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  • success! will post pictures later this week.

    File : 1288519669.jpg-(141 KB, 800x800, 1288487687965.jpg)
    141 KB Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:07 No.20904627  
    Can't see a pony thread so this looks good.
    Was ep 3 good /co/? I am waiting till the mkv is out before watching.
    >> Forward 2.0 !!pbL8zEzJEl6 10/31/10(Sun)06:09 No.20904637
    It was cute and had some great jokes. Character development all around. Unsurprising ending but still funny.

    I'm so glad someone drew that comic.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:09 No.20904638
    Sage this viral marketing bullshit.
    >> Forward 2.0 !!pbL8zEzJEl6 10/31/10(Sun)06:10 No.20904646
    Learn what "viral marketing" means first.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:10 No.20904647
    I question how much longer we can keep these 300 reply threads going
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:10 No.20904649
         File1288519833.jpg-(108 KB, 1280x720, 128614147266.jpg)
    108 KB

    Too deep for ya?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:11 No.20904653
         File1288519868.png-(103 KB, 936x936, mlp.png)
    103 KB
    Repostin' fix'd version. It's got extra eyelashes.
    >> Forward 2.0 !!pbL8zEzJEl6 10/31/10(Sun)06:11 No.20904659
    Drawfaggotry and writefaggotry keeps them going.

    They ARE getting slower though.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:11 No.20904665
    Previous pony thread, you lying fuck
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:11 No.20904667
    I've had ep 2 downloaded for like 3 days now but I keep putting off watching it till I have the house to myself
    Nobody must know my terrible secret
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:13 No.20904679
    >this thread

    >that thread recently bumped up from page 7 or so

    No lying, just didn't see it.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:15 No.20904692
         File1288520141.jpg-(21 KB, 300x300, img-thing.jpg)
    21 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:16 No.20904697
         File1288520165.jpg-(147 KB, 700x1055, 1288412988178.jpg)
    147 KB
    Oh fuck I'm not sure which comic I like more
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:18 No.20904713
         File1288520303.jpg-(232 KB, 667x667, ponypony.jpg)
    232 KB
    I hope any /tr/ainers here are going to name their future Kerudio accordingly
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:19 No.20904721
    Can we save in the online game yet? I've been puttin off playing it till we can.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:20 No.20904723
    I was going to name mine Storybro. :(
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:20 No.20904725
    ...What am I looking at?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:21 No.20904730
    One of the new pokemon drawn in a MLP style
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:21 No.20904732
    that's silly.
    name it Glitter Waves
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:22 No.20904737
    I wish someone would draw Pinkie with a Mjöllnir.

    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:23 No.20904740
         File1288520583.png-(873 B, 96x96, 647.png)
    873 B
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:25 No.20904760
    Am I the only one who completely skips the OP? I just can't deal with the start, I would like to at least keep the illusion that I am straight.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:26 No.20904762
    It bugs me, but I'm too lazy to skip it. I sometimes just mute it.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:30 No.20904777
         File1288521043.png-(51 KB, 600x395, 1288519740215.png)
    51 KB
    This is too cute to die off in that other thread with no replies. I'm loving all the /co/ drawfags with this show.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:32 No.20904786
         File1288521130.png-(49 KB, 600x400, dotdotdot.png)
    49 KB
    hey thanks. moar.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:33 No.20904795
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:34 No.20904799
         File1288521284.png-(89 KB, 269x321, 1288489119010.png)
    89 KB
    :3 as fuck
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:38 No.20904816
    When will episode 4 be out?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:38 No.20904817
    >Can't see a pony thread
    There are SIX right now--seven if you count this one--and only one of them is on autosage. Everyone sucks at finding existing threads.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:39 No.20904821
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:39 No.20904823
    Someone do the usual thread ritual of posting the episodes on YouTube. I always forget how to find em.

    The third ep had a plot we've all seen before, but I don't mind because it did a good and interesting take on it- probably because it focuses on the different characters and their desires, reasons and reactions.

    This really does seem to be a personality-focused show so far. I think it's actually pretty good that way.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:40 No.20904828
    Episode 1:
    HQ Stream:

    Episode 2:
    HQ Stream:

    Episode 3:
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:40 No.20904830
    I tried really hard to find one too but it dropped off the page.

    Ponymania just seems to be settling down a bit.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:44 No.20904846
    So I tried watching this show.

    What. The. Fuck.

    I mean, seriously. How do you people enjoy this? Is all of this trolling or are you just being ironic?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:44 No.20904847
    Yeah, the OP is just too saccharine for me.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:44 No.20904852
    Just curious: how much did you watch? Because you'll notice, even ponyfans hate the opening theme.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:45 No.20904854
         File1288521912.png-(74 KB, 328x297, 1288404381868.png)
    74 KB
    Neither. We just get enjoyment out of it. It's fine if you don't, though.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:48 No.20904872
    I like the very beginning where they says the title twice and then aaaah-aaaaah-aaaaaahhhh but once the tempo picks up it's intolerable.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:48 No.20904874
    We like it but are also trolling a bit.

    This show wouldn't be half as popular here if not for the forbidden fruit factor. It's something we can't really discuss anywhere else but /co/, our shared secret shame.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:48 No.20904875
    Pinkie has a nice singing voice
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:48 No.20904878
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:48 No.20904879

    Well that's fascinating.
    Just... keep it in one thread, please.
    And I'm just wondering, how the fuck do you get past the theme song thinking "yeah, this is totally awesome"?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:50 No.20904887
    We skip it.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:50 No.20904889
    As stated, most of us skip the theme song.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:51 No.20904891
         File1288522286.jpg-(8 KB, 177x178, 1264145793913.jpg)
    8 KB
    I liked the theme song.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:51 No.20904893
         File1288522301.png-(74 KB, 600x400, wutusay.png)
    74 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:52 No.20904896
    Believe me, we've gone out of our way to keep it to one thread. Any little <10 post threads are probably trolls trying to get /co/ angry.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:52 No.20904897
    But... from what I saw the rest of the show is exactly the same shit as the theme song, but without singing.

