillis reporting.
    I dont know how to explain it. The friends saved my life. They single handedly took down the entire crew of a Negative zone cruiser and took over the ship.
    I dont remember to much after the bright light blinded me. But Twilight Sparkle filled me in. The six banded together. Bringing their magic together to defeat the captain of the ship. Also to save my life. The sheer power they had together perhaps could rival BlackBolts whisper.
    Anyway. They carried me back to our own tiny ship, freed my crew. My crew mentioned Pinkie just showed up in the corner of their eyes.
    So..We sent a message to Kree High Command. They are sending a ship to pick up the Negative zone scum while we limp back to Equestria. The crew are jury rigging what they can. While Fluttershy has been at my side while I recover in my quarters. Never would I have thought to call a non-Kree "friend"
    Will continue the log upon landing on Equestria.
    Rillis out.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:11 No.20994885
    The last thread, in case there was something you wanted to respond to before 404
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:13 No.20994930
    Small correction, brony. The phrase is "jerry-rigging."
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:14 No.20994964
    I've seen both used.
    >> RillisWriter 11/04/10(Thu)17:17 No.20995011
    Ah cool! Thanks. Now I know!
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:19 No.20995050
    Hm... upon further research, it seems that both are correct. "Jerry-rigging" is more heavily used in Britain due to soldiers in WW2 scavenging parts of German weapons and vehicles. Apparently "jury-rigging" is older, though.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:23 No.20995112
         File1288905788.png-(341 KB, 760x572, Pinkie Party.png)
    341 KB
    Y'know, I find it interesting that when the first episode aired everyone despised Pinkie Pie. After the second episode, she was top dog in more than a few people's eyes.

    What was is it exactly that brought her up in everyone's esteem?

    I personally didn't care the second ep all that much. Not enough Spike.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:24 No.20995141
         File1288905860.jpg-(104 KB, 640x360, mlp_musicalnum.jpg)
    104 KB
    The singing, I'd wager.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:24 No.20995142
    From what I've seen, the fact that she's a complete fucking lunatic and likes to stab the fourth wall with her eyebeams at regular intervals.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:24 No.20995144
         File1288905862.jpg-(56 KB, 380x288, 1268353246998.jpg)
    56 KB
    why are the buttocks so human like
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:24 No.20995150
    The song.
    Also, who's this "everyone"?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:25 No.20995158
    Seriously. If you aren't into pony raping, Spike is probably the best part of the show. Not saying the ponies are bad, Spike just has a lot of character going with him.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:26 No.20995183
    In prior generations of MLP, Pinkie Pie was annoying and stupid. The Scrappy Doo, if you will. During the first episode, a lot of those feelings may have held over, but once she really got to shine in ep 2, people fell in love.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:27 No.20995193
    She has the power to fucking teleport and bamf around like no other. Damn awesome pony magic.
    >> !bgREVLN8FU 11/04/10(Thu)17:27 No.20995195
    Spike is the everyman that represents to viewer, provided the viewer is one of us from /co/.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:27 No.20995196
         File1288906043.png-(258 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-11-04-16h27m41s15(...).png)
    258 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:29 No.20995234
    So the Hub site now has The Ticket Master up. Has anybody ripped it yet?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:30 No.20995237
         File1288906202.jpg-(219 KB, 640x809, Pinky Mine.jpg)
    219 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:31 No.20995251
         File1288906276.jpg-(27 KB, 640x360, My Little Pony_ Friendship is (...).jpg)
    27 KB

    Episode 1:

    Episode 2:

    Episode 3:
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:31 No.20995253

    It's in here somewhere
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:31 No.20995256
    Episode 3 pretty much solidified him as /co/ personified. Trying to act all tough, saying he doesn't want anything to do with the "girly gala guck," then being all sad when Celestia doesn't send him a ticket. Fucking hilarious.

    And I like the phrase "girly gala guck" waaaaaaaay too much.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:35 No.20995328
    That's twilight
    >> RillisWriter 11/04/10(Thu)17:37 No.20995369
    This may sound silly. But I want to do more with Rillis.
    Give his crew names. A unit designation.
    joint task Kree/Pony force. Dealing with various cosmic stuff.
    God I'm a dork.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:39 No.20995413
         File1288906795.png-(158 KB, 594x619, 128885696520.png)
    158 KB
    I still wanna see a picture of Appledash with her parents.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:41 No.20995443
    Well some guys were talking about a MLP/GotG crossover not too long ago. You could make it part of an extended collection of Pony Cosmic stories.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:41 No.20995451
    You see, this shit right here. People tell me to stop bitching about you guys, saying oh it's just nostalgia or just a kids show blah blah blah

    No, you're fucking weird, all of you are fucking pathetic. Shit, I'm pathetic, I'm on 4chan aren't I? But this is like a step beyond.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:41 No.20995452
         File1288906912.png-(363 KB, 944x516, notcoffee.png)
    363 KB
    Alright /co/. I gave in and started watching, but I had to stop about twenty seconds into the theme song. Please, someone give me a reason to start the video again.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:42 No.20995465
    Lots of people skip the theme song.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:43 No.20995478
    The theme song sucks and we all skip it. Actually watch the show, then get back to us.

    My stock response to posts like these:
    You just jelly of our cutie marks :3
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:43 No.20995481
         File1288907020.png-(79 KB, 242x251, 1288422873570.png)
    79 KB

    Hey Foals,
    My name is Rainbow Dash, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are slow, retarded, earth ponies who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass girl cartoons. You are everything bad in Equestria. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any friendship sparkles? I mean, I guess it's fun making fun of ponies because of your own lack of a cutie mark, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than schlicking to fantasies about unicorn princes.
    Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. I was almost captain of the shadowbolts, and starter on my weather clearing team. What do you play, other than "jack off to naked drawn ponies on paheal"? I also get straight ponies to go gay for me, and have a banging hot bottom bitch that me and my girlfriend play around with. (She just ate me out; Shit was SO dash). You are all male ponies who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.
    Pic Related: It's me and my bitch
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:44 No.20995489
    Only theme songs I ever routinely listen to of any kind are Power Rangers and the opening credits for Ghost In The Shell:SAC because fucking Russian rock music.
    >> Doc Melonhead 11/04/10(Thu)17:44 No.20995492
    Skip the fucking themesong and proceed to the fucking episode.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:44 No.20995493
         File1288907065.png-(75 KB, 222x313, spike.png)
    75 KB
    Which is even more hilarious if you've seen him in the earlier MLP series. Spike's had one of the most awesome personality Retools I've seen in a cartoon.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:45 No.20995514
    Have you ever seen a real horses butt? They are very human like, just much larger.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:45 No.20995523
    another thread for a bunch of fat, rancid faggots who spend their lives stewing in the basement to talk about a little girls' show. how about you faggots get a job?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:46 No.20995535
    >you jelly
    Why isn't this a caption yet?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:46 No.20995538
         File1288907180.jpg-(47 KB, 600x338, 1288893308613.jpg)
    47 KB
    >People skipping the them song
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:46 No.20995541

    >The theme song sucks and we all skip it.

    What? Seriously, you guys skip the theme? Shit, am I the only one that likes it?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:46 No.20995547
    You say get a job yet you have enough free time to come into a thread to TROLL a little girls show?

    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:47 No.20995562
         File1288907262.jpg-(64 KB, 1134x800, 128866465466.jpg)
    64 KB
    >implying the Dark Knight need worry about gravity.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:47 No.20995563
         File1288907263.jpg-(63 KB, 800x800, PIMP.jpg)
    63 KB
    Skip the theme song, we all do it.

    Spike is my reason to continue.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:48 No.20995575

    Quite a few people like it.
    Quite a few don't.

    I don't think anyone has cared enough to poll for the actual ratio.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:48 No.20995586
    Eh... I didn't care for it at first, but it's kind of grown on me. I still don't like it all that much, but I no longer hate it.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:49 No.20995594
    There are a few people who even have it on their iPods. Not all of us can handle those kinds of sucrose levels, though.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:49 No.20995605
    That's a "haters gonna hate" walk if I've ever seen one.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:50 No.20995629
    not the only one its a nice theme
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:50 No.20995635
         File1288907454.jpg-(48 KB, 800x683, 1288425224609.jpg)
    48 KB
    fapfiction writer here, just so you know whats coming. These are the three requests I have currently and plan to get done sometime soon.

