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  • won't have time to do a full post until later this week, but here's something to tide you over. oh, and here's a thread from last night where i answered a handful of questions (thanks to those who sent me the archive!).

    File : 1288617116.jpg-(33 KB, 641x359, previously.jpg)
    33 KB Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:11 No.20927679  
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:12 No.20927685
         File1288617172.jpg-(55 KB, 640x359, blurg.jpg)
    55 KB
    "ALL the way inside??"
    >> Mark A. Question 11/01/10(Mon)09:14 No.20927695
    ... two adventurers named Banjo and Kazooie find themselves in a strange new world...
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:15 No.20927705
    I just stopped in to say, my little pony is for faggots and little girls. Also, am I the only won who wants to fuck the dykey pony?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:19 No.20927734

    No, you're not.

    Applejack does too.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:22 No.20927754
    >>20927705 won

    what the fuck? how the fuck do you fuck that up? it's ONE. did you drop out of middle school? what that fuck, man.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:26 No.20927772

    what? Twilight actually PARTYING?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:27 No.20927785
         File1288618065.png-(14 KB, 400x400, normal.png)
    14 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:27 No.20927787
    i hate you for these threads, /co/.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:28 No.20927789
    I just watched the first 3 episodes. I like.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:30 No.20927797
    I love you for these threads, /co/. Even the sagers have the right idea.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:33 No.20927830
    i've watched all three episodes like 3 times. god, i can't stop.

    fucking Pinkie Pie.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:39 No.20927862
    Is the only version of episode 3 on Youtube the one with the annoying link in the upper right corner?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:40 No.20927875
    Oops, nevermind.
    I gotta' learn to put episode names in the search bar.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:42 No.20927884
         File1288618931.gif-(208 KB, 403x296, spaz.gif)
    208 KB
    >> Mark A. Question 11/01/10(Mon)09:49 No.20927947
    So, I'm alone in thinking a Banjo-Kazooie/My Little Pony crossover would be kinda fun? Ok.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:49 No.20927948
    still cant get her songs out of my head
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:52 No.20927969
    As long as there is more MLP I am okay with ANY crossover

    And no, I too believe a Banjo/MLP crossover would be fun as well
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:54 No.20927977
    Someone give me links to episode 2 and 3. I've only seen the first episode.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:57 No.20927993
    youtube search The Ticketmaster.

    or go to The hub's website
    >> Mark A. Question 11/01/10(Mon)10:00 No.20928012
    Awesome. Would Celestia and Grunty become best friends and troll everyone together? How would Kazooie react to Pinky Pie singing? Mumbo Jumbo meets Fabulous Dragon, what happens?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:06 No.20928046
    Even if 'we' use our theory of Celestia being Lawful Evil there is still the Lawful part in her alignment.

    She would not tolerate Grunty if the witch actively made it known she would antagonize Cantorlot and would probably seek to remove her

    And if they decided to troll together, then Celestia would troll Grunty when she wasn't suspecting it

    The others i don't know
    >> Doc Melonhead 11/01/10(Mon)12:32 No.20929272
    Personally, I just believe she's just a troll, not a thoroughbred of Sin.
    >> Doc Melonhead 11/01/10(Mon)12:34 No.20929290
    I'm talking about Celestria of coarse
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)12:35 No.20929306
    Fluttershy foolishly went to Applejack's farm while in heat, to pick up some apples.

    But Big Mac was there.

    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)12:55 No.20929522
         File1288630518.png-(560 KB, 1200x800, 1288585939174.png)
    560 KB
    From last nights glorious thread in which we discussed the true depths of Celestia's black hearted malevolence.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)12:58 No.20929546
    Question... where was Celestia during the first and second episodes?

    Can't remember... was she trapped or some shit like that
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)12:59 No.20929554
    she was pretending to be trapped to frame her younger sister.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)13:02 No.20929583
    First ep, she was just in Canterlot or behind the scenes wherever.
    Second ep, she was apparently spirited away by NMM's power.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)13:02 No.20929587
    Off siphoning the magic out of her hundreds of enslaved PegaUnicorns to grow her own dark magics.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)13:04 No.20929601
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)13:04 No.20929603
         File1288631075.png-(317 KB, 798x774, 128858740728.png)
    317 KB
    Will Luna ever be able to free Equestria from her sisters iron hoofed clutches?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)13:05 No.20929611
         File1288631154.jpg-(75 KB, 640x480, Photo_00622.jpg)
    75 KB
    Confound you ponies

    Why you making threads when I have to get ready for work :(
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)13:09 No.20929646
         File1288631374.jpg-(1.38 MB, 1000x2320, 128855029964.jpg)
    1.38 MB
    This one probably won't go very far since most of the Bronies are at work as we speak, I myself have to go in a half hour. Evening threads are were it's at.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)13:13 No.20929687
         File1288631608.png-(194 KB, 639x357, Picture 243.png)
    194 KB
    Twilight walks in on Rarity and Nightmare crossing horns in private.

    This needs a caption.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)13:16 No.20929724
         File1288631799.png-(163 KB, 355x547, sallyPony2.png)
    163 KB
    >> Jiggsaw 11/01/10(Mon)13:27 No.20929843
         File1288632433.jpg-(26 KB, 639x357, OMPONIES.jpg)
    26 KB
    >> Jimbo 11/01/10(Mon)13:28 No.20929855

    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)13:37 No.20929967


    Celestia being a villain could be an interesting plot-twist. It's a pity that it will never happen.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)13:37 No.20929970
         File1288633036.png-(88 KB, 328x219, Picture 292.png)
    88 KB
    Is it me, or is there something a little wierd about a fan pairing of 2 characters who have the same voice actor?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)13:40 No.20930012
    It's vocal masturbation, nothing wrong with that.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)13:44 No.20930069
    If she is not evil then why is she always making people feed their kids to alligators.

    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)13:45 No.20930079
         File1288633502.jpg-(141 KB, 800x800, 1288559891818.jpg)
    141 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)13:48 No.20930129
         File1288633719.jpg-(83 KB, 720x540, 1288393708128.jpg)
    83 KB
    It's like voice incest, so extra sexy.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)14:32 No.20930768
    I wish there were more Nightmare Moon pics out there, does anyone have a human version of her or Luna?
    >> Kpax 11/01/10(Mon)15:22 No.20931320
    I need that explanation of why it's okay to like MLP
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)15:24 No.20931337
    Because it's good, and anyone on /co/ who says it's not ok to like it when lots of /co/ watches Powerpuff Girls, My Life as a Teenage Robot, etc. is being a hypocrite.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)15:36 No.20931491
         File1288640194.jpg-(288 KB, 995x1822, steps and liking it.jpg)
    288 KB
    ...and that is why we like it
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)15:41 No.20931575
    God dammit, I had a dream about ponies /co/. What have you done to me?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)15:43 No.20931607
         File1288640602.jpg-(43 KB, 472x344, 1287275002253.jpg)
    43 KB
    Why is nobody willing to stream this?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)15:44 No.20931619
         File1288640640.png-(475 KB, 943x719, 1288190964918.png)
    475 KB

    Welcome to the herd, it can't be stopped, blah blah blah.

