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  • File : 1299201556.jpg-(261 KB, 1200x675, 1299171375860.jpg)
    261 KB Madoka Thread Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:19 No.46643678  
    Continued from >>46641706

    irc: #madoka @
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:21 No.46643737
         File1299201676.jpg-(714 KB, 1240x1240, 1296708488079.jpg)
    714 KB
    Never forget.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:21 No.46643740
    I wonder what the Incubators' home planet is like.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:21 No.46643749
    How long is supposed to last the show?
    Also, 2 people died in that ep, why am I not caring?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:21 No.46643751
         File1299201696.jpg-(670 KB, 800x800, ranca.jpg)
    670 KB
    I miss Kyouko.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:21 No.46643762
         File1299201711.jpg-(26 KB, 302x292, sloqb.jpg)
    26 KB
    Waiting for Nutbladder is suffering....
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:21 No.46643763


    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:21 No.46643765
    >How long is supposed to last the show?

    I don't know, how hard is English?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:22 No.46643774
         File1299201742.jpg-(81 KB, 874x533, 1298168448827.jpg)
    81 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:22 No.46643776
    Yes. Shinbo's directorial style is HEAVILY influenced by Anno. It's no surprise.
    >> Orihara !IZAYAXs/Z2 03/03/11(Thu)20:22 No.46643783
         File1299201762.jpg-(38 KB, 350x218, 1292907565974.jpg)
    38 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:22 No.46643793
    Gainax and Shaft are pretty close in general, if I recall.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:22 No.46643794
    >How long is supposed to last the show?
    Three episodes to go.
    >Also, 2 people died in that ep, why am I not caring?
    Bad taste.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:22 No.46643796
         File1299201778.jpg-(330 KB, 710x535, 17098663_p0.jpg)
    330 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:23 No.46643804
         File1299201791.jpg-(42 KB, 476x500, covered in whip cream.jpg)
    42 KB
    If I wished for it, would QB let me fuck him/her/it?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:23 No.46643814
    Well, I hate to say it, but...
    Which is why it's so good. You may hate NGE's plot to hell, but it's got great directing.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:23 No.46643821
         File1299201824.jpg-(216 KB, 846x782, 1299123052227.jpg)
    216 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:23 No.46643829
         File1299201838.jpg-(150 KB, 741x988, 17000659.jpg)
    150 KB
    Goodnight, sweet princesses.

    Please be happy together in heaven.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:24 No.46643842
    Be sure to file a form to the Galactic U.N. regarding cross planetary species romance
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:24 No.46643844
         File1299201870.jpg-(42 KB, 400x400, 1295907566520.jpg)
    42 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:24 No.46643848
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:24 No.46643850
    Welcome back, friend. Welcome back.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:24 No.46643857
         File1299201889.jpg-(316 KB, 1024x768, mesu.jpg)
    316 KB
    Full of these guys and those "Puchuu" aliens from Excel Saga.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:25 No.46643869

    I think the real question is, what are the aliens who created QB like? . There's no way an intelligent being could evolve to look like QB, clearly he was created by someone else to fulfill a specific purpose, the harvesting of little girls souls.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:25 No.46643872
    It's confirmed as an emotionless husk.
    So yes, it wouldn't care in the least if you wanted to fuck it at all anyway so long as you made the contract
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:25 No.46643874

    Where is Madoka right now?

    A) Home - Homura can stop time, so it's easy to sneak her in

    B) In the Homuhomu house...waiting to be ravaged
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:25 No.46643875
    is this now a sci-fi fantasy show?
    someone go update Wikipedia
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:25 No.46643877

    If Mami was here, Madoka would've sold her soul for cake by now.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:25 No.46643880
         File1299201927.jpg-(92 KB, 1280x720, But he loves you, Shinji!.jpg)
    92 KB
    >Anyone suddenly think of the same thing I did?

    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:25 No.46643881
         File1299201930.jpg-(51 KB, 376x500, 74042.jpg)
    51 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:25 No.46643883
    >Three episodes to go.
    Thanks, but I really can't see how they will keep that interesting with so few characters left.
    >Bad taste.
    The show has failed to make me care about those characters, not my fault.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:25 No.46643895
    Kyouko is fucking alpha.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:26 No.46643905
         File1299201969.jpg-(65 KB, 640x500, 1297430276181.jpg)
    65 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:26 No.46643913
    I have never hated QB more than I have hated him this episode.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:26 No.46643919
         File1299202003.jpg-(87 KB, 1280x720, [gg]_Puella_Magi_Madoka_Magica(...).jpg)
    87 KB
    Am I the only one that laughs his ass off during most of the dramatic scenes due to the funky Shaft-style direction and scene composition? They abused it so much in SZS, Maria Holic, Bakemonogatari and SoreDemo that I've completely associated it with comedy and jokes.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:26 No.46643924
         File1299202013.jpg-(70 KB, 1280x720, purest form of love.jpg)
    70 KB
    See this heart? It's proof that Kyouko and Sayaka loved eachother. Yurifags were right all along, u mad?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:27 No.46643932
         File1299202024.jpg-(337 KB, 800x725, 9c103a60542344b698595b87fd0af7(...).jpg)
    337 KB
    >I miss Kyouko

    I miss Sayaka. ;_;
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:27 No.46643934
         File1299202025.jpg-(51 KB, 576x416, 1285272020436.jpg)
    51 KB
    I hate to be yurifagging but
    >my face when kyoukos final attack contained an indirect kissu
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:27 No.46643937
         File1299202028.jpg-(365 KB, 2480x1748, 1297623507725.jpg)
    365 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:27 No.46643950
         File1299202055.jpg-(30 KB, 400x300, surprised-cat.jpg)
    30 KB
    What if Homu is another alien?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:27 No.46643958
    Blue & Red strong
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:28 No.46643962

    Eh...that's sort of true I guess
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:28 No.46643964
         File1299202091.jpg-(161 KB, 1600x900, yuriwhatyuri.jpg)
    161 KB
    Didn't we, like, call this a week ago?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:28 No.46643971
         File1299202098.jpg-(30 KB, 640x480, 1268252176292.jpg)
    30 KB
    >> Orihara !IZAYAXs/Z2 03/03/11(Thu)20:28 No.46643977
         File1299202114.jpg-(71 KB, 533x900, 1298949491482.jpg)
    71 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:28 No.46643978
    >I really can't see how they will keep that interesting with so few characters left.
    There's going to be LOTS of talking.

    Which makes me happy, because it's what I signed up for. The crazy fights and shit were unexpected, and they were nice, but since before the show started I've been excited for the existential crises of being a magical girl, and lots and lots of people talking to each other.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:28 No.46643982
    What if Madoka mother was an alien? That would explain Madoka potential.
    >> Gameboo !mpZx7zHN/Q 03/03/11(Thu)20:28 No.46643983
         File1299202120.jpg-(152 KB, 800x600, 1297660009739.jpg)
    152 KB
    I suppose we'd better get the drawfags on this, if the japs don't beat 'em to it.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:28 No.46643984
    Aren't there supposed to be Magi all over the world?
    How the fuck is Homerun the last one?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:28 No.46643986
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:29 No.46643996

    Or maybe you're just making excuses..
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:29 No.46644000
    I hope that QB is just lying, because I have a hard time believing that they can do the Interdimensional Space Alien with Different Morals Than You right.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:29 No.46644011
         File1299202164.jpg-(118 KB, 768x432, 1297879399822.jpg)
    118 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:29 No.46644012
    uh, you know that brooch she kissed was from her father´s right?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:29 No.46644019
         File1299202177.jpg-(100 KB, 1280x720, [gg]_Puella_Magi_Madoka_Magica(...).jpg)
    100 KB
    Haven't checked the last threads, anyone do the runes on the backs of the posters yet?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:29 No.46644020
    Clearly they were going for yuri subtext there, but that's all. Fans will forever be left hanging on the true nature of Kyouko's affection for Sayaka.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:29 No.46644023

    She's the last in the city.