    1. Applejack x Rainbow Dash. Just a typical night for the couple, so lot's of roleplaying and angry sex.

    2. Pinkie Pie x Twilight sparkle. Pinkie teaches Twilight a fun way to relieve stress, will contain a song.

    3. Rarity bribes Spike into /ss/ be letting him eat some of her gemstones.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:50 No.20995637
    I'm posting from work right now. And my love for FlutterShy is what gets me through the day.
    >> !bgREVLN8FU 11/04/10(Thu)17:51 No.20995650
    I like the theme song. It's not something I'd blast down a hallway, but I like it. It's like the Lucky Star OP.
    >> Blackarachnias Giant Robot Tits !bXU0gE0lts 11/04/10(Thu)17:52 No.20995664
         File1288907556.jpg-(64 KB, 575x563, 1288340688547.jpg)
    64 KB

    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:52 No.20995665

    I don't skip it, but it does send and unpleasant chill down my spine, first time i saw ep 1 i actually stopped the video and turned down the volume before going on.

    >>20995452 's reaction is natural and i can believe most of us went true it.
    >> empty10 11/04/10(Thu)17:55 No.20995705
         File1288907730.png-(94 KB, 467x600, 0235.png)
    94 KB
    On the topic of MLP songs, here's a folder of downloads for anyone who wants it:

    The program I used to rip them only goes down to seconds (not fractions of seconds), so a song or two has an extra <1 sec before them.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:55 No.20995707
         File1288907730.png-(380 KB, 792x936, 1288767368758.png)
    380 KB
    My body is always ready for ponies.
    >> ♥missy♥ 11/04/10(Thu)17:55 No.20995714
         File1288907744.png-(85 KB, 344x456, 1288684095101.png)
    85 KB
    episode 3 temporarily unavailable buttt whyyyyy?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:56 No.20995719
    I'm all tingly inside.
    >> Blackarachnias Giant Robot Tits !bXU0gE0lts 11/04/10(Thu)17:57 No.20995741
         File1288907820.png-(103 KB, 936x936, 1288570380745.png)
    103 KB
    Couple days ago I got a call from my mom.

    "The DVR lists 'My Little Pony Friendship'. Did you put that there?"
    "Yeah, I know it sounds weird, but it's actually a decent cartoon and--"
    "It's okay, just making sure it wasn't some weird glitch."

    I think she's surrendered to the idea that "That boy ain't right."
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:57 No.20995750
         File1288907855.jpg-(209 KB, 792x936, 1288768691634.jpg)
    209 KB
    Someone should color the other pages.
    >> RillisWriter 11/04/10(Thu)17:57 No.20995762
         File1288907879.gif-(999 KB, 265x199, 1288067776241.gif)
    999 KB
    My body is ready. Need more "Taste the rainbow!" moments as well.
    >> Blackarachnias Giant Robot Tits !bXU0gE0lts 11/04/10(Thu)17:58 No.20995775
         File1288907911.png-(133 KB, 370x376, TASTE_THE_RAINBOW_MOTHERFUCKER.png)
    133 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:58 No.20995780
    >mom finds out he watches MLP
    >he admits to it

    It wouldn't be me, brother. Deny, deny, deny
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/04/10(Thu)17:59 No.20995792
    I like the theme song and I don't skip it.

    I like how it got retooled for MLP:FiM, since the classic theme song from the old series and commercials was excessively saccarine and bland IMHO.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)17:59 No.20995800
         File1288907997.png-(251 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-11-04-12h55m30s21(...).png)
    251 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:00 No.20995801
    >will contain a song
    i want to read that
    >> Blackarachnias Giant Robot Tits !bXU0gE0lts 11/04/10(Thu)18:00 No.20995802
         File1288908000.png-(475 KB, 943x719, assimilated.png)
    475 KB
    There's no other person in this house that could have done it, though. I mean, I guess my brother, but I'd rather not make him take the fall for it.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:00 No.20995808
         File1288908015.jpg-(93 KB, 400x387, 1288385231861.jpg)
    93 KB
    >Roommate is coming back from class early.
    >Try to minimize MLP fast
    >Crush my keyboard under my hoof
    >Get called little filly
    >Don't give a fuck.

    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:00 No.20995814
         File1288908043.png-(121 KB, 267x251, spike.png)
    121 KB
    Oh Spike
    >> Blackarachnias Giant Robot Tits !bXU0gE0lts 11/04/10(Thu)18:01 No.20995827
    The first few seconds is embarrassing to listen to because it reminds you of what you're really watching and what that looks like to non-Ponyfriends, but once the song kicks up it's no worse than any other decent cartoon theme.
    >> !bgREVLN8FU 11/04/10(Thu)18:01 No.20995831
    I'm working on it. I've got an English paper due tomorrow, so I'm working on that too. I've also got a test later today, so I've gotta go to that.

    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:01 No.20995839
         File1288908104.jpg-(58 KB, 466x266, 1288654203222.jpg)
    58 KB
    "When I was a little filly and feeling down in the dreeegggsss, I found a way to feel better right between my leeeeeggggsss."

    It's a work in progress.
    >> Blackarachnias Giant Robot Tits !bXU0gE0lts 11/04/10(Thu)18:02 No.20995847
    Why did I lol?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:02 No.20995856
    I don't skip the opening... but I turn the volume down.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:02 No.20995863
    God dammit Pinkie.

    Although you might consider rewriting some famous Disney song into a blatant homoerotic innuendofest. Like, say, WHOLE NEW WORLD
    >> Blackarachnias Giant Robot Tits !bXU0gE0lts 11/04/10(Thu)18:03 No.20995877
         File1288908198.png-(51 KB, 600x395, 1288566104957.png)
    51 KB
    They have four legs, though.

    They even specify "hind legs" at one point, forgot which episode.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:03 No.20995885

    You should have just stopped with "Yeah." instead of awkwardly trying to explain yourself.
    >> Blackarachnias Giant Robot Tits !bXU0gE0lts 11/04/10(Thu)18:04 No.20995892
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:04 No.20995896
         File1288908251.png-(323 KB, 962x360, Pony_hope.png)
    323 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:04 No.20995897
    Episode 3.
    "I'd give my left hind leg to go to that gala"
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:04 No.20995898
         File1288908260.jpg-(141 KB, 800x800, 1288559891818.jpg)
    141 KB
    Someone did note that "Candy Vag" rhymes with "Lesbian Badge"

    Song practically writes itself.
    >> !bgREVLN8FU 11/04/10(Thu)18:04 No.20995899
    I can show you a world
    Shining, shimmering, sticky
    It smells a little bit icky
    But it still feels good as hell
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:04 No.20995900
    I'd like to see what would happen if you accidentally turn your fapfics over for class instead of the report.

    Particularly the song one.
    >> Blackarachnias Giant Robot Tits !bXU0gE0lts 11/04/10(Thu)18:04 No.20995901
    I'd rather at least attempt to validate it.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:05 No.20995907
         File1288908303.png-(73 KB, 264x316, spikewat.png)
    73 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:05 No.20995908
    >3. Rarity bribes Spike into /ss/ be letting him eat some of her gemstones.

    This is dumb. Spike already wants to fuck Rarity, no bribe required. It's Fluttershy that wants to fuck Spike.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:05 No.20995910
         File1288908314.jpg-(40 KB, 576x432, 1288580576443.jpg)
    40 KB
    Like I said, it's a work in progress.
    >> Blackarachnias Giant Robot Tits !bXU0gE0lts 11/04/10(Thu)18:05 No.20995929
    I love how you knew that off the top of your head.

    Granted, I'm pretty close to being that obsessed with the show too.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:06 No.20995939
         File1288908362.png-(49 KB, 600x400, Fluttershy.png)
    49 KB
    That would be last one. Applejack says she'd give her left hind leg to get a ticket to the gala.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:07 No.20995957
    I am ashamed that my memory of Disney movie songs is...pathetic.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:07 No.20995958
    He only liked her for like one episode.

    But the idea was since we know Spike has not gotten any gemstones in a while, and that Rarity uses a slim elegant sapphire inlaid dildo, she will let Spike eat that in exchange for the real thing.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:08 No.20995979
         File1288908515.jpg-(34 KB, 600x400, Toothless.jpg)
    34 KB
    Okay this needs the text from this >>20995112
    >> Forward 2.0 !!pbL8zEzJEl6 11/04/10(Thu)18:09 No.20996001
    We need more of these.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:09 No.20996002
         File1288908585.png-(933 KB, 1001x571, MLP_OTP.png)
    933 KB we officially ship Applejack and Rainbow Dash?
    >> Forward 2.0 !!pbL8zEzJEl6 11/04/10(Thu)18:11 No.20996040
         File1288908714.png-(8 KB, 483x305, apple-logo-think-different11.png)
    8 KB
    That seems to be /co/'s most official ship. Dash x Fluttershy also seems to be popular. Rarity x Twilight gets tossed around a lot, but Rarity x Spike is getting more popularity.

