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  • won't have time to do a full post until later this week, but here's something to tide you over. oh, and here's a thread from last night where i answered a handful of questions (thanks to those who sent me the archive!).

    File : 1288595015.png-(90 KB, 326x263, 1287904001591.png)
    90 KB Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:03 No.20924923  
    What is this show called? I googled My little pony, but got no results that looked like this. Is there any way for me to see an episode of this to find out what the heck it is!? I have a paranoid fascination with dyke ponies all of a sudden.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:05 No.20924956
         File1288595134.png-(52 KB, 251x192, pinkieupsidedown.png)
    52 KB
    Friendship is Magic. It shouldn't be hard to find if you hunted around for the latest mlp series.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:05 No.20924961
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:06 No.20924977
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:07 No.20924985
    my little pony friendship is magic

    feel the power of the pony side.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:08 No.20925007
    I asked moot if he'd consider banning mlp from /co/, in his thread on /b/.
    He said he'd consider it.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:08 No.20925008
         File1288595306.jpg-(141 KB, 800x800, 1288487687965.jpg)
    141 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:09 No.20925032
    >implying moot will ever care about /co/
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:10 No.20925052
    You realize we can just go to /b/ and check ourselves. No one did any such thing.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:12 No.20925073
         File1288595536.jpg-(82 KB, 720x493, Dead_kids.jpg)
    82 KB
    g'night guys.
    I'll be back.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/01/10(Mon)03:16 No.20925140
    Is this the current active thread, or is there another one?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:19 No.20925182
    I...suppose this might as well be? The other thread's been on autosage for a while now, so why not? Better than starting another thread unnecessarily.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/01/10(Mon)03:20 No.20925205
    Could you link the previous thread for me, please? I like to check em' out...
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:21 No.20925220


    Captcha: preussischen stsches. What hell?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:31 No.20925335
         File1288596691.jpg-(14 KB, 488x263, 1.jpg)
    14 KB
    She tried to take your ticket, Twilight? Oh, no, oh, NO! Wicked, bad, naughty, evil Rainbow Dash! She is a bad pony, and must pay the penalty!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:32 No.20925342
         File1288596723.jpg-(20 KB, 625x356, 2.jpg)
    20 KB
    Do you think this post should have been cut? We were so worried when the girls were writing it...
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:32 No.20925351
         File1288596765.jpg-(22 KB, 628x359, 3.jpg)
    22 KB
    But now, we're glad! It's better than some of the previous posts, I think!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:33 No.20925358
         File1288596800.jpg-(12 KB, 626x357, 4.jpg)
    12 KB
    At least mine was better, visually!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:33 No.20925359
         File1288596812.jpg-(70 KB, 640x480, turkishstopsign.jpg)
    70 KB
    >MLP thread
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:34 No.20925365
         File1288596842.jpg-(28 KB, 640x360, 5.jpg)
    28 KB
    And mine was commited, it wasn't just a string of Pony jokes!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:34 No.20925375
         File1288596888.jpg-(21 KB, 640x360, 6.jpg)
    21 KB
    Get on with it!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:35 No.20925386
         File1288596926.jpg-(25 KB, 640x360, 7.jpg)
    25 KB
    Yes, get on with it!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:36 No.20925397
         File1288596968.jpg-(49 KB, 640x360, 8.jpg)
    49 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:36 No.20925407
         File1288597019.jpg-(19 KB, 623x354, 9.jpg)
    19 KB
    Oh, I AM enjoying this thread!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:37 No.20925414
    >Big McIntosh

    Damn, look at that pimp.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:37 No.20925415
         File1288597062.jpg-(11 KB, 624x352, 10.jpg)
    11 KB
    Get ON with it!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:37 No.20925416
         File1288597071.jpg-(17 KB, 400x267, snapshot20080314172833.jpg)
    17 KB
    why are all these ponies on their high horse?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:40 No.20925461
    Big Mac is the only male there. Also, there appear to be a number of clones in the family.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/01/10(Mon)03:41 No.20925467
         File1288597262.png-(255 KB, 640x360, mylittlepony_bigmacintosh.png)
    255 KB
    Well, he gets ALL the bitches.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/01/10(Mon)03:42 No.20925476
         File1288597341.jpg-(36 KB, 800x424, clevergirl_mlp.jpg)
    36 KB
    Clever girl...
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:43 No.20925483
         File1288597382.jpg-(68 KB, 471x265, 1288056327187.jpg)
    68 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:46 No.20925509
         File1288597562.png-(45 KB, 251x192, 12885951342462.png)
    45 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:46 No.20925515
         File1288597602.jpg-(54 KB, 640x360, snapshot20101101173411.jpg)
    54 KB
    Finally finished ep 2. Loved Pinkies song, the elements thing was p predictable but it is a show for little girls so I don't care.
    So far I give the first 2 eps a 8/10. Waiting on a MKV before watching ep 3.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/01/10(Mon)03:47 No.20925523
         File1288597645.png-(426 KB, 600x777, mylittlepony_zombie.png)
    426 KB
    >> No-Ink 11/01/10(Mon)03:47 No.20925527
         File1288597659.jpg-(23 KB, 360x511, 1288248406126.jpg)
    23 KB
    Heh heh, a funny image for a funny image.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:48 No.20925544
    Does anyone have a pic of McIntosh working in the fields?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:49 No.20925551
         File1288597762.jpg-(51 KB, 640x360, 1288596968148.jpg)
    51 KB
    Clones, clones everywhere
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/01/10(Mon)03:49 No.20925553
    Ah, finally... We needed one of those.