    And nobody's just gonna come without QB contacting them.......which he won't
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:29 No.46644025
         File1299202187.gif-(168 KB, 256x144, 1252358428399.gif)
    168 KB


    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:29 No.46644031
    So the incubator is an alien?

    I'm not sure I like that.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:30 No.46644038
    I miss both of them
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:30 No.46644039
         File1299202216.jpg-(55 KB, 500x479, 98ep.jpg)
    55 KB
    So... is Madoka an alien?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:30 No.46644045
    Actually Sayaka died in episode 8. I cared a lot.
    Not because I like Sayaka but episode 8 was the greatest
    thing the anime industry accomplished in years.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:31 No.46644059
    Yeah, Just announcing a concert for Kyousuke using this episode's airing times.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:31 No.46644060
    Different /a/non, but I agree with him. The show has been based on character interaction thus far, and I can't see how the two least interactive characters can manage to drag things on for three episodes. The only explanation is "flashbacks" to the previous world.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:31 No.46644064

    >Classic Concert

    >3/3 25:25

    >3/4 25:55

    >Con Amore

    The times are this episode's broadcast times in Kansai and Kanto respectively.

    We also figured out that Sayaka-witch's name is Oktavia von Seckendorff
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:31 No.46644070
    >> wwwwwwwwwwut? Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:31 No.46644071
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:31 No.46644074
    Implying heaven. Obviously God is a sham if aliens exist all across the universe.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:31 No.46644080
    Where did the relationship even come from between red and blue hair?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:31 No.46644081
    I don't even understand why she liked her that much. Didn't care for their deaths.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:31 No.46644090

    >The backs
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:32 No.46644092
    >There's going to be LOTS of talking.
    More like, There's going to be LOTS of BAWING.
    Madoka is gonna be whining for the whole next episode.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:32 No.46644108
    We got 3 eps, so unless they want to turn this into a black comedy ("Hi, my name is... *BAM*", "Oh, she died, but I am *BOOM*", "I will for sure save the *KABOOM*"), I can't see us seeing them.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:32 No.46644110

    Flashback + Big Fight + Conclusions/Epilogue

    Enough to fill 3 episodes, not sure why you're worried.

    Shit, Madoka could be sleeping in Homura's bedroom right now and we'll resume next episode right where they left off and get into Flashback right away
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:32 No.46644117
    Thermo dynamics defying aliens == Satan's conceit against God in Paradise Lost.

    Teenage girls as emotional batteries == Fourth wall breaking for the sad otaku who rely on child exploitation (even if not directly sexual) based on the genuine Lolita complex of a false projection onto a never real desired object.

    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:32 No.46644119

    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:32 No.46644121
    >The show has failed to make me care about those characters, not my fault.

    So you also agree on that ?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:32 No.46644123
         File1299202372.jpg-(19 KB, 259x225, bullshit.jpg)
    19 KB
    As an engineer, the whole "lol entropy" speech made me grind my teeth and clench my anus.

    >energy that defies thermodynamics, yet QB has infinite bodies (thus, infinite mass)
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:33 No.46644131
    >Actually Sayaka died in episode 8.

    Not really...witch Sayaka is still Sayaka.

    Though I do agree that episode 8 was fantastic. This one was kind of sobering in comparison, but I don't mind. Hopefully next episode we'll get depressing Homu backstory...
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:33 No.46644136
         File1299202386.png-(3 KB, 279x237, MMMFFFF.png)
    3 KB

    Yeah that's a part of a larger image.

    I"m gonna need that larger image.
    >> Orihara !IZAYAXs/Z2 03/03/11(Thu)20:34 No.46644174
         File1299202443.jpg-(145 KB, 1280x720, [gg]_Puella_Magi_Madoka_Magica(...).jpg)
    145 KB
    So, who the fuck is the guy in the back?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:34 No.46644177
    In THAT town. Walpurgis Night is going to happen where there now is only Homura i.e, they're fucked unless Madoka transforms or plothax.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:34 No.46644178
         File1299202449.jpg-(90 KB, 700x700, 17111300_p1.jpg)
    90 KB


    Still, willing to die for someone you met less than a week ago....Kyouko fell in love too fast man
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:34 No.46644180
         File1299202451.jpg-(253 KB, 1006x1118, 35af59df6feeea6932d330165905d0(...).jpg)
    253 KB
    >Please be happy together in heaven.

    If only. Even if heaven exists, Kyoko's soul is shattered and gone forever, while Sayaka's is corrupted beyond redemption and in the next ep we'll be forced to watch Kyubey gleefully swallowing it ;_;
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:34 No.46644183
    Why can't God exist if aliens do? It just means we translated our holy books all wrong.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:34 No.46644192

    Did he ever say he has infinite bodies? Besides, he could just be using the free energy from the mahou shoujo to create them.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:34 No.46644193
         File1299202483.jpg-(176 KB, 1280x720, [gg]_Puella_Magi_Madoka_Magica(...).jpg)
    176 KB
    What...what did anyone else make of this imagery here?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:34 No.46644197

    Not infinite, a lot. And nothing prove his incarnation have an actual mass.

    You are too narrow-minded.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:35 No.46644204
    He makes forms a new body using the magic of a nearby Soul Gem.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:35 No.46644205
    I think it was stated in an interview that killing QB corrupts your soulgem. That's apparently a source of energy.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:35 No.46644227
    I hope I'm not the only one who thinks this "QB is an alien fighting entropy" shit almost ruined the series. The upside is that there's 3 more episodes that can downplay this.

    A better way to do the "entropy" thing: QB fuels the cycle of magical girls into witches, and then harvests grief seeds in order to remove their energy/emotion/whatever from "the cycle", and eventually remove both love and hatred from the world. Everyone will be more QB-like.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:35 No.46644228
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:35 No.46644230
    Therefore he is lying (duh) and Satan.

    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:35 No.46644233
    Did he ever say infinite?
    >> Orihara !IZAYAXs/Z2 03/03/11(Thu)20:35 No.46644234
    Oh god, I was thinking the same exact thing as you man.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:35 No.46644236
         File1299202551.jpg-(340 KB, 496x702, 1299017107897.jpg)
    340 KB
    I think he meant the genki naive tomboy with high morals and abrassive attitude

    She died a long time ago
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:35 No.46644237
    QB doesn't have "infinite bodies"

    is one of the requirements for being an engineer having to take everything so literally that you're practically autistic?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:35 No.46644240
         File1299202554.jpg-(25 KB, 457x425, wut5.jpg)
    25 KB
    Not an engineer, but I just went
    It would be better if they didn't explain and just left it open.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:35 No.46644241

    Red and Blue mixing together = purple

    Homura is a mixuture of Kyouko and Sayaka's fusion.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:36 No.46644247
    I was wondering if anyone else noticed that. Not that I have any idea what to make of it...
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:36 No.46644251
         File1299202574.jpg-(472 KB, 1000x776, dontgosayaka.jpg)
    472 KB
    >Kyouko fell in love too fast man

    She just wanted friends.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:36 No.46644255
    >madoka always cries like a little bitch
    >emotions are energy

    makes sense why kyubey wants her to contract now
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:36 No.46644256
    She said it herself in this episode ...she cared for Sayaka because she reminded her why she wanted to become a PM in the first place.