    Any other pairing is kind of middling in popularity, by comparison, I believe. Some are less popular, though, like... does anyone ship Applejack x Fluttershy?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:12 No.20996046
         File1288908731.png-(560 KB, 1200x800, 1288585939174.png)
    560 KB
    And then after the fap fics I want to write the true story of Celestia's rise to power.

    Basically like the Germonik Scriptures from Final Fantasy Tactics. Obviously completely suppressed by the wicked monarch.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:13 No.20996058
         File1288908800.png-(107 KB, 787x386, 128885699845.png)
    107 KB

    Need more pictures of Appledash, their love child though.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:13 No.20996061
    nice hope to seeit compleat
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:14 No.20996073
         File1288908866.jpg-(472 KB, 2000x2122, 1288056000599.jpg)
    472 KB
    Sure. And they compete all the time to determine who is on top.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:14 No.20996081
    I haven't watched a single second of this show and I personally ship Twilight with absolutely fucking everybody.

    Because nerdy girls get around.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:15 No.20996098
         File1288908959.png-(153 KB, 640x360, 222644.png)
    153 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:16 No.20996116
         File1288909005.jpg-(83 KB, 720x540, 1288393708128.jpg)
    83 KB
    Obligatory Applejack x Dash copy pasta. (That I'm using as the basis for that first fapfiction)

    "We all know the reason Applejack is so adept at grabbing Rainbow Dash's tail is because during sex Applejack likes to play the strong matriarch, and punish Dash for being a naughty little pony.

    When Dash gets to lead Applejack dresses up like a naive little filly who just saw Dash perform with the Wonder Bolts, and who will do ANYTHING for an autograph."
    >> !bgREVLN8FU 11/04/10(Thu)18:17 No.20996126
         File1288909041.jpg-(2.42 MB, 1760x2130, MLP.jpg)
    2.42 MB
    Do I have to pull out the Wall of Text Regarding Character Shippings?

    Because I want the Column version.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:18 No.20996145
    A lot of that seems outdated. Stop brining it back in.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:18 No.20996148
    There needs to be a comic where /co/ is magically transformed into a pony and sent to ponyville

    After a single second of stunned silence, it makes a 'DIRTY THOUGHTS' expression
    >> !bgREVLN8FU 11/04/10(Thu)18:20 No.20996188
    That's because they wrote it up during the second episode. I'm going to bet that half of it could be changed around by the next episode.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:21 No.20996217
         File1288909309.jpg-(88 KB, 474x1200, sisterrape.jpg)
    88 KB
    Will basically consist of.

    Celestia's insatiable ambition growing up.

    Celestia's murder of the Queen.

    (Succeeding you, mother *HORN STAB* )

    Luna learning the truth and waging civil war against her sister.

    The ultimate victory of Celestia, imprisonment of Luna, and consolidation of Celestia's empire.

    Followed by the stamping down of facts, mass executions of those who know the truth, and then Celestia's implemented policy of executing any young PegaUnicorns born that could threaten her power.

    Then finally her quest for godhood and to rule ALL of Kree space.
    >> Blackarachnias Giant Robot Tits !bXU0gE0lts 11/04/10(Thu)18:23 No.20996244
    I just realized that it would be the best thing ever if Pinkie Pie had a weird impromptu song in every episode. EVERY episode.

    I can't think of another show/character that can pull that off.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:24 No.20996266
         File1288909452.jpg-(62 KB, 640x480, 128856348884.jpg)
    62 KB

    "I am the terror, I am the night/
    Gonna find you and fight fight fight!/
    Look out bad guys, avoid my sight:/
    Here comes Batpink, Fear her might!"
    >> Doc Melonhead 11/04/10(Thu)18:24 No.20996275
         File1288909490.png-(257 KB, 2101x1290, PonyMasterGod.png)
    257 KB
    Note the Queen in the middle.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:25 No.20996290

    >Final Fantasy Tactics

    Ultimately, Twilight will discover that their lovely, harmonious kingdom is actually an illusion produced by Celestia's deranged and frightened mind, and will go on a quest to convince everyone that they have to abandon living in a false reality and go back to reality

    Spike however, becomes possessed by Celestia and is used to issue red and yellow cards via dragon mail
    >> Boco !sCZ24qY6KY 11/04/10(Thu)18:25 No.20996294

    So far she does.

    We'll see how tomorrow goes...
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:26 No.20996315
         File1288909584.gif-(2.9 MB, 320x240, 1288464787348.gif)
    2.9 MB

    >Applejack x Rainbow Dash. Just a typical night for the couple, so lot's of roleplaying and angry sex.

    >Pinkie Pie x Twilight sparkle. Pinkie teaches Twilight a fun way to relieve stress, will contain a song.

    Writing these fapfictions is now your purpose in life. Nothing else matters but the bare essentials you need to sustain your breathing so you can complete them.

    Bonus points will be awarded if Applejack is wearing Daisy Dukes denim jean short-shorts and a pink tie front crop top for maximum southern sweetness during the roleplay sessions.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:26 No.20996322
    Hmm, I prefer her original theme. That's just me though.

    I am the terror, I am the night/
    Gonna find you and fight fight fight!/
    Look out bad guys, avoid my sight:/
    Here comes Batpink, Green Lantern's Light!"
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:27 No.20996340
    So, what started the whole "Pinkie Pie = Batman" meme, exactly?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:28 No.20996348
    But she changes it right after in the Bat-pink story!
    >> Forward 2.0 !!pbL8zEzJEl6 11/04/10(Thu)18:29 No.20996368
    One anon's grim-dark theory.
    >> !bgREVLN8FU 11/04/10(Thu)18:29 No.20996372
    She says in the second episode that she was raised by her grandmother.
    Therefore, her parents are dead.
    Therefore, Batpink.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:29 No.20996376
    /co/ reading too much into things. In her song in the second episode, she mentions her grannie teaching her not to be afraid of things. Doesn't mention her parents. This led to "her parents are dead." which led to "HER PARENTS ARE DEEEEEEEEEEAD" which led to BatPink.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:29 No.20996377
         File1288909755.jpg-(291 KB, 718x705, 1288385130504.jpg)
    291 KB
    1. Pinkie Pie's parents are DEAAADD

    2.Her airhead personality could be a front for her work at night.

    3.She is afraid of bats and will make her fear into THEIR fear.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:29 No.20996385
    Man, I didn't like Advanced all that much. Not it's fault though. The original Tactics was just too good.
    >> Boco !sCZ24qY6KY 11/04/10(Thu)18:29 No.20996392

    Pinkie acts happy as a means to hide her crippling depression > her depression is because her parents are dead > Batman analogy > Batpink

    Such is the thought processes of /co/.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:30 No.20996412

    Let me add to that wall of text

    I've been thinking of this since the very first My Little Pony cartoon. Unicorns can teleport (and in Friendship=Magic series, they have telekinesis), pegasus ponies can fly, and the earth ponies...well...they're like regular horses except they can speak.

    But consider this: would the earth ponies be treated like a lower class than the other ponies? In a race war, earth ponies would be pwned hard against the other types. There is evidence of this in Friendship=Magic. The head pony is a unicorn/pegasus hybrid, and thus, has the power of flight and magic. The unicorn ponies occupation is either magic or some other work that requires skilled labor and the easy manipulation of objects that can't done merely by using their mouths. Twilight Sparkle is a wizard's apprentice of sorts and Rarity is an interior decorator. The pegasus ponies do quite well for themselves. Rainbow Dash dreams of being in their world's equivalent to the Blue Angels. Fluttershy leads a chorus of birds. This is particularly interesting since Fluttershy doesn't have to use her power of flight but instead performs a job that any of the other ponies could but perhaps because earth ponies are considered the lesser race, Fluttershy would have never gotten the chance in the first place had she been born an earth pony. Finally, let's look at the earth ponies. Applejack is a farmer; a simple laborer. This would be logical since, as an earth pony, Applejack is unable to manipulate objects with the dexterity of an unicorn nor fly as a pegasus. Applejack has nothing to offer society but back-breaking labor.