    There already is one.

    Here's my rip of Ep. 3
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:50 No.20925570
    From different angles, even... why would they do that?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:51 No.20925573
    They look like ducks.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:51 No.20925579
         File1288597891.png-(89 KB, 269x321, 1288489119010.png)
    89 KB
    No-ink, No-ink!
    Do you have any images in the works?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:52 No.20925583
    How do they look like ducks?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:52 No.20925590
    So wait there was finally a highish quality one of ep 3 out? I thought you only did that avi in the last thread because it was gonna be awhile?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:52 No.20925593
    He's waiting for an MKV of episode 3.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:52 No.20925594
    Shapes of the mouths. I've always... thought so, but not consciously. But now that he says it, yeah, I agree.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/01/10(Mon)03:53 No.20925605
         File1288598017.jpg-(60 KB, 1002x635, bigmac_working.jpg)
    60 KB
    A really shitty one, but here you go.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:53 No.20925606
    It's an .mkv but it's still YouTube quality. Will be a week before Hub uploads it.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:53 No.20925610
    Thread needs more Big Mac.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/01/10(Mon)03:55 No.20925630
         File1288598143.jpg-(71 KB, 440x297, bigmac.jpg)
    71 KB
    Here you go.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:55 No.20925634

    Very few males, plus you've seen the way they all look at big macintosh
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:56 No.20925635
    Btw, thanks.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:56 No.20925641
    Needs to be more pony-like.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:56 No.20925642
    Cheddah's encode is an avi.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:56 No.20925648
         File1288598210.jpg-(68 KB, 850x777, 1288420079486.jpg)
    68 KB
    With this image, I've exhausted our Big Mac content I believe.

    /r/ing drawfaggotry of Big Mac as Dr. Frank-n-Furter.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:57 No.20925649
         File1288598230.png-(314 KB, 640x360, bigmacponyville.png)
    314 KB
    There are only like three shots of him in existence. Plus that one pic a drawfag did of him in drag. There's only so much Big Mac you can have.
    >> No-Ink 11/01/10(Mon)03:57 No.20925652
    Yes I do, I'll be finishing them up and posting them tomorrow night.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:57 No.20925657
    My Little Duck
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/01/10(Mon)03:57 No.20925659
         File1288598260.png-(118 KB, 640x360, 1287997667214.png)
    118 KB
    Ah... Misread. Sorry.
    >> Jimbo 11/01/10(Mon)03:57 No.20925664
    Oh, Big Mac. I wonder if we'll ever get any porn of him.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:58 No.20925670
    >I wonder when we'll get porn of him

    Fixed that for you.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)03:59 No.20925677
         File1288598363.jpg-(173 KB, 1252x1212, My_Little_Pony_Fizzy_Duck_2_by(...).jpg)
    173 KB
    My Little Duckie, My Little Duckie...
    >> Successful Repression 11/01/10(Mon)04:00 No.20925688
         File1288598413.jpg-(77 KB, 576x432, 1287851399270.jpg)
    77 KB

    ...I just remembered a bunch of old McDonalds jokes/urban legends, thanks so much for that, asshole.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:01 No.20925698
         File1288598465.png-(74 KB, 328x297, 1288404381868.png)
    74 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:01 No.20925702
         File1288598486.jpg-(21 KB, 356x294, carlos1.jpg)
    21 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:02 No.20925714
         File1288598531.jpg-(33 KB, 400x400, D0FAF2DC19B9F369109BB1C5EBA0CB(...).jpg)
    33 KB
    Yeah I bought this, so what? Wanna fight about it?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:03 No.20925733
    Someone draw My Little Platypus
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:04 No.20925743
    Big Mac needs a speaking part. He's my favorite side character, and he's barely even been shown.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:05 No.20925758

    Is that a reference to a dick flying over you at the top right?

    Just curious
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:07 No.20925775
         File1288598870.jpg-(9 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg)
    9 KB
    >> Jimbo 11/01/10(Mon)04:07 No.20925776
    So I'm thinking about continuing the adventures of Velvet and Nimble. Hum. Sometime after Batpink and Pinkie Pie and Applejack's Cooking Hour, of course.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:08 No.20925785
         File1288598936.jpg-(18 KB, 231x295, img008.jpg)
    18 KB

    >mfw no rainbow dash

    I don't see how it was worth the money otherwise
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:10 No.20925799
         File1288599043.jpg-(47 KB, 640x360, snapshot20101101175437.jpg)
    47 KB
    I mainly got it for Pinkie and Spike, I assume there will be others and I'll probably get them as well as I am a huge loser.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/01/10(Mon)04:11 No.20925807
         File1288599084.jpg-(63 KB, 440x297, bigmacpony.jpg)
    63 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:11 No.20925810
    When I first saw Big Mac I thought "Wow, that must be a tribute to the oldschool chubby ponies!" Then I found out he's male.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:12 No.20925818