    Forget it, I'm out
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:52 No.20904898
    >keep it one thread
    There's a contingency of ponyfags that try to do this, but it's always fucked up by people who don't actually look for the thread that CERTAINLY exists. I'm pretty sure there has literally always been a pony thread since it first aired, even if everyone's just chilling out in an autosaging thread.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:54 No.20904913
         File1288522479.png-(113 KB, 350x339, 1288404381875.png)
    113 KB
    At least you're logical and honest about you disinterest. We mostly just see "THIS IS A GIRL'S CARTOON" rage.

    Good day, gentle sir!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:54 No.20904917
         File1288522494.jpg-(90 KB, 649x525, 1288394243507.jpg)
    90 KB

    Pony drawfags are the best drawfags
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:55 No.20904919
         File1288522502.jpg-(63 KB, 300x300, 1229835806944.jpg)
    63 KB
    Watching the opening after playing Reach.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:55 No.20904928
    Yeah...honestly. There is never NOT a pony thread around. If you can't find one, you probably missed it somehow. If I ever can't find one, I tend to ask in the +thread ( to be sure.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:57 No.20904935
    Yeah we gotta admit the show is pretty cheesy most of the time and has a lot of bits that just get silly (see the ending of episode 2) and that might be too much for some people.

    But we're /co/, most of us can put up with things getting silly, we read books about men in colourful tights punching things.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:58 No.20904946
    I hate that the IMDB page for this show is completely empty. Wanna see the full voice cast.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)06:59 No.20904956
    I don't know if I'd call it the full cast, but there is this:
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:01 No.20904973
         File1288522888.jpg-(831 KB, 674x2688, 1288080924853.jpg)
    831 KB
    Oh jeez I'm SHOO BEE DOOing so bad right now.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:02 No.20904977
    >Applejack and Rainbow dash are the same
    That must be awkward while having sex.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:02 No.20904989
         File1288522965.png-(206 KB, 835x768, 1288489824724.png)
    206 KB
    >spike is a woman
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:03 No.20904994
         File1288523016.png-(49 KB, 234x228, 1288404381900.png)
    49 KB
    A young male character voiced by a woman? NO WAI
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:04 No.20905002
    Most "little boys" in cartoons are voiced by women, bro.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:05 No.20905016
    It certainly probably kills the chance for any relationship becoming canon.

    ...Yes, yes, I know, there was no chance anyway. But still.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:06 No.20905024
    As someone who'd call myself a minor fan of the show, if I had seen episode 2 first I would have given up on it right then, episode 2 is pretty much the exact trite, cliche, overly sugary sweet garbage I expected it to be. How convenient they all get a chance to save the gang with their particular attribute and everybody learns an important lesson about how friendship is the most important thing ever and you probably couldn't even metabolize oxygen without it. And then the villain gives up way too easily after inexplicably learning a lesson somehow?

    It's just a good thing the first episode was so... not those things. And episode 3 wasn't terrible either, though 100% predictable, story-wise.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:10 No.20905069
    You are pretty good :3
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:15 No.20905112
    I like how the third episode shows all the characters' flaws instead, which become painfully obvious at the worst time.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:20 No.20905157

    Not Fluttershy! Mai waifu is flawless!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:20 No.20905158
    I am not in the navy.
    I am not an admiral, I do not live near a wharf, I've never seen the ocean.
    I am jumping on the Flutterspike ship as it sails from the harbor. I am a stowaway. No one knows I am here.

    But I am here.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:20 No.20905161
    It was a cliched as fuck story but I liked how they were all selfish cunts
    >> kinkywizard !!Lt2QVxFBHMB 10/31/10(Sun)07:21 No.20905167
         File1288524079.png-(165 KB, 480x360, vlcsnap-2010-10-31-11h20m57s18(...).png)
    165 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:23 No.20905179
         File1288524180.jpg-(76 KB, 513x503, 1288328669229.jpg)
    76 KB
    >No real yuri fanart yet
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:23 No.20905186
    Makes you wonder if Fluttershy is secretly more of a bitch than we thought, or if she's just a bit of a bitch who knows how cute and sweet she is and takes advantage of it on occasion.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:23 No.20905188
    god... fluttershy and her dildo... hngggg
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:24 No.20905189
         File1288524243.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 153 KB, 720x720, 538473 - My_Little_Pony No-Ink(...).jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 153 KB
    You this thread, or at all?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:24 No.20905192
    She'd kill you in your sleep if the bunny told her to.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:24 No.20905193
    Oh there's a fair bit out there, it's just not all in these threads. People got sick of every thread having the same pics
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:25 No.20905198
         File1288524303.png-(65 KB, 600x400, thankya.png)
    65 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:25 No.20905200
    You kidding? the bunny is reason she's NOT killing you in your sleep
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:25 No.20905202
    Yeah there's a bit just not as much as I expected really
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:26 No.20905215
         File1288524414.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 115 KB, 863x733, 128841366179.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 115 KB
    If I had my pictures organized better I'd post a bunch. Funny story behind this one...
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:28 No.20905229
         File1288524528.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 114 KB, 880x618, 128841589954.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 114 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:32 No.20905258
    I am almost considering buying a couple of the toys from this show just for shits and giggles. Would sit well on my bookshelf.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:33 No.20905268
    Might have to wait a while, the good toys might not be available for a bit.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:35 No.20905291
         File1288524903.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 159 KB, 700x418, 1288315894464.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 159 KB
    Don't tempt me. As much as I like this show, I think buying those toys is a line I shouldn't cross.