    Also, please report to the "/co/ related dreams" thread.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)15:45 No.20931643
    theres a /co/ related dreams thread?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)15:47 No.20931670
    :3 omg my thread is still up

    i love you, bronies
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)15:54 No.20931786

    one of us. one of us.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)15:55 No.20931805

    Oh! there was one earlier, i just went thru the 15 pages looking for it and didn't find it, must have 404'd while i wasn't looking.
    >> sage sage 11/01/10(Mon)15:57 No.20931841
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)15:58 No.20931849
    It's still around:
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)15:58 No.20931852
    What is there to stream? Shit that's already on Jewtube?
    >> ? ? 11/01/10(Mon)15:59 No.20931864
    question mark
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)15:59 No.20931867
    Watching together > watching alone
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)15:59 No.20931872
    Alright, I'll share it here.

    It was a 20th high school reunion, so I went and met up with an old friend from college, and chatted with her about how her PhD work was going. We sat at the table with a lesbian couple and complained about how boring it was. Then a woman with pink hair showed up and started singing and livened the party up. We relaxed and wondered where Rarity was.

    Wait... Rarity?

    And that's when I realized that somehow, without me noticing, everyone had been ponies the whole time.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:01 No.20931906
    >>20931852 What is there to stream?
    Next week's episode, when it airs, for the benefit of those of us who don't have the Hub?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:01 No.20931912
    Guise, guise, guise. Hey guise.

    Is Applejack a tranny? He's got kind of a husky voice. And also that really corny Puerto Rican accent. And her name's Jack.
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/01/10(Mon)16:02 No.20931920

    That would be cool.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:02 No.20931929
         File1288641754.png-(60 KB, 462x423, 1287983318129.png)
    60 KB
    >southern belle
    >Peurto Rican accent
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:03 No.20931937
    >Puerto Rican

    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:05 No.20931972
         File1288641916.jpg-(40 KB, 576x432, 1288580576443.jpg)
    40 KB
    Mine was weirder.

    Though note, I always dream about whatever book, show, ect ect I as just watching/reading before I went to sleep so it's not that strange.

    "After marathoning the first three episodes of My Little Pony at the suggestion of /co/ I had a dream in which the ponies where a part of the Black Company, of Glen Cooks novels. And I had to don the Widowmaker outfit, while Lady was Lifetaker, and Rainbow Dash was imitating Soul Catcher, and we had to steal something from some building. We were almost caught but Twilight Sparkle teliported us out."
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:06 No.20931995
         File1288642007.png-(51 KB, 600x395, 1288521043311.png)
    51 KB
    That's what this thread is for. :3
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:06 No.20931998
         File1288642015.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 16 KB, 300x390, Who could it be.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 16 KB
    The plot of my next movie.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:08 No.20932025
    id pay $5 to see it
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:11 No.20932077

    My thoughts exactly.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:14 No.20932122
    I shall call it.

    My High school NEIGHbors.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:18 No.20932200
         File1288642719.jpg-(71 KB, 169x244, ALL OF HATWIZARD'S HATE.jpg)
    71 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:31 No.20932428
    The couple was Applejack and Dash if that wasn't obvious.

    And if anyone's wondering about Fluttershy, she was there, she was just... quiet.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:33 No.20932460
         File1288643598.png-(250 KB, 399x502, 1288418505008.png)
    250 KB
    Was Angel or Spike there? Or was it Ponies only?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:34 No.20932473
    That, I don't remember. I have trouble holding on to the details of dreams, I only remember generalities. I couldn't tell you what Pinkie sang about, either, or what Twilight was getting her PhD in.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:41 No.20932583
    She was getting her PhD in magic!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:42 No.20932593
    It's an old trick. Sham'n didn't invent it.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:44 No.20932637

    Weee knoooow, but Shamalamadingdong has become the punchline of such tricks.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:44 No.20932657
    Why this MLP is superior to others for us college-and-beyonders?
    1. NO HUMANS as audience viewpoint characters.
    2. ACTUAL PERSONALITIES and arguments instead of fake smiles.
    3. A SCHOLAR is the primary character - in other words, us.
    4. A matriarchal monarchy, the merits of which can be vigorously debated by people who have never lived under such a system.
    5. Awesome Western animation despite its resemblance to chibi anime.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:45 No.20932663
    M.Night has written every piece of fiction with a twist ending for the last 60 years.

    That's the Tweest
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:51 No.20932784
    Were YOU a pony, if not how did you sit at the pony table.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:54 No.20932824
    God dammit /co/, you've done it. I am now watching My Little Pony to see why grown men are obsessing over a little girl's cartoon.

    It's beautiful!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:55 No.20932844
         File1288644939.png-(103 KB, 936x936, 1288415562999.png)
    103 KB
    Good....goooood, the magic is swelling in you now.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:57 No.20932887
    I don't even remember that. It's the question that keeps bugging me. But then, I can't see myself. And for some reason I didn't notice everyone was ponies, they registered as human to my dream-mind.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:58 No.20932905
         File1288645110.jpg-(96 KB, 720x540, 1288394009245.jpg)
    96 KB
    Understandable, I have dreams all the time where I'll be with someone who looks NOTHING like anyone I know, but in dream state I'm aware it is like, my sister or something.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:58 No.20932909
    He was Fluttershy, of course.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:58 No.20932911
         File1288645119.png-(103 KB, 936x936, 1288417991255.png)
    103 KB
    I feel kinda bad for the artist that he keeps posting the fixed version with the extra eyelashes but people still post that one.
    >> !bgREVLN8FU 11/01/10(Mon)16:59 No.20932924
         File1288645164.png-(339 KB, 720x540, MLBW.png)
    339 KB
    I'll post this.

    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)17:01 No.20932949

    This is your chance to ponyfy yourself now that you're awake!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)17:07 No.20933037
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)17:22 No.20933308
    I am reminded of that running gag is /v/ where everyone is a bear, including the poster who doesnt realize it until the very last moment. Man, what is it with /v/ and bears?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)17:23 No.20933323
         File1288646581.jpg-(64 KB, 1134x800, batponies.jpg)
    64 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)17:25 No.20933358
         File1288646713.jpg-(57 KB, 481x281, yeeeaaahh.jpg)
    57 KB
    I think you're stretching a bit.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)17:26 No.20933366
         File1288646764.png-(86 KB, 764x796, crackedopenabear.png)
    86 KB
    I think it started with this, but I can't be sure.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)17:33 No.20933461
    Nah, I think it started with a mspaint comic about a guy who was dating a girl and she ended up being a bear, and then everyone was bear, and then no john you are the bear and john was a bear
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)17:40 No.20933594
    >watching my little pony
    >hear mother coming in
    >try to minimise window
    >crush keyboard beneath my hoof
    >get called a little filly
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)17:41 No.20933620
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)17:43 No.20933655
    Hey everyone. What sort of pony is everybody?