    Also, love that little QB/Kyoko interaction...
    Hope you're all ready for your Reset end.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:36 No.46644266
    She had no-one before... Sayaka was her first. Of course she fell in love. She saw herself in Sayaka, and it was all over from there.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:37 No.46644274

    Tatami Galaxy episode 6 was much, much better.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:37 No.46644279


    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:37 No.46644282

    Implied lesbianism

    It's pretty common in anime nowadays. Too common in fact, if they want lesbians fine, stop with the "subtext" bullshit.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:37 No.46644288
    Oh boy, yet an other yuri pairing!
    Isn't that show wonderful?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:37 No.46644290

    An illusion of Kamijou? Really,you can make up something for a simple image like that?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:37 No.46644308
         File1299202662.jpg-(46 KB, 689x434, hyy5.jpg)
    46 KB

    I agree

    their relationship is not well developed in the show
    because of that, Kyoko's death isn't that sad

    Sayaka and Kyoko got wasted for almost nothing
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:38 No.46644317
    Confirmed for ending:

    Madoka was a strong Puella Magi and protects Homura and Homura looks up to her as an onee-chan. Madoka finally becomes a super strong witch. Homu can't take it, so she makes a wish and gets time travelin powers and tries to prevent Madoka from becoming mahou in the first place.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:38 No.46644334
         File1299202712.png-(508 KB, 1012x879, 1298650574309.png)
    508 KB
    Madoka's been whining the entire show. I'm just waiting for one of those gainax whimpy-kid-becomes-badass moments. Probably not going to happen.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:38 No.46644341
    Suddenly, shounen.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:38 No.46644344
    What did you want, het? You gay or something?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:38 No.46644347
         File1299202731.gif-(24 KB, 2560x720, puellamagimanga.gif)
    24 KB
    extract from the manga
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:39 No.46644356

    Now that I think of it, he never said infinite.


    >is one of the requirements for being an engineer having to take everything so literally that you're practically autistic

    How's that liberal arts degree working for you, son? Any job openings on your local starbucks?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:39 No.46644357
         File1299202752.png-(141 KB, 354x266, 2e3skdc.png)
    141 KB
    I can't stop thinking of this.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:39 No.46644358
         File1299202754.jpg-(189 KB, 1280x720, 1299202177713..jpg)
    189 KB

    Oh, sorry, didn't read >the backs

    >Look at me

    Well, fuck.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:39 No.46644361
    >It just means we translated our holy books all wrong.
    >Not sure if troll.

    Or that the books themselves are fucking fiction, written by mankind.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:39 No.46644364
    I wonder if homura and madoka will top this
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:39 No.46644376
    who told you Kyoko is Sayaka´s friend?
    What makes you think Sayaka looked at Kyoko as a friend?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:39 No.46644379
         File1299202789.png-(93 KB, 526x300, wtfamireading2.png)
    93 KB

    >Red and Blue mixing together = purple
    >Homura is a mixuture of Kyouko and Sayaka's fusion.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:40 No.46644397
         File1299202831.jpg-(140 KB, 1256x707, thermodynamics.jpg)
    140 KB
    >mfw thermodynamics

    Really, they should just leave it as magic. Even with the psuedo-scientific explanation, it's STILL magic because lolemotions = infinite energy source.

    I'm beginning to get gloomy about the prospects of this show having a good ending. Not good as in 'GOOD END', but as in well-written. Sort of like Angel Beats where it just all fell apart in the last 3 episodes. We'll see.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:40 No.46644402
    In a couple of the previous threads a bunch of people stormed over that. We should wait and see if he's lying.

    Given that this is all imagination, I'll use mine to say that both of them were saved from this damnation because it was incredibly unfair. Hubris begets Nemesis, but before Nemesis rains wrath down upon QB, she saved both their souls so that they may walk amongst the Elysium fields.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:40 No.46644407
         File1299202854.jpg-(293 KB, 1280x720, 1298945990873.jpg)
    293 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:41 No.46644417
    So you accept that space aliens can miraculously perform any miracle desired by a 12 year old girl...

    ...and bitch about Thermodynamics being violated.
    >> The Guy Who Fucks Things Up !!wAtdndBqt2i 03/03/11(Thu)20:41 No.46644421
         File1299202874.jpg-(439 KB, 1600x900, Outlined.jpg)
    439 KB

    Outlined it.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:41 No.46644422

    I'm studying on a scientific cursus.. I hate it want to know why ? Tooo much closemindness.. Well as you said it's a required kill so well..
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:41 No.46644423

    Well just see the last thread. Aliens ruin the whole supernatural and mystical vibe of Witches, Magical Girls as would be Fausts, and all the classic literature being referenced so far.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:41 No.46644425
         File1299202882.jpg-(126 KB, 1280x720, [gg]_Puella_Magi_Madoka_Magica(...).jpg)
    126 KB
    Her lesbian blood is spilling out of her vagoo which causes her to die. What more to explain?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:41 No.46644428
    In actuality, there is now a love quadrangle. Or there would be, if two people weren't dead.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:41 No.46644429

    I like the energy shortage thing better. Human emotion isn't doing any harm to Kyubey's race so there's no real reason for him to want to eradicate it. Everyone needs energy, though. We're going to face an energy crisis ourselves at the rate things are going so I can somewhat see things from Kyubey's point of view.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:41 No.46644437
    I'm just wondering, where did QB say they had infinite bodies, they are only one race of creatures, just like humans. Each time one of them dies, another one just steps in right? Its not like one QB is spawning infinite bodies, just that there happens to be multiple QBs

    a lot =/= infinite
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:42 No.46644450

    I actually thought it was ridiculous how blatant they made this. I was watching the terribly animated fight scene and suddenly WAIT WHAT DAT SYMBOLISM

    Let's see what Madoka and Homura can pull off....maybe disappearing in a flash of light together, restoring the ruined city to normal?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:42 No.46644460
    I'm not trolling. What I'm saying is that aliens don't preclude the existence of God. I'm not saying that God exists or does not by my statement. Calm down, no one is throwing a Jack Chick tract at you.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:42 No.46644477

    The show still has a supernatural vibe, Kyubey himself says that mahou shoujos defy all reason. He may be an alien but the magic is still just magic as far as we know.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:42 No.46644485
         File1299202974.jpg-(249 KB, 1280x720, 1299202177713..jpg)
    249 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:42 No.46644487
    People are jumping to conclusions here, there was no "relationship" between Kyoko and Sayaka, and the episode didn't imply that there was. It was clearly one sided. Kyoko admired Sayaka because her idealism reminded her of the reason she became an MG. Pretty simple stuff, and certainly hinted at since ep 7.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:43 No.46644508
    Who said there was a relationship? It's all pretty clearly one sided on Kyouko's part.
    She sees someone falling down the same route as her but still trying to do good. Kyouko has given up on herself to a degree but hoped that Sayaka could be saved.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:43 No.46644509
    > Aliens ruin the whole supernatural and mystical vibe of Witches
    You ever heard of the Lovecraft Mythos? Plenty of aliens there, but still lots of supernatural and mystical stuff.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:43 No.46644511
    Agreed. Genre mixing just results in mixed signals. If this was done all with aliens from the start, it would be another cool retelling of Faustian principles, but if it then shifted to magic it would suck. There's nothing inherently wrong with aliens, just with using things in the wrong places. Genre should stay consistent.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:44 No.46644526
    Looking kinda Junko there, Madoka.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:44 No.46644528
    Don't even say such awful things. This is anime for God's sake. Of course than can easily happen ;_;
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:44 No.46644539
         File1299203082.jpg-(99 KB, 750x600, divide_by_zero.jpg)
    99 KB
    Madoka: I wish you Incubators had emotions!