    ...I always buy the toys from shows I enjoy, so it's really hard to resist...
    >> kinkywizard !!Lt2QVxFBHMB 10/31/10(Sun)07:35 No.20905300
         File1288524935.png-(186 KB, 480x360, vlcsnap-2010-10-31-11h29m24s25(...).png)
    186 KB
    dat expression
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:35 No.20905302
    Do you think they'll do a Nightmare Moon/Fluttershy/Rarity/Rainbow Dash/Angel set?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:36 No.20905311
         File1288524993.jpg-(48 KB, 800x683, 1288326591910.jpg)
    48 KB
    Why did I spoiler image that one?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:36 No.20905314
         File1288525017.png-(341 KB, 760x572, 1288308783409.png)
    341 KB
    At the very least I am going to be getting a Pinkie pie. The only part up in the air is if I get the entire set to just to confirm how insane I am.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:37 No.20905316
    You know, I agree that the episode was rushed... but is there REALLY so much wrong with token Lessons for Kids?
    Seriously they never bothered me all that much, some people seem outright allergic.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:38 No.20905322
    Yeah. A big part of my enjoyment of this franchise is that it's a good show in spite of it being the childhood version of an infomercial. However much I like it as a show, actually going so far as to drink that Kool-aid is something I hope I'd never stoop to.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:38 No.20905327
         File1288525122.jpg-(86 KB, 818x736, 1288159498796.jpg)
    86 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:39 No.20905336
    I'd be much more comfortable with a Luna design than a Nightmare Moon or Celestia one - the god-ponies have a very distinctive visual style that would just be ruined by attempting to render it in plastic and nylon.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:39 No.20905339
    Wondering the angle they're gonna take with marketing for this thing.

    Are they going to focus on the core seven (six ponies plus Spike) and bring out variations of them? The show seems to be very focused on the core cast so far so it'd make sense to capitalise on that.

    This is if Hasbro's toy dept has any brains at all, anyway. I mean, you could make tons of outfits for Rarity alone.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:41 No.20905349
    I think they could do the god ponies really well if they pulled out all the stops. Though I highly doubt they would do high quality figs for a little girls show.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:42 No.20905355
    It's just that we got so bombarded with them as kids that we learned to tune them out a long time ago.

    Ep 3's lesson wasn't half bad, that sometimes you're not gonna be able to please everyone even if they all have good reasons for wanting something. (and that problems can be solved a lot quicker by communicating properly)
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:43 No.20905361
    so, this is what I was thinking about last night...

    Pinky Pie is Sailor Moon, and Rarity is Sailor Venus, Twilight Sparkle is Sailor Mars, and Fluttershy is Sailor Jupiter.

    Who makes the better analogy for Sailor Jupiter, Applejack or Rainbow Dash?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:43 No.20905362
    I've been to the toy site, and there seems to be a lot of different ponies not related to the new show at all (well, it is brand new)
    It kind of makes me curious about older casts of ponies and what's been around recently...
    My cousin got a MLP book for xmas and I was just drawn in by all the cute designs and I wonder if I could find that book again...

    oh god I'm in trouble
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:44 No.20905365
    >and Fluttershy is Sailor Mercury

    That's what I meant to say
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:44 No.20905367
    You kidding? Look at Transformers' marketing scheme: lots of smaller cheaper figures that everyone can afford, but the big players like Optimus and Megatron are the higher price range for the spoilt kids. And then there's the collectors' market.

    Hasbro's been doing this shit for decades now, they should know how to sell toys.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:45 No.20905371
    Ha, guess so.
    It's a bit nostalgic for me maybe, I took cartoon lessons /Very Seriously/ as a child.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:45 No.20905376
    >and Fluttershy is Sailor Jupiter.
    >Who makes the better analogy for Sailor Jupiter, Applejack or Rainbow Dash?

    I hope you meant Fluttershy was Mercury.
    Also Applejack is so jupiter.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:46 No.20905386
         File1288525597.jpg-(130 KB, 300x300, 128794718782.jpg)
    130 KB
    I might be wrong, but I think these are the only toys available at the moment. They have sculpted hair instead of hair hair, but I like that, personally.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:47 No.20905394
         File1288525667.jpg-(104 KB, 720x540, 1288393848536.jpg)
    104 KB
    Yeah as I was saying they wouldn't do it at all but it COULD work was what I was saying.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:48 No.20905397
    Animator guy, is that you?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:48 No.20905399
    Holy fuck yes.

    Where can you see them?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:49 No.20905402
    They look pretty good except for Celestia
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:49 No.20905404
    I think they're a Target exclusive, but are probably also available on Hasbro's site.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:49 No.20905408
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:49 No.20905410
    I guess it's time to "buy my niece a birthday present"
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:50 No.20905411
    This is just first wave stuff, so we don't know if this was made before the cartoon designs were finalised.

    I really hope that Applejack's entire clan gets figures. Big Mcintosh with plow accessory plz
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:51 No.20905419
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:52 No.20905429
    Yup it's me, and I'm out for sleep. have fun.
    And I still fail at replying.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:54 No.20905441
         File1288526096.jpg-(14 KB, 467x266, 1288345622237.jpg)
    14 KB
    >My face when I am seriously buying toys for a little girls show when I am a 24 year old man
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:55 No.20905447
    anyone have those pics of human version of ponies?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:56 No.20905454
         File1288526188.jpg-(120 KB, 600x850, friendship_is_magic_by_artnerd(...).jpg)
    120 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:56 No.20905456
    It's not so much that it had a lesson that bothered me, so did episode 3 and that was fine. It's just, The Power Of Friendship is the one I've gotten the most sick of. Yeah, teamwork is great and all, but it isn't absolutely omnipotent and it is possible to do some things without it. But the moment any character in any cartoon ever treats friendship as anything less than directly channeling God, they are absolutely guaranteed to fail at what they are intending to do until they learn that lesson. Just once, couldn't a character be friendship neutral and be okay that way? Say yeah, friends are good, but they don't solve everything in all cases ever.

    Of all the cartoon lesson of the episode cliches, that is the one that has been driven straight into the ground. The others get variations, level of nuance, but the Friendship lesson is the same thing every. single. time. Just once it'd be nice if the hero's like "This time I'll prevail, because I've got my friends with me!" and the villains like "Yes, but you still don't have the Orb of Light, so I don't care."
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:56 No.20905459
         File1288526214.jpg-(192 KB, 900x1238, 1288320346623.jpg)
    192 KB
    I've got a couple versions
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:57 No.20905465
    So this is the new wakfu?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:58 No.20905466
    >Friends love to play together and they love to “read” together, too!