    Fair enough, I thought that song Pinkie sang would shatter my sanity, instead it permanently converted me to MLP.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:15 No.20925845
    that looks delicious
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/01/10(Mon)04:19 No.20925877
         File1288599591.jpg-(63 KB, 440x297, bigmacpony.jpg)
    63 KB
    Slightly better version
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:20 No.20925882
         File1288599624.jpg-(25 KB, 288x499, 1288495017371.jpg)
    25 KB
    Stop that
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/01/10(Mon)04:26 No.20925924
         File1288599975.jpg-(34 KB, 600x338, stylin.jpg)
    34 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:26 No.20925925
         File1288599979.png-(201 KB, 640x480, vlcsnap-2010-11-01-02h25m01s3.png)
    201 KB
    Big mac?


    Princess Celestia's nephew is where it's at.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:26 No.20925928
         File1288599989.jpg-(41 KB, 640x360, snapshot20101101192552.jpg)
    41 KB
    I loved it. Seriously hoping for more songs from her/the other ponies.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:27 No.20925935
    Oh hush, that image is hilarious.
    >> Jimbo 11/01/10(Mon)04:28 No.20925943
         File1288600107.gif-(27 KB, 137x160, th_Mac.gif)
    27 KB

    But but but! Big Mac has that rough and tumble country-boy charm, he's the strong and silent type, a hard worker, devoted to his family...

    And they didn't put 'Big' in his name just for kicks, either.

    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:28 No.20925944
    Well then good news.

    Pinkie sings TWO songs in episode 3.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/01/10(Mon)04:29 No.20925957
    Hope we'll see more of him later on.

    Seriously, the show has given us nothing other than evidence that the males of pony society are nothing but eye-candy and hard laborers.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:31 No.20925968
         File1288600302.png-(74 KB, 600x400, 1288522301486.png)
    74 KB
    Ahhhhh I can't wait till next weekend for the HQ version.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:32 No.20925971
         File1288600322.png-(274 KB, 640x480, vlcsnap-2010-11-01-02h31m14s12(...).png)
    274 KB
    Sorry, Big Mac lacks the style and sophistication.
    >> Spikey !4v3R3rLP4k 11/01/10(Mon)04:34 No.20925988
         File1288600453.png-(104 KB, 258x270, Pinkie_Pie.png)
    104 KB
    Can anyone use this reaction face? Seems a waste I haven't seen it around yet.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/01/10(Mon)04:34 No.20925990
    The waiter has the only male speaking part besides Spike so far... Feels bad, man.
    >> Jimbo 11/01/10(Mon)04:34 No.20925992

    Well at least he's not SHOO BE DOO

    Sorry, I meant imaginary!
    >> Snarky Bastard 11/01/10(Mon)04:35 No.20925995

    i see it as

    >I CAME
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/01/10(Mon)04:35 No.20925999
         File1288600530.jpg-(57 KB, 480x360, doitfaggot2.jpg)
    57 KB
    Someone made a "Do it, faggot" with it a thread or two ago.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:36 No.20926006
         File1288600576.png-(285 KB, 640x480, vlcsnap-2010-11-01-02h35m15s20(...).png)
    285 KB
    Goodness gracious!!

    What has /co/ turned into?!?!
    >> Shelltoon !1/0wtbpNAE 11/01/10(Mon)04:38 No.20926021
    A breeding ground for my little ponies
    >> Iris !LFTzlAW5mA 11/01/10(Mon)04:39 No.20926031
         File1288600796.jpg-(47 KB, 256x400, kokuoh and raoh.jpg)
    47 KB
    You guys got nothing on Koku-oh.

    Somebody repost the MLP version of Raoh's horse
    >> Jimbo 11/01/10(Mon)04:40 No.20926032


    How do they have French accents when there's no France?
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/01/10(Mon)04:41 No.20926041
         File1288600865.png-(48 KB, 193x173, 1287990669368.png)
    48 KB
    >> Spikey !4v3R3rLP4k 11/01/10(Mon)04:41 No.20926042
         File1288600865.png-(103 KB, 258x270, Pinkie_Pie_DERPBUCKETS.png)
    103 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:41 No.20926047
         File1288600900.jpg-(27 KB, 232x280, 86-1.jpg)
    27 KB

    My goodnes!!

    They're all lost!!

    /co/ has been taken over by the ponies!!
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/01/10(Mon)04:42 No.20926049
         File1288600930.jpg-(147 KB, 700x1055, mylittlepony_kokouh.jpg)
    147 KB
    Don't say I never did anything for you.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:42 No.20926058
         File1288600972.jpg-(323 KB, 1800x1800, 1288600132888.jpg)
    323 KB
    Fresh from /tg/
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:43 No.20926066
         File1288601020.jpg-(39 KB, 565x450, trollfree.jpg)
    39 KB
    One day, bronies.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:44 No.20926072
    so.. you guys get off to this?
    >> Spikey !4v3R3rLP4k 11/01/10(Mon)04:44 No.20926073
         File1288601064.jpg-(17 KB, 347x366, Misery_WTF.jpg)
    17 KB
    From the looks of it...seem all of 4chan is being PONYFIED!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:45 No.20926080
    No. Most of us just enjoy the show.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:45 No.20926082

    wtf is that supposed to be? Cyborg pony?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:45 No.20926083
         File1288601143.png-(321 KB, 640x480, vlcsnap-2010-11-01-01h45m39s21(...).png)
    321 KB
    And in the "how the fuck did we miss this one" category...
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:46 No.20926088
    Adeptus Mechanicus pony.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:46 No.20926089
         File1288601191.jpg-(28 KB, 500x375, _86__2_.jpg)
    28 KB

    Max, this is the worse crisis in /co/ ever. Not even the high chiefs in Control know what to do.