    I have to wonder what sort of friendship the unicorns and pegasuses have to offer the earth ponies considering how they have yet to go against pony society's apartheid-like caste system.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:30 No.20996414
    I know, I'm just saying I liked the original.
    >> Forward 2.0 !!pbL8zEzJEl6 11/04/10(Thu)18:31 No.20996423
    I would like to remind that Pinkie's parents being dead isn't canon; all we canonically know is that Pinkie spent one night in the same house as her grandmother. That doesn't mean her parents weren't in her life, just that they weren't the ones to talk to her about not being afraid of the dark. Maybe they all lived in one house, maybe it was Pinkie's first sleep-over... any number of things.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:31 No.20996426

    5:48 - 5:53

    When you hear it, you'll SWEAR TO ME!!
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:31 No.20996431
         File1288909908.png-(206 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-11-04-18h15m47s11(...).png)
    206 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:32 No.20996433
         File1288909925.jpg-(109 KB, 570x1342, 1288398220620.jpg)
    109 KB
    >> Blackarachnias Giant Robot Tits !bXU0gE0lts 11/04/10(Thu)18:32 No.20996438
    I want the records to state that I'm only sort of okay with the idea that Pinkie's parents are dead, but I am not okay with this whole "she's an airhead because of that." Pinkie Pie is one of the purest characters in /co/dom. Don't fuck with that, guys.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:32 No.20996443
    So, when is this cartoon gonna have that awesome satan looking guy who turns ponies into dragons? These threads should have more of that guy.
    >> Forward 2.0 !!pbL8zEzJEl6 11/04/10(Thu)18:33 No.20996461
    I wasn't okay with it until we started getting hilarious Bat-Pinkie fanart.

    It doesn't affect my actual thoughts of the show, though.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:33 No.20996464

    Ah, gotcha.

    So then, what are the rest's alter-egos? I mean, Rainbow Dash is obviously the Flash, and I could see Rarity being a decent Aquaman (Aquamare?).
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:33 No.20996467
    That's because original tactics is one of the best video games ever produced in the history of the world.

    Advanced was a pale shadow.

    Also Delita - The Anti Bro
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:34 No.20996475
         File1288910044.jpg-(42 KB, 994x351, 1288417140753.jpg)
    42 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:34 No.20996480
         File1288910055.png-(197 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-11-04-12h54m56s17(...).png)
    197 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:35 No.20996512
         File1288910129.png-(213 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-11-04-18h15m52s20(...).png)
    213 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:35 No.20996516
    "You gunna get abused."
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/04/10(Thu)18:35 No.20996517

    Twilight Sparkle is a Green Lantern.
    >> Forward 2.0 !!pbL8zEzJEl6 11/04/10(Thu)18:35 No.20996521
    >Rarity being a decent Aquaman
    You will have to explain this to me. I thought Rarity was clearly Wonder Mare.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:36 No.20996535
         File1288910182.jpg-(103 KB, 640x360, mlp_gitcandy.jpg)
    103 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:37 No.20996555
    aquamare is one of the yet to be seen shoo shoo be doo
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:37 No.20996576
    That works fine, too. I got hung up on royalty, and I'm a big Aquaman fan. But, Wonder Mare is appropriate, also.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:38 No.20996589
         File1288910308.png-(222 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-11-04-16h28m10s67.png)
    222 KB
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/04/10(Thu)18:38 No.20996594

    Wrong. That's Apple Jack. WW is the embodiment of truth. Apple Jack possess the element of honesty.

    On the other hand Fluttershy...
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:38 No.20996600
         File1288910337.jpg-(73 KB, 1051x628, 1288213054698.jpg)
    73 KB
    One crazy dark theory that the contrast of Apple Jack's crazy huge family with Pinkie Pies Crazy large amount of friends.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:39 No.20996617
         File1288910368.jpg-(79 KB, 788x644, 1288067516403.jpg)
    79 KB
    Cosmic ponys. How would the GOTG react?
    Starlord - He would welcome them with open arms.
    Rocket - Pic very related. Might get better once Fluttershy keeps grooming him.
    Groot - I am Groot. (Besides, Twilight pours booze into his potted plant.)
    Phyla - Will squeel like 7 year old. Will demand to ride Rainbow dash into battle.
    >> Shelltoon !1/0wtbpNAE 11/04/10(Thu)18:40 No.20996634
         File1288910400.jpg-(81 KB, 569x1296, 1288808959918.jpg)
    81 KB
    Seriously, all these macros are wonderful. Have some Spike evolution
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:41 No.20996668
         File1288910477.jpg-(61 KB, 496x276, mlp_livepimp.jpg)
    61 KB
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/04/10(Thu)18:41 No.20996676

    Spike looks faaar better now.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:41 No.20996679
         File1288910505.png-(142 KB, 361x281, Picture 246.png)
    142 KB
    Actually, Rarity would work great for the BatB Aquaman.

    Just replace decor' with heroecs.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:42 No.20996692
         File1288910529.jpg-(74 KB, 640x360, mlp_givetail.jpg)
    74 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:43 No.20996730
         File1288910630.jpg-(72 KB, 639x357, mlp_horns.jpg)
    72 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:45 No.20996746
    fluttershy is clearly Black canary.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:45 No.20996749
         File1288910709.png-(255 KB, 640x360, 1288419229458.png)
    255 KB
    I cant wait for the next episode

    Hopefully we'll get to hear Mac's voice
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:46 No.20996768
         File1288910785.jpg-(101 KB, 493x360, mlp_herpyderpyHD.jpg)
    101 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:46 No.20996785
         File1288910819.jpg-(76 KB, 640x360, mlp_moist.jpg)
    76 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:47 No.20996789

    You just KNOW they're one big incestuous family
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:47 No.20996793
    I expect to be deep and soothing.
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/04/10(Thu)18:47 No.20996802

    I think that he is the classic big silent kind of guy.
    It would be cool to hear him talk, but I don't think it's happening any time soon.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:48 No.20996816

    I can't download the .FLVs
    >> Anon 11/04/10(Thu)18:48 No.20996822
         File1288910908.png-(297 KB, 477x356, Pirate doubles.png)
    297 KB


    Also, Check 'em
    >> Kpax 11/04/10(Thu)18:48 No.20996824

    When the fuck can I has a hi-res version of this macro???
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:49 No.20996837
         File1288910945.png-(102 KB, 337x277, mouthfist.png)
    102 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:49 No.20996846
    If /co/ was a young , strapping colt in ponyville.. how would you go about seducing each pony?
    >> chapter 2 Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:50 No.20996869
         File1288911039.png-(106 KB, 1577x740, chapter one first posting.png)
    106 KB
    see image for chapter 1
    We had to sit in the waiting area a few hours to speak with Princess Luna. Visiting hours don't start until noon and it was only 9:30 when we got there. I made regular trips outside, to see if the sun had decided to come up yet. No such luck, though I'm not surprised, which is ironic given the entirely surprising nature of a day with no sun.

    Maya's been uncharacteristically quiet, however. I think it's the excitement of meeting a real princess. What is she the princess of, anyway? I've never heard of her before. What an odd name, Luna.

    A voice calls to us.

    "Mr. Wright, Ms. Fey, you may see your client now."

    Finally, I can hear what exactly this princess is being accused of, and what on Earth this has to do with this new endless night fiasco. The guard hands me a copy of the arrest record, and walks us through to the visiting area. As I walk in, I hear a voice, and everything goes black.

    Pure black, just like the night outside.

    "Phoenix.." someone calls.


    I wake up... again? Was the entire day a dream so far? Oh God, I hope so.

    Maya's hovering over me, "Nick, you passed out, are you all right?"

    "I... I guess so... what happened?"

    "Erm... Nick, this is our new client, Princess Luna"
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:51 No.20996884
    I imagine him with a California surfer accent.

    "Yo, dudettes, chill. The Mac has got this." *blam* *whack* *crunch* "Yo, a little help here?"

    Standard comic relief, but at least he isn't a little boy like Spike.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:51 No.20996886
    I stand and gather myself, and take a look through the window. Suddenly I remember why I fainted.

    Princess Luna... she's a horse? No, that's not right, she's too small to be a horse, she's more like a pony... wait, why the hell do I even care what kind of equine she is? She's a damn animal! Is this some kind of twisted joke?

    "I'm so glad to see you, Mr. Wright," the horse speaks.

    The horse. Speaks. I think that's what knocked me out the first time. I'm finding it harder and harder to keep a grip on sanity.

    I sit down in front of the window, not even trying to make an effort to hide my incredulousness.

    "A-Are you... are you-?"