    Oh come on.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:58 No.20905472
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)07:59 No.20905480
    Ugh, they look like Bratz dolls with oval heads. NO.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:00 No.20905484
         File1288526428.png-(150 KB, 481x203, 1288334751151.png)
    150 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:00 No.20905485
         File1288526443.jpg-(276 KB, 935x697, 128795575228.jpg)
    276 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:02 No.20905493
         File1288526527.jpg-(90 KB, 498x700, 1288149481731.jpg)
    90 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:02 No.20905501
         File1288526563.jpg-(23 KB, 250x251, heart_attack_symptoms.jpg)
    23 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:02 No.20905503
    >Yomi, Kagura, Tomo, Osaka, Sakaki, Chiyo-chan
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:03 No.20905505
         File1288526587.jpg-(41 KB, 600x450, 10.jpg)
    41 KB
    Apparantly there are going to be over 40 ponies from the show released in toy form over the next year.

    But none of them are male :(
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:03 No.20905511
         File1288526632.jpg-(302 KB, 1000x750, my_little_not_ponies_wip.jpg)
    302 KB
    fuck yeah right in time!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:05 No.20905521
         File1288526702.jpg-(23 KB, 395x418, facilierwut.jpg)
    23 KB
    You all need mental help. Soon.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:05 No.20905522
    Did anyone stick a trollface onto Princess Celestia yet?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:05 No.20905524
         File1288526707.png-(81 KB, 308x288, 1288404381865.png)
    81 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:05 No.20905527
    Ah, I see what you mean.

    Actually I have a peeve just like that. I've seen several instances in kids' shows where a baker/cook/etc is having trouble making good food, and the advice that is beaten into their heads over and over is "you have to do it from the heart!". The episode usually ends without them making any real improvement, but feeling uplifted.
    I just want them to be like "But, Head Chef... can't you just tell me what ingredients I'm fucking up?"
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:05 No.20905529

    that one looks on character, more dyke-y, cool
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:06 No.20905530
    and /co/ falls victim to the sins of WESTERN moe.

    Shame on you all.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:06 No.20905534
    Noooo the male ponies look so cool
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:08 No.20905548
    Don't they have a figure for Spike?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:08 No.20905550
         File1288526928.png-(85 KB, 640x360, 1288042936335.png)
    85 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:08 No.20905551
         File1288526933.jpg-(19 KB, 230x335, psyker.jpg)
    19 KB
    man, its too late to convince people otherwise about this show

    its pony psychic influence has penetrated the very essense of /co/, which are: fanart(porn), speculatin, waifuan, shippan, etc

    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:09 No.20905553
    Well, there's one in that gift pack.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:09 No.20905556
    Theres one of spike in this first pack right here. There will probably be more as well.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:12 No.20905571
    Yeah, that one kinda bugs me too now that you mention it. No reason they can't learn about cooking with heart and greasing the pan first.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:12 No.20905573
         File1288527163.png-(781 KB, 1366x768, fluttershy.png)
    781 KB
    Am I the only one who actually likes the opening song?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:13 No.20905581
    Yui = Pinkie Pie
    Mio = Fluttershy
    Ritsu = Rainbow Dash
    Mugi = Rarity
    Azusa = Twilight Sparkle
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:13 No.20905586
         File1288527229.jpg-(93 KB, 638x479, 1250337286970.jpg)
    93 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:13 No.20905587
    As if my soul weren't already infected by eastern moe for a while now.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:14 No.20905589
    But really, kinda surprising if they're going to release a ton of figures of what are so far faceless voiceless extras.

    I wonder what the chances are of a Granny Smith figure, let alone Big McIntosh.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:15 No.20905605
         File1288527352.jpg-(50 KB, 269x269, 1288249815727.jpg)
    50 KB
    Is your body ready for Herp and Derp figures?
    >> TheGoodTripfag !!B+UyoJBme5Y 10/31/10(Sun)08:18 No.20905634
         File1288527534.jpg-(551 KB, 1390x1227, digitalizar0001.jpg)
    551 KB
    Looks like everybody is having fun drawing human versions of the cast.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:19 No.20905640
    Antimony Carver, and Kat with her hair dyed
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:21 No.20905657
    So does that mean there'll be a toy of Certified Public Accountant Pony?
    >> TheGoodTripfag !!B+UyoJBme5Y 10/31/10(Sun)08:23 No.20905670
         File1288527821.png-(3 KB, 175x93, areyouallowedtodothat.png)
    3 KB

    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:25 No.20905681
    I love the designs on these two little gremlin-ponies, for some reason.

    Also, does anyone else find it hilarious that the "default" character template is female, where as the males are almost never seen in anything but servant/working roles or as objects of desire (by Rarity)? I wonder if the writers did that kind of reversal on purpose, as there really isn't any reason NOT to sprinkle in more male ponies, even considering the female target audience. It's practically K-on in it's male content.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:26 No.20905685
    I'm no writefag, so I'll just leave this line for your consideration.

    -- duskCoruscate [DC] began ponying dashingSkyflash [DS] at 09:32 --
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:27 No.20905693
    There are still more males than there were in G1. The creators have just said that they won't be focused on as much as the girls, but that we should expect to see more.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:27 No.20905694
    well, the designs kinda match even with the original ponies.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:35 No.20905737
    I hope we see some of those water ponies.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:38 No.20905747
         File1288528693.jpg-(165 KB, 671x445, 1288079990870.jpg)
    165 KB
    >>20905737 us /co/...

    Shoo bee doo...
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:42 No.20905771
    Shit, the suffering SHOO-BE-DOO got me lolling
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:46 No.20905788
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)08:51 No.20905821
    their fins are so darn stubby too.. I want to feel bad but I can't help giggling
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:00 No.20905883
         File1288530013.jpg-(7 KB, 200x150, green lantern.jpg)
    7 KB
    i don't give a damn about ugly hippo horse things
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:02 No.20905898
    It's been mentioned several times that the baseline ponies are called Earth Ponies.
    There's Sea Ponies, and Sky Ponies (Pegasi).
    Does that mean Unicorns are Fire Ponies?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:02 No.20905900

    Not enough HAMBOIGAHS for ya?jackass ;_;
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:02 No.20905905
    >Does that mean Unicorns are Fire Ponies?