    I'm a pegasus pony. I can fly bitches.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)17:45 No.20933681
    Does anyone have a cap of what was discussed?
    I wasn't around, I was taking care of trick or treaters
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)17:46 No.20933710
    same here
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)17:46 No.20933711
    Which one is the dyke pony? I never come to these threads, I just want to see what that would look like.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)17:47 No.20933728
         File1288648055.jpg-(286 KB, 707x1000, 1287529505386.jpg)
    286 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)17:49 No.20933746
         File1288648141.png-(424 KB, 1040x534, rainbow rapist.png)
    424 KB
    >> guadags 11/01/10(Mon)17:50 No.20933767
    better yet, heres the archive
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)17:50 No.20933772
    Oh, ok. Does she sound hot?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)17:51 No.20933784
         File1288648263.png-(90 KB, 302x265, 2010-10-29_1552.png)
    90 KB

    MordecaiXFluttershy forever.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)17:59 No.20933920
    Kinda like Numbuh Five. Sorta.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)18:03 No.20933984

    I actually thought it was Cree Summer when I heard Rainbow Dash's voice, but it turns out it wasn't. Kinda sounds like her though.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)18:04 No.20934003
    she sounds like suzie from rugrats, but her voice actress is white.

    first character to speak in this video.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)18:08 No.20934056
    Sounds like Elizabeth Daily to me, personally that's not who it is
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)18:29 No.20934480
    We discussed hoe evil Celestia is and what she does to ponies to insure her everlasting youth, statting the smooze, and how to make your own ponies modding toys
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)18:42 No.20934745
         File1288651321.png-(37 KB, 141x120, DerpHooves.png)
    37 KB
    Mostly these points.

    Celestia is evil and trapped Luna in the moon to ensure her sole dominance over Equestria.

    The heavens themselves rage against Celestia's abominable reign, thus the stars aided Luna in her escape.

    The reason there are no other PegaUnicorns is because Celestia has them all killed at birth (via alligators) or has them locked in a secret dungeon where she keeps them in a near death stasis and constantly drains the magic out of them into her own Harmony Gem, the Gem of Torment.

    Derp Hooves was once a Wonder Bolt but found out the truth and was left in the state she is now by Celestia.

    Celestia is preparing Twilight Sparkle to be the new body she transfers into where her thousand year old shell finally crumbles around her.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)18:44 No.20934794

    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)18:46 No.20934835
         File1288651576.png-(173 KB, 800x800, 128858891244.png)
    173 KB
    And during those threads the plus thread hit 1k posts.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)18:52 No.20934954
         File1288651942.png-(341 KB, 760x572, 1288332312623.png)
    341 KB
    >Best friends girl broke up with him
    >Shit's got him real torn up
    >Buy him a daffodil sandwich and sing him a song about hard breakups.

    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)18:58 No.20935068
    You realize that MLP is the best cartoon currently in production.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:00 No.20935098
         File1288652431.jpg-(72 KB, 639x357, mlp_horns.jpg)
    72 KB
    >> Dr. Richtofen 11/01/10(Mon)19:02 No.20935126
    OH GOD now i want to read that book again
    >> Movie Theater Lad !/RUz7lnpiY 11/01/10(Mon)19:03 No.20935164

    Based on what, exactly?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:07 No.20935228
    Oh Pinkie, you think everything needs a party.

    Except your parents funeral
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:08 No.20935250
    thanks man
    But personally think she simply stretched the truth about night and day. It seems that Luna gave the night while Celestia forced it, so the ponies stayed up because they had too vs. night they took advantage of Luna's kindness and slept though the night.
    I could be wrong though
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:09 No.20935258
    Welp, I finally watched this show and i can only say one thing: FLUTTERSHY IS MAH WAIFU!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:09 No.20935260
         File1288652968.jpg-(135 KB, 549x504, 1288011139063.jpg)
    135 KB
    Needs caption

    "EVERYBODY'S getting raped!"
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:11 No.20935314
         File1288653091.jpg-(43 KB, 466x266, pony face.jpg)
    43 KB
    I got this image but I don't know what to do with it
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:13 No.20935346
    "I fucking love

    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:13 No.20935368
    I fucking love PARTIES.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:14 No.20935377
         File1288653247.jpg-(78 KB, 500x500, 1287906173621.jpg)
    78 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:14 No.20935380
         File1288653253.jpg-(323 KB, 1800x1800, 1288600132888.jpg)
    323 KB
    We hear the harmony spirit's voice
    >> guadags 11/01/10(Mon)19:14 No.20935389
    im picturing about 50 somewhat captions for that pic in my head, but sadly, none work, except "OMG! WELCOME TO THE HEARD!"
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:15 No.20935401
         File1288653300.jpg-(90 KB, 498x700, fluttershy.jpg)
    90 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:15 No.20935414
    "Derp Hooves?"
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:17 No.20935454
    I can see FOREVER
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:17 No.20935469
    The Derp Pony in the background, there is a bigger picture floating around that illustrates it better.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:18 No.20935498
    request that drawing of pinkie pie and her grandmother at pinkie's parents grave.
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/01/10(Mon)19:19 No.20935506
         File1288653570.png-(201 KB, 710x268, DerpyHooves.png)
    201 KB

    The pony derping in the picture.

    Originally Derpy Hooves.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:20 No.20935525
         File1288653612.jpg-(291 KB, 718x705, 1288385130504.jpg)
    291 KB
    The hero Equestria deserves.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:21 No.20935557
    "Hello Tech Support?

    Try singing it a song."
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:22 No.20935569

    thanks bronie.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:23 No.20935596
    God fucking damnit /co/

    Loli ponies. Motherfucking loli ponies. You had to go there.

    attempting to find some to now
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:25 No.20935635
    Granny Pie's cutie mark should be a hot hair balloon, or a dirigible.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:25 No.20935638
    40k would be so much better if everyone was a pony
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:26 No.20935645
    Needs more Angel.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:26 No.20935658

    Considering it a loli suggests that you see them as a sexual image/character.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:28 No.20935691
         File1288654096.png-(70 KB, 325x175, Picture 293.png)
    70 KB
    Confound it, ponies!
    You had me whistling Pinkie's Grand Galloping Gala song during work!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:28 No.20935692
         File1288654105.jpg-(358 KB, 700x990, 1253107123609.jpg)
    358 KB

    Someone needs to either

    a) Space Marine Pony
    b) Emperor on the Golden Throne Pony
    c) Chaos Pony
    d) Ork Pony

    Be there a drawfriend out there with enough mettle for this holy duty?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:28 No.20935697
         File1288654121.jpg-(21 KB, 600x338, 1288576296336.jpg)
    21 KB
    Haha, just read that "Forbidden Love" Gaurdpony semi fap fiction over on that other archived thread. Shit's hilarious man.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:29 No.20935709
    I think there IS an Emprah pony somewhere.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:29 No.20935722
    Do any of you gentle/co/lts have a .mkv of episode 3, or is it not up on the Hub site yet?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:30 No.20935725
         File1288654203.jpg-(58 KB, 466x266, roflbot-KoWe.jpg)
    58 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:30 No.20935740