    QB: FFFU-
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:44 No.46644546
         File1299203086.jpg-(117 KB, 1280x688, Ghost_in_the_Shell_(1995)_[720(...).jpg)
    117 KB
    Here's my theory.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:45 No.46644559
         File1299203107.jpg-(47 KB, 252x252, babababbaby2.jpg)
    47 KB


    Magic is magic, but you don't fuck with MY science, bitch.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:45 No.46644566
    If they leave the whole alien technology thing where it is, I'll be fine with it. It's still a mysterious, vaguely malevolent plot device. But if the next three episodes expand on it at all I will be very disappointed.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:45 No.46644568
    Entropy is death, a symbol of death.

    Only Jesus Christ can save us (this is Faust and not the Mahabharatha... for the Mahabharatha please see Neon Genesis, "Krisna, tell me why I must kill my entire family..." [short answer: I'm fucking Krisna and have four thousand heads]).

    So entropy is symbolic of death, and death is obviously the emergency into adult sexuality, ala changing from a _puella_ maji into an adult witch.

    There is an incredible energy given off when a young girl becomes a full woman.

    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:45 No.46644573
    It did not seem that.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:46 No.46644591
    >becomes aliens
    >> AwesomeFinder 03/03/11(Thu)20:46 No.46644599
    Mine too ;_;
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:46 No.46644603

    And once again Freud was proven right.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:46 No.46644606

    Sure is in denial in here
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:46 No.46644610
         File1299203206.jpg-(126 KB, 1000x700, 1299030197550.jpg)
    126 KB
    So why do they have to be girls? Because they're more emotional? Nice implications there.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:46 No.46644611
         File1299203206.jpg-(16 KB, 600x337, 'Sup Prince of Lies.jpg)
    16 KB
    >People actually taking QB on face value
    >Filename related
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:47 No.46644622
    It's not like the next episode we're going to suddenly cut to a bunch of cute furry animals flying around in X-Wings blowing up space-witches or anything.

    You guys need to chill out. like
    pointed out, the Lovecraftian edge to this has always been apparent, and supernatural/magical horrors from space is one of the defining aspects of the Mythos.
    >> Orihara !IZAYAXs/Z2 03/03/11(Thu)20:47 No.46644628
         File1299203233.jpg-(107 KB, 677x594, 1299046170220.jpg)
    107 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:47 No.46644638
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:48 No.46644657
    Given this episode I can accept that, yeah, there was/could have been a one-side romantic interest between Kyouko and Sayaka.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:48 No.46644662
    So beautiful, yet so evil, inQBus.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:48 No.46644663

    >It's not like the next episode we're going to suddenly cut to a bunch of cute furry animals flying around in X-Wings blowing up space-witches or anything.

    If they were willing to go that far, I'd be totally cool with it to be honest.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:48 No.46644674
         File1299203310.jpg-(271 KB, 600x800, 1298273256055.jpg)
    271 KB
    Keep in mind, coobie was talking to Madoka about this, the person he's been manipulating throughout this entire series.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:48 No.46644677
         File1299203318.jpg-(19 KB, 507x384, 1297898025849.jpg)
    19 KB
    The monster inside me...
    >> Orihara !IZAYAXs/Z2 03/03/11(Thu)20:48 No.46644679
    Because then we'd have Star Driver with 10x more loldeep
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:48 No.46644682
    >It's not like the next episode we're going to suddenly cut to a bunch of cute furry animals flying around in X-Wings blowing up space-witches or anything.

    FUND IT.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:48 No.46644684
    Ok,so it would seem Sayaka isn't our witch appearing for Walpurgis night.

    I keep thinking Madoka is that witch, but that doesn't make sense,and QB is using said witch to show up and lure Madoka into making a contract.Perhaps there is another magical girl around who had godly powers and became corrupted recently. Or maybe it's a combo of many fallen puella magi?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:48 No.46644687
    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulthulthulthulthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

    Sorry, I stuttered.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:48 No.46644689
    You idiots stop arguing about genres. First you cream your pants because this isn't a typical mahou shoujo, and now you complain because its not a typical mahou shoujo?

    What fucking difference does it make if magic exists in the universe along with science? Science exists along side magic in every piece of fiction with magic, this one just happens to utilize a little more science to explain Kyubey's origin.

    If they start showing space ships or something then I'll be right on your boat, too, though.
    >> The Guy Who Fucks Things Up !!wAtdndBqt2i 03/03/11(Thu)20:49 No.46644704
         File1299203364.jpg-(1.84 MB, 1920x1080, Wallpaper.jpg)
    1.84 MB

    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:49 No.46644712
    Yeah, to be honest, as I typed that, it kinda appealed to me too. I'm thinking Nibblonians, and what not. They were really adorable, in their tiny ships.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:49 No.46644720
         File1299203391.jpg-(21 KB, 635x334, uten.jpg)
    21 KB
    I told you "Wallawalla Night" was MS slang for menstrual periods. I TOLD YOU.

    Actually, the fool-proof way to turn this anime into a shitfest is if they mention Faust/Mephisto in any plot related way. Just imagine:

    Madoka disccovers she is 1/45 german, the last descendent of dr. Faust!

    QB: You arer as stubborn as your grandpa, but I won´t give up-sign the contract!
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:50 No.46644728
    Kyoko clearly had a bit more than mere admiration, if she didn't want to go on living after Sayaka couldn't be saved.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:50 No.46644735
    They should have stayed pure Faustian.
    Genre-shifting is regarded as a symptom of Gainax Endings.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:50 No.46644743


    not sure if troll, but anyways, theoretical physics is all about "close mindness", you can't just make shit up.
    >> Orihara !IZAYAXs/Z2 03/03/11(Thu)20:50 No.46644745
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:51 No.46644755

    It is one thing to invert (ho ho, inversion, lesbians) a Genre and turn it into its own negation.

    It is another thing to LOL RANDUM the plot.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:51 No.46644760
    mfw Kyubey and his infinite bodies trying to get all Borges in my Madoka
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:51 No.46644762
    It isn't Yuri fucking faggots. Sayaka reminded Kyokou about herself, and that's why she cared about her.
    It isn't fucking lesbianism, so stop with your fucking shippings.
    Sayaka become a Magic Girl because Kamijou and her transformation into a witch was for the most part thanks to kamijou.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:51 No.46644763
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:51 No.46644765
    >Perhaps there is another magical girl around who had godly powers and became corrupted recently.

    I warned you about Green Rangers, bro!!!
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:52 No.46644767

    Like many other /a/nons have speculated, it's QB who is busy incubating some super witches to cause massive shit.

    The "magic is really aliens" thing is overused in anime, and rarely done well. To me, at least, it takes away something of the wonder of the concept of magic, replacing it with something much more mundane.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:52 No.46644769
    So has Japan made any interesting fanart related to this episode, yet?s
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:52 No.46644775
    brofist man

    I hopped on /a/ after watching the last episode hoping to see people talking about how good and interesting the episode was and I get this shit.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:52 No.46644780

    Sayaka didn't love Kyousuke, which is why she couldn't confess. She admired him and wanted to be loved and admired in the same way.