    No, Fire Ponies are called Rapidash
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:03 No.20905906
    The males aren't slaves. They just do all the heavy duty to impress the ladies.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:03 No.20905909
         File1288530211.png-(52 KB, 416x427, 1287757686334.png)
    52 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:04 No.20905915

    If I told you their world rotates around the sun faster, and Baby Sea Ponies were actually 200, would that change your mind?
    >> Your Friendly Neighborhood Eurofag 10/31/10(Sun)09:05 No.20905924
    But Rapidash are unicorns!
    It all makes sense now...
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:06 No.20905935
    ...fuck, why didn't I realize that?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:10 No.20905958
    Nah, I'm not saying they are.
    Most, it's kind of interesting that males are really only included where necessary, along with the "token boy" Spike, as opposed to the vice-versa that one more commonly sees. It's everything wrong with gender roles in media, but backwards! This amuses me.
    I'm sure other girly shows do this but eh.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:11 No.20905964
         File1288530679.png-(257 KB, 2101x1290, 1288307702798.png)
    257 KB
    I'm reading this thread to the Liberation of Gracemaria from Ace Combat 6, I can't get the image of pegusi dog fighting dragons out of my head.

    Though I'm having trouble working out what they fire back at the dragons, it's not like they are unicorns and get magic, unless they can be trained for it or have items to supplement it made by unicorns.

    This is why you shouldn't listen to Ace Combat themes while reading shit.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:12 No.20905967
    It gets even worse in toylines, female characters are the most likely to get left out because of the effort to make a new mould. Guess the same will happen with males.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:14 No.20905980
         File1288530862.png-(203 KB, 936x936, MLP.png)
    203 KB
    refixed again for you.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:16 No.20905995
         File1288531007.jpg-(99 KB, 950x790, 128796836673.jpg)
    99 KB
    Though really, they already have Celestia who is probably strong enough to ensure that Equestria is safe from more aggressive races...

    That said, I imagine Celestia, Queen of trolls to have kicked the dragons out of the mainlands to the crags long ago for not being attractive enough to live in her domain. Now they sit in the mountains, biding their time, smouldering.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:26 No.20906066
    Who is that supposed to be?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:28 No.20906083
         File1288531706.jpg-(17 KB, 478x275, snootygarcon.jpg)
    17 KB
    Males confirmed to be slaves.

    Equestria is run by a magical race of Amazonian equines where the ovary rules all.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:33 No.20906120
         File1288532039.jpg-(83 KB, 1280x1024, 1288113566117.jpg)
    83 KB

    At the very least it would fit in with 'Queen Celestia is a complete troll' theory. It's starting to turn into the sort of characterisation Nanoha got; the writers meant to present her as a happy enthusiastic girl keen to make friends, the fans interpreted her as the psychotic 'White Devil' who makes friends with extreme prejudice.

    Even to this day, she hasn't escaped that reputation. You gonna get befriended.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:35 No.20906138

    wait, is his cutie mark a tray of expensive chocolates? ~Oh ambassador~
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:36 No.20906142
         File1288532212.jpg-(47 KB, 400x388, pony.jpg)
    47 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:42 No.20906177
    Hey, I hadn't noticed, but if Rarity's cutie marks are diamonds, she might be the best match for spike.

    I mean, her vag may taste of gemstones instead of candy.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:43 No.20906183
    What the hell do gemstones taste like
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:44 No.20906192
    Applejack's family must be poverty-poor. Picking apples is male's work, so why else would Applejack do it?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:46 No.20906198
    >Someone on the internet likes something I don't.
    >Must be the creators trying to drive up sales.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:46 No.20906205
    Well, it's clearly not unheard of for the girls to run businesses.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:46 No.20906208
    salty milk and coins
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:47 No.20906210
    I don't know, but apparently Spike finds them delicious.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:49 No.20906240

    Yeah, they're definitely all slaves.

    Except for Celestia's nephew. He seems pretty free.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:51 No.20906247
    Managing a business or farm is fine. But picking apples is ̶n̶i̶g̶g̶e̶r̶ male work.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:53 No.20906271
         File1288533221.jpg-(20 KB, 394x720, confused.jpg)
    20 KB
    Royal blood, you know

    but seriously?

    how does that work, she has other siblings, what?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:53 No.20906273
    He's nobility.
    His job is to become a homemaker in a political marriage.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:54 No.20906278
    Pretty sure he only exists as Rarity's fantasy.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:54 No.20906279
         File1288533268.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 20 KB, 297x297, 1276358714028.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 20 KB
    >mfw I actually decide to give this show a chance and watch it
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)09:56 No.20906294

    Well, there is Luna. But he doesn't seem to have any resemblance to her. Maybe there's some other sister we don't know about.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)10:00 No.20906322
    Or a brother. But as I said, most likely he only exists in Rarity's head when she's schlicking herself
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)10:03 No.20906348
         File1288533790.png-(212 KB, 384x267, wp1e7ebb67.png)
    212 KB
    Anyone know where I can find a better quality version of this image?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)10:04 No.20906364
         File1288533892.gif-(88 KB, 400x300, swhite2.gif)
    88 KB
    He's the equivalent of a Disney princess.

    Why do you think Walt Disney made princess movies?
    1.In societies where common women are subservient to males, only royal-blood females are served upon.
    2. My making women fantasize about something unattainable, they won't work towards something attainable, and therefore it keeps them suppressed.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)10:36 No.20906649
    Anyone watch any of the old stuff when they were young?

    The only bit of MLP I had was the movie "Escape from Catrina" or however it's spelled. Kinda interesting to look it up and see how old it is.

    Whenever Rarity dresses up or dresses up others I get nostalgic.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)10:48 No.20906772
         File1288536518.jpg-(94 KB, 813x606, ponies-1.jpg)
    94 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)10:50 No.20906791

    Escape from Katrina is actually a fantastic 'episode.' It isn't actually a movie per se, but one of the animated specials (the other is the Pilot, Rescue from Midnight Castle).