    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:31 No.20935745
    >at the movies on Halloween
    >killer appears on screen
    >friends I'm with get scared
    >people in the theater scream
    >don't care, laugh at how dumb the movie is
    >people begin to chuckle along
    >rest of movie proceeds with people laughing at the monsters

    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:32 No.20935779
    OK....THATS A WIN!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:33 No.20935816
    Down in the bottom of this thread.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:34 No.20935839
         File1288654466.png-(55 KB, 194x192, 1288124933116.png)
    55 KB

    >someone post that one pic i drew
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:36 No.20935885
    It won't be on the Hub site until Wednesday or Thursday
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:36 No.20935904
    So, what channel and what time does this show come on anyway?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:37 No.20935911

    It's on youtube
    >> Steven T !!sRIWVGgNfbg 11/01/10(Mon)19:37 No.20935912
         File1288654632.jpg-(96 KB, 639x360, moepony.jpg)
    96 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:37 No.20935923
    The Hub, Fridays at 2:00pm EST/11:00am PST.
    >> The Return of The King Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:39 No.20935966
         File1288654785.jpg-(80 KB, 960x615, 1285130910970.jpg)
    80 KB
    "Well, I'm back.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:40 No.20935973
    The Hub, formerly known as the Discovery Kids channel, at 2 PM EST on Fridays. I think it also comes on sometime early Saturday and Sunday mornings
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:40 No.20935988


    That's an odd time, kids wouldn't be out of school until an hour later.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:41 No.20935999
    Why hello, good sir. May I inquire about the events leading up to this young lady's fate?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:41 No.20936015
    Ok, can I just ask seriously.

    I've been all over /mu/ and /v/ this past week and cannot avoid seeing these ponies. Why do you guys enjoy this? I'm not being condescending. I just want to know what it is about this show that's getting /co/ in a tizzy.

    Or am I being trolled...if so, bravo.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:41 No.20936018
         File1288654919.jpg-(88 KB, 591x411, 1285130678721.jpg)
    88 KB
    Tsunami a few years ago.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:42 No.20936027
         File1288654930.jpg-(276 KB, 935x697, gore.jpg)
    276 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:44 No.20936075
    The show is genuinely good as a kids show, a few good laugh moments.

    Mostly it's the /co/ discussion though, shit is hilarious.

    >Evil Celestia
    >Male on Male slave pony lust
    > Ultra Dyke Rainbow Dash
    > Shipping, shipping everywhere

    ect ect, most pony threads are funny as hell.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:45 No.20936101
    I'd bust the song out if I had it.

    Remember folks, the gorespammer is actually just a MLP fan trying to get attention. Ignore him and he goes away.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:45 No.20936110
         File1288655127.gif-(1.99 MB, 218x165, 1285130512157.gif)
    1.99 MB
    Not even horses with dyed hair could save this young man. The wrath of the furscourging flame of justice incinerates all.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:46 No.20936133

    Oh lord. You're saying /a/ wasn't enough for him, he's gonna infest /co/ too?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:48 No.20936181
    No, /a/'s old Bakamangatari gorespammer used an image bomber. This guy actually MANUALLY bombs the thread, thus spending much of his spare time in pony threads desperate for attention. We wrote a song about ignoring him once, if you do, he leaves in tears.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:48 No.20936184
    Looks like they are now.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:48 No.20936191
         File1288655319.jpg-(38 KB, 900x600, 1285132894986.jpg)
    38 KB
    Only MLP threads anon. I have to lay a balance, lest the internet collapse from one-sided saccharine faggotry.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:48 No.20936193
    >why it's okay
    Because you're a big boy and can like what you want.

    Seriously, guys, you don't need an excuse to be ALLOWED to like something. You can have whatever reasons for liking it you want, but you don't need an excuse.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:50 No.20936238
    Wow her glazed over eyes are truly haunting.
    Makes me a little nauseous looking at it :(.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:50 No.20936241
         File1288655431.jpg-(92 KB, 425x637, 1285129232544.jpg)
    92 KB
    Imagebombing with the current antispam security in place is nigh impossible.
    Besides, I don't want the thread to 404 just yet.
    >> Dr. Foreigner 11/01/10(Mon)19:52 No.20936280

    I assure you, it's not trolling.

    I thought that was the case 2 weeks ago.
    Then I watched the first episode and I was hooked.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:52 No.20936294
         File1288655551.png-(97 KB, 345x242, Picture 285.png)
    97 KB
    Don't you mean Neigh impossible.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:55 No.20936352
    You can watch the first ep and see for yourself!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:58 No.20936433
    OK, when i look at that, im reminded of my friends heel, and what happed when i was filming him skate one day. Please, don't post that pic, everything else I can ignore, but that one just brings back a bad memory
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:59 No.20936475
    After watching this series I can definitively state that my new life goal is to freeze myself and be reawakened in the future where I can transfer the mind of a little girl into a miniature pony and turn her into my hyperactive, happy-go-lucky sex slave
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:00 No.20936480
         File1288656001.jpg-(10 KB, 203x248, ROCK ON FIRES OF HELL.jpg)
    10 KB
    Did you have Pinkie Pie's song stuck in your head afterward?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:00 No.20936495
    Use adblock plus to ban that specific image. Filtering shock images is one of its best unsung features
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:01 No.20936533
         File1288656111.jpg-(412 KB, 1280x1024, 1285130354329.jpg)
    412 KB
    Hey ponies. Don't forget, it's what's on the inside that counts.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:08 No.20936718
         File1288656534.jpg-(1.48 MB, 1000x2500, 12885879833.jpg)
    1.48 MB
    The most up to date Wall of Friendship
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:11 No.20936776

    Brick by brick, the Wall of Friendship grows more powerful.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:11 No.20936786
         File1288656694.jpg-(777 KB, 2000x2122, 1288214685577.jpg)
    777 KB
    We are going to run out of space on that damn thing.