    Who better to do that than a spicy red-head who sees herself in Sayaka? While I saw that Sayaka and Kyouko wouldn't be around when Walpurgis arrived, their departure was kind of abrupt for me, similar to Mami. I'm hoping for some closure in the next episode, and with 3 episodes left for the strongest love to grow, I can't wait.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:52 No.46644782
    Got that in 16:10?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:52 No.46644790
         File1299203565.jpg-(101 KB, 500x337, 1297646045292.jpg)
    101 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:52 No.46644795
    I just hope QB wouldn'y explain more on his origin or race.

    SnW did a good job in presenting a mysterious race of "invaders" that destroyed the world. But instead of giving a 15 minute monologue about their origin, their existence is just subtly referenced throughout the show, their faces not fully shown, the characters saying that "they' just happened to be there". Which gives the viewer enough curiosity to speculate what they are by piecing small hints scattered within the show but still leave the "invaders" as vague, unknowable creatures.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:53 No.46644801
         File1299203588.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 21 KB, 225x260, 1266212065305.jpg)
    Spoiler Image, 21 KB
    Do you have any idea how stupid you sound? They wouldn't just pull that shit out of nowhere. It's been planned since the very beginning.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:53 No.46644808
    Would you consider what QB told to Kyoko about saving sayaka a straight up lie or more of twisting of the truth?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:53 No.46644815
    I don't see the problem though. Nanoha went full magic=science and it had no issues with that.
    Anime science might as well be magic, there is no functional difference.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:53 No.46644818
         File1299203609.jpg-(226 KB, 845x1057, 16650008.jpg)
    226 KB
    For 7 episode, Madoka Magica has NEVER started a new episode from where the previous episode left off and always resorted to flashbacks to fill in the viewers in on what happened.

    This changed in Episode 8, and again in 9, where we continued directly with Sayaka from where the previous episode ended.

    It's highly possible that Episode 10 will resume directly at Homura's house, where she has presumably taken Madoka for the moment.

    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:54 No.46644852
    I agree, that's clearly what the creators were trying to convey. It's pretty unambiguous in this case actually. There's no they could have been animating that scene and not thought "LESBIANS" at some point.

    It's a pity they didn't develop the relationship a little better but what can ya do.
    >> . Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:54 No.46644856
    You seem to forget that yuri undertones are in ALL magical girl anime.

    Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if they had Homura and Madoka kiss on screen, since I don't think an outright yuri kiss has been done in this genre before.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:54 No.46644860
    Ther's some different text too, with a black outline
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:54 No.46644864

    If you want to do research I seriously doubt physic or Math require to be close-minded. The contrary in fact, you can't find new theorem, way to prove them or oldest, grasp concept if you're close-minded.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:55 No.46644871
         File1299203703.jpg-(34 KB, 640x360, kamijo.jpg)
    34 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:55 No.46644875
         File1299203712.png-(173 KB, 543x425, 1298435083140.png)
    173 KB
    Well, it rather helped there that the invaders in SnW were long dead and gone and not actively attacking.

    Coobie on the other hand is skulking about and actually talking to them.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:55 No.46644876

    That's probably bleed through from the front
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:55 No.46644878
    >regarded as a symptom
    By who? You seem to just be making shit up to justify not liking something.
    Just say you don't like it and be done.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:55 No.46644879

    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:55 No.46644888
    Yes, yes he would, are you happy now?
    You got the answer you've always wanted, you damn furry, yiff in hell.
    >> Orihara !IZAYAXs/Z2 03/03/11(Thu)20:55 No.46644892
    I think it's more of a "Lol I don't fucking know" moment; he didn't specifically know if Sayaka could be saved, but he didn't say anything against it either.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:55 No.46644901
         File1299203754.jpg-(95 KB, 1200x480, madoka.jpg)
    95 KB
    Actually, I've no idea why you complain about the whole QB is an alien deal.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:56 No.46644913
    It's not "magic is aliens," it's "magic is an anomaly that exists in the universe that our species happened to discover and learn to manipulate."

    That's like a thousand times cooler in my book.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:56 No.46644916
         File1299203784.jpg-(171 KB, 450x600, 6001ad78b1dc3bd07fbb70672a5cf7(...).jpg)
    171 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:56 No.46644918
    Am I the only one disappointed? After the great animation in Mami's death and Sayaka turning into a witch, this episode had really poor animation; I mean, it was par the course with Madoka, but it was really poor compared to the previous two "key-scenes" in the show. The episode itself was very awkward, too. The whole drama between Kyoko and Sayaka was unbelievable as fuck and the execution didn't sell it at all. Episode 8 elevates Madoka from good to great and episode 9 brings it down again.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:56 No.46644922
    None of that stops Kyouko from being gay for Sayaka.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:56 No.46644929
    You'd be surprised how dogmatic some scientists are. Not that they should be or all are.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:57 No.46644939
    Do you know how stupid authorial intention is as an analytical technique.

    I'm not going to get post-modern and reader/reading supremacy on you, but in the hermeneutic interplay between reader and text this is simply BAD WRITING.
    >finish lingling
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:57 No.46644941
         File1299203836.png-(9 KB, 344x341, 1275586818091.png)
    9 KB
    That was the first thing that popped into my head when I read it. I literally sat there for like 2 minutes thinking "What the fuck does Touma have to do with Madoka?"

    Felt retarded man.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:57 No.46644957

    Yes but Lovecraftian Horrors are chaotic evil monstrosities that cannot be comprehended by mortal minds.

    If what I'm thinking is true, QB is a part of your generic space enforcers that try to keep balance within the universe ala Anti Spiral.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:57 No.46644962
         File1299203878.jpg-(83 KB, 792x402, love.jpg)
    83 KB
    >Sayaka didn't love Kyousukewhich is why she couldn't confess. She admired him and wanted to be loved and admired in the same way.

    >Who better to do that than a spicy red-head who sees herself in Sayaka?

    Those yuri googles are clearly blocking the oxigen to your brain

    It wasn´t the best platonic romance, but hey, not many have success and cheers in their first crush.

    In case of troll, 7/10, you got me sligthly mad.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:58 No.46644969

    So what, you think they just dropped in all that yuri symbolism by accident?

    I agree, implied yuri is fucking stupid, especially when it's as underdeveloped as in this case. But the undertones were CLEARLY intentional
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:58 No.46644975
         File1299203907.jpg-(56 KB, 704x396, PaniPoni Dash! - 22 [gg](D28AF(...).jpg)
    56 KB
    BD/DVD fixes incoming
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:58 No.46644978
    That's pretty much the same thing to me, and yeah, I don't find it as cool as you do. Aliens and magic (or more likely, technology that looks like magic) just isn't my thing.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:58 No.46644990
         File1299203936.jpg-(18 KB, 180x244, 180px-Gen_urobuchi.jpg)
    18 KB
    Urobuchi here. I hope you guys didn't forget about Madoka's family.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:59 No.46644996
    Ok yurifag, Madoka doesn't show ANY kind of interest towards Homura. NONE.
    So stop trying to shove your yurigoogles into everyones eyes.
    >> Orihara !IZAYAXs/Z2 03/03/11(Thu)20:59 No.46645000
         File1299203950.jpg-(116 KB, 638x906, 15222638.jpg)
    116 KB
    >Sayaka, I've only known you for for a short time... but I love you!

    Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:59 No.46645003
         File1299203952.jpg-(35 KB, 487x395, 1298978587903.jpg)
    35 KB
    >mfw when Kyouko really killed only Sayaka's familiar and Madoka will have a Witch's Kiss branded on her next week
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:59 No.46645015
    While Kyubey isn't chaotic, he's clearly just as alien in thinking. To him, human girls are just an energy source, the same way we think of cows as a food source. Remember what Homura said?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:00 No.46645025

    Eh, nah it was pretty clear and intentional.