    And has one of the most elegant ant-drug messages in any 80's or 90's cartoon.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)10:50 No.20906792
    Wait, it isn't quite the same image
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)10:51 No.20906802
    the hell is wrong with you people
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)10:55 No.20906831

    Twilight Sparkle still considered Rarity's reason for wanting to go (wanting this prince to fall in love with her) legitimate. Twilight Sparkle knows Princess Celestia on a personal enough level to run up and hug her when she reappears instead of kneeling. She is also -from- Canterlot, and probably knows the royalty that live there (if not personally, she would at least know who did and did not exist).

    Since Twilight Sparkle did not doubt the legitimacy of Rarity's fantasy, even when not actually talking to Rarity at the time, it stands to reason that this pony does, in fact, exist. If he did not exist, Twilight Sparkle would have considered Rarity delusional for fantasizing about a non-person.

    This does not mean that he would love rarity, or that he even looks like he did in the fantasy, but said prince almost certainly does exist.

    His relationship to the princess is still nebulous, however. I believe that there is some sort of royal adoption going on, and 'nephew' is being used because ponies are too retarded to understand the actual relationships involved.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)10:58 No.20906856

    If they release a new-style magic star or galaxy I will be hopeless to resist buying them.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)10:59 No.20906863
    Isn't Nightmare Moon angry about her imprisonment? At ALL? She only tried to bring eternal night so the ponies would appreciate and pay attention to her instead of only loving Celestia. A magical friendship beam just blasted away 1,000 years of solitude?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:01 No.20906881
    Apparently. Maybe they'll deal with that later, though it's doubtful.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:03 No.20906893
    hey, don't forget, friendship IS magic. literally.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:06 No.20906918
    What happened to their magical necklaces/tiara?
    Is that something you just keep in your dresser?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:07 No.20906923

    Seriously, why bring them up unless they're actually going to use them?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:07 No.20906931

    The ponies seem to have Sailor Moon style powers, but monsters don't show up all the time to conveniently solve the problem of the episode through violence.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:07 No.20906933
    to this day I shutter at just how much that reminds me of the ponies. It seems to just get everything right.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:09 No.20906951
         File1288537798.png-(161 KB, 471x267, Spiklejack.png)
    161 KB
    I'm shipping these two, and no one can stop me.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:10 No.20906952
    thoughtful reasoning to arrive at a logical conclusion, and then
    >ponies are too retarded to understand the actual relationships involved.
    i love you, /co/
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:10 No.20906954
    Maybe they only show up when needed?
    It's not like the Power Rangers or Sailor Scouts ran around in their getup 24/7
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:10 No.20906957
    they must keepit in their homes
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:13 No.20906991
    It's kinda funny to consider this show as the Sailor Scouts being like "We have a life outside of our costumes, y'know?"
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:14 No.20906998

    It is also possible that he is designated 'nephew' to show that he is royalty, but not an heir.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:19 No.20907039
    Ok /co/ stop this.

    I've been tolerant of alot of bad threads.

    Adventure Time spam? I'll tolerate it without saying anything.
    Regular Show spam? I'll tolerate it without saying anything.
    Homestruck spam? I'll tolerate without saying anything.
    Fuck I even tolerated the Avatar and Scott Pilgrim spams respectfully,

    But this goddamn pony spam has gone too far. I will invoke my dark powers if these continue. You may disregard this message but let the record show - you were warned.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:20 No.20907045

    as a side note, did anyone else notice how aggressive Rarity sounded when she said YES to imaginary wedding to the 'nephew' in question?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:21 No.20907052

    Let me guess, you'll spam guro if /co/ doesn't comply, right?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:21 No.20907053
    >bad thread
    >nothing but thoughtful discussion

    Just walk past this one and don't look, folks, we've been doing a good job so far.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:21 No.20907054
    Yeah well I've been tolerating Batman and Spiderman spam without saying anything for years so fuck off.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:21 No.20907055
         File1288538496.jpg-(30 KB, 486x373, 1212231.jpg)
    30 KB

    I am SO scared!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:21 No.20907059
    except mlp is less posted than any of what you listed. so go rage in the other thread first, please, fucking hypocrite
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:22 No.20907063
         File1288538525.png-(314 KB, 500x500, 1283993543398.png)
    314 KB
    >>20907039 doesn't understand what spam is.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:22 No.20907064
    Bitch is a gold digger, no two ways about it.

    Which is more Rarity/Sparkle fuel since TS seems to be kind of a princess, or at least in training to be court magician or something.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:22 No.20907067

    >lol my badass evil power of darkness
    >spam porn
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:22 No.20907073
         File1288538568.jpg-(29 KB, 300x221, 356875679647.jpg)
    29 KB
    >bad threads
    >Adventure Time
    >Regular Show
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:24 No.20907085

    Yeah sorry guys, this ponies just scare me because...well I can look at /co/ without being judged for the most part, but if someone peeks over my shoulder and I browse by a My Little Pony thread...

    But you are right, It's nowhere near as bad as I'm reacting to it. Just keep it a little quieter please?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:24 No.20907097
    I wish we'd get a male pony side character.
    They have such handsome lil' pony faces.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:24 No.20907098
         File1288538698.jpg-(625 KB, 800x1069, OUTRAGEOUS.jpg)
    625 KB

    How can you be so heartless, old chum!? These gentle ponies are in dire need of heroes! Come- you can be the sidekick in the great adventure I'll dub: CALL UPON THE AQUA-MAN!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:25 No.20907106
    dude just don't browse /co/ in a public place, why would you do that in the first place

    people occasionally post illegal child porn and frequently post sexual drawings of lolis and shit here and there are advertisements for japanese sex toys all over the place
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:26 No.20907112

    Regular Show is crap, Adventure Time gets posted too much, and if you weren't here for the fucking Avatar days (when we literally had four fucking threads on the front page everytime) then it doesn't make much sense.

    On a related note I do not spam porn, so those are not my dark wizard powers.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:26 No.20907114
    We keep it all in one thread pretty much all the time, if multiple threads exist all but one will usually fall off quickly

    Face it, ponyfans are best fans
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:26 No.20907120
    fuck of gorespammer, you are nothing more than a noisy nigger in this place.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:27 No.20907122
    Don't browse in public places. Even then, you'd don't have to BE in the thread.

    If your computer is just in a high-traffic home area, I recommend the 4chan extension, you can hide threads!