    Which is awwwwrrriiigghhttt
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:14 No.20936870

    How do you block specific images? I have the 4chan filter.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:18 No.20936967
         File1288657087.jpg-(42 KB, 576x389, 1154130366699.jpg)
    42 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:18 No.20936977
         File1288657106.png-(79 KB, 242x251, 1288422873570.png)
    79 KB
    Hey Foals,
    My name is Rainbow Dash, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are slow, retarded, earth ponies who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass girl cartoons. You are everything bad in Equestria. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any friendship sparkles? I mean, I guess it's fun making fun of ponies because of your own lack of a cutie mark, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than schlicking to fantasies about unicorn princes.
    Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. I was almost captain of the shadowbolts, and starter on my weather clearing team. What do you play, other than "jack off to naked drawn ponies on paheal"? I also get straight ponies to go gay for me, and have a banging hot bottom bitch (She just ate me out; Shit was SO dash). You are all male ponies who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.
    Pic Related: It's me and my bitch
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:21 No.20937062
    Why not block the spammer altogether? It does wonders.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:21 No.20937064
    Does anyone have the Flash Dash image?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:22 No.20937087
    Why yes, yes I do.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:23 No.20937102
         File1288657380.jpg-(42 KB, 994x351, 1288417140753.jpg)
    42 KB
    Fucking captcha
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:23 No.20937103

    Because he's posting anonymously, not with a tripcode.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:23 No.20937113
         File1288657401.jpg-(82 KB, 720x493, Dead_kids.jpg)
    82 KB
    >implying you can block me
    u see me postin
    u hatin
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:24 No.20937147
    You can still do it, take it from me.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:25 No.20937169
    Awesome, I got sent here from /u/'s pony thread, they said you guys had all the best pictures.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:26 No.20937207
         File1288657615.jpg-(64 KB, 800x800, 1288415676971.jpg)
    64 KB
    Have another.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:27 No.20937209
    /u/ has a pony thread?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:27 No.20937216
         File1288657630.png-(150 KB, 481x203, 1287632102493.png)
    150 KB
    And all the best subtext
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:28 No.20937240
    They did a couple days ago, dunno if it is still around. But they said the ponies originated here from /co/
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:28 No.20937244
    how do I block the spammer? should I finally bother getting the 4chan extension after being lazy for ages?

    Also, I find it weird that people have to ask "how we enjoy it". It seems.. like a crazy thing for someone not being able to sit back and chuckle at a kids show. I mean, is it THAT hard to imagine getting enjoyment from something? I thought people eventually grew out of the "eww its for kids it must be disgusting" mentality. Adults write kid shows, you know!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:29 No.20937267
         File1288657758.jpg-(108 KB, 795x604, 1175216393372.jpg)
    108 KB
    Well, I'm goin' out west where I belong
    Where the days are short and the nights are long
    Where they walk and I'll walk
    They twist and I'll twist
    They shimmy and I'll shimmy
    They fly and I'll fly
    Well they're out there a'havin' fun
    In that warm California sun.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:29 No.20937275

    You should see /v/. Some people on there actually react angrily to people liking something like Kirby, especially after Epic Yarn came out.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:30 No.20937292
    Got Firefox AND the extension yesterday, shouldn't be difficult to find out how to block.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:30 No.20937294
    can someone give the the pony art tuts?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:31 No.20937305
    It's just low tier trolling or teenagers trying to be edgy.


    Haha, I came here from /a/'s pony thread yesterday, on Western vs Eastern moe.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:32 No.20937312
    Either the 4chan extension or Greasemonkey + all the useful scripts from

    4chan filter
    4chan x Updater

    And optionally:
    4chan sauce
    4chan show post in title

    I'd recommend this, personally, since 4chan Filter can generally let you auto-hide spam posts.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:32 No.20937317
         File1288657944.jpg-(102 KB, 640x480, 55555 (5).jpg)
    102 KB
    Well, I'm goin' out west out on the coast
    Where the California girls are really the most
    Where they walk and I'll walk
    They twist and I'll twist
    They shimmy and I'll shimmy
    They fly and I'll fly
    Well they're out there a'havin' fun
    In that warm California sun.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:33 No.20937344
    When I was a kid I'd certainly dismiss it as a girl's show, also the title isn't really encouraging. That's probably it.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:35 No.20937358
    >When I was a kid
    Sums it up.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:35 No.20937364
    Except the gorespammer is even more pathetic. 90% of people have him blocked, so don't even see him. And he specifically seeks out the one single MLP thread going at the time, goes in and goes "LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME, PLEASE, PLEASE, SOMEONE PAY ATTENTION TO ME, NO ONE IN REAL LIFE DOES!!" for a little while. Then leaves.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:35 No.20937369
         File1288658139.jpg-(93 KB, 800x600, 1175216422770.jpg)
    93 KB
    Well the girls are frisky in old ‘Frisco
    A pretty little chick wherever you go
    A-a-and they'll walk and I'll walk
    They'll twist and I'll twist
    They'll shimmy and I'll shimmy
    They'll fly and I'll fly
    Well they're out there a'havin' fun
    In that warm California sun

    Yeah they're out there a'havin' fun
    In that warm California sun
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:36 No.20937382
         File1288658186.jpg-(393 KB, 630x1156, 428688%20-%20Nintendo%20Pokemo(...).jpg)
    393 KB
    Could a drawfag please do a pony version of this pic?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:36 No.20937390
    Meh I think it's more that he thinks we are in some way affected by gore.

    That alone is worth a laugh.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:37 No.20937408
         File1288658246.png-(133 KB, 370x376, 1288299033547.png)
    133 KB
    I want the ponies to use their super saiyen powers again!

    When do you think the next time they will have a use for rainbow's of death powered by friendship will be?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:37 No.20937419
    On average he makes around 10 posts in a 300-400 post thread, most people don't even see them, and most people on 4chan aren't bothered by the gore. It's pretty funny, really.

    There are probably people who will say I'm just feeding him by saying this, but that implies that I can see him and/or care.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:37 No.20937420
         File1288658279.jpg-(81 KB, 538x750, 1406 - drawn-sex Scooby-Doo Sh(...).jpg)
    81 KB
    >implying you can block me
    >imps lying everywhere
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:38 No.20937426
         File1288658294.jpg-(132 KB, 596x498, 537019 - My_Little_Pony No-Ink(...).jpg)
    132 KB
    A base
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:39 No.20937434
    Shit did anyone save that awesome picture of Spike as Beebop's Spike? I thought for sure I saved it.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:41 No.20937486
    u mean the one from the "live action musical", or otherwise known as "gangster spike"?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:41 No.20937487
         File1288658479.png-(263 KB, 640x480, 1288580733916.png)
    263 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:41 No.20937488
         File1288658483.gif-(415 KB, 640x360, 1288314979337.gif)
    415 KB
    >Watch ep 2 a few days ago
    >Whistling Pinkies song all day erry day

    Ep3 needs to be released already so I can see the new songs.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:41 No.20937501
    It's on YouTube.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:42 No.20937521
    Oh god, hahahaha!
    >> Time to fuck off. 11/01/10(Mon)20:43 No.20937529
         File1288658590.jpg-(17 KB, 235x174, dead.jpg)
    17 KB
    I hope you get pancreatic cancer.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:43 No.20937533
    I have a super low download limit. The fact that I am downloading 300mb eps of MLP is bothering me enough as it is without streaming that shit beforehand as well.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:43 No.20937539
    It's been on youtube since about 10 mins after it aired, watching with /co/ was glorious.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:43 No.20937547
    You know what's weird? This "LOL I SHOCK U" /b/ thing reminds me of most british comic book writers people love so much.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:44 No.20937554
    Thanks Bronie
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:44 No.20937568
    >My Little Pony