    We have never faced anything like this before! This could be the very end of /co/ as we know it...
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:47 No.20926096
    Excuse me, Agent 42 here.

    I think these Homestuck threads are a bit worse, sir.
    >> Spikey !4v3R3rLP4k 11/01/10(Mon)04:47 No.20926097
         File1288601277.jpg-(16 KB, 423x498, Bad_Hare.jpg)
    16 KB
    Wow...nub...never heard of 40k?
    >> Phyrexian 11/01/10(Mon)04:49 No.20926103

    Fuck Yes,

    I should have checked the thread in /tg/ earlier.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:51 No.20926112

    I've heard of it, but I'm not particularly familiar with it

    It's some kind of modelling game right?
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/01/10(Mon)04:51 No.20926113
         File1288601477.png-(248 KB, 1134x956, lobo.png)
    248 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:51 No.20926117
         File1288601497.jpg-(9 KB, 480x360, 86smart.jpg)
    9 KB
    My gosh, 42, you're right!!

    But what can we do? We have never faced something of this magnitude!!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:51 No.20926120
    Rewatching 3 now. Pushing the "prince is just Rarity's masturbation fantasy and doesn't exist" theory... he doesn't have a name.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:52 No.20926122
    Yes. /tg/ faps over the fluff.
    >> Iris !LFTzlAW5mA 11/01/10(Mon)04:53 No.20926127
         File1288601592.png-(158 KB, 480x360, vlcsnap-2010-11-01-16h52m39s16(...).png)
    158 KB
    Y'know, I always imagined MLP Koku-oh and Rainbow Dash talking part in an epic hoove battle, with each one fighting the shit ouf each other like here:

    While the whole of Equestria breaks up around them.

    Pic related: how manly ponies fight each other.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:53 No.20926131
    Honestly, it's a pretty standard fantasy. "I want to go to the ball, make a big splash, and be proposed to by a handsome prince (or something)!" I think he's just a stand-in in her mind for anyone who fits the bill.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:54 No.20926133
         File1288601641.jpg-(195 KB, 599x2215, DaemonPrince_Golgotha.jpg)
    195 KB
    Sort of. It's a tabletop wargame with obscene amounts of focus on models.

    F'r example, this guy. Took two years to paint and was disqualified on a technicality.

    WarHammer's fandom is held together soley by the awesomeness of the fluff. They tend to be extremely violent and have an unfortunate reputation, due to the usual population of fuckwits, for immaturity and rules-lawyering.

    But it must be said that 40k is pretty much the embodiment of Crazy Awesome.
    >> Phyrexian 11/01/10(Mon)04:54 No.20926134

    well, the alternative is to fap over the minis and the game itself :P.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:54 No.20926138
    Perhaps we should... Not do anything?

    They have their threads, we have ours. They keep going, and the world keeps spinning. KAOS has no part in this... Deal with it.
    >> Spikey !4v3R3rLP4k 11/01/10(Mon)04:55 No.20926143
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/01/10(Mon)04:56 No.20926148
    Perhaps... Dammit, these eps don't come fast enough. This world leaves far too many questions than it should.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:56 No.20926149
    He also doesn't appear when Rarity restates why she should get the ticket: she just says "I want to go so everyone can find out that I'm the fairest of them all." Yeah. The first time I saw this, on TV before it got uploaded online, I assumed he was fake; I'm more sure of it now than ever.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:56 No.20926150
         File1288601805.jpg-(79 KB, 572x640, Agent86_56.jpg)
    79 KB

    I don't know, what if it spreads? We simply can't allow this to spread to other boards, whether Kaos is involved in this or not.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:58 No.20926162
         File1288601901.jpg-(471 KB, 1000x767, 1281322835265.jpg)
    471 KB

    My god.. did you paint that bro?

    This pony thread is now a warhammer model thread
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:58 No.20926165

    Well, she mentions it is Princess Celestia's nephew.

    So there has to be a possibility of him existing. How did she know he was Princess Celestia's nephew?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)04:59 No.20926170
    But my painting is bad and I haven't finished a model in months. :(
    >> Spikey !4v3R3rLP4k 11/01/10(Mon)05:00 No.20926176
    Its also a money pit as well...more of a hobby to throw money at then actually game play. The biggest thing about Warhammer is the "Shock and Awe" at the amount of effort and detail put into each individual figure with an army of 4-6k point values (average estimated infantry cost 7-14 each).