    If all else fails, self-confidence and a good sense of humor get you places.
    >> TheGoodTripfag !!B+UyoJBme5Y 10/31/10(Sun)11:27 No.20907124
         File1288538836.jpg-(15 KB, 252x220, manlytears3.jpg)
    15 KB
    >I will invoke my dark powers if these continue.

    Threating MLP thread with role playing.

    Good show anon, Jolly godd show.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:28 No.20907131
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:28 No.20907135
    >if you weren't here for the fucking Avatar days (when we literally had four fucking threads on the front page everytime)

    Yeah it's almost like it was slightly less popular than all that superhero shit that I don't care about but somehow manage to tolerate without complaint (usually).
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:28 No.20907136
         File1288538915.jpg-(16 KB, 400x226, snapshot20100316232243.jpg)
    16 KB
    Rarity is Charlotte in horse form.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:28 No.20907137
    needs more Big Macintosh
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:29 No.20907139
    The worst part about you pony-guys is I kinda want to see this show, but as a heterosexual male I cannot look into this.

    Damnable women and queer-folk get all the fun.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:29 No.20907148
    or is related to the teleportation power that she have
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:30 No.20907150

    >I only watch manly cartoons for manly children such as myself
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:30 No.20907152
    just do it as a vengeance for all those girls that dare to watch "our" transformers cartoon.
    >> TheGoodTripfag !!B+UyoJBme5Y 10/31/10(Sun)11:31 No.20907155

    Its been said way too many times but here we go again. If you straightness depends on what you watch, you should probably just go full gay.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:31 No.20907159
    Eh, not really, Rarity's less goofy and more British.

    As a hetersexual male, stop being so insecure, this isn't the playground and you can watch whatever the fuck you wanna watch
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:31 No.20907163

    That and I'm an animator. And most of the cartoon fans are much nicer than the entitled manchildren that are comic-fans.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:32 No.20907168
    British? rarity is really French to me.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:32 No.20907171
         File1288539144.png-(436 KB, 653x497, 1288304867061.png)
    436 KB

    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:32 No.20907172
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:32 No.20907173
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:32 No.20907174
    MEANWHILE let us return to discussion.

    On a sort of related note, it's sorta funny how "same face, same body" characters are frowned upon sometimes, and by all of my artistic learnings I should be immune to this sort of thing... but seeing a series with little animals that can basically be a "template" sparks my urge to make a fan character more than anything else. I wanna patch together the pony just like young me and my friends would patch together Hamtaros or Yoshis or whatever.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:33 No.20907185
    Anyone got any good wallpapers by the way?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:35 No.20907201
    Be careful. Down that very same road is how we got Sonic fancharacters. Been there, still have the mental scars.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:35 No.20907203
    >adolescent girls gathering for a photo and making nice normal faces that make them look friendly and attractive

    this feels completely inaccurate. why aren't they doing that retarded fish thing?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:35 No.20907204
    That "YETH" may have been my favorite part of the episode.
    >> TheGoodTripfag !!B+UyoJBme5Y 10/31/10(Sun)11:36 No.20907214

    Well the way i see it, since cartoon fans can watch most of their stuff "for free", they dont develop such a strong sense of ownership like comic fans that directly pay for their stuff. Not that it is a excuse for baaawing like crazy every time their favorite comic dont go the way they want.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:38 No.20907228
    Well, it always helps to be creative!
    My sis made a character out of one of the "small animal" squirrels, as opposed to the regular sonic-proportion template. No scars to be had.

    But you are right, care must be taken.

    Also I noticed the customizable pony parts on the show's website are straight from the generic background ponies.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:38 No.20907231
    Pony girls are so much more mature than human bitches.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:40 No.20907250
         File1288539633.png-(192 KB, 743x642, 3dpigdisgusting.png)
    192 KB
    I bet they also don't have body odor or armpit hair or have to go to the bathroom or any of those other gross things that 3d girls do...
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:42 No.20907268
    You kidding? Ponies are disgusting.

    Reminds me. In the pilot, Twilight Sparkle got stuffed full by the Apple clan, in the third ep she never managed to get food til the end. I wonder if food is gonna be a running gag with her.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:44 No.20907292
         File1288539882.png-(159 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-11-01-02h42m41s11(...).png)
    159 KB
    Okay so I actually watched the first episode. Goddamn you people, why was this so cute?

    I'm a 22-year-old guy and I'm watching MLP

    Pic was the best scene
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:44 No.20907296
         File1288539895.png-(25 KB, 270x271, notreal.png)
    25 KB
    Basically, he's either a) Not real or b) An adopted nephew or son of an adopted sibling.

    And if Celestia was adopting new siblings while her REAL sister was trapped in the moon, that adds a certain level of additional complexity to her character. Perhaps she was lonely?

    Which would mean mr. Prince here is probably going to find his privileges somewhat reduced now that Luna is back.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:44 No.20907298
    i thougth that was funny XD
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:46 No.20907311
    So maybe he needs to find himself a girl to get outta the palace with...
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:46 No.20907314
    >Hetero lust
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:47 No.20907325
         File1288540028.jpg-(9 KB, 170x170, 3dpd.jpg)
    9 KB
    3d ponies are disgusting, sure. These ponies are not 3d.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:48 No.20907339
         File1288540112.png-(179 KB, 471x267, flowersfortwilight.png)
    179 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:51 No.20907375
    I am sorry

    but she is not completely lesbo, apparently
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:52 No.20907383
         File1288540320.jpg-(187 KB, 627x398, CREEPYTHREAD.jpg)
    187 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:52 No.20907388
    the most cutest scene in the episode
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:53 No.20907401
    Note the cutie mark, apparently this pony's gimmick is flowers

    But we saw Twilight Sparkle likes eating flowers.