    Kyouko and Sayaka were pretty into each other. Why you so mad over some animated gay people
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:00 No.46645033
         File1299204026.jpg-(30 KB, 209x230, gendo1.jpg)
    30 KB

    I didn't imply that.
    FUCKING MAGIC != creativity

    I'm just saying that, as a scientist, you can't just accept new stuff without evidence.

    That's kinda the same thing that happened when "imaginary" numbers were introduced, since classic mathematicians refused to believe without evidence (they couldn't support those theories back in the day), but now we're fully aware that imaginary numbers are part of math, and not just random shit.

    I hope I've made my point clear.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:00 No.46645034
    Sayaka witch design was shit
    >> The Guy Who Fucks Things Up !!wAtdndBqt2i 03/03/11(Thu)21:00 No.46645035
         File1299204028.jpg-(720 KB, 1920x1080, Wallpaper2.jpg)
    720 KB
    >> Orihara !IZAYAXs/Z2 03/03/11(Thu)21:00 No.46645036
    We never said Madoka showed interest. Homura is the one who's clearly head over heels for Madoka.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:00 No.46645039
    They're upset because they didn't predict it.
    At no point did any one ask where Kyubey is from and just projected the idea that he's evil.
    Now he's an alien using weird pseudo science to save the universe and they have no idea what to think so the default to angry.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:00 No.46645044
         File1299204034.jpg-(63 KB, 429x473, 1288400589197.jpg)
    63 KB

    because it's just out of the blue
    no foreshadowing, no clues

    QB was actually an alien, U MAD?

    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:01 No.46645061
    Uh yes she does.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:01 No.46645065
         File1299204067.jpg-(25 KB, 600x338, antispiral.jpg)
    25 KB
    Give into despair and become a puella magi, Madoka. It is for the good of the universe.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:01 No.46645066

    You can't. You heartless monster.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:01 No.46645068
         File1299204072.png-(726 KB, 956x766, 1298332817712.png)
    726 KB
    True. But you can't deny that Homura has very strong feelings towards Madoka and this is a magical girl show. You don't need yuri goggles to see this.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:01 No.46645070
    Suleika is going to appear next episode probably.

    The moon keeps getting more and more covered. It's going to be completely blacked out in a new moon by next episode.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:01 No.46645071
    >I'm not going to get post-modern and reader/reading supremacy on you, but in the hermeneutic interplay between reader and text this is simply BAD WRITING.
    I would counter that making a judgment on a whole series before you've seen the whole thing is BAD ANALYSIS
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:01 No.46645072
    I thought making her a mermaid was fitting.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:01 No.46645073
    >Kyouko and Sayaka were pretty into each other. Why you so mad over some animated gay people
    No, they weren't.
    >> The Guy Who Fucks Things Up !!wAtdndBqt2i 03/03/11(Thu)21:01 No.46645077

    what the heck is 16:10, wideface?
    However, please post your desktop resolution. That should do the trick.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:01 No.46645081
         File1299204087.jpg-(73 KB, 708x611, Chikane.jpg)
    73 KB
    Ah you know I'm right deep down though. Why don't you go wallow in some more self pity

    I'm eagerly awaiting attempted rape next episode.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:01 No.46645084
    Well Sayaka at least has a full and regonizable body for her funeral..
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:01 No.46645092
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:02 No.46645099

    "Oh, they must be angry because they didn't predict it would happen!"

    There couldn't be any other reason.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:02 No.46645111
         File1299204141.jpg-(127 KB, 1280x720, [gg]_Puella_Magi_Madoka_Magica(...).jpg)
    127 KB
    So how about that foreshadowing, eh?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:02 No.46645115
    Yea they were. Why so stubborn, you're not white are you?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:02 No.46645116
    What did you think he was? A creature from another plane? Isn't that the same thing?
    >> Gameboo !mpZx7zHN/Q 03/03/11(Thu)21:02 No.46645120
         File1299204153.jpg-(36 KB, 455x600, Innis.jpg)
    36 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:02 No.46645123
    jaysis, yurifags are ruining this thread.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:02 No.46645125
    Am i the only one dissapointed because they didnt exploited Sayaka regeneration to make a long and tortuous death scene?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:02 No.46645130
    It's a dumb resolution that's going the way of the dinosaur.
    >> Park Ranger !0gEh9TdDbQ 03/03/11(Thu)21:02 No.46645135
    >Implying Madoka isn't LOLDEEP loli shit for fat pedos without loves
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:03 No.46645139

    /人 ◕ ‿‿ ◕ 人\ is watching you masturbate
    >> Orihara !IZAYAXs/Z2 03/03/11(Thu)21:03 No.46645148
         File1299204196.png-(149 KB, 564x360, 1298780227967.png)
    149 KB
    Why u mad though?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:03 No.46645150
    As far as I understand it:

    Emotions/souls are basically spiral energy.

    Because it violates the third law of theromodynamics, Kyubee's race has found a way to harvest it and save the eventual heat death of the universe.

    Humans are perfect because they're numerous with strong emotions and teenage girls are the most emotional.

    So... If Madoka is the strongest of them all with the potential to "even bend the laws of the universe" is there some kind of TTGL ending coming?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:03 No.46645155
    When did Sayaka ever show a feeling of affection for Kyoko?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:03 No.46645159
    >herp derp let's fight to the death!
    >now I care for you!
    poorly written characters are poorly written.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:03 No.46645163
    No. She should have been magical girl wolverine.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:03 No.46645170
         File1299204236.jpg-(81 KB, 395x336, 1286762035966.jpg)
    81 KB
    All the most emotiv part is between girl, that is more importand that a fail crush
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:04 No.46645180


    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:04 No.46645183
    I don't think that counts as foreshadowing unless you mean something other than what she's saying.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:04 No.46645184
    More like everyone gets tanged end coming
    but except actually sad
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:04 No.46645186
    >Yes but Lovecraftian Horrors are chaotic evil monstrosities that cannot be comprehended by mortal minds.
    Not all of them were. In fact, Kyubey's revelation in this episode reminded me heavily of Whisperer in the Darkness.

    It fits even more so when you realize the whole point of that story was aliens tempting a human with a proposition, the downside being that you had to shed your body and place your consciousness inside a physical object (brain in a jar, as it were).

    I wouldn't be surprised at all if it was one of Urobuchi's influences for this series.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:04 No.46645198
         File1299204276.jpg-(107 KB, 1280x720, [gg]_Puella_Magi_Madoka_Magica(...).jpg)
    107 KB
    QB really needs to work on his speeches.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:04 No.46645199
    Oh man, I laughed so much during QB's explanation.

    It basically said Madoka is the most emotional girl he's seen.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:04 No.46645203
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:04 No.46645206
         File1299204292.jpg-(550 KB, 700x989, 17109567.jpg)
    550 KB
    It's Park Ranger!

    Throw in your meaningless copypasta dumps, we need them right now to dilute this yuri vs no-yuri argument some more.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:05 No.46645210
    Shitty episode was shitty, i felt nothing when they died
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:05 No.46645212

    Just wait until her memories come flooding back.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:05 No.46645217
    >teenage girls are the most emotional.
    If that were the case, why is the MC of TTGL a man?

    Manly men have more spiral energy, therefore, they should be the magical characters.