    Jesus Christ. No wonder you people can't get laid.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:45 No.20937585

    Honestly, I'm just slightly annoyed when he uses real gore. Guro's no big shit, but dude, people died horribly and you're trying to benefit off their deaths.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:46 No.20937607
         File1288658793.jpg-(120 KB, 374x470, 1287532336047.jpg)
    120 KB
    Hah, funny story about that, My girlfriend actually was a huge Pony fan when she was little. So she heard me watching (the music tipped her off) and was like, FUCK YA PONIES, so we watched together and ate left over Halloween Candy, shit was SO dash.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:47 No.20937620
    Yeah, "we". So, which edition you think we're talking about, bro?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:47 No.20937621
         File1288658825.jpg-(411 KB, 1280x960, bdsm.jpg)
    411 KB
    Well men that watch little girls shows aren't attractive mates to women.
    Women see that shit, and say to themselves-
    >if this fag ever needed to protect me, I'd be screwed
    So yeah, no pussy for mlp fans.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:47 No.20937630
         File1288658854.png-(68 KB, 308x305, 1288404381902.png)
    68 KB
    >on /co/
    >implying he's ever met a woman
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:48 No.20937649
    Hey now you're getting into the butthurt territory.

    Also I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of these were staged special effects projects.
    >> •̪̀●́ Mick The Darkman !!jIcPNMSVBL3 11/01/10(Mon)20:48 No.20937662
         File1288658918.jpg-(18 KB, 395x416, d.jpg)
    18 KB
    Fixed the /co/ pony.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:48 No.20937666
         File1288658932.jpg-(12 KB, 206x235, 1286594985885.jpg)
    12 KB
    Yeah, right.
    Time to get off that DMT bro. You've used too much. That's not a pussy you're fucking. It's a young boys fudgy asshole.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:48 No.20937667
    >watched MLP
    >eat candy

    Shit was SO DASH, eh, pal?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:48 No.20937674
    >implying everone on an anonymose website has to be as pathetic as you.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:49 No.20937675
    >Takes the time to troll My Little Pony threads.
    >Pretends he has ever touched a girl in his life.

    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:49 No.20937685
    >Lawful Evil

    Not Fourth, obviously.
    >> TX2 11/01/10(Mon)20:50 No.20937695
         File1288659000.png-(213 KB, 469x345, Picture 297.png)
    213 KB
    Rarity, you sure have a lot of outfits to share with all the ponies in Ponyville
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:50 No.20937712
         File1288659035.jpg-(21 KB, 400x300, 1227522048134.jpg)
    21 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:51 No.20937729
    She owns a design company or something like that right?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:51 No.20937739
         File1288659117.png-(57 KB, 257x264, 1288404381922.png)
    57 KB
    Awww, somebody got a little defensive there.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:52 No.20937741
    I'm a girl and I like men who can embrace their feminine sides.
    The typical boyish homophobic-ritual attitude about girl things disgusts me. I know a guy that HAS to announce to everyone how much he hates pink things every time it's relevant, for some reason. It makes me dislike him.
    I'd rather a guy who can respect my interests instead of condescendingly writing them off.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:52 No.20937742
    Oh, they don't have all alignments anymore, right? I had forgotten.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:52 No.20937751
         File1288659126.gif-(30 KB, 434x318, 529103 - Princess_Peach Prince(...).gif)
    30 KB
    Baby, ev'rything is all right, uptight, out of sight.
    Baby, ev'rything is all right, uptight, out of sight.

    I'm a poorman's son, from across the railroad tracks,
    The only shirt I own is hangin' on my back,
    But I'm the envy of ev'ry single guy
    Since I'm the apple of my girl's eye.
    When we go out stepping on the town for a while
    My money's low and my suit's out of style,
    But it's all right if my clothes aren't new
    Out of sight because my heart is true.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:52 No.20937756

    And why are you imagining fucking men's assholes, if I may ask?


    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:53 No.20937786
    Yeah, but /co/ will just assume you're male and ignore your advice even if it makes sense. It's a funny ol' world.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:53 No.20937792
    Wow, based on how many random threads that have been started this week, I'd say someone from /b/ is testing hoe much shit they can get away with before mods crack down.

    Which means unless we stop them, invasion is imminent.
    >> TX2 11/01/10(Mon)20:53 No.20937796
         File1288659231.png-(180 KB, 423x310, Picture 299.png)
    180 KB
    Well, I try to keep as much of my money assets as possible.
    It's how I keep myself from spending it all at the tracks, as it were.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:54 No.20937800
         File1288659253.gif-(1.44 MB, 263x229, 1189828704290.gif)
    1.44 MB
    She says baby ev'rything is alright, uptight, out of sight.
    Baby, ev'rything is alright, uptight, clean out of sight.

    She's a pearl of a girl, I guess that's what you might say,
    I guess her folks brought her up that way,
    The right side of the tracks, she was born and raised
    In a great big old house, full of butlers and maids.
    She says no one is better than I, I know I'm just an average guy,
    No football hero or smooth Don Juan,
    Got empty pockets, you see I'm a poorman's son.
    She says give her the things that money can buy
    But I'll never, never make my baby cry,

    And it's all right, what I can't do,
    Out of sight because my heart is true,
    She says baby ev'rything is alright, uptight, clean out of sight.
    Baby, ev'rything is alright, uptight, clean out of sight.
    Baby, ev'rything is alright, uptight, ah ah ah ah,
    Baby, ev'rything is alright, uptight, clean out of sight.
    Baby, ev'rything is alright, uptight, clean out of sight.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:54 No.20937808
    >see people replying to something
    >click link to see who they were talking to
    >post can't be found because it's hidden

    Guys, seriously. He gets bored if you leave him alone.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:54 No.20937809
         File1288659278.jpg-(26 KB, 602x340, 1288230325693.jpg)
    26 KB
    Only young boys and men insecure about themselves find it hard to watch a girls tv show. Enjoy never having a girlfriend because they can sense your lack of self-esteem and inner cowardice.
    >> TX2 11/01/10(Mon)20:55 No.20937821
         File1288659300.png-(225 KB, 530x333, Picture 296.png)
    225 KB
    You spend all your money on Gambling, Rarity!?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:55 No.20937830

    >Obsessed with purging girly shit off a website
    >Calling people girls as insults
    >Talks about fucking men

    Get some man-porn, gentlemen, I think /co/'s got a gay in denial.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:55 No.20937836
    alright gore spammer,