    She's offering to eat out Twilight Sparkle for a ticket
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:53 No.20907410
    i said she is bi
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:54 No.20907422
         File1288540481.png-(281 KB, 1101x618, 1402384023.png)
    281 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)11:56 No.20907444
    she offers to make his garden
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)12:00 No.20907494
    If Fluttershy adores nature and natural things, then what will she eat? She can't eat flowers or grass or anything if that's the case...

    perhaps other ponies?
    >> TheGoodTripfag !!B+UyoJBme5Y 10/31/10(Sun)12:01 No.20907499
         File1288540884.jpg-(67 KB, 270x292, 1177841608281.jpg)
    67 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)12:06 No.20907564
         File1288541164.jpg-(88 KB, 474x1200, abuuuuuse.jpg)
    88 KB
    And a little reminder for everyone, just to keep it fresh.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)12:07 No.20907578
    no she is to shy to do that but is an interesting and funny idea XD
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)12:08 No.20907603
    Dude, will ya cut it with the "XD"?
    It's not cool here.
    I'm being nice as possible about it too.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)12:09 No.20907609
    OR Nightmare Moon isn't the only sibling.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)12:11 No.20907644
    Nor is any emoticon really.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)12:11 No.20907651
    sorry an old habit i will try to don´t doit again
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)12:15 No.20907703
    If I may make a suggestion, reaction images are more acceptable on this part of the internet and fulfill basically the same social role as emoticons.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)12:16 No.20907719
         File1288541771.jpg-(62 KB, 684x391, Not sure if want.jpg)
    62 KB
    And this show has tons of them
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)12:21 No.20907788
         File1288542098.png-(75 KB, 263x266, 128795138546.png)
    75 KB
    got it
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)12:35 No.20908018
         File1288542959.gif-(415 KB, 640x360, pinkie.gif)
    415 KB
    >It's something we can't really discuss anywhere else but /co/, our shared secret shame.

    Says you. I've converted my friends into ponyfans.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)12:49 No.20908271
         File1288543786.jpg-(26 KB, 480x360, YouTube - My Little Pony_ Frie(...).jpg)
    26 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)12:51 No.20908310

    same here.

    >> kinkywizard !!Lt2QVxFBHMB 10/31/10(Sun)12:53 No.20908340
         File1288543986.png-(138 KB, 480x360, vlcsnap-2010-10-31-16h52m37s24(...).png)
    138 KB
    All hail Pinkie, overlord of /co/
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)12:53 No.20908354
         File1288544027.jpg-(9 KB, 243x267, 1287946127693.jpg)
    9 KB
    the only thing she eat in al the chapter
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)12:55 No.20908382
         File1288544104.png-(131 KB, 445x253, 1288418423951.png)
    131 KB
    These threads would be lacking without the people complaining about them
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)12:55 No.20908385
         File1288544125.jpg-(66 KB, 480x419, mlp_dirtythoughts.jpg)
    66 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)12:55 No.20908396
    That ep made me hungry
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)12:56 No.20908416
         File1288544212.jpg-(584 KB, 978x4995, hopyfuckingshit.jpg)
    584 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)12:57 No.20908427
         File1288544249.jpg-(161 KB, 978x1298, fuckingshit.jpg)
    161 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)12:57 No.20908430
         File1288544262.png-(133 KB, 480x386, bunnyshy.png)
    133 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)12:59 No.20908458
         File1288544353.jpg-(56 KB, 462x263, mlp_angelsmack.jpg)
    56 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)12:59 No.20908463

    Why do we not have a gif of this yet?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)12:59 No.20908472
         File1288544392.gif-(2 KB, 46x46, zone.gif)
    2 KB
    Oh, please, OH PLEASE GOD!!!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)13:00 No.20908484
         File1288544435.gif-(225 KB, 468x266, buz.gif)
    225 KB
    Because I'm lazy

    Still have a bunch of gifs from episode 2 I haven't finished yet.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)13:01 No.20908492
         File1288544473.png-(132 KB, 480x360, psychofluttershy.png)
    132 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)13:01 No.20908497
         File1288544495.jpg-(46 KB, 357x446, benjamin-franklin.jpg)
    46 KB
    Calm down, Son. All you need is $600.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)13:25 No.20908858
    That royal stallion sure was buff and handsome. Though I'm sure Rarity was really after his long, solid, thick horn.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)13:27 No.20908884
    It would fetch a handsome price on the black market, indeed.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)13:31 No.20908963
         File1288546306.jpg-(55 KB, 600x400, 1274591378767.jpg)
    55 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)13:37 No.20909063
         File1288546621.gif-(1.28 MB, 655x480, hungry.gif)
    1.28 MB
    here are one
    >> stefan 10/31/10(Sun)13:48 No.20909322
    add this to the wall of post #301. Also, good morning all.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)13:53 No.20909422
         File1288547637.jpg-(14 KB, 251x251, 1288210989246.jpg)
    14 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)14:26 No.20910054
         File1288549572.jpg-(32 KB, 523x350, nmmtroll.jpg)
    32 KB

    Naw, man, Celestia is more than a thousand years old. They say it like it's something special in her character video, and she and Luna are the only super-magic cosmic ponies. Any other biological siblings Celestia had would have died centuries ago!

    They probably didn't have biological parents, anyway. More likely that they burst fully-formed from the forehead of some primeval pony titan.
    >> Doc Melonhead 10/31/10(Sun)14:34 No.20910229
    It's Posible that there's a Third Father/Mother Alicorn that created Equestria.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)14:42 No.20910382
    Anybody got an avi or mkv download link for ep 3 yet?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)14:44 No.20910401
    No. Probably not until Thursday.
    >> stefan 10/31/10(Sun)14:44 No.20910416
    It isn't on the hub yet, so no.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)14:50 No.20910556
    And how are eps downloaded from the hub site? Orbit can't find the source file, downloadhelper can't find ANY media...please, what program are you using? This would greatly help me in downloading from other streaming media sites like, who changed their flash interface so I can no longer dl eps of Martha Speaks from their site.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)14:52 No.20910593
    The person who did it said it was some Chinese browser add-on that logs absolutely everything your browser does.
    >> stefan 10/31/10(Sun)15:14 No.20911055
    new thread? link?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)15:23 No.20911237
    No need, slow day.
    >> stefan 10/31/10(Sun)15:24 No.20911253
    k, i might watch a couple movies thean
    >> Anonymous 10/31/10(Sun)15:27 No.20911308
    We're on page 15. It won't be long.

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