    <keels over...
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:00 No.20926178
    Because she fantasizes about a "prince" and the only way he could be a prince is if he was related to Celestia, but Celestia doesn't have a mate and presumably no children. So she manufactures a different relation for her fantasy.
    >> Iris !LFTzlAW5mA 11/01/10(Mon)05:00 No.20926180
         File1288602024.jpg-(155 KB, 900x798, taste_the_rainbow_by_thegoodtr(...).jpg)
    155 KB

    Even us.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:00 No.20926182
    It's just the internet, Agent 86. It's not SERIOUS BUSINESS, so who gives a damn if it spreads or if it doesn't? We're all here to have fun, and this is how some of us choose to do it. Others have inflation porn threads, and still others choose to spend their leisure time drawing things for ungrateful strangers.
    Just how it works, man.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:01 No.20926184
    Those wings...
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:01 No.20926191
    Princess Celestia is the highest ranking pony in that place. She just wants someone for their wicked sick position and some made up guy with the second highest is good enough for her.
    >> Spikey !4v3R3rLP4k 11/01/10(Mon)05:02 No.20926192
         File1288602121.jpg-(282 KB, 1854x1350, FUCKYEARCO.jpg)
    282 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:03 No.20926204
         File1288602229.jpg-(28 KB, 297x298, hvca68.jpg)
    28 KB

    > Internet, not serious business..
    >> Spikey !4v3R3rLP4k 11/01/10(Mon)05:06 No.20926217

    >implying anon 20926204 really believes the internet is serious business

    I'm scared...
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:07 No.20926221

    Yeah? But what about inflatable pony porn threads?

    Ever thought of that Mr. Non Serious Business??
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:07 No.20926223
         File1288602450.png-(19 KB, 141x117, Picture 2.png)
    19 KB
    A mental stand in, who's cutie mark is very similar to twilight sparkle.
    Who is the Princesses favored student, and possibly the closest thing she has to a "nephew"

    She wasn't just buttering up twilight for the ticket.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:09 No.20926230
    Again, to each their own. Not worth spending energy worrying about.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:09 No.20926231
    >implying Rarity won't hook up with Fluttershy
    >> Iris !LFTzlAW5mA 11/01/10(Mon)05:10 No.20926234
    I really think the nephew is real. Mainly because I think we're reading in too much.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/01/10(Mon)05:10 No.20926235
         File1288602621.png-(263 KB, 640x360, 1287991759354.png)
    263 KB
    Looks like a compass rose to me.

    Although, interesting theory.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:10 No.20926237
    That pony looks derpy as fuck
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:11 No.20926238
         File1288602676.jpg-(43 KB, 299x264, 1288398435914.jpg)
    43 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:11 No.20926239
         File1288602684.jpg-(492 KB, 1000x775, 1281322911065.jpg)
    492 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:11 No.20926241
         File1288602695.jpg-(21 KB, 393x533, 206.jpg)
    21 KB

    All right, but if Dr. House starts product placing little ponies all around its episodes don't tell me that I didn't warn you.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:11 No.20926242
    See >>20926131. I actually think we have to read more into it in order for him to be real. The various "wait, does she have other siblings?" questions that have popped up, for example.
    >> Spikey !4v3R3rLP4k 11/01/10(Mon)05:12 No.20926243
    agreed, have to be revised for the color version...or keep it that why for the lulz.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:12 No.20926244
         File1288602736.jpg-(674 KB, 1000x1152, 1281322963113.jpg)
    674 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:13 No.20926246
    My first impression while watching the episode, without any analyzing, was that he wasn't real. But I'm not sure anymore...
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:13 No.20926247
         File1288602810.jpg-(1013 KB, 1000x1740, 1281322998412.jpg)
    1013 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:14 No.20926255
         File1288602867.jpg-(778 KB, 1000x1397, 1281323106924.jpg)
    778 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:14 No.20926259

    Your analytical prowess to see the resemblance on the marks scares me...
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:14 No.20926260
    I don't think we've seen those two together enough to see that.
    Rarity's said about 1 sentance to her
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:15 No.20926261
    Can I just point out I hate the man who built this, when I could barely put the standard tank together following the instructions?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:15 No.20926263
         File1288602936.jpg-(521 KB, 1000x979, 1281323142264.jpg)
    521 KB

    And there you have it, Orkimus Prime
    >> Spikey !4v3R3rLP4k 11/01/10(Mon)05:16 No.20926265
    455 point Vaule!
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/01/10(Mon)05:17 No.20926268
    If that happened, I wouldn't acknowledge it. I'd say that I missed it by thaaaat much.
    >> Iris !LFTzlAW5mA 11/01/10(Mon)05:17 No.20926269
    Or we can just wait for more episodes.

    I think there's enough things to keep us entertained for a few days.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:18 No.20926271
         File1288603091.jpg-(87 KB, 600x860, chibisob.jpg)
    87 KB
    Yeah, "epic" is pretty much the word that describes 40k. I mean, it's limited to the Milky Way ONLY and has more furious, insane fighting than sci-fi series that span entire universes.

    Let's start off with the basics. Ever see Event Horizon? Yeah, /tg/ all agrees Event Horizon was the first test of the Warp Drive. Y'see, FTL in 40k consists of dropping your ship into hell, and hoping your Gellar Fields and Space Gargoyles frighten the demons off.
    The Warp, aka Space Hell, is home to the Chaos Gods-embodiments of the basic animal emotions-Rage, Lust, Despair, and Hope. And the god of Hope is evil. The others are too, but still-the GOD of HOPE is EVIL-and makes plans of such fiendish complexity that David Xanatos would shit himself.