    "Princess Luna, yes" she speaks again, with a young voice. Getting a better look, I can't believe it but it's weirder than just a talking horse that needs a defense attorney. She also has a horn, like a unicorn, and a pair of feathery wings, folded at her sides. As if it wasn't enough to have me represent a damn horse, it's some weird pegasus... unicorn... thing. I think there's a word for it, but it escapes me at the moment. A lot of things do, honestly.

    "Uh, right, well..."

    "Mr. Wright, I can tell you're distressed..."

    Normally I'd question "is it that obvious?" at this point, but right now I know it is, and I really don't care. I'm talking to a horse, I'm allowed to be distressed.

    " would it be okay if I just began to tell you what happened, and why I'm here?"

    Well, that is what I came here to do, I guess. I nod my head, and notice Maya in the corner, completely speechless. I guess I'm maintaining slightly more compsure than she is.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:51 No.20996888
    Same here
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:51 No.20996893
    But I only want to seduce Fluttershy, using my sensitive, nurturing side.

    Also, I could probably seduce Pinkie Pie but just asking. "Hey, wanna fuck?"
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:52 No.20996907
    Oh God, I lol'd hard
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:52 No.20996916
    "You see, I'm the unicorn that is responsible for raising the moon each night, and then lowering it to make way for the day. My elder sister, Princess Celestia, is responsible for the sun, and is my superior."

    I'm having a hard time believing this, but given the situation outside, I'm not in a position to doubt what she's saying.

    "We've worked together for centuries and have maintained this balance. Though, sometimes, I get jealous of my sister... everyone plays and laughs and enjoys the sun that she brings every day, but by nightfall, the Earth falls silent, and no one can appreciate the gift I work so hard to bring to them."

    Why do I suddenly feel bad for sleeping at night? Why am I sympathizing with a horse? And why do I take no issue with any of this story she's feeding me?

    "Well, late last night, my sister made me a generous offer. She told me she would let me extend the night for one whole day, and then everyone could play and have fun in it, even after they had already gotten their sleep! I was so excited, so I put into motion the magic to extend the night for one whole day."

    That explains a lot... I guess. Makes as much sense as anything else that's been going on so far. God, what a weird day.

    "But a few hours later, after the dawn would normally be starting, a bunch of police helicoptors surrounded me on top of my Mountain Palace. They told me I was under arrest for abusing my powers of the night."
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:52 No.20996918

    Applejack seduction: maybe I... wrestle ya hoof?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:53 No.20996934
    "Wait... but if you really have some.. magical powers... couldn't you have just made the helicoptors disappear?"

    "Yes, I could have, but I didn't think it was necessary. I didn't want to cause a confrontation, especially since I know I'm innocent. Fighting would just make things more difficult for everyone there."

    She sounds reasonable enough, and definitely sounds sincere about her innocence. Still, I need more information if I'm going to prove that in court. Listen to me, I'm concerned with how I'm going to prove a horse's innocence.

    "So, about your sister," I begin, "she should be able to clear this whole mess up, then? She's the one who can attest to the fact that you didn't intentionally abuse your reign over the night?"

    "Oh yes, definitely!" She sounds very enthusiastic. "My sister would do anything for me."

    "Where can I find her?"

    "She should definitely be in the Mountain Palace in Canterlot, which is in Equestria."

    Great, more gibberish I don't understand. Where the hell is Equestria? Does it even exist? I can't believe there's a shred of doubt left in my mind at this point; some place I've never heard of would be the least unusual thing to happen all day so far.

    "Uhh... how do we get to this Equestria place, exactly?"

    "Oh, don't worry about that. I'll just ask the guard for a quick phone call and I'll have a chariot outside waiting to take you there in no time at all."

    Did she just say a chariot?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:53 No.20996937
    then she probably run away comes back, drops your pant down and cover your cock with hot sauce before starting to lick you.
    >> Boco !sCZ24qY6KY 11/04/10(Thu)18:53 No.20996940

    I only need Fluttershy.

    ...Maybe Dash.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:54 No.20996965
    I just came
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:54 No.20996968
    I... don't get it.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:54 No.20996974
         File1288911271.png-(455 KB, 640x359, G3_Pinkie-pie_Spike.png)
    455 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:54 No.20996982
         File1288911285.jpg-(96 KB, 640x360, 1288062237557.jpg)
    96 KB


    i swear i get out of this every day.
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/04/10(Thu)18:56 No.20997003

    Way to chose complete opposites Boco.
    >> Boco !sCZ24qY6KY 11/04/10(Thu)18:58 No.20997040

    Yes, I suppose I did.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:58 No.20997045
    is this... what the actual cartoon looked like?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)18:58 No.20997057
    You are now aware that this is what would be played in Pinkie's Halloween party, and everyone would be dancing to it.
    In tune.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:00 No.20997092
         File1288911633.png-(303 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-11-04-19h00m07s20.png)
    303 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:01 No.20997109
    This just reminds me that I want to see a picture of Big Mac as Dr. Frank-N-Furter
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:01 No.20997120
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:01 No.20997123
    This would be tough sicne being a male in Equestria is a tough life. We have to prove we are the best against other males.
    Work hard meanial tasks.
    >> Doc Melonhead 11/04/10(Thu)19:02 No.20997132
         File1288911727.jpg-(179 KB, 563x1688, LunaSorrow.jpg)
    179 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:05 No.20997185
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:05 No.20997190
         File1288911918.png-(209 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-11-03-22h00m04s19(...).png)
    209 KB
    >> !bgREVLN8FU 11/04/10(Thu)19:06 No.20997214
    Is this from the first episode? I forgot what happens. I need to watch it three more times.
    >> Boco !sCZ24qY6KY 11/04/10(Thu)19:06 No.20997221

    It works so well...
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:06 No.20997228
    Now I'm sad
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:06 No.20997234
         File1288912015.jpg-(53 KB, 640x360, My Little Pony_ Friendship is (...).jpg)
    53 KB
    Apple Fritter, why is your hair green?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:06 No.20997236
         File1288912019.png-(210 KB, 461x500, 11334355423234.png)
    210 KB

    although it wouldnt be 'easy' per se, it would be very possible to get Rarity eating out of your hand. Just work hard to get a post as a guard in the palace, and she'd do ANYTHING to get a 'guided tour'

    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:07 No.20997238
    yeah, it's when Applejack is introducing her to the entire apple family.

    speaking of which, applejack episode tomorrow everypony!
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:07 No.20997244
    It's just Applejack introducing her big-ass family.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:08 No.20997259
         File1288912095.png-(269 KB, 640x480, 1288066335081.png)
    269 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:09 No.20997274
         File1288912146.png-(121 KB, 395x379, Picture 290.png)
    121 KB
    Rarity decides against attending the party as a rocky character in favor of something she finds more classy
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:09 No.20997280
         File1288912188.png-(30 KB, 126x207, dawwwww.png)
    30 KB
    >First impressions
    >"Well, most of these characters seem pretty unlikable so far. I don't see what all the fuss is abou--"
    >Fluttershy's introduction
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:11 No.20997307
    it's always fluttershy that gets them.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:15 No.20997400
    >more classy
    >a sociopath rapist

    Have you SEEN A Clockwork Orange?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:15 No.20997410

    yeah, the last stage of pony acceptance says "Fluttershy is mai waifu" for a reason!
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:18 No.20997474
         File1288912738.jpg-(8 KB, 233x162, apple_flutter-mad.jpg)
    8 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:19 No.20997488
         File1288912780.jpg-(5 KB, 200x200, 21454342634.jpg)
    5 KB

    You will never run your hands through Fluttershy's soft, silky hair while telling her how much you love her
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:20 No.20997506
    Y u do this, frog? Y?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:21 No.20997517
         File1288912862.jpg-(85 KB, 640x360, 1288897979619.jpg)
    85 KB

    I prefer Dash, we would be lesbros
    >> Boco !sCZ24qY6KY 11/04/10(Thu)19:21 No.20997530

    Not waifu, more like beloved friend.

    No sexual stuff.
    >> Anon 11/04/10(Thu)19:22 No.20997535
         File1288912927.jpg-(16 KB, 481x303, CARLOOOOS.jpg)
    16 KB
    Well, I guess you could say that it DOUBLED as a reaction image and an indicator to look at the post number.
    >> Doc Melonhead 11/04/10(Thu)19:23 No.20997550
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:24 No.20997570
         File1288913046.png-(53 KB, 300x425, Crybaby.png)
    53 KB
    Why would you sex up something so adorable?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:24 No.20997571
    You know, I realized something about this whole prophecy...
    An ancient evil, imprisoned beyond this world, biding her time until the stars are right once more. Her return shall herald the end of days.