    I think it has more to do with instability to keep up the mental game going that the incubators use to their advantage.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:05 No.46645218
         File1299204322.jpg-(263 KB, 788x900, 16853326.jpg)
    263 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:06 No.46645242
         File1299204371.png-(18 KB, 213x275, 1295715793176.png)
    18 KB

    She was talking about her family, something is going to happen to it and I bet QB will be behind it.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:06 No.46645243
         File1299204372.png-(43 KB, 512x512, sup fags.png)
    43 KB
    I'll uninstall my Opera.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:06 No.46645249
    Sure sure, they're going to manage to unfold the fact that QB was the Prince of Lies all along and pretend they're playing to the fourth wall.

    With how much fucking foreshadowing they've used they're not going to pull a trick like that, this is a simple plot, not a mystery novel, and the evidence is being _withheld_ artificially from the reader rather than being presented to the reader at the same time as the detective.

    They establish early on that they're inverting or subverting genre, not playing multiple of cross genre. Suddenly adding cross genre elements at the end = bad writing.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:06 No.46645250
    >Kamina as a magical girl
    I wouldn't mind seeing this.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:06 No.46645257
         File1299204398.jpg-(53 KB, 434x450, 58.jpg)
    53 KB
    >mfw I realize Kyouko's final prayer was for Sayaka
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:06 No.46645260
    not poorly written. and kyoko was only fighting t injure sayaka (which was basically impossible) and did you see ep. 7? kyoko really is just a person who's given up on herself and ideals. that's why she wants to save sayaka. she sees some of herself in her.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:06 No.46645265
         File1299204413.png-(282 KB, 704x396, Mello.png)
    282 KB
    Some deaths are sudden on purpose you know.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:07 No.46645271
         File1299204426.jpg-(16 KB, 498x352, 1298571914229.jpg)
    16 KB
    When he told her to fuck, wait.

    When he rejected her apology and threw her food....uh, that´s not right.

    I know, how about when they try to kill each other after meeting for the first time?.....shit.

    inb4 Yurifags says Sayaka was just being tsun
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:07 No.46645272
    So far this show has got 4 genres covered (magical girl, horror sci-fi and yuri)

    I wonder what's next.
    >> Orihara !IZAYAXs/Z2 03/03/11(Thu)21:07 No.46645274
    >Kamina as a magical girl

    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:07 No.46645278
    >Lets fight
    >Then Kyouko learns about Sayaka's wish
    >then they both learn they're zombies
    >Then Kyouko tries to make amends knowing they're stuck in the same boat
    >Then she sees a girl she's tried to befriend lose her shit
    >and then become witch

    It's like you didn't watch their interactions.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:07 No.46645289

    You're making excuses for your evident lack of taste.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:08 No.46645298
         File1299204481.png-(966 KB, 750x900, 1295836367847.png)
    966 KB
    And Homura suppresses her emotions all the time, and has the weakest magic offense.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:08 No.46645303
    More like people who have a problem with yuri are.
    Yurifags were happily frolicking and they had to come in and whinge and moan.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:08 No.46645304
         File1299204492.jpg-(32 KB, 499x384, 1284557654881.jpg)
    32 KB
    Hey it works for al-Qaida.
    >> The Guy Who Fucks Things Up !!wAtdndBqt2i 03/03/11(Thu)21:08 No.46645310

    extendet version
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:08 No.46645321
    Actually most /u/fags agree, it was one sided which just makes it all the more delicious.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:08 No.46645325
         File1299204535.png-(17 KB, 527x434, 1293493219767.png)
    17 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:09 No.46645337
    What genres are being crossed here
    It's all speculative fiction
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:09 No.46645344
         File1299204585.jpg-(39 KB, 1280x720, [gg]_Puella_Magi_Madoka_Magica(...).jpg)
    39 KB
    >mfw i just realized yurifags don't like actual lesbians in anime but simply implied (fanfiction) ones
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:10 No.46645352
    What >>46645116 said. At least I didn't believe he was Satan or anything.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:10 No.46645358

    lol no. don't claim you know an entire board, even one as slow as /u/
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:10 No.46645373
    >befriend Madoka
    I guess this is why Homura hides her emotions.

    Also, what happened to "She had her mind wiped"?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:10 No.46645375
    Given that Madoka really hates coobie now its going to take something big to make her contract.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:10 No.46645378
    There is a rather obvious piece of intertextuality going on in this work, beyond simply Faust; just because you aren't familiar with the references being made doesn't automatically make it bad writing. It just means you merely lacked the faculties to pick up on what was being suggested.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:10 No.46645379
    thank goodness kyouko went down a badass.

    i don't think i would have been able to accept any other way. not like i want to accept this one. ;_;
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:11 No.46645391
    You mean like Walpurgis night?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:11 No.46645395
         File1299204688.jpg-(243 KB, 960x540, 1297898504397.jpg)
    243 KB
    Useless death. She sacrificed herself for a smaller good, when she could have helped Homura beat Walpurgis.

    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:11 No.46645399
    It's faggots like you that give all us madoka fans a bad name you know that, right?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:11 No.46645405
    I was just using it as shorthand for yurifags.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:12 No.46645413
    Lol, Zuko + Mello.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:12 No.46645417
    what a meaningful and persuasive response
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:12 No.46645425
    But she sacrificed herself out of love.
    Fuck the world, we're dealing with Entropy here.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:12 No.46645428
    About the whole yuri argument, this Anon also thinks it's one-sided.

    See >>46644704

    Take note that it's Kyoko reaching out to Sayaka, who is not reaching out in return.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:12 No.46645432
    > They establish early on that they're inverting or subverting genre
    And what better way to subvert it than to have the magical girls be power sources for some other species?

    ...Hell, it truly isn't much different from when we thought that Kyubey and his kind ate Grief Seeds. It's just that instead of eating them, they use the despair and negative emotions contained within as fuel.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:12 No.46645434

    There was clue he was an alien. There is a lot of him. In other word a specie of QB.

    He is also shown eating a grief seed and is called incubator.

    It's not out of the blue. I'm wondering if you guys actually watch it..
    >> The Guy Who Fucks Things Up !!wAtdndBqt2i 03/03/11(Thu)21:13 No.46645444
         File1299204785.jpg-(793 KB, 1440x900, Wallpaper_red_blue_for_anon_wi(...).jpg)
    793 KB

    here you go. I hope you don't mind that I use this new wallpaper version.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:13 No.46645446
    bump limit
    new thread
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:13 No.46645452
    I really want to believe that everything QB said to Madoka in this ep was a lie, I don't want to believe that SHAFT fails that hard at physics.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:13 No.46645457
    I'm finally on the 'QB needs to die a horrible death' side after this episode.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:13 No.46645466
    She's selfish it's one of her character traits.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:13 No.46645467
    S'all good. Thanks.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:14 No.46645473


    I almost shed a tear except that commercial at the end came on...
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:14 No.46645485

    She wants to help Sayaka. Really she wants to help Sayaka because she sees her as a sort of second chance to live up to her own ideal she had before her father went insane. No yuri. Kyoko is jsut a very kind person at heart.
    >> The Guy Who Fucks Things Up !!wAtdndBqt2i 03/03/11(Thu)21:14 No.46645494
         File1299204882.jpg-(717 KB, 1440x900, less.jpg)
    717 KB

    and one version less damaging to the eyes
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:15 No.46645513
    >There was clue he was an alien. There is a lot of him. In other word a specie of QB.
    Or, he could just have multiple bodies. Which happens a lot in magic. Decoys are everywhere, man. It's sort of a necessity when you're 2 feet tall and seem to have the strength of a regular house cat.