    Oh, and ten thousand years ago Jesus was rendered by his favorite son after leading Humanity into an age of unprecidented prosperity before said son turned to the Chaos Gods and ripped said prosperity to shreds in the multiverse's biggest DADDY DOESN'T LOVE ME tantrum ever. His empire proceeded to collapse in on itself and become everything Jesus didn't want it to be, mistakenly believing that's what he wanted.
    Oh, and did I forget to mention Jesus is the focus for a gigantic space lighthouse that keeps his empire together?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:18 No.20926272
         File1288603094.jpg-(42 KB, 600x450, 1277120946370.jpg)
    42 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:18 No.20926275
    Applejack had the best reason for wanting to go to the gala.

    Pinkie had the worst reason. Eating candy? Really? Fuck you Pinkie, you OWN a CANDY store.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:18 No.20926276
    How long is this series going to run? I've downloaded the first three eps today, and I know a fourth's coming out soon. But is this going to be a proper series, or just a few specials? Or don't we know yet?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:19 No.20926278
         File1288603147.jpg-(86 KB, 818x736, 1288324255446.jpg)
    86 KB
    Don't give a shit they are perfect for each other
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:19 No.20926279
         File1288603149.jpg-(54 KB, 510x600, 1274059370403.jpg)
    54 KB
    >> Spikey !4v3R3rLP4k 11/01/10(Mon)05:19 No.20926280
    AT, RS, Mys Inc, SP, FR, not counting Adult Swim shows I still find enjoyable...alot of shit to watch...think I'll be fine as well.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:19 No.20926283
    12 or 13 episodes in the first season. I forget which.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:20 No.20926284

    According to Wikipedia, only 13 episodes.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:20 No.20926286

    Wait, does this mean that /co/ is eagerly awaiting new episodes!?!?!?!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:20 No.20926287
         File1288603250.jpg-(46 KB, 750x600, 1269607211592.jpg)
    46 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:20 No.20926288
    Someone on here said 13 eps. I'm hoping for more or a second season.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:21 No.20926289
    Is there a picture where Applejack looks like that she's "enjoying "for pulling Rainbow dash's tail? I think I saw that picture in here before.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/01/10(Mon)05:21 No.20926290
         File1288603283.jpg-(78 KB, 500x500, derp.jpg)
    78 KB
    Um... Duh?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:21 No.20926294
    /co/ is fucking GOLD this year.

    That's coming from someone who, for years, has watched anime almost exclusively. The /a/ I watch is actually starting to be outweighed by the /co/. My Little Pony, Regular Show, Adventure Time, and Sym-Bionic Titan.
    >> Iris !LFTzlAW5mA 11/01/10(Mon)05:22 No.20926295
    Frmo the way they make the ponies out to be aggresive lesbians and having grimdark pasts (for Pinkie Pit at least), I'd say yeah.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:22 No.20926298
         File1288603341.jpg-(90 KB, 649x525, 1287883181271.jpg)
    90 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:22 No.20926301
         File1288603379.jpg-(482 KB, 504x779, battlesister and chaos marine.jpg)
    482 KB
    The factions are:
    Crazy Razor BDSM Space Elves who squicked the god(dess) of excess into existence through their insane decadence and keep it up even now because if they don't distract She Who Thirsts, she'll eat their souls.
    Entirely-Too-Sane Monkish Space Elves who live on fuckoff-huge spaceships and cultivate race-wide ritualized Multiple Personality Disorder and seal their souls into gemstones hoping to create a God of Death that'll kill She Who Thirsts.
    Giant green hunchbacked football hooligans who weld together guns, trucks, tanks, and spaceships out of scrap and baling wire, that WORK because they say they do. Exceedingly violent, live to fight. Comic relief.
    Catholic Space Nazis who fly around in giant cathedrals to keep off the demons off, have a perverse fetish for fire, and are deathly afraid of change as it usually has demons in it.
    The Army of the aforementioned Catholic Space Nazis, who are basically Jarheads In Space. They wield Laser AK-47s, die in droves, and have the coolest fucking tanks you will ever see-Baneblade, Stormsword, Leman Russ...
    Catholic Space Nazi Ubermenschs, eight-foot-tall not-entirely-human goliaths in power armor recruited from the most brutal planets in the galaxy, with fully-automatic grenade launchers for sidearms.
    An endless Horde of Alien Locusts that combine the worst of the Xenomorphs and Zerg before the Zerg even were, whose "tank" unit is basically a cross between a Tyrannosaur and a combine harvester.
    The cultists and corrupted Ubermenschs of the aforementioned Chaos Gods.
    Oh yeah, and the Blue Orwellian Communist Space Cow Snipers. Smallest army in 40k.
    There's also the Daemonhunters, but nobody cares about them.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:23 No.20926304
         File1288603407.jpg-(43 KB, 380x480, 1282029412222.jpg)
    43 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:24 No.20926306
    Oh sorry, I meant the series.. not sure what episode is that though.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:24 No.20926311
         File1288603477.jpg-(48 KB, 351x546, 1287348059140.jpg)
    48 KB
    >> Spikey !4v3R3rLP4k 11/01/10(Mon)05:25 No.20926314
    Only mean western televised and theatrical animation as a whole is finally getting out of the watered down shit pipe is was forced into during the past couple decades. I blame all special FCC interest groups, soccer moms, and zealous politicians. Excluding the few gems of animations I will not bother to mention.