    Celestia makes her students read the Necroponicon.

    Also, we need an MLP slowpoke.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:25 No.20997594
         File1288913116.png-(35 KB, 193x174, dat.png)
    35 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:28 No.20997655
    >None of us will EVER spend a long night up partying with Pinkie Pie, only for her to draw us away from the festivities in the dead of night, taking us away to her bedroom, where she will tease us with a pink, frilly lingerie stripshow before she hops over to us and lets us eat out her fairy floss flavoured snatch, nuzzling and licking at her cherry flavoured clit until she shivers in excitement and cums whipped cream all over our faces, which will then provide glorious lubricant as we mount her and fuck her all night long
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:29 No.20997678

    Am I fucking a cake?!
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:30 No.20997688
    I always thought Rarity would either be dressed as Columbia or Magenta (whoever had that sexy, sultry voice.) Sorry been many years since I have seen the movie.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:30 No.20997690

    wow, I never expected someone to save that one
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:30 No.20997697
         File1288913451.jpg-(18 KB, 398x343, ba dum tss.jpg)
    18 KB

    No... you're eating it out!
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:31 No.20997714
         File1288913518.png-(51 KB, 216x236, 1288826195943.png)
    51 KB
    Fluttershy is probably my least favourite character. I mean she's ok but the shy thing is annoying to me more than it is cute.
    Pinkie Rainbow and Twilight master race.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:32 No.20997724

    Pinkie Pie's sex song: 'Pin the tail in MEEEEeeee"

    Someone fund dat shit
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:32 No.20997730
    >none of you will ever have intercourse in real life

    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:33 No.20997741
         File1288913616.png-(141 KB, 470x407, 1234356357653.png)
    141 KB

    you just mad

    just need to show a little kindness
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:33 No.20997745

    Twilight and Spike are Janet and Brad, obviously. Rarity does make a good Magenta, and Pinkie makes a good Columbia. I guess that makes Applejack Riff-Raff, and for some reason I see Dash as Rocky. Which leaves Frank to Nightmare Moon I guess.

    Big Mac can be Eddy. Who's Doctor Scott?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:34 No.20997752
    Magenta had the sultry voice. Columbia had the annoying New York-y accent and fangasm'd over Meatloaf.

    Spike could be Riff-Raff. I bet they'd do an interesting version of the "elbow sex" scene together.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:37 No.20997821
    $10 says he calls her "little lady" on a regular basis.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:37 No.20997828
         File1288913869.png-(145 KB, 340x376, mouthfist 2.png)
    145 KB
    >> Blackarachnias Giant Robot Tits !bXU0gE0lts 11/04/10(Thu)19:38 No.20997844
    >fair floss
    I know where the guy who wrote that WASN'T from.

    It's Cotton Candy, niggers.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:40 No.20997871
    It's McIntosh
    Macintosh is the computer
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:41 No.20997897
    As you wish

    and all the ladies in this thread got wet
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:41 No.20997900
         File1288914096.jpg-(68 KB, 850x777, 128857878998.jpg)
    68 KB
    No, I know that Big Mac is Dr. Franken Furter. You know it , I know it, we all know it.
    Now picture it damnit!
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:45 No.20997989
         File1288914338.jpg-(29 KB, 504x305, dpr.jpg)
    29 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:46 No.20998007
         File1288914381.png-(122 KB, 500x300, panty and stocking are ho(rse)(...).png)
    122 KB
    should i touch this up?
    >> Doc Melonhead 11/04/10(Thu)19:46 No.20998010
    Gentlemen, enjoy:
    >> Anon 11/04/10(Thu)19:48 No.20998052
         File1288914490.jpg-(10 KB, 268x262, whatthefuck.jpg)
    10 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:48 No.20998068
    Applejack/Superman: Physically the strongest. Grew up on a farm.
    Rarity/Wonder Woman: (Wants to be a) princess.
    Rainbow Dash/Flash: Made of goesfast.
    Twilight Sparkle/Green Lantern: Serves a godlike being, who happens to be a master troll.
    Fluttershy/Aquaman: Friend to all the animals.
    Spike/Martian Manhunter: Turns into a dragon, manages logistics
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:50 No.20998103
    >I sure do know a lot about wonder woman
    >> Doc Melonhead 11/04/10(Thu)19:51 No.20998118
    In case you're wondering, It's a "Make your own damn Pony" template (eyes not included).
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:53 No.20998160
    Rarity wants to be a princess, but Twilight might be one already.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:54 No.20998169
    The theory is that she's Luna's daughter, right?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:54 No.20998170
         File1288914879.png-(201 KB, 469x268, 1287797875862.png)
    201 KB
    Are you trying to imply that Wonder Woman isn't a Princess?

    Setting that aside, she also fights mythical monsters on a regular basis. Just like Rarity.
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/04/10(Thu)19:55 No.20998174

    Regarding Wonder Woman I repeat this:


    >WW is the embodiment of truth. Apple Jack possess the element of honesty. /discussion
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:55 No.20998195
         File1288914942.jpg-(91 KB, 580x736, 1287942676484.jpg)
    91 KB
    How about Big Gay Serpent, you'd know he'd be a perfect role for it.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:57 No.20998229
    He could do a hilarious spin on the Criminologist.

    "Ooooh! It's just a jump to to the left, sweetie!"
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)19:59 No.20998291
    Rarity's traits are:
    Fashion Designer - doesn't really relate to WW unless you want to make some joke about her costume changes
    Spirit of Generosity - WW is the spirit of Truth, which is a different Pony.

    I suppose you could say "Ties people up tightly", or at a stretch "Most skilled at physical combat." because she kicked a Manticore in the face.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:00 No.20998305
         File1288915254.gif-(1.43 MB, 300x171, 1287807442574.gif)
    1.43 MB
    Awesome, now we need a drawfag to make this happen!
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:02 No.20998333
         File1288915336.jpg-(41 KB, 691x627, 1288495681980.jpg)
    41 KB
    Do you really see 'jack rocking the tiara look though?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:02 No.20998337
         File1288915352.png-(383 KB, 765x502, Raritybeingalittletoofriendly (...).png)
    383 KB
    Rarity takes a little TOO much interest in Twilight Sparkle for it to be healthy...
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:03 No.20998353
         File1288915410.gif-(1.15 MB, 640x360, 1288724063294.gif)
    1.15 MB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:03 No.20998356
         File1288915423.jpg-(19 KB, 262x286, makeoverpowersactivate.jpg)
    19 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:04 No.20998375
    She's hoping to be invited to Canterlot. It's a very exclusive community, you know.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:05 No.20998387
         File1288915547.png-(196 KB, 640x360, partynow.png)
    196 KB
    Everyone wants to get their hooves on Twilight
    >> Anonycat 11/04/10(Thu)20:05 No.20998393
         File1288915559.jpg-(36 KB, 640x360, snapshot20101104204946.jpg)
    36 KB
    Mo(r)e Fluttershy.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:07 No.20998429
    long Pinkie Pie is long
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:09 No.20998464
         File1288915761.png-(45 KB, 188x164, 1288489463246.png)
    45 KB
    I declare DAT ASS for this thread.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:10 No.20998484
    Also, to make it so that each of them has a trait that's exclusive to them the Pinkie/Batman link could be "In their civilian identity, more known for throwing extravagant parties than working hard."
    >> Spikey !4v3R3rLP4k 11/04/10(Thu)20:10 No.20998488
         File1288915849.png-(224 KB, 640x420, Big_Mac_Daddy.png)
    224 KB

    I tried...
    >> Spikey !4v3R3rLP4k 11/04/10(Thu)20:11 No.20998510
         File1288915906.jpg-(36 KB, 640x434, Spikes_Harem.jpg)
    36 KB

    My other attempt
    >> Anon 11/04/10(Thu)20:13 No.20998544
         File1288916008.jpg-(146 KB, 634x361, spike1.jpg)
    146 KB
    No, this is how you do itm bitch
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:15 No.20998579
         File1288916114.jpg-(75 KB, 626x356, 128802708521.jpg)
    75 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:15 No.20998588
         File1288916139.jpg-(88 KB, 635x368, datpony.jpg)
    88 KB
    >> Mr. Butt 11/04/10(Thu)20:15 No.20998589
    It was another grand day in Ponyville, the rosy red light of the morning sun peeked over the tops of the galloping hills, leaving a rush of warm, morning air and chirping songbirds in its wake. As the sunlight rolled sluggishly over sweet apple acres, it peeled between the curtains of Applejack’s room, a thin, piercing lance rushing across the floor and up the side of her bed, before coming to rest squarely on her slumbering eye. Applejack quivered, she twisted, and then her eye flew open and she leaped up into the air “It’s the day!” she said. A short, apple filled breakfast later and Applejack was racing out of the door, “Oh I’ve been waiting and Waiting for this day! And now it’s finally here! Time for the first spring seeding!” Big Mac had been up late that night, ploughing the fields in preparation for this morning, and the poor colt was likely catching up the 40 or so winks he’d been missed, so it fell to Applejack to take care of the sowing, but luckily she’d arranged for some help...