    I lol'd
    >> TX2 11/01/10(Mon)20:56 No.20937855
         File1288659384.png-(240 KB, 585x346, Picture 298.png)
    240 KB
    Well... the Contraceptives I use do have a two in one hundred chance of failing, but I would hardly call that a gamble.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:56 No.20937857
    >She goes to the tracks for some good ol' gold diggin'
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:56 No.20937860
    They have alignments, but it's truncated for who knows why. Lawful Good, Good, Unaligned, Evil, Chaotic Evil. It doesn't make sense anymore and has no relevance to anything unlike in previous editions. So in fact, I've told my players "ignore the alignment rules, they don't matter" for my games. No alignments at all are better than the mess 4th edition has for its alignment system. I still like 4e's class system more than 3e though, so we continue to play it.
    >> •̪̀●́ Mick The Darkman !!jIcPNMSVBL3 11/01/10(Mon)20:57 No.20937872
         File1288659430.jpg-(181 KB, 531x531, 1288492850092.jpg)
    181 KB
    Here Here!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:57 No.20937873
         File1288659431.jpg-(132 KB, 640x709, 1286059758424.jpg)
    132 KB
    Keep telling yourself that faggot.
    90% of the men on earth must be "insecure", which is gayspeak for BAWWWW HE WON'T LET ME BE A FAG IN PEACE!
    Nah. We're old fashioned /co/ denizens trying to keep this place from becoming the next /a/, with their moefaggotry.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:57 No.20937876
    ...HI, im guadags, I may just as well be the nicest person on earth, and yet, i am still very protective of those who are close to me like my family, and such, if u wanna hook up, im sorry im already taken, but i have to say....FINDING A GUY LIKE ME, OR EVEN THE WAY YOU DESCRIBED "HIM" IS SLIM TO NONE! but still, good luck in your quest.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:58 No.20937920
    I don't need to tell myself that little one, I'm married, shit worked out just fine for me. Enjoy High school, you'll grow out of it one day.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:59 No.20937927
    Oh yeah, and we're ignoring guadags, too.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:59 No.20937934
         File1288659574.gif-(1.15 MB, 640x360, pony-determination.gif)
    1.15 MB
    /b/ may be the rock bottom of what is already the internet's rock bottom, but that doesn't mean they're responsible for everything.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:59 No.20937941
    4th does not really rely on Alignments anymore, we just do without them completely in our games. Which I prefer to the 3.5 way of handling it.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)20:59 No.20937944
    If only I could teach my filter to recognize his grammar...
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:00 No.20937953
    >I'm married

    Quick, someone find my boots. The horseshit is piling up fast.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:00 No.20937956
    sad, i had a point too. oh well, enjoy being fat.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:00 No.20937957
    you sage homestuck threads
    you sage robotomy threads
    you don't sage this shit
    fucking /co/
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:00 No.20937958

    Uh oh... Looks like Rarity might need a Falcon Kick.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:01 No.20937974
    "feminine" and "masculine" things are just societies fault anyway. It's one thing to want to be a provider or whatever evolutionary crap comes with being male, but it's another thing to be put off and angered by something as asinine as a color, theme, art-style, song, or specific animal.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:01 No.20937980
    He may not quite be the reverse troll we thought. He's been tweeting about My Little Pony since July.

    He still has a horrible case of underage newfaggotry though.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:01 No.20937985
    Okay, time to change the subject folks.
    Vis a vis Friday's upcoming episode: do we know anything about it other than "it's Applejack-related"?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:02 No.20938000
         File1288659750.jpg-(68 KB, 640x480, 1285132593162.jpg)
    68 KB
    I'm doing my part /co/mrade.
    And it's paying off. They get mad. That's why I keep getting replies!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:02 No.20938001
    Little boy, Gorespammer is a better troll than you, and he is not even that good. You can see the desperation even in your writing. He just dumps his gore and spams random shit., while you are so emotionally invested you are resorting to caps. Why are you here anyway, even /b/ too sophisticated for you?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:02 No.20938015
    and you are.......?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:02 No.20938020
         File1288659779.jpg-(23 KB, 500x382, 1288624478441.jpg)
    23 KB
    >this thread
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:03 No.20938023
    Oh yeah. We're not ignoring him because we think he's a troll; we're ignoring him because he's embarrassingly lame, and trying to teach him not to be just makes him worse.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:03 No.20938029
    "A horse with a sword attached to it's skull is for little girls"

    ^Where did this shit start?^
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:03 No.20938030
    3.5 you could at least do interesting things with. Like have a BBEG so focused on Chaos magic that Lawful Good and Lawful Evil characters have to work together. It was a whole different axis that was great if you used it right. But that was mostly because of rules supporting the alignments, which we don't have anymore.

    But yeah, nothing was really lost that much I suppose.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:03 No.20938035
    I don;t like homestuck or those other things, but why would I sage those threads?
    Why should anyone sage anything /co/ related? especially if they're keeping to one large thread, like this one?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:04 No.20938044
    Not important who I am.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:04 No.20938050
    >> human fat. that's where it's at! Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:05 No.20938065
         File1288659902.jpg-(162 KB, 1166x778, 1285129327967.jpg)
    162 KB
    come on sloopy (come on, come on)
    oh come on sloopy (come on, come on)
    oh come on sloopy (come on, come on)
    oh come on sloopy (come on, come on)

    well it feels so good (come on, come on)
    you know it feels so good (come on, come on)
    well shake it, shake it, shake it sloopy (come on, come on)
    shake it, shake it, shake it yeah (come on, come on)
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:05 No.20938070
    Does the show have any sort of "next time" segment? I only watch on youtube.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:05 No.20938073
    That's enough for me.

    >you're magumbel
    No, you' ma gumbel, captcha!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:05 No.20938087
    >Good show

    Yeah, right. The story's based around a simple religious myth with completely good guys and completely bad guys with the trifor... chaos emer... I mean, the ELEMUNTS OF HARMUNEE which give super powerful magic powers. How original. This story has been done hundreds, if not thousands, of times before. Also the animation is just cheap Flash shit. Why anyone over the age of 8 wastes there time with this I'll never know.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:05 No.20938088
    Something about harvest time and she has not help. Someone linked the description from the sight a couple days ago.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:06 No.20938104
    Not that I know of. IIRC we've been getting news on "what's next" via cable programming guides and the like.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:06 No.20938113
         File1288659999.jpg-(367 KB, 1191x1417, ncstsmooze.jpg)
    367 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:06 No.20938119
         File1288660014.jpg-(54 KB, 351x334, 1287590860166.jpg)
    54 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:06 No.20938120
    I'm no one you know. You've just been an idiot about keeping your personal information hidden.

    But don't worry. You're just an annoying kid.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:07 No.20938124
    Did you respond to the wrong post?
    >> Anonyomus 11/01/10(Mon)21:07 No.20938126
         File1288660023.jpg-(48 KB, 500x375, 1288411393915.jpg)
    48 KB
    So, how long before the anons spamming our threads give in to pony love?

    If they aren't going to go away, then they are obviously going to become our friends eventually, that's just how it goes :3
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:07 No.20938137
         File1288660052.jpg-(93 KB, 720x540, 1144469453920.jpg)
    93 KB
    furfaggotry is a mental disease.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:08 No.20938150

    Adventure Time and Homestuck are old and busted, when it comes to trolling. Homestuck only gets two trolls nowadays, and one of them has pretty much a meme and one of the bizarrely best posters in the thread.