    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:25 No.20926315
    >There's also the Daemonhunters, but nobody cares about them.

    Fuck you, man, Grey Knights are awesome. Those Catholic Space Nazi Ubermenschs you mentioned? Daemonhunters are Upgraded Catholic Space Nazi Ubermenschs cloned directly from Space Jesus himself, and they are all psychic and all immune to daemonic corruption.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:26 No.20926317
         File1288603564.jpg-(98 KB, 1164x813, 1286995341946.jpg)
    98 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:26 No.20926319
         File1288603615.png-(121 KB, 468x262, woah there sally.png)
    121 KB
    Oh. This one?
    >> Spikey !4v3R3rLP4k 11/01/10(Mon)05:27 No.20926323
    >"Catholic" Space "Nazi" fail...
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:28 No.20926324
         File1288603688.jpg-(23 KB, 873x627, 1287727924558.jpg)
    23 KB

    >immune to daemonic corruption

    I think someone is forgetting a certain brother captain by the name of Stern
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:28 No.20926328
    And what are the names of these factions?

    The only ones I ever hear people talk about are the imperial space marines (which I assume is what you mean by "goliaths in power armor") and the orks.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:28 No.20926330
    Just internet short-hand, bro. Here.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:30 No.20926338
    Chaos Daemons
    Chaos Space Marines
    Dark Eldar
    Imperial Guard
    Space Marines:
    -Black Templar
    -Blood Angels
    -Dark Angels
    -Space Wolves
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/01/10(Mon)05:30 No.20926339
         File1288603847.jpg-(42 KB, 570x518, 1287989998401.jpg)
    42 KB
    I want Nightmare Moon to come back... ;_;
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:31 No.20926341
    In order, Dark Eldar, Eldar, Orks, Imperium/Inquisition, Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Tyranids, Chaos, and Tau.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:32 No.20926345
    ugh..not that... I'm sure she was smiling while she pulling Rainbow's tail, or maybe is just me...
    >> Spikey !4v3R3rLP4k 11/01/10(Mon)05:33 No.20926351
         File1288604015.jpg-(19 KB, 371x467, Misery_Sugar_High.jpg)
    19 KB
    I favor Orks, and Tau. If anyone say shit about TAU...F U! PEW PEW LAZERS MOFO!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:34 No.20926359
    Sure sure, pew pew all you want. My Blood Angels all just air-dropped within charge range of your firing line, including our dreadnought with the infinite attack-generating lightning claws.
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/01/10(Mon)05:35 No.20926363
    Is it weird that, everytime I see Celestia now, I think of her as some evil ice-queen that enjoys watching her subjects prance about in confusion before her?
    Because that's just the vibe I get... Not a kind ruler at all.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:36 No.20926368
    You're letting /co/'s silliness affect your actual watching of the show.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:37 No.20926370
         File1288604223.png-(83 KB, 462x263, Picture 3.png)
    83 KB
    Anyone else notice that Angel COINCIDENTALLY appeared right after Luna was cured of her dark side?

    And the first shot we see of Angel is the classic Sam Raimi from the charging monsters point of view.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:38 No.20926375
         File1288604293.jpg-(64 KB, 800x600, 1269249594989.jpg)
    64 KB

    Faction names

    Space Marines
    Specific Chapters- Dark Angels (knight templar in space), Space Wolves (vikings in space) , Ultramarines (ancient rome + Greece in space), Black Templars (Crusading knights in space), Blood Angels (renaissance style angel warriors/crazy vampires in space) (and many more)

    Chaos Space Marines (Traitors)
    Legions- World Eaters (Bloodthirsty berserkers), Thousand Sons (Sorcerous lords), Death Guard (bloated, disease infested plague carriers), Emperor's Children (SEX COCAINE PAIN), Iron Warriors (Siege experts, big guns everywhere), Night Lords (Chaotic Evil Batman in space army form), Black Legion (the everyman), Alpha Legion (conspiracy, secrecy, plotting, etc)...

    Imperial Guard (they die by the bucketload and come in Rambo, American Soldier, Russian conscript, and many other forms)

    Orks (crazy comic relief)

    Tau (fancy space communists)

    Craftworld Eldar (Psychic space elves IN SPACE with a penchant for being total dicks)

    Dark Eldar (crazy pirates who eat peoples souls and live off torture for survival and kicks)

    Inquisition (exactly what it says on the tin)

    Tyranids (Alien + Starship Troopers (they inspired the Zerg)

    Necrons (Robot undead in Space)
    -well tehy're dwarves in spa-
    >> Cheddah !!b3DtxCVViBB 11/01/10(Mon)05:39 No.20926377
    Yeah, you're right... Fuck. Cannot unsee.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:39 No.20926380
    So what would happen if Pinkie Pie met an Ork?
    >> Spikey !4v3R3rLP4k 11/01/10(Mon)05:40 No.20926385
    At least its not as OP as Chaos. get some Kroot troops for melee fodder and I'll be golden.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:40 No.20926388
    >Imperial Guard (they die by the bucketload and come in Rambo, American Soldier, Russian conscript, and many other forms)

    Armageddon Steel Legion was here, all other Imperial Guard armies are small-time.