    “DASH! DASH! DASH?” Applejack called out, having arrived in the clearing where Dash had arranged to meet her. “DASH? Don’t you be trying to hide from me now, you owe me this favour for covering your present for Fluttershy’s birthday, so come out!” But there was no response, merely the sound of morning songbirds and the rush of wind on the hilly slopes. Applejack sighed, she knew Dash would try to make things difficult, but she couldn’t imagine that she’d wilfully abandon her, not on such an important occasion as this, Dash KNEW how crucial sowing day was to sweet apple acres. “Maybe she just went and done got herself muddled up about where we were s’pposed to meet.”
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:16 No.20998607
    The theory is that she's Luna/Celestia's spiritual successor - some kind of "third goddess pony" in the making. Whether she's actually blood related is another issue.
    >> Mr. Butt 11/04/10(Thu)20:16 No.20998618

    And so Applejack wandered off in search of the errant Pegasus, looking high in the trees to catch her napping, or poking her head under the bushes to see if she was spying, but to no avail. A glance at the featureless sky did not betray a tell-tale rainbow trail either. As the sun began to climb further over the horizon, Applejack began to wonder: why did she rely on Dash being punctual? Surely one of her other, more dependable friends would have been a better choice. Rarity? No, she’d likely freak out after chipping a hoof. Pinkie? Maybe Applejack could just tie the apple seed sack to her tail and send her hoppin’ on her way, but she just doesn’t have the concentration to walk in a straight line. Fluttershy? But the last time she got her to help she kept gettin’ distracted by ever dang bird that swooped overhead. Twilight? No, she couldn’t keep pushin’ the little darlin’, she’d already been helping her with Spring cleaning. What was it about Dash that made her such the obvious choice? Dash certainly had the energy for the job, Applejack loved to spend time watching her go about her weather duties, it was always fun to see her thrust those hoofs out at those clouds and go KA-POW! And she was so fast that the sowing would be done in no time flat, Applejack giggled to herself when she imagined Dash boasting her usual “Ten Seconds FLAT,” she’d likely have to reign in that pony by that tail of hers. She was always pulling at Dash’s pretty tail, having to keep the young rascal from gettin’ herself into trouble...
    >> Mr. Butt 11/04/10(Thu)20:17 No.20998635

    “Oh Dang I’m gettin’ distracted,” Applejack said, “And it’s 10 o’clock already Where is that obnoxious filly?” She’d already searched the fields, high and low, and had poked around town as well, but couldn’t find the elusive pony anywhere. She was just about to give up when her ears flickered with the tell tale sensation of a windy rush, and she heard the rising crescendo of a pony’s voice: “look out belooooooooooowwwWWWWWW!”
    Dash cannoned into Applejack at high speed, sending the two ponies tumbling down a small slope and into a thick patch of grass. Applejack shook her head after a moments daze and glared at the clumsy Pegasus, “RAINBOW DASH! Where have you been?”
    “Whaddya mean? You told me to meet you out here early in the morning!” she said.
    Dash looked stunned, “ELEVEN? I got up THAT early? Wow, I could have slept for a whole ‘nother hour or two, oh well. I told you I’d be here and you know that Rainbow Dash is ALWAYS loyal to her friends!” She spiralled into the air and briefly struck a pose, “So where are these seeds huh? We might as well get started already! Boy... it sure looks like it’s going to be hot toda-AAYYYYY-“
    >> Spikey !4v3R3rLP4k 11/04/10(Thu)20:18 No.20998655
         File1288916310.png-(117 KB, 470x329, Flutter_Spiked.png)
    117 KB
    what-evs, you wont top this beeeeeatch!
    >> Mr. Butt 11/04/10(Thu)20:18 No.20998661

    “It’s only gonna be hot because you’ve left it to nearly the MIDDLE OF THE DAY!” Applejack growled as she pulled Dash back to earth by her tail.
    “Oh so it’s too late to start then? I guess we’ll just have to take the day off and do it tomorrow huh? I have to practise my moves for the wonder-bolts anyway so DONT WORRY I’ll be keeping busy.”
    Applejack sighed, why did she bother? She knew Dash was too lazy to be up at the crack of dawn. It was getting late, but she couldn’t just leave it to the next day, not after all the work Big Mac had done. She guessed that she and Dash would just have to tough it out in the su-
    “Hey, why are you still holding my tail?” Dash said
    Applejack blushed and spat out Dash’s tail, “Oh uh, I’m sorry darlin’, just got a lil’ distracted is all...”
    Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes, “Well if that’s all then I’ll just be going.”
    “Hold on there nelly!” Applejack said, “You said you’d be helping out this morning and I plan on holding you ta that promise!”
    >> Mr. Butt 11/04/10(Thu)20:19 No.20998674

    “Well yeah, this MORNING, but the mornings almost over already like you said yourself, so we’ll just have to postpone the appointment until tomorrow.”
    Applejack fumed “Why youuuuuu...” but then stopped and caught herself. She scratched her chin with her hoof as she thought about what to do, and then broke out into a mischievous grin. “Say Dash, I have an idea, why don’t we hoof wrestle? Winner decides what to do”
    Rainbow Dash grinned evilly, “Oh so you think you can take me on? You’re gonna regret this one!” And she flew down and locked hoofs with Applejack over a stump, groaning and struggling with all her might to bring her opponents hoof down. Applejack merely smiled, she often played around with Rainbow Dash like this, sometimes winning, sometimes not, but it was always just fun and games, she never really put in her full strength behind the wrestle. But this time... she wanted something...
    >> Mr. Butt 11/04/10(Thu)20:20 No.20998687

    “I win!” Applejack cried out triumphantly.
    “Awww, no fair, you did that so fast you must have cheated!” Dash pouted sulkily.
    “Now now my ‘loyal’ friend, you aren’t trying to back out of a deal are you?”
    Rainbow Dash sighed, “I guess not Applejack, you win, so we do what you want to do... shall we get started on those seeds?”
    Applejack smiled slyly, “Oh I don’t know, I think we may need to 'plough' them fields just a little more....”

    to be continued at an indefinite time
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:20 No.20998695
         File1288916430.png-(208 KB, 640x360, oldspicepony.png)
    208 KB
    Hello mares!
    Look at your pony.
    Now back to me.
    Now back at your pony.
    Now back to me.

    Sadly, he isn't me, but if he stopped using filly-scented coat conditioner and switched to Foal Spice, he could smell like he's me.
    >> Anon 11/04/10(Thu)20:22 No.20998725
         File1288916539.jpg-(46 KB, 390x300, chuck_norris.jpg)
    46 KB
    I approve
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:22 No.20998727
    Look again. I'm an unicorn.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:22 No.20998734
    Or that she's the third sister.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:23 No.20998737
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:24 No.20998752
    Oh you dirty tease, you.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:28 No.20998820
         File1288916902.jpg-(36 KB, 300x300, 1284451404703.jpg)
    36 KB

    >to be continued at an indefinite time
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:28 No.20998828
         File1288916929.jpg-(46 KB, 600x338, nowiaintsayinshesagolddigga.jpg)
    46 KB
    Oh Rarity, why is your fantasy so fun to mess with?
    >> 8-Ball 11/04/10(Thu)20:31 No.20998888
         File1288917116.jpg-(462 KB, 800x528, 1277954375949.jpg)
    462 KB

    > to be continued at an indefinite time

    this is the main reason why i don't read fanfiction here
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:33 No.20998906
         File1288917200.jpg-(183 KB, 499x450, 1288144213241.jpg)
    183 KB
    >to be continued on an indefinet time.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:34 No.20998929
    I agree, anon. I just don't really like Fluttershy. She just rubs me wrong. Heck I like Rainbow Dash more than her for RD is pretty annoying.
    >> Anon 11/04/10(Thu)20:35 No.20998947
         File1288917306.jpg-(17 KB, 289x400, gene.jpg)
    17 KB
    Don't worry, my sexually deprived ponies!