    MLP, that's the new troll hotness. At least until gorespammer and you came and made it lame and /b/-tardy. God, it's shit like you that makes me want to watch My Leaky Penisfuckers instead of deride it.

    Damn kids. It's like there's no joy in the trolling anymore.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:08 No.20938172

    All that focus of magic on alignments worked in Planescape. Outside of that, should be just on good/evil, really.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:09 No.20938173
    ok...whatever thean
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:09 No.20938179
    Even disregarding the fanon that has piled up around here, NMM isn't a "completely bad guy". It's covered in the first 30 seconds of ep1 - she overdid it but she had a legitimate reason to be frustrated with being the "boring one".
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:09 No.20938182
         File1288660155.jpg-(223 KB, 650x850, 1288416718012.jpg)
    223 KB
    This pic is an entire mlp thread condensed into a macro.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:09 No.20938185
    Gorespammer has already let it slip he has watched the show and enjoys it, and now just seeks attention. And as long as there are 15 year olds who want to be edgy and hip, then threads, no matter what the content is, will be spammed while they try to prove their internet toughness.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:09 No.20938196
    There is no joy in Trollville, mighty Casey has struck out.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:10 No.20938210
         File1288660224.jpg-(63 KB, 470x600, Trollingbackinthedays.jpg)
    63 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:10 No.20938228
    Yeah, the first two-ep arc WAS generic. Of course it's gooing to be, it's aimed at children.
    Don't knock the animation though, that's just proving you don't know shit about what your talking about. This is some of the smoothest flash animation I've seen in a while, especially for the target audience. The head-turns and turnarounds are almost seamless, and everything is really full of life.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:12 No.20938253
    It's because trolling is meant to be subtle, I have no idea if the gorspammer shows up anymore as I blocked him a while ago, but the couple people in this thread "FOR GIRLS FAGGOTS" ect ect are not trolls at all, just internet tough guys tarnishing what it means to truly troll someone with subtlety and skill.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:12 No.20938256
         File1288660351.png-(112 KB, 477x341, where.png)
    112 KB
    >> /a/ here Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:12 No.20938262
    >Nah. We're old fashioned /co/ denizens trying to keep this place from becoming the next /a/, with their moefaggotry.

    Don't even compare us to you ponyphiles.

    You're board was responsible for Scott Pilgrim/basically calling everything Hipster bullshit.

    No, this is the filth that you created on your own.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:12 No.20938263
         File1288660370.jpg-(385 KB, 1280x1024, 1285130448562.jpg)
    385 KB
    You mean, there's another gorespammer besides me?
    JOY! Because I tried to watch it, and I walked away 8 minutes in, with a huge blank headache, sore teeth, and an empty feeling between my legs where my melon-sized nuts used to hang.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:13 No.20938290
         File1288660429.png-(236 KB, 299x475, 1245773434784332.png)
    236 KB
    Someone please draw John Marston tipping his hat to Applejack.

    Please ;_;
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:14 No.20938299
    >implying /a/ hasn't always been terrible
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:14 No.20938312
         File1288660495.jpg-(88 KB, 640x360, mlp_howspikerolls.jpg)
    88 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:16 No.20938341
         File1288660578.png-(524 KB, 2814x2674, Twilight_Sparkle.png)
    524 KB
    The vector animation is one of the main draws for me - especially since it's done *professionally* instead of just lazily tweening shit. It's part of why people get so many great reaction faces from the screenshots.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:17 No.20938378
    You don't fool anyone, if you did not share the pony love you would not hang out in an already autosaging thread. Let alone try your hardest to FIND every pony thread that gets made. You have long ago revealed yourself to be the biggest fan of all.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:18 No.20938403
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:18 No.20938405
    You should be thanking us. If they were that big you probably had some kind of tumor down there.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:19 No.20938420
    got any ACTUAL vector files of the ponies? I doubt those sorta things would be released, but I'd love to look at how they set up all the anchor points on the lines.. I'm new to working in vector.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:19 No.20938424
         File1288660752.jpg-(89 KB, 1023x770, 1285130542096.jpg)
    89 KB
    Is it autosaging?
    Good. I can finally leave. I just post, then hit my back button.
    Bye you niggers.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:19 No.20938435
    Gorespammer probably knows more about MLP than any other Bronie, even when the threads are quite he dutifully stands sentinel over them, showing his love for the ponies all on his own.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:19 No.20938442
    Yeah but we accept it, you fuckers can't.

    when we fag up our board it stays in /a/, but when you fag up it fucking spreads to /v/(/b/) & /a/.

    & I never said it was perfect.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:20 No.20938457
    There are at least the pdf posters from the quiz... anyone still has the links?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:20 No.20938466
    Need to get a Drawfag working on a picture of Gorespammer cuddling with the 6 main characters of MLP.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:21 No.20938470
    >>20938435 nice of him.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:21 No.20938472
    The character posters are actual vectors, I think.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:23 No.20938527
         File1288661021.png-(625 KB, 3359x2525, Fluttershy.png)
    625 KB
    Yep, that's where the huge PNGs were ripped from. :)
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:24 No.20938539
         File1288661059.jpg-(27 KB, 278x531, hater.jpg)
    27 KB
    heh guess who else likes MLP?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:24 No.20938543

    >Need to get a Drawfag working on a picture of Gorespammer

    How about not giving him attention?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:24 No.20938549
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:25 No.20938562
    oh cool, thanks!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:27 No.20938589
    Well I just feel bad for him, imagine what a shitty home and social life he has where he has nothing better to do but spam MLP threads, sometimes literally hours at a time. Maybe I just have too much empathy but I always feel bad for people with no friends.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:31 No.20938694
    I want everyone to notice the "ei" on some of these screencaps.
    That means infromational/educational, and it basically says that the show is meant for preschoolers.
    The more you know.jpg
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:32 No.20938727
    Preschoolers get good shit these days.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:35 No.20938800
    Good, kids these days need high quality programming like this, like we used to have back in the 90s, especially after the shit these crazy early 2000's kids were being shoveled.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:35 No.20938816
    im sorry but my friend insists I know who you are, manely cause he is afraid of something, i have no clue what it is, but he sent me this on aim bout a couple mins ago:

    a***** f***** 9:32 pm
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:56 No.20939347
         File1288662997.png-(648 KB, 500x500, horseman.png)
    648 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)22:00 No.20939449
    >doesn't have auto-noko
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)22:08 No.20939630
    It's Tim. Always has been. What an asshole, that Tim
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)22:09 No.20939657
    thanks, i know its not Tim, but it will shut him up, thanks.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)22:44 No.20940474
    uh....theres only one person you can be, cause only one person knows when this actually started, and why, and since you know when, you must know how, so, i do now what to know your name, i just wanna are a bad liar
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)22:50 No.20940583
    What is this unintelligible nonsense?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)22:54 No.20940680
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)22:56 No.20940732
    your a friend of a friend, and a good liar too
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)22:57 No.20940759
    wait...thats a contradiction! crap!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)23:02 No.20940886
    tim dijkstra?

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