    Yes, even you guys, Kriegers.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:41 No.20926390
    ...My god.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:41 No.20926395
         File1288604489.jpg-(89 KB, 640x479, 1270908280277.jpg)
    89 KB

    Tau cant shoot for shit (lol BS3) and, dont make up fro it with their point costs...

    And considering how easy it is to get into assault, they fold like paper FAST

    They also have the single worst SC in the entire game (Space Pope)
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:41 No.20926396
         File1288604496.jpg-(37 KB, 640x360, snapshot20101101175423.jpg)
    37 KB
    Never have and never will agree with /co/ about that
    >Implying she is evil
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:41 No.20926401
         File1288604510.jpg-(266 KB, 833x1200, Steel.jpg)
    266 KB
    Forgot pic. See at left, the muthafuckin' Steel Legion.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:42 No.20926406
         File1288604551.jpg-(58 KB, 455x406, 1264580127206.jpg)
    58 KB
    Just dropped by to say, I'm proud of whoever turned this pony thread into a WH40K thread.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:43 No.20926410
    Why, kind sir, it was /tg/ itself. >>20926058
    >> Spikey !4v3R3rLP4k 11/01/10(Mon)05:44 No.20926415
    how easy we forget its a game of chance, and not FIXED NUMBERS!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:45 No.20926419
    Ponys are always related
    >> Spikey !4v3R3rLP4k 11/01/10(Mon)05:45 No.20926422
    Sorry, Chance and Strategy!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:46 No.20926424
    Look, I can totally see a dark side in Princess Bubblegum.

    Celestia? Not buyin' it. She's just pure good. Not even lawful good describes it. She's just full-on cartoon stock goodguy good.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:46 No.20926425
    Because of this thread my next project is to model a Space Marine bikers thread mounted on Ponies

    Keep an eye out for it /co/
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:47 No.20926435
         File1288604845.jpg-(78 KB, 407x405, 1275885406116.jpg)
    78 KB

    Nope, it's a case of one thing

    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:49 No.20926445
         File1288604961.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 158 KB, 794x1032, 1288487380110.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 158 KB
    If you play Apocalypse, consider adding one or two of these.
    >> Spikey !4v3R3rLP4k 11/01/10(Mon)05:49 No.20926446
         File1288604963.png-(113 KB, 311x337, RG_UMAD.png)
    113 KB
    >>20926435 it. Tired, gnite /co
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:51 No.20926459
         File1288605080.jpg-(64 KB, 600x800, 1285473896335.jpg)
    64 KB
    From ponies to warhammer
    Tyranid tits totally related
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:54 No.20926475
         File1288605294.jpg-(256 KB, 1000x706, 1282146094716.jpg)
    256 KB

    Orkz iz da best
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:56 No.20926482
    Okay, I realize Warhammer isn't the most original setting ever created, but how is this NOT just a fucking xenomorph?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:57 No.20926483
    This was the most subtle trolling I've ever seen.

    I'm still ticked off.
    >> Phyrexian 11/01/10(Mon)05:59 No.20926494

    because it isn't 'nid tits?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)05:59 No.20926497
         File1288605551.jpg-(257 KB, 1280x1244, 1275214522342.jpg)
    257 KB

    Datz moar like it!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)06:03 No.20926512
         File1288605830.jpg-(47 KB, 500x501, 1286962096931.jpg)
    47 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)06:10 No.20926551
         File1288606243.jpg-(292 KB, 436x790, 01 (28).jpg)
    292 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)06:12 No.20926566
         File1288606333.jpg-(96 KB, 640x360, samesamesame.jpg)
    96 KB
    Generic stock samefagging background ponies go!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)06:14 No.20926574

    The cream pony in the foreground is totally different to the cream ponies in the background. It has no scarf.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)06:16 No.20926594
         File1288606589.jpg-(564 KB, 1680x1050, 1266478890538.jpg)
    564 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)06:19 No.20926614
         File1288606777.jpg-(22 KB, 393x251, w40kpony.jpg)
    22 KB

    You just put that on purpose here, right?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)06:21 No.20926631
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)06:25 No.20926655
         File1288607134.png-(61 KB, 216x221, Picture 5.png)
    61 KB
    That's an awful lot of brothers and sisters and cousins.

    I really wish I hadn't seen the movie "A Thousand Acres" before watching this show.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)06:25 No.20926657
    you missed the yellow ones with purple hair.
    that green thing is a tail.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)06:32 No.20926703
         File1288607544.jpg-(81 KB, 673x1024, 1282560807524.jpg)
    81 KB

    Orkzez can haz poniez too?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)06:50 No.20926814
         File1288608657.png-(220 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-11-01-10h50m18s15(...).png)
    220 KB

    They're scarves, not tails.

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