    The King is here...
    >> The Fame Monster !ttSqJr1Igc 11/04/10(Thu)20:35 No.20998959
    Look down. Back up. Where are you? You're in Canterlot with pony your pony could smell like. What's in your hand? Back to me. I have it. It's two tickets to that Gala you love. Look again, the tickets are now kindness sparkles! Anything is possible when your pony smells like me and not a foal. I'm on another pony.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:36 No.20998973
         File1288917379.jpg-(211 KB, 1881x1635, hellpony.jpg)
    211 KB
    thanks for the template
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:37 No.20999003
         File1288917464.png-(172 KB, 640x360, ss.png)
    172 KB
    I paused here accidentally. The only reason I capped it was the frame unintentionally gave off implications of /ss/. What have you done to me /co/?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:38 No.20999026
         File1288917519.png-(103 KB, 389x286, Picture 249.png)
    103 KB
    HOW couuuuuld you...?
    >> Mr. Butt 11/04/10(Thu)20:39 No.20999049
         File1288917581.jpg-(20 KB, 199x225, saddam_south_park.jpg)
    20 KB

    Hey relax guys, I'm just your average work laden uni student, take a seat, put your feet your feet up, how about we all just take five and wait for the new episode to come out brahs?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:39 No.20999052
         File1288917590.jpg-(35 KB, 221x252, 1287106026308.jpg)
    35 KB
    All these threads always last so long, and STILL no freaky horse porn.

    I'm somewhat proud/disappointed.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:41 No.20999084
         File1288917668.jpg-(25 KB, 379x201, 1237868634.jpg)
    25 KB

    Rarity the unicorn: Sex predator
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:41 No.20999101

    Needs a 'WHAT THE SHIT?' caption
    >> TX2 11/04/10(Thu)20:42 No.20999115
         File1288917749.png-(215 KB, 632x354, Picture 221.png)
    215 KB
    Of course of course there's no porn with the horse.

    It's a cartoon about PONIES, and the only horse in the show is universally hated for tabloid cospiracy reasons that make too much sense to NOT be true.
    >> TX2 11/04/10(Thu)20:44 No.20999154
    Why would you draw that works better....

    or better yet HOW could yooooou draw that!?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:44 No.20999161
    There's heaps of it
    As well as fics
    >> The Fame Monster !ttSqJr1Igc 11/04/10(Thu)20:45 No.20999172
    You guys are kidding, right? There's totally porn.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:46 No.20999208
    I still haven't gotten ep 3 dl to work. :/
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:46 No.20999216
         File1288918006.png-(223 KB, 640x360, raritybedroomeyes.png)
    223 KB
    And guess who's next
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:48 No.20999241
    Worked for me
    But then again I have a account for premium megaupload
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:49 No.20999276
    Hahah awesome!
    >> TX2 11/04/10(Thu)20:49 No.20999284
    Of the ponies, yes.

    not the horse, though.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:53 No.20999370
         File1288918437.jpg-(22 KB, 389x286, why would you.jpg)
    22 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:54 No.20999386
    read it in his voice
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:59 No.20999454
    Yeah, we need some Celestia x Nightmare (not Luna)
    Unfortunately, I'm no drawfag.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)20:59 No.20999462
         File1288918754.png-(128 KB, 640x360, BAM! Rainbow Dash!.png)
    128 KB
    Suddenly, Rainbow Dash!
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)21:03 No.20999559
         File1288919023.png-(27 KB, 135x95, excitedrainbowdashfan.png)
    27 KB
    For some reason I find this random pegasus from the Wonderbolts crowd hilarious
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)21:06 No.20999617
         File1288919213.png-(37 KB, 141x120, DerpHooves.png)
    37 KB
    Speaking of background ponies. Does anyone have the bigger cleaned up image of Derpy Hooves?
    >> TX2 11/04/10(Thu)21:08 No.20999658
         File1288919305.png-(607 KB, 1610x1288, Picture 251.png)
    607 KB
    >> empty10 11/04/10(Thu)21:11 No.20999716
         File1288919475.png-(85 KB, 237x212, derp.png)
    85 KB
    How 'bout this?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)21:13 No.20999756
         File1288919590.jpg-(44 KB, 300x457, trigger2.jpg)
    44 KB
    but she ain't messin wit no broke Trigga
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)21:14 No.20999800
    It is never any less funny.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)21:14 No.20999806
         File1288919691.png-(24 KB, 115x104, derphooves.png)
    24 KB
    clean as I can manage
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)21:15 No.20999834
         File1288919758.png-(407 KB, 827x511, hey kid wanna ss 3.png)
    407 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)21:17 No.20999877
    what happened to Spike being in super love with Rarity?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)21:19 No.20999925
    guess it was just a one-shot gag. either that or he just hasn't really had any new opportunity to fawn over her.

    he was completely absent in episode 2, and he was barely with Rarity in episode 3. Only time he was was when he was protesting girly gala gunk and keeping Twilight's tickets safe.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)21:22 No.21000010
         File1288920135.png-(361 KB, 742x511, Raritybeingalittletoofriendly (...).png)
    361 KB
    I'm pretty sure her interest in Twilight Sparkle is more than just social climbing.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)21:24 No.21000076
         File1288920256.png-(150 KB, 481x203, 1287632102493.png)
    150 KB

    Confirmed for too tight.

    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)21:24 No.21000088
         File1288920274.png-(239 KB, 640x360, fairylights.png)
    239 KB
    Their lights are made of imprisoned fairies.

    I'll bet Celestia did this.
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/04/10(Thu)21:27 No.21000157

    Sweet merciful God!
    She looks like creepiest female pedophile EVER in this picture!
    Truly worthy of the "hey kid wanna /ss/" caption.

    But I would caption it "GIMME SOME SUGAR BABY BOY". Way creepier this way.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)21:28 No.21000194
    It is HER Gala, of course she did. It's probably unimaginably painful for them as well.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)21:30 No.21000231
    as much as your wild speculation is fun, can't we just enjoy the characters for who they are? I love my airheaded Pinky and "typical fashion-obsesser with a kind heart"
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)21:30 No.21000233
    they look like fireflies to me.
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/04/10(Thu)21:30 No.21000237

    Also obligatory:

    Spike: I need an adult...

    Rarity: I AM AN ADULT!!!
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)21:32 No.21000262
    They don't really look like either, they're just balls with vaguely wing-like appendages on top.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)21:33 No.21000288
         File1288920799.png-(158 KB, 640x360, scaredbabies.png)
    158 KB
    Hide your kids
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)21:33 No.21000289
    Pinkie called them "fairy lights" in the song. I don't think it's a metaphor for what it looks like.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)21:34 No.21000315
         File1288920870.png-(113 KB, 298x341, fluttershyadorable.png)
    113 KB
    I do love the characters for who they are really. I'm just feeling extra silly tonight.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)21:37 No.21000376
    They look like fireflies to me.

    Which really doesn't make Princess Celestia any less evil, when you think about it.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)21:38 No.21000403

    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)21:39 No.21000427
    ...This is new.

    Do you have an early release of the new episode?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)21:39 No.21000428

    ..... I'm with Celestia on this one.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)21:40 No.21000438
    It's from episode 1
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)21:42 No.21000489
    I wish. It's a shot from when Nightmare Moon first shows up.
    >> ♥missy♥ 11/04/10(Thu)21:46 No.21000564
         File1288921594.jpg-(49 KB, 229x200, 1288673606752.jpg)
    49 KB
    I'll be streaming episodes 1-3 in about 20 mins
    >> Forward 2.0 !!pbL8zEzJEl6 11/04/10(Thu)21:48 No.21000602
    Cool. I'll be there.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)21:56 No.21000792
    SUFFERING fireflies.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)22:00 No.21000870
    Channel 3, I'm guessing?
    >> ♥missy♥ 11/04/10(Thu)22:03 No.21000944
    starting now
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)22:05 No.21000978
         File1288922710.jpg-(64 KB, 533x800, 1446094-i_bet_jews_did_this_su(...).jpg)
    64 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)22:36 No.21001615
    any drawfags in here?
    >> Forward 2.0 !!pbL8zEzJEl6 11/04/10(Thu)22:48 No.21001854
    We're all in the stream.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)22:53 No.21001937
         File1288925594.png-(177 KB, 477x478, sad spike.png)
    177 KB
    Yeah, the thread here appears to have died.

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