    >He is also shown eating a grief seed and is called incubator.
    I don't remember the last alien I saw that ate grief seeds and was called incubator.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:15 No.46645517

    If she wasn't interested, she would have left. Kyouko called Sayaka's bluff right off the bat, something that hadn't been done before. She also shook her foundation of beliefs in their first meeting. I think Sayaka was shocked to find someone like that, and didn't really know how to react at first, unfortunately we didn't get to see that seed develop. But that it was cut short so early makes it even more tragic for me. Sayaka might not have accepted Kyouko's friendship/love, but she certainly did not reject it.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:15 No.46645524
    Sayaka's labyrinth was very pretty.

    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:16 No.46645536

    Shut the fuck up.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:16 No.46645537
         File1299204968.jpg-(282 KB, 1200x480, madoka_WEG9.jpg)
    282 KB

    Sorry for being a slowpoke, but had to fix that image for ya.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:16 No.46645575
    I don't think Kyoko loved Sayaka. She just couldn't handle that she failed to help her.

    She spent a long time deciding to live only for herself after her wish backfired. Than the first person she tries to help avoid her own mistakes meets a fate worse than death. It was too much for her.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:17 No.46645605
    Of course there's a greater level of intertextuality going on, but referencing purile male japanese fascinations with entropy avoidance and Haruhi when they DON'T ADVANCE THE PLOT is bad writing.

    They've moved out of Faust and into Milton and Parsifal a couple of times. As I said Nabokov is featuring heavily here too. All these works are about post-enlightenment reactions to the loss of the western "magical land" that still persists within Shinto and Japanese folk animism. Some theorists point to the loss of Jewish folk animism in Europe as the Holocaust, but unlike the Western folk animism, and Japanese versions, these never entered a literary cannon to any depth.

    So no: cross referencing Gurren Lagann and Haruhi isn't good writing, it is shit. American Psycho doesn't suddenly stop using US Advertising as its non-literary text source and jump into European philosophy: it keeps a consistent texture.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:19 No.46645677
    >I don't remember the last alien I saw that ate grief seeds and was called incubator.

    Nah him being an alien who wants to fight entropy (surely not all) explains why he ate the grief seed/is called incubator.

    Try to use your brain..
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:21 No.46645755
    You were using that as reasoning for why "lol QB is an alien" is apparently obvious instead of say, a magical species living on earth or something.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:22 No.46645813

    Nanoha did this exact same thing and no one complained.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:24 No.46645872
    Why do it again tho?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:25 No.46645919
    Better shot of the ending Sexyouko eyecatch?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:26 No.46645937
    This would lead to a fantastic ending, and I am shocked not more people here have acknowledged this.

    That would be one powerful scene if Kyubey were to understand the pain and suffering he had caused in one single forever lasting blast.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:32 No.46646151
    I want a doujin where kyoko saves sayaka but they still end up in a hotel
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:32 No.46646168
         File1299205960.jpg-(106 KB, 1280x720, 9 Namaniku.jpg)
    106 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:34 No.46646220
         File1299206054.jpg-(131 KB, 1280x720, [2011.03.03_17.03.20].jpg)
    131 KB
    wait a minute, how is qb collecting up the immense energy that is dispersed when then change into a witch? the grief seed is like the spent up part isn't it?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:37 No.46646345
         File1299206262.jpg-(180 KB, 800x600, 1298945689565.jpg)
    180 KB
    >the grief seed is like the spent up part isn't it?

    Oh, is that what believe?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:38 No.46646381
         File1299206331.png-(284 KB, 467x599, 467px-Grand_CoA_Warsaw.png)
    284 KB
    >The mermaid, or syrenka, is the symbol of Warsaw. Images of a mermaid symbolized Warsaw on its crest since the middle of the 14th century. Several legends associate Triton of mythology with the city, which may have been the mermaid association's origin.

    Triton carried a trident, as does Kyouko. She's frequently depicted with Taiyaki, too.

    >Warsaw is also known as the "phoenix city", as it recovered from extensive damage during World War II

    Sayaka also recovered from extensive damage.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:41 No.46646456
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:48 No.46646727
    IOTW, QB uses your soulgem as fuel to spawn another body.
    >> Blues Drive Monster !BGjq.lB0EA 03/03/11(Thu)21:55 No.46646960
         File1299207344.jpg-(72 KB, 295x301, Madoka_alpha_as_fuck.jpg)
    72 KB
    "Contract, Madoka! There's no other option!"

    "All right, if that's how you want to play it: I wish you and your entire race could feel all of the suffering you've inflicted, tenfold! Every last one of you feel what you've done to Mami and Homura and Sayaka and Kyouko, and every other girl whose soul you've ripped out and crammed into an accursed stone, as if you had any right to decide where one's soul should reside!"

    ".......Is this what I have wrought?"

    >Madoka's face when, in one fell swoop, she just thoroughly decimated QB's keikaku and damned him to an eternity of regret and suffering
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:57 No.46647018
         File1299207455.jpg-(481 KB, 1000x1100, Aw.jpg)
    481 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:57 No.46647025
         File1299207475.jpg-(728 KB, 400x2760, 1299162284848.jpg)
    728 KB
    If this is the ending I'm going to be pissed.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:58 No.46647029
    Not to mention redeemed herself for whatever bad traits she showed, a thousandfold.

    Kyubey: no :3
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)22:00 No.46647077
    I'd prefer she just wished for the xenocide of their species. And that they accept because it would "save the universe".
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)22:02 No.46647176
    So, uh...What's going to happen to Sayaka's body?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)22:04 No.46647235

    It'll get cold, and eventually decay.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)22:04 No.46647241
    It's going to decompose now that Kyouko isn't maintaining it.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)22:04 No.46647242
    they're going to sell it
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)22:05 No.46647294
         File1299207959.jpg-(19 KB, 225x350, antispiral.jpg)
    19 KB
    >yfw they already have emotions and have decided to supress them for the greater good
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)22:09 No.46647399
    As soon as Madoka contracts, her family is dead. It would overwhelm her and she'd become the strongest witch.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)22:12 No.46647491
         File1299208363.jpg-(416 KB, 1280x720, 12992019276352.jpg)
    416 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)22:13 No.46647512
         File1299208408.png-(373 KB, 600x500, 1299175617126.png)
    373 KB
    >dilute this yuri vs no-yuri argument some more.

    Whether one buys it or not, it's painfully obvious that this is what SHAFT was implying.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)22:14 No.46647553
    >"Sayaka is the gear witch" fags status?

    [ ] Not Told
    [ X ] Told
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)22:15 No.46647569
    >Dem socks
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)22:16 No.46647607
         File1299208592.jpg-(340 KB, 848x2468, kissdegirl.jpg)
    340 KB
    They're just friends. You people are fucked in the head.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)22:19 No.46647701
    And classical music conveniently playing in the background...
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)22:20 No.46647736
         File1299208805.png-(141 KB, 1160x800, - 98188 3 animal (...).png)
    141 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)22:24 No.46647854
         File1299209043.jpg-(238 KB, 1388x1006, 1269200164404.jpg)
    238 KB
    Becoming a witch isn't so bad.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)22:24 No.46647859
         File1299209054.jpg-(83 KB, 1280x604, yuri.jpg)
    83 KB
    You know. it's teasing like this that actually makes me appreciate the ending of (the otherwise entirely awful) Kiddy Girl-and.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)22:31 No.46648090
    At least now Kyouko can have a DDR partner, dancin' in heaven. I'm looping that track. ;_;
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)22:38 No.46648299
         File1299209893.jpg-(141 KB, 1068x604, sluts.jpg)
    141 KB
    This eyecatch begs to differ.

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